11a) Was the sundial from MNOG canon? 21) Yes 31b) If yes, can you reveal who built it (my guess was hat Great beings built it but someone said that was wrong; my next guess would be the OoMN member stationed on Mata Nui)? 41c)Does the sundial at such have a greater meaning than in MNOG (bearing one Golden Kanohi underneath)?
51b-1c) Not something I am prepared to discuss yet 61d) Speaking of Golden Kanohi, do they have a relation to Artakha?
71d) Most likely
82a) When Brutaka said Makuta would not want the mask for himself but just pull all the strings when and how it gets used Makuta, otherwise he would not have hired the Piraka. Then why did Makuta hire them? To attract a clash with the Toa and to have its destined user close by?
92a) Keep in mind what I have said all along -- Makuta's plan hinges on timing. By hiring the Piraka and putting them in the way of the Nuva and the Inika, he stalled the Toa. 102b) Did Makuta know all along that Matoro was the destined user of the Ignika?
112b) I would say no, though he may have suspected something. 122c) If yes, was this the reason why he wanted him near him during ItD (besides the thing about the Nui sone)?
132c) See answer to 2b) 142d) Is Makuta content with the current situation (Mata Nui revived by Matoro)?
152d) Yes 162e) Since in Comic 11 it seemed like Makuta leaft Maxilos body, is he now hurrying to his fellow Makuta at the UC?
172e) Where he went next gets revealed in an upcoming book

183a) I guess the 5 surviving Mahri were trasported back to their home Metru Nui and were granted with the ability to breathe air again as a sign of gratitude by the Ignika for bringing it where it needed to be used?
193a) They were given the ability to breathe again thanks to Matoro wielding the power of the mask 203b) With Jaller and Co. back at Metru Nui, they will most likely act as defenders of the city (at least for some time), right?
213b) Yes 223c) If yes, will takanuva work together with them (temporarily)?
233c) Yes 243d) Are you planning - if you have space and time- to make a web serial about the events going on in Metru Nui next year? 253d) Only if they are relevant to the story as a whole

264)You recently told someone that the SoA is needed to repair a part of Metru Nui. Was that part damaged during the GC? Or is it more like the Staff is needed here to bring together fragments of something that isspread across the city and no Matoran or Toa could move/find them?
274) Has to do with the GC, yes
285) You said the final battle in 2008 will be Toa & allies vs. BoM & allies. I guess as things stand right now the Dark Hunters would decide to fight on the side of the Toa rather than accept a rule of the Makuta over the universe?
295) It's possible, would be interesting if that happened
306) You introduced a new name of a Toa into the storyline that is not a set and therefore can't make money for Lego (now) - Nikila. Can we expect to learn more about her, since you most likely put her name through legal clearing?
316) Since she's been dead for several thousand years, I can't see her having a lot of significance. But I had to name her something, otherwise Lesovikk is stuck saying, "Hey, you."

1Wow, a whole plethora of info here. :) 2Comments in italics are mine.
3Yes: Hi Mr. F, glad to be able to talk to you again. Got some stuff for you: 4(I understand if you cant answer some of these)
51.) Let me get this straight: Since Matoro sacrificed himself for Mata-nui, does that mean Mata-Nui is alive agin? And still dying? 61a.)If the above is true, then what was the whole thing about 08 being a race aginst the clock? You even said (A while ago) that it took place over a rough 3 days. 71b.) Now that Matoro's life force is part of Mata-Nui, is he almost like him now? Like, his concience bearing down on all the universe?
82.) Will the whole senario of Maxilos's body being torn apart be explained in Downfall? 92a.) Will the place Makuta went to after he left Maxilos be explained too? 102b.) Will the Barraki be taken care of at the end of Downfall too? The comic gave no mention as to what might happen to them afterwords. 112c.) Any plans to elaborate on jaller trying to contain the fire power he was going to use to make a Nova Blast? He seemed to be trying to contain it in the comic.
123.) What book are you writing right now? (If any)
134.) Any word on what store Icarax will be seen in? And, why wasnt his pic in the batch we saw on the toy site? Possibly because he is a store exclusive? 144a.) Is the "Mystery character" that we have not seen yet a store exclusive too? 154b.) What is your opinion of this guy? Have you seen him yet?
165.) How well on the color ladder does white sell? 175a.) Any idea why there have been no white titians? That would be sweet if there was.
186.) What is your fav. color on sets? Mine are white, green, and black. 196a.) Out of the winter 08 titans, (Icarax, Toa Ignika, and the unnamed guy) do you have a fav.? 206b.) Whose idea was it to kill off Matoro? And, to make him the destined bearer of the mask, for that?
21Thanks a lot: I appreciate you taking the time to answer all this:

221) He's alive, not dying, and still in a coma. 231a) Keep in mind that the entire plan for the 2008 story changed in late 2006, when the decision was made to take 2009 in a new direction. But I don't recall ever saying that 2008 took place over three days -- that was BZP speculation, that didn't come from me. 241b) No, because Matoro no longer exists as an individual personality. His last act as one was to save the Mahri. At that point, he evolved to a higher state of existence as pure energy, that no longer had ties to the material world, so the Matoro you knew is gone. 252) Yes 262a) I'm not sure offhand if I explained that in 8 or in 9. 272b) Basically, they're stuck. They have no way to get into the core, and they can't go back to the surface because they are still water breathers. So they remain imprisoned. 28What: 292c) It's in 8 as well. 303) I am in between 10 and 11. 314) Most likely yes, because he is a store exclusive. And no, I don't know off the top of my head. 324a) I believe so. I can tell you that is a two-figure set, rather than just a one-figure like most are. 334b) I haven't spent much time with the sets, but as characters, I like them. 345) Somewhere in the middle 355a) There will be in future. Have already seen the plans for it. 36Yes: White Titans: 376) Red, white, and probably blue. 386a) As a set or as a character? 396b) It was mine, cleared with the story team first, of course.

Cap'n Bionicle
1Congrats on catching me off guard with the death of Matoro. However, I totally predicted the origin of the Toa Ignika. :P
27) Did Makuta have a toa in mind when he tried to remake the Nui Stone, or was he just going to "have it on hand"?
37) To be honest, I would bet he had Ahkmou in mind (if Ahkmou ended up destined to be a Toa).

4Does this mean Ahkmou is in contact with Makuta still, or that he will be appearing next year (probably in the serials) sometime?

5Originally, I had planned to have Ahkmou play a big role next year, but plans to do a new set of him got scrapped

6Really? That's interesting. Is he still appearing next year, or was the whole idea around him scrapped. If so, in serial, or book?

7Anything is possible with the serials, but right now, his reappearance is a not a high priority.

8I was shocked he told me this, and I find it really interesting that he was even considered to be remade as a set.

9That is very interesting. A Toa Ahkmou set would have been awesome, if that's what they were planning to do.
11) If you are a destined User of the Ignika, do you automatically die by using it? 21) Yup
31a) If you do, how did Matoro's sacrifice add what extra power was needed to revive Mata Nui? 41b) If you don't, was the Ignika-User on Jovan's team not a destined User? 51a) The Ignika needs the life energy of a Toa to be able to pull this trick off
62) Related to 1b), can there only be one User ever / at a time? 72) Only one destined user, yes
83) Mata Nui is now alive and well -- and in no risk of dying -- but still asleep, right? 93) Yes
104) Do the fates of the Barraki, Hydraxon, and Gadunka get somewhat more dealt with in Downfall, or in the next comic? 114) In the book, the next comic will be 2008 story so will not involve 2007 characters
125) Of the Red Star -- from what I've read, you've confirmed that the Star itself is no Great Being nor is there a Great Being inside it. Since we now know that there are multiple creatures inside the Star, can you say whether the Great Beings, as a group, are what is inside it? 135) No, they are not. The GBs are MUCH further away than just in orbit around the planet
80 Dollar
1Lessy : they won´t need to help rebuid it? I smell Staff of Arthaka in this one :D

2Yeah. That's what I figured too. :P
Toa Koalex
Shadow Nui
3i know this may sound off topic but.........has anyone noticed that bioniclestory.com is stiill not updated

4It has now... :tohu:

5No It hasn't.

6The question was asked back in october, the site has changed since then... or were you talking about the bionicle site itself? If you were, then I'm sorry. :tohu:
1Hi. Two Things:
21. I PMed you before the PM system went down, and we didn't finish. I'm wondering: Do you think that, even if unofficial, "lightning bug" could be used as a fan-term for the small, electric bugs in the Nui-Rama hive? (The reason is, I think they deserve a page to themselves on BS01, but until they receive an approved name from you, they're stuck on the Unnamed Rahi page with a bunch of rahi that had smaller parts in the story.)
32. Are there any plans to elaborate on the Onu-Koro Sundial? There was an entire entry dedicated to its gnomon in the new encyclopedia, so I'd assume it's still significant.

41) Fine by me 52) Quite possibly, yes

11) Was the Sundial in MNOG canon?
22) If so, will there be any plot involving it?

3Yes, and possibly

1Hi, Greg, hope you're all right. 'Got some questions for you:
21)How is a 'non-underwater' Garai? It has something to fill the 'mouth-gap'? 32)After the events of Comic 11, Makuta got missing. We've already seen the place where he went? 43)Now that the Toa Mahri are air breathers, they'll mantain their 'tubes'? 54)The inhabitants of Metru Nui are preparing a Memorial to Matoro? 65)Axxon and the Matoran of Voya and Mahri Nui will stay at the underground caves, now that the Southern Continent is partial flooded? 76)Did the Great Beings put the Great Telescope on Mata Nui, and the Scroll in the Great Temple?

8That's all, I already thank you for answering these. 9- Ignotus

101) No idea. That would be up to the set designer. 112) No, you haven't 123) Yes, as ornaments 134) Yes 145) The SC is not flooded, the water flowed into the universe core. So they will re-emerge on the surface of Voya Nui. 156) Yes
11) Was the Sundial in MNOG canon?
22) If so, will there be any plot involving it?

3Yes, and possibly

4Called it. :happydance:
1Hi Greg. A follow-up of the last PM I sent while I was still the pain-in-the-PM, Pirakalord693, before the PM crash.
21. Does Garai mean gravity? Because if it does, what prefix will go with the Matoran? ( Ga rai) 32.

4"Please," said Brutaka, "I was getting out of stasis fields when you were still on Destral raising Archives Moles."

5Did Brutaka and Axonn sharpen their skills while stationed at Voya Nui? 63. When will we find out about Dume's predicessor? 74. Is Dume from Lhikan's island? 85. Why did Brutaka call Hydraxon a "lunatic"? 96. And what's the problem with the "definition of gravity" if Makuta can use it to slam Brutaka into a mountain? 107. I noticed that in BL6, Ehlek was the one searching for the traitor and Mantax was the one who built the fortress. :???: 118. Do all members of a species mutate into the same thing when they come into contact with the mutagen? 129. Does that mean something drastic happens in the GNB next update? 1310. So on DoD, you're just winging it?
14Thank you for your time, the fair amount I take up. And I can't believe what you did in Ignition 11. :angry:

15:t: :m_o: :c:
161) If it did, I would probably go with Gar over Ga 172) Before that. 183) I don't have any plans to go into that right now, it's not really relevant to story. 194) No. 205) Um, cause he is? Hydraxon assumes pretty much everyone but Maxilos is an escaped prisoner and starts shooting at them. 216) I don't understand your question 227) I don't recall that, at least not the Mantax part. 238) Not necessarily, no. 249) Such as? 2510) I wing it on all of them. I don't believe in outlining story, I make it up as I go. Comes out better that way, because then I am open to inspiration as opposed to being locked into an idea I might have thought of months ago.

26Mantax was understood, it just sounded like he built it. Gar-Matoran, anyone?

27:t: :m_o: :c:
1Don't look if you didn't read the newest comic

2Hi Greg, i have some questions that you might not be able to answer yet, but i'll ask anyways. Oh, and i changed my name. i use to be atlas
31. Since Lewa's nickname was always "Spirit of Air", does that mean he could've been called a "Phantoka" before 08?
42. Is Matoro considered the destined wearer of the Ignika, even though he wore for all but a few seconds?
53. Did the same thing that happened to Matoro when he wore the Ignika happen to Jovan's teammate when he/she wore the Ignika?
64. I have a theory about Karzhani's vision that he gives to Lesovik: Karzhani gives L a vision where an acid cloud attacked instead of Zyglak because he knows it would be easier for L to beat, thus giving him a happy ending and making him not want to leave the vision. But something happens in the vision that's too imposible to believe, or L just relizes that it doesn't happen, and he breaks out of it, also partialy because Karzhani isn't skilled of making GOOD-ending visions. Sound about right?
75. Does Karzhani doing something different with his mask power have something to do with Makuta "ripping his mind to shreds"?
86. Does Karzhani have to keep his mask on as long as he wants the vision to keep going, or does he just use it for a second and the vision is as long as he wants? 96b. If he has to keep his mask on for as long as he wants the vision to keep going, then he can't possibly trap some one in a vision, correct? Because then he would have to keep his focus up forever to keep the mask on.
10I understand that there are some spoilers, so i won't post these for a little bit. Sorry if you got this twice. Thanks in advance. Yubel

111) I guess 122) Yes, because no one wears it for long 133) Yes 144) Not exactly 155) He's just being a little more creative 166) It is possible for him to plant a self-sustaining vision, but it won't be as strong as one he maintains himself

1Haha. 'Starts shooting at them' Hydraxon is such a misunderstanding lunatic. People like that annoy me, but oh well. 2Dume isn't from Lhikan's island? Then how'd he saved him when the latter's still a Matoran? It says so in BRC.
15. Does Karzhani doing something different with his mask power have something to do with Makuta "ripping his mind to shreds"? 25) He's just being a little more creative

3:D :P :lol:
4Creative, that's how he says it:
5Remember: 6"You're insane:" 7"I prefer the term 'creative'," Karzahni replied. "Though I suppose there is not much difference between the two in the end, is there?"
11) When Makuta was inside Matoro's body in the Cord, did he have full access to his ice powers? 21) No, he did not. 3Aw, a big theory shot down...
42) If yes, supposing Makuta entered a Toa Nui's body. Would he have full access to its powers? 52) Irrelevant, since there is no such thing as a Toa Nui, it's just a legend. 6I was gonna check if Makuta could control a very powerful being.
73) Is it safe to assume that all the Toa on the first Toa team's names started with their element prefix? For example, LEsovikk. 83) No. Lesovikk was his Matoran name, he was not created as a Toa, and his name had nothing to do with his element. It's coincidence. Had I grabbed another name off the list, his name might have been Tahtorak. 9Heh, forgot he was a Matoran.
104) Is elemental energy or Toa energy used to create solid protodermis cages? I ask because in MNOLG, the Toa Mata used each of their elemental powers at the same time against Makuta, and he didn't get imprisoned, so I'm guessing Toa energy. Or is that a non-canon aspect of the game? 114) Ah, but they didn't use their energies at the exact same time, that's why it didn't work. If you are off by even a few seconds, it won't work. (And, behind the scenes, the idea that combining powers did that did not exist in the story at that point -- remember, MNOG was made late 2000, early 2001, much of the universe was not nailed down yet because no one knew BIONICLE would last more than a year.) 12Sounds good to me.
135) Mata Nui is alive again, right? 145) Alive and in a coma, yes 15Oh, goody.


1Hello Mr.Farshety
2I have some questions anout Elements and various other things:
31. What Gender are the following Elements: 41a.Plasma? 51b.Plant life? 61c.Sonics? 71d. Magentism (We know it can be male but can it also be Female?) 81e. Light (As with magnetism we know it can be male but can it also be Female?)
92. What Colour are the following elements: 102a. Plasma? 112b. Plant Life? 122c. Sonics?
133. Can you tell us the release dates of the last chapters of ITD, DoD and GNB?
144. Could there ba a Toa of Shadow or can only Makuta control Shadow energy?
155. If a toa loses an Arm/Leg can it be replaced with a entirely mechanical one? 165a. If yes, if it is replaced would the organic part of the toa branch out into it to make it Biomechanical like it did when Toa Mata landed on Mata-Nui?
17Thanks in advanced
18Toa Dodotom

191) The only element that supports both male and female Toa is Light. All the others you listed are male. 202) No idea. I could make up answers and then if we did sets of them, the answers could be totally wrong because the set designer decides this. 213) No, that is up to Binkmeister, he is the web producer 224) At this point, the concept of a Toa of Shadow doesn't really make much sense -- a Toa is a hero, and shadow is an element of evil 235) Yes -- see Lariska's mechanical arm 245a) Yes

1Hi again Greg, I have a few questions.
21: I'v noticed in the past few months you've seemingly accidentally reffered to the Ignika as a "he". 3Is this in relation to the Toa Ignika being male? Is he/it even male? 41b: Is the Toa Ignika male for a reason? 51c: Is he/it in the major storyline? 61d: If so, is he in the same "group" as Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu?
72: Can the Toa Ignika get rid of its body, or is it stuck with it? 82b: Does it truly have a mind of its own now?
93: Will the Barraki meet the Piraka? 103b: I guess you can't answer, but do the Piraka appear before or after Matoro has swam away?
114: Are the Barraki still fighting with their armies when the Mahri leave?
125: When Matoro leaves, are his teammates the last living things he sees? 13When the Nuva arrive, has the Ignika formed its body? I guess that's a "can't discuss future storyline."
146: How many chapters do the online serials have again?
157: Will there be a new series of books from 2009 onwards?
168: Is 2009 forwards even on the same planet?
179: When you say the GBs are much further away than the Red Star, does that imply they're in another universe altogether?
1810: Does Matoro hear Artakha speak? Do any of the Mahri? 1910b: Do the Barraki or Piraka hear it?
2011: I'm not asking for them, but are you aware of set names for the rest of this year? And 2009? 2111b: When would you release names of the unknown Makuta 2 set? When official pictures are released? 2211c: Does this set include a Makuta and a vehicle, or Makuta and a rahi? Or none of those? 2311d: Would you release this info any time soon? I'm pretty interested in this guy.
24That's all I can think of for now.
25Thanks in advance.

261) It starts referring to itself as "he," I believe, once it becomes a Toa, to assert that it is a living being and not just an object. And the Toa it has been closest to have both been male. 272) It can get rid of its body, yes, and it always had a mind of its own. Think about how the Inika beat Vezon, by bouncing the mask's thoughts into his head. 283) The fight with the Piraka takes place when the Toa bring the Matoran up to Voya Nui, so it's before the cord is severed. 294) Fighting who? 305) Actually, no, he sees one other thing but doesn't know what it is. And you're right, I can't answer the second part of your question. 316) 10 for DoD and Nuva blog, 9 for biocast 327) Hope so. I haven't been given a 2009 publishing schedule yet. 338) I can't discuss this 349) It pretty much is what it is. 3510) The Mahri aren't meeting Artakha, the Nuva are 3611) For '08, yes. No '09 names have been approved by Legal yet. 3711b) Actually, his name will be in the biocast, since by the time it airs, most likely it will be a known set. 3811c) Neither 3911d) I can't really release it on my own, the image has to be released by LEGO first.
405 anything new? I reckon it's someone important that he sees.
1Hello, Greg: :)
2It would be great if you could answer these questions: :D
31) Did the Great Beings create the universe and its inhabitants out of nothing or did they use raw materials which they found on the planet? 42) Did Protodermis exist on the Bionicle planet prior to the creation of the universe? 53) Can you discribe further what exactly happens to a being that is enslaved by Antidermis? Is this related to a mask infection? Is the being controlled by the Makuta whose essence was used or does he or she just become will-less and will take orders from anyone? And why did the Voya Nui Matoran obey the Piraka of all people? I also find this process curious because you said that a body-less Makuta can only posess a soul-less or mechanical body. 64) Does it mean any harm to Makuta that some of his essence is missing (I mean, some of it was destroyed when the Matoran of Voya Nui were cured from the Antidermis)? 75) Can a Kraata or being with an infected Mask only be controlled by the Makuta who created it/infected their mask or also by another Makuta? 86) Could a Makuta contol another Makuta by infecting their Kanohi? 97) Can you reveal of which Disks the remaining known Masks are made? 108) I will use an example for this question: A powerless Hau is made from Level 1 Growth and Regeneration Disks. A Matoran wears it. The Matoran is turned into a Toa. His Mask somehow "remembers" of which Disks it was made so the Toa Energy turns it into a great Hau. The mask also takes the standard Hau shape regardless of the shape it had before. Is this how it works? If no: what's incorrect? 119) Are there plans to reveal how the Matoran and other species come into being? 1210) How can Lego test new sets on the target group while all pictures of new sets or prototypes are to be kept strictly secret? Do the testers sign a silence contract? 1311) Did the story team ask you to write the web serials or was this your idea (in any case it's a good idea: :D )? 1412) Will there be new web serials in 2008? 1513) Will there be more short movies on bioniclestory.com in 2008?
16Thank you very much for your effort: :bowdown:

181) I doubt very much it was created out of nothing, since we know the Matoran were engaged part of the time in building the GB's creation. 192) Well, whether it is a natural element or a synthetic, it had to have been created before being used in building. 203) Antidermis works much the same as an infected mask, only moreso. It makes the victim essentially vulnerable to the influence of anyone. They would have obeyed the Toa if the Toa gave them orders. It is not an actual possession because it is only a fraction of Makuta's antidermis being used and his mind is not guiding the body. 214) Depends on if it regenerates or not, which one would hope it did. 225) Only by the Makuta who created the kraata 236) It would be extremely difficult to do that, because you are dealing with beings of enormous willpower. 247) I don't bother coming up with disk combos for them -- for one thing, those masks may not have been made in Metru Nui, therefore disks may not have been used in their creation. Other places could have different systems. 258) Only thing off here is that the shape the mask takes would be based on what the Matoran thinks a Great Hau looks like. 269) We will be revealing how Rahi come into being, but no plans to do that for Matoran. It's not relevant to the story we're telling. 2710) They sign a non-disclosure agreement, yes, that's standard for all companies' market research. It's the same sort of agreement signed by the adult fans who were involved in the creation of MINDSTORMS NXT and the Mars Mission and Castle sets. Violation of the agreement would bring legal action by LEGO Company. 2811) It was something I discussed with the former web producer (now on maternity leave), so an idea we both came up with. 2912) I believe so. 3013) That I don't know. It depends on how the budget money is allocated.

31Thanks again, Greg: :D
1Hi again Greg, I have a few questions.
21: I'v noticed in the past few months you've seemingly accidentally reffered to the Ignika as a "he". 3Is this in relation to the Toa Ignika being male? Is he/it even male? 41b: Is the Toa Ignika male for a reason? 51c: Is he/it in the major storyline? 61d: If so, is he in the same "group" as Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu?
71) It starts referring to itself as "he," I believe, once it becomes a Toa, to assert that it is a living being and not just an object. And the Toa it has been closest to have both been male.

8That means we can stop refering to Jovan's teammate as he/she. And it also means that it was not a Toa of Water or Lightning. Interesting.

9:t: :m_o: :c:
1Got Icarax's pronunciation here. Needed it for BS01, and Greg was nice enough to give it.
2Hi, Greg. :) 3Just got one question here if you don't mind.
41. Do you think you could give me Icarax's pronunciation?
5Thanks in advance.

6Ih-kuh (pronounced like "duh:") - racks

11. Do both the Toa Nuva blasters and the Makuta Spheres have powers? 22. Is Radiak a matoran? He looks like a rahi. 33. Alright, we know matoran get classifications like Ta,Ga,and Po. Do rahi have those prefixes? Like a Ta-Gukko or a Po-Muaka? 44. When Onewa was a Toa Metru his Proto Pitons had an retractable cable right? 5Thanks:

61) Yes 72) All the small sets are Matoran 83) No. 94) That was so long ago, I really don't remember
Pohatu of time
11. Do both the Toa Nuva blasters and the Makuta Spheres have powers? 22. Is Radiak a matoran? He looks like a rahi. 33. Alright, we know matoran get classifications like Ta,Ga,and Po. Do rahi have those prefixes? Like a Ta-Gukko or a Po-Muaka? 44. When Onewa was a Toa Metru his Proto Pitons had an retractable cable right? 5Thanks:

61) Yes 72) All the small sets are Matoran 83) No. 94) That was so long ago, I really don't remember

10The're all Av-Matoran too.
11. why was the scene in the 7th mahri game with maxilos donning the ignika removed? 22.will the toa mahri make appearances next year? 33.if the bohrok can undo an EP doing, could they "de-nuva"the toa nuva? 44.what happened to the barraki and hydraxon? 55.when matoro entered the UC, how come he didn't suffocate? 66.will the 2006 matoran make an appearance in book 8? 77.when will pics of icarax and the mystery titan be released? 88.after reading toa ignika's description, is the official name of the toa's launchers "midak skyblaster"? 99.if the ignika can create a body for itself, why didn't it create one shortly after the mask was created? 1010.now that matoro is dead, the number of toa is now 55. correct? 1111.why did you decide to kill off matoro?

131) Because it was inaccurate. Maxilos' body cannot wear masks, so he would not have put it on. 142) Too soon to know 153) No. They didn't undo anything, they just knocked it all down and plowed it all under. 164) Both are still in the Pit 175) Because he was in a waterfall all the way down. 186) Only extremely briefly. 197) No idea, not my area. 208) I can't comment on this 219) Because there was no need for it to do so. 2210) Yes 2311) Because to accomplish something this big and this important, there had to be some kind of sacrifice or loss by the Toa. The Ignika demands a price for its use, and the price is the death of the person using it.

1QUOTE 2Last time I sent a P.M I think it was lost so I am sending it again. 31.)Can the mask of strength be used on your legs to jump higher and or run faster if not why? 42.)Does Axonn just make staisis field apear or does he have to put it in a zamor sphere? 53.)In the comic "In final battle matoro makes ice on the floor to trip kardas was he useing cold from the air or was that incased with lightning and I don't see it. 64.)Can toa tools be used by other toas to chanel their element and or would it still if a toa of fire used Vakama's 7jetpack? 85.)Why do the toa Inika have killing wepones if they are anti kill? (Kongu's lazer crossbow rips things to atoms:) 96.)Are the Inika imune to their own electric powers due to it flowing throgh them? (what good is a ice bridge if it electracutes you?) 107.)Are the Inika able to shoot just thunder? I know they can't shoot just there element so I don't think so. 118.)Earlier you said only Gail and Lewa can make thunder storms can Lewa and Gali Nuva do that to? 129.)Can the toa Inika put their element in there zamor spheres like Axonn can put staisis fields in one? 1310.)Can Toa Inika Matoro take over dead and or robot bodys like he can if to people had the mask of astiral projection? If not why?
14Thank you EWPW.

151) Because that has as much to do with agility as it does with strength. Football players are incredibly strong, doesn't mean they can jump like a gymnast can. 162) He can do either one. 173) The artist simply didn't put the lightning in the pic because it wasn't relevant to what we were showing. 184) Yes, Toa can use each other's tools, but Vakama's jetpack would not work for another Toa in the same way. 195) Why does Robin carry razor-sharp shurikens if he doesn't intend to cut throats with them? Why does the Lone Ranger carry two guns when he never kills anyone with them? The fact that you have a lethal weapon doesn't mean you have to use it to kill. For example, Kongu could use his weapon to bring down a rockslide and cut off an enemy from getting close to him, or to blast an enemy's weapon out of his hands. 206) Yes 217) No 228) Yes 239) No 2410) I don't understand your question.
25For number 10 I thoght it said on biosecter that if two people with the mask of astrial projection could take over each others bodys so I was thinking they could take over a robot or dead body....
26I don't think he got number 10 due to spelling error.... :biggrin: eh he....
1Hello Mr. Farshtey. 2I have some questions for you and I hope it won´t bother you answering them.
31. Why is the Mask of Life still grey on pictures of Toa Ignika and on cover of your book? I though Mata Nui is alive again... 41) It's not gray, it's silver. 51. What i meant was why it´s not gold. Will Ignika transofrm into this color? 61) Like life itself, the Ignika can take many shapes, forms and colors.
72. How many of those more expensive (bigger) sets are going to be next year? 82) Three 92. This means that where will be 3 titans and 3 big sets right? 102) I haven't confirmed anything on the number of titans.
113.Are there more legendary masks we don´t know about? 123) Anything's possible, but we have no plans to introduce more into the story in the foreseeable future.
134.Do Mata Nui know that it was Matoro who saved him? 144) Mata Nui is still in a coma.
155.Will there be more places next year other than Universe Core and Swamp of Secrets? Im not asking for names... 165) I can't discuss this
176.Did Matoro saw the Mata Nui´s location when he put The MoL on? 186.a. His body? 196) No and no 206. The Ignika itself doesn´t know about his location or just didn´t tranfer this information into Matoro´s mind? I thought that you must know the exact location of someone you want to heal so you can concentrate your energy into that place 216) Not necessary in this case. The Ignika simply has to be used in the universe core.
22Thanks :-)
1The question is, why does Lewa Nuva need jetpacks to fly? All of the 08 Toa do, But, a Toa of Air? Thank you :)

3Well, the alternative is to constantly have to be concentrating on his Miru Nuva, which doesn't work well in an aerial dogfight

1Hi I'm new to the website so if you could tell me the process to PM Greg that would be helpful 2Thanks :D
1oh really 2oh well time to get to work then 3how do you change color of words :???:
Toa of Water and Ice
1oh really 2oh well time to get to work then 3how do you change color of words :???:

4Highlight your text, click on the "A", and select your color. 5Further questions should be posted in New Member, Question and Answer ;)
1so let me get this straight 2The mask of life basiclly changes one's life correct? 3like it can alter one's apperence? :???:
Toa of Water and Ice
1so let me get this straight 2The mask of life basiclly changes one's life correct? 3like it can alter one's apperence? :???:

4It sure did to the Inka/Mahri.
Toa of Water and Ice
1so let me get this straight 2The mask of life basiclly changes one's life correct? 3like it can alter one's apperence? :???:

4The Mask of Life can do anything related to life. It can mutate, heal, cause growth, grant powers, and even teleport things for some reason. It can't create life energy from nothingness, but it can transmit it from body to body (for example, moving Matoro's life energy into Mata Nui's body). It also has a mind of its own.
1Can it change one's destiny or do i have to ask Greg
1thank you
1how do i know when greg replies? :???:
1Q: The makuta of Zakaz, Spiriah (great name by the way) does he wear the Kanohi in the set? Is it a different power than we've seen? Or weapons?
2A: Any mask he is wearing will have to be one of the masks from the four sets used to build him, we don't make new mask or weapon pieces of combination models. The point is to use pieces from the existing sets, right?

3You've probably guessed this already, but to clear it up, hear you go. No custom head though it seems, on Spiriah. :(
1how do i know when greg replies? :???:

2He will PM you back with his answers.
3And for some stuff that I sent him...
4I just have two questions today... 51) What happened to the Hannah crab? Did it go to Metru Nui and become an air breather with Jaller or is it still in the ocean? 62) The Mahri can't breath water now, right?

71) Stayed in the ocean. Matoro was saving his friends in his last moment, not pets 82) Right

9:( I liked the Hannah Crab.
Toa of Water and Ice
1Can it change one's destiny or do i have to ask Greg

2No, it is unable to change destiny. I don't believe there is anything that can.
1If it changed one's destiny, then you could argue that it was that being's destiny for their destiny to be changed. :P
2:m: :e: :c: :a: