1Hi Greg, I've got one question for you and I hope that you are able to answer it:
21) Are the 2007 location and the Pit one and the same?
3Thanks in advance and for your time Greg :) .
4- Toa Lhikan Hordika

5The Pit is in the surrounding area.

6That's something for us to chew on for a little while.
7- :t::l::h:
1Look at this:
2Hi greg, here are a few questions that might not be posible to answer
31. You recently said this in the OGD about Barraki

4They do not see the Mask of Life as some way to leverage power from the BOM or the Toa. They don't want anything from those two groups but their deaths.

5So do the Barraki kill for fun?or do they simply not like the toa or BOM?
62. Who came up with the name "Barraki"?
73. How much do the Barraki know about the past story years?
84. Are there more than six Barraki?
9Thanks in advance

101) Not for fun. For revenge. 112) Somebody at our agency in Denmark 123) Nothing. 134) No.

14#1 seems interesting :sly:
1Info on Xia: The island of Xia (which will appear in 2006, though not be named) came to be the way it is now thanks to a deal made with a powerful alliance ... and it was NOT with the Toa, the Dark Hunters, the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Order of Mata Nui, or indeed any organization we have heard of thus far. 2This alliance no longer exists in its original form -- but it DOES still exist, and it is enormously dangerous, and we will learn of it in storyline to come.
3The above information pricked my interest while reading the Official Future Books Topic. I have a theory on who it is. You said we've seen the island this year, but not named? I have two questions. 41. Was the island Roodaka's from BL4, when we saw the Kanohi Dragon being transported to her? 52. Does the mysterious fourth group have anything to do with Shadow Stealer, from the DH Guide. You described him as an almost prehistoric Toa, with almost a grudge to those that had replaced him.
6Thanks for your time.
71) Yes 82) No. The plans for the 2007 story were all made long before any of the DH entries were created.
1From "the Official Future Books Topic," no less: Thanks, UGM. :) 2jetslandingboard :silver:
1I,ve got some info on a theory that disproves its.
2I have a few questions mainly about the Barraki.
31: Are the Barraki in The Pit? 42: How old are they? 53: Barraki is the Matoran for "Warlord"?
6Thats all for now.

71-2) You'll find out in 2007 83) Yes

9Thank you very much for those i,ve got two more.
101: I heard somewhere that the war leaders of the Matoran Cival War we,re banished to The Pit by the BoM is this true? 111b: If that is true we,re the Barraki the warlords of the Matoran Cival War?
12Thats all.

13It is true -- but the leaders of the Matoran civil war were Matoran, not Barraki. The Barraki have never been to Metru Nui.

14Well thats all.
1Hi Greg I just have a few more questions
21) You said in my last pm to you that the Barraki kill for revenge on the Toa and BOM, does that mean the Toa or BOM did something to them earlier or something to someone they knew?
32) Which past storyline characters do the Barraki know about?
43) Are the Barraki more civilized or vulgar than the Piraka?
5Thanks Greg, thats all for now.

61) That's what revenge usually means, yes 72) They know of Makuta and the Brotherhood, and they may know of Roodaka, but as far as Toa and Matoran go, they don't know any of the active ones. 83) They are not as bestial and in your face as the Piraka

9Thats not what I meant for number 1 :P

1hi Greg, here's what I got.
21. why would jaller and co. even what to go to voya nui's lost land?
32. are visorak from the pit?
43. which book was the hardest to wright?
54. has the back bone of 2008 been talked about?
65. how do you feel about bionicle heros not following the story line?
76. you said you were once a worked on games, witch ones?
8thank you for your time.
9mr. toi

101) You'll find out in 2007 112) No 123) Usually the movie novelizations 134) Yes 145) Most of the video games don't follow the storyline, really, so I don't care. That's not their job -- their job is to just be a good game 156) I worked on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones roleplaying games, among others

16hmmmmm, I thought visorak were from the pit, oh well.
17mr.toi :akaku:
1The Barraki is even more exciting now.Revenge?Completely different Barrakis?Want the death of Toas and BoM?The Mysteries of the Pit?What can get better.Ohh.I can't wait to hear about their powers.We only know a bit and it's already exciting.And I thought no one can top the Piraka.
2Awesome info.
1Hi Greg, well, I was browsing around online and I found out that Umbra is now available in the US. The thing that got me the most was that the summary gave his Kanohi power and Rhotuka power. I wanted to know if this was official or not, because it contradicts what you've said about him in the past.
2Here's the summary:
3Umbra is a giant warrior who lives on Voya Nui; for 100,000 years he has been guarding the Ignika Mask of Life from those who would misuse it. His powers are light-based and he is, in fact, not a villain. Umbra wields a large, double-bladed staff that's equipped with a Rhotuka launcher with the power to make enemies melt. His mask is Naynu, the great mask of lasers, which lets him turn himself into a beam of light. He also has wheels on his feet that give him extra mobility in combat. 179 pieces

4Thanks in advance Greg :) .
5- Toa Lhikan Hordika

6No, summary is bogus. Naynu is not on the official list of BIONICLE names and there is no great mask of lasers. The rhotuka power is also inaccurate -- melting enemies is not something LEGO would allow.

8- :t::l::h:
1hi Greg, here's what I got: 21) are the Barraki mutans(eg fron toa to Barraki) 32)is ther going to be a second form for the Barraki?
4thankz for readind this even if you dont reply :)
1kardas dragon, you need to pm greg your questions and then post the answers here, which can be done so by clicking here and then clicking on "Send a Personal Message" under "Communicate."
1you mustpm greg these Q? okay 2oh and here is some interesing info
3QUOTE 4you stated that the barakki have no elemental control . 51.do they have some kind of power?
62. could you tell me some random new info on the barakki ?please?

7thanks for your time:

81) They have natural tools and abilities, but not a host of powers like the Piraka had. 92) There are six of them.
10i guess this means no 7th barraki 11also if they dont have many powers i think they are going to be good powers(better than piraka)

1hi Greg, here's what I got: 21) are the Barraki mutans(eg fron toa to Barraki) 32)is ther going to be a second form for the Barraki?
4thankz for readind this even if you dont reply :)

5Greg doesent read this topic so you have to PM him.
1Umbra is available in the US?????? No wonder I saw him on eBay. Is he available at LS@H? Where did you get that anyway, TLH?
2EDIT: Never mind, I see that it's from Wal-Mart. Should've known.

11.Will we get a sneak peek of any other books? 22.What time are you usually on?(I am in central time) 33.Are you a member on any other forums? 44.Do you ever read the epics forum? 55.What kinds of pie do you like?

61) On BIONICLE.com next year, yes 72) It varies 83) Yes, but mentioning the names of other sites that have forums is not allowed on BZP 94) No, I have a self-imposed rule that I do not read fan fiction -- that way I can't accidentally use someone else's ideas or dialogue.

10And for some strange reason, he didn't answer number 5...hmmmm.
1Some interesting Q's, but nothing too big.
2Hey Greg, you've probably had a bunch of these with all the great info we've been giving, but I'm so curious it puts Curious George to shame....
31)Are Defilak and Dekar the matoran leaders from the metru nui civil war?
42)The Barraki are not all from the same species, right?
53)Do the Barraki know that Mata Nui is alseep?
64)You recently told another member that the Barraki have natural powers and weapons, but not a host of them like the Piraka. Does this mean that the Barraki have fewer powers than the Piraka, or that all of them are natural to each Barraki?
75)Who would you pick to win in a staight out fight, the Barraki or the Piraka?
86)You said that the mean is in the area surrounding the 2007 location. Is it just in one spot, for example, to the left of the 07 location, or does the pit surround it on all sides?
97)If the Piraka got their hands on the Inika's zamor launchers and spheres, would they not hesitate in killing the toa with the EP in the spheres?
108)Regardless of whether one of the Barraki is brown or yellow, will the other five have the traditional canister set colors of red, green, blue, white, and black?
119)If Mata Nui is in a physical place, then has his whole life been just sitting where he is and using his power to hold the Universe together?
1210)If the being who holds the universe together is on the Bionicle planet, then does this mean that the Bionicle Planet has significance in the universe?
1311)How long ago were the Barraki banished to the Pit?
1412)Will there be any revelations about the time period where no remembers anything in 2007?
1512)Does anybody remember anything, or does really nobody remember?
16Well, I suppose thats it for now. Thanks for your time:

181) No. Defilak and Dekar have only been where they are for a few centuries. The Matoran leaders of the civil war have been in the pit for 80,000 years or so. 192) Correct. 203) No. 214) Fewer. 225) Hard to say. 236) All sides. 247) Piraka have killed scores of Toa in their lifetimes, so no, they would not hesitate. 258) I really can't discuss set specifics. 269) Can't answer it 2710) Can't answer it 2811) Roughly 80,000 years ago 2912) No. 3013) The OOMN remembers.
31The 2007 location is surrounded completely by the Pit. Whoa. The amount of time the Barraki have been in the Pit also points to the same time period the matoran civil war happened, although any connection between the Barraki and the War have already been disproven. Neat to know that The OOMN remembers from the Time Slip.
1Well, I gotta hand it to you-- it must be hard answering all these question and i give you credit for that:
2Thanks for answering all my previous questions
3Here are a few more.
41)You stated that the pit is in the surrounding area of the 2007 location. So is it possible the Barakki escaped from the pit?
52)You also stated that the barakki want revenge. Now am i close in saying that the barakki went to the pit on accident and now want revenge on those who put them in there?
63)If the pit is a high level prison, which im guessing it is, on a scale from 1-10 how hard is to escape?
74)Could you give us a hint to us about the pit's intensity and why its is the worse place to go, in the bionicle world.
85)If there are other poeple in the pit, couldnt they all unite to escape?
96)What is the best word to describe the setting in the pit?
107)Who is your favorite barakki?
11Thanks in advance Greg:

131) Not at this time, no. 142) No, there was no accident involved. They were condemned there. 153) Not ready to discuss this 164) Well, would you want to spend your time around the worst, most corrupt and evil beings in the universe? 175) No. 186) Right now? Wet. 197) Takadox

1I have a 2007 question or two regarding this topic found here. Hope you can answer.
2Are the Barraki still in the pit at the begining of 2007.
3If they aren't still in the pit at the begining of 2007, can you say when they escaped?

4You'll find out in 2007

5So there is nothing disproving this theory Greg-wise. Looks like we'll just have to find out. And as I said above, it's too early to know much.
6Nice theory though, it might be true.
1Wewt Barraki stuff
2o the Barraki were well known. Thats pretty cool. 3Just a few more questions, about the Barraki
4I heard that the Barraki don't have a host of powers like the Piraka. Does this mean that Piraka are stronger, or does this mean that the Barraki just have one powerful ability.
5The Barraki are the main villains, so they are in pretty much every novel next year. Right?
6Also, can you give us another Barraki power? I mean we got one from the descriptions. It says that Ehlek generates currents of lightning.
7Do you think we will like the Barraki's abilities?
8What type of Armies did the Barraki command?
9Does the Brotherhood actually think that the Barraki are a threat to them?
10Is the Pit kinda like Dante's Inferno or something else?
11Well thats about it, and stuff.
12Good job with Legacy of Evil. Its pretty cool.

131) It means they have fewer powers, but that is balanced out by the fact that they have armies behind them, and the Piraka did not. 142) Yes 153) Hypnosis 164) I have no idea, that is up to you. 175) You'll find out in 2007 186) Yes 197) No, it's not a classic underworld. Kind of hard to have flames and such underwater.

20Think about it
1Heres my theory proved "Close, But no Kanohi" (I made that term up ^_^ )
2OK the Barakki are in "The Pit" and thats where Botar sends people who used to be in the Order of Mata Nui when they turn evil, Were the Barakki once good and members of the OoMN??

3Logical guess, but no. The Pit is not just for the ex-OOMN members -- it's for anyone whose crimes are so evil that the OOMN feels they cannot be redeemed.

Dark Heart

1Also, can you give us another Barraki power? I mean we got one from the descriptions. It says that Ehlek generates currents of lightning.
23) Hypnosis

3:drool: Hypnosis/////////Wow I wonder if Ehlek have it or some other Barraki.Mostly Ehlek since he was mentioned.
1New and interesting question coming to you, including a brand new mask:
2You've recently told Khote that the Pit is underwater now With this in mind sparked a few questions:

31. Is the Pit the TBD chapter in the Atlas? It would make sense since the Pit is more than likely to make an appearance in 07 seeing as how a book may be partially called Prisoners of the Pit.
42. In a recent topic, a verbal set of questinos asked by a duo of BZP members was asked which included a question about the Pit being in 06. The Lego employee said that the Pit would make an appearance as I recall by the end of 06.. Is this information accurate? 52b. If so, will the Inika find out about it in BL5?

63. Is the Pit also the Lost Land? Seeing as how both were once on real land and now both are under the sea? Here's my theory to back things up:
7You said the Barakki are in the Pit, which is situated underwater and you've also said that the 07 location, which the Inika are heading to, was underwater. I've pieced things together and come to the conclusion that either the Lost Land is the Pit, or that the Pit is situated somewhere underwater, near the Lost Land. Is this plausible?
84. Say if the original BL7 plan was back, what would happen to the new BL7?
95. When you said that Karzanhi came in two forms, did you mean that he could shape shift as well?
106. Could you sample me with a random 07 fact? Or maybe you could talk more about the crystal serpents if you wouldn't mind.
117. Will Karzanhi be a set next year? 127b. Whether or not the answer is yes or no, would his mask be designed out of past masks sort of molded together, or just a deformed looking mask 137c. Does Karzanhi have a mask name/power yet?
148. The Toa from the first group whose destiny hasn't been completed, is he in the Pit as well? 158b. Could you tell me how big of a role he/she will play next year?
169. Was the being inside the Tunnel of Consuming Light (if that's what it's called) in BL2 the owner of the Suletu found nearby? 179b. Was it Krakua as a matoran?
1810. Finally, is there anything you can tell us about Artahka the Being? 1910b. Were Karzanhi and Artahka created by the GB's? Or someone else.. 2010c. How would you classify beings as strong as Artahka/Karzahni? Would they be Super Titans or something of that latter?

21Thanks for answering back GregF. Btw, I just purchased BL2 today, and it's quite good especially the part with the being holding Matoro's hand.

221) The Pit is part of the surrounding area of the TBD chapter. 232) It doesn't actually make an appearance, it gets referred to, and I believe that quote from Botar was already released by me some time back. 243) No. For your theory to be true, it would mean the Voya Nui Matoran built a village within the last 1000 years to which the OOMN condemned the worst criminals in the universe. I can't see wanting to house the most evil beings around right near the Mask of Life. 254) It would go back to being Bionicle Legends #8 -- storyline would stay the same for that book, because virtually none of the original Bionicle Legends #7 elements are in that book. 265) Not shapeshift, but remember what he did to the Voya Nui Matoran ... 276) I will give you a 2007 mask name -- Mask of Kindred 287) I can't discuss future set plans, sorry 298) Can't answer it 309) No and no. 3110) Info on Karzahni and Artakha will be in the Atlas

32I have some comments on the bolded ones:
331. TBD is the Lost Land. 345. So Karzahni is going to rebuild himself.. That should be intersting to see. 356. Hurray: New mask:
1This info on 2007 is already making me see the Barakki on my shelf. I've already cleared up my shelf for 2007:
21. Do the Barakki hate eachother? 32. Is their a Barakki leader? 43. Is the Barakki pic we saw a pic of Ehlek? 54. How would you describe the Barakki's attitudes? 65. Have the Barakki heard of the Dark hunters? 76. What would the Barakki think of the Piraka if they met? Could they see potential allies?
8More on other thingymajigs later.

91) I wouldn't see them as hating each other, no. 102) Yes 113) I can't discuss this 124) Arrogant and imperious. 135) No. 146) They would probably see them as useful cannon fodder. They would never consider them to be potential allies, because ally implies equal.

161. Wal-mart.com has a bio for Umbra.
17QUOTE 18Umbra is a giant warrior who lives on Voya Nui; for 100,000 years he has been guarding the Ignika Mask of Life from those who would misuse it. His powers are light-based and he is, in fact, not a villain. Umbra wields a large, double-bladed staff that's equipped with a Rhotuka launcher with the power to make enemies melt. His mask is Naynu, the great mask of lasers, which lets him turn himself into a beam of light. He also has wheels on his feet that give him extra mobility in combat. 179 pieces

19Can you confirm the mask and rhotuka powers?
202. Any small, yet somewhat valuable 2007 information you can throw at me? Perhaps something like when you told another member that we will see the BOM's most bitter enemies next year?
213. What would happen if Matoro went into Voporak's time sheild in his spirit form?
22That's all for now:

231) Mask and rhotuka powers are false. 242) Nope 253) Well, if time accelerated for his spirit, then it would eventually cease to exist as his spirit can only be out of his body for a limited span of time.

16) I will give you a 2007 mask name -- Mask of Kindred

2Wow,awesome info.I ahve looked up kindred over and over.And this is what I got "A group of related persons, as a clan or tribe." What could it mean?
16) I will give you a 2007 mask name -- Mask of Kindred

2Wow,awesome info.I ahve looked up kindred over and over.And this is what I got "A group of related persons, as a clan or tribe." What could it mean?
3It could be a mask that makes copies of yourself, more like a mask of replication.
red wagon man

1It could be a mask that makes copies of yourself, more like a mask of replication.

2That sounds possible. I thought at first that it might mentally prevent an enemy from attacking you, or even help you. But the mask of Light can kind of do that as well.
red wagon man

1It could be a mask that makes copies of yourself, more like a mask of replication.

2That was kind of what I thought.......wait Karzahni in 2 forms?Hmm......
1Sounds like a set to me... I mean, I doubt Greg would change his shape if he just appears in the books and we can't see him, unless Greg has to explain a different shape for a set coming out... 2Just a guess. 3Khote
Electric Turahk

1Not Zamor? And not Matoran? Woooah, now. I think we need to double check on this... And I've already sent the PM, so now we wait... 2Because Greg didn't use the subletters when answering the questions, it makes it difficult to determine which answer goes to which question. But if he just skipped 3b, and answered 3a and 3c, then that means that Dekar and Defilak are not Matoran and can use Kanohi. So what are they then...? *sigh* Well, this sure is interesting...

3He said they are Matoran, and left off 3a and 3b because they only dealt with if they weren't Matoran.

1He said they are Matoran, and left off 3a and 3b because they only dealt with if they weren't Matoran.

2That have already been solved and answered.And now a message to keep on track.
3I PMed Mr.Farshtey hours ago when he was on.It seems that he isn't get to my PM yet.I will post it here once I get an answer.I asked alot of stuff about the Pit.So stay tune.
1Its been a while since I last PMed you and I'm sorry if this PM wasted any of your time.
21) How old are Dekar and Defilak? 32) Do they have any relationship to the leader of the Great War in Metru Nui? 43) Are the Hydruka(?) friends of Dekar and Defilak? 54) Is the Pit near any locations we know at this time? 65) Have you and theLego team discussed 2008 yet?
7Well, thanks for your time:

81) Close to 100,000 92) No 103) The hydruka are herd animals, so they are "friends" in the sense that cattle are the friends of the guy who owns the farm. 114) No. 125) Yes, 2008 is all mapped out already.

1QUOTE 21. If the story is underwater, does this mean the inika's new masks let them breathe underwater. 31a.If not is it a special ability of the inika 41b. Do the matoran have technology to breathe underwater? 52.Will we see the nuva next year? 63.Will we see takanuva battle dark hunter invaders? 74.Will we meet any more OoMN or BoM mebers next year? 85.Are there more great spirits than matanui? 96.Will we meet a great being? 107.Does the lost land have anything to do with the ingnika? 118.Will we discover the mask of life's original purpose?
12thanks greg

131) You'll find out in 2007 142) Possibly, in one of the books 153) No. I have no room for that in the story. 164) No. 175) Not in this universe, no. 186) Two Great Beings make a cameo in Bionicle Legends #5 this year. None show up next year, they no longer live in this universe. 197) Such as what? 208) I can tell you that now -- the mask exists to regenerate the life energies of Mata Nui. That is its only purpose.
1Hi, Sumiki here:
2I PMed GregF and this is what I got: Enjoy:
3Hi Greg... 4I've got a question about Lehvak. In quizzes on :bzpower: and on other quiz sites it says that Lehvak is a Bohrok of Acid, or Acidity. Other places, like the previous Bionicle.com, says that Lehvak is the Bohrok of Swamp. Even other scources say that Lehvak is the Bohrok of Air. I think Lehvak is the Bohrok of Swamp because Acid is Lehvak's "shield" power. But in The Official Elements Topic, Swamp is not a element. So I'm here to ask two things:
51: What is Lehvak's Element? 62: Is Swamp an element?
7Thanks for your time. I hope to be hearing back from you soon.

8He is listed as Bohrok of swamp, because there was no way LEGO would let us make him Bohrok of acid in 2002. Neither acid nor swamp are Toa elements.

9So should this go in the Official Elements Topic?
10Oh, and another...
111) Do you have plans for a Bionicle 2009? 122) Are Dekar and Delfiak good? Or are they bad? 132b) What role do Dekar and Delfiak have in the story? 143) What role do Thulox (splling?) and Morax have in the storyline? 153b) Are Thulox and Morax good or bad?
16Thanks in advance for your time.

181) Yes, but they haven't been run by top management yet. 192) Good 202b-3) You'll find out when we start telling the story. 213b) They are herd animals. Are cattle good or bad?

22Hmmm...Bionicle 2009 possibly? What are we waiting for, get the champaign out:
23Yet another...
241) How were the Barraki created? 252) Are the Barraki a species? i.e. There are more than six, just not in the story?
26Thanks for your time (again)

271) We don't discuss how BIONICLE beings come into being. 282) No, Barraki is a title, not a species name -- it means "warlord" in Matoran. So there are only six.

1Nothing really big, just wanted to clarify some stuff.
2Hello Mr. Farshtey (hope I spelled your name right), long time no PM. :) The OGD topic has so many good answers that I only have a few questions. I suppose you have much to do, so I'll try to stay short.
31. You told someone about Karzahni doing some rebuilding on himself. Did his "body-building" skills improve at least a bit since he had his last Matoran "customer"? If he's having a battle with Makuta, one would think that he needs some improvements to his body. Or will we see his second form after the fight?
42. We know Matoro is the one who is supposed to carry tha Ignika. You said that Makuta could be able to go into his spiritless body - though not with the intentions we would think of. But lets assume Makuta did so and is going for the Mask of Life. Could Matoro still carry it without his spirit? Could he or any other being fulfill his/her destiny if he/she has someone else's spirit inside his/her body? Or is both body and spirit needed to do that?
53. "... Makuta could be able to go into his spiritless body..." Now, does this mean that antidermis is able to "take over" an Inika body despite that it can't infect them the way it infected the Matoran?
64. And one really random last question: how many languages can you speak, Greg?
7Thanks for your time.

91) No, not after the fight, and I think it's debatable how much his skills have improved. 102) You could make the argument that if Matoro's spirit was in another body, then he could still carry the Ignika. But he needs a body with no spirit in it that is still alive, and those are pretty rare. Makuta in Matoro's body would not be able to carry the mask without being cursed. 113) Yup, same reason a Toa body with no spirit in it would be unable to use its Toa power. The guiding mind that consciously and unconsciously controls the body is gone. 124) Just one. My boss, however, speaks 8.

1Recently in the OGD, you named a Kanohi of Kindred. I searched for "kindred" on google, and it means "kin," just a longer version, or in other words, blood or marraige related.
21) Did you mean Kanohi Kindred, Mask of ? Or just Kanohi of Kindred? 31/a) How can a mask have a power of relation?
42) What is your least favorite Barraki to write about, personality-wise?
53) What ever happened to the October Toyfair? Did it get cancelled again like last year? 63/b) If it did get cancelled, when will the next images be released?
74) You said there will be book previews next year online. . . does that mean like the first chapter or so of the book, like in '04?
85) You said that the City of the Lost is the same as the Lost Land. . . Garan also said that after the Piraka are defeated and his villagers freed, he'd go down to the Matoran still alive in the Lost Land. 9Am I correct in saying that the first book is about Garan & Co. going down there, as the book doesn't feature any Toa?
106) What element would you like to see brought into BIONICLE? 116/b: What Kanohi power?
12That's it:
13Thanks in advance,

151) Simple. Let's say you were, oh, a being with the ability to fly (this is just an example) -- the Mask would allow you to duplicate the powers of every other flying creature. 162) Mantax and Ehlek are probably the trickiest for me to write. 173) It didn't get cancelled, it was this week. As far as when pics get released from it, that normally happens through various toy magazines, etc. LEGO doesn't release pics from ToyFair, because it's a show for retailers and press, not the public. 184) No, more like an excerpt. A full chapter would be too long for the web. 195) No, you're not. The first book focuses on the Barraki, because they are the new sets. Garan and company came out as sets a year ago, so there is no point in focusing on them -- I have to focus on new sets. 206) I really haven't thought about it. I am busy dealing with the ones we have.

21So the Mask of Kindred lets you duplicate ablilities. . . nice. And plus, look for Toyfair pics in mags:
1I said hi to Greg again:

2Hi Mr. Greg, me again :-) I have some more questions. Thanks:
31) Is it true that Toa Nidhiki's mask looked like Toa Iruini's?
41a) If not, what did it look like?
52) Last time I PMed you, I asked that if Makuta knew where the toa stones were and was guarding them, why didn't he destroy them, you responded by asking which toa stones I was referring to. So now, I say, I'm talking about the ones the Toa Metru made; the ones used to summon the Toa Mata.
63) How did Axonn and Brutaka survive when Voy Nui broke off the mainland and shot up onto the surface?
74) What is so special about Metru Nui?
85) Makuta is capable of slowly killing Mata Nui. Could he do so to a Great Being or would they smight him the second he started?
96) Did some Brotherhood members protest against Makuta's plans?
106a) If so, what did the Brotherhood to them?
117) Why is the unknown Brotherhood member in hiding?
128) On the Dark Hunters book Keetongu is on it, you said to someone that was an error. What was supposed to be on the cover?
139) What do Bionicle people eat?
1410) Can a Toa survive in their own element? i.e. Can Tahu jump into lava or fire and come out unharmed?
1511) Will we ever see the Bionicle Mainland?
1612) If someone found Mata Nui himself, what would he be doing? i.e. lying on a stone table in a cold sweat groaning.
1713) How do you picture Mata Nui?
1814) In BA1, Whenua almost frees some Krana and then thanks the Great Beings he didn't. If the Bahrag are inactive, shouldn't the Krana?
1915) If there is a Krana/Kraata hybrid, then is there a Bohrok/Rahkshi armor hybrid for these creatures.
2016) Are these hybrids Brotherhood expierament?
2116a) What is their purpose?
2217) What is Takanuva's destiny?
2318) What did Dume sacrifice his power for?
2419) Why isn't electricity/ligntning a Toa element?
2520) Why did the story team choose Hahli instead of Macku to be a Toa?
2621) Will the member of the 1st toa team be a toa or turaga?
2722) If only one is destined to even touch the mask of life, how do the piraka expect to handle it?
28Thanks in advance Mr. Farshtey: More later :-)

291) No. Iruini's mask shape honored a past Toa -- why would you honor Nidhiki when he's a traitor? 302) Probably because Makuta didn't believe a Matoran would be able to make it past his guards. We also don't know what happens if you destroy something that has Toa energy in it. 313) Same way the Matoran on the island survived. 324) Sorry, can't answer it 335) Makuta isn't slowly killing him. Mata Nui is dying as a result of damage done indirectly as a result of Makuta's attack. All Makuta did was put him in a coma. And no, Makuta probably could not harm a Great Being at his current power level. 346) No. 357) Which one? 368) The Shadowed One 379) BIONICLE beings absorb energy directly from certain things by making physical contact. On Metru Nui, there was a central spot in Ga-Metru where Matoran could absorb lots of energy and so only have to eat once a year. On Mata Nui, they didn't have that and so had to absorb energy from fish and fruits and things like that and eat more often. 3810) No. They have a heightened resistance to that element, but not an immunity to it. Meaning Tahu could survive in lava two or three seconds longer than anyone else. 3911) I can't discuss future storyline 4012) Sleeping 4113) I already know what Mata Nui looks like 4214) No. All the Bahrag being inactive means is they are no longer in touch with the krana, giving them direction. And back in BA #1, Whenua had never heard of a Bahrag, had no idea what one was or how krana worked. Remember, that was 1000 years before the Toa Mata fought the Bahrag. 4315) No. The "krana/kraata" hybrid was a description -- that was what it LOOKED like -- not necessarily that it actually was a krana/kraata hybried. 4416) See answer to #15 4517) Can't answer it 4618) That has not been revealed in the story. 4719) Because there has been no reason to include it at this point. I am not ruling it out as an element, but if I introduce it, it can only be as some cameo character, because there is no set that matches that. 4820) Because Hahli, as a result of starring in MNOG2 and her appearance in Mask of Light, is better known to most fans than Macku is. 4921) Toa 5022) You're assuming the Piraka know about that. Vezon obviously didn't before he touched it, so why would they?
1I got some nice info on The Pit here. :)
2Hello Mr.Farshtey.I have some more questions.So here goes.
31. Is The Pit just a name or is it actually a pit?If my guess is right then it's underwater so can't the Barraki swim or float out of the Pit?
42. You said that the Barraki have a army.But for what?Defence or offense?
53. What are the names of the 6 Barraki?
64. If beings that are very evil are banished to The Pit and the Barraki have survived there for 80,000 years then the Barraki is very,very strong right?
75. Is the Barraki's army also banished there or are they somewhere else?
86. If the Pit is underwater,can the Barraki breath underwater or that they evolved to breath underwater.
97. What do the Barraki do in the Pit?Just sit there?
108. What would the Barraki do the minute they are out of the Pit?
11That's it for now.Thanks for your time.

131) Swim to where? 142) Offense 153) You will find out when we announce the sets 164) Yes 175) No, they are from elsewhere 186) Yes 197) And hunt. 208) You'll find out their ambitions in 2007

21So it seems that The Pit is a pit that is underwater.But somehow they can't escape it.Perhaps that the pit is in an another dimension.Where The Pit stretches far and wide with no where to go.The Barraki built the army to attack.That must mean that they have somthing they wanted.The Barraki is one of the toughest creatures there from what I see.They can breath underwater.And they hunt in The Pit.Hmmm.....extremely interesting.....
2213) I already know what Mata Nui looks like

23I already know?So how Mata Nui looks must be finaled right?
24So the Mask of Kindred lets you duplicate abilities

25That is like the most powerful mask/////
268) I can tell you that now -- the mask exists to regenerate the life energies of Mata Nui. That is its only purpose.

27It's made to keep Mata Nui alive?.....Why don't they just give it to Mata Nui to keep while having Umbra as a bodygaurd?
1QUOTE 21.) Would you say the Barraki are as ruthless as the Piraka, or are the more like TSO, who would kill a traitor casually?
32.) The Toa that is from the first team, is he/ she the only one left?
43.) How many generations before the Toa Mata was this Toa active?
54.) We know that if one Toa Nuva dies then Mata Nui can't be awakened, thus their destiny can't be completed. If this holds true for all Toa teams, does that mean that if a Toa dies that the members of that team can't complete their destiny, and are then stuck as Toa, never becoming Turaga?
65.) I read your description of the mask of kindred, and I'm still unsure of what it does. It it power mimicry of those around you, or what?
76.) Have the Barraki known any Toa that we have, I know no current teams, but I mean ones like Lhikan, Dume, or Norik?
87.) Can the Barraki use a mask power? (Do they have the mental discipline)
98.) If they do, do they have masks?
109.) Set-wise do you like them as much as the Piraka?
1110.) So the Pit is in the same vicinity as the Lost City?
1211.) Why would they put the Pit somewhere so close to the Mask of Life, or is it that close since the cataclysm?
1312.) Do the Barraki have a leader, so to speak, or do they operate independently?
1413.) Can you describe the Pit, I mean is there torture going on, or are they just kinda stuck?
1514.) If Brutaka is sent to the Pit, couldn't he leave if he wanted to with his mask?
1615.) In Power Play, when Kongu's Suletu activated on its own by the Antidermis, did Makuta do this on purpose to scare Kongu, or was this just an accident caused by two telepaths entering the same area?
1716.) Would you put Kongu (if he used the Suletu for a while) on the same level as Xavier in the X-Men?
18That's all for now, thanks in advance.

201) The Barraki are warlords. Warlords are brutal when they need to be, but overall, practical. They won't hesitate to kill you if they would benefit by it or they have no use for you. If they won't benefit by it, it is a pointless expenditure of energy and a waste of resources. Barraki think in military terms. 212) I can't answer this one, it's too early to discuss him in detail. 223) See answer to #2 234) If it is a destiny that requires the entire team to accomplish something, yes. 245) No. Kindred refers to being or creatures who are related to you in some way, in this case by your environment and how you operate within it. So, to use the flying example and a human as an example -- if you were a human that could fly, you could use the mask to give you the keen eyesight of a hawk, or the stamina to travel long distances, or the direction sense to always be able to find your way to your base no matter where in the world you are, or any other power flying creatures have. Has nothing to do with whether one is close to you or not -- it is still your kindred. 256) No. 267) Possibly, but I doubt they would if they could. In their minds, relying on a mask power is using a crutch. While they will use weapons, their true strength is their minds and their limbs and their ability to rule. A hero who depends on his mask and weakens if it's taken off is contemptible in their eyes. 278) No. 289) I like them more, because they are more differentiated than the Piraka were. 2910) Yes 3011) Keep in mind that Voya Nui is not where it was originally -- it was blown up out of its dome and then floated a long time. 3112) Yes, they do. 3213) No, there is no one there to torture them. There is a jailer, or at least there was -- the Barraki killed him a while back, though there are unconfirmed reports he is up and walking around again. 3314) Yes, he could. But unless he went to another dimension and stayed there, Botar would find him again. Plus, he is not the only one with the ability to dimension hop, as the Atlas will show. 3415) Basically, it was an accident. The Suletu was in the vicinity of a very powerful mind, plus Kongu doesn't know how to shut it off, so it picks up what it picks up. 3516) I think he would have to use it for centuries to reach that level.
1First off just some usual questions
2Hello Mr. Greg, a couple of Q's today
31)Which was in its current location first, the 2007 Location , or the Pit?
42)What kind of armies did the Barraki have behind them?
53)Will we ever see these armies?
64)Will Karzahni rebuild himself?
75)Does only the OOMN have access to the Pit?
86)Can we assume that the barraki are from the time when the BOM was good since they were a threat to them and sent to the Pit?
97)Did Botar send the Barraki to the Pit?
108)Do Defliak and Dekar know of the Barraki?
119)What are the current goals of the Barraki?
1210)Were the Barraki well known when they weren't in the Pit?
1311)Is the alliance on Xia good or Evil?
1412)Is Roodaka a part of this alliance, since Xia is her home island?
1513)Did the alliance have anything to do with all the industrialization on Xia?
16I suppose thats it. Thanks for the answers Greg:

171) You'll find out next year 182) When? Now, or before they were sent to the Pit? 193) Same answer as #2 204) See answer to #1 215) No. 226) See answer to #1 237) Yes 248) I am sure they have heard of them. 259) See answer to #1 2610) Yes 2711) See answer to #1, and it's not on Xia, it was with Xia. 2812) Only in as much as everyone on Xia was involved in it. 2913) Yes

30And now....OMG a paragraph from the Bionicle Legends#6 Prologue. First fan to get it:
31hey greg,
32I recently sent a pm asking what kind of armies the barraki had to which you replied "Now, or before they were sent to the Pit?"
331)What I meant was what armies did they have before they were sent to the Pit?
342)What kind of armies do they have now that they are in the Pit?
353)Will we ever see either of these armies?

371) Just because I had a good day today, you get to be the first fan to see a bit of the prologue to Bionicle Legends #6 (in answer to your first question):
38Pridak stood on the tower of his island fortress, looking down at his assembled army. His troops came from an endless number of places. Some were Matoran criminals, others ex-Dark Hunters seeking refuge from their former employer, and by far the majority were simply beings who did no long welcome in their homelands. They were thieves, murderers, traitors, and liars, and easily the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.
39Note that I may change one part of this, as I have to re-check my DH history and make sure they would have been around at this time. Originally, I thought they were not, but I need to check my timeline -- if they are in existence at this point, then I can leave the scene as is.

402) Can't answer it
413) Yes
42Presumably the paragraph from legends #6 is from before the Barraki were sent to the Pit.
1Interesting, a portion of BL6. Could that mean Pridak is the leader? Thanks for sharing this.