1Hey Greg, 2First let me say that I have enjoyed reading the web serials this year. I just have a few questions about them, but mainly DM Chapter 6.
31) You have said that Brutaka makes an unexpected appearance in Bionicle Legends #10 (I believe). Is it possible that if Takanuva uses the mask from the alternate dimension that he would give our Brutaka the undamaged mask upon his return? 41a) If not is it possible that Lesovik uses the mask to send Takanuva back?
52) Does Lesovik have any other allies with him in Dark Mirror? 62a) If he does, do we know any of them?
73) If Miserix is to be unleashed by the FoF team, and he is to cause trouble for the BoM, how is he going to do this if: 8a) None set characters won't be appearing in the books 9B) We have no clue where Teridax is
104) If the Blade Burrowers were not tampered with by the Great Beings, how is it possible that someone in the Matoran Universe knows of the other universe in the map?
115) Does Tuyet actually have a purpose for the Vahi, or is it just another trophy to add to the collection? 125a) If there is a purpose, will we learn of it in the serial? 135b) If not will either Takanuva or Lesovik use it in the serial?
146) Is the DM dimension's Avohkii also in possession of the Toa Empire? 156b) If not where is it located?
167) When exploring Voya-Nui in the DM dimension, did the Toa come across the Ignika? 177a) If they did, was there an attempt to take it?
188) The whole reason Takanuva ended up in the alternate dimension was because of a broken Olmak, but the one in DM is not broken. How is it possible for Takanuva to know he is traveling the right way when using the non-broken Olmak? 198a) Would the broken Olmak not just send him to Karda-Nui in the DM universe?
209) Takanuva is carrying the sundial in DM. How important is the sundial? 219b) Does Takanuva need it in the DM dimension, or does is it needed in Karda-Nui?
22Thank you for your time.

241) Bionicle Legends #10 takes place before Dark Mirror, not after. 252) Follow the story and find out 263) Why would I want to discuss future storyline plans and ruin surprises for you? 274) Can't answer it 285) It's an object of power. You don't allow objects of power to float around when you are running an empire. 295b) See answer to #3 306) It's on Artakha. 317) Hasn't been revealed 328) You're getting ahead of the story, he hasn't even found the Olmark in the DM universe yet. 339) At the moment, very important 349b) Both

35Commentary: 361) Haha, completely forgot about that 372) Meh 383) I was just trying to figure out how Miserix could cause any trouble 394) An attempt to find out more on the map 405) Understandable 416) Wait, if like the Vahi it is a mask of power, why is it there? 427) Hopefully it is... 438) An attempt to figure out how he would get back 449) Wow, Takanuva needs the sundial in both DM and Karad-Nui
1does anyone know where i can actually ask greg and to get to it
1Click the link on the first post of this topic.
1What does this map look like-Is there a sketch of it or no?
1MKFarion, it looks like this:
1EDIT: sorry, didn't know the UDD symbol is the map.
1Greg confirmed that the map is in the shape of the Three Virtues Symbol. And you should know that the map is a map of more than the Matoran Universe. :)
-Wrinkledlion X-
1MKFarion, it looks like this:

4here are some old questions from a while back
5QUOTE 6hope you can answer some of my questions
7March 19th
81) Do the events in Shadows in the Sky, and Swamp of Secrets happen around the same time? 92) Will Miserix have an important role in the summer? 103) I read something about Teridax knowing more about the universe more than anyone. does this help his plan at all or no. 114) Do the summer vechicals have anything to do with the Summer Serials? 126) Are there more than six adaptive armor suits? 137) I read that there were proto-types of shadow leeches. Would some of these be Kratana, or once Kraata , that became Mutated Rahkshi like the ones that Spinners team battled, or Kraata-Kal? 148) Since in DM the toa kill their enimies, does that mean there is a chance they can be recruited by the OoMN? 159) Is there a chance Brutaka never died? I ask this because the Toa Nuva and Takanuva thought Makuta was dead and a month later the Inika discover he is alive. 1610) Will we see any Dark Hunters in DM? 1711) Were the Toa Hagah a team of six? 18-also Were the Toa Hagah ordered to leave Roodaka if she said no to Brutaka?

191) Roughly, yes. Tahu's team leaves the villages partway through Book 9 and go straight into Book 10, so Book 9 and Book 10 then run along at the same time. 202) I can't discuss this 213) The Makuta in general know more about the universe than anyone, and of course it does. 224) Most likey not, they are part of main story, not serials. 236) No 247) The prototypes were dead, mutated kraata found in the ocean some time back. They were not kratana 259) The Toa Nuva didn't realize the nature of a Makuta -- had they known he was energy inside armor and not a physical body, they would have known he wasn't dead. 2610) Too soon to know. 2711) Yes 2812) If she had said no to Brutaka, Brutaka would have probably grabbed her and transported her to Odina, where the Dark Hunters would have executed her.
29March 9th
30Hello Gregf, I have a few questions-
311-About the BB map-Mutran said they were constructing a map-one that he never seen-Does that mean the BB's map a place on the surface? 322-Do the Light Stones have anything to do with Karda Nui? 333-if a Makuta could shapeshift, could he ride an Exo-Toa? 344-Do the Masks the the Makuta wear shapeshift with them? 355-Are there still lots of Av-Matoran outside Karda Nui? 366-I read that the Av-Matorans hieght increased due to being in Karda Nui, Could that sort of be linked to why Takanuva size increases later on. 377-Did Vultraz become a shadow matoran before/after he discovered Karda Nui. 38-Is Vultraz a matoran from the mainland.

401) It could mean a lot of things. Are you assuming Mutran has been to every single place in this universe? 412) Such as what? 423) Probably 434) Yes 445) Not really, no 456) You'll find out in the summer 467) Before, and where he comes from has not been revealed yet
47keep in mind these questions were asked almost a month ago
1Wow. I still can't believe how much Greg's let on. Dark Mirror... Hey... WAIT . What is a Sundial? A thing that uses light to tell time. Light and Time... Greg said that the sundial is very important now. Takky is now in possesion of the Vahi... Could it mean...?
2EDIT: Sorry, started to build theory... :D
1Wait. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Taka gets three elements?
1I just can't see that happening. It would make him way to powerful, and repetitive, as it was just used in the exact same serial. :blink:
11. For a being to give up his/her own light, does this require some sort of discipline? How do the Makuta think it would take for another being beside them to able to give up his/her own light?
22. Did the Makuta learned how to give up their own light on their own? How long did it took them to do so?
33. Why do Makuta view other being as inferior?

41) They have no reason to believe anyone else would have the discipline or willpower to do it. 52) Yes, they did, and it took a look time. 63) Because they are arrogant and egotistical and the fact is they ARE more powerful and smarter than 99% of the beings in the universe. Outside of Mata Nui and Tren Krom, who is actually more powerful than a Makuta?
Taka Toa of Twilight
1Wait. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Taka gets three elements?

3Not saying that, I'm saying that the Vahi may have something to do with the Sundial. I'll ask Greg...
Takua the Wanderer
1I just can't see that happening. It would make him way to powerful, and repetitive, as it was just used in the exact same serial. :blink:

2I agree with Ttw. He would be to powerful. Besides, he didn't retrieve the Vahi for it's power; he retrieved it for the Makuta to tell him where Brutaka is, which doesn't matter now because he knows where the Olmak is now.
3Man, the map extends out of the Matorna universe? Interesting...
Toa Ynot: toa of toys
11)I recently heard that MoMN's real name was Teridax 21a) is this true? 31b) when(and where) was this info released? 42)Will we ever see Wairuha and Akamai again? 53)will we ever see Takutanuva again 64)will there be a MNOLG style game this year, instead of those stupid mini-games of last year? 75)Is Taka still looking for Krahka now that he has to get the Vahi from Jaller? 86)When willwe learn why the Miskuta(mistika makuta) are stuck in their current forms? 97)What happened to Kardas, last we heard of him he was on Mata-Nui being healed by Gali? 108)What would happen if you removed Toa Ignikas Kanohi ignika from his face?

111) Yes 121b) Bionicle Legends #9 132) No plans for that 143) No plans for that 154) Not this year, no. 165) Since you asked this a while back, you already know the answer by now. 176) Bionicle Legends #10 187) In Metru Nui 198) His body would cease to exist and you would be cursed for touching the mask

20some more useless questoins, now that i have the answers. hope it may help some one with a theory, doudt it though

21I don't get it, is he still looking for her?
1No, I don't think so. He got sidetracked.
1I'm beginning to wonder why Takanuva needed Krahka so badly anyway. How could he have helped her?
1Woah . Never thought of taking the Ignika of the Toa of Life would make "his" body disintegrate .
Takua the Wanderer
1I just can't see that happening. It would make him way to powerful, and repetitive, as it was just used in the exact same serial. :blink:

2I agree with Ttw. He would be to powerful. Besides, he didn't retrieve the Vahi for it's power; he retrieved it for the Makuta to tell him where Brutaka is, which doesn't matter now because he knows where the Olmak is now.
3Man, the map extends out of the Matorna universe? Interesting...

4Not really,the maps a pic of the unity,duty,destiny symbol.
1He is going to get the Olmak from the Coliseum with Lesovikk's help, right?
1Not sure if I've posted this yet....
2Hey, Greg. 3I've got a few questions for you:
43.If the element of Shadow is inherently evil, why did Mata Nui give the Makuta control over it?
53) Because it wasn't considered evil until the Makuta rebelled. Some things which are good or neutral become symbols of evil if they are used by evil people.S

6But doesn't shadow create dark impulses etc...?

7It does if you have a preponderance of it. But every living thing has shadow and light in him, the fact that you have some shadow in you does not mean you are automatically evil. What made the Makuta evil was not just having shadow or controlling shadow but the fact that they rejected the light in them.

8But why give the good-doers of the universe an element that is can be controlled by rejecting all light? Wasn't it you that said the reason there was no shadow Toa was because shadow as an "bad" element? :???:

9But no one had any idea that anyone would 1) want to reject all light or 2) be able to do it in the first place. Think about it -- Chirox used to use his shadow hand to help him in creation of Rahi, many of which were benevolent creatures that helped Matoran. Should that power have been taken away from him? Guns are good for only one thing -- killing people -- but we let our police have them, because we trust them not to go nuts and start harming innocents. Mata Nui trusted the Makuta not to go nuts and start harming innocents too.
1Hmmm... So Makuta are like police officers... :P
1Well they were like Police officers. That role is filled by the Toa.

1Hi Greg, I have some questions about Vultraz and Mazeka.
21. Is Vultraz a Ta-matoran turned into a shadow matoran?
32.Is Mazeka a matoran with a vehicle?
43.Are Vultraz and Mazeka enemies?
54.If #2 is yes, then is Mazeka a ko-matoran?
65.I heard Vultraz was the one who brouht the makuta to Karda-Nui. Is this true?
7Thanks .
1Oh, so they were like police officers...
1Dear Greg, I have some questions about Vultraz and Mazeka.1. Is Vultraz a Ta-matoran turned into a shadow matoran?2.Is Mazeka a matoran with a vehicle?3.Are Vultraz and Mazeka enemies?4.If #2 is yes, then is Mazeka a ko-matoran?5.I heard Vultraz was the one who brouht the makuta to Karda-Nui. Is this true? Thanks .
2You have to PM Greg on the first Page of this Topic in order for your questions to be answered. You also need to have 10 Posts first before you can PM (Personel Message)
3Oh, so they were like police officers...
4Such a nice analogy. Makuta to Police Officers who go nuts with their Guns or Shadow. Interesting.... So Are the Toa Heroes like Super Heroes?
1how often does greg take to reply if i sent a PM?
1How long? That may vary. Sometimes it's less than a day, sometimes even two or three days. After three days I would suggest you'll resend the PM. But I can tell you that he is quite busy in the moment, so don't be surprised if it takes longer. How often a day? Well, that depends on his time. Usually I see him on two or three times a day.
1how often does greg take to reply if i sent a PM?

2I think it would take him at least 2 days to reply if he isn't filled with millions of them. I got mine back in less than a day. Asking less questions will get ur PMs back faster.
3EDIT: Darn, I was beat.
1Sorry to disprove your Vahi theories guys, but I got an answer from Greg a while back saying that outside of what has happened in DM already, the Vahi won't have any major significance. :(
1In the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix, the character Arthur Penhaligon is in constant danger of being transformed by the sorcery he uses. To measure the degree of corruption he wears a special ring. 2You've said the sundial Takanuva carries is important, so does it carry out a similar function to that ring and show Taka how much light he has left or how much he has succumbed to his 'dark side'?


4Well that settles that theory :P
Antroz the Bat
1Kevinrevolution: the lever 3 readers are books for younger fans

2thanks, so, there are 2 kind of books?
1Got some replys from greg
2QUOTE 3Hi Greg im new to bzpower and i just have a few questions
41. Can the Toa of Life keeping adding mass to itself (e.g seaweed,plants bacteria) 52. Is the thing that has locked the mistika makuta in their current forms the energy of karda nui 63. Are Jerbraz ,Johmak ,Tobduk of the same species? 74. Did the shadow matoran(kirop,gavla and radiak)masks always look like that? 85. Are any of Axonns species in the OOMN? 95b. Brutakas? 106. is evoulution in bionicle the same as ours or does the mask of life emit life energy throuout the universe evolving life?
11Thanks . Spiriah94

121) Probably, but the bigger the body, the more of his power it will take to maintain it and the less he will have for anything else 132) No, it is not 143) No idea. Those names refer to the three artists who worked on that book, they have not appeared as characters in BIONICLE. 154) No 165-5b) Yes - Axonn and Brutaka 176) It can't be the same as ours, because ours is tied into genetic heritage passed down through generations -- there is no genetic heritage in BIONICLE because there is no biological reproduction.

18notice the bit about the mistika makuta hmmm so wat the heck locked them in their current form?
14. If Takanuva knows how, can he break his own light shield on his own? 24) He doesn't know how and can't do it on his own anyway.

31. This other person that is needed to break the shield, is it a certain person who is the only known being who can break the shield (like Keetongu and Visorak Venom), or can anyone learn how to break a light shield given the training?
41) It's not a person, and no.

5Also, in regards to the sundial, I bet it's to tell how long the Nuva have to awaken Mata Nui before it's too late, and that the info. Takanuva is carrying is that the Nuva need to awaken Mata Nui ASAP.
1Since when did he have the sundial? It isn't mentioned at all in Dark Mirror.
1Hey Greg, a few questions:
21)Are there any more Bohrok other than the ones on Mata-Nui? 32)Were the Bohrok created for another purpose than cleaning MN? 42a)Were the Krana created for another purpose than cleaning MN?

5Thanks in advance. :)

71) No 82) No 93) No

10Hmm, thanks, some follow up questions:
111)Why were the Krana made to control others? 122)Do the Bohrok-Kal have the same connection to Matoran as the Bohrak do?

131) Protection -- if someone got in the Bohrok's way, it was easier and more merciful to induct them into the swarm than fight them. 142) Bohrok have a connection to Matoran, and Kal are mutated Bohrok, that's about it.
1What connection to Matoran do Bohrok have?
1We don't know, thats one of the big Bionicle mysteries
1Hi Greg. Have a few questions concerning Tren Krom. :) Hopefully you can answer.
21. Is TK the only all-organic creation the Great Beings made? 31a. In this universe?
42. Is it more difficult to make an all-organic creation rather than a biomechanical one for the GBs?
53. Can you list in order who was created first. I think I already know, but I just want to make sure: Tren Krom, Artahka/Karzahni, Mata Nui, Umbra, Ignika. Is that right?
64. Do you already have names for the two GBs we've met, or are they still unnamed for you?
75. Have the GBs been to all the locations/know about all the locations on the Blade Burrower Map?
86. If you were standing on the surface of the Red Star (hypothetically), could you see the majority of the map's locations (not including those underground).
97. Is there any in this universe who could decipher/understand the map?
108. Is Mata Nui's location protected in any way?
119. From where he was first created, was Mata Nui moved or did he choose to move elsewhere?
1210. Is the vital info that Taka needs to tell the Nuva about MNs location or the BoM plan, or neither?
1311. Did the GBs make the large sea monsters in Voyage of Fear? 1411a. If so, before or after Tren Krom, and for what purpose? For practice?
1512. Has Tren Krom always looked the way he has, or had he evolved or mutated over the years, like Smeagol does over 4000 plus years in a cave, from a hobbit to what he became later as Gollum?
16That's all for now. Thanks. :)

171-1a) No. They made krana, which are fully organic. 182) No. For all we know, they may have made thousands of all-organics, just not for this universe. 193) Yes 204) I have no reason to name them at this time 215) Can't answer it 226) Can't answer it 237) If they had the right knowledge, yes 248) I would say no 259) I can't discuss this 2610) Neither 2711) Yes 2811a) After, and they were the first Rahi 2912) He's always looked this way
1Hey Greg :) I just have a few questions;
21) Why does Mata Nui want the Mata Nui island to remain a barren wasteland? 32) Had the Bohrok not destroyed the island and Mata Nui had awoken, what would have happened? Would he be angry? 43) You've mentioned that Axxon is to get a visitor; do we know who this visitor is? 54) Is Brutaka aware that his Olmak is glitched? 65) What is the maximum power of a Turaga Nuva? Like if Vakama was to light a candle, what would Tahu (if he ever became a Turaga) be able to light? 76) Is the thing the Toa Mistika looking for related to them or for all Toa in general? 87) There have been talks about all the CGI that's to appear this year, what exactly is it? Comics? Mini-movies? An online game? 98) Will Mata Nui appear in the CGI in any of his forms? Or is it just this years sets? 109) Do any Dark Hunters make an appearance this year? Apart from Lariska I mean? 1110) In MC, Mutran says that taking over from Mata Nui can be done. Does he mean he has found a way to rule the Matoran Universe without Mata Nui's interference? 1211) Is Mata Nui aware of the current events? I know he's sleeping but does he get dreams that tell him what's going on? 1312) If Gorast conquered the Visorak am I right in saying that she created them? 1413) Did she create the Heart of the Visorak? If not then who? 1514) Does Miserix make an appearance in the current storyline? 1615) Could you tell us more about the Hau carving that Teridax is at? 1716) Great job with the latest DM . But one thing stood out; wasn't Naho dead by the time Tuyet took control? If I remember correctly, Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet were the last Toa left when the Nui Stone event took place. 1817) Since Lesovikk is against the Empire, are there other Toa who also oppose Tuyet but are in hiding? 1918) Did Kualus and Bomonga die when Lesovikk attacked them? He doesn't follow the Toa code during the events of DM right? 2019) Am I right in saying that you might name the late members of Lhikan's team after locations on Mata Nui? (Sounds like a good idea to me .) 2120) Would you reveal the names of the other Toa? 2221) Does the actual Tuyet appear in Dark Mirror? 2322) "Her friend Roodaka"? Could you explain that? I thought Roodaka hated all Toa. 2423) Takanuva hasn't experienced his new Shadow powers yet, will he do so in DM? 2524) Did the Toa who were supposed to "clean" Voya Nui find out about the Ignika if they killed Brutaka? 2625) If the Great Catalysim never happened in DM, then why does Voya Nui exist? Wasn't it part of the Mainland? 2726) Will elements like inter-dimensional travel be explored later in the storyline? The idea behind DM is pretty cool so I was wondering if similair stories would pop up in the future?
28Thank you so much for your precious time . ROCK ON . . . \m/

291) Because that is how it was meant to look. There are times when it is all right for it to be wooded and such, and times when it is not. 302) It would have been an inconvenience, more than anything else. There's no point in getting angry with Bohrok, it would be like you getting angry with your toaster. 313) Do you mean is it a character you have ever heard of before? Yes, it is. 324) He's aware it took damage in Mahri Nui 335) I think I already answered this question for someone last week -- answer's bonfire 346) To them 357) Mini-movies, like we had last year 368) I can't discuss this 379) Some most likely will, yes 3810) Basically, he discovered it was possible to put Mata Nui to sleep 3911) He is aware of them the way a coma patient is sometimes aware of what is going on around him 4012) No 4113) Hasn't been revealed 4214) You'll have to follow the story to find that out 4315) Such as what? 4416) No -- the rest of the team had simply gone off on other missions or gone back home. They didn't start getting picked off by the BOM until much later. Lhikan, Nidhiki and Tuyet were simply the only Toa in Metru Nui at that time. 4517) Maybe we'll see 4618) I would say if they aren't dead, they are in bad shape 4719) Possible, but I am only doing it if the story warrants mentioning those characters 4820) See answer to #19 4921) We'll see 5022) In our universe, yes. In this universe, she did what she always does -- she allied herself with whoever was in power. 5123) We'll see 5224) Hasn't been revealed 5325) And it still is a part of the mainland. I never said they went up to the surface and explored the island. I said they went to Voya Nui. It's still on the continent. 5426) No idea. I don't want to overuse it, and we are not even in this universe next year.

55I think he appears this year... I dunno why I just think he does. Usually Greg would say no to such questions but he's been oddly quiet about Mata Nui this year...