13)What is stored in the coliseum storage room?
2Well, in times past, masks used to be stored there, although most of them are now kept in the Great Temple. So it is various things needed for the city, like Vahki transports .

3Vahki transports, eh? Care to indulge us? Will we see them in the future? Do they appear in the movie? Are they actually used by Vahki, or are they used by Matoran to ship them? What do they look like?

4Thanks in advance, 5Kraken228

6Yes, there are two in the movie, a small one and a big one, and yes, they are driven by Vahki.

1i have some bad news here:

2hi Greg: i have few questions about Lhikan: 31 What is his mask? 42 What is his element? 53 Will lhikan set be at shops in this year? 64 what he will come up with?
7Thanks in advance

81) Hau 92) Fire 103-4) I can't answer these. Look for an announcement on BIONICLE.com in the coming months.

12one more question: 13Hau would be nuva or olda? 14again thanks in advance

15Olda. Lhikan is not a Toa Nuva.

17Lhikan would have Hau olda... I'm big boy and im going to cry ([img='http://www.bzpower.com/forum/html/emoticons:( (just joking :P)
Toa of Protodermis
1i have some bad news here:

2hi Greg: i have few questions about Lhikan: 31 What is his mask? 42 What is his element? 53 Will lhikan set be at shops in this year? 64 what he will come up with?
7Thanks in advance

81) Hau 9[B2) Fire[B] 103-4) I can't answer these. Look for an announcement on BIONICLE.com in the coming months.

12one more question: 13Hau would be nuva or olda? 14again thanks in advance

15Olda. Lhikan is not a Toa Nuva.

17Lhikan would have Hau olda... I'm big boy and im going to cry ([img='http://www.bzpower.com/forum/html/emoticons:( (just joking :P)

18Greg really said that? Are you sure? Hes never been able to confim Lhikans element before. Its not that I dont trust you (innocent til proven guilty) but I think I'll ask him myself
1i wont give to ya password to my account but im telling the truth... sorry im copyiing truth from my pm box :P geeeeeeee: i hate hau olda:
1Greg really said that? Are you sure? Hes never been able to confim Lhikans element before. Its not that I dont trust you (innocent til proven guilty) but I think I'll ask him myself

2i can confirm that lhiikan's element is fire. here's the latest from my inqueries to greg:
3howdy greg: i just have some questions that have been bugging me, so it's time for another issue of ask greg...
41. do the metrus have "undeveloped" areas? (i.e. forests in le-metru)
51) Not really, no, other than Po-Metru.
62. how does proto become energized?
72) Matoran don't know, so until they do, neither will you.
83. what is Lhiikan's element?
93) Fire
104. when will the secret of why makuta put mata-nui to sleep be revealed?
114) You will learn more soon.
125. when a kanoka disk is made into a mask, the power of the disk determines the mask power, and the disk's power level determines the strength of the mask (i.e. noble vs. great). does the metru of the disk determine anything about the mask?
135) No
146. how do disks get their metru attributes? (i.e. ko-metru disks dodge obstacles)
156) It's based on the skill and technique of the maker.
167. how much will the metru-nui guide cost?
177) No idea. Check Amazon.com, maybe
188. will the guide have info about metru-nui that we don't know?
198) Yes
209. will buying the ultimate dume TRU promo be cheaper than buying the other 3 sets individually? (e.g. $50 for the TRU promo vs. $60 for dume, nidhiki, and krekka)
219) Don't know.

22there you go, lhiikan's element is fire, i also posted what greg said about lhiikan's element in the hot topic "lhiikan set".
23bohrok-kal :silver:
1In this topic (that's becoming my standard opening line now, isn't it....): Borahk-kal, the question of where the Nuva symbols came from was raised, and -JD posted this, which was later said to be in the official guide. I just want to check, is this correct info:
2Tahu nuva:forged in the fires of the mangai volcano 3Gali nuva: drawn from the waters of Gali's bay 4Kopaka nuva: cold as the ice fields of mount Ihu 5Lewa nuva:born of the living jungle 6Pohatu nuva:carved from the hardest stone 7Onua nuva: a treasure from the depths of mata nui

8Those are how they came into being?
9I ask because of the carving and forging ones. Matoran carved it? For the Gali one on the online update, it materialized above the Suva. Or.... did the Suva somehow carve and forge them?

10They did materialize as you say, but they were made ages ago. They simply did not appear until Toa had become Nuva. And no, the fact that they were forged and carved does not mean they were necessarily forged and carved by Matoran.

1Here we go:
2Hi.I have a Bionicle question, and some "Greg's Life" Questions.
3Do the "Living" Bionicles Die of age, or must they have to be killed by someone/something?
4It is possible that BIONICLE beings can die of natural causes, but it has yet to happen.As far as we know, their lifespans are huge.
5Does Cathy Hapka do anything for Lego/Bionicle besides writing the Chronicles and Mask of Light books?
6Cathy is a freelance writer who Scholastic hired to do the first few BIONICLE books. I started writing them with the anthology in December '03, so she no longer has any involvement with BIONICLE.

7How old are you?
839 in July.
9What day is your birthday?
10July 14.
11Are you married and do you have kids?If not, do you plan to?
12No, I'm divorced and don't have children. I do hope to have a family someday, we'll see.
13Please answer as many of those questions as you can, and I'll do more in July.
14Thank you:

16Any comments?
17Tahu :smiletahunu:
1All Rahkshi are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these life, servitude, and the pursuit of destruction.

3I just love that guy's sense of humor.
4They did materialize as you say, but they were made ages ago. They simply did not appear until Toa had become Nuva. And no, the fact that they were forged and carved does not mean they were necessarily forged and carved by Matoran.

6Whoa, the Nuva symbols predate the Toa Nuva. That's interesting. That's extremely interesting. I had always assumed they were generated by the protodermis somehow.
7- ToP
1here is another set of questions from my inbox...
2dear greg, 3i have a few questions concering upcoming sets and things. so with out further adiue:
41. will the TRU ultimate dume set contain all 3 sets (nidihki, krekka, dume)? or will it just have the pieces for the combiner? (plus the promo mask)
51) Yes, it will have all three sets in it.
62. can vahki "think"? (i.e. they could tell that an imposter dume wasn't real if it did something un-dume like) or do they just have a screen with options of what to do? (i.e. 1. chase matoran. 2. wait for backup.)
72) Vahki have preprogrammed strategy and tactics and the ability to learn, but they are not sapient creatures.
83. can a disk be used more than once? (for example, tehutti used his disk to teleport something, then picks it up and does it again)
93) Yes
104. when will the guide be coming out? will it have info that we don't know? (like the more secretive things of metru-nui?)
114) It will be out in July, I think.
125. i heard that the matoran (nuhrii, tehutti) combined into the "matoran-nui" and fought off the morbuzahk with the toa. will we ever be able to make this with the matoran that we have? (maybe as an online building instruction)
135) Unfortunately, no Matoran Nui model exists. I put it in the book because I thought there would be one, but Denmark never designed one this time.

15stay tuned for more exciting issues of ask greg: :D
16bohrok-kal :silver:
11) So Lhikan's element is fire. How come you suddenly told us, when you said we would have to wait for the City Book?
2Well, for one thing, the city book is coming out very shortly. For another, I was waiting to see if anyone would guess based on his colors, but no one did.
32) Where were the Nuva Symbols stored before they appeared on the Suva?
4Can't answer it -- not enough info.
53) Who made the Nuva Symbols? The Turaga?
74) You said that Makuta could use the Rahkshi's powers, does that mean that he can use all 42 Rahkshi powers or just some of them, like fear and anger?
8Since all the kraata come from him, he could probably access any of the powers he wanted. His problem is he counts too much on just outright intimidating his foes.
95) Does the Great Spirits actually exist in the storyline, or are they just a Matoran legend?
10Well, there is only one that we know of, Mata Nui, and yes, he very definitely does exist. He's not just a legend.

11Well, actually a lot of people, including me, guessed that Lhikan's element was fire. It was a little too obvious.
12And now he's saying that Mata Nui IS a Great Spirit. I thought he'd said that he wasn't. I'll have to ask again.
1"Great Spirit" and "Great Being" are not neccesarily the same if thats what you are going at.
2Anyways, here's another question I asked:
3A:Do you know if when the MNOLGs return, if they will be downloadable? It would be reaaaly frustrating to have them taken down again if the kanoka club is ever gone. :rolleyes:
4Greg:No idea. But I do know the Kanoka Club is scheduled to run at least through the end of '05.
1another one bad news: The lhikan mask would be the old hau with old look... look at this:
2Great Masks and Noble Masks look different, even if they have the same powers. So when the Toa Metru turn into the Turaga, their mask shapes change. Yes, Lhikan does have a Hau, but it only looks different because the movie animators wanted to do something different with it.

1We've known that for centuries, nothing new.
1yes but it wasnt 100% confirmed: now it is... Not good ([img='http://www.bzpower.com/forum/html/emoticons:(
Toa of Protodermis
1yes but it wasnt 100% confirmed: now it is... Not good ([img='http://www.bzpower.com/forum/html/emoticons:(

2Actulay, yes it was. It's pretty obvious that he is wearing a movie-version Hau. None of the masks in the 3movie look like they are as sets or in set pics or something like that.
1Lihikan th hau olda is my favourite mask.
1QUOTE 2Hi Greg,
3I was just wondering what the options for the set that would come with Lhikan are if you can tell us?
4also I had read somwhere that you said that there might be coming out wiht like vehicles in the future and that you hoped that you would be able to make an announcment later because you where excited so any info on that?
5Thanks in advance.
6Snake, 7Out.

8I really can't discuss this. There should be an announcement regarding this sometime later this summer on BIONICLE.com

Toa of Protodermis
1yes but it wasnt 100% confirmed: now it is... Not good ([img='http://www.bzpower.com/forum/html/emoticons:(

2Actulay, yes it was. It's pretty obvious that he is wearing a movie-version Hau. None of the masks in the 3movie look like they are as sets or in set pics or something like that.

5Yeah, Greg confirmed it several weeks ago, Toa of Protodermis, when the trailer came out, and we saw Lhikan for the first time. This has been gone over many times in the Official Lhikan Topic. The apparent difference in look is to make the character more distinct in the movie; just as Vakama's and Macku's Huna looked different.
6Remember, the sets are just the closest look that can be made in plastic, without each piece being personalized, making MOCing virtually impossible. In the "real" movie look, each character has slight differences in appearance, just as human faces are all roughly the same shape, but each has its own slight differences.
1Oh, and what masks did the Turaga wear before the Toa Metru transformation?

3They wore Matoran versions of the masks they wore as Toa.

5So, are you saying they are the same as the Turaga masks (That's what seems right), except they are the powerless masks the Matoran wear? Example, Vakama's Matoran mask looks like a Dark Red (Noble) Huna, but is powerless?
6Tahu :smiletahunu:

7I will edit my post as soon as I get the answer.
8Tahu :smiletahunu:
1okay here is a good one: 2Hey Greg: 3Sorry to keep on bugging you but i had some questions. first off will Ultimate Dume appear in the Bionicle 2 movie? Second, does Dume know how to control himself in Ultimate Dume form. And last when will the Ultimate Dume set come out at TRU? 4Josh

51) Yes
62) Can't answer it
73) October, I think


1You know in MNOLG1, Takua receives a golden tool from Onewa as thanks. Where did he get it? And since we know that the Turaga knew about the Bohrok, did Onewa cut it out of the sphere to somehow stop the Bohrok from awakening?
2I'm asking this on behalf of a topic recently created. If you answer, it will be posted and greatly appreciated:

31) Odds are he brought it from Metru Nui. And no, there was no way for Onewa to stop the Bohrok from awakening, and no need, since they never attempted to awaken until Makuta sent the signal.
6This is from a topic in ST & T (Storyline and Theories), it answers the question of where Onewa gets the golden relic.
1You have mentioned a Bionicle Adventures #7. Can you tell me the name of it?
2Doesn't have a name yet. Isn't written yet. 3G.

1Hi, Greg: First I want to thank you for choosing (if you were one of the ones who decided on mine) my Rahi as one of the winners. I'm very happy: Now, on to the questions:
21. Will we ever find out how Rahi get masks?
3Makuta gave them to them. 4- So Makuta gave the masks to the Hoi and the Fikou? And that Tarakava in the archives? :blink:
52. Is it possible to infect Rahi without masks? If so, how?
73. In The Darkness Below, did the Toa ever seal the leak? That was the whole point of the book, and nowhere does it mention them doing it. Nokama fights the Rahkshi by the crack, and then leaves it.
8Yes, I simply didn't have the space to cover it.
94. Can krana use their powers outside of Bohrok, or on other hosts? Could a krana Bo still see in the dark, and could a krana Vu fly? Could a Vu infest a Manas and have one of them fly?
115. Which are the right krana-kal colors? The sets came with mixed-up colors (Pahrak-Kal black, Tahnok-Kal bronze, and Nuhvok-Kal copper), and the originals came with booklets showing them in matching colors. Later Kal packages showed modified pictures, to match the ones in the sets. The website also showed it that way. But the episodes, comics, and books showed them in matching colors. It seems as though matching colors are the real storyline ones, and the website and packaging were done to amend a packaging error. So which is "official"?
12Sets are official. Sets are always official. 13- I wasn't sure about this. It seemed the storyline team was operating with different colors then the sets, and the set colors broke the pattern. Oh well.
146. Why doesn't Orkahm use treespeak?
15He did, to a certain extent, just not a lot. Treespeak is like slang .. not everyone uses it equally. 16- I didn't remember any. Then again, I'm reading all the books again in chronological order to refresh my memory. I believe that's 956 pages.
177. Can Kanohi Nuva powers be shared with Rahi? They might be activated by the Rahi's instincts like run faster, defend, breath while underwater, etc.
18Yes. Anything in the immediate proximity can have a mask power shared with it, if the mask wielder chooses to do so. 19- Yes: Pohatu charges with an army of Matoran on super-speedy Husi birds: Heheheh.
208. Can they be shared with Matoran and Turaga?
21Yes. For example, a Hau Nuva can be used to shield Matoran in the vicinity. 22- Run like the wind, Turaga: Work those stubby legs:
239. Are there many more sentient Rahi? We already know Nivawk and Krahka.
24It's certainly possible.
2510. How did you sign the comics of all the winners from the Kanoka contest? That's a lot of comics: (I have one. Thanks:)
26I am still in the process of signing them. I do about a 1000 every couple weeks. 27- Ouch.
28As I said before, thanks for everything: 29- I always thank him.
30Gukko 31- That's me.
11)Why did the Matoran design the Vahki to not talk? 21) Because their job is not to reason and debate. It is to protect and pacify.
32)Is there anything on the forums that's really annoying? (With the exception of people asking you 20 questions a day) 42) No, not to my mind.
53)Will you be using the now-famous "can't answer it" for the Ask Greg section, or will you use a complete sentence? 63) Actually it won't come up on Ask Greg. I am only going to answer those questions that I can. Ones I can't will simply be deleted. BIONICLE.com only requires a small number of questions answered per week, and we received 1400 in the first couple days, so I am tossing a lot of the ones I cannot answer or the ones that are just people clowning around.
7Whoa 1400, wow :wacko:
84)What are the differences between Vakama and co.'s matoran masks and their Toa masks. 94) Toa masks have powers. Matoran masks do not.
10That's not what I meant, is there an appearance difference
115)Is the whole "traitor" bit done, or is there something we haven't seen yet. 125) Yes
136)Was Ahkmou a traitor because he deserted the matoran, because he worked for Nidhiki, because he lied to the Toa Onewa, or for some other reason? 146) He was a traitor because he was trying to get the six Great Disks, regardless of the fact that doing so would jeopardize the city. He was also aiding Nidhiki against the Toa, setting traps for Matoran, etc.
157)Why aren't the Vahkis' powers related to disks, I mean you said that their flight capabilites may be related to the levitation disk. 167) Look at their bodies. Where do you build a Kanoka disk into that?
17Again, not what I meant, is it encorporated into it, like is it transformed into something that's put into the frame, not the disk in its original form
188)Is the TRU Ultimate Dume mask a movie edition one, or is it just a special mask? 198) Haven't seen it, so can't say.
209)Would you ever "advertise" BZP to the "Ask Greg" crowd if the answer has already been discussed here? 219) Probably not. The only ways for them to find an answer ar the Greg F database, which is hard to search, or the official Greg topic, which could take one days to get all the way through looking for their specific question. So probably wouldn't be real efficient to send them here.
2210)Are there "models" of Vahki, above the normal Metru difference, like are Vahki always being updated, or do they keep the same version all the time. 2310) There are a couple of special models, built for special situations (the combo models), but other than that, no.
1hey citizens of BZP: this just in from greg:
2Hello Mr. Farshtey, just a few questions I'd like to ask.
31. On Bionicle.com in the Vorzahk animation (actually in most of the vahki animations) 4it shows the vahki breathing. Do they need air or is this an artists rendition of the vahki?
52.On the krekka set, Which are his eyes? the two slits in the vahki head or the one red eye with the wire thing attached?
63. Also regarding Krekka, what is the Cone thing right below the launcher? Another eye?
7Thanks for your time.
81) Good eye, BION. But he's not breathing - he's expelling steam built up by his internal mechanisms.
92-3) Don't know, haven't built the set.
11-BIONIkoolE 12_________________________________________________________________________________
13so vahki expell steam and greg hasn't build a krekka.... interesting.
1some simple question that i asked Greg:

2one question: 3Lhikan would have some weapon that we have seen before or it would be all new?

4Think it's new.

1Just some questions I thought up...

2Well, I always feel bad about asking you stuff because it seems like you would be bombarded by PM's every day...Well, any way =)
31. Where did Tahu come up with the name "Nuva"? Does that mean new in matoran or something like that?
41) It was one of those things he just instinctively knew.
52. Do you add "Nuva" to the name of any one who gets put in Energized Proto? If, for example, Jaller fell in to the same tubes the Toa did, would everyone now call him Jaller Nuva?
62) No.
73. Can the Nuva process be done to any thing other then a Toa?
83) It is possible for other things to be mutated by energized protodermis, IF it is their destiny to be so changed.
93a. If so, what?
104. What about the Kal process? What ever the Bahrag did to make them, could that be done to other beings? Or does it only work on Bohrok?
114) No idea, since we have not explored the details of that process yet.
125. Why we're the Matoran so surprised that the Bohrok are bio-mechanical? Aren't they (the matoran)?
135) The Bohrok are not biomechanical -- they are artificial life forms, basically machines, with a symbiote inside. That is vastly different from the Matoran, who have muscles and tissue. In addition, we do not know that the Matoran regard themselves as mechanical -- they never refer to themselves in that way. Only we do.
146. Can a mask (or disk for that matter) have different properties then another disk of the same type? You have said that if you mix 6 of type A and 1 of type B it is the same a mixing 1 of type A and 1 of type B they both make the same mask type. BUT would said mask be exactly like all the rest? Could one mask of shielding make a green shield and the other make a blue one or one levitation mask can make your whole body float with a glowing white nimbus around your whole body where as another will make small sparks shoot from your feet and let you drift slowly to the ground
156) Yes, it would be the same. Mixing two powers together produces a third power. It doesn't matter how much of one or the other you add in, it still produces the same power.
167. What does a disk of translation do?
177) Toss the disk at what you want to translate, and it makes the inscription clear to you.
188. What about a disk of X-ray vision?
198) Same principle. Toss it at what you want to see through and you can see through it.
209. Now if I have been reading this right...the Mask of Light can freeze you in a beam of light (which I assume comes from the ground) and can produce an affect opposite of Turahks power? Any thing else? Do you use both of them at once or can you use them on at a time?
219) I am totally confused. When did Takanuva ever freeze anyone in a beam of light? The Mask of Light is a counterpoint to the mask of Shadows.
2210. Can there BE a Toa of shadows? Because I have seen nothing to point out that shadows are an element at all...I mean, Makuta never used any (that we saw so far), and all he did was hit a ball with a stick...oh and he could change shape that one time
2310) Makuta can do a lot of things .. keep watching. I have my doubts about a Toa of Shadows, at least a heroic one, because shadows are inherently evil in the BIONICLE universe.
2411. Do YOU know who made the Bahrahg/Bohrok? I'm not asking you to tell me I just want to know if there IS an answer to that question
2511) Yes, I do.
2612.how much more powerful would you say the Nuva are then the Olda? 2 times? 3?
2712) The Nuva are stronger and have better control of their elemental powers, but their major advantage over the Olda is that they can share mask powers. I do not know that I would say they are twice as strong as other Toa.
2813. How powerful are the Kal compared to the Toa and normal Bohrok? (I think it goes Bohrok--Toa--Kal--Nuva)
2913) The Kal have as good control over their powers as the Olda did, plus they are capable of independent thought. However, had they not stolen the Nuva's elemental powers, they would have gotten their butts kicked.
3014. Do you have to have a disk of {power name} to make a mask of it? i.e. I need to melt down a disk of regeneration and a growth disk to make a disk of shielding then melt that to make a mask of shielding OR do you melt down the two base disks right in to the mask?
3114) You can melt both disks into a mask mold, or you can form them into a single disk and carve the mask from it.
3214a. If it's the former, then how did Vakama even TRY to make a mask of time? To get that far you have to make a disk of time, right? Did he ever get that far? (I herd he had a few dud masks)
3314a) You will have to watch the movie for that answer.
3415. Why the Toa Oldas "tools" were the color of the mask they wore but the Metru's are proto silver? I know why the Nuva's are silver still does not explain the Metru...
3515) Because that is the color the product designers made them. We don't want to do the exact same thing, year in and year out.
3616. Does solid proto have powers like liquid does? As I recall, solid proto had no powers, liquid when purified had powers and when energized would mutate things. But what does the solid proto do?
3716) Solid proto is basically used for buildings and statues and sometimes carvings things out of. It can also make a very effective prison (ask the Bahrag).
3817. Would the Bohrok be affected be a vacuum?

3917b. what about Rahkshi?
4017) Krana do not need to breathe, so no. Kraata probably do need to breathe, so yes. Bohrok and Rahkshi without either of these things would not be affected, because they are not living.
4118. When Vahi warps time, who is it affecting? A sphere around the user, or the target? (I.e. Was it slowing the Kal down... or speeding the Toa up?)
4218) When used as Tahu Nuva used it, it affects the target, not the user. Sometimes, if used improperly, the time wave can spread to affect the user, which is generally a bad thing.
43Thanks for the answers.

44About 9... 45Someone asked him one time, who would win in a fight, Takanuva or the other Toa Nuva, and he said Takanuva could freeze them in a beam of light or something...
1Why can't I edit? Anyway, sorry 'bout that. Here is the whole chat:
2Oh, and what masks did the Turaga wear before the Toa Metru transformation?

4They wore Matoran versions of the masks they wore as Toa.

6So, are you saying they are the same as the Turaga masks (That's what seems right), except they are the powerless masks the Matoran wear? Example, Vakama's Matoran mask looks like a Dark Red (Noble) Huna, but is powerless?
7Tahu :smiletahunu:

8No, Vakama's Matoran mask looks like a Great Huna, not a Noble Huna.

10Oh, I think he'd look wierd that way. Big head, ya know?
11Anyway, thanks:
12Tahu :smiletahunu:

13Thanks, GregF, you're a big help:
14Tahu :smiletahunu:
1[QUOTEHey. Nice job on the darkness below book. Iv'e cot some more questions I want to ask you.
21. What does Dume's mask of regeneration do and in the movie, will we see him use it in the movie?
32. It said in Mystery of Metru Nui that Vakama was told to make a mask of time for turaga Dume. Does this mean that he has other masks?
43. If yes to #2 can you name a few of them?
54. How do you deal with all the pms you get. Does it ever get you annoyed?
65. How do you divide your time at work?
76. Any special plans for book #7?
87. Will any of the books be written in first-person?
98. Do matoran/Toa sleep?
1010. What is your favorite villian for this year?
1111. What do you do for fun?
12Bonus question: Can you put more parts in the books where you show the story from a rahi/villians point of view? I really liked those because it lets you see inside the mind of them and see how they feel.

13Thanks in advance: 14Your fan,

151) It can be used to repair objects and buildings, and no, he doesn't use it in the movie.
162) As Turaga, Dume would have access to any mask that has been made in the city.
174) Not really. I only get a little annoyed sometimes when it seems like people just want to know EVERYTHING about the movie before it comes out, and ruin all the surprises for themselves. I think they get so caught up in hunting spoilers that they forget that the story is no fun if you know everything ahead of time.
185) Most of my time at work is spent on either the LEGO Magazine or the Shop At Home catalog. Although people at work think I am doing BIONICLE constantly, that actually takes up way more of my home time than my work time.
196) Can't discuss it, sorry, it's the first book of the '05 story.
207) Haven't been so far, but it's not a bad idea.
218) I personally do believe they need rest, yes. Not everyone agrees with me, but my feeling is that if you have organic parts, you need to rest.
2210) Krahka ... followed by a new one I just created for Book 6, the Karzahni (you are the first person to hear that name ):)
2411) Oh, let's see .. I shop, especially for DVDs ... I play computer games sometimes ... I read ... I watch some TV and baseball games .. I play with my cats. ):)
26Pretty cool huh? I can't believe the answer to #10 :lookhere:
Tapakew Nuva
1... 27. What does a disk of translation do?
37) Toss the disk at what you want to translate, and it makes the inscription clear to you. 4...

5If the inscription survives being whammed with a disk. :lol:
6Tahu the Surfer, it's a problem with Official Topics that makes editing impossible. (The ones that have been encoded as such; many Official topics are just called official, but code-wise are normal topics, to avoid this problem.)
7Karzahni? Neat name... I wonder what it's attached to. Not going to ask though, he probably can't answer.

2halo: I think u will be tired answering the questions about 'toa lhikan is toa of fire' Here are my qs: 31. Both toa and turaga on metru nui is fire, what about the others? are they all died? or on other islands? will we know(2005?)? 42. why can 2 toa of fire exist at the same time? it is ..a bit weird.. 53. is fire element is dominant in Bionicle world? 64. we know that vahi is not in TRU set, so is it movie edition dume mask? 75. if kanoka power is re-useable, then mask power is also re-useable? 86. when will the lhikan set out? and just lhikan set at that time( i don't think so) 97. will lhikan set use other version of hau? 108. different nuva symbols are made of different materials. Is it made with the suva? 119. How do the matoran know his own mask?( just like in Bohrak event, all le-matoran has been removed their mask, and all mask turn gery) 1210. Is it possible that 2 different matoran in the same villlage wear same mask(like red hau)? 1311. Can u reveale some fucture plans of Bionicle?

151) Can't answer it. 162) There's no reason they can't. We have seen six Toa twice before, but there is no natural law that says there can only be six Toa at a time. 173) No, but Lhikan being Toa of Fire is important for the movie storyline. 184) No. At this point, the Vahi does not exist in plastic. It is something we are discussing doing, but we don't know whether we will or not yet. 195) Um, of course. Toa use their masks all the time. 206) I don't have info on that. There will probably be an announcement on BIONICLE.com later this summer. 217) Again, don't have info on that. 228) No 239) Well, if you see a bunch of coats, how do you know which one is yours? Besides, Matoran don't take their masks off at night or something .. they have them on all the time .. so there really isn't a problem with not knowing which one is yours. 2410) Sure 2511) No.
1Gaah, can't edit: Oh well, here goes:

2Hi Greg, got some more questions for ya..
31) What if somebody used the Komau and made someone do something impossible? like making a Matoran jump 100 feet in the air?
41) If something is physically impossible to do, using mind control is not going to make them capable of doing it.

5No, I meant like what would happen to the person who the mask was being use on, like for example the Matoran, would he start trying to jump until he was too tired, or would brain short-circuit or something?
6Thanks Greg

7If he was told to jump, he probably would keep jumping until he dropped from exhaustion. It would not short-circuit his brain, because there is no reason for a simple command like that to do so. Keep in mind also that the person using the mask has to actively keep using the mask -- so you can't just say, "Go jump" and then walk away. The mask wearer will have to be there concentrating the entire time.

9torritorri 10:t: :t:
1Hi Greg, I have a few questions about the movie.
21. Are the character's voices good?
32. Which voice is your favourite?
43. What does Krekka sound like?
54. What does Nivawk look like and what does he do in the movie?
65. Does the Vahi get used in the movie?
76. Does the 5th enemy look cool?
87. Is there death in the movie?
98. Do we see the Dark Hunters fly in the movie?
109. Do we get to see scenes of every metru?
1110. How many Rahi willl we see in the movie?
1211. Do we get to see other Vahki besides Rorzakh in the movie? If so, which ones?
1312. What do the Matoran like Hahli, Takua or Jaller do in the movie?
14Now some none movie questions.
1513. Is the Hau in the Lhikan set a normal or modified Hau?
1614. Who is the Toa who gets fused with a stone wall in book 6?
1715. If you were given a choice, which Toa would you want to die first?
1816. What is your favourite character in the whole Bionicle franchise?
1917. Are great spirits lower levels of great beings?
2018. Why does the island Mata Nui look like a face?
2119. Did The Bohrok and Bahrag come from outer space?
2220. Are there other great spirits?
23Thank you for your time

241) Yes
252) Hmmmm.. Dume's
263) Kind of like a big dumb henchman type.
274) He looks like a big falcon and he is Dume's pet and spy.
285) Yes
296) Yes
307) Can't answer that -- I can't give away plot
318) Yes
329) Yes
3310) Some, Rahi aren't really the focus of the film
3411) Onu-Matoran and Po-Matoran Vahki, mainly
3512) You will have to watch the movie and see
3613) No idea. I have not even seen a prototype of the set, let alone the actual thing.
3714) Read the book and find out.
3815) None of them. A dead Toa's set won't sell. If the sets don't sell, BIONICLE goes away.
3916) Kopaka
4017) Can't answer it
4118) Does it? I hadn't noticed
4219) Not to my knowledge
4320) If there are, no one has told me about them.

45See answers above.
1hey people: here's the latest from my inbox: (not much, but maybe it'll keep you entertained)
21. you have said that if you melted together disk A and disk B that you could get mask C (with a new power). could you melt together disks A & B and make a disk with the same different power? (e.g. a disk of shielding instead of a mask)
31) Yes
42. (kind of expanding on #1): if you took disk C (made from disks A & B) and disk F (made from disks D & E) and melted them together, would you get a brand new power of a completely different variation (i.e. mask G)?
51) Yes
63. you told me that you were thinking of putting together a list of what disks make what masks, have you not thought up the combonations yet? or have you just not had time to put it together? (also, do you have any idea when you might come out with out with it? (i.e. july) )
73) Just been a question of time. I have been pretty swamped. But I am working on it.
84. i read that if you had a disk of translation, you throw it at the target and you'll be able to understand it. are there (or could there be) disks for all of the known mask powers? (shielding, illusion...)
94) There could be, yes, it is possible
105. do the turaga of mata-nui still have the powers of their masks that we didn't know about before? (i.e. the mahiki's shape shifting ability, the ruru's x-ray vision...)
115) No. Those powers were attached the Great Mask versions of their masks. The Noble Masks don't have those extra powers.

12well, there you go, another exciting issue of ask greg: (well, maybe this one wasn't that exciting, but it was at least an issue of ask greg, and two out of three isn't bad) :P
13bohrok-kal :silver:


  • 1I closed a topic recently about what Makuta meant by "Should I release those who should never see the light of day?" (rough paraphrase, you know what I mean). I closed it because I remembered you talking about that part, that it meant he was reluctant to use the Rahkshi against the Matoran, because they're so destructive, when he only wants to conquer them, not destroy them (So innocent.... :lol:). Anyways, Insectoid PMed me today, saying that if it had still been open, he would have added that he thought Makuta meant that light hurts the Rahkshi, and that's why they shouldn't see the light of day. I wanted to see what you thought about that idea, because it does make sense to me, though I've never heard it said. At least that that may be why he chose that particular phrasing.
    21) Oh, no. He meant it the same way a writer who does a bad book will say, "This should never see the light of day." Has nothing to do with sunlight, has to do with their apocalyptic approach to things.

3Just watched the MOL again today (on the logic that I help moderate Movies and Books now; couldn't hurt ;)). So I got a million theories and questions I can't beleive I never thought of before...
  • 4I have noticed in many, many places, the Toa, and even the Matoran, seem to defy gravity quite a bit when they jump; Gali jumping several stories over the Ta Koro wall, Kolhii playing Matoran jumping quite a bit, Tahu doing all kindsa fancy jumps just to move around ineveryday situations. Then , seeing that part where Gali levitates without a Miru (and remembering I've never heard an explanation of that), I came up with the theory that all Matoran, and Toa (no idea about Turaga), can levitate slightly. Usually only when jumping, but with meditation and perhaps practice, Toa at least can access that power to float up a few inches as Gali did. Any idea if that's possible? Or what the actual answer is if I'm way off?
    52) Far as I know, it was done to give the movie some more action and pacing. No one has said anything to me about it being some sort of official Toa power.
  • 6I asked you a while ago about the two suns, which appear at the end of the MOL; you said one of them shouldn't be there anymore. Well, looking at that scene more closely, I noticed that the two suns appear, then the Bionicle Logo appears, with the Unity and Duty circles over the two suns. Then, what I hadn't noticed before, the two suns fade out as the logo continues to fade in, and one sun fades in in the middle, where the Destiny circle is. Then that sun fades. I was thinking, perhaps the showing of the two suns was meant as a flashback, then showing the single sun was coming back to the present, where there is only one.
    73) Probably true.
  • 8When the Rahkshi first appear on the surface, dark clouds roll over the area. Can I assume this is Makuta using his power over the elements?
    94) Yup. He always was a showman
  • 10On that subject, there was a topic a while back where someone wondered how the Rahkshi blasted open the wall in Onu-Koro. The biggest theories that came up were that they just used their muscles, or that Makuta was again using his powers, doing the digging for them (this was the fear, hunger, and anger Rahkshi; no shattering power). Any idea which is correct?
    115) My theory would be it was their physical strength. Remember, they are armored warriors. They have power beyond what is in their staffs.
  • 12In another topic, the subject of the battle between Makuta and Takanuva came up, that it didn't seem as spectacular as some hoped. I had pointed out that probably it went on for a lot longer than we saw; and after watching it again, I noticed that it went right from Hahli leaving and Takanuva and Makuta starting the match to Hahli climbing out of the hole, and talking to the Toa and Turaga. Can I assume a long period of time passed there, as she was climbing back up (it looked pretty long when the Ussa-Nui was flying along it), in which the battle between Makuta and Takanuva went on, but that part just wasn't shown? Same for the time period in which the Toa, Turaga, and Hahli were coming back?
    136) Yes. Remember, we are always tight on time in these films. But you will be happy to know that the final battle in B2 is a lot more fleshed out and satisfying, I think.
  • 14Shoulda taken notes... I've already forgotten most of what I noticed... Let's see, I noticed when they were constructing the Ussanui, the last pieces were shining, and hovered into place. Was Takanuva using his light power to move them?
    157) Don't know. I think it was just a movie effect. I don't believe light can function like telekinesis.
  • 16Lotsa times, the Toa's tools are gone, and then appear, once obvously when Lewa was diving off of the Ko-Wahi cliff. It seems I've read you say something about that, but I can't remember. Are the tools being teleported somehow? Or maybe stored "magically" on the Toa's person? Or just story-less animation decisions?
    178) Basically, that was the animators at work. Otherwise, the Toa would have to carry them all the time and there would have been no point in giving them hands, since they would never be able to use them to express themselves.
  • 18When the Toa used their healing powers on Tahu, was the sword thing a failure, then the water worked, or were both succesful parts of a two-part healing process? I had alwasy assumed the first try failed, but watching it again, I'm not so sure that's what was meant.
    199) No, it is all part of the process. It's a complex ritual.
  • 20On that subject, the water went through the rock, and Tahu? Was that why it was so hard for Gali? Water doesn't normally do that... though we've seen poison do it in another part. (Maybe proto stone is more porous?) Yes, that's three questions...
    2110) What rock?
  • 22Vakama refers to Rahkshi as "shadows that cower in the depths". Could he by any chance be alluding back to Metru Nui, where Rahkshi did indeed cower in the depths? (Of the Archives.)
    2311) Yup: Good catch there, Bones.
24Today is running out, so I'll send what I got for now... just might watch it yet again soon.... It's amazing the details packed into it.
25And, a non-MOL question, in Bionicle, the Game, Suvas were used to teleport, I think, between Koros. Meaning, a Toa would walk up to a Suva, the user would press a button, a menu appeared (didn't look at it closely; saw this breifly at my cousin's house), and you could teleport to another Koro. Just to check, is that another inaccuracy? Can Suvas really do that (minus the computer menu, of course)?

26Thanks. ):)

27BIONICLE Adventures 6 is done -- between 5 and 6, there are three new villains introduced (all of whom can talk: yay:), plus lots of new Rahi and the Kralhi and the Kranua (I think) and a major new spin on energized protodermis which I think is really cool. 5 I am very happy with .. 6 I haven't read over yet, though it is pretty dark ... I start 7 on Sunday.

29Sending him a clarification on the rock bit. Neat info on the new villians, huh?
30I dunno why he didn't answer the Suva question. I also had sent him an earlier list of questions, apparently his reply didn't get through to me, so I've resent them. Wonderful brand new, error free server..... :glare:
1Hello again, Greg:You're probably getting a dizzying sum of PMs now that summer's heating up, but I was still wondering if you could answer some for me:
21.)In Tales of the Masks, Onewa's Tale, when Kopaka finds the Hau, it says it was 'about a hundred kio away.'Did you mean bio?I'm pretty sure a hundred kio is well over half the length of the island, and I can't see Kopaka sprinting a hundred kio as quickly as he did.
3Would have to go back and check the ocntext.
42.)On IM, a member told me that a while ago, you commented that the way the Dark Hunters are defeated is 'creepy.'Did you say something along those lines?
63.)On the Krekka set, there's one red light next to his head, but in the movie, there's one light on either side, or at least I think there is.Are these red lights his actual eyes?Kind of a bummer that the set would only give one of them.
7Have not seen the ket, so can't comment.
84.)The Krekka set's not really any taller than a Toa Metru, but he's always described as 'a giant.'Is he depicted as noticeably taller than a Toa in the movie?
9Taller, but hunched over all the time.
105.)In the beginning of Bionicle Adventures 1, when Tahu asks Vakama to tell about Metru Nui, is that part before he said they weren't the first Toa, or was it the day after?
126.)Would you consider Krekka to be Nidhiki's ally, partner, or lacky?(Personally, I can see him as a lacky.)
13Henchman, really.
147.)Why does Nidhiki hate Toa?
15There is a clue to that in his first appearance in the movie.
168.)Can you give the title and/or a premise of Book 5?
17BIONICLE Adventures #5 is Voyage of Fear, but I can't discuss plot, because you need to see the movie first.
18- Would you pronounce it...
199.)NIDHIKI 20a.nid-EE-kee 21b.NID-i-kee 22c.Something else
2410.)KREKKA 25a.KRE-kuh 26b.KREE-kuh 27c.Something else
2911.)What's up with the Canyon of Unending Whispers?That something we'll have to wait and see in the movie?
3112.)Did the Turaga hide the masks when they were still Toa Metru?I'm guessing they were Toa on Mata Nui for SOME period of time; Whenua mentioned something in Tales of the Mask about "Same day I carved this tunnel."
32Most of that was done as Turaga.
3313.)Is Lhikan yellow all over, or is he yellow upper-half, red lower-half?
34You mean in the movie or the set?
3514.)When Lhikan journeyed to other environs on missions, did he go by boat or through tunnels carved under the sea?Or does he have an airship to use?
36He used his Toa tool.
3715.)We see the Dark Hunters fly in the movie, correct?Can you tell me what Krekka looked like in flight mode?I can't figure out any way to transform him as the toy.
38Yes, they do fly. Not sure I can describe it though.
39Thanks in advance:

40Just sent clarification on 13. Am I the only one that finds 14 very, very interesting?
114.)When Lhikan journeyed to other environs on missions, did he go by boat or through tunnels carved under the sea?Or does he have an airship to use?
2He used his Toa tool.

3That is very intrasting... 4Mybie it's like a proto board? Mabie well find out in the next Bionicle gide?(hope so)...
1Hi Greg, not too many questions for today
21. I believe you have said all Matoran love Dume, or something to that extent. But you also said that the bigger Vahki combiners were to deal with riots (and big Rahi). If everyone likes Dume so much why does he need riot control?
31) I wouldn't say love, I would say respect. And those Vahki are not for Matoran riots, they are for Rahi riots. Mass escapes from the Archives, that sort of thing.
42. About the Bordahk movie, is it illegal for Matoran to have very particularly powerful disks, like a level 8 weaken disk? Is that why some Matoran smuggle disks?
52) Not illegal if it was obtained legally. If it wasn't, well....
63. About the glass tunneler, how do you think the Vahki could transfer it to the Archives? Once it came in contact with, say a floating platform to move it, couldnt it just aquire the material of the platform and go back on a rampage?
73) It sure could. But the Vahki will stun it into submission before trying to move it.
84. Say a Vahki attacked a tunneler with its stun staff. Now, say the staff was insufficiently charged or something along those lines and that tunneler was little effected by the staff, could it aquire the material the staff was made of as a 'skin'? And if that happened, would it be able to use the Vahki staff power for itself?
94) No, because the Vahki won't physically strike it -- it will nail it from a distance. Vahki staffs all work over range.
105. Do you think the room Rahi, tunnelers and Krahka have any kind of relationship (like chimps and humans)?
115) Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn't surprise me enormously.
126. On the much debated image of a part of B2 with what appears to be a Toa Metru in front of a strange sphere with a small golden spherical hatch on it, seeing as you've released alot of new info lately is there anything on this?
136) No, I don't know what that is.
147. Also, on this image I believe you've said that this is Lhikan. Is that true? Or were you referring to another image?
157) Can't access the link.
17Sorry, I told a fib. More questions than I expected, but I try to think up as many I can to avoid repeatedly PMing you. Thanks in advance

18I'll find another site with that image for number 7 and resend it. But I wonder why he couldnt see it...
Keeper of Takanuvas Legend
1I'll find another site with that image for number 7 and resend it. But I wonder why he couldnt see it...

2That is my anti-leech program at work to stop people from diriect-linking images to my site. You can still link to pages, though. Just give him the link to this page and point out the screenshot.
1Oh, and you didn't answer this question?
2And, a non-MOL question, in Bionicle, the Game, Suvas were used to teleport, I think, between Koros. Meaning, a Toa would walk up to a Suva, the user would press a button, a menu appeared (didn't look at it closely; saw this breifly at my cousin's house), and you could teleport to another Koro. Just to check, is that another inaccuracy? Can Suvas really do that (minus the computer menu, of course)?

3Sorry to keeping bugging you here... :lol:

4No, that's just a computer game device. Doesn't work like that in the real BIONICLE world. Software a lot of the times does things that don't jibe with the rest of the story, because they need to for gameplay purposes.