1more wisdom from greg: 2spoilers::::

31.Do you know when MoS will be avalble for the U.K?
41) No idea. It will most likely be available on Amazon for the UK same time it is here, end of the month.
5i was hoping for a date......
62.Any plans for another bionicle game?
72) Software? Yes, next spring
93.I dont suppose you know the next comic for the U.K?
103) No, I don't. The BIONICLE marketing people in the UK decide when to do comics there.
124.Will bionicle get any darker in the next few years?
134) I think next year is darker. I am not sure I would say 2006 is darker than 2005, though, but it is very action-packed, new location, start of a big story.
14i see,interesting.....
155.you have said the hordidka might fight with eachother. Will there be disputes amoganst the rahaga as well?
165) Among the Rahaga? Not really. The Rahaga have been together a long, long time ... they are a very close unit. Between the Toa and the Rahaga? Yes, here and there.
17I love it when good guys fight.....:evilgrin:
186.could rate on a scale to 1-10 how shocked we will be by the dreaded secrete of energised proto?
196) Oh, gee, it depends on who you are and how easily you are shocked, lol
20i might back to him on that....
217.Will we ever learn who trianed the toa olda?
227) If I ever learn, then you will.
23right then: thats that:
248.What book are you up to?
258) I am just finishing the Rahi Guide and about to start BA #9
26i though he would have finished all the books by now...
279.Will any '05 sets come witha mini comic?
289) Not to my knowledge, no.
3010.you have said the female villian makes the most vicous enemys of past years look cute.How does she make the rahkshi,bohrok/kal and vahki look like?
3110) Well, the Vahki don't hold a candle to her ... the Rahkshi have a coolness all their own, but they do not have her vicious personality ... the Kal are very cunning and smart, but not evil -- she is. 32:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:
33as greg said:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin: i love this villian:::

1More Greg-ness:

22. Could Nuju use his vision enhancement as a Matoran?
32) You mean the eyepiece built into the mask? Yes
43. Aren't the Toa Nuva/Matoran wondering the same things we (BZP) are about Makuta(that he was a good guy)?
53) Yes, they probably are now.
64. How long did it take the Toa Metru to figure out that Metru Nui was underground, that the water in Metru Nui was really liquid proto, etc.?
74) They know the water is different around Mata Nui than it is in Metru Nui, but I don't know that they are going, "Oh, it was liquid proto." As for the rest, they pretty much figured out where Metru Nui was the first time they went up and back.

9I've PM'd him with some more related questions, so be expecting more sooon.
10EDIT: Here ya go:
111. So how long did it take them to figure what exactly the "water" on metru Nui was?
121) Who says they did?
132. Would "the rest" include the "suns are holes" thing?
142) Possibly. But remember, one hole was underwater, one was under ice at that point, so it wasn't like they could go, "Look: Holes:"
153. Do the Turaga know what the stars on Metru Nui are?
163) No
174. How does Nuju's secondary mode work?
185. Any info on Onewa's and Nokama's secondary mode?
194-5) I don't know what you are referring to
206. How come in the comics Vakama wears his jetpack upside down?
216) Just a style choice by Randy, for reasons unknown to me

23torritorri 24:t: :t:
26[for 4 and 5] I meant on the set, when for Nuju, you attach his tools to his feet, and for Onewa and Nokama, you attach their tools to thier back.
27No, I don't have info on secondary uses for the tools. None were ever detailed in the story bible.

1Here are a few posts back and forth between me and Greg(in exact words):
2Hi, Greg:: I was hoping you could answer a few questions of mine... 3Here they are:
51. Since Matoran carve masks, does that mean that they can carve the Kanoka into any shape of mask they want and it will still have the same power? 62. Does it take 1,000 or 100 Kio to = 1 Mio? I've heard both. I've also heard that Toa are 1 Bio or 1.6 Bio, which is right? And how long are Bios, Kios, and Mios compared to feet/yards/miles? 73. What is the difference between Koli and Kohlii? 84. Is the Ultimate Dume promo mask Kanohi Kraahkan? If not, what Kanohi is it? 95. Would you think about posting a topic w/ the rules of Akalini,like you did with Kohlii? 106. Is the Target promo Disk of Time in the US going to be the same patter as the already released one, I think it was in Europe? 117. Are there any more Kabaya BIONICLE promotions planned?
12Thanks for your time.
141) Yes. But you don't want to carve a mask of shielding, say, in the shape of a mask of translation, because in an emergency a Toa will end up grabbing the wrong mask. It's like making a stop sign triangular and yellow -- you can do it, but it's a bad idea.
152) The bio-kio thing you should use is the most recent. 1.6 bio is correct. And there are no real world equivalents to BIONICLE measurements.
163) None. We changed the spelling because we are not allowed to use the original spelling anymore.
174) Yes, it is
185) I don't have the rules for akilini. I only had them for kohlii because the head of the story team drew them up
196) Yes
207) I don't know what Kabaya is, sorry.
21I'll edit this with more back-and-forth PMs between us tomorrow(or the next day).
22~Turaga of Force
1Not too much new... just some things I always wondered.
2Answers in bold.

3Some questions on Visorak poison. You may not be able to answer these, because it deals with '05, but it's worth a shot...
41) Would an adaptation Kraata be affected by Visorak venom? I was thinking that it might adapt to the venom, so that it can live with the venom inside of it, without being affected by it. What about Lerahk poison?
51) That's an interesting question. I think you are probably on to something, but the other half of it is -- what would an adaptation to Visorak venom entail? How do you adapt so that you aren't mutated?
62) If a Lehrak or Visorak was hit with a removes poison disk, would it still be able to poison/ mutate things? The way I see it, once they are hit with the removes poison disk, they will not be able to poison or mutate things for a certain amount of time, until they produced more poison/venom.
72) No. Removes poison works on someone who has been infected, and I am not even certain it would work on Visorak venom, since you are not being poisoned and dying. It's a mutagenic, not a poison.
83) How much venom do Visorak have? Do they have a limited amount each? Or do they just produce poison, and can only mutate things every so often?
93) While Visorak can deliver venom via their bite, most mutations take place via venom delivered from barbs in their web cocoons.
10Enough of those. On with some other random questions.
114) Just a question that always puzzled me. You probably don't know, but: Could a level six accuracy Kraata hit a level six dodge Kraata?
124) Statistically, about half the time
135) You once said that when Makuta absorbs someone, he (or you believe he does) gains their power(s). You also said somewhere that Krekka has a limited control over energy (sorry, I can't find exact quotes). Does this mean that after Makuta absorbed Krekka and Nidhiki, he gained a small amount of power over energy?
145) He may well have, but he has some many different powers I doubt he even noticed.
156) On the Metru Nui Ministry of Tourism site, it says:
16There are three tiers of akilini competition. The lowest rung features play with power level 1-6 disks, the middle rung with level 7 disks, and the best players are allowed to compete with level 8 disks.

17As I understand it, the disks are not used to hit anything, but are just rode on and shot through hoops. So how would the level of the disk affect game play?
186) It's sort of symbolic. All level 7 and 8 disks could be used to make Kanohi masks of power, but the disks used by the winning teams are the ones chosen to get made into masks -- which is why you want your best players in those competitions.
197) You said that (again, I can't find quote) Takanuva took Makuta's mask off before they became Takutanuva, and Takanuva's mind therefore dominated Makuta's because Makuta was weakened. But, in the novel, it says:
20Before Makuta could react, the Toa had switched the masks, shoving the Mask of Light onto the dark one's face and placing the Mask of Shadow over his own face.

21-Page 122.
22So, it seems to me like Makuta did have a mask on when Takutanuva was formed – the Avohkii. So, why was the "light side" dominant?
237) That is what it says in the book, but it is not what happened in the movie, and the movie takes precedence. The book is based on an earlier version of the movie script, same as this year's was.
247b) This also brings up the question: do the Avohkii and Kraahkan have some sort of relationship with Mata Nui? Remember what Makuta said in MoL: "Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui..." How can Mata Nui have a will when he is sleeping? Sorry if this isn't clear. What I mean is: if you are wearing an Avohkii, can you somehow tell that Mata Nui wants to be awakened? Because once Makuta has on the Avohkii (in Takutanuva form), he seems to realize that Mata Nui wants to be awakened. So, is there some kind of link or bond between the masks and Mata Nui?
257c) If the Kraahkan was placed on a Toa, would they see the "dark side", and fight to keep Mata Nui asleep, alongside Makuta?
267b) Good question. I would say no. However, the Mask of Light thing was part of a prophecy, that shadow would be defeated and Mata Nui would be awakened. And the Matoran believe that the coming of the Seventh Toa and the subsequent events meant that prophecy would be realized and that it must be the will of Mata Nui (the same way people of various faiths over the centuries have ascribed such happenings to the will of a deity or deities).
278) Will you be signing books/comics on Saturday at the Barnes and Nobles? My brother Gukko/Pekel and I are going, and I just wanted to know if I should bring any of my comics or books for you to sign. Thanks.
288) Normally, at my signings, I sign stuff people bring with them -- I have done that in Manchester and in San Diego. So I would say bring it along, but do keep in mind that I am not in charge of this signing, Scholastic is -- and that I guess they are expecting a lot of people. No idea how many will show up, but they may take an attiude of "keep the line moving." If they do, I could always sign extra stuff for you after.
29That's all for now. Just a few things that kept bugging me that I wanted to get out of my brain. Thanks for your time.

31Number five and three are really the only interesting ones; the rest aren't really too great. I think he misunderstood number three; I meant how much poison can they store inside themselves. But it's still an interesting answer. Barbs in their web cocoons, eh...
32Edited, because I spelled cocoons wrong. :annoyed2:
33:t: :o: :k:
1Wha:::"barbs in their web cocoons." wooh, when did they deside that?:? Its an awsome idea, can't wate to see what that looks like *evil grin* muhahahahaha:::
1hey greg, just a few q's, just watched Mol and LoMN consecutively.
21) The mask of light, was it ever on metru nui??
3Not that I know of.
42) If not, how was it created, its origin??
5I have no info on its origin.
63) Was the prophecy of the mask of light ever told on metru nui??
7Doubtful. Makuta was not a menace there, so the notion that a Toa of Light would 8be needed to defeat him would not have made any sense.
94) I think ive heard this already, but was takua ever on metru nui??
115) What color is the vahi that will be released with the vahki??
136) Are there any plans to release a turaga lhikan set??
14There has been discussion about it, yes, but I do not know anything definite yet
157) If nidhiki was a toa, was krekka? or is he of a different origin?
16No, Krekka was never a Toa
178) Were there six toa in lhikans group??
18I really have no info on Lhikan's Group
199) Will we ever learn the origin of the olda?? (its really bugging me)
20Yes, I am sure that you will
2110) Have you sorted out how you are going to return to the nuva era (in terms of sets)??
22Oh, yes, we have preliminary story and set plans for that story
2311) You said we would see bohrok in 2004, were they removed or did i miss them??
24They were in the Archives.
2512) Any plans to release the comic in the uk?? my last one was the coming of the kal lol
26That's a call that is made by the UK BIONICLE marketing people. Haven't heard any plans to release it on a regular basis
2713) In your opinion, would you say that 2005 is the most revealing year so far, in terms of origins of olda and mata nui??
28No. The Olda and Mata Nui's origins have nothing to do with the '05 story.
1Gold Vahi, eh? Nice job, unless I missed something that the first time I've heard anything definite about the Vahki Vahi.
1Gold Vahi, eh? Nice job, unless I missed something that the first time I've heard anything definite about the Vahki Vahi.

2Yes, the Vahi & Disk of Time will be coming in specially packed Vahki at Target this December.

1Hi Greg
21. Are the powers of the Bohrok/Kal in the Bohrok themselves or in the handsheilds?
31) In themselves.
42. Do you know if the Vahki/Vahi/Disk of Time promotion is happening in the UK?
52) No, sorry, I don't know
63. Ive heard of Visorak web cocoons - with barbs: Would this be how new Visorak are produced, are there lots in the Coliseum and is that how the Toa get mutated?
73) That is how things are mutated. Has nothing to do with how new Visorak come into being.
84. Before Metru Nui was totaled, were their privacy laws in place for Matoran?
94) Privacy laws? What would they have to keep private?
11Thanks in advance for your time.

1Gold Vahi, eh? Nice job, unless I missed something that the first time I've heard anything definite about the Vahki Vahi.

2Yes, the Vahi & Disk of Time will be coming in specially packed Vahki at Target this December.


4I should have been more specific... I knew about the promo thing, just not what definite color the Vahi would be.
1Hi Greg,
2I know you're really busy, but I wondered if you could answer a few more questions.
31)I saw a preview for B3 in someone's B2 pamphlet. From the looks of it, it seems that it will focus on the Visorak story. B2 skipped right passed that toward the Turaga transformation. Will they use the same sequence for the end of B3?
41a) Why was it really necessary to skip back to the Toa stone handing out in B2?
51b) Why did B2 have to fastforward to the Turaga transformation?
62) I'm beginning to understand a lot of the science of Bionicle, like if you reverse the chute flow, the two polarities will oppose eachother and it will shatter. Who comes up with all this stuff?
73) Will the Target Promo Vahi be the same as the original? If not, what will it look like?
83a) What does the Disk of Time look like?
94) What kind of weapon did Jaller, the Ta-Koro guard, and the Onu-Koro soldiers have in MoL? Is it liked better than disks?
105) Are you answering questions on the B2 DVD?
116)Is Makuta a prisoner of his own mind (Insane, schizofrenic)? It seems like he infected his own mask and wore it to be under his own control. I got this from him saying "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows."
127) I liked Nivawk and the Bohrok Va. Will we ever see them again?
13Thank you so much for your time.

141) No 151b) Two reasons. One, the majority of people watching the movie have probably not read the comic or the books, so they don't know the origin of the Toa Metru. And if we don't show their origin, then you can never see Lhikan as a Toa in the movie, since he is kidnapped before they become Toa. 161c) Because when B2 was in production we had no way of knowing if there would even be a B3. So we could not end B2 with the Toa going, "Now let's go back and get the Matoran:" and then not do a sequel. We had set up the Matoran in peril, we had to get them out of it to have a conclusive ending to the film. 172) I do, mostly 183) No idea, have not seen it 193a) I think it's orange 204) I haven't seen MOL in some time, so really don't remember what that looked like. 215) I think one question got left in, yes 226) No. That line refers to him feeling an obligation to what the mask REPRESENTS, not to the mask itself. 237) Don't know.
25Keep in mind these are from weeks ago, the disk of time image was not released yet.
1I had the good fortune to speak with Greg in person at the Barnes & Noble in Yonkers, NY, they were handing out free Vahki:::: 2I nabbed me a Vorzakh.

3ANYways, I had a long chat with Greg, and he answered many questions, some of which weren't on BZP (I'm doing this from memory, so these aren't exact quotes)
4Tahu Servo: I've heared Makuta is related to the female villan of '05, but in the same way as the toa?
5Greg: Yes. There are no biological relations in the world of bionicle.
6Tahu Servo: and the toa hordika, they use those spinny...thingies intead od kanoka, right?
7Greg: yes, in fact, the Hordika have no masks: the visorahk's poison made them impure
8Tahu Servo: Now all turagas were once toa, yes? so was Turaga Dume a toa once? and was he part of lhikan's group?
9Greg: yes, he was a Toa, no he wasn't with Lhikan.
10Tahu Servo: Nidhiki refers to Lhikan as "brother", so was he once a toa? Was his change from toa to spider creature caused by the visorahk?
11Greg: Nidhiki was once a toa with Lhikan, yes, but his change wasn't because of the Visorahk. Why do all toa have to be humanoid?

12that's all I can think of now. If the tour comes to your city/town/swamp, you should go.
1Interesting info, some of which I know (the non-necessity of non-humanoid Toa came from me) but Nidhiki being a part of Lhikan's team is truly something new...
Toa Pilak Evolved
1Interesting info, some of which I know (the non-necessity of non-humanoid Toa came from me) but Nidhiki being a part of Lhikan's team is truly something new...

2Nah, we've known that for a while, but it is currently being disputed whether he was a Toa of Air or not.
1I'm comin with new Q and A's from Greg as soon as he rewright's them... My inbox was full when he sent them(Duh 2 me) Lots of interesting questions so be back soon... :silver:
1Here's a quote 2[/QUOTE]HI Greg. I don't think you got my last pm so I'll send you this one 31. Krahka understands him so she works with him. Why does she work with him? 42. Do the nastier vahki of 2005 have any physical changes or did they get mutated? 53. What is a Zivon 64. Can you tell me Suukorak's power. 75. (This one my friend wanted me to ask you.) Can any of the Bionicle creatures self-destruct? If they can, which ones? 86.What is the 2005 villain doing. Is she a big black set that looks like it has high heels? 97. Mutated Visorak. Wow: I wonder if their powers are enhanved? 108. Are the Rahaga friends with the Toa Hordika? Are they helpers, masters, or mentors? 119.What does Zivon look like. 1210. If the Vohtarak can do beserk charges, can they stop right away or do they have to slow down? 1311. The visorak sound like a formidable foe. Will they dissapear forever, or will they make another appearence in the storyline. 1412. My favorite character in bionicle is Nidhiki because he well, is really cool and he is intelligent. Who is your favorite villain in Bionicle? 1513.Will there be a fight between visorak and vahki? 1614. What are the 2005 villain's special abilities? 17Thats all for now. 18Bye.
191) She doesn't work with him on a regular basis. You need to read Book 8 for this story. 202) It's primarily a change in attitude and powers 213) Zivon is a combo model made from the six Visorak models ... it's a huge monster that works with the Visorak. 224) I am not sharing more powers at this time. 235) No 246) I cannot discuss future product 257-9) Can't answer it 2610) No, you can't stop on a dime when you are doing a berserker charge 2711) I can't discuss future storyline 2812) Villain? Krahka. 2913) Yes, in Book 8 3014) I can't discuss that.
31I think Zivon is interesting
1Vohtarak, who is "him"
1Him is Tahtorak, Nuhrii the Metruan
1A few questions about accuracy...

  • 2Is what's said in this topic: Zivon true?
    31) Yup. Zivon is the name of a six-Visorak combomodel we had made. Character will appear for the first time in Book 8.

  • 4According to Toafreak27 in a post in this topic: Makuta-morbuzakh Relation?, you have confirmed that Makuta made the Morbuzahk. Is this true? (Some others also said it was confirmed in MoS, which some apparently have seen reviews of or something...)
    52) No, I never confirmed that on BZP.

  • 6In this topic: Krekka&krahka=same Race, the starter and benmecha say that it's known that Krekka was a Rahi, and benmecha mentions a post that proves it, though there's no link to one... so I'll just ask you, has it been confirmed that Krekka was a Rahi? An "apelike being" specifically?
    73) No, as far as I know, Krekka is not a Rahi.

1Me: 2one last question, as stated on the bionicle website toa L. came from a far off land away from metru nui. Does this mean that the toa and turaga are not native to metru nui? If so, what was metru nui like before turaga Dume?

3Greg: 4The only Toa that we know of who are native to Metru Nui are the Toa Metru. The city was certainly up and running before Lhikan came. I have no idea what it was like when Dume came, because we haven't told that story yet.
1Finnaly have those new Q&A's...

2Ok just a few...
31: To me it kinda sounds like the Toa nuva, and the Toa metru have the same destinys? The Toas destiny is to awaken mata-nui, and the toa metru's destiny is to? Awaken the matoren?(then there's the part where I thought the toa nuva were to defete Makuta, but aparently thats Takanuva's job?)
41) I disagree. The Toa Nuva's destiny is to awaken Mata Nui .. saving Matoran just sort of comes with the territory. The Toa Metru's destiny was specifically to save Matoran, and had nothing to do with awakening Mata Nui.

52:The Visorahk have barbs in their web cocoons? Do they make the barbs themselfs?
62) They are formed when the cocoons are formed, so yes.

73:And what do the visorahk need cocoons for?
83) Two things. Storage of captured foes, and also as a place for mutations to take place.

94:So it's going to be a whole year before the toa hordika get "heald" in the movie right?
104) Yes

115: on that note have you read any version of the movie script?
125) Yes. I am working on the movie novelization now

136:Will Krahka's true form ever be reveled?*crosses fingers*
146) I doubt it. Any true form I came up with would not be as scary as what you can probably imagine, so why disappoint you?

157:You said the reson you like Kopaka is becuse he reminds you of Batman:?: What? How can he in any way be potrayd as Batman?(Exept wonting to work aloun...)
167) He prefers to work alone. He is cold. He is methodical. He is a planner. He has very little patience for fools. He prefers to strategize rather than rush into combat like Tahu does. He probably would make a good team leader, but has no interest in the job.

178: Any more remote control Bionicle's instore for us Bionicle fans?
188) Not that I know of.

199:For some reson (I dont know why) But I was wondering, Do the Visorahk Glow? Like, the webing, or the venom?
209) Visorak don't, not sure if the webbing is meant to. Doesn't ring a bell

2110:Are rotuka made? Like of Proto,(Forged molded,etc...) Or are they like just energy?
2210) No, they're energy.

2311:Why is Vakama such a downer? I mean he seems deprest all the time, was he like tramatized or somthing as a matoran?
2411) Well, put yourself in your shoes. First your hero gets captured trying to save you. Then you suddenly have to be a hero yourself, with no preparation or training. Then your fellow heroes think you're weird because you have weird visions. And then your hero dies trying to save you. How cheerful would you be?

2512:(I hate it when he blames himself for evrything) Will we see him finaly take a strong ledership role this year?
2612) Yes, he starts doing that in Book 5.

2713:Makuta didint plan the earth quake, or the eclips?...That dosent make sence? I know an earth quake would be bad but what about the eclips?
2813) The two go together. The earthquake happens because of the eclipse. And no, Makuta didn't create them directly, he just knew they were going to happen.

2914:Makuta really thought the matoran would love him more than mata-nui becuse, he "saved" them?Man Makuta's insane...Were the pods sapost to erase the matorans memery?
3014) Yes. If they didn't erase their memories, they would remember who shoved them in there in the first place. And let's face it, all Makuta had to say was, "I saved you, not Mata Nui." I think his plan would have worked.

3115:The coliseum is the Visorahk nest? do the vasorak have like superyer visorak?
3215) I don't understand your question.

3316:Oh and in the movie LOMN in the kikanalo scene Vakama ses" Bio quake?"... So they know of preveus qwakes?
3416) Yes

3517:Does it drive you crazy to have to tell us "Cant anser it" ?
3617) No, not really. Sometimes people ask questions that I am sure they must know I can't answer, which strikes me as kind of silly .. but at the same time, it gives me an idea of what they want to know about.

37Ok thats all I have in my hat for now, Thanks for your time as allways.:)


39For 15 I ment like Visorahk more powerfull then the avrage visorahk, like one's that would gaurd the nest :lookhere: But now I know there is, kinda that Vivon thing right?
1Zivon is a Rahi, Greg told me he will appear in the Rahi Guide. And there are more powerful Visorak. There are Visorak Combiners that are "Elite Visorak"
1Zivon is the Elite Visorak. He's a conmiber of the six visorak. Go back two posts of Vohtarak and you'll see that answer in his questions.
1Zivonis not a elite visorak Blade0100. THe elite visorak are different creatures
1Just a quick q&a from Greg, I'll probally copy and paste it later, when I'm feeling better. 2Pretty much it was asking if the Rahkshi kiata had to have three Kraata piloting it, and Greg said only one would pilot it.
3I also asked if Lego would do a Lego Club preview set for the Toa Hordika, like they have been doing since the Bohrok-Kal, and he said there would be one offered in the Jan. Club magazine.
1these question have been bugging me: [QUOTE[QUOTE[QUOTE[QUOTEwill we ever learn more about lhikhann and his "Toa freinds" and is nidhki one of those freinds (well originaly but was tainted) and about dume, and will there ever be any Turaga lhikhann set?[/QUOTE]

21) Depends on if we ever flash further back into the past 32) No idea if Nidhiki was on his team 43) I have heard discussions on a Turaga Lhikan set, no idea if it is happening or not [/QUOTE]

5also i here that there are only 72 matoran total (85 people including toa and turaga) is this true? also if this is true, if there were more than 1000 motoran on metru nui, how come there only 72 matoran on mata nui? my last question is, will the next bionicle game be for playstaion and pc aswell as gba? [/QUOTE]

61) At one time, Bob Thompson was insisting there were only 12 Matoran per koro, and some things we did reflected that. Bob then contradicted that in MOL when he showed a kolhii stadium filled with the population of three koro and there were easily hundreds of Matoran there. So our take is that there were 1000 on Metru Nui and 1000 on Mata Nui. 72) I know very little more about the game than you do, in terms of that sort of thing [/QUOTE]
8there you go... a few more questions in a minute:\
9EDIT: as i promised: [QUOTE[QUOTEthe world to go for your book sigining where would you go if you had the choice? [/QUOTE]

10Hmmmmm ... well, I would like to do one in New York City, because that is where my girlfriend is ... basically, big cities, I guess. But I understand where they chose the places they did for this first one -- they wanted to have me where the kids LIVE, as opposed to where their parents work. If this goes well, they might do another one next year and maybe go to different places. I doubt they would do something outside of the US, since the books aren't available there yet.
11Greg [/QUOTE]
12hmmm, gf has a girlfreind... interesting. i wish he would come to my town.
13EDIT 2: greg is so nice, find out why in this one:
14[QUOTE[QUOTE[QUOTEis there a code inside the movie? (i mean like somewhere in the little chpter booklet)? [/QUOTE]

15Yes, it's in the little booklet, not the one that has the movie menu on it. [/QUOTE]

16so does wall mart trake those coupon typa of things out? because i din't get one.[/QUOTE]

17Yes, normally they do. The code is 422 [/QUOTE]
1I had really interesting questions... But the answers aren't so interesting... Lol...

2Hi Greg: Well i watched B2 movie few times, and i found something interesting: 31) In one of Vakama's visions, we can see Lhikan's Spirit Star changing into a big red star, and i wonder - Is Lhikans spirit star, the red star above Mata-nui? 42) Takanuva's destiny was to defeat Makuta right? I'm asking this becasue i wonder, did he already choose to not become a turaga? 53) Will we ever go back in time again, to see Lhikan's and Dume's Toa team story?

6Tahu Servo: and the toa hordika, they use those spinny...thingies intead od kanoka, right?
7Greg: yes, in fact, the Hordika have no masks: the visorahk's poison made them impure

84) So Hordika doesn't have any powers except the rhotuka, and elementary power?

9Tahu Servo: Nidhiki refers to Lhikan as "brother", so was he once a toa? Was his change from toa to spider creature caused by the visorahk?
10Greg: Nidhiki was once a toa with Lhikan, yes, but his change wasn't because of the Visorahk. Why do all toa have to be humanoid?

115) So Nidhiki wasn't a humanoid as a toa? :blink:

1213.Will there be a fight between visorak and vahki? 1313) Yes, in Book 8

146) It sounds like Alien vs Predator... I though, that the Vahki were destroyed after famous disaster... Will it be a really huge battle?
157) Was Morbuzakh created by this matoran... what was his name? Mavrah?
16And some really stupid questions... I make them becasue i can't find it on any web page:
171) Maybe You know: Is there any Target store in Canada?
182) If You don't know/If the answer is 'NO' Will the promotional Vahki be availible in other stores like TRU?
19Thanks for answers:
20user posted image:t: :o: :p:user posted image

211) No. Your spirit star vanishes when you are dead, and Lhikan is dead.
222) No, Takanuva is still a Toa. Whether that is because he has simply not had the opportunity to sacrifice his Toa power yet, or because his destiny is actually greater than he knows, remains to be seen.
233) No idea. Everyone seems to want us to get back to the Toa Nuva first.
244) Yes
255) Possibly
266) Not that huge. I didn't have a ton of space to devote to Vahki in that book.
277) No.
288) No idea
299) As far as I know, the Vahi is a Target exclusive, at least in the US it is. No idea about anywhere else.

31user posted image:t: :o: :p:user posted image
11) Is Zivon the Elite Visorak? (If not, what is he? A Rahi? 22) If not, are there more than one breed and are there more than one of each breed? 33) If it is not Zivon, when will you be able to reveal the Elite Visoraks' name?

51) No, the Zivon is a totally separate creature, and yes, he is a Rahi.
62) No. There is only one Zivon that we know of.
73) Elite Visorak are called Kahgarak, and yes, they will be in the movie.
9hope this helps.
1A small correction from Greg:

21) Is Zivon the Elite Visorak? (If not, what is he? A Rahi? 32) If not, are there more than one breed and are there more than one of each breed? 43) If it is not Zivon, when will you be able to reveal the Elite Visoraks' name?

61) No, the Zivon is a totally separate creature, and yes, he is a Rahi.
72) No. There is only one Zivon that we know of.
83) Elite Visorak are called Kahagarak, and yes, they will be in the movie.
10hope this helps.

121 - Will the Kahagarak be a set?
132 - Will there be six of them?

141) Kahgarak is a combo model (and by the way, it is Kahgarak, the other name was a typo on my part). So no, there are not six of them.

1First off, I'd like to thank you for the clarification of the "Toa Krekka" thing.
21.You said to someone else that Tahu and Lhikan existed at the same time.What was Tahu doing? 31) No idea. He may have been active as a Toa elsewhere, he may have been in his canister.
42.Ever since you said Nidhiki was a Toa, everything's become a little fuzzy.What is the definition of a Toa?A protector?Someone with elemental powers? 52) Someone with Toa power and the ability to use Great Masks .. someone with a destiny to achieve and a responsibility to live up to the values of unity, duty and destiny. A hero.
63.Also, you said Krekka wasn't a rahi."Ape-like being" sounds like an animal to me.Same as #2 above, for rahi. 73) I know people who I would describe as ape-like, but they're not animals either.
84.Dark Hunter is a profession, right? 94) Yes
105.I like the Green Lantern thing.But if they were to all come together on, say, Metru Nui, that would be a lot of power.What would be the reason for that?Why can't one place have a persisting group of protectors? 115) Same reason all Green Lanterns occasionally assembled -- to face a menace too mind-staggering for a small group.
126.I know it would constrict future storyline, but at a guess, what would you say would be the highest number of active groups at any one time and place? 136) Couldn't tell you. No idea.
147.Are "rogue Toa" like Takanuva-- Toa that are alone, in a group of their own from the start-- common? 157) I tend to doubt it, unless the rest of their group chooses to become Turaga and they do not.
168.What would the chances of meeting a Toa with a power we haven't seen before are? 178) That depends on what we decide to do in future story.
189.Was Nidhiki's transformation before or after he left Lhikan's group? 199) What transformation? Outside of the fact that he no longer wears a mask, how do we know he didn't always look like that?
2010.What happened to the others in Dume's group? 2110) I have no info on Dume's group, but ... since he became a Turaga, it is reasonable to assume that as a group, they achieved their destiny. Whether the others became Turaga too or stayed Toa, I do not know.
2211.LEGO seems to have a lot more death lately, doesn't it?Lhikan's whole group (including Nidhiki), Krekka, Jaller, and possibly more.Just felt like putting it on the table. 2311) Well, people complained that BIONICLE was too "kiddie" because of the use of the word tools and no one ever hit each other, etc. And let's face it, if there is no chance of dying, then what does a hero really risk by being a hero?
2412.Is there a reason both wearers of Lhikan's Hau died? 2512) Jaller died and came back, so I don't count him as dead. But maybe it is just a case of both of them were true heroes willing to sacrifice themselves for their friends.
2613.If Tahu looked at a picture of Toa Lhikan, would they have the same body/piece sturcture? 2713) Do you think they do?
2814.Do you ever get tired of people asking you who your favorite Toa is? 2914) No, not really. I don't get asked that that often.
3015.You said you had scripted out the return to "present time".When will that be? 3115) After 2005

32I wonder how he got so good at dodging answers?
1Well...when we throw them, he moves out of the way really really fast..in bullet time. yup. Okay, silliness aside, that answer for #9 is really interesting, cause Greg's said time and time again, Nidhiki's form wasn't a byproduct of the Visorahk, yet he doesn't wear a mask, and isn't comatose like we've heard a maskless being would be.
3Edit:Asked Greg some questions on this.
4Hiya Greg, had a few questions about masks, that I was somewhat confused about.
51.)in the MNOLG1, the scene with with Huki's infected mask, coughing his head off. What would of become of Huki? would he of died, or just got up during the night, headed down to Makuta's...and once he plegded obidience to Makuta, he'd cure him of his cough?
62.)The was a recent question about Nidiki in the OGD, in which you said Nidihiki no longer wore a mask. You've also said he wasn't a product of the Visorahk, so how's he still up and kicking(sorta...) instead of being in a coma, like what we've heard will happen to most maskless beings?
73.)Not really to do with Masks, but BZP just released an article about the Lego.com Factory contest, the program that's offered for download from the website...is it the same program we're getting in the Brickmasters welcome kit? (and will the contest still be open when the Brickmasters Welcome kit is delievered?)

91) I had nothing to do with MNOLG1, much of which was written and designed before the "rules" of the BIONICLE universe had been put into place. So I really can't comment on it.
102) Toa don't go into comas if they take their masks off, they weaken. Matoran go into comas. So if I had to theorize, I would theorize that Nidhiki was introduced to another source of power to replace the mask he no longer wore.
113) I believe the contest lasts for a while, and the version of Digital Designer you are getting with BM is, I believe, a more advanced version of the program than what is available on LEGO.com. That was the last information I had.

1Tahu was alive when Lihkan was? ....Holy kanohi, I'm have so many idea's of posable therys: :blink: Vakama's visions were not so involved: I must PM Gregf:
1Here ya go...
2Hi Greg: Loved VoF, especially the Krahli. Anyways...
31)Can the Toa Nuva use Olda Great Masks?
52)If Vakama canot focus his elemental power through his disk launcher, so how come it mutated into a "Hordika-tool"?
62)Well, something had to .. what else was going to mutate into his Hordika tool?

8On #2, isn't Greg contradicting himself? because he said that Visorak venom only affects living beings not proto, but then he said that since the Toa tools were so intertwined with the Toa's elemental power that they mutated as well... PMing him for clarification...
9torritorri 10:t: :t:
1In my opinion, the protodermis that makes up Matoran and such is "Living Protodermis". Since it's connected to a living being, it mutates along with the being.
1Althane, that's the most intelligent thing I've read all day. We've heard of Toa talk about themselves as biological and mechanical, so the mechanical is protodermis, obviously it's a special protodermis or else it'd be really hard to configure. 2It's not molten, it's not geographical, it's not purified, so it must be something else. An interesting proposition...
1So, Hau the Protector, are you saying that the Toa tools might be made of some type of "special" protodermis? That is an interesting idea. I guess it does make some since; I noticed that toa tools generally have special abilities (i.e. flying), yet they don't get their powers from Kanoka.
2Off Topic: Forgive my ignorance, but how to you move the answers up so that you don't have to scroll back down to look at GregF's reply and scroll back up to look at the next question? I don't know how to do this. :unsure:
3Edit: Thanks, Althane
1I would say that the Toa Tools are regular protodermis, but they're so in-tune with the Toa, that as the Toa change, so do the tools.

2And Harpo, you just, well, move up the answers. What I do is I copy it into Wordpad, and match Greg's answer with the question I asked.
1This is what greg said...
3Tahu was alive the same time Lihkan was?....Wow, but what of the other toa?
41:Did they know of eatch other?
52:Will we find out how the toa got in there canisters?
63:And if Tahu was active as a toa he must have been on those invierons,or was tahu and company a part of Lihkans old group???:wacko:
7Please all I need is yes or no:?:

8I can tell you that no, Tahu and his group were NOT part of Lhikan's group.
9We know Tahu, Gali etc. existed in that same time period. We have not, at this point, revealed whether they were actively out being Toa or whether they were in their canisters at this time. That is story for another day.

11I wish they would tell us what was going on with the Toa olda at the same time as Lihkan. I can imagane all sorts of diffrent things.....
1QUOTE 2Hey greg, great job on maze of shadows just a few quick question on the entity of EP.
31).What's its name?

42) Is it a great spirit?
53). If not, what is it?

61) Doesn't have a name. 72) No. It is very powerful, because EP is as a rule, but it is nowhere near Mata Nui power level. 83) It is just what it appears to be -- it is an entity made of energized protodermis which has become sapient. It has the powers of that liquid, but no real mobility away from the pool, and a highly inflated opinion of itself.
1QUOTE 2Hello Greg, I just have a couple of questions about Toa Powers and Toa Stones (Sorry if I get a few things wrong since I haven't read Maze of Shadows yet)
31. In LOMN Q&A on the DVD, It's said that the Toa stones were made to give Toa Powers to those destined to recieve them. Did Lhiikan and his group bring these toa stones? or have they been there at the temple since the beginning of Metru Nui?
42. If Lhikan transferred his toa powers to the Toa Metru, does that explain why his spirit star split into six new stars?
52b. Are the Toa metru spirit stars the same stars as the Toa Olda Spirit stars (since they appear to be the same constellation)?
63. Does the Mask of light function based on the same principle as a Toa stone, transferring powers to Takua? If so, did the powers come from Takua, the mask, or both?
74. Finally, is the red star a spirit star or something else entirely?
8Thanks for taking the time to answer: 9Ast1

101) Odds are they were at the Great Temple for ages, but were not charged up until Lhikan did so.
112) The six new stars symbolize six Toa.
123) No, because the stars over Metru Nui are not true stars, like we see. The stars over Mata Nui are.
134) The mask turned him into a Toa, but it would not have worked that way for anyone else.
145) Not so far as I know.