12) The confusion won't hurt the Nuva's cause, certainly, but the Kanohi Dragon is doing most of the fighting with Tahtorak at the moment.

2Yes: I new it: Another giant rahi brawl:
Shadow Rahkshi
12) The confusion won't hurt the Nuva's cause, certainly, but the Kanohi Dragon is doing most of the fighting with Tahtorak at the moment.

2Yes: I new it: Another giant rahi brawl:

3Seems like we're getting plenty of fights like that recently, this should get good soon with some of these fights if we get to read them instead of hearing the winner.

1Hello, Greg. Just a couple of quick questions for you.
21. I learned recently that Tahtorahk will be fighting the Kanohi Dragon. will it also have to fight, odd as it sounds, the Mountain?
32. Some time ago you gave a Bionicle Legends#9 quote saying that Jaller was going to fight mutated Zaktan. Does this mean that the Mahri will return to the surface, or that the Piraka will go to Mahri Nui?
43. How technologically advanced, on a scale of 1/10 (10 being high and 1 being low), is the Bionicle world? Because they can make semi inteligent robots and airships and yet still use swords and stone carvings.
5Thanks again for your time:
6~ Shadow Rahkshi

71) Not unless he tries climbing it 82) You'll find out in Bionicle Legends #8 93) They are very advanced in some respects, not so much in others. If you think about it, the islands we have seen in the domes have a lot more rock than they do trees, so it would make sense paper would not have been invented. And modern troops were still using swords and horses in combat as late as WWII. Just like here, tech level probably varies based on where you are.

10*Pictures Tahtorahk traveling up and fighting the Mountain at the same time* Wierd :blink:.
1Hi Greg, got some stuff for you:
21: Could you classify the SoA as a weapon, or an artifact? 31a: I guess what I'm trying to ask is if the SoA has any powers or abilities, and could be deadly if in the wrong hands.
42: Has any artwork been done for the WTFTW/Universe core yet? I know the SoS already has been started on.
53: Could the SoA be in potential danger now that Tatorahk is rampaging through Xia? 63a: How heavaly guarded would you say the SoA is, considering its on Xia? 73b: Will we learn what debt TSO had to pay in the Toa Nuva Blog?
8Thanks in Advance:

91) Artifact 102) I can't really discuss this 113) Sure 123a) About as heavily guarded as anything else they have received in payment. The Vortixx obviously assign value to it, but they do not know its true worth. 133b) Yes.

14Hm. Nothing all that interesting, but it surprises me that the Xians don't know the true worth of the staff...

15:blink: Uh how long have we known the SoA was on Xia again? I don't remember reading it before this...
1:blink: Uh how long have we known the SoA was on Xia again? I don't remember reading it before this...

2A week or two. 3--BufFooN
11. You said that a Matoran in the deep would drown before being mutated. So the civil war leaders are dead? 22. How did the BoM ended the war? Basicaly, they said to the other Matoran "go back to work or we'll send you where we sent the leaders?" 33. It is possible Barraki comes from Barracuda? 44. The Barraki have no power, more abilities. Did you thought about a real beast when you gave Takadox hypnotizing powers? 55. The set designer create new masks, you give them powers, right? So if the new Toa Nuva come with new masks, you can always say they are the nuva versions of masks that have already be seen? 66. Roodaka can mutate back the Toa Hagah, right? So if you had place to put them in the story, Axonn could hang on Roodaka and say "mutate them back or I kill you"? That's an exemple.
7Thank you for all:

91) Not necessarily, because the Pit was flooding, so they would have been exposed to the mutagen before it got over their heads, as opposed to just diving into the ocean. 102) The BOM didn't send the leaders to the Pit. The OOMN did. The BOM didn't even know the Pit existed. They ended the war the way you end most wars, get in between the two sides and force them to negotiate 113) I didn't come up with the name, so I don't know what the inspiration for it was 124) No 135) When the Nuva get done again, they will have the same mask powers as before 146) Roodaka could do it, yes

151) The story of the other pit prisonners must be interresting. 162) It helps to be as powerful as the BoM to bring peace. Some Makuta would be useful on Earth. 175) Not sure, we already knew it? 186) I think the major problem is "no room for them".
1Hi Greg, I have some questions for you.
21.Is Jaller mahri's sword made out of protosteel?
31a.Is Lesovikk's Weapon?
41b. Are hydraxon's weapon?
52.I know you have confirmed that the staff of arktakha has powers. Is it some sort of weapon then?
62a. Hence the name, does the staff itself have any connection to arktakha(being)?
73. In the Mahri video on bioniclestory.com, there are some under sea creatures. Are they canon?
84. Can you give a Bionicle Legends 8 quote?( besides the ones you have already given)
95. Dekar/Hydraxon wants to destroy the moli because he thinks its too dangerous. Similarly, before Dekar wanted was Hydraxon, he wanted to do the same. Does this have anything to do with the dormant memories of Dekar in Dekar/Hydraxon?
106. Based on its role in 'Into Darkness', will the Nui Stone have any storyline importance in the future?
117. Can you give me the matoran name for the Mask of Creation?
128.Can Thok use his power to bring the moli to life and make it serve him with his power?
13Thanks in advance.

141, a-B-) No 152) No 162a) Yes 173) Yes 184) I don't have time to go quote searching, sorry 195) Yes 206) It will in that storyline, yes 217) I haven't chosen a Matoran name for it 228) I don't think that would be wise to do. The Mask already is sentient and can move on its own, so in a sense it already is alive

23Thanks for anwsering those GregF. I have a question on the staff though.
242a. Is the Staff of Arktakha actually a Arktakha's(being) staff? Did he create it? And does he know its purpose? Finally, does he know its current location?
25Thanks in advance.

262a) We don't know he ever used it as a staff. He did create it, he does know its purpose. And I tend to doubt he knows it is on Xia, since if he did the Order would and the Order would have told the Toa Nuva.

28Some stuff about the staff of arktakha.
2I have a few questions about toa and masks.
31. Does a Toa Suva ever become full after collecting a certain number of masks, or could a toa have as many masks as they liked?
42. If the Suva is destroyed, does that mean that the masks stored there are gone as well?
53. Can a toa have their original mask reforged into a different shape? and would such a change have any side effects?
64. Can a matoran who is not meant to be a toa become one if he or she is exposed to toa energy?
75. If a toa has lost their main tool/weapon, can they channel their element through a fellow toa's weapon? 8EX. Gali losing her axes and using Kopaka's ice blades to shoot water at her foes.
9Thanks a bunch, 10-Dirk

111) Unknown 122) Depends on if the masks are destroyed too. Just destroying the suva by itself would not affect the masks 133) Yes. Mask shape does not affect mask power 144) No. All a Toa stone's energy does is unlock the power that is already in the destined Matoran. If you aren't destined to be a Toa then you have no power to unlock 155) Yes

16there's my two cents
11. Could Turaga Vakama train Takanuva to use the Vahi to help protect the city? 2A. He could, I suppose, but I don't think he would. Any Toa on any given day can be defeated, and if you're defeated while wearing the Vahi, your enemy is going to get his hands on one of the two most powerful masks we know about. So using the Vahi would be a last-ditch, desperation move, and being a relatively new Toa, I wouldn't want to risk Takanuva using it.
32. Are any Krana Kal and/or Bohrok Kal still "alive"? 4A. Probably, yes
53. About how many Rahkshi are there on Destral? 6A. Oh, gosh, maybe 100-150
74. Did you ask your wife about the female's voice(s)? 8A. Yes, I did, she is thinking about it. She would probably play Hahli. 9So we know Hahli will be in ItD :shrugs:. 10--BufFooN
1:blink: Uh how long have we known the SoA was on Xia again? I don't remember reading it before this...

2A week or two. 3--BufFooN

4Oh :blink: Ah well that's one question answered :lol: '
1Nothing really new, but here you go:
21. Did The Shadowed One give the Staff of Artahka to the Vortixx because th Dark Hunters stole the prototype zamor launchers?
32. Did Artahka make the Staff of Artahka?
43. Will we learn why the Nuva's "Too Do List" was made out of paper?
54. How can Axonn show the Toa Mahri where the Toa Terrain Crawler is if the Mahri can't breath air?

61) No. Thieves don't give you things in exchange for the things they stole. They bought weaponry from Xia and this is how they paid for it. 72) Yes 83) Because it was made by the Great Beings 94) The cord is flooded after the cracks made in it by the 300-foot long venom eel, and the TTC is in a chamber of the cord

1I' ve got some new stuff... two sets of questions about such topics as Toa Jovan and the Bionicle Universe at large, among other things.
2To Mr. Farshtey,
3This is the first time I'm asking questions here.
41. The Skakdi were mutated by the BoM for use as an army. 5However, 10,000 years before that, Ehlek's species, which was mutated to combat the BoM, lived in the same area. 6So is it possible that the BoM caught wind of the plan and had the Skakdi mutated so they could combat Ehlek's species?
72. Did Lesovikk know the Toa Mata before they were put in their canisters? Did the first Toa?
83. About Jovan's mission: The mission of his team was similar to the Inika's: restore Mata Nui to full health. However, how come, unlike the Inika, he didn't have to go on a long oddysey to reach Mata Nui, but instead just used the Ignika at the Chamber of Life?
94. One big thing I don't get: Why did the Great Beings just select the Matoran to be the "enlightened" species? Doing so just set the universe up to fail, enstranging many other species (Zyglak, Vortixx)? Why didn't the Great Beings just let Mata Nui take care of all the species?
10Thanks for your time, 11Shyyrn

121) Doubtful. If the BOM wanted Ehlek's species out of the way, they could have handled it without help from the Skadi. Also, wouldn't it have made sense if you wanted to do this to mutate the Skakdi into amphibians or water-breathers? If they can't breathe water they can't effectively fight Ehlek's species.
132) No and most likely not.
143) They didn't use the Ignika in the Chamber of Life. They removed it, used it, then brought it back as they were supposed to.
154) How did this "set the universe up to fail?" I don't understand your point. The Matoran were not responsible for Makuta being able to attack Mata Nui successfully, and that is what put the universe in the mess it's in. The way I see it, every world or universe has a dominant species -- in our case, it's humans -- for better or worse. In the case of BIONICLE, it's Matoran it's their labors that help keep the universe working. If all the Zyglak died tomorrow, it wouldn't affect anything all that much -- if all the Matoran died, major problems.

18To Mr. Farshtey,
19Thanks for taking the time to answer my first batch of questions. Now I have more...
201. Did Jovan use the Ignika in TWTFTW?
212. Makuta attacked Mata Nui 1300 years ago- the same time that the Toa Hagah rebelled. Any connection?
223. The Piraka's eye-and elemental-powers came from the BoM. Where did their other powers come from, and why?
234. Why did Zaktan react to TSO's beams the way he did?
24Thanks for your time. 25-Shyyrn

261) No 272) Yes. When the Hagah realized the Makuta had turned, the Makuta had to act quickly before their intentions were exposed 283) Natural abilities 294) No one knows, not even him

1Hello, again. This time I request your kindness to ask you some facts about the Order (and a little about Makuta).
21) Artakha and the Order share informations, correct? 32) I have understood the Order is not aware of Hadraxon's "resurection". But If they'd be, why wouldn't they see Hydraxon II as one of them? He knows the Order, he's powerful, he fight against the bad guys and for Mata Nui: 43) We know hundreds of villians who said to the hero "We're alike". But Makuta really believes it when he says it to Matoro, correct? 54) Could Makuta propose Matoro to join the BoM, like he did with Vakama? 65) What would Axonn say if Makuta says him "we're alike". Would he deny or would he say "I used to be like you, now I redeem myself fighting the kind I used to be" ? 76) Globaly, is Axonn's past a shame that can be used against him, or would you say Axonn has no psychological weakness?
8Thank you for all:

91) Yes, but not directly, since no one in the Order knews where the island of Artakha is 102) Because he's not really Hydraxon, he's a Matoran transfomed into Hydraxon. He's a copy. 113) Makuta believes every Toa is one decision away from being him. The way he sees it, he commits destructive acts to suit his own goals and the Toa do the same thing, they just claim to have noble goals and he makes no such claim 124) At best Matoro would be a servant of the BOM, but yes 135) I don't think Makuta would say that because he sees Axonn as just muscle. 146) Axonn's weakness is probably his friendship for Brutaka. His past is no secret so it's not really something to be used against him

1GregF, I hope you can answer these questions (most are about the First Toa and Kanohi).
21. Is the First Toa still alive?
32. If not, did she become a Turaga before she died?
43. Has she met any Toa we know of (Lesovikk, Jovan, the Toa Mata, etc.)
54. Who is stronger physically, Hydraxon or Brutaka?
65. Would the original Hydraxon be able to use Kanohi?
76. Same question for the new Hydraxon.
87. Can Makuta use Kanohi while he is controling Maxilos?
98. Are any of Hydraxon's weapons made of Protosteel?
109. Will Karzahni encounter any of the Toa Mahri this year?
1110. Same question for Lesovikk.
1211. Would Vortixx (like Roodaka) be able to use Kanohi?

141) Unknown at present 152) See answer to #1 163) No 174) Probably Brutaka 185) No 196) No 207) No 218) Not that I am aware of 229) Can't discuss future storyline 2310) Same answer 2411) Probably not


15. Would the original Hydraxon be able to use Kanohi?

25) No

3Wait, Greg said that Hydraxon could use Kanohi. He said the reason he didn't was because Hydraxon viewed Kanohi the same way the Barraki do. I'm kinda confused now.
1Hello sir, I read the OGD and I found that questions started to pop up.
21)Makuta wants Reanimated-Tuyet to walk on her own, get the shards of the Nui Stone, and recreate the stone. But ITtD tells us "blue Toa armor and a familiar mask". How will Tuyet even get up and walk if her organic tissues have decomposed and mechanical armour is left? All that is left are just Protodermis armor. Will she rebuild herself? 32)The Mask of Reanimation creates dead body puppets, right? Does is actually resume organic life so that when Tuyet puts her mechanical parts together, does new organic tissuse form? (Like the Toa Mata)

41) Armor and her other mechanical parts, yes. In the case of the sea creatures reanimated by Matoro earlier in the story, many of them no longer had organic tissue left either. It's the same principle as animated skeletons in fantasy stories -- they no longer have tissue to connect the bones, but the bones stay together anyway as a result of the power used to reanimate them.
52) I am hesitant to say it is going to basically make her "good as new."

6Hmm... Reanimation is no ordinary power....
1Some interessting answers from greg.
21. The roar the Toa Metru that led to the fleeing of the lava eels heard in BA 3 was that from Tathorak? 32: Dit Krahka in BA3 transform herself in a Visorak to Capature Whenua in a strange webbing? 43: The things Toa Krakua talked about, was it about Vakama sending the Toa Nuva on their mission? 54: Why did Karzahni the plant help Vakama in Ba10? 65: In the books you get to know a few things about Makuta, really great things, but he really seems to think 7he is doing the right think or am I wrong about that?
8Some none questions about the Bionicle Adventure Serie. 96: Will Karzahni met any of the the Toa Mahri. 107: Will Karzahni be in his own realm when the Toa Nuva go there. 118: When will Bionicle Legends 8 be out. 129: Why are the Toa Nuva going to Xia?? Has it something to do with the SoA. 1310: When will be the next update for the story? 1411: Is it possible that the First Toa is still alive but then in the stasis pod that Hahkan saw in TSO room in Bionicle Legends 4? I could imagine someone 15cruel and sadistic like the TSO wanting the First Toa ( of Water) ever as a trophy. 16I hope you have time to answer my questions. Thanks for your time and thank you in advance.
17Answers 181) Yes 192) It could have been, but my suspicion is it was not, since there are a lot of spider-like creatures in the BIONICLE universe 203) No, it was about the Toa Inika's mission. Vakama did nothing to stop them from leaving or bring them back, so he was in the end responsible for their going. 214) Because it hates Makuta 225) Many villains -- in fiction and in real life -- convince themselves that what they are doing is for the best. Hitler didn't walk around saying, "I am really evil," he said, "I am doing things for the good of Germany." 236) You'll find out as the story goes along 247) No 258) Should be in stores in December 269) Yes 2710) Up to the web producer. They have the first four chapters from me, so far, I think 2811) It's possible she's alive, but I do not think she is the Toa in the stasis pod

29Hmm it is still possible for the First toa to be still alive, I really hope so.
1Good morning, Mr. Farshtey, I have only one question now. 2Is the 300-foot venom eel from Legends ## 6-7 bio-mechanical or completely organic? 3Thank you beforehand.



15. Would the original Hydraxon be able to use Kanohi?

25) No

3Wait, Greg said that Hydraxon could use Kanohi. He said the reason he didn't was because Hydraxon viewed Kanohi the same way the Barraki do. I'm kinda confused now.

4I'm pretty sure Hydraxon was never able to use mask powers, but I'm not possitive. :shrugs: 5--BufFooN
1Hey, Greg. I've got a couple of questions that I'd like for you to answer. (Really, it's just two, but the second is pointless unless the first is true, so I'll wait for a response to that.)
2Does the Order of Mata Nui have a leader?


4Okay, then...
5Is it at all possible that Artakha is their leader?

6No. Since he wasn't the leader of the HOA, he wouldn't be likely to lead the OOMN either. Artakha is not a strategic general type -- he's more an eccentric artist type, who just wants to be left alone to create.

7T'was just a hunch I was goin' on...
1Okay, I PM'd Greg and here are the answers. The italics below his answers are my commentary.
2QUOTE 3Hiya, Greg: I sent you these questions over 2 weeks ago, but you never replied so I figured I better send them again. (If you don't feel like replying PM me back anyways, please, just so I know you got the message).
4Okay, here they are:
51) What exactly does "BIONICLE" mean? Yes, I know it is a franchise made by LEGO, but what exactly does it mean within the Bionicle universe? If you asked, say a Matoran what "BIONICLE" is, would they be able to tell you?
62) Why was the theme of Unity-Duty-Destiny taken out of the story? Just curious.
73) How does Jaller command his crab in battle? Does it understand his language?
84) Are there supposed to be any physical differences between male and female Matoran? 94b) If Matoran do not reproduce the way we do, why are there even male and female Matoran? Was it just to make the characters easier for us humans to relate to? 104c) Again, just curious, do you know how new Bionicles are born/created/come into being? You don't have to tell me how if you don't want to though. I just wanted to know if it has been thought out.
115) You may not be able to answer this, but... why do Matoran generally live underground in domes? Why not make use of the surface if it is there? Is there something up there that is dangerous for them?
126) About how many types of masks are out there do you think? Dozens? Hundreds? ...Thousands?:
137) I know in some cultures on Earth masks often represent the faces of spirits, or animals. Is this true within the Bionicle universe? Like, do some masks look like the faces of Great Beings or Rahi that have similar powers that the mask grants, for example?
14Thanks for your time: I much appreciate it:

151) Well, of course, our meaning for it is "biological chronicle." But given how we have heard it used in the movies, it sounds more like it is a philosophy or way of living to the Matoran -- the "way of the BIONICLE" -- as opposed to say a species or planet name. 16Suspicious. I thought it might be something more, but I guess it isn't too important.
172) It wasn't, K. We simply stopped beating people over the head with it. But if you think about it -- Jaller and his crew headed for Voya Nui out of their perceived duty to the Toa Nuva. They turned into Toa because they were destined to do so. They had to be united to defeat the Piraka and Brutaka (and it was turning his back on his duty that made Brutaka a villain). And Matoro is destined to be the bearer of the Mask of Life, which is something he is dealing with this year. (If you think about it -- most of us have values we live by, and most of us live by them -- we don't talk about them constantly. The Mahri have been hearing about UDD for the last 1000 years at least, there's really no reason for them to bring it up in conversation, they simply live by those values.) 18Oh darn. I liked it when we were blasted over the head with it. If I recall the first book started out talking about it. Oh well.
193) He doesn't command it. 20Huh? I guess it just understands him or something...
214) I am not allowed to discuss how BIONICLE beings come into existence. As far as why there are females, my assumption is one or more of the Great Beings was female and wanted to make sure there was balance in the universe. Among the Matoran, the female Matoran tend to be the educators and the peacemakers, which is an important role in a society. 22Aw: He wouldn't even tell me if he knew or not: But he did say there were female Great Beings... that was interesting I think...
235) Because they weren't intended to live outside the domes by the Great Beings. And think about it -- the only surface islands we know of are Mata Nui -- and Voya Nui, which shouldn't be where it is. How do we know there even is any other land outside the domes on this planet for them to live on? 24Well there has to be some land out there... right...? What is the purpose of keeping them there?:?
256) No idea
267) I don't think so, no. I see the designs as being the equivalent of stop signs or yield signs -- shapes a Toa can identify easily and remember so if he has to grab a mask in battle, he knows immediately what its power is. 27Heh, that's an interesting (but practical) way to think about it.
1Just some answered questions here.
2Been some time since a PM to you, GregF. Just some questions of this year's storyline.
3Storyline 41. Had Maxilos a higher A.I., would the robot have been any more or less difficult for Makuta to possess?
52. Since the Toa Nuva are traversing Odina, the Dark Hunters clearly won't sit down whilst they steal the Staff of Artahka, as is my understanding. Is the aforementioned guild aware they're in the island?
63. Given Karzahni's plans and abilities, do you consider him to be a worthy foe to Makuta?
74. Despite Gadunka's physical growth, had its mentality remained the same?
85. Should D-Hydraxon(D for Dekar) be killed, will "he" simply revert to Dekar, or will both the "jailer" and Po-Matoran die(In this sense, I've been thinking that when D-Hydraxon dies, "he" might revert to Dekar, and being defeated, the Matoran may die)?
96. Given that there's no other body Makuta can posess for now, will the master of shadows remain in Maxilos's body?
107. Following the Great Cataclysm, did the Pit mutagen transform Spinax, or was the hound immune to it?
111) Wouldn't make any difference. Maxilos is a robot with no living spirit -- basically, a smart toaster -- and Makuta can possess a mechanical body with no spirit in it. 122) They will be 133) I see it as very similar to the Irnakk-Zaktan fight 144) Yes 155) No, he will just be dead. He can only be reverted by the power of the Mask of Life 166) How do you know there is no other body he can possess? 177) No, he was affected by it too

1News about the Bohrok.
2Just a couple Bohrok questions.
31. 4QUOTE 5I unleashed The bohrok swarms 6This is a Makuta quote from the end of Absolute Power. But why would Makuta uleash the swarms if doing so would help Mata Nui?
72. Judging by the fact the Exo-Toa were in the Bahrag's lair, the BoM didn't want the Bohrok to win. So why, again, did Makuta?
83. Did Makuta really awake the swarms? How did he have the power to do so? I thought they were only supposed to awake at a destined time.

91) Simple. Makuta had just been beaten by the Toa. He knew it wasn't the right time for the Bohrok to be unleashed, because there were Matoran living on the island, and no Matoran were supposed to be there when the Bohrok were freed. By unleashing them on the Matoran villages, he tied the Toa up fighting them and the Bahrag and gave himself time to recover.
102) See answer to #1.
113) They are awakened by a signal. Makuta simply sent the signal early.
1QUOTE 2Hi Greg. Was hoping you could answer these. 31. Is Nuparu's Aqua Blaster Blade cannon? because the set only has a shield. 42. I was reading Bionicle World and saw in the Voya Nui chapter, it said the stone cord was formed before Mahri Nui sank. Then in the Mahri Nui chapter, it said a stone cord came down after it sank. Are there two cords? 53. Does the Encyclopedia Vol. 2 Include content from BL7, or does it not go that far into the story? 64. How many novels will there be in 2008? 75. Does Karzahni have one or two chains because the set has two and the atlas says one?
8Thank you.

91) Since it's not in the set, no, it's not. It was in the prototype and got dropped. 102) Can you give me a page number where it says that in the Voya Nui chapter, so I can check it? 113) Don't recall offhand 124) Three, 9-11 135) I only gave him one in the story

14I sent a pm to Greg concerning page numbers for the atlas but I haven't gotten a response yet.

15HAPPY DANCE TIME::::::::::::::::::: :happydance: :happydance: :blink: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
16. Given that there's no other body Makuta can posess for now, will the master of shadows remain in Maxilos's body?
26) How do you know there is no other body he can possess?

3Oh, man, I just realized - what's one thing Makuta wants from Matoro? A walking, soulless shell. One embedded with Nui Stone shrapnel. The question is, can it still walk without the Tryna?
16. Given that there's no other body Makuta can posess for now, will the master of shadows remain in Maxilos's body?
26) How do you know there is no other body he can possess?

3Oh, man, I just realized - what's one thing Makuta wants from Matoro? A walking, soulless shell. One embedded with Nui Stone shrapnel. The question is, can it still walk without the Tryna?

4:blink: Yes I think it can, I'll PM him. :blink: 5EDIT: OK, maybe I got a little excited about that. I recall asking Greg if Makuta could posses the dead body of Hydraxxon, but he said no, so I don't think Tuyet's body would be any different. Also, Greg said Makuta needed Tuyet's body outside of the pit for what he needed done. It doesn't really fit, but it was a good thought and worth a try :shrugs:. 6--BufFooN
1How is he going to get another Iden? His old one doesn't exist anymore.
13) How does Jaller command his crab in battle? Does it understand his language?

23) He doesn't command it. 3Huh? I guess it just understands him or something...

4Because, obviously enough, it's not really his crab. The crab just follows him around cuz he likes heat, and at one point in the story Jaller straps his blaster on the crab's back to create a distraction.
5And on 5, maybe it's not keeping them, it's just where they want to live. Don't make the assumption that just because you live on the surface of your world, that everyone should. It seems to me most of the Matoran would prefer being underground anyway. It's too bright on the surface, and the water tastes funny.
6Hydraxon, perhaps you could consider the fact that in the serials, Karzahni's chain is broken in half by Lesovikk, so he would have two peices.
1Hello Mr. Farshtey, I was wondering if you could answer some questions on the Ignika.
21) If somebody touched the Ignika and got cursed and touched the Ignika again later on, would the curse be the same? 31 b )If the person was transformed and touched the Ignika again, would the curse still be the same? 42) Did Pridak have the Ignika after it created a blinding flash? 52 b )If no, why was he that enraged? 63)If a small part of the Ignika would to be accidentally chipped off, and someone touched that part, would that person be cursed? 74)Where is the Ignika's "brain" located? In the middle of it (Where the eye (hole)s are)?
8One more question (unrelated to the MoLi): 95)Is it possible to have male and female Toa of Plant Life? 10Thanks a lot:

111) Most likely, yes 121b) I don't understand your question. So far, most of the curses have had to do with powers and abilities being added. Actual transformations like Gadunka's were not the result of a curse. 132) The mask's curse on Pridak was basically to make him 1000% more whatever he already was -- 1000% more brutal, more insane, more vengeful, more possessive. 143) No. 154) Who says it has a brain like we do? It's a sentient mask, it doesn't have organs. 165) There's no evidence that any Matoran tribe, other than the Matoran of Light, has both male and female members. Until there is evidence that Matoran of Plant Life have female members as well, answer's no.

17For 1 b ), What I meant was: 18Somebody touched the Ignika once, then removed contact. If that person would to be transformed in some way due to EP/Mutagen, etc.,and touched the Ignika again, is there a possibility that the curse would be the same as when the person did not get transformed?
19And for Q4, I meant if the mind of the Ignika was "spread out" onto the whole mask, or whether only a portion of the Ignika has a mind. (Like in people, the brain does the thinking, the arsm and legs do not) 204 b )If the answer to the above question is that the mind is "spread out", then if part of the mask broke off, would both parts have a mind? Or would the Ignika have no more mind and just be a ledgendary Kanohi mask? 21Thanks again, hope I'm not bothering you.

221) Not something I have thought about, since I don't have any EP transformations on tap in this trilogy 234) No, if a part breaks off, it becomes just a part, because it is no longer linked to the whole.

24Hmm...What would happen if the Ignika breaks into two halves? Then, there will be no "whole"...Didn't have time to ask, though.
Takua the Wanderer
1How is he going to get another Iden? His old one doesn't exist anymore.

2yes the iden doesnt exist anymore but makuta wouldnt need the iden now would he tuyet is dead so no soul if matoro filled tuyets with artificial life makuta technically could posses tuyets body the big question is if matoro lost his train of thought would the body drop down dead while makuta still possesed it or would it still live
1If Makuta took over Tuyet's body when Matoro reanimates it, then Makuta will be completely dependent on Matoro's mask to stop him from being in an unmoving corpse. Besides, why would Makuta need to leave Maxilos to get the Nui Stone shards? Maxilos is big, he could just carry Tuyet's body, once she's out of the mud.
11. Do the Bahrag 'sleep' like the Bohrok? 2A. No
32. How often do you think your Amazon blog will be updated? Your BZP blog? I just started really reading them both. (I've been missing out:) 4A. Amazon probably a little more often, since I am doing that for Scholastic
53. Was it confirmed that the purposes of leveling Mata Nui is for the twin 'suns' to shine through where the stuff had previously been? 6A. No, because that's not the purpose for it. It has nothing to do with conditions on Metru Nui
74. Why does your avatar say "GF?" 8A. Because those are my initials 9Yes, I know, but what's with the "?"?
105. When do you think any 2008 info will be (officially) released? 11A. No idea, I don't make that call
12Does Makuta want Tuyet's shell of a body for possessing purposes? 13A. No. He wants it because fragments of Nui stone are embedded in the armor 14Yes, I thoughtbetter of this after I asked him. 15--BufFooN
1maxilos is far more powerfull than tuyet. though i think if makuta would posess tuyet briefly he would learn how to make the nui stone and then re-posses maxilos again
Toa Devak: Toa of Energy
1maxilos is far more powerfull than tuyet. though i think if makuta would posess tuyet briefly he would learn how to make the nui stone and then re-posses maxilos again

2The problem is that he can't possess dead bodies.
1well, he can, he just can't move it.
2he just wants to get the body out, and what better way to do it than having tuyet walking out on her own.
1I've been had these for a bit, just never posted them.
2Do you know the disks from which the Toa Mahri's Kanohi are made from? If so, can you share it? Thanks.

3We don't know that they were made from disks. These masks did not exist in Metru Nui, and the ones the Mahri wear were created by the Mask of Life

4Oh... do only the 12 Kanohi of the Toa Mata and Turaga exist on Metru Nui? Can the Volitak be made from disks, since it was worn by Toa Nidhiki?

5My assumption is that the primary masks that were made on Mata Nui in Great Mask or Noble mask form were the ones we saw in 2001-2002. Whether or not the Volitak could be made from disks, I don't know, I simply assume it wasn't because it wasn't made there.

6Here's another one, more recent.
7I thought I sent this to you at the beginning of this week, but I haven't gotten a reply and other people have. I seem to recall you saying that Toa of Fire can do everything that Toa of Plasma can do, but Toa of Plasma can do it much better. Is this correct?
8Also, ET asked you a question about the OoMN's leader. When you said they had a leader, were you referring to Mata Nui? Or is there somebody who answers to Mata Nui who is the leader of the OoMN?

91) A Toa of Plasma is basically very good at one thing -- melting things. And that he does very well. A Toa of Fire can do a lot of other things besides just melt things.
102) No, I was not referring to Mata Nui. Mata Nui does not communicate directly with anyone in this universe.

11That's gotta be pretty hard for the OoMN, an organization designed to serve someone who won't even talk to them.
1Some questions and answer. Especialley nr. 10 is interessting :D
21: Is roodaka still vicory of the Visorak Horde? 32: Will the Nuva regocnize her when they meet her? 43: When will the Karzahni/Makuta battle take place? 54: In BA10 It says that Makuta was the mentor of Sidorak, did he 6teach him how to use that shadow bolt in B3? 75: Will Karzahni also appear outside of this year? 86: What will Hydraxon do to Nocturn, lock him up again? 97: Will the BoM attack Metru Nui because it is now in badly shape 10and only guarded by one (novice) Toa? 118: Will the Toa Nuva also return to Metru Nui after the SoA saga? 129: Are the old though ago heroes the Rahaga and Keetongu? 1310: What is Vezon doing right now?? Is he allied with the Piraka or will 14he visit the Matoran or challange Axonn or something like that?
151) No, because the Visorak would not willingly follow her at this point. 162) By description they would, yes. 173) Later on in the year 184) Most likely, yes 195) No plans for that at the moment, depends on how his serial ends 206) That would be the plan 217) No. If the BOM's plan works, they don't need to seize control of Metru Nui by force. 228) I can't discuss this 239) I am not going to give hints on this 2410) Originally, Vezon was going to wind up in the hands of the zyglak, but because one book got taken off the schedule this year, I was not able to write that story

25Some interessting answers, especialley that of Makuta as mentor and the one about Vezon :D 26Too bad the book wasn't released. It sound really interessting.
11)What is the next Dinosaur Theme is?
22)Can The Makuta of Metru Nui upgrade himshelf?
33)Are there other Matoran some were in Bionicle Plante?
44)Who from 2005 are return in 2008 Bionicle Storyline?
55)What other Superheroes (beside Batman) that what you in as a LEGO Theme?

61) I don't think we have one planned right now 72) He can shapeshift 83) Within the domes yes, not on the planet itself 94) Who said anyone from 2005 would be returning? 105) None

1Is there such a thing called a Toa Nui in the BIONICLE Storyline?

2Only as a myth. A Toa Nui has never existed in fact in the BIONICLE universe, only in legend.

1Hey Greg just wondering if you could give me pronounciations for these characters (we need it for the BS01 Wiki)?
2Tehutii 3Sarda 4Velika 5Reidak 6Dekar 7Kalmah 8Ihu 9Idris

10tuh-HOO-tee 11SARR-duh 12veh-LEE-kah 13RAY-dack 14DAY-kar 15KAHL-muh 16EEE-hoo 17EYE-driss