1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4hi greg, some questions ( again )
5if mazeka isnt a AV matoran, then is he a shadow matoran? 6and if vultraz discovered the universe core, that doesnt mean he comes from it?

7thanks greg, sorry for bothering you.

81) No 92) No. No one comes from the core, it has no native inhabitants.

101 so, mazeka is a "normal" matoran? 112 oo, i always tought that the av-toran came from the core. 12is he a shadow matoran then?

131) Yes 142) Yes
16so we know that mazeka is a normal matoran, so he's NOT a matoran of LIGHT. 17and nothing intresting 'bout vultraz.
1Hate? I'm disliking the way Icarax is so immensly powerful and is a makuta who disrespects Terry'. I can feel a fight coming on.
1Hate? I'm disliking the way Icarax is so immensly powerful and is a makuta who disrespects Terry'. I can feel a fight coming on.

2Me too. No being should be permitted to slay a member of the Order of Mata Nui and not face some dire consequence. 3I hope Botar comes back. He was very busy in 2007, teleporting about the Toa Nuva, Karzahni, and even the legendary Staff of Artakha. Having him killed "off screen" the way he was leads me to believe there might be a dramatic comeback.
1Put the entire thing in a spoiler tag, S82
2EDIT: And Kevin, you just contradicted yourself with Greg's answers. The first one says he is NOT a shadow matoran, but the second one says he IS. Which one is right?
Taka Toa of Twilight
1EDIT: And Kevin, you just contradicted yourself with Greg's answers. The first one says he is NOT a shadow matoran, but the second one says he IS. Which one is right?

3how is that? The first one says that he's not an Av-matoran, yet not a shadow matoran. 4the second one is saying that he is a matoran of the original 6 elements. (i hope he isn't of the 6, though... it would be nice to see a matoran of gravity or iron...)
1The second answer of the second set of questions says he IS a shadow matoran.
1oh, i thought you were talking about the first question. 2in the second set, he is talking about vultraz.
1Ooohhh. Now that makes sense. 2Vultraz is a former Ta-Matoran.
1glad to clear things up...
Arcana Force 0-THE FOOL
1Got these back. I bolded it all cause they all seem interesting.
2Hi Greg. I just had a few questions.
31. Can the Toa Ignika use its power to devolve a shadow leech into a kraata?
42. Can a kraata infect the Ignika? 52b. Same question for the Vahi.
63. Is the origin of the Pit mutagen going to remain a mystery? 73b. Does its origin have a major impact on the story?
84. Is it a coincidence that Mutran was traveling with Gorast, who rules the Trem Krom Peninsula, and then went to meet Trem Krom? 94b. Speaking of Trem Krom, was the Peninsula named after him/her? 104c. Also, do the matoran, turaga, or toa know who Trem Krom is?
115. Will the Makuta curse remain a mystery?
126. How come Krika cannot fly? Krika and Takanuva are the only sets this year that don't have a means of flight, and I was just wondering why, seeing as they will be at a disadvantage because everyone else can fly.
137. Was it revealed to the public that Tuyet was the one who was killing the matoran to make it look like the Dark Hunters, or was lhikan, nihdiki, and turaga dume the only ones on Metru Nui that knew? 147b. If it was revealed to the matoran, I'm confused about something. In the mirror dimension, Jaller strongly supports the Toa Empire. Why would he support it when he was one of the matoran who inspected the dead matoran that Tuyet murdered?
158. Will we learn who Nynrah (sp?) is?
169. Does the Toa Ignika's Midak work just like a regular one?
1710. I recall you saying that the countdown on the Ignika was just added to explain why it's silver, and to add some suspense to the story. If that is so, then that must mean that it wasn't part of the general plot of this year, meaning it won't have a major impact on the story, meaning that it won't turn black, correct?
1811. A lot of people asked you if the ignika draining all life from the universe thing would affect Mata-Nui, and you said no. More recently, you said that it would affect "all life in the universe". So did you change your mind, or is Mata-Nui not in the matoran universe?
19Thanks in advance .

201) Yes 212-2b) Yes 223) I don't plan on revealing it anytime soon, but I am not going to say its origin is essential to the story. We know it existed as energy all along, and that it was unleashed by the GC. 234) Yes 244a) Yes 254b) They know of his legend 265) No 276) Krika can fly, and so can Takanuva. Just because there aren't obvious features on sets doesn't mean they can't, just means I had to be more imaginative in bringing it about. 287) We never stated if it was or wasn't revealed in our universe, but how would it have ever been in the DM universe? Lhikan was killed and Nidhiki would certainly gain no benefit by telling anyone. 298) Yes 309) Yes 3110) No, because I alter general plot as I need to. I have that authority. 3211) What I have said is that if all life in the universe ends, and no new life comes to replace it, then Mata Nui would die as well. You have to think about the purpose of the mask -- to basically allow the Great Beings to scrap mistakes and start over. If they need MN to run the universe, it would be pointless to kill him too if the intent is to fill the universe with new life, right?

33Krika can fly . yay .

34So... Takanuva can fly... thats new. I wonder how? I can see Krika doing it, considering he is a Makuta, but Takanuva? I'll have to think about it... maybe levatation discs in his feet? I don't know, his mask power is still the same, and Light and Shadow don't let you fly....
35Yes, I'm lost. Woot. :P

36Takanuva flying .I wonder how, but I can understand Krika.

37I've known that taka can fly since 03. Why is this new to anyone? it mentions him flying in the books, and in the first bionicle game.
1That game's not canon. When did it ever say he could fly in the books? The only time he's ever flown was in the first movie on the Ussanui, which was smashed upon entering Mangaia.
1Hate? I'm disliking the way Icarax is so immensly powerful and is a makuta who disrespects Terry'. I can feel a fight coming on.

Taka Toa of Twilight
2Put the entire thing in a spoiler tag, S82
3EDIT: And Kevin, you just contradicted yourself with Greg's answers. The first one says he is NOT a shadow matoran, but the second one says he IS. Which one is right?

5vultraz is a shadow matoran. 6but i cant understand the fact that mazeka is a normal matoran, and no AV. 7maybe "infiltrated" the core, together with the nuva or something

1Yea... kinda off-topic, but has anyone noticed that Ussanui is like Ussal? :unsure:
Weon Saturn
1Lehua could you please post in a spoiler and besides that this isn't the place to discuss this

2Dearly sorry. :(
1Hello again, Greg. :) I have a few more questions...
201: Before, you said that Tren Krom was very powerful. To be more specific, is Tren Krom more powerful than a Makuta? A Great Spirit?
302: Is Tren Krom uniqe like Artakha and Karzahni or does he belong to a species?
403: Can you give us any additional info about Krika?
504: Is Trinuma the same nine-foot tall member of the OoMN that appeared in the Gali Nuva Blog?
605: Will Lariska's species name ever be revealed?
706: Does the OoMN have a replacement for Botar?
807: What exactly is The Shadowed One doing now?
908: Does "Tren" or "Krom" have a meaning? If so, can you tell us?
1009: Who created the Nynrah Ghost Blasters?
1110: Does Spiriah's Midak Skyblaster shoot light?
1211: Roughly, how many powers does Tren Krom have?
13Thanks again. :D

141) I see no reason to be more specific at this point. We still have story to tell about him, after all. 152) I see him as being unique 163) No, we have all summer for that 174) Yes 185) I doubt it. I can't see having room for it this year and we aren't in this universe next year 196) If not, I am sure they can get one. They are not without resources. 207) Overseeing the reconstruction of his fortress 218) No Matoran meaning has been assigned to either word 229) The Nynrah ghosts, well known craftsmen 2310) Yes 2411) See answer to #1

25Take a load of that . Hmm... Nynrah Ghosts... Interesting...
1I am quite upset right now at having to repeat myself several times, and having to set roughly 10 posts (and that was just now, not in total) invisible because they are violating the spoiler policy.
2No Bionicle Legends#9 spoilers. What is so hard to understand about that? Because some of you can't seem to understand that, this topic will be temporarily closed, either until spoilers are allowed - March 15th - or if munkeymunkey or bonesiii decide to reopen it.
3---- 4EDIT:
5It is now March 15th, and Bionicle Legends#9 spoilers are now permitted with spoiler tags. As such, the topic is now open once more. I'm also going to take the time right now to remind you all to cut down on the off topic discussion. There are plenty of topics elsewhere in S&T to discuss things such as Tren Krom. The OGD should not be one of them - yes, you can comment on a quote, but a full page (40 posts) of nothing but discussion of one quote? That is where it goes too far.
6Also, as per the suggestion of member -=S82=-, I will be adding a notice section to the first post. Including in there will be dates for when spoilers of particular books are allowed. Hopefully this will help some.
1Jeez I can't believe some people, I didn't post any spoilers, and told GregF I wouldn't. So, up first are my Shadows spoilers (questions are normal, answers are bold

21) A: Is Icarax's devolution by Toa Ignika reversible? 3B: Are the "keystones" physically needed to awake Mata Nui, or is it the knowledge on them? 4C: How many pages will Swamp of Secrets be? 5D: Will Swamp be more of the revelation of secrets, and Final Battle be a more action-based book, or will Swamp be like shadows? 6E: Is "Teridax's Final Task", the final task of "The Plan" or Teridax's Final task in life?
71) A: Yes, by Ignika 8B: Both 9C: About the same number as all the other BIONICLE books are 10D: Swamp is divided between the story of the Mistika and a flashback to the Toa Mata's first adventures 11E: Final task of the Plan

122) Is the mask carving Teridax is at, linked to the great spirit Mata Nui, in any way?
132) I would say no

14Now for some letters from the 12-14 of March

151) Why will there be no comic in may? I know for the obvious "comics are paper, paper costs money", but why not feature the Climatic battle of Shadows in the Sky?
162) How often and on what days are the web serials updated?
173) I have some BrickMaster questions, as I haven't been one since 2006. 18a- Do you know when the BIONICLE exclusive set will come out? (I will sign up 2 months before) 19(wait I just had a Eureka theory, is tren krom the brick master set, as many bzp's have asked about it, and he plays a role in the web serials [probally not, as the set is a rahi]) 20b- Do you guys plan on doing more BM exclusive covers for comics?
214) a- Can you ever show BZP a picture of the Miserix winner before May ( I can't bear waiting till May for scans)? 22b- if the winner is a bzp member and is notified of his moc becoming Miserix, can he post a pic before May?
235) You told me or somebody else, that you know what Mata Nui looks like. Is this your own personal image or the image that would be used for a set if one was ever made?
246) Are great spirts their own species?
257) when will there be another contest like 1000 years untold?
268) how would you compare the 09 movie compared to the others, A: Better B: the same, or C: worse
279) A: When if ever will Teridax get the Kraahkan back? 28B: what mask did Icarax wear before the Kraahkan?

291) There's no comic in May because the BIONICLE team wants to do a lot of CGI in the balance of the year, given how popular the Barraki and Mahri movies were, and that money has to come from somewhere in the budget. As it stands, you will be getting a total of 64 pages of comic story and art this year in four issues, as opposed to 48 pages in 2007 in five issues. So you actually come out ahead in terms of content.
302) It varies, depending on when I get them written and how long it takes Bink to get them up once he has them from me. It is not a set "Every Monday this happens" kind of thing, because with my traveling for work, I can't commit to a schedule like that.
313) Tren Krom is not the BM set -- the BM set is a $5-$6 value, TK would be way bigger than that. I think the BIONICLE set is in September. 323b) Not at the moment, no, but it hasn't been ruled out for future.
334a) No 344b) I wouldn't object to that if the member chooses to do so, it's their model.
355) It is based on the description in the 2001 story bible.
366) Well, we only know of one in existence, so I am not sure you can refer to them in the plural.
377) That was a BZP contest, not a LEGO one, so it is up to BZP when they choose to do things like that.
388) Way too early to make comparisons. All we have is a script at this point, no animation work, casting, etc. has been done yet.
399a) That might prove problematic 409b) Not something I have worried about, since it hasn't come up in story

411) What is the story bible? 422) You said "1000 Years Untold" was a BZP contest. Did you certify the stories as cannon? 433) Will Krakua appear in any other mediums besides the books?
441) The story bible is a summary of the story that we write every year. We use it and our licensees use it so they know what is going on. Normally, it has a summary for the year, plus descriptions of the setting and all the sets. In the case of Mata Nui, there is no picture of him, just a written description. 452) If I recall correctly, I believe BZP sent me the couple they wanted to have win to make sure I was okay with them. 463) Possibly summer web serial
481) When will the flash version of IGNITION #12 come out?
49In a couple of weeks
502) Has the summer 2008 song been decided yet?
51Not to my knowledge
523) I heard from GregF that there was going to be "a lot of CGI in the balance of the year, given how popular the Barraki and Mahri movies were" Do you know when they will come out on the website?
53Yes. Oh, did you want to know what they are? :) There are secrets, and there are secrets... all I can say is there will be some very interesting CGI coming up in 2008. It'll be worth the wait.
544) Are there any more web-exclusive comics planed?
55I think all the comics planned for this year are both web and print.
571) Will any of the CGI this year be cannon like "Creeps from the Deep"?
582) What is Krakua up to?
593) What are the Toa Mahri up to?
604) Will we ever get to see krakua's origins?
615) Will you ever write another BZP exclusive story like "The many deaths of Toa Tuyet"?
626) Do you know what the BrickMaster exclusive looks like?
637) When if ever can you publish the Story Bible from 2001 description Mata Nui (the great spirt)?
641) I assume it will be 652) You'll find out in summer 663) Guarding Metru Nui 674) No idea. 685) That depends on what kind of spare time I have -- right now, I have none. 696) Yes 707) I have no plans to publish it. If you ever see his form, it will most likely be in CGI or on the web or someplace like that, not in print

711) If the Toa Nuva were to successfully awaken Mata Nui, would his image be shown in the comics and or CGI?
722) Is there any story line significance behind the fact that the "Scroll of Preparations" is the only paper object in the BIONICLE universe, or was it mentioned just for the comic response by the Toa Nuva?
733) Are all makuta released so far in their standard forms? ( I don't mean actual armor form, I mean the form they would choose to take most often. It would make sense to me, because for example Icarax is huge and powerful, which fits him.)
741) Not in comics, possibly in CGI 752) Yes, there is -- it means the Great Beings use paper, as opposed to the Matoran, who only use stone 763) No. Chirox, Vamprah, Mutran and Antroz look as they do because they are somplace where they need to fly to fight. If they didn't need to fly, they would look completely different.
77NOTE THIS NEXT LETTER WAS SENT YESTERDAY: 781) When will the makuta contest winner be decided by (I know it's decided before may, but I was wondering, in case any BZP member won, and wants to post a pic)
79It's been decided, but winner has not been notified yet

80I think if you are like me you will have come to a conclusion from what I was sent from Bink and GregF. I think obviously that Bink knows more about what the web CGI will be, and according to him, it will be "very interesting" (I think he wants it to be a surprise) GregF said that if the Toa Nuva awaken, Mata Nui, Mata Nui will not appear in the comics, but possibly in the CGI. GregF also said in his blog he needed to revise Legends #11 due to ad and other things. I think that if Mata Nui does awaken he will be in a Ghost animation.
1It's Peanut Butter Question Time .

2I read FoF5, where our favorite bunny-eared OoMN member dies, and I had a question about Icarax. Clearly, he has no problem with killing/beating up anything that stands in his way, or even something that stands inconviniently to the side. If this is the case, why didn't he kill Takanuva when he saw him? That would be very helpful to the Brotherhood, since they are weak to light, and I know Icarax wouldn't have a problem with doing it.
3Please respond soon,
4- Fresh Makuta of Bel-Air

5Three reasons:
61) That wasn't his mission. His mission was to corrupt Takanuva.
72) Let's say he ignores his orders. Takanuva is a Toa of Light. Of all the Toa, he would have the best chance of beating Icarax.
83) If Takanuva gets corrupted, maybe Icarax figures he can get him on his side against Teridax; if he doesn't or if it doesn't work all the way, Takanuva will be out for revenge on the BOM and maybe help smash Teridax's plan, which would be fine with Icarax.

2I think if you are like me you will have come to a conclusion from what I was sent from Bink and GregF. I think obviously that Bink knows more about what the web CGI will be, and according to him, it will be "very interesting" (I think he wants it to be a surprise) GregF said that if the Toa Nuva awaken, Mata Nui, Mata Nui will not appear in the comics, but possibly in the CGI. GregF also said in his blog he needed to revise Legends #11 due to ad and other things. I think that if Mata Nui does awaken he will be in a Ghost animation.

4Heh, I can't wait to see how he looks like, if that does happen.
5*pictures glowing titan rising surrounded by the Toa*... :rolleyes:
1Whoa, great info . It seems strange to me that Greg keeps insisting on CGI animation...and Bink says the CGI movies will be "worth the wait". I think something big's coming, I can feel it...
1Here's some stuff I thought was interesting...do you suppose the bit about viruses should go on BS01?
2Greetings, Mr. Farshtey. Today I happen to have a number of questions regarding the Brotherhood, and the members therein.
31. You recently remarked on the fact that Makuta's powers are more potent the more they use them (something like that, I'm paraphrasing). Is this more like a human developing muscle (the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes), or more like a Toa exercising elemental powers (they never grow more powerful, only more skilled in their use)?
42. In the latest comic, there is a panel in which the Makuta are talking in a cavern. In it, Vamprah (without Gavla on his back) clearly says, "We are here because the leader of our brotherhood demands it. We are here to see that if any of these Matoran ever become Toa, they will be ours--Toa of Shadow ." Is it safe to assume this was just a printing error, and that that line should have been given to Antroz?
53. How does the Makuta's Dodge power work? Do their bodies involuntarily move out of the way of danger, or is it like having a "danger sense" warn them of attacks right before they hit?
64. What sort of area is the central mainland, Mutran's domain?
75a. Can you tell us how the Makuta create their viruses? 85b. Are the viruses in any way different from the viruses we have in our world? 95c. When a Makuta puts a virus in EP for the sake of making a single Rahi, do they simply add a single microbe, or, say, a colony the size of a petri dish? 105d. Do Makuta ever use their custom-made viruses as weapons, beyond the one time Teridax used one on Mata Nui?
116. You've spoken many times about Makuta killing each other. Do they have some reliable way of doing so, and ensuring they will stay dead? It seems to me that even if a Makuta's armor was smashed, the only way of actually ensuring he's really dead is to follow his energy around for a few weeks until it disperses. Is there any simpler way they have of killing? I somehow doubt they use light energy...
127. Why are Makuta considered to be "shapeshifters"? Yes, they shift forms, but only when wearing Makuta armor--armor that they did not even make themselves. Shouldn't shapeshifting be considered a power of the armor, not of the wearer?
138. Is it especially harmful to a Makuta to be near lightvines?
149. How do Makuta control what they make when mutating something? Numerous references have been made to Chirox and Mutran having "styles" of the type of Rahi they make, which would suggest it is a matter of skill, rather than luck. Not to mention the fact that they clearly can choose what they turn beings into, such as Mutran giving Radiak four legs...do the Makuta know of some way of controlling EP, to an extent?
1510. Speaking of which, what would you say is the main difference between Chirox's style of making Rahi and Mutran's style?
1611. I know Destral is the Brotherhood's general base of operations, but is there a designated "Makuta of Destral" who keeps things running smoothly on that island as the others run in and out on their missions?
1712a. When thinking of Teridax, do you tend to call him "Teridax" in your head, or "Makuta"? 1812b. What about during story team meetings? What do they usually call him?
1913. Why is the Kraahkan so sought-after? It doesn't seem to be any more powerful than any other Makuta mask...does it have symbolic value?
2014a. I take it back when he was creating Rahi, Vamprah still spoke? At what point did he decide to silence himself? 2114b. Is it possible we might hear Vamprah speak in The Mutran Chronicles, if he shows up before he made this decision?
2215. You probably don't remember this, but back in 2004, when someone asked you how, in LoMN, Teridax raised the pillars of protodermis from the sea to stop the Toa Metru's escape, you responded with something along the lines of "He knows more about the way the world works than anyone else in the Bionicle universe." Is this still canon?
23Thanks for your time .

241) The latter 252) Vamprah is perfectly capable of speech, he simply chooses not to talk for the same reason that hunters in tree stands don't chat on their cell phones when stalking deer. But I do believe that line was meant for Antroz 263) Basically, gives them better reflexes 274) I haven't decided yet 285a) No 295b) Most likely 305c) They don't put the virus in EP. EP would more often than not destroy the virus. 315d) They haven't up to now 326) Actually, it's quite easy for one to kill another, given the number of powers they have. For example, pierce the armor and then use vision powers to incinerate the energy as it leaks out. 337) But so far as we know, that armor only works for them. Also, you have to have the mental skill to be able to shapeshift, the armor does not do it on its own. 348) It's not fun -- like vampires and garlic 359) Again, not EP -- EP is for mutating existing Rahi, not for making new ones. And yes, they control what they make by the mix of viruses they use and the properties of those viruses. 3610) Chirox's tend to be more useful, Mutran's tend to be more freakish and destructive 3711) Not that we have seen so far 3812) I generally call him Teridax, because it's shorter than Makuta of Metru Nui. 3912b) Doesn't come up. We talk about the Makuta as a group a lot, we rarely talk about individual members. 4013) It does have symbolic value -- remember MOMN's line about his duty being to the mask. 4114a) He has always been silent while hunting. 4214b) Impossible to predict at this point 4315) Oh, definitely. That is why he is able to pull of the plan he is working on.

442. Does this mean Vamprah ever talks to his fellow Makuta when he's not hunting?
455. So...how do Makuta make Rahi, then? They combine viruses and they grow into Rahi, sort of like zygotes turning from cell clusters to infants?
469. So how do they control how they mutate Rahi? Or is it totally random?
47And a couple extra questions...
4816. Why did Icarax kill Botar? He didn't know about the Order, and he wasn't there when Botar spirited away the Barraki, so what reason did he have to see him as any sort of threat?
4917. Setwise, Chirox has very long arms that fold up into smaller ones. Could one say that this simulates him using his Elasticity power, or does he canonically fold up his arms like that?
5018. It's pretty much guaranteed that Miserix wears a preexisting mask, right?

512) It means he has that options 525) They combine liquid protodermis and viruses, yes. 539) By controlling the nature and properties of the viruses. 5416) Icarax didn't need to know about the Order. Icarax knew someone had made a weapons purchase on Xia, and it wasn't a Toa or a known member of the DH. So he followed the weapons and he found Botar and Trinuma, about whom he knew nothing, but if they were buying arms, they were a potential threat. 5517) I don't think it was meant to simulate his elasticity power. 5618) Yes

575. Is the liquid protodermis an ingredient, or more like a part of the "incubator" that keeps it safe and growing? 589. So...when Mutran gave Radiak four legs, he did so by combining viruses and Energized Protodermis? 5918. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm referring to his mask's storyline power. If he wears a Jutlin setwise, could you say that he wears a different mask, with a different power, storyline-wise, like you did with Krakua?
60(Oh, and you get a big thumbs up for creating a Lovecraftian Bionicle.)

615) Ingredient 629) No EP involved. Too dangerous to use EP and no need to do so -- EP can transform on its own, so you don't need the viruses, but it's more likely to destroy whatever you put in it, so not a good choice for ingredient. 6318) I could, but it really makes things confusing for everyone.

649. I'm positive that at some point you said the Makuta's original purpose was to make Rahi using Energized Protodermis. Is this no longer the case? EP is no longer in any way a part of the Makuta's Rahi-building process? 659a. In Bionicle Adventures 6, was Teridax working with the EP entity to try to find a way of using EP as a shortcut in the Rahi-creating process?

669) Makuta used EP to mutate existing Rahi, which was referenced back in BA #5 or 6. That's different from using it to make them. 679a) No, he was working with the EP entity to experiment on and modify existing Rahi.
1NOTE: The question in spoiler tags is about Legends #9
2Hi Greg,
3Just some questions, mostly regarding Dume. I apologize for the onslaught:
41. How many predecestors did Dume have as the leader of Metru Nui?
52. Is Dume native to Metru Nui?
64. As of the Toa Nuva arriving in Karda Nui, how old is Dume?
75. As a Toa, what kinds of enemies did Dume mostly face?
86. Prior to being placed in a Matoran Sphere, did Dume and MoMN ever meet each other.
97. Did Dume either shrink or lose any of his memories from being in a Matoran Sphere?
108. Are the members of Dume's Toa team alive?
119. I don't suppose you could reveal what Toa Tool(s) Dume had?
1210. How long was Dume a Toa?
1311. Did Dume's Toa team have a title (Like the Toa Mata)? 1411a. If so, could you reveal it? 1511b. The same for Lesovikk's team.
1612. Will Toa Dume, or at least a Great Kiril, ever be released in set form?
1713. How may Toa were on Dume's team?
1814. I read on BS01 that Dume might have had something to do with Lhikan becoming a Toa. If so, did Dume make Lhikan's Toa Stone?
1915 Did the first Toa or Lesovikk ever make any Toa Stones?
2016 Has anyone we know of ever met the first Toa? 2116a. If so, who?
2217 Due to their time spent together to free the other Toa Hagah, do Norik and Iruni share a closer bond than with the other Hagah?
2318 As a Toa Hagah, Iruni said he'd quit the team. Now that he's a Toa again, has/will he quit?
2419 In Legends #9, it says MoMN's in a place he's never been before, it's in many legends, and it's "vast and complex." 25Is he on Artakha? It's somewhere he hasn't been, it's in many legends, and it's "vast and complex" by Artakha (the being) being able to change it's appearance at will.

26Thank you.

271) Only one that we know of 282) No 294) I don't have an exact age for him 305) Dark Hunters and Rahi 316) Doubtful, although certainly they would have known of each other 327) No, because his sphere malfunctioned 338) It is possible that they exist somewhere as Turaga 349) Not something I have worried over, since I am not doing a story about him as a Toa 3510) Thousands of years, easily 3611) See answer to #9 3712) Impossible to answer an "ever" question, but we are not in this universe next year, or planning main story flashbacks, so I think Dume as a Toa is unlikely. Kiril, who knows? 3813) Probably six 3914) What exact involvement he had has not been revealed 4015) It's possible 4116) Yes, but I can't say who 4217) No. Their adventure together lasted maybe half a day. That's not that long. 4318) Probably not. His concern was that the Hagah were not dealing with issues that really mattered to Matoran -- fighting the BOM would certainly matter to the Matoran.
4419) Teridax doesn't know where Artakha is, so he can't get there.

45There's some new stuff about Dume.
1Hi Greg
2Some new questions:
31- If a toa other than light has halve his light sucked out, will it be the same as Taka (right-shadow, left-light) 4or could both hands channel both elements?
52- Can a Toa of Shadow cause blindness, vertigo and sloth-like on others?
63- Is it possible for someone to acces both his inner light and shadow powers? (Not both at the same time)
74- Wich of the Bionicle movies is your favorite?
85- What was Savage's element?
9All for now

101) No, it would be right shadow, left whatever his old element was. 112) Not necessarily, no 123) Very, very difficult, because you are talking about two different extremes. 134) Don't have a favorite 145) Don't think that was ever established by the kid who created the character

15Does someone know the kid that has made Savage?
1Some things you mgiht find interesting:
28) Is Icarax even considered a member of the brotherhood, now that he is biomechanical? Do the others still accept him (as far as Makuta accept each other at any rate)? 38) Yes, he is still a Makuta with a Makuta's powers.

410) This will certainly be a "Can't answer this" but somehow I doubt Teridax is at Mata Nui's location right now. I mean the place was heavily guarded and since Mata Nui never communicates with anyone in his universe directly, why should he have guards? He would somehow have to communicate with them to have an efficient protection. If Mata Nui is awake he is certainly capable of defending himself somehow anyway and would not need guards. Since he is asleep someone would have sent guards there - most likely on command of the Order- but the Order doesn't know Mata Nui's location either. So I doubt Teridax is where Mata Nui is sleeping. Makes sense? 510) Yes, it does

6I think especially 10) should end mn upcoming theories.....
1Hello. Some questions for you:
21. Will Botar's death be avenged?
32. Would a Noble Ignika be possible? 42a. Vahi? 52b. Kraahkan?
63. Is there a chance that any of the following characters will appear in the serials later this year? 73a. Pewku? (Please?) 83b. Ahkmou? 93c. Members of the Chronicler's Company? 103d. Axonn? 113e. The Toa Mahri?
124. I just noticed... The SoS was all sand prior to the Great Cataclysm (Which is unusual in itself) and we know it holds something important to the awakening of Mata Nui. In storytelling, Mata Nui's sleep was always portrayed as him sinking into the sand. 13Is there any sort of connection between these?

141) You know by now I cannot discuss future storyline, but ... think of this. Does the OOMN have the luxury to go on a vendetta at this point in time? 152) No, no and yes 163a) Yes 173b) No idea 183c) No idea 193d) Possible 203e) Quite possible
214) No. It was portrayed that way because the Amaja Circle was drawn in the sand, that's all.

223a . YESYESYES .
23Bit disappointed on 4, though... I thought I might've been onto something.
11. Is Vican from the southern continent? 22. Could you describe Krika's personality? 32A. Gorast's? 42B. Bitil's? 53. What region did Krika watch over? 63A. Bitil? 73B. Antroz? 83C. Chirox? 93D. Vamprah? 104. How upset is Icarax that Toa Ignika made him biomechanical? 115. Can the Mistika Nuva fly as fast as the Phantoka Nuva in their armor's current forms? 126. Can the Mistika Makuta fly as fast as the Phantoka Makuta in their current forms? 137. Will Takanuva attempt to get his hands on the Kraakhan? 148. How does Takanuva fly? 159. How Krika fly? 1610. Can you give me a quote from one of the Mistika Makuta? 1711. Since the Tren Krom Peninsula has to be connected to something is it part of the southern continent 1812. Does Tren Krom live on the Tren Krom Peninsula? 1913. Is Mazeka going to have his own summer serial? 2014. Could Kopaka not see through the mist in Karda Nui because it had pit mutagen in it? 2115. How much storyline significance does the mist in Karda Nui have? 2216. How did the Mistika Makuta lose some of their Rahkshi powers? 2317. How do you like this quote I thought up? Makuta to Takanuva: "Ever heard of fighting shadow with shadow? Well, I just thought I'd warn you, try that on me and it will just make me stronger, and your death a lot more painful" 2418. Am I correct in saying that you enjoy writing about Vican? 2519. What role in the story will the BM exclusive Rahi have in the story?

261, 3) Hasn't been revealed yet 272) They are summer characters, so no 284) How upset would you be? 295) No 306) Probably 317) For what purpose? 328-9) Gets revealed later on -- both are summer sets 3310) I don't have time to go quote searching right now 3411) Hasn't been revealed where it is 3512) No 3613) Yes 3714) No, that's not the reason. If it were, then wouldn't it have been impossible to see through the water around Mahri Nui? 3815) None 3916) Again, summer sets, gets dealt with then 4018) I haven't written that much for Vican yet 4119) Gets revealed in fall, when the set comes out

42You might want to check out 13.
11. Do you consider Toa Tuyet as which of the following: 2A. Villain 3B. Anti-Hero 4C. Anti-Villain 5D. None of the above
62. What happened to Prototype?
71) D 82) Prototype was disciplined
1Where does it say that
2Icarax truns into a biomechanical being
Chirox el Aereo Habitante
1Where does it say that
2Icarax truns into a biomechanical being

1how? 2i live in england and i dont get the books 3regrettably 4i live in a part where there arent any bookshops that stock any bionicle things and the nearest shop to stock them is about 100 miles away
1some quotes:
2well, i've thought of some stuff, and i need to know if there true. 31-will TK have a big role? 42-when does dark mirro take place? 53-can you tell us about the info that takuanuva had to take to the toa nuva? could it be about the mask of life? 64-what happened to Ahkmou? 75-do you get payed for your job as a writer? or do you have a other one? 8thanks.

91) In serials, yes 102) Takes place in present day, just in an alternate universe 113) Gets revealed in Book 10 124) Ahkmou is on Metru Nui 135) Yes. My day job is Editor in Chief at LEGO Company. The books are written under freelance contracts with Scholastic, so that is separate from my day job pay.
1First off, Federation of Fear takes place before Bionicle Legends#10, right? And thus, before Brutaka's appearance in Bionicle Legends#10, and before he sends Takanuva to the Pocket Dimension. By any chance has Brutaka taken Botar's job? I mean, it seems like a good fit to me, as long as the Olmak doesn't go all nutty... or does he even know it's damaged?

31) No, after. Brutaka has already sent Takanuva on his way before he gathers the FoF together. Botar is already dead as of Bionicle Legends #10, it happened very early in 2008 story.

4Just a thought I had, but I found out something about the timeline of the year... and how BS01's timeline is actually wrong... and now, off to fix that...
phanrak spider of the air
1how? 2i live in england and i dont get the books 3regrettably 4i live in a part where there arent any bookshops that stock any bionicle things and the nearest shop to stock them is about 100 miles away

5I live in Spain where the Ignition books aren't published, but it seems clear to me that
7is the only place that spoiler could have came from.
1I might as well clear this up,
2Icarax makes Toa ignika mad so he gives Icarax a little shove down the road of evoulution.

3Hope that helps. :)
1Howdy Mr. Farshtey. I have a couple more questions for you.
21) Is the Sanok only used for thrown objects? Or could it also be used for a Cordak or Midak blaster? What about a bolt of lightning from a Toa of Lightning or something similar?
32) Would there be any point at all on a Toa of Gravity wearing a Garai?
43) It seems odd to me that the ultimate good guy species (Toa) can have the occasional individual that is bad (such as Nidhiki and Tuyet), but that the ultimate bad guy species (Makuta) can't have the occasional individual that is good. Is it possible that there used to be the rare Makuta that was genuanlly good but that they were all wiped out when they went against the plan?
54) Teridax stated, at the end of Bionicle Legends#9 that he was in a place where he had never been. Does this extend to all Makuta or have other Makuta been there at some point...Miserix maybe?

65) Was the thing that Mutran did near the end of Bionicle Legends#9 a shadow Nova blast? I was under the impression that only Toa could do Nova blasts.

76) Tahu states that they were in Karda-Nui before to stop Rahi that had been "affected" by energy spikes. Was this energy the Mutagen? I know that "affected" dosn't nessisarily mean mutated but it sounds kind of too similar to be a coincidence.

87) I know that the Avohkii can't cure Shadow-Matoran, but one of it's powers is to spread piece and understanding in people, so could it temporarily allow them to return to their previous state of mind (so long as Taka keeps focusing)?
98) The Ignika's mentality seems to be evolving. At first it was an object that seemed purely instinctual, then it expressed a want to understand feelings, and near the end it actually did expirience anger and a feeling of betrayal and even a want to protect it's newfound "friends". Could it eventually evolve to a point where it's mind funcions like, or almost like, a proper human (or Toa) mind?

10Thank you very much for your time and answers.

111) It's going to help you aim better with whatever you are using. 122) Most likely not 133) The reason for the disparity is that Toa are balanced beings -- they have light and darkness in them, just like we do. Makuta, on the other hand, have rejected the light and driven it from themselves, and without any light, you can't be anything but corrupt.
144) No Makuta has ever been there.

155) Not nova, just big

166) No, had nothing to do with the mutagen. The mutagen was not unleashed until the Great Cataclysm.

177) I would not rule it out, but it would be really hard. It is difficult to promote peace and understanding to beings who no longer understand the concept of either.
188) Yes

191) Just something I was wondering. 202) Didn't think so. 213) So wait...they rejected their light, as in willingly, on their own? Were they ever light at any point? Why did they reject it?
224) I figured as much.

235) Huh...seemed like one to me

246) I just thought that perhaps it may have been released and re-captured some time (or even multiple times) earlier, though in a much lesser quantity.

257) But not ruled out . :D
268) Reeeaaalllyyy...TO THE THEORY-MOBILE . . .
11. Why is Vengeance after Teridax? What had Teridax ever done to him?
2Vengeance wanted revenge on Lhikan, who had defeated him in single combat during the Toa-Dark Hunter war. By the time Vengeance was free to seek his revenge, Lhikan was already dead, slain by Teridax. So he hates Teridax for robbing him of his chance at revenge.
1QUOTE 2Hi Mr.Farshtey
31) dose Trenkorm hav any part of sotry line outside of the serials?
42)how did Icarax know where botar and trinuma(sp?) were?
53) dose icarax know about the order now?
64)did icarax let trinuma runaway?
75)when will the next chapter of dm be finished? 85a)mc
96)if the ignikas failsafe activated and wiped out evry one in the universe could the ignika bing life back into the universe to stop it from beign destroyed? 106a)if yes could mata nui make new matoran and evrything else?
117)if the ignikas failsafe activated and wiped out evryone would there bodies just sit there or would they dissaper?
12thank you for your time
13gregs answers
141) Meaning does he appear in books or comic this year? No. 152) He didn't. He followed the arms shipment from Xia. 163) No, how would he? He ran into two strange beings, killed one, the other escaped, that tells him nothing about their being an Order. 174) No 185) Today, probably 196) No, the Great Beings would need to create new life for the universe 207) Their organic parts would eventually rot and their mechanical parts would remain behind for possibly thousands of years

22"Binary Scrabble was fundamentally flawed, since every combination of ones and zeroes made a word and it was impossible not to put all your tiles down every turn." -- Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear
2I asked if Pewku had a chance of appearing in a Summer serial and you said "yes." I tried to put this on BS01 under Pewku's trivia section but it was edited out because you said there was only "a chance." 3So just for clarification, Pewku is comng back, right?

41) Yes, she is reappearing in story this year.
1Yay . Pewku's coming back .
21) Since Botar is dead, who will take prisoners to the pit? 32) If so, will it be someone of Botar's species (if there is others)? 43) Did you make the decision of his death? 54) If he was still alive, would he send BOM members to the pit after the OoMN have revealed themselves? 65) Is there any way of him coming back? 76) So Tren Crom has tentacle things. Does this have anything to do with the energy-form of Pit Mutagen? 87) Does HE have anything to do with the pit Mutagen?
98) Is it true that Icarax get's devolved by Ignika? We dont have the books her in New Zealand, so i cant see for me-self. 109) If so, how does he feel about this?

1110) It seems like Icarax is really though. He kills Botar's. He tries to wrest control of the Brotherhood. Is he reckless enough to kill Antroz if needed? 1211) In which book does Ignika start to talk? 1312) Is the next Comic about the Mistika, then the next one obout the Phantoka, etc, etc?
14Thanks in advance, 15TLM

161) Someone else -- they will have to find/use another member for the job 172) If there are other members in the OOMN or one can be recruited 183) Yes 194) If BOM members allowed themselves to be captured. I would think most would fight to the death. 205) No. 216) No 227) No
238) Yes 249) Unhappy, initially, although he will be able to use it to his advantage later on.
2510) If the opportunity presented itself and he felt it was necessary, but it probably wouldn't be. You can't seize control of the BOM by just killing off members. You need to show you have a better plan. 2611) I believe it's 11. 2712) The July comic is about the Mistika, and then both groups are together for the last two issues.
2So Ignika will talk in 11? 3That's new, too bad the page on BS01's locked.