1VERY clear pictures of the Toa Igniters have now been found, but, they slightly vary from image to image. Can you confirm/deny that any of the pictures are prototypes?

2Those pics are, most likely, from a catalog produced for retailers, which means the shots were taken a long time ago. I have no hard info on whether they are prototype pics or not, but I CAN tell you that mask designs were only finalized a short time ago, so it is at least possible that the shots in the catalog are from earlier versions

3Proof that I haven't been speaking crazy talk about how Hewkii isn't really going to be ugly:

1hey gregf. .. . i know you might not be able to answer this. .. .but if you can. . can you please? its really tearing at me. . .. .its about the 06 toa sets..will these new toas be able to wear past kanohi? or are their heads and masks really different and are only able to wear that certain mask?.. because their eyes dont seem like the past toa head eyes we've seen. .and it seems that eye thing covers more of their face than just the eyes. . .im sure youve seen the sets to be able to give an answer. . .but if not. . .i guess i can really just wait. .. .but if you can get back to me. . it would be greatly appreciated. ..

3No, they are not compatible with the old masks -- which I understand will probably upset some people (and I can see why), but since none of the old masks are in this storyline, and because of the story background of the new Toa and the new masks, it does make sense. . .

4OMGGGGGGGGGGGG. . noooooooooo. . T.T. . uncompatable masks. . .that means new yeads. . and new ways of wearing masks. . .and ahhhhhhhhhh. . . .(sorry this is just heartbreaking)
6edit. 7sorry to confuse you guys with that. . the second paragraph is Gregf's reply :wacko:
1I don't really care, I don't MOC much.
2:g: :a: :a: :k: :i:
1May I kindly ask that when you auote Greg, you don't just highlight the PM he sent you? Can you hit 'reply' and just select that text there. You don't need to send a reply back to Greg. This makes it easier for us.
2TMD woz 'ere
1Wait... uncompatible masks? And there's a storyline reason for it? What are the new Toa gonna be, Hordika or something? Not cool. But oh well.
2torritorri 3:t: :t:
1Some info here on the Toa Igniter and Toa Inika findings...

2Dear Mr. Farshtey,
31.On one topic, a book called Toa Inika is coming soon to amazon.uk.In the new catalogue pics, they are called Toa Igniters.Can you confirm which name is correct, or if the correct name is not shown?
42.If the correct name is not shown, can you tell me what it is?

5I can definitely confirm for you that Igniters is NOT the name.

6Well, this confirms that jaller and Co. are NOT Toa Igniters. Odd, Greg didn't say anything about the Toa Inika...
1Thank goodness they aren't called 'Igniters'. Then there's still hope for these new Toa...
1Comments below answers.
2Hello Greg, I've got more Bionicle questions, and here they are:
31: How many Toa teams have fought Makuta before? 41) Can't answer it. It's not something that has been officially determined, so any answer I gave you would not be official. 5Comment: ...Interesting, this could mean -any- number of Toa Teams have fought Makuta.
62: Exactly how long was Karzahni (the being) in existence before Makuta or Mata-nui, and did he exist at the same time or before the Great Beings? 72) Nothing existed before the Great Beings, and I don't have an exact number of years pre-Mata Nui that Karzahni existed. 8Comment: Even more proof the Great Beings are the Bionicle equilivant of Gods.
93: From the pictures of the 2006 Toa in the "New Toa Revealed:" article on BZPower's front page, it seems as if the new Toa are mutated in some way- Have they been altered or mutated by someone with powers like Roodaka or beings like Visorak? Or are those pictures just prototypes? 103) I can't discuss summer sets. 11Comment: Blah, same old answer...
124: How old are Makuta and Mata-Nui? 134) Very old. 14Comment: Not very specific, but it'll have to do...
155: What would happen if the Mahoki stones were dropped into energized Protodermis? Nothing? 165) Depends. If it was their destiny to transform, they would transform. If it wasn't, they would be destroyed. 17Comment: I was hoping he could tell me whether or not they'd be destined to transform.
186: What if you filled a Zamor with Energized Protodermis? It could be a great weapon if one got lucky and it wasn't the persons destiny to transform. 196) Yup, it could. 20Comment: Yay: But due to the chance of the person transforming, it would be a bit too risky of a Weapon- The Bionicle equilivant of a Nuke. Perhaps if someone could see others destinies...
217: Can beings form Kaita with other species, like a Bohrok-Toa Kaita for example? 227) Not to my knowledge, no. 23Comment: Awe...
248: Have any Toa met Karzahni? 258) No, not up to this point in time. 26Comment: Thought not.
279: How many Bohrok would be required to actually cleanse Mata-Nui, the whole swarm? 289) Probably one could do it, but it would take a lot longer. 29Comment: Figures, it is most logical this way.
3010: Are there more Islands that are required to be cleansed? 3110) Can't answer it. 32Comment: Bah, this could mean one of three things: 33A: He really can't answer it, either too far in the story or hasn't been written yet. 34B: He's not allowed to answer it because it's coming up in the story soon. 35C: I'm right and the Bohrok are going to try to cleanse other islands after they get done with Mata-Nui.
36That's it for now.-Shade

37Some of these should interest you.-Shade
1Hi Greg. I'd like to ask a question.
21) Does a toa of ice have the ability to "absorb" the "coldness" of a closed area in a similar way that Vakama absorbed the heat in the room while fighting the fire creature?
32) Is it safe to say that a toa does not actually "absorb" their element, but rather referse the process of creating it. Becuase I'm looking at the ice toa, and you can't absorb a lack of something....
4Thank you: :)

51) Yes 62) In Earth science, you cannot absorb the lack of something -- but Earth science does not apply in BIONICLE

7Not much, but mainly I asked these for the "Kopaka Controls Heat:" topic. Does clear up some confusion, though....
1Just a few random things that I have been wondering;
21) When will we first see the new toa? Will they be featured much in BL #2?
32) If they are featured at the end of BL #2, will we get any information on their mask powers/zamor powers at that time?
43) Do the Strobe-Light swords of any special powers similar to the way the Piraka's light-up eyes do?
54) If there was anything you could change about Bionicle, what would it be?
65) Which set is your favorite set overall, in the past five years?
76) Which is your favorite set in '06?
87) Have you gotten to play around with any of the unreleased sets yet?
98) How is BL #4 going?

101) End of BL #2, they aren't really active until BL #3 112) Nope, not in that book 123) I can't discuss that yet 134) Probably would have changed it so LEGO would have known from the start how successful it would be, rather than have to make some plans in a rush because we didn't know it would last more than a year 145) Exo-Toa 156) Vezon and Fenrakk 167) No. We get early versions in the showroom, but you can't mess around with them too much because they have to go to ToyFair, etc. We don't have access to sets you can build yourself and play with until they hit stores. 178) Okay -- it has been delayed a bit because I had to go to Denmark for a week

1Hi Greg: I have some questions:
21)Why is Metru-Nui the same shape as Mata-Nui?
32) What book will the 2006 toa appear?
43) Can yo desribe Karzani's lair?
5Thank you for your time.

61) Cause that is how our designers designed it 72) End of Book 2 83) It's described in Book 2

1Here's what I have....

2QUOTE 3Hey Greg. Thanks for answering my previous questions.
4There's a confusion right now whether the new Toa are called Toa Igniters or Toa Inika. Could you shed any light on this?
5And do you have any idea what the books below are about?
61.PIRAKA: Mini (Bionicle S.) 7Paperback - December 4, 2006 8Price: £1.99
92.Toa Inika: Mini (Bionicle S.) 10December 4, 2006 11Price: £1.99
123.Matoran: Mini (Bionicle S.) 13Paperback - December 4, 2006 14Price: £1.99
154.Voya Nui: Mini (Bionicle S.) 16Paperback - December 4, 2006 17Price: £1.99
185.Bionicle Annual (Bionicle S.) 19September 4, 2006 20Price: £6.99
217.Guard the Secret (Bionicle S.) 22Paperback - August 7, 2006 23Price: £3.99
248.Island of Hope... Island of Doom (Bionicle S.) 25Paperback - August 7, 2006 26Price: £2.99

272) Do you play the Rhotuka Spinner game as well?
283)Are there still any sets (2006 ones) that we have yet to see (or hear) about?
294)What will the new upcoming Bionicle comic be about? Any info on the ads we might see? (Piraka ads...Axonn and Brutaka teasers... eg.)
305) The new Toa team...will they have a leader that isn't red in colour? ( Like the Piraka in which Zaktan became their leader and not Hakann)
316)Will we learn more about Makuta's history? If yes, when and what about?
32Thanks for your time.
33Toa Voya

341) I can confirm that Igniters is not the name. Because it was intended to be at one point, a lot of ToyFair promo material still has that name, but it is not what we are going with. 352) Nope, those are the UK books and they are doing a lot of different things on their own, using past material and activities and things like that. 362) I have not been in the US since it debuted, I am in Denmark for work. 373) Yup 384) It will be about the Piraka. And yes, there is an AB teaser in it. 395) Can't answer it 406) Depends on if/when he ever comes back into the story 41-Greg

42Useful info. Very useful. 43Toa Voya
1I only have a couple questions on the Piraka Fusion Contest.....
21. At the bottom of the page it says that the essay is 25% of the "grade". But you've stated a couple of times that you do not need to write an essay. Do they just use the same rule thing with every Bionicle contest, or were you mistakin?
32. Is it possible to get the $100 dollars of LEGO's to go towards a set? It said that you could have a set worth up to $100 dollars, but I need a set that's over that and I was wondering if I could pay the rest myself.
4Thank you for your time,

61) The rules section was picked up from a previous contest. 72) You can, in that case, arrange with us to use your contest credit toward a set and then just pay whatever is over 100.00 yourself. We have done that before.

8Just a few questions I had on the new Piraka Fusion Contest. Not much, but it's usefull for me.
11. What book will Axonn and/or Brutaka first appear in next year?
22. The Toa Igniters are complete Toa... right?They're not Hordika or some other hybrid... right?
33. Is "Toa Inika" the proper name for the "Toa Igniters?"
44. Do the new Toa possibly have green light up eyes?
55. Is there any possibility that Vezon might be a seventh Piraka?
66. Can you reveal what kind of creature Fenrakk is?Is he just a Rahi?
77. Do you watch the show "LOST?"Or... "Invasion?"
88. When will we have $3.99 sets that will be bad guys again?We haven't since 2002 - in fact, that was the only year the little sets were bad
99. Are the store exclusives like more new sets (such as the Toa Norik Wal*Mart exclusive), or just special combo packs (like "Piraka Reidak vs. Toa Nuparu 2-pack")?I'm personally hoping they're more new sets.
1010. Are you the writer of the EXO-FORCE story?
11Thanks, Greg:

131) #2 142) They are not hybrids, no 153) I can confirm Igniters is not the name 164) Nope, not to my knowledge 175) Can't answer it -- anything to do with Vezon relates to future storyline 186) No, I can't -- again, future storyline 197) I watch Lost, Invasion has not grabbed me 208) No idea, I don't work in set design 219) Can't answer it 2210) I am involved in it, I am not the sole writer on it though

24#1 -- Sweet: They appear in Dark Destiny: 25#2 -- He said they aren't hybrids... but maybe they could be Hordika? I mean Hordika aren't exactly hybrids... 26#3 -- Still no word on if Inika is the proper name though... dang: 27#4 -- Darn, I was hoping they would be 28#5 -- Okay... Well, at least it wasn't the usual "I can't discuss summer sets at this point." 29#6 -- Ditto of #5 30#7 -- LOST is my favorite show:: Cool, Greg watches it: 31#8 -- Oh well 32#9 -- We'll just have to wait and find out then. 33#10 -- Cool
1New answers from GregF:
2QUOTE 3Hi there, Greg. I've got some questions that I hope you'll answer:
41) If Roodaka could still be alive after the events of Web of Shadows, could she have another form different to that she's in in the 2005 Visorak storyline, like for example a Matoran or Toa?
52) If Makuta could still be alive after the events of Mask of Light, could he be in the forms I mentioned in 2)?
63) Is it possible that a Matoran from Voya Nui or its mainland could have travelled to Metru Nui before the events of Legends of Metru Nui?
74) How did Roodaka get to the Dark Hunter HQ? Did she have to get there herself like Bruce Wayne did in Batman Begins? Or did The Shadowed One and/or Makuta arrange for her to get there?
85) Did the Piraka going 'rogue' have anything to do with the Dark Hunters going against Makuta?
96) Did the Toa Hagah / Rahaga ever encounter the Piraka?
10By the way. I'd like to congratulate you for years of writing excellent Bionicle comics and books. 11BMW-Nuju

121) No. Roodaka cannot use her spinner on herself, so she has no way to change forms. 132) Makuta can look like virtually whatever he likes. 143) No. The Matoran of Voya Nui are unaware of Metru Nui's existence. 154) She bribed, threatened, and intimidated the information out of beings who knew where it was 165) No 176) Good question. It's possible, but I haven't decided yet.
1i have a possible solution for part of the piraka.com riddle
2where evil's afloat
3a secret brings hope might refer to the mask of life
1i know that biological reproduction does not happen in the bionicle universe so look at it this way let's compare vezok and vezon to the uss defiant and another ship of it's class one might say that both ships are twins and absolutely identical
1Nuju255, this topic is for posting answers to questions you asked Greg, with a little discussion on them. If you want to post a theory, got to the Storyline and Theories forum, but make sure you check for official topics first.
1Here's some more I got last night:
2Hey Greg, I've been thinking about the hidden mysteries of BIONICLE, and I came up with a few more questions (BTW, thanks for the info on the underwater chutes.it has been added to the wiki.) :

31. How long did Lhikan and Dume know each other?

42. Did either of them ever meet Norik?

53. What happened to Dume's team?

64. Will we ever see where the Piraka's species lives?

75. How exactly do Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Nuparu, Hewkii, and Matoro get to Voya Nui from Karzahni?

86. Are the 2006 Toa called Toa Inika? please answer this. begging::begging:

97. how does Protodermis get color?

108. Will we ever see any more 'Energized Protodermis Entities', like the one the Toa Metru encountered?

119. Lots of people are saying that the 2006 Toa are ugly.Are these REALLY the final versions?

1210. Out of the 2006 Toa, which one do you think you'll like best?
13That's all,

141) I haven't determined that yet, but I can tell you it had to be at least a few thousand years
152) No
163) Well, since he became a Turaga, it is reasonable to assume the team achieved its destiny, so they may be Turaga elsewhere.
174) No idea
185) You will find out in Book 2
196) All I can say is they are not called Igniters
207) Alas, it is 4 in the morning and my brain is not working sufficiently to answer this one at the moment
218) Don't know
229) Lots of people on BZP say every new set is ugly. I pay no attention to it anymore. They said that about the Piraka, the Hordika, the Toa Metru, the Vahki, you name it, yet somehow those sets still sold.
2310) For writing purposes? I would say the interplay between Kongu and Nuparu has been the most fun so far.

246. drat. 257. ditto 2610. interesting (Kongu is my favorite).
27----- :m: :o: :c: :m: :a: :s: :t: :e: :r: :voyanui: :5: :0: :0: :0: -----
1Dear Greg,
2First off, GREAT job on Island of Doom: I have a few quick questions...

31) On This page, it says you've confirmed that the '06 Toa are Jaller and Co... is this true?
42) The Toa Metru didn't know their mask powers...why is that? They wore the same masks as Matoran, and they should know what the various mask shapes traditionally have for powers...or atleast Vakama should, he was a Mask Maker.
53)Where will we see the 2006 Toa first? In the comics or Dark Destiny?
64) Will the Matoran and Piraka be the feature of the next issue, or will the new Toa be in it?
75)You said that the Mask Designs for the 2006 Toa were only just finalized...can you tell us if any were changed?
86) Will '06 have two story arcs (Like 2003 with the Bohrok-Kal and the Mask of Light) or one (like 2002)?
97)Can you tell me the title of the next comic?
108)You've said some of the Piraka will be in 2007, can you confirm that it is "some" and not all?
119)You've said there are some sets BZP doesn't know about for 2006, will they be playsets or regular sets? If you can't answer this one, that's fine.
1210)When will Dark Destiny come out?
1311) Is there any cool quote from an upcoming book you'd like to share with us?
1412) Will Bionicle Heroes have a brand new plot, or will it follow the 2006 story?
1513) Any idea why the UK is getting the titans early?
16Thanks for your time 17-TK

181) Yup
192) How would they know that? They know the mask shapes -- that doesn't mean they have ever seen the Great Mask versions of those masks in action.
203) In BL #2, they don't show up in the comic until May
214) The new Toa are not in BIONICLE #1, it's too early for them
225) No idea, I have very little to do with set design
236) One
247) "If a Universe Ends ..."
258) No, I can't confirm that, because 2007 is not locked yet
269) Can't answer it
2710) Odds are it will be in stores sometime in late Feb.
2811) Not today, I just flew back from Denmark and am still jet-lagged
2912) You mean the video game? No idea, I have no involvement with it. I doubt it will follow the story, though, the video games rarely do
3013) They were always planned to get them in March (they just ended up coming out earlier than that). No idea why.

31Comments: 321: yay for 100% Confirmation that Jaller and Co. are the Inika:
332: Okay, that really cleared it up for me.
346: YES: 2006 is now my favorite year, it replaces 2002 ( I love year long stories:::)
357: You got it here first, folks:
368: Intersting... I personally want it to be all, only they'd be against eachother.
3710: Awesome: Guys, soon we'll have Dark Destiny::: I'm so getting it:
3812: :(
3913: Lucky UKians....
1Dark Destiny's not too far away. Feb came quicker than I thought.
2So it's been confirmed in a PM that the Metru Nui Matoran become Toa. Good. But then, what points against it?
3I'll shut up now.
4:g: :a: :a: :k: :i:
1What a relief.... the Igniters/Inika aren't called Igniters. I was starting to lose faith, because of the canister pictures... And we'll be getting BL#2 by the end of the month:
2To the point...
3Hello, Greg: I have a few questions that I want to throw at you:
41)Can you tell me how much of a role the Toa Igniters will play in coming years? 52)Have you seen the actual products? 63)Will we see the light-up feature incorporated into sets in coming years? 74)Is the Vezon-Vezok connecton a good or bad thing for Vezok? 85)How do you come to decide to kill a character off?
9Thank you for your time.

101) No, I can't discuss future storyline 112) Yes 123) I can't say for sure, but offhand my guess would be no -- I doubt we will want to repeat the same thing twice in a row. 134) You´ll find out in coming story 145) Depends. Most of the characters I kill off in the books are minor, non-set ones. In the case of bigger ones like Sidorak, that got decided by the head of the story team at that time and the screenwriters.

15Just some things that were nagging at me. I sent this awhile ago, in case anyone was wondering.
1Good Morning...:wakeup2:

  1. 2Can you tell what the Mask of Life's power is? If not now, when will we know?
  2. 3Since Hahli is becoming a Toa, who will be Chronicler?

41) Not for a while yet, because you don't need to know right now. 52) There isn't one at the moment. When they leave Metru Nui, they are Matoran with no thought of becoming Toa, and by the time they are Toa, there is no time or opportunity to be sending back to Metru Nui for another Matoran. Besides, it is hard to fight a war if you have to be worrying about protecting a Matoran all the time

1This Might Flort a Few Theries
2You said that the Toa Nuva do not die, because it would end the story because they did not complete there duty.
3But, can the Toa Nuva Die, but then be brought back to life?
4If yes, could (supposing one is good) the Titans use the Mask of Life?

5I am really not into the whole "dying and coming back to life" thing in my stories -- I think it's a cheat. If characters can just die and then be brought back, then there is no drama or suspense -- it doesn't matter if they die, because they won't stay dead. So no, as long as I am involved with the story, that will most likely not happen.

Gali Nuva Girl
1Good Morning...  :wakeup2:

  1. 2Can you tell what the Mask of Life's power is? If not now, when will we know?
  2. 3Since Hahli is becoming a Toa, who will be Chronicler?

41) Not for a while yet, because you don't need to know right now. 52) There isn't one at the moment. When they leave Metru Nui, they are Matoran with no thought of becoming Toa, and by the time they are Toa, there is no time or opportunity to be sending back to Metru Nui for another Matoran. Besides, it is hard to fight a war if you have to be worrying about protecting a Matoran all the time

6Kewl... It says they're fighting a war... :lookhere:
1Here's some more to and from Greg:
3"I have studied the stars, few and dim as they now are," Dume continued, gesturing toward the darkened sky. It was true that few points of light could be seen, and those that were there had hardly any glow. "I have consulted with Turaga Nuju, who was once a talented interpreter of the messages to be read in the heavens. He agrees with my findings." 4"Which are?" Kopaka Nuva asked, impatience creeping into his voice. 5"Mata Nui is not merely asleep," Dume said quietly. "My friends, Mata Nui is dying."
6Does this mean that Dume can understand Nuju? 72. If so, did he learn the bird language from Kualus? 83. In the BIONICLE movies, the Turaga are shown wearing some type of fabric, and a while ago you mentioned that Vakama, as a Toa, carried a sack of Kanoka. What in the world is this material? 94. Sorry You couldn't answer this before, but how does protodermis get color, and different colors? 105. In what book will we learn the Bohrok/Toa Mata connection? 116. Why are almost all the known islands in BIONICLE underground? 127. Will we ever find out who created the Great Disks? 138. You mentioned a while ago that the Kanoka powers come from the protodermis they are made from. How? 149. If Karzahni is a real place, is Artahkka? 1510. Are there any other intelligent Rahi besides Tahtorak and Krahka?

171) Not necessarily, no. Nuju is perfectly capable of speaking Matoran, he simply chooses not to in most cases. But in BIONICLE #1, he spoke Matoran to Kopaka because time was of the essence, and I am sure he would have done the same thing with Dume in a crisis situation. 183) My guess would be it was made from some sort of plant material. 194) Depends on what you're asking. Masks get their color from being worn. Armor and things like that most likely get it the same way things we have do, from dyes. 205) No idea yet. That is not going to be revealed for some time yet, certainly not this year. 216) Because they are. (Sorry if that's a stupid answer, but this basically falls under the heading of "Deals with future storyline, so can't answer it") 227) Eventually, you will probably find out everything, provided BIONICLE sets continue to sell well enough for a long enough time for me to be able to tell the complete story. 238) Partly from the properties and the purity of the protodermis they are made from, and partly from the skill of the Matoran working with it. If you are looking for technical details, they aren't relevant to the story. 249) Who knows? Time will tell. Karzahni being a real place certainly would make it seem more likely 2510) I would think in a vast universe of creatures, odds are good

26I found the fabric part interesting, though I kind of expected it. Maybe Nuju doesn't need a translator:
1Here's a few people should find interesting:
2QUOTE  3Is the reason Lego needed Makuta's armour cracked was so the Virus  could be created and put in Zamor spheres?
4Confirm if possible.

5Also, In Bl#1, it hinted that Makuta was alive and had escaped the door. 6Is this true?(No, I am not asking if he is in 2006, I already know he won't be) 7I can understand if you can't answer this one.

8And when in 2006 will we meet who built the canisers the Toa Olda arrived in? 9I'm just curious, if you don't have a date or month that's ok.
10other: 11Who is your favorite Titan for 2006? 12Storywise?Setwise?
13Which Bionicle character would you say you are most like?

141) There were a lot of reasons we needed his armor cracked, none of which I am going to share here. 152) It is? I thought what was hinted was that his crushed armor was found in the rubble. When does it suggest he's still alive? 163) Book 2 174) My favorite set this year is Vezon and Fenrakk. 185) I really don't see myself in any of them -- they have adventures, I stay home and write.

19edit:1 and two should get people's attention. 20SV
Fivrik Toa of Building
17.Will we ever find out who created the Great Disks? 210.Are there any other intelligent Rahi besides Tahtorak and Krahka?

37) Eventually, you will probably find out everything, provided BIONICLE sets continue to sell well enough for a long enough time for me to be able to tell the complete story. 410) I would think in a vast universe of creatures, odds are good

57) If BIONICLE keeps going on, more secrets will appear, and if it starts to go down, how will he be able to pull in every answer in the last year? 610) Keetongu. 7Khote
17) If BIONICLE keeps going on, more secrets will appear, and if it starts to go down, how will he be able to pull in every answer in the last year? 2Khote

3I would think that, if anythoing major like the Toa Olda/Bohrok connection would be explained in either an encyclopedia-type book produced at the end, or explained here on BZP by Greg if he wasn't able to do so in print.
4But anyway, Bionicle is characterised in part by its mystery. If we knew every detail, wouldn't the appeal just go?
1Okay, I have one that I forgot in my last PM, and another that's about the playsets for this year...but I know how much you hate answering questions about 2006 sets you can't discuss.
21.) About the playsets, is there a reason there are so many Axonn masks? There is at least one in every playset, and I just wanted to know if this is a choice the set designers made, or if it had something to do with the storyline.
32.) With the PF contest, is it alright if we create a rider and a "steed"? They just look so good together.
4Thanks in advance....
5StF is |_eavin |\|ow

61) I haven't looked that closely at the playsets yet, because they haven't really come into the story yet. 72) Yup

8Just a question about the playsets and the contest again.....
9StF is |_eavin |\|ow
1Some information regarding that new set, Umbra.

2QUOTE 3Dear Mr. Farshtey,
4Really sorry, but I have one question, about this new BZP article.
51. This 'Umbra' person is brand new( hey, I just asked you if there were any new sets, and here one is, not minutes later: ). Is the catalogue information correct, or is some info incorrect, like Axonn and Brutaka?
62. When does he figure into the story?(Umbra)
73. Big improvement, by the way. I like the new roller skate-like feet. They're a big creativity step, something that I applaud LEGO for.

91) Such as it is, it's correct, yes, although with the translation some of it does not make much sense. 102) End of the year

12So, it seems that Umbra is a good guy, although could he be the Order of Mata Nui set? End of year, probably BL#5. Finally, we have a correct catalogue: :lol:

1when will umbra appear in the story? 2how did dume get out of the stasis pod and what happned to making a flash series for that? 3have you seen the the final mask for the the new toa?

41) End of the year 52) The scripts will be getting sent to BZP in March. The web team and myself did not have time to get the comics done last year, and there is no budget to do 2005 stuff in 2006 63) All I have seen is what is in our showroom, and I have no idea if those are final masks or not. I generally don't get that info, since it is not really essential to doing my job, as long as I have the general idea.

7will umbra be in books or comics or both? what book and comic? 8will vezon see umbra? 9will the the toa ever get a chance to talk to the rahagah?

101) Definitely in Book 5, possibly in one of the last two comics as well -- most likely. 112) Vezon has no need to see him -- he already knows of him. 123) The new Toa? Probably not, at least not this year, the Rahaga are not on Voya Nui

13will the nuva ever get a chance to speak to the rahagah evntually (it doesnt have to be this year) 14is umbra a prototype becuase the rhotuka is freking me out since it is 06?

151) No idea -- the Nuva aren't planned to feature prominently in the story anytime soon, so no story stuff is mapped out for them. 162) I can see why you would feel that way, and since I don't know the source of that image, I can't say. But if the Toa Hagah were put out this year, they would have Rhotuka ... Rhotuka is tech, and what character has what tech depends on what era they come from. How do you know Umbra does not come from that same era?

17oooh isnt this interesting especially the last question:
1Hi Greg: Here are more questions I have for you:

21) What do you think is the best canister set in 2006?
32)I s Karzhani evil, good, or just in the middle?
43) When will the Voya Nui matoran first meet the To Nuva?
54)When do Axxon and Brutaka first appear in the books
65) When will we find out the powers of the mask of life?
7Well, thanks for taking out some of your time to answers my questions.

81) Hard for me to say, I haven't seen the Toa closely enough yet 92) You'll find out when we get to him -- I would certainly not say "good" though 103) They meet them in Book 2 114) Book 2 125) Not for a little while yet

1QUOTE 2Ok, just a couple non-06 story-related questions.
31. Could a well-trained archives mole theoretically 4eat Zaktan?
52. If Zaktan got some protodites destroyed, could he find other protodites and, uh... well, pretty much take over their minds to complete himself?
63. If Zaktan loses a large amount of protodites, does he appear with parts missing, or as a smaller version of his complete self, or as a normal-sized complete version but in a sparse, cloud-like state, etc.?

7Thanks, Mr. F:

81)What stops Zaktan from using his eyebeams to kill the mole before it gets anywhere near him? Not to mention the fact that Zaktan's protodites can fly, and moles cannot.
92) No
103) I would probably go with option #3
11Note: Has been slightly abridged.
1Only two questions:

21) Hypothetically, if Gali held her breath, would she be able to activate her Kaukau Nuva and use it on an enemy above ground?
32) Since light doesn't age (as only the source does), does that mean that Takanuva has an advantage against Voporak?
4Thank you for your time Greg.

51) ???? Why would she want to use her mask of water breathing on someone else? It's not an offensive mask, it simply allows her to breathe water.
62) Depends on if light doesn't age in the BIONICLE universe -- remember, Earth physics need not apply here.

71) I'm asking because you've stated that when it's activated Gali can't breath above water. So, really, it can be used offensively if she shares her mask with an opponent and there's no water to dunk his head in. It's robbing him of his ability to breathe air, so I figured that was a possible offense (considering possibly how Gali holds her breath before using her mask).

8True -- only two things she would have to watch out for. One, that she doesn't accidentally kill him. And two, he has to be pretty close to her for the mask power to extend to him, which means he is close enough to slug her.

1Hi Greg,
2Just reading a topic and I noticed the similarities between the word Hord ika and In ika . Because the 2006 Toa look mutated somewhat (at least to me), and Inika seems to be the official Toa name for 2006 from the looks of them Toyfair pics, I was wondering if there was even the slightest connection, or just coincidence?
3Thanks in advance.

4No connection, other than the fact that ending things with "ika" makes it less likely that the word will mean something in another language.

1QUOTE 2Here are some thimgs I have been wondering about:
31) When Vezok "blasted Onua Nuva into oblivion" did that mean that He was completely destroyed, or just blown into parts like when he arrived on Mata Nui?
42) Is the Virus effect of the zamors reversible?
53) When Jaller and Co. passed through Karzanii's Realm, did he make them into toa?
6Just Wondering.

81) Neither. Oblivion, in this case, is a synonym for unconsciousness. 92) Time will tell 103) No, he did not. Karzahni does not have that power.

11Hmmm? <_< 12TDI
1Hey Greg, I only have one question this time, and it concerns the Great/Noble Mask connection: I've noticed similarities among all of the Mata Nui Turaga's Noble masks and their Great Mask counterparts, except one: the Komau.Why do the two masks look so different? :blink::???: 2Another thing: why does a mask change when a Toa becomes a Turaga?

41) Basically because that is the direction the set designers went when designing the Great Masks.
52) Ah, this one I can answer. Basically, Great Masks and Noble Masks look different so that if someone was running into the Great Temple to get a mask in an emergency, he wouldn't grab the wrong one (a Noble when he needed a Great). It's sort of the same reason that paint cans are often different colors so you know what paint is inside before you open it.

71. Darn. I was hoping there was a storyline reason 82. Well, I already knew THAT.
1Here's Greg's say about the MNOLG coming back:
2QUOTE 3Is it true that the MNOLG is returning? 4SV

5You know pretty much what I do, SV. I know there was a lot of talk last year about getting MNOLG done in such a way that it could be downloaded -- and since they said it is a classic game people are clamoring for, I can't imagine what else it could be other than MNOLG.


1Below are plenty of Greg-goodies to read: :lol: 30 Q&A's this time: :lookhere: :o They're about Vezon and Fenrakk, Umbra, Bohrok, Toa Olda, Red Star, Voya Nui, you name it. :) The biggest of the lot (yeah, the ultimate one :P ), is the final truth of the Toa Nuva's re-release/return in the storyline: :happydance:
21. What is this "igniting" stuff all about actually? (I'm referring to Comic#0--Ignition, Toa Igniters, 'Ignite the flame of the heart, for the future to start')
3A: You will find that out as the story goes along.
42. What the title for 2006's Comic#2?
5A: Doesn't have one yet, I haven't finished writing it
63. Is Vezon older or younger than the Piraka?
7A: Younger
84. Is Vezon a RESULT of any of the Piraka's powers? (combined, or whatever)
9A: No
105. Does Vezon have elemental powers?
11A: No
126. Is Vezon a Toa?
13A: No
147. Was it Brutaka who tipped Zaktan off? Like telling about the MoLi, and that there were Toa Nuva around...
15A: No. Brutaka had never heard of the Toa Nuva anymore than the other Piraka had, and Zaktan and crew knew about the mask's existence before they ever came to VN.
168. Is Umbra good or evil?
17A: Umbra is good.
189. Doesn't Umbra mean something in English/Science? I'm very sure it has something to do with the eclipse of the sun...or moon.
19A: Yes, it does. The umbra is the darkest part of a shadow.
2010. Does the BoM know of Makuta's status? Dead, that is. :P
21A: By now, they do, sure
2211. Do the members of the OoMN maintain constant communication and contact with each other?
23A: No
2412. Are there more OoMN members than BoM members?
25A: Can't answer it
2613. How would one become an OoMN member? Also, could ANYONE become one? Like even Matoran, Toa?
27A: I don't have a definitive answer for you, but I tend to feel that the OOMN does not recruit the way the DH do. Just a theory.
2814. Did Umbra create the MoLi? :blink: Now it seems to me, logically, that maybe it's the creator who would forever guard his creation... otherwise, why would anyone even bother to guard it his whole life?
29A: No
3015. Is Umbra's mask REALLY a Great Ruru?
31A: ?? Not sure where you got that from.
3216. Won't the Toa Nuva even play a small role in 2007/beyond? What I mean is, it's their destiny that matters, which is sooo vital to bring peace back to the universe that way...
33A: Well, I would expect they will play a large role at some point in the future, because they have to awaken Mata Nui. By the time that happens or is close to happening, it will make sense to re-release the figures, I would think. But we have not planned out that far yet.
3417. Is the MoLi to be released in a set this year?
35A: I don't have this information
3618. Is Umbra an old dude, like older than most, since he's the guardian of Mount Valmai's secret... he sorta reminds me of the Temple guard guarding the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... :lol:
37A: I don't that I would say older than most .. he is certainly older than Vezon
3819. How old are the Bohrok REALLY? Like were they around even during Karzahni/Artahka's time frame?
39A: No, they aren't that old
4020. Did the Toa Olda's canisters "shoot out" from Mount Valmai or some other ground platfrom/launch bay? Dume's hint in Bl#1 seems interesting... hey, then how did he know about how canisters are launched?
41A: No, they didn't shoot out from Mount Valmai. And Dume knows a lot of things, he has been around a long time.
4221. Does Voya Nui have anything to do with the Olda's origins?
43A: No
4422. Are the Makoki stones what transformed the Toa Igniters?
45A: No
4623. Are Axonn/Brutaka affiliated with the BoM?
47A: I don't want to answer this one yet, but you will have the answer in the next month
4824. What is it that we'll find out about the red star this year? I know it's not about "what is it?" but then what is the question that will be answered about it?
49A: Can't answer it, but I can say the same info will be in the comic and in the books
5025. Does the Olda's origins have anything to do with the red star?
51A: Can't answer it
5226. In the Encyclopedia, it states that "all that is known about (the Olda) belongs to Matoran legend". Hmmm... so what does Matoran legend say? :blink:
53A: What you already know -- that they "fell from the heavens" and had come to awaken Mata Nui, plus all that stuff about thunderstorms being caused by Lewa and Gali fighting, etc.
5427. Is there anything underground Voya Nui that is of importance? Like Mata Nui had something that was... B-)
55A: Can't answer it
5628. Will we find out more about Voya Nui's floating mechanism this year?
57A: No
5829. Why do Matoran on the mainland/Voya Nui know nuts about Metru Nui? How come they've been living in the dark all this while?
59A: Well, there are island cultures on our planet that didn't know anything about anyplace else well into our century. If you don't travel somewhere else, and no one travels to you, how do you know they're there? Look at the lost world in Indonesia they just discovered ... an entire jungle in a settled land mass where the animals have never been seen before and aren't afraid of people because they have never been around a human. And it's 2006:
6030. Does Karzahni have any role in the Igniters' creation?
61A: Ummmmm ... not in their creation, no, but in aspects of them, let's put it that way.
62Cool, eh? :o That was the most number of questions I've ever asked Greg in one go... *phew*, so ultimately the Nuva WILL play a major role -- as it's their destiny's the all-time most important issue in BIONICLE, it's just now they're not because Mata Nui's sorta gonna die, so better take care of that first... but that's not THEIR job. :)