Takua the Wanderer
11) If Mata Nui is awakened while the Makuta are in Karda Nui, will this affect him?

21) No, but it will affect the Matoran

3I bet this is to do with the master plan. :P

4My, that's interesting. I can't really imagine what would happen, but that is interesting. :P
1Some questions:
2I know that officially the Kahu and Kewa were merged into the Gukko, but they appeared in a lot of places in their previous forms. (Both had sets of them, were in the MNOLG, etc.) 3Seeing as how they were clearly very different creatures, do you think it would be acceptable to say on the wiki that they're two separate breeds of Gukko? It would allow for several canon sources to make much more sense...

4I'd have to think about it.
5Have you come to a verdict?
62. We know that Ussals are amphibious. Are Rock Ussals amphibious, too? 72a. If so, do you think they would've mostly survived Voya Nui's descent?

81) Yes, I am okay with this 92) Yes 102a) Yes, although they may have been swept into the ocean during the experience

1Mutated Rock Ussal would be cool.
Master of Ice and Sonic
Xael Tradakk
1Interesting replies, Greg. Also, I think that Miserix will be a model that's put on BS01. You know the DH sets that are on there? I think he'll be like those, not for sale but designed and created, nonetheless. If he isn't a combiner, what else is he? 2:)

3Well, he could be the winning model for the BoM contest. Also, about MoMN's name, I get the feeling that Greg is trying to avoid the question, so I think that Greg picked a name with "x" or "z" in it. If he doesn't think it matters, then he wouldn't be likely to avoid one.

4Yeah, I agree with you. But I really think it is stupid because I don't mind if he has an x or z in his name. Why would it matter? I think it gives it an evil feel to it.

5Says the member with an X is his name. :P
6But anyways, the way Greg's responding it does seem likely. I personally don't like X only because it's a pointless letter. Just replace it with a 'ks' and you get the same sound. Z's however, I don't mind usually. Sometimes when they are at the end of a name, such as in Antroz or Vultraz they can sound awkward, but elsewhere they can sound fine. Mazeka, for instance, is a really good name I think.
1They do sound pretty evil.
11)is the reason the toa ignika has a face plate format 2signifying that it cannot be removed from its body? 32)why did vican become a shadow matoran willingly? 43)so there are trees in scenic parts of ga-metru right? 54)have the 2008 sets been releaseddin america yet 6because aside from websites I have seen none 75)so miserix will not be a combiner? 86)out of the two matoran being packaged with 9larger sets is vican one of them?
10tanx in advance . 11you rahk .
12-zee :tohu:

131) Not to my knowledge, that is simply how the set was designed. 142) Because he wanted a different life. Think of him as sort of the flip side of Takua -- Takua wanted more excitement and adventure in his life, and dreamed of being a Toa. Vican wanted the same, but didn't have heroes, so when Mutran came along, he took the opportunity. 153) Yes 164) The January sets are out everywhere, yes. The summer sets have not. 175) I can't discuss this 186) No. The Matoran I referred to are in summer sets. Vican is a winter set and already out.
19so there is 1 more matoran to see other than vican and the summer sets

20-zee :tohu:
11. You have previously stated that are at least ten known Makuta in the Bioverse. I've made a list of those ten, and I was wondering if you could confirm or deny it: 2- Makuta of Metru Nui 3- Icarax 4- Spiriah 5- Vamprah 6- Antoz 7- Chirox 8- Mutran 9- Mizserix 10- Unknown Makuta who's powers have been leeched by Conjuror.
112. Did Icarax have a mask before the Kraahkan? If so, what was it? 123. Were Tahu's Kanohi destroyed when Ta-Koro sunk? If not, could they be recovered? 134. Are Kraata capable of controlling Bohrok, and likewise with Krana and Rahkshi? 145. When the first Toa were created, did they have bulkier armor, or taller, stronger or more bitter than the Toa of Today? 156. On a scale of one to ten, the average Toa had an elemental strength of seven or eight. Hordika generally had six or less, with the Toa Nuva topping them all with a straight ten. Where on this scale would the Inika and the Mahri have fit in? 167. Will you ever reveal what Kongu's tool was? 178. Did Nidhiki ever regret his decision to betray Lhikan to the Dark Hunters? 189. Is Krekka alive in the Mirrorverse? 1910. What would be the most unussual payment a Dark Hunter demanded for his services? 2011. Cordak Blasters have been seen as Chainguns or miniguns '07. Are there other models of them, like shotguns, rifles, typewriters, for instance? 2112. Have Zyglak ever been employed by The Shadowed One? 2213. You have stated that, as of 2008, no more than 300 Toa have been in existance at a time. How many are in existence in the Mirrorverse? 2314. Can a Nova-blast be fired as a single, linear beam, instead of a massive, destructive explosion? 2415. What is the most common question you're asked, outside of requests for spoilers? 2516. For this question, I need a bit of a demonstration: 26Toa 1 and Toa 2 are both Toas of fire, with an equal amount of element and both are fully and equally rested. 27Toa 1 shoots a fireball at a target. 28Toa 2 boosts his fireball by charging it, thus allowing it to travel to farther targets with more intensity. 29Is it possible for Toa 2 to do that?

301) Yes, I can confirm that 312) Not something I have worried about, and won't unless I need to for story. 323) Yes, they were destroyed 334) No 345) No 356) At the average Toa level 367) Only if story demands it 378) He regretted getting caught 389) Probably, yes 3910) No idea. 4011) No 4112) I doubt Zyglak would work for him. 4213) No, that's not the case. 300 Toa showed up in Metru Nui to fight in the Toa-DH war, and there were more than that in existence at the time. What I have said was that in the past you might see 300 Toa or so doing something, but not anymore. Anyway, you have easily hundreds if not more than 1000 Toa in the mirrorverse. 4314) No 4415) It really varies from year to year. 4516) Well, Toa 2 could simply hurl a more powerful fireball, yes. Toa 1 could do a fireball, and Toa 2 could do a wall of flame if he wanted to. Toa have control within limits of how much power they use for any one thing, so if 2 wants to do a fireball the size of the Chrysler Building and has the power to create it, there's no reason he couldn't do it.
1Now, I know this was so long ago, but I want to know if you can answer this:
2The Mahi are those goat Rahi, but, sometimes they were called mya. Do you know which is correct?
3Thank you for your time. :)
4~Doc. C

5Since neither term is in the Encyclopedia, my guess is we are not allowed to use either one anymore.

6Oh, snap. Dead end. :annoyed2:
7~Doc C.
1some stuff from greg today:

21. If the planet on top of the domed universe was not made by the Great beings, was mata-nui (the island) made by them?
32. if there are other inhabetents of the surface world, how is it that they dont know of the bionicle universe/mata-nui?
43.where the bohrak (not the krana, the borahk themselves) made by the great beings? 53b. are they orrigannaly from the bio-universe?
64. would you say that univerese is really a good name for them (domed and surface worlds) considering you can walk between them using a flight of stairs?
75. is it possible that great beings made the surface world too, but not the same GBs?
86.these set of questions are all using a metaphor- relating the bio universe to a school system.
9a. mata nui is the superintendent, keeping things running smoothly, but not really directly interferring. 10b. the makuta are the kind of "out there" kids. not geeks, but oddities. 11c. the leauge of six kingdoms are the bullies, in charge, mean. 12d. the oomn are the teachers and staff, keeps everyone in line, punishes the bad people, etc. 13e. the dark hunters are the school gang (litterally: gangsters)
14i know this metaphor would be way from perfect, but is it a good way of desribing this?
15Thanks, Nanopi

161) Mata Nui is the roof of the Metru Nui dome, so yes, the GBs made it. It is part of the domed universe. 172) You're asking a hypothetical, because we don't know that there are other inhabitants of the surface world. 183) The first ones were, yes 193b) Yes 204) Yes, because to the Matoran, the world inside the domes IS their universe. Outside of the 1500 or so who have lived on Mata Nui and Voya Nui and Mahri Nui, none of the millions of other Matoran have ever been outside the domes. 215) No 226) I think where this falls down is with the OOMN, since I don't know of any school where no one knows the teachers and staff exist.

23kinda kills some theorys, but nothing too exiting
1Some interesting stuff on the OoMN for a theory I'm cooking up.
2Hello again, Greg. Before I ask my questions, I must commend you greatly on the Mutran Chronicles. Your writing is always great, but this is just exeptional. I can see why you liked Mutran's personality, as he seems really fun to write.
3Now, on to the questions.
41) When might the OoMN decide to attack the BoM? 51a) Do they have a preplanned time to attack, of will they know when the time comes? 62) Why did Mutran make the shadow leeches have such a short lifespan? 73) are there cells in bionicle? We know there are viruses, and since bionicles have organic tissue, it sounds like it would make sense. 84) Are the Toa Nuva/Takanuva alone in their mission, or are they getting any sort of help? 94a) perhaps from the OoMN? 105) When an Av-matoran gets turned into a shadow matoran, they look normal (without bat-wings, beastial masks, ETC.), correct? 116) If a toa trained very hard, could they tap into their inner light and gain light powers? 126a) similarly, could someone be inocculated with light? 136b) If so, whould it cure shadow matoran? 146c) Give normal matoran extra light powers? 157) Am I correct in saying that the final battle in Bionicle Legends#11 is going to be the epitome of light vs. darkness, good vs. evil? 167a) how big will it be? 178) in Dark Mirror, are you going to mention the struggle between taka's light and dark sides? So far he doesn't seem to be affected by it much. 189) Are there any OoMN members in Karda Nui?
19Thank you again for your anwsers .

201) Probably summer 211a) They'll know 222) It wasn't on purpose, just their nature. It was a flaw in them he couldn't fix. 233) Not something we have addressed, basically because when you start getting into cells, you start getting into DNA, and since there is no biological reproduction, would there be DNA? 244) They're on their own, because I can't introduce non-set characters into Karda Nui. 255) Yes 266) Trained with who, though? Training implies there is someone who knows how to do it who can teach you, and so far as we know, no one in the universe knows how to do it. 276a) No 286b) No. Inoculating a shadow Matoran with light would kill him. 296c) No 307) We'll see. 318) I am sure it will come up somewhere 329) No
1Wonder who made the bioplanet? :???:
1Hello, Mr. Farshtey . I have some more questions for you: 21) I have the Icarax set, and it is alot bigger than the normal Phantoka Makuta, is this proportion accurate in the story? 32) Does Toa Ignika speak? 43) Can Toa Ignika speak? 53a) Does he speak in any of the books? 64) Do any of the Phantoka Makuta (besides Icarax) show up in Bionicle Legends#10 or Bionicle Legends#11? 75) Are the Toa Mahri going to have any role this year? 86) Where exactly is Stelt? 96a) Xia? 106b? Odina? 117) Will MoMN show up at all this year (besides in flashbacks)? 128) If MoMN were to die, who would you think lead the Brotherhood? 139) Was Vican a Le-Matoran? 1410) How/why did he willingly turn into a Shadow Matoran? 1511) Will Toa Ignika be in Bionicle Legends#10? 1612) Will Bionicle Legends#10 be split into the Toa Mata flashback, and the Swamp Toa Nuva's quest?13) Will we learn what the info Takanuva must carry to the Toa Nuva is? 1714) What of that weapon Artahka told the Toa Nuva to retrieve? 1815) Since you know what Mata Nui looks like, do you know what Artahka looks like? 1916) When Matoro was falling, wasn't it the Ignika that told him to put on the mask? 2017) Kind of a silly question, but could it have been Vamprah who told him? 2118) Did the main reason Lewa moved the sundial to the Archives have anything to do with Takanuva finding it? 2219) In the Toa Empire Dimension, is Takua a Ta-Matoran, or is he an Av-Matoran, and the reason he didn't transform was because Takanuva already existed? 23Thank you so much for your time .

241) Yes 252-3a) Yes 264) Toward the very end of Bionicle Legends #10, yes 275) If they do, it will be in web serials, not in main story 286) I don't maintain maps showing where the islands are. 297) I can't discuss future storyline plans 308) Probably Icarax or Antroz 319) Yes 3210) Basically, I see Vican as the flip side of Takua. Takua always wanted more from his life -- new places, new adventures -- and he dreamed of being a Toa. Vican was the same way, but without the ambition to be a hero. So when Mutran came along, there was his opportunity to experience something more. 3311) Mmmmm, don't think so. 3412) Yes 3513) Yes 3614) Don't assume he meant weapon literally, as in a physical object. 3715) Nope. I created Artakha as a character, and I don't think in pictures, I think in words. 3816) Hasn't been revealed 3917) No. Vamprah never even noticed Matoro was there 4018) No 4119) He is an Av-Matoran. The time slip happened roughly 56,000 years before the universes diverged, and that was when the Av-Matoran were planted other places. So that still happened in this universe. He didn't transform to a Toa because that's not his destiny here. His reason for needing to be a Toa was to fight the BOM, but they are not a threat in this universe, so no need for him to be a Toa.
1January 18th:
2Is a Skakdi's physiology and posture more proportionate to a human's, or a gorillas?

3Never gave it any thought.

4January 16th:
51. With the exceptions of Lesovikk and the fist Toa, are the Mata the oldest Toa in existence? 62. Is the First Toa the most powerful Toa in existence, due to her massive existence of over 900, 000+ years?

71) The Mata are probably older than Lesovikk, and would certainly be among the oldest Toa still around. 82) No. You may gain skill and experience over time, but your power level does not increase. And she is not 900,000 years old, the universe has not been around that long, so I am assuming that was just a typo on your part.

9Sorry, yeah. That was a typo. But what I meant was, is the First Toa the most skilled Toa in existence?

10Not necessarily, no. Long life does not necessarily mean constant adventuring and combat.

1Huh? Lesovikk's team was the first team, and the Mata were definitely a team. The Mata can't have come first... :???:
1Huh? Lesovikk's team was the first team, and the Mata were definitely a team. The Mata can't have come first... :???:

2They probably had their own adventures and training before they were teamed together for training from Hydraxon, and everything else they do.
1Then how come they didn't know who they were when they first awoke? The excerpt from BL10 implies that they were just created. :???:
1We'll probably find out in one of those flashbacks in SoS.
1Hello Greg. I have some more things to ask you.
21) What exactly are the Matoran of Artakha doing? When the Nuva went to Artakha they saw "Matoran hard at work building structures, then taking them apart and rebuilding them,". What's the point?
32) Why would Karzahni be chosen to run a school........I honestly can't think of anyone less likely to be keeping order? I also can't see him taking orders from someone else.
43) Takanuva states that he's going to search for something that's underneath the archives that was mentioned in the Turaga's tales. The only person that fits this is Krahka but why would he ask her for help? Why would he even think that she would help? Wouldn't Keetongu be a better choice?
54) Just to make sure I understand Takanuva's powers...he can currently fire blast's of light and shadow energy and can do other things to control those elements that any other Toa could do with their elements, plus he could be taught to use the Av-Matoran powers and the Shadow Matoran powers...is all of this correct?
65) Could Takanuva learn to control his inner darkness and his "dark impulses" or is he doomed to forever (assuming he doesn't get cured) be plauged by dark thoughts?
76) Could a shadow blast damage a Makuta? Obviously it wouldn't be nearly as affective as any other type of blast but I've seen people assume that it wouldn't hurt them at all or that it might even heal them. I doubt it because fire can still harm a Toa of Fire...but I figured I'd ask you and conferm it.
8Thanks again in advance...we all really apreciate it.

91) Why do LEGO builders build models, then take them apart and rebuild them? To make them better. 102) You are forgetting that this is Karzahni in a world dominated by Toa. The BOM never bothered with or cared about Karzahni. The Toa, on the other hand, made it very clear -- do what we tell you or you will be considered an enemy and eliminated. And Karzahni's original job WAS to fix ailing/poor working Matoran. So if the point of the re-ed is to do that as well, why wouldn't he be a good choice? 113) But why would Keetongu be anywhere around? Keetongu was on Metru Nui because the Visorak killed his people. But the Visorak were unleashed by the BOM, and the BOM is not a threat in this universe. So even if the Visorak did still kill his people, the Toa wiped the Visorak out ages ago and there was no reason for him to hide out on Metru Nui. 124) The latter is the most problematic. Simply because none of the Matoran know how their powers work, only that they do, so they really wouldn't be able to teach him how to use them. 135) It's not something you can control, it's something you just deal with every day. 146) It wouldn't do a ton of damage to a Makuta, no. It wouldn't heal them, they don't feed on shadow. But it would be like tossing water at Gali -- sure, enough might do some damage, but you would still do a lot better with fire.

151) But.....don't they ever step back and enjoy or admire their creations? Downfall sort of implied that as soon as they were done building they took their built thing apart. Maybe that's just me reading things into it that I shouldn't :D 162) I would think that he would be considered unpredictable and therefore dangerous...And I still can't see him letting anyone else tell him what to do, no matter how powerful. 173) So then...it is Krakha? 184) Problamatic maybe but Takanuva is a rescorceful guy....I'm sure he could figure it out on his own with a little time. 195) I figured as much. 206) Yeah that was what I thought.
1QUOTE 2I am pretty sure you haven't answered this, so: 31a:Is it possible for MoMN to posess another Makuta's body? 41b:If so, what conditions would be required for said takeover?
52:Have you seen the artwork for the new BIONICLE comics? 63:Just because I'm curious, was Lariska upset enough over Lihkan to hold a grudge against Roodaka?

71) Yes. That other Makuta's spirit would have to be absent from its armor for this work. You can't have two spirits in the same body. 82) Yes 93) No. Roodaka had nothing to do with Lhikan's death. Lhikan was killed by Makuta before Roodaka and Sidorak were ever even in Metru Nui.
1Johnny C. I think you meant Nidhiki ;)
2As for the Mata, they were created around the same time as Lesovikk is what we have been told. "Around the same time", given the relativity of the timespan of the Bionicle Universe, could be hundreds of years.
1I'd say that about the same time is enough for one to have come first, although it would explain the confusion... :shrugs:
1Huh? Lesovikk's team was the first team, and the Mata were definitely a team. The Mata can't have come first... :???:

2The Mata may have been created, but not activated, before Lesovikk. Remember they were created on Artahka, but first walked on Daxia.
13. In VNOLG, Piruk is shown having a pet Burnak. Is this canon? 23a. If so, did he take it with him when the Matoran hid in the caves to survive Voya Nui's descent?

33) Yes and I would assume so
1some questions. "Some very interessting
21: Could you describe Mutran's personality??? 32: Is Mutran a strong Makuta? 43: What is Nocturn doign at the moment? 54: What made the Western entrance in Karda Nui? 65: What information does the OOMN want from Karzahni and why? 76: What is the most dangerous Makuta in Karda Nui? 87: Does Brutaka likes his team? 98: Will FOF eveal how Vezon could get his shield and staff that he has in the Kardas Set. 109: Which person is the least liking one that is in the FOF?
111) I would suggest you follow the Makuta serial on BIONICLEstory.com when it starts, that should tell you what you need. 122) All Makuta are at roughly the same power level 133) He's still in the ocean, trying to avoid recapture 144) It's always been there 155) Given Karzahni's specialty, the OOMN figured he might have insight into the mutagen or how to reverse its effects 166) I don't know that any one is more dangerous than the others. 177) No. Would you? 188) It doesn't really make sense to give him stuff in 2008 that he had in a set in 2006, and would not have had in that story 199) I don't understand your question.

201: Considering that Mutran is not blinded, could he be considered second in command after Antroz?? Perheps he 21stayed at Karda Nui to overlook the Shadow Matoran? 222: Why would Brutaka help the OOMN? 233: Who will grieve the most over Matoro's death? 244: I read something about Chirox and Mutran having the same mask, but to me they look differant, perheps look a likes but not the 25same. Could you clear that up? 265: Will you also reveal in your blog the entry's of Mutran and Icarax? 276: What will the OOMN do with Karzahni? 287: What does Arthaka thinks of the destrucion of Karzahni's realm and Karzahni being captured? 298: Is Metru Nui now again fully restored??
301) No. Mutran is a scientist, not a warrior, he's not the person you want leading this kind of strike force. 312) Because when he felt Mata Nui die and come back to life, he realized he had been wrong in his belief that Mata Nui had abandoned the universe willingly. 323) I don't think you can measure something like that. 334) We don't have the Mutran set in-house yet, so I have not been able to eyeball them both and see for myself. 345) Yes 356) Confine him 367) I doubt he cares, he never liked Karzahni to start with 378) Yes


17: Does Brutaka likes his team?
27) No. Would you?

3Brutaka didn't chose the members because they were nice people, but because they had experience with the BoM (except Vezon). 4If you can't have the team you'd like, like the team you have. :P
1I was wondering if you could answer some more questions.
21. Could the Nui Stone cause an increase in size along with an increase of power? 32. A being's individual Rhotuka spinner doesn't vary with the launcher right? For example, if Roodaka got ahold of one of the Hagah's shields, she would still fire mutative spinners, right? 43. Is Krahka still under the Archives, or have the Visorak not decimated her home island, in Dark Mirror? 54. Did Brutaka use his Olmak on the Tahtorak before Tuyet's betrayel? 65. Is Miserix more of a politician-type than a warrior or scientist? 76. I'm a little confused about the League of Six Kingdoms. It was an experiment of Mata Nui's right? So did he create the Barraki just to rule? The reason I'm confused is because there was more than one of Ehlek's species, so he wasn't created just for ruling, correct? 87. So is Krakua a member of the OOMN, or just a servant? 97a. If he's just a servant, does he know of its existence, or is he being manipulated? 108. Will the other "minor" elements (Lightning, Sonics, Magnetism) be showing up in the future? 119. And a question about the Kanohi Rode. Say I saw what I thought was someone doing something wrong, but it was someone else, and I ran up to Axxon and told him, would the Rode act on what I thought was truth, or would it be able to tell if I had been fooled?
12Thanks, Mr. Farshtey.

131) Not to my knowledge 142) Yes 153) Krahka is still under the Archives 164) Yes 175) He's a leader, more than he is someone who is actively going to go out and get into combat 186) The Barraki species were not created to be rulers, but the LOSK was something Mata Nui made happen and allowed to happen. 197) Employee. 208) No idea. Not in '09, I know that 219) If you honestly thought what you were saying was the truth, I don't think it would be able to reveal it as a falsehood.

221. Okay, so that's not what increases Takanuva's size... 232. Just curious on that one... 243. Hm... :sly: 254. So perhaps Takanuva's searching for the Tahtorak after all. : 265. Okay. 276. Very confused on that one at first. 287. I wonder what they pay him with... 298. So that disproves any and all theories of the fact that there is not a fire Toa in the lead next year means that they're going to have the minor elements. 309. So it's possible to fool a Rode...just needed that for my epic.
1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4So, GregF, some few questions for ya, if you can be bothered to answer them.
51. Is the MOMN still in the Pit? 62. Would the secret/knowledge of his new body 'rock the toas' world?' 73. If yes, then who, specifically? The Mahri, Nuva, etc... 84. Would we see non-serial 07 charries later in this saga, but not in web serials either? The Ignika doesn't count. 95. TO clarify, the Mask of Toa Ignika has a soul/spirit, the body is just random particles, right? 106. Even so, the body, for all intents and purposes is considered alive, right? (eg it's liek a regular toa body) 117. Will we see the MOMN this year? (Not in a flashback) 128. The voice that told Matoro to put the mask on, was it the mask itself? 138a. If not, have we seen the perpetrator of the voice before? 149. Superman or Batman?
15Thanks for your time.

161) Can't answer it 172) Offhand, I don't recall saying that 184) I am not sure I understand your question. Main story is going to focus solely on 2008 sets. 195) Yes 206) Yes 217) I can't answer this 228) Hasn't been revealed 239) Batman

242-3. I believe that was the line (voiceover) when Hydraxon found maxilos in comic 11. Is it that significant? 254. Well, would we see any 07 charries as a cameo, but important role, etc?

271) Future story will tell. 284) Only in web serials, not in the comics and in the books, it is mainly Brutaka appearing and Hydraxon in flashback.
1Very Interesting stuff IMO, about stuff no-one thought to ask about.
2Just two questions in my head that have been really bugging me:
3Are there any purely organic beings in the Universe?
4You said that someone made the "Bionicle planet" for the Great Beings to make a Universe of. Are these "Greater than Great Beings" physically stonger than the Great Beings, did they create the Great Beings, and have they made other "planets"? Also, is one of these "Greater than Great beings" in the Red Star? And is there an Official title for them other than "Greater than Great Beings"?
5Come to think of it, that's a bit more than two :P
6Thank you in Advance.

81) Yes, krana and kraata 92) I can't discuss this

101) Oh yeah. Forget about them :P112) At all? Is there even an official title, or we just going to haev to stick with "Greater than Great Beings"?

122) No point in giving an official title, as the planet's creator or creators plays no role in story and no one in the story (outside of the GBs) even knows such an entity or entities even exists.

1Just 2 quick questions that have been on my mind.
21) Why didn't the Order Of Mata-Nui send all the Dark Hunters to the pit before it was flooded?
32) By any chance, can you do us Matoro fans a favor and have Matoro appear in a chapter of Dark Mirror? Please?
4Thanks in advance.

51) Because the Pit is only for criminals who threatened the universe itself, and most DH did not 62) I'll think about it

7Matoro might have another appearence. Yay . .
1WOO HOO matoro MIGHt(emphasis on might) Return
1Well it will actually be Mirror Matoro, so he might not be the same Matoro that we all knew and loved.
1Still, it's better than no Matoro at all.
1Johnny C. I think you meant Nidhiki ;)
2As for the Mata, they were created around the same time as Lesovikk is what we have been told. "Around the same time", given the relativity of the timespan of the Bionicle Universe, could be hundreds of years.

3Oh, yes.. I feel silly, now :wacko: ... Thank you for noting that . :D
1What I got.

2QUOTE 3Hi Greg, 4Just A quick couple of questions.

51). Was Vican the original test subject for Shadow Leeches?
62) Was Vican important in his city?
73). Will you feature Vican's origins in MC?
84). Where were Antroz, Mutran, Chirox, and Vamprah's original islands to watch over?
9Thanks, 10CTD

111) Yes 122) No 133) I don't know yet, but probably 144) I haven't revealed this yet
Takua the Wanderer
11) If Mata Nui is awakened while the Makuta are in Karda Nui, will this affect him?

21) No, but it will affect the Matoran

3I bet this is to do with the master plan. :P

4My, that's interesting. I can't really imagine what would happen, but that is interesting. :P

5That really gives us some new information. So, would they all become shadow matoran?
21. Can an Avsa be used to put light into a being? (If not, I'm not sure I understand its usefulness to the Brotherhood before they turned...)
32. In all of the 2008 promotional images it shows bat-rahi. Are they canon? 42a. If not, could we say that they're Ice Bats? They're mentioned pretty often but we've never seen any...

51) No 62) They basically are there for "feel" -- the Brand Manager keeps making us take them out of the magazine pics.
1May Takanuva is finding Krahka and Tahtorak.
1Hello, Mr Farshtey, thanks for answering my previous questions. Sorry to trouble you, but could you take some time to answer a few more?
21) Can the Toa Ignika perform a Nova Blast? If yes, what would the effects be? 32) What are the effects of a Nova Blast of Shadow? 43) Can the Toa Nuva use their Hau nuva to protect others as a Nova Blast is unleashed? Like how Gali protected the Toa using her Kaukau Nuva? 54) How come there are Kanohi that can withstand lava such as the Avohkii and ignika while Tahu's Kanohi nuva were destroyed by it? 65) Does gunpowder exist in the Matoran Universe? 76) If a Toa had no other choice, is there a "good" way to use the "dark" Kanohi? Say, using the Jutlin to break down walls or obstacles, etc? 87) Speaking about the Jutlin, would a completely focused user be able to use it to break down the walls of the Universe Core? 97a) Kanohi? Even Legendary Kanohi? 107b) Protosteel? 117c) The mechanical parts of Bionicle beings? 128) How did the Kraahkan blast Reidak with ?Shadow energy when picked up? 139) Will there be any Rakhshi appearances in the Universe Core this year?
14Thanks in advance, and keep up the excellent work with the story.

151) Unleashing the power of life 162) Everything gets really dark 173) Depends on the situation. Tahu could, Gali could protect from her nova blast -- but a sharing of the power of Levitation or X-Ray Vision is not going to protect anyone from anything, right? 184) Actually, we don't know that the Avohkii can withstand lava, because it was only actually in the lava for a couple seconds, not long enough to do that much damage. 195) No 206) Yes, but it still would not be advisable 217) You would need a lot of willpower and you would need to go one section at a time 227a) Yes 237b) Yes 247c) Yes 258) It worked sort of like a car alarm. If a non-Makuta touched it, it went off. 269) No. Karda Nui is only 2008 sets.

271) Can the Toa Ignika perform a Nova Blast? If yes, what would the effects be?

281) Unleashing the power of life

29Could you be more specific? Will everything or everyone in vicinity like, get aged several thousand years? Or maybe everything inanimate comes to life, perhaps?

30It would be similar to what would happen if you destroyed the Ignika -- everything, from rocks to earth to beams of light, would come to life and be hungry. Plant life might grow wildly, animal and intelligent life evolved or devolved ... it would be madness.
1I just go right in to it.
21) When Toa fulfills their destiny do they become Turaga right away or can they remain as Toa for an extened amount of time?
32) Have you given any thought on the 08 matoran mask powers assuming that they are masks with power?
43) Who names the set, how does that all work? Do they bring you a set and ask you to name it or do they tell you that this is the nea Lewa and you have to come up with why he now looks that way?

51) To become a Turaga, a Toa has to complete his destiny AND choose to give up his Toa power. If he chooses not to give his power up, he won't become a Turaga. 62) No, no need for me to do so since they won't be featured as masks with power in this story. 73) It varies. In terms of 2008, we knew the Toa were going to have to be the Nuva so their names were set. For the Makuta, we chose names off our approved list for them once the sets were mostly finalized.

8So if they knew that the 2008 heroes had to be the Nuva that means that they are going to do something big with them this year.
1Nothing special here:
21a) The Makuta cannot teleport Destral into the Universe Core, correct? 31a) No
41b) Can they teleport it on the surface of the planet? 51b) Maybe, but it would be extremely dangerous and basically pointless to do.
62) It is probably too early to discuss this but since discussion of summer set names is allowed: Is there some kind of maze in the Universe Core / Swamp (I am referring to Mazeka and since we have had Axonn in 2006 with a giant axe or the Barraki with their names fitting to the creatures they resembled...)? 72) No. Mazeka simply came off our list of approved names, he didn't get named that because there was a maze someplace.
83) I just randomly read through the Bionicle World Atlas and found something that might be a small inconsistency with the current storyline (well it could be explained later quite easily but still): It is mentioned in the Destral section that the Makuta once tried to export some of Xia's mountain to Destral but they abandoned this plan since the rock ate Visorak spiders. Now we know that the Mountain was basically invented by Mutran and just forgotten there. So some could ask why the Makuta just did not create another one of these rocks on Destral but tried to export it. 9Was the eating rock maybe just a "failed" experiment and Mutran did not know how exactly it was created and so he did not have the instructions to perform the experiment again? So that the Makuta had to go to Xia to get some of the rock? 103) No, Mutran was not able to recreate it

114) What is Krakua's character like: a fighter, a tactician or something else? 124) Krakua is more of a thinker
135) No plans for the Vahi in 2008 so far, right? 145) No, none at all
156) Would you say it is reasonable to assume that the Kanohi masks of Elemental Energy (that appeared in the video game and are said to be canon) were forged by Av-Matoran? I mean since the core provides the universe with energy, maybe the Matoran there put some of this energy into a Kanohi mask and sent them with the help of Artakha all across the universe. 166) Doubtful. Because the Av-Matoran were not in the core all that long and while there did not have access to mask-making technology.
177a) Since you said that MoMN sent someone else to eliminate the Makuta who opposed his plan: was it another Makuta he sent? I guess to eliminate a Makuta you'd need someone who is a fair match and that reduces the number of potential candidates. 187b) If yes, is this Makuta one of the 2008 sets? 197c) If not, did MoMN hire Dark Hunters for that job? 207a) My guess is he sent more than one Makuta to do the job, and yes, it is certainly possible that 2008 set Makuta would have been among them.