119) Mata Nui didn't abandon him any more than he abandoned Axonn or the Matoran or the Toa. It wasn't his choice to get put to sleep. I view Brutaka as not so much evil as lost -- his faith wasn't strong enough, and with nothing to believe in, he lost his moral compass

2Wow. That sort of makes brutaka the goth of the bionicle world. (lol.)
3Also, I just realized something: With those two little holes in the sides, Brutaka's mask is the first bionicle mask you can build on. Cool:
1Just a few questions:
21. If memory serves, you mentioned a while ago that Botar has a connection to one of the 2007 characters. Can you just confirm/clarify this?
32. a.) Is there any particular reason you're keeping next year shrouded in much more secrecy than last year? I dunno...Last year you released a lot of information on Legends 1 and 2 and the events in them. Seems that this year, absolutely nothing has come out about 2007. Zip. Zero. Nada. Not that it's a bad thing, or anything - I'm just a little curious if there's any particular motivation behind doing that. 4b.) I know you're not releasing the Book 6 title or synopsis anytime soon, but won't it just make it up onto Scholastic International Rights in a few weeks' time anyways? Seems like that happens every time you announce/start a book anyways.
53. Since the Piraka will be background-only characters in 2007-2008, will they only appear in the books? If so, how minor a role will they play?
64. Which year of Bionicle is your favourite? (This includes any past, present and future years)
7Thanks for all your help :) 8~:x:~

91) He has a connection to several 2007 characters actually, which will be revealed in BIONICLE Legends #6. 102a) Simple. I can't reveal info on BL #6 without giving away the ending of this year's story. Revealing stuff on BL #1 didn't harm the 2005 story any, because it didn't give anything away. And let's face it, it's May -- no one needs info on 2007 at this point, we aren't even halfway through 2006. 112b) I can't control what they do. I have to answer to LEGO Company and our policies on this. 123) Don't know yet. 134) Probably '04, because that is the first year I got to do novels for.

14Some interesting stuff...

1There are no plans for a Mata Nui set -- he's asleep, how exciting of an "action" figure would that be?
3Heh hehe heh :) . The truth--It hurts, doesn't it? GregF's right.
1Hello, Greg.
2Few questions:
31: Members of Voya Nui Resistance team are wearing Great Ruru, Great Huna, etc. Are their masks only matoran masks IN SHAPE of great Ruru etc. OR are they REAL Great masks?
42. Are the masks of Toa Inika Great Masks?
53. Has Botar (Axxon & Brutaka combination) any role in Voya Nui saga storyline?
6-Toa Lewa Hordika
Toa Lewa Hordika

1Hello, Greg.
2Few questions:
31: Members of Voya Nui Resistance team are wearing Great Ruru, Great Huna, etc. Are their masks only matoran masks IN SHAPE of great Ruru etc. OR are they REAL Great masks?
42. Are the masks of Toa Inika Great Masks?
53. Has Botar (Axxon & Brutaka combination) any role in Voya Nui saga storyline?
6-Toa Lewa Hordika

7Sorry, but you have to PM you're questions to Greg. And then post both questions and anwsers here.
8And for question 2, the anwser is yes.
1Toa Lewa Hordika, you have to PM Greg your questions. He doesn't look at this topic.
3Edit: 3804 beat me:
1Well, Mata Nui has a physical form, but he won't be a set... and Greg knows how he looks... 2The Island, anyone? 3Facts: 4-The Bohrok had to clean it for something important 5-Mata Nui could move the "stars" of Metru Nui, and the stars are, actually, right under Mata Nui, so they can be part of his "body." 6-The two moons. Two eyes he used to watch upon the Matoran? They closed when he was put to sleep...
7Well, there you go. I'm sure someone will make a Topic of this and he won't give me any credit :). 8Khote
Toa Lewa Hordika

1Hello, Greg.
2Few questions:
31: Members of Voya Nui Resistance team are wearing Great Ruru, Great Huna, etc. Are their masks only matoran masks IN SHAPE of great Ruru etc. OR are they REAL Great masks?
42. Are the masks of Toa Inika Great Masks?
53. Has Botar (Axxon & Brutaka combination) any role in Voya Nui saga storyline?
6-Toa Lewa Hordika

7We know all of these already;
81. Like all Matoran, their masks are not Great Kanohi, but simply in the same shape.
92. Yes
103. Yes

1Ok I read on somewhere that said the Titans for this year have the powers of lava or lava based powers and I was pretty sure that they did not have such powers so can you confirm this for me?

2No, they do not have lava based powers. The idea that they do is based off of a website that had outdated information.

3Yeah thats just to clear up some confusion anyone might that Brutaka and Axonn have lava powers when they clearly don't.
1Yeah thats just to clear up some confusion anyone might that Brutaka and Axonn have lava powers when they clearly don't.

2It looks like a lot of people didn't know that info was outdated though, as their Lego Mag descriptions mention lava, Axonn's box art features lava, and Brutaka's box art shows him holding a ball of lava.
1Wait- Can someone enlighten me? 2What is a Kratana and how does it look like? 3Edit: Page 180:
1Wait- Can someone enlighten me? 2What is a Kratana and how does it look like?

3A Kratana is, I assume, the Krana/Kraata hybrid, which looks like a cross between the two.
4Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :) 5Seranikai
Nightmare Entity

1Wait- Can someone enlighten me? 2What is a Kratana and how does it look like? 3Edit: Page 180:

4It was in Time Trap and Maze of Shadows, I believe. It's a hybird between a Krana and a Kratta. It does not acutually have the name Kratana.
5TMD woz 'ere
1More Q&A's. Hopefully these answers you may find interesting like Q3 in my last batch.
2Hey Greg, just some more questions
31)Just wondering, how did you come up with the Rahkshi powers? 42)Is there any storyline reason for Hewkii's colour scheme, or are you leaving that alone? 53)You've said how great Nuparu's mask power is, but we don't know what it is. For all we know, it could be the mask of complete destiny control. Just to clear things up, what is his mask power? 64)Who comes up with all the set names? 75)Any particualar reason why Vezok isn't a girl, or is it just because he doesn't look like one? 86)We know that Hahli fires energy harpoons, Kongu shoots energy bolts from his crossbow that splits what it hits to atoms, Nuparu has a laser drill and Hewkii's axe vibrates to cleave rocks, but do Jaller's and Matoro's weapons do anything special, or do they just glow? 97)We don't know much about Hewkii, can you spare me a quote from him? 108)Favorate Piraka? 119)Favorate Rahkshi power? 1210)We know that the Piraka had the 'Gangsta' image with the ads, I'm just wondering what's the Inika ad's like, or don't you know? 1311)Where did the idea of the Piraka hating each other come from? They looked so chummy in the ads
14Thanks in advance:

151) I have a list of every hero/villain power ever used in comics, so I just pick off that. 162) Was a result of the lightning 173) I am not revealing that until we are closer to the sets coming out, other than to say it is a physical-based power. 184) I make suggestions, other people make suggestions, the list is run through Legal in Denmark, we get back a list of approved names and pick from that. 195) Because we decided not to have any female Piraka in the 2006 story, one, and two, because given his origin having him be female would make no sense. 206) They shoot fire and ice 217) I haven't time to go quote searching, and I believe I already gave someone a Hewkii quote a couple weeks ago, so it is probably floating around on BZP someplace. 228) Zaktan 239) Don't really have one, been too long since I wrote about them. 2410) Haven't seen them 2511) That was always the plan. The ads were not meant to be storyline, as you know.

1Personal Message 2GregF Re:Questions, May 15 2006, 05:20 PM

3Bionicle Comic Writer

4Group: Premier Outstanding BZP Citizens 5Posts: 3335 6Member No.: 581 7Joined: 25-March 02

8QUOTE 91) When do you plan to release the infomation about the Inika? Masks, tools, etc
102) Is 2007 going to be darker than 2006?
113) Could you give me the names of one of the Toa Inika's tools?
124) Can you give me a quote from Matoro/Jaller/Hewkii/ Kongu? Either one of them, its all right if you can't
135) Could Mata Nui the island be Mata Nui's physchial form?
146) Is it Takanuva's destiny to wear the Kanohi Ignika? Due to all the evidence we've got
157) Do the Toa Inika have comibners?
168) You previously mentioned that you've already planned at least 12 years of storyline, and we are already through the first 5 years, so is their only 7 more years of bionicle?
17Thans for your time

181) When we are closer to them actually coming out -- they have an 8/1 in-store date. 192) I can't discuss 2007 at all 203) Laser crossbow 214) I don't really have time right now to go quote searching 225) No 236) Can't discuss future storyline 247) Yes, but I haven't seen them yet. All canister sets have combiners. 258) No, because if we reach the end of the next 7 years and the sets are still selling well, then we will come up with more -- probably well before we reach that point.
1For those of you who wanted to know what Mata Nui looks like, don't hold your breath...
2When, if at all, will we find find out about what Mata Nui looks like? I'm guessing that we won't find out until many years from now. Is that correct? 3As always, thanks for your time.

4You won't find out until he wakes up, and there are no immediate plans to wake him up. Gotta save his life first

1Hey Greg, I got a few questions--
21) Did you ever state that the Ancient Evil and Makuta are two different beings? If not, can you confirm it? 31) I have stated next to nothing about the AE, other than basic stuff like it's not Vezon and it's not Roodaka. Other than that, I am not discussing the subject.
42) Also, did you ever state that Makuta did not influence Zaktan, in any way? If not, can you confirm it? 52) Keep following the story and decide on this for yourself. There's confusion because we haven't reached the point in the story where those things are dealt with yet.
6There seems to be a lot of confusion about these things currently, so I hope you can answer them. Thanks in advance. :)

7Just as I expected. Reminds me of 2004...

1some stuff about botar
21.is botar a rahi? 32.is botar a meber of the OoMN? 43.is botar a guardian of the Kanohi Ignika?

51) No 62) Can't answer it 73) No

8just 1 this time.
91.have we seen the AE?

10I am not discussing the AE at all, because no one needs to know its identity yet
11EDIT:some more Q&A. 121.what is umbra mask power? 132.dose vezon have a of power(not the Kanohi Ignika)? 143.can vezon use the Ignika? 154.what powers dose botar have? 165.what did you do before writing?

171) Doesn't have a mask power, doesn't need one 182) Already been asked and answered today 193) No, Piraka do not have the mental discipline to use masks of power 204) Haven't released this info yet 215) I've pretty much always been a writer in one way or another. Before working at LEGO, I worked as a reporter, sportswriter, game designer, and direct marketing copywriter
1Ever since I first heard about Vezon having some kind of connection. First off, the Vezon/Vezok connection is a BIG part of it, as I have a hunch that how they knew each other sometime in the past, is that THEY WERE ONCE THE SAME BEING: ::: I mean, think about it; it has been stated that "Vezon was crazy to begin with" :wacko: . That implies that he is part of Vezok, as Vezok is unpredictable. This may mean that their separation from one another has caused both to become unstable, more so in Vezon's case.
2Tell me, does this make sense, or am I, like Vezon, nuts?
3I still think that Vezon was originally part of Vezok, and that this would account for the absence of powers and a spine, as well as his craziness. 4The real question is "Who separated him from Vezok?" :lookhere: . It apparently wasn't a voluntary act on Vezok's part, considering he's not happy about it (then again, what does make him happy?).

5What do you think of my theory?
6- Fivrik

7Well, guess you will have to follow the story and see. 8Greg

1I have a large number of answers from Greg.
2Answers From Greg
3______________________________________________________________________________________ 4Great Beings 5) Do the Matoran know the Great beings exist? 6Yes
7) If they do, what is their perception of them? (Notice the word "perception" in there.) 8Not sure, it is sort of like humans trying to conceive of infinity
9) Are the Great Beings God-like figures, or something else? 10Can't answer it
11) Is their more than one Great Being? 12Yes

13Mata Nui (Spirit) and the OoMN 14) I have heard that ata Nui have heard that he would fall asleep about 200 years before it actually happened. Is this accurate? 15Probably a little more than that
16) I really would like to know how old Metru Nui is, because that will give me a clue to how old the OoMN is 17Probably about 100,000 years old or so
18) How long before B2 has Mata Nui known that he would be put to sleep? 19Long time
20) How long before B2 did Mata Nui know Makuta was involved (if at all)? 21Long time
22) How old is the Order of Mata Nui? 23Ancient -- founded probably shortly after Metru Nui was
24) What is the main purpose of the OoMN? 25To serve the will of Mata Nui
26) Did Mata Nui form the OoMN himself? I would think so. 27No, the Great Beings did
28) Was the Order of Mata Nui (and possible the Brotherhood of Makuta) formed in response to something specific, such as the Ancient Evil waking up or other very bad event; or because of something more general, such as Mata Nui being overworked. 29Neither.

30Brotherhood of Makuta 31) In Book 6, we learned that Makuta had many laboratories and other things hidden in the Great Barrier. How long has Makuta been there? (Time wise, or compared to other events we know of) 32Oh, quite a while ... long while
33) Did Makuta (or his servants) make the lab himself, or was it existence before Makuta arrived? 34He made it himself
35) What is the official name of the Forohk? 36Since they only appeared in one panel of one comic, they do not have an official BIONICLE name -- it costs a lot of money to get a name cleared legally, so we only get official names for things that play important roles in the story
37) Is the Mangia (The one we see in MoL) a part of his laboratories? If not, than what is it? 38) You said that the Makuta in "Brotherhood of Makuta" is plural. Is Makuta a species name, or a special title? 39) Is there a formal leader of the BoM? 40) Are there many members in the BoM, or only a few? 41) Who formed the Brotherhood of Makuta? The Great Being? Mata Nui? Other? 42Can't answer these
43) What do Makutas usually use Rahkshi for? Search (and destroy?) missions like in MoL, or are they most likely to me used in some other way? 44Whatever Makuta needs them to do, whether it's search and destroy, sentry duty, whatever.

45Ancient Evil 46) Is the ancient evil a being, or a thing? 47It is a being 48)Has the Ancient Evil been unleashed before? 49Yes

50Matoran 51) About how many Matoran are alive on Voya Nui in the 2006 storyline? 52Oh, hundreds, I would say, but not as many as a thousand
53) Did the Matoran on Voya Nui come from somewhere else, or were always on Voya Nui? 54I can't answer this one, as it is being answered a little later in the year 55(We now know that the Matoran on Voya Nui came from many different islands, went to Karzahni for repair, and ended up on Voya Nui)
56) Before Mata Nui came down (10,000 to 60,000 years ago), were all Matoran working in the same place? (Besides those in the Artakha and Karzahni) 57Actually, it is more like 100,000 years ago, and answer's no.
58) About how long did it take to construct Metru Nui? 59No idea. Not something I have thought about.
60) Were Matoran always biomechanical? 61Yes, they were
62) Who do the Matoran think they were created by? 63Not something we deal with, because when you get into creation myths you get into religion.

64Islands 65) How much time elapsed between Comic 1 and MoL? Months? A year? More? 66Do you mean comic 1 from 2001? I would say about a year.
67) How long has Keetongu been on Metru Nui, time wise or in relation to other events we know of? 68I don't have that information. The story bible does not state how long he was there prior to WOS.
69) How long had the Kralhi been hiding in the Great Barrier before Mavrah found them? Until the Toa Metru found them? 70Again, not something I have really worried about because it's not relevant to the story.
71) What is the meaning of Valmai? (I know you said it in the 2006 topic, but I cannot find it) 72I would have to look that up, and unfortunately, I don't have the spare time to do that right now.

73Disks and Masks 74) Who thought up the disk combinations that form the different Kanohi Masks? 75I did
76) What combination of disks do Matoran use to make the Mask of Stealth? 77Hasn't been determined, because the mask was not made on Metru Nui and may have used disks other than the ones they had.
78) I noticed some patterns in the combining of disks. Weakness disks give a more limited version of the power. Teleportation disks have something to do with motion. What other patterns do you know of? 79None, I had no patterns in mind when I came up with it.
80) Could you start using patterns? 81That depends on if I have time to worry about patterns -- you may have more free time to worry about those things than I do
82Hello, Greg. It is me again. I I have two small questions that I would be glad if you can answer.
831) How did Matoran replaced broken masks before the invenstion of the Kanoka (and thus mask making)? What did they use to make masks?
842) When was the Kanoka Invented?
85Thank you in advance.

86Who says the Matoran were making masks before the invention of Kanoka? Obviously, they had masks before that time, but no one has ever said they were the ones who made them.

87I think the question I should have asked was: Before the invention of the Kanoka, if a Motoran broke their mask, how did they get a replacement, if at all?

88They probably would have had a small stockpile provided by their creators.

89Wars 90) How long ago (to the nearest 100th or 1,000th year) did the Dark Hunter War (The one that happened on Metru Nui) take place? 91The Toa-Dark Hunter War? Probably 2000-3000 years prior to the 2001 story
92) Did the BoM become corrupt before or after the Dark Hunter War? 93Timeline is not nailed down enough for me to answer
94) Were the BoM involved in the Dark Hunter War in any way (good, evil, or neutral)? 95No.
96) Was the battle on Metru Nui the only battle in the war? 97The entire war was fought on Metru Nui, because that is what the Toa and Dark Hunters were fighting over
98) Is the Dark Hunter/ Brotherhood of Makuta War still going on during the time of the Toa Nuva? 99Yes.
100) What are the major events of the Dark Hunter/ Brotherhood of Makuta War? 101I don't have a written down history of it, since it hasn't been relevant to the story to make one.

102The Red Star 103) Can you give any clue to what the red star is? 104No
105) Can you give any clue to what the red star is not? 106No

107Other 108) Did you know about the BoM back in 2003? 109Yes
110) Who comes up with Bionicle names? 111I do
112) How do they come up with the names? 113Basically, you put letters together that sound like BIONICLE names, then run them through Google looking for hits. If you don't get many, you send them off for legal checks.
114) How much effort (or lack there of) is put into creating names to make them internally consistent (so it sounds like the names came from an actual language)? 115A lot, that is why we went with Inika rather than Igniters

1Hi, Greg.
2I have a quick question. I kept forgetting to PM you about this. so I thought I would finally do it now while I am remembering.
3Not too long ago, you told someone that you don't remember ever telling anyone that Matoran masks are painted. But I remember you specifically saying something about them being painted in regards to the 2004 Matoran masks. It was something along the lines of "They were painted just in case a Toa was in a hurry looking for a mask in the Colisseum, he would not hhve to waste time trying on powerless masks."
4Is this the same or has it changed?

6Some other questions.
71. How come we don't have "accessory" sets anymore, such as the Boxor and the Exo-Toa? In my opinion, it let us experience more of the technology in the lives of the BIONICLE characters.
82. Would you ever consider killing off a major character that a set has been made of in one of the books. Certainly not while trying to sell the sets, of course, but after the set has been out a little while and there are no more sets of the character to be sold?
93. Can you possibly tell me the official name of one of the Inika's weapons? Seeing as they have entered the story now and the sets will be out in two months, basically.
104a. Will the fact that Hewkii is now yellow with gray armor be addressed by the other Toa?
114b. How does Hewkii feel about being yellow?
125. How come even when Toa have a variety of masks available, the seem to wear one most of the time?
136. How do you feel about Toa constantly transforming in the story?
147. The thing that is different about this year is that there is not a single evil being behind everything. Do you like the fact that every single action does not has to be tied to one character?

15Thanks in advance.

17Ah, I see the issue. That referred to the dual-color masks, so yes, I did say that. I had thought the reference was to the masks as a whole, not just the silver on top.
181) Basically, because they didn't sell as well. The Exo-Toa, in particular, (which I loved and still love) pretty much bombed. 192) I don't rule anything out, but that is something I would have to get permission from Billund to do. 203) Nope 214a- Hewkii is kind of surprised that no one mentions it. They are a little too busy fighting for their lives to worry about it right now. 225) Same reason a baseball player who has a wide variety of bats to choose from usually sticks to using one until it breaks -- he is comfortable with it and what it can do. 236) I don't see them as "constantly transforming" -- there have been two transformations of Toa in five years. The alternative is we would have to do brand new Toa characters every single year, which I don't think people would like. 247) Yes
1Hewkii is kind of surprised that no one mentions it.

2I wonder if Greg will make more of that. :P I can imagine Hewkii now:
3'Why doesn't Macku love me any more? Is it because I'm yellow, or because my mask looks like a melting fish?'
1'Why doesn't Macku love me any more? Is it because I'm yellow, or because my mask looks like a melting fish?'

2LOL. I could write a whooole comedy out of that sentence. Anyway, Greg said the strange color has to do with the lightning. So, if you look at the actual sets on brickshelf, jallers arms/hands are trans-orange(yes, that makes his hands rahkshi eyeballs) and matoros are trans-normal blue, so maybe it makes all the colors of all the toa distorted, not just poor MeltyfisH... err, hewkii:
1Questions 21. In comic 1, Hakkan said something about a "wise being" when he was fighting with Zaktan. Who is this wise being?
32. If the protodax salvaged the Zamor launcher from a victim, where did the zamor's power come from?
43. Since part of Vezon's head is the Ignika, did he, when he touched it, actually get as far as putting it on before he was fused to Fenrakk?
54. Are their any other guardians of the mask of life besides Axxon and once Brutaka, Umbra, Vezon, and the Protodax?
6Answers 71) He wasn't referring to someone specific, he was using a figure of speech. 82) Well, I would assume whoever was carrying it was carrying ammo as well 93) No. The Ignika is fused to the back of his head, remember, not the front 104) You'll find out as you follow the story
11Ya, nothing much.
1tried to get him to slip by asking all of the inikas mask powers... didn't work :D
2QUOTE 3Hi, I had some questions about the inika,
4(1. what are Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Matoro, Hewkii, and Nuparu's mask powers?
5(2. can they use their elemental powers without electricity?
6(3. are their weapons simply used to channel their powers?
7Thanks in advance:

91) I haven't revealed this yet 102) No 113) No

1Hey since you told us Veson's eye power can you tell us his main power?
2Zaktan 3Laser vision 4Protodite
5Hakann 6Heat vision 7Mental blast
8Thok 9Disoreint Vision 10inatimate objects to life
11Reidak 12Thermal Vision 13Cant be beaten the same way twice
14Vesok 15Impact Vision 16Copy the powers of others
17Avak 18X ray telescopic vision 19The perfect cage for everybody
20Veson 21Limited peak into the future 22???

23Vezon absorbs kinetic energy.

24So are you saying the more damage you try to do to him physically the more powerful he becomes? For example could Reidak go up and hit as hard as he could, would Veson absorb the blow and then hit him back just as hard? (Pardon my spelling)

25What I mean is that every blow struck at him -- and every blow he strikes -- makes him stronger, and Fenrakk shares this power with him.

26Hey does Veson's staff have any uses? Like Vesok's harpoon gun or Reidaks buzzsaw drill combo? Does it do anything special? And if it does can you tell me what it can do?

27I don't want to discuss this yet, it's too early

28Just some things I asked Greg
29SoGD B-)
1cool but how do you beat him if he knows what your going to do and gets more powerfull when you hit him and when he hits you? Vezon is powerfull:
11. When she comes back, will she have her same aspect on Toa, or will she start hating everyone again, but then again, living in a zone of darkness for 1000-some years with two titanic Rahi will make you rethink things...

22. If you could say, WHY is she back? Any particular reason, or just for no reason?

33. Does the Tunnel of Darkness on the road to Karzahni have any connection with the Zone of Darkness?

41) Too early to tell 52) Because she seems to be a popular character, and because there was a logical way to bring her back. 63) Nope, none at all

1Makaru: 2All right, so I have the Dark Hunters Guide. How long do you wish me to wait before I offer information in spoiler form in the Storyline and Theories forum?
3Greg: 4I checked with Scholastic and they are okay with stuff being shared, but Utopia told me yesterday he wants to wait a little longer to allow more people to buy the book.


1Greg: 2I checked with Scholastic and they are okay with stuff being shared, but Utopia told me yesterday he wants to wait a little longer to allow more people to buy the book.

3Actually, I am allowing spoilers now on the BS01 Wiki in white on white (sort of like the BZP spoiler form).
4I'm allowing it on the wiki now, but I have no control over BZP.
5I would ask Bones now and get his thought on this, since he runs S&T, I don't.

6So basically: people, if you haven't gotten the book yet, I wouldn't look:

1(1. what are Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Matoro, Hewkii, and Nuparu's mask powers?[/quote
2We know 3
3Kongu: Telepathy 4Hahli: Detection 5Matoro: Astral Projection
1Mattmans1, you have to PM Greg your questions. But, I can answer that one for you: We don't know yet. Greg is still waiting to tell us their mask powers.
1I would ask Bones now and get his thought on this, since he runs S&T, I don't.

2Bones told me to ask Greg. Greg said it was okay when it was okay with you. 3So... spoilers are okay... I guess...

1Hello Greg, it's time for questions:
21. I was curious about the chronological order of the comics and books, due to how the content coincides.
32.A lot of us have noticed Hakann missing in comic 2, after being smushed by a rock in 1. Was this just a coincidence, or is there a purpose?
43. In BL 1 and 2, Vezok is missing from the character page. He is also completely absent from book 2, if I remember right, I read it along time ago. Once again, coincidence, or purpose?

5Thanks Greg:

61) The comics, for the most part, fall during Book 2 and the very beginning of Book 3. 72) Yes, there is a purpose. Hakann emerges from the rubble in Book 3, after the Toa Inika have arrived on the island, which they don't do until the end of comic 2. So I had to leave him out of comic 2. 83) Just accident. He was omitted by accident from the character list and then Scholastic just picked up the old one when they did book 2. The omission from the character list doesn't mean anything.

9I found number 2 very interesting.....
1Very instresting indeed
1QUOTE 2what powers dose the moli have? 3what can vezon's staff do? 4can the moli make someone who's dead alive? 5can please you give me a hint about jaller's mask power?

61-2) Hasn't been revealed yet 73) No 84) No
9just some Q&A
1Hi Greg, I don't know if you got my last PM a couple of days ago, but it concerned Takutanuva's Kanohi setwise. There was a topic that was closed a couple of days ago that was asking what importance Makuta's flip head had and some said that it was supposed to be the combination of the Avohkii and the Kraahkan. Others said that it was just supposed to be something to see if you put it on a Toa. Can you clear this up for me.
2- Toa Lhikan Hordika

3I would rule out the first option because it looked basically nothing like the mask in the movie did. My guess it was done that way for the same reason the Takanuva set got the sparkly Avohkii -- to add some value to the set, rather than being of import story-wise.

4So I guess there's really nothing important about Makuta's flip head :( .
5- :t::l::h:

1Bones told me to ask Greg. Greg said it was okay when it was okay with you. 2So... spoilers are okay... I guess...

3Well if I say ask Bones, and Bones says ask Greg, and Greg says ask me.....
4:blink: Meesa going in circles...
5I guess it's an A-OK for spoilers now (provided the spoiler form)

6Hey Greg, I just received my LEGO Mag 'bout a couple days ago so of course now, I have some questions about the comic.

7There seem to be three acts just like the last one, depending on how you look at it.
8*The Piraka fight 9*Thok and Reidak vs. Axonn 10*Inika reach shore.
111) Are all these events in a line or are the broken up like last time? If so, between which two "acts" are they broken up?
122) In one scene Axonn deflects Thok's vision power with his axe. So can his axe deflect vision powers to an extent?
133) Axonn then threw his axe at Reidak then it came back to him, what sort of power is this? 14a) Is it a power of his axe? 15B-) Is it a special "connection" between the two? 16c) Is it his ability for "telekenesis"?
174) Brutaka, at the last moment, knocks Axonn done. Is that a beam of pure energy, a beam of something more specific, or a physical attack?
185) How does Axonn get away? (since he and Balta talk in comic 1, during BL#3)

19Thanks Greg

211) They're in a line 222) Yes 233) It's both a and b 244) It's energy from his sword 255) Axonn's fight with Brutaka takes place virtually simultaneously with the arrival of the Toa Inika on the island. Brutaka has no interest in killing Axonn, unless he absolutely has to, so he doesn't need to get away. Brutaka leaves him there.

26Here's something I asked him recently. I just felt like adding something in here since that is what this topic is for. But my real post reason is basically ok-ing spoilers for BZP.
27....How odd....me....saying it's ok to post spoilers on BZP.
28But Bones said ask Greg, and Greg's fine with it. So go for it.
1Yes, if Greg's fine with it, I am -- although in M&B whoever can (Makaru?) should PM me a short review, as per the pinned guidelines, so we can open the official topic for it; don't just post a review topic there. :)
1Just a bit more information on the Calix, Jaller's Kanohi.

2Dear Mr. GregF,
3I just saw you posted the Inika's mask powers in a topic. I like them all, but there is one that leaves me a bit puzzled:
4Toa Inika Jaller 5Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate -- Allows the user to pull off feats others would think impossible, such as seemingly incredible leaps, dodges, etc.
6Does that mean his mask allows him to do anything? And if so, wouldn't that make it a bit too easy for Jaller? Or does the Calix have limitations? And if so, can you tell me which?
7Thanks in advance.

9No, it doesn't allow him to do anything -- it doesn't make him invulnerable or allow him to fly or something. It allows him to do things he would be able to do within reason (like leap, dodge, etc.), just in ways that would seem miraculous to an outsider. So, for example, Zaktan fires his eyebeams at Jaller from close range, so that you would think he could never dodge in time -- and the mask lets him dodge. Jaller has to leap across a crevasse to save Hahli, and it's such a long leap that normally he would not make it -- but the mask lets him get across.

10Seems interesting. Something Matrix-like. But I'm glad it has limitations. Sounds like he would still be hit by an attack in the back, which I find good.
11LZ :)