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1helo Mr Greg


2I heard rumors that bionicle would return in 2015 course these are that rumors but there's so much evidence above like

3the images leaks and the list of names and the famous coming soon on LEGO shop. If admit his rumors are fake why LEGO does not intervene as they with the orher rumors of the orther years would avoid disappointmen? 


4Take a look around these boards, at all the rumors about different things that are flying around. If LEGO devoted their time to answering every one of them, there would be no time to do anything else.

5If people are going to devote themselves to hunting for spoilers, then they are going to be stuck waiting until official word on yes or no comes when LEGO decides to answer. People who want to avoid disappointment should avoid spoilers about what might or might not be happening next year.

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1Can the EP entity form in the EP that is frozen in space?


Boidoh wrote:

11. What is "comic book science"? Where do I learn this science, and who defines the rules of this science.

22. What did you prefer to do, write the BIONICLE novels, or comics?

31) Read Silver Age DC comics, and part of the point is that there really weren't any rules - some comics stuck very closely to Earth science, and some just ignored it completely. For example, in Flash comics, there were usually footnotes explaining the scientific basis for what he was doing ... while in Superman comics, the hero could sneeze and alter the orbit of the moon.

42) The novels were easier. The comics always had to have certain sets in them, sometimes a lot of them, which made it hard to fit in story. I didn't have that problem with the books.

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1 Hey, Greg, do you think Velika has a God Complex? Thinking After all, it seems that while he does respect others, from Teridax to the Voya Nui Resistance Team, he seems to mostly play with them (then again, these guys ARE his creations, but they're still sentient beings), and seems to think his less-than-respectable means are justifiable in the name of his utopia. Also, you've mentioned that he 'thought [The Great Beings] needed to take matters into their own hands', and being a GB would probably fuel this idea, along with the fact that he thinks he's the only one Great Being that has the guts to do this.

2I think that's a fair assessment.

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1                       Hi mr Greg                                                                                                                                                


21. The adative armor it can adept in space?


32. When fighting between teridax and mata nui why teridax did not use one of his 42 powers.

4    Is it because he felt a meaning of honor for mata nui?


53. Takutanuva is of neutral nature between darkness and light has it access to the powers of peace

6    and courage and telekinesis and more his powers of fear and angry and the shadow hand?


74. is that the glatorian and agori born with their mechanical implants. if yes is what the GB have altered their

8    genetic for be born like that?


95. one time you said that be possible that the marendar have elementery powers can you tell us what are his powers

10    is what powers were on fire or ice?



11                                                           thank




121) Yes

132) I doubt he saw the need. He was inside a massive robot which had plenty of power of its own.

143) It had access to the powers of the two beings that made it up

154) No, they are not born with mechanical implants

165) I never defined what his powers were, since he never showed up in story.

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11) What would Velika's plan be for TSO? He is a powerful being and potential rival to Velika, yet he can be bought off. Would Velika ever consider paying TSO to keep him on his side, or just kill him?

22) Would Angonce side with Velika in that there is a need for a strong GB-government?

33) Would the remaining Barraki also be targets for Velika?


4Thank you!

51) I am not sure so sure TSO can be bought off anymore. I think TSO has gone off the rails a bit. At any rate, I doubt very much that Velika would trust him. I think Velika is hoping to win the Toa over to his side and use them as his troops.

62) I don't see Angonce as wanting to dominate the society, though. He seems a little more responsible than that.


73) Depends. In and of themselves, they aren't a threat. They are only a threat with armies behind them. If the Toa neutralize that threat on their own, Velika would not need to act against them.


11. Did you ever begin to write the next serials? What I mean is, you begun and just didn't finish. Or did you just stop writing after you finished the previous one.


22. If yes, could you share with us the little of what you wrote?

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ScribeGT6817 wrote:

11) I never said why not.

22) No. I haven't seen LEGO Movie either. If I have read the script for something a dozen times, I don't feel the need to see it.

33) I did a podcast interview with some time back

44-5) Don't recall offhand

56) I am sure there were

67) Only if they have another Skakdi nearby also using their elemental power

78) Not to my knowledge

89) No idea

910) Are you basing this off the Stars sets?

1011) I don't think so, no

1112) Unknown

1213) I always believed it was one of the pieces of the planet. It was something Mata Nui was drawing to Bara Magna.


137. So I would guess the Piraka's weapons were special right, I remember reading that they could use it to channel their elements without another Skakdi.

1410. Yes, I am.

1513. I believe in Journey's End, you wrote that it was a moon of Bota Magna. I think thats what it was. But with all the different media such as the Mata Nui Saga, the comics, and Journey's end all depicting the event differently, people get confused I would suppose. MNS has it as the entire Bota Magna, you confirmed false in the TTV interview (I think), and even though the piece was blue in the comics, Bota Magna had water, so it could still be a fragment of that planet, or some blue coloured rock moon of it. And the book, it was there in written words. Is there an exact truth?


16And a bonus question: What is the name of the sun that SM revolves around? And how much days would it take for a complete rotation around that sun? Is that sun bigger than our sun?

177) I don't recall that being the case.

1810) If I remember correctly (and feel free to correct me if I do not), the size of the Stars sets was not considered to be canon. They were that size to keep the retail price down. I don't recall us ever giving a story reason for Tahu being smaller, for example.


1913) Not that I am aware of.


2014) Solis Magna, and I do not have information on your other questions.

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1Hey Greg, do Fa-Matoran (Matoran of Magnetism) prefer to live near magnetically-attuned areas, like say, magnetic poles, or places with strong magnetic fields? Given the MU's status as the inside of a Giant Robot, I can imagine there are several places with these qualities.


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1Ok First Let Me Start off By Saying Your Books, Especially The Ninjago Ones Are Awesome sauce!! I Own Books One Through Six And Me And My Sister Love Them And Plan On Getting More!! You Plan On Making Any More? If So Can YouTell Me The Titles Of Any Of Them? I Look Forward To Your Response!! :-) 


2       -KAIandNY2

3Book 11 is out in the fall, but I have not yet been asked to do anymore beyond that one.

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1Hey Greg, can you shed some light on the primary occupations of the matoran from the secondary elements? We all know what the matoran of the main elements primarily do for a living--Ta-Matoran are blacksmiths and crafters, Onu-matoran are miners and historians, Po-matoran are stonecarvers and athletes, etc. So can you give us an idea, however rough, of the primary occupations of the:


21) Vo-Matoran (I imagine they'd be powerplant workers)

32) Su-Matoran

43) Ba-Matoran

54) Fa-Matoran

65) Bo-Matoran (Maybe they could be farmers)

7I would have to give it some thought.


1Hey Greg,


21) Are Toa other than Tahu able to use the Golden Armor?

32) Are Krana revived on the Red Star?

43) Was the Velika from The Kingdom Alternate Universe (who became a Toa) also a Great Being?

54) In TLR, what exactly was Strakk's motive for attacking Ackar? He was almost definitely aware it would get him banished, right? Could Metus have paid him to kill Ackar in the match to weaken and demoralise the Glatorian?

65) Is there any EP left in Spherus Magna's core?

76) Do the Glatorian with powers granted by Mata Nui need to channel them through their weapons?

87) Was Velika's memory affected during the Time Slip?

98) Was Velika's mind shielded from Telepathy? If so, wouldn't Kongu have noticed this in 2006, as his mask was always on. If not, wouldn't he have been able to tell he was a Great Being?

109) Which group of villains were your favourite to write about in BIONICLE?

1110) Which location was your favourite to write about?


12Thanks for answering all of our questions.  

1Was Gaardus exposed to EP?

1Would the Kanohi Suletu (Mask of telepathy) allow memory reading or is it only good for incidential thoughts?


2If the former is true on question one, does Kongu know that Velika is a great being (Via accidentally reading his mind)?


3If not on question two, is it because Velika's mental sheilding be too powerful, or would Kongu not choose to use his mask power on a preceived "innocent"?

11) Takanuva (as of 2008) had a Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster. The Stars set had twin Lightstaffs. Can we assume that Takanuva got them as a result of his previous tools breaking while he was on his mission with Pohatu on Destral?


22) Would Velika try to reprogram the baterra to serve his ends as well? Or just destroy them?


33) Do any Agori/Glatorian still live in the Northern Frost? If so, do they have similar beliefs to the Jungle Agori about technology?


4Thank you!