1What it would be if it came back is just my speculation. But a reboot is a reboot -- it normally does not relate to the past version. The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies are not taking place in the same "movie reality" as the Tobey Maguire ones did. The New 52 comic stories, although featuring the same characters as DC has always had, are not considered to be a part of the past comics' reality. That's basically the point of a reboot.

2Tahu appers to be in it though,along with the other Toa Mata,those Defender people,and Lord of Skull Spiders


3BTW,are the Defenders good or bad?by the name,its hard to tell.

4I am only speculating on what BIONICLE MIGHT look like if it ever came back someday. We are not discussing anything you may have seen elsewhere on the web.

5one of the main points that people who are trying to found out about Bionicle 2015 have noticed was on LEGO.com itself.

6Are you referring to the thing on the Shop site? That has already been explained as an error made during site maintenance. The term BIONICLE was  not meant to link to that page, it was meant to link to Hero Factory, which it now does. 

herbapenguin wrote:

1I heard on bzpower that you wrote the screen treatment to Bionicle 5. I also heard it is about biomechanical dinosaurs. If it does come back (you don't need to confirm it) would LEGO release the fifth movie?

21) I never wrote a screen treatment for B5, and the dinosaurs were not going to be in that movie - they would have been in 6, if they showed up anywhere. We were just starting to discuss 2010 story when the decision was announced to cancel the line, so we never did a screen treatment for B5.

32) If BIONICLE does come back, it would really make no sense to pick up the story where we left off, as it would confuse the heck out of a lot of new fans. Plus there is no guarantee we would have a movie deal for the line again.

goldeaglefire wrote:

1OK...I have a really long question that will boggle your brain for a bit, and it's a hypothetical sinario, so be prepared for insanity.


2So, OK, there's the Mask of Fusion, right? So, what happens when you make a Mask of Fusion NUVA(Hypothetically)? If I recall, Nuva masks are more powerful in their abilities AND can allow people to share the ablities of the mask. So, say, instead of just fusing with one person with the Mask of Fusion Nuva (I'll call it the MoFN for short), you can fuse with two.

3Now then, the BIONICLE series has shown examples of six people sharing the power of a Kanohi Nuva, albeit standing close to each other. So, get three teams of toa, have 6 Toa (One wearing the MoFN) stand in a circle, and then...BAM! Suddenly, all the Toa are fused. It makes sense. If each Toa in range of the MoFN fuses with two toa AND they use the power to fuse with themselves, they can make some sort of giant Toa combo. And you also have the KANOHI, which are now all fused together, and still have the powers fo the MoFN! So, you could, hypothetically, do the same thing with three MORE teams of Toa (albeit the giant Toa combo has to be in the center of the 6-toa circle)! And so on and so forth. And combine that with the Toa that are wearing a NORMAL Mask of Fusion, and the fusing becomes even more powerful!

4So, here's my question: if a Mask of Fusion Nuva existed, hypothetically, do you think all the Toa could fuse into one being?

5While your theory makes sense, I would say that we would find some way in story to say it couldn't happen, because a) there is no logical stopping place under the theory  you are suggesting and b) you would run the risk of creating a Toa so powerful that he would unbalance the story

1I have a few questions about Velika's agents on Bara and Bota Magna, if you don't mind.


  1. 2Was Kabrua one of Velika's contacts on Bota Magna?
  2. 3In order to keep him updated on events, Velika's contacts would need some way to communicate with him. Did Velika supply them with communication devices, or did he have some sort of telepathic ability?

4More to come. Thank you for your time.

11) Could you draw an estimation based on the fact that all Toa are about 7 feet tall and 90% mechanical? It seems reasonable to me that they would weight around half a ton.


24) Does organic protodermis have DNA, then?


3Sorry if it seems like I'm trying to complicate things.

rocka99 wrote:

1Hi Greg,


2If you didn't know if the Bionicle 2015 rumors are true or not, would the colored display leak convince you?


3Could you please answer this? Thank you!

1Hey Greg:


21) How is it known when a Matoran is destined to become a Toa? Would the local Turaga recieve a vision about the Matoran, signaling that he/she has dormant Toa power? 


32) Is it safe to say that Toa have superhuman durability?


43) We know that Organic protodermis can regenerate rapidly, as shown by how the Toa Mata's organic components instantly regrew after they reassembled themselves. My question is, does this rapid regenration also apply to battle injuries (e.g. cuts, bruises) as well?

1Hi mr Greg



21.Can you reveal to us some other agents velika

3kabrua that?



42.The sword has atakus are made ​​from one foreign technology Spherus Magna. Can you tell us how she had found on

5Spherus Magna and why it has the same appearance as the swords of the Skrall?



63.Is the lords of the elements will be a threat to velika? is what he plans for them?



74.You said recently that Takanuva was intended to play a major role in a civil war between the great beings. Is is that he was destined to die in the war?



85.The Great beings have altered the genetics of the Scopio for it to be biomechanical. Is it can always reproduce again or they have lost capacié to reproduce?



96.The armor of makuta had a endurance against magnetism? I mean is what a toa of magnetism would easily destroy

10armor with his power or he would a some difficult to destroy them?



117.the great being cursed was he on the side of velika?



128.Thinking you that the toa nuva will join velika? If yes it could have been influenced such as the Toa Marhi with the Skakdi fusion.




1Alright. I have a variety of questions that revolve around some Makuta powers. The main thing here is this: is the power area of effect, require contact with the target, or is it fired like a bolt of shadow would be? Even a response as simple as saying "AoE" or "Contact-based" would be very helpful.

2Here are the powers in question:


31. Hunger

42. Anger

53. Fear

64. Silence

75. Slowness

86. Confusion

97. Sleep



1If the toa Nuva become turaga, would they have noble kanohi nuva or would it turn into an ordinary noble kanohi? And how would the noble kanohi nuva differ from an ordianry noble kanohi, or would it be the same?

2Sorry if this questions already been answered, I dont have the attention span to read 440 pages of Questions and Answers.Joking

ScribeGT6817 wrote:
voporak1 wrote:1Hi mr Greg
2How Teridax was more powerful than the other Makuta. It had better mastery of its powers, a more raw force than the other or it had more power than the other Makuta.

3Had more to do with intelligence and experience than with more actual power.

4but on BS01 he is described as the most powerful of makuta.

1I was wondering, For MOC purposes, Since Vezon absorbed the Olmak, does it change his appearance anyhow? As far as I heared it didnt Fuse to part of his body or anything, it was simply absorbed, But I just wanted to be sure.


1EddyGould wrote:

21. How did the "Tuyet's Prison" pocket dimension look like? We only know there weren't any other Toa.32. How did the Kestora come to the "City of Silver" pocket dimension?43. How many Great Beings are there?54. What happened to Destral Cycle?65. What happened to the Fire Entity?76. The Great Spirit Robot is being taken apart. But what happened to the Zyglak(who are currently hiding in the Matoran Universe); Conjurer; Shadow Takanuvas; Varian; Mimic's Companion?87. How did Charger transform from a Kane-Ra into a Dark Hunter? Energized Protodermis, maybe?98. Can Botar's species determine where to teleport?109. Did the Kestora kill any known characters on the Red Star?1111. How big/small are the Dark Hunters compared to an average-sized Toa? Is Tracker's pet bull really smaller than him? How powerful are the Dark Hunters compared to an average Toa?


12Also, you wrote:

13>8) What island? The island of Mata Nui is the robot's face, why would Makuta want to destroy it? Same as your second question - the kraata have no reason to destroy the MU. Makuta wanted to rule the MU, not destroy it.

148.1. Can Makuta using any of his abilities destroy an island (any island) like Nocturn?

158.2. Okay, not destroy MU, rule it. With these powers Kraata/Rahkshi actually can achieve anything Makuta wants and it's doubtful that anyone could stop them, even OMN.


16>5) I don't understand your question

175.1. I mean the planets from the beginning of The Legend Reborn. Are they canon?

18Why Greg have ignored my questions?

1Do you know howcome Bionicle.com and BionicleStory.com are now redirecting to the LEGO homepage, despite not even being active as sites since June of last year?

SkiddeousTheQuick wrote:

1Do you know howcome Bionicle.com and BionicleStory.com are now redirecting to the LEGO homepage, despite not even being active as sites since June of last year?

2No. I can ask, though.