11. First of all, when do you think a new serial chapter will be out?22. What is your favorite toa team (including teams that are now dead/disbanded)?32b. What is your favorite toa team that is still active in the present story day?43. There is a recent study that showed up on CBS news that claims that magnetic waves can alter a person's ability to tell right from wrong. Do you think a Toa of Magnetism could pull this off if they knew how?
5Here is that study.6http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/03/30/...in6347079.shtml
71) One just came out yesterday82) I don't think I have a favorite. There are good points and bad points with all of them.93) Well, I have to assume that has something to do with its effect on our organic parts. We have no reason to believe BIONICLE characters have organic brains to be affected in that way.
103. Fair enough, but do you think that could work on Agori/Glatorian brains?
113) I can't rule it out at the moment. But I would hope a Toa would not do that to someone, as it seems that would be a violation of the Toa code.
1Hey Greg, I hope you are doing well. Late congratulations on your daughter!
2Anyway, I was wondering a few things, and I was hoping you could clear them up for me.
31. First of all, I am not asking you to reveal anything about the story. I'm just wondering, will TPTB be somehwat of a continuation of RotGB? I mean, will it feature Kopaka and Pohatu trying to discover the meaning of the Red Star?
42. A while back, someone asked you about some other possible Elements, one of which was crystal. You said this was either too broad a range, or not broad enough (I don't quite recall.) I simply wanted to state that it's really quite a good Element. I mean, TSO's staff can shoot crystaline Protodermis. This would basicly be what a Toa of Crystal could do. Control crystalline protodermis, like lightstones and such. So why not make this an element?
53. Third, after reading TPTB, I first want to say that I didn't like Tren Krom's sudden death, though I can't complain. The chapter was great. I simply wanted to know, who else could be considered in danger. TSO? Artakha? Helryx? Miserix?
6That's all for now, I hope you can answer. Thanks alot in advance!

71) K and P will actually be going to the red star82) Well, for one thing, I don't feel the story needs more new elements. We already have a lot of elements we haven't dealt with in story at all without adding yet more to the mix.93) Best answer is to look at the title -- it's about power. BUT -- I will give you a clue -- in the end this story is not going to be about death and murder ... the story is about to take a BIG turn.
1Can a Toa release Nova Blasts consecutively and indefinitely by releasing a Nova Blast, using the Mask of Elemental Energy to replenish his elemental energies, then releasing another Nova Blast, then using the mask again, and so on?

2No, for two reasons. One, the MEE is a one-use mask. And two, it is a power up but it doesn't make you go from zero to full power.
1Seeing as the "What was planned from the beginning" topic you posted back in December was closed, I was wondering if you could answer these questions here.
21. Was the secret of the Red Star established in the beginning or later on32. Was the nature/secrets of the Great Beings established in the beginning or later on?43. Was the bolts of lightning emitted from the Red Star that struck the Toa Inika's canisters a fluke by the Red Star?54. Are the beings within the Red Star biomechanical or are they closer to the people of Bara Magna?65. Is Sahmad's Tale still going to be a short serial like you had originally suggested or is it going to be 9-10 chapters like most others?76. I know you don't plan ahead but any chance Varian might be appearing sometime soon/ever? (Don't want an approved name to go to waste just being used in one short story)87. Is Tarduk still trying to get to the Red Star?
9Thanks for your time. :)

101) Which secret?112) Pretty much early on123) I wouldn't call it a fluke, no134) You'll find out when you meet them145) Don't know yet156) I have no plans for the stasis Toa, no. If I had, I wouldn't have okayed the story contest being held, most likely.167) I don't recall Tarduk trying to get to the red star, unless you are talking about the red star on the map?
1QUOTE2QUOTE3QUOTE4Hello Greg, me again with a few questions
51)You mentioned that mata nui would reward tren krom for what he did and his imprisionment, is the reason he was free because mata nui unfused him 6from his island?
72)Since tahu absorbed the powers of the rahkshi he absorbed with the golden armor, is he more powerful than a makuta now or would he just stand a 8extremely good chance?
93) I asked you a question earlier but I think you misunderstood. Would gresh, in his current age, be considered as a 15,16,17, year old on bara magna, in tearms of how his literal age be if he had the lifespan of a human?
10thank you for your time

111) Nope122) The latter133) No, probably older than that at this point

14Would 23 or 24 be closer?

15Yes, I would say mid-20s would make sense
1Was Karzahni restored sanity-wise so that he could travel before he was killed?

2He had obviously recovered enough to move, but he was still hoplessly deranged.
1Just a little inconsistency I was wondering about...
Greg Farshtey
2Greetings, Mr. Farshtey. I have a quick question that I hope you can answer:
3In the serialized form of Journey's End, Makuta comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Rahkshi, whereas in the Bionicle comic book that covered that same scene, he comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Skakdi. Which of those statements is the correct one? Or did Pohatu and Gali devastate half a legion of Rahkshi and half a legion of Skakdi?
4Thanks in advance.

1Hello Mr. Farshtey,21. Were the mental screams that Kopaka and Pohatu heard from Tren Krom before he died?32. Will it be revealed how Tren Krom escaped the MU?43. Is the Agori/Matoran settlement mentioned in Power of the Great Beings inhabited by other species like Vortixx too?5Thank you for your time,6PS Good job on newest chapter!
71) Yes, you can't scream after you die82) Yes93) At the moment, many of the inhabitants of the MU are there, but there are way more Matoran than anyone else in the MU
11. Was the MU ever attacked by outside forces during its 100,000 year journey?22. Will it only be Kopaka and Pohatu traveling to the Red Star? (Or do we have to wait and see? :P)33. Are the Bahrag the only of their kind?

41) Not that I know of52) I don't plan to send anyone else at this time63) Yes
1G'day Mr. F2Just a Quick question that I probably already know the answer to
3How resistant would beings of the BIONICLE universe be to a Nuclear explosion?

4I would say not very, since they have organic tissue. Organic tissue does not stand up well to nuclear explosions.

5Nothing new, moving along...
11) I have just a few pronunciations left before I can finish off the BIONICLE Reference Centre's Pronunciation Guide, so if you wouldn't mind, here are the words I still need (please include where the emphasis is too):
2* Garai (I know this one's in the encyclopedia, but I don't know if the last syllable is pronounced REE or RYE)3* Kabrua4* Marendar5* Perditus
62) On an unrelated note, is the "Biological Chronicle" of BIONICLE in reference to the fact that the story revolved around the creatures that run Mata Nui's biological processes or was the meaning developed before your time on the story team?

81) Rye92) kah-BROO-uh103) my-renn-DARR114) purr-DEE-tuss122) The latter. Bob told me that was what it meant, but never said what biological chronicle referred to.
1Hello again Greg, I have some more questions if you want to answer them.
21) Did that thing that struck Xia have something to do with Tren Krom's freedom?31a) Why did all those Vortixx die?41b) Did Teridax know about this?52) Is Helryx going to die from her armour?63) What are those two silver things on Roodaka's chest?73a) What are those things on the side and back of her head?84) Will Tyrant be returning?95) Are Lariska and Johmak from the same species?106) Will you tell everyone the Shadowed One's name once BIONICLE has finally ended?
11Thanks for reading this.
121) No131a) Do you mean how or why?141b) He was in control of the universe at the time, so it's certainly likely152) No163) No idea, not a set designer174) I don't plan on it right now185) Not to my knowledge196) No.
201a) I guess both.
211a) Both get revealed later
1Hello Greg, I hope this doesn't bother you.
21. I was reading the red star topic, and I saw that you've told us Kopaka and Pohatu will be going to the Red Star. Another member posted a theory that if someone from the matoran universe dies, they go there. If this was true, would someone like Lhikan (who died as a turaga) appear there as a turaga because he was one when he died, a toa because he was most powerful then, or whenever he was happiest (such as matoran or one of the others)?
3Thanks! 4-iBrow

5So this person is speculating that the red star is sort of the BIONICLE "heaven?"

6Yes, they are.

7We don't deal with the concept of the afterlife in BIONICLE, it is a religious topic and would offend people.

8Meh, not much. Just a theory being disproved. :P
11. How long after the 2001 storyline were the Rahi still under the control of the Infected Masks? I mean, the Toa probably didn't release every single Rahi on the island of Mata Nui.22. Did any Kikanalo likely migrate to Mata Nui after the Great Cataclysm/whenever the Rahi migrated?33. What were the ships that the Matoran used to get back to Metru Nui like? Was it a huge fleet of row boats or would it be more like several "mini-Titanics"?

41) Actually, that would have been possible to do, because Pohatu could do it at super-speed if need be. But I am sure there were still problem Rahi as late as the start of the 2003 story.52) Certainly possible63) More like canoes
1Mr. Farshtey,
2after reading the new chapter of The Powers that Be, I felt I had some questions to ask:
31)When Kopaka says the cyclone he and Pohatu meet "is just a cyclone", does he mean it's a natural phenomenon or someone or something else caused it?
42)How far did Tahu and Gali search for a New Atero site? Did they go as far as Bota Magna?
53)Did Tren Krom get out of the MU on his own (its destruction having freed him) or did something else get him out?
64)In the serial, it says (It was certainly a crime a Toa of Air had the power to carry out). But I would see Tren Krom as vastly more powerful than a Toa of Air (I mean, in FoF he displays the power to easily destroy a being by killing Carapar). How could Kopaka and Pohatu even consider Lesovikk being responsable?
75)How much time has passed between Teridax's death and Chapter 1 of The Powers That Be? Does the latter occur before or after TYQ's first chapter?
86)Will the Toa Mahri's fate be eventually revealed (and possibly their rescue)? What about TSO's fate?
97)Could Marendar be responsable for the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom, or should we discount that possibility?
108)I heard we'll learn much more about the Red Star. Will it also be revealed why and how the Toa Inika were created?
119)Is the Toa Team serial TYQ, or has it not yet started? If so, will it start after Sahmad's Tale ends?
1210)Do you decide when to make a contest, or do BZP, BS01 and KJ staffs suggest you a number of contests and you just approve or refuse them? In both cases, would a storyline contest regarding GN10 events be possible (I'm not suggesting you do it, just asking if you could do it)?
13Thank you,
14Toa of Italy

151) Natural phenomenon162) They did go north173) Someone else got him out184) Simple. If a Toa of Air created enough air pressure inside another being, it could cause an explosion. TK is very powerful, but also completely organic, so easy to blow up.195) After TYQ's first chapter206) Yes and yes217) No, it's not Marendar. Marendar is aimed at Toa, and neither one of them was a Toa228) Depends, we'll see239) Toa team serial is TYQ, yes2410) I don't make contests through them, they suggest them to me when they feel like holding one.

253)Will we learn who it was and why he/she has done it?264)But wouldn't Tren Krom stop him before that could happen?2710)And would you accept a contest about GN10 story if they were to propose it to you?

283) Yes294) Might, if he knew it was coming and could act in time. But obviously whoever killed him acted before TK could. Maybe it was someone TK would think trustworthy?3010) Depending on what they wanted to do, but there's no real reason to tie it to GN10. Just make it a contest about how Mata Nui got the power source.
1Hi Greg!
21) You said that PTB 3 is finished, so it will published this week?3and42) Sahmad's Tale 6 is finished aswell?

51) That's up to Binkmeister, he posts the stuff to the site, not me62) Nope
1EDIT: I had a followup and I didn't want to double post...so here it is.
2Hello, Greg. Just a few Questions.
31) For confirmation, is the purpose of Mata Nui's long journey around the Universe for studying the inhabitants and species of the planets in order to prevent another core war? Or was it to study the physical attributes of the planet itself in order to help reform Spherus Magna. Or both?
42) In terms of Elemental Power, on a scale of 10, how would you rate the following;
5Toa6Toa Hordika7Toa Inika8Toa Nuva9Glatorian10Takanuva11Makuta
123) Would you say Tahu would be as strong as, or stronger than, his Nuva form at the moment? Whould he (Tahu) be equal, in terms of power, to Makuta (essentially making him a Makuta/Toa of Fire)? Or is he significantly weaker than a Makuta?
134) Last question, is it correct to assume that although a afterlife isn't possible in Bionicle, but the Red Star could act as a back up hard-drive to AI and information in the MU?
145) How's it going?

151) The former162) Makuta, Toa Nuva, Toa Hordika-Toa Inika-Toa-Takanuva (tie), Glatorian173) I think a Makuta would still have stronger willpower than he does, plus more experience at using thise powers184) It's possible to make all sorts of assumptions, doesn't mean they are accurate ones.

19Just a quick follow-up
201) So is it safe to assume that Mata Nui already knew how to fix Spherus Magna not long after his activation? If this is true, does that mean the Great Beings already knew how to reverse the Shattering and simply programmed it in Mata Nui?
212a) Wait, I thought a Toa Hordika was weaker than an average Toa. So does this mean a Toa Hordika is not weaker than a Toa in power level, per se, but rather because they have weaker control and mental concentration?
222b) So a Makuta's elemental shadow powers is greater than a Toa Nuva's?
233a) So is it safe to assume Tahu is stronger than his Nuva form?
243b) Out of curiosity, would you say Tahu has absorbed most, if not all, of the 42 Kraata powers? Or did he absorb less than half, or only a few?

251) Yes262a) Correct272b) Yes, because a Makuta has greater willpower than a Toa does283a) Yes293b) Not something we want to reveal yet
1QUOTE2I just have a quick question-
31) Are the beings (from the Red Star) in Chapter 3 of The Powers That Be related to those beings that are black and purple in The Journey of Takanuva?
1Hello, GregF! I hope you're having a good time. I would just like to tell you that the new chapter of TPTB was great (and was uploaded quite quickly :) and I can't wait for Chapter 4. Meanwhile, I have a few questions.
21. The Black and Purple entities in the Star.... are they the same as the ones in Journey of Takanuva or just connected? 31b. Will we ever get an official title for the species?
42. Does Gaardus have any other powers beside teleportation?
53. Is the mask that Gaardus wears actually a Hau or a powerless one shaped like a Hau? (This question is based on the actual combiner)
64. Do you know how many chapters that TPTB will have?
75. Do you know approximately how many years ago Gaardus was mutated by the Nynrah Ghosts?
9The third interrupted, pointing at Gaardus. "That one has been here before. He was the last. He must know why no one can go now."

10From this quote can we assume that at one point many beings went to the Red Star? Also, when the being said "no one can go now", is he referring to the MU?
11Thank you very much! :)

121) Yes. 131b) Possibly142) Flight, enhanced senses, and he's pretty strong153) It is an actual Hau, yes164) Oh, I would say at least 7 or 8. I don't want to pad it, but I also don't want to rush it.175) Quite a long time ago, actually. Pre-Barraki rebellion186) He is referring to going from the red star to the MU, yes.
1I LOVED Chapter 3!!!
21. We know Gaardus didn't kill Tren Krom, so can we conclude that he didn't kill Karzahni either?32. And what of Lesovikk? Do you think he'll be popping up again sometime in this serial?43. Is the City of Silver Pocket Dimension really the Red Star?53a. If not, where did the Purple and Black Entities exist first? The Red Star or the City of Silver?64. Are we going to get another chapter of The Powers That Be now or are you going to update Sahmad's Tale or The Yesterday Quest first?75. Can Gaardus use the Kanohi Hau that he wears?86. Who left the Nynrah Ghosts first Phantom or Gaardus?

101) Correct112) Most likely, yes123) No. There simply are versions of the purple and black beings in both places.134) I have to do the other two first145) Yes156) Gaardus

14. Are the Purple and Black Entities biomechanical beings?25. Were they created by the Great Beings?36. What kind of Matoran was Gaardus?47. How do you pronounce Gaardus?

54) I believe they are, yes65) Yes76) To be honest, I would need to go back and look at the torso of the model for that answer. I haven't looked at it for a while87) GAR-duss
1Hi Greg,
2Great new chapter.
31- What kind of Matoran was Gaardus before they experimented on him?
42- Gaardus metioned that he hunted some of the Nynrah, did he mean al Nynrah are just the exiles?
53- Is his sword a real flame or is it just shaped like a flame?63b- If it's a real flame, can he control it?
74- So when Kopaka and Pohatu saw that vision of the Red Star, was that a warning of Tren Krom that the Red Star was causing trouble?
8That's all for now and thanks in advance.

91) I'd have to go back and look at the model the contest was based on, since the torso of the body used would answer this102) The exiles113) Shaped like124) Hmmmm ... what trouble is the red star causing?
1Hey Greg!
2Just a quick question:
3If a Toa of an element other than Light had half their element drained, would they be half-shadow half-[insert element here] or would they have some combination of the two elements?
4Thanks in advance!

5Half and half

1Hi, GregF. I just had a few questions about the third chapter of TPTB.
24. When Gaardus calls the rogue Nynrah Ghosts as "a band of my brothers," is "brothers" a reference to them also being Matoran (possibly of the same class, perhaps?) or was Gaardus at some point a Ghost himself?
35. Did the rogue Ghosts live and/or keep Gaardus on Nynrah or elsewhere?
5The star was why I stayed in the Nynrah's village for so long after my escape.

6What exactly does Gaardus mean by this? What about the Red Star made him stay in the village?
7Thanks for your time.

94) It's a reference to them all being Matoran105) Elsewhere, they were exiled from Nynrah116) I can't answer that yet

1Seems our little winged friend is more popular than we thought.
2Hey GregF, I got a couple of questions for you today.
31) Are the black and purple beings the only type of inhabitants in the Red Star? And if not, are they the same beings that Gali saw back when she used the telescope?
42) You said that the type of Matoran Gaardus was depended on the torso of the model. The torso is red, so can we get confirmation that he was a Ta-Matoran?
53) Does the OOMN know of Gaardus? 6b)The BOM (back when they were still active)?7c)Artakha?
84) As of right now, how is Tahu feeling about the fact that he has Rahkshi powers under his control?
9Thanks in advance.

101) They are the same beings she saw, but as to whether they are the only beings there, I can't answer that112) Yes123) Yes133b) Yes143c) I would say it's likely154) I think he was weirded out at first, but he is adjusting rapidly
1Hello again Greg, great new chapter. I loved the part where Pohatu, Kopaka, and Gaardus teleported into the Red Star and the return of the Purple and Black Entities.
21) If there are other creatures inside the Red Star could they be the Spectral Hau or the City Building Creatures?32) In the images of the Purple and Black Entities they look as though their hands are sharp blades. Are these their hands or the hand weapons they held in the Red Star?42a) Do the Entities wear masks? In another image it appears they are wearing the Kiril.52b) Do the Entities have any powers?63) Is Artakha and the others still consulting in the mad Great Being's prison?74) Are Devastator and Johmak from the same species, or is Johmak's power from a Order experiment?
8Thank you so much.
91) No and no102) Those are weapons112a) I believe so, yes122b) Too early to discuss133) Yup144) I don't believe they are from the same species., no
1These were a while ago, but I didn't get around to posting them.
2QUOTE3Hi Greg,4Hope you're doing well.
51. Was Tren Krom anchored to anything when he was killed (like he was to his island), or was he in some other, mobile form?62. Was the surprise in his scream from being ambushed, or not suspecting the attack. eg someone jumping out of the bushes versus someone you're talking to suddenly punching you.72a. If it was an ambush, would he have survived a face-to-face battle?83. Were Karzahni and Tren Krom killed by the same thing?94. Was Tren Krom's death an accident, or intentional?105. How did Tren Krom end up in a forest so far from the crashed MU?
11Thanks for your time...

121) He was not anchored to anything132) I think just from the fact someone was actually able to defeat him143) Yes154) Intentional. He was murdered165) Same way he got off his island
1Since the Purple-Black-things in Journey of Takanuva invaded the City of Silver, is it possible that's the result of a few Red-Star-inhabitants using interdimensional or pocket-dimension travel and then deciding to take over the city they found? They certainly seem like the type of people that would invade things.

2No. The pocket dimension beings are simply another version of the ones in the red star, not the exact same beings

11) Is the floating Hau in Journey of Takanuva dimension one of a kind or part of a species?
21) Unknoqn
32) Were all the beings in JoT dimension created by Great Beings (Spectral Mask, City-Building creatures)?
42) No reason to believe any of them were. It's a pocket dimension, the GBs may never have existed there.
53) Are the purple and black beings about the size of Matoran and Agori?
63) A little shorter, I believe
74) How many Toa are there still alive, not counting the shadow Takanuva? You've told there were 57, but three were shown dead in Journey's End, and it could be assumed they were not the only ones to fall in the battle of Bara Magna.
84) Probably a little over 40
95) a. How is the Nui Stone at the moment? In Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet, it was shattered, but in RoS, it seems that Tuyet has it, and she recalls how she's been absorbing power from other dimension's Toa for 2,000 years. So did the OoMN repair the stone while interrogating her, or did she steal a new one from some AU?
105a) I'd have to go back and look at what I wrote, I thought I dealt with this when I brought her back
11b.So how strong are Tuyet's elemental powers now, if she's been draining power from other Toa?
125b) Very strong
136) How long it has been since the reformation of Spherus Magna? A week, two weeks, more?
146) A few weeks
157) The Hau Gaardus wears, it's a Great Kanohi, not a Noble?
167) Great
181) Makes me wonder if there's a floating Kraahkan...192) What?203) So tiny...214) There aren't that many unknown Toa anymore.225) I hope we'll see her using her powers.236) Okay.247) Just to be sure.
1Mr. Farshtey,
2I have several questions for you, both on TPTB 3 and other, older storyline matters:
31)If Gaardus lived inside the MU, how could he have seen, or known about, the Red Star? It always existed outside the MU, and only when the Metru Nui Matoran colonized the island of Mata Nui they saw the star.
42)Must Gaardus first go to a location by "ordinary" means before being able to teleport back there? If so, how did he reach the Red Star in the first place?
53)Why does Gaardus "hunt"? I understand killing Matoran, which he hates, but he considered hunting Tren Krom, and implied he had hunted in the Red Star.
64)Will Marendar appear again in TPTB or in TYQ?74a)What about the Toa Mahri's fate, Lewa and the mad Great Being and TSO's fate?
8Older questions:
95)In the Mutran Chronicles, when talking about Kojol's raid on Artakha, Mutran says the point was for this to be a secret raid, not one that could be tied to the Brotherhood. (True, Visorak and Rahkshi are associated with us, but without the actual presence of a Makuta there, we could still deny knowledge of what happened.) Who exactly were they afraid would tie the raid to the Brotherhood?105a)He says Visorak and Rahkshi are associated with the Brotherhood, yet on Metru Nui it was barely known what Rahkshi or Visorak were, let alone their origins. How can that be explained?
116)I don't understand the difference between Pocket Dimension and Alternate Universe. Is it that the former is artificially-created and can be accessed only from the universe, or even specific points in it, whether the latter is actually an alternate timeline, a "what if?".
127)The Hand of Artakha was disbanded at the same time Lesovikk's team was killed. However, we know Toa existed before then, and the Hand was disbanded as a result of their appearance. Therefore, were the lone Toa members of the Hand, like Helryx? Or was there simply too few of them before to compensate for the Hand's disappearance?
138)How do the Bionicle Universe inhabitants regard their past and time? Most of them live for great periods of time, and are part of much of their history, if not all (the MU inhabitants). Yet we have seen many cases when events of the past (ex. the Toa Mata's presence in Karda Nui) were regarded as myths or nonsense, even though there had been people still living back there. 14Also, we have seen on Metru Nui that the Archivists place a great deal of importance in learning from their past. But how can they get a fresh and independent perspective if much of what they study can actually be remembered (this problem exists in our society too, but I believe less than in the Bionicle society).158a)Also, we have seen beings like Glatorian displaying emotion when fighting in the Arena, as one of us might. But they have been doing the same thing for 100,000 years. Doesn't every day seem the same?
169)Also, youth is something that unsettles me. Glatorian regarded Gresh as a rookie, yet he probably lived during the Core War, even if he didn't fight in it. Why then was he still regarded as a rookie after 100,000 years?

171) That's simple. Go back and read the serial chapter -- the strong implication is that Gaardus had been there before. After all, the RS residents recognized him.182) See answer to #1193) Actually, he does not hate Matoran, only the ones who mutated him. And if you saw a giant, gelatinous monster appear near your home, what would your first instinct be? Most of us see little bugs in our house and immediately go, "Kill it!"204) Marendar is part of TYQ story, not PTB214a) That's all TYQ225) Artakha235a) But he wasn't raiding Metru Nui. He was raiding Artakha, and what mattered was whether those on Artakha would associate Rahkshi and Visorak with the Makuta.246) An alt universe forms as a result of a decision made in the core universe and can, in many respects, parallel the core universe. A pocket dimension, on the other hand, does not need to have any similarities to the core universe. In DC Comics terms, the 52 Earths are alt universes, while the Phantom Zone is a pocket dimension.257) The latter268) Your question is fascinating, but I don't really have the spare time right now to explore it.278a) I think it comes down to perspective. If you think of 100,000 years for them as, say, 10 years for us (just as round numbers) -- I know people who have been in the same job for 10 years yet still get enthused about it, or down about it, or whatever. 289) Again, comes down to your perspective. 100,000 years to them is not what it is to us. We see it as a very long time. With their long lifespans, they probably don't. If you are, say, 150,000 years old, and I am 350,000 years old, then you are are a youth in my eyes.

291)Yes, but how did he learn about the star in the first place (before going there for the first time)?
305a)Setting aside the raid, how come Metru Nui Matoran barely knew what Rahkshi and Visorak were? I mean, perhaps the BoM didn't want to let Matoran know Visorak were associated with them, but Rahskhi were seen quite often (for example, when the League of the Six Kingdoms fell) with the Brotherhood. And we know the BoM was known in Metru Nui.
316)I heard the Purple and Black Entities from "Takanuva's Journey" are the same beings that live in the Red Star. If so, did the Great Beings place them in that pocket dimension, or did they form there spontaneously?

321) Who says he knew about it before going there?335a) Yes, but the Rahkshi were not active in Metru Nui. There are things very common in US culture out west, for example, that someone in New York City might know nothing about because it does not impact their daily life. Same with Visorak. There's dangerous wildlife in other parts of the country that, again, someone in the northeast would have no awareness of if they don't live here.346) There is no reason to believe the GBs populated the pocket dimension.
1Hi Greg, I've got a few questions about Toa Tuyet:
21. How powerful is she compared to a Toa Nuva?31a. Compared to an Element Lord?42. Is it possible to somehow take away her extra power?53. Will Tuyet get into a fight anytime soon?
6Thanks for your time :)

71) Much more powerful81a) I would say not as powerful as an Element Lord. She basically is a warrior who wields an elemental power, where an Element Lord essentially is their element.92) Not in a way I can think of right now103) Don't know
1When the Red Star would be docked to the Mata Nui robot, was it possible to traverse between the two?


1I used to have a whole list of these questions but I lost it, so I only have a few.
21. How were the forms of Protodermis in the MU made, and how was it similar to the original Energized Protodermis?
32. Is the Energized Protodermis being older than the GBs?
43. In the Marvel comic "Deadpool", there is an organic ship, was the Red Star based on that at all?
54. Is Spherus Magna the original home of the GBs?
65. Was the Avohkii charged with Toa Energy? Is this why Takua turned into a Toa when he put it on? If not, why? And why did he not need a Suva?
76. Was the makuta essence used in the making of Gold Skin sentient? Was it part of Teridax's?
87. Do you have any plans on making prefixes for the remaining un-prefixed elements? If so, will you base any off of Maori like the original six? (if so, Ka would be good for Lightning)

91) Artificially102) I would say no, because it did not achieve sentience that early113) No idea, never read the comic.124) Can't answer it135) The Avohkii obviously did have the ability to trigger the latent Toa power that was in Takua. And there is no reason to believe every Toa needs a suva. Takanuva only ever wore one mask, so he had no need to store others.146) No, it was not Makuta essence.157) Basing them off Maori would be pretty dumb of me to do, all things considered, right?

16Thanks, but I think I'll have to rephrase my question 1.
171. How are the forms of non-energized Protodermis similar to the Energized form, and what method was used to create them? I know they were created artificially.
185. The Toa Metru needed to use a Suva to activate their stones, didn't they? Or am I just confused?
19New questions:203. As to what I understand, Mata nui has left Spherus Magna to look for the Great Beings, will we be following him in a serial sometime?
214. If Teridax had begun to die, and the Ignika was outside of his body, would it still have turned silver and eventually black?
225. What, exactly, would happen if the Vahi or Mask of Creation were destroyed? (I heard that Time and Creation would cease to exist, but what exactly would that entail, and what would it look/feel like?)
236. Where is Takadox, and what has he been doing?
247. Does Mutagen mutate things differently depending on the environment? We have seen it turn things into water-breathers underwater, so would it make them more able to cope with, say, desert conditions if it were used there?
258. Where is Voporak? When will we see him again? I miss him! :(
269. Previously, you said that Nuju won't be able to communicate with birds on Bara Magna, but since other MU inhabitants can communicate with the Agori and Glatorian, why aren't the birds included in his case?

271) I don't have details on how protodermis was created, because I have not needed it for story.282) Not particularly, no293) No. He hasn't. Mata Nui is inside the Mask of Life. He asked the Toa to find the Great Beings. 304) I don't understand your question. The mask would have no reason to turn black if Teridax was dying. as his dying is a good thing for the universe, not a bad thing.315) Well, Vahi is easy -- okay, think about this. Let's say you woke up, got out of bed, brushed your teeth, and had breakfast. If the Vahi breaks, you would have breakfast, wake up, brush your teeth, get out of bed, wake up, have breakfast, brush your teeth, get out of bed, have breakfast, wake up, etc., etc. One moment would not follow another anymore. Past would not lead to present and to future. All three would be mixed. As for the Mask of Creation, I don't believe we have ever discussed what happens if that breaks.326) Trying to stay alive337) Keep in mind that anyone it mutated into a non-water breather in water would have drowned, so you never would have met them. 348) I'll see what I can do for you359) Well, the Glatorian and Toa can communicate because Mata Nui speaks both Matoran and Agori and made it possible for them to understand each other. Mata Nui does not speak bird. The birds in the MU speak a variation of programming language, as everything does in the MU, and the birds on Bara Magna do not.
1Hey Greg!
2The Official Elements Topic nearly exploded into war over this issue, so:
3Are the powers of the three Legendary Kanohi Masks (Life, Time, and Creation) just considered powers or are they considered actual elements?

5Well, they aren't Toa elements. The fact that their masks are legendary in nature would imply they are beyond standard elements, in my opinion.

1Sorry to bother you again in such a short time... However, for confirmation (yet again);
21) Teridax was supposed to take over the Matoran Universe while Mata Nui would inhabit a third Great Spirit Robot made by the great beings if all had gone well and planned. Am I correct?
32) If the above is true, the third Robot created would not contain a "new soul" as it would simply have been inhabited by Mata Nui. Am I correct?

41) Yes52) Correct

1since gravity matoran's colors are purple, can you confirm this matoran (from ignition comic 1) as a matoran of gravity?

3Well, his mask is purple, but I believe we have seen other Matoran with purple masks who are not Matoran of Gravity.

4that was disappointing....
1Are there any other Olmak-fused Vezons out there? It makes sense, as there are nearly an unlimited number of alternate universes.

2It's possible, sure

1QUOTE2Hey Greg, I just need you to clarify something for me.
31) What can magnetism do that iron can't do? From what I can tell, iron can manipulate and create metals, whereas magnetism can just manipulate it. Does magnetism do more than just that?
42) When do you think we'll get a new serial chapter?
5Thanks for your time!
61) Magnetism can do much than that. It can, for example, be used to create magnetic force fields. Electro-magnetic pulses can also be used to shut down machinery.72) When I have time to write one.
1Hello, GregF,
21) My entry for KanohiJournal Contest #5: Lesovikk's Hiatus, Part 1 features Chiara in it, and so I wanted to know what her Kanohi was, since otherwise I have to avoid mentioning her Kanohi throughout the entire story.
32) When used outside of the ocean, does Lesovikk's Sled simply hover over the ground, or does it fly?
4I appreciate it,

61) Make it Stealth72) Hover
1Hey, Mr. Farshtey. I just have a couple question that I was hoping you could answer, if you have the time.
21. We all know that Teridax died when his essence was destroyed by Bota Magna crashing into his head. But I have a theory: What if one or two Matoran on Voya Nui were still possessed by his antidermis, and no one ever noticed? Or perhaps one zamor sphere containing his consciousness remained intact? If either of these were the case, is it possible that Teridax could still be alive and (maybe) return?
32. The coin that Berix gave Mata Nui in The Legend Reborn... Is it a key of some sort? Or did it not have much of a purpose?
43. When a Matoran transforms into a Toa, is their tool created during the transformation? Or do they have to acquire one?
54. What exactly is the heartlight? Is it their actual "heart?" Or is it just a health indicator of sorts?
65. If Wairuha had been formed in Karda Nui, how would he have appeared? Would he have looked like the Toa Nuva's sky forms combined? Or would it look like the 2003 combiner?
76. Could a normal Toa use a Kaita mask? Or is that only limited to a Kaita's usage?
87. In the sets, the Prime Glatorian all have the same foot piece and a silver life-counter holder. Does this indicate that Prime Glatorian have special armor?
98. We know Tren Krom used to act as the "Great Spirit" of the MU before Mata Nui, but what exactly did he do, and how did he do these things?
109. If the Ignika used its power to devolve a Boxor vehicle, what would happen?
11Thanks in advance.
12:tohu:T3K :tohu:

131) No, because if you recall, those spheres did not allow him to control the Matoran, just make them susceptible to the control of others. So there was not enough of him inside to reconstitute him. Plus none of those events happened.142) It was a map153) I don't recall how we have shown it in the movies, but I believe in 2004 we had the Toa Metru gathering their weapons from a sort of armory164) I see it as like the LED on a device that shows it's operational175) No idea186) No, a normal Toa would not be able to use it197) No208) He ran the universe - basically, he acted as the operating system for the machine until Mata Nui's AI came online219) I don't think you can devolve something that is not alive, unless it has some organic material in it. The only organic material in Bohrok were the krana, and they were not part of the Boxor vehicles.

228. I guess what I meant to ask was this: Since Tren Krom is organic (unlike the robot), and was not attached to the MU, how did he act as the operating system?
239. But I believe you once told another member that the Ignika could devolve Bohrok back into Av-Matoran. If this is the case, would a Boxor just become a mismatched Matoran that could no longer function?
24Thanks again!

258) You're forgetting that the MU was not turned on yet at that point, so he did not need to be wired into it to run it. Which is why once it was turned on, he wasn't able to do it anymore. All he had to be able to do was basically oversee the living things in the MU, and being telepathic, that was easy for him to do.269) A Boxor is Bohrok parts, it's not a Bohrok. It's basically a "dead," dismantled Bohrok. There's nothing to devolve that into, it doesn't even have the artificial life a Bohrok has.