1Hey i just asked Greg some intresting questions and look at tthe answers he gave me:
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9QUOTE 10Mr Greg F, i hope i'm not disturbing you but could you answer these questions for me?
111) Is Nidhiki going to be still part of Lhikans team or a Dark Hunter trainer in BL#4?
122) Which is your favourite Toa Inika as a set?
133) If Kazarhni forced the Matoran sent to him to change their Kanohi masks so they looked like freaks, how come the Voya Nui Restitance team have normal looking masks?
144) Is Kazarhni trying to save Mata Nui after BL2?
155) If you possibly could, could you give us a quote of the Toa Inika fighting the Piraka from BL3? Its okay if you can't
166) Does Vezon know that the Piraka are after the Mask of Life?
177) How old is Turaga Dume?
188) How is a Matoran "created"?
199) When will the Voya Nui Online game be released?
2010) How many Bionicle Legends books do you plan to make?
2111) If Bionicle Legends series ends in 2008, will a new series follow or will Bionicle just end like that?
2212) Is the three-titan combiner a he? or a she?
2313) Is Botar are monster or a he or a she?
2414) When will the AE first be seen?
2515) Will the TSO be seen this year?
2616) Did Makuta influence the Piraka into going to get the Mask of Life?
2717) Can you give me a new BL3 quote?
28Thanks alot Greg:

291) Yes, Nidhiki betrayed the Toa and became a Dark Hunter and was killed in the second movie, BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui 302) I don't have any of the sets, we don't get them in the company store until they are out for sale 313) He didn't make them look like freaks. He just gave them different Matoran masks. The lightning changed the Toa masks to organic. 324) No 335) No, I don't have time 346) Yes 357) Thousand and thousand of years old 368) I am not allowed to discuss that 379) No idea, I don't work on the web site 3810) As many as Scholastic wants me to -- odds are Legends will run for two more years at least, so probably 13 more novels counting the three left this year, then we will switch to another series title. 3911) There are no plans to end BIONICLE. 4012) He 4113) He 4214) I can't answer that 4315) Not in the novels, no 4416) Can't answer it 4517) No
46Very good answers:
1Umbra Quote:
2QUOTE 3In my last message I asked you for an Umbra quote and you said you would dig one up for me. Did you forget or are you just busy? Thanks. 4SV

5"The protodax are violent beasts," Umbra replied. "They do not kill with honor – they simply kill. I leave to them the simple-minded Rahi who accidentally wander down this far, but those with heart and spirit are mine to destroy."

1Hi again Greg:

21. IF Mata Nui were to die causeing the universe to "explode", couldn't the Great Beings just re-create another universe?
31) First off, the universe would not explode. Second, the Great Beings most likely would not even realize it had happened and certainly wouldn't know in time to save the Matoran or the Toa.

42. You told me that Takanuva may have a grander destiny than to defeat the Makuta. Could it be possible that he is the one destined to wear the Moli?
52) Time will tell what his role is

63. Could I get at least one quote from you from BL3, BL4, or BL5?
73) I really don't have time for quote searching right now

84. I heard you were working on the 2007 storyline already. Do you already have a title for the next book?
94) For 6? Yes

105. Why is Toa Lhikan mentioned in the flashbacks? What signifigance does he have towards the 2006 storyline?
115) The fourth book is the history of the Piraka -- and since they were part of events such as the Toa-Dark Hunter war, they naturally encountered Lhikan

126. Do the Toa/Piraka get to the MoLi this year? Or will the 2007 story be based on that; getting the mask?
136) I can't discuss future storyline

147. Many people have been very interested in the Piraka.com poem. Do you think that this is what it really means?:
15Where evil's afloat - Voya Nui is the "Island of Doom" 16A secret brings hope - The Kanohi Ignika brings hope that Mata Nui will be alive 17Where a world has gone under - Voya Nui having the Piraka enslave Matoran 18Come lightning and thunder - Tha Toa Inika Arrive 19What darkness divides - The Piraka dividing Axonn and Brutaka 20A cut will unite - Piraka possibly betray Brutaka; Toa retrieve his power and then he is good again 21Ignite the flame of the heart - Re-awaken Mata Nui with Ignika 22For the future to start - Self explanitory
237) I didn't write the poem so I make no effort to interpret it.

248. How could anyone retrieve the MoLi without being "changed"? Think about it, no one can really get it without changing unless you were destined to wear it right?
258) Destined to wear it, use it or carry it, yes.

269. Is trying to re-kindle Mata Nui's heart, one of the trials the Toa Nuva go through to reach the BoM?
279) No. It's not the Toa Nuva's destiny to do this and they aren't trying to reach the BOM.

2810. The Hagah's Kanohi are similar to those of past heroes. Were those heroes part of the BoM before it was corrupt or were those heroes just really great heroes in the Bionicle Universe?
2910b. Could Norik's mask be in the shape of Dume's mask making Dume a "past hero"?
3010) The latter. 3110b) It's not impossible, but it would require that the Matoran of Norik's island even knew who Dume was -- if Dume was operating in some other area as a Toa, it is doubtful they would have heard of him.

3211. Will BL4 show how Lhikan was turned into a Toa?
3311) No

3412. Do the Toa Nuva know that they will one day finally face the BoM? Could a war start kind of like one last war to see who would win?
3512) No, they don't. As far as the Toa Nuva know, Makuta is dead and they have no reason to think they are going to have to fight the BOM at any point. Nor have we ever said that it is going to definitely happen.

36Thanks for answering these:

37Pretty good answers..

1"The protodax are violent beasts," Umbra replied. "They do not kill with honor – they simply kill. I leave to them the simple-minded Rahi who accidentally wander down this far, but those with heart and spirit are mine to destroy."

2Now THAT is a cool quote...Umbra seems rather morbid, don't you think? Kinda strange for an OoMN Member. I suppose it'll make more sense in context, though.

1Now THAT is a cool quote...Umbra seems rather morbid, don't you think? Kinda strange for an OoMN Member. I suppose it'll make more sense in context, though.

3:kaukau:Only hitch is that Umbra's no Order member. He's trained by them.
4Still, that IS interesting.
1Some pretty good Q&A, edited for convenience:
21. When the Toa "Olda" entered their canisters, where did they expect to go, and how long did they expect to wait until they got there? Right now it sounds like they went in there just to sit and wait for something bad to happen. 31) That is pretty much correct. Like firefighters, they were waiting for the call that they were needed, wherever that might happen to be.
42. So Umbra is older than Makuta...who else does that make him older than? 52) Almost everybody
63. Does Umbra have some sort of food source where he has to stay? Does he ever sleep there? 73) He does not require food or sleep
84. Is Umbra a Toa? For some reason, I remember hearing he was. 94) No, he's not
105. Will the Dark Hunters in the DH guide instead of Bionicle names have nicknames like the Piraka do (Ex: "the Snake"), in the way that the Rahi Guide had for all of its new creations? 115) Yes, because it would have been prohibitively expensive to get names legally checked for all of them
126. About how big is Voya Nui compared to Mata Nui? Metru Nui? 136) I don't have official measurements for it
147. About how big is the mainland that Voya Nui broke off of? 157) Decent sized
168. Is Karzahni's realm an island? If not, what would you describe it as? 178) I wouldn't describe it an island, no, maybe more like an isthmus
189. About how big is Karzahni's realm compared to other places we've seen? 199) I haven't determined that yet
2010. Mavrah's definitely dead, right? 2110) Yes
2211. Who sets destiny? Destiny seems to have a lot to do with how Toa become Turaga, or whether good things or bad things happen. So, does Mata Nui control it, or the Great Beings, maybe? 2311) Neither. Destiny is a force that is beyond any single being's control. It is what it is.
2412. What would Karzahni do with the Matoran masks he collected from Jaller & co., esp. Lhikan's Hau? He wouldn't have any reason to keep them for safekeeping, but he would have no reason to throw them away, either. 2512) Keeps them as souvenirs
2613. Do the playsets show up in any of the BL books? 2713) Yes.
2814. If so, in what book does the "barely named Rahi" appear, or the Nektann? 2914) Nektann is in Book 3, not sure which Rahi you are referring to
3015. Will the Toa Nuva confront the Piraka again? 3115) Probably not anytime soon
3216. What kind of things does Hahli's Mask of Detection detect? Just anything she has in mind? 3316) It primarily detects the Mask of Life, but it can also spot things that are invisible
3417. How could Mata Nui have been created before he was given life? 3517) Sorry, can't answer it
3618. When did Brutaka start believing that Mata Nui abandoned his people, and turn against Axonn? Right before the Piraka arrived, or a while before that? 3718) A while before that. He simply had not acted upon it until the Piraka got there
3819. How did Axonn and Balta know about how Mata Nui was put into deep sleep by his enemy (Makuta) in comic 1? They've been on Voya Nui for 1000 years with no contact with anyone else. 3919) Ah, but who says they had no contact with anyone else? Read on, Grasshopper, story's not done yet
4020. Was Voya Nui so-named when it was still a part of the mainland? 4120) Probably not, no

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8QUOTE 91) Do you read any of the epics or look at any of the artwork on BZPower?
102) Could you give me any quote from BL#3?
113) Could you give me any quote from BL#4?
124) Could you give me any quote from BL#5?
135) When will you release the title for BL#6?
146) I PMed you yesterday and you said that you would be dong 13 more novels after the first three Bionicle Legends book, does that mean that Bionicle Legends will have 13 books in it all together?
157) What are Protodax? Are they some form of protodites?
168) Can you give me the names of the Inika's weapons?
179) Which mask power of the Toa Inika is your favourite?
1810) Is the BOM made of Makuta-like species?
19Thanks for you time.
20Toa Axzaa

211) I really am not much of a judge of artwork, and I don't read the fan fiction because I am not allowed to -- that way I can't accidentally use someone else's idea. 222-4) I am kind of busy for quote searching right now, I am in the middle of a chapter 235) Not until much later in the year 246) No, it will most like be 15 books all together -- 2 have been published alreay 257) A protodax is a protodite that has been enlarged several trillion times 268) No 279) Probably Matoro's, although if I could have one myself it would be Nuparu's 2810) Can't answer it
1"The protodax are violent beasts," Umbra replied. "They do not kill with honor – they simply kill. I leave to them the simple-minded Rahi who accidentally wander down this far, but those with heart and spirit are mine to destroy."

2Wow, that is an pretty darn cool quote. 3I think as you hear him, he is really dangerous. 4Wonder how strong he really is.
5And the Nuva do not have to encounter the BoM. Hmm, 6I expected that the BoM would interfer because of the rebuilding 7of Metru Nui. Hmm, gonna ask Greg that.
1Hello there again.

21. I heard that originally, the sets of Toa iruini and Toa Norik were supposed to be Nidiki and Norik, but the idea was scrapped. Do you know why this was?

4It was but Nidhiki and Dume, but actually, the sets were never "originally" anything, really, because the set designers don't think in terms of characters when they design. When they were shown to the story team, someone suggested that was who they could be. The head of the story team at that time, Bob Thompson, said no, because he might want to tell a Toa Nidhiki or Toa Dume story down the road and so he didn't want sets out for them now. The whole conversation took about three seconds at which point the idea was scrapped.

1I've got what Protodax are:
2I read an Umbra quote that mentioned a creature called "Protodax." Who/What is/are him/they?

3Protodax are protodites enlarged trillions of times by the power of the Mask of Life. You will see a pic of one in the May LEGO Magazine.

1Hmm, I asked some question and I got them answered. 21. Do the BoM know that Metru Nui is rebuild ( or is being rebuild)? 3Answer: Probably, yes 42. So yes, why don't they do anything to stop that? 5Answer: Maybe they will at some point -- but their main goal is to keep Mata Nui from being awakened by the Toa Nuva, and there are other ways to accomplish that. 63. Can you give me any information how Krana are created? 7Answer: No 84. Arthaka is a realm, is the being that controls it also called Arthaka? 9Asnwer: Yes 105. How does Karzahni's castle look like? Anything like now, or more 11like the Colliseum? 12Answer: I see it as looking more like Dracula's castle 136. Can the Bahrag still awakened? 14Answer: Yes. They aren't asleep, just imprisoned 157. You have Arthaka and Karzahni, is there also a third person who "brings"the 16persons the place where they are ment to go? Or do the turaga send the Matoran? 17Answer: The Turaga send them
18So both the place Arthaka is controlled by Arthaka. Wonder how he would look like.
1Okay, I've got two questions on the recent discussion of Protodax and Protodites. . . 21. Do Protodax look exactly the same as Protodites? Does this mean that we will find out what Protodites look like in the May Magazine, since the Protodax are in there? 32. How do we see the Protodax? Is it a MOC by a Bionicle designer, did Mr. Sayger draw it, or something else?
4Thanks in advance,

61) Yes, with the exception of the sphere launcher that we gave it 72) It is a model built by LEGO Staff Writer Daniel Lipkowitz, who builds most of the MOCs you see in LEGO Magazine

8Suh-weet: I always love MOC's from the LEGO designers, now we get to see a protodax: 9Also, it's sort of wierd that the PTX (Protodax) would have Zamor launchers.
1Message Forwarded From GregF
2Hullo. Two quick questions about Voya Nui; things members have been saying that I'm fairly sure you've said aren't true, want to check. From here.
31) Is the Voya Nui water corrosive? I thought you'd disproved that; that the corrosive water Vezok is immune to is elsewhere in the Bionicle universe. Isn't the Voya Nui water just plain water, since it's on the surface?
42) The Bionicle mainland... is it underground? SPIRIT in that topic repeated what to me looked like a false rumor that it was... Voya Nui was part of an underground continent when it broke off? I thought we'd known it was on the surface. :shrugs:

51) You are correct. There IS corrosive water in the general area, but not at the surface. 62) No, the mainland is not on the surface.

1Ever tired of answering question? =p Anyways:

21. You told me that the Nidhiki and Dume storyline was scrapped, but the Bob wanted to tell the story later on. Does that mean that a s tory will someday be made for them?
32. I also heard that protodax are protodites which are enlarge several trillion times their size. Is that true?

43. Where did Umbra get the protodax? 53b. Were the protodax just protodites that have touched the Ignika, thus enlarging them?

64. I heard that the protodax are very very violent. If they are so violent, how come they do not attack Umbra?
74b. Does/can he control them?

85. Could (if there were enough) enough protodites re-create another Zaktan?
95b. Could protodax re-create another Zaktan.. TIMES A TRILLION HIS SIZE?

106. Is Fenrakk a protodax?

11Hehe, thank you once again.

121) Not necessarily. Bob left LEGO Company to start his own business and is no longer involved with BIONICLE. 132) Yes 143) He didn't. The Mask of Life created them. Protodites are microscopic creatures that can be found virtually anywhere. 154) Because Umbra is not attempting to get the Mask of Life, and no, he does not control them. 165) No -- because each of Zaktan's protodites have a portion of his consciousness in them. Other protodites do not.

1More new questions... 2Enjoy:
3On the BZP homepage, theres a link to a site which show some...interesting..information. I just want to confirm if this phrase (Which I extracted from the site) is true: 4After a short but intense battle [the Inika give themselves up to the Piraka , pretending to have suddenly lost their powers. But their defeat is all part of a secret plan : to discover [the Piraka's wicked schemes.....
5Please give emphasis to the boldened parts...
6Thanks in advance: :)

7Pepe, that was part of the original story outline back in late 2005, but I did not end up doing it in the story. There wasn't room, and it didn't wind up making sense to do, because the Matoran already knew what the Piraka were up to and just told the Toa Inika.

8Oh, okay. Well, uhh, heres a few more questions...
91. This might be hard for you to answer, but oh well... 10I realize that matoran have different words for different things (Like rahi for 11animal; and Inika for energ from a star), but they speak in english... Of course 12the reason is so that we could understand them but is the matoran language:
13A. Mostly English with only a few words that are 'matoran' (Like stated above) 14or 15B. Not english at all; Just translated so we could understand them....
16Told ya it would be...complicated...
172. Are there matoran on other Islands? If so, how would they look like?
183. A lot of other places in the Bionicle world were invaded by Visorak, right? Did 19any other Islands get restored (like Metru-nui). Or did they alll stay...webby..?
204. Do the other members of the BoM know what happened to Makuta?
215. Does TSO know what happened to Makuta? If so, how does he feel about it?
226. Did Vezon als betray TSO, like the other Piraka Did?
237. In B1:MoL, when the door fell on Takutanuva, they split. Shouldn't Nidhiki, 24Krekka, and Nivawk be split away from Makuta, since they were merged with 25him anyway? Or at least some remnant of them?
268. Have you[story team
27decided on the Good guys & Bad guys for 07(seeing as you stated that you started on BL6)? Have you seen the sets for 07? No need for a detailed explanation, I just need a yes or no... Unless you feel exceptionally kind today... :D
289. I know this is pretty...irrelevant... But theres a little topic going on. IF the Bionicle wold were real, where and when would it exist? Another planet? Millions of years ago? Inside my nose? :P
2910. Where is the Vahi now? Any plans to put it into action again?
3011. People keep saying that Vezon and Vezok share a...connection. Is it something more than just both of them being Piraka? Is Vezon's connection to Vezok, in a way, stronger than his connection with other Piraka?
3112. Of course I know this thing would NEVER happen, but IF there would be an all-toa war, which Toa would be the 'last toa standing', so to speak? In your opinion?
3213. Who is your favorite Toa? (Not necessarily to write about. Just your 'personal' favorite; Same thing with #14...)
3314. Who is your favorite character in the Bionicle universe?
3415. Which Bionicle character are you most like / similar to?

351) B 362) Yes, of course -- for example, we know the Voya Nui Matoran were not native to Voya Nui, meaning they had to have come from someplace else. 373) Many have been restored, thanks to the efforts of the Rahaga and Keetongu 384) I am sure they have heard about it by now, yes 395) He has heard rumors 406) No 417) No, because all that was in him was their consciousness. Their bodies were destroyed when they merged, and he had crushed their minds once they were inside of him so all that was left was raw power. 428) Yes, story is set for '07, but I have only seen bad guy sets, not good guy sets. 439) No idea, I prefer to stay away from hypotheticals 4410) It's with Turaga Vakama 4511) Yes 4612) Impossible to say 4713) Kopaka 4814) Kopaka, Karzahni, Krahka, Lariska, Makuta, and Velika 4915) I don't really think I am much like any of them.

50I find #1 (or #2 if you look at it in a different way) very interesting... 51I wonder how they sound like...?
1I just spent the last few days catching up on the most recent pages of the OGD topic. Some interesting stuff in there, I must say. :) Reading some of the answers has opened my mind to several, mostly random questions.
21. According to several answers, the MoLi changes things who aren't destined to do something with/to it. Are the protodax protodites that happened to touch the Ignika and thus became guardians like Vezon?
32. Do all the members of the Piraka specie have some kind of eye power?
43. Would Brutaka and Axxon have home islands with others like them? Or are they more one-of-a-kind, being similar in power level to the Makuta?
54. Just to confirm on phrasing, are the masks of Hahli and Matoro of "Detection" and "Astral Projection"?
65. Have you revealed any other masks that I've missed? (Or any chance of hearing any that you haven't made public yet? :P )
76. For the DH guide, what was the basis on which you came up with most of the names? I read that it would take too much time/money to do a background check on that many names, but it with DHs you don't have a basic animal form to go off of, like Rahi.
87. In seperate sets of questions and answers, I have seen that... 1) We will see another OoMN member this year... 2) This OoMN member will be a set... 3) And that the 3-titan combiner is -not- said member. Can you confirm all of these?
10Lol, odds are I'll come up with a few more. In the meantime, thanks for what you can reply to: :D

121) Good guess, but no. You are correct about what the Ignika does, but it also has the power to change beings who don't touch it. It acted on free-floating protodites that were in the vicinity. 132) I would assume so, yes 143) Well, they had to come from somewhere, I assume they have a species back home 154) Hahli's is right, I think Matoro's is but I am not sure that is the phrasing I used for it. 165) Don't think so 176) It was challenging - it tended to have more to do with their roles or powers, and it was made clear these were NOT their true names -- just codenames TSO gave them. 187) Yes

1here's one batch:
21) You said to someone that Toa don't make EP. What does then? Is it naturally-occuring? 31b) If so, was that giant EP pool at the end of 02 an EP spring? 4Matoran do not know how EP comes into being, so neither does the audience. 5Ah, still a mystery.
62) You also mentioned that VZN and VZK do not like the connection they share. Yet they seem to not have a connection at all. Could we get a hint at what the connection is? Are they like linked or something? 7Their connection has to do with Vezon's origin. 8So they're connected through how he was made. Interesting.
93) Do Botar and the Nektann play a part in The books? 10Botar does, Nektann do appear but since they are automated they really aren't "characters" 11Coolio.
124) You said the Nuva meet the Inika, right? But the Nua don't go to Voya-Nui. DOes that mean the Inika go BACK to Metru-Nui? 13The Nuva went to Voya Nui in Book 1 and are there for the entire year. Only Takanuva did not go to Voya Nui, and he is not a Toa Nuva. 14Oops. Better get my facts straight next time I ask questions.
155) The AE is awake, right? Is the presence of the Ignika the only thing keeping it from running rampant? 16It is awake, and no, the Inika are not involved with that. 17Well, no real comments, he got the question wrong. I asked Ignika, not Inika.
186) Last one. All the Matoran had to change masks when they got to Karzahin, right? Does that mean that the mask they had they got those masks powers when they changed or did the masks liek evolve into something else? Like does Kongu still have a mask of Telepathy? 19Yes, he does. The mask powers the Toa Inika have are related to the masks they were given by Karzahni 20Sweet. That means NEW new mask powers. Well, we know the mental, now we need the physical powers.
21I found questions 1 and 2 interesting. Thanks GregF:
22And here's another (big set):
23Since Vezon/Vezok have been connected for as long as Vezon was alive, does that mean they are connected through Vezon's creation? 24See my last batch of answers to you. 25Got it.
26Where did Vezon get the Fenrakk from? And why is he the only one who's got one? 27Not going to answer this, too early. 28Aww, but I wanna get a giant spider-thing. Maybe when he touched the Ignika, a protodite was on him and it transformed into a protodax...
29When did he get fused to Fenrakk? Like what was the catalyst? 30He tried to possess the Mask of Life and the mask fused him to Fenrakk as part of a curse. 31Of course.
32Since the Great Beings "create universes" does that mean there is more than one universe, like alternate realities, or totally different universes? 33Can't answer it -- the only universe that matters to our storyline is the one we are dealing with now 34I'll just take that as a yes.
35Do the Matoran worship the GBs like as a religion, or just out of faith? 36Neither. We don't do religion in BIONICLE, too easy to offend people. The Matoran respect the power of the Great Beings, they do not worship them. 37Ah. Of course.
38The underlined ones are ones i thought were cool to know. 39Do bad things happen to you if you touch the Ignika? What if Mata Nui himself touched the Ignika? 40Mata Nui has no need to touch it, and yes, if you are not destined to handle it, bad things do happen to you 41No need to touch it? How does it cure him then? A "beam of Life?"
42Is the only way to get rid of Reidak to kill him in one attack that hasn't been used against him ever? If so, 43that really limits what can kill him. 44Yes, that is what "virtually unstoppable" means 45Poor Inika. I bet his fighting style is to get pounded on by what they got, then just have at them. DOes that mean he's immune to their lightning?
46Does Umbra fight like a hockey player brawls? Like skating around, smacking people with his staff? 47He does use the skates, he does not strike with the staff 48But I wanted to see a hockey fight...
49Speaking of the staff, does it have any power? 50Yes 51Cool. Now to speculate...
52Since the Toa Stones were used to draw in the pods, what happens if the Toa Stones are placed in a Suva, like in LoMN? Would the people who did so become Toa if they were destined to? 53No, their power was expended sending the signal 54So, what, are they paperweights now?
55And while on it, if someone was destined to become Toa-ized, would it heppn no matter how hard someone tried to prevent it? 56It is always possible to miss achieving one's destiny. If Vakama had ignored Lhikan's request, he would not have become a Toa. 57Scary thought.
58Does Nidhiki know the Piraka? How does he feel about them if so? 59Nidhiki has met them in the past, but since he's dead, his opinion is irrelevant 60Totally spaced about that one.
61Did Nuparu invent the Zamor clips, and how will they help in the fights against the Piraka? 62No, he didn't 63Then who did? Am I missing something?
64If the Inika and the Piraka were in the Nightmare Chamber at the same time would Irnakk appear, or would liek a medium of the fears appear, like a mini-irnakk laced with say Makuta powers. 65Both groups would have their own opponent. 66Neato.
67Would Vezon be considered a good guy, bad guy, or neutral? 68Vezon is a psychotic Piraka 69So that makes him a bad bad guy? Or a good bad guy? Or a bad good guy? I'm confused...
70Will we seee Keetongu and the Rahaga again after the Inika are finished? (sorry, the Rahaga are kewl) 71At this point, the post-Mask of Life storyline (2009) has not been outlined yet, so no idea what it will include. But if they do appear at all, it will only be in the books as the set will be years old at that point. Aww, the Rahaga are so cool. Like Yoda they seem.
72Is Umbra in the same room as the Ignika? SO he's the absolute last line of defense? 73No, Umbra is not in the same room 74Who is? Vezon/Fenrakk?
75Are the Inika masks actually fused to the face, or is it like a second skin to them? 76Neither. They can be taken on and off like regular masks, they are just organic in nature. 77Ugh. A second face. Nasty.
78How exactly does Thok's power work? 79Which one? 80His bringing inanimate objects to life one.
81Say Kongu shoots a blast of air. Wouls it have like a bolt of lightning down it? 82Yes 83Owie. Thunderstorm in a handclap.
84Can the Inika control how the lightning manifests itself? 85It is part of their elemental powers, so when they use that power, the lightning is part of it. 86So it manifests according to how they use the power.
87Could Vezok absorb the non-lightning part of the Inika's power, or is it too interlaced? 88Yes, he can. 89But that means he still gets hit w/ lightning. One up for the Inika:
90Vezon is actually melded onto Fenrakk's back? Disgusting. Is it reversible? 91No, it's not reversible 92Poor Vezon. No love for the crazy man. 93Does the Ignika have power over the physical properties of a living being?
94If/When the Inika go to the Nightmare Chamber, they see their absolute nightmare. What could possibly be scarier than awhat's happened to them? 95Well, keep in mind, there are other kinds of fears than just monsters or villains -- there are things like self-doubt, insecurity, uncertainty over the ability to carry out a mission or control all this new power 96*dundunduuunnn* I see forseshadowing.
97Is the old hero everyone's talking about dead or alive? 98Can't answer it. 99Leaving me hanging, huh. Ah well, thanks anyway.
1info on Evo
2hey Greg
3Ive been reading over the info on Evo, and i was wondering. will the Evo destroy the universe, or is it the fact that Mata-nui will die without the mask that will destroy the universe? and, how evil is this thing? like, Makuta evil, Roodaka evil, or worse?

51) The death of Mata Nui would destroy the universe. 62) I'd say around Makuta evil. Roodaka is plenty evil, but she thinks small -- in terms of city domination, not universe domination.

7thought so. but i was thinking more of "homicidal tendencies". like, is it pschotic, like say, the Joker?

8I wouldn't say that, no.
1Lhikan MK II, you might want to edit your last post, it seems like you accidentally added the same questions twice.
1Just to respond to some things in Lhikan MK II's post...

2The underlined ones are ones i thought were cool to know. 3Do bad things happen to you if you touch the Ignika? What if Mata Nui himself touched the Ignika? 4Mata Nui has no need to touch it, and yes, if you are not destined to handle it, bad things do happen to you 5No need to touch it? How does it cure him then? A "beam of Life?"

6Well, it's a mask, so I assume one of the Inika would put it on...

7Since the Toa Stones were used to draw in the pods, what happens if the Toa Stones are placed in a Suva, like in LoMN? Would the people who did so become Toa if they were destined to? 8No, their power was expended sending the signal 9So, what, are they paperweights now?

10Yep (I assume you mean the Mata Nui Toa stones?). Also, according to the original game, they were placed on the "Suva" at Kini-Nui to summon the Toa.

11And while on it, if someone was destined to become Toa-ized, would it heppn no matter how hard someone tried to prevent it? 12It is always possible to miss achieving one's destiny. If Vakama had ignored Lhikan's request, he would not have become a Toa. 13Scary thought.

14Or someone could just kill the Matoran.

15Did Nuparu invent the Zamor clips, and how will they help in the fights against the Piraka? 16No, he didn't 17Then who did? Am I missing something?

18Avak? He invented the launchers after all... Perhaps the Inika "borrowed" them? lol.

19Would Vezon be considered a good guy, bad guy, or neutral? 20Vezon is a psychotic Piraka 21So that makes him a bad bad guy? Or a good bad guy? Or a bad good guy? I'm confused...

22Bad guy. :sly: Piraka = bad. It means theif and all that, remember.

1Avak? He invented the launchers after all... Perhaps the Inika "borrowed" them? lol.

2Yes he did invent the Piraka launchers,but Velika is the one that made the Inika's Launchers.When Kazi and Garan "borrowed" a launcher from Avak,Velika took the design,added some clips and EP and BAM:
3:) MN :)

11. Hey when the Dark Hunters lose the BoM vs DH war could the BoM capture TSO and make him more powerful then Axonn or Brutaka but not put together just one of them?
22. Last question could Makuta beat both Axonn and Brutaka like he did Voporak and TSO?

31) First, you're assuming the DH are going to lose -- it's been 1000 years and they haven't lost yet. And second, I doubt the BOM would ever trust TSO enough to give him more power. 42) It would be a lot harder. My money would be on Makuta because he cheats, but it would be a tough fight.

5I got the impression that the Dark Hunters were not quite as good as BoM. When I said that they might capture TSO and gave him more power like they did with Voporak. It seemed like Voporak was brain washed or something. So couldn't they do that to TSO?

6I have never really thought of Voporak as brainwashed so much as persuaded that it was in his interests to go along. But regardless, you are right that as an organization, the DH is not as powerful as the BOM. But there are more of them and they are trained in the arts of concealment and assassination. BOM members are easier to spot because they tend to be in positions of power and their armies are not known for stealth.

7So the DH are into Gurialla warfare then?

8Think of it like a big law-enforcement agency vs. a gang of criminals. The law enforcers are better organized, more powerful, and have a lot of advantages. But you also know who and where they are, because they are a public agency. You don't know where the criminals are, or what they might be up to, or where they might strike next.

9Just something I asked GregF.
1I wonder how many Dark Hunters there are. There's at least 46 that we know of so far.
2:m: :e: :c: :a:
1Message Forwarded From GregF
2Hello, just two things... First, I wanna get something cleared up that's causing tons of debate in the Takua's blue mask S&T topic.
31) A while ago, probably over a year ago, you answered someone's PM about Matoran Kanohi and said that the current opinion was that Matoran Kanohi are painted their colors, rather than simply switching colors and being gray when not worn like with masks of power. Do you still consider that official? It would explain Takua's blue mask; it could have been broken and that was the color he picked as replacement (blue also works for fire, you've said too, though). In reference to this post, and Rayg's above.

42) SPIRIT said in my guide to Bionicle Physics topic that you recently said it isn't confirmed that the water on the surface is H2O... Well, maybe I misunderstood or you just forgot, but I'm 99% percent sure you did actually confirm that in a Q&A a while ago. I know that I talked about it as H2O in a PM and I interpreted your answer as confirming it. Here's my post about that. What do you think? I've got it listed as fact both in the Official Protodermis Topic and this one, so if it's indeed not fact I need to edit them.

51) I don't recall every saying that. 62) It may well be H20, but I don't recall confirming it, because it is not in any story bible that it is water as we know it to be. (I am referring only to the ocean around Voya Nui and Mata Nui.) For the sake of clarity, it has all the same properties as water we know, so the actual chemical composition, to me, is really not relevant to the storyline.

1Hey, Greg, couple questions.
21.Ok, I'm missing the boat, what exactly is a Nektann?
32. Ok, when Karz gave Jaller & crew masks, were they Great Masks, or did they become great from the lightning?
43. Is there an order to the defense line of the MoLi? Such as 1.Umbra 2.Vezon 3. Chamber? If so, can you give us the order, or even who's first or last?
54. Is there someone in the room with the MoLi? If so, can you tell us who?
65. Will the Piraka face Vezon, or the Inika?
7Thanks for the answers:

81) You're not missing any boat, it hasn't been in the story yet. Nektann are automated guardians the Piraka use to guard their outposts and stronghold.
92) Great from the transformation to Toa, same as what happened with the Toa Metru
103) I don't want to release this info so far in advance of Book 5
114) Yes, Vezon and Fenrakk are in the same chamber
125) Both

1Just two:
2Just two questions.
31. What will happen if BZP discovers (and posts) leaked images of 2007 sets this fall like they did last year with the 2006 sets? I recall that you said something along the lines of Lego not letting you come to BZP anymore if it happened again... 4Just hoping for a bit of input.
52. How's BL6 coming along?
6Thank you for your time :) 7~:x:~

81) Well, last time around, I was allowed to stay because the Brand Manager in the US said I could, despite being very upset over the whole issue. However, he is going to be on special assignment in Billund for the rest of the year, someone else will be taking his role in the US, and I have no idea if that person will be as forgiving.
92) Just started.

10I think making a topic in the sets forum regarding that would be prudent...
1Some info:
21) Vezon is crazy. Is he paranoic, or a serial murderer, or what? Like the Joker, or he sees things that aren't there? Sorry if it's too complicated, but there are many tipes of crazyness, you know :). 3I don't think "serial murderer" applies, since he is in the mask chamber and there's nothing down there for him to kill. He is certainly homidical, though, and not too in touch with reality in some ways. He's not paranoiac, because everyone really is out to get him.
42) Do you think that Takanuva can use his powers like Dr. Light (From DC comics, I'm pretty sure you know him)? Not to the extent of teleporting, but maybe he can create holograms, or objects of solid light (Like Makuta with solid shadow)? 5Yes
63) And Umbra? If he's older, do you think that he has more control over his power than Takanuva, and so he can use it more, like the teleporting ability and such? 7No, Umbra does not have that kind of range of powers, though he can do some things Takanuva cannot do (like actually turn himself into light)
84) Are the protodax a combiner, like Zivon (They have the same designer, after all)? 9Yes
105) There are at least two classes of Nektann, right? In the Stronghold there's a little one with a zamor launcher mounted on its back, and there's an spider-like thing in the Outpost, bigger than the former. Are they both Nektann, or what? 11The spider thing is not a Nektann, it's a Rahi. The Nektann is the mounted launcher the Piraka mans in the outpost set.
126) If the spider from Outpost is a Nektann, and the Inika are mounting it, can they, or at least Nuparu, reprogram them (After all, he did so with the Bohrok)? 13See answer to #5
147) An old doubt: Are the Bahrag alive or mechanical like the Bohrok? 15Biomechanical
16Enjoy: 17Khote
11. I have another question concerning Lhikan. You said that a flashback on the Piraka's past will include meeting Lhikan. Will the Piraka meet Lhikan on Lhikan's true home island?
22. Will we see any other of Lhikan's team members?


41) No 52) Yes, but they won't be named. The only one who figures much into the action is Toa Nidhiki

1QUOTE 2Hey Greg,
3I was wondering If you could answer these questions...
41. Is the hybrid an experiment? 52. What color is it? 63. Is it slimy? 74. Does it have an affiliation? 85. Is it a rahi? 96. Is it sentient{and if so, how much so?} 107. Is it what the krana were made from? 118. Did makuta base his kratta off of it's design? 129. How large is it in comparison to a krana? Kraata? Kanohi? 1310. Is it a parasite? 1411. Is it's power of future vision natural, or imbued? 1512. Could you describe it in more detail?

17Here's what I got about the Kratana....
18Your Loyal Fan and Rahi Biologist, 19DSOO

201) Can't answer it 212) No idea, I don't think in terms of colors 223) I would say no 234) Can't answer it 245) Yes 256) Yes 267) No 278) No 289) Slightly bigger than a krana 2910) No 3011) Natural 3112) Not really, no

1Hey i PMed Greg and i found out that the Toa Inika sets come out on the 1st of August: (yes: Five days till my brithday then:)
1Some questions I've been thinking about-- nothing much though.
21. Did Vezon get his flip-head/mask before or after attempting to get the Kanohi Ignika? Has he had it the whole time, or was it just a set exclusive, not being of any importance of the storyline?
32. What things do the Great Beings do? I mean, if they're to busy doing something not to know that one of their universes could possibly be destroyed in the near future, they must be pretty busy.
43. Could Takanuva possibly take out all of the light out of only one being (Or make it so that person doesn't see light) to blind him, or just make him stumble around in the dark, when others in the room could see?
54. Will the Nui Caves on Voya Nui have any significance in the storyline?
65. What is Comic 2 of the Ignition based on?
76. Do you know if the comic series next year will be called Ignition as well?
87. Who is/was your favorite Matoran to write about?
98. I read in the OGD the question you answered about if 2007 pics leaked this fall, you might be kicked off of BZP. Why would you be kicked off if it's not your fault, and the other site's?
109. I'm 99% sure you said LEGO might decide to release another playset. Are you still planning to, or was it scrapped? 119/B: If scrapped (Or even if it was decided to be released), could you give us the name?
1210. Is the connection between VZN & VZK more of a mental mind-link type thing, or a physical thing?
13That's it: Thanks in advance,

151) After, and it is very important to the storyline, and half of it is not a mask 162) Well, what would you think they do? This universe has been created and as far as they know it is fine. Could be they are off creating others? 173) That's an interesting question. We know that Vakama was able to draw heat out of an individual creature. But when you see, it is not because light is "in" you -- it is because light is striking your eyes. So there is nothing in someone for him to draw out. He could draw the light out of a room, but then it would be dark all over. 184) Not major significance, no 195) I don't understand your question 206) Don't know yet 217) I don't really have a favorite, but Velika has always been fun to write 228) It has nothing to do with being my fault. My being here is part of LEGO supporting BZP ... and LEGO doesn't want leaked pics out so early ... so if BZP were to keep allowing it to happen, it's possible LEGO would withdraw that support by asking me not to come on. 239) I have no idea what decision was made on it, all I know is that if it does come out it is a store exclusive 2410) More physical than mental, I would say, though it has some of both

253. I think I worded it a little wrong--- I meant can he take the ability to see light out of a being? Or is that beyond his limits?
265. I meant to ask what's happening in Ignition 2 ;) .
27Also, a new one: Did Makuta know about the Kanohi Ignika?

283) Answers no. Takanuva controls light, he does not control the structure of a creature's eye, which is what enables the creature to see light. 295) Axonn vs. Piraka 306) Sure, all of the BOM knows about it

31Just some cool answers I got from Greg. The flip-"head" thing is interesting. . .
1I have had this a while,but it should be a bit important.Answers are in bold text.
2Hi Greg.For some reason,my last PM from you diappeared and I cannot view it.So I am going to ask you most of the old questions and a few new ones.
3Q.What is the Chamber of Truth? 4A.It's a chamber the Piraka use for interrogating prisoners.
5Q.Why does Brutaka want the Zamor spheres? 6A. Because they make him more powerful
7Q.What is Botar`s role in the story? 8A. Hasn't been revealed yet
9Q.Will Umbra be a TRU only set like Irnakk or an every store set like the Piraka? 10A. I believe it is a Wal-Mart exclusive, actually
11Q.Is Brutaka and Axonn just as smart? 12A.Yes
13Q.The Toy Fair info says this:
14In an attempt to get hold of the Mask of Life, the mysterious 7th Piraka has been fused to the back of the Fenrakk spider. This lethal pair now waits for anyone brave – or foolish – enough to get hold of the mask."
15Is this true? 16A.Yes
17Q.Does Vezon wear a mask? 18A. Not in the same way the Toa do, no. He does not have a mask power.
19Q.The Inika`s masks are made of the same material as the Piraka`s spines, right? 20A. In the toy? I don't think so.
21Q.What do the Inika`s weapons launch? 22A.Zamor spheres filled with energized protodermis
23Q.Where did the Inika get their weapons from?(I am not talking about the Zamor launchers) 24A.They appeared in their cylinders when they transformed
25Q.Does Toa Hahli wear a mask of detection? 26A.Yes
27Q.Have you given out other Inika mask power`s beside Hahli`s and Kongu`s? 28A.No
29Q.Could you give an Inika qoute? 30A. I don't have access to any at the moment, I'm at work
31Q.What is the name of comic #2?The name of #3? 32A.Comic #2 is Vengeance of Axonn, #3 doesn't have a title yet
33Q.People have been saying that the Inika are for sale.Is this true? 34A.No. The sets are currently still in production, we don't even have samples at our offices yet
35Q.In MNOLG the Toa Kaita defeated the Manas by braking the Manas energy towers.Yet the Manas in Karzahni`s land don`t seem to need these towers.Why? 36A.The Manas in Book 5 didn't need them either. They were enhancements for the Manas, not essential to their survival
37Thanks for your time Greg.

1Since it was brought up twice -- BZP is NOT allowing leaked pics. :) Unfortunately, since posts go through without approval, sometimes a member might post them without checking with a staff member first, and then it might take some time to take them down. Best way to stop that is for all members to be on the watch for it, and report it fast.
2Hopefully, if it ever did happen, LEGO company would understand this; it's usually someone on LEGO's end of things doing the leaking, or someone among the retailers as it was last time. We're the victim of leakers just as much as LEGO company is.
1An answer to Vaohk's Toa Inika kanohi question. Only Kongu's, Hahli's and Matoro's have bween revealed and confirmed. Matoro's is astral projection.

1Hey..is this the first time Greg has specifically confirmed that the Inika have Zamor filled with EP? I know it's been all but proven, but I think this is the first time Greg has confirmed the theory...

2Their Zamors can only cure matoran? :???: 3That stinks::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :burnmad:
Inika X

1Their Zamors can only cure matoran? :???: 2That stinks::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :burnmad:

3Well how else would you have the Matoran cured?

1Well how else would you have the Matoran cured?

3That's true.If the Inika wanted to save Mata Nui,They might have first saved the matoran there and asked for their help. :)
Inika X

1Their Zamors can only cure matoran? :???: 2That stinks::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :burnmad:

3Actually, since the "cure" is energized protodermis, it would destroy anything that wasn't a matoran and wasn't destined to change. Thus, it is a very deadly weapon- which is why the Inika, as Toa, refuse to use for purposes other than curing matoran.
1Also, they have big beefy swords and axes and what-have-you? Isn't that good enough?
1Is there a proper Kanohi name for the Mask of Stealth?