1Hey Greg, I have a question on the newly revealed mystery Great Being:
21. Does the GB necessarily have evil intentions?31a. If so, was the character always evil? Or is this confidential?

41) Who defines evil? All we know is that whatever he is planning to do, Orde objects to it and wants it stopped. But to the GB, it might not be "evil" at all.
1Hi Greg
21) When are you going to say who is the Great Being? At the time, there's a lot of guesses in the page.

31) If you are asking when the contest ends, that is in the first post in the topic. And who the GB is will be revealed in story.

1Hello Greg it's been awhile since I PMed you a question
21)Previously I asked a question on what creature would be a delicacy to the glatorian, and you responde that it was a type of hawk that was rare,3could you tell me where these hawks live?
42)Is the great being that is in a mu inhabitant's body evil, from Orde's reaction saying "He must be stopped." it sounds like the being would be either evil or insane, or could it possibly be a great being working on the marvendar plan to wipe out the toa.
53)So could this being could be any species of the matoran universe?
6I just also want to say that you are doing a awesome job on the story, even after years of reading it, it doesn't stop being amazing.7Thank you for your time.

81) On mountain peaks92) I can't answer this103) Arguably, yes
111) Could that hawk be called a gravel hawk?


13----------------------14first animal I've ever cannonized :lol:
11. Wouldn't the other Great Beings notice there comrade's body is just an empty shell after he transported his mind into a MU inhabitant?
22. Is the Great Being who transported his mind into a MU inhabitant using his real name?
31) Yes, but what could they do about it if they didn't know where he'd gone? Once MN was launched, they had no access to it.42) No.
1Hi Greg, love the new TYQ chapter. I got some questions regarding the new chapter:21. The device that Kabrua uses to "shut off Toa powers", does it literally work on Toa powers only? Or does it work on any being with elemental powers?32. This might be a bit far-fetched, but: we know that Marendar is considered a threat to all Toa for a certain reason that only the GBs know. There's also that device that a GB gave to Kabrua that shuts off Toa powers. Is it possible that Marendar has similar powers to the device?42a. Which brings me to the next question: which came first, the device or Marendar?5That's all I have for now. Thank you so much for taking time with us fans.

61) Toa only72) No. If Marendar could do that, there would be no need for him to kill Toa, he would have rendered them powerless.82a) They were developed largely simultaneously, but by different GBs.
1Hi Greg
2I've got some questions regarding the Pit:
31) Since we can assume that the original Pit has been evacuated (otherwise Karzahni couldn't have been on SM), will the Order establish a new Pit on Spherus Magna or have they already done so? (They can't let Roodaka & Co. run free in a still unstable society, can they?)
42) Have the Maxilos robots been taken out of the MU?52a) If yes to 1), will they keep guarding the Pit?
63) If yes to 1), will the new Hydraxon still be the jailor of the Pit?
7Thanks for your replies,

91) They will certainly try, in collaraboration with the Agori.102-3) My guess is guarding the prison will be a shared responsibility between Glatorian and the robots. I do not yet know what role Hydraxon will play. He may be used more as a bounty hunter.

111-3) So nothing has happened yet, but they're planning?124) Have you determined a winner and a prize for the GB contest?134a) If so, when will we know?145) Something for you to consider: A while back in 2008, you created a blog post containing "updates" on events in the MU - e.g. Icarax' retrieval of the Kraahkan, the sighting of shadow leech prototypes near Destral's last location, etc. Now, with fewer serial updates and a lot of unresolved questions and a new society being born, could you maybe do a blog post once in a while (or regularly?) containing stuff you don't have space for in the serials. Stuff like: What is the Order currently doing, what will become of that new Pit, did the Zyglak leave, how are the efforts of Agori and Matoran to create a new society coming along...
15Have a nice day!16NtM

171) Yes184) Yes194a) As I mentioned, who the GB is will be revealed in story. 205) Good idea
1Hello Greg
21) Why you didn't consider (or see) TSO as a evil character? 31.1) In which serial is he going to appear?42) When are you going to say what characters aren't the GB? 53) How is going the progress of the fourth chapter of TPTB?64) Since when we know the character that is portraying the GB?

71) I do consider him to be one, which is why he isn't the Great Being.81.1) Don't know yet92) There will be more posted this week103) Working on it114) I can't answer this

1Hi Greg, just one question
2Since it's been a month or so since the MU died, were Tahtorak and Kanohi Dragon released onto Spherus Magna?


1The Jetrax T6 was shown charging itself with energy by flying into a lightstone. My question is, can Toa of Light or Toa of Lightning do something similar to this by charging themselves with their element?

3Yes, in the sense that, like we have seen with a Toa of Fire, they can absorb their element from an external source, but they then need to almost immediately release that energy as their bodies won't be able to handle the raw power.

1Hi GregF. I just had some questions:
21. Is the Kanohi Zatth (the Mask of Summoning) as effective on insectoid Rahi as it is on other types of creatures?
32. Did Helryx's armor stop strangling her after a while? (It seems unlikely that Lewa would leave if another being was in danger, especially a fellow Toa.)
43. Regarding the Ignika-curse of the imprisoned Great Being, does the curse affect objects he touches, or can the object just come within a certain range to be affected (it appears that's what happened to Helryx's armor)?
53b. If the latter, will the effects of the curse cease once the object gets out of range, or are the effects permanent?
63c. Would it be possible for the Ignika to lift the curse and/or revert the affected objects?
74. We now know that it is possible for at least one Great Being to transfer his consciousness into a biomechanical being. Could he do the same with a non-mechanical being, like a Glatorian or an Agori?
8Thanks for your time.

101) Yes112) Yes, once she backed off123) The latter133b) The former143c) Yes to both154) No
1Hi Greg! I´m anxious to know who is that GB but anyway I hope you can answer me this time again, don´t worry I´ve only got 2 questions.
21.- I saw on Biosector 01 that Chiara´s mask is a Volitak, is this true? because the serial never states which mask she wears, nor the masks of the other Toa
32.-since you wrote the Hero factory books does that mean that you will be again at the comic-cons?
4thank you very much Greg!5LordofBionicles

61) I don't recall if someone asked me about that or not, so not sure where BS01 got the info.72 No. The HF books I wrote were mainly for Poland, not being published in the US, so no reason for me to go promote them. Now that I have a baby, I prefer not to travel more than I have to, and because of my strong identification with BIONICLE, I think my presence at CC might just confuse people into thinking BIONICLE is coming back or something.
1Hello Mr.Farshtey,21. About how old wold Raanu be in human years?32. How about Tarix?43. Kiina?54. Tuma?65. In the Mata Nui Saga, it shows Mata Nui hovering over an earth-like planet and a picture of a caveman like being. Is it possible that Mata Nui visited earth?76. Is it possible that they were other tribes living on Spherus Magna?8Thanks You
91) Early 60s probably102) Early 40s113) Mid 30s124) Mid 40s135) I don't belive that our universe and the universe in which BIONICLE takes place are connected146) No
1Hi Greg
2Just a couple of questions:31) Would you be willing to do BIONICLE beyond 2011?42) If BIONICLE indeed ends this year, do you have a scenario in mind for the ending?53) When will the next serial chapter be released?
6Thanks for replying,

81) Yes92) No, because if I END it, what happens if LEGO brings it back?103) TPTB 4 was sent to Kelly a few days ago, so I am waiting on him to post it.
1Hey GregF,2I have few questions.
31. How do you pronounce Kestora?42. Is the murderer the Great Being in disguise, the subject of the "Name That GB" contest? If so, that rules out the inhabitants of the building, correct?53. Is that the real Mavrah?64. If the Great Beings created pocket dimensions, why did they place some Kestora in the dimension that Takanuva travelled to?75. Did Gaardus wear a Kanohi Hau when he was a Matoran?

91) kess-STORE-uh102) I cannot answer this113) Yes124) Because the Kestora were good for what they wanted done there135) Yes
1Hi, I have a quick question about the Dreaming Plague.
21) If I am correct the Dreaming Plague robs you of being able to expel your negative energy by nightmares. Since you can't dream your life becomes a nightmare because you can't get ride of your bad vibes.
3Would the Dark Hunter Dweller be able to cure victims by giving them nightmares? Or would his power have no effect?
4Thank you!
52) P.S. When are the next characters for who it isn't coming out?

6Please see the recent news article on LEGO and BZP changes in policy. I can no longer respond to member PMs or post in forums or in my blog.

7I'm sorry, but as my age will show I am 15 years old and soon to be 16. I understand that people can lie about these things but I truly am in the safe age range.
8Is this unabletorespondness concrete or is some system in the works that will allow you to continue your great influence here?

11Since I responded to you, I have been told I can talk to members over 13. We'll see if that changes again.

121) No, because whatever he caused would simply be absorbed by the creature
132) I can't post in forums or in my blog anymore, so I cannot continue that topic

14Boo-Yah! lets give a hand for persistence!
1Hi Greg,
2you answered another user that you cannot continue the Who it isn't topic for obvious reasons.
31) Could you still reveal some more wrong answers which I would then post in the Official Greg Quotes topic and in the Who It Isn't topic itself?42) I just read on HEROsector01 that Comic 4 of HF is unreleased although Comic 5 has been released. Well, I am not really an HF fan, but I still ask: how's that?

71) Well, it's not anyone in the GB fortress :) It's also not Tobduk.82) My understanding is that the HF comics which were not published in print were being published online. If #4 was never published online, then you need to talk to Bink, as he is the HF web producer. Once I write them, I have nothing more to do with them.
1Thanks for the last answer!
2New question though, I recall that sometime ago, you said Toa of Green could indirectly control toxins via their plant control. I also remember that this is why people were starting to ask you about (acid/toxin - the general branch) whether acid could be a subelement of ToG because of the indirect control (I think they weren't satisfied about having indirect control).
3I remember that you said no to the direct control, but, just for verification, can Toa of Green control plants that have toxic/curative properties?4Sorry that I'm asking you an old question, but the old quote from you was in the second incarnation of the OFGT (I can't find it anymore :( )
5A new quote verifying this would be nice! Thanks,6Lewinga

7Toa of the Green control plants. They are not limited to just non-toxic plants.

8This is something I've been asked to dig up again9Minor, but something :)

1Can you confirm that there are and were ONLY 15 Matoran/Toa/Turaga Elements in the Matoran Universe? And that the Great Beings only created 15 elemental types (Shadow doesn't count)? If you're not going to add anymore Toa Elements ever, you can confirm this, right?

2The problem with a pronouncement like that is that if LEGO brings BIONICLE back someday and decides they want new elements, then I have given you false info. All I can tell you is that for this period that I am "in charge" of the story, I have no intention of putting new elements in place, and from what I have seen, a lot of BZPers do not want more elements at this point. I cannot say, forever, for all time, that's it, because I may not always be the one making that decision.