11. You recently confirmed that a 2006 promotional set could be considered Turaga Lhikan. Several people on BZP and BS01 support this clarification, since the set does strongly resemble Turaga Lhikan. Others, however, object, on the basis that you repeatedly denied this in years past. Keeping this in mind, what is your final answer? Is the set Turaga Lhikan, or is it non-canon? (I hate to be a bother, but some people just demand a clear yes/no clarification.)


22. If the Shadow Takanuva wear Kanohi Avohkii, but not "true" Kanohi Avohkii that promote peace and light, then what powers do their masks have? Are they comparable to the Kanohi Kraahkan? Or am I grossly misinterpreting your answer?

Artakhafan wrote:

1That's correct. I share this only because I do not want credit I do not deserve. There are still people out there who think I created BIONICLE or I created Ninjago, and neither one is true. And those myths rob credit from the people who did the hard work to create those lines. So if people love BIONICLE 2015, as I hope they will, I don't want them coming and patting me on the back, because I didn't do the hard work to bring it to life.


3I'd like to say that's a very honest post, you just gained some more respect from me at least*


4Can you name who is currently on the 2015 BIONICLE story team?


5Also, not asking for details you can't disclose, do you personally feel that they included old BIONICLE references and/or nods that older fans will appreciate but not hinder new fans enjoyment of the story? Be a continuation, reboot, or whatever else there is it could be


6*so very meaningful, I know, having the respect of a random internet person. But still, I mean it

71) No, I don't have that information

82) That is the sort of thing more likely to come out  in the execution phase than the concept phase.

invader__zim wrote:

1In Bionicle 2015, will there be be any retcons on terminology (I.E. Toa, Matoran, Kanohi, and the names of the iconic Kanohi)?

2As I have said, I cannot release BIONICLE 2015 info before the BIONICLE team does. So you will need to wait and see.

fighterlord wrote:
fighterlord wrote:
fighterlord wrote:
PointlessQuestions wrote:

11. Wait, hold the phone. Greg, did you just confirm that Axonn, Brutaka, Helryx, Miserix, Tuyet, Vezon, Hafu, Kapura, and Artakha escaped the Great Being's fortress before Velika could blow it up?


22. Did the cursed Great Being also escape? Was he freed by the beings taken from the Core Processor?

3This got buried--Curses!

4Buried again....Sad

5Buried for third time, darn.

61) Well, I wasn't going to kill all those characters at once.

72) Not to the heroes' knowledge,  but he did.

Boidoh wrote:

1I just found out that Xia is extremely industrialized. I've seen the picture with those sky-scrapers, I was amazed. So I bring questions forth to you.


21. Did the buildings have advanced technologies? Like did they have computers, air conditioning, televisions, radio, ect.?


32. Were any Turaga on Xia?


43. If yes, what were their roles?


54. On Xia, it was said that they have their own resident Toa team that defended the island from Pirates and such. Did this toa team consist of 6 members, like a regular toa team, with each toa being of one of the primary elements? Or did this team consist of Toa of secondary elements, such as gravity, iron, sonics, psionics, lightning, plasma, the Green?


65. Were there any people that campaigned to 'go green' and stop the pollution on Xia?


76. Couldn't a Toa of Air, alongside a Toa of the Green easily clean up the pollution there? Why didn't they just find a couple Toa of those two elements and clean up the pollution?


87. Were there any secret Toa Canister locations on Xia?


98. Does Xia have a power plant? Would Toa of Lightning help in this?


109. How do they get their electricity? Do they at all? 


1110. Do they have telephones here?


121) We really haven't seen much of that kind of tech elsewhere in the MU, so I would say no.

132) No


144) Unknown, since we never wrote about them


155) No.


166) Well, they obviously did not do that.


177) No

188) You wouldn't need a Toa of Lightning for that, anymore than you did on Metru Nui


199) It's the inside of a machine. Getting electricity isn't really a problem.


2010) No

Boidoh wrote:


11. Would a Toa of Earth/Stone be able to control impure metals? Metals that have traces of Earth in them. Is it possible at all, with enough practice and dedication they could do this?


22. Why wouldn't Toa of Earth and Stone be able to control Magma and Lava, respectively? Unless, 'real life physics dont apply'

3Magma - hot fluid or semifluid material below or within the earth's crust from which lava and other igneous rock is formed by cooling; is a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids that is found beneath the surface of the Earth

4Lava - hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this.


5I think it makes a TON of sense if they would both be able to control them. It would make sense if Toa of Earth could control MAGMA, as according to the definition, is a mix of molten and semi-molten rock, beneath the surface of the Earth. Toa of Earth have a strong tie to underground so this would make sense. Also, Toa of Stone could control the solid rock resulting from the cooling of Lava. Which would also make sense. 



61) No

72) Does Kopaka control water? After all, that is just melted ice. It has never been stated in any story bible that Pohatu or Onua can control volcanic magma, and  I am not doing that big of a retcon this long after the fact.

trex1701 wrote:

1Got it, One last question that I need to ask though. Why does Invasion from Below have nothing to do with BA and Breakout?

2I am not on the Hero Factory story team, so I cannot speak to this.

dav9390 wrote:



2About how long did it take for Jaller's team to leave Metru Nui, become Toa, fight the battles on Voya Nui and Mahri Nui and then come home again? 



4Not that long. I don't recall how much time we gave Mata Nui to live at the time they left. 

Boidoh wrote:

1Can Skakdi wear Kanohi? After all, Vezon used the Olmak.

2Vezon was created by the Mask of Fusion though, he wasn't a normal Skakdi. Answer's no. Skakdi are way too undisciplined mentally to use Kanohi.


11. speaking of blizzards, how do they get the winds going? since they can't control the air, perhaps they just whip the snow around really fast to cause wind?


2"they obvioiusly can make things cold". going along with number 4, how can they do this? since they control frozen water, not any form of heat, and making stuff cold is just removing heat.


3also, would it be reasonable to say that an ice toa couldn't make something cold if it wasn't made of ice?


43. i feel like most people (even kids) know that lava/magma is melted rock.


5another question about water toa: we've seen them controlling the moisture in the air... they can manipulate both liquid water and steam/water vapor, yes? just not solid water, b/c that's for ice toa, right?


6also, (sorry) we've seen toa of iron manipulate the metal parts of another person's body. could a toa of water do this as well, manipulating the fluids in one's body? (considering SM inhabitants are totally organic, and MU people have organic components.)

71) The magic of CGI

82) They can do it becuase that is how the character was designed from Day 1. I did  not create their powers.


93) Right. But nowhere in any story bible does it say Pohatu can do this, so he's not doing it. For Pohatu, in particular, controlling magma would make no sense -- if he could control magma, why did he need to use his Mask of Speed to dig a trench to collect magma, as he did in a 2001 comic?


104) Right


115) I would say no, not unless that fluid was water. There is no evidence that Toa of Water can manipulate other liquids.


14. You once said to me that the Fikou are currently migrating to an area similar to the locations they have already adapted to. Now I was trying to find out where the GSR crashed on BM, some told me the Black Spike Mountains and some said near Aqua Magna's destination point. Well, it would have to be a distance of 40 million feet. So, this is kinda two questions in itself...


24a) Around where did the GSR crash land upon defeat?


34b) At one point, you agreed that the orange Fikou have adapted to jungle regions, the black ones have adapted to underground regions, blue Fikou have adapted to water regions, red ones have adapted to fiery regions, brown Fikou have adapted to stone regions, and white Fikou have adapted to frozen, ice type regions. Would the black Fikou be adapted to underground, and rocky regions, while the brown/tan Fikou, rather desert regions?


44c) I would assume, if you think that brown/tan Fikou have adapted to the desert, that they would be safe in their migration, since they are sourounded all by the desert. So would you say that their migration is succesfully completed?


54d) How far would the black, red, blue, orange and white Fikou have to travel for them to reach their destined area?


64e) You say that some have perished during their migration, were they killed off by the creatures of Spherus Magna, or could they just not handle the terrain during the migration?


75. Since the cursed great being is currently on one of the floors on the fortress, would there be any sophisticated technology on other floors of the fortress?


86. Why didn't the fortress itself become alive? Or did it and I just didn't know?

91) Why would they? It wasn't  industrialized before.

102) No


113) It's stone


124a) I don't know. I don't think we ever specified.

134b) Yes

144c) Yes

154d) I don't know. I don't have a map of SM with miles listed

164e) The former


175) Not that I am aware of.


186) Because it would have complicated the story


Boidoh wrote:

11.Can a Toa of Water manipulate the blood of Spherus Magna beings.


22. What is 'plasma'? In BIONICLE terms?


33. What Kanohi is Lhikan wearing right now? If you don't want to say, can you atleast confirm he is wearing one? I need to know for MOCing purposes on Gold Good Guy.

41) No

52) Superheated  gas

63) He died as a Turaga. He would be reborn as a Turaga with a Noble Hau

Boidoh wrote:

1Was the Mask of Mutation made from Reconstitute at Random Kanoka?

2Not solely, no

curtischeung wrote:1Hey greg2Where is the six matoran in metru nui gone(who find the great disc,why they disappear)where they go?

3They are on Spherus Magna with everyone else.

SurfBoy2014 wrote:

1greg, do you have input on what the story is about for bionicle 2015? Thanks