1i pmed GGreg a few days 2ago and got this:

3This is my first time pming somebody so...here goes..
41: Can the average Bohrak Kal defeat a rahkshi?

52:Are the June 07 sets good guys?[ toa?

63: I heard somewhere tha Vezon will be back sometime in the future, is this true?

74: Will Axonn And Brutaka survive 2006?

85: Will the LEGO company be unhappy about BL5's early release?

96:Will the Piraka survive 2006?

101) I don't think you can say one or the other would always win in a fight, because the powers vary so greatly from one to the other. 112) They are hero sets, but they are out in August, not June. 123) The original plan was for him to pop up in the books next year, but with the reduced book schedule, there probably won't be room. 134) I can't discuss future storyline. 145) No. Scholastic always releases about a month earlier than the date listed on Amazon. #5 was a 12/1 book, so they are really only off by about a week. It makes sense to put it out in October, which is when Christmas buying season starts. 156) See answer to #4

16No more Vezon?:?:?:?:?:?: [img]http://www.bzpower.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif[/img] :( [img]http://www.bzpower.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif[/img] :( [img]http://www.bzpower.com/forum/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif[/img] :(
1Pridak has a big army. I wonder if he has the whole army to himself, or he has to share (if anyone knows, can they tell me)? Interesting, very interesting...By the way, does anyone have an idea what color Pridak is? For some reason I'm leaning towards black.
1hmmm.....what colar is Pridak?

1hmmm.....what colar is Pridak?

2No one knows except the lego Bionicle team itself.You can try asking Mr.Farshtey but I don' think he will be able to answer it.
1perhaps the pit is in another dimension

2Thats what I think too. And mabye it can jump from dimension to dimension in order to catch beings like Brutaka...
3Pridak stood on the tower of his island fortress, looking down at his assembled army. His troops came from an endless number of places. Some were Matoran criminals, others ex-Dark Hunters seeking refuge from their former employer, and by far the majority were simply beings who did no long welcome in their homelands. They were thieves, murderers, traitors, and liars, and easily the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.
4:OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: I can not believe my eyes::: I can not wait for '07::
1Pridak stood on the tower of his island fortress, looking down at his assembled army. His troops came from an endless number of places. Some were Matoran criminals, others ex-Dark Hunters seeking refuge from their former employer, and by far the majority were simply beings who did no long welcome in their homelands. They were thieves, murderers, traitors, and liars, and easily the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

3Now that is some juicy information there...
4I think we could assume that Pridak is kinda the leader, or is he already the leader?
5~ Bioran

1Hmmm...actually, in our world, viruses are not alive...

2Aw man, you newbie: If viruses are not alive, then how come they reproduce, eat(you) and can die? 3(seriously...)
1Viruses are not alive. Believe me. Viruses do not have a nucleus. They do not have that requirement, which means they aren't a cell. Cells are the basic structure of life. Ergo, Viruses arent alive.
1Ahhhhhhhhh..... So maybe the barakki are not under water creatures after all seeing as it was once ABOVE 2ground....
1Aw man, you newbie: If viruses are not alive, then how come they reproduce, eat(you) and can die? 2(seriously...)

3There is no need to call anyone a 'newbie', especially since your answer is not correct. Real life viruses are not alive, as they do not have all the characteristics of living things. They are considered borderline.
4However, Greg has said that Bionicle viruses are alive.
1QUOTE 21) You say that the Barraki want revenge on the Brotherhood of Makuta, that they were banished to the Pit by the Order of Mata Nui and that the Matoran Leaders from the Great Disruption, so heres the question. Were the Barraki orginaly matoran that did bad unforgivable things during the Great Disruption but were transformed by the BOM into Barraki?
32) Will the Toa Inika find out about Makuta and his whereabouts any time soon?
43) How big does the fact that the BOM were once good play in 07 (really big, not too big, quite little etc)
5Thanks for your time GregF

61) No. The Barraki were never Matoran, and Barraki is a title, not a species name. Nor have any of the Barraki ever been to Metru Nui. Think this way -- you have a Great Disruption going on in Metru Nui, so if you were someone who wanted to stage something really bad elsewhere, what better time to do it than when the BOM and the Toa are distracted by that? 72) Follow the story and find out 83) It plays a role at the very beginning of Book 6.
1Some random stuff
2Hello Greg I just have some random questions.
31. About Metru Nui, is it pronounced metroo or metra?
42. Who first called them "Toa Metru" storyline wise?same question with Nuva and Haga?
53. Can you give me some unreleased info on 2007, please?
64. Can a toa,matoran, or turaga become a member of the Order of Mata Nui??
75. What exactly are the kanohi mask of kindred's powers?Is it power duplication?
86. Is the character that was holding matoran matoro's hand back in early '06 from 2007?
97. Do we know anyone that is part of the "alliance"?
108. Now that Nuparu is a toa, does he still enjoy inventing?
119. How do you pronounce the Inika's names?
1210. Is makuta like an evil genius?Does he make experiments, as in creatures and monsters(other than rahkshi)?
13Thanks for answering everyone else's questions Greg, I know it must be tough.
14-the Traitor

151) Metroo 162) Tahu coined the name Nuva. Who coined the Hagah was never released because we didn't tell the story of their origin. And Metru is the traditional name for Toa teams defending Metru Nui. 173) No. It's unreleased for a reason. 184) No 195) I have already gone into this with a few people, and you will find out more next year 206) No. Who he is gets revealed in Bionicle Legends #5 217) No, not in the story so far 228) Yes 239) Jah-lah, Hah-lee, New-pah-roo, Hoo-kee, my-tor-oh, Kon-goo 2410) Yes


2Now that is some juicy information there...
3I think we could assume that Pridak is kinda the leader, or is he already the leader?
4~ Bioran

5Actually, we cannot assume anything without confirmation about it.
6Just because Greg quoted Pridak for the prologue and that he has an army of his own doesn't mean he's the leader of the Barraki. All of the Barraki are warlords, and they probably all have had their own previous armies.
7The leader of the Barraki has not been mentioned yet, so we can't assume anything there Bioran .
1Has anyone noticed it said his (Pridak's) army and not their army?
1I PMed Greg again:
2Hi Mr. Farshtey. I have questions. Thanks:
31) Will Mata Nui ever be a set?
42) From the descriptions I've heard about the Baraaki, they sound incredibly different in their bodies. Is this true?
52a) If so, will their sets each be unique and different to the others.
63) You told me that it is rare that Toa and Turaga will join the OOMN. Yet, I just read someone elses Q&A saying the Nuva and Inika will be offered to join. Are they being asked because they're saving Mata Nui's life or what?
73a) 12 Toa being offered doesn't sound very rare. Why the sudden "change"?
84) If you took a Piraka and put him in our world, what would it take to kill him? Reidak falls 800 feet and is irritated among other incidents.
95) When the Visorak were "dismissed", how did they come back under Brotherhood control?
106) Part of Makuta's plan was to erase the memories of the Matoran, "save" them, and be hailed as a god. What about the rest of the Matoran in the universe?
117) You said to someone else something about the OOMN doing things Toa can't do. Is this meaning the physical sense or something else like something that violates the Toa's beliefs and virtues?
127a) If it's something else, could you give an example?
138) Could you tell me how tall in feet some characters are?: Toa, Turaga, Matoran, Piraka, Baraaki, Voya Nui Matoran, Axonn, Brutaka, Botar. Could you name a couple others too?
149) There was a BOM member mentioned in the DH Guide. He is in hiding from the Brotherhood and the DH but is being hunted down by Tracker. Why is he in hiding?
1510) There were many different Kanohi in the Great Temple probably included were great Huna's and others. If so, why weren't any of them present on Mata Nui?
1611) Axonn and Brutaka's minds are shielded but can somone eventually where down these barrieres and get into their minds?
1712) In BA6, Onewa drives a mental lance into the Rahi Nui's mind. How could he do this if he has on a mask of mind control?
1813) Was the creature seen walking around in that pit in BA3 the Rahi Nui?
1913a) If not, what was it?
2013b) If so, why didn't it fly or teleport out?
2114) What has happened to the Kanohi Dragon? Is it still alive on Roodaka's island? Has it been tamed?
2215) In BL4, the matoran of Metru Nui were preparing to make an attack against the Kanohi Dragon. Were any of the Matoran we know in this group? i.e. Vakama and co. , jaller, hahli, takua?
2316) Could a Toa control metal?
2417) If there was a Toa of Nature, what would he be able to control?
25Thanks: More later:

261) Right now, Mata Nui is asleep, so a set of him would be more like an "inaction figure." I can't say whether there will "ever" be one, because with BIONICLE, ever could include the next 5, 10, 15 years. 272) I feel they are very differentiated, yes. 283) I have never said anything about the Nuva or the Inika being asked to join the OOMN. It isn't rare -- it does not happen, period. What I said was that the Nuva and the Inika KNOW the OOMN exists after this year, not that they are joining it. 294) Keep in mind Reidak's power -- whatever he is defeated by, he then adapts to. So your best with him would be to trick him into a rocket and shoot him into space. He can't fly and he needs air to breathe, so as long as you lock the controls, he can't get back to Earth. 305) Visorak want two things -- a leader and the chance to conquer. The BOM gave them both. 316) He didn't care about them, he only cared about the Metru Nui Matoran because their city is so vital. 327) The latter. I see Toa as police, and the OOMN as the CIA. 338) Toa average 7.2 feet in height. Official heights for the others have not been determined by me. 349) Cause he's a renegade. 3510) The Metru didn't exactly have a ton of time to go shopping for masks to bring with them. Makuta was free again, after all. 3611) Anything is possible, if you want to invest centuries or millennia in doing it. 3712) Stop and think what the mind does -- the mind is what interprets certain signals from the nerves as pain, and others as pleasure. If you control the mind, you control the interpretation of those signals, so you could make anything the target is experiencing feel like pain. 3813) It was Tahtorak. 3914) It is still alive on her island, yes. No, it has not been tamed. 4015) Yes 4116) Well, a Toa of Magnetism could certainly affect metal. 4217) I think "Nature" would be too broad of a title for a Toa element, since it encompasses both plant and animal life and weather, etc.

1Aw man, you newbie: If viruses are not alive, then how come they reproduce, eat(you) and can die? 2(seriously...)

3It's very debatable whether or not viruses are alive. They fully perform all of the life processes except reproduction. They are capable of reproduction, but only when in a host. It is this fact that causes people to go back-and-forth on whether or not viruses are truly considered alive.
Dark Heart

4Viruses are not alive. Believe me. Viruses do not have a nucleus. They do not have that requirement, which means they aren't a cell. Cells are the basic structure of life. Ergo, Viruses arent alive.

5Bacteria are single-celled organisms that do not have a nucleus, yet they are alive. Cell nuclei are not necessary for life.
6Can we end the "are viruses alive or not?" discussion once and for all? Please?
7Anyway... Wow, we got a quote? Pretty sweet: :) Seems kinda early. Did we get the temple quote last year around this time? :unsure:
1Please do not get off topic. Viruses... if they would, should go in Off Topic, (why would anyone want to talk about it even though we're debating it in Living Environment/Biology).
21. In the beginning of Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui who were the Toa that supposively "fell?"
32. Will we ever find out about Toa Gaaki, Pouks, Bomonga, and Kualus? Meaning, about their masks and spears?
43. How does a matoran come into being?
54. Can the Toa Inika switch masks?
65. What was your favorite year of Bionicle?
76. What was the favorite book you've written in the Bionicle storyline?
81) If I remember correctly, that is referring to the Toa who used to be part of Lhikan's team. 92) I don't see that happening any time soon, as we don't have more flashback stories planned and they are not part of main story 103) I can't answer that, sorry. Any info on how BIONICLE beings are created is strictly forbidden by the story team. 114) Yes 125) 2004, because that is when I first started doing novels 136) Time Trap
15Hi Mr. Farshtey,
161. I have a question about Jovan.
17You said that Turaga Jovan died when Voya Nui broke apart. But in Power Play the matoran find out that some how the matoran might still be alive actually "living" underwater.
18Now, let's say that was true. Would it be possible that the Turaga Jovan survived?
192. I remember Turaga Vakama making the statement a few times...
20Matoran into Toa... Toa in Turaga... Turaga into Legend...
21I have a few questions based off of that.
22(2). Could the process be reversed at the point of a Toa back into a matoran? Like could Takanuva turn back into Takua?
23(3). Were Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua and Kopaka ever matoran at once? If so should we ever expect a story about them?
24Another question thats been circling my mind is,
254. I know I asked about the Hagah another time, but besides ever premiering them again, did you ever think of what their spears and masks are in your mind? 26(I know, strange question... sorry)
271) No because you are talking about two different events, Wiccan. See, it goes like this: 1) Cataclysm hits, Voya Nui breaks off mainland, Jovan dies. 2) Matoran build new village on Voya Nui. 3) Land with village on it breaks off and sinks beneath ocean. So Jovan was long dead before that sinking even occurred. 282) No. It is impossible for a Toa to go back to being a Matoran. 293) As far as we know, no, they were never Matoran. 304) No, if I don't need them for a story, I generally don't have time to come up with things like that.
321. So I now assume that the Piraka are not the name of the actual race they belong too?
332. Can a biomechanical creature like all bionicle characters "bleed"?
343. Are all Ga Matoran all over the "bionicle world" females and such for males?
354. Now that we've seen other Toa elements like gravity, plasma, sonics, and plant control. Is there matoran like that?
365. Is there ever anything planned for finding out more about Lhikan's Team?
37(I always like to ponder un finished bios like Lhikan's team or the Hagah. )
381) No 392) Not that we are aware of, and even if they could, I'd never be allowed to show it 403) Far as I know 414) Yes 425) Not at the moment -- the reduction in the number of books per year reduces my ability to throw in stuff about non-current sets.
1Some answers:
2Good Morning Mr. Farshtey. I have some questions: 31) Are Defilak and Dekar in the Pit? 42) Are Morak and Thulox in the Pit? 53) I have found pictures of Five Barakki on Brickshelf. Are they legal? Can I post them on BZP? 64) I found that Matoran in "Making of the MoL". Is that Takua as Matoran of Light? 75) Will Piraka be Released in some new forms in 2007?

81-2) Surrounded by it. 93) Generally, things that show up on Brickshelf are not images released by the LEGO Company. When they are up on Amazon or some other retailer site, they are okay to post. 104) No, because the decision to make him a Matoran of Light was made by me this year. 115) No

1I'm new here, and I was a little curious as to Greg's statements. So, I asked him a few questions of my own:
2I just joined here, and I want to address some issues (aka ask you some questions).
31. You stated that the Barraki alledgedly killed their jailer. Is this jailer Avak? And if so, did he get his prison powers from the OoMN?
42. Is Mata Nui sleeping in the city of Metru Nui?
53. Last one. Was Zakhtan infected by protodites while he was working in the mines?
6Thank you fot taking a little time off to answer my questions.
7- Yggdrasil, Toa of Life (non-canonical Toa, BTW.)

81) No. Avak doesn't even know the OOMN exists. 92) Can't answer it 103) No. Zaktan was turned into protodites by the Shadowed One's eyebeams -- it's in Bionicle Legends #4.

1Couple more:
21) I seem to have missed something--something about "a time when nobody [except for the OOMN remembers" in 2007. If you don't mind, could you please fill me in on what's up? 31) You really didn't miss anything. It is mentioned briefly in the Atlas next year, and I had given BS01 the info, but of course then they crashed. 42) So Karzahni can rebuild himself, like 2005 Vahki? 52) Yup .. that's part of what he does, it's what he did to the Voya Nui Matoran. 63) Just for fun...how would you compare the attitude of the Barraki with that of the Bohrok-Kal? (You don't have to answer this.) 73) I feel they are quite different in that, for the most part, the Kal were selfless -- their sole goal was freeing the Bahrag on behalf of their species. The Barraki are not interested in anyone else's benefit but their own or anyone else's ambitions but their own.

8Just in case anybody is also out of the loop, the "Time Slip" was a six-month period of time around sixty thousand years before present day which nobody remembers. No historical records of it exist--except a little excerpt that Mr. Farshtey found and translated...
9jetslandingboard :silver:
1Some QA
2QUOTE 3Hi Greg, i have a few questions and i would be quite chuffed if you could answer them for me please.
4You mentioned as an example that a toa woth the ability to fly that was wearing the mask of kindred could copy the abilities of other flying beings. I have a few questions regarding this.
51. Is there a number limit of how many abilities the mask can copy at once, or a distance limit? 62. You said a kindred being is one that shares an ability with the masks wearer, is this limited to natural abilities or does it also nclude mask abilities. 73. Depending on you answer to number 3, say you had a water toa wearing the mask of kindred and nearby there was a water toa wearing a hau, could the wearer of the mask of kindred gain the shielding ability? 84. Is the mask of kindred a great or legendary mask? It seems very powerful.
9Just another random question.
105. Is it set in stone that all water toa must be female, or that all the other elemnts must be male?
11Thank you very much for you time.

121) Yes, one 132) Does not include mask powers, because I am not allowing duplication of the powers of other Toa/Turaga/Matoran. This is meant to involve Rahi powers. 143) No. 154) Great. Like most masks, how powerful it is dependent on you -- if you know nothing about Rahi and have no imagination, it's basically going to be useless, because it's not going to pick the powers to use for you. 165) What gender a Toa is depends on what gender he/she was as a Matoran. So far, the only female Matoran we have seen are Ga-Matoran. That doesn't mean there are no other female Matoran anywhere in the universe, just that we haven't met them yet.
1I have some questions 2[ol type='1'[li]Why are the Piraka not in the Pit?[li]Are there only four small sets this year?[li]Are Thulox and Morak rahi? Why are they in the pit (Are they there naturaly)?[li]Will we learn where Defilak and Dekar came from?[li]Wil the Atlas(Or a Vol. 2) reveal where the Barakii came from (I know they're not the same species)?[li]Will the Piraka meet the Barakii? Perhaps fight them?[li]Do the Barakii have an alliacnce similar to the Piraka's?[li]Will 2007 take place only in the pit? Or will it show different locations like inBL1? Perhaps the Barakii escape... [li]Will we see more of the Toa Nuva & Inika (Probably yes for the latter)?[li]Will we learn about Jovan's team and they're elements?[li]What mask did the Toa of Green in BL4 have? Have there been other ToG after him/her?[li]Do the Inika still have to save the universe. Maybe I shouldn't ask that one actually...[li] You said that there might be a connection to Prototype and the Spear of Fusion. How did it get in Makuta's lair if it was what created Prototype?

41) You only go to the Pit if 1- you have committed acts that the Order of Mata Nui considers unredeemable and 2- you have been defeated. In the eyes of the OOMN, Brutaka is a much worse offender than the Piraka because he knew better. 52) Yes 63) They are undersea creatures, so they belong there, and yes they are Rahi. 74) Yes 85) No 96) No plans for that at the moment. I don't have room in the books for that and the Piraka sets will be a year old when the Barraki come out, so I can't put them in the comics. 107) Stronger than that of the Piraka. 118) Can't answer it 129) Again, I can't discuss future storyline 1310) No. 1411) I didn't go into what mask he had in the story because it's not relevant to the tale I'm telling 1512) Yes 1613) The DH stole it and sold it to the BOM. Remember, prior to the war breaking out, the DH worked for the Brotherhood most of the time.

17I got these today. I asked them today as well.
1I think everyone, including myself, have been wondering why there have been only movies and not a TV series. Well, here's our answer:
21. Does the Mask of Kindred have an official Kanohi name like the Ignika or the Suletu?
32. Do the Barraki care for the lives that they control? (IE, do they make sure that their troops have adequate weapons, energy, etc?)
43. Do Fenrakk, Axonn, and Brutaka get sacrificed by the Ignika to become the Karddas Dragon?
54. Are there any more Rahkshi in the world than the ones we're familiar with?
65. Any thoughts on producing a Bionicle television series?
7Thank you for taking some time off of your busy schedule to answer these questions.
8- Yggdrasil, Toa of Life

91) It will next year, yes 102) All generals care that their army is intact and capable of fighting. You don't stay a warlord long if you don't. 113) No. 124) Not that we know of at this point 135) It's been talked about, but nothing is in the works. Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that TV producers want consistency -- they want the same heroes every year, etc., and BIONICLE can't do that, because we have to put out new good guy sets each year. So you would need to be animating sets that aren't even designed yet to get the show on the air on time.

1Well, there are 42 kinds of Rahkshi, how much more do you need? 2Khote

1Well, there are 42 kinds of Rahkshi, how much more do you need? 2Khote

3:miru: I dunno...8? :D

1:miru: I dunno...8? :D

2Nah 18 more is the charm. 60 is a perfect number
1It's been quite a while since I posted something in here, so here are some questions and responses you may find interesting (of particular note are 7, 9, and 10), and some clarifications on the Mask of Kindred. Large thanks to Alsru Toa of Honor for mentioning the similarity in number ten:
21. Suppose Toa Iruini is standing outside a closed door. If the door has a keyhole, and he can see through the keyhole into the area behind the door, could he use the Kualsi to get into the room? 31) Yes
42. I've been wondering about the Mask of Kindred – suppose Tahu Nuva is wearing it. Because he can share the powers of others with the power of fire, could he survive unharmed in lava if there were a Rahi that swam in lava? 52) It's an interesting question. He has the power of fire, but he does not have the power to survive in lava. Would creatures that can survive in lava actually be considered his kindred, or are they on a higher level of fire power?
63. On the same note, could Toa Hahli share a fish's ability to breathe underwater? 73) Again, tricky question -- is Hahli truly a being of the sea, because she breathes air now and lives on land. So would her kindred be sea creatures?
84. Again, if Tahu were wearing it, could he copy Toa Jaller's lightning-interlaced fire or his immunity to antidermis? 94) No. I have set the mask up so you are copying Rahi powers that you are kindred to, not other Toa.
105. Is there a range in which Kongu can use his Suletu? At the moment, I assume it's only within the immediate area, because he can't control it fully, but if he trained enough with it, would he be able to maintain a mind link with a Matoran elsewhere on Voya Nui – or maybe even contact one of the Turaga on Metru Nui? 115) No, I don't think it would over that far a range.
126. We know Kongu can listen in on multiple people's thoughts at once, but can he project his voice into more than one person's mind at the same time? Perhaps to nonverbally communicate a plan to the Inika in the middle of a fight ... 136) He has not been able to do that so far.
147. You've said that bad things would happen if the Matoran of Light were slaughtered. Is (are) the place(s) they live protected in some way, perhaps either geographically or by actual guardians? 157) It was. It's not now.
168. The Mask of Life cannot bring inanimate objects to life, correct? 178) Yes, it can. What it cannot do is bring the dead back to life.
189. If the above is the case, then I have a hypothesis as to why the Mask can't bring the dead back to life: firstly, after, say, a Matoran dies, his spirit lingers for a little, and then it disappears. Even if the Mask could give life to inanimate objects, it still couldn't call back the Matoran's spirit, and so without the spirit, the Matoran can't be revived. Is this right? 199) Exactly. And if your spirit is not there, you aren't back to life, you are just parts moving.
2010a. "The wellspring of flame that blazes bright, yet burns none but its bearer. And he, oh, he burns until there is nothing left, not even ashes." 21This was one of the things the ancient Matoran said to Jaller & Co. as they were about to leave Karzahni. This sounds a lot like the Mask of Life – a mask that unleashes so much energy when used that it destroys the wearer. Is the quote referring to the Mask? 2210b. If it is, then is "the world that feeds the world" that the Matoran mentioned filled with some form of life energy, which the Ignika taps into and unleashes? 2310) Very good theory, ToM, particularly the first part.
2411. You've said that the Pit surrounds the setting of 2007 – the Lost land – on all sides. By any chance, did the Lost Land fall into the Pit when it broke off of Voya Nui? 2511) You'll find out next year

26And there you have it. Apparently the Matoran of Light were once guarded, but aren't any more. Also, the exact reason why the Ignika can't bring back the dead. And apparently the abilities one can copy using the Mask of Kindred are not levels of the original power (the example being suriving in lava), but rather additional attributes that the kin might have (like the keen eyesight and speed example Greg gave a bit ago).
27Once again, thanks to Alsru. :D
1I PMed GregF about a theory I thought up shortly after the BoM and Barakki rivalry one:
2Hello Mr. F. I've got just one question today concerning the Barakki and the BOM:

31. Since the Barakki were banished to the Pit roughly 80,000 years ago, and since the BoM hasn't fought their most hated enemies for about 80,000 years as well, wouldn't this mean that the Barakki are the BoM's enemies? Or maybe the Barakki's armies?

4Please reply soon and thank you for the bit about Pridak's assembled army quote. :)

5Ah, Oniichan, you're so smart .... :)

6Excellent: I've figured it out, thanks for the reply.
7And some other questions as well:

810. I recall in BL4 a Toa trapped in suspended animation contained with a stasis tube located inside the Dark Hunter base. Is there any signifigance to this particular Toa or is he merely a trophy as many others suggest?
911. Lastly, I have another theory, one concerning Mata Nui's sleeping place; he is sleeping in Metru Nui is what I believe and here's why:
10-It is the safest place in the Universe , so safe that a single Turaga could rule it on his own without Toa help, unless under attack of course 11-Mata Nui is vital to the entire universe as is Metru Nui.. 12-Everyone wants to seize control of Metru Nui, maybe because something extremely important rests there 13-Harming Metru Nui is definetly a bad idea, maybe because if it is destroyed the body of Mata Nui would cease to exist as would the Universe 14-And there must've been a reason why Makuta started the Cataclysm at Metru Nui and not anywhere else, at Metru Nui he could've done the most damage to Metru Nui. Why Metru Nui? Because that's where Mata Nui must be
15Plus youu said it was an east place to get to, and Metru Nui is pretty easy to get to seeing as how everyone probably in the Universe knows where it is because of its importance.
16So what do you think about my theory? I hope you at least find it a plausible theory, if not correct. And thanks for answering and taking the time to read these questions as well. Pm you soon :) .

1710) This is one of those story things I throw in to give myself stuff to revisit later, when I get the chance 1811) I cannot discuss anything regarding where Mata Nui is, sorry

19Seems like he won't discuss it, but don't you think my theory sounds good? Oh well, we will find out someday..
1You have said that the Barraki do have a leader, but is that leader one of the Barraki or something/someone else?

2It is one of the Barraki. Barraki do not answer to anyone outside of their group

3No shadowy figure behind the scenes pulling the strings then (I'm looking at you Makuta)
2Greg, 3One quick question;
4Q.Are the Toa Mata's names the Matoran words for their elements? (ex. Tahu=fire, Gali=water, etc.) 5Thanks in advance, 6A)No.

7i figured it was worth a try. 8-------------------------------------------------------- 9some Q's my sister asked, no matter how many times i told her that Greg has nothing to do with :bzpower:. 10#3 is funny though...

11I have a few questions for you.
121) Are you famous? 131) In my family, yes :)
142)Why is the website called bz power? 152) Because it was originally two sites -- BIONICLE Zone and Kanohi Power -- and they merged.
163) Do you ever get any stupid questions?(unlike mine) 173) Sometimes, not often
184)On the boards why is there a spinning mask and a bar under the usernames? 194) No idea, you would need to ask someone who works on the site
21kurtrahk's Sister :)

22ahhh, so good to be back. took me 2 days to read what i missed. :kakama:
1Hello Mr. Farshtey: More questions have become active in my brain:
21) Was the creature Krahka turned into when she imprisoned Whenua in webbing a Visorak?
32) If Krahka's species are able to mimick the appearence and powers of others, and were able to resist the Visorak longer, how were they defeated? I mean all they had to do was remain Visorak and desert when they could.
43) What is Krahka's true form?
54) When Krahka mimicks a Rahkshi, the Kraata is gone. Since the Kraata is the power in a suit of armor, how does Krahka still mimick the power?
65) Could a Toa of fire be blue for blue fire?
75a) If not could he still have blue fire?
86) After TSO vs. Makuta in Metru Nui, who attacked who first?
96a) Where was the battle at, who was involved (specific DH and BOM minions), who won, and how long was it?
107) Where did the Toa Inika's weapons come from?
118) In the storyline, is Nuparu's zamor sphere launcher on his shoulder?
129) Would Mata Nui ever actually engagea foe in combat?
139a) If so, has he and with who?
1410) The DH guide said Prototype is permanetly fused together. However, could Makuta's Spear of Fusion split him apart?
1511) Did Makuta have other weapons in the armory containing the Spear of Fusion?
1612) On an evilness scale of 1 to 15, where would the Barraki be?
1713) If Brutaka picked Reidak up and ripped him in half, would Reidak survive and then adapt?
1814) When Vezon split from Vezok, Vezok was groaning and in pain. However, Vezon was just fine. Why?
1915) Say that when the Toa Metru began to make their Toa Seal, Makuta jumped out but was trapped from the waist down. What would happen to him?
2016) Is there a connection between protodites and protodermis?
2117) Is it possible that Zaktan turned into protodites because he was a slave that spent 24/7 in a protodermis mine?
2218) Why is the BOM member mentioned in the DH guide a renegade? What did he do or didn't do?
2319) Would Zaktan have a fear of Archives Moles because they eat protodites?
2419a) Would the protodites panick if they saw an archives mole? Zaktan can't always control them.
2520) Is it possible that the Zamor launcher carried by the Protodax once belonged to a member of Toa Jovan's team? He had a zamor launcher.
2621) Could the Barraki defeat the Piraka?
2722) When will the Barraki be out?
2823) If the Barraki are warlords then how come you said that their more of the "claw out the dark grabs you" villian?
29Thank You Mr. Greg. I'll think of more in a little. lol

301) You could make that argument, but in all honesty, the concept of the Visorak did not exist when I wrote that book, so that wasn't what I had in mind. 312) You are assuming a real Visorak cannot spot a fake one. The scent would be different, for one thing. 323) Hasn't been revealed 334) She is duplicating the power without duplicating the kraata because she doesn't know the kraata is in there and cannot duplicate two things at once. 345) Not in BIONICLE, no. The only blue fire I have ever seen is fed by natural gas. 356) The DH attacked first. 367) Their canisters 378) Yes 389) I can't discuss this 3910) Possibly, if he had access to it, which he does not, and if the trauma of it didn't kill him. 4011) Probably 4112) I don't like to quantify things like this, I prefer you make your own decision. 4213) It's a good question. Come down to whether you believe "defeated" means "killed." We have shown Reidak get beaten really badly and come back, but I don't believe we have shown him die and come back. 4314) Because Vezok was the one who had something ripped out of him, not Vezon. 4415) He'd be trapped from the waist down. 4516) Only in the sense that everything in BIONICLE -- protodites, Toa, Makuta's armor, Metru Nui -- is made of protodermis. 4617) No one knows why TSO's eyebeams affected him that way. 4718) Hasn't been revealed yet. 4819) This has come up before. The assumption that somehow Zaktan would just stand around and doing nothing while a mole ate part of him is kind of silly -- all he would have to do is a -- disperse and fly away or b -- use his vision power to kill the mole. A mole is not a threat to him. 4920) Could also have belonged to any one of a number of beings over the years who have tried to steal the mask 5021) Again, I am going to leave that up to you to decide when you meet them 5122) January 5223) Why do you see the two as mutually exclusive? A good warlord adapts to his environment and his situation -- if you are in a place that's dark and shadowy and has lots of good places to hide, why would you not take advantage of that strategically?
1Got a little bit of questions:
21. Why can't LEGO stay with the smae heroes for more than a year?
32.Is it hard having to write about new heroes every year?
43. Are you happy about the new people every year?
54. Are the Barraki like tuly evil?(like wanting to destroy everything for just for the heck of it) or avengeful evil( you hit me, I hit you)or just Vezon-crazy?
65. Will 2007 be a completly new story? Or will it just finish what '06 didn't if you know what I mean
76. Can brutaka defeat the Shadowed One?
87. Wikipedia says Axonn and Brutaka's power are NEAR the Makuta's. Does that mean their power is slightly below makuta's or slightly above?
98 . Will the Inika have to face Umbra and the rest again when leaving the Chamber of Life?
109. Where do you guys come up with all the"NUI"'s?
1110. How long does it take you on average to write a Bionicle book?

12well, not exactly a little...but there's been longer ones.... 13Thanks alot Mr. GregF:

141) We can, if we transform them. Otherwise, we have to do new characters. Good guy sets sell better than bad guy sets, so you need to have new hero sets every year or you won't make your sales numbers. 152) No, not really. After a while, you mine what you can from a character and it's time to move on to someone new. 163) I understand why it is done. If we didn't do it, or do transformed characters, BIONICLE would be dead. 174) The Barraki are not looking to destroy everything. The Barraki are conquerors -- it's pointless to destroy what you are conquering, because what do you then have left to rule? 185) 2007 is the second part of the Mask of Life trilogy . 196) He could certainly try, but why would he? 207) Wikipedia is wrong. 218) No. That would be kind of dull, having them fight all the same guys again. 229) I am not sure what you mean 2310) About two months or so, working nights and weekends

24Wikipedia is always wrong.....should have known...
25sooo 2007 is ALSO about the MoL

1Got a little bit of questions:
25. Will 2007 be a completly new story? Or will it just finish what '06 didn't if you know what I mean
35) 2007 is the second part of the Mask of Life trilogy .
4Wikipedia is always wrong.....should have known...
5sooo 2007 is ALSO about the MoL

6It's been known for a while, there are actually 3 years about the Ignika. Past that, is unknown.
17. Wikipedia says Axonn and Brutaka's power are NEAR the Makuta's. Does that mean their power is slightly below makuta's or slightly above?
27) Wikipedia is wrong.
3Wikipedia is always wrong.....should have known...
4That's not right; I put that info in Wikipedia in the first place and made sure to include a link to where I got it. Look, go back to OGD page 176, post #5258:
5Brutaka and Axonn are Order of Mata Nui members, and TSO is the leader of a gang of thieves -- so yes, Brutaka and Axonn are more powerful than he is. They are close to Makuta level, though not at that point.
6So maybe Greg changed his answer, but that's not Wikipedia's fault.
1Well, I'm pretty sure everyone knows this but anyway.
2Hi Mr.Farshtey, I have some questions.
31. is it spelt Barraki or Barakki?
42.Are the Barraki intelligent, speaking creatures or are they more like the Rahkshi, who follow the will of another being?
53.Since BL7 is cancelled, will Vezon still be in the 2007 storyline?
64. What will happen to Fenrakk?(It's obvious that Kardas explodes.)
75. What role will the Piraka play in the 2007 storyline?
86.Will Vezon team up with the Piraka or will he be their enemy?
97. where did Kardas come from?
108.If you could write about any character in the bionicle universe, which one would it be?

111) Barraki 122) They are intelligent 133) Depends on if I can fit him into BIONICLE.com someplace 144) Kardas does not explode, and Fenrakk turned into Kardas. 155) Possibly none, depending on whether or not I can find space for them on BIONICLE.com. If not, they may not reappear until 2008. 166) I doubt the Piraka would ever team with Vezon under any circumstances. 177) He emerges from the lava with Vezon after Vezon and Fenrakk fall in. 188) I pretty much have written about all of them, but I enjoy writing about Makuta very much.

1I pretty much have written about all of them, but I enjoy writing about Makuta very much.

2That's pretty interesting. His favourite character is Kopaka, yet he likes writing about Makuta the most.
3Then again, who doesn't like writing about bad guys?
1More news from GregF, including another tidbit from the Time Slip:
2Hi Mr.F, I was wondering about the time slip of six months where no one knows anything about:

31. Is it true that only the OoMN know what went down during those 6 months? 41b. If so, then was it something of great significance to the Universe, thus causing someone to erase any record of it on the Bio-Planet (that is if someone did erase minds and records)? 51c. Will we learn more about this in the future? 61d. Can you tell me anything about the six months of "nothing"?

7Thanks a load :) .

81) Yes 91b) Could be 101c) Hope so 111d) Yes -- it was during this time that Takua was relocated to Metru Nui in the guise of a Ta-Matoran

12Interesting, no?
1Hey Greg,
21. I heard somewhere that Matoran have slight physical enhancements based on their element (Ta- and Ko-Matoran have a little heat and cold resistance, respectively; Ga-Matoran have slightly bigger lung capacity for swimming, etc.). If this is the case, have you come up with attributes for other kinds of Matoran?
32. Toa Jovan wears heavier armor than other Toa we've seen. Would you say this armor is a kind of status symbol (like the Toa Hagah's armor), an attribute of magnetism Matoran and Toa, or something else?
43. Just clarifying - as I understand it, the Order member sent to Mata Nui was killed by Makuta and the Order was unaware of it. Since the Order member never signaled trouble, that means Mata Nui was unwatched for the entire thousand years, right?
54. You said Makuta's energy could possess empty shells, like the body of someone using a Kanohi Iden. Since the Elda and Rode could see spirits, would they be able to tell if, say, Makuta possessed Matoro's body and pretended to be him?

61) No, hasn't been something I have needed to think about. 72) I don't know that it has any story significance, he looks as he does because that is how Swiftone built him. 83) You got it. 93) No. Those masks can see spirits that are outside of bodies, not inside bodies.
10Are you sure the Rode wouldn't catch it? Even if it can't "see" that the spirit's wrong, the Mask of Truth should be able to tell whether "Matoro" is lying about his identity or not.

11If you were wearing Axonn's mask and asked Makuta, "Are you Matoro?" and he said "Yes," then it would pick it up. But the point is basically moot because Axonn is not with the Inika post 2006 so that mask is not around to provide any help.

12I'm actually kind of surprised he confirmed the "elemental enhancements" thing, even indirectly. I don't remember where it came from, and for a little while there I was afraid it was just a rumor that I mistook as true...
1Oniichan, try to stay on topic please.
2Mata Nui was unwatched for the entire thousand years, right?
3I guess that's why the OoMN didn't do anything when the Bohrok were released prematurely, and all the other bad stuff happened.
1I know what it means,so that's why I asked.Anyway back on topic
2Mr.Farshtey said that there was a jailer for the pit but was killed by the Barraki.The jailer is in the pit for else how did he got killed?The barraki seems powerfuller than I expect.