1hi Greg, I know it's late (I'm going camping tomorrow)
2just two.
31. can the bom have access to the pit? 41.b did they have access before?
5thanks a lot.

7Can't answer this, as it relates to 2007 storyline

8so more of the pit next year... :???: ... wait could it be the 2007 location. :OMG:
9mr toi
1Even more food for thought, based on the "Tiny Bit on 2007" topic:
21) Does the "member of the first Toa team ever in existence" appear anywhere besides the guidebooks (Atlas and Encyclopedia 2)? 31) Yes, current plan is he will appear on the web. 42) Is that member the first Toa to ever come into existence? (If the answer to question #1 was "no," then I assume that the answer to this one is "yes.") 52) No. 63) Is the Karzahni who battles Makuta the plant or the being? (I leaned towards the former, for whatever reason, since I can't imagine anybody battling a bunch of gas.) 73) The being. The plant has been dead 1000 years. 84) Does the bit of Toa trivia (at most 3000, now less than 50) appear in the Atlas? 94) No. I just decided that yesterday. 104b) Encyclopedia 2? 114b) Yes 125) Did Xia appear in Bionicle Legends #4? 135) Sorry, not answering this. People will find out what Xia is in the Atlas. No reason they need to know earlier than that.

14jetslandingboard :silver:

11: Karzahni and Makuta Battle, was it the Makuta of Metru Nui who fought/fight 2against Karzahi? 32: When did this battle happen? In the past or has it still to happen? 43: You also said that there were 50 Toa left. That isn't much if you count 5the Toa with we already know, the Inika, Nuva and Krakua. Where they 6killed by enemies or most by the Great Catalysm? 74: What is Umbra's personality? And will he have a big role in book 5? I hope 8more then in the comic Ignition 4. 95: What happens with Axonn after book 5? Will he go to Metru Nui or will 10he even survive the encounter with Brutaka and Botar. 116: Is the outcoming of Scolatic revealed? Can you put the Bahrag and the 12Nuva in the storyline next year? I hope so. 137: Did Toa Jovan knew the first Toa team? Dit Axonn knew them? 14What is your favorite book of Bionicle.
151) Yes 162) Hasn't happened yet 173) You can't count Krakua because there is no proof he exists at this point in time. He was from Vakama's future, we don't know how far in the future yet. And as I said, it's a dangerous job. I doubt one or even two agencies were responsible for all the deaths. 184) Umbra is very dedicated to his job. He really doesn't care if you're good or bad, he just knows he has to beat you. 195) You'll find out in 2007 206) There aren't big plans for the Nuva in the story next year, but I am hoping to put the krana origin piece on the web. 217) No and no. Jovan was roughly 20,000 years after them. 228) My favorite of the books in BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap

23I think I have some interesting questions. the fight between Makuta and Karzahni must still happen. 24That means Makuta gets a physical body again, because I think fighting with gas is very 25difficult.
1Location of Makuta-Karzahni(spelling?) battle. Not very specific. But a basic idea.
2Hey Greg, two questions today.
31)Will the Makuta Karzahni battle be in Karzahni, or in the outside world?
42)Will Makuta be in a physical form again?
5Thanks for answering:

71) Outside of Karzahni 82) Time will tell

9Now what could Karzahni be doing outside of his lair?
1Here some questions. Read #6 is VERY interesting.
2Hi Greg: I have a few questions:
31) Why did the Barraki call themselves Barraki?
42) Will the member of the first Toa team have a name? You know, the one that 5appears next year.
63) Are you happy with the outcome of the Makuta VS Karzahni battle next year?
74) Seeing as Makuta battles Karzahni next year, I'm guessing Makuta gets a body next year to use againist him?
85) Is the Makuta VS Karzahni battle going to be animated or is it going to be written?
96) Could you give me the name of Bionicle Legends#7?
107) How did the Piraka know what Antidermis is called? Did Zaktan make the name up or something?
118) Does Makuta hate being Antidermis?
129) Why did the Kanohi Dragon attack Metru Nui?
1310) How do you pronounce Barraki?
14Thanks for your time. From, Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar.

151) Because Barraki is what they were. 162) Yes 173) Since I haven't written it yet, I can't say. 184) Follow the story and find out 195) At this point, I don't have this info, only that it will be web only. 206) Working title is "Prisoners of the Pit" 217) They named it themselves. 228) No. Hating what he is would be a waste of energy. He adjusted to it and found a way to make it work for him. 239) Because it had attacked Metru Nui once before, been defeated, and wanted revenge. It was also hungry and that was the nearest food source. 2410) bah-ROCK-kee
25Prisoners of the Pit? That should be good....
1Check number 2 out folks:

2Mr. F, I just have a couple more question if you don't mind me asking:

31. Couldn't Makuta have wreaked havoc on the universe before, or does the havoc include having the Ignika as "tool" to use?
42. You may not be able to answer this before but, when you said Makuta and Karzanhi have a battle in 07, did you mean present time, or is it like a flashback from the past?
53. Does Makuta's plan originate from the Ignika? Like is his big plan all focused on getting the Ignika and choosing when to wake up Mata Nui? Or is there still more to it?
64. If Makuta and Mata Nui had an all out brawl, just the two of them, who would win?
75. Why are the two considered to be "brothers" anyways?
86. What is Makuta's connection to the Ignika (you said it wasn't a direct one)?

9Alrighty, that's all for today. Thanks for the 07 tidbits too Greg.

101) There's havoc, and then there's havoc. Controlling whether the Great Spirit lives or dies is pretty major havoc. 112) Present time 123) There is still more to it. 134) Mata Nui. 145) Same reason Toa are considered brothers. Originally, Makuta and Mata Nui had basically the same job, just at vastly different levels -- protect the Matoran and keep the universe running smoothly. 156) Don't want to answer this at this time

Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar

1Hi Greg: I have a few questions:
21) Why did the Barraki call themselves Barraki?
31) Because Barraki is what they were.

4Ummm ne1 else notice that?
1Yes.. Why wouldn't we notice that they once were Warlords?
Toa of Steel

1Ummm ne1 else notice that?

2Well, the question was phrased in the past tense, so the answer was given in the past tense. I don't think it's anything to leap at yet.
11. Would the Inika's masks' shapes be different if they weren't organic? 21) Not by very much, no
32. Did Vezok have Vezon's powers (i.e. the ability to absorb kinetic energy) before they were separated? 42) No.
53. Did you allow BZP to post the images of the new small box sets? 63) I wasn't asked. But once the set images go up on Amazon, as opposed to Brickset or a site like that which is not a retailer, then we don't have a big issue with them being shown here. Images are given by us to Amazon with the knowledge that they will put them up early to get pre-orders.
74. I hope you can answer this one: Is Dekar's color Keetongu yellow or old yellow (like Matoran Jaller)? 84) I don't own the set, so I can't answer this
95. Since Kraata are made from Makuta's essence, are they basically Antidermis in "solid" form? 105) I'd say no.
116. Has the story team yet chosen who will use the Mask of Life? 126) Yes
137. The one who will use it isn't limited to just the Toa, right? 147) Can't answer it
158. When Takua was still on Metru Nui, did he have all the memories of his life from the land he came from, and did he know he was a Matoran of Light? 168) No.

17IPB ImageKopakaKurahkIPB Image
1OMG: I couldn't believe it when I read it, but now, I'm pumped up for 2007 and I don't even know the conclusion of 2006 :P. Now that got that out of my fingers, Hi Greg. I just had two questions about the who M vs K thing:
21) So will this be a web-sclusive comic thing like we were supposed to have with Dume?
32) Does this mean we'll be seeing Karzahni as a set?
4Oh, one other thing:
53) Have you gotten around to getting the Protodax instructions to Leah so she can put them up on Bionicle.com?
6If not, I just wanted to check, because I'm getting the extra Hakann, Zaktan, and Avak this Saturday, but I can't really build Protodax without the instructions (well, I'd might be able to by looking at the picture, but instructions would be a lot less time consuming).
7Thanks in advance Greg :) .
8- Toa Lhikan Hordika

91) Probably not a comic, no. 102) I don't have info on that right now. 113) Leah is planning to put all the 2006 instructions up, I would assume including protodax, but I don't know when. Right now, she is in the US on business.

12- :t::l::h:
1Combo of two PMs I sent to Mr. Farshtey:
2You stated "Read the first , web-exclusive battle between Makuta and Karzahni" (emphasis added) --
3First? You mean there might be more tiffs between the two in the future?
4No, it's the first because we have never shown one before
5Can you tell me if these things appear in Bionicle Legends #7? 6a. Toa Nuva 7b. Bahrag 8c. Vezon slams Matoro headfirst into a wall 9d. Philosophical musings on why Toa don't kill
10A does, briefly. B, C and D do not -- they were part of the plans for the original Bionicle Legends #7. When the schedule got changed so that Book 7 got moved from April to July and Book 8 to December-January, all that content had to be dropped. I didn't have room for a bridge book, I had to get right into summer storyline.

11Mostly due to my interest in my BIONICLE Books topic, but still...
12jetslandingboard :silver:
1Hiya Greg: Just got a couple of questions...
21) Does Makuta (Metru Nui) the type of person who would sacrifice his comrades or his brotherhood for total domination of the universe, or for his own profits? Similar to that of the Piraka?
32) At the end of Bionicle Legends#2, Karzahni says he wants to give the matoran "new reasons to fear". Is this partly why Karzahni goes to fight Makuta? He now knows what is outside of his land?
43) What was holding Matoro's hand is to be revealed in Bionicle Legends#5 right? 53a) If it is, could it possibly be the renegade Brotherhood of Makuta member that was in the Dark Hunters guide?
64) If you can say, which characters in this year will make a big impact on what happens in 2007?
75) Why did Brutaka put a Tahtorak on Metru Nui? Was he already bad before the cataclysm?
86) Will Axonn and Brutaka's spieces be revealed in the Atlas?
97) Could I throw out an idea for Encyclopedia 2? If there is room in it for a short story, could you make it about how Dume got rescued on Metru Nui? we never really got the full story behind this, since the web comics got canceled. It would be nice to know how it happened.
10Thanks for your time:

111) Not unless he absolutely had to. The BOM members don't hate and distrust each other like the Piraka do, and they understand there is strength in numbers. Even if Makuta had what he wanted and didn't need them anymore, he wouldn't go out of his way to harm them.
122) Well, there was no reason to leave his realm before. Now there is.
133) Yes, and no.
144) I can't discuss that.
155) Not bad, just ... bored and mischievous, I guess you would say.
166) No. We aren't dealing with their home islands in the Atlas.
177) I'll keep it in mind.

1Hello Greg, 2We all know that the EP in the Inika zamors destroys the Antidermis on the Matoran. And every object and being is destined to either be detroyed or transformed by EP. Now in MoL, Makuta and Takanuva fell into a pool of EP, and apparently they were destined to transform into Takutanuva. So if the virus is Makuta, and is destroyed by EP, why wasn't makuta destroyed when he came in contact with it a relatively short time ago? Is it because when he contacted it, it was only touching his armor and not the energy inside? Because if he is destroyed by it, all a Toa would have to do to defeat him would be to shoot a zamor at him..

3Simple. Let's take the Toa Nuva for example. As Toa Mata, they were exposed to ep and transformed. But if they were exposed again, and NOT destined to be transformed, they would die.
4In the case of Makuta, he was destined to be transformed into Takutanuva with Takanuva. Had he fallen in the pool without Takanuva, he might well have been destroyed.
5As for the Toa, yes, they could kill a lot of their enemies with EP ... except, like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, they don't believe in killing their enemies.

1Here's a new quote I just received today about the precedence of books, movies, etc. in accuracy:
2Basically, I would see it this way:
3Sets come first. That means things like the Rahaga flying on helicopter blades are not canon, because there is nothing like that on the set.
4Movies, books and comics are all about equal -- the books reside in the movie universe, where the Toa have hands, the comics do not, but they are all canon.
5Animations have, in the past, ranked behind these because they generally have not been approved by the story team. In future, though, there is going to be a lot more story on the web site and it will be considered canon.

1Aah, yes, the sets. Most definitely, they come first. However, although the movies, comics, and books are about equal, I'd still say that the movies outrank the books by a slight bit, while the books outrank the comics by the same slight bit. Only when disagreements arise between two, that is.
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1[QUOTEhey mr.f i have some questions for you
21. who would win roodaka or vezon and fenrakk
32. who would win the shadowed one or axonn
43, who would win botar or makuta in full force.

54.now some better questions
65.are there going to be titans for 2007:
76.is takanuva ever going to be redone in to a better set in the future? 8are the toa nuva?
97.at what time next year would they start releasing next years titans? 10what about the barraki? 11[/QUOTE]
121) Hard to say. Roodaka can't really make any non-physical attacks, but she could shapeshift Vezon and Fenrakk into a less threatening form. 132) No idea. 143) Probably Makuta. 155) I can't discuss future storyline or sets 166) See answer to #6 177) Barraki out in January in the US, March in Europe, far as I know 18[/QUOTE]
1Here's what I got:
2Hey Greg: I have some questions. :-)
31) If Makuta is the Antidermis, and he's in the Voya Nui Matoran, could he seize control over them and turn against the Piraka?
41a) If he can, why doesn't he do so and send down in army of zombie Matoran to get the mask and free him; even the best can be beaten by numbers.
52) How did the Toa Hagah find out about the BoM corruption?
63) The Piraka hate each other right? Since they do, why don't they just infect each other with antidermis?
74) Can Zaktan get to the antidermis vat because he is billions of protodites, and theres too much of him to control or because Makuta is allowing it?
85) Were the machines of war Lhikan's teammate saw on Roodaka's island Exo-Toa?
95a) If not, what were they and who were they for?
106) Can Brutaka approach the vat? In BL3 he catches it as it falls.
117) Since Botar's coming for Brutaka, will he get the Piraka as well?
128) Why is it unlikely that a Toa or Turaga would be an OoMN member?
139) When Makuta started hurting Mata Nui long before putting him to sleep, why didn't Mata Nui contact the Great Beings or Toa?
1410) Since shadow is bad in the bionicle universe, why wasn't anyone suspicious about a powerful being with a mask of shadows and shadow powers?
1511) Are some islands so paranoid, war-like, or defensive that they have a wall going around the entire island?
1612) In the top 100 (naturaly) strong guys, where is Brutaka on this list?
1712a) Who is ahead of him?
1813) What's this about the BoM being cursed?
1914) If Makuta is such a great strategist, fighter, and thinker, then why does he keep losing through petty little mistakes? i.e. he talks about Toa Stones in his illusion to Vakama, and he challenges Takanuva light vs shadow over pride?
2015) Will we ever see shadow Rahkshi?
2116) Could the BoM be turning Mata Nui evil; the record Zaktan read talked of letting Mata Nui awakening and then a time of darkness like no other if they do.
2216a) If so, are they?
2317) Since Makuta knew where the Toa Stone were and was guarding them, why didn't he destroy them?
2418) Does this sound like a logical take over the bionicle world bad guy plan: Release the Bahrag and infect them with antidermis, infect each Krana with antidermis, then attack islands, control locals, and infect hosts with antidermis. 25Basically if you hit the host, no good: controlled by Krana. Hit Krana, no good: controlled by infected Bahrag. I thought of this in my spare time. :-)
2618a) If not why?
2719) If a Toa does not sacrifice their power for the greater good, what happens?
2820) How do the Piraka and Inika carry zamor spheres? I can't imagine them walking around with a big bag of spheres, stopping, setting it down and reloading each time they need a zamor sphere.
29Thanks Greg, more later: :-)

301) Two-part answer. One, no, because the way antidermis works, the Matoran will obey anyone's orders, not just his. And two, why turn against the Piraka? They are serving his purposes.
312) Well, they worked for the BOM, so it is was pretty easy to tell when things weren't being done that should have been and things were being done that should not have been.
323) Pretty simple. Let's use Zaktan as an example. He could infect all five other Piraka so they would obey him. But if he makes them go kill themselves, then he has no one to help him find the mask ... and if he orders them to help him find the mask, their reflexes will be dulled because of being controlled and they will probably get killed long before they get close to the mask chamber. Zaktan sees allies as important because it is gives your enemy someone else to kill before they get to you.
334) No, he can get close to it because Makuta had to let someone do that.
345) No, they were things like battle rams. Roodaka's people did not make the Exo-Toa, Matoran built those.
356) Yes, because antidermis does not affect him negatively.
367) Nope. Brutaka's crime was much worse than theirs, because he betrayed the OOMN.
378) For the same reason a New York City cop or NYC Mayor Bloomberg is unlikely to also be a CIA agent. They have their jobs to do, the OOMN has its job to do, and the two don't cross.
389) Because once Makuta struck, it was too late to stop it, first off. And secondly, the Great Beings are no longer in this universe. Mata Nui contacted the OOMN, who made their preparations for what was to come.
3910) Ah, but was shadow considered evil BEFORE Makuta's rebellion? That's the question. For example, if there was a mad killer on the loose in your town who always wore a clown suit, then people would get scared of clown suits and consider them to be a symbol of evil. But before that, they would not have thought that way. Same with the swastika -- it is a symbol of evil because of the Nazis, but in its original form, it was a Hindu symbol and not considered evil in any way.
4011) Not that I am aware of, no. Walls don't stop enemies who can fly, for one thing.
4112) Are you talking intelligent beings only, or Rahi as well? Also, considering that we introduce new characters every year, it's impossible for me to give you a really accurate list, since there will be characters in future who might or might not be stronger.
4213) Pretty much what you said, I haven't revealed any more about it.
4314) But he didn't lose to Takanuva -- he threw the fight. Makuta is arrogant and egomaniacal -- being that way and being a strategist are not mutually exclusive - but he also understands that sometimes you lose a battle to win the war.
4415) No plans for that at the moment. Shadow kraata are very, very, very rarely ever used to make Rahkshi, because in Rahkshi, they lose their main asset, which is the ability to infect from a distance.
4516) Sorry, you will have to follow the story to figure out Makuta's plans.
4617) Which Toa stones are you referring to?
4718) Only problem is, let's say you have a horde of antidermis-infected krana in Bohrok charging at you. If you say "Stop" -- they will. Beings infected by antidermis obey anyone who gives them an order.
4819) He remains a Toa.
4920) That's pretty much what they have to do. Not that much different from warriors in our world, who had to carry quivers full or arrows or boxes of ammo.
50That was awesome:... what: a clown:
1Hello sir, and when I read the toping about 2007, the member of the very first Toa, is his or her destiny completed? And can I come to a conclusion that Toa have a lifespan that is longer then the time of the first Toa came in existence to the 2007 saga?
2One more thing though, Is it better for a Toa to sacricifice their Toa powers or just keep them?

31) No 42) Yes, but very few Toa live out their natural lifespans. 53) It depends on the situation. In some cases, the universe benefits more from Toa staying Toa, in other cases, the reasons for them to give up their power outweigh future good they might do with it

6Here you go.
11: You said that Legends #7 is named Prisoners of the Pit. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before, but since the Barraki are warlords, does that mean that Botar sent them to the pit at one point in history or future?

2Well, you'll find out in 2007.

3He's not debunking this theory like he did with the other Barraki war questions. It seems that the Barraki are in the Pit as of right now, but not because of the war on Metru Nui.
4How they manage to escape the pit will be pretty fascinating. I wonder if Brutaka has a hand in this? However, the scarier part is, they must have been pretty horrible beings to have to be sent to the Pit.
1It sounds like the Barakki go to the Pit. Wow. They must be super powerful. Also I have a possible, but not probably theory. The Pit is underwater, the lost land, being the pit and an underwater place will both be in next year. But probably not because why would Matoran go to the pit??
1So I've been thinking about the member of the first Toa team that you mentioned for us.
2Is this Toa still a Toa? Or is he/she something else by now, like a Turaga, or someone has a vision of them, or they see a statue or something?

4Nope, still a Toa

5Just checkin'. :psychotwich:
11: Did Makuta let the door fall on himself for any reason? 2-1a: If so, what reason?
32: Whether or not he planned to be smashed by the door, he did plan to let the Matoran return to Metru Nui, correct?
43: Was this plan made before or after Takua became a Toa?
54: In Legends#2, it says that if Takanuva lost, the world would have been ruled by Makuta. Since Makuta let Takanuva win, how could he have ever lost?
65: Was it Makuta's original plan to go to Voya Nui after the Matoran reinhabited Metru Nui? 7-5a: Was it meant to happen after some other events, but the door altered the situation and he had to go immediately?
86: If Makuta never lost his body, how would he have handled the events on Voya Nui?
97: How would he have treated the Matoran?
108: Does Makuta know right where the Ignika chamber is and how to get to it? 11-8a: If so, why didn't he tell the Piraka?
129: Was the uprooting of Voya Nui from the BIONICLE Mainland a work of any/all member(s) of the BoM?
1310: What exactly was Makuta's plan with the infected masks and weakening the Matoran of Mata Nui? 14-10a: If they were all infected, then wouldn't they just be mindless slaves, no more than a robot? In such case, why infect them? Makuta obviously wants them to want him genuinely, not because he programs them to. If that were the case, then why not just build Matoran robots that do everything he wished.

151) No. Makuta had decided to throw the fight with Takanuva, but he had no way to foresee being merged into Takutanuva at a time when his mask was off. So he couldn't plan for being crushed by the gateway. 162) He figured once they knew where it was and how to get to it, they would get there eventually anyway. 173) Long before. 184) Actually, if I recall correctly, the vision Jaller sees is what would have happened if Takanuva had never existed -- if Takua had died at the hands of the Rahkshi in Mask of Light. If there had been no Toa of Light, then Makuta would not have needed to throw the fight to him. 195) Makuta would have had to deal with the Mask of Life at some point, once it became clear Mata Nui was dying. Had his armor not been crushed, he probably would not have gone personally. 206) See answer to #5. 217) To use a technical term, Makuta is a sociopath. He has no conscience, he has no ability to feel remorse, and he feels no emotional connection to any other living thing. He would have been benevolent to the Matoran if he needed something from them, and then the next moment, he might have killed half a dozen just to break up the day. 228) No, only the Order of Mata Nui knows that. 239) No. It was an unforeseen consequence of the Great Cataclysm unleashed in Metru Nui by Makuta. 2410) Basically, the presence of kraata on Mata Nui and the infecting of masks was simply another way, like the Rahi, to keep the Matoran occupied with threats and away from Metru Nui. If you are battling for your life and spirit all the time, you really don't have a lot of time to go exploring. The physical weakening of the Matoran was simply a side effect of the pods, which were intended to wipe their memories.

1Got some awesome Karzahni-2007 info here. :OMG:
2Hi. Just one question today.
3Since there's going to be a Makuta-Karzahni battle online, will we get to see exactly what Karzahni looks like?
4That's all.

5You will see Karzahni in two different forms in 2007.


1Got some awesome Karzahni-2007 info here. :OMG: 2You will see Karzahni in two different forms in 2007.

4:wired: :wired: :wired: 5Must...speed....time...up::::::::: 6Does this mean their may be a Karzahni "PROMO SET" next year? Because Greg's seen most of the sets, but I doubt promos: Someone should ask him.
7:wired: Z-MOP :wired:
1The Karzahni in the Atlas is different from the one on the Web? Or is Karzahni showing up somewhere else too?
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1Couldn't GregF have meant that we would see both the land of Karzahni AND the being Karzahni? Just putting it out there.
1I think he meant the land and the being, or perhaps a younger version of karzhani
1Cool news, we will see Karzahni in two forms, maybe the Atlas form and the Web form. Maybe he is like Makuta who can have many forms and shapes?
1I asked Greg some Q&A for the first time:
2Hi Greg this is my first time asking you, so here goes: 31. Why do some of the Matoran change their masks from Metru Nui to Mata Nui? I mean, I know Jaller's mask broke, but did Kongu's mask break, since he originally had a Ruru and now has a Miru? 42. In BL2, Kongu wears a great Suletu before becoming a Toa, and it doesn't shapeshift. How come Jaller's Hau shapesifted? Please give me a storyline reason. 53. Does the neon green Miru have any storyline importance? 63b If it doesn't, why'd you make it? 74. Can a Kraata use its powers (outside of infecting)? 85. Krahka shapeshifted into a Kahgarak in BA8. If she's stuck in the Zone of Darkness, why doesn't she turn into one and get out (unless she already has)? 96. My friend said he emailed you a couple days ago, asking what the Toa Mata/Olda's official team name was. He said you said Olda, and he deleted it, so he couldn't show me. I don't believe he ever did it, but can you confirm for me the official name is Mata? 107. Do all Suletu look like it's mostly reptilian growth, like Kongu's? 118. Does Krakua have a Hau-shaped Suletu, or a normal one (I'd say he looks better with a Hau-shaped one)? 129. Do the golden Kanoka from '04 have any storyline importance? 1310. When exposed to energized proto, do Kanohi turn into Kanohi Nuva? 1411.Kanohi means mask, Kanoka means disk, Rhotuka means spinner, in Matoran correct? 1511b If the above is correct, when they say Kanohi mask, doesn't it literally mean mask mask? 1612. What is the sparkly Avohkii for? 1713. BC2 describes Cahdok as a blue, silvery creature. Contrary to the popular BZP belief, is Cahdok blue (it says so in the book)? 1814. Did you have a good Friday the 13th? 1915. Can Bohrok and Bohrok Va form Kaita? 2016. Can the following detach their weapons/tools from their hand? 21Nuparu's Great Claws 22Gali's hooks 23Onua's claws 24Piruk's Shredder claws 2517. Are Brutaka's swords' names officially called Rotating Blades? 2618. Are the arms that hold Brutaka's knives mechanical, or are they extra arms? 2719. Will Kotu replace Hahli on the kolhii team? 2820. When you released the rebuilt Matoran, is my reasoning correct on why you released the po-, Ga-, Ko- and ta-matoran? 29You released Jaller and Takua with their respective Rahi so you could recreate the Mask of Light journey. 30You released the Po- and Ga-matoran to recreate the tournament. 31But why'd you release the Ko-Matoran? 3221. Are these placings correct in the Kolhii tournament? 331st- Ga-Koro 2nd-Po-Koro 3rd Ta-Koro 4th-Ko-Koro 5th-Le-Koro 6th- Onu-Koro 3422. Did Ahkmou's mask become black due to Makuta's influence? 3523. I know the Bohrok-Kal's Krana-Kal turn sterling silver in the final moments of their mission. Do they turn metal white at any point? 3624. If the neon green Miru has a power, will it be levitation, or something else? 3725. When descriptions for the Keras crab came out, it said it was friendly. Later, however, it said it was a hostile creature. Which is it, or did it suddenly have a personality change? 3826. There's pictures at Lego.com for the Keras, Waikuru, Pokawi, Infernavika, Ranama, Dikapi, Hapaka, Ghekula, and Kirikori Nui. How about putting those pictures in the next Encyclopedia? 3927. There's also pictures of Nui-Kopen, Mana-Ko, Kuma Nui, Kahu (Gukko), and Tarakava Nui, and the Sand Tarakava. How about putting those in the encyclopedia? 4028. What is the official Ussal crab shape? The one in Master Builder, or the one from '03? 4129. Similar to 26 and 27, how about putting pictures of the Rahi from Master Builder into the Encyclopedia (except the Ussal)?

421) Yes. Remember, 1000 years has passed between 2004 story and 2001 story, during which time Matoran have been struggling to survive on an island and fighting off Rahi. Probably a lot of masks got damaged in that time. 432) There was no reason for it too. Jaller's Hau shapeshifted because Vakama was giving it to him in memory of Toa Lhikan, not Turaga Lhikan, (and because it had to look that way to match the 2001 Jaller model). 443) No, it was a made as a promotion for LEGOLand back in 2001, I believe. At that time, no one knew BIONICLE would last more than one year, so no one was worrying about fitting every single thing into the storyline. 454) Yes. 465) I would say because the ability to create a Rhotuka spinner with a certain power is based on the essence of the being creating it. She can take on the physical form of a Kahgarak, but not duplicate its essence. 476) I never received anything like that in the past several weeks. Olda was never an official name, it was a BZP name, and Mata was just determined to be the official name a few weeks ago. 487) Yes 498) It would make no sense for him to have a Hau shaped one, because then how would he know it is a Suletu, not a Hau, when he goes to use it? 509) I don't recall what you're referring to. 5110) If they are destined to, yes. 5211) Yes 5312) It was an extra thrown into the set, meant to represent the mask in action. 5413) Yes, Cahdok is blue -- says so in the Encyclopedia. 5514) Nothing special. 5615) Bohrok can, not sure about Va. It's possible.
57I will have to get to the rest of these later, I have to get back to work.
58Greg 59He never answered the rest, so I resent them and some more questions:
60I sent you some questions. You said you'd answer them, but you never did. Can you answer them now :begging: ? 6116. Can the following detach their weapons/tools from their hand? 62Nuparu's Great Claws 63Gali's hooks 64Onua's claws 65Piruk's Shredder claws 6617. Are Brutaka's swords' names officially called Rotating Blades? 6718. Are the arms that hold Brutaka's knives mechanical, or are they extra arms? 6819. Will Kotu replace Hahli on the kolhii team? 6920. When you released the rebuilt Matoran, is my reasoning correct on why you released the po-, Ga-, Ko- and ta-matoran? 70You released Jaller and Takua with their respective Rahi so you could recreate the Mask of Light journey. 71You released the Po- and Ga-matoran to recreate the tournament. 72But why'd you release the Ko-Matoran? 7321. Are these placings correct in the Kolhii tournament? 741st- Ga-Koro 2nd-Po-Koro 3rd Ta-Koro 4th-Ko-Koro 5th-Le-Koro 6th- Onu-Koro 7522. Did Ahkmou's mask become black due to Makuta's influence? 7623. I know the Bohrok-Kal's Krana-Kal turn sterling silver in the final moments of their mission. Do they turn metal white at any point? 7724. If the neon green Miru has a power, will it be levitation, or something else? 7825. When descriptions for the Keras crab came out, it said it was friendly. Later, however, it said it was a hostile creature. Which is it, or did it suddenly have a personality change? 7926. There's pictures at Lego.com for the Keras, Waikuru, Pokawi, Infernavika, Ranama, Dikapi, Hapaka, Ghekula, and Kirikori Nui. How about putting those pictures in the next Encyclopedia? 8027. There's also pictures of Nui-Kopen, Mana-Ko, Kuma Nui, Kahu (Gukko), and Tarakava Nui, and the Sand Tarakava. How about putting those in the encyclopedia? 8128. What is the official Ussal crab shape? The one in Master Builder, or the one from '03? 8229. Similar to 26 and 27, how about putting pictures of the Rahi from Master Builder into the Encyclopedia (except the Ussal)?
83And now for some new ones (sorry if this is bugging you): 8430. Is the European promo set with the Hau Turaga Lhikan? 8531. What can you tell me about the other European promos? 8632. Approximately how many sets do you have? 8733. If Sentrakh's Rhotuka power is dematerializtion, how come in BA10 it causes a rockslide? 8834. Are the spinners from the Nesquik promo spinners that can fit on a launcher from a Visorak? 8935. Are the lights and whirling blade wings of the Rahgafrom WoS considered canon? 9036. You said an empty zamor is clear, until it is filled. Then it takes the color of whatever filled it. Also, ep is silver. Technically, doesn't it mean the Inika's zamors are silver, not blue, green, red, or orange? 9137. When will the small '07 sets be released? 9238. What mask was Kongu handed by Karzahni, before he switched it with a Suletu? 9339. What is the official name for Karzahni's mask (like the mask of alternate and possible futures)? 9440. You once said the mask of elemental energy is canon. I also read that you said it was only a power-up in the game. Well, which is it? 9541. My friend ( the one who lied about the email) says hi. 9642. What's more popular, Bionicle or LEGO Star Wars/ 9743. How come C. A. Hapka wrote the MoL novelization and the first three chronicles, and you wrote the rest? 9844. Are the Piraka combiners considered canon? 9944b What about the Bahrag spider/ 10044c And the Exo-Raptor? 10145. BZP said that the alternate model for the Boxor is an offshoot of the original Boxor that was also used by the Matoran. That's the most likely suggestion right, because it carries Matoran? 102Please answer this :begging: .

10316) Onua Nuva was able to detach his claws and throw them, but I have never seen any of the others do that. 10417) I always referred to it as a twin bladed sword. I am not aware of them rotating in the set. 10518) They're mechanical, they're not arms. 10619) Playing kolhii is not way high on the list of priorities in Metru Nui right now - they are trying to rebuild their city. 10720) As far as I know, the decision to restage the tournament had nothing to do with the Matoran chosen. At any rate, that decision gets made in Denmark, and I have nothing to do with it. 10821) No idea. The kolhii tournament was part of Mask of Light, and I had no involvement in the movie. 10922) No. His mask is not infected. 11023) No. 11124) I have no plans to introduce it into the story, it's a five year old promotional item that most fans do not have. 11225) Depends on where you go. Friendly or unfriendly is dictated by environment. 11326) I can bring it up, but pictures on the web can be of much lower resolution than you need for a book, and the pics may not exist in high resolution. 11427) Same answer as 26. 11528) Both. Pewku evolved, that is why she is bigger. 11629) Same answer as 26, plus if you do nothing but cram every Rahi picture in existence into the book, you aren't going to have room for new entries. The page count is staying the same between the two volumes, most likely. 11730) I think that was the intent, yes. 11831) Nothing. I don't work in Europe and have no involvement with the promo end of things. 11932) I haven't counted. 12033) Because if you dematerialize the rock that is keeping all the other rocks in place, you have a rock slide. 12134) No idea. Nesquik promo is in Germany. I'm not. 12235) No, because the sets have no whirling blades. 12336) Yup, but sets come before story, and variety of colors is needed to help sell sets. Most people buying Inika have no idea what EP even is. 12437) Far as I know, January. 12538) No idea. It's not relevant to the storyline, so I haven't worried about it. 12639) It doesn't have an official name at this point, one hasn't been needed. 12740) It's both. It's canon, but its only use in the storyline was as a power-up, and it's never appearing again outside of the game. 12842) It goes back and forth. Last year, it was Star Wars, this year it's BIONICLE. 12943) Cathy Hapka is a professional freelancer and she was hired by Scholastic to do the initial books because they were familiar with her work and had worked with her before. She did the first few, and then decided to move on to other projects (if you Amazon her, you will see she has written a lot of stuff). Scholastic then decided it would be faster and easier to have me to do the books than find another outside writer, since I work on the storyline. 13044) If they don't appear in the storyline this year, then no. So, for example, protodax is canon. The other two models you mentioned never appeared in the storyline, so they are just alt. models. 13145) That is their theory, far as I know we have never said anything official about that model.
132I also sent a clarification of question# 25:
133Really sorry if this buggin you, but I asked you a question about how friendly the Keras was, and you gave me this reply:
13425) Depends on where you go. Friendly or unfriendly is dictated by environment.
135What I meant was, when Keras descriptions first came out, it said it was like the Ussal, willing to work with Matoran. Later, it said it was hostile to Matoran. My question was, which is it?

136Encyclopedia states, "At one time, Matoran hoped that keras could be as useful to them as Ussal, but the hostile nature of the keras made that impossible." So that's your answer.
1Couldn't GregF have meant that we would see both the land of Karzahni AND the being Karzahni? Just putting it out there.

2He could've, but I seem to recall mentioning that Karzahni the being (specifically) shows up in the Atlas.
3jetslandingboard :silver:
1Hey Greg, I just wanted to ask a quick question of something I've been thinking about. Garan's weapons fire bolts that get more powerful as they progress, I believe. And Voporak has a time field around him, that ages attacks quite rapidly. What if Garan fired a bolt at Voporak? Would the bolt also age and disappear? Or would it keep going, becoming powerful all the faster?
2Thanks in advance, Makuta's Lair

3All pulse bolts (even in sci-fi) have a limited duration/range -- at a certain point, they cease to grow more powerful and just peter out, so as not to, oh, blow up the planet if they don't hit something first. So the bolt would grow more powerful as it passed into the time field and time advanced, but it woud run out of juice before it ever hit Voporak
1[QUOTE 2hey greg i have some Q? for you?

31.when you say all the barraki are different do you mean like how a tiger and a lion are diferent ( both are similar ) or a shark and a ferret (both are completely different)
42.oh and when is the official date fot the release of Book #5
53.when is the earleist we will see the barakki in sets?[/QUOTE]
61) I mean the way a squid and a shark are different 72) I don't have an official date, but I would assume it will hit Barnes and Noble next month. 83) January, far as I know[/QUOTE]

1He could've, but I seem to recall mentioning that Karzahni the being (specifically) shows up in the Atlas.
2jetslandingboard :silver:

3Yes, but the fact it's an atlas kinda makes it obvious that the place will be seen, too. I have a feeling that Greg meant the place and the being.
11. Will their be a Karzahni promo set next year? 22. Are Defilak and Dekar the matoran leaders from the Metru-nui civil war? I asked this for 2 reasons. 3You've been realesing alot of info on the PIT 4...uhhh....Dang, I forgot the second. 53. How would you compare the evil of the Baraki, to the evil of the Piraka? 64. Why would they call themselves Barakki, when they WERE warlords?

81) I can't discuss 2007 set plans. 92) No. 103) Different expressions of evil. The Piraka are brutes; the Barraki are not. 114) The question that was asked me was -- "Why did they call themselves that?" -- past tense question -- so my answer was also past tense -- because that is what they were at the time they began calling themselves that. It is still what they are.

12Oh cool:
131. Will the Karzahni versions we see AT LEAST be set-like enough that we can build him? 142. Will Karzahni's mask have a name in the atlas? Will it be in the atlas at all? 153. I've got some ideas for a short story in the atlas: What do you think? 163a. Takua on Metru-nui 173b. TSO's story of the creation of the dark hunters. 183c. The story of Karzahni and Artakha's creation. 193d. Krana's creation.

201) Yes, although in one case, it will be a challenge, because no mask piece exists that matches his mask. 212) I don't recall if I gave it a name or not. 223) Too late -- Atlas is already done, and there was no room for a story in it anyway.

23I ment to say encyclopedia. So expect me to update it soon. 24YAY::: We will be able to buld Karzahni::: :happydance:
1Well, the Pit will be in the Atlas... partly.
2Hi Greg: Just some questions on the Atlas.
31) Which of the following characters will have their species named in the atlas: Sidorak, Krekka, Shadowed One, Piraka, Roodaka, Nivawhk, Keetongu, Botar
42) Will the Piraka island include info on legends they believe in, such as Irnakk?
53) Will the land Tahtorak and Keetongu came from be in it?
64) Will there be maps of the different islands? 74a) If there is, will there be an overall map, where each dome is located?
85) Will there be anymore islands on the surface?
96) Will The Pit be in the Atlas?
107) Has the name of the 2007 location been decided yet?
118) Will there be more on the Bohrok? Like where they are situated?
129) Will there be maps of the underground of Mata Nui? Like Makuta lair, Bohrok nests, etc.?
1310) Will there be new info on the isalnd of Mata Nui?
1411) Will there be a very small hint as to where Mata Nui is sleeping?
1512) Will there be more on the mysterious "fourth fraction" ?
16Thanks for your time:

171) Roodaka and Piraka. 182) Not as I recall -- most of the entries do not go into mythology of the residents. 193) Tahtorak will be mentioned, Keetongu will not. 204) There will be maps of the each island, not an overall map. 215) In the Atlas? No. 226) Um, partly 237) Would be kind of a problem if it hadn't been, since I finished the first 2007 book months ago. 248) No. 259) No. The idea of the book is that the Order of Mata Nui put it together for their members to focus on strategically important areas or areas threats might come from. Bohrok nests are not a threat, because the OOMN knows they aren't the enemy, and Makuta isn't using any of his Metru Nui lairs at the moment, so same situation. 2610) It will have a chapter, I am not sure how much new info there will be. 2711) No, none. 2812) Yes

1Hmm...wonder if the fourth faction is the bitter enemy of the BoM that Mr. Farshtey recently mentioned, or if there's any connection between the two...
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1Here's some more Q&A's.
2Hi Mr. F,
3Couple more questions. I hope it's not getting annoying. Thanks in advance.
41) Are the Barraki in the Pit as of right now? 51) Yup
62) Is the only (known) way to get to the Pit being teleported? 72) No
83) Is Botar the only being who has access to the Pit? Could Brutaka teleport someone there with his mask? 93) If Brutaka knew where the Pit was, yes.
104) Will the following characters play any role in 2007: 11Piraka 12Axonn 13Brutaka 14Botar? 154) I really can't answer this. 2007 story is not done being written, so I can't rule out appearances by anyone at this point.
16That's it; thanks for your time.

17LZ :)
1Some more new '07 information. ;)
2I've seen the name "Hydruka" thrown around a lot lately to refer to the two Rahi that will be part of next year's small boxed sets, Morak and Thulox. So, is Hydruka a species of Rahi, and Morak and Thulax just personal names, like Pewku?

3Yes. Hydruka are domesticated Rahi, therefore they are given names by their herders.

1Cool.Hydruka huh?Simliar to hydro.I wonder what 2007 have to do with water....