1i got some more answers out of him:
21. where the great kanohi masks of Mata-Nui made out of kanoka disks? 32.Do matoran actually eat? if so, what? 43. were the old matoran throwing disks in away related to kanoka besides the shape and size? 54. I have heard about a rahi called a rahi-nui. is this a real rahi? if so, will it be a set? 65. how many more movies is bionicle planning to have? 7thanks in advance.

81) Yes 92) That's never been established 103) Not really, no 114) Rahi Nui was a Rahi that combined aspects of Rahi sets we had done. So no, it will not be a set, but someone could probably build one based on the description given. 125) Depends on how well BIONICLE 2 does. If it sells well, Miramax will want to keep making more movies. If it doesn't, they won't.

1Here is some stuff that I just asked Greg.
2Sorry I keep bugging you, you just keep dropping these hints everywhere and it makes me so curious.    :P
31.) OK, I was thinking about the Manas, and I came across a little contrast. In MNOLG 1, they are destroyed when the Toa Katia destroy the generators, but in one of the books (I think it was the Tales of the Toa or Tales of the Masks) they are destroyed by a flood. So are the manas electrical creatures, as suggested by MNOLG 1, and if they are, how are they created? Or are they normal rahi, but just extremely powerful?
42.) You mention the many toothed sea monster in Tales of the Masks when Gali is trying to get one of the Kanohi Nuva (can't remember which). I was reading the topic where you said that the Dark Hunters had a connection with an old enemy, and the many toothed thing came to my mind. Would that thing be considered an old enemy, or what? 

51) The Manas are Rahi, but they were capable of drawing power from those towers. So destroying the towers stunned them. But as was shown in Tales of the Toa, they are capable of existing without them
62) Actually, that was not a bad guess, and he would be considered an enemy. But it's not him. ):) Still, I like that you are thinking outside the box.

8Actually, in Tales of the Toa, they were defeated by being frozen. Not a flood. Asked Greg about that a few weeks ago, and he said the tower destructin stunned them, then they were frozen, and the Toa Kaita took their masks off. Later, they thawed, but were not infected anymore, so apparently roamed free. And we ran into more in Tales of the Masks; I think that might be what Greg meant. There were two loose deep underground, as Onua was looking for a Kanohi Nuva.
9And, Gali was going for a Kakama Nuva. She didn't know which one she was going for, but that's what she found. ;)
10... 114. I have heard about a rahi called a rahi-nui. is this a real rahi? if so, will it be a set? 12... 134) Rahi Nui was a Rahi that combined aspects of Rahi sets we had done. So no, it will not be a set, but someone could probably build one based on the description given. 14...

15Someone has made a good MOC of it, in fact. Check out the Rahi, Rahi I made topic by Gukko under the Recommended Topics link in my sig. It fits very much with the description in Tales of the Masks, as I read it. Should give you a good idea of a Rahi Nui. ;)
16Although you should bear in mind that's a fan created thing; not an official set (disclaimer due to this being about official stuff ):)).

1QUESTIONS: 2Hello, Greg. I hope all is well with regards to the latest books and comics.
31. Is Kopaka's element really ice, or is it cold? Because if you fired a "cold beam," it would freeze the water molecules suspended in the air to make an "ice beam." I also know he has other powers which are not completely associated with ice (like the movement and creation of blizzards, which is manipulation of cold fronts). Similarly, is Tahu's element fire or heat? Because he can raise the temperature in an area without resorting to actual flame, can't he?
4In my mind, Ice and Fire encompass heat and cold. Fire is an element, for example, heat is not. I try to give Nuju and Vakama access to the same sorts of powers that fire and ice characters in the comics get to have, because it makes them more interesting and fun to write. 5- So it's a little of both. . .
62. The CD included with Gahlok-Kal referred to Gali Nuva's "Mizuni Rotors," the propellors on her hands. For my reference book I need to know - is that the correct spelling?
7I don't recall ever using that term, so I really can't say. 8- Dang.
93. A more personal question, one which I've never seen asked before. As a child, were you a big Lego fan?
10I played with LEGO bricks, although I was never much of a MOCer -- I am not a visual thinker, I think in words, which does not lend itself to MOCing. My favorite toys were the Mego 8-inch superhero action figures, of which I had almost all. I would make up stories for them and have adventures that would run six to eight weeks, mixing them up with figures from other lines, using them in different roles (for example, the Klingon from the Star Trek series made a great Dracula). 11- Amusing.
124. Which is the correct answer for the new Bionicle scale issue? 13a: everyone was large on Metru Nui, and the "bio" measurement refers to 1.6 of a Mata Nui Toa. 14b: the bio measurement refers to Toa Metru now. 15c: Toa Metru are in actuality the same size as the Mata Nui Toa, it's just that they are much taller because of design issues (so the scale is incorrect). 16Just trying to work out calculations, and I wanted to know this. And a Toa (Mata Nui) is about 7 feet tall, right?
17My personal answer is C, because there is nothing in the '04 bible saying they are bigger than the Toa Nuva. The sets are bigger because they have greater articulation and that requires different pieces. 18- Dang.
195. Before the Vahki and Kralhi, Rahi still attacked Metru Nui (presumably). How did Matoran defend themselves? With the sole use or disks, or did they have tamed Rahi of their own? I'm personally still using tamed Rahi in the Metru Nui storyline. . .
20Matoran primarily used disks, which did not work real well which is why they built Kralhi. The only tame Matoran we know of there are Ussal crabs, who would be of use against only some kinds of Rahi, so I can't see them being the backbone of the city's defense. Gukko had not been tamed on Metru Nui. 21- Dang. Heheh. "the only tame Matoran we know. . ."
23Dark Hunters are basically bounty hunters.

24So if Dume hired someone to capture Nidhiki and Krekka, would they be considered a Dark Hunter? Or is a Dark Hunter a bounty hunter who accepts "evil" jobs?
25I see the Dark Hunters as like some of the characters in old Westerns -- no morals, willing to take any job, good or bad, if the pay was right, and their choices often colored by their own prejudices (Nidhiki, for example, hates Toa with a passion). The act of hiring someone does not make a person a Dark Hunter -- it has more to do with how and why they do the job. 26- So it's the motives which define it, not the job. So a big lizard man could be payed to rescue Lhikan and save Metru Nui, and still be a Dark Hunter.
King Elessar
1Hey, Greg. I have a few Q's.
21. What's Nhidiki and Kreeka's story? I mean, where did they come from? Were they once Metruan?
32. Why does Turaga Dume have a different body than the other Metruan? He is a Metruan. Right?
43. Will The Great Spirit Metru-nui play a part in the storyline like Mata-nui does?
54. (Last one.) Will there be "Dark Toa?" Like Anti Vakama or Anti Nokoma.

7I can answer #3. There is no great spirit Metru-Nui. Metru-Nui is only the name of the city.

8And I can answer #2. No, Turaga Dume is a Turaga, not a Matoran. Why is this still being confusing to folks? We've run into this over and over in S & T. Turaga Dume is not a Matoran, he is a Turaga. That's why he's different. He can control Noble masks, and has a tiny amount of elemental control over fire. Matoran cannot control masks, and have no elemental powers. Clear?

9Well... if Greg cannot answer #2... there might be a reason...
10Hmmm... *starts to theorize and stuff*

  • 1In this topic: Can Makuta Infect People?, Lewa Arkhan wonders if Makuta can infect masks directly; not needing to have a Kraata do it. So can he? And, if he can, does he need to touch the mask, or can he do it from a distance, as a shadow Kraata would?
2Thanksmuch. ):)

3I would have to ask. Since Makuta does not interact directly with his foes all that much, it hasn't come up.

1See my previous post on page 59, I later asked GregF about mt 16th question:
216) If so, does it get "wound up" when the gears for the swivel joint move, making it self-contained?
3Don't understand your question

4I meant, the gear system that makes the shoulders swivel from side-to-side, would the clockwork mechanism use the turning movement of the back gear to function as the knob that winds up the entire clockwork system?

5Not to my knowledge, but you are not far off. The mechanism is designed along the lines of some watches, where any movement of the person wearing it keeps the watch going.

6At this point, my level of self-satisfaction had risen to a point high enough to propel a small car at 250-miles per hour for four hours and thiry minutes, if converted into gasoiline.
1Hi again...
21. You said recently that the space under Mata Nui (Metru Nui, environs, etc) wasn't really measured. But here's my question. Is it like one big cave, with completely enclosed walls, or is the "ceiling" supported by intermittently placed gigantic pillars, or does the wall have big gaps in it that lead to other caves?
31) No pillars that I am aware of. There did use to be openings leading elsewhere, but they were closed by order of Dume some time ago.
42. You also said that if Bionicle 2 wasn't a big hit, then Miramax might not do a Bionicle 3. If not, would LEGO find another company?
5We would certainly have that option, sure.
63. Couldn't Makuta and Takanuva use each other's elements? Because Takanuva could remove light or make a space impenetrable by light, and Makuta remove the shadow from a light or remove all shadow from a space...
7But why would either want to do that? Why would Takanuva want to create darkness and Makuta create light? Makes no sense.
84. How can Turaga Dume understand the vahki?
9He has machinery in his chambers that allows him to do so.
104. from the official gerg topic:[Dark Hunters are basically bounty hunters Do they receive money( or other good things) from someone( dume?)
114) I am sure they receive all different kinds of rewards.

125. If the Dark Hunters would receive rewards from someone, then who? And what kind of work would they do?
13As I told the person who asked that question, I am not answering queries like these, because I may want to do more with Dark Hunters in future.
146. Also, could the Dark hunters travel between Metru Nui and other environs to find their "boss", if that's the kind of -person- they would work for?
15Yes. The Dark Hunters are not from Metru Nui, they came there from elsewhere.
167. More about the Hunters... they both have a flight mode, right? Nidhiki's is a sledlike foldup, but what's Krekkas?
17Don't know, I haven't played with the set.
183. Do you think we'll ever see Khraka's true form?
19No idea. I hope not.

208. By that, do you mean that you know what it is and don't want us to see it, or do you just want to keep it a mystery?
21I want to keep it a mystery, because what you guys imagine it to be will be way scarier than anything I could think up. I think if we reveal EVERYTHING it robs BIONICLE of a lot of its fun.
229. I've seen in some questions that you aren't allowed to go into the library. Why not?
23Because if I read fan fic, and then accidentally use something from it in something I write (because it is floating in the back of my head and I don't realize it isn't my idea), LEGO could get sued for stealing someone's idea. So it is safer just not to read any of it at all. Also, i really don't want to be in a position of having people send me their fic and ask me to tell them if they write well or not.

2410. About the Dark Hunter's connection to an old enemy... have we seen this enemy before?
2611. *relating to 10* By "old enemy" is that an old enemy from 2001-04, or is it an old enemy of the Matoran?
27It is an old enemy you have seen before. That's all I am saying.

28That's all for now... Thanks in advance: 29-ToM

301. How curious... I wonder why? 312. Thank goodness. 323. Okay, just wondering. 334. Ah. 345. Yahoo: 356. I though so. 367. We'll see... 378. That, it certainly does. 389. *slaps himself* Well, Duh. That makes sense. 3910 & 11. O...kay... *starts thinking*
1About the connection to the Dark Hunters to an old enemy, that isn't Makuta or Bahrag, does that rule out things controlled by them, like Krana, Kraata, Rahkshi? That's a question that's come up. (You might not be able to answer that one....)

2No, it does not rule out things controlled by them. If it did, that would rule out just about everything ):)

1Here's some more I got:
2Been reading around, and a few things caught my interest:
31- When will it be revealed in the movie what side Dume stands on? He's seen speaking with The Dark Hunters, but he also seems like he is good, to an extent. When will his true motives be revealed in the movie? 20 minutes in, at the very end?
42- Since the Turaga do hide the Kanohi, does that mean Vakama had another of his visions? Did they know of the Toa Olda? I doubt they hide em for the heck of it, or if it was just a game. LOL. But they forgot where they hid them.
53- Will it be shown how Vakama made the Kanohi Nuva masks? It memory serves, it was said by you he made them. Or he hid them.
64- How did Vakama discover to make Nuva masks?
75- Can we expect any sort of a sneak peak into 2005 later this year? As in a booklet with the movie, like MOL. Or in some other form?
8Thanx for answering what you can:

91) I don't really get the point of this question. Are you planning to fast forward up to that part or something?
102) They hid them in places that only one with the heart of a true Toa would be able to access them. And while Vakama was not certain when they did that that other Toa would be coming, they had already made preparations (the Toa stones) for future Toa.
113-4) Can't answer at this point
125) I don't know what they might be planning as far as inserts with the DVD. That's not my area.
14He didn't get the first one. Most likely I would forward it to that part, but I mean we can't wait till the end:::
1I asked gregf the question seen here:
2In your latest novel, The Darkness below, 3when the toa are under Ta-Metru the floor gives way, and they hear a creatior loudly roaring. Can you tell me what it 4was? If you, can't, can you tell me when we will know?

5[COLOR=red[BThe Snoopster82

6Yes, it will make an appearance in the November comic

8Isn't that cool?

9the snoopster
Snoopy82 v. 2.0
1Yes, it will make an appearance in the November comic 

3Interesting - so something I said as a joke might be true: It might be the Rahi from the contest:
4Mine lives underground. . . :rolleyes:
5Anyway, that would be really cool. Then the person would have their creation in a comic and in a book:
2"I was wondering if all masks have one form. IE does the hau always look like tahus hau or the avohkii always look like takanuvas?"
4"To answer your question, masks of similar powers are commonly always made to look the same, for the same reason Stop signs all look the same. If there is a crisis and you need a Great Mask of Shielding, you don't want to try on six masks trying to figure out which one is the Hau. So by making all Hau look alike, you automatically know which mask has the shielding power"
5I have some more on the way, and I'll edit this post with 'em.

6Linkin, complete with questions:
1Q. After all of this excitment about a theatrical movie they are making the third one direct to video? Why? Why not go theatrical? The direct to video ones make money don't they, why wouldn't a theatrical one?
2A... 3Couple reasons: 41) The theatrical has never been a guarantee, it has always been a hopefully. We had scripts that we were looking at last fall for a theatrical, and none of them were any good -- even if they had been, there would have been no way to get it out before '06. You can't do a theatrical movie in a year.
52) I don't know if there will be a theatrical or a TV series, or either, neither, or both. What I have heard is that studios, when planning animated theatricals, give preference to films that will appeal to entire families, like Shrek or Toy Story. BIONICLE appeals mostly to boys, so I don't know what impact that might have on things.
63) Finally, LEGO is not producing these movies, Miramax is, so we really don't have a lot of say in whether they are done for theaters or DVD. It's Miramax's call because they are the ones putting up the money to make them.
1Hey Grag, it's been a while. I just wante to know:
2QUOTE 33- Will it be shown how Vakama made the Kanohi Nuva masks? It memory serves, it was said by you he made them. Or he hid them.
44- How did Vakama discover to make Nuva masks?
53-4) Can't answer at this point

61.) I remember you telling me that Kanohi Nuva were just Kanohi that had been changed by Energized Protodermis. Was this changed, and if so, can you tell us why? 7Thanks

8No, it really hasn't changed all that much. But the question becomes, how did the masks get exposed to energized protodermis, since there is none in Metru Nui? ):)

1here are more answers from greg:
2QUOTE 3Hi Greg these are mostly about the kikanalo.

41. Can you give any more info about the kikanalo? Maybe like number of legs, color, blind or number of eyes, weapons? Anything?
5No, I want to keep them under wraps until the movie.
62. I know they are in the movie, do they play a major role?
7I'd say so, yes.
83. Do they follow anyone's orders?
104. Do they clean up anything besides the leftover protodermis? Like if a matoran were out there would he get cleaned up or something?
11No, they don't attack Matoran, though you don't want to get in their way when they are working.
125. How many are there?
146. Are they produced my matoran, like the Vahki are?
15No, they are not machines.
167. Are they from Metru Nui?
17Most Rahi are not from Metru Nui, odds are these aren't either.
188. Do you know of any other pets on Metru Nui besides the Lava Eels (I think thats what they are called)?
19Not offhand, no, I haven't created any others.
209. I think you have answered this before, but do the matoran have any curency on metru nui? If so what is it called? Paper, coins, etc.?
21We assume they have some sort of monetary system, but we haven't gone into any detail on it. Hasn't really been a factor in the story.

22Thanks Greg:

24See answers above, 25Greg
1Nothing really ground-breaking here, but I thought this was interesting info on the "Dume is/ is not evi"l case...

2Seeing that there are a bunch of theories on Dume being evil and not evil, I don't know who to believe, so I'm trying to wait till the movie...but I can't. :lol:I hope this question, if you can answer it, will help...
3Q) Once Dume gets the chance to meet the Toa and accepts they are real Toa, will Dume reprogram the Vahki to stop attacking the Toa Metru?
4*crosses fingers*

6Nope ):) Because when Dume does meet the Toa Metru for the first time, he comes to the conclusion they are imposters and orders their arrest. (I can tell you that because it made pretty clear by the July comic).

8Would that be cause he is evil, or just cause he doen'st believe in the Toa?

10It's because when the Toa Metru first show up -- and remember, hardly anyone knows they exist at this point, except for a couple Matoran -- he gives them a test to prove they are Toa, and they fail it. If you were in his shoes, what would you think?

12The most interesting things there is that the Toa fail the test, and the get arrested...
1tell me just am im right: 2Dume is good but he is thinking that Toa arent real(I think You said such a think Greg). So he told the vahki AND PAID TO DARK HUNTERS to hunt the toa. so we have the answers to all questions but what had happened to Lhikan? LOL 3:t: :o: :a: :o: :f: :p: :r: :o: :t: :o:
1Toa of Protodermis, I see you are new. You need to PM GregF. Type his name (GregF) in the "New Message" section of your Control Panel. Then, after you get the answers back from him, post them here. Don't forget to also read the rules: ):) 2~TD :silver: ~
1In this topic: Bohrok And The Mol:, Speed Demon said that it had been said that the Bohrok were searching for something. I do not remember this. Is this true?

2No, the Bohrok were not searching for anything. The Bohrok-Kal were searching for the Bahrag, so maybe Speed Demon just confused the two.

1Here's mine:
32 simple Qs.
41: How can Dume "Communicate" with Nivawk?
52: Is Dume pronounced Doo-may or Doo-mah?
71) Dume is capable of understanding Nivawk's language.
82) I pronounce it Doo-may, but I have no idea how it will be pronounced in the movie. Sometimes the movie pronunciations end up being different than how we say it around the office.
1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3Okay, here's a few questions.
41. In the news on the front page, it says Dume banned the 5Metru from the city. Can you confirm this as being true?
62. It also says Dume hired the DH and is using the Vahki for his 7evil plans and what-not. Confirmation of trueness in the 8statement, please?
93. I do believe you said Dume has no knowing of the Metru, 10well, how could he bann them from the city when he has no 11idea who or what they are?
12That's it. Thanks.
131) No, the Toa Metru were never banned from the city. That catalog description was written by someone in sales, not someone associated with BIONICLE, and therefore contains storyline errors.
142) See answer to #1
153) As I have said, the Dume story takes place in the movie. His branding them as impostors comes after her has met them during the movie. It hasn't happened yet.

17See answers above, 18Greg 19-------
20So...anyone still want to believe it now?
1THis is basically the same as BHX's, but bonesii suggested that I post it anyways.
2SA:Now, a German Lego catalog is saying outright that Dume is evil. I think that's a significant amount of proof by now, but just wanted to check with you to see that this is not possibly a mistranslation. I do like the idea of evil Dume but just want to be sure.
3Greg:Silver, I read that description over and it is not one I wrote, nor was it written by anyone associated with BIONICLE. So I would suggest taking it with a grain of salt.
1So...anyone still want to believe it now?

2Yes I do. ):)
1This isn't a question, but rather a quote in a topic form GregF. I thought it important enough to put here.
2Proto has nothing to do with Ultimate Dume. Been there, done that.

1I've got a question. Okay, it seems metru nui is pretty advanced and all that blah blah blah but will they ever go back to a less advanced life like back on mata nui?
Benders minion
1I've got a question. Okay, it seems metru nui is pretty advanced and all that blah blah blah but will they ever go back to a less advanced life like back on mata nui?

2Probably not because I asked GregF and he said that nothing on Metru-Nui was destroyed when the matoran left. So...the turaga will probably remind them how to use everything, and metru-nui will be running again: (Man, It'd be dusty after a thousand years:)
1Not to many (for now...) :P
21. If someone (e.g a Toa) could control the Vahi properly, could they create a bubble of time around an opponent (e.g a Vahki) and age them (e.g 10,000 years)?
3Hmmm. Well, we know it can be used to speed time and slow it down around the user, so theoretically, yes.
42. In the Vahki movies whenever you see a Kanoka its glowing. Is this because its in use?
53. If so, why is the one in the Bordahk movie glowing? Are the Matoran draining its power for some reason?
62-3) Artistic license. Draws the eye to the disk in the movies .

74. In direct reference to a question by Nidhiki790, you said the Dark Hunters have a connection to an old villian. For clarity, what is meant by old? Is it chronilogical in the Bionicle universe, old as in its from between 2001-2003, etc?
8Old as in you have seen it in the story before, prior to this year's movie storyline.
95. Anything fresh on a Lhikan set yet? Reeeeeally hopeful. Hes too cool:
10Far as I know, it is should happen, just a question of what is being packed with it.
116. How much manuvering room are you fiven in the books? E.g in Trial By Fire,were you told the Toa must find the Great Disks and you decide how its done and what happens along the way? Or is it more specific than that?
12Well, in that particular case, I knew where the Great Disks had to be hidden because they are shown in the movie. How the Toa got to them was up to me. By and large, with the exception ofmovie plot, I have a lot of room to play.

137. People are saying we will find out secrets about the Bohrok in the movie, 05, etc. Have you said anything about this or are these members assuming too much?
14That is all just BZP white noise. I have said nothing of the kind. The Bohrok are sleeping throughout this period, so they really aren't coming up much.

158. Do you know if the Bahrag will return as a major enemy in the story? They are really cool too (but not as much as Lhikan *hint hint*)
16Offhand, I doubt it, because as far as I know they sleep until Makuta awakens them (in 2002). So while they do make a sort of cameo in Book 6 briefly, they really aren't active at all. The only way I see them coming back is when we get back to the Toa Nuva story, but probably not in a major way because we are not going to reissue the sets.
17See answers above, 18Greg

1Dear GregF 2i was wondering if the disk the toa metru use can be re used. like i shoot it at a vahki could i pick the disk up and re use it? 3if not it seems like a royal wast of time for a matoran to make a disk for a one shoot thing. ):) 4also the mata nui Mctoran could apperently re use there disk 5from MantasTamer
1Dear GregF 2i was wondering if the disk the toa metru use can be re used. like i shoot it at a vahki could i pick the disk up and re use it? 3if not it seems like a royal wast of time for a matoran to make a disk for a one shoot thing. ):) 4also the mata nui Mctoran could apperently re use there disk 5from MantasTamer

6OK, here in the official GregF topic we address the comic book writer, by PMing him. Anyways, I believe that the answer to your question is that they can be re-used but each time they're used it sucks the "juice" out of the Kanoka so, eventually they do lose power. The second question, they can since those disks are bascally bamboo, so until they break, they'll be used more than once.
1More Q & A.
2Q: What if somebody used the Komau and made someone do something impossible? like making a Matoran jump 100 feet in the air?
3A: If something is physically impossible to do, using mind control is not going to make them capable of doing it. 4he misunderstood my question I'll PM him back about it.
5Q: Can Nuju use the "basic vision enhancements" of his mask without using the telekinetic power?
6A: Yes

7torritorri 8:t: :t:
1Okay, here's one I didi just this morning:
2I have heared that you will be going to the Comic Convention again- but which day? And will you be going to Legoland again?
3(I need to the answer from you because I haven't been able to get the answer from the Comic-Con web site.)
4Thanks either way,

6Hi GNG, I will be at San Diego Comic-Con again, for the entire show, Thursday through Sunday. I am not doing LEGOLand again this year, though.

8That's great: now I have about 200 other questions: :P (one of which I put in your new Q&A thing at the Kanoka club)
9But the rest... 10*GNG runs to room to get her list of questions*

  1. 11What exactly is an airship, and what does it look like?
  2. 12If there's a Toa of light, could that mean... a Toa of shadows?
  3. 13Is the year 2005 part of the prequeal (Toa Metru), the present (Toa Nuva), or a blend of both?
  4. 14Will the Toa travel to other islands for any adventures?
  5. 15Is there any possability of Likahn [sp? and Jaller being the same Character?
  6. 16How do you spell Lihkahn, anyway?

17Thank you again: and if I do meet you at the Comic convention, I'll let you know that it's me.

1Here are somethings I asked:
2Here are 3 questions I need answers to.
31) Why does Ta-Metru make masks? Are they just for replacing old and broken ones or for new metruan?
4Also in case Lhikan needs one.
52) If there are new metruan don't they get born with masks?
6No, they don't. All masks are made in Ta-Metru.
73)Why didn't the turaga try to rebuild the highly developed technology of Metru-Nui on Mata-Nui?
8Same reason that if I drop you on a tropical island today, you probably won't be able to build a CD player. Not the right raw materials, not the right tools, and not the right engineering knowledge.
9Thanks. 10-GM

11See answers above, 12Greg


  • 1Anything fresh on a Lhikan set yet? Reeeeeally hopeful. Hes too cool:
    2Far as I know, it is should happen, just a question of what is being packed with it.

    3Just wondering, are there options thought up as to what would be included, and the issue is which one to pick, or is it that something new has to be thought up?

  • 4In a recent topic, ToM said, though he's not certain, that you said all Mata Nui Rahi came with the Matoran to Mata Nui. I thought you had said that some or most of them wandered in on their own (though some, like Ussals, may have been brought, like Pewku), and that the Turaga would have preffered they stay away. I can't remember either, though, so wanted to ask which is the case.


61) I think things are pretty much set. Look for an announcement on BIONICLE.com later this year.
72) I never said the Matoran brought all of them. A lot, almost all, came on their own.

9I also sent him some more stuff on Kanoka numbers, he replied, but I wanted to clarify a few things. I thought I had sent it, but it looks like it was interrupted, so I've resent it, and will post when he replies to that.
11. I've heard talk of a prototype Morb that the Toa will encounter in book 6, but I dont remeber seeing a quote. Have you said anything about this?
21) Yup. But I think he's cooler than the Morb was.
3If its cooler than the Morb, I cant wait
42. Also people are saying the fifth enemy will be a set. Again, dont remeber a quote, but I do remeber someone I trust saying you said you havent commented on the fith enemy. Have you?
52) No, I have said zip on fifth enemy.
6I thought so
73. Do you think Krahka could join the Toa as an ally, if she felt so inclined to?
83) If she was inclined to, sure, she is an independent thinker.
9That would definetly make an interesting story
104. About how Krahka formed protodermis as a combo of the Toa, could the Toa Nui do this? And is this how the Bahrag's prison was formed?
114) Well, the six Toa did that to trap the Bahrag, yes. That is why she was able to do that, because she had all six powers.
12Cool. I thought as much
135. Could Makuta use the different powers of the Rahkshi?
145) Probably, yes.
15Well, he does create them after all
166. Do you think Mata Nui, if he (I am assuming hes a he unless otherwise stated) had to, could create Kraata or similar beings?
176) Can't answer it.
18This one intrigues me. Maybe its to do with future plot?
20S'all for now, thanks.

21Answers in Q to A format as preferred, Gregs answers in bold, my own comments on those answers in blue
11. you said that the dark hunters came from somewhere other than metru-nui; where did they come from? how did they get to metru-nui? if you can't answer these right now, will we ever know?
2Well, as far as how they get there, they can both fly. But I can't say where they come from.
3i wonder if we'll ever find out where they do come from :sly:
42. it's been publicized that the dark hunters have a connection to an old villian; would "old" encompass characters from the metru-nui storyline? (i.e. the morbuzahk) 5if someone guessed the villian that they have the connection to, would you tell them that they were right?
6No, I wouldn't -- anytime I give spoilers on here, then people start complaining that the story is boring because they know everything already. And anyone besides Makuta and the Bahrag is fair game.
7hmmm... the puzzle deepens. :glare:
83. since the vahki are robots, can onewa use his komau on them? or is it ineffective? 9also, can the vahki somehow see through matau's illusions? (i.e. a heat scan, or something like that?)
10No, the Komau will not work on them, they don't have minds to control. And if the Vahki made an effort it probably could, but in the heat of battle, it probably won't do that.
11well, there goes the usefullness of onewa's mask :unsure:
124. how long is the metru-nui storyline going to go on? (e.g. the end of the year, into next year, etc. etc)
13Can't discuss storyline beyond this year.
14humph :glare:
155. could a disk with the remove poison power reverse the effect of a vahki's staff?
16No. Vahki are not poisoning you. It's an energy attack, not a chemical/biological attack.
17shoot, that ruins the chance of a #4 disk being worthwhile
186. what is the ratio of shrinkage/growth if you are hit with a kanoka disk with the power of shrinkage or growth? (i.e. a shrinking disk with a power level of 1 makes a toa shrink a foot, a disk with a power level of 6 makes them the size of a matoran) (that's just an example)
19We haven't quantified this, because we do not like to paint ourselves into corners that way.
20i guess i'll just have to make my own ratio *imagines 500 foot tall toa* :sly:

21answers from greg in bold, my comments in green.
23bohrok-kal :silver:
1Did you get this? It went into my sent folder, but a glitch appears to have interrupted it somehow, because it's not in my message tracker. I wanted to clarify a few things about the Kanoka stuff.

2These three are related, this is hard to explain, so I'll try to be clear.
  • 3In this topic: [The True Number Of Kanoka Powers, by SilverAkaku, one issue that has come up is what powers of proto are considered the same, and what's different. For example, DragonMaster2050 (the guy that made another topic on this I've PMed you about) pointed out the Vahki stun powers all seem very similar to each other, and the power of the Komau. His idea is that perhaps all of those are some sort of variation on a single power. As in, if those powers were made into disks; the same combo of basic powers would be used, and some other factor accounts for the variation. Is this possible, or would each be considered a separate Kanoka power, should Kanoka powers be made.

  • 4Same idea with the shapeshifting ability of Krahka, the tuneller, the Rahkshi of shapeshifting, Room Rahi, maybe even Great Mahiki. Is it possible that all of those involve the same power? Not sure if I'm making this clear.... That if Krahka's power were to be made into a disk, it would actually be more like several non-combined disks working together in a machine?

  • 5Perhaps a better example would be Lewa Nuva's ability to fly. His levitation power comes from the mask, the Miru. But he glides with his Air Katana, and pushes himself forward with his air powers. This sorta makes a new ability, that isn't made by just one disk. Perhaps there could be a Kanoka of flight, but Lewa can accomplish this with three things working together (the air and mask powers, plus a simple wing design of the Katanas). The idea is, if there were only, say, 256 Kanoka powers possible (not saying there are), this way, some "powers" like Krahka's shapeshifting, or Lewa's ability to fly, don't have to exist as a single disk (thus taking one item in the list of possible powers), but are variations on a power, accomplished with outside factors.

6Sorry if that wasn't clear. If not, I'll try to clarify. Thanks.

71 and 2 really aren't relevant to this debate, because the Vahki powers do not come from Kanoka disks, nor do Krahka's -- the room Rahi MAY in some way be related to a disk, but it hasn't been proven. So that just leaves the Mahiki.
8As for Lewa ... I have always used the Mask of Levitation as something that keeps him from falling once he is in the air, which is very different from flight (which to me lets you take off from a standing start, like Superman). But since there is no mask of flight, we do not know if that power exists in the BIONICLE universe.
9I am not sure where the 256 powers thing comes from. For example, suppose you took a growth disk and a regeneration disk and made a shielding disk -- well, there's three powers. And then you took two other disks, let's call them A and B, and made a C disk. Three more. But you can also take the shielding disk and the C disk and mix them together to make a D disk .. and on, and on, and on. So my own feeling is that there are going to be as many powers as we need their to be, and that does not even count if energized protodermis in any way alters the properties of disks as it does masks.

11On the 256 thing, it comes from what you had said that same powered disks don't make new powers. If, say, a disk that's made of a growth and a regen were combined with a shrink, we assumed it would be the same as if a disk made of a growth and regen were combined with a disk made of a growth and shrink. That the two growths wouldn't interact. I'm not the mathematician, so I don't understand why 256 is the number off of that.
12But, are you saying that the growth and regen mixed with a growth and shrinking would act different?
13Also, I should have explained better, I had assumed that any power that's made by proto could be made into a disk power, so would "fill up" a slot on the list of combos. That there could be a disk of Command, for example, or a Mask of Command. Or, that technically, a Vahki could be built with, say, Komau power in its staff (not that they'd do that). Meaning, I assumed any power that comes from proto (I think they all come form proto....... ) could be a Kanoka power.
14But you're saying that's not true? I want to make sure I'm getting this. Sorry to keep bugging you on this; I wanted to explain what I'd been thinking. (Sorry for the chaotic layout here....)

15Oh, and the Rahkshi can fly, as you defined it, can't they? Does that count in any way?

16Totally not sure if this will answer your questions or not, but this is how I see this working:
17Let's say you have a growth disk and a regeneration disk. You can combine the two to make a disk with shielding power.
18Let's say you have a growth disk and six regeneration disks. You can combine all of them to make a disk with shielding power.
19Now let's say you have that shielding disk. You can combine it with a growth disk to make another power, let's call it X. Then you can take disk X and combine it with a shielding disk and get Y. And them combine X and Y to get Z. And on and on .. that is why I think the 256 number is off, because the number of combinations goes on for days.
20It has never been stated that any and every power in the BIONICLE universe must be able to be in a disk. Some powers may well come from the exposure of an object or entity to energized protodermis, and since disks are not (to our knowledge yet) made from EP, they would not have such powers. Other powers may come from the nature of the creature involved, such as kraata powers. Is it impossible that these powers could ever be somehow part of a disk and thus a mask? No. But it is not mandatory that they be able to exist in that form either

23And that does indeed answer my question: I was hoping that was true. :D
1Here's a few-
21)Is Mata Nui the only island on the surface world? (Above Metru Nui)
3Highly doubtful that it is.
42)Where does Maze of shadows take place?
5Can't answer it.
63)What is stored in the coliseum storage room?
7Well, in times past, masks used to be stored there, although most of them are now kept in the Great Temple. So it is various things needed for the city, like Vahki transports.
84)What kind of missions to other environs did Lhikan do in the past? (Ex. Discovery, etc.)
9Can't answer it
10And then-
112) is Lhikan's power something we've seen before?
12Not answering Lhikan questions at this point
133)What is Lhikan's weapon's official name?
14Don't have an official name for it at this point
154)I have a theory that I need to ask you. Okay, on one of the pictures for Nidhiki (I think it's the box pic) he's standing on a sphere with a crack in it. At the end of the trailer we see somebody looking through a crack that has the exact same shape. I think that Nidhiki has locked Lhikan in there and someone opens it in the end. Is any of that right?
16No, the "crack" scene you are referring to involves Lhikan opening something to get something that's inside, and the shot is simply done from the inside. He's not trapped in that scene.
1... 24)I have a theory that I need to ask you. Okay, on one of the pictures for Nidhiki (I think it's the box pic) he's standing on a sphere with a crack in it. At the end of the trailer we see somebody looking through a crack that has the exact same shape. I think that Nidhiki has locked Lhikan in there and someone opens it in the end. Is any of that right?
3No, the "crack" scene you are referring to involves Lhikan opening something to get something that's inside, and the shot is simply done from the inside. He's not trapped in that scene.

5Getting the Toa stones, perhaps?
6That clears up a lot; I've heard your theory before, and had it myself. So, it is Lhikan. I thought it was a Matoran wearing a Rau, but hey....
1Okay, I'll quote my PM to Greg.
2Okay, this is my first time PMing you, blah blah blah (betcha get sick of all these members asking for spoilers) but anyways...
3Q1: Since Metru nui looks like such a jump in technology will the bionicle story line ever go back to a more relaxed style like when they were on Mata nui?
4Q2: Will Cahdok and Gahdok ever be freed?
5Q3: Are the two sisters related to Makuta?
6Q4: Will Takua ever be back or will he always remain Takanuva?
7Em thanks.

81) No idea. I only know the story through '05 at this point
92) Possibly
103) No
114) Takua will actually make a cameo appearance in this year's movie. But in the present, no, it is not possible for a Toa to go back to being a Matoran. A Toa who sacrifices his/her Toa power becomes a Turaga.


  • 1In this topic: Are The Bahrag, Alive or machines?, gahlokgirl wondered if the Bahrag were totally machines, or alive. I thought I remembered you saying they're bio-mechanical, but wanna check.
    21) Yes, they are biomechanical
  • 3In this topic: 7th Main Rahkshi Takanuva Metru proposes that the Gold Rahkshi, weather control, might somehow be a higher class of Rahkshi than the others, and that the six MOL ones are as well, and the colors correspond to all seven Toa. He speculated that the rest of the wild Rahkshi are separated into groups underneath these, in some sort of rank or order. Is there any merit to this idea?
    42) Nope. All Rahkshi are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these life, servitude, and the pursuit of destruction.
6Thanks as usual. ):)