1I asked some questions a while ago but didnt post them, here they are:

2Hello Greg I have some questions that have been buging me lately:
31. Why is the Keetongu-Sidorak combiner called unliving?
42. How much more control would Makuta have over the Vahi then a toa?
53. How desprate is Tahtorak to find out the answer?
64. When you become a dark hunter do you get cyborg parts put on you?
7Now some completly non bionicle stuff:
81. Why dont you use the library forum?
92. Which bionicle book have you enjoyed writing the most?
103. Looking forward to B3?
114. Do you buy/have any sets?
125. who's you favorite character? Mines Takutanuva.
13Thanks Greg:

141) Because it is not life as Matoran know it. 152) Some, but not enough 163) Well, it seems to be his main topic of conversation 174) Not necessarily, no -- but remember, everything in BIONICLE just about is biomechanical, so they all have machine parts already 185) Do you mean where the fan fiction is? I don't read fan fiction. Because I write the BIONICLE stories, I don't want to accidentally use someone else's idea, so better not to read them at all. 196) Hmmmm ... I would say #6. 207) Yup 218) Yes 229) Kopaka

1More questions: :P

2Hello Greg I have some more questions for you
31. How big is the Voporak?
42. Did Sentrahk die or something? because it is called unliving.
53. Could a toa use its toa power as a energy blast or a shield?
64. When did the dark hunter/Metru-nui war take place?
75. Do the places called Arthaka and Karzahini exist?
86. What did Metru-nui look like before it was built?
97. How will the toa nuva know when Mata-nui awakens?
108. Can you give me a Sentrahk quote? Or doesnt he really talk that 11much?
129. If answer to 8 is no, does Sentrahk have a way of comunicating with 13the shadowed one.
1410. Is the Shadowed ones real name Kindaka?
1511. Why didnt Ahkmou forget Metru-nui? Did you have to be in those 16pods for a certian amount of time?
1712. Why couldnt the toa metru fuse? was it an ability taught to you or 18was it something else entierly?
1913. Who has been a dark hunter longer? Nidhiki or krekka.
2014. Why did Roodaka extinct all the Krakka but one?
21Bye Greg.

221) I haven't actually seen the model compared to other ones, so I can't do a comparison right now.
232) Unliving doesn't necessarily mean dead. It can also refer to something that never lived as we understand life.
243) Depends on the power. I can't see using air as an energy blast, can you? Nuju can certainly make ice shields, and has, but they are of limited use.
254) Quite a long time before LOMN.
265) Karzahni was not a place -- it was a being. And at this point, the Matoran are not sure if they ever existed, so I can't say for sure either.
276) Ummm, before it is built, it wouldn't have looked like anything. What does a LEGO model look like before it's built?
287) Oh, they'll know, trust me.
298) He doesn't talk much.
309) The Shadowed One doesn't really keep him around for conversation. He's a guard.
3110) No, I have never heard that name before.
3211) Because the being who awoke him filled him in on it.
3312) Because you have to know how to do it. The Matoran were only able to do it against the Morbuzakh because Tehutti had seen something on it in the Archives. The Toa Metru had no one to train them to be Toa, so they didn't know how it was done.
3413) Nidhiki, definitely.
3514) Roodaka didn't, the Visorak did. And since Krahka did not know there were others of her kind, she obviously was not in that land when the Visorak swept through. So she wasn't there to get captured.

1As for question 3, I'd have to say that if Lehvak-Kal can use its vacuum powers as a shield, it'd work good. As for 5, I'd say that it seems that "the bad place" doesn't have a name (I'll really have to reread BA #6 again...). And is it that obvious about Mata Nui's awakening? 2Other notes: Guards are not paid to talk. Very interesting. And Ahkmou did forget all about Metru Nui, but we'll see how he got filled in in December, in BA #10... 3Nidhiki was a Dark Hunter longer than Krekka? Cool:
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1Hi, I read what you said in the Topic and I'm worried.
2Will Toa Norik eventually be available world wide. I can accept the small promos, but if it's an entire set that I'm missing out on, It'd be devastating.
3Will he be available to the rest of the world (eventually)?
4Thanks in advance.

5I have no doubt he will be. Places like Australia, New Zealand, Asia, etc. are usually on the European release schedule

6I think you may have heard me wrong. I meant, Will Toa Norik be availabe in other countries. Because you said he would only be available in the US, so I wanted to make sure cause I didn't think Lego would Hold an entire set to one country. Promos aside.

7And I answered you -- "I have no doubt he will be" means yes. And I never said Norik was only available in the US -- what I have said is that as far as I know, the Norik-Iruini co-pack is only available at Wal-Mart in the US, and Norik is being sold separately everywhere else. He comes out in Europe in April.

9So on that note. Norik WILL be availlable everywhere else. I'm not sure if this has been proven else where though. Just to say for those who didn't know and thouhgt they wouldn't have the chance to get a Norik

1Someone PMed you asking if Toa energy could be used as a shield or an energy blast not to long ago, this is the quote

2Could a toa use its toa power as a energy blast or a shield?
3Depends on the power. I can't see using air as an energy blast, can you? Nuju can certainly make ice shields, and has, but they are of limited use.

4i think what he meant was Toa Energy..they same stuff they used to heal Tahu in the move and the ash bear in the book. Witch is (i think) different from elemental energy, if you burn out Elemental power you can't use your element any more(till it recharges anyway) if you burn out your Toa energy you become a turagha
5now as to a question
61 was what i just wrote about Energy types right?
72.if so could you use Toa energy for other things? like a shield or an attack?

81) No. Toa power is inextricably connected to their elemental power, to the point that they are virtually the same. Remember, when Gali helps heal Tahu in the movie, she creates a little sphere of water .. she is using her elemental power, not something different. When the Toa Metru used up their elemental power, or the Toa Nuva could not use theirs, they had not lost it -- they simply could not access what they had.


1There are some very cold places on Mata-Nui and we know (i think) Matoran can feel heat/cold.
2So say a Ta-Koronan (AKA Takua) went to Ko-Koro when it was snowing. 3Wouldn't you wear a big wooly coat to keep you warm?
4We know some Rahi have fur/feathers, so why don't they make clothes for them selves?
5I think the set reason is Lego wouldn't want to produce clothes for them is that it would cost more and would be harder to design sets. 6But what is the storyline reason?


8You ask an interesting question -- easy answer is that Ta-Matoran don't go to Ko-Koro. Up until the Toa showed up and defeated the Rahi, Matoran from different villages very rarely traveled to other koro because it was too dangerous.
9While Matoran do feel some effect from extremes of temperature, certainly, it affects their organic tissue only, which is mostly protected by their armor. So I am not sure how much good wearing a coat over a suit of armor would be. And Rahi, in general, do not have fur and feathers, because they biomechanical.

11^I asked him about clothes.^

1QUOTE 2i fully understand if you cant answer them :)
31) Is there any kind of difference in a Matoran to Toa than a Toa who comes out of nowhere?
42) Do we know any Toa who came from canisters other than the olda? Not their name or anything, just wondering if any did :)
53) Have the Rhotuka been around a long time, only now surfacing to our knowledge? Like..would a Dark Hunter ever use them?

61) Yes. Let me give you an example -- suppose you had never been a child. You just appeared in the world as, say, a 25 year old. You would have no idea what it was like to be a kid, you wouldn't really be able to identify with what they go through because you never went through it yourself. Same thing here -- a Toa who has never been a Matoran can't really understand what a Matoran's life is like. 72) Not in the story so far, no 83) Yes, they have, and yes, they could
1QUOTE 2hey, i'm sorry but i have just one more question for now.
3If the Makuta were once protectors of the matoran, did they help fight the Dark Hunters in the Dark Hunters/Toa war?
5Because the Dark Hunters are not higher beings, such as the brotherhood, do they pose a much more immidiate threat to our heros than the brotherhood does?
6:) thanks:

71) No. 82) Depends on how you define immediate. Who is a more immediate threat, the street criminal or the crime boss that the street criminal works for?
1Um, you could have just edited your first post instead of DP'ing, Toa of Resumption...
1Um, you could have just edited your first post instead of DP'ing, Toa of Resumption...

2hm. 3i could have. 4I"ll keep that in mind. I figured because they were a separate set of questions, they'd go on different posts.
1Mr GF
2when you answer my 2nd post of questions. i meant the keetongu's takanuva staff. Does it have a name and what power does it have?
1keetongu you have to Pm GregF not post.
1I know that, but he didn't answer my question properly when i PM him( i already know how to PM him)
2I asked what is the name of keetongu's takanuva staff and what powers does it have?
1Greg doesnt read this thread, so he wont see your question at all if you post it here
1Although Mr. Farshtey probably doesn't have the time to scour this topic to see what questions he hasn't answered yet, I believe that I can answer your question for him-- 2I believe that it's said elsewhere in this topic that Keetongu's "Takanuva staff" is a pickaxe, which he uses for climbing.
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1Hi Greg
21. When a power (Rhotuka, Kanoka, etc) hits Keetongu's shield, is he affected by its power at all or is all the energy transferred to his own Rhotuka?
31) If it hits him, it affects him -- but if it hits his shield array, he just absorbs it.
42. While watching LoMN recently, I noticed that when in the Great Temple at the beginning Krekka shouts "The last Toa:", just before/during his pushing the giant rock off its pillar. Does that mean those Dark Hunters in particular, or the Dark Hunters in general had something to do with the disappearance of Lhikan's fellow Toa, or just know that they are gone, and does this mean a) The other Toa have met their demise, or b ) Lhikan is the last Toa on Metru Nui?
52) I checked the script and Krekka never says anything about a "last Toa."
6I swear thats what he says
73. Could Makuta have planned for the Great Catastrophe that befell Metru Nui in LoMN, or was it something he exploited when it happened (the summoning of the Visorak, for example)?
83) More a case of he knew it was coming and he exploited it.
94. Is the whole "The Makuta" thing something to do with the Brotherhood?
104) I can't answer that
115. Had Lhikan met Krekka at any time before the events in LoMN?
125) No
136. Did Makuta have any titles before he openly became evil, like the ones he had in the 2001 storyline (e.g. after LoMN he was Master of Shadows)?
146) Not to my knowledge, though arguably "protector of the Matoran" might have been one.
15Ta in advance for your help

1Maybe he said "at last Toa"
1Nope, he says "Ah, the last Toa:" and he throws the rock. I'm quite sure that Krekka and Lhikan had seen each other before, 'cuz in Vakama's forge, Lhikan knows Krekka's name. And movie plot is always official. 2Khote
1Nope, he says "Ah, the last Toa:" and he throws the rock. I'm quite sure that Krekka and Lhikan had seen each other before, 'cuz in Vakama's forge, Lhikan knows Krekka's name. And movie plot is always official. 2Khote

3Well, you don't have to see or meet someone to know their name. Maybe he had just done some research or heard rumors or something. But this would be better discussed in S&T's official DH topic. ;)
1I speak french and I watch the movie in French and he said "Le dernier Toa" and it mean "The last toa".
1Hope it's alright if I post this here, I turned on the closed captions for hearing impaired, and this is what I got. 2The last Toa:
1Okay, I got New info: (at least I think so) 2(comments in Green)
3okay, I have a few questions regarding the Toa Olda :)(and other various stuff)
41: were any of them in Lhikahns group?
62: Did Lhikan know any of them?
83: did the Rahaga Toa know them?
104: were they in their stasis tubes by choice?
11ANSWER: Can't answer it
12I'm pretty sure that this is MAJOR new info
135: When you say that the 6 tubes fell form the sky, do you mean the Metru-Nui sky/dome? or do you mean the sky of Mata-Nui?
14ANSWER: If they had fallen from the ceiling of Metru Nui, they would have been in the ocean around Metru Nui, rather than Mata Nui. So we were referring to the sky over Mata Nui.
15The heck?
166: Any plans for any type of metal mask/Rhotuka this year?
17ANSWER: Not to my knowledge
187: Does the trans-green Mru have any storyline significance?
19ANSWER: Not to my knowledge
208: Norik's mask is not is Kiril correct?(Or Iruni's, I get them confused)
21ANSWER: No, it is shaped like one as a tribute to a past hero.
229: Want a G-Mail invite? I have plenty :P
23ANSWER: Don't know what that is.
24I PMed him with info on G-Mail BTW
2510: Are they going to let you lend your voice to any characters(even briefly) in B3?
26ANSWER: No, no, I am not an actor. Voice recording is all already done for the movie.
27Darn, that would be cool
2811: are there any plans for a B4 (in the future)?
29ANSWER: Not that I have heard discussed.
30Me: :(
3112: Coke or Pepsi?
32ANSWER: V8 Splash Smoothies
3413: There's a building contest open to ALL Lego club members in May correct?
3614: any hints as to what we'll be building?
37ANSWER: I can't give hints, it would give BZPers an unfair advantage.
3815: What is the name of the "Hero" Toa group?(the Pre-Rahaga Rahaga)
39ANSWER: I can't answer this until Legal approves the name.
4016: I Believe you said once that the Olda caome into existence before the metru correct?
4217: did they exist before L's group?
4418: did they exist before the "Hero" group?
45ANSWER: Don't know
4619: which existed first? Lhikans group, or the Hero group?
47ANSWER: Most likely the Rahaga Toa were around slightly before or at the same time
48I'm pretty sure this one is new
4920: Okay, this whole Matoran/Brotherhood/Makuta/DH/Toa relationship has me extremely confused. is this becuase I havent read all of the books? or is it becasue there simply isnt enough info out there about the wars and such yet?
50ANSWER: There really is no info out on this yet, because it doesn't get mentioned anywhere until the Encyclopedia. I have tossed out a few fragments on BZP, but nothing detailed, and it hasn't been in the novels or comics. 51Ah, that explains it

53EDIT: to clarify why I think that info is major, in this case, I'm 99% sure that maybe means no. they wrent there by choice
1I have some quastions.
21.What kind of creature is Sidorak? A Intelegent Rahi? A Demon?
32. Most a kanohi mask been shaped in some way so you se what power it has? 4Exemple can a mask that looks like a pakari have the same powers as a huna?
53. Are their any woods ore other plant life in metru nui? morbozahk dosent count
64. What kind of climet does Metru nui have? Coold? Hot? Humid?
75. what does a lava eel look like?
86. was it a police forces in Metru nui before the Krahli?
97. What kind of rahi is a kraawa? A reptile? a Mamal?
108. are the metrus six difrent island conected by chuts?
119. does visoraks hatch from eggs? and if so are they tiny copies of adults?
1210. are their anny difrens between incects rahi ( Nui Rama) and archnid rahi ( Nui Jaga) In reall world their is alot of difrens
1311. how big is the cave that metru nui rests in?
1412. does it exist kiunds of kanohi masks that we have not seen yet?
15this long post was sent by Raka Nuva. A annoying guy
1Hey man, you have to PM those to Greg,
2then when he answers you post them here.
3because if you just post the qustions here, he wont see them, he doesnt read this thread.
1Raka, you have to PM the questions to him, you don't post them here.
1Okey.........................I didnt know that.........Hehe.............Oh I am embaresd
2I got an ansewar from greg
3QUOTE 4Hello Greg. I know that you are a hard working man and I am sorry that I have to bother you but I have some questions.
51.What kind of creature is Sidorak? A Intelligent Rahi? A Demon?
62. Most a kanohi mask been shaped in some way so you se what power it has? 7Example can a mask that looks like a pakari have the same powers as a huna?
83. Are their any woods ore other plant life in metru nui? morbozahk dosent count
94. What kind of climate does Metru nui have? Cold? Hot? Humid?
105. what does a lava eel look like?
116. was it a police forces in Metru nui before the Krahli?
127. What kind of rahi is a kraawa? A reptile? a Mammal?
138. are the metrus six deferent island connected by chuts?
149. does visoraks hatch from eggs? and if so are they tiny copies of adults?
1510. are their any difrens between insects rahi ( Nui Rama) and arachnid rahi ( Nui Jaga) In real world their is alot of difrens
1611. how big is the cave that metru nui rests in?
1712. does it exist kinds of kanohi masks that we have not seen yet?

18QUOTE 191) Intelligent Rahi. There are no demons in BIONICLE. 202) Yes. The reason that all Pakari look alike, for example, is the same reason that all stop signs look alike. It would be confusing if you were looking for a Pakari and had to try on every mask to figure out which one was right. 213) Just some shrubbery, and some sparse vegetation in Po-Metru, but no woods, no. 224) Well, it's indoors ... but it does tend to be colder in Ko-Metru, hotter in Ta-Metru (largely because of the factories) and fairly arid in Po-Metru. 235) Just like an eel in our world, except its skin gets really hot. 246) No 257) A mammal 268) No 279) No, there is no biological reproduction in BIONICLE, so there are no egg hatchings. 2810) Yup 2911) Really big 3012) I have no doubt there are more than we have shown, yes
1Hmm...about question 1, read this...
21) Since we know that both Keetongu and Sidorak are Rahi, this (obvious) question is: Is Roodaka a Rahi? 32) Do the Bohrok-Kal make an appearance in BA #10? 43) Is there any storyline significance to Iruini's mask shape (more specific than "It was shaped that way to honor a great guy")? 54) Are there any quotes that you really like from B3 (I believe that you said voice acting was all done already)? 61) Actually, I have never stated that Sidorak is a Rahi, nor do I think Roodaka is one. Keetongu is a Rahi. 72) No ... why would they? They only awaken if the Bahrag are trapped, and the Bahrag are not even active let alone trapped at that point. 83) Not yet 94) I can't share movie material

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1That's really odd... I mean isn't there in the post right above yours a quote that says that Sidorak is an intelligent Rahi? I mean, that's strange, two contradictory answers in two simultaneous posts, what's up with that?
1Latest Q's from Greg. I apologize in advance if you have seen these anwers many times before, as I have only just received books 4, 5, 6 & 7 from across the pond (curse Amazon and their delivery delay:). I find some of the answers quite interseting though. Questions in black, answers in red: -
21. Will any of the ancient Rahi featured in VoF and the mutated Rahi featured in MoS be in the upcoming Beast Book? 31) Don't think so, no, only because they do not exist as sets so there is nothing to take a pic of. 42. Do you have any details on Mavrah's appearance (e.g. body/feet colour and what Kanohi mask/colour)? 52) He wears a purple Pakari, if that helps 63. Will Mavrah appear in the storyline again? 73) Right now, Mavrah is missing and presumed dead. I had a number of BZPers tell me that as much as they liked him, they think he should stay dead because if he comes back it cheapens the effect of the book. 84. Will we learn who or indeed what carved the tunnels to Mata Nui's surface. Also, was this the same being that built the tunnels to the other environs? 94) Eventually, yes, and I don't know on the second question. 105. Did the vaults uncovered by the Toa Metru belong to Makuta or Matoran? 115) Makuta 126. What substance is the black vial that is used to hold the energized protodermis made of? 136) That would be telling :) 147. I understand that everything in the BIONICLE world has a destiny, but was the vial referred to in Q6 designed or destined to hold energized protodermis and not disintegrate or mutate – similarly for the substance that contain pools of energized protodermis? 157) Yes 168. Makuta had been doing experiments with Kanohi masks; did he successfully create any usable masks? 178) Time will tell .. I like to throw those little story hooks in and go back to them later. 189. What are the creatures originally that the carving in MoS shows that the Bahrag are dipping into the energized protodermis, which result in Krana? 199) Can't answer that 2010. How do the ancient Matoran symbols differ from that of those used in Metru Nui/Mata Nui, are they simply different shapes or different circular patterns used in the present? 2110) Different patterns, the same way there are different types of text for different languages/dialects in our world 2211. When Makuta gave the Rahi Nui to Nidhiki and Krekka, was it the Rahi Nui who slayed the other 4 Toa in Lhikan's team when impostor Dume sent them on their "missions"? 2311) Not necessarily.

24Now onto 2005 related stuff
2512. Will we learn the appearance of the other "Rahaga Toa", even though they do not play any major role in the storyline, as I am intrigued by the whole bodyguard-armour upgrade kind of thing: Or is it just left up to our imagination? 2612) There isn't really any way for me to detail their appearance because they don't exist as sets, so I can't put them in the comic and there is no room for them in the books 2713. Will we learn which past Toa the "Rahaga Toa's" masks are honouring? 2813) Hopefully, at some point 2914. I heard in passing that there is an entire island full of Tahtorak, south of Metru Nui. Will we learn the name of this island, and does the storyline focus on this region at any point this year? 3014) Not this year, no. I have no idea if we will ever get there. 3115. I understand that there are quite a few environs around Metru Nui. Will we ever see all of them, or at least some reference (like a map) as to where they are and what their local inhabitants are? 3215) I doubt we will ever paint ourselves into a corner by saying, "Here is all of them" -- what if we want to add another one later? 3316. Where are the Vahki subdivision hives located? I only know that the Le-Metru hive is near the Moto Hub. 3416) They are generally in the center of metru
1That's really odd... I mean isn't there in the post right above yours a quote that says that Sidorak is an intelligent Rahi? I mean, that's strange, two contradictory answers in two simultaneous posts, what's up with that?

2I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Greg misread Sidorak for Keetongu. If he answers in the negative like that, I'm pretty sure he was just mistaken in Raka's post.
1Me too. I asked him about it. But one really can't blame him... 2EDIT: I just realized something--for the secret study project in BA #5, we've got two purple Pakari's and a Ruru working on it...: How does one tell Onepu and Mavrah apart?
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15: When you say that the 6 tubes fell form the sky, do you mean the Metru-Nui sky/dome? or do you mean the sky of Mata-Nui?
2ANSWER: If they had fallen from the ceiling of Metru Nui, they would have been in the ocean around Metru Nui, rather than Mata Nui. So we were referring to the sky over Mata Nui.
3The heck?

4I've seen this asked at least twise... I don't see where the confusion is coming from?:?¿ How could the Toa Olda have FALLEN from the sky above Metru Nui (which is UNDER Mata Nui) and ended up splashing into the sea around Mata Nui? :blink: Maybe I'm the confused one? I dunno.
1I understand that part, but my question is, what solid place in the sky were the Toa being held?
1maybe they we're lunched from the sea bottem up into the sky and then fell into the ocean.
2or just teleported into the sky and fell
1I forget where the Toa Olda were held, but I think it was the Red Star. That's how it seemed in MNOLG 1, anyway. 2Moving on. I asked GregF some questions, and here are his answers. I've reformatted the text (putting answers next to questions, spelling corrections, etc.) but the text is the same.

4Thank you for answering my questions last time: Here are another batch of questions I thought of:
51. Any hints about the "vital function" the Bahrag/Bohrok swarms serve?
61) You pretty much already know their function: scraping the island of Mata Nui down to bare rock. What you don't know is why that's vital.
72. Won' t the Bahrag have to be awoken eventually, so they can perform their mission?
82) They are awake. They're just trapped. And yes, but since the Toa and Turaga don't know their mission is not hostile, who knows if they will ever bother to release them?
93. Just a bit of clarification for me: At the end of "Mask of Light," were the Matoran cut off from Mata Nui? I don't think so, but then how did they get past the big door?
103) No, they weren't. There are numerous ways to get from Metru Nui to Mata Nui. They went the way they did because Makuta had to be defeated first. Plus the door was pretty much rubble, so they just had to clear the rubble away.
114. Will Nuparu have to rebuild the Boxor from Bohrok parts in Metru Nui, since I don't think any were brought from Mata Nui?
124) Since they haven't gotten to Metru Nui yet, how do you know what they brought and did not bring?
135. You told me that it would be possible to build Boxor-like vehicles with Bohrok elemental powers, so why hasn't a smart engineer like Nuparu figured out how, yet?
145) Why does it take a long time to invent anything? Genius takes time.
156. About those Bohrok elemental powers: You've said that combining the Bohrok elemental powers would not produce protodermis. Is this because of the acid power instead of air power? What if a Toa of Air took the place of the Lehvak? Would that form protodermis?
166) It's because they aren't Toa.
177. You said that the official classifications that exist right now are Matoran, Rahi, Turaga, Toa, Great Spirits, and Great Beings. Where do Makuta and other intelligent beings that are not Matoran/Toa/Turaga belong, or is Makuta not specifically classified?
187) We haven't revealed where they belong yet.
198. How exactly was the Protodermic fusion of Makuta and Takanuva into Takutanuva reversed?
208) Simple. You had two life forces joined, right? Makuta and Takanuva. And then a significant portion of one life force was given to Jaller. So it is sort of like having a table with two legs -- if you cut most of one leg off, the table falls over.
219. You said that if 6 Toa joined together, they would have Mata Nui level power. Does each Toa then have about 1/6 as much power as Mata Nui, or do their powers amplify each other when they join?
229) Amplify. But it doesn't matter, because I doubt it will ever happen, at least anytime soon.
2310. Also, do combinations of beings other than 3 or 6 exist in the Bionicle universe? Say, could more than 6 Toa join?
2410) Not that we have seen so far. I won't say it is impossible, just not that we have seen so far.
2511. Have there been Toa Kaita before Wairuha (spelling?) and Akamai? What are Wairuha and Akamai, anyway (Great Spirits, etc.)?
2611) No, they are not Great Spirits. They are Toa Kaita. As for whether any ever existed before them, no idea.
2712. You've told us that Makuta-as-Dume, during his 18 months of rule, ordered the gateways from other environs to Metru Nui closed, and that he didn't close the passage to Mata Nui closed because Mata Nui was a barren wasteland. How did Mata Nui become a lush paradise in less than 2 years?:?
2812) Well, stop and think for a moment -- that lush paradise was all protodermis. Protodermis lava, protodermis rocks, protodermis plants. Now if you had a sufficient amount of matter and an energzied protodermis leak, possibly as a result of the earthquake, who knows what could happen? You can't view BIONICLE through the eyes of Earth biology or other sciences.
2913. Just to clarify: Is Mata Nui considered an environ? Is Metru Nui? Or does the term only apply to other places?
3013) An environ is any area that surrounds where you are. So if you are on Mata Nui, Metru is an environ, and vice versa. If you are in New York City, then places in Westchester would be environs.
3114. Are all environs around Metru Nui or anywhere else besides Mata Nui underground, or do some paths angle upwards and form environs above ground?
3214) I can't answer this one.
3315. Wait a minute, there are other beings like Krahka? According to the Official GregF Discussion Topic, you said that the Visorak swept through the land where Krahka's kind lived. How did the Visorak defeat an island full of beings like Krahka? Even if the creatures couldn't imitate Toa, they could at least imitate the Visorak and become naturally immune, or imitate whoever led the Visorak at that time, and cause mass confusion, right?
3415) Naturally immune to what? All that would mean is that they couldn't be mutated, and I never said they were. They were just webbed up. Toa are more powerful than Krahka, and look how fast the Toa went down. Visorak are really good at what they do. Another factor to keep in mind -- Pouks was able to see through Krahka's disguises. Don't you think the Visorak would be able to sense a false Visorak, since beasts tend to have more enhanced senses anyway? Also remember that Krahka's intelligence came about in part because she absorbed all six Toa's power and personality. A standard Krahka is a regular Rahi, just a shapeshifting one.
3516. How did Krahka end up in the Archives if she was from another island? How did she get to Metru Nui?
3616) She may have simply wandered off and gotten to Metru Nui the same way all the rest of the Rahi did. In her case, she could easily have flown or traveled underwater, depending on what shape she took. Since she didn't remember there were other Krahka, it could have happened long ago. Maybe she was blown off her island by a storm and ended up north, who knows?
3717. Were the Kanohi Nuva formed from the original Kanohi masks that the Toa collected?
3817) No. The Kanohi Nuva appeared on the island when the Toa became Nuva.
3918. Why didn't the Golden Kanohi itself change, instead of splitting up into 6 different Kanohi Nuva masks? (I mean storyline-wise, not the reason that if it hadn't, the Toa Nuva would have been too powerful and without incentive for working together.)
4018) Basically, your behind the scenes reason IS the storyline reason. This is all about destiny, and the golden mask was not destined to change in that particular way. The Toa needed the golden masks to defeat the Manas and Makuta, but they were not destined to have them as Toa Nuva.
4119. You've said that Turaga still have better control over their elements than Matoran. Does this mean Matoran also have some degree of elemental control (that, say, humans or typical Rahi wouldn't)? What can Matoran do if they have this small amount of elemental energy?
4219) No, it means the Turaga have better control. Which isn't hard, since the Matoran have just about none. The way that elemental power manifests itself in Matoran is things like the fact that Ko-Matoran are resistant to extreme cold, etc. Not that they can shoot ice out their fingers.
4320. If the Turaga pooled their bit of elemental energy, could they form protodermis?
4420) Good question. I would say no. That is a power we largely reserve for Toa.
4521. Did the Mask of Light contain elemental energy (so that it could transform Takua)? If yes, how was that done?
4621) I don't have this information. The 2003 story bible does not detail exactly how the mask worked on Takua, probably because Bob doesn't want it revealed.
4722. Do Matoran Nui and Matoran Kaita have to be formed from Matoran from different villages/Metru, or will just any Matoran work?
4822) They do have to be from other villages, yes.
4923. How much power would a Turaga Nui have, compared to one Toa?
5023) Hard to say, since there has never been a Turaga Nui in the story.
5124. How do the power levels of Toa, Toa Nui/Mata Nui, and Makuta compare with each other? (I know how Mata Nui compares with Makuta, but I'm not sure of the others.)
5224) Well, a Toa Nui is obviously more powerful than a Toa. And I probably would put it over Makuta too, with one corollary. Merging like that is exhausting. You can only do it for so long before you have to go back to being your individual selves. So if you are fighting something like this, the trick is to outlast it, force it to expend its power as much as possible, and exhaust it that much faster.
5325. Can Turaga form Turaga Kaita, using 3 Turaga?
5425) It's possible, but has never happened to my knowledge.

55Thanks for considering my questions:


58There you have it. Unfortunately, I won't have time to post comments. Some are just clarification for me, but I think others are interesting. Is the info in #12 known already?
59Also, how can I contact BZPower News, if I have info? All the emails I send to the front page link seem to get rejected by a server, either mine or BZPower's. I missed sending in some important news because of it, and I might try to send in scans of comic 23 (unless that's old news? I'm a little behind, right now :D ). Anyway, I would appreciate help. :)

1Also, how can I contact BZPower News, if I have info? All the emails I send to the front page link seem to get rejected by a server, either mine or BZPower's. I missed sending in some important news because of it, and I might try to send in scans of comic 23 (unless that's old news? I'm a little behind, right now :D ). Anyway, I would appreciate help. :)

2I usually just bring up a new message, and type in "news@bzpower.com" in the To: field. 3Oh, and interesting info you got there, especially the stuff about combiners. I'd been wondering about #22 myself.
4- ToP
1Hello Mr GregF, sorry for bothering you, but for on my second post of question, I meant what was the name of keetongu's takanuva staff and what power it has.
2anyway I have some questions for you
3which is powerful rhutua or kanoka?
4Is maravah confrimf dead?
5When will bionicle 3 come out in Australia?
6in mol, was makuta's sphere was made of protodermis or a shadow element.
7Thank you.

81) We call it a blade claw 92) They're both powerful. Major difference is Kanoka can be reused after they are thrown, Rhotuka cannot be 103) Mavrah is missing and presumed dead 114) No idea. That is a Miramax distribution question. 125) Not sure what sphere you are referring to

1oh yah, the 1-5, greg had answered them. not me
1and the question for number 1 is what is keetongu's takanuva staff?
1Turaga Kaita are possible: Those were good questions Mysterius.