1Jalan :
2Too bad that Mutran isn´t worthy of his mask, probably because he is store exclusive and must have Chirox´s Shelek...
1First, thanks for your time Mr. Farshtey
21)Now that the toa mahri are in metru can they still be called mahri, shouldnt they be called "Toa Metru", or you dont want to make confusions?
32)I dont see the sense of karzahni being taken to the pit, since he was already in the pit
43)If the turaga hid the great masks, who hid the nuva masks?
5And happy new year.

61) I don't want to make confusion, plus it was as a Mahri that Matoro died and they keep the name in honor of him 72) Who said he was taken to the Pit? I never said that. 83) Artakha
1I know that his mask was origionaly going to be the artidax but you say now it can't because it's the same. I thought that makuta can shapeshft their masks. Couldn't you use the artdax by saying either or both mutran and chirox shapeshifted their mask? Please consider because I just thought makuta would be a little more unique.

2I could say it, but then it gets very confusing for more casual fans because you have two masks that look exactly the same and do different things. We did that with the Hagah and I still get PMs from fans who were confused by it.

3I'm talking about Mutran
1What the heck is the artidax?
2And in the story, Jaller can't hold two swords and a launcher. He only had two swords as a Mahri.
1To bad Mutran didn't get the Artidax, that mask would fit his personality so well. But you have to admit, a mask like that would become overpowered, and put him at a really unfair advantage.
1Supreme Toa- You have to PM him with your questions.

2What the heck is the artidax?
3And in the story, Jaller can't hold two swords and a launcher. He only had two swords as a Mahri.

4it's the origional mask mutran was gonna have before greg found out that he had the same mask mold as chirox. It's the mask of mutation.
1that was apasting problem, the answers didnt pasted
1Binky and co. updated BIONICLE.com today (or yesterday, not sure :unsure: ), but a few things confused me:
21)Acording to BIONICLE.com, Mutran wears the Kanohi Artidax, but BS01 says it's a Shelek. Which is it?
4Aggressive, he is not really a long-range planner, more a fierce warrior. In his opinion, complex tactics and strategies don't win battles – crushing your enemy before he crushes you wins battles.

5This is from Antroz's bio, but it sounds more like a description of Icarax. Is Antroz's personality similar to Icarax's?
7"This is just like that time you fought the acid-spitting air serpents, remember that?"

8This is Solek's bio quote (But you know that :P ), are these serpents in Karda Nui?
94) So if th Makuta refuse to recognize Kirop's authority, why even bother making Galva the Shadow Matoran leader? Shouldn't the Makuta lead the Matoran themselves?
105) Have you seen the Phantoka commercial yet? If so, is it canon?
11Thanks for your time, hope I'm not bothering you with questions already asked by others.

13The errors on BIONICLE.com have already been forwarded to the web producer.
143) They were. 15Where'd they go? 164) Do you think Makuta have time to adjudicate every dispute among their slaves? 17Well, no. 185) Haven't seen it

11) This one has been bugging me for quite a while, If the Toa Nuva were exposed to energized protodermis, being already exposed whtat would happen, nothing, would they be transformed again or would they die?
22)now that the phantoka are blind can they use they vison powers and accuracy power?
33)if Vakama named the island mata nui, how was it called before, the OoMN also called it Mata nui in Gali's Blog or was that its name before and Vakama naming it was just a coincidence?

41) Depends. If they are not destined to transform again, they would die. 52) Only if they are telepathically seeing through a Matoran's eyes so they know where to aim 63) Have you considered that the OOMN simply knows what the Matoran named the island?
1Hey Greg. I hope your haveing a happy new year. Anyway, I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.
21. I know the Kanohi Olmak can create a port for teleportation, but can it create a portal that acts as a "window" rather then a "door". What I mean by "window" is creating a portal that allows one to see what's on the other side.
32. Can Botar create a portal (like the Olmak) to telepot as well as simply appearing and dissappearing. 42b. If so, then is it a member of Botar's species that is teleporting Destral?
53. Will Tahu, Gali, and Onua be taking aquatic forms (though I dought as aquatic as the Toa Mahri) when the go into the Swamp of Secrets?
64. Which is your favorite Makuta of 08? You know, the ones that are known so far. Mine is a tie between Antroz and Icarax.
75. Will we find out what type of Kanohi the Av-Matoran/Shadow Matoran wear?
86. Were the Golden Kanohi the Toa Mata wore sent from Artakha?
9Thanks Greg.

101) No 112) No 122b) No 133) I can't discuss summer sets or storyline 144) Probably Mutran 155) I am in no rush to do this. Since the masks have no power, they won't be getting used regardless of what they are -- and if I say they are X and Y, and then they get reused by the designers later and I don't want them to be X and Y but A and B, I have a problem. 166) They were probably crafted on Artakha, yes

1ToyFair will probably be held within the next month or two, so that will reveal the details of the SuperTitans and T3 and co. No need to pm Mr. Farshtey about them, since he can't answer questions about them anyway.
1Here is the reason why Tahu's team is in the swamp while the Ignika isn't in the swamp
2Hi Greg
3Some questions
41- Can the shadow matoran really fly with their wings? 51b- Can the av-matoran really fly using their jetpacks?
62- Wich mask did you like better on Mutran? Artidax (correct spelling?) or Shelek?
73- What does Mutran then use to mutate?
84- If the ignika helps the Kopaka's team, what in the name of Mata Nui are Tahu's team doing in the swamp?
9All for now

101) Yes 111b) Yes 122) Moot point, since it is Shelek now 133) His own skill and the same processes used to create Rahi in the first place 144) You're assuming Tahu's team knows the Ignika is up top -- they don't

1QUOTE 2if the makuta are able to shapeshift their masks like antroz did 3couldnt that happen with the artidax on mutran?

4It could, but then I would have two masks that look the same doing different things. We did that once already with the Hagah and I still get PMs from fans who are confused by it and think Norik wears a Kiril. It's not worth the confusion it causes.

5good point. 6although 7lhikans hau 8other pehukis 9wouldnt that mean that all masks that look the same have the same powers 10and by extention 11all masks which look different have different powers
1sorry 2server trouble
1sorry server trouble (again)
1#4: Uh oh. Thats not good news.
1Hope your new year is off to a great start. :)
21. Since Takua was an Av-Matoran that was in Karda Nui and the Toa Mata were assigned to protect Karda Nui, did Takua and the Toa Mata know each other during that time?
31a. If so, is it possible that we will see Takanuva in both his Matoran form and Toa form in BL10?
42. We know that beings can be brought back to life using their mask if they haven't been dead for a long period of time. Does the Ignika possess this power, as well?
52a. I know the Ignika can not give life to inorganic objects, but is it possible that the Ignika could accidentally make the mask come to life seeing as there are organic molecules on the mask?
6Thank you for your time,

81-1a) Yes 92) No 102a) What organic molecules are on the mask?

11On number 2a I was confusing bio mechanical with organic.
1I don't think there's anything new or very interesting here 2QUOTE 3Thank you for answering my questions. I have some more, if you don't mind.
41.Who leads the OoMN? 52.Is the OoMN planning on taking on the BoM? 63.If it is, is it gathering an army? 74.Does it only recruit the elite, or is it trying to get as many recruits as possible? 85.Is an estimate of around 500 members close?
9Thank you.

101) Gets revealed later this year 112) If necessary, yes 123) It already has one 134) It recruits people it feels it can trust 145) I can't discuss this
1Hi again Greg. Just have a few questions for you. 21) Are the shielded walls in the Universe Core strong enough to prevent a Makuta from using density control to get through them, or teleporting inside? 32) You yourself know where the Mutagen originated, right? 43) Can you tell me how long the Av-Matoran had been reassigned to the Core before the Nuva got there? (A few weeks, a few days, a year, that kind of thing) 54) The none of the BoM knows Mata Nui's physical form yet, right? 64a) Do any of them have a hunch? 75) When Matoro died, was the energy that saved Mata Nui boosted or channeled in any way by the Core itself? 8Thanks: 9-Ax-

101) No, because we know Artakha was able to teleport the Nuva through them 112) Yes 123) The Av-Matoran weren't reassigned to the core, they ended up there as a result of the Great Cataclysm 1001 years ago 134) Correct 144a) No 155) Not sure I understand your question
165) For number 5, I was wondering if the energy that saved Mata Nui was increased in amount by the Core itself (kind of like if you have an electrical current, but add more voltage to it,), and if the Core redirected the energy into Mata Nui.
17I also thought of a couple more... 181) Does the Ignika know Mata Nui's location? 192) Does most of the OoMN know where he is? 20Thanks again: 21-Ax-

225) No 231) No 242) No, none of them do

25Just a few things, I'm cooking up a theory, and those questions are related to it. :)-Ax-
1I thought I'd give you a break from the 2008 questions you can't answer, so instead, here's some completely pointless questions about mask powers.
21. Kualsi: Is this mask's ability similar to that of the Kakama? or does it literally shift the position of the user's molecules instantanously (i.e. here one moment, there the next)? I always imagined it to be similar to Nightcrawler's ability. Also, how fast does this power work - does it take time to activate, or is it instantaneous, and very much a battle mask? Also, why doesn't the Kualsi have a scope, a la the Matatu, to increase distance seen?
32. Rode: Is this mask always "on", or does the wearer need to know when to use it? also, in terms of detecting when someone is lying: does it base its ability off of the belief of the person speaking, or a "higher" truth?
43. Elda: Can you find anything with this mask, as long as you know what it is you are looking for? Also, are the indicating headaches unique to the Ignika search? How would an inorganic mask communicate? On BS01, it states "There are only a few versions of this Great Mask because the major purpose of the Elda is to track down the Ignika." That seems really narrowminded - can you verify this information?
54. Huna VS Volitak: What are the differences between the masks? For example, in what kind of situation would you prefer a Huna to a Volitak, or vice versa?
65. Rode: Would the user be able to see someone using the Volitak?
76. Suletu: When not organic, in the case of Krakua, is it still scaly, or does it become more symmetrical?
8(skipped) Suletu VS Komau: Would the Suletu be able to "suggest" things to others? Would the Komau be able to "look" into another's mind? Is there any overlap in ability?
97. Kadin VS Miru: When would you prefer one mask over the other? I know the difference between levitation and flight, but the Kadin just seems all-around useful.
108. Akaku VS Ruru: (in reference to seeing in the dark) Could the Akaku be an alternate solution to this kind of situation?
119. Mahiki: Please explain this mask's shapeshifting ability, as compared to say, the Makuta's abilities, or its own illusory abilities.
1210. Akaku: (in reference to the Mahiki) Can this mask see through a Mahiki's illusions or shapeshift?
1311. As an afterthought, and unrelated: Is the first toa also a member of the first toa team?

161) It is a not a mask of fast movement, it is a mask of teleportation, so it is instantaneous, and is used for combat. And it doesn't have a scope because the set designer did not give it one. 172) Has to be activated, and is based on higher truth. 183) Outside of finding the Ignika and seeing spirits, we have never identified the Elda as being able to find anything else. It is uniquely designed for searching for the Ignika. And inorganic masks can't communicate, because they aren't alive, the sole exception being the Mask of Life. 194) The Huna conceals you from sight, but that's it. You can still be heard. The Volitak does not make you as hard to see as the Huna, but it makes you very difficult to hear as well. So if you have to sneak past guards in a fortress, you might be better off using the Volitak. If you are caught inside and want to freeze and not be seen, use the Huna. 205) Yes 216) That would be up to the set designers, not me 227) When would you prefer a jet plane to a hot air balloon? We use both in our world, so both obviously have their uses. You also, if you live in Metru Nui for example, might not have access to a Kadin. 238) No. Akaku handles X-ray and telescopic vision, not night vision. 249) It's very similar to Makuta's ability, except that Makuta can shapeshift and then get on with his day and do five other things. Someone wearing the Mahiki has to maintain concentration to keep the new form. 2510) No. X-ray vision will not allow you do that. 2611) No
1Greg has told us that Kongu's Suletu looks exactly like the normal one.
1But set designers could change the Suletu or make a new version if they wished.

1I have been noticing that people have been talking about how cool it would be if Pewku returned.
2Wouldn't it be cool if he came back with a whole bunch of adaptive armor 3(like Lewa,Kopaka and Pohatu),and huge battle claws. :D
4Then Takanuva could ride him and soar across Karda Nui.
5Even though it's probably not possible it would still be cool, would'nt it?
6EDIT:I removed "hey Greg" thing :lol:
1Sorent, you have to PM your questions to Greg via the link on the first page. :P
Takua the Wanderer
1Sorent, you have to PM your questions to Greg via the link on the first page. :P

3I just made a fool out of myself :lol:
1mr. farshtey,
2i have a few q's
31. will you release the rest of the toa hagah?
42. does pohatu nuva have any hands instead of his drills/propellers/claws ?
53.will there ever be a lightning matoran or toa like the one on lesovikk's team?
64. i heard a rumor that lego will cut the fund for bionicle in 2010 is this true?
75. do the tridax pods explode on impact or on the launcher's will in mid air?
86.when does the toa ignika come into the picture?
9please reply
1Kalamah, you have to PM your questions to Greg via the link on the first page. :P
The average nutjob
1Just some info.

21.Can a person be drained of all his darkness? 32.Is there some way to make or return light in someone?

41) Theoretically, it's possible 52) Haven't decided yet

6if someone has no light, and you took their shadow then they would become zombies basicly, and I don't think that would be a very interesting thing.
1Does anybody know what day the 08 sets are coming out in the U.S? Mainly around Ohio? Thanks :D

14- If the ignika helps the Kopaka's team, what in the name of Mata Nui are Tahu's team doing in the swamp?

24) You're assuming Tahu's team knows the Ignika is up top -- they don't

3I knew it: They went to search for the Ignika, but probably find something else interesting instead.
Spiney Norman
1Does anybody know what day the 08 sets are coming out in the U.S? Mainly around Ohio? Thanks :D

2You should ask that in the Official 2008 sets topic.
1No, he had one energized flame sword and a zamor launcher.

2No, that is only in the set. Besides, the Toa Inika didn't use their Zamor Launchers for combat, so it makes sense that he would have a second one. Plus, it's been confirmed Nuparu has the Aqua Blaster Blade even though it wasn't in the set. Also, if Jaller wanted to use his Zamor Launcher, he could just put one away; just like Nuparu puts his blade away when he wants to use his Cordak.
1Look - Toa Inika Jaller had one sword, Toa Mahri Jaller had two swords, it's not that hard to understand. :P
1Look - Toa Inika Jaller had one sword, Toa Mahri Jaller had two swords, it's not that hard to understand. :P

2It was Toa Inika Jaller that had two swords, not Jaller Mahri. :)
1Look - Toa Inika Jaller had one sword, Toa Mahri Jaller had two swords, it's not that hard to understand. :P

2It was Toa Inika Jaller that had two swords, not Jaller Mahri.

3Both of them had only one sword.
1Look - Toa Inika Jaller had one sword, Toa Mahri Jaller had two swords, it's not that hard to understand. :P

2It was Toa Inika Jaller that had two swords, not Jaller Mahri.

3Both of them had only one sword.

4Yeah, Shadow-Nui was right. :P I misread the following quote, since he said BL7, I assumed they were already in Mahri form. :P
52)Jaller Inika had two swords in BL7, where did he find the other one?

62) Always had it, just didn't in the set

1Well that sums that up. Jaller had 2 swords in Inika form, 1 sword in Mahri form. There. That's it.
1Does Book info take precedence over comic and web info?
1Does Book info take precedence over comic and web info?

2Well, Greg is the writer, and if he says that Jaller had two swords as an Inika, then he had two swords.
1All this is for the wiki, because there are a couple minor inconsistencies I've noticed over the years that could easily have a several-word storyline explanation.
21. As I'm sure you've noticed, Treespeak has gotten far less prominent and eccentric in recent years. Could this be explained by saying that Le-Matoran often tone it down when in the presence of other Matoran types in order to sound more intelligible?
32. Simply because the color of stone characters has been changing so much during recent character transformations, do you think it would be safe to say that elemental stone colors are less fixed than those of other elements? You know, just a bit less stable?
43. I know that you didn't work on the movies, but I assume you could easily confirm or deny this one: 5In both Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows, minuscule versions of Pewku from the first movie were seen crawling around as background-rahi, presumably to save money on character design. Because we know that Ussal Crabs grow in size as they age, could one assume that these are very young Ussals?

61) Well, the Le-Matoran on Voya Nui and Mahri Nui did not, for the most part, use it, because they were not natives of Metru Nui. Defilak had picked up some on a visit there, so he used it a little bit, but in general, it is a regional dialect, it's not something Le-Matoran everywhere use.
72) Do we know that fire Toa or ice Toa do not also come in different colors in other places?
83) Sure, why not?

91. I'm referring to Kongu, in particular. Here are some quotes: 10Kongu in 2007:
11"Just once -- Just once: -- I'd like to take a trip-walk without someone trying to kill me:"

12Kongu in 2001:
13"Traveler beware: Darktime come. Matau stolen, Lewa gone: Le-Koronans prepare for battleflight:"

14I thought he most likely toned it down around the other Toa Mahri.
152. I'm not referring to the location so much as Hewkii himself... He went from tan and orange to yellow and metallic grey to yellow and black... And now Pohatu's gone from tan and brown to orange and grey... Just seems it could be explained pretty easily.
163. Cool.

171) I did not write Kongu's dialogue in 2001, that is all from the web game which I had no involvement with and feel no need to stay consistent with. I stick closer to how Lewa and Matau talked in the movies, as the Kongu dialogue you cited seems really extreme. 182) Not something I am worrying about, frankly.