1im back with, drum roll please, *drum roll*
2more questions. didnt see that one coming .
31. how does nuju get along with matoro? i mean, does he consider him a friend, or just a translator.
4I would say there is mutual respect there, but I would not call them pals. Ko-Matoran are not known for their warm and friendly relationships at the best of times. I would say he sees him as a valued and trustworthy assistant.
52. when will we learn what the metruans think of makuta?
6Soon enough.
73. how does makuta see his sons? i mean, does he think of them as anything but minions?
8As tools to be used.
94.do all the matoran know what happened in metru nui, or only the toa?
10I have no doubt the Matoran are learning the story as Vakama relates it, since Hahli is present for the sessions.
11sorry it aint longer. Thanks:

1I have some questions about the Archives. I think you'd be able to answer them but... Please do as much as you can?
21. When they (the Metru) went to Mata-nui, were the archives intact?
32. (followup) When they return will the exhibits be running rampant around the entire island?
4Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

5Sorry, I can't answer these. They go to the state of the city at the time that the Matoran leave it, which is movie plot. So I can't discuss it.

7That's kind of interesting. *imagines all the chaos and destruction* Sweeeeet....
1Hey Greg,
21.) Ok, I as watching the scene where the Turaga are telling the Matoran about the "gift from Mata Nui," on how they can rebuild themselves, and I got this brilliant beyond brilliant idea.... Well, I noticed Pewku was in the crowd in that scene, and since you guys never did come up with a real reason on why Pewku quadrupled in size in a "few weeks" I was wondering.... What if Pewku got an upgrade just like all of the Matoran?:¿ Possible? Stupid?
32.) Could a Noble Komau contol Krana/Bohrok, and if it could, how many would you think?
43.) Just confirming, is the Morby is your 3rd book? I think you said it was.
54.) I'm not arguing with you guys, you're the experts... but we're like 1/3 through 2004 and you're working on 2006? At this rate all the 17 years of story will be written in a few months: Lol, well that's exagerating, but I was wondering why it's going so fast. If you get the story locked down so early, won't most of the story team not be needed really?
65.) How can Takanuva use the MOL right away if Vakama and Co. can't? Is Takanuva just extra special?
76.) When a Kanoka runs out of "juice," is it a gradual lessening, or like all of a sudden it doesn't work?
87.) Does Dume use his mask in the Movie?
98.) Have you seen more than the first 20 minutes of the movie yet?
109.) I understand you're not in product design, but can't hurt to ask... If Lhikan is made as a set (I hope I hope I hope:::) he'll obviusly need his unique tools, but do you think we'd see a new Hau design, or same ol'?
1110.) Does Lhikan's Hau have the shielding power?
1211.) This isn't why I sent the PM, but do you have the info on the collesium yet? No rush:
13Thanks so much, 14bjj6

151) Not stupid, just doubtful. If you have ever tried to give medicine to a cat, you can imagine how hard it would be to rebuild an Ussal crab.
162) Krana certainly .. not Bohrok without krana, as they are largely mindless. No idea how many offhand.
173) No, it's not. But the proto-Morby is in the sixth book.
184) Good question. Answer's no, because (for example) -- the story teams consists of myself (who has to write the comics and the books each year), Leah (who has to do the web site each year), Bob T. (who deals with all the movie people, etc.) and a freelancer, with guest appearances by the product designers (who are always busy). The reason for locking things down so early is mainly that we have a lot more licensees now -- and we don't want them going off on their own and contradicting things, so it's easiest to say, "Here is the story for the next few years." Also helps when talking to movie people, etc.
195) My theory - and this is just MY THEORY -- is that it wasn't so much Takua who was special as the mask that was special and imparted certain knowledge to him. Remember, putting on Great Masks is not how the Metru became Toa.
206) Pretty much just stops working.
217) Not to my knowledge.
228) No.
239) No idea. I haven't seen anything on how such a set would look.
2410) To my knowledge, yes.
2511) Such as?

1If you have ever tried to give medicine to a cat, you can imagine how hard it would be to rebuild an Ussal crab.

2Dontcha love Greg's sense of humor? He has a good point, too. Pewku's fairly docile when Takua is around, but even she might object to having her parts swapped around.
3- ToP
1We know that Rahkshi were created by accident and have no mission like in MoL, but why would Makuta create Kraata if he wasnt attacking the Matoran?
2Thanks in advance

3The Rahkshi were not "created" by accident -- they wound up in Metru Nui by accident. So Makuta obviously intended them for duty someplace else.

1Hi Greg: I got Trial By Fire a few weeks ago and I have a few questions about it. First off, great work on it: Great description and dialogue... And excellent Rahi:
2Oh, and I have a few questions about the Bionicle 2 trailer, but I'll get to those later.
3Trial by Fire: 41. Just who is the Chief Archivist? Is he on Mata Nui?
5He might be.
62. How exactly could Matoran/Vahki capture that "room Rahi"?
7Same way they capture other things -- through sheer force of numbers, and Kanoka disks.

83. If the Rahi from #3 were out in the open, would it basicly be the ground and slide through it? For example, would it just cover the ground and slide over it, but be part of it?
9It could do that, or it might simply choose another shape that allowed it more mobility.
104. Since the Matoran Nui plays such an important role in the Morbuzakh battle, will it be in the next comic? Oh, and is it like a Kaita, with the six Matoran's parts rearranged into one?
11Yes to the second question ... no to the first. I wrote the Matoran Nui in because I assumed there would be a six Matoran combiner like there was last time (in '01). Since there isn't, no model exists for the comic artist to draw.

125. What Kanohi does the Matoran Nui wear?
13No idea. Since none of their Kanohi have power anyway, really hadn't thought about.
146. Does Ahkmou still plan to betray the Toa Metru? Since he was talking about Nidhiki, his "business partner", to Onewa...
15I am sure if he could, he would.

167. Since Bionicle obviously doesn't obey the laws of Physics, am I right in assuming that the Morbuzakh doesn't follow the rules of Botany?
17The Morbuzakh obeys the rules of things like Day of the Triffids and old Doctor Who episodes.
188. How did the Morbuzakh seeds get from the King Root to that house in Ta-Metru?
19Carried there by Morbuzakh vines.

209. What happened to the Morbuzakh seeds? Are there still some unhatched?
21That's entirely possible.
2210. And the young Morbuzakh in the entrance, as they were connected to the King Root, did they die too when the King Root was destroyed?
2411. What are the other Vahki's Order Enforcement techniques? (Keerakh=disorientation, Bordakh=makes Matoran report anything to the Vahki, even their best friend) Oh, and could I please have a one-word description, if it exists, for Bordakh's power?
25I am holding on to the Vahki powers for now, because they don't come out for a while yet.

2612. Who hid the Great Disks?
27Can't answer it.
2813. When the Matoran form the Matoran Nui, Tehutti says that he "saw something in the Archives once that might help [them." What was it?
29He saw a carving of a Kaita.
3014. When Whenua (cool:) digs through the street in Ko-Metru, he thinks about how beneath the sub-archives is... something he doesn't want to think about. What is it?
31Maintenance tunnels ... and much older tunnels beneath them. To which the Toa pay a visit in book #3.
3215. Did the Great Furnace get destroyed after the Toa Metru defeated Morby? And if so, wouldn't that bring Vahki on the run?
33Yes, it did, and yes, it would. But the Toa left right after the battle.
3416. You said in TbF that there were "traces of another intelligence" in the King Root. Someone asked about Morby and you replied,
35"Ask and ye shall receive -- in Book #6 this year, Maze of Shadows, you will meet the prototype for the Morbuzakh -- a failed expeiment -- and learn just who made the Morbuzakh and why (if you haven't already guessed by then)."

36...so the Morbuzakh was made by someone. Is that someone the "traces of intelligence" that the Toa Metru sensed, and have we met that someone before? Makuta, maybe?
37Yes, to the intelligence aspect -- as for the rest, there is no proof at this point that Makuta has anything at all to do with this storyline.

38No-topic questions: 3917. On the subject of hiding things, why were the Great Masks hidden on Mata Nui? Was it for the Toa to prove themselves?
40Partially, same reason the Toa stones were hidden.
4118. The Great Masks must have been brought from Metru Nui, right?
42Yes, or sent from there somehow.

4319a. The Bohrok's purpose is to "return Mata Nui to the before-time", which, by their actions, is to reduce it to a flat, lifeless surface. Why?
44Because that is their mission. It is the reason they were created. The purpose behind their creators is not something I can discuss yet.
4519b. Also, since the "before-time" is when the Matoran were on Metru Nui, and Mata Nui was apparently entirely bare then, how did its landscapes get there? (I'm guessing we'll find out in the movie)
46Rapid evolution.
47Bionicle 2 Trailer Questions: 4820. Apparently, we see Nidhiki and Krekka standing at attention while Turaga Dume paces around in front of them. Wouldn't they attack him or get out of view, and since they obviously aren't, then does that mean that there's a connection, maybe even a "job agreement" between them?
49I can't answer questions related to movie plot.
5021. That statue of Lhikan that falls in the Coliseum seems to have him posed with a surfboard. Is lava-surfing a sport in Metru Nui?
51I have no doubt it is, but that's not really what he uses it for.

5222. Does Dume know about the Toa Metru before they introduce themselves to him?
5423. You answered a question about how there was an Akilini tournament going on when the Toa arrived in the Coliseum and they had to battle all those Vahki. Why would the Toa Metru suddenly burst into the stadium?
55They went to the stadium to announce to Dume that they were Toa and show him the Great Disks. It does not go straight from Toa arrive to Vahki battle.

5624. What type were the Vahki in the Coliseum? They look like Rorzakh...
57I believe they were.
5825. Is Lhikan's mask a Hau Metru?
59It's a Hau.
6026. Do the Turaga as Matoran wear the same shaped masks that they do when they're Turaga? Vakama's definitely looks like a Huna, but Nuju's looks nothing like a Matatu.
61Far as I know, yes. Nuju's mask looks almost exactly like what it ends up looking like as a Toa mask.
6227. I believe that you once said that after Morby is defeated, all six matoran disappear. Is that why we don't see them after the big battle, and why we haven't seen head nor... foot... of them in the trailer?
63They are not in the movie. The idea of making them an important part of the story did not get decided on until after the movie was already written.
6428. Is there a particular reason the Bionicle 2 is coming out so much later than the MoL?
65It's only a month later. October is a better month, because you are more likely to generate sales for Christmas season then.
6629. When Nokama shouts, "Follow me:" in the trailer, are the Toa Metru in the Coliseum?
68And another few random ones: 6930. How far ahead do the books/comics have to be finished?
70July comic was finished beginning of March. October novel is due in May.
7131. When does "The Darkness Below" come out?
72Should be in stores end of May.
7332. When will the next Toa Nuva book come out?
74Toa Nuva? No idea. We are not doing more books on them until they return to the story, and I do not know when that is planned to be.

75Anyway, great work on Trial by Fire: Really looking forward to the next book, and even more to the movie: So exciting: ^_^

76Whew... too many to respond to...
771. Hmm... I wonder who he is? 784. Ah well. For now we'll just let the MOCists handle it... 799. Creepy... I bet the Toa Nuva have to face the Morbuzakh again when they come to Metru Nui: 8010. Thank Mata Nui: 8113. A carving of a Kaita? So that means that there WERE Toa before: :o 8214. Now I'm looking forward to Book 3 even more... 8316. I bet it's Makuta, but I'm really looking forward to find out all those mysteries... 8419a. I really want to find out all that stuff about the Bohrok... 8520. It's a conspiracy, I tell you: 8626. That's one weird Matatu, then.
87Well, there goes my (unpublished) "Dume hired Nidhiki and Krekka to destroy the Toa" theory.
88Thanks for answering, Greg: I can't wait to find out about Morby's prototype/creator...
1Here's what GregF said to me:
2QUOTE 1. Wouldn't it be possible for the turaga to use their Mahikis to show the Nuva what the Metruan, Disks, Disk launchers, Toa Metru, etc. look like?

32. If #1's answer is yes, could you put that in the storyline? I really want the Nuva to see the Metru:
4I'll ask the story team about it.

53. So, Matau could use his mask to transform into a bird and spy on Nidihiki hypothetically(sp?)?
6Yes, although it would probably have to be a pretty large bird.

74. What are these "protodermics" I hear about?
8You mean the protodites? They are microscopic creatures in the Archives.

95. In one question, this was said:
10QUOTE 11. Are there any Matoran gangs or mobs? In other words, is 11there crime on Metru Nui, unlike on Mata Nui?
12Actually, I am playing around with the idea of a Matoran underworld. /QUOTE
13I just wanted to say PLEASE make a matoran underworld: I've always wanted to see one: Please do: Do you think there's a chance you will?
14It's something I am thinking about, it depends on if I have a good place to do it.
156. In Trial By Fire, Whenua says that under Ko-Metru is wires, then the Archives, then he didn't want to think about under that. What's under the Archives?

16Maintenance tunnels -- check out Book #3, when the Toa pay a visit to them.

177. Ok, there's so much evidence that Dume is evil, corrupt, or at least a rebel slave to the Dark Hunters. And you said the turaga don't trust people, which leaves me to believe that since they were tricked by Dume, they don't trust. So I'm just gonna ask...is Dume in any way evil, corrupt, brainwashed, a rebelious slave, or anything like that?
18Well, he is not brainwashed, he is not a slave to anyone, and as for the rest, you will have to watch the movie and find out.

198. I have a theory why Nidhiki hates Lhikan, could you check it? Ok, Nidhiki was a matoran, then somehow Lhikan accidentally hit him with a power 1 disk, and he turns into Nidhiki, is this right? And I have another theory: Nidhiki's Makuta. Thanks:
20Sorry, neither one is right.

219. What's the second sun?
22Not sure what you mean by your question?

2310. Why did Makuta make the Morbuzak and the prototype? (Or was it Nidhiki?)
24We have never said anything about Makuta making the Morbuzakh -- there is no evidence that Makuta is even in this storyline. And Nidhiki has no connection to the Morbuzakh.

2511. Does 2005 take place in the past?

26Can't answer it.

2712. What's the point of the combined toa tops?

28That's part of movie plot.

2913. Why isn't Dume on Mata-Nui (evil and left behind???)? 30(Or is he???)

31Again, can't answer it -- I can't discuss movie plot.

3214. How was the Avhokii made? (What disk, by who, etc.)

33I don't have that information.

3415. I heard about a book called seeds of doom. Is that connected to the Morbuzahk seeds?

35That's the title of the May comic.

3616. Do the matoran and Toa Metru gat lost in the tunnels leading to Mata-Nui, cause that's pretty confusing.
37You are way ahead of the story now .. you have to see the movie before we get to that.

3817. If the matoran were on Metru-Nui, how was the Suvas, Kinis, and the Kini-Nui and Suva Kiata made?
39You are assuming they existed on Mata Nui before the Matoran got there. They didn't. The Toa Metru and Matoran made most of that after they were there.

41LOTM 42(Please respond A.S.A.P.) /QUOTE
1Hi. Long time, no see. I've got a new batch of questions for ya:
21. Could you describe Turaga Dume's personality?
3Not really, no. Dume's whole storyline is in the movie, so I am not commenting much on him.
42. How do you pronounce all of the toa metru's names?

5The same way you pronounced their Turaga names.

63. How do you pronounce the six metruan's names?

7Nuhrii - New-ree 8Tehutti - Tuh-hoo-tee 9Vhishola - Vih-so-lah 10Ehrye - Air-yay 11Orkahm - Or-kam 12Ahkmou - Ahck - moo

134. What's the deal with Jaller, Lhikan, and Vakama?

14You'll have to wait for the movie for that.

155. What's a darkhunter?
16A bad guy.

176. What is a Vahki hive?

18That's where the Vahki stay when they are not needed.

197. Could you describe Nokamas personality?

208. Nuju's?

219. Matau's?

22There will be character descriptions for them on BIONICLE.com this month, when it relaunches. I'm sorry, but I am swamped today and don't have time to write up personality descriptions.

2310. Um, i heard you say that instead of eating and drinking, the metruan to to the great temples and "recharge". What does that mean?
24That's just a theory of mine at this point, it's not official.

2511. Turaga Dume was obviously once a toa. What did he control?
26Actually, that is not obvious. I have no info on Dume's past.

2712. How come Dume asks the toa to prove themselves? They present themselves after they've defeaten the morbuzak: Isn't killing a 1,000 foot plant threatening to destroy the city and kill the inhabitants enough proof?
28But they have no proof that they killed the Morbuzakh. The only ones who know they were even fighting it are the six Matoran, who have pretty much scattered at that point.
1But the proto-Morby is in the sixth book.

3What Proto Morbuzakh is he talking about?
1But the proto-Morby is in the sixth book.

3What Proto Morbuzakh is he talking about?

5The prototype Morbuzakh that was a failed experiment. It's creator, origins and purpose will be revealed when the Toa Metru encounter it in Book #6, Maze of Shadows.
1Hello Greg. I have some questions for you.
21. If Lhikan has the mask of shielding, why didn't he use it against Nidhiki when he shot a blast at him?
3No need to, Nidhiki missed.

42. Will we see the archives and its creatures in the movie?
5A little, but the movie is really not focused on the Archives.
63. What does Krekka sound like in the movie? Does he have a rough kind of voice or anything like that?
7Don't know.
84. Is that yellow ball thing in the great temple the seal to unlock the 5th enemy below?
9The fifth enemy is not below the Great Temple.
105. Is the Ultimate Dume combiner the 5th enemy?
11I can't discuss that set.
126.How big is the coliseum compared to the chrysler building?
147. when before the Toa Metru transformed they had the same masks as a Matoran. Why didn't any Matoran have those masks on Mata-Nui?
15Because none of the Matoran or masks brought to Mata Nui were in that shape. They would normally have been made in that shape to honor Toa, but not a lot of masks were being made while the Toa Metru were active.

168. If Mata-Nui was barren when they were on Metru-Nui, how did it grow so much plants and other things when the Toa and Matoran got there?
17Rapid evolution.
189.Did the Toa olda use to be like the Toa Metru and had to master their powers but somehow got into pieces and memories wiped?
19I don't have info on the origins of the original Toa.
2010. Will there someday be a movie about the Toa Olda?
21Doubt it, I don't think we are going to re-tell old story. Only way I see that happening is if we go back further into the past and those characters appear.
2211. Has Lego started on the Theatrical movie yet? Concept drawings or animations maybe?
23Can't discuss it.
2412. Is Nivawk powerful?
25Nivawk really doesn't get into combat, he is more like a spy.
2613. Is voyage of fear when everyone journeys to Mata-Nui?
27The plot of this book won't make sense to you until you see the movie.
2814. A while ago you said Bahrag make Krana by making some sort of "Primorial Soup". Is this true?
29Sort of.
3015. Did the Great Beings create the Bohrok and Toa?
31Can't answer it.
3216. Are the lunchables comics available in Canada?
33Don't know, I can ask.
3417. Do Dume, Nidhiki and Krekka merge together and challenge the Tao Metru?
35Can't answer it.
3618. Is that how Dume dies?
37Who said he died?
3819. Has anything on Metru Nui ever died before?
39I am sure Rahi have.
4020. Are there other intelligent beings besides the Matoran in the environs?
41No idea.
4221. Are there any "evil" Matoran on Metru Nui besides the selfish Ahkmou?
43Maybe not evil, but there are certainly self-centered ones.
4422. By the time the Toa Nuva get to Metru Nui will they meet Pahrak Kal there?
45No idea. Next Toa Nuva is not written yet.
4623. What happened to the silver Krana? were they destroyed?
47No, they got away.
4824. What is the Graalok ash bear species called?
49It's called an ash bear.
5025. Why wasn't a Muaka or Kane-ra shown in the MOL instead of Graalok?
51Because we wanted to do a new creature for the movie, instead of just recycling another old one.
5226. My comic 17 didn't have the Metru Nui map and the magazine didn't say 50 Vahki winners. it said 5. Is there something wrong or was it a typo? And it didn't say about the Rahi in Comic 21 either.
53The prizing is different in different countries.
54Thank you for your time: See you soon.

55So Rahi died on Metru Nui. I wonder how? :huh:
1So Rahi died on Metru Nui. I wonder how? :huh:

2probably old age, or stunn staff overdose or something.
3but your missing the big picture. this means all the matoran that dissapeared during the Morbuzahk saga are still alive somewhere.
4By the way,
5i got a few more Q,s greg. hope you can answer them
61. what species are/ were the dark hunters?
7Can't answer it.
82. why do the hunters want the discs? are they working for someone or are they flying solo?
9That is part of movie plot, basically.
103.when will a pic of kahka be online?
11No idea. I know a pic will be in The Darkness Below, but have no idea if Leah plans to put it on the web too.

124. will the red star have any relevance in 04 or 05?
13Not in '04.
145. you said before you had some idea of what the red star is. could you tell us that idea?
166. do the toa metru know about the tools alternate uses?
17In some cases.
187. how do you deal with getting so many PMs asking questions?
19Just take 'em one at a time.
208. where does takanuva live when vakama tells the story and is still on mata nui?
21In another koro, since Ta-Koro is gone.

229. does mata nui care what happens to the matoran?
23Yes, when he's awake.
24thanks in advance greg. oh yeah, i just got tale of the masks recently and it was GREAT: especially nujus and vakamas tales. the part with the rahi nui battle was real suspensful (and good too): KUTGW

25Glad you enjoyed it. See answers above. 26Greg
1I was washing the dishes... and saw the water... and embarked upon a train of thought that led to these questions with interesting answers. Read and enjoy:
2QUOTE 3Sorry to bother you again so soon after my other PM, but I have some questions about Ga-Metru and Metru life in general.
41. What are the professions in Ga-metru? (i.e. Ta-metru: smiths, mask-makers, disk-makers, protosmiths, etc.
5Teachers, students, and some work on purifying protodermis.
62. Ga-Metru's universities: Things are studied there, correct? Does this mean that these and the Archives work together sometimes?

83. Do Ga-Matorans travel by boat or chute more?
104. If Ga-matoran are teachers... wouldn't they have had to be students at one point?
124b. If so... wouldn't that mean new Matoran have to keep coming in to keep the schools up?
13Matoran are very long-lived. You might be a student for 200 or 300 years before becoming a teacher.

145. Could Matoran from other Metru sign up for classes in Ga-metru?
166. What kind of classes might be offered?
17Translation of ancient texts, history of Metru Nui, science of protodermis, that sort of thing.
18In jest: Do classes go on field trips to the Archives?
19Yes, they do, actually.
20About all Metru
217. Is there a monetary system?
22Yes, but it isn't something I have fleshed out yet. I plan to, though.
238. Are there companies (like "Ga-Metru Gardening Supplies Inc." or Bright Ones lightstone Mining Co.)?
24Well, there are small businesses. Not sure if there are really big businesses.

259. Are there labor unions?
26No. Vahki would never allow strikes.
2710. Are there privately owned stores or bazaars run by a Matoran for profit?
2911. Are there Matoran in high positions? (i.e. Ga-metru schools superintendant or Ta-metru factory manager)
3112. Where do Matoran go for training in jobs? Ga-metru or apprenticeships?
32Apprenticeships mainly.
3313. Are there doctorsurses?
3514. Are there Matoran who have made enough money or whatever to relax and say, collect disks or special plants or such?
36No. They can do that as a hobby, but there is no rich upper class of Matoran. All Matoran have to work.

3715. Are there museums in each Metru? (i.e. Ga-Metru Botanical Museum) Or does everything go to the Archives?
38Everything goes to the Archives or the Knowledge Towers.
3916. Do Matoran keep pets?
4117. What are some food related jobs on Metru Nui? Are there supermarkets?
42Since it has never been officially confirmed by the head of the story team that Matoran eat, no.
4318. Is there like a Mask store or something? Because Mask-makers need a place to put all those masks, and a Matoran who loses their mask need a place to get one.
44You get them free if yours is damaged. Matoran masks are kept in Po-Metru.

4519. Could a Matoran have several masks? Like, "this is my Hau for kolhii, this is my Hau for school, and this is my Hau for fancy parties?"
4720. Are there recreational organized sports, or gyms where the Matoran can say, work out?
48Yes, there are sports.
49If you could answer any of these I'd be highly grateful:

50See answers above. 51Greg

1Hi greg just afew questions.
21. Is it possible for different power level disk combinations, to make different powers? Like for example if I merged a level 1 R at R with a level 1 Freeze, would it have a different power from a level 8 R at R with a level 8 freeze?
3No, because the power levels have nothing to do with what power comes out the other side of a combination.
42. Is it even possible for takanuva to become a turaga, seeing it's the mask tht gives him the power, if he became a turaga his mask would either come off or stay on and he couldn't use it? OR would it just go to a noble form?
5It would go to Noble form.
63.I don't have the books, nor can I get the books, so can you tell me what a room rahi is?
7It's a Rahi that is believed to be essentially a living embodiment of the reconstitutes at random power. It can reshape its molecules into anything it wants. They call it a room Rahi on here because when Nuju and Whenua encounter it, they believe they are in an empty room not realizing that the Rahi IS the room. Why can't you get the books?

8That will be all for now, I am running dry. 9SM

10See answers above. 11Greg

12I only asked 1 in relation to some peoples theory of the kanoka disk of time.
Hau the Protector
14b. If so... wouldn't that mean new Matoran have to keep coming in to keep the schools up?
2Matoran are very long-lived. You might be a student for 200 or 300 years before becoming a teacher.

3That would stink: A student for that long? No wonder the Vahki are so present in Ga-Metru, I'd go insane:
1QUOTE 2Ok Greg I have a cople questions...
31: Have you sean the footage from the bionicle 2 movie that were going to see with the premere of mol?
42: And do you know the complete quote turaga Vakama does in that secrit footage? this one" The new dawn stired in me visions of the past,a time when we thougt new legends could not be made,it was the time of the_____." ?
5thanks in advance
6sorry if I miss spelled...

7Hi Chronicler. No, I have not seen the footage, but I have read the script for that footage. And yes I do know the complete quote -- I was the one who chose it as the question for this contest.
10Ansers in bold ^^^^
1QUOTE 2Another two questions for today.
31. You say that matoran run small buisnesses for profit and if a mask is damaged you get it for free. Does this mean they have a sort of currency or is it a trade system?
4We do see them as having some sort of an economic system, I just have not fleshed it out yet because it hasn't come up in the stories.
52. You say we will not see the metruan sets in the movie, but I also heard that we will see the toa get their disks. Wouldn't this mean we would see Nuhrii when Vakama gets his disk?
6No. The Great Disk shots are very short and show only the Toa.
7Thats all for now. Thanks. 8SM

9See answers above. 10Greg

11. Several Ko-Metru images show towers made out of what looks like brown-gray rock among the Towers of Thought. What are those? Old, degraded Knowledge Towers? 2Based on the images I have of Ko-Metru, that is simply a lighting situation. They are still Knowledge Towers, they simply are lit more darkly in the shot.
32. You said the large circle in Po-Metru is an airship terminal. Are airships based in Po-Metru, or are they just used more there? 4No, airships are based in Le-Metru. But they are used a lot in Po-Metru to bring cargos of tools and other things for finishing and big blocks of solid protodermis from Onu-Metru.
53. When Makuta awoke the Bohrok, did the ones in the nests under Metru Nui awake as well? 6That is certainly possible.
74. There is a part of the Coliseum on the map marked as the Coliseum Storage Room. What does it hold? Spare Kanoka? Valuable items? Both? Or something else? 8You will have to wait for the movie to find out its major significance.
95a. Are lava eels the only creatures that can (and are allowed to) be kept as pets, or are there others? 10No, I am sure different Matoran keep different kinds of pets. Lava eels are popular in Ta-Metru, but not elsewhere.
115b. If yes, could you give me an example? Like, Hotos, Hois... 12Not off the top of my head, no.
13Do all the Matoran know what happened in Metru Nui, or only the Toa? 14I have no doubt the Matoran are learning the story as Vakama relates it, since Hahli is present for the sessions.

156. Hahli is? So what does she think of the fact that the old Turaga were once Toa? :D 16I think Jaller's reaction is pretty typical -- the Matoran are pretty astounded to find out all this, but they don't seem to be angry at the Turaga for not telling them. I think it has increased their respect for the Turaga that they were once heroes, plus it is the first time that Matoran ever imagined that some of them might become Toa someday.

171. In the picture I'm looking at now, that tower is in the full light, and it still don't look like a Knowledge Tower; all bent and twisted, looking like it's made out of stacked boulders and not crystal. Maybe he was thinking of something else. Or maybe he was tired. 182. Okay, that's cleared up for me. 193. Huh. If they were released, I wonder what they did. 204. Dang. 215. So, there are other pets in the city...too bad he wouldn't give me a few examples. 226. I wonder why he said Jaller instead of Hahli. Again, maybe he was tired.
23-Master of the Rahkshi
14.) I'm a Freshman in High School, taking Art 1 (heh heh,) and we're doing clay. Well to make a long story short, I thouhgt I'd try to pass of the Coliseum as my project. I know that no detailed pictures are available of it now, but I was just wondering if it had 3 large tower/pinacles, or 4? Or more? That's what I'd really like to know, but any other general visual info would be welcome.
2Well, tell you what ... I should be getting some images of the Coliseum sometime this week, I think, when the first pass of the Citybook comes to me. So I will send you a description once I have them.

3Hey Greg, I was wonderiong if you had any info at all yet. After hours of blankly staring at the pics from the Trailer, I've deduced that:
4A.) The part of the Coliseum in the movie is at the very top and it's an open top, so the sun can be visible and shine down into the bowl thing 5& B.) The statue of Lhikan is right in front of the base of one of the pinicle things.
6I was just wondering if those are correct, and,
71.) Is there a special seat/chair Dume sets in?
82.) Are there any other statue things like Lhikan's?
93.) Is that Vakama shooting his Toa Disk, if not can you tell me what disk it is? (Ie, normal disk?)
104.) And to your knowledge, do any Vahki fly in that scene in the Trailer?
11Thanks a lot for whatever you can share, I'll try not to embarrass the story team with my project...

12Thanks for reminding me. Yes, I did get some illos. Basically, the Coliseum is a really tall tower with what looks to be six spires coming off the top -- and yes, it is open at the top. It looks like it is built over water, and it has what look like the spokes of a wheel coming out the bottom -- they may simply be braces to hold it in place or they might be chutes, I can't tell. On to your other questions:
131) A is correct. B I do not know about, as I have not seen the shot in enough detail.
142) Yes. Dume has a box that he sits in, and it is able to go up and down like an elevator.
153) No other statues that I know of.
164) He is not shooting a Toa disk. He is using weakness disks and ... one other kind, I would have to check the movie novelization.
175) No, the Vahki do not fly in that scene.

1Hi Greg: I just wanna say that we here on BZP appreciate the time you put into Bionicle, the books and the comics.
2I can't get the books, so could you tell me what a Frost Leech is please? Which Metru does it live in?
3It lives in Ko-Metru, but no description has been provided for it. I like to throw Rahi references into the books to give fans something to speculate about.
4How many Vahki are there in Metru Nui? Are there thousands, like the Bohrok, or just a few dozen, like the Wild Rahkshi?
5Couple hundred, probably.

6Is the temperature lower in Ko-Metru, and higher in Ta-Metru?
7It is hotter in Ta-Metru because of all the furnaces, and cooler in Ko-Metru because the cooler air helps to preserve written records better.
8Why go to all the trouble of creating Vahki machines for protection, when you could simply enlist some Matoran Guards like on Mata Nui?
9Well, for one thing, Matoran are needed to work in Metru Nui. Also, remember that protecting the city is only half the Vahki's job -- the other is to use their powers to keep Matoran working. Matoran guards probably wouldn't be as effective at that.

10Are Nuju and Vakama friends or rivals?
11Neither really. Nuju has some respect for Vakama, but in general isn't that interested in following anyone's lead.
12How numerous are the Matoran in Metru Nui? Because in the mini-games, you only see a few Matoran in each Metru.
13There are easily hundreds of Matoran in Metru Nui, possibly even 1000 or more.

14Does Turaga Dume carry a Staff, or a Badge Of Office?
15Not that I know of.
16Which is your favourite Metru to write about?
17Probably Onu-Metru, because I like the archives.
18Are the Metru all roughly the same size?
20Where does Vakama store all the Kanoka Disks he carries?
21Most likely some sort of bag.
22Were Nuju and Matoro friends before Nuju became a Toa Metru?
23Doubt it. They shared some common interests, but Ko-Matoran aren't known for having lots of friends.

24I've noticed that some Matoran on Metru Nui have similar jobs to the ones they have in Mata Nui, like in Ko-Metru Talvi is a Chute Guard, and in Ko-Koro he is a Temple Guard. Was this intentional?
25Guess so, that was something the web people did.
26Do the Toa Metru have a base? I've seen them all in the Great Temple twice.
28In Mata Nui, the Matoran did a lot of fighting as well as the Toa, like with Jaller's Guard. How involved in the combat do Metru Nui Matoran get?
29They use disks to defend themselves against Rahi and Morbuzakh when necessary, but it is really the Vahki's job to protect them. Matoran workers are too valuable to lose in combat.

30Do any of the Metru have a rivalry with each other?
31Yes. Ko-Metru and Onu-Metru don't get along.
32Thanks in advance:
1Hi Greg
2Is there an update on the Lhikan Set Debate?
4Since Matoro is Nuju translater did he know about Metru-Nui when the Turaga held their counsels?
5No, they never discussed Metru Nui by name in those counsels. They referred to the fact there was information they had not shared with the Toa, but they weren't saying, "Back when we were Toa ..."

6Any new rahi/archives information you could give me?
7Not really, no.
8What two vahki are coming out in the Lego Club catalog?
9Nuurakh and Bordakh are featured in the LEGO Magazine Club Shop page.

10Do you have a set of rules for the Rahi contest? And could list them?
11A set of rules? You didn't see them in the magazine?
12Thanks bye Greg:
13See answers above. 14Greg

1Here's some neat little bits...
2Hello, Greg: I havent been on the web for a few days, on account of my teachers going homework crazy, so i have had some time to think of a few questions. (Some of them may seem to be a little picky in print, but i dont mean for them to be.) 31.) I think I remember reading somewhere that there is no water on Metru Nui. Just to confirm it for me, is this correct?
4Yes, it is correct.
52.) If the answer to number 1 is yes, then what do they feed the plants? Protodermis maybe?
6There aren't a lot of plants, outside of some shrubs in Ga-Metru, and they would thrive on liquid protodermis.

73.) What kinds of rahi pets do matoran have?
8Well, we know Ta-Matoran sometimes keep lava eels as pets.
94.) Who gives out the new Kanohi from storage?
10Matoran Kanohi would be handed out by a Po-Matoran, most likely.
115.) Is it possible that the Toa Olda are older than the Turaga?
12No idea.
136.) Exactly how many years of Bionicle are we expected to see?
14Not sure what you're asking. The story will continue for as long as the sets sell.
157.) Does Le-Metru produce all of the different transportation vehicles, like the cargo ships and those little personal walkers shown on the Matau CD? Like if you are a Ga-Matoran and need a new canal boat, do you go to Le-Metru?
16Le-Metru produces everything except boats, because Le-Matoran hate the water.
178.) Could a proto-smith pour a melted down kanoka disk into a tool mold instead of a mask mold, and would it the tool have a power? (Like making a hammer that can shrink bothersome rahi pests to be squashed)
18No, that would be considered a waste of a disk.
199.) If Dume was feeling a little frisky one day, would he possibly help Le-Matoran repair the damaged chutes? (Well, it might put some out of a job)
20Yes, he could. I have no doubt he has done such things before.
2110.) Does Dume have any advisors, or is he an absolute leaderand makes every decision? 22I appreciate your time: Can't wait for the next comic::
23No advisors that I am aware of.

24See answers above. 25Greg

1QUOTE 2Sorry more questios...
31: ok I was wondering, is that thing in the picther,with I gess Nuju standing infront of it, the same round thing that holds Kanoka in it? You know the combind toa metru can lids?
42: And if it is does it hold Kanoka in it?
53: Or is it somthing dark and misteryes?
64: You sed somwhere that you don't know what Kreeka sound's like but youv sean the first 20 minits of the film, so would I be right in asuming that Kreeka just dosint talk in the first 20 minits of the movie. Or am I rong?
7Thanks in advance,

81) The purpose of the can lids is revealed in the movie, and no, it is not to hold Kanoka.
92) No, it means I wasn't paying attention to what he sounded like, I was checking out the animation since I knew a lot of the voices were going to be rerecorded later.
1heres some more things here:
2Q: Is Toa Lhikan the toa of fire? 3A: Can't discuss it, sorry. But what do you think based on his colors?
4Whoa::::::: HE IS THE TOA OF FIRE:::::::::::: or so i asume Thanx greg

1you assume we all assume that but who confirmes?
Bio nuva
1heres some more things here:
2Q: Is Toa Lhikan the toa of fire? 3A: Can't discuss it, sorry. But what do you think basedon his colors?
4Whoa::::::: HE IS THE TOA OF FIRE:::::::::::: or so i asume Thanx greg

5I'd assume Lhikan would be a Toa of Light, because of his color and the fact that there isn't another one on Metru Nui. There is already a Toa of Fire - Vakama.
6Not much info this time of any real value, but there is a bit of clarification on the Regeneration Kanoka.
7Just a few more Metru Nui questions.
8{1} Say, if Dume did something unpopular, like cut the Matoran's off-duty time in half, would the Matoran have a way to remove that law, or even the Turaga? (Public vote, Impeachment, Coup d'état, etc.)
9Who would they replace him with?
10{2} Similar to the above, if the entire Matoran population wanted to rebel against the the Vahki without Dume's permission, do you think the Matoran's ingenuity would win out? (Sorry for these seemly dumb questions, I need these for a possible Epic)
11I doubt very much the Matoran would win under those circumstances. Vahki powers would make it too easy to turn large segments of Matoran against all the rest.

12{3} How is Lhikan thought of by the Matoran? Respected, friend, feared, or just there?
13Respected, definitely, and looked up to.
14{4} How would a Regen Kanoka work in the below cases?

15a} A building is constructed, say 15' by 25', and left for a while. Later it is demolished and rebuilt as a 20' by 35' building. Then the Morbuzakh smashes it. What would the kanoka make it back to, the 15' by 25' or 20' by 35'?
1620' by 35'.
17b} Same as above, except instead of demolishing it was remodeled. When Morby was done smashing it, what would the regen disk restore it to?
18Its most recent appearance.
19c} During the remodeling, a piece of wood was left unused that used to be part of the the building. Would the Kanoka do anything if shot at that timber?
20There is no wood in Metru Nui.
21d} Krekka is chasing down Ahkmou, and severely damages a building. Before someone comes by with a Regeneration Kanoka, Morby smashes it even more. Would it be restored to the condition Krekka left it in, or its original condition?
22Original condition.

23{5} Concerning the above question, does time have anything to do with what the Kanoka would restore the building to?
25{6} Do the matoran have special tools such as a machine that allows you to shapeshift things like rocks to useful items, or a safety saw that will slice right through solid proto but won't scratch a Matoran or Rahi?
26They have carving tools, but not big machines for carving. And, if you think about it, we use a saw on wood but it can hurt us too. So the odds are a cutting tool of any sort would harm a Matoran as well in the event of an accident.


28I'm gonna send him another message asking some of these questions , such as d, better.

1Hi Greg:::
2I am planning a model of Metru-Nui and I have some questions about it's landscape and buildings.

31) I know you you have answered it before, but how big is Metru-Nui in miles?
42) As a guess, how tall and how wide is the coliseum?
53) Also as a guess, how wide are the firepits.
64) As a guess, how tall and how wide is the great temple?
75) As a guess, how tall is the great furnace?
86) How big are the sculpture fields?

11I really can't answer any of these, King. I have never quantified sizes for things in Metru Nui -- my mind just doesn't work that way. And LEGO has never determined a real-world equivalent of the bio or the kio.

13And another PM asked.
14Hi Greg:
15Sorry to bother you again but I forgot to ask.
16Are the thin lines between the different metru chutes?

17Thanks: 18-KE

19No, those are waterways.

1Does the Vahi contain a flaw?
2What effect would a flaw in the construction of any mask of power have on its use?

41) No. 52) It wouldn't work.

1Aaagh: I can't get this through:
Bio nuva
2heres some more things here:
3Q: Is Toa Lhikan the toa of fire? 4A: Can't discuss it, sorry. But what do you think basedon his colors?
5Whoa::::::: HE IS THE TOA OF FIRE:::::::::::: or so i asume Thanx greg

6I'd assume Lhikan would be a Toa of Light, because of his color and the fact that there isn't another one on Metru Nui. There is already a Toa of Fire - Vakama. 7...

8Actually, Greg has already told us that Lhikan is not a Toa of light. Also, Lhikan was a Toa first, in fact, he's the one that "recruited" Vakama. So to say there is already a Toa of Fire being Vakama isn't true. Not that I think that quote is proof of anything.
9Anyways, next Q & As:
10Hey, Greg. Haven't sent any questions for a while, 'cuz I've just been fed up with the server busy messages, but hopefully these will get through.

  • 11First, I just want to confirm that Rahi are made somewhere on the environs, not on Metru Nui or Mata Nui?
  • 13Now, if I'm understanding this right, that answers an old question about whether new Rahi were coming into existance on Mata Nui during the thousand years, or while the Toa were there, right? Now we know they weren't, and it was the same individuals that were brought there that were still there when the Toa came? (Unless any died, of course.)

  • 15As I understand it, virtually all "matter" inside the big Dome is protodermis. But outside the Dome, it's only mostly protodermis? I ask because water has been called H2O, and protodermis was called a rare material. So it seems to me that most of the matter on Mata Nui and ocean is normal matter mixed with traces of protodermis.
    16Mata Nui itself and most of the vegetation on it are protodermis. The ocean around it is not. It is water.
  • 17Now, plants on Mata Nui are protodermis, too, right?
    18Most are, yes.
  • 19But totally biological, not biomechanical?
    20Who knows? They could be primarily biological with some sort of nanotech in them.
  • 21Now, the reason I say all that is that it seems to survive, a plant's would basically sift out the traces of protodermis in the soil to grow. That's my theory.
  • 23And based on that, I think I've come up with a theory on how the plants in MNOLG 2 grew so fast. If you've never seen them, when you cut down, say, a bamboo tree, after waiting about a minute, it would grow completely back. True, this probably wasn't meant to have a storyline excuse, but what if each plant used a protodermic power of enlarging, basically, to grow?
    24Again, a possibility. Do you actually see it grow back in the game, or is it just there when you go back again? If it's the latter, that's just the game design not reflecting past actions.
  • 25Also, you've said that Rahi aren't being made on Metru Nui. But what about protodites? You said, I think, that they have spread? Could that be like bacteria multiplying?
    26Could be. No Rahi come into being on Metru Nui.
27That's all for now. See ya, and thanks.

28See answers above. 29Greg

30And I sent him some for QB's topic: Mangaia, Mapped out. Unfortunately, Greg couldn't really say anything, but here they are anyways:
31QB has already PMed you with a few questions on this subject, but I've got a couple more. This is about his topic: Mangaia, Mapped out.
32This is his latest version: QB's updated map. My question is not about the details of the tunnels, but about the size of the Dome. And I understand that you probably can't answer most of these. I will try to phrase them so I'm not asking for info we're not allowed to know yet. And I know many of these details aren't established yet, or haven't been told to you, as you told QB. So I'm not expecting a big essay or anything. :LOL:
33Now, I had heard two quotes from you that seem to tell me that the Dome must be bigger. One, you have described the journey between the doorway and Metru Nui by boat as very long. But they make boat journeys between Ta-beach and Ga and Po Wahis all the time, so that tells me the distance must be considerably greater. Also, you have said some of the environs might be as large as continents.
34I had assumed that by environs you meant other islands within the same Dome as Metru Nui (You've said there may be other domes). So I made up this quick diagram to show my theory on how that all works: bonesiii's diagram of the Dome.
35Now, here's what I said about that in QB's topic:
bonesiii@Apr 17 2004 @07:37 PM
36Basically, I was veeeery generous with the huge size of the Dome, just to see if it could work. I think it turned out fairly well, although there may be some problems. But it allows for continent-sized environs.... Also, it explains why the trip to Metru Nui across the Silver Sea is such a long one, while trips along the coast of Mata Nui aren't. It also explains why Takanuva would have wanted to use the Ussa-Nui, more to save time than to do the finding. Although that's important, too.
37The only problem is how the other Toa, Turaga, and Matoran traveled along that long tunnel. We know Hahli traveled back along it, then at least the Toa and Turaga traveled down with Hahli, then they all went back up later. Plus they'll have to walk that way again.

38Just to explain some details, the gray line just above the Dome, spreading across the screen is the "Impenatrable layer" from MNOLG. The gray line going down from roughly Kini Nui is the path to Makuta's lair that Takanuva flies along, Hahli walks back along, the Toa and Turaga walk along, etc. Ignore the second sun thing, I know that's off limits, just had to throw comething in. The red question marks mark everything I'm guessing about that isn't about size and placement. I just slapped some environs there to illustrate the idea.
39So, here's my actual questions.
  • 40First, is there anything in particular about what I said above you can point out?
  • 41When you talk about environs, do you mean other islands inside the same Dome as Metru Nui?
  • 42And would that exclude any islands/caverns in other domes, or islands up on the surface around Mata Nui?
  • 43And when you talked about the other possible Domes, did you mean that these are the environs? Or did you just mean there might be more, but it isn;t important to Metru Nui yet?
  • 44Or, am I trying to limit the definition of environ too much, and it means anything but Metru/Mata Nui?
  • 45Also, I got the impression that "environ" was not talking about up on the surface; only underground. So it wouldn't mean there could be other islands around Mata Nui. (This one you probably can't tell me much.)
  • 46About the long journey, is it long because it's a long distance?
  • 47If so, we know Makuta's lair, which was right next to it, was closer to the level of the Silver Sea than to Mata Nui. So it seems like, as in my diagram, the distance walking between Kini Nui and the Mangaia would be very long, too. (Not for the Ussanui, but Hahli and others walked along it, as I said in that quote above.) Am I missing something?
  • 48Oh, yeah, I would simply assume that Mata Nui is way off to one side, so the straight down tube part for Kini Nui would cover a lot of the distance, but you have said that Metru Nui is centered roughly under Mata Nui. Is that for sure, or did you mean to emphasize only that it's under?
49Okay, I think that's all. Sorry if I seem a little picky here. :)

50I have no comment on any of this. I told QB I could not comment on his chart because we don't have an official one, and for all I know what he created may be contradicted in future storyline. As far as the nature of the environs, that is future storyline as well so there is really no info I can share at this time.

52Those were all based on some issues that came up in QB's topic. Go there if you're curious. (A good topic, BTW, I reccomend reading it.) My questions were not about the main details in QB's map, so his topic is where you'd find info on those.
1But then, why did I hear that Vahi was unfinished? That means it couldn't be used...
2BTW, it shows bonesiii's post as the last, but it is not in the topic, so I'll show it...
1Finally, my other post went through. That was odd. It was reading me as the last poster for hours, but there was no post. Next Qs:

  • bonesiii Q and GregF A
    2As I understand it, virtually all "matter" inside the big Dome is protodermis. But outside the Dome, it's only mostly protodermis? I ask because water has been called H2O, and protodermis was called a rare material. So it seems to me that most of the matter on Mata Nui and ocean is normal matter mixed with traces of protodermis.
    3Mata Nui itself and most of the vegetation on it are protodermis. The ocean around it is not. It is water.

    4I see. So when they say protodermis is rare, they're talking about a certain type of it, right? (Thanks for clearing up that, it'd been bugging me for a while, but I hadn't been able to figure out how to say what I was thinking.)
    5Yes. All of those things are solid protodermis, but there is no liquid protodermis on the island.

  • bonesiii Q and GregF A
    6And based on that, I think I've come up with a theory on how the plants in MNOLG 2 grew so fast. If you've never seen them, when you cut down, say, a bamboo tree, after waiting about a minute, it would grow completely back. True, this probably wasn't meant to have a storyline excuse, but what if each plant used a protodermic power of enlarging, basically, to grow?
    7Again, a possibility. Do you actually see it grow back in the game, or is it just there when you go back again? If it's the latter, that's just the game design not reflecting past actions.

    8Yeah, if you sit there, after about ten seconds or so, it grows a little. Then after ten more seconds, it grows a little more, etc. until it is grown back to full size. And apparently that growth rate is not affected by if you leave the screen; I had tried several times to go back and forth to see if I could find any change, and it acted the same whether you left or not. It seemed like they made a point of it growing back. But it could just be their creative way of handling it. A similar thing happens with Cowries; when you're underwater, and pick up a Cowrie, after a time, a new one comes up slowly. Now, that one seems to contradict the fact that new Rahi aren't being made on Mata Nui, so that would add a vote to the reasons it's just game design. (Unless Cowries aren't considered Rahi?) Anyways, just wanted to answer your question.
    9No, Rahi are not made on Mata Nui. The game designers tend to do their own thing sometimes.
  • 10Oh, BTW, in the past, it was implied that they ate fish. You made an analogy to the many Earth cultures that eat primarily fish, to show that it wouldn't be hard to beleive Matoran ate fish, and only fish and plants. So, two questions: 11a)Should we consider that disproven? If they eat at all, it ain't fish, because they'd run out of fish?
    12The problem with the whole food thing is that some of the people on the story team simply don't want it discussed. Otherwise, we would just say they eat and be done with it.
    13b)And should we just forget about the fish thing and pretend it was never said, or assume there's some other reason they catch fish? Because I know the fish in MNOLG that were caught were still alive. Also, the fact that they catch fish was still considered official as recently as when Kolhii was established, because it was said that the Kolhii staffs were modeled after those fishing net things.
    14The best I have been able to get out of anyone is that the Matoran on Mata Nui may absorb the energy out of fish, plants, etc., without actually physically consuming them the way we do. But again, as long as the story team head does not want this discussed, I can't give it as an official answer.

  • 15The masks the Turaga wear on Mata Nui are the same ones they wore as Toa, just mutated down to Noble form, I believe you have said. Not sure how to ask this... Well, the Nobles are mostly different colors than those Greats. Vakama's was red as a Toa, but orange as a Turaga, for example. I guess my question is, is there any storyline you know of attached to that?
    16Yes, the same reason that their shapes are different. Because Noble Masks and Great Masks were traditionally stored in the same place, they had to look different to keep from being mistaken for each other. So when the Great Masks became Noble, they took on the shape and color that they were meant to take on. In addition, they have less power so that may affect the color as well.

  • 17Many members have been saying that you told us that the fifth enemy is someone we have never seen before. But I have not been able to find this quote. Even searched every page of the Official Greg Discussion topic since we learned of Metru nui, and couldn't find it. In the new Official Fifth Enemy Topic, I asked if anyone could provide that quote, and so far no one has. Did you say that?
    18No, I haven't commented one way or the other on the fifth enemy. This is another "Takua-Takanuva" debate where everyone is making up quotes from me to back their theories.

  • 19On the new sortof update to bionicle.com (the links actually dissapeared for me after I had finished reading. That was spooky...) it says that Tehutti carries a teleportation disk because it helps with moving exibits to and fro amongst the archives. (That's only a very rough paraphrase.) But I thought teleportation disks couldn't let the user control where the target ends up? How could that help him?
    20They can't. You can't control exactly where things end up. However, as shown in Trial By Fire, if you know the power level of your disk, you can make a rough guess exactly how far it will make someone go, even if not in which direction. So it is certainly not the best way to move things around :) -- but it is better than trying to carry them:

  • 21It also says that Onewa uses his proto pitons to swing along sculptures in the sculture fields, and Nuju uses his tools to swing along the fragile Knowledge Towers. But wouldn't the sculptures and Knowledge towers get damaged by that? Do they only do that in emergencies?
    22It's more of an issue for the Knowledge Towers, which are more fragile. But that is why they have regeneration disks ...

  • 23In the Onu-Metru stuff, it says tehutti keeps an eye on something along the lines of contraband. I can't remember the exact phrasing.... I'm gonna check to see if the links are back...good, they are. "Artifact smuggling" is the phrase used. And it's said he "is particularly interested in the activities of Kanoka disk collectors." Two questions: 24a)This sounds like the Matoran underworld idea you've mentioned you are considering. Has that been decided, or are the web folks just assuming? Any idea?
    25It is definitely something I want to pursue. We are meeting this week about some possible future web plans which would probably include that, if they happen.

    26B-)I thought every Matoran would want to collect Kanoka. Does he mean that they may be collecting them illegally somehow?
    27Most Matoran do not collect -- they have the ones they need or like to use, and they can get more legally if they need to. However, really powerful disks are not so easy to find or to get, so there may well be a "black market" for them.

  • 28It mentioned the widening of chutes to accommodate traffic you've mentioned. Now, in the scenes they show there, it looks like the braces for the chutes are fairly immobile, and there's no gap between them and the chute. So, do the braces themselves expand too?
    29Yup. They have clockwork mechanisms inside them that allow them to expand as needed when the magnetic force pushes against them.

  • 30I notice it brings up the issue of how lightstones make power, and says it's a mystery, almost as if answering BZPers who had been asking you about that. :) Anyways, since you've said there is a storyline reason for it, and since they bothered to bring up the issue right on Bionicle.com, I get the impression that this is a question we should expect to see answered sometime soon? Any idea when that will be?
    31Eventually, it will be explained. There are sort of two types of mysteries in BIONICLE -- the ones the Matoran know the answers to, and you don't yet, and the ones that they DON'T know the answers to (which is most of them). Those take longer to get revealed.

  • 32Oh, I may have found something that villates the "No wheels" rule you have mentioned. Under the Rahi section for the Archives, it says they use carts to "wheel" exhibits around. However, it doesn't show a cart, so I have no idea if they actually mean there are wheels. Any idea wuzzup with that?
    33"Wheel" wasn't meant literally .. that one is my fault. Should have used a different word. Hopefully, one day we will scrap the "no wheels" rule, but stuck with it for now.

34Thanks as always.
35Oh, and a while ago, I asked you about copyrights for some .Wav Bionicle music files I found on an early promotional CD I wanted to use in my RPG (with credit given, of course), and you said you'd check it out for me. (It's a free RPG, BTW) Do you have any info on that?
36Not yet, but will check back on it for you.

37See answers above. 38Greg

39Never got around to posting about those Bionicle music clips here, 'cuz I was such a long way off from having my RPG ready, but I'm making a fairly good amount of progress. It may be that it will have actual Bionicle music in some places. But I'm not getting my hopes up. We will see about the copyrights.
1Hey, an amazing record of one question: And thanks bonesii, I forgot about some of those.
2[QUOTE"When work is done for the day, wild herds of Kikanalo sweep through, digging up any left-over pieces of protodermis for later recycling." -Po-Metru District Data[/QUOTE]
31. Can you give us a brief description of the physical and/or behavioral features of this new Rahi, the Kikanalo?

5The Kikanalo mention is meant as a tease, because they will be detailed in the Citybook and actually play a significant role in the movie. So I am not going to explain them yet, I want to give members some time to speculate before they actually see them.

1Sorry another question, you seem to be rilly biusy latly, hope lego's not working you to hard...
2Ok my question is : If a chute has nothing but protodermis in it than, how exactly can a matoran brethe in one?
3I can't baleve I didint think of asking this before ...
4Breathing in one is not a good idea, which is why you never see a Matoran speaking inside of one either. They move very, very fast , so you don't need to hold your breath that long to get where you are going.
6Ansers in bold...
1(Questions in bold, answers in red)
21. The new proto squad members recieved letters. Will the old members get anything this month (Along with the new ones)?
3Yes, everyone gets the April package.
42. Why does Matau want to be friends with Nokama?
5He's a friendly guy.
63. What purpose do the water streams in the middle of the chutes serve? Why pour water in the middle of the shoots anyway?
7Because it is the liquid protodermis moving through the chutes that propels riders along. Chute rider are basically "swimming" in liquid protodermis on the whole trip.

84. Matau can shapeshift...why can't he do it when he's a Turaga? Will we get to see him shape shift in the future?
9Because the Noble Mask of Illusion does not have that power. Only the Great Mask did.
105. A knowlege tower crystal is thrown down to grow a new one right. So what if a Ko-Metrun was to drop one on the ground by mistake while walking along a street or in a house?
11Nothing. The crystals have to land in special cradles to grow into Knowledge Towers, it won't happen if you just drop it anywhere.
126. When a protodermis block is sent to Po-Metru through a chute, what is keeping it from flying out and into the air. Does a chute station have breaks?
13Chutes have stations where the flow is slowed down enough for Matoran and cargo to be safely loaded and unloaded.
14Thanks for your time...
11. You said mask makers can combine discs to make more powers; would you get a new power if you combined 2 discs of the same power?
32. How are the powers represented on the discs? There's only 1 spot on each disc and with 28 powers (or 36 if #1 is yes), do they use letters? 163 173 183 193 1A3 1B3 etc?
4Most likely they would, yes.
53. It seems it would be kinda hard to harness the powers of a NBP (non-basic power) disc. Is that why they're only used for making masks?
6Depends. Some powers, like levitation, are used in machines in Metru Nui.
74. Why ARE the matoran making so many masks? Yes, there's Lhikan and Dume who can wear them, but with a maximum of 36 powers (16 of which we've seen as masks), that would mean 72 masks would be enough for everyone who could wear them. Yet there seem to be many matoran continually making masks, presumably with 2/9ths of them great and noble. What do they do with the extras?
8Keep in mind that there are very few mask makers, and that the Great and Noble masks they have made have been made over hundreds of years. Great and Noble masks are not made very often. Matoran masks are because masks get damaged and/or new Matoran come into being that need masks. Matoran masks are sent to Po-Metru, and Great and Noble Masks are stored in the Great Temple.

95. Can the matoran make nuva masks? Would a normal mask become nuva if exposed to energized proto?
10No Matoran ever has to my knowledge. And that is possible.
116. Is there any way to purposely energize proto?
12No way known to the Matoran.
137. The Vahi is a great mask (level 8), right? At least that's what it said in comic 3.
14It is referred to as a Great Mask, but as far as its true nature goes, you will have to see the movie.
158. Whoa, whoa, major idea. Rapid Evolution. That wasn't achieved by the Vahi perchance, was it?
179. How would Mt. Ihu be created by rapid evolution? I can understand Mt. Mangai, but aren't mountains theoretically produced by tectonic plate buckles?
18You are applying Earth science again. Mt. Ihu is not rock, it's protodermis, so you can't apply Earth geological principles to its formation.
1910. To be able to summon more than one mask is it necessary for the wearer to have a Suva? If they don't, do they have to carry them around with them? Or did they just take them off and put them on the suva to open it and access the golden masks?
20My understanding is that a suva would be necessary.
2111. If the Nuva left their masks on their suvas on Mata Nui when they went to Metru Nui, would they still be able to summon them?
22That remains to be seen.

2313. How is a golden mask made? The toa found them under the suva, so it isn't just the 6 masks they'd already collected combined. Would you melt down 6 already made masks together and then pour it into a mold?
24Matoran didn't make the golden masks, so they don't know.
2514. Do the matoran CARVE, MOLD or CAST masks? A kanoka would seem to thin to carve inta a mask, but if you melted down and poured into a mold, wouldn't you always get a perfect mask?
26Yes and no. They both mold and carve masks. But pouring into a mold does not always make a perfect mask. If you mold silver into a tankard, it still has to be cooled and shaped somewhat by the smith, and that is when flaws can appear.
2715. If the matoran don't use molds, why not?
28They do.
2916. Since Vakama used to be a mask maker and can now manipulate molten proto, why can't he just telekinetically form perfect level 9 discs and masks?
30Well, for one thing, the protodermis has to be sufficiently pure to form a level 9 disk, and very little of it is. And his powers do not allow him to purify it.
3117. Is Vakama the "mask maker" in the preliminary title of this year's movie?
3318. Nivawk's a spy:?? For who? Dume or Nokama?
34Nokama? Why would he be a spy for Nokama?
3519. Is there a large gap in the movie? Is there actually some time between the (supposed) defeat of Nidhiki/Krekka and the matoran leaving for Mata Nui?
36Can't answer it.
3720. Any word yet on why there're 2 different toa Metru mask shapes?
38I don't understand your question?
3921. Where do the mask makers originally get the shapes for the masks, anyway? Are there ancient carvings or something? Some of the masks (Vahi for instance) they haven't seen before.
40Hasn't been revealed yet, but will be relatively soon.
4122. Are all the creatable disc powers suitable for masks?
4323. Can some of the powers be used differently between the discs and the masks? Like a Weaken. The disc would weaken what it's its, but the mask wouldn't weaken the wearer, right? Can some of the masks be used on the wearer OR something else? (Like a shrink or enlarge)
44In general, masks don't allow you to use them on both yourself and something else. It is an either/or situation.
4524. If there were a shrink mask, would it let the wearer get back to normal size? Or would he need an enlarge mask as well? (I wouldn't want to experiment )
46It's simple. You will the power to turn on, the same way you would a shield, and then you will it to turn off.
4725. Could you use any of the discs on your self? eg could you slap a Levitation disc on your hand to give yourself levitation powers?
48You could possibly hit yourself with a levitation disk, but you will not have control over the levitation then. The power acts upon you, it does not give you the power. If you want to have the power, you need a mask.

4926. Can all of the NBP discs be used by shooting at a target? Some of the powers like mind control or transation would seem to require intelligent control.
50I doubt the ones you are referring to would be made into disks, more likely into masks only.
5127. What's the basis of a matoran's salary? How well they do their work?
52More likely what their job title is. Mask makers would make more than tool makers, etc.

5328. If there's a matoran economy, are there matoran salesmen? What would they sell?
54Sure. Kanoka disks for use in sport, pets, trade goods from other metru, etc.
5529. Are there more matoran coming into being every day? why else would they need to make so many masks.
56I don't know about every day, but they come into being as they are needed.
5730. Can the Avohkii and Kraahkan powers be made from discs? Or are they special powers?
58I have no info on the origin of those masks, so can't answer it.
5931. Is Dume totally devoted to Metru Nui? Would he oppose leaving for Mata Nui?
60Can't answer that one, you will have to watch the movie.
6132. Are Ko-Metruans very analytical so they can predict the outcome of a situation? Does this character trait carry over to the ko-matoran?
62They certainly try to think ahead all the time, yes. Doesn't mean they are always correct.
6333. How can Ko-Metru and Onu-Metru not get along? You can't understand the future without knowing the past, and by itself, the past's worthless. Does Ga-Metru bridge the gap?
64They don't get along because they don't see it that way. The Ko-Matoran think the past is dead and a waste of time to study, and the Onu-Matoran believe that all solutions to all problems come from looking backward, not forward. And then there are Po-Matoran and Le-Matoran, who think life should be lived for the present.

6534. The toa stones on Metru Nui and the toa stones that Takua collects are obviously not the same. Is there any connection?
66No, they aren't the same. And the origin of the ones on Mata Nui will be revealed before the end of this year.
6735. When the matoran bring the toa stones together, it zaps them into toa. When Takua brings the large toa stones together, did they create new beings to possess the powers because there weren't enough matoran around? Could te toa olda be perfect incarnations of the elements?
68No. The Toa Olda already existed in their canisters floating in the ocean for a thousand years or so. The only thing the Mata Nui stones did was summon them to shore.

6936. Was Takua able to just morph into a toa because he got zapped sky-high by the toa stone energy beam? Also, was that why he lost his memory?
70Can't answer it, don't have enough hard info.
7137. Were the Turaga expecting the Toa olda to appear when the toa stones were assembled or did they not know what would happen? Might they have thought they might get back their former power?
72They hoped that other Toa would appear, but did not know just when that would happen. My guess is they expected the Mata Nui stones to work the same way the Metru Nui stones worked.

7338. Were the large olda statue toa stones created when the toa metru turaga-ized?
74I don't know what you're referring to.
7539. Were the Metru aware of Makuta and what he'd done when they became turaga? Why didn't they just go kick his behind like the toa olda did?
76When they became Turaga? How do you think six Turaga could take out Makuta? He would have had them for breakfast.

7740. Can Vakama manifest and shoot a disc of fire with his launcher?
78Manifest? No.
7941. Do the matoran consider the 8 elements we've seen (Tahu, Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Avohkii, and Kraahkan) to be the basic elements? Are they? Could there be any more?
80Yes, possibly, and no idea.
8142. Do Nidhiki and Krekka have any ELEMENTAL powers or do they just have generic-energy-beam powers? If so, which ones?
82Far as I know,they have energy powers, not elemental powers.

8343. Can the basic elemental powers be reproduced by combining discs?
84Have not delved into the origin of the Toa disks yet, so can't answer this one.
8544. How do the matoran build things? Do they just fashion proto into a shape and poof, it magically works? Or do they have to build mechanical/electronic systems into the parts?
86Depends on what they are building. For example,airships require a complicated clockwork system with disks built into it to function.

8745. Could a matoran craftsman fashion a new matoran piece by piece?
88I can't discuss how Matoran come into being. But keep in mind they are not just machines, they have biological components as well.
8946. I've noticed the Metru Nui matoran masks are bi-colored, even when not worn. Is there a reason for this, and does a mask take on the color of the metru it was made in? Also, how are the different color varations of each metru made?
90The bi-color aspect was a result of the product designers' work. As yet, no one has given me a story reason for it, so I can't comment.

9147. Why are discs made in each metru? Does the disc take on the color of it's maker? Wouldn't it just be more convenient to ship matoran from each metru to a ta-koro workshop to make discs there?
92Metru pride, basically. It's sort of like saying why does every state need a university, why not just have one big one in Oklahoma and send everyone there?
9348. If molten proto melts through anything, how's it piped around the city?
94Same way that dangerous acids can be handled in our world. Certain mixtures of protodermis can form a hard enough substance to be able to handle molten protodermis. Were that not possible, you could not have mask or tool molds for the molten protodermis would melt right through them.

9549. You've said discs can be made into components for airships, etc. Is there any limit to what can be given a power? Could a matoran make himself levitation feet?
96I think making yourself levitation feet would be kind of tricky. Plus you would also need increase weight feet or you would just float away.

9750. Wow. 17 more years of Bionicle. Do you know enough to say whether the entire storyline will focus on the olda, or there will be a succession of groups of toa? And will the storyline close with the return of Mata Nui?
98No idea. I know the storyline through next year, that's all.
1Finally, my other post went through. That was odd. It was reading me as the last poster for hours, but there was no post.

2:LOL: You'll get used to it, bonesii. It's been happening to me--and the other members who post in GaliGee's story topic--for a while now. I guess the OGDT is big enough to start having invisible posts now. You can view them by going to "Add Reply"--they're only displayed in the "Last 10 posts" window there. It goes away after a while, but then it always comes back.
3-Master of the Rahkshi
1Lots of good info there, DM2050, but I especially like this:
2Metru pride, basically. It's sort of like saying why does every state need a university, why not just have one big one in Oklahoma and send everyone there?

3I feel so special now...unless he's trying to say that Oklahoma is just one big plain...which it sort of is...but nevermind.
1I sent this a few weeks ago, and just now got around to posting it. Some of it's pretty interesting:
2Hi Mr. Farshtey: I've got some interesting questions, I hope you enjoy them:
31) Okay, you've said that the "suns" of Metru Nui are actually holes up to the surface. But Metru Nui has night and day, and Mata Nui does also. As far as I can figure there is only one physical phenomenon that would explain this: The planet is actually in two peices, an inner sphere which has Metru Nui and the Environs on it, surrounded by a "shell" maybe a few miles thick that has the surface continents and the Mangaia tunnels on/inside it. The outer shell rotates just like a normal planet, but the center sphere is staionary, so the suns rotate around the sphere, making the illusion on night and day, but Mata Nui's system still functions. I've imagined a massive pillar, maybe a mile in diameter, shooting up out of the ocean somewhere west or east of Metru Nui. The pillar is attached to the roof and the base is on a huge engine, probably powered by geothermal energy, and the whole thing spins with the outer shell, keeping the inner section comepletely stationary. Granted, this is an extremely far-fetched theory, but I wanted to know if there is any truth to it, since there doesn't seem to be any other explanation...
4Well thought-out theory, but I cannot explain the nature of the suns to you, as it bears on future storyline.

52) At the beginning of the story, everything had an air of mysticism, and the power of the masks seemed to be magical. That word was never used, but it seemed to be suggested. There were a few peices of high technology, such as the sundail and the Book of Chronicles, but everything seemed very magic-ish. Now, however, everything seems to be getting a technological explanation; The masks are made from Discs, the Matoran can control Protodermis, etc. etc. So the question is: Where does the line lie? Technology in itself is fine, but how do you reconcile that with the mysterious "prophesies" from the stars, and more importantly the status of Makuta and Mata Nui as "Great Spirits"?
6Well, we have a very tech-heavy society, but there is also a strong spiritual undercurrent to it. The two are not mutually exclusive, so I don't see a conflict in their being Great Beings or, for that matter, in people reading the future in the stars -- they do that in our world too. I have never really seen the BIONICLE universe as being a "magical" one -- there is an old saying that magic is simply science we don't understand yet, and I think that holds true here.
7Well, those were the two main questions, here are a few of the "regular" short type:
83) Are Kanoka one-time use, or do they return to the user? If so, is there a limit to how many times it can be re-used?
9They are not one-time use, although in some cases you might not want to go and retrieve them depending on where you have thrown them. The higher the power level, the more often they can be used before their power is exhausted.
104) Kanohi are made from Kanoka, so do the Kanoka materialise in the launcher when needed the same way Kanohi materialise when summoned? 11No.
125)Are matoran actively coming to/appearing on/being created in Metru Nui?
146) Will we ever learn what that sundial was doing in Onu-Koro?
15Hope so :)
167)I doubt it, but is there ever any hope of our seeing the Toa in melee combat?
17Ummmmmm ... it's possible. In terms of "seeing" it is more likely to be training than actual combat. However, sometimes I can push the envelope a little more in the novels.
188) Will Kopaka and Tahu ever fight again? Obviously someone would have to intercede again, since it wouldn't really be fair to show one beating the other, but I for one would like to see them duke it out for longer than they did in comic #9.
19Can't say, the next Toa Nuva storyline has not been written yet.

209) Last question. How far in advance is the Bionicle story worked out? Was Takua's destiny to become Takanuva invisioned when the MNOLG was created?
21I tend to think not as far as Takua goes, because Takua was invented for the Gameboy game and not by the heads of the story team. The storyline at this point is nailed down on paper through '05, and I know that plans are made for '06 but we do not have a story bible for it yet.
22Thanks a heap:
23-Stubbed Toa
25I like my Sun theory, I wonder how accurate it is?
1QUOTE 21. Is it true that kraata can only created by makuta?
42. If yes, why the rahkshi on metru nui is wild? 5makuta is on holiday or sleeping?
6No. But Makuta had no need to send Rahkshi against the Matoran on Metru Nui. He created them for other purposes and they simply wandered to Metru Nui, like bears wandering out of the woods and into a town.
73. Are there any enforcement apart from vahki?(just like elite matoran?)
94. How to trun off a vahki? Kralhi?
10Very carefully.
115. Is vahki need to recharge his power?
12Yes, that is what the hives are for.
136. do vahki have AI?
14Some sort probably.
157. Are there any plans that will re-release vahi? Along with bionicle 2?
16Not that I know of.
178. will the mask maker make a new type of mask himself? Because of creativity?
18Can't answer it.
199. What is a day life of a matoran? rest-work-rest-work?
20Yes, same as mine.
2110. What metru do takua belongs to?
2311. If a ko-metru matoran want to migrate to other metru, do he need to ask dume? And do he need to replace his mask and body?
24Wouldn't happen.
2512. Is it right that all matoran are on the same age?
26Close to it, probably.
2713. How would the matoran treat their rubbish like broken mask? landfill or just burn it or..?
28Gets melted down to be used again.
2914. do matoran need to drink?
30Can't answer it, don't have an official answer.
3115. how to testify a matoran die? The mask turn grey, the head cut off(too violence), the eye with no light, or something else?
32Heartlight stops flashing.
33Thank you:

34See answers above. 35Greg
36my 300 posts:
1Hey Greg,

335. When the matoran bring the toa stones together, it zaps them into toa. When Takua brings the large toa stones together, did they create new beings to possess the powers because there weren't enough matoran around? Could te toa olda be perfect incarnations of the elements?
4No. The Toa Olda already existed in their canisters floating in the ocean for a thousand years or so. The only thing the Mata Nui stones did was summon them to shore

5Whoa, wait, hold the phone, time out: My mom got me the Bionicle Sticker Book when she was gone, just cuz I didn't have it, and I noticed a lot of things in there were wrong, and I thought this was one of them, since, well, you told me they fell from the sky... Which is it?
6They did fall from the sky, Bj .. into the ocean. How do you think they got into the water?
72.) (Ok, I thought I had a quote, but I copied the wrong thing... oh well.) Well, I think you said they have levitation disks in the airships. I thought disks ran out of power, eventually, so, do they make it so you can replace the disks easily? Also, it would be baaad for a disk to run out of power in flight, no?
8Yes, it would be bad, and yes, they can run out of power -- same way the engine in your car can break down. And the Matoran deal with it the same way you would an airplane engine, frequent checks and crossed fingers.

93.) IIIIIIII think I get it..... So, Vakama's Great Huna changed shape when he became a Turaga; So, if Tahu became a Turaga, would his Great Hau change to a different shape of a Noble Hau? And, let's just pretend Dume was a Toa, his Great Kiril changed shape to the present Noble Kiril?
10Bingo. Yes.
114.) Is there a reason the Noble Kiril and Great Huna look so much alike, with the big tube things coming out of the cheeks and all....?
12Product design decision, far as I know.
13Thanks a lot Greg: