1Master Vahi, you have to PM Greg to get your questions answered. Send a PM to member GregF with your questions.
2Edit: DoH: Two posts before mine. o_O
1You kneed to PM Greg the questions, not just post them, all that will do is get others to tell you to do the same thing that im tellin you to do
Infected Onua
1You kneed to PM Greg the questions, not just post them, all that will do is get others to tell you to do the same thing that im tellin you to do

2Although it was created for NMQ&A, I'm certain it applies here too. Repitition, Confirming, Official Question Topics?
3Edit: Wanna know about the rock? Wanna know about Roodaka's rock? Tough.
4I know you prefer for us to send you several questions in a PM, but several people were wondering about Roodaka's "Cool Rock". Was that meant as a joke, or does she have a rock with powers or something?

5Ah, you won't find out about the rock until the movie, but I WILL give you a hint ... it is something you will find familiar.

1Hmmm... a Kohlii rock perhaps?
1Doubt it, too obvious. Maybe that rock with the golden Hau above it in MNOLG1, or the sundial itself?
1This rock....could it be the nuva sphere? (all symbols put on cube)
1Rock=Stone=Toa stone?
2The theories begin to fly... ¬¬
Infected Onua
1You kneed to PM Greg the questions, not just post them, all that will do is get others to tell you to do the same thing that im tellin you to do

2Although it was created for NMQ&A, I'm certain it applies here too. Repitition, Confirming, Official Question Topics?
3Edit: Wanna know about the rock? Wanna know about Roodaka's rock? Tough.
4I know you prefer for us to send you several questions in a PM, but several people were wondering about Roodaka's "Cool Rock". Was that meant as a joke, or does she have a rock with powers or something?

5Ah, you won't find out about the rock until the movie, but I WILL give you a hint ... it is something you will find familiar.

7You had to go and ask, didn't you Huta, :P Maybe it's a Toa Stone as Janus offered, but if it is, what is Roodaka doing with it?
1Maybe its pohato's set rock...
2Or maybe its the rock ment to represent mata-nui or makuta(the ones the turaga used to tell the tales of makuta and mata-nui)
3Why is a ROCK so inportant to the story? LOL:
4Well i don't have anything from greg this post, But next post i will:
1It could be Pohatu`s pet rock that came with him.. lol.
1i cant belive that question has provoked so muck debate: i think it might be something that lets her contral the visorak till their king gets back.

1As always, thanks Greg, I appreciate your time to answer my questions.
31. The Visorak are "stealers of life", could you elaborate?
42. What is the state of being the Visorahk King is in, meaning, is he alive and well, or is he incapacitated at the time? (Since Roodaka seems to have a large role here...)
53. How did you get onto the Bionicle team?

61) Well, if someone webbed you up in a cocoon and basically tranquilized you so that you would stay put for who knows how long, they would pretty much be stealing your life.
72) No, he is alive and well. But he is a very active king -- he doesn't just sit on a throne, he leads the Visorak hordes on hunts and such. He's like a conqueror type.
83) I started out doing the comic in 2001, but wasn't on the story team. By 2003, it was decided that because I was doing so much work on the comic and the web site, and doing approvals on the first bunch of Scholastic books, that I should be part of the story process. So I started getting invited to the meetings. I go if it is going to be a meeting that lasts more than a day, because going to Denmark for just one day is pretty exhausting.

10Just one last question...
11Does this rock happen to be what Takua used to get the heck out of the Bohrok pit?

12Nope, sorry, guess again

13Okay so it isn't that thing-a-majigger that Takua used at the end of the MNOG 1.
1About Roodaka's rock- What about the Mata-Nui/Makuta rocks in the turaga's stories (in the sandpit)? I'll pm him and update this post.
2EDIT- I pmed him with my question, and this is his answer:
3Well, let me say that I think you are going to be very pleased with yourself come next fall. 4Greg

1Hmmm... a Kohlii rock perhaps?

2I think it might be the kodan ball.
1Naw, the Kodan Ball is Pohatu's tools combined, and they didn't exist until the Olda became Nuva.
1Maybe the makoki stone? In the first MNOLG it was they key to open the Kini Nui and the way to Makuta & the manas, maybe now Ms. evil uses it to free Makuta.. or to focus her power through.
1hi again GregF i would like you to know that i loved voyage of fear and i really want to get maze of shadows but i have some questions

21 I saw you once say most rahi fear the Visorak but thats most rahi not all of them so which ones wouldent be afraid of them?
32 Is Roodaka more powerful then Makuta?
43 how come on Mata Nui Nuhrii wears a Kaukau and on metru nui he wears a Ruru?(a lot of other matoran wear different masks too)
54 do you know how much Roodaka will cost?
65 how far do Rhotuka shoot?
76 can you tell us the names of the toa hordika's tools?
87 what do you get when you combine all 6 toa disks?
98 How come Lhikan Doesnt have a Toa Disk?
109 what book are you currently writing?
1110 I know that Krekka was never a Toa but then what is he?
1211 is or was Roodaka a Dark Hunter?
1312 so the Rahaga catch Rahi to protect them from the Visorak?
1413 if 12 is yes when they catch the Rahi what do they do with them?
1514 who is the most skilled Rahaga at catching Rahi? (please be Bomonga)
1615 are the Hordika Physicly stronger as Hordika then they were Toa Metru?
1716 if 10 toa metru had to come to defeat the Kanohi Dragon how strong is the Kanohi Dragon
1817 What is more powerful 19a Muaka or a Kikanalo?
2018 Whats the most powerful Bug Rahi? (i know a wierd question but i have to use this answer for a story im making about bomonga catching it)
2119 man im sad that Lhikan died he was such a cool character will he somehow come back or is he permanenetly dead?
2220 will the dark hunters ever come back?
23thanks for your time:

241) Well, Tahtorak isn't scared of them.
252) No
263) Well, 1000 years went by between Metru Nui and when you saw them on Mata Nui. Odds are their masks were damaged and replaced.
274) No, I don't -- my guess would be $19.99
285) If you do it right, 30 or 40 feet
296) Not yet, no
307) Nothing that I know of
318) He very well may have, but he has been a Toa for a long time, he probably used it up
329) BIONICLE Adventures 9
3310) You know what I know on this subject
3411) No
3512) Yes
3613) Hide them
3714) They all are skilled at catching different kinds. Bomonga's specialty is nocturnal Rahi and the ones who are good at hiding.
3815) Yes
3916) Pretty gosh darn strong
4017) I would say a Muaka
4118) Hmmmm ... Nui-Jaga and Silver Chute Scorpions are both pretty powerful
4219) It seems so, but I am trying to find ways to tell some stories about when he was a Toa
4320) I don't know if Nidhiki and Krekka will, but other Dark Hunters may show up in the story

1About Roodaka's rock- What about the Mata-Nui/Makuta rocks in the turaga's stories (in the sandpit)? I'll pm him and update this post.

2That is a good idea. They show these "rocks" at the beginning of every movie...
1Maybe the makoki stone? In the first MNOLG it was they key to open the Kini Nui and the way to Makuta & the manas, maybe now Ms. evil uses it to free Makuta.. or to focus her power through.

3That's what I think. It would be reasonable, I think. Maybe Makuta's late lair belonged to Roodaka, and the rock was the key to opening it, but when Roodaka died (come on, we know she will:), Makuta escaped somehow and stole the stone and renovated her lair. Then he smashed the stone into six shardsand hid them so that on one could enter his lair. Wow, I should write an epic. :rolleyes:

1Such debate about a rock. *scoffs* XD 2Still, I like the idea of it being the Nuva Cube – this would be an intriguing origin for it... not that everything else in 2005 isn't intriguing...
3Well... now I really can't wait for 2005. A Visorak king, Roodaka's pet rock (as I am referring to it as), Nuju riding a Gukko bird, Bomonga, Kualus, Pouks, Iruini, Gaaki, Norik, the Hordika, the Visorak, loads and loads of fun stuff... *explodes*
4Adn since Greg says that 2006 is going to be cool... *faints*
1QUOTE 21) who do you prefer, Toa Metru/Hordika or Toa oldauva (in terms of writing)
32) is rodoka (sp?) anyway a Toa like thing? a dark hunter? a new being?
43) How many pieces in the Biggest.set.EVER?
54) In terms of sets/Story do you think 05 is the best Bionicle year?
65) which villian has a connection with the Dark hunters? when will we learn of it?
76) Could Krekka be one of Makuta's experiments?
87) are we going to learn the origins of the Bohrok in 05?
98) could the hordika in a fight beat the nuva?
109) You've said 05 has a lot of failure by Vakama, could he a bit envy the Toa nuva for not having to go through what he went through ( The Nuva rarely fail (aside from kal) and rhakshi and Rahi seem like NOTHING compared to Nidhiki and Krekka)?
1110) are rodoka (sp?) and the visorak one year, or could they still inhabit Metru nui when the Nuva come?
1211) could there have been Visorak in the present time on Mata nui?

131) Definitely the Metru. Being new Toa, they are richer characters.
142) You'll find out in January when you meet her
153) It is actually only the biggest set since 2001, because the Manas was more expensive. Because the launch date is not until August, there is no piece count on our system yet. (I can only see sets through April right now.)
164) '05 certainly has some things that we have not done before. But it is really up to the fans to make this determination.
175) It's in Book 6
186) Hmmm .. I tend to doubt it
197) No, '05 has nothing to do with the Bohrok
208) I doubt it, because the Nuva have mask powers, the Hordika don't
219) I think, if anything, he may resent a little how they have ALWAYS been heroes to the Matoran. By the time the Metru were doing wonderful heroic things, all the Matoran were asleep ... and then they lost their memories
2210) You will have to follow the story for that answer
2311) Offhand, I doubt it
1Here's my batch of questions after reading Maze of Shadows. 2Spoiler stuff should apply, I guess.

31.)the book's title, Maze of Shadows, is actually part Bohrok tunnels, and an exile for Makuta's 'failed' experiments?
41) Yup
52.)"I'm not becoming a Turaga," Matau insisted. "I will swing from the trees like a Rahi first." Foreshadowing for the Hordika, perhaps?
62) Yes, and also the fact that as a Turaga, he DID swing through the trees like a Rahi
73.)"Who died and made you Mata Nui anyway?" "No one," Said Vakama softly. "And I am going to make sure no one ever does." This bit of dialoge confused me, slightly. was Vakama saying this as a personal oath to keep anyone from dying, or that he wouldn't want to be Mata Nui? (Maybe a mixture of both?)
83) It was basically that he was determined that no one else would die under his watch, the way Lhikan had.
94.)The Kratana(my name for the Kraata/Krana critter) was neat, I believe you said you might do more with it in the future, so there's more than one? 10(possible foreshadowing for a '06 product?)
114) I don't think it is planned for product, but I may use it again, yeah
125.)Why was it hidden away like it was? did Makuta do it, or was the act of hiding done by itself?
135) Makuta hid it
146.)Will we find out what Makuta's masks were? At this point, I'm considering them to possibly be the Nuva masks, as the Toa Metru hadn't seen them before.
156) I believe that Makuta was trying (and failing) to make a Mask of Time.
167)I believe that's all the questions I had for Maze of Shadows. I have a question for the recent comic, the Nuurahk was going after Tahtorakh, had Kuurahk's staffs, does this mean they're interchangeable for the circumistances?(like the Nuurahk can cut thru something, yet send the same suggestion as the Nuurahk's staffs would...I hope that makes sense.)
177) My guess is that was an artist mistake.

2New info on the Rhotuka:
31. How do they ("they" meaning anyone who uses them) use Rhotuka? From what I've picked up, Rhotuka are created, charged, and launched through the willpower of the one using them, but how do they get this ability in the first place? Is there some kind of tool or device that they use to make them? Are they trained, somehow? Does it depend on what's using them? Or is it something else? 41) I see it as being somewhat similar to Green Lantern's ring. It's operated through willpower. And the spinners are not made like Kanoka are made, they are wheels of energy.
52. Where do Rhotuka (or the things that allow people to create them) come from? 62) It is something that you get naturally. Now, there have been physical versions of Rhotuka in the past, based on the model of the energy wheel, but that is not what is being wielded in '05. You will, however, get to see some of the physical ones in action later next year in the comic.
73. What determines a Rhotuka's power? I have two theories on this:
8a. It's just like Kanoka and it depends on which kind of energy creator the person is using.
9b. It depends on what being is using it. For example (and this is purely hypothetical, I know Rhotuka aren't material objects): A Kahgarak has a darkness spinner. He drops it and walks away. Norik comes along, picks it up, and boom, it's a snare spinner. Or Vakama picks it up and it's a fire spinner.
10Or is it neither? 113) It basically does depend totally on who is using it, but it is not something you can go pick up and use again. It is manifested by your will and linked to you.

12-Master of the Rahkshi
1[url='mailto:takanuva@o2.pl'takanuva@o2.pl 2Who are Toa Hordika? 3Who are this little Rahkshi?
1TakaNuva from Poland, you have to P.M. him with your message.
1Q: I was wondering how the Bahrag(both) compare in power to Rodooka(female villain) I know all three of them are weaker than Makuta though. I would think the Bahrag would be more powerful. Are they?

2A:If you are talking power in terms of sheer variety of powers they can throw at you, then yes. If you are talking cunning, brains, and the ability to lure you right into a trap, then Roodaka is more powerful.
3Note: I spelt Roodaka wrong :P
1I got maze of shadows today but i havent read it just yet
21 you told me that when the rahaga catch rahi they hide them but where is Pouks going to hide huge rahi like the Kikanalo or an ash bear?
32 After Vakama use the mask of time it flys off and makuta gets it but when Vakama shoots it with a disk it flys away when Vakama was a Turaga he gave Vakama the Vahi so in between those time periods how did Vakama get the Vahi again?
43 why is the Kanohi Dragon called the "Kanohi" Dragon?
54 Lhikan came to metru nui with 9 other Toa but beside the normal 6 elements what other elements could there be?
65 it said in book 6 (i read the beggining) Turaga Vakama couldnt hear Nuju say another Matoran word in Years but the thing is i was playing MNOLG II and i talked to nuju and i asked "who are you?" and he said this "click beep whislt (or something like that) click beep Nuju" and iasked a few more questions and he said "Clang: whislte: beep: Matoro:" so he has spoken Matoran word before whats up with this?
76 it said in book 6 energized protodermis can like mutate stuuff or transform stuff so is Nidhiki a result of energized Protodermis?
87 for that skilled Rahaga question i meant what is the most skilled Rahaga at doing there thing? (sorry for the confusion)
98 uh how can Tahtorak Talk?
109 why on Mata Nui would Nuju try to ride a Gukko bird? anyway thats something i would like to see
1110 it said in the Metru Nui Guide that no one would be able to tame a gukko but (as Matau says) but it looks as though Lewa did in Mask of light but how could he?
1211 In Maze of Shadows out of the makuta fishes bones Nokama makes a trident but when she was a matoran she already had a trident are these different tridents?
1312 why did Toa Nokama make the Trident?
14thats all for now thank you

151) Archives 162) That question is answered in BIONICLE Adventures #10 late next year 173) You will find out in the Rahi Guide, out next June 184) There may or may not have been other elements involved. Has not been revealed yet 195) But was Vakama in that scene? No. So Vakama didn't hear him. Nuju has always been capable of speaking Matoran -- he spoke it to Kopaka in BIONICLE #1 -- he simply chooses not to. 206) I have no info on Nidhiki's origin 217) I would say they are all equally skilled, they have all been doing it the same amount of time 228) Same way Krahka can. Cause I decided he could. 239) Well, read Book 8 and you will find out why he rides it 2410) No, what it said was that Matau believed no one could ever do it, because he couldn't do it. Since we know that Le-Matoran rode Gukko on Mata Nui, he was obviously wrong. 2511) Yes 2612) Probably as a reminder of the one she had as a Matoran

295) i know he can speak matroan but i wonder why he did it to hahli
15) i know he can speak matroan but i wonder why he did it to hahli

2I don't think he was speaking Matoran; I just think that there is no way to say proper names in that language. Or Nuju just doesn't know how; so, if he mentions someone or something with a name of its own, he has to say that name the way everyone else does. They're universal.
3-Master of the Rahkshi

11) is possible, that on one his trips to the environs, Lhikan has encountered the Visorak?
22) When the Metru meet the visorak, do they have doubt of turning back?
33) If Lhikan were living, would he be proud of Vakama and the Metru after 2005?
44) is Vakama thinking a lot about What Lhikan would do in the situations pre-mutation?

55) Which Toa metru is LEAST affected by the hordika change?
66) Will Krahka ever be a set (like in a box?)
77) Is it Possible that rodoka (sp) knows of, and possibly is an underling of Makuta?
88) what are your biggest influences when writing (like movies, comics)
99) if it's comics, is ever possible we'll see some Bizarro Toa?
1010) which characters are the most fun to write?
1111) Has rodoka offically overtaken Krahka and Karzhani as your favorite villan?
1212) which of your books is your favorite?

131) Not to my knowledge 142) No 153) I would hope so 164) Lhikan, and what happened to Lhikan, plays a big role in his thinking before and after becoming Hordika 17( I figured) 185) I don't think I could say there is one least affected 196) What would you make a set of? She's a shapeshifter who can look like anything she has seen or any combination of what she has seen. 207) Can't answer it 218) Comics, probably 229) No, because the whole Bizarro thing is a copyright of DC Comics. We don't 23have the rights to use that. 24(aww man, no Bizarro) 2510) Right now, I am enjoying the Nuju-Kualus team up a lot. 2611) Not overtaken, no, but she is up there 2712) 3, 5, 6, and 8
1Petty questions: Yay:
21. Will the Rahaga, Krahka, Tahtorak, Sidoorak and the Visorak be in BIONICLE 3?
32. Do the Rhotuka play any important part in the storyline?
43. How is Makuta awakened?
51) Krahka and the Tahtorak will not be. The rest will.
62) Yes
73) You'll have to wait and see
8Question 2 was dumb, but at least I know something (yet not too great) about the movie:
1Check these out: I tried to weasel some info out of Greg about Roodaka's rock. It didn't work, but I tried: :lol:
2A couple of questions regarding Roodaka's "rock". 31. Did the nuva symbols exist before the toa became toa nuva and just apear when the nuva apeared? 42. If the answer to 1 is yes, is it possible that roodaka's rock is the nuva sphere(the nuva symbols on the nuva cube)? Someone in the OGD was wondering about that so I though I'd ask. 53. If not, is it possible Roodaka's rock is the Makoki stones from MNOLG 1?

61) Yes 72) No 83) No

1Hi me again and here are some questions i'd like to know:
21:Why is a bionicles face so inportant not to show in the movies?
32:Could a krana or krana-kal be mutataed into say a toa by visorak venom?
43:This is like 2 but with kratta, So could it mutate kratta into toa?
54:What is the big deal with takanuva's name even having a nuva in it?
65:If takanuva were to become nuva would his name be: Takua nuva, Taka nuva(spaced apart so you can tell he's nuva) or takanuva nuva?
76:If takanuva were to become nuva how would he change? he already looks nuva.
8Thats all for now.

91) As far as I know, it's not "so important." But a BIONICLE without a mask is not good for much, since they are either weakened or in a coma, so why bother focusing on that?
101:Me:Well weve got to know what there face looks like in the movies somehow:, Aww...
112) No.
122:Me:Aw... No toa krana/krana-kal:
133) No.
143:Me:Aw... No toa kratta:
154) That is his name. I didn't think it up, that is what the BIONICLE team settled on.
164:Me:I knew that... Just weird it has nuva in it.
175) Takanuva Nuva
185:Me:Good thing he's not nuva, Thats a lame name...

196) He would be able to share his mask powers, and he would have greater control over his element
206:Me:No duh: I ment Pysical changes to his body, Not powers:, I better PM him back on this...

21Well more useless things have been said...
1Link also remember Nuju does not talk in matoran ususaly because he thinks if you don't try to talk to him your not worth talking to.However Hahli had no idea about this and seing as in the Mnlog2 you have to talk to matoran before they talk to you Nuju had to atleast give Hahli a hint.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg,
3Just a few questions I've been wondering about.
41.The Rahaga have been a close knit team (I believe you said that), so why does Gakii feel the need to prover herself?
52.The Rahaga are not mutated in any way, or at least, not by Visorak, correct?
63.A Toa Disk is power level 8?
74.How much does it take to destroy a Toa?They get blasted with rocks, fried with fire, almost covered in plasma, blasted with sound, shoved into the ground... geeze.. these guys can take a LOT.
85.Just a question about disks, a level 5 disk going right above the speed needed to activate it will still have the same effect as a level 5 disk going way above the speed needed to activate it, right?
96.Would you say that the Rahaga are more like Toa or Turaga (they seem rather... agile, but the Turaga move like, well, old people... )?
107.In comic 21, it shows Vakama looking into an icy mirror, with him being all... freaky.Is this close to how the Hordika will be shown in the comics?
118.How do the Toa Hordika charge their spinners?I recal you saying something about using their tools, I think....
129.What's your favorite Visorak (and why, if you can).Mine is definantly the "voice changer"(hey, HE'S gotta be freaky to write...)
1310.What did the Toa Hordika do with the spheres while they were traveling back?(haven't read MoS yet)
1411.If Vakama didn't have a Toa Tool to mutate... where did the two Fire Swords come from?(mutations of his hands?)
1512.How tough is Vissie web to break through? (just a random question)
1613.How long have the Rahaga been in Metru Nui?(Since the Visorak started invading?)
1714.So, lemme get this straight, the Visorak capture, then mutate, because they're interested in what's going to happen.They CAN capture more than one of the same type of Rahi, because mutations are all different?(Or are all mutations of the same thing going to be, well, the same?(Will all Toas of Fire turn into whatever Vakama is turning into?)
1815.Can the Toa still speak Matoran, or do they switch to a new kind of language? ( Half Rahi, half matoran?)
1916.Do the Rahaga staffs do anything, or do they just look cool?


221) Because she is the only female 232) I have not said anything like that. All I have said is you will have to wait until next year to learn their origin. 243) Yes 254) Well, if they couldn't, we would be doing a comic with no Toa in it. 265) Yes 276) Oh, they are definitely way more agile than Turaga. Especially Iruini, I have him doing gymnastic among the ruins all the time. 287) It is a transitional stage on the way to being a Hordika. The Hordika in the comics will match the sets 298) Basically, it works like this. You mentally trigger a spinner to launch -- then you make it hover in the air in between your tools while you charge it. Once you have it charged to the level you want, you let it go again. You don't have to charge it every time -- it will work without that -- but if you want to really ramp up the power, that is what you do. 309) Oohnorak is a lot of fun .. he is just creepy ... I also like Boggarak. They have a cool fight with the Vahki in Book 8. They all have interesting personalities, because they are not just dumb creatures to be ordered around. They are an experienced, skilled force. 3110) They left them on the beach on Mata Nui 3211) He had his disk launcher 3312) It is pretty tough, unless it is old -- then it can get kind of crumbly. Matau's tools are the best suited for slicing new webbing. 3413) Since before the Visorak invaded. 3514) I believe all mutations would be different, because I think that is cooler. They don't mutate everything they catch though. Some things they just catch, cocoon, and basically tranquilize for the foreseeable future. 3615) Yes, they can still speak Matoran 3716) The Rahaga use them for certain things, which I will be sharing with BZP soon, but they are pretty minor

39Sorry I can't put it into good format, gotta walk dogs, will do later.
1A rock doesn't always mean a actual rock. It could be another item covered with so much stuff it looks like a rock.
Rahaga Bomonga
1Link also remember Nuju does not talk in matoran ususaly because he thinks if you don't try to talk to him your not worth talking to.However Hahli had no idea about this and seing as in the Mnlog2 you have to talk to matoran before they talk to you Nuju had to atleast give Hahli a hint.

2yeah i know that Nuju can speak matoran i understand my answer now but i just thought Nuju wouldn't say 2 whole words to hahli(with nuju 2 words is a lot) and vakama wasnt in there with Hahli either
1Just so everyone still talking about the rock knows, it is confirmed by Greg to be the Mata-nui/Makuta stones from the turaga's stories. I posted it on the last page if you want Greg's exact answer, I just wasn't sure if everyone had seen that post. :)
1Well, guess we're getting some more info on Rahaga weapons soon. That's cool. And finally I get some names to match with the Vhisoraks (well, not match, technically, but yeah) Makes you wonder why the Matoran weren't curious about where these mysterious spheres came from, eh?
1Greg didn't confirm it: I saw your answr, and he never confirmed it Konguhukijalamaku.
1Hey Greg,
21.) What's so special about the carving in Makuta's lair that Nokama can't translate them? They are written language, a Great Rau should be able to do it right?
32.) I am thoroughly confused about the Rahi mutations. So makuta mutated all of the Rahi in Book 6 while experimenting with Energized Proto? And yet the Vhisorak also mutate things? Were some of the Rahi in #6 mutated by the Vhsorak?
43.) Where did the Rahi Nui come from? The Proto-Morby said "What one of Makuta's creations does, another can undo," or something, so did Makuta create the Rahi-Nui?
54.) How do you have different spinner powers? What I mean is, the Rahaga and Hordika all have different spinner powers, but could a person eventually learn another power? Or are you stuck with what you naturally have?
65.) Will there be more about this Matoran Heck/Heaven in the future, or the actual Karzahni?
76.) 8QUOTE 9"I see him as sort of like an EP elemental"

10What's an elemental?
117.) Everyone is so hyped up about Tahtorak's question.... Was it not "Who dares disturb the slumber of the Tahtorak?:" ...?
128.) In a question, you said Roodaka is not more powerful than Makuta. But earlier I thought you said that she made Makuta look like a Charm School teacher. So what gives?
139.) What the heck is a Silver Chute Scorpion?
1410.) Where did the black vial in Book 6 come from? Is it special?
1511.) How, in the story, did the Vahi get its name?
1612.) Why can Vakama focus his powers through his hands while all other Toa focus it best through a Toa Tool?
1713.) In LoMN, last scene, why did Vakama say "Nuju: Get me up there:" when he had a jetpack....?
1814.) Even in the Metru's time, they call Metru Nui the "City of Legends." In the Nuva's time, I can accept it, cuz Legends are generally old, long-forgotten, etc. How can something current, etc., be called a Legend?

19QUOTE 2015.) "...drive [them from the outskirts of the city, or even to rule Metru Nui. I would have brought down the places of the Matoran, all of them, and ended their reign:"

21Ok, that definitely sounds like Matoran are definitely on other island, but you said you had no knowledge of them being anywhere but Metru Nui. So what's up?
22Thanks a lot, Greg.

231) Too ancient. 242) Possible, but doubtful. Also, there is a difference between EP mutations and Visorak mutations. If I use EP and mutate you, well, you are whatever you turned out to be. Period. If I use Visorak venom and mutate you, you will keep on mutating over the course of time. It's not "one and done." 253) Most likely, yes 264) You pretty much have what you have, it is based on the character. 275) Depends on if I can find someplace to work it in 286) In fantasy fiction, an elemental is an entity who represents a certain force -- like fire, or water, etc. In comics, Swamp Thing is considered to be a plant elemental. 297) Nope. 308) That quote did not refer to raw power -- it referred to ruthlessness and personality 319) You will find out when the Rahi guide comes out, and I believe I mistyped, I think it is Silver Chute Spider, actually 3210) Well, yes, because it was capable of holding EP without being changed or destroyed 3311) "Vahi" is the Matoran word for "time" 3412) All Toa can focus through their hands if they have to, but it is sloppier -- you cannot focus and direct it as well, and over time, they get used to using a tool. 3513) Because the film makers wanted to focus on their discovery and use of mask powers. If they use the jetpack, then they have to take time to explain he has a jet pack and why he has one, etc. Time is at a premium in these movies. 3614) But Metru Nui did not spring into being five minutes before the '04 story started. It has been around at least 1000 years before this year's story, and probably a good deal longer 3715) No, by places of the Matoran, he meant all their houses, all their buildings ... not other cities. Morbuzakh knows nothing of any other place, he was created there.