1They did fall from the sky, Bj .. into the ocean.

3:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
4That just sounds hillarious. ^_^
1Lol, we agree Raptor. XD
2Anyways, a while ago I asked him if... uh.. yah know the two Dark Hunter guy's? (can't spell their name for the life of me) "evil" like we defined "evil", and he said that they were knowingly, and even liked being evil.
3Hopefully he'll answer the one that I sent him about Vaki Corruption soon. :P
1Couldn't find this topic earlier but now I have. 2Sorry if anyone thinks I'm being a royal pain asking Greg so many questions but they just keep coming :D:
3#1 41. If there are Rahkshi on Metru-Nui, how come Makuta didn't use them first when he came to Mata-Nui? Since he already knew about them.
5Because they are too destructive. Remember, he refers to them as those "who should not see the light of day." It's like saying, why don't we just drop a nuclear bomb first, rather than trying other methods.
62. Why do the islanders on Metru-Nui look different then Mata-Nuians, I thought the Turaga changed them with the powers they had before?
7The Matoran on Metru Nui were shrunk by Makuta after they got to Mata Nui, which is how they ended up looking like the McDonald's toys. They rebuilt themselves in 2003, but could only approximate what they looked like before.

83. Will Lego release a pack with parts for wild Rahkshi in it?
9No plans to.
104. Could Makuta free the Bahrag?
11If he wanted to, sure.
125. Will Makuta play a part in the 2005 storyline?
13Can't discuss 2005.
146. Why doesn't Dume have the normal Turaga shape?
15Product designers did not design him that way.
167. Who controls the Bohrok on Metru-Nui?
17No one does. The Bohrok on Metru Nui are asleep. The only ones the Matoran know of are in the Archives. Since they are not active, no one is controlling them.
188. What was happening to Mata-Nui (the island) during the Metru-Nui story?
19Nothing. Nothing lived there.
209. You said that the now infamous "5th Enemy" was not seen before. Does that mean it was never seen in the storyline or just never released as a set?
21Can't answer it.
2210. Will the other toa disks be released?
23No info on this.

2411. Will the Vahi ever be released as a set?
25I hope so, but there aren't any plans that I know of to re-release it.

27See answers above. 28Greg
291. We all know you like the Bohrok-Kal the best, but who is your least favorite enemy?
30Probably the original Rahi.
312. Why are there Rahkshi and Kraata on Metru-Nui? I'm assuming the mask of light is not there so why should its seekers be there?
32You are assuming Rahkshi only exist to hunt for the MOL. They were created for a totally different purpose, and they wandered into Metru Nui the way bears wander into a town. They weren't sent there.
333. How are the Bahrag's "Mystic Energies" different from Prtodermis? If the energies were used on anything other than a Bohrok, what would happen?
34Can't answer it.
354. How would a Power Scream Rahkshi deliver its power? Kraata? Rahkshi's head? And what would its weapon do?
36It would open its hatch and the scream would come from the kraata. And the staff would deliver another version of it. Rahkshi have no vocal chords.
375. Will the Rahkshi or Kraata ever play a role in the storyline again? It seems as though the Kraata had a lot of thinking put into them.
38Could be. You never know.
396. Who has been around longer, Mata-Nui or Makuta?
40Mata Nui, probably.
417. You said somewhere that the toa were around 7,000 years old, does that mean that the toa have been somewhere before? It seems hard to believe that the toa were floating around for 7,000 years, but, then again, nothing here is easy to believe.
42It's a fantasy - you are supposed to suspend disbelief And I have no info on what the original Toa may have been doing in the past.
438. Do you ever look at the Storyline and Theories forum, or do you avoid it like you do the Epics forum?
44Yes, I post in there quite often.

46See answers above. 47Greg
1Raptordx1, Althane... I don't know if that was some joke on my initials or what, but..... Anyway, I honestly thought that when Takua found the Toa Stones, the six canisters fell from the sky then. NOT that they fell from the sky a long time before. Maybe I read that in an epic or something and it wasn't official, I dunno.
1I believe there was a movie concerning the preview for the cancelled Bionicle Game. It showed the Toa cans falling from the sky. However it showed the cans' journey takng only a little while. So, although I can't speak for you, this may shed some light on your confusion.
1Where did you find the preview buzz987? I want to see it.
1O.K, jala12here it is, as to its location, I found it in the Lego demo CD for 2001 (the blue one, not the red one.) However, I'm not sure if the folder is public yet. So, if it isn't it should be soon :)
1I believe there was a movie concerning the preview for the cancelled Bionicle Game. It showed the Toa cans falling from the sky. However it showed the cans' journey takng only a little while. So, although I can't speak for you, this may shed some light on your confusion.

2Ok but if you look at the movie it shows at a certain point the holes on the lids start to glow, that must have been the moment the cans were summoned to the island by the stones. It'd be hard to show the 7000 years of the cans just floating in the ocean.
1Here are my questions and answers.#2 might clear up some stuff
21 What is a frost leech? 3It's a Rahi. I don't make big backgrounds for them, I just throw them in there to give fans something to speculate about.
42 Is Lhikan mask a hau or a hau nuva? 5It's a Hau. Lhikan is not a Toa Nuva.
63 Did you like vahki power? 7It was cute, but I had a hard time accessing anything on BZP that day.
84 Is there anything you can tell me that nobody about please? 9Not really, no.

1Ok but if you look at the movie it shows at a certain point the holes on the lids start to glow, that must have been the moment the cans were summoned to the island by the stones. It'd be hard to show the 7000 years of the cans just floating in the ocean.

2I don't believe that the journey took a little while, I'm just saying that the movie may be what caused bjj6's confusion. So, I'm stating that the ovie was deceiving, that's all.
1Actually, it never really implies that it took a few minutes/hours/days to reach land.
2All the sudden, they just glow, there's no indication of how much time passed (hehe.. uh.. I'm not trying to cover up for myself... go away)
1Just to clarify a few questions.
2[QUOTE 310. To be able to summon more than one mask is it necessary for the wearer to have a Suva? If they don't, do they have to carry them around with them? Or did they just take them off and put them on the suva to open it and access the golden masks?
4My understanding is that a suva would be necessary. 5[/QUOTE]
6Is that why the metru only wear one mask? Does Lhikan have a suva?

7[QUOTE 816. Since Vakama used to be a mask maker and can now manipulate molten proto, why can't he just telekinetically form perfect level 9 discs and masks?
9Well, for one thing, the protodermis has to be sufficiently pure to form a level 9 disk, and very little of it is. And his powers do not allow him to purify it. 10[/QUOTE]
11But there's purified molten proto where they make masks, couldn't he make one there?

12[QUOTE 1318. Nivawk's a spy:?? For who? Dume or Nokama?
14Nokama? Why would he be a spy for Nokama? 15[/QUOTE]
16Her mask lets her talk to him.

17[QUOTE 1820. Any word yet on why there're 2 different toa Metru mask shapes?
19I don't understand your question? 20[/QUOTE]
21Why are there 2 shapes for the powers of Vakama and co.'s masks? And why did the metru's masks revert to another shape when they became turaga? When they became toa, the shape stayed the same.

22Followup question: Also, are the toa metru mask shapes common for matoran masks? Could it be possible these matoran were destined to be toa from the moment they received their masks?

23[QUOTE 2430. Can the Avohkii and Kraahkan powers be made from discs? Or are they special powers?
25I have no info on the origin of those masks, so can't answer it. 26[/QUOTE]
27So you know where the other olda's masks came from? ;)

28[QUOTE 2938. Were the large olda statue toa stones created when the toa metru turaga-ized?
30I don't know what you're referring to. 31[/QUOTE]
32Since the metru toa stones disappeared when they gave the metru their powers, did the mata toa stones appear when they gave them up?

33[QUOTE 3439. Were the Metru aware of Makuta and what he'd done when they became turaga? Why didn't they just go kick his behind like the toa olda did?
35When they became Turaga? How do you think six Turaga could take out Makuta? He would have had them for breakfast. 36[/QUOTE]
37I meant before they became turaga. Why become turaga when you could go beat up the bad guy first?

38[QUOTE 3940. Can Vakama manifest and shoot a disc of fire with his launcher?
40Manifest? No. 41[/QUOTE]
42Not a protodermis disc with a fire power, but a disc made of fire?
441) The Metru only wear one mask because they really haven't had the time to gather any others. (And, behind the scenes, because we did not produce masks as a collectable this year, so not much point in introducing multiple masks into the storyline.) Lhikan certainly could use the Toa suva in the Great Temple if he wished to, but we never show him changing masks.
452) Yes, there is, but to our knowledge no Matoran or Toa has ever made a level 9 disk -- the Matoran most likely did not make the Great Disks, otherwise they would have all known where they were.
463) True, but Nivawk is in existence as Dume's pet long before Nokama discovers the power of her mask. So Nivawk does not work for Nokama. He works for Dume.
474) That's an easy one. In Metru Nui, Great Masks and Noble Masks are stored in the same place. So the two mask shapes have to be different, otherwise, how would you know which level mask you were grabbing? So when the Metru Great Masks became Noble Masks, they automatically went to the Noble Mask shape for that power.
485) The fact that six Toa disks were found in the suva which had the Toa Metru's mask shapes on them would seem to indicate that these six Matoran were destined to become Toa.
496) The origin of the Mata Nui Toa stones will be in Maze of Shadows, out late November.
507) Well, first off, we know the Matoran in Metru Nui knew Makuta existed -- but at this point, there is no reason to believe he ever did anything bad to them when they were on Metru Nui. So there would have been no reason for the Toa Metru to fight him. If Makuta shows up and does something evil in this year's storyline, that will be another story, of course.
11. Will we ever learn the reason behind those darn stars above Metru Nui?
32. You know, who comes up with the Kanohi names? I mean, does someone make a new mask and then Dume names it Vahi or whatever? I've always wondered that.
4My assumption is that the names are Matoran words related to whatever power the mask has.
53. Just curious, is there any animal you could relate the Kikanalo to on earth? i.e. A Muaka is like a cat... sort of... more like a T-Rex...
6No info on the K is being released before September.

74. If you go to this page on my site, you'll see two images I picked up from the Bionicle 2 Trailer. What exactly are those? One looks sort of like a funky mine with a chute running through it and strange domes, and the other looks like a room in the Great Temple. Any idea what they are?
8Only one image came up, and it looked like Ko-Metru to me. Those objects on the sides of the Knowledge Towers are observatories.
95. Just out of curiosity... will the Moto-Hub be shown in the movie?
10Test track will be, not sure about the moto-hub.
116. You may not be able to answer this (or the other questions relating to it), but its worth a try. You have said in the past that Lhikan sometimes takes care of missions outide of the city. That means... not on Metru Nui?
137. If a yes above, does that mean Environs?
14Possibly, but not necessarily -- there is also an entire ocean to be patrolled.

158. If another yes, will we ever learn of these environs, how he gets to them and more things like that?
16I believe the answer is yes, but it would be in future storyline that is not set yet.
179. Will the movie show the Archives at any point besides the scene where it shows Matoran Whenua being given the Toa Stone?

1910. I believe I've asked you this before, but I've lost it. Who would I need to contact for information on recieving Press Packs? And what number would I need to call?
20Probably the person to contact would be Brian Bowler. Call 860-749-2291 and ask for him.
2111. Do you know if there is an age limit for people who recieve Press Packs, or a fee, or anything like that?
22There is no age limit or fee. But they are sent out only to major fan sites and magazines, etc. We don't give them out to everyone who requests one. Basically, Mentioning a site that links to a forum is NOT allowed in the forum. gets one, BZPower gets one, ToyFare magazine gets one, people like that.
1QUOTE 2Hi Greg. All this talk of frost leeches brings me to the question of whether a frost leech can absorb so much heat that he is no longer a frost leech but rather a flame leech?
3Thanks in advance. 4SM


6Well that was a simple and probably expected answer. But it would have been cool if they could.
1The Q & A's:
2Hi again:
31. I remember you saying that you would have chart on the mixing and powers of Kanoka disks. How much is done?
4It's not done, as I have been in NYC for BIONICLE meetings.
52. Are lightstones and Knowledge Tower Crystals in any way related? (They look alot alike...)
6Not to my knowledge.
73. If someone had a Mask of Reconstitution (at random), would they have any power of what the object (that the person is changing) would become? I know it's "At random" but could they choose weather it's a bad or good change?
8No, they wouldn't. Random means random.

94. This isn't really a question but, I want to say to please make a Matoran underworld. (And then have the Toa Metru or Dume bust 'em: ) That'd be very cool. "Pssstt: Hey, bub: Wanna level 8 Kanoka?"
10It's in the works.
115. Do you know if we'll see any new elements soon? Like perhaps gravity or even maybe proto? (That IS considered an element, right?)
12Only if we made Toa with those elements, and there aren't plans for new Toa beyond the six we have at this point.

136. I have to say, I don't like the idea of "Matroan coming into being as they are needed." It's like they're slaves or something: I know they like their lives and are happy, but, if you DON'T make a Matoran, you keep one from having a life. (Oh, this is like the abortion problem... )
14But their life is to work. They aren't slaves -- they work because they know they have to to keep the city going. So you should sort of think of the city like it's a big company -- it "hires" Matoran as it has jobs that need to be filled. The result is a city with no unemployment and no poverty.

157. Will we ever find out what that unbreakable wall was in MNOLG 1?
16No idea, I didn't work on MNOLG1.
178. Will we see Takua and his bodygaurds in the movie?
18You will see Takua in the film, yes.
199. When Matau shapeshifts, he cannot use the person's powers. E.G. Matau shapeshifts to look like Noakama, he can't use her water-powers, correct?
20Far as I know, no, he cannot do that.
2110. So, as I understand, Dume says, "Vakama, make me a mask:" Vakama makes the mask and never gives it to Dume? (Because it's the Vahi, maybe? Too powerful for Dume?) Is this line of thought correct?
22Gotta watch the movie and find out. I can tell you that Vakama as a Matoran never made the Vahi.

23Thanks for taking time to answer these questions: 24~TD ~
25Hmmm... I still don't like that "Make as many Matoran as you need" idea. :glare: 26~TD :silver: ~
1Q: Was the Master Accesory Kit released to coincide with the Rahi Challenge? 2A: No, just worked out that way. Rahi Challenge was an idea that came from LEGO Club in the US, the product was planned for a lot longer than that.

4just wondering on that one...
5torritorri 6:t: :t:
1Hey, got a couple of questions after discussing about the fifth enemy:
21. Many people have been saying you've confirmed the fifth enemy has never been seen, is this true? Or is it another one of those Takua/Takanuva things?
32. Is Turaga a title or a state of evolution? I believe Dume may have once been a simple Matoran but elected to watch the city. Is it possible for Matoran who are wiser, etc. to be Turaga or must you evolve from it? And now that Vakama and co. are Turaga would they be counted as Matoran (species) or are they a whole new 'species'?
4Thanks for your time:

51) I don't recall ever saying that. I really haven't discussed fifth enemy at all.
62) Turaga is both a title and a state of evolution. A Matoran who runs a city is not a Turaga ... Turaga are beings who have more experience and more power than a standard Matoran has. Turaga can use Noble Masks and elemental powers; Matoran cannot.

11. What did Makuta mean by "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows?" Is his duty to the mask he wears?
2You'll have to wait and see.
32. How do Makuta and Takanuva merge? In the movie, they fall in Protodermis, but in the game Takanuva puts his mask on Makuta.
4Go with the movie version. The movie is canon, the software usually takes liberties with the story.
53. Can random Matoran become a Turaga? The definition for Turaga says something about them being Matoran.
6Turaga were once Matoran, but normally they are Matoran who became Toa. We have never seen a Matoran who went straight to Turaga.

74. Is Metru-Nui the "paradise" that is mentioned in about everything? Because in MoL, Vakama says that Mata-Nui brought them from paradise to Mata-Nui.
8Basically, yes.
95 (last one). Where were Mata-Nui and Makuta at the time of Metru-Nui? Makuta could have been infecting Rahi and making Rahkshi, but what about Mata-Nui?
10I can't answer this one.

12Those were my questions.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg, I have a quick question:
3Since disks can run out of power, can noble and great masks also run out of power?

4Good question. No, part of the mask making process insures that does not happen.
11. If the Metru Nui storyline is called the Time before Time, Then would the Beginning of time be when Makuta took the Matorans memory away of the City?
2Sort of, yes, the same way that we consider "prehistoric" to be the time before written history began. For the Matoran written history began after they arrived on Mata Nui.
32.Are Great Spirits immortal?
4Can't answer it.
53. Do the Orginal Toa(Tahu, Lewa., etc.) have any connections to the Vahki?
6No. The Vahki are machines.
74. How does a Mask get its color? Are they painted by Matoran or is there something that is added when it is being made?
8Good question. Under ordinary circumstances, a mask is gray when not being worn and turns color when put on.

95.Are Takua's feet Yellow or Blue in his Metru Nui form?
10No idea, I have not seen him in the film yet.
116. What level are the Toa Discs?
12I would assume level 8.

13Questions and answers up there.
HewkiiHafu Nuva
11. What did Makuta mean by "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows?" Is his duty to the mask he wears?
2You'll have to wait and see.

3That's an interesting response. Greg had previously said that line was the result of a misunderstanding between the story team and the people making the movie.
4- ToP
Hewkii @ Hafu NuvaApr 26 2004, 05:03 PM
11. What did Makuta mean by "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows?" Is his duty to the mask he wears?
2You'll have to wait and see.

3This question draws the most interest. At first it was said that was a mistake. Now it involves story plot? Hmmm.
4Here's my newest question:

5This was asked to you by a member here:
61. What did Makuta mean by "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows?" Is his duty to the mask he wears?

7Your answer was:
8You'll have to wait and see.

9Here's my question: I thought that line was a mess up and held nothing for the story? If I remember correctly you said that. So does that quote hold water? Or what? I'm actually a little confused.

10No, I never said that. That line was approved by the head of the story team, who oversees the movies, so it was in there intentionally.
12Well, that clears it up. I could'a sworn though that was said. Hm. Guess I was wrong.
1I believe that some people are thinking of the post in the Makuta's Truth topic in which someone stated they believed that Makuta was controlled by the mask, and GregF responded that Makuta was responsible for his own actions.
1I also could have sworn that he said that line was a miscommunication between the script writers and the stroy team....
1Adapt, Improvise and Overcome, it even works for the Bionicle story :)
1I could've sworn as well - seems like that either Greg was wrong and it WAS intentional, OR the story adapted - the same way that the famous Kohrak-Kal Gravity mistake in the 1st Bohrok-Kal comic has been adapted into stating, that the Kal travel together...
1Cm said Kikanalo 2wats that?
1Here are just a few Miscellaneous questions I sent to GregF recently.
2#1. Do you suppose that if Bionicle lasts long enough, that eventually lego will make a magazine exclusivly about Bionicle? I'd love it if they did:
3Anything's possible, but we sort of have that already--the comic.
4#2. Exactly how big is this "Metru Nui Citybook" going to be? Is it going to be pocket-book sized like the Bionicle Guidebook, or larger? And how many pages will it have? I hope atleast more than 25.
5I don't have a page count on the book, but it is deffinitly way more than 25 pages.
6#3. How come all of the collectibles and many of the names in Bionicle begin with K? Is it because Lego wants to maintain some consistency with the names, or is there some other reason?
7Consistency is part of it. Another part is this-- try an expiriment. Make-up a word that sounds Bionicle-ish to you, then go to Google and do a search for it. If it shows up ANYPLACE, you probably cannot use it as a Bionicle word. Not alot of other languages have words starting with K, so it's easier for us to use those kind of words without fear of stepping on some other culture's language.
8#4. How well do you think the theatrical Bionicle movie will compete with other movies in the theater? If it's released in theaters in 2005 it will probably be competing with Star Wars Episode III: So it might have some nasty competion, don't you think?
9I have no info on the theatrical Bionicle at all, or even if it will happen for sure-- that is Miramax's decision to make. So I can't comment on this.

1Hi Greg, I have a few questions for ya...
21. Can the Great Disks run out of power?
3Maybe over an incredibly long period of time.
42. Can the Toa disks run out of power?
63. Can Vakama shoot 'disks' of fire with his launcher?
84. I know someone asked you this before... but I forgot: who is your favorite Toa Metru (mine is Onewa)?
9Onewa is the most fun to write for.

105. I've been hearing all this talk about the "5th enemy". I've looked all around, but still I don't know: who are the 1st- 4th enemies?
11Morbuzakh, Vahki, Nidhiki and Krekka.
12I just read your topic about those darned imposters... how annoying it must be for you. (starts rambling about having own identity stolen...)
13Thanks for your time:

14See answers above. 15Greg

16I wonder how (or if) the Toa will get more Toa disks...
1I have two questions: has the story team yet decided to do the matoran underworld crime group? And second, has the kanoka power-mixing list gotten under way yet?

21) The Matoran underworld thing will depend on whether or not we do something on the web to coincide with the Metru Nui Citybook. At this point, I think the odds are pretty decent.
32) No, I haven't had time to do it. I have been tied up in BIONICLE meetings.


1Can you imagine how incredibly huge a power mix list would be?
2There are virtually HUNDREDS of possibilities: It`s practically a factorial. :wacko: :wacko:
1In Trial By Fire it says "If Nokama had opened her mouth underwater, it would've saved the creature the trouble of killing her" or something like that. Is this just pure old fashioned drowning or something else special about protodermis?
2Whats the second sun on Metru-Nui?
3You said Ta-Metru feeds lava up to the (forgot name, where Ta-Koro is), how?

51) Old fashioned drowning 62) There are two holes in the "sky" of Metru Nui through which sunlight comes through. 73) Most likely through some sort of BIONICLE version of a hydraulic pumping system.
8- - -
9I just thought of something. You said that the six matoran aren't shown in the film, but in the synopsis on bionicle.com, it says "...threatend by a mysterious traitor...". *cough* Dume *cough*. Seriously, what's the deal with that?

10Sorry. I can't discuss movie plot. You will have to watch the film.
12- - -
13Hi: I have a few questions for ya:

141. Since Metru-nui doesn't have water, will Gali's kaukau work?
15Yes. Remember, it would have been crafted in Metru Nui, where they think liquid protodermis is water.

162. Since Nokama is a toa of water, when she uses her power is she shooting water or liquid protodermis?
17Liquid protodermis, there is no water in Metru Nui.

183. If there's no water on Metru-Nui, how do the matoran know what it is? Because they call Nokama Toa of WATER:
19As I said, to them, liquid protodermis is water. If I gave you a steak every day of your life and told you it was chocolate cake, that is what you would call it. Just because we regard water as H20 doesn't mean every other culture in the universe would do so.

204. Is Dume in any way connected to the bahrag?
21Not that I am aware of, no.

225. Did the 5th enemy create the morbuzahk & prototype?
23Can't answer it.

246. Did the 5th enemy create the bohrok, bahrag, etc.?

25Again, not that I am aware of.

267. Can vakama/tahu dive into molten-protodermis/lava?
27Yes, but not for more than a very short time in safety.

28Thanx: (And btw, I used to be Master of all the Rahkshi, but the rahkshi were out, so i decided to upgrade:)
1Latest Qs. Greg actually ran into trouble sending the answers; and had to resend them. Crazy server....

  • 2An observation question on this:
    3...Ok my question is : If a chute has nothing but protodermis in it than, how exactly can a matoran brethe in one? 4... 5Breathing in one is not a good idea, which is why you never see a Matoran speaking inside of one either. They move very, very fast , so you don't need to hold your breath that long to get where you are going.
    7Ansers in bold...

    8And that would be why it's important that chutes be monitored to make sure nobody gets stuck, right?
  • 9There's been a lot of discussion in this topic: Whoa, Waaaaaaaaaaaait A Minute: about the "healing" thing Lewa and Kopaka attempted on Tahu in the MOL, specifically about how they got his sword to glow when he wasn't touching it. One of the theories that came up was that Lewa was actually focusing his air powers through it, and it only glowed orange 'cuz that's its color. Now, I cannot remember if you have specifically told us that one Toa cannot use another Toa's tool to focus his or her own power. Just want to check on that. Can they?
  • 10Several topics lately have brought up the question of the history of the Bohrok, and I have told them you've told us we'll learn something more about them sometime soon. But I wanted to clarify, (if you can say, of course) will we learn anything about their origin? Many members have been asking specifically about that.
  • 11I notice in both movies so far, there has been a word in the title that is distinctly part of the "feel" of Bionicle. Mask of Light, and Legends of Metru Nui. Is this intentional?
  • 12In this topic: The Matoran Population, Kanohi searcher said this:
    13Dont forget that Matoran do die. Just lego never shows it (save for Jaller). I mean GregF said that many Matoran died before the Toa arrived. Why the population may have descreased (if it has) when they left is that perhaps some died in Metru-Nui. It could be a reason why they left. Time will tell.....

    14I do not remember you saying that. Did you?
  • 15In Comic 16, there are two Rahkshi. From what I can tell, they are Rahkshi of Elasticity (orange) and Insect Control (tan). Not sure at all, though, so I wanted to ask which they are.
  • 16I bring that up because it came up in this topic: What Happened?, To the Muaka and Rahkshi. About those fighting in one of the books, and who would win (haven't read any of the books yet myself, so I'm not familiar with it, but thought it was interesting.) Anyways, one issue that came up was whether that Rahkshi had its staff or not. Because, it being a Heat Vision Rahkshi, Alsru told me it goes blind temporarily every time it shoots its heat beam through its eyes. But you have also said that heat Vision Rahkshi don't have to use their eyes; they can use their staffs. So did that Rahkshi have its staff?
  • 17The ones in the comic came up because Kn- pointed out that no staffs are visible there. He thought one of them was the same Rahkshi, and that doesn't seem that's possible, but if they're without their staffs, it would be fair to think the book one might not have its staff either. So, just wondering, do you think those Rahkshi in the Comic had staffs? And they just were out of view?
  • 18Also in Comic 16, it mentions that Matoran sent to deal with the Morbuzahk have disappeared. Now, it seems to imply this is talking about Matoran other than the six who know of the Great disks, but just after that is the info on those six, seeming to imply it was talking about only those. So how do you see it? Did many Matoran disappear when sent to deal with Morby, or just those six?
  • 19If it's many, will we learn what happened to them?

211) Yes, you also monitor chutes to insure that cargo doesn't get jammed up, that force spheres don't form, etc.
222) The only thing stated on this topic is from issue #1, when Kopaka points out that the power is in him, not the tool. The tool is just for focusing the power. Given that, it is at least possible that a Toa could use another Toa's tool in an emergency.
233) Eventually, you will learn something about the Bohrok's origin, but I do not know when. I don't make that call, the story team as a whole does.
244) Sure.
255) No, I have never said anything about Matoran dying. That is another case of someone making up Greg quotes to bolster their argument.
266) One is yellow, one is tan.
277-8) Rahkshi are not put on display with their staffs. Having their staffs with them would just make them that much more dangerous if they escaped.
289) The Matoran referred to as missing in comic 16 are not those six -- those six are in the story in 16-18. It refers to other Matoran before the story begins. And yes, you will learn what happened to them before the year is over.

1Can you imagine how incredibly huge a power mix list would be?
2There are virtually HUNDREDS of possibilities: It`s practically a factorial. :wacko: :wacko:

3To be exac there are 46080 powers possible. :psychotwitch: He did mention the possibility of such a list. If it does get made it will obviously either feature only powers obtained with a couple disks or will only list the mask powers we already know.

1Actually, if you can combine two or more of the same types of mask with another, there are infinite possibilities.
2Ex. two regeneration one reconstitute at random would be different than one R.A.R one Reg.
1Actually, if you can combine two or more of the same types of mask with another, there are infinite possibilities.
2Ex. two regeneration one reconstitute at random would be different than one R.A.R one Reg.

3I hate to correct a Moderator, but GregF said combining the same type on different levels doesn't count towards making a new type. Still a lot of different ones, though. *mask of good spelling* *mask of not sneezing* *mask of. . . .*
4Old questions. Some are still worth reading. Bold are my questions. the "-" comments were added by me. Some Q/A's modified from original PMs to fit in better and crop out the useless stuff.
51. When somebody asked who the most powerful Toa was, you responded:
6It depends on what you are asking. If you are talking physical strength, it's Onua. If you are talking most destructive elemental powers, it's probably Tahu and Kopaka.

7I was 100% sure Pohatu was physically the strongest: It said so on Bionicle.com and other places. Are you taking Onua's mask into account? I can see him being stronger using his mask power, but not without it.
8Yes, I was taking his mask power into account.
92. You recently said that Pohatu could embed a foe in stone (awesome:). Does this mean that he can manipulate stone to the point of it "flowing," the same way Kopaka does with ice? Or can he just cover a foe in stone pieces? P.S – I really think that it would greatly expand Pohatu's powers to give him control over sand. It is fitting and would put him more on-par with the abilities of his fellow Toa.
10I do see it more as flowing then just having a lot of rocks surround him. I actually did a scene this weekend where Onewa makes stone hands come up out of the bottom of a waterway to grab a Rahi 11- Later said it was in a 3 way Rahi/Toa/Vahki battle. Is that cool or what? :D
123. I know that this won't affect the judges, but do you particularly have any kind of Rahi you would like to see being made the winner of the contest? Any special powers, characteristics (flying, elemental, tunneling. . .) or whatever you think would be fun? You're the one working it into the comic, after all: If you're one of the judges then don't answer this, because it would then be cheating. I just want to see what you think.
13I can't answer it, because I am the main judge.
144. You said that a Toa Metru was 1.6 bio tall. But the original Toa were 1.6 bio tall: This would throw off the whole Bionicle measurement system. A difference of 2 feet could make a huge difference when multiplied enough. It would throw off my whole island-size calculations: Help: - Never mind, already answered.
15Already answered? What was the answer? 16- I told him, don't remember his reply. I think I deleted that PM.
175. Is Krekka goofy in the movie? I can't help but imagine him with a foolish voice blurting out "funny" comments as Nidhiki chastises him. If Krekka turns out to be "comic relief," I somehow think it will fail to amuse most fans. I imagine him more the quiet type who grunts a lot.
18He is less goofy than originally written. After they heard some of the dialogue recorded, they went back and changed some things. I kind of agree with your assessment, but wasn't my call to make. 19- Good. . . yet not.
206. How random are reconstitutes at random disks, anyway? It seems as though a completely random redistribution of molecules would 999 times out of 1000 result in a hunk of twisted indistinguishable-ness. And yet what we have seen so far suggests that it is somewhat more predetermined, for lack of better words. Would this disk be more aptly named a "mutation" disk? Because that's more what the results seem like.
21Well, you have really only seen it used once, so I am not sure you can judge its normal performance by that. But yes, I do kind of see it as causing mutations.

227. Every object has something called a "natural frequency". When vibrations, usually in the form of sound waves, hit an object at its natural frequency the vibration undergoes a dramatic increase in amplitude (power). An example of this would be an opera singer's voice breaking glass. So my question is: could Kohrak-Kal or a Sonics Rahkshi sense an objects natural frequency as an extension of their power? Because that would make it much more effective.

248. Do you personally think that silver is being overused now? I can understand it in protodermis and mechanical objects, but now it is showing up quite often in Rahi and other sets (like the dark hunters). I've seen conflicting opinions on this silvery influx, and I was wondering where you stood on the issue.
25I don't stand anywhere on it. It's a product design issue and not something I have any input on, really. 26- I knew he didn't decide that, I just wondered if he cared.
279. Are you positive that kraata can't use their power? All the signs seem to point to the fact that they can. Their power/trait lines are somewhat fuzzy, and why would people want to collect the kraata if they are all basically the same outside of Rahkshi? I have my kraata with powers, and it increases their playability one hundredfold. I know I've asked this before, it's just that the nonsensicality (I know, not a word) bothers me so much. . .
28If the kraata can use their power outside of the Rahkishi, why bother to make Rahkshi at all? 29- (He later re-PMed me and corrected himself. I was playing right all along: ^_^ ) 30I need to amend my earlier answer to #9 -- I had forgotten something that came out of the story team recently that kraata can use their powers, but only to a limited degree. The Rahkshi armor amplifies the powers to a great extent. Sorry for the mix-up.

3110. Dorling Kindersley makes really cool books on all sorts of topics (and in the past has made Lego books). Any chance of the City Book or future Bionicle books being made by DK?
32Scholastic has the license for all BIONICLE books, so a DK book would not be an option, I don't think.
3311. Will the Gold Kanoka be worked into the real storyline (I've already put it in mine. . .)?
34Not so far as I know, but who knows what we might come up with? 35- I hope. . .
3612. Why doesn't a tunneller turn into a sand creature when it walks through Po-Metru, or an air creature all the time? Does it change based on elemental attacks only?
37Same reason the Absorbing Man doesn't. That's not how his power works. If you notice, he never turned into a sand creature, precisely because that is the element he is around all the time. So, in the same way that fish are adapted to breathe in water, he is adapted to not change to sand every five seconds. 38- Right. . . I know who the Absorbing Man is. . . :unsure: I was wondering if it would change into an air creature if Matau directed a cyclone at it, because a direct attack is different. Also, where is the line drawn between sand and stone? Stay tuned:
3913. Then an attack by Onewa or Matau wouldn't have affected him, correct? But in the book a tunneller turned to a stone creature, so are stone and sand considered so different besides particle size that one would affect it and one would not? Or would it turn to a sand creature if Onewa somehow made a focused sand attack at the tunneller?
40Okay, let me see if I can explain this. Essentially, this power is useless if it is always "on" because as you pointed out, the creature would turn into an air creature constantly. So it has to be a conscious decision by the creature to change. If you hurl fire at it, it becomes fire, because then fire won't affect it. If you toss a rock at it, it becomes rock, because it is less likely to be damaged.
41If it takes a step onto a substance it encounters every minute of the day, it does not trigger its power, because a) it's not under threat and then it would be sand constantly. The other difficulty with sand is that it would have a much harder time holding its molecules together -- same problem with turning into water or helium or another non-solid substance. In the case of fire, it is more a matter of simply having an outer shell that is ablaze, as opposed to being wholly fire.
42So the way to defeat it is to take it by surprise. It encountered glass, something in its head said, "Wo, new substance: Danger:" and it changed to glass by reflex. Had it been able to move normally. it would have touched a stone and changed back, but once it was glass it couldn't move normally without shattering.
43- Okay, molecular structure. Got it.
44I hope 'twas a help:

1Hi Greg, I just got all the Bionicle books except for "Makuta's Revenge" (they were just awesome:), so I have some questions:
21. It seemed like the shapeshifter in "Trial by Fire" could just escape if it wanted. Is that true?
3Possibly, but where would he go? There is really no place for him in the city, so he stays where he is safe.
42. In "Tales of the Masks" you wrote that Onua and Whenua shared a meal from their packs. But I thought that Matoran, Turaga and Toa didn't eat:
5Actually, nothing has ever officially been said on this issue. In MNOLG, there is a market selling fish, which implies that they do eat. But the head of the story team does not want us discussing this issue, so we have never been able to say anything official.

63. What happened to the young Morbuzakh plants and seeds?
7Disintegrated when the king root did.
84. What was it Tehutti saw in the archives that could help them?
9A carving of a Matoran Nui.
105. What happened to the Matoran that met the Morbuzakh and vanished?
11You will have to wait for the movie for that.
126. What is a Kikanalo (mentioned on www.bionicle.com)?
13Same answer -- it is in the city book and the movie.
14Thanks in advance:

1... 24. You said that a Toa Metru was 1.6 bio tall. But the original Toa were 1.6 bio tall: This would throw off the whole Bionicle measurement system. A difference of 2 feet could make a huge difference when multiplied enough. It would throw off my whole island-size calculations: Help: - Never mind, already answered.
3Already answered? What was the answer? 4- I told him, don't remember his reply. I think I deleted that PM. 5...

6I posted a PM from GregF that basically said that the action figures for the Toa Metru and the Toa Olda weren't in scale to each other. 7The characters were about the same heights, but the figures aren't. :glare:
8There are approximately 69,281 possible combinations for the eight Kanoka without getting in to portioning (1/8 of this...1/4 of this...etc.) including one Kanoka for a mask. 9Mixing different Kanoka levels is useless for creating a powered mask, and there is no point in mixing Kanoka for unpowered masks.

10---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
12After doing some math, I came up with an estimate of 69,281 different Kanoka combinations for making masks. 13Have y'all figured out how long it takes to make a mask? The first one, that is. Obviously, repeated castings of the same mask take less time. 14It seems to me that if ten Matoran were researching new masks at the rate of 5 weeks per combination, that it should take less than 700 years to try every combination. 15And now for the real question. How can Matoran test powered masks, when it takes at least a Turaga to use a Noble and a Toa to use a Great? Is that one of the lesser duties of the resident Turaga and Toa?

17Um, okay. We only know of 23 mask powers in existence at this point, so those are the only disk combinations we care about at this point. Not every possible disk combination results in a mask power, anymore than every possible mixture of chemicals results in something worthwhile.
18Vakama is depicted as putting on one of his efforts at the Mask of Time in the movie. It's my belief that a Matoran can sense if a mask has power, even if they can't use it, the same way I can tell if a car is running without putting it in drive. (Okay, bad analogy, but you get the point.)
20Thanks for your quick response.
21I pretty much expected that not every combination would result in a powered mask. I was just thinking that maybe all the masks should have been made by now. Or is it more of a case of not researching a new combination until a new power is desired? Wouldn't want to waste all those level 7 and 8 Kanoka on experimentation, considering how difficult they must be to come by.

23That's certainly part of it. And considering how few mask makers there are in Metru Nui, there really isn't much of an r&d department.

1Hey Greg,
2Just another one of my little questions,
3Is it possible to corrupt a Vahki, either by tinkering with it, inserting a virus into it, or so on?
4And as a side question, how many Vahki do you think it'd take to take down a Toa Metru?


71) You really can't corrupt a Vahki, because it is a machine -- it has not moral sense. You could possibly tinker with its programming, assuming it lets you get close enough to do so. But I wouldn't want to be the one to try it.
82) One, if he's good enough. A Vahki would most likely not try to take out a Toa in physical combat -- he would use his stun staff to try to bring the Toa over to his side.
10---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11I sent you a PM earlier... but I don't know if it got through.
12Anyways, I asked if the hive was a place where the Vahki did more than just recharge. Maybe they update city info there? Change records as needed?
13I was thinking that someone that might want to drive the people from the city would upload a program, or a virus into the Vahki, labling everyone as enemies to be stunned/controlled.
14That'd be pretty hard to fight against, even with the Toa Nuva (though the Toa Nuva would be, well, new, so wouldn't they not target them as enemies? And the Matoran hardly look like the old Matoran..)
15Say, how far ARE they advanced with computer programming? (could they program that kind of stuff?)

16Well, the Matoran don't have computers, so "programming" has more to do with setting the clockwork mechanisms. Because of that, the whole virus notion would not work -- you would have to manually alter each Vahki.
17As for the Toa Nuva, they aren't involved in this story, so not sure how they apply.

192 Different PM's on the same subject, the "-----" line seperates them, if you couldn't tell. :P
20And sounds like Greg has a "Mask of sensing car running" XD
1Aaagh: I can't get this through:
Bio nuva
2heres some more things here:
3Q: Is Toa Lhikan the toa of fire? 4A: Can't discuss it, sorry. But what do you think based  on his colors?
5Whoa::::::: HE IS THE TOA OF FIRE:::::::::::: or so i asume Thanx greg

6I'd assume Lhikan would be a Toa of Light, because of his color and the fact that there isn't another one on Metru Nui. There is already a Toa of Fire - Vakama. 7...

8Actually, Greg has already told us that Lhikan is not a Toa of light. Also, Lhikan was a Toa first, in fact, he's the one that "recruited" Vakama. So to say there is already a Toa of Fire being Vakama isn't true. Not that I think that quote is proof of anything.

9Arrghh: Don't know what came over me, I've seen that quote before:
10But do you really thing LEGO is going to make two Toa of Fire exist at the same time? I doubt that would go over well with anybody here on BZP, or anywhere else for that matter. It certainly wouldn't go well with me. In addition, yellow isn't a color usually associated with fire. To me, that's enough proof he's not a Fire Toa. Most likely he's gifted with a power we've never seen before.