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1Could the Toa Mangai of the Green be named Fau? The name comes from the Fau Swamp area in Le-Wahi. The Fau Swamp was a marshy area that extended throughout the jungles of Le-Wahi. It would make sense for the Turaga to name this area after the Toa Mangai of the Green.




2Then there were other names that wouldn't make sense for a Toa of the Green. You once said that the Motara Desert and Tiro Canyon were named after Toa but were probably not from the Mangai. This leaves one location from Po-Wahi. Leva Bay. Could the Toa Mangai of Stone be called Leva?


3For the other Toa Mangai I think it would be impossible to get their names through locations from Mata Nui, since the only special name location in Ko-Wahi is Ihu and that is a Matoran. Also there are no special named locations in Onu-Wahi.


4What do you think? Thanks.

5I am not going to assign names to these characters. I have no idea what legal process was used to approve the names in the Mata Nui  locations, if it was as strenous as that applied to character names, so I am not going to reuse those  names for characters going forward.

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1Did any of the Toa Mangai have repeated masks? I thought it would be better to do a poll for all 4 Toa Mangai of Ice at once, to speed things up  a bit since they are all Toa of Ice with nothing more to their names (they don't even have names, heh). So did any Toa Mangai have the same mask as another?


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1A friend of mine wont stop nagging me to ask you this.


2Do you watch Naruto?

3No, I am not a fan of anime.

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1How would a stream of elemental the Green energy look?

2Green, I would think.

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1Are infected Kanohi considered immoral? How about the Olisi?



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2Are infected Kanohi considered immoral? How about the Olisi?

3I don't know that you would call them immoral, but who would want to wear one? And I personally don't consider the Olisi immoral, because all it is doing is letting you view alternate events, which could be wonderful as well as awful.


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2I was looking at your old blog on BZP and it mentioned that every species had a purpose in the Matoran Universe. Later on, I believe you said you wanted to reveal the "purpose" of the Skakdi in the discontinued serial, but I guess that won't ever come to be. My question is, what is the true purpose of the Skakdi?
3Thank you,

5Sorry, don't recall what the plan was for that, it was too many years ago.


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1It was in the first Chapter of Dwellers In Darkness, where the Toa Hagah was battleing against Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon on Xia. It seem that it would had been a shorter battle if Kualus had use his Mask of Rahi Control? 

2So do the Mask of Rahi Control only control a certain size of Rahi or do Kualus feels using his mask on Rahi is immoral and would only use it for drastic measures?

3Sorry for not giving more context in what I was talking about.

4What you need to understand is that the Toa Hagah's battle did NOT take a month.




61) Would the creation of new Matoran continue on Spherus Magna? If yes, would there be new Toa and Turaga created as well?


72) Are any Fikou-Nui alive and on Spherus Magna?


83) Can the Fikou-Nui have sub-species that have adapted to different environments?

91) That can only happen if they find the tech to be able to do it with. Right now, they don't have it as it was certainly damaged in the collapse.

102-3) Since Fikou-Nui is your creation, I have no info on it.

111) Was Metru Nui the only place that Matoran could be 'born'? If not, could it be possible to combine several of those damaged mechanisms in another place?


122-3) So could info be created?

131) No, but if the mechanisms are damaged, combining them will do you no good.

142-3) If you want to create it, that's up to you. I don't particularly want to  invest a lot of time in canonizing Fikou-Nui stuff, since it doesn't seem like anyone in the fanbase is all that interested in it besides you.

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1 Could the Red Star still be repaired? Did you have any plans to make it so?

2Yes, and it probably would have had to be or else how would Kopaka and Pohatu get off again?

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1Also that part with the kanohi morality.Why is it that Toa don't normally wear Shelek even though it's not immoral but because a makuta uses it? Miserix is a makuta, yet his mask isn't considered immoral. So why is that?

2I don't understand your question -- you ask why they don't normally wear it even though it's not immoral, but because a Makuta uses it? You just answered your own question. Because a Makuta uses it.


3What's wrong with makuta wearing it? It's like why would lumberjack not use a axe that terrorists use and why don't toa nessecarily consider miserix using the mask of mutation (supposed to be called artidax but now an island name) immoral even though miserix is also a makuta?

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1Question for future polls.


2Is the Mask of Rahi Control allowed?


3Also, which Toa Mangai wore the Kakama? 

4Tha would be Naho; answered a month or two ago.

5I know, Greg said it here: 


6However, it seems as if BS01 has decided against it because Greg said many years ago that it wasn't Naho. So I'll ask this. Greg, is it, or is it not?

7The rule is, if a previous answer already exists, that answer takes precedence. It's impossible for me to remember everything I said when I was answering hundreds a questions a day during BIONICLE's active years, so if I have answered something before, I defer to past me.


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1Hello, Mr. Farshtey!  Happy  Uh...  Nice weather we're having, huh?  Joking



2I know this isn't a BIONICLE or Ninjago-related question, but I'm just curious.



3In LEGO City Undercover, there are a lot of references to different things.  They have Pirahna Plants, Albert Spindlerouter (from that movie, y'know?  Joking), and they even had Morgan Freeman play Blu Whittaker, who's appearance is similar to a character he (Freeman) played in a movie IRL.  They also included a character that only had one line in the entire game, but I didn't realize there might've been a connection until now.



4My question is this:  Was the character "George Fartarbensonbury" based off of you?  Joking

5Doubt it. It's unlikely the people who made the game were even aware of me.

6I looked it up. He does have a similar beard to yours... And the initials are the same. George Fatarbensonbury - Greg Farshtey - G F...


7Like I said, if that's the case, I am not aware of it. I don't know anyone involved with the development of the game and I can't see why they would have bothered to include me. Certainly  no one ever asked me about being included.


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1About the 5:th movie screen treatment you posted on BZpower a time ago:

21) a. Did you write it?

3    b. Did you write the screen treatment for the Legend Reborn?

42) Is it possible that a jungle glatorian with the name "Oris", a ice one named "Likus" and a earth one named "Tera" exist?

53) Is there a Earth Tribe in canon? Is it on Bota Magna?

64) Was Tera male or female?




8I did write the treatment for Legend Reborn, but not the script.


9As for B5 - while what I wrote was in screen treatment format, that was for the sake of convenience. It was basically just story ideas I had -- it was never approved by the story team or the studio, since BIONICLE was cancelled because it could be discussed. None of the concepts or characters in it are officical or have any role in the official universe, and none of the character names were approved by Legal. So there isn't much point in paying attention to it in terms of anything canon.


1A couple of people have asked me what I am writing now, since I am not doing BIONICLE. I just finished some short LEGO City stories for AMEET in Poland, which are now out with LEGO licensing for approval. I am about to start work on some Ninjago short stories for second half year 2015, also for AMEET.

1This post was thoroughly buried.

1This post was buried.