1Tamu questions 27 26 23 14 and 2 are intruging.
1I'm not sure if it's anything important, but it sure is stuff I didn't know.

2Hello Mr. Farshtey.Just a few questions.
31.Will Brickmasters be getting any Alpha Team, Viking, or Knights Kingdom sets this year?
41) I have no info on what sets are being sent out with BM. I don't handle that end of things. I can tell you it is highly doubtful that you will get an AT set, as there are only two out this year and they are way more expensive than the sets we can send with BM.
5That's odd.He seemed to be answering alot of BM related questions when it first started.
62.Is Norik's mask possibly be a great mask of healing (as in wounds)?
72) No
83.Is Iruini's mask possibly the same mask that Nidhiki used to wear?
93) Not to my knowledge, but it's possible
114.Will the winning toa of the toa contest have a big role in the book?
124) He/she will have a role, but I only have two weeks from the end of the contest to finish the book, so it can't be a dominant role
13Oh well, at least the Toa gets to be in the book.
145.Is the Visorak Battle Ram similar to the Vladek's Siege engine?
155) Um don't think so
16See Re 5.
176.Do the mini Hordika have any posability?
186) No
19I'm starting to prefer Toa minifigs over these.
207.Can the mini Hordika shoot mini Rohtuka?
217) No
22It's a cool idea though.
238.You said all the sets this year shoot Rohtuka.Does that include the System sets?
248) Not sure if there are launchers in all those sets.
25I hope they do.
26And a just some random questions:
279.Do you like Mario?
289) Never played
2910.If you could have any game system other than PS2, what would it be?
3010) I really don't know. I barely use my PS2, so I really haven't paid much attention to other systems.
31Thanx :)
32:silver: exo :silver:
33Note: 9. and 10. are optional.You don't have to answer them if you don't want to.

34Re 5. I'm assuming you say that because you haven't seen the Vladek's Seige Engine, correct? If yes, I could send you a pic of the Engine so you can compare the two if you wan't me to.
351) No, I don't think they're similar because I don't think they're similar. A siege engine is a catapult or a ballista or (when the term is used improperly) a siege tower for getting over walls. A battle ram is just that -- it's a ram for battering down walls.
36See Re Re 5.
37I also have a question about AT:
38In a recent magazine, there was a game where you had to find ice orbs with a number and a letter on them scattered throughout the magazine and the letters filled out a sentence and yada yada yada. Anyway, I happened to finish the game and the sentence said "Beware of Ogel's ice flames." or something like that. What exactly are these ice flames?
392) The ice flames are the flames in the "eyes" of the Ogel Mountain Fortress set.
40I don't know much about AT.

41Thanx :)
42:silver: exo :silver:

43Re, Re 5. Oh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Except, your answer raises a new question. Will the VBR be paired up with the Tower of the Toa (storylinewise or possibly in a two pack)?
445) No idea if they will be sold as a co-pack.
45I wonder why he didn't tell me storywise.
46Re 4/5. Do Iruini and Norik's masks possibly work like the Aki and the Rua where one is gold, has the shape of an ordinary mask, and has the mask powers of three of the Toa and the other is silver, has the shape of another mask, and has the mask powers of the other three?
476) Nope. Good try, though.
48So close.
49Thanx and I hope I havn't bothered you too much :)
50:silver: exo :silver:

1Hey Greg. I sent these to you a while ago, but I think the server ate them with a side of toast for breakfast.
21.) About Zivon being from some dark dimension, is that meant to be taken literally or figuratively?
32.) The shields for the "Toa Rahaga" are mechanical Rhotuka launchers, not natural, right?
43.) Hmmm... Is there a name for them besides "Toa Rahaga"?
5Thanks a lot:

61) Literally 72) Mechanical, yes 83) There will be, actually. But we are waiting on approval from Legal for the name.

13.) Hmmm... Is there a name for them besides "Toa Rahaga"? 23) There will be, actually. But we are waiting on approval from Legal for the name.

3hmm.. another name for this toa maynbe the name of their original island
4I.E: toa metru 5toa rahaga=toa _____
1Okay, here's some more answers from the Farshinator. No real revelations, but still answers nonetheless.
2Hey, Greg.You can probably guess why I'm PMing you (It' s not like you don't get enough questions everyday...) but I'd like to once again thank you for your quick responses, and hope you can PM back with your typical speed.
31. Is it really all that common for Matoran to build robots with AI?Because, if the Vahki are able to think and reason autonomously (In case you're not robo-literate, autonomous means "able to function, operate, and make decisions without the help of an operator.") they must be pretty advanced programmers.I find it hard to believe they just up and invented truly sapient beings without any practice.Wouldn't they have applied their programming skills elsewhere?
42. Is it possible for just any six Matoran from each district to make a Matoran Nui?
53. You once said a Toa Nui would have Mata Nui-level power.Well, there must be some reason why no group of Toa (as far as we know) has ever tried it before.Is it especially hard somehow?
64. If Mata Nui is the one who makes sure gravity and whatnot works in the Bionicle world, then how come everything's perfectly normal (well, as normal as Bionicle gets) while he's asleep?Is he a light sleeper, or what?
75. If all six Hordika fired their Rhotuka towards one spot, would it create Protodermis?
86. If all six Hordika fired their Rhotuka at Keetongu, would he be able to shoot Protodermis Rhotuka? (Or, for the sake of argument, what about six untainted Toa energies?)
97. Are the Bohrok powers more magical, or more mechanical?In other words, are they like Toa powers, or Vahki powers?
108. How can the Toa Metru tell Krahka is female?She's always taking the form of a body not her own, so it would be kinda hard to tell.
119. How, exactly, did the Onu-Matoran manage to get Krahka into the archives, and keep her there?
1210. Was the two-headed Tarakava made by Makuta, the Visorak, or something else?
1311. You said Roodaka comes from her own island.So, in other words, there's an island out there filled with beings equal to her in power level, maliciousness, and height?Wow, that must be a REALLY BIG island...
1412. Is Sidorak also from an island filled with creatures like him?
1513. How do you type with boxing gloves on? (You don't have to answer this one, I just wanted to see if you know what it is I'm referencing.)
1614. Is the Matoran-Toa-Turaga process exclusive to Matoran, or can the various offshoots become Toa and Turaga in a similar fashion?So, could some four-legged Matoranoid creature obtain a Toa stone and become some fanged, clawed, energy-spitting four legged creature? (You see where I'm going with this, don't you?)
1715. If 14 is true, then are interspecies Toa groups possible?
1816. Does Sidorak's Rhotuka work like a Mask of Mind Control, or a Staff of Loyalty?In other words, does he have direct mental domination over his victims, but have to concentrate to maintain control, or do they operate without his direct control, but still support him?
1917. I heard a member say that you told him the Toa Rahaga had gold and silver armor because they were especially elite, and that their masks honored previous Toa.Is this true?If so, does this mean Lhikan was also especially elite?
2018. I know no official past has been written for Dume, but since he's a Turaga, it's pretty safe to assume he was a Toa at some point, right?
2119. When, exactly, would Nuparu find time to design and invent a super-efficient police robot to protect his fellow Matoran?Didn't he have archiving or something to do?
2220. Was Takua as aimless and scatterbrained on Metru Nui as he was on Mata Nui, or did he have a duty like everyone else?
23I'd really appreciate it if you responded with your usual promptness.Thanks again:

241) I have had people ask me why the Matoran did not just build robots to do all their work for them. The answer is that they live in a society that values work, and that realizes that just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. They used the technology they had to do something they felt they had to for their own protection, but beyond that, really didn't have much use for it.
252) I don't think so. So far, it has always been six Matoran, one from each region.
263) Maybe because they don't feel worthy of or comfortable having that level of power.
274) Have you considered that maybe he knew what was about to happen to him and made provision for it?
285) If they struck simultaneously, yes.
296) Good question. I think it is more likely that, if all six spinners hit at the exact same split second, he would be shooting a Rhotuka that had all six elements in it. The problem with that is that wouldn't the water power cancel out the fire power, etc.?
307) I see them as being natural power, though I would not classify them as "magical."
318) Oh, good, an easy one for a changeCheck page 56 -- the first Toa to refer to her as "she" is Whenua -- who is not Whenua at that point, but Krahka imitating him. So she herself identifies herself as female.
329) They didn't. Krahka was never in the Archives. Krahka lived in the tunnels underneath, she had never been an exhibit.
3310) EP entity
3411) Maybe. Then again, who says the entire species is her equal? Yao Ming comes from China, doesn't mean everyone there is his height and can play basketball as well.
3512) And other species as well
3614-15) I hesitate to answer. Personally, I think that would be cool, but it is something I would have to discuss with the head of the story team.
3716) They support him, but he has to tell them what to do.
3817) First, what I thought I said was previous heroes, not previous Toa. And no, while Lhikan had a yellow-gold mask, he did not have golden armor like Norik does.
3918) Yes
4019) As in our society, if someone shows a certain talent for something, they are often afforded the chance to pursue it.
4120) Yup. Hence the joke that he had a whole Vahki squad assigned to him to keep him from walking off the job.


1Hi Greg, I just have 2 questions.
21)I just found this,

3I just got new info from Greg on this.
4Toa Norik's group of Toa was extremely elite. Thus, they have gold and silver armor, and wear masks which honor past Toa.

5It looks right, but I couldn't find a quote. Can you confirm this?
62)If this is true, than does Toa Norik honor Toa Dume?
7Thanks for your time:

81) Yes, it is true 92) Doubtful. I don't have an exact timeline, but I don't think Dume's service as a Toa would have been far enough before Norik's for him to be honored in that way.

1behold the power of greg:

3QUOTE 4[COLOR=red[Bi just got WoV and have read uptothe begging of chapter 7.and i'm loving it so far:so here we go:
51.there is passage were nuju wonders the point of a language at all.Does this help his decision of abopting another language?
62.about the change in vakama,Does he stay like this in hordkia form?
73.Who mentaly is most affected?
84.is their horadkia side and their normal side costnaly battle it out in their minds for suprmeacy?
96.In the last book of the year seeing as most of the story has been tied up,do you have more freedom then usual?
107.at the begging both roodoka and the vissorak can understand the rahi,does that mean it spoke matoran or they understand rahi languages?
118.how big is the enclopidea at the moment?
129.i know you cant read fanfics but vcan you still look at fan art and animations?
1310.Whats the most number of questions someone has sent you?
1411.with the comics,do you write in the text boxes or do you just tell the artist what to put down?
1512.whos your fav rahkshi of the 6?
1613.all those rahkshi nuju saw,were they rahkshi are something else that looked like rahkshi?
17thats all thanks in advance:

181) Yes, it is a foreshadowing of that 192) In terms of being temperamental? Yes, to an extent, all the Hordika have a hard time controlling their rage, even Nokama 203) I would say Vakama, because he was already feeling guilty before this even happened 214) Yes 226) It varies. 237) They understood its language, or enough of it to get the gist of things. They have been hunting Matoran a long time. 248) I am over 30,000 words right now with a fair amount still to do. 259) I generally don't have the time. 2610) 57, I think 2711) I write a script that has all the captions and the dialogue in it. Then the artist draws and inks everything, and the letterer puts in the captions and balloons from my script. 2812) Maybe Lerahk 2913) They were Rahkshi

1Some good answers about the exo-toa:

2Wassup Greg: I sent these to you a while ago, but I suspect the server had supper on it:
31. Were there more than 6 exo-toas built? I mean there has to be a prototype or something...
42. Were the exo-toa specially designed for the Toa Olda?
53. Is the exo-toa good or evil?
64. Do the Bohrok have anything to do with Mata Nui(spirit)
75. Is the unexpected enemy the Toa Hordika fight this year the evil Rahi side of their phyche?
86. Were the Bahrag always the bohrok queens?
97. What's a cameo?
108. Are the exo-toa purely machines like the Vahki?
119. Do Vahki have leaders for each type?
1210. Is there a connection between Sidorak and Roodaka and Makuta?

151) Yes 162) No 173) Neither. It's a machine. Machines can't be good or evil, they have no moral sense. 184) Such as what? 195) No -- we already told you about that, so it wouldn't be unexpected 206) Yes 217) Cameo is a brief appearance 228) Yes, they are suits of armor 239) They have leaders of various squads within a group, yes 2410) Follow the story and find out

1Hi, I have a couple of questions for you...
21- Was the order of the toa's coming like this? 3Tahu's group 4several other, currently unknown,groups 5Norik's group 6Dume's Group 7Lhikan's Group 8Metru 9Tahu's group again
102- When will we be able to see some good pictures of Norik and Iruni?
113- How did you discover BZPower?
124- Is there any way that TLC could have a BZP-exclusive contest?

141) I don't really have hard and fast info this at this time. 152) March UK Magazine will have shots of them, so I am sure they will be scanned here. 163) Don't recall 174) Well, BZP already has BZP exclusive contests, sometimes with prizing we provide, so not sure what more could be done there.

19- :t: :m: :h:
1Here are some questions I asked him last night
2Dear Greg, 3Hello, hope you had a good time while I wasn't PM'ing you every now and then, but I'd like to ask you a few more questions that have accumulated in my mind.
41) in MoS, you said that the multi-mouthed octopoid creature had a dim brain, although it seemed to be pretty smart with it's conclusion on what to do with the Lhikan, and scince the average octopus in our world is rather smart, what made you think that the rahi was a dunce?
51) The idea of wrapping tentacles around prey and dragging it down doesn't take any particular intelligence. If you were an octopus and wanted to get something that was on the surface (where you can't breathe) what would you do? Any octopus on our world would do the same thing, it is instinct, not brains.
62) Was the octopoid rahi inspired by the rediculous monster from the film Deep Rising? It shares some of the same characteristics such as the arms with mouths on the end in addition to one in its body.
72) No, because I have never seen the movie.
83) What's your favorite real-world animal?
93) Tiger
104) A BZP member called Kualus has a quote from the Rahaga in his sig from BA #8, did you give this quote to him?
114) Yes
125) A BZP member called buzz 987 said that there was a reference to Matoran toys in a "Dark Hunter comic" do you have any idea what he was talking about here because I thought that the Dark HUnter sidestory would be on the website, I'm going to PM him to ask later.
135) He may be referring to one of the comics from last year that had the Dark Hunters in it. He wasn't referring to the Dark Hunter sidestory, because that hasn't been written and published yet.
14A couple about the Brickmaster Toa contest:
156) Will an entry with an essay surpassing the word limit be disqualified?
166) No
177) Will an entry using parts that are availiable in Bionicle sets but in a color from a separate Technic set be disqualified (I want to add a red piece from a Technic set other than a Bionicle set in my entry's mask).
187) Hmmmm. If it is a TECHNIC piece, I think it would be okay.
198) Let's say I use a piece from a Visorak that I bought from someone in England while they aren't due to be available to my country until this summer, would that not be allowed?
208) No, that is okay. The rules say BIONICLE pieces, and that is a BIONICLE piece.
219) Were you one of the judges for the Proto-Squad contest back in '02?
229) Yes
2310) If yes to #9, I would like to know why my entry won (I'm not fishing for compliments here), I didn't have much time to do it and wasn't able to put as much effort into it as I could, my entry had the toa in a fireplace as a chamber of the Bohrok catacombs with the Bohrok and Bohrok Va Kaita standing before them.
2410) That was so long ago I really don't remember specific entries.
2511) All of your books are dedicated to someone, are these people friends, family, coworkers?
2611) So far, all of them have been dedicated to either a co-worker, a friend or my fiance.
2712) Every now and then you say "Elite Visorak" are these Kagarak you're refferring to?
2812) Yes
2913) You said that fora mechanical Rhotuka launcher user, they make the Rhotuka, like one with a natural launcher, but use a mechanical one to deploy it, does this mean that they have the ability to make Rhotuka that fall to the ground, and built mechanical launchers to shoot them?
3013) If I am understanding your question, no. The Rhotuka in the mechanical launchers are still wheels of energy generated by the will of the user.
3114) Can you tell us one of your favorite authors or books?
3214) The Pyrates by George Macdonald Fraser.
3315) When someone asks you a personal question, do you ever feel the same way you did as a schoolkid when having to answer a personal question about yourself for school?
3415) Not really. Of course, sometimes I don't answer them (like someone asked me what my salary was the other day).
3516) I heard that you like jazz, what is one of your favorite composers/artists?
3616) Diana Krall
3717) Are all of the Brickmaster sets going to keep in the $4-$6 range?
3817) At this point, yes, that is the plan. Sending out more expensive sets would have raised the price of the BM subscription, because LEGO Club has to buy those sets to be able to send them out.
39Well, that about wraps up all I wanted to know, I hope you don't have any trouble answering them, and best wishes to you and your lovely Fiancee.
40Sincerely, 41Kraken228

42At the bottom of the PM was a post script telling him my name for the tenth question, but for privacy reasons I didn't post it here.
1Hi Greg:
2I really enjoyed WotV it was the best BA book so far.
31.What comic shows the origin of the Rahaga
42. Can you give me the names of any upcoming comics?
53. Recently, some names that belong to the other two playsets have been uncovered but one has had two names found 'Tower of Toa' and 'Tower of Visorak' could you tell me which is correct.
64.Will we ever see the EP again?
75.Will we ever see the "Kranatta" again?

8Thanks: 9-KE

101) July 112) Not yet, no 123) Tower of Toa is correct 134) Maybe 145) Hopefully

15-KE 16:smiletol:
1Hello everyone and here are a bunch of new Qs and As
2Hello, I was just feeling good today and since I've got some questions loaded...here we go:
31)A member recently posted links to a website which had pictures of the playset and the one for the Tower of Visorak (or was it Tower of Toa?) had Keetongu in it. It seems to Keetongu is huge compared to the Toa and the Visorak. So my question is this: How big is Keetongu?
42)How are Keerahk able to beat an offender to his/her hiding spot? Do they use some sort of tracker?
53)Why is it that all the non-Matoran, Toa, Turaga and Rahi characters are able to fly?
64)How big can a Kraawa really get? Is there some kind of limit or is it just infinite (starts imagining a Kraawa as big as the planet)
75)When will you be getting your Dark Hunter webstories I've heard so much about...I would really love to hear about their background
86)I just saw the Visorak powers list and it got me wondering about Keelerak's in particular...you said that there are blades on the ends of their legs and they can turn themselves into living buzzsaws but how do they get to their target? Do they jump and shift their trajectory before slicing whatever stands in their path?
97)Will Karzahni (the evil plant) return? I'm asking this because in a line from BA #6 there was a Karzahni shoot on a log.
108)What are those shields that Toa Iruini and Toa Norik carry? Are they their Rhotuka spinners?
119)Why is the Vahi considered a Great Mask when technically it was made with level 9 disks while real Great Masks are made with level 8 disks.
1210)Why is Roodaka so determined to gain full control of the Hordes and get rid of Sidorak?
1311)How big do Toa tools get?
1412)Will we ever see the Bohrok or the Exo-Toa again possibly in a flashback of sorts in the story?(I kinda miss those guys, the Exo-Toa is one of my favorite sets)
15Thats all for now...and thanks in advance for any questions you are able to answer.

161) Those were pics of old prototypes. They were based on 1) Keetongu's old size, which got changed in the story and 2) Keetongu being in that set, which he no longer is.
172) No. There is an old detective movie I like where the hero says the best way to follow someone is to figure out where they are going and get there first. That is what they do. It's observation and deduction.
183) Basically, because for the most part the Toa can't (only two of the six Toa Metru can), so it gives the bad guys an edge in battle.
194) Keep hitting it, it will keep growing. I know of no limit.
205) I did talk to the web producer about it, so we will see what can be done. Main challenge is freeing up enough time to do it.
216) The whirling motion propels them forward.
227) Yes
238) Yes, I believe so.
249) Because we have no term for masks beyond Great at this point.
2510) Have to follow the story and find out.
2611) In general, not so big as to become unwieldy for the Toa to carry.
2712) Yes. The Exo-Toa may be back in this July's comic, plus there is new info on them and the Bohrok in the Encylopedia this year.

28Quote edited to remove the annoying cool emoticon.
1Look out below:: 2*Minor WotV spoilers follow*

3Well, I got my hands of Web of the Visorak at Barnes and Noble, and I now have several questions regarding that, the playsets, and a couple other things.
41. There used to be about 5000 Vahki, right? How many are there left after the overload?
51) Maybe a hundred, tops.
62. Surrender or die.. Sounds like these new Vahki got an attitude adjustment. Are the overloaded ones more fun to write for?
72) Oh, definitely. Anything that can talk is more fun to write for.
83. Do Visorak have any means of communicating besides their webs?
93) With each other? Yes, they have their own language.
104. Really big protodites? What was Matau thinking? (And thanks for mentioning them, for some reason i'm fascinated with microRahi..)
115. Will there be anything on Protodites in the Encyclopedia or Rahi guide?
125) Yes
146. There's something on Barnes & Noble.com about a Bionicle Chronicles Book by C. Hapka, scheduled to be released in March, as a hardcover. Any info on this?
156) No, but it would most likely be a collection of the 2003 books, because she hasn't written anything new for BIONICLE.
167. Will the Toa-sized Keetongu on the prototype packaging be available anywhere, at all?
177) No. Our reason for taking it out of the set was that we are already selling Keetongu as a set and we did not think people would want to buy him twice.
188. Will all the Visorak in the sets be yellow, or will some be changed to look more like their bigger counterparts?
198) As far as I know, they are yellow. No idea why.
20#I sure hope that changes..#
219. Finally, do you enjoy making us all go gray with suspense? :) 22I know the encyclopedia's not coming out for months, but whenever I read a new clue, I start salivitating even more, and get really excited about the encyclopedia. If the fan reaction here is any indication, lego will likely end up $4 million richer.. I know I'm buying it ASAP::
239) Yes

1An interesting scoop for the bookless... 2And some things I wanted to clear up :)
31. How does a Rahaga/Toa Hordika fire his or her Rhotuka? Do they duck forward and shoot it at the target, or does it fire upward and then comes round to hit the target? 41) Fires upward and then immediately turns. Its course is guided mentally.
52. What exactly is the difference between a mechanical Rhotuka and a natural one? 62) Basically, a mechanical Rhotuka is a launcher built by someone and used as a tool (the spinners are still energy generated by the user). A natural Rhotuka is part of the user's body.
73. How many years has the storyteam written ahead? 83) We are outlined through 2008 right now.
94. Do you have or can you acces any information about your books being released in Europe (ever)? 104) All I can tell you is that Scholastic is pursuing deals with European publishers to print the books over there. Not sure where they are on that.
115. Can the person who turned the Toa 'Rahaga' into Rahaga, make Rahkshi? 125) No, because that person cannot produce kraata.
136. I thought I read you said that next year the Mata-Nui feel would be back. Could you confirm/alter this? ('cos I wasn't sure I read it right) 146) Yes, I did say that. 2006 goes back to some of the things people like about '01 -- the whole feel of a new, unknown, largely unexplored place and an epic quest, as opposed to a place that is familiar to the heroes and smaller missions.
157. Do you know when Bionicle.com 'll be updated for the Rhotuka codes? 167) I think they are shooting for this week or next.
178. Does the early release in the UK mean an early release in the rest of Europe ? 188) No idea. That is a decision made by the EU marketing team of BIONICLE.

1Have a look at some more:
2Hey Greg, just 3 Q's
31. Is Norik the leader of his group of Toa? (I tend to think not)
42. In the Rahkshi mini CDs the narrator says, "He (Takanuva) possesses a great deal of knowledge about the history of Mata Nui and its people." How far does this "great deal of knowledge about the history of Mata Nui" extend to? Could it extend far into Metru Nui or maybe even before that? How about the Matoran's history? Does he know that they once lived on Metru Nui or maybe even that Karzahni once ruled them?
53. Is the '04 and '05 story the ONLY experiences the Turaga had? Are they still keeping some other secrets that they hesitate to tell?

81) Yes. 92) No. Takanuva's great deal of knowledge about Mata Nui and its people comes from the fact that as Takua he was the Chronicler. 103) No, I think '04 and '05 pretty much sum up the Toa Metru's time as Toa.

1Hello Mr. Greg
21. Were the Toa Rahaga capable of charging their Rhotuka between their tools like the Toa Hordika?
31) No
42. Did any of the Rahi on Metru Nui before the quake have Rhotuka launchers?
52) Yes
63. Being a British fan of Bionicle, I have gone and bought two Visorak, Suukorak and Boggarak. I have just built Kahgarak (He's staring me in the face as I type this) and got interested. From what you have said about him and the Gate Guardian, I get the impression that Kahgarak is significantly more powerful than the Gate Guardian, but I have also heard that a Gate Guardian is much stronger than a Toa. So my question is, how strong is a Kahgarak compared to a Toa?
73) Well, Kahgarak come in different sizes, with the biggest being about 12 feet tall and 18 feet wide. So they can do some damage.
84. I've heard that Zivon is from another dimension, a dark one at that. If this is the case, does Zivon, or his dimension have anything to do with the dimension Kahgarak's Rhotuka sends its victim to, or Kahgarak in general? Did Kahgarak let Zivon out?
94) It's the same dimension. The only way to summon a Zivon is to have Kahgarak use his spinner to open a hole in the field. Also the only way to get RID of a Zivon.
105. Are the pincers on Kahgaraks back another set of legs, or are they another weapon of some kind?
115) I would have to take a closer look at the model
126. About how much of a part does the Elite Visorak play in the upcoming storyline?
136) Kahgarak is in at least two comics this year, BIONICLE Adventures #8, and this year's movie
15Yes, I am potty about Kahgarak :lol: . Thanks in advance

16EDIT: More questions from an older PM
17Hi Greg
181. Just what does Roparaks Rhotuka power of disruption do?
191) Jangles your molecules in a fairly nasty way
202. Why wouldnt the Turaga be acting emotionally mature? Is it because they didnt want the Metru Nui tale told at all?
212) Simply because they did not believe the Toa Nuva were mature enough to deal with the fact they had been lied to all this time, and they definitely didn't want the Hordika tale told.
223. Was Keetongu on Metru Nui before the Rahaga?
233) Most likely
244. If so where was he hiding? In an even deeper level of the Archives?
254) I can't reveal that
265. Is their a limit to how much energy Keetongu can store to release in his Rhotuka?
275) Not that I have seen so far
286. Is Keetongu capable of keeping some of the absorbed energy back and fire multiple Rhotuka blasts?
296) No
31Thanks for our time

1Here's a few:

2Hey Greg,
3What species is Keetongu? i.e Nui Rama, Nui Jaga, Ussal Crab etc
41) He is his own species.
5What is in Sidoraks non-rhotuka hand, what does it do and how to you work it?
62) It's a herding blade. He can hit you with it or use it to signal the Visorak.
7Are the Keetongu/Sidorak and Keetongu/Roodaka combiners be shown in the movie as combinations or completely new characters?
83) Neither. None of them existed until after the movie was already written. Combo models tend to be the last things the product designers create
9If the Roodaka/Keetongu combiner instructions are in the back of Roodaka's instructions, and Sidorak/Keetongu combiner instructions are in Keetongu's instructions, what is in the back of Sidorak's instructions?
104) I don't have the Sidorak set, so no idea. But -- usually with combo instructions like that, you get half of them in one set and half in the other. (I can confirm that Sidorak has the 2nd part of the combo)
11In 'The Tower of the Toa' playset, why was there a giant Keetongu in the preliminary set?
125) Because originally he was that size. Then we realized that a) that size really did not work and b ) no one was going to want to buy him twice, so we yanked him out of the set.
13Is there another model in it instead of Keetongu? It's a bit pricy just for the tower alone.
146) Keetongu was not replaced to my knowledge

1Here are some questions that I have recently asked GregF.
2Hi Mr. Farshtey, I had a few questions that I hoped that you could answer.
31. When the bohrok awakened on mata nui did the bohrok in the metru nui archives also awaken?
52. If the bohrok did awaken on metru nui are they still awake?
6ANSWER: No, they would have returned to their nests when the other Bohrok did
73. Will any visorak be left after 2005? They seem to be really neat rahi so far and it just wouldn't seem right to get rid of all of them from the storyline.
8ANSWER: I can't discuss future storyline, but popular Rahi have a way of coming back into the story
94. When the swarms of bohrok were defeated they all went back to sleep, there krana were place in a hole making the bohrok less dangerous. But how will the visorak be stoped? They cannot just be put to sleep can they? But also since they are living being I'm sure they won't all be killed.
10ANSWER: Follow the story and find out
115. What is your favorite visorak?
12ANSWER: Oohnorak
136. You said that your favorite toa were kopaka and nuju, do you like their personality, their element "ice", or both?
14ANSWER: Personality, they remind me of Batman
157. Is the visorak battle ram a rahi? It does look like a giant rahi.
16ANSWER: It's meant to, to scare Visorak opponents. It's a vehicle
178. Will the visorak battle ram be in the encyclopedia?
199. Did makuta create the krana?
20ANSWER: No, the Bahrag did
2110. Would you like to see your half krana, half kraata a set? I think it would be pretty cool to see that.
22ANSWER: Doubt that will happen, plus it would be a really small set
2311. Was that kraata/krana one of a kind or is there more?
24ANSWER: Probably there are more
2512. If a kraata can turn into a rahkshi that krana kraata must realy turn into somthing fearsome, do you think that in energized protodermis the kraata/krana could transform?
26ANSWER: If it is their destiny to do so
2713. When the toa metru are restored from being hordika do all the rahi that were mutated get restored too?
28ANSWER: Nope
2914. Will the $7.00-$9.00 sets coming out in 2006 be heros or enemys?
30ANSWER: Normally, we do heroes in cans and villains in cans
3115. In 2006 when the toa explore new islands do the turaga and matoran stay on metru nui?
32ANSWER: Can't discuss future storyline
3316. If the matoran and turaga do stay on metru nui while the toa are gone who will protect them?
34ANSWER: Same answer as 15
3517. What is your favorite set coming out this year?
36ANSWER: Roodaka
3718. Are there only 42 species of kraata or is it possible that there are  others that makuta just didn't create yet?
38ANSWER: Well, if he didn't create them yet, then they don't exist
3919. Is makuta the only being that can create kraata?
40ANSWER: Can't answer it
4120. Can any of makutas brothers create any kind of life?
42ANSWER: Can't answer it
4321. Did all the rahi of metru nui make it to mata nui? because I would have thought keetongu would have helped out when all the problems of mata nui were going on.
44ANSWER: No, Keetongu has other things to do, he did not go to Mata Nui. Not all Rahi did
45Thank you for your    time.                                                                                                                                                                                          Jts21

1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4Hi GregF: I havent been on for awhile & I've been thinking of some questions that have been buggin' me lately, & some relating to the new pictures of the playsets. Here I go:
51. Is this a forretress of some sort or something? It looks kinda like the front gate of Ta-Koro a little bit. Or is this a new monument that we haven't come across yet? And what up with the giant Hau mask?
62. The Battle Ram is pretty cool looking. But it kinda looks like a living creature. Is it? And whats up wit the yellow Visorahk? I don't remember any yellow one:
73. Whiy is the Tower of Toa being destroyed by the miny Keetongu(which is ausome.)? Is it a evil place? Is it like a jail for the Toa & Keetongu's bustin' them out? Or did the bad guys get to Keetongu first & he bacame evil? And what's up with the lego construction:? I thought it was an all BIONICLE piece building.
84. Do you know if Iruini & Norik Toa will come in cans or boxes? Thanks:
95. What do you think the next Toa element should be? I would vote for electrisity.
106. If the Toa Metru had collected masks like the Toa Olda/Nuva did, would their Hordika faceslook any differant from what they look like now because they had a bunch of masks to melt into their face, or would the one they were presently wearing when they were attacked by the Visorahk get melted in to their face?
117. Would you call Krana rahi?
128. How could in LoMN Vakama use the Vahi, which is very hard to use, use it when he hadn't had any experiance with a mask before?
139. What would happen to the Visorahk do if Roodahka & Sidorahk were destroyed? Run, attack, carry on with their lives as normal rahi?
1410. Do you play video games? If so, do you play the MoL game?
1511. Have you ever been to any of the Legolands before?
1612. I heard somewhere that the Toa Nuva meat Dume in 2006. Wiil Dume remember anything at the time or will he have just woke up? And will he appear in the movie?
17Thank you for your time. Toodles.

181) It's one the gateways to the Coliseum. 192) For some reason, they made them yellow, do not know why. And the battle ram is a vehicle. 203) Keetongu is not in that set. The picture on BZP is outdated. 214) No, I don't 225) No idea. 236) Probably the latter 247) Yes 258) You make a good point, but remember -- he used the Vahi badly. He got caught in its power too, which should not have happened. If he had used it correctly, he could have easily sidestepped Makuta's "hand" and Lhikan would not have died. 269) My guess is they would keep doing exactly what they do. They are hunters, that is what they do. 2710) I don't have much time these days for much of anything but writing. 2811) Yes. I was at the one in Billund very briefly, and I spent two days at the one in California doing comic signings in 2003.

30Sorry but I forgot to ask...what was Dume's destiny before he became a turaga? Like te Toa Metru hadto rescue hat matoran & the toa nuva awakening mata-nui. Anyway thank you for the other answers: But you never answered #12...boo hoo.

3112) Dume is not in B3 and there is no movie planned for '06. As for what he will remember when he awakens, you will have to wait and see,
3213) I have no info on Dume's life as a Toa
33-------------------- 34Greg

35Thanks GregF: Some of those are pretty interesting:
1Hi Greg, I just have 2 questions this time.
21) Why is the set called "Tower of Toa" when it is really a Tower built by the Visorak?
32) Do the Toa feel bad about leaving Dumé behind for a second time?
4Thanks for your time,

61) Because it gets taken over by the Toa in BIONICLE Adventures 8
72) Well, there is more to that story later this year, but keep in mind what Dume would have wanted - he would want them to worry about the Matoran before him.
1I don't know if this is new info, but I didn't know it when I asked.

21: What is the Visorak hordes purpose? In the new comic, it said that they had conquered other lands, which makes it seem like they are just a mindless scourge that comes in and breaks things on whim. But the Visorak video (on Bionicle.com) shows an Oonorahk stacking matoran capsules into a huge mound and spinning webbing all around them. Are the Visorak actively trying to stop the Matoran from getting rescued? Or were they just moving the capsules out the Coliseum so that they would have more room?

3The Visorak are basically like a cross between a mercenary army and the Mongols. Their job is to do to the Rahi what Makuta did to the Matoran -- stop them cold and put them where they won't be any trouble. And, of course, they will do that to anything else that moves. Why? Because it is what they are good at and what they were ordered to do by Sidorak ... because someone ordered him to do it.

5Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:
Darakas Chronicler
1I don't know if this is new info, but I didn't know it when I asked.

21: What is the Visorak hordes purpose? In the new comic, it said that they had conquered other lands, which makes it seem like they are just a mindless scourge that comes in and breaks things on whim. But the Visorak video (on Bionicle.com) shows an Oonorahk stacking matoran capsules into a huge mound and spinning webbing all around them. Are the Visorak actively trying to stop the Matoran from getting rescued? Or were they just moving the capsules out the Coliseum so that they would have more room? 

3The Visorak are basically like a cross between a mercenary army and the Mongols. Their job is to do to the Rahi what Makuta did to the Matoran -- stop them cold and put them where they won't be any trouble. And, of course, they will do that to anything else that moves. Why? Because it is what they are good at and what they were ordered to do by Sidorak ... because someone ordered him to do it.

5Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

6Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 7Khote

1Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

2Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 3Khote

4My guess is that it's not the Makuta we know, but someone else in his Brotherhood.
Tamu the Rahi Champion

1Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

2Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 3Khote

4My guess is that it's not the Makuta we know, but someone else in his Brotherhood.

5Maybe, Greg said that we will see an unexpected enemy this year. We will have to wait and see. 6Khote
Tamu the Rahi Champion

1Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

2Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 3Khote

4My guess is that it's not the Makuta we know, but someone else in his Brotherhood.

5Maybe, Greg said that we will see an unexpected enemy this year. We will have to wait and see. 6Khote

7My sense tell me that the unexpexted enemy is .. Makuta again( Prehaps Keetongu?)
Tamu the Rahi Champion

1Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

2Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 3Khote

4My guess is that it's not the Makuta we know, but someone else in his Brotherhood.

5Maybe, Greg said that we will see an unexpected enemy this year. We will have to wait and see. 6Khote

7My sense tell me that the unexpexted enemy is .. Makuta again

8No, Greg has told us on multiple occasions that Makuta's only appearence this year is in one of the books, when he escapes... the Unexpected Enemy is in the movie.
Tamu the Rahi Champion

1Does this mean that Sidorak is working for some-one? It couldn't be Makuta, as he is stuck in protodermis.... :wacko:

2Probably Makuta ordered so before being frozen in the solid protodermis. 3Khote

4My guess is that it's not the Makuta we know, but someone else in his Brotherhood.

5Maybe, Greg said that we will see an unexpected enemy this year. We will have to wait and see. 6Khote

7My sense tell me that the unexpexted enemy is .. Makuta again( Prehaps Keetongu?)

8How can you say that? Keetongu is a good guy::

1"Great Takara 2A dance and chant that the Turaga perform with their villagers"

3I was looking at bionicle.com's lexicon and i found this quote. Can you give me any more info on this and will it be in the encyclopedia?

5No, it won't. As far as I know, that has never actually happened in the story, and I don't believe it is on my approved names list.
1purpilian, you should PM you questions to Gregf, not post them here...he almost never visits this topic but looks like Ninjo did it for you.
2benmecha...how sure are you of that?We don't know what Keetongu is really like. Just because he has to ability to make cures doesn't mean he's good.
1Keetongu is good, but he doesn't rush in and save others, you have too earn help from him.
1I believe that it has been confirmed that Keetongu is not evil and that he will help the Hordika, for a price
1Hey Greg thanks for replying so quickly last time: 2Now I have a few questions about some things in the koros.
31. Are there separate smaller villages outside the koros? Such as in the wahis? And who built them?
4ANSWER: No, remember that prior to the coming of the Toa, the Matoran were under attack by Rahi all the time. Smaller villages outwide the walls of the main ones would have been too vulnerable. And all the koro were built by the Matoran .
52. What is the Ga-Suva, Ta-Suva, etc. Are they other names for the toa's suva? Where are they? And who built them?
6ANSWER: The suva are where the Toa keep their masks. They are located in the villages and were built by the Matoran.
73. What is the Onu-kini, Le-kini, etc. Where are they? And who built them?
8ANSWER: Temples devoted to the Toa located in the Wahi and built by the Matoran.
94. Did the toa metru bring any artifacts from Metru-Nui? What did they do with the empty matoran capsules? Did they melt them down, or build them into houses?
10ANSWER: Pretty much everything they brought was used to construct the koro. They did bring some artifacts with them, particularly masks of power.

115. Who built the Kini-Nui, Suva-Kaita, And Amaja Cicle. If the turaga built it had did the path to Mangai get there?
12ANSWER: Most of this was built by the Turaga and Matoran. As for the pathway down to Makuta's lair, Makuta built that.
136. If the turaga built the Kini- Nui was Mangai A path way they used to get back to mata-nui from Metru-nui?
14ANSWER: See answer to 5.
157. You have definently said the toa metru came through the cave Gali found correct?
16ANSWER: Yes, the first time they did.
178.Did the toa olda land on the surface of the planet or in the dome of metru-nui?
18ANSWER: On the surface, in the ocean around Mata Nui. It would not have been possible for them to "fall from the sky" toward Mata Nui and end up below ground.
19Thanks alot: 20-Purpilian-

21See answers above, 22Greg

1QUOTE 2If a Disk of Levitation, Speed, and/or Strength were combined, would the result be a Mask of Flight? Also, when Vakama gives Jala Lhikan's mask, does it revert from a Noble Mask to a Matoran mask or simply change shape?

31) The only disk combinations I have done have been for existing masks, not hypothetical ones.
42) It stayed a Noble mask and changed shape

5I knew that first one couldn't be answered definitely. Oh well.
6:k: :u: :t: :a: :k: :k: :a:
1Mostly Visorak clarification.
2- - - - -
31. Can Visorak venom be injected directly from their jaws as well as cocoon-barbs? I'm 98% sure you said they can, but I just want to be sure.
4ANSWER: According to the bible, answer is yes.
52. How do Visorak decide what their venom will do? Does it act randomly on different things? Does each individual Visorak have a mutation "talent"? Does the power fluctuate over time?
6ANSWER: They don't know. That is why they do experiments, to see how it will affect different species.
73. Hordika means "half-beast," because Hordika are more emotionally volatile than the subject normally would be. But Rahi could also become more subject to anger and violence, so would it be correct to call a mutated Pewku "Pewku Hordika" even though she's technically 100% Rahi?
94. Is Visorak venom called "Hordika venom," or is that name referring to a specific type of their venom?
10ANSWER: Norik does refer to it that way, but it is pretty much a blanket term of their venom.
115. Do Visorak also use non-barbed cocoons for keeping prey-food alive and fresh, as normal spiders do?
12ANSWER: Not really. What happens is that some of the cocoons have dilute venom in them that simply puts the Rahi to sleep, rather than mutating them.
136. Spiderman often throws "web balls" at villains instead or spraying out web ropes. Can Visorak also spit globs of webbing to blind or trip up foes?
14ANSWER: Not that we have seen, no.
157. Is Sidorak as harsh with the Visorak as Roodaka is?
16ANSWER: No moreso than any general is with his troops.
178. You've said that Visorak venom can also shrink or enlarge victims, but does the mental degradation always occur?
18ANSWER: The emotional damage seems to be always get done, yes.
199. [NOTE - In another PM, Greg said that all of the winning Rahi would be posted on Bionicle.com When the Rahi winner's beasts are posted on Bionicle.com, will the official names ("Phase Dragon," "Blade Burrower," etc.) accompany them? That would really help to identify creatures which didn't get photographed for the book.
20ANSWER: At this point, it is looking like your creature may be the only non-book one that gets in the Encylopedia, because I just don't have time to do the others unless the book comes up short (since I don't have the entries, just the photos). So the non-book ones do not have names that can be posted. They will probably be posted with the name of their builder next to them.
2110. Do characters in the storyline fire different colored Rhotuka? They've almost all been shown the same in pictures (green and smokey), but might acid spinners be venomous green energy? Pain spinners bright red energy? Either way, I've already divided up the 24 spinners for the 22 2005 characters which use them.
22ANSWER: Actually, I do see them as being slightly different in the way they look as they travel. For example, the Kahgarak shoots in a spinner in BIONICLE 24 and I asked the artist to have it trailing ebon energy behind it. Think that just looks cooler.
2311. Aside from Lego's nonviolence policy and the fact that kraata were cool enemies to feature in 2003, is there any particular reason that the Turaga didn't kill all of the kraata they captured? You've said that they're the essence of Makuta, so my reason is that as exensions of Makuta's energy the energy would return to him if they were killed. In capturing them all, they kept them harmless without returning power to Makuta.
24ANSWER: I would say that is close to the mark. Energy, after all, cannot be destroyed -- it has to go somewhere -- why not back to its maker? [Note - that is now official storyline. Can't say more, for Greg's sake.
25- - - - -
26Turns out that Greg had me PM me Rahi bio to him, so I'm the only one of the winners who actually made the name and storyline for their Rahi. I'd rather have that than have had my Rahi in the comic. :D
27EDITED to incorporate questions from old PMs.
11) On Bionicle.Com, it says there are 6 known breeds of Visorak. Does this mean there nay be some unknown breeds?'

5Anything is possible.

1Hi Mr. Farshtey. I just got my epic up on BZP, but a couple things are hampering the advancement of my plotline, so I was hoping you could help me out.
21. What is the procedure for placing Rahi in stasis? 31) You get them in the tube, and then a variation of Kralhi stun gas puts them into stasis
42. Does "Makuta's other lair" in Po-Metru ever feature in the BA series? 52) Yes, in 8 6Interesting...wonder what it looks like...
73. Did the Hordika or the Toa Metru attempt to "fix" Metru Nui in any large way, or were they too occupied with the Matoran and battling the Visorak? 83) No, they didn't. They had to get the Matoran to their new home, they were not looking to repair the city 9So it's still wrecked...the Toa Nuva have a lot of work to do...
104. Does putting a Rahi in stasis slow down its vital statistics, or, more simply, place it in "suspended animation"(most body systems are not functioning)? 114) Yes 12This is gonna be invaluable to my story...

1As to question 1, I think Mr. Farshtey used the wrong name--it's Kraahu stun gas. Don't blame him; I just wanted to point it out. BTW, we've seen Onu-Metru Archives technology before--the Turaga used the technique (and probably the gas too) to store captured Kraata (see comic #13 [I think...).
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1Taken from the dutch catalog: 2SPOILERS

3Sidorak is the king of the Visorak. He rules with iron claw - and with his mighty obediencespinners. But in reality he is a pawn in the game of his queen, Roodaka, Who plans to free Makuta.
4So how correct is this information? 5Thanks T and Bm I'll do that and post the awnser here later.
13804, please PM Greg with your question. He does not visit this topic to reply to questions posted here.
2BTW, you may want to wait a few days to send the PM, because Greg's going to the UK for a few days, and he won't be able to respond to PMs during that time.
1Taken from the dutch catalog: 2SPOILERS

3Sidorak is the king of the Visorak. He rules with iron claw - and with his mighty obediencespinners. But in reality he is a pawn in the game of his queen, Roodaka, Who plans to free Makuta.
4So how correct is this information?

5Two things: 61: You have to PM him. 72: He's gonna be in the UK for a while, away from his PC, so wait to PM him.
8EDIT: Wow, you're quick Takuma: