1We love Makuta? :blink: I didn't know that. But does Makuta love us? :P (probably not)
1Will Matoro be leader of the Toa Ignika
1you have to pm greg.
1Hi Greg
21. Will we find out how the Piraka suddenly "knew" about the Kanohi Ignika?

41. Yes -- follow the story and you should figure it out

11. You say Umbra would oppose anyone who tried to get to the Ignika; does this mean he might even try to stop a member of the Order of Mata Nui from going through? Or would he (the Order member) have some way of seperating himself from others who might try to get to the mask, so that Umbra would recognize him?
22. Obviously, the Ignika is not a normal mask; it can think and feel for itself, after all. Is this perhaps because Mata Nui himself put some of his power into it? He was given the responsibility of hiding it (according to comic #1), so who knows what he may have done to it in the meantime.
33. Would I be right in guessing that Hahli's water/lightning blasts would pack quite a punch? Or is that another mistake in comparing Bionicle to human physics?
44. Can Vezok completely drain someone of their power, much like a Rahkshi's hunger power can?

51) If Axonn went down there, Umbra would fight him too. You have to prove you are worthy of getting the mask.
62) No, because the mask's actual creation predates Mata Nui.
73) No, you're right, they would
84) He doesn't so much drain your power as he does copy it

9Just a few questions...found No. 1 and 2 interesting, in particular.
1hmmm vezok has a sharingan.. :P . .>.> ::ahem::
1Hi again Greg. I just have a couple of questions to ask:
21. What would happen if the Toa Olda did not "float" in the ocean for 1000 years? 3Would eventually find their way down to Metru Nui somehow?

42. Were there other Toa that looked like the Toa Olda?

53. Were the Makoki stones that were used on Metru Nui to unlock the Avohkii, the same Makoki stones used to open up Kini Nui?

64. (Similar to question 3) Were the Toa stones that Toa Lhikan gave to Vakama and co., the same ones used to summon the Toa Olda to Mata Nui?

75. Lastly, why were the Toa Olda dismantled when they washed up on Mata Nui? And how did they put themselves together?

8Thanks again. :)

91) Had the canisters been working properly, the Toa Olda would have shown up on Mata Nui shortly after the Matoran arrived. They would have been dealing with Makuta when the master of shadows was still weakened by the events of BA #10 and probably won a lot faster than they did later on. 102) I would assume so 113) Yes 124) No. The Toa stones used to summon the Olda were made by the Toa Metru when they first got to Mata Nui 135) Because of the amount of time spent in the canisters -- some of their muscle tissue degraded -- as for putting themselves together, Matoran are capable of doing that too -- that is how they rebuilt themselves back in the 2003 storyline.

1QUOTE 2Greg, 3I have a few questions regarding BA10, and the Inika. BTQ, thanks for the Jaller v. Vezon quote. Thanks in advance.
41.) How long are the Inika on Voya-Nui when they have the climactic battle?
52.) Will we ever see a mask of intangibility? (Just a power I think is cool)
63.) I have done some reading on sonics and there is a theory of sonic levitation (using sound waves to move objects, kind of like telekinesis) would you say a Toa of Sonics could do this?
74.) Can a Toa of Gravity do more than erase or increase gravity. ie: shoot a beam of something?
85.) How much time does the Shadowed One have left after his crash into Voporak?
96.) What is a power that you would like to do more writing on?
107.) Can Toa make constructs of their element? For example can Pohatu bring stone to life and make it do his bidding?
118.) Is Matoro the leader of the Inika?
129.) I read a quote on BZP that someone said they had found. It has Jaller, Hahli, and Hewkii going throught the nightmare zone, seeing hundreds of rahkshi. Is this legit?
1310.)Does Umbra have the same powers as Takanuva?
1411.) When will we learn how Takanuva knew how to use his powers right after getting them?
15Thanks in advance. 16TL007

171) Not all that long. 182) Depends on if the set designers do a new mask design and that power fits well with the story. 193) Can't say, it's not a concept I am familiar with 204) There are lots of things he could do. For example, he could take a piece of stone, use gravity to compress it to super-hardness, then lighten gravity around it so he could hurl it at you. 215) BIONICLE characters have extremely long lifespans, so it's not really a big issue for him. 226) Can't think of one off the top of my head 237) No. Toa cannot bring their elemental creations to life, only Thok or EP is able to make inanimate objects come to life. 248) No one needs to know this yet -- as I pointed out to someone else, the posters are done before the story is locked so you can't go by those. 259) No, it's not. It is not from anything I have written. 2610) No. 2711) My assumption is that a) some of that came from the mask itself, as part of the transformation process and he had been around Toa for a year, he knew in general how elemental abilities are used.
1Well, that about "water conducts electricity" isn't physics, it's chemistry. If you have pure water, electricity wouldn't be conducted through it. It's the minerals and salts in the water what make it conductive. So my assumption is that Hahli's water blasts hit the opponent, mixing with the salts he/she has in his/her body, and thus making the electricity able to give "a big punch." 2Khote

1Well, that about "water conducts electricity" isn't physics, it's chemistry. If you have pure water, electricity wouldn't be conducted through it. It's the minerals and salts in the water what make it conductive. So my assumption is that Hahli's water blasts hit the opponent, mixing with the salts he/she has in his/her body, and thus making the electricity able to give "a big punch." 2Khote

3My alternative theory is that Halhi instinctively uses Pure Proto-water as opposed to H20 Like Gali tends to, and do to unexplainable qualities pure proto water acts like impure H20 in that it conducts electricity.
1Heres some I thought of today. (At school )
21.Can you please please, give me a vague vague vague VAGUE description of how the Ignika looks? 3Remember, it can be vague...
42. Has Vezon ever tried to escape the Ignika?
53. Does the V&F set come with an exclusive mask like Takanuva?
64. Who's your favorite character that you've ever wrote about?
75. When I asked you if Vezon and Vezok talk about their connection in in BL5 you said yes. 8Now I`m asking if it`s a friendly conversation, an argument, or just mentioned a couple times?
96.Was toa Dume one of the very first toa, Or is that FAR from right?
107. Is there a specific reason the mask chose Vezon? I mean, Zaktan seems less nuts.
118.Were the toa olda smaller then toa Metru?
129. Are any toa Inika mad or a little mad at Jaller for their transformation? Or do they at least tell him they never wanted to be toa?
1310. How is Lhikan in BL4? Does he battle the piraka, or being trained?
1411. QUOTE TIME 15Can you give me a quote from Lhikan from BL4? If he does'nt talk, can you please give me a quote from Vezon or Zaktan?

161) Nope -- a) because I really haven't taken a good look at it, and because it is probably going to have multiple forms over the next few years. Life is mutable, after all.
172) No
183) No
194) Kopaka
205) It's an argument
216) Probably pretty far from right
227) Vezon got there first, and he came alone. What are the odds the other five Piraka would have stood there and let Zaktan get the mask?
238) No. Those are differences in set design, because the Metru had more points of articulation, which means different kinds of pieces and a bigger size of the model.
249) No, because it wasn't Jaller's fault. They all understand the seriousness of the situation -- they are Toa because the universe is in crisis. There's no time for pettiness.
2510) Read the book and find out
2611) I don't have a copy of BL4, I lost it to a virus. Only Scholastic has a copy.

27Thanks for anwering. But those just got me thinking of others:
281.Several forms: Does that mean it will change each year till 2008?
292. How are the graphics supposed to be in VNOG? Hopefully better then the others.
303. Will Brutaka die because of being drained?
314. How far in the future is Krakua? Like when mata-Nui is awake?
325. Do the Inika go into the nightmare zone?
336. This years a big year for Bionicle. 34Yesterday I saw a couple of teens (15 or 16) looking at Piraka. They said they looked cool.LEGO Bricks doing a great job this year:
357. How will Dume feel once he finds out about the Inika? What about the Nuva? 36I`d rub it in Dumes face that I was right and he said I would die.
378. So the connection between VZK and VZN is a bad thing? You said it was an argument.
389.It`s probably no use in asking for a quote from the Great beings so......yeah...
3910. Who do the Inika meet first on the island?
4011.Will the Great Beings have names? What is their size average?
4112. In the bionicle world, do the Inika look any different from a normal toa? 42or is that set desing?
4313. Do you think Macku and Hewkii worry about eachother now?
4414.Is Fenrakk a native species to Voya-Nui?? 4514b. How did the Piraka get theirs? Including vezon?
4615. Is the Anchient Evil sleeping/ 4715b. If it`s awake, why doesn't it just bash out?
4816. Obviously the guards must know about the AE, otherwise they would be guarding the Ignika for nothing. right?
4917. Umbra was placed to thr Ignika by the OoMN right? Yet you say he is older then Makuta. 50If the BoM and the OoMN were created at the same time, how is Umbra older then Makuta? I`m confused.
51Finished, thanks. to bad about BL4 though...

531) I can't really discuss set plans post-2006, because they aren't finalized yet, for one thing
542) No idea, I have no involvement with the game.
553) No. That would mean that right around the time the set came out, we would kill off the character. That would be a dumb thing for us to do.
564) I haven't decided yet.
575) Yes
587) The Nuva are quite proud of the Inika -- remember, they already looked on those particular Matoran like little brothers and little sister. As for Dume, all he cares about is that the universe get saved -- who does it is irrelevant.
598) Yes, it is not something Vezok is thrilled about
6010) Piraka
6111) No names given at this point, and can't answer the rest.
6212) Well, their masks definitely look different from those of a regular Toa.
6313) I am sure all the Matoran in Metru Nui worry about the ones who left. The Toa are a little busy to dwell on the Matoran back home right now.
6414) No, and Vezon is the only one who has one. The other Piraka don't.
6515) It's not sleeping
6616) Wrong. While they may know of the AE's existence -- in fact, most do -- their guarding the Mask has nothing to do with it. They guard the mask because of the danger inherent of it falling into the wrong hands or somehow being damaged or destroyed. They were not placed there because of the AE.
6717) Umbra was placed there by the OOMN in the very, VERY early days of its founding, and it was founded by the Great Beings. The fact that the Brotherhood also existed at close to the same time does not mean that the Makuta you have met was around at exactly that same time.

68More info on the Vezok and Vezon connection:
1Howdy Greg , :howdy:
2I have some questions concerning some ages that were given for various things.
31) I read somewhere that the Ignika predates Mata Nui. When you say this, do you mean that Mata Nui was created by the Great Beings after the mask was made, or do you mean that the mask was created before Mata Nui was sent to the Bioniworld?
41) Mata Nui was created, but had not yet been fully given life when the Ignika was created and placed on Voya Nui.
52) Karzahni claimed he was one of the first things created, but did his creation predate:
6i) Mata Nui's creation 7ii) The Ignika's creation?
82) Neither
93) How long was it between the time of Karzahni and the founding of Metru Nui?
103) Probably close to simultaneous.
114) I read somewhere that the creation of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui coincided with the founding of Metru Nui. Is there any significance in that these three things occurred at the same time?
124) Yes, there is
135) A question not related to time: When Karzahni repaired Matoran, why did he have them sent as far away from him as possible?
145) Well, put it this way -- you paint a picture, and it comes out really, really lousy. You don't want to just destroy it, because it's your work. But you also don't want to give it to the person who asked you to do it, because it stinks. So you bury it away in your attic, behind lots of other junk, where you'll never have to see it again. Same idea -- Karzahni knew he did a rotten job fixing the Matoran, so he didn't want to see them and he didn't want to send them back where they came from. So he sent them off as far as he could so he would never have to think of them again.
15That's all. I hope you can answer them.
16Thanks in advance, 17-Dave


19I find no.1 very interesting. So it's possible that Mata Nui was created, but then given life by the Ignika...
1Hi ya Greggy:
21. Is it possible to have a male Toa of Water? Or perhaps a male Ga-Koran on other islands? 32. Can a Toa put his/her Toa Energy into other objects other then Toa Stones, such as armors, masks, crystals, etc.? 43. When will BL3 release into stores onto the Western Coast of America? 54. Do you make up many of the words of Bionicle off the top of your head, or do you have to research some for root bases or try to have a island theme? 65. What is the matoran word for "energy"? 76. Can I have Inika quote, or Vezon quote? Unless you are too tired. 87. What do matoran do with the bodies of the ? 98. Would you say a Proto Drake would are very similar to Plesiosaurus? (If you don't know what that is, ignore this question.) 109. Is the thing that was holding Matoro's hand Mavrah? I know we've heard the name & he sounds the most logical. 1110. Will next years characters be entirely new, or will any of this year's characters carry onto next year? 1211. When will the instructions for the three titan combiner be released? 1312. Are the Titans this year released with the Inika, or at different times in America? 1413. Would you call Ahkmou 'brainwashed' or 'misguided'? 1514. Can Zaktan shapeshift into other creatures as long as he remains the same size, such as a mini Kanohi Dragon, or a mini Tahtorak, or a Nivahk, etc.?

171) No 182) No 193) I think it's due out in late summer 204) You basically put letters together and then run them through Google to see if they mean anything in other languages 215) No idea 226) I really don't have time to go quote searching 237) Already been asked of me and answered by me. Answer was posted by someone in one of the topics on this. 248) Proto Drake was a fan built model, I have no idea what they had in mind in designing it 259) No. Mavrah has been dead 1000 years, and he died outside of Metru Nui, quite some way from where Matoro had his encounter. 2610) Some of this year's characters will carry over, but as with most years, we will have a bunch of new characters as well 2711) I would assume when the set is out, along with the set 2812) Should be out the same time 2913) Misguided. He's not brainwashed, he's selfish and deceitful 3014) Well, he can alter the shape his swarm takes, but he's not going to fool anybody. Anything he turns into is going to be green and it won't have the powers of whatever he is trying to copy. What good would looking like a man-sized Tahtorak do him?

1Hi again Greg. I have only one question this time:

21. Do you think it is possible that somewhere else in the Bionicle planet, that other heroes are confronting even greater Darkness and even more difficult missions, than what is happening with Mata Nui?

3Thanks in advance.

41) I can't say, because our story bibles do not deal with events unconnected to the Mata Nui situation.

1Hi again: More questions coming your way:

21. In what book do the Nuva discover the Toa Inika on Voya Nui?

32. Do you have any quotes that pehaps one of the Nuva say when they encounter the Inika and realize that they were former Matoran? (It's okay if you don't)

43. You said that the Ignika might change its shape during the 3 year arc. Do you think that the Ignika's shape relfects the state that Mata Nui is in? (eg: it could look old and rusted because Mata Nui is dying; then golden and new looking when he is awakened)

54. I know that in the next 2 years there will be new characters and a new island. Could it be possible that on the next island, there will be other Toa?

65. Takanuva's destiny is to defeat the Makuta right? Does that mean that they will someday face each other once again?

76. Will the Piraka and Toa arrive at the Ignika's Chamber at different times? Or will it be like a race; a competition if you will, to reach the mask first?

87. If the Nuva reach the mask first and touch it, would they "transformed" like Vezon?

98. Does Dume and the other Turaga know that Jaller and co., are gone? (Not to Voya Nui, just like missing)

109. You said that the AE is not asleep. What state is it in then? (petrified, awake?)

1110. Is the AE older than OoMN?

1211. Is it true that the AE is on Voya Nui and that it has a physical form?

1312. How exactly could it be awakened with the Ignika? The Piraka only want the mask for profit.

1413. Botar is a seperate being right? I mean like it isn't a fusion of Axxon and Brutaka in the book? (That's only in the set design I'm assuming)

1514. While watching LoMN, I saw 6 matoran pods fall off the "Lhikan" and into the sea. Were those 6 pods ever recovered?

1615. I heard that the Ignika's chamber was NOT in Mt. Valmai. Is this correct? 1715b) If it is correct, than is it somewhere underground?

1816. When everyone went back to Metru Nui, wouldn't Vakama remember about Lhikan's old body? Did he ever go back and check if it was there?

1917. Do the matoran, now that they're back on Metru Nui, remember of their past lives?

2018. Will the Toa Nuva go into the Nightmare room?

2119. Could it be possible that Matoro's hand was being held by a "spirit"? Because from what I know, the thing holding his hand was gone afterwards.

2220. When TakutaNuva was crushed under the door, why did only the Avohkii reappear? Could Makuta's Kraakhan be on the other side?

23Thank you.

241) Book 5 252) No 263) Not really something I can comment on 274) Can't discuss future storyline or sets 285) He may have a much grander destiny than just that 296) It's a race 307) Since they are not destined to make use of it, something bad probably would take place 318) Yes, of course 329) Awake 3310) I would say no 3411) Not sure where that info came from -- I never said any of that 3512) It's not going to be awakened -- it's already awake 3613) Yes 3714) Yes 3815) Yes and yes 3916) You mean when they got back with all the Matoran? No, 1000 years had passed at that point. What would be left? 4017) No 4118) No 4219) What was holding his hand gets revealed in Book 5 4320) It's possible, or it could have simply been under the rubble

44Takanuva may have a grander destiny? That seems pretty interesting and exciting. B-)
11. Pretend Reidak throws Balta off an extremely high cliff. Balta has the presence of mind to cross his repeller blades, positioning them between him and the ground. Would his blades repel the ground and push him back up, or would he just go "splat"?
21) He would go splat.
32. Which Inika is most comfortable with becoming a Toa? Least comfortable?
42) No one is really most or least -- they are all somewhat saddened by it, because they are interpreting their transformation to mean something really bad must have happened to the Toa Nuva.
53. What exactly does Hakann's energy claw do?
63) Combination of an ability to shred things with an electrical charge
74. How long do you plan to have Makuta in the storyline? A rough estimate will do, if you're able to answer this.
84) Can't answer it

1Hi Greg: I only ahve one question: How will Vakama react when he sees Jaller is no longer wearing Lhikan's Hau?
2Thanks in advance

3Since Jaller is not going back to Metru Nui anytime soon, it is entirely possible he may have made the effort to storm Karzahni's realm and get his mask back before he does. If he does not, Vakama will just have to accept the situation -- that Jaller lost the mask as part of an effort to save the universe.

1Bionicle Comic Writer

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7Just a few questions regarding the titans and some other stuff
81. So you are sure that the full extent of the shadowed ones powers have been revealed because if that is so then TSO must be weaker the Brutaka and Axonn Because I got the impression from time trap that TSO was 2nd to only Makuta himself. So in other words are you sure TSO doesent have powers that are yet to be revealed?
92. When will we find out the full extent of the Titans' powers?

101) Brutaka and Axonn are Order of Mata Nui members, and TSO is the leader of a gang of thieves -- so yes, Brutaka and Axonn are more powerful than he is. They are close to Makuta level, though not at that point.
112) I don't plan to reveal the full extent of their powers, because I like keeping just what they can do mysterious. Some powers will get revealed, some will not.

12Just some stuff I asked Greg.
1Keep in mind, Sogd, if the Titans are both nearly Makuta-level, then that means they most likely have a nearly Makuta-level number of powers, too. I'm sure Makuta has more powers than we've seen, and we've never questioned that, have we? So why not the Titans?

1Hello Mr. Farshtey,
2I have only one question this time. Thanks in advance if you can answer it.
3Okay, we know the Toa Inika have lightning powers, which is used in combination with their elemental powers, right? And we know that the 6 elemental powers (Fire, Ice, Stone, Water, Earth, Air) used together can create solid protodermis, right? 4Now, my question is: If the Inika combine their powers, what will be the result? Solid protodermis combined with lightning? Or energized protodermis, perhaps?
5Thank you.

7Most likely electrically charged solid proto. Toa are not able to make energized proto.

9Just something I was curious to know.
1A few things that I found interesting,
2Just a couple things that I've recently been wondering about.
31) What happens if a team of toa dies before completing their destiny? Is another team of toa sent to finish the mission, or is it forever left unfinished because it was solely that toa team's destiny to complete?
42) Is it possible for a toa to sacrifice their toa power before completing their destiny? I know they probably wouldn't but is it possible?
53) Is it possible that Makuta has more abilities and power that we know of? Or is what we know of him all that Makuta is capable of?
6Thanks in advance
7- :m::a::r::k:

81) Since destiny is not transferrable, it would simply not get accomplished. 92) Depends -- sometimes their destiny involves losing their Toa power (see Nidhiki). 103) Yes, it's very possible. Makuta has had no reason to let his enemies see everything he is capable of

11- :m::a::r::k:
1(1) Is the AE a creature or person that touched the Ignika and becamed cursed? 2(2) In BL2, we learn that Artaka is real. Does that mean we will eventuly go there? 3(3) Was Mata Nui (the Island) once part of the Bionicle Mainland? 4(4) What eye powers does Vezon have?(if you can't answer that's ok.) 5(5) In another topic, you said all BL books for 2006 were done. If so, can you please give me an Umbra quote?

6Thanks, 7SV

81) No 92) No plans for that in the immediate future. 103) No 114) Holding off on answering this 125) I don't have time to go quote searching right now, but will dig one up for you on the weekend.

13Soon to be the one with the first Umbra quote: 14SV
1Hey Greg I just have some quick questions,
21. You said that we might see another OoMN set this year. Is he/she/it the three titan combiner? 32. In Movies and Books you said that you were done with BL5. Does it end 2006 with a bang? 43. Will you be releasing any tantilizing tidbits of information about 2007 like you did 2006? 54. Overall for this year, what was your favorite villian to write for? 65. Will we get a nice little speech or saying from Zaktan anymore this year? 76. Is there a huge climactic battle between the Inika, gaurdians, and Piraka at the end of BL5? 87. In the Bionicle Locations topic you made you stated that the mainland will be touched on in post 2007 does that mean we could get an entirely new unmentioned island for 2007?
9That's all for now thanks: 10Vash

111) No 122) I certainly hope so 133) Not anytime soon, no 144) Probably Zaktan 155) Well, sure 166) Follow the story and find out 177) In my list, I listed the 2007 location as one of the places we would be covering in the atlas, so it is a new location

18That means there could be another set that isn't the three titan combo set coming out.
Vash Toa of Storms

1That means there could be another set that isn't the three titan combo set coming out.

2Don't jump to conclusions. It could just be that he is mentioned in the story, or only appears in the books.
3TMD woz 'ere
1I am now the bearer of news: Hail me: :alert: :biorules: :baaa: :lookhere: :mellow:

3Hello Mr Farshedy, I have a few quesions...

41.Will we see ALL of the 2006 titans powers this year?
51) No
62. Is the ''Three-Titan combi'' made from the 2006 titans?

72) Yes

8Steal X

1Don't jump to conclusions. It could just be that he is mentioned in the story, or only appears in the books.
2TMD woz 'ere

3Actually, In another quote he said it would definately be a model and in a book.
44. I was looking in the OGD and you said to Toa Lhikan Hordika that we might see one more memeber of the OOMN will he/she/it be in a book or a set? 54) Definitely book and definitely a model, not sure on comic yet

Vash Toa of Storms

17) In my list, I listed the 2007 location as one of the places we would be covering in the atlas , so it is a new location

2Wait, there's going to be a Bionicle Atlas? Awesome.
1Questions Answers
21) Was the Kanohi Ignika formed from six disks like the vahi was? 3Highly doubtful 42) Are there forges in Karzahni's realm that make masks? 5Well, we know there are forges, we do not know what they are used for 63) Is there a storyline reason for antidermis's effect on Brutaka? or is that just what it does? 7Some creatures in our world can thrive on substances that would be harmful or poisonous to most others ... that just happens to apply to Brutaka in this case. 84) I think you said a Bionicle character's gender was determined by their personality. But Dalu's and Roodaka's personalities don't really remind me of Gali/Nokama/other Ga-Matoran. Can you clarify this? 9I did not say it was determined by their personality. What I said was their personality/behavior is one of the only major differences you can observe in the genders, since female characters do not have physical gender characteristics. And if you don't think Roodaka and Dalu seem female, you have obviously never watched Xena :) 105) Any sort of update on the Voya Nui online game? 11Nope, don't work on the website 126) Is there any reason you decided to write about the Piraka's past as opposed to the Matoran's? I'd really like to learn more about Karzahni. 13Mainly because the books exist to support the sets, same as the comic does ... and the Matoran sets are not the centerpiece for the year and Karzahni isn't a set at all. Plus there are a lot of things I can get into about the BOM and the Dark Hunters' history with the Piraka that I can't with the Matoran, because the Matoran never deal with those orgs.
14Nothing super interesting, just some things that were on my mind.
1Hey Greg can i ask a few questions?
21) Whats your favourite set of 2006?
32) Can you give me a quote from Nuparu Inika or Hahli Inika? :begging:
43) Can you give us the battle information of who's versing who? e.g Jaller vs Zaktan? Nuparu vs Hakann? or even Hewkii vs Vezok?
54) If Umbra was older than Makuta, how old is the rhotuka launcher?
65) When will we find out more about the other four Toa Hagah?
76) Finally, Is Makuta alive still?
Toa Axzaa

1Hey Greg can i ask a few questions?
21) Whats your favourite set of 2006?
32) Can you give me a quote from Nuparu Inika or Hahli Inika? :begging:
43) Can you give us the battle information of who's versing who? e.g Jaller vs Zaktan? Nuparu vs Hakann? or even Hewkii vs Vezok?
54) If Umbra was older than Makuta, how old is the rhotuka launcher?
65) When will we find out more about the other four Toa Hagah?
76) Finally, Is Makuta alive still?

8You have to PM you're questions to Greg and post both questions and anwsers here. 9Greg rarely visits this topic himself..
1How do i PM Greg?
Toa Axzaa

1How do i PM Greg?

2All you have to click here.
3TMD woz 'ere
1Thanks TMD
2Hey i just PMed Greg and he gave me some very intresting answers
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10QUOTE 11Hey Greg can i ask a few more questions?
121) Whats your favourite set of 2006?
132) Can you give us the battle information of who's versing who? e.g Jaller vs Zaktan? Nuparu vs Hakann? or even Hewkii vs Vezok?
143) When will we find out more about the other four Toa Hagah?
154) Finally, Is Makuta alive still?
165) Will Voporak ever return?
176) Will we see any of Toa Lhikan's team in Legacy of Evil?

191) Vezon and Fenrakk 202) Where and when are you referring to? 213) No plans for that, as we don't have other flashback stories planned. 224) Can't answer it 235) Possibly, but only in a book, if he does 246) Well, you'll see Nidhiki as a Toa. Other than that, none of them get identified by name.
Toa Axzaa

16) Well, you'll see Nidhiki as a Toa. Other than that, none of them get identified by name.

2Oh, that is VERY interstning. I wonder what he'll be doing...
3TMD woz 'ere
1Nidhiki would probably be seen training or assisting other Dark Hunters.
1you have to pm GregF.
Kanohi Ignika

1you have to pm GregF.

23804 and Ta-metru_defender have already said that and helped him.
1Hey i PMed Greg again and he gave me more intresting answers, some about 2007 . . .
2Thanks Greg, i appreciated the answers but just three questions have sprung to mind
31) When will you begin working on 2007?
42) Which is your favourite Toa Inika?
53) Will the Piraka ever be seen again after 2006?

62007 January sets are done, story outline is done, and I start the first novel this weekend.
7Not sure I have a favorite -- Kongu is probably the most fun to write.
8I can't really answer your third question, because it would give away future plot.
9See: 2007 is starting: