1. A while ago you said you didn't have a problem with Iron having multiple primary colors like the way Stone does (gold, bronze, and gray). So just to make sure, are these colors confirmed?
2. (For the BS01 Iron Template) Can you confirm that Iron's most common color is Metallic Grey, like the way Zaria is?


1) Are what colors confirmed?
2) Yes

1. Gold, Bronze, and Gray (It was already confirmed that Fe-Matoran colors vary by region, and these were the hypothetical colors that were mentioned in the PM)


Fine by me
Hello again, sir.

1) This came up on another site: in the Bohrok-Kal storyline, Tahnok-Kal's Krana-Kal was removed (this happened in comic 11 specifically). The Krana are supposed to be the "brains" of the Bohrok (and -Kal) -- however, when Tahnok-Kal got his Krana-Kal replaced with another, he kept his old personality and memories. So, are these located in the Bohrok-Kal itself, rather than the Krana-Kal? And, if you've thought about it, what specifically is a Krana-Kal's role?
2) Are the Bionicle names' official pronounciations the way characters "really" pronounce them, rather than just how English speakers are intended to pronounce them?

Thanks in advance!

1) Well, it would be fairly impractical if everytime a Bohrok changed its krana, it lost all its memories, etc. My guess would be there has to be some mental link between krana to insure things like that don't happen
2) MU inhabitants speak programming language, so it may not sound anything at all like what our language sounds like. If I recall, one of the early online animations had them speaking in this very high-pitched way that sounded pretty much like programming noise

The latter was pretty much just me asking if we Finnish speakers should start pronouncing the names like you do, as we're used to pronouncing them the way we read them. The answer, however, was surprising and quite interesting. The answer to the first was also a surprise, I hadn't thought about it that way.

All in all, a good pair of answers...
Hi Greg. Just got a few quick questions concerning the Skrall:

1. Was the Element Lord of Rock the top leader of the Skrall (kind of like their king) before becoming an Element Lord?
2. Is it possible for the Sisters of the Skrall to get back their wills stolen by the red-tentacled being?
3. Come to think of it, were there female Skrall on Bota Magna?

1) No
2) Yes, if that being releases them, dies, or in some other way loses the ability to focus on them
3) Yes

1. Interesting. Did all Leader-class Skrall share supreme rule over the Skrall, or was there one supreme ruler ranked even above the leader-class?
2. Makes sense. Just like what happened to the Forsaken in Warcraft.
3a. Do the female Bota Magna Skrall have Psionic powers too?
3b. How do they get along with the male Bota Magna Skrall?

I have another question relating to the Bota Magna Skrall:

4. Are the Bota Magna Skrall as militaristic as the Bara Magna ones? If so, what role do the females play?

Thanks in advance for your patience. :)

1) Basically, the Skrall were broken up into legions and each legion had a leader -- to my knowledge, there was no overall supreme leader
3a) Yes
3b) They don't
4) Yes, and females are not welcome

In short, there is pretty much no difference between the Bara Magna Skrall and the Bota Magna Skrall.
Hi Greg, I sent you a question about the Hagah about a week ago but I guess the server must have gobbled it down. Sorry if you actually did receive it, I don't mean to be a bother, but a couple more things came to mind so I figured I'd try sending it again.

1) BS01 says that only seven Hagah teams are known(Teridax, Antroz, Chirox, Tridax, Spiriah, Makuta of Stelt, Mutran). It seems kind of strange that some Makuta would have bodyguards and some wouldn't, so could you confirm that all Makuta had a team of Hagah at some point?

2) Did a Makuta's Hagah team generally reside on Destral, or did they follow the Makuta wherever they went?

3) Is it possible that any Makuta had Toa of Iron or Magnetism guarding them? It seems the BoM made a big deal out of killing these elements off, but I might as well check.

Thanks in advance!

1) I would say that's likely
2) The latter
3) Yes, because they wanted them where they could keep an eye on them

Just some stuff on the Toa Hagah. Couple things for BS01.

:blink: Zakann :blink:
Dear Greg,

1. What exactly did the Fire Tribe do to tap the EP in Spherus Magna?
a. I know they tried to drain it, but how would that lead to the whole planet fragmenting?
2. How did the OoMN destroy EP?
3. Can Takutanuva shapeshift?
4. Are you going to name the dream eater from ST?

Thank you very much.

1) Not sure what you're asking
1a) Think about what we know EP does
2) Found a counteragent
3) Yes
4) Most likely

1. Sorry. Does "tapping" simply mean they dug trenches in order to get as much as the EP as they could?
5. Did the Rahi Nui migrate to SM?
6. Is the EP trapped in the MU right now?


1) No
5) Yes
6) Most of the sources of EP were destroyed by the OOMN. What is left is still inside the MU.

I'm still confused about the "tapping of the EP" though.
Hy Mr.Farshtey,
Do Matoran of Plasma have prefered environments?

Like Matoran of Fire, they would probably prefer hot climates

Hello again Greg.

The Skrall are my second-most favourite race in Bionicle, so I can't resist asking even more questions about them:
  1. Do female Skrall have names?
  2. Did the female Skrall of Bota Magna form their own all-women group, similar to the Sisters of the Skrall on Bara Magna? If so, what might happen if the two groups were to meet?
  3. Are Skrall born into their classes? If so, then is this the case for the females as well?
Thanks again! :)

1) Yes
2) Yes, and unknown
3) Yes
1. What would Mata Nui do if he were trying to observe a planet that had no large bodies of water?
2. In the Bionicle 5 Treatment, Mata Nui is almost drowned by the Water Lord, but does he really need to breathe? If his spirit is inside the Mask, and the Mask was shown flying through space, wouldn't that mean that he doesn't breathe?
3. How is it that somebody using a Mask of Intangibility doesn't fall right through the ground?
4. When Makuta and Mata Nui were speaking through the Great Spirit Robot and the Prototype Robot, did it sound like their voices? Or was it the voices of the robots?
5. Could Toa Mata Nui eventually gain as much control over the Mask of Life as the Toa Ignika did?
6. Do Av-Matoran and Shadow Matoran have preferred environments?

Thanks, and happy holidays

1) Probably have to do it from space
2) But the body created by the mask does need to breathe. Mata Nui was not speaking telepathically to the Glatorian, and you need air to speak.
3) Willpower
4) It was their voices amplified many times through the robots' sound system
5) Toa Ignika WAS the Mask of Life, so no
6) I would say a shadow Matoran would not want to be someplace with a lot of light and an Av-Matoran wouldn't want to be someplace where there was none. But shadow Matoran have no homeland, so beyond that it is hard to speak to them
I thought of this a while ago, and i don't know if you've been asked this before, but I thought I'd try anyways.

About the Makuta's Kanohi...
There were 100 Makuta originally, but we don't have 100 different masks for them to wear.
So, first off, were there some Makuta that did not wear "dark masks," such as an Arthron or Suletu?

Now, I'm not trying to get this canonized, I'm just wondering if this idea sounds plausible.
Next, given that Chirox and Mutran both wear a Shelek, and Antroz and Spiriah both wear a Jutlin, is it possible that there was at least one other Makuta that wore a Felnas, Avsa, Crast, and Mohtrek? Maybe one other with a Mask of Mutation? This sort of thing would mean that there were only about 50 different Kanohi used among the 100 Makuta, excluding Teridax and his Kraakahn, of course.

Thanks for your time!

There could have been more than two uses of the same mask, so there is no reason to think we are talking about even 50 masks here.
Hello GregF. I have a few question that I got from a request. Could you answer these?

Hi Mr Farshtey. I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer:

1: You know how Av-Matoran posess special powers that are activated when in contact with a Toa or Makuta? If an Av-Matoran was transformed into a Toa, what would happen to his/her power? Would it be lost, or could they possibly use it now that they are a Toa?
1a: If an Av-Matoran were turned into a Shadow Matoran, would this power change?
1b: Did Takua have a special power, despite the fact that he was the first Av-Matoran?
1c: If yes, is there any chance of us ever finding out what it was?
2: Now that the Great Spirit and Prototype robots are destroyed, what will happen to the wreckage?
3: At what time does the BIONICLE storyline take place in relation to our time (past, present or future)?
4: Is Melding Teridax going to be one of the "powers" in The Powers That Be?
5: Is it possible that the three Glatorian that were going to appear in BIONICLE 5 exist in the main universe, but simply haven't made any appearances?

Thanks a lot, Greg. Hope everything's going all right with your daughter.

--Toa Obitor from BS01.

Thank you

1) They could use it
1a) Probably, yes
1b) He would have, yes
1c) He doesn't know what it was, so can't access it
2) It will be used to build shelters
3) Impossible to say, since so far as I know, our universe does not exist in the BIONICLE storyline, so they have no relation to time here.
4) I can't discuss future storyline plans
5) Well, none of them ever got approved by the story team, so I probably can't use them in main universe
Recently, some people have noticed that in the Mask of Light movie, right after Hahli says that they will awaken the Great Spirit, somebody says very clearly (among the various shouting) "He's a big machine!" I've heard it, too.
Was this an actual hint about Mata Nui, or are we just mishearing?

Impossible for me to answer this, as I had nothing to do with the writing or making of MOL. I have no idea what they may have put in that scene or why.
Great news for BS01's sake! :)

Hello Greg, I hope You're well. :)

1. Okay, so recently three old Bionicle comics were discovered. These tell a story of Lewa's awakening and I was hoping You would confirm these canon, since they don't conflict with the rest of the storyline. In case You don't have time to read them through - I know You are probably very busy, so here's a short description of what happens in the comics.

Lewa arrives on the shore of Le-Wahi and encounters Kongu. Kongu tells him about Mata Nui and helps him find a noble mask. Lewa goes to Le-Koro and meets Turaga Matau. Lewa solves a riddle and gets another noble mask. Lewa is sent to a lagoon to get another noble mask (maybe Matau wanted him to get several noble masks to help him before he started his quest for the Great Kanohi?) There he meets Gali. The two battle Nui-Rama. Lewa gets the mask.

And there, it ends. Could You confirm them canon?

Also, another thing...

2. According to the original story plan, 2008 was supposed to feature the Toa Inika as flying Toa. Would these events have taken place in Karda Nui, nevertheless? Was the Codrex supposed to be featured that year? Was the mask supposed to be used in there? Just wondering.

1) I guess. I didn't write them, but they seem okay.
2) Yes, it would have still been set in Karda Nui, it simply would have focused on saving Mata Nui's life, not waking him up.

So the Legend of Lewa comics have been canonized. :D
BZP recently found two Hero Factory books on AMEET's website that contain stories written by you - "The Measure of Heroes" and "Bad to the Bone". What I want to know is: Did you also write the two comics in those books ("Stormer Investigates" and "A Narrow Escape")?

No, I didn't. The only comics I wrote were the ones posted online and printed in the US, which were adapted from the TV episodes.
Got this from GregF. Something tells me Zaktan is still alive. I bolded the question that excites me most.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the new chapter. It took a while, but it was worth the wait. Just a few questions....

1. The tentacled being's name is spelled A-n-o-n-a, correct?

2. How did Anona transform Metus back into an Agori?

3. How exactly does the Skakdi Fusion know so much about Anona?

4. The "one thought dead" that Anona referred too.... did he mean Zaktan?

5. Will the Toa Mahri make an appearance?

6. Will a new serial replace Sahmad's Tale once it ends?

Thank you. :)

1) Annona
2) He didn't. Listen to the chapter again. Metus says that what Mata Nui did wore off.
3) It's telepathic
4) Mmmmm, could be :)
5) I think so, yes
6) I believe that is the plan.
Hey Greg.

How is Annona pronounced?

Thank you.

Hello Greg.

1) Anona has gender?
2) How tall is Anona?
3) What means its scream in ST 6?
4) Will the Toa Mahri appear in the next chapter of Sahmad's T. or in another serial?
5) Since there has been a great lapse of time in the chapters, will the next chapter (of any serial) come earlier?

1) I see Annona as female
2) I am not sure tall really comes into it, since Annona looks like a ball of energy with tentacles
3) Why do people usually scream?
4) I hope so, yes
5) All depends on how much time I have to write. Right now, I have the next chapter of TYQ to do and also a 7000 word Ninjago story I have to do, plus I am in Denmark for a week starting the 16th.

Hi GregF. I just had some questions:

1. Gaardus's set model appears to have two sets of arms and legs. Does this hold true in the story?

1b. Same question regarding the three other bladed weapons.

2. Is Metus still unable to dream, or has Annona ceased to feed upon his dreams?

Thanks for your time.


1) Yes
1b) Yes
2) Annona is kinda busy right now to do lunch

Hi Greg! I've some questions about Toa Power...

1) Does willpower affect how much a Toa can control his/her powers (e.g. Mask Powers, Elemental Powers)?
1.a)If so, how can they gain more willpower - through meditication?
1.b)If increasing willpower is possible, then can a Matoran do the same in order to control mask powers?
1.c)How about other species?
1.d)And up to which power level? Noble, Great, Nuva or Legendary
1.e)Is it true that the reason Toa Hordika had no/little control over their elemental energies (at least not through Toa Tools) and their mask powers is due to the lack of willpower, while the Toa Nuva have more precise control over their powers is due to more willpower?

2) When you say the Nui Stone that granted Tuyet more raw power, what kind of power is that? The one that a Mask of Elemental Energy can restore or the one used to create Toa Stones?

1) Yes
1a) I feel it has more to do with experience using the powers, but there is a limit to how much your willpower can improve
1b) No
1c) No
1d) See answers to 1b and 1c -- I am not looking to open a loophole to make it possible for non-mask using species to start using them
1e) I don't know that we have said the Nuva have more precise control. But the Hordika had less for the same reason you cannot do a task that requires concentration and a delicate touch when you are in a rage.

He doesn't answer my question 2 ;_;
Hi there, Greg!
I know you are probably really busy with all the PMs that have piled up around Christmas, so feel free to shove this PM into your "I'll do that later" pile if you feel like it. :)

Now, there has recently been discussion around two topics that I have been involved in; the first regarding Hau and other masks and the second Makuta powers. So in order to clear up a bit of confusion, I figured I should ask you.

1) The Hau can block almost any physical attack the user is aware of. But can it defend against a physical attack you can't see? Say Vakama turned invisible with his Huna and struck at Tahu. If Tahu knew Vakama would try to do that, could he block the attack just by anticipating it?
2) In the same vein, can the Hau block "instant" attacks? Say, Takanuva's laser beams or more modernly: A bullet? neither of these would give the Hau wearer any time to react, but if the shield was already up...?
3) Does the Hau shield rely on reflexes if it's not up, or does it automatically activate as soon as an attack becomes apparent as long as the user is aware?
4) The shield repels even attacking beings, as seen when Onua pushes an infected Lewa away from himself with it. If the shield is up, can a person pass through it if they are calmly walking instead of violently attacking?
5) If not, can a Toa using a Mask of Intangibility or a Rahkshi with Density Control do so?

6) Can Makuta use several powers at once as long as they have the mental focus for it, or are they restricted to one at a time?
7) Are all Makuta powers the equivalent of a Level 6 Kraata/Rahkshi, or are they even stronger?
8) Does Quick Healing affect Makuta/Rahkshi armor, or does it only work on organic parts such as antidermis or a Kraata's body?
9) Must powers like Fire Resistance be consciously activated, or are they always active?
10) How does Molecular Disruption differ from Disintegration? Both are said to reduce objects to dust in an instant.
11) Can Accuracy be used in conjunction with Shadow Hand and similar powers?

Thanks for your time, Greg. I really appreciate the time you take to answer the fans. :)

1) No
2) Yes, it could
3) You have to activate the mask yourself, it doesn't come up automatically. But in combat, it is likely you would have it up more often than not.
4) No.
5) I wouldn't suggest that, as the energy of the mask might do nasty things to you
6) One at a time
7) Depends on the willpower of the individual Makuta
8) Organics only
9) They do need to be consciously activated
10) Achieving the same effect in a different way
11) No
1. Before I go into Sahmad's Tale, where most of questions lie, my first question is more of an extension of the previous PM I sent you. I'm aware that you have no idea if BStory will continue past 2011 or not. My question is, do you know what might determine whether it continues on or not?

1a. I had gotten the impression earlier that BStory's continuing might be based on traffic on the BStory site. If that is not true and I'm remembering or interpretting something wrong, disregard this question. Would reading the serials on BStory increase traffic, and thus potentially continuing the storyline, rather than reading on BS01? Again, if this is a wrong assumption in the first place... when you know what happens when assume... :P

2. On to ST. First off, spectacular chapter. I haven't been particularly excited about this serial, but this chapter has really made it interesting, particularly the fact that you brought the gold-skinned guy in. My first question for ST regards the green mist - I'm a little lost there. Was the green mist a part of what was fused to make "Goldilocks" or was it a result off it in addition to "Goldilocks"?

3. How did Mata Nui turn Metus into a snake in the first place? Was it with the Ignika or some other powers? If it was with the Ignika, does that mean Mata Nui was able to control the curses it put on people?

4. It's been established that the golden guy is not Irnakk, however there many things that he has said that make him seem like he would be Irnakk. My question is, does he have any remote relation to Irnakk?

5. Is there a chance that you (or someone else) might be able to make a rough sketch of a map of Spherus Magna (or the parts we know)? I'm having trouble keeping track of where each settlement is in relation to the others and what features of Bara Magna still exist and which were destroyed during either the reformation of Spherus Magna or the battle between Makuta and Mata Nui.

Thanks for your time Greg! I can't wait to see what comes next. :)

-Lewa Krom

1) It will most likely be decided by either the US Brand Manager or the team in Billund. While it is certainly not the most expensive site in the world to run, there is still a budget associated with it. Whether they want to continue maintaining that budget probably depends on the reasons they kept the site up in the first place.
1A) No idea. I have a lot of theories on why the site is up. In some, traffic would matter. In others, not so much, because the site might be up to continue using the BIONICLE trademarks publicly so they have legal protection.
2) It was part of what made him
3 ) It was with the Ignika, but it was not the result of its curse, because Metus never touched the mask and that is what invokes the curse. It was simply the power of the mask.
4) No, he does not
5) It may be something we have to do, but I am probably not the best person to do it as I have very little artistic ability.
Greg, I have two quick questions-

1. Is there any chance of the Bionicle novels to be released as ebooks, like for the Kindle?

2. Also, do you know when we will get the next serieal update and what it will be?


1) Doubt it. There isn't a huge market for children's e-books, from what I have been told, plus Scholastic really has no interest at all in doing anything with BIONICLE at this point.
2) I am hoping to write a chapter this weekend for TYQ, but not sure I will get to it before I leave for Denmark.
1) Just to be 100% sure, Annona and the Red Star have no connection, correct?
2) When the Great Beings say that "the Great Spirit of this planet will live on," that doesn't mean Mata Nui's spirit existed before, and they're just speaking figuratively, right?
3) According to BS01, the light-draining process for some of the Alternate Takanuvas didn't finish. When Destral was attacked, or when the MU shut down, is it possible that some of those Takanuvas have both Light and Shadow powers, since these processes could have been interrupted?
4) Did anybody go to retrieve the Alternate Takanuvas or at least their Avohkiis that were on Destral when the MU was shutting down?
5) Do the Element Lords wear additional armor, or are they 100% their element?
9) Can Makuta of Light or Umbra change their armor colors the way Takanuva can?


1) I can't answer that
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Very few people even knew they were there to go rescue
5) 100% their element
9) Yes

6-8 I sent replies to, so I didn't post them yet.
Hi, Greg.

1. What happened to Branar after the Fall of Roxtus? Did he take control of a fragment of the tribe, like Stronius did, or did he join a fragment?

2. If the answer to Question 1 is no, then did he join Stronius's tribe?

3. What happened to the Magnetic Bolt Launcher, or whatever version of it Jovan held as a Turaga, after the Great Cataclysm?

4. What was the fate of the Matoran Mazeka interrogated? I imagine since his mask was destroyed, he would have fallen into a coma, but did he ever find another mask?

5. Were the six Great Beings in The Melding Alternate Universe the only Great Beings in existence, or just the only six in that particular council?

Thanks, Greg! :D


1) Joined
2) No
3) No idea. It might well be buried in rubble somewhere
4) Not that I am aware of
5) I can't discuss the overall number of GBs there are, not allowed

Kinda disappointed Branar didn't join with Stronius, but, oh, well, another piece of trivia for BS01.

Hello, Mr. Farshtey,

I would have a few questions for you.

1)Why does Sahmad want so much to stop Annona? I mean, I know it's much for revenge, but it seems strange to me that he would risk his life to avenge people that are dead anyway.

2)Why didn't Annona consume Sahmad's, Telluris's and the other Iron Tribe survivors dreams (or why was he unable to)?

3)Will the Skakdi Fusion plot continue in Sahmad's Tale?

4)Did Annona get to Aqua Magna by teleporting or through some kind of dimensional gate?

5)This must be the upteenth time I'm asking you this, and I'm sorry about it, but when are we going to see TSO again (or know what happened to him)?

6)In terms of time (number of months) how long do you say the Bionicle storyline will go on?

7)Will the Barraki and their armies settle on SM peacefully or will they try to conquer the planet? I mean, many Toa and Glatorian have been killed in the battle against Makuta, and the Barraki seem the types that would rather conquer than go on their own way.

8)How would the Agori and the Glatorian react if any survivors from the Shattering arrived from Bota Magna? I mean, 100,000 years is a long time to be separated. Would they welcome them or would the differences that have come to form between them be too many for a reconciliation?

9)How would you respond to the idea of a Spherus Magna map being canonized by a fan (this isn't a storyline suggestion. I'd just like to know how you'd respond to such a suggestion, possibly from the Story Squad)?

Thank you,
Toa of Italy

(I've already sent this twice, but since it's been 7 days since the last time so I guess it's all right if I send it again.)

1) I think this is a, "If I have to explain it to you, you won't get it" situation. He lost people he loved, for no other reason than Annona being hungry -- someone has to pay for that.
2) Most likely because he was sated at that point, and once they were no longer in that region, they were out of his feeding range.
3) ST only has one more chapter to go, then it's finished
4) Teleporting
5) Basically, when I find the right time and place to work him in. It is most likely going to be someplace in Powers That Be.
6) No idea. I was told that the BStory site would up through the end of 2011. I don't know if they plan to keep it up after that or if it will be shut down at that point.
7) I don't think "Barraki" and "peaceful" can really be used in the same sentence :)
8) I think it depends on the differences.
9) I think you mean drawn by a fan, right? Because fans cannot canonize things, only I can.
Dear Greg,
Here are some things I had questions I wanted to ask:

1. There is a strange argument about how Takanuva died in mask of light canonically. Some say he was crushed but the avohkii survived and he was later revived (in the movie) and some say he got out of the doorway in time after defusing (in book), which way is the canon way?

2. The Melding Makuta can use telekinesis (as shown by alternate Gorast), so there exist rahkshi of telekinesis there too right?

3. How long would it take Marendar to take out all the toa if he fought all 56 of them at once?


1) If he wasn't crushed by the doorway, then why would he have died at all? What would have killed him?
2) It's possible
3) No idea. I have no plans for a 56 Toa to one battle, so I am not worrying about this.

1. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I was asking how the end of MoL really happened, did he die and get revived by symbols like the movie or did he get away in time like in the book.
4. The Ignika can move around by flying, correct? Or is it levitation?
5. Does MN know the curse he put on Metus wasn't permanent?

Thanks again

1) I consider the movie to be more canon, because the book is based on an earlier version of the movie script than what was filmed.
4) In BIONICLE, levitation only lets you go up or down.
5) Unknown at present.

Alright, so the Ignika can fly, and it seems the movie version is the canon one.
Now, you've stated that the curse MN gave Metus wore off. Does this mean that all things done by the Ignika eventually wear off? Or is it just Mata Nui's lack of experience?

Thanks in advance!

Why are you assuming Mata Nui had no role in its ending?

Interesting... So it may be that Mata Nui deliberately changed Metus back.

Hello Mr.Farshtey!
1. Who is older Tuma or Stronius
2. Are all the Element Lords male
3. Were the Mistika Makuta`s armor the same color before they were mutated

1) Tuma probably
2) Not something that has been determined
3) Yes
Dear Greg,
I have a few questions I'd like to ask:

1. When makuta shrink, does the mass get transferred to the same dimension or to various dimensions?
1a. If it is all to the same dimension, can one makuta access all the stored mass at a given time there?
2. Was Kardas evacuated from the MU yet?


1) Most likely all to the same dimension
1a) Only their own mass that has been shunted there, not those of others
2) Yes
This question is in two parts. Firstly, BSO1 says that Av-Matoran can use the bit of light power they possess to change the way people perceive their coloring. So 1) Do Toa of light have the same power? and 2) If they do, can either they or the Matoran use it to make themselves invisible by changing their color to whatever is behind them?


1) They could, yes, with the proper training
2) If they had a single solid color behind them, yes. If they had multiple colors behind them, it would be much harder if not impossible.
Hello Greg, I'd like getting answers to some questions.

1. I've heard the Great Beings only make universes with domes. I want writing a story about another universe created by them. So, must it be another great robot?

2. Did Umbra go out of the MU, and if he didn't, how will he survive?

3. Makuta is dead since about one month I think. The Toa are searching the Great Beings or Karzahni's murderer, or they protect the Matoran and Agori, but no one cares about Lewa Nuva. Will he die? I hope no. Will Gelu and the three Toa find him (and the others, including a Great Being) to Bota Magna?

4. Will The Shadowed One reappear in a serial someday? He's one of my favorite villains.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

1) I'm not sure where you got that from, we have never really discussed what else the GBs might have made before or since Mata Nui.
2) Yes, he did
3) Very few people other than the team he was with know he is even missing, which is why no one is expressing concern about him.
4) Yes

1) are vorox/zesk's tails organic, mechanical, or biomech?

2) when the GBs gave the vorox/zesk their tails, did they graft them to them, or are they removable?

3) by any chance, did the GBs modify the vorox/zesk's genetics so that future generations would be born with tails?

3b) if no, does that mean that there are young vorox/zesk on SM without tails?

4) vorox and zesk have large clawed feet. Are these traits seen in agori/glatorian as well (just shoved into armored boots) or do vorox/zesk's feet differ from normal agori/galtorian?

5) in The Exile's Tale, vorox are shown to have huge, sharp teeth. Is this canon, or artistic liscence?

6) are MUian's brains orgainc, biomech, or mechanical?

7) are MUian's eyes orgainc, biomech, or mechanical?

8) if a femal skrall has a male child, what do they do with it?

9) what sort of physical diffrences are there between an agori and a bone hunter? (aside from the eyelids)

1) Probably biomechanical
2) They are not removable
3) Unknown, but if they are biomech, how do you have someone give birth to a mechanical part?
4) They differ
5) Artistic license
6) Unknown, has never been revealed
7) Mechanical
8) Return it to the males
9) That's the only one I have noted up to now
Dear Mr. GregF,
I was wondering about these questions, so I thought I'd ask them:

1. Is Keetongu's ability to cure Hordika venom due to his rhotuke spinner or is it just another of his powers?
2. Is there a scientific reason about how the Ignika can make itself fly?
3. When Mutran told Vamprah he could shapeshift him into a frost beetle and lock him in that form, was he just threatening Vamprah or could he actually do that?


1) Your Rhotuka power comes from inside of you, it's not just a weapon anyone can use
2) We don't get into scientific reasons for things in BIONICLE, generally, since Earth science does not apply here
3) He most likely could have done that
1) Was Metus' transformation meant by Mata Nui to be temporary, or did Metus revert back to his normal state because the Ignika went dormant?

1) Hasn't been revealed yet.

2) How long has it been in BIONICLE time since Teridax was killed? A few weeks would be my best guess.

2) Yes, I would say a month or so.

3) Has everyone been evacuated from the MU, or have some (like the Zyglak) refused to migrate?

3) There are hold-outs, primarily beings able to survive without heat or light.

4) Has a Dark Hunter (maybe Phantom) alerted anyone to the fact that Varian is in stasis?

4) Why would he? Why would a DH care about one Toa more or less?

5) I noticed that the Shadowed One doesn't call the Piraka, Lariska, Sentrakh, Nidhiki or Krekka by codenames. Of course, the real reason is because you just didn't give them any, but could the in-story reason be that he calls his most useful Hunters by their real names as sort of a reward for completing the most important tasks in the Dark Hunter's history?

5) No, I see no reason to complicate matters with an extended solution like that. For one thing, it would imply that all the ones who have nicknames have never done anything that important. And certainly Ancient would have done important things.

6) If that doesn't really work out, could perhaps the Piraka's codenames be their promotional names in the advertisements? Beast (Vezok), Bully (Hakann), Trigger (Avak), Snake (Zaktan), Tracer (Reidak), and Drifter (Thok) are the names.

6) Oh, please, no. I hated those names.

Hi Greg

Are you still forced to treat the exact nature of the Great Beings as secret?

Thanks for answering,

Yes. Nothing has changed on that score.

Comment: I suppose that is a good thing... it may (or may not) mean LEGO hasn't given up on a re-launch of BIONICLE with the GBs as focus.

New question: How is The Yesterday Quest 3 coming along?
I must say I am concerned that our current BIONICLE serials won't be finished by the end of the year, which - as I understand it - still is the deadline for BIONICLEstory.com. I understand that you're busy with new work, your family and life in general, and I also understand that you probably get tons of PMs like this one, but I beg you: please try to write at least two chapters a month... you know, although some degree of inactivity has spread over BZP, there are still quite a few active members here and elsewhere that love the story like they did before the cancellation and who are sad to see everything decline. I beg you, because I know you know BIONICLE's potential better than anyone and would be just as ashamed as we are to see it go down like this. And there is still so much to tell, so much you could write about - the secrets of Bota Magna and the Red Star, open story threads that reach as far back as 2008... there is still potential for epicness in this epic saga. Please, don't let it go to waste.

Thank you for all you've written and will write!


1) Almost done with part 3
2) Let me worry about that.

5. Do Fe-Matoran have preferred environments?
6. Is it safe to assume that Matoran of The Green like to live in forests/jungles?

5) Yes, near where metal can be mined
6) Yes
First: AMAZING job on Yesterday Quest 3; I was not expecting that, and I am currently trying to not bounce around the room repeatedly. Also, nice idea for the contest. Now, onto questions:

1. Are any of the Shadow Takanuva still alive? If so, how many?

2. Are Sahmad's Tale, The Yesterday Quest, and Powers That Be planned to be the final Bionicle serials?


~Agent i~

1) Probably, not sure how many
2) No. It's only the first week of February, the site is up at least through the end of the year. And ST, just as an example, only has one more chapter to run.

Wonder how many Shadow Takanuvas are left....

~Agent i~
Hello, Greg. I would like to ask you a few questions about the GB in disguise.

1) I am confused about one thing - is this being being controlled by a GB remotely or is he/she the GB himself/herself?
2a)How much do Orde know about this being (e.g. gender, physical appearance etc.)?
2b)How did Orde know about this being - via Kabrua's mind, or he had known about this being beforehand?

1) No, it is not about being controlled remotely. The GB put his consciousness into one of the MU beings at the time of its creation, so it was never who it appeared to be.
2a) He doesn't know any of that, he wasn't able to get that information in time
2b) Kabrua's mind. If Orde had known before, he wouldn't have been so shocked.

So Orde had no idea who it is... interesting.
about the hidden GB: when talking about the BG, Orde said "him"

is this a generic term, or did he gleam from kabura that the GB is male?

The GB is male
1. Helryx was created by the Great Beings in Artakha and was there when she watched the Toa Mata being created why wasn't she killed to keep the island's location a secret?

2. How did Helryx see Artakha create the Toa Mata if she never seen him before?

1) Because although she was there, she did not know its actual location. It was the equivalent of being taken to and from someplace blindfolded.
2) We never said she saw Artakha the individual, only that she had seen the Toa Mata created.

Hello Greg,

I would like to ask you something about the disguised Great Being contest:

-The character that serves as the GB's cover was created by you with the intention of being a Great Being from the very beggining, or rather you choosed a certain already existing character to be the GB?

I'll understand if you can't answer it.

Thank you for your time.

Many BIONICLE characters were not created by me -- in fact, the vast majorty weren't created by me -- but the idea of one being a GB was mine. So the answer is the latter.

I'm not sure this could be useful or not for the contest. Depending on who is the Great Being, it may look a bit forced and unnatural.