1Actually, Mata-Nui-oligist, here's a quote I got from him a while back:
2"14) Twenty years of story means twenty years of general high concept (like, this year is set in the past, and it is about the Turaga when they were Toa. That is high concept.) It is not written down in detail -- that is done on a year by year basis, and so is product design. Also, story is technically supposed to follow product design, not the other way around -- just doesn't always work that way. Anyway, even if we had 20 years in detail, the designers can't do more than one year's worth of sets at a time -- not enough time. Plus you just don't do that ... you need to see how sets are selling, what is working and what is not, so you don't repeat mistakes."
3Also about the Balrog thing, originally they (and Sauron) were Maiar just like the Istari and the rest. They turned into shadow creatures when they turned evil. That was kinda the gist of my questions. Was Makuta always shadow (and evil) or did he become that later?

Nuhrii the Metruan
2This has been confirmed a long time ago. I asked Greg if they will give us a hint how he became like that and the answer was "maybe, but not in 2005" He was definately Toa of Air, because he can fly. On the info how Lhikan looks, I made up a theory how Nidhiki looks. 3-eyes: Red (Lhikan has the same eye colour as Vakama, so Nidhiki must have the same as Matau) 4-half-green, half-gold (as Lhikan: half-red, half-gold) 5-Gold Kanohi Miru in a new look

7Really? That is incredibly interesting as I haven't read anything about that. All I have heard is that LoMN is only meant to hint at the fact. There were other theories, like 'brother' means 'allies in battle'. 8We never actually got a confirmation. And if we did, PLEASE provide a quote, Nuhrii , as I gotta read it... 9And Nidhiki doesn't have to be a Toa of Air. He flies because he's a Dark Hunter, as Dark Hunters have a built in ability to fly. Krekka flies, if you're wondering. 10And in my opinion, I'd say Nidhiki, if he ever was humanoid, he would be urban green (Matau's colour) with metallic green.

21. will karzanhi only be in maze of shadows, or will he also be in 05?
32. will the makuta brothers story be late 05?

51) You will have to wait and see.
62) No. 2005 is the Toa Hordika-Visorak storyline. When we get to the brotherhood of Makuta, it is going to be a major, major story arc that extends for longer than any of our other stories have.

1Bioman11 when did you get these ansers?
2Becuse I sent some to him, and have herd nothing...
3Edit: Only an erer hehe..
1Sounds like they have plans for Makuta. Please be 2006:::::::: A major arc? That's gonna rock.
1I asked Greg about the disk of time.
2Hey, ho: It's me again, with 3 questions about the DOT
31. If it was not made in Ta-Metru, why does the code have a 1 in it? Couldn't it be a 7 sice it was made all over?
42. What does the 9 in the middle mean? The numbers only used to go up to 8 in the middle (I'm surprised no one asked this yet).
53. The disk of time is, in the storyline, unexsistant since Vakama took 2, than 1, and so on and so forth, correct?

81) It was made by a Ta-Matoran, though.
92) 9 is the power number for time, and I have been asked this already
103) No. The disk of time does exist. He combines all six disks into it and then carves the mask from it.

111. I figured this, but I wanted to make sure. Also, techincally, it was made by a Ta-Toa 122. I didn't see anyone asking it, sry. 133. I thought he didn't combine them all at once? Oh well, I'll check it out.
1Spiolers::: (Finally I can say it) :D

2You lyed when you siad LOMN was good: You forgot to tell us it was the most incredble Awsome most best thing in Bionicle's histery: Gotcha: anyway, after seeing it, I've got some questions for you...not shure if you got these already or not...

31:What hapend to Nihdiki ane Krekka?
41) Well, they were absorbed into Makuta .. whether or not they were ever seen again remains to be seen. 5Ick:

62:How did the Vahki proswaid the matoran to get in those capsles?Did they hit them in the back of the head or somthing? I wouldint go willingly...

72) I would assume Dume told them they had to do that for the safety of the city or something like that. 8Still would have put up a fight...

93:Did I here Whenua say "Doody"? Thats just wrong... 10I wouldint anser it ether...
114:What was the line you said we would be talking about for months?
124) Makuta's reference to joining him and his brothers

135:What was your favrate part of the movie?
145) Hmmmm ... I liked the shots of the city

156:What was that stuff holding Makuta at the end? It looked like ice, or proto, but I wanted to confirm...
166) Solid proto

177:The ending was alot beter then I thought it would be, but they didint make the matoran smaller, why?
187) Because the shrinking and memory loss did not happen right away .. it happened over time after they were on Mata Nui. Remember, the legend says that Makuta sapped the power of the Matoran.

198:How did Makuta make a replica of dume? He was in full costume...
208) Makuta is a shapeshifter, he can look like whatever he wants. He just copied the look of the real Dume 21Duh:

229:Where did all the sphere's come from? Are they matoran made?
239) No, they were brought in from outside the city 24(wierd...)

2510:I didint see any earth qwake, the ground shoulk but the real reson they left was Makuta right?
2610) No, Makuta was trapped. But his absorbing all the power in the city wrecked the power plant and caused an earthquake and much of the city was wrecked 27Ah...

2811: And the mask of time when do they get it back? (the one that fell in the proto sea)
2911) That story gets told next year

3012:And does Vakama still have the other three great disks?
3112) No, all six were used to make the Vahi 32(I thouht it only toulk three?)

3313: Turaga Lihkan dies:?: *sigh*, they did that seen serprisingly well, Vakama actully qwiverd a little there....man, anyway he used his sheld? why didint it work? Was Makuta's power just to mutch?
3413) Remember that Lhikan's mask was Noble at that point -- not as powerful as a Great Mask, and no way it could stand up to the unleashed power of Makuta. 35(I wasint talking about his mask I ment is old toa tool)

3614: So, B3... Have you seen any sketches of the charicters? No detale needed...
3714) Not of the movie characters, no. I haven't seen any artwork at all on that one yet. 38(nuts:)

39Ok I'm done pestering you now, I saw you on the DVD BTW, and I can finaly read BA5 Yes: thanks you for your time and efert put into us fans....

40Questions in grey, 41Gregs ansers in black 42My thoughts in orange.
1I read somewhere in here, the reason it only "took" three discs to make the Vahi in the movie, is because they couldn't find a place(or time) to show Vakama combining the remaining three.
1Dragonmaster2050... you basically said what I was saying.. or rather that quote says what I was saying. That the sets dont' dictate the storyline the storyline dictates the sets.
2:m: :k: :j:
1Bonesiii.....Well I have read everything BIONICLE related that GregF does... I know that he doesn't design the sets.. and I know he does the writing.
2WHat I am saying is I find it strange that he doesn't know what that set might be . I mean I am sure the designers use his descriptions to design the sets. I mean I dont' think the sets designers dictate the storyline.. i can't see them saying.. ooh yeah put a all silver guy in your storyline... I think it is viceversia... So that is why I find it strange that he doesn't know who that charact might be
3:m: :k: :j:

4How about you ask him? ;)
5Kinda Spoilers: Minor, very:

6I am not surprised at all, because it's still early, not yet '05 yet, and he's often said he hasn't seen sets for a long time after they've been made ('cuz people bug him about it all the time and he says he hasn't seen the set yet ;)).

7BTW, I want to emphasize something Greg said about this prototype? Greg said that it is most likely silver because it's a prototype, so let's not assume the final set is going to be silver, okay, folks? I know if the rumor that this set is silver officially takes hold there will be complainst if when you see the final version it is colored. So please take note of that.... ;)
8Oh, and Dave, Nuhrii is right that that was confirmed a while ago, it was posted in here too. Plus you and a few other people need spoiler warnings. ;)

2Questions bold, answers normal, comments blue.
31. Supposed you have a newly molded disk and a disk of the same power level and type, but that has been exhausted. If you melted them both down, would there be any difference between the two piles of molten proto you would get? Say, in purity? 4Good question. I don't think so. I don't believe that power being exhausted would be a result of growing impurity.
52. Would the wearer of a Mask of Teleportation be able to teleport other objects, himself, or both? 6I would say themselves.
73. And would they have any control over the final destination? 8I think that, given sufficient experience, you would be able to pick general direction and rough distance traveled, but you wouldn't be able to pick a specific point and go there.
94. What did the Toa do with their Great Disks during the events of The Darkness Below? 10Carried them with them. 11I sorta thought so, but he doesn't mention them at all...
125. Whenua asked, "Since when are Matoran just zapped into Toa?" Does that mean he was unaware that such a thing was even possible? Obviously, it's not something that happens every day, but I figure if the historian of the group had never heard of it, that might suggest interesting things about the Toa before his six. 13Well, keep in mind that the Toa before his six did not come from Metru Nui. So how would he be aware of Toa origins?
146. Do you know if either the Hordika or Visorak will come with Kanoka cards? 15Offhand, I don't think so.
167. Was Krahka at all inspired by Mystique from X-Men? 17No, I have never been a big X-Men person. I am more an Avengers person. I just happen to like shapeshifter characters -- I created a character back in '96 for a novel I did whose name was Vig. He was a demon who worked as a collector for loan sharks. Each day, the interest on the loan compounded, and each day he got new and better powers -- his name came from "Vigorish," the term for interest on a shark loan. So I was sort of thinking of him.
18Now, I have some questions about Legends of Metru Nui. First, I have to say how much I enjoyed it. I hope the next one is as good.
198. The Vahki could be heard making some half-reptilian, half mechanical noises. Since their language is pitched too high to hear, were those just the sounds of their mechanisms? 20Basically, yes -- it was also there so moviegoers would understand they were communicating, otherwise there was no way to convey that. 21And just to keep Vahki scenes from drowning in silence, I'll wager.
229. Is the fact that the awakened Matoran looked slightly different, especially in the feet, an indication that they were beginning to be drained, or just the animators re-using the models from Mask of Light? 23I wasn't aware they looked different when they woke up, but yes, that story explanation would make sense. 24If you look, Jaller's feet are clearly the MoL style.
2510. Had the Vahki transports been seen in Metru Nui before, or were they created to carry the sleep pods? 26No, Vahki transports have been seen before. 27Good, they were cool vehicles.
2811. The Archives seemed to have a lot of empty space. Was that just to give the archivists elbow room, or was it to allow space for exhibits added later? 29The latter.
3012. How complex is the language of the Kikanalo? It's my understanding that they aren't sentient, but they were communicating some fairly specific information for a bunch of Rahi. 31Well, two things. Why do you think they aren't sentient? And keep in mind that what Nokama reported was filtered through her Mask of Translation, which naturally turns what the Kikanalo say into words and concepts she is able to understand from her frame of reference. 32Guess my understanding was wrong.
3313. Any word on the possibility of a Turaga Lhikan set? 34I think there is at least a decent chance of that, but that is about all I know at this point. 35I hope it happens, I want a Noble Hau.
1No, read it again, especially this part.
2"Also, story is technically supposed to follow product design, not the other way around -- just doesn't always work that way. Anyway, even if we had 20 years in detail, the designers can't do more than one year's worth of sets at a time -- not enough time. Plus you just don't do that ... you need to see how sets are selling, what is working and what is not, so you don't repeat mistakes."
3Again, here's another answer I got back in December:
4"11. Do the model designers have any say in storyline? Is it like 5a. "We need the designers to make new toa who look like the turaga" 6b. "Here are the models we made for next year, they're toa based on the turaga" or 7c. "Here are our models this year, you decide what they are"
8It's a combination of c and a. Product really has to drive the bus, because if we come up with a great storyline they can't make models for, it's sort of pointless. But we may go back to them and say, hey, we have decided these characters are going to be this instead of that, can you alter the models accordingly? If they get the input early enough, they can do that, and have."
1I understand what you are saying Dragonmaster.. We are in a way saying the same thing.. I totally agree with you.. what good is a beautiful flawless storyline if the set designers can't do it or there are no pieces that can capture the descriptions.. So like any artist you have to compromise. they possibly are like well that is a bit elaborate to the story team.. and the story team might be like well create us something that will fit what we want and we might alter the description.. So it is probably a give and take kinda thing. And to be honest I think the colaboration of both the set team and the story team is probably hard but fun... seeing your description coming to life in a set has to be the ultimate.
2:m: :k: :j:
1lovly anwers from greg:
21)will Karzahni be a set next year? 31) No. 4drat
52)when will book six be out? 62) End of November in stores, probably 7yay:
83)is the dreaded secret o protdormes realted in any way to the toa nuva? 93) No, not directly, though it does put a new spin on what happened to them 10interesting.....
114)How long can a matoran live? 124) They obviously have a very long lifespan. The ones you know on Mat Nui are probably at least 2000 years old, if not older
13imagine all the candels:
145)When the matorran go to mertru nui will they build themselves as metruain? 155) No idea 16i thought he would....

176)at the end of LOMN does the setting of the twin suns reapresent mata nui going to sleep? (they look like eyes) 186) I have been getting this question a lot. I just thought of it as an eclipse
19oh well. worth a shot

207)will be more then 3 big sets next year? 217) Three $19.99 sets, and then some bigger ones later in the year 22better start saving:

238)Are there more then 6 visorak? 248) Not more than six breeds, no. Way more than six individuals, yes 25i was asking the latter

269)will see more of the bohrok? 279) Probably someday -- they are sleeping right now 28i was hoping for a no...

2910)are you alowed to tell us what the surprise book next year yet? 3010) No 31at least i tried....

3211)are you planning any more sotries from turaga? 3311) The Turaga are still telling the story next year 34i meant after 2006.oh well....

3512)when in the hordidka do the toa ever fight each other? (hope they do:) 3612) I think you will be pleased with the story next year 37thank mata nui: onwea and nuju having a g at eack other lovly:

3813)who is the most effected by the hordika transfromation? 3913) I would say Vakama and Matau. 40hmmm....

4114)will youever re-ralese the kanohi packs? 4214) I can't see why we would ... if we did more mask packs, they would probably be new masks. 43that is an interising anwer

4415)you said you were planning more accecores kits.will they have metru picecs? 4515) Don't know 46at least i know.....

4716)will all the hordidka have new 'tools'? 4816) Yes 49goodie: i love new picecs:

5017)are there more toa stones? 5117) Don't know. Not on Mata Nui 52i really hate getting that answer.....

5318)if a bionicle character lost a limb could it be put back on? 5418) Probably would depend on how he lost it 55i thought that wouldnt mater....

5619)is the 'biggest bionicle set ever' a bad guy or a good one? 5719) I can't discuss this -- set will be revealed in the January LEGO Magazine BrickMaster edition 58lucky brickmaster people.....

5920)if a matoran focosed really hard and was 100% focased could they use elements?even just a little? 6020) No. Matoran have no elemental powers.
61never mind

1it's good to see all these news. and wow, when did this turn in to a hot topic?:

2I just watched LoMN, and at the end, the Toa Metru turn into Turaga.You've said that Turaga can't turn into Toa, but next year, Vakama, etc, who are turaga, become the toa Hordika.What's with that? :huh:

3Simple, BM. Think back to the movie - you see the Toa Metru leave Metru Nui with six Toa spheres, right?
4But when they turn into Turaga, there are way more than six on the beach ... so where did they all come from?
52005 is the story of the Great Rescue -- how the Toa Metru returned to Metru Nui and saved the rest of the Matoran. It takes place before they became Turaga.

1"The Great Rescue"? Mmmm... nice name. :D
2Oh, and there will be three $19.99 sets and some bigger one later (including the BIGGEST set evah:) in 2005? Nice.
1yay, i got more answers from greg:
21. what excectly is the little creature next to vakama shown this picture picture? does it have an important role? 31) It's a fire drone. They are little mechanoids built by Ta-Matoran to work in the forges. 4nice to know. 52. can makuta, if he wishes to, shapeshift to a toa? 62) Yes 7yes: that means that he could fool the other toa like krahka did in BA#3: 83. about how many PMs like this do you get every day? 93) 25-50 10wow, that means that he can get 1000 PMs less than two weeks. that's a lot. :blink: 114. is makuta the most powerful being? or does mata-nui stronger? 124) Mata Nui is stronger than Makuta 13wait, i knew that...i wonder why forgot... 145. will we learn about the great beings? 155) I don't know, maybe 16well, at least it's not a 'no'. i hope we'll learn about them. 176. will mata nui be awakened? 186) Time will tell. I can't give away future story 19could it be...that he will never be awekend?: 207. does matoran eat? 217) Matoran can absorb energy directly from some things, but they don't eat the way we do. 22cool. i wish i could absorb energy. 238. you do know that you're pretty famous on bzp, right? how does it feels like? 248) I don't know that I am famous, I am just glad to be here to help out 25and we're glad that you're here too help out, too: 269. is writing the bionicle books and comics a hard work? 279) Not usually 28really?: i guess you're one of the most talented writers in the world, greg: 2910. does lego plans to do bionicle system sets (you know, like minfigs, places on mata/metru nui, etc.)? 3010) Is that something you would want? 31let me think...seeing the bionicle places as a set would be cool, but it will also bring the magic out of bionicle. the whole point of bionicle is that that it's technic. but i would want to see tahu as a minifig, too... 32i'll leave the decision to someone else: :P
1QUOTE 2Hi Greg. 3I`m here just to clear some things and ask any questions I forgot.
4There has been recent info on the origional Toa. If they were made and were activated the moment Mata-Nui fell asleep, and the stopped for a thousand years, but it`s also said that the Matoran were on Mata-Nui a thousand years b4 the Toa came. And there isa big gap between Mata-Nui falling asleep and the Matoran re-awakening.
5Next is about Nuju`s clickity click. frok what I`ve gathered and read this is a list of everyone who knows Nuju`s language: 6Matoro 7Matau 8Whenua 9Nokama 10Vakama 11Onewa
13Now, a couple of questious: 14Is there any platform info for the rumored game due next year?
15Why didn`t the Toa Metru awaken the Matoran there and then if Makuta was defeated?
16Why did both Dumes wear a Kiril in B2, when in the book is said that the Real Dume didn`t.
17What was Kopeke`s 2003 mask made from and by whom? Same goes for any other mask changes. e.g. Kapura.
18Kanoka. The Miru and Akaku are made frm the same disks. And it has been said that there is a difference beteen adding disk 1 to disk 2, and adding disk 2 to disk 1. Now what if the disks to make those powers were combined together, like Vakama and the Great disks. What if the disks are being added together at the same tiem, as opposed to one being added to another?
19If a Matoran had broken a Kanohi pre-Kanoka, how would they get another?
20Can you give us a breif outline of what has happenned but BA6, 7, and 8? As in `Hordika transformation happens here`.
21Makuta/Dume said that he must protect the Matoran, and I`ve read in the Official Rahaga Topic that Makuta saw the coming of the Visorak or simalar. So is this why Makuta sent the Matoran to sleep?
22Are the Visorak a timed disaster, or are they a side effect of LOMN?
23Do the Visors get freed by the earthquakes on Metru-Nui?
24Did Dume or Makuta/Dume request a mask of time?
25Do the Rahaga have any relation to any other species? Are they a basis spicies or evolved/devolved/modified?
26If the Bohrok were just `cleaners`, why the need for big bosses (Bahrag), why can`t the just be directly programmed instead of having Krana?
27Were tunnels in VoF uphill? If not how did they reach Mata-Nui?
28What was Makuta`s maximum physical ability before LOMN?
29The way I see it, late news is suggesting that the Toa are bad and ultimately the matoran are bad, such as this whole mask/face thing. Is there a good side in bionicle anymore?
30Will the Matoran transport Rahi to Mata-Nui?
31Akmou was the lost Matoran in VoF, right? And seeing as he is on Mata-Nui, I assume we will be visiting those tunnels again?
32Geesh, i think thats it. 33Thanks, 34M-BoS, to be Taccer on 1/1/2005

351) I don't see the problem. Mata Nui falls asleep .. the Toa Olda get sent out ... hit the water ... and stay there until summoned by Takua. The 2005 story takes a year of our time, not a year of BIONICLE time.
362) No. The other Turaga can take educated guesses at what he is saying, because they have known him so long, but they cannot speak the language. Only Matoro can.
373) Nothing that I know for sure
384) Because the city was quake damaged and Vakama's vision told him he had to follow the light. Makuta was trapped, not dead, and if he got free they would all be in danger again. They had to get the Matoran to a place of safety.
395) Because the book was based on an earlier version of the script and they changed it during the animation process. For example, I am starting work on the novel for B3 now, but the movie doesn't come out for a year.
406) The Toa Metru brought extra masks back with them to Mata Nui just in case of breakage.
417) The only reason they are made from the same disks is that I made a mistake in putting the chart together.
428) Probably from the same storehouse of them he got the first one.
439) No, I would rather people read them and be surprised.
4410) No, I don't know of anything saying Makuta foresaw the Visorak coming. Other people may be interpreting that as the disaster he saw, but I never said that.
4511) Not really either
4612) No
4713) Makuta/Dume did
4814) Not sure I understand your question
4915) Cause they don't work that way.
5016) Partially uphill.
5117) Don't understand your question. Makuta is a shapeshifter
5218) Huh? The Matoran aren't bad, and the Toa aren't any more bad than the average human is (or Wolverine) -- we all have dark sides in us we have to deal with. Theirs is just coming out to play.
5319) No.
5420) Ahkmou is rescued by someone other than the Toa next year.

1Lookey what I found out:
2Do all matoran have to go to schools when they are created? I'm writting a biography about Nuparu that has that in it. I figured it would make sense since we know that Ga-Matoran go to school and I'm assuming that matoran don't know alot when they are first created. Speaking of Nuparu though is he gonna be in future story?

31) No. Most Matoran learn on the job. Only Ga-Matoran tend to go to schools, because they usually become teachers or protodermis purifiers.
42) I certainly hope to bring him back someday.

1Were tunnels in VoF uphill? If not how did they reach Mata-Nui?
216) Partially uphill.

3Hmm... That is interesting. So how was there water?
4- :m: :o: :d: -
1Relatively major SPOILERS for Bionicle 2:

21. When Makuta says "Soon, even the Great Spirit shall sleep:" (that may not be the exact quote), and the twin suns are covered up... 3a. They looked like a pair of eyes closing. I assume that was symbolic of the fact that Mata Nui went to sleep at that precise moment?
41) That was the eclipse, so yes, that was pretty much a signal things were about to get really, really bad.
5b. What on Mata Nui could close up the suns? If you can't tell us, which is likely, then will we ever find out?
61b) All will make sense someday :)
72. About Makuta's "shadow hand" that he uses to try and grab Vakama, since he keeps on crashing rocks into himself, was that because it was "programmed" (so to speak) to grab an object and drag it back to Makuta? Why didn't he just let go of the giant rock that crushed him?
82) He didn't have that option. The hand grabs things and drags them to Makuta. He can't pick and choose whether it grabs something or it doesn't.
93. Turaga Lhikan's board – what happened to it when it hit Makuta? Did it explode? Why did Makuta seem so hurt by it? Was that because it had Lhikan's power in it?
103) To be honest, even knowing what was happening, I had a hard time following that sequence. The script just says that Lhikan intercepts the energy meant for Vakama, it never says anything about the board.
114. About the silver spheres – you recently said that they came from somewhere other than Metru Nui. Will we find out where?
124) Eventually.
135. Since some of the Matoran crawled out of the spheres while the Toa Metru were still transferring their power to them, that means that they saw the Toa Metru. Just to make sure, did the memory loss happen at the same pace/time as the shrinkage?
145) The shrinkage happened over time, the memory loss, when it happened, was fairly abrupt.
156. Something I've been wondering about Lhikan's destiny: his destiny was to create six new Toa Metru, right? But he was still a Toa after transferring his power to the stones. This is a theory of mine: Lhikan's destiny was to create six new Toa Metru. What I think is that only when the six new Toa came into being was his destiny actually complete. So, if, hypothetically, the six Matoran had been killed before they became Toa, would Lhikan have to create a new batch of stones for new Matoran for his destiny to be complete?
166) You are mostly right. He did not become a Turaga until the power of the stones was tapped. However, what he would have needed would have been six other Matoran whose destiny was to be Toa, not six new stones. And just why he picked those six Matoran will be revealed next year :)
177. One of the Kikanalo in the movie has an orange horn, and he's also the one that Nokama talks to. Is this the elder Kikanalo?
187) Yes
198. I have another theory, this time about the Great Komau. When Onewa uses it on Whenua, Whenua resists strongly until he falls over onto his posterior. Yet when he uses it on Krekka, who we all know is, um, lacking in intelligence, he just leaps onto Nidhiki without any resistance. Does this show that the willpower of a being affects how well another being can contol him or her with a Great Komau?
208) Yes. Also, if the creature is essentially mindless or is a machine, there is no mind to control.

21General questions: 229. I believe I heard someone say that you had confirmed the existance of a Visorak queen. Did you really? (can't find the post; maybe I imagined it.)
239) No, I didn't
2410. You've claimed that Ms. Female Villain makes Makuta look like he's running a nursery school and the Bahrag like a pair of French poodles. What would the Morbuzakh be? A rose? :lol:
2510) A shrub :)
2611. Are Cahdok and Gahdok a race unto themselves, or are there... *shudder* other beings like them somewhere? :fear:
2711) Hmmmm ... they are the only two I know about, for whatever that is worth.

28Some interesting answers, especially about things we'll learn eventually... So, Ms. Female Villain makes Morby look like a shrub? I really can't wait to meet her now. I suspected that about the shadow hand...
1I know this may be off-topic, but it adds to the evidence of Nidhiki being a toa. In the credits, when the names are simply scrolling up, it shows all these masks in the background, sans the glowing eyes. Near the end, it shows nidhikis face, with eyeholes but no eyes. So Nidhiki may actually still have his mask when he is a giant lizard thing, although it may have been distorted.
Exo Lhikan
1I know this may be off-topic, but it adds to the evidence of Nidhiki being a toa. In the credits, when the names are simply scrolling up, it shows all these masks in the background, sans the glowing eyes. Near the end, it shows nidhikis face, with eyeholes but no eyes. So Nidhiki may actually still have his mask when he is a giant lizard thing, although it may have been distorted.

2Also, look closely during Nidhiki's scenes in the movie... you'll see that underneath the face, he has a Toa Metru head. The signature long, piston-equipped cranium extension can clearly be seen in several shots. Lemme get a screencap...
3EDIT: Aha: Here we go:
1Ah: Yes, RZ, I saw that too: :)I was wondering how much was movie design. I mean, was that on purpose; the piece to make him look more Toa-ish?
2I dunno. 3~\/isorak...
1It's just a guess 2but 3maybe Nidhiki is like a Toa Hordika or something 4or maybe a mutated Toa-thing
1Legodude: Nope. Nidhiki's appearence has nothing to do with Vhisorak.
2And I'm pretty sure Greg said Toa don't have to be humanoid in appearence, so it could be Nidhiki is still in his orignal Toa form. Begs a lot of questions really.

1I had a theory that Ndhiki was badly injured and then rebuilt into his current form.
2Remember one of th questions on the DVD was:
3"Could a toa be rebuilt?"
4the answer:
5"It is possible, but it would need someone with great skill"

6I believe Nidhiki was so damaged that he was left for dead after a battle with Lhikan where he turned traitorous(probably leading to te death of one of the other partners toa), and somoeone rebuilt him to the best of their ability(possibly the leader of the DH organization?).
1This is pretty random stuff. Who cares...?
2If Protodermis exists on Metru Nui in place of water, then how do they (Matoran) know water even exists? After all, Toa Nokama is Referred to as the "Toa of Water."

3Simple. And time for another of my terrible analogies, lol. If when you were a baby, I gave you chocolate syrup and said, MNOLG, this is water ... and no one ever told you different .. then when you grew up, you would think water was brown and tasted good To the Matoran, liquid protodermis IS water, so that is why she is called Toa of Water. Just because they haven't seen what we consider to be water doesn't mean they don't have something THEY consider water.
4If a Matoran loses his Kanohi, will he eventaully grow weak and/or die because of this?

5If he doesn't replace it with another mask, yes.
6I heard about the "Disk of Time" and Vahi promo at Target. When does this begin? Is it already happening?

7I think it starts in December.
8Are Lightfish those small jellyfish found in Ga-Koro huts in MNOLG?

10Is anything on Mata Nui or Metru Nui that is hard, cold, and/or metallic made out of protodermis? Is there such thing as metal? Or does (solid) protodermis cover anything in those categories, including perhaps Matoran and Rahi et- cetera?

11Everything on Metru Nui is made out of protodermis. Everything. The only things on Mata Nui that may not be might be some of the plants, since seeds from elsewhere could have flown through the air and landed there.
12In the movie The Mask of Light, how come after the Kohlii match, when the maks falls out of Jaller's backpack it doesn't shine to Takua?

13It starts to glow and Takua tips it with his foot so it shines on Jaller, because he doesn't want the responsibility of being herald.
14Does Toa Vakama's disk have a code? (Even though we can't see one)...

15No, Toa disks don't have codes.
16How is ice an element? It's more like a state of matter...simply frozen water. So how does Kopaka represent an element?

17Basically, because we say he does. In the BIONICLE universe, the Matoran consider ice to be an element.
1Here's some answers I got a few minutes ago.
2Questions normal, answers blue, my comments in green.
3Hi Greg.
4I know you don't like to talk about 2005 storyline much, but I have a few things to ask about it.
51) Is it likely that the end of B3 will be the same one as B2 where the Matoran are awakened with a different voice over speech? 61) No. B3 does not have the same ending as B2 7Hmm... I thought it would be the same... Interesting
82) (I think) You said Makuta won't really play a part next year, but what about when he is freed? Won't that be mentioned at all or will a reference be made? 92) He really doesn't play a part next year. He shows up in one Scholastic novel. I don't think he is in the movie at all. 10I was talking about the books. Well,a t least we might find out what happens. I don't really want him to be in the movie much, if at all.
113) Did the Toa Metru know each other as Matoran? 123) That would seem to be the case, yes. 13Ooh, that could go with the story I'm currently making right now (not oing to post it on BZ though, too many obvious plot holes)[color
144) Is there any more information can give out about BA6? I probably won't be able to get it unless Scholastic release the books in the UK finally. 15[COLOR=blue4) I can't discuss it until it is out in stores, otherwise I risk giving the plot away. I am sure summaries of it will be up on BZP once it is out. 16Ah well, worth a try I guess...
175)Is the Kikanalo set the leader of the herd or just any random one? If it isn't it seems easy enough to make by switching the horn around. 185) Far as I know, it is just a Kikanalo, not any specific one. 19Ok, I can just switch the horn for a Gukko wing piece.
206) Was Nidhiki a Toa during Lhikan's group or (if he had one) Dume's group? It seems more likely to be Lhikan's, but I'm not entirely sure. 216) If I had to guess, I would say he was a Toa in Lhikan's era, not Dume's. 22Thought so. It seemed more obvious to be in Lhikan's the way he keeps calling him "brother" as a Toa (though not as a Turaga strangely)
237)When Makuta absorbed the Dark hunters and Nivawk, did he gain strength or were they just used entirely for building up his size? 247) Both. 25Wow, so I wonder if he gained Krekka's intelligence :P . that would be a funny comedy idea...:sly:
268) Was Nivawk aware he was working for "Dumakuta" or did he just think "I'll work for him." 278) Nivawk most likely didn't care. 28Well he really should care.
299) Is it possible that pieces of the Dark hunters and Nivawk were in the void behind Makuta in MNOG1? 309) I don't know, but it's an interesting suggestion. 31I hope there were. It'd be funny if Turaga Matau just walked in and got slammed in the face by Nidhiki's head. Another comedy idea I might use.
3210) Do you know of any official release dates of the Lhikan set anywhere (not just UK this time)? I rang the UK S@H and they said he'd be available from them in November. Also, my nearest ToysRUs have him on the computers, but have no idea when LEGO will ship him. 3310) Well, I know they are out in the US this month, but I don't know about overseas. I don't really get that info as a general rule, but I will see if there is someone I can ask. 34No conformation outside US then. Oh well. i can wait... *waits*
35Thanks in advance for answering all these.
36Can't wait till Lhikan is released, I want him so much.

1i am not here to post any Q's or A's but i do have a very weird theorie...
2maybe spoilers...

3nidhiki has a matau mask(forgot name) shaped head so he must of had the same mask.
4he is green and can fly so he was a toa of air.
5he has red eyes.
6now lets say he did have matau's mask(fogot name) as a toa and was green and was a toa of air.
7this would mean he looked exactly like matau.
8but his toa-tools are still unknown...
9while i think nidhiki is matau's "father" even though you could call lhikan that(since he gave the matoran the toa stones)
10i have no proof of this but its a theorie i mean nidhiki's head does look like matau's mask(forgot name).

1Very, very nice info. His #3 answer was a bit. . . odd, so I'll let you interpret the PM for yourself until I get clarification
2Hello Greg, it's another dreaded few-question PM: :egads:
3- - - -
41) What's the advantage of the Visorak mutating its prey? My theory is that Visorak are scavengers. The make the creatures more powerful and violent, so they go out and spontaneously destroy and kill things. The Visorak just feed off of the carnage and continue poisoning until an area or environ is an utter wreck, after which they move on. It's the only advantage I can see - the Visorak let other creatures do their hunting and feed as scavengers. Is that at all the truth?
52) Does Visorak venom make creatures physically stronger?
63) In one of the books it refers to a scholar pulling a crystal out of his robes. Do Matoran in high positions often wear clothing?
7Not really a question, but a cool contest idea. With the Rahi building challenge and almost certainly the Brickmaster contest, Lego has shown they can use fan creations in the official storyline. I think a great contest would be "create your own Matoran". People design a Matoran (name, colors, mask, bio) and they make a brief cameo appearance in the storyline. Almost all Bionicle fans have a "sigfig" character, and it would be awesome beyond all description to see the names Pekel, Tok, Kaliel, Jaka, Rakali, Lewo, Reya, or whoever in the novels. All of those are friends of mine, by the way.
8Also - a really great idea for the upcoming Accessory Kit would be a Matoran one, with new colored parts for McToran, MoLtoran, and Metruan. It would cost a lot, but by Mata Nui would people pay a lot for it. From what you know (if anything) about the nature of the upcoming kit(s), might this be a possibility?
9- - - -
10Sorry once again. The first two questions relate a larger theory I'm developing. Hope I'm not clogging your inbox with a dark vacuum of no intelligence.
11Until next time:
12-Pekel :)

131) Nope. Visorak mutate things as experiments.
142) In some cases, yes .. in some cases it makes them larger, too. In other cases, it may do the exact opposite.
153) Actually, that was discussed. To be able to do that, we basically have to get global to go in on it -- most of those accessory sets are US only or Europe only, so there is a limit to what can be put in and it can be hard to get parts produced for them that aren't active in the supply chain right now.

17It seems that the Visorak are a lot less animalistic than I imagined. That would be a pretty cool adaptation, though - your venom contains a powerful steroid combined with a rabies-like effect. Then you just follow and feed on the bodies. :)
18His answer to three seems to be a comment on the Accessory Kit. If they release that. . .
1The Visorak mutate things as experiments? That's a shocker, they can't be thet intelagant could they?...
2"2) In some cases, yes .. in some cases it makes them larger, too. In other cases, it may do the exact opposite."

3Intesting, wonder if that means that somone could shrink?LOL: Oh my word, I can only imagane...oh and aparently it can make you weaker to. :huh: I gess?
1The Visorak mutate things as experiments? That's a shocker, they can't be thet intelagant could they?...
2"2) In some cases, yes .. in some cases it makes them larger, too. In other cases, it may do the exact opposite." 

3Intesting, wonder if that means that somone could shrink?LOL: Oh my word, I can only imagane...oh and aparently it can make you weaker to. :huh: I gess?

4Yes, they are; they are intelligent on par with the Bohrok-Kal or Krahka.
5-Master of the Rahkshi

2Experiments? Hmmmmm.... could that mean the mutated Rahi, the 2-head Tarakava, Mutant Ussal, etc. were examples of those experiments? Hmmm... Obviously, Rahi can be targeted by Visorak, or the Rahaga wouldn't try to keep Rahi "safe" from them. Hmmmm.... Hmm.....
Master of the Rahkshi
1The Visorak mutate things as experiments? That's a shocker, they can't be thet intelagant could they?...
2"2) In some cases, yes .. in some cases it makes them larger, too. In other cases, it may do the exact opposite." 

3Intesting, wonder if that means that somone could shrink?LOL: Oh my word, I can only imagane...oh and aparently it can make you weaker to. :huh: I gess?

4Yes, they are; they are intelligent on par with the Bohrok-Kal or Krahka.
5-Master of the Rahkshi

6That makes sence, but I just can't see them as being intelagent indavidles(sp?)...They have to be ruled by somthing...mabie they don't, I just think theres more to them then they are just smart :glare:
7Miner spoilers
8I thought of a thery a while ago, somthing to do with Krahka, how mabie she new of them and called them to Metru-nui to change the above world,and make all the matoran to rahi... but since the matoran are in statice there would be know need for that now...drat:
1just a few answers:

2here are a few:
31. Are there other Islands below and on the same level as mata-nui?
41) Well, you know there is at least one below Mata Nui -- Metru Nui.
52. Are we going to see any of these Islands? even just one?
62) We do have new locations planned for the future, yes.
73. how many big sets for 2005 are there?
83) Define big.
94. about the special book, when can you give info about it? any clues?
104) Not until Scholastic tells me I can, most likely sometime next year.
115. You said that there is something we will talk about for months, what is it about?
125) That is part of BIONICLE Adventures #8.
136. can you tell something about what will happen on 2006?
146) Oh, no. I am not even discussing '05 plot at this point. '06 won't be discussed until after the '05 movie is out.
16You may not be able to answer some,

19I replied to him about number 3 i'll post his answer as soon as he answers

1Hey Greg I have a question about the real Dume. Will we ever find out what happened to him,if so what happened to him?
2Yes, you will find out. His role in the story is far from finished.

3There you go for those of you who wondered about what happened to the real Dume.
1These questions were asked 10/19/04.

3Green - My Question 4Blue - Greg's Answer 5Orange - My Comment
6Just two questions today:
71. When Makuta is rising and he says "Even the great spirit shall soon sleep." the suns looks like eyes closing, like a sleep. Is in some way the twin suns Mata-Nui's (or representing) eyes?
81) I thought of it as simply an eclipse.
9Hmm. I thought it was Mata-Nui's eyes.
102. Did Mata-Nui falling on something cause the earthquake?
112) That would make sense if you think Mata Nui is like 200 feet tall or something ... but since we don't even know if he has a physical form at this point, only that he exists, it's a theory with nothing to back it up right now.
12I asked this from seeing someone else's theory.


1Here's the follow up to my post up there:

2On Number 3, what I mean is the sets like Dume, Lhikan, Nidhiki and Krekka, how many sets like these are there for 2004?
3Three large sets, out in March, and then three more large sets out in August, but different sort of things.

4well we have 6 sets for next year better start saving now: