1Stop me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the actual star-rearranging done by OoMN members, interpreting Mata-Nui's will?
1I can't find the quote, but GregF has said that it was Mata Nui himself who did the star rearranging. I know it for a fact.
2EDIT: It says so in the fact list in the Official Order of Mata Nui Topic .
3- :t::l::h:
1I can't find the quote, but GregF has said that it was Mata Nui himself who did the star rearranging. I know it for a fact.

2That's pretty interesting. If he knew about Makuta's plans, why didn't he just intervene directly? I guess that's just not his style.
3EDIT: Post 1551:
1TLH is right. I read Time Trap and it says Mata Nui did it.
1Hi Greg...again ,I feel like i've been pming you too much.If i am you can say so. Well anyways, I got some more questions.
21. Everyone keeps talking about the time slip thingy when Takua was plced on Mata Nui or something.I wasn't there for it so can you give me a summary of it?
32. Have you thought of a name for Makuta yet?(dont tell me what the nme is)
43. How do Barraki pics get on the internet when lego deosn't show anybody it? Do people have like hidden cams in the company?
54. Do you buy the sets?
65.If yes, do you have Vezon and Fennrak?
76. is it big?
87. Have you seen/touched the barraki?
98. Have you seen/touched the 2007 tintans?

10Thats all for now

111) There isn't much to tell. There was a six month period 60,000 years ago that no one remembers. It was during that time Takua was placed in Metru Nui. 122) No, because it's not relevant to the story. 133) No. LEGO sends out pictures early to retailers around the world, so they can place their orders and know what they are getting. Sometimes these retailers bring the catalogs home and show them to family or let their friends see them, and those people do scans and put the pics up on the Internet. 144) Sometimes 155) Yes 166) Yes 177-8) I have seen all the 2007 sets
1Greg, 2I kind of figured I had rambled so, I will try to clarify.
3The meat of my theory is this: That Mata Nui uses massive amounts of his own energy to do what he does, thus the Ignika is needed to periodically replenish Mata Nui's energy (you confirmed that Jovan's team was after the Ignika for this reason). Then Makuta attacked Mata Nui, we know that Mata Nui was awake for centuries prior to going comatose, during this time he intervened where hhe could, all the while losing energy. When Makuta attacked he somehow made sure Mata Nui could no longer get that energy back, or it was seeping away to quickly to be replenished. Mata Nui goes comatose. Then fastforward to now. The Toa Inika are after the Ignika to restore energy to Mata Nui, as did Jovan's team.
4So I guess the bulk of the theory is bolded.
5Thanks in advance and I hope you can at least let me know if I am even close. 6TL007

7Well ... hmmmm. It's hard to say, mainly because with your theory, the energy drain and subsequent terminal state is an inevitable result of Makuta's attack. It wasn't -- while Makuta knew it was possible that his attack could eventually result in Mata Nui's death, it was by no means inevitable, Ignika or no Ignika.
8I do agree that Mata Nui was progressively weakening during the centuries he remained active -- my own personal (and not official yet) theory is that what Makuta did was the BIONICLE equivalent of "slow poisoning" -- so while I cannot rule out that this was done an energy level, I also can't confirm that that was the case.
1Some answers... Nothing too big, though.
2-I like to give everything a storyline significance. But the Piraka combiner models don't have names or roles, so I was thinking if it would be possible that they are the result of the Spear of Fusion used against the two Piraka used to build the model. Sounds good? 3Which combiner models are you asking about? Only one that pops into my head is protodax. 4-Well, instructions for protodax came with the magazine, but with the instructions of the Piraka sets came the instructions for three two-Piraka combiners. So, could they be product of the Spear of Fusion? 5I think the problem is, when in the story would this have happened? Vezon does fuse two Piraka together, but they fuse into the Piraka combo contest winner. 6-Yes, I know. But the playset "Race for the Mask of Life," or that scene, never appeared in the story (I mean books and comics), yet it should've taken place somewhere, in a moment not shown in the storyline. So, maybe the same thing could happen with this combiner, right? 7Yes, I suppose. Race was originally supposed to be in the story, but because it wasn't decided until the last minute that we were going to sell the set, I didn't have time to fit it in.
8-Okay, thanks. But then, by the way -- when would the Race take place, if it was included? After comic 4, when the Inika fight the Piraka in the bridge? 9No, before 10-Also, where do they find the boats? They were already there, I suppose. 11Since the set came into the mix too late to get into the story, I never worried about this 12-Could you explain me the scene? I mean, after what the Inika and Piraka would've found the boats, where (Or how) the race would've ended, and that stuff? 13See answer to #2
14-Can the SoF fire energy blasts, or just fuse and defuse things? 152) Just fuses and defuses things
16-Last year, we didn't know that Sidorak could fire energy from his blade, but later in the year we saw him doing so. Now, in the Piraka animations of BIONICLE.com, Avak is shown firing energy blasts from his weapon. Is this the same case we had with Sidorak? Can he fire energy? 17If not, why is he doing so in our main source of official information, BIONICLE.com? 18Some of the Piraka web content in 2006 was not part of main story -- it was created without my involvement, so some things are just a little off.
19-The Barraki didn't have the 'sea creatures' appearance they have now 80,000 years before, right? 20No, they did not
21-What's Ehlek suppossed to look like? An eel? 22Yes
23-In the Lava Hawk's bio, it says that Matoran use their lava-proof feathers to build boats (In the set, its feathers are made with Lewa Nuva's katanas). Then, we have the boats from the playset "Race for the Mask of Life," in which the Inika's boat have Lewa Nuva's katanas to keep it afloat, I supposse. Is the Inika's boat made from Lava Hawk's feathers? 24No, because it wasn't made by Matoran
25-Vezon doesn't have any power of his own, that's why Vezok kept all of his powers, right? Vezon didn't take any from him (Not counting the tactical thinking)? 26Correct
27Enjoy: 28Khote
1right......so does that mean Vezons a weakling without the MoL? 2(not directed to greg)

1right......so does that mean Vezons a weakling without the MoL? 2(not directed to greg)

3No because he has the Staff of Fusion. Also if I understand this right, Vezok has tactical thinking. If he thinks right, and plays his cards right so to say, he is a pretty powerful opponent.
1-The Barraki didn't have the 'sea creatures' appearance they have now 80,000 years before, right? 2No, they did not

3Woah, kind of sounds like the pirate crew in Dead Man's Chest.
1This may sound sort of generic but I have some questions

21.Are the Rahaga and Keetongu going to be seen again?
32.Will Brutaka be banished to the pit and if so, will that cause The Inika to go the city?
43.Is Takanuva always going to have a small role because He's no longer a set?
54.Will the Atlas be more or less same page size as the second Encyclopedia?

61) I don't have any immediate plans for that. 72) The Inika would have no reason to go underwater just because Brutaka got sent there -- he's their enemy, why would they care? 83) Not necessarily, we have had discussions about bringing him back to the forefront in future 94) Probably shorter

10Maybe these are more important than meets the eye, :sly:
1hmmmmm maybe takanuva will be rereleased with the toa nuva after alll eh?
1Some more stuff to chew on:
21) You stated that the "Metru Nui-Mata Nui thing" is future storyline. So am I correct in saying the below?
3"In future storyline, we will discover why Metru Nui and Mata Nui are the same shape." 41) I hope so :)
52) I believe that another LEGO employee stated that, sometime in the future, we will meet a race that could have become the dominant culture, but didn't and therefore hate the Matoran. Will that race feature in 2007? 62) Yes, I said that -- my plan is to include them in something I am doing for BIONICLE.com

7jetslandingboard :silver:

1hi Greg, just one.
21. you said that to use the Mask of Kindred at a great level that you need imagation, and know rahi. so it look like to me that mataro gets the mask. right?
3mr. toi

4You'll find out who gets it next year. And why would Matoro have a better imagination than anyone else? Or necessarily know Rahi better than Hahli or Kongu?

5I sent you a pm but I don't think you got it. anyway, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't matoro have pets rahi on mata nui? and he used to sell pets in metru nui but forgot. so wouldn't he know a lot about rahi? thanks for the time.

7You answered your own question. He had pet Rahi in Metru Nui, and forgot those experiences. He might have been told by the Turaga that he had pet Rahi, but he doesn't remember it or the knowledge he had of them at the time.

8oh yeah I guess I forgot too. :lol:
9mr. toi
1Hi, just a few question about the warloards, nothing to warrent spoilers i hope...
21) Do the barakki have different kinds of armies (i.e. pridak would have that variety bunch, maybe mantax would have all rahi, elek might have only criminals, etc.)? or do they all pretty much have the same kind of blend (obviously not the same members as anothers army, but same species/organization)? And this applies to both of their armies, whichever you can tell me about.
32) You said you've seen all the 07 sets, do you happen to know how the polyp throwers launch? push? pull? flick? something else?
43) Is their a most respected barakki or do they all "respect" each other equally (i know there are likely ones who are "closer" than others, but just overall like with Zaktan being the "leader" of the piraka... and i'll stop with the "quotations" now)

61) Their armies 80,000 years ago were largely the same. Their armies now are different. 72) Haven't played with them 83) I don't think "respect" comes into play here among them ... I think "fear" is more like it.

91) thought so 102) darn it: 113) meh, respect, fear, when it comes to villians, its all the same.
1Here are some stuff I got from Greg:
2Hi Greg: I got a few questions:
31) You told one member that a Matoran becomes what they think a Toa looks like, correct? Why didn't the Inika look like the Nuva and Takanuva? I mean, the Nuva are the only Toa they've ever seen(Besides when they were on Metru Nui, but that doesn't count because they don't remember that).
42) Do you have any Inika yet?
52a) If you do, then which ones do you have?
63) Do you have Axonn?
74) If Botar is so strong, why doesn't he take out Brutaka himself?
85) Can the Barraki breath under water?
96) Why is it so easy to get to Mata Nui(The Spirit, not the island)?
10That's all. From, Toa Nuhrii: Toa of Sugar.
111) Well, a couple of things - one, they can't look like Nuva, because Nuva look different from any other Toa. And part of how they look (organic masks, for example) came about because of how they were created. 122) Nope -- I have very limited space in my house for sets, unfortunately. 134) Cause that's not his job. His job is to transport them after they are defeated. 145) Yes 156) Can't answer it

16Well, it looks like the Barraki can breath underwater.
1Here are some questions
2Hello Greg. I've been thinking about some things, and now I have some questions.
31. I think I remember hearing that the Barraki escaped from the pit, what would they want to do now?
42. Are all the Barraki the same age? If not, could you tell me oldest-youngest?
53. Is six a significant number in the bionicle universe, because there is usually six toa on a team, six breeds of visorak, six types of vahki, etc.?
64. Is Makuta trying to get the MoLi to save himself? If so how could he save himself?
75. Is the Order of Mata Nui base huge?small?a fortress? hidden?
8Thanks Greg

91) The Barraki's long term goal is to go back to being what they were before, conquerors and rulers, but there are some obstacles they have to get by first. 102) No idea, not something that has come up. 113) I think it is a signficant number to the LEGO Sales team. 124) Hmmmm ... I would say the answer is yes, but the how I can't tell you 135) You'll find out in the Atlas next year

14And here are more
15Hi Greg, again.
161. Do the Barraki sets have some kind of electric function(light up, etc.), because if they do, then what would happen if a young child wants to play the storyline and ends up ruining the function?
172. Is Makuta the Leader of the BoM?
183. Do the other members of the BoM fear Makuta?
194. The Barraki breath underwater, is this natural? Did they have to evolve to do this?
205. Will Toa Nidhiki be in the Encyclopedia next year?(pictured as a set)
216. Which charracter is the hardest to right about?
227. Do you have any pets?
238. Which is your favorite set from 2007, 2006, 2005, etc.?
249. Have you seen an image of Karzahni?(place and being)
25Thanks in advance Greg

261) No, they do not. 272) He is now, yes. 283) No, I wouldn't say fear. They respect him and they hope for his success. 294) All but one of them couldn't do it 80,000 years ago 305) No way to picture him as a set, he's not a set. 316) It varies year by year. Thok was hard to write for, a little bit. The Le characters are always hard because of the treespeak. 327) No, my wife is allergic 338) My favorite set from 2006 is the Kardas dragon ... 2005, probably the Zivon combo model ... and 2007 I have not decided yet 349) Yes, and you will too in the Atlas next year

35look at #4 :lol:

1Answers are right under their respective questions. A confirmation about the Mask of Life, and some bad news for those hoping Barraki will return to Piraka prices. I only buy two of each canister set (red and white) so its not much of a problem for me, but I can see the big price increase for a batch of six. I was hoping they would revert, but it looks on the downside.
2But, then again, everything is increasing in prices nowadays, is it not?

3Dear MR. Farshtey,
4I had two questions, thanks in advance.
51. Can the Mask of Life kill? (That is, does it control death?)
61) Death is the absence of life, so if the mask draws its element back into it, yes.
72. Since the Barraki have no electric light-up function, will they cost 9.99 like the INika, or are we reverting back to that (beautiful) number 8.99?
82) Far as I know, they are the same cost as the Inika. Part of the sales increase probably was the light-up feature, but a lot of it is was an increased cost of materials, shipping, etc. Same reason prices for everything else we buy are going up.

1QUOTE 2Hi Greg, I thank you a lot to have answered my question about the books but I have others about the BIONICLE myhtos that confuse me a lot.
31. Is it true that the Barraki are really the BOM most feared ennemy? If yes, can you tell me a bit of info about there feud with the BOM?
42.I have wondered a lot about how the heck did the SoF ended in makuta's lair? Did someone visited it before the Piraka did, someone who knew he could not defeat the Piraka but wanted to help Makuta by putting the SoF? A BOM member perhaps? I have a theory that maybe a BOM member puted the spear in the lair to complicate the Piraka's life. Can you confirm me this info and if it is true, who puted the spear?
5Those were my questions. Thanks Greg:
6your fellow BZPer ice dino land

71) All of this will be revealed early in 2007
82) The Dark Hunters stole the Spear of Fusion some time back, and used it to make the DH named Prototype. They then sold the spear to the BOM, which is why Makuta had it in his weapons cache
the Traitor

14. The Barraki breath underwater, is this natural? Did they have to evolve to do this?

24) All but one of them couldn't do it 80,000 years ago

3I bet the one that could breathe underwater 80,000 years ago was the blue one.
1Hi Greg Ive just got 2 questions.
21) Were the barraki ever something else, like matoran or toa? if they were, were they mutated?
32) Did the spirit Mata Nui ever come in contact with the Barraki?
1Hi Greg Ive just got 2 questions.
21) Were the barraki ever something else, like matoran or toa? if they were, were they mutated?
32) Did the spirit Mata Nui ever come in contact with the Barraki?

5You have to PM GregF your questions, he rarely visits this topic.
1Apparently Barraki can't breathe out of water.
2Hiyah. 3I was just watching "Blue Planet" on Animal Planet and they were talking about coral reefs, which are made up of polyps. I know you said that "polyp" is not the best word for them, but am I right in assuming the Barraki harvest life-sucking polyps from some sort of life-sucking reef? A giant life-sucking reef would be pretty cool...
41) No, no reefs involved.
52. Can you give the animal classes of each Barraki? (You know, insect, mollusc, crustacean, etc.) I tend to think that Mantax and Ehlek are crustaceans.
62) No, too early.
73. If you could, would you change the spelling of tohunga to tohoonga or something so that it could be synonimous with matoran? It must be a bit boring writing things like "The matoran walked over to a group of matoran and began to talk to a Po-Matoran," when you could otherwise interchange tohunga and matoran.
83) No, I wouldn't. I mean, if you were writing a story about, say, Martians, wouldn't it get confusing if there were two species names? "The Martian walked over to the Arthax to ask about the other Martian." Someone reading it would think Arthax was another species.
94. How deep down in the ocean do you think next year's story will take place? On average, I mean. In an crushing black abyss or several hundred feet deep?
104) You'll find out next year.
115. Will there be creepy bioluminescent creatures like squid and anglerfish?
125) Yup
136. Can Barraki survive on land?
146) No
157. Is Takadox's cave carved out of lightstone?
167) No
178. You said that Mantax is tricky to write for. What do you mean by this?
188) There are always characters who are easy to write for and others who are harder -- for example, Onua is harder to write for than Tahu.
199. What is this "6 Month Time Slip" everyone is talking about? Did I miss something?
209) No, you didn't. It is part of a timeline appearing in the Atlas that I had given early to BS01 before they crashed
2110. Do you think that there's a wee bit too much non-canon stuff going around in 2006? (VNOLG, the animations, Free the Band, the commercials...)
2210) Not up to me. Denmark decides on the marketing plan.
2311. What's your favorite BIONICLE name?
2411) Don't have one
2512. What's your favorite food?
2612) Shrimp
2713. What's your favorite animal?
2813) Tigers

1here are some ? I asked GregF:

2#1.Is Barraki based off of the word Barracuda?(if not can you tell me what it based off of?) 3#2.What word is Pridak based off of? 4#3.What word is Kalmah based off of? 5#4.What word is Ehlek based off of? 6#5.What word is Mantax based off of? 7#6.What word is Carapar based off of? 8#7.What word is Takadox based off of? 9Thanks for your time.

10They aren't based off anything that I am aware of, they were selected from a BIONICLE approved names list put together over the last few years.

1hey, Greg:
2i was just wondering if you could list the matoran words that arent canon:
3rahi=animal, wildlife, beast 4vadin=chosen 5rohtuka=spinner 6hordika=venom, mutant 7kaita=triple, three, third 8nui=great 9metru=city 10koro=village 11nuva=new 12voya=journey 13kini=temple 14antidermis=virus
15thanks: 16----------------------------------------------------
17The only confirmed definitions on that list are the ones for kini, koro and Rahi. The rest are just fan speculation about what words mean.

18just summing up what meant what :) :voyanui::p::voyanui:

19:d::a::v::i::d::voyanui: 20:bzpower:
1Where's the word "vadin" from? 2Khote
1whats Vadin?
1Vadin's... ummm... never mind.
1Waspinator recently herd of a new Matoran word, vadin. Is it a real word, and if so, what does it mean?

2I have never heard of that term. Someone sent it to me this week in a list of Matoran words, but he did not indicate where the word came from. As best as I have been able to tell from a Google search, Vadin is a character in a BZPer's fan fiction.

3And there you go:
1so many new words....too much for me puny brain...
1I've already posted this in the official Brotherhood topic and my blog, but I might as well post it here, since there are other questions. Keep in mind this conversation took place back in September or beginning of October, so the old info was new to me at the time. I bolded the parts in the first two quotes that I've been working on:
2I'm evidently having some trouble with my PM thing, so I'm sending these again.
31) What's your personal opinion on the Toa Jovan "set"? 42) Were the canisters that the six Piraka found the ones the Toa Mata came to Mata Nui in from 2001? 53) When did Makuta kill the Order member that owned the canister Vezon used? 64) In Mask of Light, when Takanuva is carrying Jaller's body, Makuta says something along the lines of "So, it begins, my brother; but soon, it will also end." Would he be referring to the Brotherhood plan/prophecy Zaktan found in Legacy of Evil, or something else? 75) How long has Makuta had the Spear of Fusion? 86) When Zaktan found that utterly disturbing (at least to me) information in the Brotherhood fortress, he thinks that the Brotherhood doesn't know "evil and treachery" until they meet him; I'm assuming he's seriously underestimating the Brotherhood and overestimating himself, correct? 97) Is "Makuta" the actual name of the one we all know and love, or does he have another name? If there's another name, since I seriously doubt you can reveal it at this point, do you know when we'll learn it? 108) Would the "wisps of green energy and dark tendrils" the Piraka didn't notice at Makuta's lair have anything to do with the Antidermis? 119) When you first revealed the fact that Zaktan learned "things", you asked us if we'd be able to piece the puzzle together the same way Zaktan did. I didn't think I needed to do any piecing together when he found that room. What exactly did you mean? 1210) When will the instructions for Toa Jovan be up on Bionicle.com?
13Thanks in advance:

141) People need to keep in mind that Jovan is not a "set" -- it's a combo model, so it has to be made out of pieces of the models involved in the combination. It's not going to have new pieces, etc. 152) Yes 163) Within the last 1000 years 174) He was referring to whatever the screenwriter meant at the time. I had nothing to do with the movie, and he had nothing to do with my concept of Makuta's plan. 185) Oh, the Brotherhood has probably had that for ages. 196) Quite possibly :) But Zaktan has never been known for his modesty. 207) Nope, "Makuta" is a title. 218) It's certainly possible. 229) Okay, then tell me what the plan is. 2310) BIONICLE.com has had them for a while and will hopefully get them up ASAP. Since the magazine is probably just starting to hit homes, they have a bit of time left.

24Well, for #9, I figured it was pretty straightforward. Let the Matoran believe they had ultimately won, even if it meant a Brotherhood member died, leaving them ignorant in their "victory" so that they wouldn't see what the Brotherhood was really up to. Eventually, to truly give them false hope, they'd let Mata Nui be awakened and then strike, pretty much dominating the Bionicle universe with shadow. Was there an unbelievably subtle part that I missed?

25Basically, yes -- strike how? They already have Mata Nui asleep -- how does waking him up help them any?

26That's what I was wondering, but that's what the wall Zaktan found said: "Once the Toa were sufficiently blinded by their seeming success, the true plan would unfold. When it was done, the Great Spirit would be allowed to reawaken... and a reign of darkness would begin that no Matoran ever dreamed of in his most horrifying nightmares."

27Right -- and the part you are wondering about is the part of the puzzle you guys have to put together.

28Aaaaaaahhhhh.... I see it now. Okay then, do you think we have enough info at this point to put it together correctly, or is there info in the future we need to solve it?

29Not sure. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the theorists on here guess right.

30I've got a little somethin' on this going on in my blog (see sig link), if ya wanna check it out.
1Thanks for those last answers, but a few more popped into my head now:
21. Is is possible that Carapar's name is based of the word carapace which is a zoology term for an insectoid exoskeleton?
32a. The Barraki are not of the same species, but would there be other creatures akin to them with the same features and builds etc? 42b. Would other members of the Barraki's "Species" (For lack of a better term) be enemies of the BoM like the six Barraki we know? Is it possible they would be allied with anybody?
53. When will the "Bionicle Legends #5 based contest" you mentioned a few months ago be announced?
6Thanks again:

81) Far as I know, the names were simply taken off the approved BIONICLE name list that has been in existence for a few years. 92) No. 102b) No. The Barraki ended up being enemies of the BOM by virture of being Barraki, not based on their respective species. 113) Very soon, probably this week. I need to talk with BZP about the best way to execute it, since members outside of North America cannot get the book.

12Just some stuff I had...

1This is pretty interesting...

2Hi GregF,

3I have a theory about the BOM's plans...

4Ok, now the Bom's plans include the fact that Makuta will fake losing to the Toa, now it never says when this will happen, it just says it will happen. Suppose he faked losing to the Toa metru, and faked trying to take over the matoran, perhaps he just faked doing everything to make the Matoran and the Makuta think he was relentless. Then finnialy when they "defeat" him, he pretends not to come back, and because the Toa know how relentless he is they believe he has gone for good. 5To make them think they have won even furthur, he lets them pass to Metru nui. Now after some waiting the Maukta makes an appearance and the Toa are so suprised that he wins, takes the matoran, and conquers. What has Mata nui being awakened got to do with this? he wakes up to find Makuta conquering, but Makuta has enslaved/influenced the Matoran and forced them to obey him. Mata nui is then too turned evil somehow, and Makuta wins.

6What do you think?


8Makuta faked his loss to Takanuva, he did not fake his loss in Metru Nui. Your reasoning for why he would fake is pretty accurate -- he wants them to think he is gone for good, so they ignore him. As for what would happen if Mata Nui woke up, I can't answer that.

9So it looks like we're going to find out the rest soon...

1Where's the word "vadin" from? 2Khote

3Vadin is from my epic, the Ancestrial. There is a link to it in my Sig. It was just a word I came up with.
1Hi Greg, sorry to bother you. 2Are the new thrower things called polyps or Squid Ammo? If you can't answer, I understand. Thanks.

3I can tell you that they are NOT being referred to as polyps in the North American market. I have no idea what Europe plans to call them.

1Quick one:
2You said that the Atlas will have a timeline. Does it include about the same amount of info as the Wikipedia timeline (i.e. Dume becomes Turaga of Metru Nui, etc.)?
3Yes, it's the same one BS01 Wiki had.

4jetslandingboard :silver:
1Now, I'm beginning to link things and bits we've heard about the Bohrok together, possibly scratching the surface on their many mysteries. But first, I need to ask a few things about the Bohrok themselves --
21) I believe you referred to the signal Makuta sent to awaken the Bohrok as an "alarm clock sped ahead so it would go off early" a while back. Now, was this clock set to go off whenever the Matoran had left the island, or at one certain time, regardless of whether any beings were living on the island or not? 31) At a certain time. Remember, Matoran were never meant to live there, so the setters of the clock were not thinking in terms of whether anyone would be living there or not.
42) The EP leak that caused Mata Nui's vegetation to go berzerk in so short time, was it accidental or caused by someone? 52) Accidental
63) Do the Bohrok predate the coming of Mata Nui, or are they part of his grand scheme? 73) They are part of his grand scheme -- as has often been stated, they have a role to play in the universe, they just played it too early
84) Do the Bohrok predate the Brotherhood of Makuta turning against Mata Nui -- and I'm not talking when they first striked, just whenever they began plotting against him? 94) Oh, sure
105) Is cleaning the surface of Mata Nui important as in "Mata Nui needs to be kept alive"-important, or more or less drastic? 115) Less drastic
126) Am I right in assuming the island of Mata Nui was a barren, flat island ever since its creation and up till the Toa Metru arrived there? 136) I am going to go out on a limb and say no, because that would assume the Bohrok had never been awakened before -- which would sort of make weird the notion that there was already a "wake one and you wake them all" mythos around them.
147) I'm pretty sure this has already been confirmed, but the Bohrok's mission relates only to the island of Mata Nui, and no other islands, right? 157) Exactly

1*sighs* so much too lern about the bohrak/krana yet so much is cancelled.....*sighs again*
1About Mata Nui being allowed to awaken: If the Toa Nuva achieve their destiny, and believe all is well, they very well might become Turaga. So no Toa Nuva to interfere with the BoM.