1Hey Greg.
22) Seeing as you've said that we're in another dimension next year, will the mystery about the Fire, Sonic and EP entities be solved?
32) I never said we are in another dimension -- I said we are not in the domed universe of the Matoran. All that means is somewhere outside of the domes.

4Hey Greg, 5I know you don't take requests often, but recently I've seen several suggestions added to the serials, so I ask of you...
6Is there anyway you can work the EP Entity into a web-serial this year? I've always been fascinated with him... 7Which leads me to part two...
8Have we seen him already? In other words... Is Tren Krom the entity?
9Thanks, 10Toa Piraka

11No, he's not, but I can probably work your suggestion in later in the year.

12I sent this a while and have been meaning to post it but that just reminded me of it.
13:) I'm so proud of myself.
14Toa Piraka
1I think BL2 said that there was actually a storm around the Red Star, and one bolt of lightning just came down to the Bionicle Planet. :shrugs:

2And then split into six separate lighting bolts that just happened to land exactly where the six Matoran deistined to be Toa were at that specific moment. Yea, I'm sure that was a coincidence and a complete accident. :rolleyes:
1So we'll probably see the EP entity again, that's great, I asked him a few months ago about that but he had no room, glad he'll/it'll be back.
1How cool, that would be most interesting to see
1So Takanuva can control the Electromagnet spectrum .
1So Takanuva can control the Electromagnet spectrum .

2No. Takanuva controls the visible light spectrum, and as revealed above, that can theoretically extend to UV and IR. However, even if in real life that could hypothetically extend to the electromagnetic spectrum, in BIONICLE it most likely doesn't. However old the fans may be, BIONICLE's target audience is young children, and a Toa of Light suddenly manipulating metal through electromagnetism is beyond 99% of kids, and will just confuse and possibly alienate the audience, which is bad.
1Yes, I know that.
1At first I thought that GregF had made a mistake
2Hi Greg
3I don't mean to be rude or so but in chapter 2 of MC Miserix mentioned the lohrak 4How could he know about lohrak if Mutran created the lohrak in chapter 7?
5All for now

6Don't worry, it's going to be explained in story.
1i never noticed that. maybe lohrak was a being, and mutran just named a rahi after it.
frezon toa of ice
1i never noticed that. maybe lohrak was a being, and mutran just named a rahi after it.

2Maybe, but we'll see as the story goes on
1Spoilers removed. -B6
1Hi, Greg, would you mind answering these?
21) Regarding the flooding of Karda Nui, did the flooding quell the energy given out by Karda Nui?
32) The light and heat radiated from the Swamp of Secrets, is that the source of the energy distributed to the Bionicle Universe to "Feed" it? (World that feeds the world, right? )
43) Before the flooding of the Core, you mentioned the floor of Karda Nui was simply a featureless plain of sand. Was it just sand on the Core's base, or were there any structures on the Karda Nui sand bed? (Before the collapsing of the stone stalactites, of course)
53a) And when the Av-Matoran and Tren Krom left Karda Nui "after their job was done", were there any other living beings, beside Rahi if any, remaining in the core?
64) In the second Bionicle film, Legends of Metru Nui, Matau was shot with an energy bolt by Nidhiki, seemingly paralysed by the energy visibly coating his body. Vakama came to his aid soon after, placing his hand on Matau, and red energy was seen surging through Matau, sourcing from Vakama, apparantly "neutralising" the energy that charged within Matau. What was Vakama doing, exactly? Using fire to override the energy attack?
7Thanks, 8pirakahakann

91) No 102) Yup 113) Only the (Spoilers) 123a) Nope, and no Rahi either 134) No idea, didn't write the movie and the folks who did often just did whatever they felt like whether it made any sense with the rest of the storyline or not

14Have we already confirmed number 2? (Though I'm sure everyone has guessed it) :P
13) Only the (Spoilers)

2Is this BL10 spoilers?
1Yes, I know what Greg means and it's something that gets revealed in BL10.
1Hello again . Last batch of questions must not have gotten to you or something so I'm sending another.
21.)Are Brutaka's daggers made of proto steel like his sword? 31b.)Are the things he uses to hold the daggers part of him or were they put on? 41c.)Can he move those things like arms or use them to hold other things? 52.)I'm sorry if the toa Ignika questions are becoming old. (He is a very interesting character.) But he does get to chose the curses (or I guess in some cases blessings) he gives to others/himself right? 63.)If someone uses a Faxon in a desert on one island, does he or she get the powers of all desert Rahi or just the kind of the rahi on the island he or she is on? 74.)Is there a perrticular amount of time you would like people to wait before sending you a question? 85.)How exactly do Makuta get kratta out of their essence? 96.)Is Antidermis the name of all Makuta's essence, or just Teridax's? 10I hope you have a good day and I know I speak for all BZPers when I say we really apretiate everything you and the rest of the bionicle team do. :) 11Thank you very much and I hope this makes it to you.
121) Yes 131b) Part of his armor 141c) If something else fit in them, yes 152) Yes 163) You have to choose the specific Rahi whose powers you want, you don't get all Rahi. In this case, the options would be any land-dwelling Rahi. 174) No, not really 185) I thought the creation of kraata was shown in Mask of Light, but I might be mistaken -- basically, the Makuta allows a part of their essence to solidify and then pulls it out. 196) The Makuta don't call it that, only the Piraka did, because they didn't know what it was
20some interesting stuff. 21(Didn't know Brut's daggers were proto-steel I think that's new...To BIOSECTOR01 .)
1Yay . I got new ones, and these are good.
2I have another couple of questions....
31) Does Pohatu Phantoka have arms, inside his propellor engines, or have they been removed and replaced?
42) Can Shadow Leeches absorb light energy from the sun? Can they lie around in the sunlight and be OK?
53) How does Kopaka Phantoka stay in the air? He has no jets or propellors, and his wings don't flap..
64) How do the Toa Nuva retain their mask powers if they've got new masks?
75) Does the 'laser beam' coming out of Kopaka's mask fire in the story? I don't see why that's there..
86) Does the Ignika understand speech?
97) If the Ignika was destroyed, would his/its jetboard turn back into seaweed?
108) Do the other Makuta (Chirox, Vamprah, Antroz, Icarax, Kojol...) have the same amount of power as Teridax?
119) Do the other Makuta have Stones to represent them?
1210) Has there ever been anyone (not a Great Being though) who's spoken directly with Mata Nui?
13Thank you so much . .

141) Yes, he does have arms 152) No, the sun is not a living being. And a shadow leech's lifespan is only a few minutes at best, so they wouldn't "lie around" too long 163) A jet plane's wings don't flap either, and how do you know there are no jets in the wings themselves? 174) Artakha made their original masks. He simply made new versions of the Nuva masks that were adaptive. 185) It's for targeting purposes. 196) Yes. 207) Yes 218) Roughly, yes. Some specialize in certain areas or types of combat as opposed to others. 229) The stones are something that were used by the Matoran of Metru Nui/Mata Nui to tell stories. Since they never dealt with any Makuta besides Teridax, no reason to include those Makuta in their stories. 2310) No

241) Yay, Pohatu's still got arms . You can never be too sure...
252) They only live a few minutes? . How the heck does a Makuta keep 'em around for dropping?
263) ..that just seemed unlikely I guess..
274) Ok .
285) Ah..
296) Ignika can understand you .
307) Darn, you can't kill him and take his jetboard.. :P
318) So Teridax was never as ultimate as we thought he was, or...this year's Makuta (of which there are, you know, a bunch) are waaay too much for 3 Toa to even think about facing, even if they do have Midak and all.
329) That makes sense.
3310) Hmm.
34----- 35So that's it for now. Interesting stuff. Somebody can probably update something...
The Turaga of IceTM
18) So Teridax was never as ultimate as we thought he was, or...this year's Makuta (of which there are, you know, a bunch) are waaay too much for 3 Toa to even think about facing, even if they do have Midak and all.

2The difference there is, the Makuta in Karda Nui aren't trying to defeat the Toa, just delay them long enough for their plan to come to fruition. Then again, Teridax, wasn't trying to kill them either. The Toa's destiny to awaken Mata Nui was all a part of his plan after all.
1Hi Mr Farshtey, I have some questions:
21) What is plasma, I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it says something about an ionized gas. So, what is it in the Bionicle universe? 32) Masks are magnetic, correct? 42a) If so, why don't they stick to things all the time? 53) Do bionicles have brains? 64)If a Matoran loses a limb, can it be replaced? 75) What will the second part of The Kingdom be released with? 8Thanks for your time,

101) Yup, that's what it is 112) Depends on if they are made from metallic protodermis or not. The Inika's masks, for example, were organic and so not magnetic. 122a) You are confusing magnetic and able to be affected by magnetism. A nail is made of metal and can be affected by a magnet, it is not a magnet itself. 133) They obviously have minds, but whether they have organic brains has not been revealed 144) Yes 155) It works with the same code as the first part, it is just tacked on to the first part of the story so it's all one document.
1Almost everything that happens is part of his plan.
11. What do the species that aren't matoran use as currency, do they barter?
22.Was Mata-Nui omnipresent in the domes when he was awake?
33. Is Is the arrangement of the domes different in the Tuyetverse?
44.Is char from 01 that'll be in next year one we know very well, or not too much about still?
55. How much more power full does a being have to be to bypass a Mask of repulsion?? Say for example 20 toa are launching separate elemental blasts at Krika, should he able to repel that many attacks?
66.Do any of the Makuta we know of first discovered how to create Shadow Leeches?
77.Is it possible to have creature that does the opposite of the shadow leeches, instead sucking light, sucking shadow?
88. Is there being other than the Great Beings that can look at Tren Krom and still be sane?
99. When a matoran is made when Mata-Nui is alseep, who assigns the Matoran destiny then, if none else, what will happen to him?
1010. How many Turaga are alive right now in the universe, or is it something you haven't thought about since it's not as important as how many Toa exist?

111) Depends. If they sell to Matoran, they probably use Matoran currency. If they are more insular and dealing with themselves only, then they have their own system of currency most likely. 122) Aware of the domes, yes, but not paying a lot of attention to activity there 133) No 144) I can't discuss this 155) All depends on Krika's willpower at that time 166) Yes, Mutran 177) Nothing exists like that 188) Nope 199) Can't answer it 2010) Haven't worried about it

21Seems like my last pm was eaten. 225.If Krika had maximum willpower, what is the limit he could repel? Could it even repel the death wave? 236.How about Mata-Nui?

245) No, it could not. 256) Yes, but he's asleep, so point's kind of moot
11) Is Pohatu's change in color courtesy of the adaptive armor or is there another reason?
22) Is the swamp's mist evaporated mutagenic water?
33) Couldn't the OoMN do to the rest of the Makuta what they did to Kojol?
44) What exactly does Takadox plan to do now? It's not like the universe likes him very much
55) Did the great disruption cause a cataclysm like the Makuta's attack did?
66) What would happen to Lariska after FoF?
7Thanks a lot.

81) New armor, so new color 92) Technically, but it seems to have no real effect as mist 103) Sure, if they want to take the risk of exposing themselves and if they assume that the Makuta haven't come up with a counter-agent for what was used on him in all these years. 114) Find someplace to hide 125) No 136) She'll go back to the DH and wait for her next assignment

141) Kinda what I thought, just wanted to be sure 152) The plot (and mist) thickens.... 163) Maybe we'll see the makuta-armor-eating virus once again. 174) Not so cool for an ex-warlord, but the universe hates him, so.... 185) Aha. 196) Considering what she knows I thought the OoMN would try to recruit her.
1Hello Mr. Farshtey. Hope you can take some time to answer these few Qs.
21) In the Mazeka picture, his colour is primarily white, without a single speck of black on him. Does this mean that he's a Ko-Matoran?
32) Set-wise, it's a designer thing. Story-wise, is there an explanation as to why Vultraz, Vican, and Mazeka are the same size as the Karda Nui Av-Matoran, despite not being/originating from the Av-Matoran themselves?
43) Just to be clear, based on the picture, Mazeka rides a walking turret, right? 53a) Could the main cannon be considered a larger Midak Skyblaster? Since there's no Midak in the set but there still are solidified light projectiles.
64) How does Vultraz' Midak shoot shadow spheres?
75) The Midak Skyblaster has a really confusing history. The Nynrah know how to build it, but it's when it was originally designed that confuses me. In the main universe, it's know to exist, as I believe you've said that the Toa Nuva's Adaptive Weapons can only adapt into weapons that exist, and Vultraz, Spiriah, Ignika (well, he created it from molecules, but the idea has to come from somewhere), and depending on your answer to 3a, Mazeka have their own. However, in the Kingdom universe, the Nynrah didn't craft it until at least 10 000 years later. So, in the main universe, when exactly was the Midak Skyblaster designed &invented?
8That should be all for now. Thanks in advance.

91) Yes 102) Well, we know the Mata Nui Matoran were able to make themselves bigger between 2002 and 2003, so why can't other Matoran do it the same way? 113) It's sort of a walker, yes 123a) I don't have the info in front of me of what we are calling the weaponry 134) Cause that's what it's designed to do -- it's not that much of a stretch, it's already designed to take from the environment, it is simply taking something else from the environment. 145) Obviously before their appearance in 2008 story. I don't have an exact date for it, because I don't need one for story.

15Well, there we have it. Mazeka is a Matoran of Ice.
1Hello Greg, I have got some questions about Mazeka
21) Is this image of Mazeka real?
32)You said that Mazeka was a Onu-Matoran, but he don't look like one, is he a Ko-Matoran?
43)Where does Mazeka and Vultraz find the vehicles?
54)Mazeka and Vultraz, are in Karda Nui for the time that the Makuta entered the core or they entered it later? 64a) did they enter it at the same time as the Toa Nuva? 74b) Did they entered the core before the Makuta entered the core?
85)They are rival from the first place or they were friends and later rivals?
9No more questions, Thanks .

101) Haven't looked at it 112) Yup 123) They have them before they come to Karda Nui 134) After 144a) No 154b) No 165) Hasn't been revealed yet

17at the first one, I forgot to link the Image >_>

1Hello . I just have a few questions:
21. Is there a limit to Krakha's shapeshifting ability? If not, it seems that during the battle against the Visorak, she could have transformed into a duplicate of Tahtorak and helped him defeat the Zivon.
32. Would you describe all the Makuta as insane on some level, or just evil?
54. Was Takanuva sent from the Kingdom to the Dark Mirror universe because Brutaka's mask was damaged there as well?
65. Will it be explained in more detail how the Makuta create and alter Rahi?
7Thank you .

81) Yes, there is a limit. While she can turn into large creatures, we don't know what her natural size is, so those creatures might not be larger than she is normally. A Tahtorak would be larger, and to turn into something bigger than you, mass has to come from somewhere. Makuta do it by absorbing the mass of other living beings, Krahka can't do that. 92) Depends on how you define insanity. The legal definition in our world is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, and that certainly does not apply here. I define them as selfish, ambitious, uncaring, brutal, and cold, personality traits that often add up to commiting evil acts. 103) SPOILER - CLASSIFIED 114) Yes. Brutaka in the Kingdom had spent just as much time in the Pit as our Brutaka had, and so his mask was also damaged. 125) No, not really. I have six more months in this universe, so I doubt I will have time to do that.

13Hmm. The answer to number three was the most interesting, but it involves BL10 spoilers. :lehvak:
1No, It's not. Lego released that pic, and Greg already tried to tell us what type Mazeka was earlier.
1no, it's the matoran type thing, not mazeka.
Taka Toa of Twilight
1Hey, Leonardo, remove the Matoran of Iron thing now. It's spoilers, i think.
2:t: :a: :k: :a:

3I don't see why it matters, it's not storyline-changing. We've never seen or mentioned Matoran of Iron in the story except in one or two places, so who cares?
11a. How do the Nynrah ghosts really work? Do they just have a designated spot on the island where you leave your order, and then later come back to find it there? Or do you meet a delegate and give them your order, and then leave them to work on it and deliver it to you later? 21A) The former 31b. What I'm really trying to get at with this is, do the ghosts know who they're dealing with? The initial impression I got is that they're kind of detached from the world and don't really care what use their creations are put to; all they care about is making them. But then I remembered that a number of them sabotaged the Fohrok, their own creations, when they learned what the Brotherhood is up to, and sealed their own deaths in the process. So, do the ghosts pick and choose their clients? Like, will they refuse to serve a Makuta if he asks for their help now, or a Dark Hunter (if they knew he/she was one)? 41B) Refusing to do work for Makuta or DH is tantamount to suicide -- they are just Matoran, remember. It's more likely they simply would not do their best work, or rig their creation to malfunction or simply not be as effective as it could be. But also see the answer to #2B for some insight on when they will say no and be able to have that respected.
52a. How many people know about the ghosts? Are they common knowledge, or a group that only a few know of? 62A) They are fairly common knowledge. If your desire is to do work for others, it makes no sense to keep your existence a big secret. 72b. Would you say that a lot of people go to them to order technology? 82b) Those who have need of it. They're not going to build just average stuff, they want work that will challenge them. So if, say, a bunch of Le-Matoran want akilini gear made, they're not going to take that job.
93a. Do Makuta control the kraata and Rahkshi they make, or can any Makuta control any kraata? Or are the kraata just 'programmed' to take orders from anything that resembles a Makuta? 103a) A kraata will naturally feel more bound to the Makuta from whose essence it sprang. So orders from that Makuta would take precedence over those of others. 113b. How much autonomy do shadow kraata have? Could one initiate and carry out a mission on its own for the Brotherhood without a Makuta's direction, or can it only do what it's ordered to do? 123b) Kraata have a general idea of what they are supposed to do, but are sometimes left to their own devices in terms of how to do it.
134. What is the likelihood that Spiriah and Miserix will have their own kraata and Rahkshi? 144) Neither has had the luxury to do that. Miserix has no access to EP, and Spiriah is smart enough to know that having Rahkshi running around would be a great way to give away his hiding place to the BOM
155. Would a shadow kraata in a Rahkshi have the same level of control over its power as a Makuta, or would there still be a power difference? 165) No, it would not
176. Since the Av-Matoran 'link' powers are confirmed to be sub-powers of the Light element that Takanuva can use, is the same true for the 'link' power of the shadow Matoran? Could a Toa of Darkness slow an opponent's movement or disrupt their sense of balance like Radiak and Gavla can? 186) If one existed and was so trained, yes
197. Some confusion has come up on the BS01 wiki recently; we've been going with the Encyclopedia pronunciation of Lewa (LAY-wah). But some members say that you pronounced the name differently in the Dark Mirror serial (the downloads don't work on my computer for some reason, so I can't tell myself). Was there a mistake, or has the pronunciation changed? 207) There are multiple pronunciations of the name within the BIONICLE team. BS01 should go with what's in the Encyclopedia as canon.
218. You said the OoMN had a spy in the Dark Hunters. I have to clarify this before I go insane with theories: is there only one? 228) Yes
239. Okay, all this about the Karda Nui keystones got me thinking. The keystone was split into six pieces. The Makoki stone was split into six pieces. The keystone has information on how to awaken Mata Nui written on it. The Makoki stone has Brotherhood secrets written on it (...I'm not really sure this has anything to do with anything important, but moving on). Makoki means 'key'. The first two are probably just coincidences...but the third got me thinking and wondering how much coincidence there is. Am I on to something, or is this just lunacy brought on by lack of sleep? 249) No connection. We do six pieces because we have six Toa in story. If we had eight Toa, it would be eight pieces.

251. Okay, that works. 262. Also makes sense. I kinda got the impression that they were a little more obscure, though. 273. So, kraata are fairly autonomous. 284. Makes sense. But no Rahkshi vs. Rahkshi or Rahkshi vs. Makuta battle scenes. :( 295. Okay. 306. Yay . :D *runs to add to character* 317. Okay, we'll do that. 328. Awww. :( 339. Darn. Thought I was on to something.
34:voyanui: Master of the Rahkshi :voyanui:
Taka Toa of Twilight
1Hey, Leonardo, remove the Matoran of Iron thing now. It's spoilers, i think.

3I don't think it exactly ruins the story for anyone, but it is only mentioned in The Kingdom, and we're not supposed to post any information about that story yet.
1Regardless of the source, Greg confirmed it. :)
1Not sure if this is known yet, but here it is:
"Greg F"
2No, I have it, KT, will get to it as soon as I can. Bink needs me to do some stuff for the website first.

3That was from a recent PM I sent Greg . . . he needs to do stuff for the website? Sounds good to me . :P
1What was the question? :blink:
1Not sure if this is known yet, but here it is:
"Greg F"
2No, I have it, KT, will get to it as soon as I can. Bink needs me to do some stuff for the website first.

3That was from a recent PM I sent Greg . . . he needs to do stuff for the website? Sounds good to me . :P

5sounds good to me, too ;-)
Takua the Wanderer
6What was the question? :blink:

7Yes, what was the question?
1I was asking Greg about pronunciations, but he can't get to it yet. I'll post his answer.
1Fof 9 is up . :D

2kinda off topic dont you think

3Sorry just informing

4That's what everyone does when there is something new. With all this 'just informing' posts, it really adds up to be alot of spam. So, unless you have a quote from Greg or discussing one with it, you really shouldn't post here.

5So if I dont "inform" anyone then it will be sumthing like this :"But, since you seem to have no interest," Vezon continued, utterly disregarding his teammates' comments. "Well, then, I won't tell you that the floor is moving. You can find out on your own." except for the floor is moving thing .Anyway I said Im sorry for posting it here , can anyone tell me how to "inform" everyone next time something like this happens ?

6We do appreciate your letting us know - this just isn't the right place to do it. :psychotwitch: If it hasn't already been posted in the news, post a topic in the Software forum or submit it to the news team. That's what they're there for.
7:voyanui: Master of the Rahkshi :voyanui:
1Hello Greg. I hope you can answer these ones: 21) If I kill a past Bitil the present one has summoned, am I creating a temporal paradox? 32) Will we learn how the Order member in Mahri Nui died? 43) We saw Chirox cutting a part of Kojol's armor, and it didn't kill him. How much of a Makuta's armor can you cut? Does it weaken him? 54) In the first battle of the new comic, Gali, Tahu and Onua were out of the pictures, but they went into the battle too, didn't they? 65) If the Ignika can turn someone into was he was before, could it turn the Shadow Matoran into Av, Ta, Le-Matoran? 76) Let's suppose a Po-Matoran was turned into a Toa of Stone and then, into a Toa of Shadow, can the Ignika turn him into a Shadow Matoran? 87) When the Order will attack the BOM, will the DH take the opportunity to attack then as well? 98) Could the spy act in this way? 109) The Order can't have a spy in the Makuta's rank, but could they have any in the lieutenants (like Sidorak) ? Or are the Mana-Ko enough? 1110) Personally, I agree with your post on your blog concerning "Dark Mirror", but did you heard bad reactions about it? 1211) In Dark Destiny, Jaller has a vision of "What if Takua died instead of Jaller?" The Toa are finally outnumbered and killed by new Rahkshi. But currently, the Makuta are ordered NOT TO KILL the Nuva. So, was the vision wrong? 1312) Now that Antroz' armor is breached, am I right saying that he can choose between waiting in his armor and die in a few week or become an errant cloud like Teridax until he finds a body? 1413) Are there still a few Exo-Toa in Destral Teridax and Antroz could use as bodies? 1514) Axonn conquered many cities by himself before being recruited by the Order. So, would the inhabitant of the universe say he used to be a Barraki? 1615) Why do all the Shadow Matoran serve the BoM? I understand losing light makes you evil, but not all villains agree to serve the Makuta. 1716) The future where Krakua guards the island, it is the destined future, or a possible one? 1817) Lariska seems to be more aware than Brutaka. Am I right saying, being weaker than him, she relies more on observing enemies? 1918) Can the followings repair a Makuta's armor? 2018a) Nynrah ghost 2118b) The staff of Artakha 2218c) The Mask of regeneration 2319) In FoF 9, when Brutaka spoke about the dimension full of shadow-eaters, was it bluff? 2420) Last year, the Barraki didn't know or didn't believe that the Toa needed the Ignika to save the universe. But would they have know, would they have helped, or would they watch the universe being destroyed as a revenge? 2521) Do the Order's servant have their mind shielded?
26Thank you for all

271) Present one will cease to exist. 282) I doubt it, it's really not important to the story 293) Cutting armor isn't going to harm them -- it's just armor -- what harms them is their energy leaking out of the hole. 304) They were in the early stage of the battle, then they went to the swamp. Their role in it is detailed in BIONICLE Legends #9. 315) I would say no, because shadow Matoran did not become what they are through a natural evolution -- they became what they are due to a violent attack. Ignika cannot turn back time, it can only evolve you or devolve you along the line you would have followed anyway. 326) Good question. I would say yes. 337) It wouldn't surprise me in the least 348) In what way? 359) They don't have active spies in the BOM, it's too risky. OOMN agents are mentally shielded, and a Makuta would get suspicious if part of one of their lieutenants' mind was shielded. 3610) Not particularly, no -- it was posted mainly because BZPers sometimes tend to see the world as very black and white, without realizing it is mainly shades of gray. 3711) Nope -- the Plan might have well have been changed had Takanuva never existed, so the Toa Nuva's lives would not have needed to be preserved. 3812) Or finding some way to seal the armor enough that his energy is not leaking out 3913) Arguably, but they aren't going to. Teridax is fine where he is right now, and I can't bring Exo-Toa into main story, they aren't sets this year. 4014) No 4115) What's their alternative? If they rebel, the Makuta kill them. 4216) Destinies change when timelines diverge, so hard to say which timeline he was speaking from. 4317) Yes 4418a) Yes 4518b) Yes 4618c) Yes 4719) No, it wasn't 4820) Had they known and believed it, they probably would have at least stood aside. 4921) Have to. If they are aware of the OOMN, they have to.

505) Hum, I think Greg said it could have turned the Toa Hordika into Toa Metru, or de-fused Prototype... But there is no contradiction, maybe tha Ignika would not use its "devolution" power to do so. 517) I like Greg's humor. "wouldn't surprise me", as if he was a reader of the story . 5210) Well, I really applause on this. Even if only BZPers will read it, you really need courage to go from science fiction writer to commited writer. 5319) Really cool, Brutaka is really dangerous for Makuta. 5420) So, heroes had to fight them only because of one misunderstanding.
1A few questions for you GregF.
21. Was the Zivon created by the BoM?
31a. If not, then was it created by someone/something else?
41b. Did it exist in the Zone of Darkness before of after the creation of Matoran Universe?
52. Were the Manas created by the BoM, or were they among the first Rahi that were created by the Great Beings?
63. Did Karzahni (pre-mind shred) know the location island of Artakha?
74. What will the OoMN do with Karzahni when/if they are done trying to obtain information from him?
85. I've heard that Makuta can create Matoran if they wanted to. Could the create more Makuta if they wished?

101) Most likely 111b) The zone of darkness did not exist before the universe was created. You can't have a pocket dimension until you have a core dimension for it to be attached to. 122) BOM 133) No. If he did, he would be dead now. 144) Either keep him imprisoned on Daxia or send him to the Pit 155) No
1With 5, that clues us in an another process entirely, or something that would unbalance the story I guess.
1Some questions I added to the end of my S&T entry appoval request that I just got back from Greg.

21) I recently saw the Mazeka image. I imagine you've already received several PMs concerning this, but I wanted to ask you myself. Seeing as his colour scheme is white/grey/silver, is he a Ko-Matoran? Or perhaps a Matoran of Sonics considering his colours are very similar to Krakua? 32a) When Niazesk are said to be miniscule, is that closer to Protodite size or, say, a Toa's fist? 42b) It also says that the Niazesk were enlarged several times by the mutagen. What sort of scale would they be? Toa-size? 53) Did a Makuta create the first Protodites?
6:happydance:Thank you . :happydance:

71) Ko-Matoran. 82a) More like a wasp from Florida, one of those pretty big ones 92b) Probably close to that 103) Yes

11:happydance:Aqua I :happydance:
1Some questions for a fanfic:
21) Do you plan on revealing how Destral teleports? If so, where/when?
32) Is it possible they might have more than one such teleporter?
43) Would the Visorak on Destral stop being loyal if they knew Vakama had freed the Visorak in LoMN? (Or do they know already, etc.?)

51) If I do, it will be in the OOMN-BOM serial this summer, but I haven't decided yet.
63) They do know already, but it's not relevant to them. They followed his command/deserted because they were angry at Roodaka for her regicide, and she's no longer in command, so they have no reason to want to turn on the BOM. They live to conquer, and the BOM lets them do that.