1I had a brain storm & I wanted to ask you a couple O questions before I forget.
21. As Mask of Shadows, can the Kraakan do anything else but turn friend against friend? Like warp shadow into shapes, to create solid objects of shadow, like Takanuva can do with light?
42. Where is Voporak presently?
5ANSWER: Hunting for the Mask of Time in the wake of Tahu Nuva's use of it
63. In the next century, would the Shadowed One die of old age, or does he still have quite a few years ahead of him?
7ANSWER: BIONICLE life spans can reach 100,000 years, so he still has a lot of time ahead of him.
84. Is he just as powerful?
105. Will Triglax be in the Dark Hunters Guide?
11ANSWER: No, no set exists of him.
126. Can the MoLi actually take life away from a organism? Or can you not tell us yet?
13ANSWER: Yes, it can
147. Will we see the other half of Voya Nui this year or another?
15ANSWER: Can't answer it
168. Is the Voya Nui bigger or smaller then the other half?
17ANSWER: Can't answer it
189. How does Protodermis get it's color?
19ANSWER: Manufacturing process
2010. Whats the matoran word for "energy"?
21ANSWER: No idea
2211. Where do you get your ideas from?
23ANSWER: My head and other story team members
2412. Whos your favorite Inika to write about?
25ANSWER: Kongu
2613. Is Karzahni's connection to the Inika direct or indirect?
27ANSWER: Indirect
2814. Has anyone else gotten as far to get the MoLi then the Piraka?
29ANSWER: Vezon did
3015. Is the MoLi older then the avokki?
3216. The red star, can you confirm at all if it truly is a "star", or thats just what the matoran call it & it is "something" else?
33ANSWER: Can't answer it
3417. Was the Red Star in the sky before Mata Nui fell asleep?
35ANSWER: Can't answer it
3618. Does the OoMN have anything to do with the Red Star?
37ANSWER: Can't answer it
3819. I know the Red Star is what transformed Jaller & Co., & I know you want us to speculate on it, but I just want one question answered about that. When that happened, id the "star" decide to shoot the lightning bolt, or did something else make it fire the lightning bolt?
39ANSWER: Can't answer it
4020. Is Karzahni evil, or neutral? Does he have any sort of element or weapon, o0ther then the power of alternate futures? Is this power from his being, or mask?
41ANSWER: I see Karzahni as a classic being who is in over his head at his job. Rather than admit that, he tried to cover it up, regardless of how much despair and destruction that caused. Like many BIONICLE villains, he is essentially self-centered, and puts his interests above anyone else's. So I would certainly say he is closer to evil than neutral. And he does carry a chain with him, and his power is a natural ability.
42Thanks for your time.

43Very interesting stuvz.
1UGM, can you please put a spioler tag around the Inika origins and toher BL2 stuff?
2TMD woz e're
1It's obvious taht he couldn't anser 7 and 8 - they haven't designed that part back at LEGO, and even if tehy had he'd be too busy for them to show it ot him.
1heres some questions i asked greg
2can i ask you a few questions 31.were artaka and karzahni the first beings created by the great beings?
42.is umbra part of the Oomn?
53.are you a great being? :lol: (jokes)
64.was the whole tahtoraks being keetongus races mounts and 1 tahtorak and 1 keetongu a coincidence?
75.is veson vesoks little brother or vesoks clone?
86.will karzahni be returnin in 2007/2008?
97.is the red star an Oomn satalite?
108.do the piraka combos have any part in the story line?
119.will we ever see a member of the brother hood of makuta(other than makuta?)
12and finaly #10 1310.is makuta being defeated the reason of mata-nuis slowly dieing(like you cant have good without evil)?

141) Doubt it 152) Umbra was placed where he is by the OOMN, but whether he is a member or not is debatable 164) I don't recall ever saying anything about the Tahtorak having any connection to Keetongu's species -- I think that came from a Wiki and is not accurate. 175) Neither. Remember, there are no biological relations in BIONICLE, so there are no "little brothers" 186) Don't know yet 197) Can't answer it 208) Haven't decided yet 219) Probably 2210) No

23very interesting
2When will info on the Piraka and Matoran combiners be released?

3Matoran combiners will be in the March comic book, Piraka combiners I am still deciding if I am going to include in the story or not.
4So we learn about the matoran combiners this month. :)
14) I don't recall ever saying anything about the Tahtorak having any connection to Keetongu's species -- I think that came from a Wiki and is not accurate.

2It was stated in Issue 26 of the comic that "[Keetongu isNative to the same Island as the dreaded Tahtorak, and in fact those monstrous Rahi served as mounts for those of Keetongu's species." 3Is this in error? I'd assume you wrote it, but perhaps not? Maybe another case of mistake a'la the Tower of Toa's Rhotuka spinner (Something it does not posess.)

4If it's in the comic, then I wrote it -- but with the sheer amount of BIONICLE writing I do, things do slip my mind occasionally.

5So there you go-simply a mistake, not an inconsistancy.
1QUOTE 21. About the name of a mask, take Hau for example, is a mask of shielding called a Hau or is it the shape thats a hau? For example,have a Kakama shape and have the mask have shielding as a power, would it be called a Hau?
32. I just read a spoiler about BL2 saying that Kongu wears a Suletu. Isn't that the mask that krakua wears?
43. Is the Suletu the Mask of Telepathy?
54. So if the answer to #2 is yes, does Krakua's mask look like kongu's?
65.When will we learn about the Inika's Mask powers and such?
76. I've been pretty confused. What is the USA release date for the Titans? Because on toywiz, it says March.
87. I also read another BL2 spoiler somewhere that said that Takanuva was with the Inika at the start of their quest. Is this true?
9Thanks for your time.

101) Yes, it would be - same way a stop sign could be a yellow triangle, but if it says stop, it's a stop sign. 112) Yes 123) Yes 134) Yes, except it is not the rubbery texture, it is a regular Kanohi 145) Book 3 and or/comic 3, but most likely earlier when they go up on the sales sites 156) My understanding is summer, and it is based on the fact that we are only running a teaser for those two sets in the March comic -- if they were coming out, we would be doing a full product page. 167) Yes

17Just in case. I thought Gregs analogy on the first one was interesting...
1Some more little questions:
21. Can you, just for reference's sake, give me a bit of your personal opinion on why Umbra was so badly recieved at first?
32. Does Umbra, for a store exclusive, play a large role in the story like Lhikan & Kikanalo did? Or does he play a more minor role like Toa Iruini & Norik?
43. Which books/comics will Irnakk & Umbra first make their appearances in?
54. I'm guessing that the two Piraka mentioned in the BL3 synopsis turn into the 'Fusion Contest' winner, correct?
65. If yes to #4, is BL3 simply "on hold" for publication, becuse you need to add in the names of the two Piraka to the final manuscript?
7Thanks for everything :)

91) I really don't know enough about the psychology of BZP to explain why so many people on here lost their minds over it. But I think the point has been made by others that nothing we do is going to please everyone on here, and the ones who are pleased by something generally aren't going to post for fear they will get flamed.
102) Umbra plays about the same level of role that Irnakk does. He is part of the climax of the story. Norik and Iruini's role was limited because they were from a different time era than the rest of the story that year.
113) Book 5, not sure which comic.
124) No, they don't. Book 3 was finished months ago, and the contest just ended last week. So it wouldn't be possible to coordinate the two and it was never my intent. Brutaka's power has nothing to do with a fusion.
135) No. The fusion referred to in the contest happens at the end of the story, not the middle.

15Some little tidbits...
1i have some questions
21.what are vezon and fennrahhks origins?
32.when is dark destiny released?
43.how are the inika created?

51)cant answer it
62)i saw someone on bzp saying they had already found the book in 7a bookstore in nyc,so it is possible it is out some places now.dont know havent 8seen it myself.
93)cant answer it

10wow: looks like i got 1 answered .and two not answered: 11must be my lucky day:
1komou... that does not look like Greg's writing style... if you really got that PM, you should just quote it and copy and paste here. ;) Not that there's anything huge there, but still...
1Here are som Q & A's.

2Hey Greg, just wondering if you could answer some questions.
31. Where do theToa Inika get their zamor launchers from? 41) You'll find out in Book 3
52. Will the Toa Nuva ever meet the Toa Inika? 62) If the Toa Nuva survive, yes
73. What are the Nuva doing the whole time the Inika are on the island? 83) You are going to have to follow the story for this answer
94. Are they helping them fight the Piraka or are they trying to get the MOLI? 104) You are going to have to follow the story for this answer
115. Will Umbra appear in the comics along with the books? 125) Probably
136. When will we first see the Inika in the comics? 146) May
157. Will anything happen in BL4 that relates to the present time or will it all be about the Piraka's past? 167) Yes, there will be things having to do with current story
178. Does Vakama see visions as a Turaga like he did when he was a Toa? 188) Yes -- he did it in 2002 when he envisioned the Toa's transformation in energized protodermis
199. Is it possible for Karzahni to become a main characteror a set anytime in the Bionicle story? 209) No plans for that at present
2110. Will the Inika go back to Metru Nui after their job is done on Voya Nui or will they accompany the Nuva on thier Quest? 2210) Can't answer it
2311. While Takanuva have a bigger role in 2007 or 2008? 2411) Can't discuss future storyline

25Thanks for your time for reading and answering my questions 26Vash

1komou... that does not look like Greg's writing style... if you really got that PM, you should just quote it and copy and paste here. ;) Not that there's anything huge there, but still...

2it is gregs writing style. 3i acadentily pmed him at 5 in the 4morning.is that a crime?
komou:toa of darkness
1komou... that does not look like Greg's writing style... if you really got that PM, you should just quote it and copy and paste here. ;) Not that there's anything huge there, but still...

2it is gregs writing style. 3i acadentily pmed him at 5 in the 4morning.is that a crime?

5I'm afraid it's not Greg's style, as he uses grammar correctly. In the future, could you please quote the actual PM from Greg, just like Bonesiii said? This helps to avoid confusion you see.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg, 3Sorry if you get this a second time, I was having server trouble. I know most of these questions are about the Inika, I am excitied about the Inika, I personally think they are the best of the best in Bionicle. 4Thanks in advance
51.) Does Jaller feel bad about losing Lhikan's kanohi? 62.) You said it was most fun to write the interplay between Kongu and Nuparu, why those two? 73.) Are the masks in the story rubberized, if so why? 84.) I heard you said Vezon is a little bit crazy, is that so? 95.) How close did Vezon come to the Mask of Life? 106.) Had the Inika seen their masks or heard about their powers before (on Metru-Nui)? 117.) How did Kongu know his mask was a Suletu? 128.)Was the lightning that hit Jaller and Co. your normal lightning? 139.) (kind of odd) Does becoming a Toa hurt?
14Once again, thanks. 15ToaLhikan007

161) I'm sure he does 172) Has to do with the mask Nuparu has and the mask Kongu has 183) In the story, they are organic, rather than metallic 194) Vezon is a lot crazy 205) He resides in the Chamber of the Mask 216) Only the Suletu 227) Because when Takanuva used it, they discovered it was a Mask of Telepathy 238) Does normal lightning come from a star? 249) No.

25I find all of these interesting, and some very fun. The one about Nuparu annd Kongu is also interesting. 26ToaLhikan007
1I have a pretty big surprise to myself and you all. I asked Greg some stuff, and I got awesome answers.
2Thank you, thank you Mr. Farshtey:
3I'll put it in spoilers as it has to do with Bl#2, and some people might not want this information as of yet.
4Until now, I believed that there was one Order of Mata Nui member this year, and one evil person.
6I'll have to put spoiler spaces, as the Click for Spoiler tag appears to be gone for me...


8I think that's good. Forgive me, Adminsitrators, if this is wrong.
9Brutaka is evil, but both and Axonn and Brutaka ARE members of Order of Mata Nui, and Brutaka never OFFICIALY Quit:
10Here is my full PM, WITH DARK DESTINY INFO:
11Dear Mr. Farshtey,
12I believe you asked members to give you their thoughts on Karzahni, so here I am :)
13Karzahni was a great character.He gave me a feel of sadisticness and that cool, calm, even funny attitude I just didn't get from Makuta, making him both a great and unique villain.I sincerely hope that he will become part of the official storyline, both setwise and in the story of BIONICLE itself.Perhaps you could give that idea to LEGO?
14The rest of Dark Destiny was also great, giving both plot twists and indulging us to tidbits of the so far great personalities of Axonn and Brutaka.Crazo, the crazy matoran, was also adding a funny touch, and the scene of Takanuva's good-bye was very moving.

15However, i have some questions for you.
161.Karzahni takes Lhikans' mask from Jaller?As of now, did scholastic not give you enough words to allow him to get it back?Or does Karzahni still have LHikan's mask?
172.In the book, Brutaka fells the twelve heroes with one blow.However, Makuta failed to defeat six Toa alone.Does this imply that Brutaka is more powerful than Makuta, or just less prideful?
183.How powerful are Axonn and Brutaka compared to Makuta?How about compared to each other?
194.About how powerful are Axonn and Brutaka compared to Sidorak/ Roodaka/Keetongu?
205.Thok and Avak believe the Mask of Life is in the green belt.Yet I could swear it was officialized that the Mask of Life was in Mt. Valmai.Are THok and Avak incorrect?
216.Do the Inika's swords have lightning powers?
227.Brutaka swung his sword and the Toa Nuva were defeated.Does this have something to do with Brutaka's powers, or is his sword strong enough to knock out all six heroes?
238.Axonn says Brutaka dishonored all 'we' stood for.Can you confirm now that it's March if Axonn is the Order of Mata Nui member?
249.Was Brutaka also an Order member, and betrayed them, or was he always alone, just Axonn's friend?
2510.Axonn heals Gali using his axe.In Axonn's Bionicle.com bio, it says he can fire force from his axe tip.Is his force healing only, or can he use his force to attack enemies?
2611.Since Vezon's trapped in the chamber of the mask, and presumably fell in the lava, can I assume he went mad?
2712.Toywiz.com has Brutaka and Axonn for preorder for March, sometime later this month I think.As far as you know, are they scheduled to be available before the summer?
2813.Scholastic lists the last three BIonicle books at odd times, such as 4 and 5 both in December.Can you tell me, as far as you know, when books 3, 4, and 5 will be released?
29Thank you in advance.I can't wait for Book 3:

301) Karzahni still has it. There was no story reason Jaller needed to have it back, as he is not wearing it as an Inika. 312) Ah, but Book 4 strongly implies that Makuta LET the Toa win so they would not tumble to his true plans. 323) Less powerful than Makuta, about equal with each other 334) I would say more powerful than any of those three 345) Yes, they are 356) That is part of their power, yes 367) He personally is strong enough to knock out all six 378) Yes 389) He was and is an Order member, never having officially quit. 3910) He can do all sorts of stuff 4011) He was mad before he even got there 4112) No, I was just told this morning they are not out in the US until summer 4213) Should be Dark Hunters around May, 3 in July, 4 in September/October and 5 around November/December, with 6 currently scheduled for Feb. 07

43Well, that's so interesting. Please tell me if I did wrong, seeing as I didn't find a Spoiler tag on my post thing.

1Ooh, those are some really good questions:
2So Vezon's mad? Hod...odd.
1Interesting...I found the answers to those last questions quite interesting. I cant wait for BL2 even MORE:
1I find the answers to #4 and #9 interesting. BOTH Axonn AND Brutaka were Order members? AND Makuta WANTED to be defeated? This just heightens my anticipation:
1man.. first the piraka takes the toa nuva out.. and now brutaka does the same.. . poor toa nuva's. . .their self confidence must've been crushed...hard...
1[BWarning... Massive Spoilers (if you haven't read BL2)



5QUOTE 6Hi Greg, 7I kow I have PM'ed you a lot recently. This should be the last batch for a while. I just finished reading BL2. One word: Awesome. The books just keep getting better and better. All of the characters were great, especially Karzahni, man was he messed up. Any way, on to the questions.
81.) It didn't seem to me like the Inika were thrilled withtheir transformation, am I incorrect in thinking this? 92.)Is the reason that Kongu's mask is half and half due to the fact it was in Karzhani's realm? 103.) Why are the Inika's masks organic as opposed to metallic? 114.) What happened to the matoran who made the canisters? 125.) When do the Turaga find out that Jaller and Co. became Toa? 136.) When do we get any info on the Ancient Evil? 147.)Does Takanuva doubt that he defeated Makuta? 158.) Do the Inika have lightning powers as a "secondary" power? 169.) How many "extra abilities" do the Inika have? 1710.) Was the hint to the location of the Toa olda's origin the only hint we will get for that? 1811) That same quote led me to believe that the Toa were heroes elsewhere, is that true? 1912.) Any new info on VNOLG?
20Thanks in advance and awesome job on the book: 21ToaLhikan007

221) No, you're not. Because they know that if they have become Toa, it means the Toa Nuva must be out of action and possubly dead. 232) The nature of the masks has a lot to do with where they got them from, and of course, the Suletu has been buried underground a long time. 243) Because of where they got them from and how they became Toa 254) You mean the one they met in Karzahni's realm? Well, hopefully he managed to avoid Karzahni 265) They probably won't find out until and unless the Toa make it back to Metru Nui someday 276) Can't answer it 287) No 298) Yes, lightning is wrapped up in their elemental powers 309) None. They have elemental powers and mask powers, like all Toa. 3110) For now, yes 3211) Well, I think it can be safely assumed that the "Toa Olda" had been active at some point before coming to Mata Nui, because they certainly did not behave like rookies 3312) No. If I knew something I would post it to news.
1More Q&A's
2I was wondering if you could answer some questions?
31. I read in the OGD that you said Vezon was mad. Is that mad or crazy? 41) Mad as in madness
52. Why is he mad? When will we find out? 62) BL #4 -- has to do with how he came to be
73. Where is Vezon and has he found the MoLi? 83) Chamber of the Mask, and yes
94. In BL2 Thok and Avak think the mask is in the forest, but I thought the mask was in Mt. Valmi? Is it possible for the mask to be in a chamber that is accesible by the volcano only but, is under the forest? 104) Thok and Avak are misinformed
115. When will we find out the Inika's mask and tool powers? 125) When we get closer to them actually being out for sale
136. What is the answer to Tahtorak's question? When will we find out? 146) You will find out in BL #3
157. Did Vezon get to Voya Nui the same way the other Piraka did or by another way? 167) Same way
178. Will we see any more of the Toa Nuva in any more of the Legends books? 188) They will probably reappear in Book 5, no idea after that at this point
199. Is there a storyline reason why the Inika have glow in the dark heads? 209) Yes, has to do with their origin
21Thanks for taking time to read and answer my many questions. 22Vash
1I just recieved this reply from GregF, and I thought I would share it with everyone.
3I just finished BL#2, I don't know how but you top yourself with each new book:Keep up the great work, I can't wait to finish reading it to my son tomorrow night.
4I just have two questions..
51) Does the matoran with the broken leg have a name?One was never mentioned in the book, did you have one for him?
62) Are the Toa Nuva the origional Toa.From the ramblings of the matoran with the broken leg, I was lead to believe they were the first Toa ever, am I correct.
7I'll understand if you can't answer #2.
8:t::o::a: :m::a::x: n:n.gif:u::v::a:

91) No, he doesn't. I can only name characters if they are going to be significant to the story as a whole, since it costs so much to legally check names 102) I would not say at this point that they are the first Toa ever, no -- they are the Toa destined to awaken Mata Nui, which makes them among the most important Toa who have ever lived, however.

1Edited for convenience. :wakeup2:
21. After the Toa Hagah were mutated into Rahaga, did they travel straight to Metru Nui with the Avohkii and stay there? If not, what did they do? 31) I am sure they had a number of adventures along the way. 42. How did the Rahaga get Rhotuka spinner powers that help them capture specific Rahi? 52) Rahaga spinners are generated internally, so who you are determines what your power is. 63. What did Jala do on Metru Nui, if anything important? 73) He was a tool maker 84. Jala had his name changed to Jaller way after he lived on Metru Nui, so when he lived on Metru Nui, his name was Jala, right? 94) Yes, but legally we are not allowed to use that name, so we retconned it out of the story. 105. Keetongu truly is the last of his specie of Rahi, right? 115) Far as anybody knows 126. What happened to the rest of Keetongu's specie? Did Sidorak and his horde hunt them all down? 136) Yes 147. What exactly did Keetongu do to heal the Toa Hordika? 157) His power acts as an anti-venom 168. The Voya Nui Matoran's existence all began on the larger continent, right? 178) Actually, we don't know where they originated from, only that they lived on that continent for many thousands of years 189. When new Matoran were employed on Metru Nui, did their life actually begin on Metru Nui, or did it begin somewhere else, and they were then brought to Metru Nui? 199) No, their lives began on Metru Nui 2010. What did Kotu do on Metru Nui? Kapura? Hafu? Taipu? Tamaru? Kopeke? Onepu? 2110) I really don't have time to look all that up, sorry. Some of that is listed in the Encyclopedia, some is too obscure to be there 2211. What would Norik do if he encountered a reptillian Rahi with no sense of hearing, so it could not be charmed by his voice? 2311) He would have to think of some other way to catch it, that's all. A good hunter has to be resourceful.
1Here are my latest, there are some revealing ones: :lookhere:
21. What's up with the VNOLG now?
3A: Nothing new to report, I haven't spoken with the web producer in a few weeks.
42. Have you finished Bl#4 and 5?
5A: 4, yes, 5 I have not started yet
63. Late last year I asked you if you would have Toa Krakua in Bl#5, and you said you weren't sure yet. So what's with that now?
7A: No plans for that, no
84. Are Brutaka/Axonn OoMN members?
9A: You'll find out later this month
105. I think it would be interesting if you have one comic issue this year just on Axonn and Brutaka's pasts, like how the latter turned to evil, what made them protect the Matoran and their adventures on Voya Nui. It's because I think that they need their stories to be fleshed out nicely, starting with how they ended up like they are now. Sorta like last year's issue where the Rahaga's past was revealed, I think that AB too deserve an issue where their past is explained... as they're really cool characters and it would rock if you added some depth to their character this way: What do you think? begging::begging:
11A: Hard part of doing that is a) I also need space to promote the Toa and Piraka in every issue and it is hard to show their past because I can only include characters in the story that exist as sets, otherwise the artist cannot draw them.
126. AB were/are protecting the Matoran... but I thought that there was no threat on Voya Nui? That was the reason for them not having seen Toa before... so why would there be protectors for the Matoran when there's nothing evil around there?
13A: Ah, but who said their main purpose was to protect the Matoran? Their reason for being there was to protect the mask ... protecting the Matoran just went along with that.
147. You said that Vezon got quite close to the MoLi once... does that mean that he reached the point where he defeated Umbra?
15A: For reasons that will be explained later, he didn't have to.
168. You also said that Umbra was "stationed" where he is by the OoMN. Does that mean he is aware of their existance? I thought they were very strict about that?
17A: One would assume that beings who work for them know they exist.
189. Other than AB, Vezon, Piraka, Umbra, Toa Nuva, Matoran, are there any other beings on Voya Nui that we still don't know of?
19A: Don't know yet, depends on what I decide to do with all the combo models.
2010. Behind Brutaka's box, the art shows him holding what looks very suspiciously like a burning, fresh-out-of-some-lava MoLi: What's this about? Does he get the MoLi so fast?
21A: Not sure what you are referring to
2211. When will we find out the MoLi's name?
23A: Later in the year
2412. Is the MoLi at the same power level as the Vahi? Or even more than that?
25A: It is certainly at least as powerful, also much older
2613. Has anyone EVER retrived the MoLi from where it is now? Or has it never been touched since creation?
27A: It has been retrieved in the past, yes
2814. Where did the Olda's canisters shoot out from?
29A: Can't answer it
3015. What's the name of the Matoran who engineered them?
31A: Doesn't have a BIONICLE name -- getting names cleared costs a lot of money, so I don't ask for them unless the character is going to play a major role
3216. Is Vezon's connection with Vezok an indirect one (Olda/Bohrok) or a more serious one? (brother-in-arms)
33A: You will have to decide that for yourself when you know what it is
3417. Do the Matoran know of AB directly? Like did they used to help them all the time, much like Toa do?
35A: No. Until only recently, Kazi was the only one who knew they existed.
3618. Have the Matoran lost faith in them? Since Brutaka turned to evil, I'm starting to think that they don't trust Axonn either anymore, because of Brutaka's actions...
37A: Again, the Matoran had no idea they were there and so could not lose faith in them.
3819. Is there anything about the red star that you CAN tell us? Just a small clue would do... right now, you haven't told us ANYTHING about it... begging::begging:
39A: Well, you know more post Toa Inika origin than you did before. If I wanted you to know more than that, I would have put it in the book.
4020. Like the Piraka next year, are the Inika also going to be in the story "in some form" next year?
41A: Yes, they will continue throughout the story arc
42Cool, eh? So the Inika will be heroes for 3 years: Now we better get used to them... we're stuck with them for 3 YEARS: I wonder what'll be of the Nuva then... :(
1Don't know if you guys noticed, but each story arc has one set of Toa. (Mata Nui had the Nuva, Metru Nui had the Metru, now Voya Nui, if we stay there, that is, has the Inika.)
2:m: :e: :c: :a:
1Wow, with all the new info you've released, I have a few new questions.
21)  You stated that the reason Kongu knew that the Suletu he found was a Suletu was because Takanuva tried it on.  Sorry, I haven't read BL#1 or BL#2 yet so, was that in one of the books?  And when and where exactly did Kongu find that Suletu?
32)  You said now that the Inika's masks are "organic", right?  Does that mean organic as in inner-organs or something?  Or does it simply mean that they're made up of the same "organic material" that Bionicle beings have within them?  (like the substance that makes up their muscles)
43)  Were the Inika's new masks "organic" when they were given to Jaller and Co. in Karzahni's realm?  Or was that just a result of the Inika's odd transformation?
54)  Can the Inika use other Kanohi masks?  Or is their abnormal head configuration just a set difference?
65)Is the Suletu, which Kongu is wearing, in the agreed upon shape for a Suletu to be forged in?  Or is it another case of a Kanohi being made in a different shape than its usual form?
76)  Now, this is a question about what happens to Kanohi masks when a matoran wearing one becomes a Toa:  In B2:  LoMN the Toa Metru's masks seemed to change shape slightly (becoming bigger) when they became Toa.  Is this just artistic license?  Or does a Kanohi mask actually "reshape" when it goes through the Toa-ification process?
8And now a few unrelated questions:
97)  Is it just me, or did Takanuva have no trouble mastering the ability to use his elemental power and Kanohi masks?  Is that just a result of his unnatural transformation into a Toa?
108)  When a Toa or Matoran is "rebuilt" or taken apart, do they just take off a leg, with all the organic components inside, and replace it with a new one?  So could that mean that Toa/Matoran don't have organic parts within their joints? (really going out on a limb here   )

111) The Matoran find it half-buried on their way from Metru Nui to Voya Nui in Book 2 122) The latter. 133) They were not organic when given to them, no 144) It's just a set difference -- the glowing skull represents the fact that their features now glow with energy, but in the story, they could if need be wear other Kanohi (they just don't because they have no access to any others) 155) I would assume that is what an organic Suletu would look like 166) It has to, because the size of a Matoran changes drastically when he becomes a Toa. 177) My assumption is that the knowledge he needed was bestowed upon him by the mask. If I am correct in my plans for the future, there is a reason the Avohkii works that way. 188) Matoran are mechanical parts linked together by organic tissue, but there is no organic tissue actually within the mechanical parts. Matoran are able to disconnect the organic tissue without suffering, and then it fuses to the new mechanical part that is added.

19Numbers 1 and 6 were mainly clarification for me. But the rest I found very interesting, especially answers 4 and 7.
1Yes folks, I know the secret of Makuta:

2Lol. 31. If a Matoran knew how to use a Rhotuka spinner, and had a launcher, could the Matoran make a Rhotuka? Or do they not have enough raw power? 42. Do Kongu and Krakua wear the same Suletu? 53. If the above is true, does this mean that Krakua will become a Toa after Voya Nui? 64. Couldn't a strength Krana break his or her way out of the pit most Krana were trapped in?
71) It's possible, though I doubt it would be a very powerful one. 82) Unknown. No evidence has been given to support the theory that that particular mask is the same one Krakua wore. 94) How? It's would be like a really strong jellyfish trying to dig its way out of something. Krana are not built for digging and tunneling, that is what they have Bohrok for.
1Questions Answers Comments
21) Does Axonn and Brutaka get weaker if their masks are removed, like the Toa, do they enter into a coma-like state, to they pass out, like Matoran, or do they stay the same, and they just wear their masks to use the powers? 31) My guess would be they have the same connection to their masks as do the Toa. 4Good.
52) I've been wondering about this lately: Let's say that Thok finds a dead Matoran's corpse (Or he kills him/her). The corpse is an inanimated object. Could Thok raise it, kind of like a zombie? And if he could, the dead Matoran would walk or float above the ground? 62) I would say no, simply because I really don't want the dead being raised in the story. 7Well, not in the books or the comics, but he can indeed do it :psychotwitch:.
83) If Thok gives "life" to a rock, would the rock fly to hit its oponent? And a tool? I suppose a tree would likely walk with its roots, right? 93) Actually, he has had warriors made of rock fight each other 10Just some clarification I needed.
1QUOTE 2Here are some questions:
31) I heard that the Inika have lightning as secondary power. So, could Jaller throw a fireball that has lightning wrapped around it?
42) Can the lightning be used all on its own, or does it have to be used in combination?
53) Does Kongu wear a mask of telepathy?
64) What did the twisted leg Matoran mean when he said: 7"In the world that feeds the world. The wellspring of flame that blazes bright, yet burns none but his bearer." Was he talking about the red star?
85) Could you tell me what Irnakk's powers are?
96) What was Zaktans main former power (if any) before he was inflicted into his protodite form?
107) Since the Inika's masks are organic, could the Toa take them off and the masks could function on their own, like the krana?
118) Will we ever learn any substancial information about the Great Beings?
129) Are the other Piraka afraid of Vezon?
1310) Is the fused Piraka winner ever going to be in the books?

141) Yes 152) Has to be used in combination 163) Yes 174) No, he was not talking about the red star. What he was talking about will be revealed before the story arc is over 185) Actually, I revealed them yesterday in my Irnakk topic - check the initial post 196) Just his eyebeams 207) Not function on their own, no. 218) I would assume before BIONICLE is over you will learn everything 229) I would not say afraid, no -- at this point, they have no idea where he is or what happened to him. 2310) Possibly
24There you go.
1I have some questions about the Inika.
21. We know that the T-N have lightning powers. We also know they have to use it at the same time as the other elemental power. My question is, can the Inika use their elemental powers seperate from the lightening? (ie: can jaller throw a fireball without it being coated with electricity?)
32. Is it true that Inika means "energy from a star?"

41) No 52) Yes

6Just clearing a few things up. I found #1 to be interesting.
Mad- Elite Dark Hunter
1I have some questions about the Inika.
21. We know that the T-N have lightning powers. We also know they have to use it at the same time as the other elemental power. My question is, can the Inika use their elemental powers seperate from the lightening? (ie: can jaller throw a fireball without it being coated with electricity?)
32. Is it true that Inika means "energy from a star?"

41) No 52) Yes

6Just clearing a few things up. I found #1 to be interesting.

7Well, that's odd... I dig the whole lightning through body thing but I really think they should be able to use their powers seperately... Oh well.
1Well, think about it. It enhances the attack. For instance, would you rather have a rock thrown at you, or a rock with electricity coating it? I would prefer the normal everyday boulder. Also, that means that Hahli will really pack a punch. When you are in water warped with electricity, well, ouch. Also, Kongu will be able to conger (sp?) a lighting storm. And last, Matoro will be able to freeze enemies while electrifying them at the same time, if the powers work the way I think they do. That'll be cool.
1Well, one could argue about the Halhi thing. It's minerals in water that really conduct the electricity...if the water Halhi can create is really pure or whatnot it may not have any effect at all...but meeeeeee, what do I know.
1I know what the twisted leg Matoran was saying...it's quite obvious the 'pit fo fire' is mt.valmai, and that it 'burns noen but its bearer' - the bearer of Lava, Hakkan. I willbet you something-or-other that Hakann is kileld by lava whiel the others look on.
1I personally think Hakann is killed by Irnakk. (See the Greg's topic for recently-added powers)
2:m: :e: :c: :a:
Meca One
1I personally think Hakann is killed by Irnakk. (See the Greg's topic for recently-added powers)
2:m: :e: :c: :a:

3Well, Greg said that Hakann's armor is melted off, not his body. For example, in BL #2 (BL #2 Spoilers below),
4Onua (I think it was Onua) takes his Nuva armor off to prove it to the Matoran that they aren't just more Piraka, to show that if the Matoran truly wanted to kill them, they would let them.
5So I think that when his armor melts, it doesn't kill him, he just has less defenses. 6As for the Matoran with the twisted leg, I doubt he means Mt, Valmai. "In the world which feeds the world," The Matoran said, as if shocked anyone would not know this. That means somewhere obvious, but we don't know about it. I have something on this, but the "Wellspring of flame" part I don't get. "The world which feeds the world" probably means either Artahka or the place where Matoran are created. . .which could very well be the same. I don't know, that weird Matoran is confusing. I guess I'll just have to wait like the rest of us.
1I've been coming upon a few theories and was wondering if you could shed some light on them:
2First off, the stars in Metru Nui, they are not 'real' stars correct? They're from something else, right?
3So far, each Toa we know has a star in the sky. In my personal opinion, the stars represent a Toa. Yes, each star in the sky is that of a Toa. When a Toa is created a star is born.
4A way to forever Honor the Legends of The Toa. And there's evidence to prove it. Such as the most obvious: Each Toa, so far in the story, has their own star. Would it be that far fetched to say that every Toa has a Star? Of course not.
5The Toa are powerful creations, yet not on the level of Great Beings and Great Spirits, their creation is to be honored, they are forever marked in the 'Heavens' with a star.
6We know there have been thousands of Toa, and there are countless stars. Is it far fetched to consider this?
7But here is where my theory gets a bit screwy, the Toa Metru and Lhikan. Do they also have stars in the real sky? For we've only seen their Toa Stars form underground in Metru Nui. Or, do they also have stars in the real sky?
9My next question actually came from a topic, here it is:
10If a Toa became a Hordika while wearing an infected Mask, would that infection carry over into their Hordika form? Would it cause any side-effects prehaps? Or would it simply be forgotten? Fade away since a Hordika has no Mask.
11And, if they were to be cured, would their Mask become a Great Mask once again, or remain Infected?
13Thanks for any help you can provide.

141) Right
152) No. Not all stars in the sky are spirit stars -- the vast majority are not.
163) The problem with this theory is that there are millions of stars -- and there are not millions of Toa.
174) No, Lhikan and the Metru did not have stars in the sky above Mata Nui.
185) I would venture to guess that since a Toa Hordika cannot access mask powers, the mask can no longer access him either. But if he turned back into a Toa, the mask would still be infected.
20Well, that clears up alot. Sadly it also ruins my Star theory. Oh well.
1QUOTE 2Heres some qeustions on the new 3 titan set,
31. the titans are Brute, Axe, and V&F right?
42. will it play major or minor storyline significance? ( if any)
53. could you give me a month or expected release date on it?
64. if the AE is awakened, will it destroy the universe right away or would the Inika have a chace to stop it?
75. is the set good evil or half&half?

91) Yes 102) It will play a role in the end of the story this year 113) Not sure -- summer at the earliest, but sometimes those sets come out closer to fall 124) There seems to be some confusion on this point here. The AE doesn't destroy the universe -- the universe as we know it gets destroyed if Mata Nui dies. 135) Can't answer it

14It sounds like AE. I`m so excited:::::::::
1Hey Greg. I just read BL2. Good job on it. 2On to the questions::
31. Do the Piraka still carry their Zamor launchers around. I mean, I dont see any point after them already infecting all the Matoran.
42. What exactly was holding Matoro's hand in that tunnel?
53. Will Takanuva get scolded by Dume once he returns to Metru-Nui?
64. I can't help but wonder from their attitudes, did the Toa Inika KNOW they would become Toa or was it just because you couldn't fit anything more in BL2?
75. How did the Inika know to cross their tools and create Spirit Stars?

81) Yes, they do -- never know who you might need to enslave 92) I am leaving that to reader's imaginations 103) Yes 114) No, they didn't. They had no idea. Their attitudes came from a grim resolve, the knowledge that their becoming Toa meant something bad had to have happened to the Nuva 125) They didn't. Touching their weapons together was an expression of unity, they had no idea what would result from it

1Just thought I'd post some questions from last night:
21.) On Irnakk's Zamor launcher, there are two Piraka "skulls."Do these have actual story significance, such as him putting the skulls of the Piraka's species he's killed on his launcher to make himself more intimidating, or did the designers just do it to make him look cooler?
32.) This is about the pronunciation of Axonn's mask.Would it be pronounced like "road," or ro-day?"
43.) If Irnakk has used his power on you and you're trapped in his mind, and he somehow gets killed when you're there, would you return to being a physical being again or would you cease to exist?
54.) I know that Axonn and Brutaka are at the same power level, but when it comes down to pure physical strength, is one stronger than the other (I would guess Axonn is, he seems to be pure muscle)?
65.) This doesn't really relate to BIONICLE, but what else do you write besides BIONICLE?

91) Not any major significance that I know about 102) Probably Ro-day 113) You would die 124) Most likely Axonn would be a little stronger, but Brutaka has height and reach 135) I write the LEGO Magazine, along with Daniel Lipkowitz, and I am also writing the EXO-FORCE books these days

14I thought number three was the most interesting...