1Dear Greg, a few questions: 21) What happend to Jallers crab? 32) Was Brutaka present for the use of his mask when Taka was sent to that demension? 43) In the movie"MoL", it seemed Takua was afraid of the dark, is this true? 53a) If so, is this because he was an Av-matoran?

61) Still in the ocean 72) Yes 83) I think it was the dark but also the circumstances 93a) No, I don't think Av-Matoran are anymore afraid of the dark than Ta-Matoran would be afraid of the cold.

10just some questions i had cleared up
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21. To move like snakes, don't shadow leeches need, well, tails?
31) Evidently not.
42. If the Makuta weren't aloft, and so close to the light, then would it have had an effect other than blinding them?
52) Because, if they weren't aloft, they would have been far enough away from it that it wouldn't have been an issue.
63. If the Ignika is removed from its toa, then would the toa just collapse, Disintegrate, or what?
73) It would revert back to what it was, random molecules from the swamp
84a. Are those things on Toa Ignika's shoulders removable blades or armor 9b. Hewkii's?
104) Armor
115a. I seem to recall that you said that any being could use shadow power when properly trained. So, say, the Nuva could have used shadow blasts against the Kal? 12b. Light?
135a) Would have been a bad idea. Tapping into shadow power means tapping into the evil inside you, and that's not something a Toa should do. 145b) Not without really intensive training, and I don't know who could train them to do this.
156. Has Krahka arrived at Metru Nui yet?
166) Yes
177. I saw something on BS01 that stated that a being with their light removed could be returned to normal form. If this is true, how?
187) How gets revealed later in the year 19Thanks:

1Hey Greg. Don't mean to bother you, but I just have a few doubts.
21)Do Makuta have ANY light in them at all? Even a minute amount? 31a)If yes, then they can be affected by Shadow Leeches right?
42) Does Dweller know about Takanuva going to Karda Nui and of his Shadow Leech attack?

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6Thanks in advance :howdy:

71) No 82) No, and the reason he doesn't is explained in Book 10 later this year 93) A BZPer made it for me

10Ignore the third one :P
1Hello Greg, How´s 08 doing?, Hope well enough :) 2I want to congratulate you for the Serials, specially Mutran´s Chronicles, I love the 1st-Person style you use on it. FoF is also running pretty good, the story is exciting and funny at the same time. 3They also made me think and I got some questions, hope you can answer them...
41.-Seeing that they haven´t updated the BS01 nor uploaded scans, Could you please share with us information on the BoM History that was to come with the BrickMaster Mag, any fact? (I know that they pay for the exclusive things but there are fans in other countries, like me for example, that cannot get it. And trust me, if it was available here in Mexico I would subscribe to it :P )
52.-I saw the prototype images available as Downloading goods on Bionicle.com and I love the drawing style, Could you mention us a Set Designer´s name, just for the sake of knowing another great mind from LEGO, please?(I think one signed as "JAD")
63.-Was Stelt originally going to appear in BIONICLE World?
74.-Is it truth that some of the "Super"-Titans are going to appear in FoF?
85.-You said that Toa Ignika comes into existence until the last pages of the March comic, But does it as well come into existence until the last chapters of BL9?
96.-Does Takanuva only appears in BL10 at the Introduction?
107.-Will there be OoMN Members as sets in Summer?
118.-When will we get more info on the BoM´s Plan ? (Mutran´s Chronicles?, BL9?, March Comic?, FoF?)
129.-Are the "Super"-Titans going to appear in BL10?
1310.-By the events of DMch2, Takanuva doesn´t know about his power over Shadow, does he?
1411.-Is the "Someone" or "Something" that Takanuva believes is in the Archives something/someone that we know of?
15That´s all, thank you very much. :)

161) TT, I doubt there was much there you do not already know. The spread was FAQs designed primarily for fans who had never heard of the Makuta before and didn't know anything about them. 172) The lead set designer is Christoffer Raundahl 183) No. Everything planned for that book was in the book 194) No, that is not accurate. FoF ends in May, so we would not be featuring summer sets in it 205) I believe earlier than that in Bionicle Legends #9 216) No, he is in the epilogue as well 227) No 238) As we go along 249) No 2510) No 2611) You'll find out in Chapter 3.

27It is the first time he refers to me as TT... :happydance:
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