1But how did they know that Botar was good? He could've very well been an ally of the Barraki, coming to save them just as Makuta did with Roodaka at the end of WoS. You know that the dog-catcher is helping the community, but if you beat a guy who has been destroying your house and harming your relatives, and some big, powerful looking being comes and takes him to who-knows-where, what would you think? I would question the beings motives, and just why he took my enemy away. Wouldn't you? 2Khote

3Well, if Botar was really trying to save the Barraki, why would he do that after they were defeated? I think the BoM should understand that.
1And to add to that, I beleive that the BOM didn't care where the Barraki were being taken, or who was taking them away, just as long as they were gone, the BOM was okay with it.
1A few questions for you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year while I'm at it.
21)Among the four known 'factions' (OoMN, BoM, Barraki and DH), which one would be considered the most powerful?
32)Who placed the six Exo-Toa armor in the Bohrok hive? Would it be the BoM, the original creators of the Exo-Toa or another entity or group entirely?
43)Since Tahtorak and Krahka has returned, would they be playing any roles whatsoever in the upcoming storyline?
54)Will the Inika undergo any alterations, transformations, etc. next year?
6Thanks in advance.

71) At this point, it would be down to the OOMN or the BOM. The Barraki no longer have much in the way of power, not like they did 80,000 years ago, and the DH, while a threat, are not a BOM-level threat.
82) The BOM were the original creators of the Exo-Toa -- they were built under the BOM's orders -- so it was them.
93) No plans for that at the moment, but Krahka might return in 2008 if I can work her in.
104) I cannot discuss Toa plans, as it is too soon.

1Here's another one:
21) Is the Ignika Mask of Life constrained to curse all who touch it? (In Bionicle Legends #5, Kongu learns that the Ignika would have "withdrawn its curse" if it could and allowed Vezon to take his chances in battle.) 31a) Is the "curse all who touch me" thing part of the Ignika's design, or of its personality, or something else?
41) All who touch it who are not destined to do so, yes. It's sort of like a defense mechanism. The Ignika is extremely powerful but has a very basic, almost naive view of life -- like an organism that just came into being. Sometimes it sees its "curse" as doing something to help someone -- by giving him a power connected to life -- but it never works out well

5jetslandingboard :silver:
1I should have posted this stuff sooner, but most of it involved BL5 spoilers, and I forgot when they were allowed. Here are some questions I asked.
2NOTE: I have made my questions and Greg's answers different colors. Red=Me and Blue=Greg. Text in red that appears next to Greg's answers are my comments on the answers.

31. Several different sources have different descriptions of the Bahrag's prison. What is the official description (ie. was it identical to Makuta's prison)? 42. Several different sources tell us different ways of how the Toa Mata recieved their golden Kanohi. Two on the VNOLG tell us that they recieved their Kanohi at their own Suvas and at Kini Nui, respectively. The third one, BC#1 says that they recieved them at Kini Nui by placing their Kanohi on statues of their faces. Which of these is canon? 53. What parts of the MNOLG are not canon? 64A. I've read on Wikipedia that the VNOLG Rahi (Gafna, Burnak, Lava Ape) and the mobile Nektann are canon. Is this true? 74B. If so, is anything else in VNOLG canon? 85A. Whatever happened to Dezalk? 95B. Can you give us any information on what he looked like? 106A. Now that Vezon and Fenrakk/Kardas are no longer fused, what happened to Vezon? 116B. What happened to Fenrakk/Kardas? 127A. Will we ever find out details on how Dume woke up from his sleep? 137B. I've heard of something called "Dume's Rescue." What's the meaning of this? 148. I already know that Metru Nui, Mata Nui, Voya Nui, Xia, and Zakaz will be in the Atlas? Which other islands will be in it? 159. Are the Toa Mahri the same as the Toa Inika? 1610. Can you provide us some information on the times when events of the DH Guide took place (ie. exactly when Zakaz was reduced to ruins because of Reidak)? 1711. What happened to Krahka and Tahtorak, now that they've escaped? 1812A. What happened to Umbra after his fight with the Toa Inika? 1912B. What will he do now that the Ignika is gone? 2013. Can you provide us any information on the Toa of the "Green" (ie. its gender, weapons, official element name)? 2114. I'm still confused on whether Keetongu is the name of the species or the individual. Which is it? 2215. Why are there only four box sets this year? 2316A. In "Legends of Metru Nui," they show the chutes being made of liquid protodermis. Is this true? 2416B. If so, how do they survive in the chutes long enough to arrive at wherever they are going? 2517. According the S&T contest short stories, Keetongu was still on Metru Nui 500 years after the Great Rescue. When did he leave? 2618. Who is Sarda? 2719. When exactly did Mahri Nui sink beneath the waves? 2820. Some pictures show the penninsulas of Voya Nui facing north, but VNOLG shows them facing west. Which direction are they really facing?

291) No. Makuta's prison was more a solid sphere, the Bahrag's cage had bars. 302) Books always take precedence over online games. Books are approved by the story team, MNOG was not. 313) I had no involvement with the game and have not played it in five years, so really don't remember it at all. 324a) Yes (Wikipedia is right, for once) 334b) Again, had no involvement with the game, so am not familiar with most of it. It was planned from the beginning that the game would not be official storyline, so I didn't concern myself with it that much. 345a) Dezalk was freed along with the rest of the Matoran. (I KNEW it:)
355b) As for what he looked like, I don't think visually, I think in words, so when I create a character like that I don't picture how he looks. I leave that to MOCers. (Interesting...) 366) Kardas went to the surface of the island and fought Tahtorak, and where Vezon went to is unknown 377) Dume's pod malfunctioned and he was able to escape. He chose to remain on Metru Nui rather than go to Mata Nui with the others 388) The full list is Artakha, Karzahni, Mata Nui, Metru Nui, Mahri Nui, Voya Nui, Odina, Daxia, Zakaz, Destral, Xia 399) I cannot discuss the Toa Mahri, as they are not in the story until next summer 4010) Nope 4111) Tahtorak is still on Voya Nui, Krahka turned into a flying Rahi and left the island 4212) Nothing. Umbra has been there when the mask has been taken away before, and he will remain there for when it is brought back. 4313) Male. Other than that, no info exists. 4414) I believe it was intended to be a proper name, not a species name, but since only one specimen still exists in the universe, the point is kind of moot 4515) You mean the small sets? (Yes) Because we don't make as much of a profit off the little sets, so we chose to do less. 4616) The LP is held in place by a magnetic field. You move at high speed through them and you have to hold your breath. 4717) Keetongu comes and goes, same as the Rahaga do. 4818) 2007 Matoran 4919) A few centuries ago 5020) I wouldn't worry about what VNOG shows.

51Here's another one...

521. You said on my last PM that after Kardas and Vezon de-fused, Kardas went to the surface and fought Tahtorak. I haven't read much of BL5 after Vezon is defeated. Is the Kardas-Tahtorak fight mentioned in the book? Does it mention that Krahka flew away? 532. Since Antidermis is Makuta's virus form, does that mean that the sickness in the Comet balls in MNOG was also Antidermis? 543a. When did Ahkmou rejoin the Po-Matoran after he arrived on Mata Nui? 553b. Were there any other schemes that Ahkmou carried out for Makuta besides the infected Comet balls? 563c. Did the Turaga ever realize that his pod was the one that was missing? 574. I'm just curious, since Burnak from VNOG are canon, what kind of animal are they supposed to be? Wikipedia says that it's hard to tell if they're feline, canine, or something else. 585. I have read in BL5 that the Matoran of Voya Nui offered to forge a new Air Katana for Lewa. Did they? 596. Since we know the Toa Nuva will still be around, because they must awaken Mata Nui, will we see them at all next year? 607. Are the Matoran leaders from the Great Disruption still alive? 618. Since the canon says that Krakua's Suletu is shaped like Kongu's but not organic, does that mean that Krakua's is symetrical without the scaley half? 629. What are the dimensions for Metru Nui, Mata Nui, and Voya Nui? 6310. Was Voya Nui on the coast of the Mainland, or was it further inland? 6411. You also said that when you ride in a chute, you have to hold your breath. How do Matoran hold their breath that long, especially if they are not Ga-Matoran?

651) No and no. All you see is Krahka and Tahtorak emerge in the Piraka stronghold. (DARN IT:::) 662) The corruption comes from Makuta's power, so it is related to it. 673a) As soon as he got back there. 683b) Not that I am aware of 693c) They would have noticed when they awoke the Matoran on the beach and he wasn't there 704) I had nothing to do with the online game so couldn't say 715) Yes (I KNEW it: Lewa DID get a new Air Katana:) 726) I can't discuss future storyline plans 737) It's possible 748) Depends on if you think the scaly half is a result of it being organic or not 759) No official dimensions for Voya Nui exist. The other two do, but I don't have time right now to dig them up. I suggest you post a topic on this, as the info is in the Encyclopedia so a member would have it. 7610) Further inland 7711) Well, when you move in a chute, you are moving really fast, so you don't have to hold it for that long. (Wow. That explains a few things about the chutes)

78...and another one (by the way, I sent the following PM before anyone ever mentioned the Tahtorak-Kardas fight in the Official Greg Discussion)...

791a. I keep getting confused on this whole Tahtorak-Kardas fight. I've checked the Official Greg Discussion Topic and no one has mentioned it. I figured it was a BL5 spoiler, but you told me earlier that this fight is not in BL5, and I have seen other members mentioning stuff about Brutaka being banished to the Pit, and the Inika traveling to Mahri Nui. Am I the only BZP member who knows about the Tahtorak-Kardas fight right now (I'm guessing maybe not)? 801b. Will we ever find more about the fight (web story, maybe)? 812. I've heard of a Kanohi Tyrna and a Mask of Kindred. What are they? 823. Since Brutaka has been banished to the Pit, has Botar taken his mask away so he cannot warp himself out? 834. Will we ever find out who built Kini-Nui before the Toa Metru arrived? 845. Will we ever find out when Kazi met Axonn? I've read the S&T Contest short stories, and since they are canon, it has established that Kazi met Axonn after the events of the stories, because Axonn saved Kazi from a hurricane 500 years ago, but Kazi never actually saw him. 856. The Mata Nui short story in the same contest uses the names of some Matoran from MNOG2, but since you said those names were not legally approved, that means that the names of all the characters in that short story except for Macku and Nokama are not canon. Will the MNOG2 Matoran ever recieve legally approved names or is it relevant to the story? I understand if it isn't, but I bet many fans are curious about this. 867. You have said that the Order of Mata Nui may have had something to do with the Kanohi Nuva. Will we find out if it's true? 878. I'm confused about the shape of Mahri Nui. Wikipedia says that Mahri Nui formed when lava from Mt. Valamai accumulated in the bay, giving Voya Nui an oval shape, but pictures of Voya Nui only show Mahri Nui as a small irregular shaped land mass beneath the water, and if this were on the surface, Voya Nui would still be crescent shaped. If Wikipedia is right, why do we only see a small part of Mahri Nui in pictures of Voya Nui?

881a) No, you're not, but it hasn't happened yet, so there's nothing for anyone to talk about. (Awww, I wanted to be the first to know: :( ) 891b) I don't know yet 902) 2007 masks 913) No 924) Probably, yes 935) I don't plan to go into that, no, it's really not relevant to the story I'm telling (I see...) 946) It costs about $10,000 apiece to get a name approved through legal, so doing that for characters from a four year old online game wouldn't make much sense to the company (Like I said, I understand that.) 957) Can't answer it 968) You don't see anything of Mahri Nui in pictures of Voya Nui. Wikipedia is wrong, as it usually is. Mahri Nui is below and to the south of Voya Nui and is completely submerged, so none of it would be visible in pics of Voya Nui

97...and another...

98IPB Image
991. You said that Mahri Nui is south of Voya Nui and is not visible above the water, but I've seen maps in Lego Magazine that said Mahri Nui is between the two peninsulas. If you look carefully between the peninsulas in this image, you can see something below the water, but if this "lost land" is not Mahri Nui, then what is it? 1002. Does Vezon have any of Vezok's memories? 1013. Could you give me the pronunciations for the names of the Piraka (including Vezon and Irnakk) and Voya Nui Matoran (I don't need the pronunciations for the Barakki, since I found the topic where they were posted.)? 1024. Is there a storyline reason for why Vezon is gray instead of blue like Vezok, has a cape, and a different body shape (I already know why he has no spine or sanity.)? 1035. Is there a storyline reason for why the Zamor spheres used by the Toa Inika are different colors, even though they are supposed to contain EP, which should be silver? 1046. On the map of the underground domes in the Geography Topic, which islands were in the two domes labeled "Unknown"? On the other map, Voya Nui appears to be above one of those two domes. Is that the dome that the original Pit was in? (They changed the pictures, so I can't provide a map of what I mean.)

1051) Artistic license, I would assume. What Mahri Nui was going to look like had not yet been decided when that piece of art was done. 1062) Yes 1073) Ay-vack, Hah-kan, Zack-tan, Ray-dack, Thock, Vay-zock (I prounce it Vee-zock, because the commercial for Vezon and Fenrakk prounced it as vee-zon), Gah-ran, Dah-loo, Ball-tah, Pry-dack (He meant to say Pir-ook or something like that), Veh-lee-kah, Kah-zee 1084) Basically, the same reason -- because he is not an intact being, he is half a being. 1095) Nope 1106) We have never done a map like that. They have been done by fans and so are not official. (What? I thought they were. I guess it has to be patented or approved by the story team or something before it's really official.)

111...and yet another. (I had trouble making the questions red on this one)

1121. One of the 2004 comics takes place right before the Ko-Metru scene in LoMN. In that comic, we can clearly see both Vakama and Matau flying with Nokama out of an airship. In the next issue, we see Matau flying while fighting Tahtorak. By the time the three of them fall out of the chute in Ko-Metru, Matau flies to saftey, yet it seems as though he has never done that before in his life, as he clearly exclaims "Look at me: I can wind-fly:" before crashing into a poster of Turaga Dume. When he is on the ground, he talks to Nokama, saying "Check out these wings." If Matau has flown before falling out of the chute, it makes no sense that he would exclaim that he could fly shortly after he has already done so. What's the deal? Was this a mistake of the filmmakers? 1132. What are Lhikan's, Dume's, Axonn's, Umbra's, and Takanuva's personalities?

1141) The movie makers had to focus on the Toa discovering their powers. They could not work on the assumption that people who saw the movie would have read the comics, because only a small percentage of the BIONICLE fans out there are also LEGO Club members. So being consistent with the comics was not a worry of theirs. 1152) I really don't have time to give this long of an answer, as I am off on holiday break. I would suggest reading the comics/books and seeing the movies these characters appeared in for that answer.


1First off, happy 2007, Now questions:
21) Will the Inika recieve new masks next year? 31) Yes
42) Will the Inika change their team name for any reason(not necasarilly this year, but also in 2008) 52) I can't discuss this
63) If the above questions are yes, and you did not work on the storyline, would you say that it is possible for the Inika to be the Mahri? 73) I can't discuss this either, as the Mahri are not out until next summer so no one needs this info yet

84) In the barraki quotes you gave us bzpower members, is the toa of water or ice the toa from the first toa team? 94) No

10hmm the toa of water and toa of ice are the mahri or inika
Zev Senesca

1Here's another one...

23b. Were there any other schemes that Ahkmou carried out for Makuta besides the infected Comet balls?

33b) Not that I am aware of

4Actually, he tried to sell lucky Ghekula, though I don't see how it's related to Makuta.

55. Will we ever find out when Kazi met Axonn? I've read the S&T Contest short stories, and since they are canon, it has established that Kazi met Axonn after the events of the stories, because Axonn saved Kazi from a hurricane 500 years ago, but Kazi never actually saw him.

65) I don't plan to go into that, no, it's really not relevant to the story I'm telling (I see...)

7But if he met Axonn after the stories, then how did he know Axonn's name? in BL3, Balta and Kazi startle each other when they both say Axonn's name.
1I'm not sure what you mean. I think that if he met him after the stories, Axonn certainly would have told him his name. And you are right about the "lucky Ghekulas," but that wasn't one of Makuta's schemes.
2By the way, I noticed that it shows all those things in your post and in mine. If it does that, then I'm never using colored fonts in my quotes again...

3- :z: :e: :v:
1I got some stuff from Greg:
2Hi, Mr. Farshety. I have some questions.
31. Who do you think will win the Tahtorak/Kardas battle, or can't you tell me?
42. Does the Tahtorak/Kardas battle have any real storyline importance?
53. Do you know the characters for 2008?
6Thanks in advance for whatever you can give me.

81) I don't know yet 92) Not really, no 103) Only a very small number of them. New character designs for 2008 are still underway, so there are a LOT of '08 sets I have not seen yet

11There you go.
1Hey Greg hope ya had a good New Years. Anyway since it's officially 2007 I was wondering if you could answer some questions
21. If Mata Nui made the Barraki he obviously made them due to special circumstances. Could you tell me what those circumstances are? Like was there some kind of war or crisis?
32. Do the Barraki despise Mata Nui?
43. Would Mata Nui have made the Barraki if he knew how they would have turned?
54. Are the Barraki's armies that they were forced to leave behind, disbanded or are they waiting for their return?
65. Has the 07 story started yet?

71) No. The Barraki were simply seen by Mata Nui as a potentially efficient means of keeping order in the universe. 82) I wouldn't say that, no. It's not a personal issue with them as it is with Makuta, it's more a, "He has power, let's see if we're strong enough to take it from him." 93) Probably not. 104) Disbanded. They would never have been allowed to remain intact. 115) Starts when the January comic goes up on BIONICLE.com later this month and/or the first book comes out

12Sweet i'll be looking forward to it. Anyway I had a few more questions.
131. What is Nocturn doing? I mean why is he hanging out with the Barraki? Does he want the mask of life? Are the Barraki offering him something?
142. What is Vatuka? I heard it was something Makuta made but I never could find any details on it.
153. Is the Mask of life upset about it's current situation. You know being stuck underwater, in the clutches of a fist full of villians and being cut off from it's guardians(The Inika).
164. Are the Barriki upset that Brutaka seems to be trying to boss them around? Or is it more likly that the Barraki are just getting Brutaka to handle little problems(300ft long problems) for them?

171) Nocturn is stuck in the Pit, the same as they are. That gives you two choices -- go off on your own and try to survive, or stick with other, powerful beings who can help you to survive in return for your services.
182) Vatuka was a stone creature in one of the original online games
193) Well, it went underwater on purpose, and at this point it's not in anyone's clutches yet.
204) The Brutaka-Barraki issue gets resolved in Book 6.

22These answers are sweet.
Summoner of Great Darkness

12. What is Vatuka? I heard it was something Makuta made but I never could find any details on it.
22) Vatuka was a stone creature in one of the original online games

3These answers are sweet.

4The Vatuka only ever appeared in the 2001 GBA game Tales of the Tohunga. It kidnapped Turaga Whenua, and Takua arrived to defeat it. There's a little more info on it in the encyc and the Rahi guide.
1Hello Mr. Farshtey: I have some questions.
21) Did the Suletu Kongu has belong to a member of Lhikan's team? It was found on the outskirts of Metru Nui.
32) Were the members of Lhikan's team all "original" elements? Fire, earth, water etc.
43) Was the Toa in suspended animation in TSO's chamber from the Toa fortress Lhikan was stationed at (and therefore his source of info on the Makoki Stone)?
54) Does TSO regret selling the Makoki Stone now that he is at war?
65) If the Barraki got the Spear of Fusion, could they become air and water-breathers by fusing themselves to something that breathes air?
76) Why didn't TSO let Lariska kill Hakann?
87) In BL1, Vezok remembers training under Nidhiki so, two questions: If Vezok is the veteran DH and Nidhiki's a newly arrived trainer, why is Nidhiki teaching Vezok? and Why would Vezok even listen to Nidhiki? He hates Nidhiki due to their one-sided confrontation in Dume's throne room.
98) Did Dume have any part in Lhikan becoming a Toa?
109) Why do the Inika fight dirty?
1110) Was Nidhiki on Botar's hit-list?
1211) Say 6 Toa are under heavy fire. Could they create a Toa seal around themselves to protect themselves until they're ready to fight?
1312) Is it true that the way a Matoran pictures a Toa is how they will look if they become a Toa?
1413) Which eye is Kalmah blind in?
1514) Are the vampire squids trained not to attack the Barraki and Nocturn?
1615) Say Onewa (Toa) was using his mask to try and take over the thoughts of some other creature. But, it fights back. Could it instead force itself into his mind and take over Onewa?
1716) How many Toa can fuse together at one time?
1817) Will we learn why the Jailer isn't dead?
1918) Has word spread that Metru Nui is active again?
2019) Will other islands send help in rebuilding Metru Nui?
2120) Will the Vahki be rebuilt?
2221) Will things be like they were before the Great Cataclysm in Metru Nui? Forges open, Archives rebuilt, Knowledge Towers full of grumpy Ko-Matoran?
2322) Will we learn what was consuming the light in that tunnel?
2423) Why was Karzahni trying to repel weilders of light?
2524) How was the Kanohi Dragon frozen in a giant block of ice before being freed by the DH?
2625) Thok, Reidak, Vezok, Zaktan, and Hakann were given several important missions after their attempted coup. Why? If I were TSO I wouldn't trust them.
2726) How much money ,or whatever currency Xia excepts, would it take to buy the Kanohi Dragon?
2827) Is Xia evil, good, or neutral?
2928) How did the Toa find out about the BOM's corruption?
30Thank You. Happy New Year.

311) Where that mask came from has not been revealed 322) Again, hasn't been revealed. We have only revealed elements of about half the team at this point 333) No. 344) No, because TSO has no idea why the stone is important. Vezok knew, he didn't tell TSO. 355) Probably not, no, because there is no guarantee in a fusion which traits you will get from who 366) Why bother? It's a waste of a potential resource. 377) Have you considered that putting Nidhiki into that situation was another one of TSO's sadistic little games? And do you get to be a good DH trainer by only having easy students? 388) Yes 399) Because they have to. If I drop you into the middle of a guerilla war somewhere, you'll fight dirty too, if it's the only way to win 4010) No. If he had been, he would have been sent to the Pit at the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter war. 4111) Interesting idea, certainly. But if they are, say, defending something, then the enemy could just go around them. They would have no mobility or way to fire out 4212) Yes 4313) Top one 4414) Barraki, yes 4515) No. Mask is not a two-way street 4616) Well, we have seen three do it, and legend says six can, but that has never happened 4717) Yes 4818) In some places, yes 4919) Other islands have their own problems 5020) No. 5121) Eventually, if Mata Nui doesn't die and end the universe 5222) Possibly 5323) Because they would tend not to like him 5424) Well, who do you know who has ice powers? 5525) If he wasn't going to use them for anything, he might as well kill them. That would be a waste of resources. He sent them out on highly dangerous missions because they had to succeed in them or die. 5626) I doubt it is for sale 5727) Depends on how you define evil. They are mercenary, certainly. 5828) The Toa Hagah discovered they had stolen the Avohkii. There would be no reason for the BOM to steal a symbol of light unless they were going to do something to oppose the light somewhere down the line

18) Did Dume have any part in Lhikan becoming a Toa?
28) Yes

3Whoah, that's quite a revelation :blink: . That's the most info we've ever gotten on Lhikan's becoming a Toa, and perhaps Dume's becoming a Turaga.
1Hello GregF: I just had a couple of questions, and I'd really appreciate it if you could answer them.
21. In a quote from one of the 2007 books, one of the Barraki mention a "300-foot long problem." But I thought that in the BIONICLE universe, they used measurments such as kio, mio, and bio instead of feet, meters, etc. So was that just a typo or a translation thing or something?
32. Just curious, is there more than one Spear of Fusion?
4Thanks in advance, and I hope you've started off a good new year:

61) We often use non-BIONICLE measurements in the story because unless you are a hardcore fan from way back, you don't know what a bio or a kio is. Writing something is 100 bio long isn't going to have any meaning to the reader if he doesn't know what a bio is or how long it.
72) Not to my knowledge

8BobtheTomato, that's awesome answers: Hopefully we can learn more in the near future about Lhikan's becoming a Toa.


18) Did Dume have any part in Lhikan becoming a Toa?
28) Yes

3Whoah, that's quite a revelation :blink: . That's the most info we've ever gotten on Lhikan's becoming a Toa, and perhaps Dume's becoming a Turaga.

4Actually, this is merely a confirmation of something mentioned in the Encyclopedia (look under DUME).
516) How many Toa can fuse together at one time?
616) Well, we have seen three do it, and legend says six can, but that has never happened

7Also, I think Prototype the Dark Hunter was caused by the fusion of two Toa (the two Toa were attempting to fuse when a Dark Hunter used the Spear of Fusion on them) -- correct me if I'm wrong.
817) Will we learn why the Jailer isn't dead?
917) Yes

10Now THAT is interesting. I'm happy :D
1122) Will we learn what was consuming the light in that tunnel?
1222) Possibly

13I hope so. Some things (like the EP vial from Bionicle Legends #6 -- I believe Mr. Farshtey said once that it was made of a "similar substance" [probably misquoted; sorry as zamor spheres [note that both don't appear to suffer any effects of EP) that mean nothing to the storyline as a whole are nonetheless fun to know.
1423) Why was Karzahni trying to repel weilders of light?
1523) Because they would tend not to like him

16How did Karzahni know that? Does this mean he was bad?
1724) How was the Kanohi Dragon frozen in a giant block of ice before being freed by the DH?
1824) Well, who do you know who has ice powers?

19Is Mr. Farshtey trying to tell us something?
20Ach: Just my two cents on some answers; a couple of them are very intriguing...
21jetslandingboard :silver:
1About Dume and Lhikan: In the Encyclopedia it said it is believed . I just wanted confirmation. :D
1And you got it. Thanks so much:
2jetslandingboard :silver:
124) How was the Kanohi Dragon frozen in a giant block of ice before being freed by the DH?
224) Well, who do you know who has ice powers?
3Is Mr. Farshtey trying to tell us something?

4That four Toa of Ice from Lhikan's team on Metru Nui sealed it away in a massive block of ice? Maybe. :P
1Actually, QB, I believe that question was referring to the Kanohi Dragon being in a block of ice BEFORE it was freed by the Dark Hunters and unleashed on Metru Nui.
2The four Toa of Ice helped freeze it after the Dark Hunters unleashed it. (Some Piraka, actually.) The question was referring to who froze it before the Piraka unfroze it.
3Correct me if I'm wrong.

4I'm also interested in the jailer quote. I'm glad we'll find out. I figured we had to, seeing as he is a set, but it is always good to have confirmation. I must have also missed that part with Dume in the Encyclopedia. Time to re-read:
1Visorak-Kal is right. That's what I meant.
21) What would Karzahni do if he saw the Voya Nui Matoran again?
32) Why won't the Vahki be rebuilt?
43) Before the Nuva go on their mission, will they drop by Metru Nui to inform the Turaga of current events?
54) Did Karzahni (plant) kill the OOMN member in Metru Nui?
65) Will a new OOMN member be stationed in Metru Nui?
76) In BL2, Zaktan says to himself that he wouldn't have stayed leader of the Piraka for so long if he didn't know what was going on all the time. But, several other sources (BioSector 01 etc.) say that his isolation is his weakness to the point that he doesn't realize the others are plotting against him. Which is it?
87) What happened to BioSector 01?
98) If the DH Dweller attacks Takanuva (as his orders are), who do you think would win?
109) Where is Krahka headed?
1110) What is Tahtorak's question and what is the answer?
1211) I know you ansered this once but I can't remeber the answer or find the quote: How did Krahka and Tahtorak survive without eating for 1,000 years and why did the two stay together?
1312) Could Roodaka use her spinner to mutate a Ta-Matoran into a Ga-Matoran? That's just something I've been wondering.
1413) Will we learn the terms of Xia's alliance with the Barraki?
1514) Can a Toa of Earth control metal? Metal is just earth reshaped and processed.
1615) If TSO attempted to seize Metru Nui again, would he succeed? There are less then 50 Toa left compared to the hundreds that rose against him.
1716) Will the Matoran have to eat anymore now that they're on Metru Nui?
1817) Before Makuta's attack, what did Mata Nui do?
1918) Has anyone actually seen Mata Nui?
2019) Will Metru Nui have any activity with Voya Nui? Trade etc.
2120) Are there any physical signs that Mata Nui is dying? cold sweat etc.
2221) Say Balta became a Toa while he still believed the Piraka were Toa. Would he look like someone from Zakaz?
2321b) If not what would he look like? He believed they were Toa.
2422) Are any Vahki still functional?
2523) Is Mavrah dead?
2624) When the Kanohi Dragon was defeated, why wasn't it put in the Archives?
2725) Why did Xia agree to house the Kanohi Dragon?
2826) Did Toa (of Ice really) imprison the Kanohi Dragon in the block of ice?
2926b) Is it anyone we know? Kopaka maybe?
3027) Say the Toa Nuva awaken Mata Nui and become Turaga. What if sometime Mata Nui falls asleep again? What will happen? The Nuva did their job already.
3128) When the Piraka were trapped in the tubes with the levers in BL5, what if sometime a lone person went there?
3229) How big is Fenrakk compared to Vezon? Like in Bionicle Heroes or like the set?
3330) In MoL, where did Jaller's body go? One second Takanuva is carrying it down the steps and the next Jaller's mask is floating in the suva.
34Thank You Mr. Farshtey

351) Depends on if they are posing some threat to him. If they're not, why should he care? 362) Well, look what happened last time. They got reprogrammed and became a menace. Why risk that happening again? 373) They will drop by Metru Nui, they will not talk to the Turaga. 384) Yes 395) Probably, if one hasn't been already 406) Ah, but you are comparing what he is saying -- his opinion --- to the facts. So why are you surprised there is a difference? 417) I have no involvement with it, so don't know. You should probably ask Swert or one of the moderators. 428) No idea. 439) Back to Metru Nui 4410) His question was how he got to Metru Nui. The answer is Brutaka teleported him there. 4511) Why not stay together? What would they gain from separating? And we don't know how often those two species need to eat. 4612) Don't know, not something I have thought about since I can't see what she would gain by doing that 4713) I think so, yes 4814) No. Earth, for the purposes of BIONICLE, is soil, not minerals and elements in the soil. 4915) But keep in mind that TSO is in the middle of a war with the BOM, so he doesn't have as many DH free to send against the city as he did way back when. If he sends a force against Metru Nui, he leaves the rest of his agents vulnerable to a concentrated BOM attack. 5016) Yes, just not as often 5117) Kept the universe in order 5218) I can't answer this one 5319) Doubtful. What does Voya Nui have to trade? Lava? And outside of Toa canister, how would Matoran get there? 5420) Can't answer this 5521) Good question. Well, he would have a mask, which Piraka do not, so right off the bat he would look different from them. They are also a completely different species, and I am not sure the transformation would allow him to become a different species. 5622) No 5723) Yes 5824) They tried keeping truly massive things in the Archives, both before and after this battle, and it never worked out well. And what was to stop the DH from breaking it out again? 5925) Because they thought they could put it to use 6026) Yes 6126b) No. Kopaka was never in Metru Nui until he and the Toa Nuva got there with the Matoran. 6227) Then a new team of Toa Mata would be dispatched. Also, why are you assuming the Toa Nuva will decide to give up their Toa power? They might choose to remain Toa. 6328) Tubes wouldn't have trapped him. Trap tests trust and teamwork, so it wouldn't have been triggered by a lone being 6429) I haven't played BH so I can't comment on it. I would look at the set and the comic. 6530) I didn't have anything to do with the movies, so I don't know what the screenwriter intended. But since it is evidently the mask that holds the remnants of his identity, and a new body grew from the mask, the old body is probably not viewed as that important by that culture.
11) Can Toa undo a Toa seal?

31) Toa with the same powers can, yes. That is why Roodaka needed to capture some of the power of the Hordika, so she could open the seal that imprisoned Makuta
1Been a long time since my last PM to Greg. Some questions old news, one or two interesting, and some completely pointless.
2Hey Greg, long time no PM,
31)We know the Nuva are the strongest Toa team, but are they the most powerful team ever, or just currently?
42)How does the Brotherhood feel about the Nuva? Have they made plans on how they wil "deal with them" in the future?
53)Would it be too violent for Bionicle to have a character die of being stabbed or slashed by a sword?
64)Just a strange mini-theory here, when the matoran in Bionicle Legends#2 was referring to the "world that feeds the world," was he referring to Artahka? Weren't we told in the aftermath of the Great Beings contest that they were there when they created the rest of the universe?
75)Will this location be revealed anytime in the near future?
86)Does the Karzahni/Makuta fight take place on ay of the following: Mahri Nui, Voya Nui, or the Pit?
97)Wouldn't Makuta have little knowledge/increased suspicion about the OoMN after witnessing the Axonn/Brutaka battle, since he was in the antidermis vat nearby? I know niether of them mentioned the Order directly but Brutaka talked about "Being a servant of a great spirit" or at least something like that(I don't have my inferno copy with me) and he's fighting this other huge powerful being, so wouldn't Makuta be intrigued by what they mention?
108)If the Barraki evolve themselves into being an air-breather, would that change their appearance completely, or would they look similar, just with air-breathing capabilities?
119)Did Ehlek and Takadox have their electric and hypnosis powers respectively before they were banished to the Pit?
1210)Physically, who is stronger, Reidak or Carapar?
1311)Can you list the following in terms of physical strength from strongest to weakest: Makuta, Axonn, Brutaka, and Keetongu?
1412)When Zaktan was exposed to the mutagen, did that effecthis body as a whole, or each individual protodite? If the latter, then would some protodites be different looking than others?
1513)Were any of the Barraki not affected by the mutagen?
1614)Back in the day, about how much had the Barraki collectively conquered? Would you compare to say, Alexander the Great's empire, or way less?
1715)Were the Barraki defeated by members of the BOM? If so, was the Makuta we know involved?
1816)Can we assume that the Jailer of the Pit isn't the most powerful OoMN member around, since he was killed only by Takadox?
1917)How exactly does Takadox's hypnosis work? Wouldit be like getting hit a an antiderms zamor but only being affected temproarily?
2018)Would Ehlek have an easier time fighting Carapar than the other Barraki, because of his electric attacks?
2119)Just out of pure curiosity Ehlek vs.Pridak, who wins?
2220)How long is the Encyclopedia?
23Whew, thanks for the time Greg. Sorry if this is a pain.

251) Impossible for me to say "ever" because that covers 100,000 years of history, much of which has not been chronicled. They are the only Toa who have ever been able to share mask powers. 262) They have made plans on how they will manipulate them. 273) Considering how even BZPers react to increased violence in BIONICLE (and BZPers average 6 years older than the majority of fans), yes, probably. 284) No, he was not referring to Artakha. 295) In the next few years, yes 306) I can't answer this 317) Well, Makuta has met Botar, so he already has reason to suspect something, but suspecting and knowing are two different things. 328) Depends on how they do it 339) No 3410) Probably Reidak, because he can adapt to defeats and thus gain invulnerabilities 3511) Makuta, Axonn, Brutaka, Keetongu 3612) Too early to discuss this, as we have not even gotten into what changes were made 3713) No 3814) Virtually all of the known universe 3915) You'll find out when the story starts 4016) He was already badly injured when Takadox killed him. 4117) It works like normal hypnosis works 4218) Yes 4319) Pridak 4420) No idea, I have not seen it laid out
45Comments: 464)Weird spur-of-the-moment theory 4714)That's a lot. 4816)Hmmmm...wonder who injured him? 4917)This is what I was talkng about when I said "pointless questions."
1Here's some questions I asked Greg yesterday:

21. Will we ever find out the prefix for Matoran of Light or any other element? 32a. I know that there are Matoran in the universe who may become Toa with the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Stone, Ice, Gravity, Plasma, Magnetism, Sonics, or "the Green." Are there Matoran that can become Toa of other elements, i.e. Electricity? 42b. Will there ever be any prefixes for Matoran of Gravity, Plasma, Magnetism, Sonics, or "the Green?" 52c. Have the inhabitants of Metru Nui ever been aware of Matoran of different elements? 63. Since the Dark Hunter named Gladiator came from Sidorak and Krekka's island, was he a member of Sidorak's or Krekka's species? 74. Was Voporak called Voporak before or after he was mutated? 85. Is there a storyline reason for why the Matoran of Metru Nui are lighter colors now than they used to be, and for why the Toa Mata/Nuva are lighter colors than any other Toa? 96a. Are Piruk's claws his actual hands or are they detachable? 106b. Were Toa Gali's hooks part of her hands? 117. If Mahri Nui is to the south of Voya Nui, why did Mask of Life fall into Voya Nui bay, between the penninsulas, and how did the Mahri Nui Matoran end up in Voya Nui bay? 128. Since Jovan was mostly gunmetal gray with some black and blue parts, is that the offical color scheme for Matoran/Toa/Turaga of Magnetism? 139. Since the Toa of "the Green" is described as blue-green, does that mean that he was green with blue parts or was his whole body a blueish-green color? 1410. Is white and gold the official color scheme for Matoran of Light? 1511a. Who sent Takua to Metru Nui? 1611b. Since we know whoever sent him made him red and blue to disguise him as a Ta-Matoran and hide him from evil beings like Makuta, how exactly did they do that? 1712. Does anyone who is over 60,000 years old remember anything from before the time slip and just forget what happened during the time slip, or do they forget everything that happened before and during the time slip? 1813. We know that Takanuva's story is far from over. Will he come back any time in this story arc, like maybe in a story where he fights Dweller? 1914. What are some ways that Toa of Plasma wield their element, i.e. do they control it in any way similar to Pahrak-Kal? 2015. According to the canon, the Rahaga do not have propellors on their backs, contrary to Web of Shadows. Can they fly by hooking their tools into their Rhotuka's magnetic field, like the Toa Hordika do during the battle scene in WoS? 2116. Did any members of Lhikan's Toa team come from his homeland? 2217. Since Lhikan's body was shaped like a Toa Metru, yet he came from a different land, does this mean that most Toa in that time period have that body shape? 2318a. Do the Barraki and/or Nocturn have elemental powers? 2418b. If so, how they use them underwater? 2519. Will the Toa Inika be affected by the mutagenic agent in the water? 2620. What other things are there that Takanuva and Umbra can do with their elements, besides creating light, or transforming into light?

271) Yes 282a) It's impossible for me to answer this, because a Toa of Electricity, for example, does not yet exist in the storyline. Until one is introduced, I can't confirm there will ever be one. 292b) If required by the story, yes. 302c) Yes. Metru Nui was at one time a busy trade center 313) No 324) Before 335) Not to my knowledge, no 346a) Not detachable, no 356b) In the sets, they were part of her hands; in the books, I don't think they were 367) I don't understand your question. Mahri Nui is not south of Voya Nui by all that much .... a few hundred yards ... it's beneath Voya Nui. 378) Not necessarily, though it isn't a bad one. Using new colors is not an option when making a MOC 389) That would be up to a set designer. I don't think visually, I think in words, so I don't picture my creations 3910) Yes 4011a-11b) Gets revealed in the Encyclopedia Volume 2 4112) Just during, not before 4213) I can't discuss future storyline 4314) Sorry, don't have time to go into this now 4415) Yes, but rarely do so 4516) No 4617) It means the Toa Lhikan was familiar with when he became a Toa had that body shape, therefore when he became one, he turned into what his idea of a Toa was 4718) No 4819) No 4920) Well, creating and projecting pretty much cover a lot of things, from lasers to strobe bursts to hard light holograms. What else do you have in mind?

50Interesting answers. So Voporak was actually his real name, not just a name given to him after his mutation. White and gold is the offical color scheme for Matoran of Light. A Toa's body shape depends on the body shape of the Toa that the Matoran is familiar with. But what did Greg mean when he said "using new colors is not an option when creating a MOC"?
1Um, how does one PM greg? I'm new to this hehe... :P :begging:
1Has anyone heard about a Mahritoran named Sarda? :???: I have. Here's some info on him from Greg. :)
2Hello Mr. Farshtey,
3On one of the storyline/theories topics someone said that they PMed asking your favourite Mahritoran: Dekar or Defilak. He said you responded saying Sarda. :blink: I've got one question: who is Sarda? (at least I think that was the name) Thank you and please respond. :) :begging:

4I actually don't recall giving that answer. But to answer your question, Sarda is a Matoran who first appears in Bionicle Legends #6 next month, and I think will be part of a set later this year.

1Well, Zev Senesca, Jovan was made from parts of three Toa Inika. There wasn't much of a color choice there, without making him look like a Toa of Fire-Water-Stone.
2Biovee, goe to Greg's user, which is http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showuser=581

3...And from there go to 'send a personal message'. Viola. There's likely a easier way to go there, but I still havn't figured out half the controls, and look how long i've been here....

4The Big Cheese- Who said it had to be a 'who' you hurt the jailor? I daresay he can be injured other ways. Say...His dome bursting open and an ocean flooding in....

1Thanks Raging Rahi but you can click on the PM button on the bttom of your message and type in GregF in the recipient thing and ask away: :D
2Her are some questions I sent to Greg and here are the answers. I hope you'll find these helpful: :)
3QUOTE 4Hello Mr. Farshtey: This my first time sending you a PM so I'm quite excited. I'm new to Bzpower so I have some questions from long ago. I hope you can answer these but if you can't, thats OK.
51. Can a toa's spirit star follow them to the surface?
61b.If they can, then when the toa nuva went to metru nui, how did their spirit stars follow them to the cavern? The only holes in the surface are the sun holes, and they're designed to not let anything go in the cavern that way.
72.Seeing as the barraki are loose in the sea around mahri nui, are the other criminals in the pit free too?
82b.The matroan warlords? Are they free?
93.During the battle between the kanohi dragon and toa lihkan and his team, many parts of ta-metru were rendered uninhabitable and work stopped in several places. Did this weaken Mata-nui?
104.During the Dark Hunter-Toa war, the matoran couldn't exactly work in some metrus. Did this weaken Mata-nui?
115.How could the Inika defeat the Piraka when the piraka have, like centuries of experience when the Inika only have a couple of days, if not hours?
126.When Zaktan blasted off the BoM's plans for Mata-nui, was that mostly so no other DH could read it? Because all of the BOM know of the plans...I think...
137.Why isn't Lariska in the DH guide? I think she's one of the most important of the DH.
148.Did Turaga Dume sacrifice his power to make Lihkan a toa?Maybe him and some others?
159.Why aren't the toa nuva going to report to the turaga when they go back to Metru-nui?
1610. About the Tahtorak-Kardas fight, Couldn't Tahtorak just squish Kardas or something, I mean, it's not even a fair battle, Tahtorak is like 40 feet high, according to the Rahi Beasts guide.
1711.Why wouldn't the Piraka let Vezok fuse Vezon to him?

181) No 192) Yes, they all are 203) No, because they work wasn't stopped for all that long 214) Again, that war only lasted about six months, not long enough to make that much of a difference. The Matoran civil war lasted something like 400 years, that was why it was such a problem. 225) Ah, but the Matoran who became Inika spent the last 1000 years fighting off attacks by Makuta's Rahi, the Bohrok, the Rahkshi, etc. Jaller and Kongu were both captains of koro defense forces. 236) As it says in the book, he didn't want to chance anyone else stumbling on that fortress and seeing that info. 247) Because there is no set of Lariska, so there is no way to do a pic of her. 258) Hasn't been revealed 269) You'll find out as the story goes along 2710) If Tahtorak gets close, yes, he has the edge. But Kardas can fire explosive blasts from his mouth, so he doesn't need to get close to Tahtorak to fight him. He has a ranged attack, Tahtorak does not. 2811) Because they didn't want to waste time on something they didn't feel was important when there was still a chance to get their claws on the mask.

29I find 10 quite interesting...
1Hey Greg got a few questions for ya.
21. Since Jovan and co were the last bunch of Toa to get the MoLi does that mean he had to go Mahri Nui in order to use the mask?
32. If yes does that mean it happened while they were on the main continent where Voya Nui and Mahri Nui use to be?
43. So does Reidak become phiscally stronger every time he is defeated like for example Reidak could life like 5 tons before he was smoked by a Toa but then when he got back up he could lift 10 tons.
54. I tend to doubt the last question is true but i'm only asking it cause someone asked you who was stronger Reidak or Carapar phiscally(like who could lift, throw and hit harder?). And you said Reidak because he gained specific invunerablities every time he was defeated.
65. If Carapar is practicly Invunerable to almost everything BUT electricity isn't anyone going to be pretty hard pressed to defeat him? Like how is any team of Toa going to defeat him?
76. So how strong is Nocturn phiscally? Is he stronger then Carapar or Reidak strength wise?
87. So Takadox got his powers AFTER going to the pit? How does that work?
98. Is Nocturn super intelligent like the other Barraki? Or does he think more on a Piraka level.
109. Nocturn broke something to get himself in the pit right? Well my question is did he break it on purpose of accident?
1110. Is that thing Nocturn broke really fragile?
12Thanks in advance.

131) No. Because Mahri Nui has only been where it is now for the last 300 years, and Voya Nui has only been on the surface for the last 1000 or so. Jovan's adventure with the mask was over 79,000 years ago, when Voya Nui was still part of a larger contininent and the city of Mahri Nui did not even exist.
142) They had to go to Voya Nui on the continent to get the mask, yes. Mahri Nui didn't exist at that time.
153) No.
164) I see Reidak as more powerful because if you defeat him by, say, slamming him on the head with a tree, you won't be able to defeat him that way again. Carapar does not have that kind of ability to adapt.
175) If it was easy to defeat him, he wouldn't be a good villain.
186) Yes
197) Not sure why that would surprise you, he got mutated.
208) No, Nocturn is not particularly intelligent. He's also not a Barraki.
219) On purpose
2210) No

1Answers in bold.

21. Can the current armies of the Barraki, such as the Keras crabs, breathe above the water?
31) No. Pridak's army is sharks, Ehlek's army is eels, Kalmah's is squid .. these are sea creatures, they can't breathe air.
42. Did the Barraki command different sorts of armies before they were banished to the Pit? For example, did Kalmah have a different array of soldiers as compared to Carapar? No need to go into detail, just interested.
52) Not vastly different. They were mainly made up of mercenaries, ex-Dark Hunters, Matoran criminals, etc. Ehlek's tended to have more members of his own race in it, so it was the most different from the others.

1I just had some more questions on the Barraki.
2Hello, Greg. I just had some questions concerning the Barraki and squids.
31. Which Barraki does the OOMN hate most?
42. Which Barraki does the BOM hate most?
53. Are the squids native to the waters around the Pit?
64. Have the squids been mutated by the Pit?
75. How is it that the various armies of sea life the Barraki control accept them as their leader? Especially Pridak, I'd think the sharks would consider him a tasty snack instead of their leader.

81-2) There isn't one they hate more than others. They all rebelled against Mata Nui.
93) Yes
104) Hasn't been revealed
115) But they also have sea creature like qualities, combined with incredible intelligence. In the wild, animals follow the most powerful member of their group. So Pridak, for example, has the power of a shark and the mind of a tactical genius, so why wouldn't they follow him? His will has to be greater than theirs.

1Here's some more info on Nocturn and a little on the Toa Mahri:
2[qouteHi Greg: I have some questions concerning Nocturn and the Toa Mahri:
31) Is regeneration one of Nocturn's powers? 'Cause in that qoute where he's talking to Pridak, it mentions his arm grew back, just without the tentacle.
42) What's the use of the Inika getting new masks IF they aren't the Toa Mahri? It doesn't make much sense to me.
53) Why does Nocturn work for Ehlek anyway? Couldn't he just crush Ehlek and take control over Ehlek's army? Or is he not smart enough to do so?
64) Would you say after 2006 the Inika's presonalies changed a little?
75) Why did the Ignika chose Matoro as it's new guardian? Why not Hewkii or Kongu or somebody?
86) What is Nocturn's presonality like? I heard he isn't very smart.
97) Would you say that Nocturn is smarter than Krekka? Or is he dummer?
108) Back late last year, you confirrmed the Inika wouldn't have as many direct fights with the Barraki because the Barraki strike from the shadows. So does that mean that the Inika are the Mahri? It wouldn't make much sense to have the Barraki fight the Inika while the Mahri are going after the Ignika.
119) Is Nocturn a hard character to write for?
1210) Have the set disigners told you what they based Nocturn off of?
13That's all for now. From, Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar.
141) Yes 152) Since I cannot discuss Toa plans for 2007, there is no way for me to answer this 163) Nocturn is not a leader. He's a follower. Think about it -- most villains have henchmen who are physically more powerful than they are, but the henchmen don't take over the gang. Most generals have soldiers who are younger, stronger, and probably better shots, but the soldiers don't kill the general and take over the army (not in this country, anyway). 174) Anyone's personality is going to change after the experiences they have had. 185) Because Matoro possesses qualities they do not. Both Hewkii and Kongu are beings of action, athletes, military leaders -- Matoro is a thinker, among other things, and his past interest in Rahi shows his deep-seated respect for life. Hahli would have been another good choice, but Hahli has a different destiny. 196) No, he's more brawn than he is brains. 207) Well, Krekka is dead -- Nocturn is not -- that should tell you something. 218) See my answer to #2. There is no point in asking questions regarding who the Mahri are or are not, I am not allowed to discuss them. 229) No 2310) No. The set designers are on holiday break.[/qoute
24I guess I shouldn't have asked about the Toa Mahri.
1Here's some new questiosn I asked Greg:
21) Some time ago I sent you this question: 3The Ignika seems to do some "island hopping" (although Mahri Nui not being an island): from Voya Nui to mahri Nui, from Mahri Nui to... well because the 3rd storylien arc is supposed include 2008 as the last year, I guess the Igika would hop from Mahri Nui to the place where it needs to be used. Q: Is this place Artakha ( now that we know this was the first place created and the Ignika was one of the first objects being created)?
4And your answer was: 5No, the Inika are not going to Artakha.
6I think I did not make clear what I meant: I did not mean the Toa Inika (or whatever they might be called someday), I meant the Kanohi Ignika Mask of Life. 7Somehow it would make sense to me if the Mask of Lzfe had to be used at Artakha. So same question: Is the place the Mask of Life has to be used Artakha?
81) No.
92) I was wondering about the deal the Barraki had made with Xia and that it was about weapons. I thought back that Umbra who is virtually 100.00 years old had a Rhotuka spinner ad the deal with Xia must have been made for over 80.000 yeras (Pit-banishing). So Rhotuka spinners are among the oldest weapons we know about. So maybe the Barraki provided Xia with Rhotuka spinners and (this is what I made up by myself) Roodaka somehow stole this technology and provided both the BoM and the DH (because the Visorak armies has spinners as well as some DH) with this weapon to show her loyalty?
102) I'm totally confused by this question. Umbra was created by the Great Beings and placed where he is 100,000 years ago. Rhotuka spinners are created by your own will power, they are not a tech you can steal (only the launchers are). And the Barraki had nothing to do with Rhotuka spinners, nor did Xia. Xia makes weapons like the Visorak battle ram, things like that.
113) Karzahni (being) is being described as haveing a mask with pieces from at least 3-4 other masks. Since you said someone Karzahni will most like y not be a set: Is Karzahni's mask a real Kanohi with a special power and name or is it just some kind of trophy?
123) It is a real mask, yes
13Comments: 141) That's sad, seemed to be such a good pace to use the Ignika
152) Interesting that Xia built Visorak Battle Rams: Did not know that before:
163) Yeah one new Kanohi (though it might never be in a set :(

11. Did Ehlek get mutated? 21b. If so, does that mean it's possible for Nocturn to be part of Ehlek's species?
32. Say Mata-nui was by the Nuva, what would happen to them? Do they need to sacrafice themselves to save him? If so, that would be an awesome twist in the story.
43. What are you looking foward to most in 07? (Bionicle-wise)
54. Did you have a good Christmas?
65. Can you give me a little more on the 07 small sets personalities? S@H isn't that descriptive.
76. Which Barraki are cursed by the Ignika?
87. How will the Bahrag react to the Nuva's appearance? Do they still hold a grudge?
98. I'm going to take a guess at the whole Mata-nui thing. He's easy to find, but the trick is knowing you've found him. A good riddle. Had me stumped for quite a while. but I think I've figured it out. 10But FIRST, I want to know. Is he in the form of someone/something we've already seen?

111) Yes 121b) No 132) I can't discuss this 143) Probably the end of this year, as hopefully it will be dramatic 154) Yes 165) Defilak is pretty brave, resourceful, and very fiercely protects his city ... Dekar is a little more of a loner and prefers to handle things himself. 176) Any Barraki who touches it will be cursed. 187) If the Toa Nuva free them, then the Bahrag will have no reason to be combative 198) No, he is not in the form of someone you have already seen

17) If the Toa Nuva free them, then the Bahrag will have no reason to be combative
2Wow; so the Bahrag might be of assistance to the Nuva later on?
1Hello mister Farstey,
2I hade some litle questions becouse I came up with al theorie.
31) The rocks, trees, plants etc. on mata nui, are Biomechanical right?
42) Energized Protodermis coused the rapid growth of all that trees etc. right?
53) biomehenical life was not ment to be on the surface world right?
6Thats about it.
7Thanks in advance, and Inferno was a great book:
8Tim R.

91) Rocks and most of the trees and plant life are made out of solid proto (in terms of rocks) or organic protodermis, so no, not biomechanical anymore than, say, a Toa mask is biomechanical. Some of the plants and trees on Mata Nui are not made of protodermis, because they grew from spores carried by the wind to that island. 102) Yes 113) Correct

12Ah yes ofcourse protodermis, thats what I ment with Biomechanical life, excuse me.
13But then I have another question.
14If biomechenical life was never ment to live on the surface, did protodermis like things were ment to "grow" there?

15One has to assume the potential for that existed, otherwise why have Bohrok whose sole job was to clean those things off the surface?

16Just to have all my evidence for my theorie confirmed, but still the last question would be interesting
1Just being random...
21) How will we know that the Barraki are among the BoM's most bitter enemies? (Bionicle Legends #1 [sic prologue, word of mouth, etc.) 31) Bionicle Legends 6
42) Just curious -- how many Makuta entries are there in the Encyclopedia 2 (in Encyclopedia 1, Mata Nui had two, Karzahni had three, etc.)? 52) I don't recall
63) Is Nocturn representative of his species (strong, dull-witted, etc.), like Krekka was of his? 73) Since we haven't met his species yet, who knows? I really prefer not to do all of this species is big and dumb, all of that species is short and smart, it's cliche.
84) Before the Barraki were banished to the Pit, who was the slowest among them intellectually? (Carapar is now, but that was only centuries of virtually nonstop hypnotism from Takadox.) 94) I don't know that there was a slowest. You don't get to be a warlord and a king by being an [sic cool dude
105) Will we ever find out how many Makuta there are? 115) It's impossible for me to answer an "ever" question, "ever" encompasses a lot of time that has not been planned out yet
126) Is the OoMN aware of the renegade Makuta's disappearance/status? 136a) If so, have they put it into the Atlas? 146) Don't recall how much of him is in the Atlas, it was written a long time ago
157) How's the 2007 web story/stories coming along? :D 167) Slowly
178) Do you know what the Atlas's name will be (Atlas, BIONICLE World, etc.)? 188) No

19jetslandingboard :silver:
1I think on the answer to #4 of jetlandingboard's questions, Greg typed in "by being an cool dude," but the filter changed it to "by being an cool dude." It did that to me also when I made a group called "Makuta the cool dude."
3No need to bypass the filter
1i asked these questions a few days ago so... yea 2nothing really new here :lookhere:

3hello. im new at bzpower. Just thought id say that. ok 4well I got some questions and it would be great if you answered some. 5thanks in advance

61. did ehlek have armer before he was mutated by the OoMN? 71b. if so did he have armer before he was mutated by the waters?
82. at one point you said that you couldn't write about the inika and the nuva because it was too many characters to write about. if so then i if the inika and the marhi aren't the same people then i guess that one team will be MIA. But that cant happen because the inika need to complet their destiny by getting the mask of life and the marhi need to be in the story because they are this years sets. So this isnt really a question but just my little theory i guess. is it ok?
93.im just making sure on this one: is the jail guard going to be a set? im pretty sure you said yes before.
104.do the barraki shoot the squids like in the sets? (pull them back and let go?) or is it more machine like?

11thats all for now and thanks in advance

131) No. Many undersea creatures do not have armor, because it would slow them down underwater. 142) Ah, but what if the Mahri's job is to fight off the Barraki while the Inika get the Mask? Your thinking is logical, yet doesn't actually prove anything. 153) I can't discuss future set plans 164) No, they just launch them almost like a crossbow

17atlas :wakeup2:
The Order of Mata-Nui

1I think on the answer to #4 of jetlandingboard's questions, Greg typed in "by being an i.diot," but the filter changed it to "by being an cool dude." It did that to me also when I made a group called "Makuta the I.diot."

3Thanks, Order.
4One more:
51) Am I correct in assuming that the Toa Hagah began to get suspicious of their employer when they discovered the Makuta's theft of the Avohkii Mask of Light, and their suspicions were confirmed by Norik's discovery that the Brotherhood was in fact enslaving Matoran? 61) Mask of Light discovery was pretty much enough on its own. Matoran thing was icing on the cake.

7jetslandingboard :silver:
1My latest replies:
2Sir, I would like you to answer some questions:
31. How (if you know) were the Great Disks created? 42. Will we ever see the island of Mata Nui ever again? 53. Is Mata Nui (the island) going to be any use in the future? 64. Do the Barraki know anything about Karzahni? 75. Is there any connection between Great Disks and the Great Beings? 86. Will there be a combiner or set for Toa Nidhiki? 97. Will the Hand of Artahka make an appearance in 2007? 108. How did the Makuta of Artahka perish?
11Please send replies.

131) Hasn't been revealed 142) I can't answer "ever again" questions -- BIONICLE might last 20 more years or something, so it's impossible for me to predict if we will ever go back to someplace or not. 153) This is basically the same as your second question. The only reason we would have for going back there would be if the island was of some use in the story. 164) They have probably heard of him, most beings have 175) Can't answer it 186) No. Toa Nidhiki is not a part of main story, so no reason to make a set of him. The only people who would want it would be completists, and there aren't enough of those to make it worth doing. 197) No 208) They didn't