Kardas Dragon Rider
1i didnt know that Kardas could still move ... awsome

2As a matter of fact, Mr. Farshtey stated that Vezon and Kardas were actually able to move again before the Inika even left the chamber; also, the two "have gone their separate ways" since.
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1Random trivia:
2Hey Greg. Just a few random questions...
31. In Bionicle Legends#3 Kongu comments that the Toa need the Piraka like they need a "second shadow plague". Was this "shadow plague" an actual event? 42. How did the Order tamper with Ehlek's species without their knowing? 53. Do they consider this tampering to be successful? (I'm guessing no.) 64. How does Ehlek's species feel about the tampering? 75. How did Nocturn get his name?
8Thanks for your time.

91) Well, there had to be a first for there to be a second, right? 102) Who says they didn't know? 113) It's too early to tell, basically. The OOMN is thinking ahead to a possible final battle with the BOM, which has not happened yet, so until it does, it is impossible to know how Ehlek's species will perform 124) I doubt they're thrilled 135) There is no story behind that to my knowledge.

141. So... what was the first plague? 152. Then wouldn't they know the Order existed?

161) Hasn't been revealed yet 172) Nope. There was no reason for the beings doing the tampering to go, "Hey, guys, we're with the Order of Mata Nui -- don't mind us, just experimenting."

1Q: Well now, I've just finished my last year of school today: So what better way to celebrate than with Bionicle: My latest query lies with the Toa. As we know, they can't use lethal tactics against enemies, because of their honour. So how did they plan to defeat the Dark Hunters without brute force? A battle might be feasible, but an entire war? Ironically, they did win through strategy, but that kind of fell together in the end.
2Being from Oz, I'm not too sure on thanks giving day, but I hope u had a good one.
3Makuta's Lair

4A: You raise a good point, but remember that a Toa's powers allow him or her to do a lot of damage without killing. For example, a Toa of Ice can freeze an opponent's arms and legs in a block of ice - he's stopped, but not dead. A Toa of Air can call up a cyclone, slam his opponent into a wall and knock him out, but without killing him. As for a Toa of Fire -- the Human Torch has been fighting bad guys in the comics for 40 years now, including entire armies, and hasn't killed anyone.

6Q: So has, say, a Dark Hunter been killed by accident by a Toa? And corrupt Toa wouldn't feel obligated to spare an enemy's life either, I reckon.

7A: 81) Not to my knowledge 92) A corrupt Toa would no longer be considered a Toa by the rest of the organization

10I didn't know the Toa had an organization as such, I guess it is logical, now that I think about it, seeing as Greg compared them to the Police of our world. Might be on to something, might not.

1I know I just recently asked questions, but after reading Inferno, I couldn't resist asking some questions.
21. Will Lewa Nuva get a new katana?
32. Seeing as Brutaka got sent to the pit, and the Barraki are in the pit, is it a possibility that Brutaka will appear briefly?
43. If the MoLi wants Matoro as its guardian, why doesn't it transform Matoro when Matoro takes it from Vezon?
53b Does it want Matoro to willingly submit as a guardian?
64. Now that the MoLi has been taken off Vezon, is Vezon's back head gone, revealing his skull?
75. How did Vezon's back head look before he was cursed? Smooth?
86. Is it a coincidence that the Matoran from the Lost Land swam up just when Hahli was drowning?
97. Are the zamor launchers the Voyatorans used the Inika's?
108. Does Axonn believe that Brutaka can be redeemed? He seemed reluctant to let Botar take Brutaka.
119. Since Krahka and Tahtorak appeared through the Zone of Darkness, was Brutaka trying to put Axonn into it?
1210. What will Krahka and Tahtorak do in Voya Nui?
13Well, that's about it for now. I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.

141) Go back and reread the scene where the Toa Nuva meet the Toa Inika -- Tahu states what it is going to be done about the air katana.
152) In 2007? Yes
163) No need for it to do so. It didn't transform Vezon, it just gave him powers because he didn't have any.
174) No. The mask was grafted to the back of his head. It didn't take the place of the back of his head.
185) Yes
196) No, the Matoran saw something and went to investigate
207) No, Velika made more
218) He hopes he can be
229) Yes
2310) Well, I don't know about Tahtorak, but Krahka will probably turn into a flying creature and leave

24Hi Greg. I have some Qs.
251. I read something about Kardas fighting Tahtorak. Is this true?
262. In the set, Kardas has wings. Does he have them in the story?
273. Can you tell me anything about the Piraka's mutations as a result of going into the water in BL5?
28Thanks in advance.

291) Yes 302) Yes 313) No

32Can you give me a more specific explaination of #1?

331) No, because it hasn't happened in the story yet

1Hey Greg,
2After perusing the OGD a bit, I found this somewhat conflicting answer.
33) Where the Brotherhood of Makuta members made by the Great Beings like Umbra, Artahka, and Karzahni? (As in the first great entities to exist in the Bionicle Universe other than the Great Beings.)

43) They would have had to be, just as the first Toa was.

5Now, I have a quote that says Mata Nui made the BoM -- and a trusted friend says he knows of a quote where it says Mata Nui created the Makuta of Metru Nui specifically.
6So Great Spirit or Great Being? It would make more sense somehow if the Great Spirit created them and the organization, as they're a small group, and they used to serve Mata Nui :) 7Thanks,

9Great Spirit is correct, U

10So although it seems logical at first glance that the Great Beings would create the BoM, it was actually all done by Mata Nui :) 11Had to clarify... 12~U
1Hello, Greg. I have a really good theory developing, but I need some answers first (of course).
21. Was the Great Disruption the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui? 31) Yes
42. Was it 80,000 years ago? 52) Around 79,500 years ago or so
63. I heard Makuta was dispatched to deal with the disruption after an extended period of time. Was it the one we know? 73) Yes
84. Were the leaders of the Great Disruption Matoran? 94) Yes
105. Were they sent to the Pit for their crime (Matoran or no)? 115) Yes

12My theory happened to be that the Barraki were responsible for the Great Disruption, and that's why they found themselves in the Pit. But, I have a new one.
13Makuta must have observed Mata Nui's state of being during the Great Disruption, and realized he was getting close to death as Metru Nui was in a state of inactivity. He was then dispatched to settle the dispute, and only afterwards did he realize what that meant- control Metru Nui and prevent the Matoran from working, and Mata Nui starts to die.
1Yeah, but he didn't want Mata Nui to die, as that would mean the death of the universe.
2Oh, BTW, more Q and A:
31. Why are the Barraki going to use the Mask of Life? I thought that you said that the Barraki look down upon those that use masks.
42. How exactly did the Kanohi Nuva appear on Mata Nui when the Order of Mata Nui had no presence there whatsoever?

51) They do. But there is a difference between using a mask to make yourself run faster or throw up a shield, and using one to turn yourself back into what you used to be and have the chance to reclaim your empire.
62) The OOMN did not place the masks on Mata Nui

7Then, how did the masks get placed there? And when you said that the Order had some involvement, do you mean that they created the masks?

8The Order most likely requested them. As for how they got there, that gets revealed in the Atlas this spring.

9Looks like Greg slipped up concerning the Barraki.
1Slipped up how? The Barraki still think of Kanohi as crutches, and since the Ignika is the only way they know of turning themselves back to what they used to be (able to breathe air, for one thing), they're forced to use it just that once.
2jetslandingboard :silver:

1Makuta must have observed Mata Nui's state of being during the Great Disruption, and realized he was getting close to death as Metru Nui was in a state of inactivity. He was then dispatched to settle the dispute, and only afterwards did he realize what that meant- control Metru Nui and prevent the Matoran from working, and Mata Nui starts to die.

2Actually, I think it's this: Control Metru Nui and make Mata Nui do your bidding. ;)
3IPB ImageKopakaKurahkIPB Image
1Disclaimer Warning: Bionicle Legends # 5 Spoilers Ahead....
2Mr. Farshtey:
3Thank you for your time and all the previous answers you have sent me. I hope you had a fulfilling holiday weekend. Here are a few more questions I had:
41. Will Bionicle Legends # 5 spoilers be allowed (with spoiler tags of course) after this Friday, December 15th, 2006? 51) Yup.
62. Am I correct in assuming that Matoro's "hand holding" in Bionicle Legends # 2 was a literal test conducted by the Ignika? If I am correct, were any of the other "Destined–to–be–Inika" Matoran offered the same test? 72) Yes. And no, the test was not offered to any of the others.
83. When Matoro died was he altered, instructed, or enlightened in any way by someone or something associated with the beam of light in the "Death Chamber"? 93) No.
104. Is the substance that the Piraka fell into in the "Cauldron Chamber" the same mutagen found in the waters surrounding the island and if so, is it as potent as the other shallow waters or is it more potent like the subsequent deep? 114) It is the same substance, and it is not so much a question of potency as length and extent of exposure.
125. Was the Spear of Fusion rendered completely inactive by Reidak's actions, that is to say, was its' function altered as a result of the aforementioned damage and/or were its' abilities diminished in any way and/or were its' abilities enhanced in any way and/or are its' capabilities and capacity the same as when Hakann used it to create Vezon? 135) No, No, No, No, and Yes.
146. Is it correct to assume that the Matoran of Mahri Nui, that sacrificed his/her life to save Hahli, died of something equivalent to "the bends"? 156) Yes.
167. Were the Matoran Resistance members privy to the conversation(s) between Botar and Tahu? 177) Probably not, no.
188. When Axonn says "...you lied to them.", was he specifically referring to Tahu, or was he referring to the Nuva in general? 198) He is talking about Tahu Nuva specifically, because Tahu is the one who was telling the Inika about why the Nuva could not go after the Mask of Life.
209. Am I correct in assuming that Umbra, Axonn, etc. will remain on Voya Nui and upon the subsequent return of the Ignika to the "Life Chamber" (after it's second use) they will once again retain their positions of guardianship? 219) Possibly, but not for sure.

2210. Can you tell me when and/or where we will learn about the retrieval of the Inika's old masks from Karzahni that you eluded to? 2310) No, I can't yet. I don't know yet for sure myself.
24Again thank you so much in advance for your time and answers...........~ IPB Image

25My Comments:

265. My apologies to Vezon, but it seems Vezok need not lose hope, he may very well yet regain all of himself.
278. Very interesting. So Tahu lied specifically when he said that the Nuva would return to Metru Nui and/or when he praised the Inika's capabilities and said that it was their (the Inika's) destiny to fetch the Ignika.

28Well I hope you all find some of these answers as interesting as I have.
29~ IPB Image
1When did we learn that Tahtorak and Kardas would fight? That is really awesome: It sounds almost as cool as the Makuta/Karzahni fight.
The Big Cheese
1When did we learn that Tahtorak and Kardas would fight? That is really awesome: It sounds almost as cool as the Makuta/Karzahni fight.

2I just learned about it here, a few hours back. And I'm looking forward to it a lot too:
3jetslandingboard :silver:
2You are mistaken about Reidak's actions:
3Bionicle Legends # 5 Last Line of Last Paragraph on Page 112 :lookhere: 4"Satisfied, he threw the pieces at Vezok's feet."

5And you are correct about what Axonn was referring to (I can't believe I overlooked this line):
6Bionicle Legends # 5 Last Line of First Paragraph on Page 124 :lookhere: 7"We will be waiting to greet you when you have fulfilled your destiny."

8I hope that clears up my earlier comments from a few posts back.
9~ IPB Image
1I stand corrected. :) 2Anyway, here are a few more interesting points of information from Mr. Farshtey:
31) Is the Tahtorak vs. Kardas battle in 2007? 41) It does take place during the '07 storyline, but not sure if it will be shown anywhere or not
52) Is that battle a BIONICLE.com exclusive? 62) See answer to #1
73) Since Vezon left the Chamber of Life, and since all of the Piraka survived 2006 and are still lurking around on Voya Nui, has Vezon rejoined the group? 83) No. The Piraka have no use for Vezon.
94) How many powers does Vezon currently have? 104) Pretty much none
115) Did Avak make Vezon a zamor sphere launcher (or do you think he will, since the Piraka are now pretty much reduced to cooling their heels and planning revenge)? 125) See answer to #3
136) Are there any plans to put Piraka into BIONICLE.com 2007? 146) Not at the moment, no. BIONICLE.com needs to focus on current sets
157) Do any of the Piraka still have antidermis zamor spheres left over? 167) It's possible, yes
178) Is the protodax (minus zamor launcher) what one would expect a protodite to look like under a powerful microscope? 188) Yes
199) How much of the Great Disruption will we read about in the Atlas (besides the known facts: on Metru Nui; 79,500 years ago; led by Matoran, who were later banished to the Pit by the BoM; lasted 400 years, imperiling Mata Nui's health and forcing Toa Jovan and his team to find and use the Ignika Mask of Life; our favorite Makuta dispatched to deal with the civil war)? 209) That's it. The war only gets mentioned in a Metru Nui timeline, we don't go into detail on it
2110) Have Makuta and Botar ever worked together before (since Botar was probably involved in the Great Disruption aftermath)? 2210) I don't think "worked together" fits, no

23jetslandingboard :silver:
110) Have Makuta and Botar ever worked together before (since Botar was probably involved in the Great Disruption aftermath)? 210) I don't think "worked together" fits, no

3Probably more like Makuta doing all the dirty work i.e. putting down the Matoran warlords, and Botar cleaning up after him. 4Botar is the OoMN cleaning lady :lol:
1Edit: Apologies for the dp. I've been studying for my calc final for about 6 hours straight now, I'm a little out of it. I hope that's a good excuse :unsure:
2Greg's knowledge on the early Nocturn release:
3Hello Greg, I don't know if you've seen yet, but Nocturn's recently popped up in a Walmart. Was he supposed to be a summer set, or is Lego beginning to release Titans (I guess Nocturn is a semi-titan) with the winter lines? Also, what kind of sea critter is he? 4Thanks:

5My last info was that he would be a summer set, but since this is the first time we have done a $15 set in my memory, Denmark may have decided to shift the release schedule. Not a big deal, he was going to appear briefly in the March comic anyway

6Actually, I remember a time when a set was $15, way back in the 2001 Rahi days. IMO, a few winter Titan releases would be a great idea, rather than have early and late summer releases. It would be cool to get the store exclusives with the December sets. Too bad he didn't say what Nocturn was. :(
1Few old questions, nothing new:
2Hi Mr. F,
3After reading Bionicle Legends#5, I have a couple of questions about it. Thanks in advance.
41) After the Piraka had escaped the trap through the waterway and arrived on the volcanic plain with the bridge, the book read: ''None of the Piraka noticed the subtle, minute changes already happening to them because of the exposure to the water'.'' But it wasn't mentioned again in the book. So my question is: What happened to the Piraka? Or has it yet to happen? They didn't seem to notice anything strange in the book. 51) Hasn't happened yet
62) What's Axonn going to do about Krahka and Tahtorak? It's not like the Tahtorak could hide, anyway. 72) Well, Krahka will probably just turn into a flying Rahi and leave the island. And unless Tahtorak menaces the Matoran, Axonn doesn't need to do anything about him.
83) Does Axonn really plan to free Brutaka from the Pit? If he succeeded, would the OoMN regard him as a criminal, too? 93) No, he doesn't, he is just hoping
104) Now that the Mask of Life no longer is on Vezon's head, is Vezon still fused to the Kardas' back? Will the pair still cooperate? 114) No. The curse is gone once he doesn't have the mask
125) Was Vezon's Spear of Fusion the only one currently in existence? Or are there more? 135) That was it
146) The Zivon is still in the Zone of Darkness, right? 156) Yes
16That's it for now. Thanks once again.

11) We know that everything underground is made of protodermis. Is everything aboveground made of something else than protodermis? Discluding things like the biomechanical life of Mata Nui which wasn't supposed to be there.
21) Yes
32) There are completely organic beings underground too. The Krana for example. Are the organic underground beings made of protodermis too?
42) Yes
53) If yes, they would be majorly different from the organic, non-protodermis beings of the aboveground, right? So, is the difference between biomechanical and organic, the underground and the aboveground, actually a difference between being made out of protodermis and not being made ot of protodermis?
63) That is one of the differences, yes, but not the only one.
7And a random idea: Could this be why the Barraki have to chew the fish of the sea to be able to absorb energy from them? The Barraki are biomechanical, made out of protodermis. The fish are organic and (probably) not made of protodermis. Because of this, the Barraki have to take more effort to absorb their energy.
84) The Barraki cannot absorb energy directly through contact with purely organic beings.

9The last one makes me wonder of the differences between the domes and the outside, aboveground world.
Little Zivon
14) No. The curse is gone once he doesn't have the mask
2Hmm. Makes me wonder if Dekar is still cursed, since he shouldn't currently have the Ignika either...
3jetslandingboard :silver:

Little Zivon
14) No. The curse is gone once he doesn't have the mask
2Hmm. Makes me wonder if Dekar is still cursed, since he shouldn't currently have the Ignika either...
3jetslandingboard :silver:

4how about that barraki who's cursed? Does he have the mask or something? Just a little theory of mine... 5he could have the mask and isnt telling the others. :shrugs:
1Couple more from GregF:
2Hello Mr. F, I know it might be too early to discuss it, but after the Nocturn turn up, I wanted to ask:
31. Does this picture depict the Toa Mahri?
4Picture Linked
5That's all, thanks.

6Based on an image of such poor quality, it is impossible for me to say what it is or is not supposed to be. Everything I have to say at this point regarding the Nocturn set and packaging is in my topic on Nocturn in the S&T forum

7After reading the new topic you made about Nocturn, ignore my earlier PM. But I've come back just to have something clarified:
9Actually, GregF has stated the Sarda set will come packaged with a Special-Edition Toa (probably part of that first Toa Team). Therefore, it is not just a promotion for a Matoran.

10Is this true?

11Thanks again.

12No, it is not. Sarda will most likely be in a store-exclusive set later in 2007, but it will not be with a Toa.

1This is a general question, not towards GregF...There will still be a special Toa set, or rather the Toa from the first Toa Team, right? GregF didn't clarify that in the post above mine...
1Just to let you know:
2Hi Greg this is the link for the figure I mentioned in my post 5 minutes ago:

4So again: 51a) Is this a Toa Mahri? 61b) Or is it some other 2007 character (the Jailor? ot´r somebody else) 71c) Or is this just a protoype figure for a character and it is not storyline canon?
8So again would be cool if you answered (and if it is a Mahri I am NOT Going to tell, do not want to spoil the whole BZP community).
9Have nice holidays::::
10Here is his answer: 11It's not canon to my knowledge, it's something that was done for the video game as some kind of extra or something.
1If you haven't already, you should PM Mr. Farshtey with your questions. He rarely visits this topic.
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1YES I KNOW THAT: 2I just plainly forgot to paste in Greg's answer:
3It's not canon to my knowledge, it's something that was done for the video game as some kind of extra or something.
1Hi Greg, I decided to ask a few questions again.
21. Does Botar know the Jailor? 32. Are there any BOM members in the Pit? 43. This is just a random question - if a BOM member was taken to the Pit, would the rest of the BOM try to get him back? 54. Can you give any fact on the Jailor? Like he's tall, short etc.

71) Yes 82) No 93) More likely, the rest of the BOM would decide to make it their business to figure out who ran the place and who was taking their people there 104) He's a weapons expert
11The Jailors a weapon expert:
1Hmm... He wasn't specific
2Since Vezon is not cursed anymore, and Kardas is no longer fused to him, will they not be friends anymore? Enemies?

1Hmm... He wasn't specific
2Since Vezon is not cursed anymore, and Kardas is no longer fused to him, will they not be friends anymore? Enemies?

3GregF said that they seperated (went different ways) after the were unfused.. so I doubt they'll be together again.
1QUOTE 2First off, I just finished reading Ignition. You did a wonderful job writing it, it was my favorite Bionicle book yet.
31. After 100,000 years, history just seems to stop in the Bionicle world. Is that because all the beings we've seen were created around roughly that time, or is that the Bionicle world is far younger than our Earth? That is, is Bionicle world less than a million years old compared to our Earth which is billions of years old?
42. Has a member of the Dark Hunters or the Brotherhood of Makuta (post becoming evil) ever switched back to becoming a force of good?
53. This is just something I want to clarify. You've said that we're going to see a member of the first Toa TEAM in 2007. Is there a Toa who is older, but wasn't on a team?
64. Does every Toa team have a name (ie: Nuva, Metru, Inika, Hagah)
75. How does one go about becoming part of the OoMN? Are they recruited?
86. What has happened to Umbra now that the MoLi is gone?
97. Will the OoMN punish Axonn for making his existence known to an entire island and becoming their official protector?
108. What do you enjoy the most about making Bionicle?

111) The universe of the Matoran was created slightly more than 100,000 years ago. That is why we don't talk about dates earlier than that. 100,000 years brings us up to the present day in the story.
122) Nope
133) Yes
144) In general
155) Yes, they are recruited. You can't join up
166) Umbra will remain there, as he has done in the past, until the mask gets brought back
177) No. He did what he had to do under the circumstances.
188) I haven't really thought about it
1Hi Greg: A member recently made an interesting topic about Makuta posessing the body of the Pit's dead jailer. I said it might be interesting, seeing as the Kanohi of the new Toa of Ice is not responsible for this. But i wonder, can Makuta really take control of a dead corpse? After all, the only thing he takes possession of are metallical armours.
2Another question is regarding my new topic. I ask fans what do they think the Nuva will be doing in 2007 but seeing as you are the ultimate guy behind the BIONICLE mythos, I wanted to ask you what they will be doing apart from their mission with the Bahrag? Thanks a lot greg:
3-ice dino land

41) To my knowledge, no, Makuta cannot do that. He can inhabit the body of a living being whose spirit is gone, or a purely mechanical being. But simply having your mind in a body does not grant that body life/movement, so even if he went into a dead body, he couldn't make it move, speak, etc, and it wouldn't keep his essence intact. (And yes, the jailer was a living being, not a robot, etc.)
52) I can't really discuss this, and a lot depends on space. The current plan is to have a Toa Nuva adventure going on on the web in 2007, but not on a fan site and not on BIONICLE.com. It's going to be more of a thing you have to hunt for :) 6Greg

1Questions for you, Greg Farshtey... :)1. Will we see Axonn next year?
22. When will the battle between Kardas and Tahtorak(sp?) take place?
33. Can the Bahrag be released if the Toa Nuva combine their powers to unlock the protodermis prison? Or do they have to use their Toa Nuva symbols?

44. Has Nocturn been in the Pit longer than the Barraki?
55. Were all of the Barraki defeated at the same time, and put into the Pit at the same time?
66. The Jailor is an OoMN member, right?
77. The Jailor will have a name, right?
88. Does Botar make an appearance next year?
99. Will the Antidermis make an appearance next year?
1010. Not including the Toa Mahri, there are 50 Toa left on entire Bionicle planet, right?
1111. And we have seen 13/50 of the Toa, not including the Toa Mahri, right?

1212. Are all the new characters we will see next year, meaning 2007, been exposed to the mutagen that changed the Barraki to their current state?
1313. Will the Toa Inika get aquatic masks for them to survive in the water?
1414. Was Brutaka deposited in the Pit before Botar talked to Tahu Nuva about the cryptic mission?
1515. Is the Toa from the first Toa Team, that we will see, alive? Or is he in some short story that takes place in the past?
16Thank you for your time... 17Erebus

181) Maybe in a book, not in the comics 192) I have no idea if that is going to be shown anywhere, it's not really relevant to the story, just fun 203) Yes, they can 214) I doubt that 225) Yes 236-7) Yes 248) Only in a flashback in Book 6 259) Don't know 2610-11) Not going to answer this, since these questions tend to be sneaky ways to find out if the Inika are the Mahri 2712) Exposed, yes, affected by, no 2813) Can't answer it 2914) Yes 3015) He is alive

31Gah...I wasn't trying to trick GregF... XD
1Just some questions from GregF,
2Hiya Mr. Farshtey :) ,
3Just something I want to ask you about Comic 5,
41. At the end of the comic, Matoro is holding the Mask of Life, but at the end of Inferno, the Mask falls into the water and Hahli goes after it, only to be saved by a Matoran who cliams that there is city under the waves. Will the Mask go into the water in the next comic?
5Just something I want to ask you,
62. This year we had the stairs with all the guards on them, (lousy way to put it, :P ) that lead to the Mask of Life. Next year, what will we have? You're just going to say, "Find out next year," aren't you? :P But ether way, I am still going to ask. What we be the main thing next year? All that we know is that the Toa Inika, (maybe Mahri,) will go and get the Mask back from the Barraki. But it can't be that simple, something is going to happen, right?
7And just a few things I am throwing in,
83. When will the next comic be, in March?
94. Witch do you like writing better, books or comics? I like the books more. :P
105. Witch book are you writing now, and witch book will you write next?
116. One last question, is there any hope left for Invasion?
12Thank you for making time to read this. :) Oh, and by the way, Merry Chirstmas: :xmas:
13The Seventh Crystal

141) Happens in the January web comic 152) I can't discuss future storyline 163) Next comic is on BIONICLE.com in January. Next comic after that is a print comic in March 174) Books are more fun, but take a lot longer 185) Right now, I am on a break 196) No. The plotline for Invasion would have fallen in the early spring of 2007, as it took place before the summer sets enter the story. I just finished the book for end of the year 2007, so there is no way it could get written in time for this coming spring. Also, book sales have not gone up enough for them to want to put it back.

20I will edited this post with more questions as they come, (I asked him more). :)
21The Seventh Crystal
1New encyclopedia 2 info:
2Hi Greg, I promise this is the last time I will bug you until after the holiday break. My question is about Kongu's reference to a "shadow plague." 31. Couldn't this only have happened between the time the Matoran awoke in their pods on Mata Nui's beach and the present, since that is how far his memory currently spans? 42. Is 'shadow plague' the treespeak version of the word? 53. Is Kongu referring to the dark time on Mata Nui, when Makuta cast it into shadow? 64. Or is it something we know nothing about yet, and it was told to him by someone else, since he wouldn't be able to recall anything from the before-time? 7Thanks alot:

81) Yup 92) No 103) No 114) It is something from the time span you mentioned that we simply have not gone into before since we have dealt very little with the time before the Toa Mata arrival. It is referenced in the second volume of the Encyclopedia next year

12I think it's really cool that Greg's going to give us more info about the time between the arrival on Mata Nui and the coming of the Toa. As far as I knew, they were just building villages and trying to survive in the wild.

114. Was Brutaka deposited in the Pit before Botar talked to Tahu Nuva about the cryptic mission?

214) Yes

3Not true. Bionicle Legends #5, Inferno, page 117: 4"A defeated Brutaka was being carried by [Botar, and that same being was deep in conversation with Tahu Nuva. As they watched, the strange being and Brutaka vanished in a wisp of smoke." 5Greg must've slipped :).
6EDIT: New answer:
7Is there something in the Pit that blocks telepathy? Since there are all sort of creatures down there, is there something that stops them from making mental contact with someone who might try to rescue them? 8Not that I am aware of, no. But "rescue attempts" are rare to non-existent -- no one on the outside knows for sure what might be acting as guards, but they do know that if they try and fail, they are looking at an eternity in the Pit too. 9Khote
1I got some answers from Greg:
2Hi, Mr. Farshety. I have some questions.
31. Who do you think will win the Tahtorak/Kardas battle, or can't you tell me?
42. Does the Tahtorak/Kardas battle have any real storyline importance?
53. Do you know the characters for 2008?
6Thanks in advance for whatever you can give me.

81) I don't know yet 92) Not really, no 103) Only a very small number of them. New character designs for 2008 are still underway, so there are a LOT of '08 sets I have not seen yet

11That's all I got.
1QUOTE 2Mr.F, I've got just a couple of questions for you.
31. Is the description on scholastics.com about Bionicle Legends#7 true? 42. If it is, then it confirms that the Inika are the Mahri. Was Scholastics supposed to give that kind of info away this early?

5As I have said in the past, the International Rights site is generally not a good place to go for story info. It's not intended for that, it's just intended to let foreign publishers know the books are coming out. Since I do not write the descriptions they use there (which are frequently written BEFORE the book is handed in), I don't comment on them.

1I am shocked. GregF replied to me in 2 minutes. Anyways, I've got some stuff:
21.Roodaka can shoot shadow energy out of her hands. Is this power elemental? 3GregF:No
42.If yes, than can others of her species use elemental powers? 5GregF:No
63.Can you confirm once and for all that Vaccum can, can't, or ever will be an Element? 7GregF:I see no reason to make something a Toa element when a Toa of Air can already create it as part of his powers.
84.Could Vaccum be considered a special Air power? Could the same go for Heat(Fire), Cold(Ice), and Silence(Sonics)? 9GregF: Basically, Yes

1Hello Greg, just a few questions.
21. Did Makuta attack Mata Nui during the toa/dark hunter war? 31.b If no, then was it before or after the war?
4Thanks for answering.
5Mr. toi

61) No, not that far back 72) After

8hmmm ... very interesting.
9Mr. toi
1New one:
2If Kardas and Tahtorak fight, wouldn't Kardas be in disadvantage, since he's like 1/4 of Tahtorak? Although he has the concussive blasts, where Tahtorak just has his brute strength... 3Also, please don't say that they're the same size in the story, because I'm sure that the story is written around the sets, and Kardas is just two Vezon in height, and Vezon is around the same size of a Toa. 4Tahtorak is definitely bigger, Khote. But having a ranged attack like Kardas has is a big help against a bigger foe. I have taken down much bigger foes in World of Warcraft by weakening them with ranged attacks before they got close to me.
5LOL. 6*Imagines Greg approaching Ragnaros from behind* 7Khote
1Hello, GregF: Just have a few questions...
21. Roodaka can basically shapeshift, right? Because she has the mutation Rhotuka, but she can control what something turns into. So she could use it on herself and transform into anything she wanted, then just transform back. Or is she immune to her own Rhotuka?
32. For that matter, is she the only Xian (for lack of a better word) who has the mutation Rhotuka, or do they all? If they all do, then could they all choose how their body looks, like the elven folk of Eragon/Eldest?
43. Is there a name for the BIONICLE universe? 53a. Is there a name for it known to the Matoran, etc., that we just don't know?
64. Can you tell me what the Toa Nuva's new mission is? 74a. Does it involve the Bahrag?
8Thanks in advance:

101) We have never seen her use it on herself, so my guess is she can't. 112) Rhotuka spinners don't cut across species. It is formed from your own will, so a hundred residents of Xia would likely have 100 different powers. 123) Not in any of the story bibles, no 134) I can tell you it is closely linked to their original mission

14All righty then... there's my batch.