1A few more quick Q&A's about BA #7, Web of the Visorak.

21) In chapter 9, Norik refers to the Visorak as "creatures from the pit." Does that have any significant part in the storyline, and can you expand on it a little? 32) Does Roodaka/Sidorak/the Visorak has (have) any link to the stasis capsules? 43) What's a sand snipe (see BA #7's Epilogue), and is it going to be in the Rahi guide? 54) Can you tell us which Rahaga (besides Iruini) don't believe Keetongu exists, and, by extension (I am guessing) believe that the Toa Hordika cannot be transformed back?

61) Not really, no. It's basically Norik being insulting. He knows the Visorak are foul creatures and is basically saying so. 72) No 83) Most likely in the appendix to it, if not, in the Encylopedia 94) Iruini is the major skeptic in the bunch -- of the others, I would say Bomonga is pretty much the next one on the fence, since he tends to be more an "I believe in what I can see" type of person. Pouks is fairly open minded, Kualus at least willing to consider the possibility Keetongu exists, and Gaaki is pretty much in Norik's camp on this. But Norik is the only one who wholeheartedly believes.

1QUOTE  2Hi Greg, I was wondering something,
3In the "Eliminate a character" topic, you said that the Exo-Toa were going to have a bigger role but it was scrapped. Could you tell what that was, since it's not official story-line (just curious)?
4Also, will you be revealing the origins of the Exo-Toa eventually? I thought they were really cool and to this day they are still one of my favorite sets. I would love to see them expanded upon.
5That's all for now, thanks for your time:

6We are in agreement on that -- I would like to see more of them too.
7Their role was never really that defined because the decision to get rid of them ASAP came down pretty quickly. I never really understood it, I thought it was a great set and we should have used it more.
9Not really info, but still intresting. At least me and Greg agree. :)
1Hey Greg. I have some questions, sorry if some are nit-picky.
21.) At the very beginning of Book #7, you quote MoL in saying that Ta-Koro's "walls had never been breached by a foe." But a while back I thought you had admitted that that was a mistake, since Tahnok-Kal had infiltrated and stolen Tahu Nuva's Toa Symbol. Just wondering why you deciding to include the line, is all.
32.) "Whenua tap-ped the Vahki..."Tap-ped? Say what? Lol
43.) So are you saying that everywhere else besides Metru Nui, the Visorak had already invaded? How dark.
54.) Now that the book's out, can you tell what each Visorak's spinner does? (If you can, list by Visorak color, please, the names confuse me still.)
65.) According to earlier statements, (I think,) Makuta impersonating Dume and ordering the tunnels to other environs being sealed happened not-so-long ago. But, you say the Visorak have no place left to go except Metru Nui? So, are all the places that the Matoran used to visit/trade with now decimated by the Visorak?
75b.) Does that mean they can get the job done really fast?
86.) I don't have the novelization of LoMN, so in the deleted Lohrak scene, how big are the Lohrak if 10 foot is super-big for them?
97.) I am very surprised that nobody has asked about the Fire dude at the beginning of the book. Vakama says he just faced a dark version of himself? But then why does it seem so much more powerful then himself? Where did it come from? Did it escape? Was it a figment of his imagination? I Know that's a lot of questoings there but I'm really curious.
108.) Now, the Sound dude. Where did HE come from? Any info on him?
119.) Now..... If you take all the air out of a chamber that a living thing is in... Well gases expand to fill their container, so wouldn't it be deadly to the organic parts of the Toa? Wouldn't their lungs burst or something?
1210.) Is the reason that Matau simply didn't take all of the air from around the Sound-creature only because his control of that energy-sucking power isn't that honed?
1311.) What's the relationship between the Lohrak's new sonic-blast and the Sound Creature that you mentioned?
1412.) Don't get me wrong, I love the new freaky creatures and Vahki. But do you have an explination on how a power surge could convert their staffs from mind-affecting to physical-affecting? Like, if I overload a hearing aid, it won't help me see... Just wondering.
15Thanks a lot:

161) Basically, because in the minds of characters I am describing, it had not been breached. Breaching is breaking open a hole in something, which the Kal did not do -- had they done so, they would not have been able to get that close to the suva without being detected. They snuck over. Now, to you and I, that is the same thing -- but regardless of my personal feelings about the MOL line, Tahu Nuva did say it, so it is an official part of the universe, and that is how he would see it.
172) Yes. He was trying to get the Vahki's attention.
183) Oh, yes. In fact, they have invaded a lot of places. Think Mongol hordes on the march.
194) I am going to send all that info to BZP for posting, otherwise I have to repeat it 15 times. And Rhotuka powers are based on who launches them.
205) The places the Visorak could reach, they have mostly reached -- there were some places they could not access and/or were not ordered to go. And yes, they are highly efficient. One of the things I like about them.
216) Oh, a regular Lohrak isn't that big -- maybe a couple feet in length, at most.
227) Oh, I have gotten a lot of questions on this. It was not in Vakama's imagination, it was real. It was also a graphic example of how destructive the fire power could be (or any Toa power) if wielded unchecked. And it was meant as a foreshadowing of the fact that the Toa will soon be in a position of becoming somewhat emotionally unstable. Someone asked me if Makuta had put this thing there as a guard -- answer's no, it just happened to be there when he was. As you know if you read Book 6, there is a lot of weird fauna in those tunnels.
238) Yes. The mutant Lohrak created him. One of its powers was the ability to create things out of solid sound.
249) My feeling in writing the scene is that the organic parts of a Toa are sufficiently shielded by armor that they would be okay for a very short time as long as they didn't open their mouths. By the same token, Nokama/Gali should be crushed into tin cans by the water pressure at the depths they go down to, but they're not.
2510) Exactly. It wasn't something he had ever tried before.
2611) See answer to #8
2712) Basically, my feeling was the huge jolt of energy charged everything up to the nth degree. Obviously, the stun effects of the Vahki tools were some form of energy ... now take that energy and amp its power up by a factor of a couple hundred, at least, maybe a couple thousand, and what do you have? Something that blows holes in walls, courtesy of a malevolent author who likes to make life tough for Toa.
1All of my questions I asked were pretty dumb, so... 2Will there be more Turaga in the 05 storyline? 3Where did Rahaga come from? 4How were the Hordika formed? 5Any new mask powers to "unmask"? 6How about a Bionicle 3 movie? 7Just what is the question the Tahtorak was talking about?
1Once again, you have to PM Greg with you questions. He won't come here answering them.
1QUOTE 2hello if youve seen the bordahk exusive vidio
31...are the three matoran try ing to steal a disk nixie kai and shasa
42...is the matoran that turned them in the feery line in mata nui
53...how do mask makers choose what coulour the mask is

6thanks in advance

71-2) I'm afraid I don't understand your first two questions 83) They don't. With very few exceptions, masks are gray when they are created. They don't take on a color until someone puts them on. So, for example, Nokama would be wearing a Kaukau mask, and it would be blue -- but if she takes it off and gives it to Vakama, it will turn red when he puts it on.

9so if vakama puts a mask on it turns red and if nokama puts it on it turns blue :D
1Something that blows holes in walls, courtesy of a malevolent author who likes to make life tough for Toa.

2That's got to be one of the funniest quotes in this topic. This bodes not well for the Toa Hordika...
3- ToP
Sir Exo M7 Of Varrock
1All of my questions I asked were pretty dumb, so... 2Will there be more Turaga in the 05 storyline? 3Where did Rahaga come from? 4How were the Hordika formed? 5Any new mask powers to "unmask"? 6How about a Bionicle 3 movie? 7Just what is the question the Tahtorak was talking about?

8I'll just play the part of Greg here.
91) Can't answer it. (What he would say.)
102) The Rahaga used to be Toa on another island.
113) The Toa Metru got injected with Visorak venom from barbs in the Visorak web cocoons.
124) Two new mask powers this year-for Toa Norik and Iruini.
135) What about it? It's going to be made this year if that's what you mean.
146) Can't answer it.
1Ay, I misinterpreted the rules. Well, those were my old "dumb" questions, thats y I'm gonna PM him the "good" questions.
112) Basically, my feeling was the huge jolt of energy charged everything up to the nth degree. Obviously, the stun effects of the Vahki tools were some form of energy ... now take that energy and amp its power up by a factor of a couple hundred, at least, maybe a couple thousand, and what do you have? Something that blows holes in walls, courtesy of a malevolent author who likes to make life tough for Toa.

3now that is a great answer, poor toa now the vaki can talk, and blow out walls :P
1Arrived replies from Greg have:
2Hi Greg. I have a few questions about the storyline:
31. Were the Rahaga once Matoran before they were Toa? 41) I don't have that info.
52. Were the Rahaga once Toa in Lhikan's group, Dume's group or another group? 62) They were in a group of their own, not Lhikan's or Dume's.
73. On a personality, strength and experience scale, how would you consider the Rahaga: Matoran, Toa, Turaga? 83) That is a lot of scales. Personality and experience wise, I would put them somewhere between a Toa and a Turaga. In terms of strength, maybe somewhat above a Turaga.
94. Are the lead Dark Hunter and his assistant the combiners in the images supplied by Toa Pilak Evolved here as Keetongu, Roodaka and Sidorak combiners? 104) Not commenting on this yet.
115. For how long will Bionicle continue? 125) For as long as the sets sell. If the sets stop selling, the odds are LEGO would at some point shut it down.
14Thank you Greg for these answers.
1i just wan't some info on the rahi, Zivon, the one that servs the visorak, and is a combiner model build with all 6 visorak.
1Aqua Matau Hordika please PM all your questions to Greg. :)
1Will we be seeing any of Lhikan and Dume's partners?
1Will we be seeing any of Lhikan and Dume's partners?

2If you want to ask Greg something, please send him a private message. Don't post questions here unless you have answers.
3Thank you. :)
1does the Gate Guardian have a spinner power?

2Not that I know of offhand, no.
3rats o well :(
1Ok so to keep this on topic I have another batch of Qs and As with some revalations concerning book 9 as well as part of Greg's personal life...
2Hello again Greg...I've been kinda busy this past week so I haven't got much questions to ask but these particular few just asked to be answered. So shall we begin?
31)I was wondering...how did Sidorak and Roodaka gain control of the Visorak? They obviously look nothing like Visorak and their forms aren't part of some kind of chain of transformation (that is if Visorak could change like insects)
42)I heard from somewhere that Sidorak wants his partnership with Roodaka to be something more than just being allies so does Sidorak actually feel something for Roodaka?
53)How did the Visorak actually get to Metru Nui in the first place? Did they build boats or something to transport 1000s of Visorak plus two powerful leaders?
64)How recently were the 'gateways to other lands' closed? During the Turaga Dume reign or Imposter Dume?
75)A personal question which is really not necessary to answer, what kind of food do you like?
8Thanks in advance:

91) They were given control of them. And the Visorak are perfectly willing to follow them, as long as they get to conquer places.
102) Yes and no ... basically, this is the situation, as outlined in Book 9. Sidorak is king of the horde, Roodaka is viceroy of the horde and comes from a pretty powerful island herself. Sidorak wants her to be queen, basically as a political alliance -- he gains influence over her land, and she would gain greater influence over the horde. So, you ask, why isn't she rushing to do this? Follow the story, it gets twisted ...
113) They got there the same way the land Rahi did. They came through long abandoned underwater chutes.
124) Makuta/Dume ordered them closed.
135) Well, I cook a lot, TPE, mostly food that has a little kick to it. Probably the most frequent dishes I make these days are curried chicken creole, shrimp primavera, ham and peas and pasta shells in white cheddar sauce, and when I don't feel like cooking ... turkey burgers or tuna fish sandwiches with a bowl of soup :) My fiance cooks too, primarily Haitian cuisine, so I am going to be interested to see how our cooking skills mesh and what the results end up being 14:)

16No wonder Roodaka is considered royalty already and Greg cooks:
1My Question:
2I heard from another question you answered that Zivon has Godzilla level strength, but there is a sort of range of streangth within the 7 versions of Godzilla over the past 50 years. Is Zivon strong enough to take down foes around his size in one hit like the Godzilla in Final Wars(the new one in Japan), or does it take an epic and drawn out battle like the Godzilla of the 90's or the 60's and 70's?

3His Answer:
4Epic and drawn out. More fun to write that way.

1Lots of GregF goodness right here:
2Message Forwarded From GregF
3Hi Greg: Got more questions: I am reading Web of the Visorak as I type. 4I will post the page numbers on where I got my questions from.
51. Hmmmm. Pages 3-4. Is the Makuta stone Roodaka's rock?
62a. Pages 5-12. Are there any other beings Makuta that might have in his lair?
72b. Why was the fire being gaurding the cave? It didn't look as if there was anything important there?
83. Pages 27-29. Wow. Roodakas creepy. Will we find out how she knew about the toa and Makuta?
93a. She was also refered to as the queen of the Visorak. Why didn't this get fixed?
104. Pages 34-35. The Vahki talk: Awsome: Will we see more of them in BA#8? I would like to see what a Rahaga would do in a battle like that:
115. Pages 52-53. Why didn't Whenuas hand mutate when the venom from the barbs went into his hand?
126. Page 63. What were those eyes that were watching the toa?
137. Page 123. What is a sand snipe?
14And just out of curiosity.
158. Who is Fiona, Toa of Red Pencil?
16Here are some nonrelated questions
179.What toys are we Brickmasters getting in march and may?
1810. Are there any exclusive things planned to be packedged with the magazine.
1911. Do you know what the title for the next movie is?
2012. Are we allowed to tell what the Brickmaster contest is as long as we don't tell what the mailing adress is?
21Thanks in advance. You did a great job on this book and I cn't wait for BA#8. I'm off to start building:

221) Can't answer it 232a) I don't understand your question 242b) The fire being wasn't so much guarding that section as just happened to be there. 253) Uh huh 264) I think they do show up in 8, yes 275) Wasn't enough venom 286) Can you give me a description of the scene? I do not have a copy of the book yet and my pagination does not match the book's pagination 297) I haven't revealed that yet, but it will be later in the year 308) Fiona is my editor at Scholastic 319) Don't know. I don't work on the "toy scheduling" end, my boss does 3210) Not sure I understand your question -- do you mean info or objects? 3311) Yes, but Miramax has not officially announced it yet 3412) I am assuming this info will get out one way or the other, and that's okay. Maybe it will convince some non-members to join. Before we pick winners, we will be running them all through our database to make sure they are BM members. So, basically, if someone hears about the Jan. contest and joins BM and enters before when I have to pick winners, they would still be allowed to enter. If they don't join, their entry will be tossed.

362a. What I mean't was whether Makuta had any other entitys like the proto entity.
376. Matau is staring dreamily at the sky when looking at the hatch that leads out of the test track and comments that the stars are still beautiful when Nuju yells at him to close the door because the "Stars" are eyes staring at him.
3810. I mean't objects.
393a. Why was Roodaka referred to as a queen?

402A) Time will tell 416) Those are Visorak watching them 4210) Not to my knowledge 433a) Because at the time the book was written, that is what she was supposed to be. That was changed later by the head of the story team, so it will be corrected in the second printing of the book.

1Hi: Just three Q's about MoS and some non-MoS ones:
21. Why was Turaga Onewa absent?
32. Why was Turaga Nuju mad at Turaga Vakama?
43. What was Toa Vakama about to say before his vision of the Bohrok?
54. Who gave Roodaka and Sidorak control of the Visorak?
65. You probably can't answer this, but I'll take a shot anyway...my theory of '05 is the reason Roodaka will not settle for queen is because she's power-hungry. She wants it all. She wants Sidroak out of the way, so she has total control of the Visorak, and she's planning a mutiny. And I have a thoery that the Toa Hordika find Keetongu, but he tells them that Makuta is their cure. That's why Turaga Vakama said "We and every Matoran paid a price...". Setting Makuta free was their price. I also think that the Rahaga die because Vakama didn't know what he should have (clue from VoF). Can you in any way tell me if I'm leaning in the right direction? I'm still trying to figure out the rock and what Roodaka has in mind for the Toa Horidka...

91-2) They are angry at Vakama for telling this story.
103) You would have to ask him.
114) Wait and see.
125) The whole Roodaka-Sidorak thing is movie plot, so I can't comment on it.

1does the Gate Guardian have a spinner power?

2Not that I know of offhand, no.

31.ok when you say that how strong as a toa??? :blink:

41.Well, when Nokama runs into him, he has no problem handling her, so I would say stronger than a Toa
5wow sweet stronger than a toa :o
1More Questions Answered: I like numbers 2 and 3. ^_^

2[QUOTE 3Hi again Greg. First off. let me thank you for how quickly you answered my last set of questions....you replied in thirty minutes: Now...I have some really...unusual dilemas for you. o_0
41. I'm a guy who thinks evil can be cool and will sometimes root for the antagonist. I've heard that Makuta thinks he's doing right and would actually take care of the Materan...so...why exactly would it be so bad if he somehow beat the toa? Would he enforce slavery or what?
52. I like the kraata...(hence my name) Is it at all possible, through treats, praise, patience and the BIONICLE equivelent of a rolled up newspaper to tame a Kraata? I'd like to give my custom silver Turaga a neat pet. ^^;
63. Would a high level remove poison disk be able to cure visorok poisoning? (I'm guessing no, cause that would be kinda anticlimatic, but you never know...)
74. You mentioned that there are mechanical rhoteka and energy rhoteka. Any difference in power between the two? (non-charged, since you mentioned that energy ones can be charged very high)
85. Speaking of Rhoteka...you know offhand if there will be a glow-in-the-dark one? That would be cool. :3
96. Lastly...are their any diseases in the BIONICLE universe? And if so...do they have shamans or doctors?
10Thanks for all your help. n_n

111) "Makuta thinks he's doing right" and "he would take care of the Matoran" are two very different statements. I have said the first, many times -- I have never said the second. You or I could point to numerous dictators in history who thought they were doing the right thing ... outside of comic books, no villain ever says, "Hey. I'm evil." They all justify it in their own minds, just like Makuta does. His idea of taking care of the Matoran is having them follow him instaad of Mata Nui. If they refused to do that, I tend to think their fates would not be so great. Look at how casually he unleashed the Bohrok swarms, knowing full well they could destroy the Matoran villages in a heartbeat ... and all as a way of keeping the Matoran from ever returning to their home and awakening Mata Nui. Thi sis not someone with their welfare at heart.
122) Well, I wouldn't try it. They after, after all, part of the essence of a very dark being. Roodaka or Sidorak might be able to do that, but I can't see a Turaga doing it or wanting to try (I mean, why would he? Whose mask is he going to want to infect?)
133) No. I puzzled over this myself, but since Visorak venom is NOT poisonous in the literal sense (you don't die from it), but a mutagen, we are splitting hairs and saying it won't work.
144) Yes. Hordika spinners have the potential to be very powerful. Afrter that, I would say Roodaka's and Sidorak's would be most powerful, because they have such strong wills.
155) Not to my knowledge.
166) Thus far, we have never seen any Matoran come down with a physical illness. If that was going to happen, my guess is it would have happened on Mata Nui. But as far as we know, it has not.
1Hey Greg: I can't wait for Comic 22 to come and BA 7. Hope you don't mind:
21. At the end Of Lomn, the Turaga sacraficed there power, awakened the Matoran, and became Turaga instantly. But at the begining, Lhikan sacrafised his power, but didn't become Turaga until later: Why?
32. We know that all Turaga wear noble masks. And noble masks have the same power as great ones, but are a bit more limited. What would Turaga Lhikan's mask be able to do?
43. How did Makuta know what Nivawk was saying?
54. I'm a bit behind on 2005. Some Bzpers are talking about "Zivon". Who is he?
6Uh... Thats all.

71) Good question. Lhikan invested his power in the six Toa stones, but until the stones were actually used to create Toa, he hadn't actually lost the power yet. It was sort of like putting money in a bank -- you don't have it in your pocket, but you still have it until you spend it on something.
82) It would be able to create a shield, but not as strong a one as a Great Mask and it wouldn't be able to be kept up as long.
93) Pretty much the same way Rahaga Kualus does. He learned Nivawk's language.
104) You're not behind, Tacku :) Zivon is a creature built using all six Visorak models, but he has not appeared in the story yet -- he doesn't show up until Book #8.

1Hey Greg,
2Just a random theory that popped into my mind:
3Metru-Nui needs to be working, for the Toa to wake Mata Nui up.  Now, considerinig that all the Matoran were asleep, before Mata Nui was put to sleep, (and I think that you said that the workinigs of Metru Nui have something to do with keeping Mata Nui from napping) it seems that Metru Nui is, well, a "vital working" for Mata Nui (like,  say, a heart, or a kidney?  Something like that)  And all the other Environs would also prove to be a "Vital Working"...
4So, anyways, the theory that I had was, well, nutty... but basically it is:
5Makuta needs to put Mata Nui asleep, and to do so, he needs to shut down hiis "vital workings" (possibly "energy centers"?), and so, he hires the Visorak to do his work for him (they've conquered everything that they could get to, except those places that they were told not to go to).  By conquering the islands, and mutating the "matoran" and "rahi" there, they put the environ to a form of "sleep" (like Metru Nui s now).
6So, the Visorak are working for Makuta, and they're part of the reason that Mata Nui went down to Makuta's spell.  They had already defeated all of Mata Nui's "vital workings"...
7Am I anywhere near?  Am I a completetly insane kid that's up way too late?
8Well, I know the second one is true. 

10Alas, even if you were near, Thau, I would not be allowed to comment on it. The nature of Mata Nui remains highly classified.

12Well, it was worth a shot running it past him. :P
13Oh, and I think that I'm at least partially right. t makes sense.
1Stuff from Mr. F.. nothing shocking, but still interesting I think. I've commented on some of them.
2SPOILAHS FOR MAZE OF SHADOWS: 30-0 40-0 50-0 60-0 70-0 80-0 90-0 100-0 110-0 120-0 130-0 140-0 150-0 160-0 170-0 180-0 190-0 200-0
21First off, I finally got my hands on Maze of Shadows, I think it's your best yet, I really like the Karzahni. (Truly a situation ripe with possibilities..) 22Next, the questions:
231. Can the mutations caused by Roodaka's Rhotuka be reversed in any way?
241) No
252. Will the Red Star (or something about it) be in the encyclopedia?
262) Yes
273. Will there be subsequent editions of the encyclopedia to encompass future storyline?
283) No idea. The option exists, but probably depends on how the first volume sells
294. Just to clarify, the lair the EP entity was in is not the one in MoL, right?
304) No, it's not
315. Any idea which book "chutespeak" will be featured in?
325) Encyclopedia
33#Well, there ya go..#
346. Is a Turaga Lhikan set still a possibility?
356) Not the last I heard, no
36#Curses.. Foiled again.#
377. Is Keetongu's intelligence on the level of Krahka or a Bohrok-Kal, or higher?
387) You will have to wait and find out
398. Are Visorak the only natural Rahi that launch Rhotuka?
408) No
419. I think you said that Makuta has on control over the elements. if this is true, how did he make those proto pillars (all 6 elements at once) rise out of the sea in LoMN?
429) How was that controlling an element? They weren't made of water, they were made of solid protodermis.
43#I'm PMing him back about this..#
4410. Say Lhikan had put all his power into just one Toa stone. Would the Toa created with this fully charged stone look different or be more powerful than the Toa Metru, who were made with partially invested stones?
4510) No.
4611. Which Rahaga is your favorite?
4711) Kualus
4812. Alpha team Q: Was Ogel changed in any way by his messing with time? The catalog says Ogel comes with the Scorpion Orb Launcher, but the minifig driving it looks more like an elite ice drone.
4912) That's because the catalog is in error
5013. Onewa seems to be sticking around Nokama a lot in MoS. Do I detect another Po-Matoran/Ga-Matoran romance? (you know, like Huki and Maku?)
5113) No, not really. I just find them interesting to play off of.
5214. Will we ever see the results of Makuta's mask-making experiments?
5314) Don't know, maybe
5415. I'm a little confused here. Remember in Maze of Shadows, when the EP entity blasted the wall? How did the energized proto change the rock? 55I didn't think rocks had destinies..
5615) Even objects can have destinies. For example, a car might be destined to be wrecked ... a shoe might be destined to wind up along the side of a highway ... etc.
57#My dental floss could rise from the drawer and strangle me..#
5816. It seems that all the transformed Rahi had been designed with short lifespans. Will the same thing happen with the Toa Nuva?
5916) No, because Makuta did not design the Toa Nuva.
6017. I think you've said that Tahu, Pohatu and co. were alive at the same time as Lhikan. Was this in a different form?
6117) Not to my knowledge, no. My belief is that they were always Toa
6218. Is there any chance of a MoS video game release for PC? I'd love to beat up mutant Rahi and stuff, but I don't have a GBA platform.
6318) Far as I know, it is only scheduled for GBA. I don't have GBA either, so have to buy one.
6419. What was the silvery stuff that Karzahni temporarily healed Nokama with, sap?
6519) Yup
6620. How was the Ta-metru stone rat infestation dealt with?
6720) Lots of Vahki working very hard
6821. In Voyage of fear, how did the Kralhi launch weakness disks? the combo model doesn't have a disk launcher..
6921) Mavrah modified them
7022. Which is your favorite Visorak?
7122) Oohnorak, probably
7223. Which Lego theme do you like best after Bionicle?
7323) Of the past themes, probably Life on Mars and Alpha Team. And we have some stuff coming out this year I like a lot too.
74#Yay, Greg likes the same themes I do:#
7524. Which book will the Kraahu be in?
7624) Kraahu has not made it into a book yet.
7725. I'm pretty sure you've said the initial Hordika mutation was fairly instantaneous. So there was a first, speedy mutation, and now the Hordika are slowly changing, or are they changing as rapidly as they did in the cocoons?
7825) Had they stayed in the cocoons, they would have continued to change rapidly. Since they got out, and are no longer being constantly injected with venom, it has slowed
7926. I read in the Metru-Nui city guide that the island is powered by liquid protodermis run through the Coliseum. (apparently some kind of hydroelectric system) Would it be possible for Nokama (or perhaps Gali 1000 years later) to restart the city's power by running water or proto though there?
8026) If the machinery is not damaged, possibly
8227. Have the Visorak been chasing the Rahaga, or is it just coincidence they ended up on the same island?
8327) The Rahaga came to Metru Nui looking for Keetongu, and because they knew the Visorak would end up there eventually. The Visorak were not chasing them.
1boom basa boom: questions:
21.) I know the Visorak fear Roodaka, for the most part, but do they dislike her? 31) Some do, some don't. The Boggarak tend to like her best.
42.) If so, can they not just gang up on her? Or would Sidorak punish them royaly? 52) Visorak wouldn't do that easily, anymore than an army would just turn on a general the drop of a hat. They have discipline, and part of that discipline is obeying superiors.
63.) Is the sundial Roodaka 'spoke' of that thing in Dumakuta's room? That is, in LoMN, after Makuta's second conversation with himself, the mirror seemed to move. Was that a sundial, and was it the same one? 73a.) Is the sundial the same one from Onu-koro in the MNOLG1? 83) Yes
94.) When will we learn Tahtorak' question and it's answer? 104) Major clue in the BIONICLE Beast Book this year
115.) What was Vakama going to say when he had his Bohrok Vision? 125) You would have to ask him 13Anybody got Vakama's number?
146.) How, specifically in Tales of the Masks, do the Turaga know what the Toa are thinking during the tales? 157.) How did most of the respective Tuaga even know the tales?(Onewa wasn't with Kopaka/Pohatu, etc) 166-7) The Toa Nuva shared their tales with the Chronicler, so anyone could have access to them
178.) What were Vakama, Onua, Pohatu, and lewa doing before the Rahi Nui battle? 188) They had been trapped there too.

3Will Brickmaster be available for the Canadian one day???
5Soua Nuva

6I have been told that yes, plans are being made for that.

8I can't wait::

1Two quick ones...
BA #7: Web of the Visorak
3Half wise sage, half growling beast...
4Does this mean that Rahaga are mutated Turaga? 52) Will we learn the origins of the Visorak?

61) No. Rahaga were never Turaga 72) Depends on what you mean by origin, I guess. I do have some plans for them in future.

1QUOTE 2hi again
31.do you mind if i pm you every day
42.in the rahi guide. how many rahi will there be
53.will the new island have a nui at the end

61) If you have an actual question, I don't mind. 72) About 40 or 50 that are pictured, I think 83) No idea, it has not been named yet

10they havent named the island yet :angry: :( :unsure: :blink:
1I got some more questions answered. A bit info on Keetongu, and what's the color of Toa Norik's mask. His answers in bold, my comments in red.
2Hey Greg. Here are a few more question I would like you to answer.
31. In this picture of Zivon, there is a Kraata a bit next to the name of the combiner. Does it got any storyline reference? 41) That's not a kraata -- it's an outcropping of rock. All kraata have two colors. 5I only asked this because of another topic that mentioned it. 62. When will we learn how Ahkmou escaped from the capsule and returned to Mata-Nui? 72) Book 10 8Interesting... sounds like a lot of things will be in that book... 93. Are the new pictures of Toa Iruini (in this article) just prototype images, or is that how he will look as a set permanently? 103) The only pic we have released of Toa Iruini that I know of is the silhouetted shot in the January issue of BrickMaster. So I can't comment on anything else. 11Yes, but I wanted to know if those are only prototype images. Never mind. 124. Will Roodaka's rock be shown in B3? 134) Yes 14Cool. 155. Does the set version Visorak have different-colored Rhotuka? 165) I don't have the sets, so no idea. 17When I looked at the can images, they didn't. I wanted to know if it was sure to be like that or not, because I think different colors are better. 186. I know that the Hordika charge up their Rhotuka by putting it between their weapons, but how do the Visorak and Rahaga do it? 196) They don't. 20They don't? Then how will they shoot their Rhotuka if it isn't charged up? 217. The Rahaga are looking for Keetongu because they think he will help them, but did the Rahaga actually ever see him? How would they know how he looks like? 227) No, the Rahaga have never seen him. That's why Iruini and some of the others do not believe he exists. 23So that still leaves the question of how would they recognize him. 248. Does Keetongu know Roodaka and Sidorak in person? 258) No. Sidorak doesn't think Keetongu exists either. 26Nice to know. So nobody have ever seen Keetongu, but they did heard legends about him. Cool. 279. Toa Iruini's secondary color is bronze, and so does his mask. Does that mean, that because Toa Norik's secnodary color is silver, his mask will be silver as well? 289) Yes 29So Norik will have a silver mask... awesome. 3010. Is someone going to die permanently in 2005, like Lhikan did in 2004? 3110) I can't discuss future storyline. 32I wonder if that means a 'yes'.

1I just ask this him to be sure.

2Hi greg,like you can see i have a question: 3are there also kikanalos on mata nui?


11. Is Toa Iruini related to Nidhiki? 21) No 32. What is Toa Iruini's mask power? 43. What is Toa Norik's mask power? 52-3) He doesn't figure into the story until July, so I am not releasing this info yet 63. Will we see other "Toa Rahaga" other than Iruini and Norik? 74) No. They don't exist as sets.
8Not much, but now I now Iruini isn't related to Nidhiki. Allthough he look similar.
16. I know that the Hordika charge up their Rhotuka by putting it between their weapons, but how do the Visorak and Rahaga do it? 26) They don't. 3They don't? Then how will they shoot their Rhotuka if it isn't charged up?

4Apparently, only the Hordika can charge up their spinners. But anyone can shoot Rhotuka if it isn't charged up--the Hordika can, if they don't need extra-power spinners or if they need to pop one off quick--and Visorak can even make their Rhotuka hover in the air (not militarily useful, just frightening).
5jetslandingboard :silver:
1Here is my latest Q&A session with Greg, enjoy.
2Question 3Answer 4Comments
5Hi Greg. I've been thinking about some stuff since the last few pm Q&As.
61) I'm assuming it is impossible for a Matoran to become a Rahaga. Is that right? Because if it was possible, that would seem to be an improvement for Matoran (they no longer rely on a mask, they're more agile and they can create Rhotuka) 71) Only way for a being to become a Rahaga is the way the Rahaga did .. it is not part of any natural evolutionary process. 81) So they don't necessarily need to be Toa. Interesting.
92) Is it possible to get Fatoran's name mentioned in BA 10? I'd love to hear the name mentioned even if I won't be able to get it due to it's lack of being released in Europe. If he was written in somehow, there are some things about him in the Metru Nui storyline that are kind of important. 102) As far as I know, Fatoran is not on the legally approved list of BIONICLE names, so I can't use it in print. 112) Oh well, worth a try, huh?
123)Spare timey-sort of question. You have a cat? I remember seeing you mention one in a PM reply once I think. I have 3. And an annoying group of roughly 15-20 birds that never keep quiet. So annoying to try and watch TV. 133) I have one cat, yes. I used to have two. I have to adopt them out because my fiance is severely allergic. 143) It's a shame about allergies.
154) Another not BIONICLE related question. Do you like any of Nintendo's games? I'm a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series myself. The whole concept and game style is great. I'm a partial fan of Mario, but not really. 164) I don't have a Nintendo. I have a PS2, but I don't use it much. I mainly play PC games when I have time. 174) PS2. Interesting. lol
185) As you may know, Keetongu has appeared recently in a UK shopping catalogue. Is it unlikely of him to be sold this early? I tend to think they just put the picture in for a March release. 195) I haven't heard anything about him showing up anywhere, other than maybe in a catalog for retailers. I know the UK magazine did not ask for him to be shown until March. 205) Yeah, he was in an Index catalogue (for those who know what Index is in the UK) just trying to get some hope on it for us UK fans.
216)So we know that Keetongu exists and we assume that the Toa Hordika gain his trust and he comes up with a cure for them. So from this, would it be right to assume that people may ask how they gained his trust? I'm not really interested in what the cure is until it's closer to curing time, I'd like to know how they find him and gain his trust. 226) You will have to watch the movie for that. 236) I didn't understand my question really, so I'm surprised Greg answered it.
247) (In continuation from above question) How do they gain his trust? Do they have to perform special tasks for him or go on quests to get ingredients or something? Would it give too much away to tell me? 257) Same answer as #6 267) Can't wait to see it then.
278) Do the Rahaga know they can't be turned into Toa or do they need to be told by someone (I'm leaning towards Keetongu on this one)? 288) They cannot become Toa, no. They basically know it is too late for a cure for them, it has been too many years 298) That's a shame. That makes me wonder... They could have been cured?
309) Any word on those Nidhiki/ Krekka side stories you talked about last year after the movie? 319) Still hopeful 329) So am I.
3310) Did any Matoran know of, or have a faint idea of, Keetongu or his legend? 3410) No 3510) I was interested.
3611) Could Roodaka outsmart Makuta? I'd love to see her survive 2005's storyline and ultimately kill Makuta (assuming that Mask of Light door smash didn't). 3711) Well, she is pretty smart. 3811) Smart enough to cheat death this year? I hope so. Even though I'm incapable of reading the books/ comics, she sounds like a great villain.
3912) Can you say that any characters from 2005, besides Hordika, Dume, the Matoran and Makuta, survive it? I'm not asking who, I'd just like to know that there's a chance we might encounter one or more again. 4012) There is always a chance 4112) I hope so, these seem to be really developed characters... From what I've heard.
4213) You have said about Dume's legacy living into 2006. So will The Toa Nuva see him? I slightly doubt he's going to be awakened again, but the way it was said made it sound he'd at least be seen at some point next year. 4313) The Toa Nuva will meet Dume yes -- at least that is the plan right now 4413) So that means he's awakened? Cool.
4514) Do you see answering questions on BZP as a sort of second job? 4614) Sometimes, sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is a lot of work 4714) So Q&A can be like a second job sometimes. lol.

1The Books 21. I heard the possibility that the large sundial of Roodaka's is the same one from the MNOG 1. Is that true?
3ANSWER: To my knowledge, that is not the case.
42. If the above is true, how'd the sundial get to Mata Nui?
53. Can you tell me what Sidorak and/or Roodaka's spinners do?
6ANSWER: Sidorak's sparks obedience, Roodaka's causes instant and permanent mutation.
74. Did you create the creature that attacked Onewa's face ("Visorakk... Visorak...")?
95. Do those creatures have any diriect correlation to the Visorak and/or Roodaka/Sidorak?
10ANSWER: They might. I haven't decided :)Sometime I just create stuff for the challenge of figuring out what it is later.
116. At the beginning of Web of the Visorak, it gave a hint of Karzahni coming back. Will it (or some other form of it) show up in another book, most likely number 8?
12ANSWER: Not in 8, but will be back, yes.
137. In what book did Tahtorak appear? I've heard so much about some kind of question he had, but I know nothing of the origins of this.
14ANSWER: Tahtorak showed up in the November comic book and is in book 8.
158. Is there anything really cool or revealing in BA#8 or 10? Some teasers would be nice, kind of like the teasers you did with Voyage of Fear and Maze of Shadows.
16ANSWER: Book 8, hmmmm .. oh yes: There is a HUGE revelation about why Lhikan picked those six Matoran to be Toa. It's the start of a storyline that won't get resolved until book 10 and is sure to spark lots of controversy on here.
17Bionicle Encyclopedia 187. Just out of curiosity, do you know how the book will be formatted? I've always wanted to see a book layed out like Eyewitness books, I enjoy those.
19ANSWER: No idea.
209. Will it have information on games, like the soccer form of Kolhii (and the rules and history, for that matter), Ignalu Lava Racing, Canoe racing, etc? Those are the games from the original GBA.
21ANSWER: They will be mentioned, yes, though I do not know that I am doing rules for them.
2210. I want to clear something up. I've heard that reef off Onu-Wahi called Papu Niho Reef and Papa Nihu reef. Which is correct?
23ANSWER: The official name on my list from Denmark is Papa Nihu.
2411. Will any flora and fauna be brought up in the Encyclopedia (Harakeke, Daiku, the like)? I heard it mentioned in the Encyclopedia topic, but I never heard you confirm it.
2612. Out of curiosity, have you played MNOLG1 or 2?
27ANSWER: No, I never had time.
2813. Totally random question, but what is the point of the Silver masks (they came out with the gold masks as set, but is there a storyline purpose?)
29ANSWER: They really never showed up in the storyline. It was one of those things that product did without telling the story team first, so we had no chance to plan anything for them.
3014. Will there be information regarding things mentioned or featured in MNOLG and the GBA game but never really explained? i.e. the Sundial, the Gnomon, the Great Takara (something I've always wanted to know more of), Madu Cabolo fruit, Amana volo tree, Vuata Maca crystal, widgets, etc.
31ANSWER: They will be there, but I am not sure how much I am going to expand on them beyond what is already known.
3215. How far are you into writing this book?
33ANSWER: Decently far. Some things are done completely, like all the Rahi, the Bohrok Va, the Bohrok-Kal, the Mata Nui locations ... but lots still to do, plus I have to read all the books again for stuff I may have missed.
3416. Will the book have pictures made just for the book? 3D images of the City of Ruins, pix from the movie, set images of the Rahi, etc.
35ANSWER: I tend to doubt new art is going to get done for it. We may be able to get movie art, though, like we did for the Metru Nui Guide.
3617. Will it have any more information on Makuta's role in the past and possible future? Ever since B2, I've really wanted to know exactly what Makuta's role was in Matoran lore before the Metru Nui incident.
37ANSWER: I can't really reveal a whole lot because it is all part of future storyline, and I don't know what the shape of that will be. Bob really wants me to do a novel about the era when Makuta was thought of as good. And I was thinking .. wouldn't it be cool to do a Makuta autobiography?
3818. Will the Encyclopedia feature any more information on the Brotherhood of Makuta? If I understood a statement you made earlier, you implied there would be a comic with 'The Brotherhood' in it, or at least one of them.
39ANSWER: Yes, there will be some info on them, I think.
1a Makuta autobiography? now THAT would be fun to read
1These are the latest batch of Q&A's from Greg:
2Hi Greg, just a few Q's
31. In the Encyclopedia, will there also be EVERY combiner model there is? Like the Bohrok Va Kaita and Toa Nuva Kaita?
42. How much is there that the story team knows and we don't know?
53. What are the two Vahki combiners called? What is their role in the storyline?
64. Earlier someone posted you said that the Toa Nuva will meet Dume next year. Does that mean that he will be awakened?

91) If they played a role in the storyline, yes. If they didn't, there really is nothing to say about them.
102) Lots. And lots. And lots.
113) Kraahu and Kranua. One showed up in one of the novels briefly, other than that they have played no role in storyline other than the bios that were printed in the comic.
124) Kind of hard to meet someone if he is sleeping, right?

1Here's some:

21) What significange to the story of '01 do the Silver Masks have? 32) What significance to the story of '01 and '03 do the Copper Masks have? 43) What are the Silver Masks? 54) Why in the comics do you never show the fights with Makuta? 65) Why are there 6 Bohrak-KAL and 8 Krana-KAL?

71) Silver Masks have 3 powers apiece but never really figured into the storyline. 82) Copper Masks are ceremonial masks of victory given the Matoran who win village games 93) I just answered that 104) Well, in '01 the fight with Makuta was supposed to happen in the PC game out of the end of the year, which then got cancelled. In '03 and '04 the fights were part of the movie and I cannot show movie plot in the comics 114) So the Bohrok-Kal can take full advantage of all the krana abilityies as needed.

1Hi Greg, just a few questions for you.
21. The Dark Hunter Leader; Did he know of Nidhiki and Krekka going to work for Makuta? Was he the one that paired them together?
31) Yes and yes
42. The Rahaga are looking for Keetongu, right? Had they searched for him in other places before coming to Metru-Nui?
52) Yup
63. Although we're only seeing Norik and Iruini as Toa sets will we see the other four in the books or comics?
73) I can't say for sure about books, I can say no on comics. If they don't exist as sets, then the artist can't draw them and they can't be in the comic.
84. Do you know when/ if you'll be doing book signings again?
94) I believe I am doing one in NYC in late Feb., but I do not have the date and time yet.
105. Is there any difference in power between the old golden Vahi and the orange Vahi?
115) No
126. Is Krahka cooler in her next apperance?
136) I thought she was pretty cool in her first appearance
147. Is the Toa from the brickmaster contest going to be in the encyclopedia?
157) Probably not, only because the contest ends March 15, and the Encylopedia is due to the publisher end of this month.
1This time my mind has been filled up with these particular questions so here I go...
21)Do you happen to have the names or have any info concerning the Keetongu and Sidorak combiner and the Keetongu and Roodaka combiners
32)In the story how does Keetongu use his Rhotuka? Does his chest really flip open and he fires it out?
43)I have been hearing that Keetongu is a Rahi, is this true?
54)How many Kanohi are there going to be by 2006? (e.g, Great, Noble and really special masks)
65)Concering the encyclopedia, how far are you into it now?
76a)Is there by any chance that Pilak is in the list of legal Bionicle names to use?
86b)If yes, I know this is one of those fat hope requests but I'll take a shot at it anyway :lol:  , could you add a mention of Pilak somewhere in the encyclopedia (preferably in any entry concerning Metru Nui)
97)What is the layout of the Encyclopedia going to be? (standard paragraph by paragrahp or maybe like one of those info books with detailed pictures of the entry and there are little factoids here and there)
10Thanks in advance: :) 

111) Yes, but since the sets are not out anywhere yet, I am not releasing that info yet. 122) Far as I know 133) Yup 144) Well we are only adding two new ones this year. I have no idea what we are doing in 2006 155) Well, it's not done yet 166) I cannot use terms that have not been legally approved by LEGO. If it isn't on my official name list from Denmark, it can't get in because the name may belong to someone else legally or may mean something in another language. 177) Since the book is not written yet, Scholastic has not started on a layout yet.

19F.Y.I: I just ran a search on the word "Pilak" on Yahoo and it turns out Pilak is the name of a Hindu and Buddhist treasure and is also the name of an archaeological site in South Tripura somewhere in India. No wonder it can't be entered in the big list: