Ikanrii Hagah
1That is just for Metru Nui only. I'll have to dig up a quote, but I will if I have to.

2I did send him a question on who or what makes the Matoran.. Now we only have to wait...
3But I think it's the same with other cities.
1About the legendary masks: I really don't want to see the Mask of Creation being a legendary mask. Sure, creation is a basic part of reality, but so are light and dark, and the Avohkii and Kraahkan aren't legendary. Besides, I like the idea of legendary masks not having one being constantly wearing it, but Artahka is constantly wearing his mask. 2About the legendary masks: I really don't want to see the Mask of Creation being a legendary mask. Sure, creation is a basic part of reality, but so are light and dark, and the Avohkii and Kraahkan aren't legendary. Besides, I like the idea of legendary masks not having one being constantly wearing it, but Artahka is constantly wearing his mask.

3Light and Darkness could you not compare with creation, i mean creation is fundamentaly without it it would be nothing. The power is interresting too, if you had the materials you could create EVERYTHING. But that Artakha wear it constaly is bad too, but hes a creator.
4ur right and also fire is a part of reality so is water,wind,earth,ice,stone etc but ur right without artakha's mask everything would be nothing

5i dont get what you're saying.

6err i dont fing the qoute mode but its not importanat. he means that without creation there would be nothing and thats more important than fire water etc.
1I doubt that will help. Greg will simply say that he cannot discuss this.
1Guys, greg has said Creation is not a legendary mask. 2Besides, it doesn't actually create things. 3It just shows the wearer what the thing will look like.
Taka Toa of Twilight
1Guys, greg has said Creation is not a legendary mask. 2Besides, it doesn't actually create things. 3It just shows the wearer what the thing will look like.

5And how to build it. :)
Lei NuvaKal
Ikanrii Hagah
1That is just for Metru Nui only. I'll have to dig up a quote, but I will if I have to.

2I did send him a question on who or what makes the Matoran.. Now we only have to wait...
3But I think it's the same with other cities.

4I doubt he would, what or who makes a Matoran would probably never get reveiled, those are one of the things that would stay in the shadows. 5I remember telling me that the Turaga calling the Matoran was just the case for Metru Nui, and didn't affect other lands. 6Still quote searching.....
1Hey Toa Pohata, Jaller wore a red Komau on Metru Nui. 2It broke in his pod, so Vakama gave him the Hau.
Chirox el Aereo Habitante
axsis: toa of psychics
Artakha the ruler
1About the legendary masks: I really don't want to see the Mask of Creation being a legendary mask. Sure, creation is a basic part of reality, but so are light and dark, and the Avohkii and Kraahkan aren't legendary. Besides, I like the idea of legendary masks not having one being constantly wearing it, but Artahka is constantly wearing his mask.About the legendary masks: I really don't want to see the Mask of Creation being a legendary mask. Sure, creation is a basic part of reality, but so are light and dark, and the Avohkii and Kraahkan aren't legendary. Besides, I like the idea of legendary masks not having one being constantly wearing it, but Artahka is constantly wearing his mask.

2Light and Darkness could you not compare with creation, i mean creation is fundamentaly without it it would be nothing. The power is interresting too, if you had the materials you could create EVERYTHING. But that Artakha wear it constaly is bad too, but hes a creator.

3ur right and also fire is a part of reality so is water,wind,earth,ice,stone etc but ur right without artakha's mask everything would be nothing

4i dont get what you're saying.

5he said light and darkness were part of reality so is fire water etc because if it wasen't it woulden't be real then woulden't it
Toa Keyl
1no, just not so good. shadow doesn't mean you're evil, but that you're more inclined to do what is not good, and tak is a bit snappy. the reason why shadow is considered evil now is because makuta are evil now by their choices. they weren't originally, but they pushed themselves to it by their actions. shadow matoran start out evil because they have makuta to look up to (literally and figuratively) as shadow buddies, so they see being shadow as being evil, which they readily accept by their influencialible mind.
2tak's not evil, but he's not as kind as before. no toa's going evil or dead this year.

3thanks. :)
1Hey there Greg, I've just been wondering a few things lately, so I figured to go ahead and ask...
21) How does teleportation basically work in the Bionicle Universe? Is it similar to Star Trek, in which matter is converted to energy, moved, then converted back to matter? Or is it more of: "You're here now, poof, now you're there"? 32) Do you need a pretty strong teleporter to get through the walls of Karda Nui? For example, could a level 8 teleport Kanoka disk get you through, or does it need to be stronger? 43) Can the shielded walls in Karda Nui help fend off exterior attack? Just as a random example, say a bunch of Xians were to attack the outside walls of the Core with heavy cordak fire. Would the shields help prevent damage to the walls?
5On a different note: 64) Seeing as Krakua is working for the OoMN, would he hold himself above the "no kill" code of Toa, or does he still consider himself to be under the code?
7And then some Kanohi questions... 85) If the wearer of a Volitak or Huna was to activate their mask while riding a skyboard or other personal transport, would the transport become cloaked too? 95a) How about if the same wearer activated the mask while in contact with another being? Would the other person go invisible (or "stealthed", in the case of the Volitak) too? 106) Can the Calix increase the wearer's speed temporarily in a situation such as hand-to-hand combat or swimming?
11Finally: 127) If a Matoran was to go too long without absorbing any energy from food, would they die, or simply go comatose? 138) Can a Matoran feel pain on their mechanical elements, or only on their organic tissues? 149) Is it possible that instead of an actual brain, Matoran have more of an advanced "hard drive" which is somehow tied to their mask? 15My reasoning for the above question is that the Matoran in Karzahni were meant to forget who they were by changing masks. Matoran also go into comas when their masks are removed. And then we have the several occasions of Matoran loosing their memory after time in stasis pods or possible cranial damage in Takua's case. Just a guess. Am I anywhere close?
16Thanks for everything . 17-Ax-

181) Your mass is dispersed, yes, and then reformed elsewhere 192) The only teleportation we have seen to be strong enough to get through is Artakha's. Makuta, for example, cannot teleport into Karda Nui 203) Probably would be of some help, yes, against some forms of attack 214) He's only been a Toa for a short time, and he has not had to make that choice yet. We will see what happens if it presents itself. 225) No 235a) No, not unless it was a Nuva mask and the power was being shared 246) It gives you the max amount of physical prowess your species is capable of having without external aids 257) Most likely, they would die 268) No, you can't feel pain just from your armor getting hit, unless it also impacts your organic tissue in some way. 279) I can't answer this

28There we go, just a few things I was wondering. I guess number nine is just one of the undiscussable mysteries of Bionicle. :) 29-Ax-
1some answers i got from greg
2Hi Mr.Farshtey i sent you some questions dont know if you got them so ill send them again just incase
31)dose toa ignika have a destiny? 41a)if yes can you say what it is
52)will toa ignika be in summer story?
63)what is the name of mazekas vechicle
74)is takanuvas size chage caused by the mutagen in the swamp?
85)do you know what you will do for the summer serials?
96)what is krakua doing under the archives? 106a)is it important
117)how many chapters have you written for fof 127a)dm 137b)tmc
148)how did Artakha get the vehciles to the toa nuva? 158a)if he teleported them how did the nuva know were they were 16or 17did they just find them?
189)how did takanuva know how to build the Ussanui?
19thank you for your time
20gregs answers
211) All things have a destiny 221a) Why would I want to do that? 232) Yes 243) Too early to discuss this 254) No 265) Two of the three of them, yes 276) You'll find out in summer 287) I just finished part 4 of MC, and part 4 of DM, and start on part 5 of FoF next. 298) Who said he did? I said he built them, I never said he gave them to the Nuva. At any rate, this is summer storyline, it's too early to discuss it. 309) I didn't write the movie, so not something I can answer.

32"Binary Scrabble was fundamentally flawed, since every combination of ones and zeroes made a word and it was impossible not to put all your tiles down every turn." -- Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear

33At least we got some info and Krakua is coming back .
1Apparently takua always knew about the ussanui 2the avhokii acted a bit like a key which unlocked a bit of his past, specifically how to build the ussanui
1Hi Greg.
21. Since Gorast and Krika have appeared in the serials, is it safe to assume that the third Makuta in Dark Mirror is Bitil? 32. If I remember correctly, you said the current naming system is being abandoned in '09, which was why you named Stelt. If that's true, why didn't you name Ehlek's species? 43. What's an Avohkah? It sounds like a creature of light. 54. Are the regions assinged to the Makuta mentioned in the next MC, or part 5? I just figured that it was around the time of the Great Disruption that they were assigned regions.
6Thank you for your time.

7:t: :m_o::c:

81) No, it's not Bitil. It's the Makuta of Artakha. 92) I would have, if I had had need to do so. But I also need names for other things, like Miserix's location, and it's a finite name list I am trying to use up. 103) It's a creature that pops up in Bionicle Legends #10 114) It was, yes, and some are, not all. There's no real reason Mutran would need to write out a comprehensive list, since he really only cares about his own story.

121. Another one of those "send your question, find the answer before he replys" ones. :P132. That's disapointing, but understandable. 143. Well, I knew that much. :rolleyes: 154. I was really only hoping for Mutran, Chirox, Vamprah, and Antroz.

16:t: :m_o::c:
1just some stuff i asked greg, some isnt really needed
2Hi Mr. Farshley, 3Sorry to bother you, but i pmed you i couple of months back, and havent had a reply, so i guessed that it got lost, so i hope that this one doesn't. anyway, a few questions from my last post, and some new:
41. how did takadox betray the barraki? 52. did carapar know that takadox had, so takadox hypnotised him? 63.could there be a mask of space, which controls the worlds and lands, and how they are formed, e.t.c (just for an epic im working on)? 74. how is gali's mask useful in the swamp this year? 85. The vechiles (spelling?) of this year, are the drivers part of the storyline, or are they just for the set?
9Thank you for your time, 10Pivot Man

111) He sold them out to the Brotherhood of Makuta. He let the Brotherhood know the Barraki were planning to try and overthrow Mata Nui, where their armies were, when the attacks were going to start, etc. 122) No 133) You can do whatever you like in your stories -- I don't see doing that in ours. 144) It's not, but it wasn't of a lot of use on Voya Nui or Mata Nui either, since she was on dry land most of the time. 155) Antroz, Pohatu and Lewa do drive those vehicles in the story

16ok thank you, 172. so why did takadox hypnotise carapar? 186. in the bionicle universe, is there other dimensions?
19Thanks again, 20Pivot Man

212) To get Carapar to do various bits of dirty work for him 226) Yes. That's why Brutaka had a mask of dimensional gates

23sorry i meant to say for 6. is there dimensions which do not have characters such as tahu, gali e.t.c

24Yes, one such dimension shows up in the first BIONICLE reader for 5-6 year olds this coming fall.
1Hey Greg. Sorry to bother you I just have some questions:
21) Apart from possibly Mata Nui and the Protodermis entity, is there any other being capable of controling energised protodermis?
32) Could a Toa control lava? 42a) Molten protodermis?
53) While a Toa of Iron could control solid protodermis, could he also control protosteel?
64) When will the result of the Makuta building contest be announced?
75) When will we learn more about the First Toa?
86) Will new Toa be introduced in Dark Mirror?
97) Will the Hagah make an appearance in the Mutran Chronicles?
108) Is MOMN more abit more powerful than the other Makuta since he absorbed Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk?
119) Who would you say is more powerful? MOMN or Miserix?
1210) Why does Brutaka's group want to save Miserix?
1311) While the Makuta Phantoka use Tridax pods, what about the Makuta Mistika? They look like Nynrah Ghost busters if you ask me.
1412) What is Krakua doing in Metru Nui and when will it be revealed?
1513) When will you reveal the First Toa's name? 1613a) MOMN?
1714) Do any of the Dark Hunters make an appearance this year?
1815) Does Lariska make an appearance in the future? Possibly as a set?
1916) Where exactly is the Av-Matoran homeland?
2017) Theory; you mentioned once that Av-Matoran were the prototype for all other Matoran types. And that any being (including Matoran/Toa/Turaga) can access their Light powers with proper concentration. Could this be reversed? So for example; is it possible for an Av-Matoran to turn into say, a Ga-Matoran?
2118) Apart from Ga-Matoran, Av-Matoran, and Lightning Matoran, are there any other Matoran tribes that are female?
2219) I've read somewhere that all Toa of Water are capable of healing. Is this correct?
2320) Will any Rahi be released this year via the Lego magazine?
2421) Has MOMN found a body to inhabit?
2522) Will Lesovikk appear again?
2623) Is the Toa Ignika capable of communicating with the other Toa? Like via telepathy?
2724) Are some Matoran older or younger than others?
2825) Can you reveal anything about Bitil?
29Thank you for your time :)

301) Not that we have seen, no 312) No and no -- and lava in this universe is molten protodermis 323) Yes, it's still metallic protodermis 334) May issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine 345) Later in the year 356) Possible, but not certain at this point 367) Don't know yet 378) I would say no. He absorbed them to get more physical mass quickly, not to get their powers. 389) They are about equal -- all Makuta have the same powers 3910) Follow the serial and find out 4011) They don't use Tridax pods in the swamp -- because there are no Matoran to corrupt there. 4112) Bionicle Legends #10 4213) MOMN is Bionicle Legends #9, First Toa is Bionicle Legends #10 4314) Yes, Lariska just showed up in the Federation of Fear serial 4415) See answer to #14, no plans to make a set of her 4516) Beneath the southern continent 4617) No. Accessing light powers is not the same as turning into an Av-Matoran. We saw Roodaka access shadow power in the third movie, she did not turn into a Makuta. 4718) There might be, but we haven't met them yet 4819) Yes 4920) The BrickMaster BIONICLE exclusive model is a Rahi 5021) I can't answer this 5122) Don't know yet 5223) Yes, or by speech, once he masters that 5324) Yes 5425) You know the old saying about "three being a crowd?" In Bitil's case, one is a crowd.

552) But what about melted rock? Wouldn't a Toa of Stone be capable of controlling that? 5611) So what do they use? And how are they used? 5716) No I didn't mean Karda Nui, i meant the place they moved to one they managed to colonise the place 5817) So hypothetically, if say, Macku were to be able to access her innate Light powers and then evolve into a Toa, would she then be able to weild both Light powers (although not the same power level as a Toa of Light) and her pre-existing Water powers? 5924) So how are some older than others? Or is it the Av-Matoran as they were the first type of Matoran to be made? 6025) Does that mean he talks too much or is he a loner?
61oh and one more question; 6226) You've mentioned that the 2009 storyline takes place outside the known Matoran universe and not on an island like Mata Nui on the world's surface. Does the 2009 storyline involve space? 'll get to the point, since the Red Star has living beings in it, could that be the 2009 location?
63Thanks again :)

642) I will answer your question with a question -- can a Toa of Ice control melted ice? No. A Toa of Water does that. 6511) Since this refers to summer sets and summer storyline, you will find out in summer. 6616) That's what I answered. The Av-Matoran lived underground in the southern continent. When the Great Cataclysm hit, large chunks of their region broke off and fell into Karda Nui -- and those are the stalactites they live on now. 6716) Yes. 6824) Because they come into existence at different times. If Turaga Dume needs more Matoran for a task that has to be done in Metru Nui, he can arrange for new comes to come into being. They would then be younger than the other Matoran in the city. 6925) Neither, it's a clue to one of his powers 7026) No, red star is not the 2009 location

7124) Arrange? Who or what then makes the Matoran? Artakha?

7224) I'm not allowed to discuss this

73Knew it would end like this >_<
1Hi Greg . I only have two things to ask you:
21: As a Matoran, what Kanoka disk did Kongu use? 31) No idea. If I don' t need to know for story, I don't worry about it
42: What is the conservation status of the Metru Mantis? 52) Wild Metru Mantis are being seen a little more often on Metru Nui these days, simply because so many Nui-Rama and Nui-Jaga are fleeing back down toward the city after the Bohrok's successful work on Mata Nui.
61: Aw nuts :D I figured it would have been something like, 555.
72: Wow . Will we see them in a book at all?
8Doubtful. We spend very little time on Metru Nui in 2008.
1some stuff from greg
2Hi Mr.Farshtey
3"24. A member once asked you why Zaktan turned into protodites when the Shadow One attacked him, and you replied that it was "just his nature". Just for clarification, does that mean that that reaction was Zaktan's specific attribute due to Spiriah's experiments?
424) Or simply that Zaktan was a mutant to start with."
51)how is/was zaktan a mutant apart from beign made into protodites? 61a)dose it have any importance?
7"7. What happened to all the Av-Matoran that the Makuta turned into shadow Matoran? Were they recruited into a Makuta 'army'? Did they get sent somewhere for later use? Or is this a "wait and see" situation? 87) They are active in Karda Nui. There are only two Matoran outside of KN who were made shadow Matoran, and both are in or coming to KN."
92)are the 2 matoran outside of kn that were made into shadow matoran vican and vultraz?
103)dose fof happen before or after shadows in the sky?
114)when will we learn what the boms curse is?
1219. How many clans of Av-Matoran are there? I know the Karda Nui Matoran are larger because they're prototypes, but there must be other groups of Matoran of Light made with the 'standard template,' so to speak, because Takua isn't that much larger than the other Matoran. Or was he re-built when they planted him in Metru Nui? 1319) Takua isn't as large as the others because he hasn't spent 1000 years in Karda Nui. 145)did the av matoran gain mass from the energys in karada nui?
15thank you for your time
16gregs answer
171) A mutant doesn't have to be an X-Man with loads of obvious powers ... he can simply be different in some physical way, and in this case, it affected how TSO eyebeam's interacted with his body. 182) Yes 193) Before 204) I can't discuss future storyline 215) We'll see as the story goes along, we haven't even started it yet
1QUOTE 2Hi, greg,
3I have a few questions for you,
41) In Federation of Fear, how can Takadox, Carapar and Brutaka breathe air? All three were affected by the pit mutagen and became water breathers in 2007. 52) Why didn't Lariska join the Federation in the begining? 63) Is the Nui Stone enhanced Toa Tuyet stronger than a Toa Nuva?
7Thanks, 8Konuju

91) They can't, and it never states that they are breathing air. We know that Ehlek was a water-breather his whole life, yet functioned on the surface 80,000 years back using breathing apparatus, the same apparatus Lesovikk gave Idris so she could leave the Pit. And that is what B, C, and T are using. 102) Because she was Brutaka's ace in the hole. By having her follow, she was able to call in help when he needed it. 113) Tuyet is 200 to 300 times more powerful than a normal Toa
12Number one is interesting...I wonder if Spiriah will try to attack one of them and remove their breathing apparatus. (most likely Takadox or Carapar; Brutaka's too powerful) 13Number two: that's always a good plan . 14Number three: That's strong . Speaking of which, I still haven't read/listened to the new Dark Mirror . Better go do that now .
1Just some more questions from me
2Sorry to bother you again, but I just have a few more Questions,
31.aIs TSO still alive in the pocket dimention, 41bIs Sentrakh 52.Was the Makuta Of Artakha important or powerful. 63.Will you reveal who knocked out Krekka's eye 74a.What will happen to the Piraka when the OOMN stop interigating them 84bWhat happend to the team of DH after the Piraka 95.aWho are most intresting to write about this year 105bWho are the least 116.Is the Kraahkan a sighn of leadership in the BOM 127.If MOMN gets a new body, will Icarax give the mask back 138.Is there a reason that 6/8 of the makutas in karda Nui seem to be Handicaped or limited in some way, just curious 149When is BL9 coming out
15Thank you so much for your time

161-2) We'll see as the story goes along 173) Yes, later in the year 184) They will be sent to the Pit. 194b) Still out there 205) Too soon to tell 216) No 227) If MOMN asks for it, most likely, yes 238) Yes. If I give you eight Makuta, all will full powers and no handicap, the Nuva will be dead in 35 seconds even if the Makuta aren't trying. Remember, it took six Toa in the past to stop ONE Makuta. 249) Most likely, March

254. Bye Bye Piraka 268.Intresting 279. March

1You've stated that if all Av-Matoran/ToL were killed, something bad would happen. I've also found that light is independant, while shadow is dependant. Light can exist without shadow, shadow cannot exist without light. Is the 'Bad Thing' the death of all Makutas?

2How would the Makuta all dying be bad? They are evil.

3Well, I mean, no new Rahi could be created, no Makuta to keep order on territories... (I'm talking about this being a bad thing before the Makuta turned evil).

4It would have been a bad thing prior to their turning evil, yes, but wouldn't be now. So no, the bad thing did not refer to that.

5Is this 'Bad Thing' the info that Takanuva is trying to deliver to the Toa? Also, are the beings on Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3 Pohatu and Lewa? And are they in swamp form or a form to be able to ride the vehicles?

61) No 72) Yes 83 You'll find out in summer

9How big of a part will this 'Bad Thing' have in '08? 10What race is the WoW character of yours that has MoMN's real name?

111) It's only going to come into play if the Av-Matoran get wiped out -- if they don't, it won't 122) He's a Tauren

13That was my starting race 14Is the being on the Jetrax Antorz or the... um... hijackee?


16Is his mask still the jutlin?


18I guess the server ate the reply to this...
191) What form is the Jutlin in? 202) Is the thing the Blade Burrowers making related to the Green Belt? 212a) Mata-Nui? 223) Will we find out what happened to the Matoran that wandered down Blade Burrower tunnels?

231) I don't understand your question 242) No 252a) Not really, no 263) Most likely, they're dead. Walk into an animal's territory, and it tends to react violently.

27on 1) Is it still altered in a way that he likes it, or is it the normal form of the Jutlin or what? 28on 2) How much significance will the Blade Burrowers have in the future?
29new Qs:
301) Why was the MoMN not able to mask his voice in Maxilos while he could in his armor? (like when he was Dume or Tuyet) 312) Is Hydraxon II mutated? 323) Say there was a Rahi that was amphibious, but could only breathe in water. Over the centuries, it developed a unique ability to hold water next to its gills by a pouch or something. Would a Faxon be able to adapt this ability?

331) Since he's blind, he can't see how it looks in its new form, so like or dislike don't come into play 342) I can tell you they have far less significance than what they are making does. 351) Because he wasn't trying. He wanted Matoro to know who he was. 362) No 373) No. That would be a natural ability (like breathing is, period), not a power.

381) mkay... 392) Can you tell us if the thing they're making is a noun, saying, or something? 401) Ah... 412) Okay 423) I'm not talking about the gills, I'm talking about that specific Rahi's ability to keep water next to its gills when on land.
43New Qs:
441) Who came first: Dume or Norik? 451a) Nidhiki or Iruini? 462) When you said that Takua was smaller then Tanma and co. because he wasn't in the core for 1000 years, do you mean to say that after a while in the core, you grow? 473) Why was it that Jaller and co. were able to drive the Toa canisters when Tahu and co. couldn't?

482) This has already been revealed in the last chapter of Mutran Chronicles 493) Same answer. 501) Dume, most likely 511a) Iruini 522) If you're an Av-Matoran, yes 533) Well, for one thing, Tahu and his group were asleep in the canisters for 100,000 years or so, and were sleeping when launched and when they landed in the ocean. Jaller and his group were awake. Go back and read issue 1 of the comic, if you have it -- Kopaka refers to the fact that he has been sleeping for ages

542) If Mutran created the Blade Burrowers with no intention of making this map, did someone, or something, change them to do so? 551) Did Dume and Norik ever meet? 562) What is it in the core that causes the Av-Matoran to grow? Light energy? 573) Which brings me to this question: Why were the Toa Mata asleep??? I mean, it seems like a mistake on the Order's part...

581) Obviously 592) Not to my knowledge 603) Too early to discuss this 614) No, it wasn't. The Toa Mata had to stay on call in case they were needed (Mata Nui was felled). They couldn't be out adventuring all that time, because what if one or all of them got killed? So the best option was to put them into suspended animation. If they were needed, the canisters would launch automatically, get them where they needed to go, and they would awaken when the canisters opened. No one could foresee the canisters would malfunction on landing.

621) Who? (I bet its going to be 'cant answer it' ) 632) Mkay 643) Ah 654) Why not keep them in suspended animation, then wake them during the GC and say, 'You guys need to go to Metru Nui to reawaken Mata Nui'? I mean, sure, the canisters were set for Mata Nui, but I mean, you kinda need someone to be at the controls...

661) You win your bet 674) It's really six of one, half dozen of the other. Had everything worked right, they would have been awake and on Mata Nui within hours of the GC. And, if you think about it, there are tons of sci-fi movies -- the original Planet of the Apes comes to mind -- where the pilots are all in sus-ani until they arrive at their destination. If man ever ventures beyond our solar system, most likely we will need to do something like that, since decades might pass for the astronauts otherwise.

68As you can see, a looooong conversation with GregF... STILL GOING ON, TOO .
1EDIT: Greg said I can post it .
2His name is Teridax.

3Would you say, in the event someone got Bionicle Legends 9 (toanuva19 has it, allegedly), Makuta Metru's name would be a spoiler? Or would you allow it?
4In any case, you should verify if toanuva19 has in fact got the book.

5I would allow it, yes. I don't consider it a huge spoiler.

6So how do you pronounce Teridax? :P

7the-rih-dacks - kind of like "terrify" but with dacks at the end instead of fie

8"T-eh" got filtered to "the."

9:m: :e::c: :a:
1Makuta Teridax... Interesting. Can't wait to find out where he went after trashing Maxilos .
1from january:
2Hi, i just have a few questions: 31) Will the "silhouette" in the mask of life carry any importance? 41b) is it an up-coming character or someone we already know? 52) Would a toa of light be able to fire midaks using his own light power? 63) If the Kraakhan was worn by a toa, would they effectively become a toa of [element] and shadow? 73b) Would a shadow-toa gain any enhancement? 84) Do you know why set designers have stopped putting things like toa-kaita or bad-guy-combo's in the back of instruction booklets? 95) Would a kaita of a Kadin wearer, a wearer of the mask of intagibility and an Akaku wearer essentially be able to fly through solid rock and stuff like that? (something random i have wondered)
10thanks, TBotS.

111) I can't discuss future storyline 122) No 133) They would be a Toa of their element wearing a Mask of Shadow. Remove the mask and they would no longer control its power. 143b) Yes. The Kraahkan can do things that control of the element does not give you. 154) It was felt that the combos did not help set sales any and designing them was eating up a lot of the designers' time. 165) Good question. We have identified that a kaita's mask does have the powers of the Toa masks that made it up, however, it has never been stated that more than one power can be used at a time.

17feb 21:
18hi, great job on serials so far, as always. i just had a few questions:
191) Were the barraki (pre-pit) about toa-sized, or titan-sized? 202) Whats your favourite kanohi power? 213) Do the vehicles have any powers other than transport and firepower? 224) are the mistika makutas head actually kanohi, just... altered? 235) you have said that miserix will be a model that will not be for sale. will we see what he looks like, in time? 246) do you have any say in the appearance of sets? 257) how powerful would a toa nui be? 267b) will one come up in the storyline? 278) is there a power level beyond nuva, for toa? 289) would a kanohi of elemental energy give a toa limitless reserves of EE, or just speed up recharge?
29thank you .

301) Toa-sized 312) Concealment 323) Vehicles are summer sets, so we will discuss them then 334) The Mistika Makuta do have masks and mask powers 345) Yes 356) No, I don't get asked for input on sets and don't want to give any. It's not my area of expertise. 367) Hard to say, since one has never existed 377b) No. 388) Not that anyone knows of. 399) KEE is just a video game power-up

40feb 27:
41Sorry for adding another PM to your mountain, but I've got a few questions:
421) Can makutas control their kraata powers at maximum levels, or do they rise as the makuta rises in power? (i.e a powerful makuta could control kraata powers at level 6, but a weaker one is at level 3 or whatever) 432) Does the MoMN have a purpose for the toa nuva, or is it sheer luck they havent been obliterated? 443) Is there a toa power level beyond nuva? 454) will we ever see great beings as sets or combos? 465) Do matoran masks have power, but the matoran cant use it or is it that the masks are powerless? 476) If antroz were to rot the ignika partially, would it speed up the countdown, disable it or have no effect? or would it end all life there and then? 487) Could the avsa drain so much energy from a target that the target would go into a coma or die? 498) will the other nuva team be mutated by the swamp? 509)a) if the MoMN's plan succeeds, and he become one of the most powerful forces in the bionicle universe, would he share that power with his fellow makuta? 51if he doesnt, could all the other makuta gang up on him and successfully overthrow him? 5210) would a shelek be able to rob a toa of sonics of his power?
53'tis all

541) They increase the same way, say, your ability to hit a baseball would with time and practice. 552) Follow the story and find out 563) Not that we are aware of 574) No plans for that at the moment. 585) Masks are powerless. They are made from level 6 or below Kanoka disks, and the power leeches out during the mask creation process. 596) No effect 607) Arguably, yes, but Vamprah uses it mainly to drain hope 618) I can't discuss summer storyline 629) We would have to find out if his plan succeeds 6310) It would definitely impede his abilities

64and.... teridax? i think that name is gonna have to grow on me a little...
1Please Read.
2Because Greg has chosen to reveal it, use of the name "Teridax" is permitted. However, the spoiler policy is still in place for all other Bionicle Legends#9 spoilers . That means, no discussion the book. Please, do try to remember that.
4Heh. I love that name, by the way. :PReminds me of "terror."
2So we CAN say it? 3All right . 4But only the name, and nothing else until the middle of April, right?
Vezon the Great
2So we CAN say it? 3All right . 4But only the name, and nothing else until the middle of April, right?

5Yes, you can say his name, but you can only say it with spoiler tags. Some people might want to wait for the book, and this is a rare situation where one of these types of much-awaited tidbits is being released by GregF before our spoiler period is up.
6The rest of BL9 has to wait until March 15. That's March 15.
1Thank you munkeymunkey, but I'm afraid some people with loose lips have already ruined it for some members.
BioHero Phantoka
1Thank you munkeymunkey, but I'm afraid some people with loose lips have already ruined it for some members.

2Yes, they have. And those are all being deleted right now.
3And, by the way, that is a problem. This topic isn't suppose to be for everyone to slip in a one-liner about how they like Makuta's name. I know GregF revealed it, but if GregF revealed a picture of a new set, we wouldn't discuss it here - we'd make a topic in Bionicle Sets.
4Commenting on what he says isn't against the rules, but when everybody starts doing that and nobody is posting quotes from GregF, then the point of this topic gets lost.
5So stop. Any additional posts like that are just going to get deleted and make me irritable.
6EDIT: A good topic to be discussing Makuta's name (in spoiler warnings), would be this topic: Makuta's Status and Plans Topic 7(As it falls under the status part of things... Thanks for suggesting that, ET.)
1You forgot to put his name in spoilers, toanuva19.

3Hi Mr. Farshtey,
4I've been browsing around the Short Story forum, and I saw a lot of good writers. 5So, I came up with a question: will (or can) the Lego Magazine ever host a Bionicle Fan-Fic, within certain guidelines of course, Short Story contest? 6I think it would be a good oppurtunity to get some of the people on BZPs writing out there, to get lot's of kids writing, and maybe even give the story team a couple new ideas.
7Thank you for reading this,

9Greg's reply:
10It's not something we have discussed, although I know BZP has done this sort of thing before. The only real issue with things like this is the amount of time it takes to judge. If you get (as we would, if we did it through BIONICLE.com or LEGO Magazine) several thousand entries, that is several thousand short stories I would need to go through to pick winners. That's a lot of extra work. As far as new ideas, probably unlikely -- while BZPers have TONS of good ideas, they don't know the true nature of the universe or what we have planned for 2009, so it's unlikely we would get anything we could use.

11Ah well, kinda disapointing, but easy to understand.
1Hello Greg .
2I've got a few questions:
31) Does Antroz "see" using sonar while he's on his vehicle?
42) Does Takanuva currently look like his 2003 self, except with black armor?
53) Is "the Makuta curse" their weakness to light? 63a) If not, is it that they are gas in a Protosteel shell?
74) Just to confirm-the Blade Burrower map has nothing to do with Mata Nui, correct? 84a)His location? 94b)How to awaken him?
10Thanks, Greg .

111) This is summer, really fall, storyline, so you'll find out then 122) Yes 133) No and no 144) Not directly, no 154a) No 164b) No

171)Darn. 182)I thought so. 193)Huh... 204)Well, that crushes a few theories...
1Stuff I got from the Big Man today.
2hello, sorry to bother, heres some unanswered thoughts of mine. 31:Will we learn of the Unnamed Skakdi? 42:Did Spiriah mutate Zaktan? Or the Proto mines affect him, like coal mines affecting humans. 53:Will any Av-Matoran belive Takanuva if he said he was a Toa of Light? 64:Will the Makuta of Artahka (MoA) be reveiled, and will his name be known? 7thats all for now.

81) What unnamed Skakdi? 92) No one knows, not even Zaktan 103) Sure. He will be firing light bursts all over the place, so why wouldn't they? 114) I don't know if I am naming him or not, may not be necessary to do

13Known Skakdi

23from BS01. 242)will it be revieled .? 254)Darn .
26A new question: 27N1)What are Antroz's, Chirox's, and Vamprah's regions? 28N2)Who's the Makuta who cost the Dark Hunter Krekka his eye, and the Makuta against whom Conjurer used his powers,who are they? .?
29Thanks for your time.

302) I doubt it 31N1) I haven't revealed them yet, but will before March is over. 32N2) The Conjurer one probably won't get revealed, the Krekka one will later this year
1Greg I just have 1 question 2Are the riders of the numbered vehicles Antroz, Lewa, and Pohatu transformed?
black bankai
1Greg I just have 1 question 2Are the riders of the numbered vehicles Antroz, Lewa, and Pohatu transformed?

3A, you need to PM Greg with your questions.
4B, yes they are. He's said this many times.
1I'm lost. When was his name revealed? Just by a persistent PMing to Greg or in a book?
black bankai
1Greg I just have 1 question 2Are the riders of the numbered vehicles Antroz, Lewa, and Pohatu transformed?

3this isn't . You have to PM him Q's, and yes, they are A L and P, and Antroz shapeshifted, but the other two had their Adaptive armor change.
1Hello, Mr. Farshtey, I have a few questions for you.
21) Which Mistika is the one who knocked out Krekka's eye?
32) Gorast's head resembles that of a Visorak, does this have any connection to her conquering of the horde?
43) Who (besides Antroz) leads the Mistika Makuta?
54) Are the riders of Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6, and Axalara T9 Pohatu, Antroz, and Lewa.
65) On BS01, it says that MoMN's status is alive. But a while back it said unknown. Did you release his status at some point?
76) What's the point of having the Good Guy and Bad Guy sets?
87) Does the word Bionicle mean anything to the Matoran, Skadi, Makuta, etc?
98) Have you ever been featured in any type of televison media?
108a) Have you ever thought of it?
11Thanks for your time .
121) Hasn't been revealed yet 132) No 143) Krika leads the swamp contingent 154) Yes 165) That is most likely based on Bionicle Legends #9, which just came out 176) They are promotional items in Europe, and serve the same purpose there that McDonald's toys do here -- to raise awareness of the line. Remember, EU does not get the comics outside of the web site and only recently started getting the books, so whether something is in story or not is not as big an issue to most fans there as it is here. 187) To the Matoran, it does, yes, since we have heard Turaga Vakama use it in the movies 198) Not for BIONICLE, no. I did a panel show once years ago when I was a sportswriter, but it was only one appearance.
20Comments: 211) Dang 222) There goes my theory... 233) I knew it . 244) I actually knew that for a while... 255) So
27is still alive. 286) I wish the US had those :( 297) I didn't think that was canon... 308)Wow, I didn't no Mr. Farshtey was on TV...
Lewa Olda
1I'm lost. When was his name revealed? Just by a persistent PMing to Greg or in a book?

3book I belive, although my borders hasn't recived there's yet, i reserved a copie. :lol:
1Hello Mr Farshtey, I've got some questions for you: 21. When the Toa Metru freed the Matoran in Mata Nui, they had little bodies (the bodies of the sets of 2001 and 2002), but in 2004 they were taller and had different armor (the sets of 2004), can you explain why were they smaller in Mata Nui? 32. In Legends 6 it says that Ehlek had always breathed water, and on land he had a breathing apparatus, so has Ehlek always looked the way he does now or not? 43. How can Brutaka, Carapar and Takadox breath air, do they have an apparatus? 54. Are the Makuta of the swamp blind? 65. Is Vican an Av-matoran? 76. When the Makuta launch the Tridak Pod, does a new one with shadow leeches appear on their torso or do they have to go to the hive and get another one? 87. Where is Kardas now?

101) Yes. The pods they were in were designed to weaken them. 112) No, he didn't have spines before 123) Yes 134) No 145) No 156) Have to go get another one 167) On the island of Mata Nui
phanrak spider of the air
4edit: sorry my caps lock was on

5Makuta wanted to weaken Matoran, not to make them stronger. And, if You already bothered to edit Your post, wouldn't it be easier to just change it's content?
1I don't get it either. Maybe it runs on there energy or somthing, but I just don't know