1a little question.... 2how is takanuva? 3how is its attitude?

4thanks gref

5As Jala12 pointed out, youare supposed to pm GregF. But I think I can answer that for hin - Takanuva's presonality is quite similar to Takua, only more experienced and wiser, as shown at the end of MoL.
6Anyways, here a few questions I asked are.
7SA:I have seen a debate in some topic over whether or not you said that Lhikan's element is not fire. If you did say that (or didn't will also do), could you tell me if Lhikan's powers have been seen before?

8GregFI have never said anything about what Lhikan's element is, one way or the other. It will be revealed in the Metru Nui Citybook.
9SA:Once a kanoka is drained of its powers, can it recharge? if so, how long does it take?

10GregF:No, disks are not built to be recharged.
11SA:I am wondering, are there plans to release the mnolgs off the kanoka club within the near future? I remember hearing about that but I'm not sure if it was from you.

12GregF:My understanding is that yes, they are coming back, with MNOLG2 probably first sometime this summer.
1Hey, I have a few questions that I've been wondering about:
21) Can a Matoran have control of an element? This is based around Dume, since he has control of fire.
32) Would that make Dume an incredibly powerful Matoran, or would that be another hint saying he was once a Toa? Or can Turaga type 'species' just appear like some Toa can?
43)Is it possible for Toa to be currupted? Become evil, etc.?
54) You said in Book 6 we'll learn the dread secret of Proto. Will that have an affect on the overall Toa Nuva story?
65) Is Energized Proto like a virus?
76) One person stated that you said the Return to Metru Nui story wouldn't focus on the Toa Nuva. Is this true?
87) Will new heroes possibly be choosen?
98) Will there always be six Toa? Is there a reason for that? Or is it possible one year we'll get like four or five Toa?
10Thanx for answering what you can:

111-2) No, Matoran do not have any elemental abilities. Most Turaga that we know about used to be Toa, which is why they have some low-level elemental control. While I do not have info on Dume's past, he is a Turaga, he would no longer be considered just a Matoran.
123) Sure. They have minds and feelings like anyone else.
134) It may change how you look at that story somewhat.
145) Not to my knowledge, no.
156-7) I haven't discussed anything about that story. It has not been written yet, so there is nothing to discuss.
168) Odds are there will always be six, because it works for us.
18Well those proved interesting. I'm still very curious as to the proto.
1Hi Greg: You're doing great work with the comics and books.
2Do the Matoran in Metru Nui ever have holidays?
3If so, what sort of events do the Matoran celebrate, and how often do they occure?
4Matoran holidays are primarily the naming ceremonies, which occur on an irregular basis.
5You have said that you don't want to compare Mata Nui to a religion. So what sort of figure would you compare him with if you could?
6Hmmmm ...I see him more like a legendary hero figure than a god. Bluntly, BIONICLE cannot go anywhere near religious worship without risking a hailstorm of protest.
7Which is stronger: A Bohrok, or a Vahki?
8I would give the edge to a Bohrok because of their elemental powers. But Vahki are smarter.
9Do the Matoran have a standard way of measuring time, like Human hours and weeks?
10We have never established a system of time for the Matoran.
11In one of the Bionicle books, a Matoran says something like: 'I thought we saw the last of the Toa when Lhikan disappeared.' Does this mean that there were Toa before/alongside Lhikan?
12There were Toa before Lhikan, but not on Metru Nui.
13Is Toa Lhikan a normal Toa Metru, like Toa Vakama is? Because he seems to look like one.
14Yes, he is. He is not Nuva.
15Aside from the Kanoka Disks, do Matoran carry any other tools for defence against Rahi and the like?
17How does Toa Takanuva use his element? On his bio, it says that he can use beams of light, but in MOL when he battled Makuta, he used silver orbs. Which one does he commonly use?
18Just like Tahu or Kopaka, Takanuva uses light in many different ways. He doesn't really have a preferred method.
19Do you think a romance between two characters might ever play a lead role in Bionicle?
20I doubt it. Not on my watch, anyway. I have never seen the point in introducing romances into a toy line aimed at boys 8-12, and into a culture where the potential for marriage and children does not exist.
21Do Matoran always live alone? If say, a Ga-Matoran and a Ta-Matoran really liked each other, could they both live in the same dwelling?
22As far as we know, Matoran do not share living space, unless they are forced to for some reason.
23Could a Matoran possibly take on a Bohrok by his/herself?
24Yes, but unless the Matoran was in a defense vehicle, he would lose, most likely.
25We know that Jaller got a name change for his defence against the Bohrok Swarm, but why did Macku and Hewkii get the name changes?
26Heroic acts during the same period. A lot of Matoran showed great heroism during the Bohrok ordeal.
27Is Nivawk just a personal name for Dume's Rahi, like Pewku is a personal name for an Ussal, or is it the name for the entire Rahi species, like Ussal is a name for all the Rahi crabs?
28Far as I know, it is a personal name.
29How similar is the animation in the new movie compared to the animation in MOL?
30I think it is a good deal better.
31Thanks Greg:

  • 1In this topic: Vhisola Guilty?, Takua the Chronicler of Mata Nui brought up the issue of Ahkmou's forging that note to Tehutti, to make it look like Vhisola wrote it. Now, Denarr said, as I beleived, that he forged a note to every one of those five, supposedly from one of the others, except himself. That was the info I thought we had that was correct. But much later in the topic, jala12 and Silver Akaku said that he actually did sign all of them except the Vhisola one himself. Is this correct?

  • 2If so, why? I thought the idea of forging one was to distract from him. But if most of them are signed from him, wouldn't that be a dead giveaway?
    3Or was it, and I missed some info here?

4Thanks. ):)

5The note to Tehutti did contain a forged signature from Vhisola, and I know many of the rest were signed by Ahkmou. Why? Well, he had no reason to believe the Toa were going to play detective, or that the Matoran would escape his traps and be able to tell anyone about his involvement. On a practical side, we had to put in x many clues to who the traitor was in the software games, or else it would have been too hard for anyone playing to figure it out.

1You probably get these every 10 minutes. Oh well, here's another set of questions:

21) Were there ever any anti-Dume groups on Metru Nui, even with the threat of Vahki?
32) How do Vahki get their commands?
43) Will we see more of the Dark Hunters after Nidhiki and Krekka?
5Thanks, 6Nidhiki790

71) No. There were criminals, certainly, but no anti-Dume groups because there was no reason for there to be. The Matoran don't dislike Dume.
82) If there is something specific Dume needs them to do, he can tell a Vahki and it will be related by ultrasonics to other hives. But in general they are operating on the programming they got when they were built.
93)" No idea, but I hope so. You WILL find out later in the year that an old villain has a connection to them which you did not know about (and no, I don't mean Makuta or the Bahrag).

10I find the last one particularly interesting.
1Old enemies...but not bahrag, or makuta. what other enemies have we had?? besides minions...which I assume he didn't mean.
1I certainly hope he isn't referring to Ahkmou.
1More storyline goodness from Greg:
21) Does Krahka ever forget how to imitate another creature? What's to stop her from learning the powers of every living thing around her and using them in an infinite number of lethal combinations? With 7 Toa Metru, 42 types of Rahkshi, and all those tunnelers and room Rahi and so forth running around, it seems to me that she'd become almost impossible to defeat. Is her only limit the quantity of energy she has at her disposal?
3Basically, yes. But as you saw in The Darkness Below, imitating multiple things at once is an enormous drain on her energy, so she cannot do it for long. But yes, she has the potential to make the Rahi Nui look like a Chia pet.
42) What more can you tell us about Makuta's famous line, "I serve the Mask of Shadow," without getting in trouble? Is this mask like all the others--an inanimate object, crafted from a Kanoka, that allows the wearer to wield a certain power? Or is there more to the Kraahkan than that?
5I can't speak for the screenwriter, but I can give you my take on this. I do not see the mask as being more than any other mask. But I do see it as being a symbol in Makuta's mind of ambition, of power, of all that embracing the darkness can bring him. So in that sense, he does serve it, because he is a slave to his own greed, jealousy and lust for power. Although Makuta is enormously talented at justifying his actions, I also see him as being a little like Richard III in that he has CHOSEN to be as he is -- he was not corrupted by someone else and taken over -- he chose to do what was in his interests and place them before his duty to Mata Nui. He chose to turn his back on duty, to abandon unity, and to try and rip apart and reshape his own destiny and that of others.

6Heh... "she has the potential to make the Rahi Nui look like a Chia pet." :lol: And his answer to the second question is really fascinating. It implies that Makuta, like everyone else in Bionicle, is supposed to be guided by the three virtues--but it's obvious he's not. :unsure: 7:kaukau:

1Yeah, who could it be? We already know Ahkmou is the koli ball traitor a.k.a. the origanal traitor. but who else could it be? The bohrok Kal? The Rahkshi? But both of those are connected to the two who are not the villains...
1I guess the only possible chocie is Ahkmou.
2Everyone else has served either the bahrag or makuta...
1These aren't PMs I got, but here's two things Greg said that are cool and..... astounding:
2In this topic, by him: Bionicle Adventures #6, Greg said this in the opening post:
3Taking a break from writing BIONICLE Adventures #6 and thought I would give you guys a little sneak peek of what you will find in that story ...
4-- The dread secret of energized protodermis 5-- A clue about how the Bahrag make krana 6-- The first chronological appearance of the Rahi Nui (and one far more powerful than appeared in Tales of the Masks) 7-- The origin of the Morbuzakh -- who made it and why 8-- How to rescue a Toa who has been fused with a stone wall ):) 9-- Why giant horned serpents with Rahkshi heads are a bad thing 10-- Moss. Lots and lots of moss.

12He later said the stone wall thing has nothing to do with a Kanoka of Teleportation, BTW, when Gukko and I speculated that. He also said that the dread secret is not that it's addictive, and a few other non important things.

13In this topic: Makuta...weak? Or Just Holding Back... by Raptordx1, SilverAkaku said that Greg has said the Makuta is not a Great Being: When asked for proof, he provided this (but apparently isn't going to post it here; since this is huge news as far as I'm concerned, and the consensus in S & T has been the opposite, I am going to post it here):
14I remember you stating that you do not believe Makuta to be a Great Being, and some people are asking for quotes. So, just pm me back a confirmation.

15I don't see him as one, no.

17To those who are as amazed as I am, yeah, amazing, huh? To those who might already know it, hey, nobody in S & T said it till SA did (that I ever saw), and I've never seen any old quote like that. So I don't know how we could have known better; especially since Greg has implied the opposite. But now things are different. ):)

18Oh, I know I said two things, but this is vital too (pun not intended), in this topic: How Is It That The Toa [NEver Die? by TahuNuvaV2.0, Greg said this:
GregF@Jun 11 2004 @ 09:56 AM
19... 20Characters have died and come back in BIONICLE, and very soon a character will die and NOT come back ... but if you are going to kill a hero you better be sure it's what you want to do. Because, for one thing, you are changing the story forever -- and for another, you better be prepared not to sell too many more sets of that character. ):)
21That said, when was the last time Spider-Man died? Or Iron Man? Or Wonder Woman? Or Batman? The stories are about the heroes and their adventures, so killing them off means you better have a darn good reason and something better to replace them with.

23Folks are referencing that one a lot now, speculating on who's gonna die permanently, so I thoughtI should put it here, so folks that didn't see that topic can find it. For the second part, he was explaining why they don't generally kill off characters, which was the topic question.
1QUOTE 23) Will we see more of the Dark Hunters after Nidhiki and Krekka?
33)" No idea, but I hope so. You WILL find out later in the year that an old villain has a connection to them which you did not know about (and no, I don't mean Makuta or the Bahrag).
4This was in the official Topic and I was wondering what other Villians have we had besides those two?
5With this I am assuming that the Bohrok/kal and the Rahkshi aren't considered Villians because they are connected to both.

6Don't make assumptions. And there have been other foes in the Scholastic books. I have some wicked cool plans for you guys
8His answer in bold my question in normal type.
9snake, 10Out
11)You said you do not see Makuta as a Great Being.You also said that he made a choice in rejecting the Big 3(Unity, duty, destiny).Does this mean he once WAS a Great Being?Or is he totally different? 2GregF: No, I don't think he ever was a Great Being.
32)And while we're talking about Great Beings, is Mata Nui a Great Being? 4GregF: This is my opinion, not OFFICIAL BIONICLE (yet), but no, I don't believe he is. The legend states that the Great Beings SENT Mata Nui, not that he is a Great Being.

5:tohu: 6-IT
1I know you probably can't answer my main question, but checking in case:
2Is Ultimate Dume a fusion of Dume and the Dark Hunters storyline wise?
3And another Dume question. THere seems to be an awful lot of pro-Dume propoganda all over the place. He doesn't seem to be seen very often though. Is that just because he is so busy at the Coloseum, or is there are a darker reason for not showing himself? Or are we just not managing to see his appearances due to the focus on the toa.

41) I can't answer it. You will have to watch the movie.
5As for your second question ... part of it is that we are focusing on the Toa, and only recently have even had a Dume model to give to the comics artist. Also, we don't usually put sets in the comic until it is close to time for them to be released. Storyline-wise, Dume knows there is a terrible crisis coming to Metru Nui .. worse than the Morbuzakh .. and he has been in his chambers a lot trying to figure out how best to handle it.
7Number 2 does throw some suspicion off Dume... but not enough. I still do think he is evil.
1Here's my latest question, with Greg's answer in bold:
2You said recently that someone will die and NOT come back. Now I'm very curious as to who this is, but I know you can't give a direct answer on it. Can you at least say when, how soon, we'll be seeing this death? I would assume it'd have something to do with the Toa Nuva, since in the past story it wouldn't hold much of an impact.
3It's sooner rather than later.
5Not much, but interesting nonetheless. By sooner I'm hoping sometime in 2005 we'll return back to the Toa Nuva and get who died. But it's just IMO that it's the Toa Nuva stroyline that someone dies. Make sense.
1Okay, this has very little to do with the current debate, but...
2QUOTE 3I have a few questions to ask, if it's not too much trouble.
41)If I was wearing a Pakari Nuva, and split the energy with two other people, would the energy of one person be equal to 1/3 of the Pakari Nuva's total energy, or be equal to a whole Pakari Nuva? That is to say, when a Kanohi Nuva's energy gets shared, does the energy divide or multiply?
52)Can the Toa Metru's masks share energies like the Toa Nuva's masks?
6That's all I need to know. Thanks:

71) Each participant gets the equivalent of the mask's full energy.
82) No, the Toa Metru's mask are not Nuva masks, so they cannot do that.
1I just have a few questions:
21. How do you pronounce the Vahki names? Can you give me a list of each one?
3Ner-rock 4Zay-dock 5Bore-dock 6Vor-zock 7Key-rock 8Roar-zock
92. Is Comic 19 the comic in which the Traitor is revealed?
10No, it was revealed in 18.

113. How do you pronounce the Toa Metru's names?
12Vah-kah-mah 13No-kah-mah 14Noo-you 15Mah-tow 16Ah-new-ah 17When-oo-ah

184. Is there anything we can do to thank you for all the stuff you do for us?
19Keep buying BIONICLE sets.
205. What was the point of putting yellow eyes on Nidhiki and Krekka's box if they are not in the set?
21Don't know.
22That's all: Bye:
2It is pronounced Noo-Jo(space to avoid censering)o. Jo o is leet for "you" and is thus changed into a more readable form.
1QUOTE 2Will Krahka be in the second bionicle movie? thanks in advance.

3No. Krahka was created purely for the third Scholastic book -- the movie script was already written and done before I wrote that book.

1sorry to double post, but i can't seem to edit my other one:
2QUOTE 31. Will Ultimate Dume appear in the movie? if so, what is his part in the storyline? 42. Is it known if Liihkan will be a set? 53. Will we ever see more dark Hunters? 64. After the Morbzahk, wee the Great Disks ever needed again? 75. Is Makuta at all involved in the Metru Nui storyline? 8thanks in advance.

91) Yes 102) No 113) Maybe 124) Yes 135) Can't answer it

1The enemy tied in with the Dark Hunters may be the Morbuzakh? Or perhaps, Krahka?
2As far as the character who dies is, maybe it's Lhikan? That's why they're not sure about a set -- you won't sell many sets of a dead character, as Greg said:
1Just a few questions this time Greg
21. Is the correct spelling of Lhikan with one or two 'i's?
31) One i.
42. What would you define as an 'old enemy'? Would you say enemys before MoL were old, for example?
52) Yes
63. Any info on the Vahki combiners yet? (feeling hopeful here)
73) All of that will be out in July
84. What are the release dates for the rest of the books this year?
94) I believe that the city book is out in late July, early August, the movie book is out in September, book 5 is out in October and book 6 is out in December. Then book 7 comes out next Feb.
11Thats all for now, thanks in advance

1i asked greg a few questions about the vahki and kanoka, and here's what he said:
2Q) in comic number 16 i believe, it shows a panel that says "nokama was forced to swim for her life to escape a squad of vahki" and it shows what appears to be some vahki flying above the water; there is one other intance where it appears that the vahki are flying (i can't remember exactly where). 3so, my question is this, can the vahki fly? and if they can, will it be illustrated later?
4A) yes, all Vahki can fly. The reason it was not really shown in that issue is I had no Vahki models to give the artist. It is shown more clearly in July.

5Q) i was also wondering: dume has the kanohi kiril, the noble mask of regeneration; it has been said that kanoka disks are used to make masks, so is whatever power the kanoka disk has (i.e. regeneration, teleportation) transfered into the mask? or can the mask power be manipulated?
6A) if you use one Kanoka disk to make a mask, the mask will have the power of the disk. If you combine Kanoka disks with different powers, you can wind up with a third, new power. So, for example, the mask of shielding is made by combining a regeneration disk and a growth disk.

7Q) could you tell me what disk combinations make the different masks? (i.e. which ones make the mask of speed, which ones make the mask of levitation, etc. etc.). or, if you can't tell me that exactly, could you let me know where,when and if this information will ever be made public?
8A) I am planning to make up a list for this, but have not had the time to do it yet.

9Q) the rahi had their infected masks that needed to be knocked off, the bohrok had their krana, the rahkshi had their kratta...
10in what way are the vahki "disabled"? is there a good way of getting rid of them? if you could let me know, then my lego battles will be a lot more realistic
11A) There is no magic trick to stop them ... I have no doubt that if you wanted to be subtle, there is a cut-off switch on them somewhere, but they are not going to let you get close enough to use it. When the Toa fight them, they basically just wreck the Vahki because they are machines and not alive.

12so... 13this tells us that the vahki can fly (that should be interesting), the toa just wreck the vahki when they fight them (that should be very interesting :sly: , and the toa's masks were possibly made on metru-nui: (boy: chock full of good stuff: :P )
14bohrok-kal :silver:
1more answers:
21. will there be any unique masks other than the Vahi, Kraakan, and the Avokii? 32. How many Matoran bodies are planned? 43. How many more Toa have yet to be released? 5thanks in advance.

61) Well, there is a unique mask in the Toys R Us exclusive Ultimate Dume set this year.
72-3) I cannot discuss future product plans. Sorry.


1There is a topic about an answer you gave a member, that the Dark Hunters have a connection to an old villan.
21. By old, do you mean
3old as in age/time/existance
4old as in 2001-2004 (earth history)
5old as in Metru Nui saga->Move to Mata Nui->Toa->Toa Nuva->Mask of Light->Move back to Metru Nui->what ever happens next (BIONICLE history)
62. When and how will this be revealed?
73. Would the Morbuzakh or Krahka or Rahi Nui be a possibility?
84. Will we found out the fate of Nidhiki and Krekka?
95. How does Ahkmou have connections to the Dark Hunters?
106. What is/makes a Dark Hunter?

11Old as in has been in the story before ...
12It will be revealed in BIONICLE Adventures 6: Maze of Shadows
13Anything but Makuta and the Bahrag is a possibility.
14The Nidhiki and Krekka storyline is in the movie.
15Simple. Ahkmou was greedy and ambitious and the Dark Hunters knew it. They needed someone on the inside to help them get the Great Disks, and he was the most likely candidate. Ahkmou didn't know them before this.
16Dark Hunters are basically bounty hunters.

1Hey, Greg. I have a few Q's.
21. What's Nhidiki and Kreeka's story? I mean, where did they come from? Were they once Metruan?
32. Why does Turaga Dume have a different body than the other Metruan? He is a Metruan. Right?
43. Will The Great Spirit Metru-nui play a part in the storyline like Mata-nui does?
54. (Last one.) Will there be "Dark Toa?" Like Anti Vakama or Anti Nokoma.
1Megatoanuva, you have to PM then post your answers here.

  • 1In this topic: Makuta And Krahka Related?, tenor noticed the similarity between the names Krahka and Kraahkan, and wondered if there was some connection. Now, I thought I remembered you saying there wasn't, but can't find the quote. So, is there?

    2No, there is no connection between Krahka and the Mask of Shadows.

  • 3While I'm at it, in this topic: Bohrok Kal by krekkathedarkhunter, the issue of when the Krana Kal were made came up. krekkathedarkhunter thinks they were made after the Bahrag were already trapped in the cage, but I have assumed the Krana Kal were made before that, when the Kal themselves were, since it was supposed to be a safeguard; why leave a safeguard unfinished. (BTW, he at first didn't specify how the Krana Kal would have been made after, but later said Makuta would have.) So... anyways, just want to confirm, the Krana Kal were made by the Bahrag as well, right? Before they were trapped?

    4The krana-kal were made way back when the Bohrok-Kal were made. What Krekka is suggesting is like saying you make the fire extinguisher, but don't bother to fill it up until the fire breaks out.

1Hey, Greg. I have a few Q's.
21. What's Nhidiki and Kreeka's story? I mean, where did they come from? Were they once Metruan?
32. Why does Turaga Dume have a different body than the other Metruan? He is a Metruan. Right?
43. Will The Great Spirit Metru-nui play a part in the storyline like Mata-nui does?
54. (Last one.) Will there be "Dark Toa?" Like Anti Vakama or Anti Nokoma.

7I can answer #3. There is no great spirit Metru-Nui. Metru-Nui is only the name of the city.
King Elessar
1Hey, Greg. I have a few Q's.
21. What's Nhidiki and Kreeka's story? I mean, where did they come from? Were they once Metruan?
32. Why does Turaga Dume have a different body than the other Metruan? He is a Metruan. Right?
43. Will The Great Spirit Metru-nui play a part in the storyline like Mata-nui does?
54. (Last one.) Will there be "Dark Toa?" Like Anti Vakama or Anti Nokoma.

7I can answer #3. There is no great spirit Metru-Nui. Metru-Nui is only the name of the city.

8And I can answer #2. No, Turaga Dume is a Turaga, not a Matoran. Why is this still being confusing to folks? We've run into this over and over in S & T. Turaga Dume is not a Matoran, he is a Turaga. That's why he's different. He can control Noble masks, and has a tiny amount of elemental control over fire. Matoran cannot control masks, and have no elemental powers. Clear?
1I am sure these questions have been asked before, but just in case.
2#1: I know a Dark Hunter is not a Rahi, and they are bounty hunters, so what kind of creature are they?

3#2: Where exactly do Dark Hunters come from?
4#3: Why aren't any Dark Hunters on Mata Nui?
5#4: Are there any more Dark Hunters besides Nidhiki and Krekka.
6#5: Have any Dark Hunters caused any problems before?
7#6: Do Matoran know about Dark Hunters?
8#7: Was Vakama and gang still Toa on Mata Nui for a while?
9#8: I am guessing Mata Nui was never on Metru Nui. So, when the Matoran left Metru Nui and went to Mata Nui, Mata came and the Matoran liked him and named the land after him? And then Makuta came and ruined everything?
10#9: Like Metru Nui is under Mata Nui, is Mata Nui under anything?

11Most of your questions I cannot answer. I will answer the ones I can.
124) I am assuming that there are other Dark Hunters, yes.
136) I have no doubt Matoran have heard of Dark Hunters.
147) Yes
158) You are right that Mata Nui is not physically present on Metru Nui, but wrong to think he appeared on Mata Nui and hence the island got its name. The Temple of the Great Spirit in Ga-Metru is dedicated to Metru Nui -- he was already revered and honored by the Matoran there. And he was already asleep when the Matoran reached Mata Nui.
169) Not to my knowledge, no.
1I think some of you might find this interesting:
2Can you tell me how the kanoka disks are made? If the masks are made with kanoka, then are kanoka made with something? 3Thanks.

4Kanoka disks are made from purified liquid protodermis which is heated and then poured into a disk mold to cool.

6Thanks. 7One more question: How do the disks get their powers? Thanks in advance.

8They come about as a result of the purification process, I believe -- when stripped of impurities, the protodermis contains power.

10That's very interesting.
1Dear GregF, I'd just like to know the answers for a few questions about the Vahki.
21) How do the Vahki subdue Rahi? I really don't think making a Rahkshi want to report a misbehaving Matoran is that effective.
3You're right. But remember that Vahki are also armed with Kanoka disks, and things like weakness and freeze are very effective against Rahi.
42) Can all Vahki fly by splaying their staffs to their sides?
63) Do the Vahki use their scuttle mode in the movie?
7Don't recall.
84) What mode of locomotion would you say the Vahki travel the fastest in, bipedal, scuttling, or flight?
9Flight, probably.

105) Do the Bordahk have any ampibious abilities(i.e. can they swim)?
126) I'd like to know if these folowing statements are possible reasons for the shapes of the Vahki Stun Staffs.
13a) Bordahk: Wide and streamlined to make more efficient wings to stay safe when flying over water(in case they can't swim).

14Nuurahk: Clamps for crushing pipes and tubes to cut off a Matoran's escape.

15c) Zadahk: Hooked to aid in climbing over and around statues(would really come in handy if Ahkmou steps out of line).

16d) Keerahk: Serrated for a firm grip when climbing up a Knowledge Tower.

17e) Rorzahk: Chisel-shaped for when a target flees underground and some digging is involved.

18f) Vorzahk: Scissor-like for snipping through cables and such.
19The staff shapes were decided by the product designers. I have no idea why they chose the shapes they did.
207)Is the position the Vahki take in their canisters the same as how they are stored in their hives?
228)If not, how is the interior of a Vahki hive structured and how are they stored inside.

239) Are the Vahki's Stun Staffs part of their arms or actually held in their hands?
24Held in their hands.
2510) Would you consider the the disk launcher the "mouth" of a Vahki, were we should look for body language, or is it attached to the "chin"?
26I see it as the mouth, myself.

2711) When Dume asked Nuparu to build the Vahki, how many prototypes did he go through?
28The only prototypes we know of are the Kralhi.
2912) Did Nuparu build the Krahli?
30Nuparu designed them. They were built by Po-Matoran.

3113) When you say that Dume commands the Vahki, you mean he decides how they're programmed, right?
32I mean he has ultimate authority over them. If he wants them to do something or stop doing something, he has the ability to tell them that. No one else in Metru Nui does.
3314) How is the command of a Nurrahk's staff determined, I mean, is the command chosen by the Vahki, Dume, or the Matoran who builds it?
34It's chosen by the Vahki.
3515) Do the Vahki have an electronis brain, like a computer, or is it like a clock-mechanism?
36It's a clockwork mechanism. Matoran don't have computers.

3716) If so, does it get "wound up" when the gears for the swivel joint move, making it self-contained?
38Don't understand your question.

39Thanks in advance,

41I later asked him about the last one:

1Some questions, nothing that important though.....
21. What will happen to Pewku, will he go back to the Onu-Matoran, stay with Takanuva, or somthing else?
3He will most likely return to Metru Nui with the Matoran.
42. Is it possible to rewire a Vahki to not do certain things by messing with their controls? (Hypothetically of course, I doubt a Vahki would let a Matoran mess with it's controls)
5Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely to happen? No. Besides the difficulty of getting to the Vahki to do that, you would have to somehow do the entire squad. Otherwise, all the rest of the Vahki will notice that one is not behaving normally, investigate, and nail you.
63. Do you think we'll ever see Khraka's true form?
7No idea. I hope not.

111) When Dume asked Nuparu to build the Vahki, how many prototypes did he go through?
2The only prototypes we know of are the Kralhi.
312) Did Nuparu build the Krahli?
4Nuparu designed them. They were built by Po-Matoran.

5I am a little behind with this, who is nuparu, and what is the kralhi?
1QUOTE 21. If a shape-shifter change to turaga dume form, will vahki listen to him? 32. can you tell us the power of ultimate dume? 43. Is 2005 still turaga vakama telling trhe past? 54. from the official gerg topic:[Dark Hunters are basically bounty hunters Do they receive money( or other good things) from someone( dume?) 65. Is the third movie will again direct ot video? 76. How big is the space under mata nui? (that contain metru nui, protodermis and other city...?) 8thx

91) Possibly, but then they would not listen to the real Dume. Also, the shapeshifter would need access to the technology that Dume uses to understand the Vahki. Without that, the Vahki would notice he wasn't comprehending them and suspect a fake. 102) No. 113) Can't answer it 124) I am sure they receive all different kinds of rewards. 135) Assuming there is one, that's the plan. 146) We have never measured it. We prefer not to paint ourselves into corners like that.
1here's the latest from my inbox: :D
21. will there be signifigantly more sets this year (the metru-nui storyline) other than the ones we have seen so far?
31) Can't really answer it at this point, but I would not say significantly more, no. Maybe one or two more.
42. will there be more fighting action mask power use in the bionicle 2 movie? (as compared to MOL)
52) I feel the movie is more action-oriented, because it focuses on the Toa more. But the Toa do not even discover their mask powers until midway through the film. And let's face it, LEGO is never going to allow much in the way of violence into the movies.
63. what are the powers of the vahki combiners? and are they official "kaitas", or something different?
73) All that info will be out in July, but they are not Kaita. They are specially designed models of Vahki.
84. is "ultimate dume" something such as a rahi, or is it a very powerful form of dume himself?
94) Can't answer it. Watch the movie.
105. can a vahki "shoot" it's power beam at an offender, or does it have to touch the offender with it's staff?
115) All Vahki powers are ranged.
126. can vahki change the "power level" of their staff (for different situations for example)?
136) No.
147. what is the use of rorzahk's power? it seems kinda useless, will it be used in an important way in a future comic or book?
157) It does play a part in the July comic, and it is actually very useful. Suppose you think a Matoran is involved in something bad, but you don't know what or with whom. A Vahki can't very well follow him into his house to see who he meets with. But using that power, it can see and hear everything the Matoran does and then grab them all at once.
168. i think that it's pretty clear that dume is not evil (at least not intentionally), but i read that he thinks that the toa metru aren't real toa; the vahki try to stop the toa because they are "unknowns". my question is this: if the toa metru showed up in dume's chambers, would he summon a squad of vahki to arrest them?
178) Post-meeting in the Coliseum, yes, definitely.

18well... i certainly find nubers 3, 5, and 7 useful in figuring out the vahki. and numbers 4 and 8 just kinda highten the mystery surrounding dume (what does he mean by "post meeting in coliseum" anyway?).
19hopefully, all will be made clear soon
20bohrok-kal :silver:
1What I've been thinking about lately... Q in normal print, A in bold, and my comments/add-ons in orange.
2Hi Greg: Got some questions for ya: 31. If combining the six elements caused the Toa's Nuva-ization when they fought the Bahrag, why didn't the same thing happen when they combined the elements to fight Makuta? 41) Combining their elements had nothing to do with them becoming Nuva. They became Nuva because they fell into tubes of energized protodermis after defeating the Bahrag. Combining their elements only created a solid protodermis cage for the Bahrag.
52. Will Makuta have any kind of involvement, direct or indirect, in the second Bionicle movie (even if we don't see him)? 62) I can't discuss movie plot. 7Darn. 83. Is Makuta holding back when he fights Takanuva? Makuta says he wants to play a game of Kohlii with him; I don't personally think Makuta was doing all he could in that battle. Was he? 93) I think he pretty much was (giving it his all) . Takanuva's power was the perfect opposite of his, which is why Takanuva was able to hold his own.
104. Was Makuta weaker somehow when fighting Takanuva because of his earlier defeat at the hands of the Toa? 114) I think he more likely was weaker because of having to produce six kraata to fill the Rahkshi. 12So Makuta can't just create armies of Rahkshi in one go... 135. Why did Makuta want the Avohkii? Did he just want Takanuva to be maskless? 145) No, without the Mask of Light, there never would have BEEN a Toa of Light. The mask was what made Takua into a Toa. If there is no Toa of Light, then Makuta does not get defeated. 15I phrased this one wrong. 16Greg
17Thanks: 18-Kraid

19Hi Greg, just wanted some clarification on the last question... What I meant was, why does Makuta want the mask after Takua was Takanuva? He says, "When you lose, I'll have that mask..." (BTW, one of my favorite lines) Why does he want the mask if the Toa of Light was already there? My guess is, again, he wants Takanuva to be maskless, making him weaker. 20Thanks again: 21-Kraid

22Basically, you're right. Unlike, say, a Mask of Shielding, there is only one Mask of Light. So if Makuta gets the mask, Takanuva is basically worthless. He won't have the Mask of Light powers and his elemental powers will be too weak to bother Makuta. Without the power of the Mask of Light to dispel darkness, Takanuva could never hope to beat Makuta. Heck, he might even put an infected mask on Takanuva. 23Infected mask :fear: 24Greg

1Well, in this topic: Ice, Is it an element?, luukmaf wonders if ice is really an element. I don't see it as debatable, but some questions came up. I wondered what you would say about it.

2Like you said, nothing much to debate. On Earth, you can argue it is not -- but in the BIONICLE universe, it is, obviously.

1Here is some stuff that I just asked Greg.
2Sorry I keep bugging you, you just keep dropping these hints everywhere and it makes me so curious.:P
31.) OK, I was thinking about the Manas, and I came across a little contrast. In MNOLG 1, they are destroyed when the Toa Katia destroy the generators, but in one of the books (I think it was the Tales of the Toa or Tales of the Masks) they are destroyed by a flood. So are the manas electrical creatures, as suggested by MNOLG 1, and if they are, how are they created? Or are they normal rahi, but just extremely powerful?
42.) You mention the many toothed sea monster in Tales of the Masks when Gali is trying to get one of the Kanohi Nuva (can't remember which). I was reading the topic where you said that the Dark Hunters had a connection with an old enemy, and the many toothed thing came to my mind. Would that thing be considered an old enemy, or what?

51) The Manas are Rahi, but they were capable of drawing power from those towers. So destroying the towers stunned them. But as was shown in Tales of the Toa, they are capable of existing without them
62) Actually, that was not a bad guess, and he would be considered an enemy. But it's not him. ):) Still, I like that you are thinking outside the box.