1What is the purpous of the Rahkshi forming the staff? Does it allow them the fire off there power, because on the mini-CD's Guurak plunges the two tips of her unformed staff into a pillar, and it shattered. If so, how would an unformed staff affect Lerahk? Weaker poison? 2The staffs allow the Rahkshi to focus and direct their powers, the same way the Toa's tools do. Without a staff, Lerahk would have a hard time poisoning anything, since he couldn't direct the power where he wanted it to go.
3Does the Takutanuva include pieces for the Ussanui? Yes or No. 4Yes.
5Will the platinum Avohkii take place in the storyline? 6No -- it was never intended to. It is a premium for the Seventh Toa contest.
7When you make the power list, will you also add a color list? 8Yes.
9Whne can we expect to see the power list? Soon, I hope...
10It may be a few weeks at least. I am leaving for San Diego Comic-Con next week and am out for two weeks.
1ok here are my Q&A's

2hi greg here are some questions:

31. when do the 03 matoran hit stores? 4Most recent info I have seen is September, but they keep moving things up.

52. when is the shadow kraata promo? 6November or December, I think.

73. is the shadow kraata purple? 8Last I heard.

94. how come the MNOLG2 has'nt been updated in a while? 10It is supposed to be updated monthly through the rest of the year, but I don't work on it so I am not really the best person to ask.

115. do the kraata pack's have 3 or 4 kraata? 12All the ones I have seen had 3.

13thanks in advance:


11. If it wasn't for production purposes, would there be any other reason why the characters have hands, mouths, etc. in the movie? 2No.. they have hands and mouths because they need to be able to express emotion on screen. That is why the changes were made.
32. Do the Toa carry their tools the same way in the movie as they do in the comic/update? Like, Tahu carries his blades on his back like a surfboard, and Lewa has his katanas strapped to his back. 4Yes, I believe so.
53. In "Divided we Fall," were the Toa just playing around with their power (minus Kopaka/Tahu), or were they really fighting each other? 6They were training .. like the X-Men in the Danger Room.
74. In "Divided we Fall," it seems like the powers of the Kal weren't set yet, because it seemed that Tahnok Kal could shoot plasma, and Kohrok Kal controled gravity. For the second one, was this the case, or was Nuhvok Kal with him at the time KK stole the symbol? 8Nuhvok-Kal was with him, you just didn't see him.
95. How many types of Kohlii are there? 10Not sure.
116. How recent is the '03 Kohlii? 12What do you mean by recent?
137. Since Makuta is a shape-shifter, does he have a "true" form? Like his '03 one? 14No idea.
158. Was there a time when Makuta wasn't jealous of Mata Nui? 16If there is, I haven't read that part of the story yet.
179. Will there be more Rahkshi sets next year because of their cameo appearances in the '04 storyline? 18No, probably not.
1910. Do Rahkshi come in colors other than the standard six? Like yellow, purple, silver, etc.? 20They do, yes.
2111. Will you have more flexibility with future storylines as you did with the Kal storyline? 22Not really.
2312. Do you just type the words, or do you actually type the script itself? 24Huh? Basically, I get a story bible that gives me the beginning and the end of the story for six months.. for example, it might say, "Six swarms of Bohrok invade. Toa have to gather krana and trap the Bahrag to defeat them." Then I flesh it out in the comic and Leah Weston and her team do the same on the web, to make it a story that can be told in understandable chunks.
2513. Will we ever see where the Matoran originally came from? 26Yes.
2714. When Gahlok (or was it Kohrok?) Kal was destroying an Exo-Toa, it said that while empty, the Exos still posed a threat to them? Did the Exo-Toa have an auto-pilot setting or, as the bio suggests quite mysteriously, can possibly think for themselves? 28Could be either one. Mystery for another day.
2915. Is the parts for Kohrok Kal still around? Because in the comic, it seemed as if its sonic powers were turning the Bohrok vehicle to dust. 30I doubt there are too many large fragments left.
3116. Does the Sterling Silver KK have a name? 32Nope.
3317. The Bohrok that weilds a SSKK cannot be defeated by an outside force, but can the SSKK itself be harmed by an outside force? 34Not by a physical force, no.
3518.If a normal Bohrok was equipped with a Krana Kal, would it be able to talk? 36Yes.
3719. How would you describe the Bohrok Kal's voices? 38Oh, I always saw them as sounding like a huge hive of bees buzzing.
3920. Since in the movie, the spikes on the Rahkshi are actually part of the Kraata, how big are the Kraata in the movie? Because those spikes are BIG compared to the dinky Kraata in the toy. 40The kraata are really big too.
4121. In the Kraata evolution list, it seems that one of the Kraata (I think it's 5 or 6) has what looks like a turbine engine on its head. Is the just a lump that looks like a turbine, or does it play something important?

42No, it is just the way it came out of the mold.

43this is my Q&A's from Greg. I asked them a while ago, but I'm a lazy bum, so I've been holding them for about a week or so...
1i asked him why in comic 13 the makuta says that panrak, guurak, and lerak are the first of his children and he said that they were the first ones that he unleashed :miru:
1I got a big batch of GregF Q&A. Some of these were queries that irked me day and night and I just HAD to get the answer. ^_^
2Here they are:
31.) Smeagol4: Will we see any mask-changing in the Mask of Light movie? Because I know the masks are more like "faces" in the movie, but I think it would be really awesome to see a Toa switching masks in a battle
4GregF: Hmmmm.. not sure. I don't recall if that happens or not.
52.) Smeagol4: I have a couple questions about the Kanohi Vahi. First, is the Vahi orange no matter who wears it, or does it change to the color of the user like other masks? I ask this because in the comics, we see the Vahi red when Tahu uses it, but it shows it orange in the flash update on Bionicle.com.
6GregF: The red is really meant to be a dark orange. As far as I know there is only one Vahi, so I think it pretty much stays the same color.
73.) Smeagol4: Another Vahi one. Did Tahu get the Vahi before or after he went through the Protodermis? Because he claims Vakama gave it to him "long ago" in comic #12, and that was supposed to take place only a few days after the proto encounter (According to Kopaka in the same comic). Long ago usually isn't reffered to a few days
8GregF: Yes, but remember that time is very compressed in the comic. We don't really specify how much time passes between when the Toa become Nuva and when the Kal first strike. But you can see the actual scene where Tahu gets the Vahi in the third Scholastic novel, Makuta's Revenge.
94.)Smeagol4: On the assumption that Tahu got it before he went through the Protodermis, why didn't the Vahi get algimated into the Kanohi Hau Tahu wears liek all the rest of the great masks? Because the Vahi is a Great Mask, correct?
10GregF: He didn't get it until he was Nuva.
115.) Smeagol4: I heard a wild rumor that a main character in the Bionicle stroyline is going to die. Who? I understand if you can't tell, but if anything can you at least tell what type of person it is? (Toa, Turaga, Matoran, etc.)
12GregF: Yes, I have heard that rumor. Not sure where it started, but even if it were true, I wouldn't be allowed to say anything about it.
136.) Smeagol4: Were there different Toa-like heroes before the Toa we know came to the island. Heck, are there more Toa up in "paradise?" We know the Toa were dropped from paradise, correct? So is it populated by Toa-like beings? If it is, that short story I was going to write will work perfectly....
14GregF: Oh, good question.. and you will get the answer before this year is over
157.) Smeagol4: Since the original six Toa are quote: "Six heroes who share one destiny," does this mean after Takanuva defeats Makuta in the MoL movie, will he just kinda go off and do his own thing, and be left out of the storyline? Please say this is true: 16(If you couldn't tell, I'm not a big fan of Takanuva )
17GregF: No, Takanuva will still be hanging with the other six Toa
188.) Smeagol4: You said that Makuta will indeed come back after the whole Rahkshi saga, correct? IF this is true, how dows he get out of the whole takutanuva thing?
19GregF: I don't think I ever said one way or the other whether Makuta is coming back or not. If he does, it might be in a flashback or something, not necessarily after the events of the movie.

20That's all.
1So we can't ask questions right? 2Any way i asked him this before:I know were not suppost to ask MoL questions but this one has come up a lot. 3What will the MoL movie be rated? 4Many people say it will be PG-13 but i don't think lego will make a PG-13 movie when the toy is for kids. 5And this is what he said.
6I see no reason it would be PG-13.. it is not like there is any blood or language in it. I am not sure how ratings are handled for direct to video movies, but I don't think you need to worry about a PG-13 on this.

8This is for all those members who were saying a kid movie will be rated PG-13.

9A kid movie??? 10KID movie???? 11aww man... now it sounds cheesy and childish... 12I really hope that the bionicle movie doesn't end up being like an episode of pokemon or something... 13To an older (teenage) Bionicle fan, the content of this movie will either make or break my entire excitement about the bionicle series. If it turns out being a kiddie movie with a soft-and-huggable ending where everyone gets along, I will not only get seriously ill, but end up selling my bionicle sets in the process....
14anyway, back on topic...
15I sent him this pm:
16"I don't mean to bother you... 17but... 18do you know if lego will be selling vahi's? 19usually p-s members get stuff BEFORE it come out, so i was wondering if they plan to make them more available.... 20(i have wanted a vahi since late fall 2001, and i just hope they make them available....)
21if you have time, please pm me.... 22thank you:
23Then, he answered:
24"No, there aren't any plans to sell them. I think the ones we sent to P-S were the only ones we had left.
26I was so unhappy....
27over the next few months, I hope I get hooked into bionicle, otherwise if the movie stinks, I may leave forever... 28(my childhood dreams of seeing my heroes in action, not in a cartoon... in a computer-generated world: should it not live up to expectation, my inner-child would be crushed, leaving an adult who doesn't care about...."toys"....anymore...)
1Well here is mine, not much, but it could be helpful. :)

2Does the Takutanuva combiner set include the Gold Toa of Light Mask, the dark gray hau, the promo and standard shadow kanohi and the clear Mask of Light with sparkles like the regular Toa of Light set has.

3I don't know. I am trying to find out.

1I asked:
2Is Lego ever going to make vehicles like the Ga-Matoran boats?

3Don't know, but I can suggest it.

1More questions I hope you can answer.
21. Does a kraata leave a Rahkshi like it does the toy (a bonk on the head)? 3Not that I know of, no.
42. When the kraata is removed from a Rahkshi, how long does it take for the Rahkshi to immobilise? 5Hard to say.. the one time I have seen it done, the Rahkshi was already physically immobilized.
63. Do the Rahkshi go after the Toa or vice-versa? 7I would have to say it is the former.
84. Can the Rahkshi fly if they're not in the reclined position? 9No.
105. Why was the Lehvak's power "swamp" instead of "air" if the rest of the Bohrok matched? 11Mainly because his power had nothing at all to do with air.
126. Do all kraata start at stage 1? 13Far as I know.
147. You said that the destiny of a kraata was to go into protodermis. So all the kraata that were captured by the Turaga will never fulfill that destiny? 15Assuming they stay captured, yes.
168. Will we see infected masks in the movie? (y) 17Don't think so, no.
189. Does a Pakari increase endurance as well as strength? 19Not that I know of.
2010. Was there plant or animal life on Mata-Nui before the Matoran came? 21Hmmmm... I believe there was, yes.

22I think he was a bit confused on #5...
11) How many different MoV's are there in existance on Mata-Nui?
22) Do they come in all the shapes of the Noble Masks? Great Masks? Or just those 2?
34) Can we ever hope to see them active in the storyline someday?
4No idea -- since they are only symbolic masks, I don't know that they will play a huge role in the story, and we really haven't defined how many there could be.
55) Will we see Onepu and Taipu as Matoran sets, along with Kongu and Tamaru? (There are only 4 of the 6 teams)
6No plans at this time.
76) What are these alleged Matoran sets coming out next year in a "way we would [not expect"?
8Can't answer questions on 2004 product.
97) How is the Krana birth thing coming?
108) How is the Rahkshi color/power list coming?
11Working on 'em.
129) Is the going to be a way for BZP members or LEGO Club members to order and/or recieve the Mask of Light early?
13Not sure -- it is possible it may be included as a LEGO Magazine offer, but I am not certain of that. It may simply not be available for sale before 9/16.
1410) Are the hard plastic Silver-Colored Krana-Kal ever going to become more widely available? (For those who want 6 for all their Kal without searching every store in the United States)
15Don't know.
1611) Do you also think it is possible that LEGO could release the six original Kanohi in the color of the vacuum metalized gold (like the crowns from the old castle sets)? Because those gold masks that came with the Krana weren't... very... accurate looking.
17I doubt the original Kanohi will ever be re-released, since they no longer play a part in the story.
1I dunno, I was wondering that as well.
2A kid movie??? 3KID movie???? 4aww man... now it sounds cheesy and childish... 5I really hope that the bionicle movie doesn't end up being like an episode of pokemon or something... 6To an older (teenage) Bionicle fan, the content of this movie will either make or break my entire excitement about the bionicle series.If it turns out being a kiddie movie with a soft-and-huggable ending where everyone gets along, I will not only get seriously ill,

7You're surprised it isn't going to be PG-13 for a movie that a kid-friendly company like LEGO produces? I'm not. But it is going to be PG for "action violence and scary images," as the MPAA put it. At least we'll see the Toa in some good fights. That, and the Rahkshi's heads open so the Kraata can come out and screech.
1I dunno, I was wondering that as well.
2A kid movie??? 3KID movie???? 4aww man... now it sounds cheesy and childish... 5I really hope that the bionicle movie doesn't end up being like an episode of pokemon or something... 6To an older (teenage) Bionicle fan, the content of this movie will either make or break my entire excitement about the bionicle series.  If it turns out being a kiddie movie with a soft-and-huggable ending where everyone gets along, I will not only get seriously ill,

7You're surprised it isn't going to be PG-13 for a movie that a kid-friendly company like LEGO produces? I'm not. But it is going to be PG for "action violence and scary images," as the MPAA put it. At least we'll see the Toa in some good fights. That, and the Rahkshi's heads open so the Kraata can come out and screech.

8No, I was not surprised it isn't going to be a PG-13 movie. 9My point was not about the rating, but rather the value of this movie to an older fan. (older than younger fans, who this movie might be geared towards).
10Action violence and scary images? 11like makuta is going to scare anyone that plays with bionicle. :rolleyes:
12I just hope these "good fights" you speak of are really there.
13:blink: how would you know the kraata screech?:LOL: j/k
14My hopes are high for this movie...
1Hi again: Could you please answer these questions?
21. Before you said only the person who was destined could put the MoL on and turn into Takanuva. Isn't that the same as saying that someone does, and I thought you said you couldn't give that away?
3No, it's not the same. Because wherever the TOL is, he doesn't have his mask, right? They are supposed to bring it to him. So only the person destined to put on the mask becomes TOL.
42. I heard a rumor that Lewa freed Graalok from Makuta and Tamed her. Is this true?
5I would guess it is likely that Graalok at one time had an infected mask on and, yes, Lewa would be the one most likely to have freed her.
63.Is Lhii the surfer still alive? 7No idea.
84. Will we see him in 04? 9No idea.
105. Can you give us any hints of the game you're working on? 11The game? It's a pick-a-path web game for the Bioniclemovie.com site.
126. Do you know if the coloring & outlines of the comics are done on a computer, or by hand? 13The inking is done by hand. The coloring is done by computer.
147. Is Lewa Nuva going to be talking in Le-Koro slang from now on? 15Yes.
168. Do the "crossbreed" kraata turn into different rahkshi than we've seen, or the one with the same headcolor? (ex: Put a xi kraata in proto, it turns into Panrahk, put a kraata with bronze in the front and black in the back, it turns into Panrahk, would that happen?) 17You mean the weird colored kraata? No, they would turn into different Rahkshi than you have seen.
189. Are there any plans to make more remote-controlled Bionicle sets? 19No idea.
2010. For X-ray vision to work, there needs to be bones. Does that mean the charectars have bones? 21Um, no, there doesn't have to be bones. Superman uses his x-ray vision to see through buildings.. buildings don't have bones. (I worded this wrong, I meant you could only see bones with X-ray vision, oh well, I still got the answer)
2211. In the Movie trailer, you see kurahk split his head open, revealing, I'm guessing, a kraata. Does this mean that the heads of the kraata go in the rahkshi heads, and the rest are in the rahkshi backs? 23Yes.
2412. Will the TRU Takutanuva promo come with all the pieces of Makuta and Takanuva, or just the pieces to build him? 25All the pieces from both sets.
2613. Will it come with the regular and movie kraahkan? 27I would assume so.
2814. Will we ever be able to get a red hau with the scar on it without painting one? 29Not that I know of.
3015. Will there be anything special (besides the graalok instuctions) in the MOL movie? 31There are a lot of extra features in the DVD... I am not sure about the graalok instructions, but I know there is a Wall of History feature and a Mata Nui tour of some sort.
3216. Since the borohk va don't need krana, are they alive? Or do they have some other way of being controlled? 33They are artificial life like the Bohrok. They are controlled directly by the Bahrag, or later by the Kal.
3417. Could Turahk make people scared of anything, or just himself? 35Good question. He fills them with fear in general, not sure if it is only of him.
3618. Does Graalok have any masks? 37Can't say for sure. Has been a while since I saw the movie, and wasn't really looking for that.
3819. If she does, what are they? 39Thanks: 40-BF73
11. I'm confused about the Gukko Bird. Is is a Kahu? A Kewa? A renamed Kahu or Kewa, or is it just a totally new creature?
2A: All I can tell you is that in the original movie script, there is a line referring to the Toa "squabbling like Kewa birds" which was changed to "squabbling like Gukko birds."
32. Will Makuta return yet again after the Rahkshi? 4Can't answer it.
53. Does 2004 take place in the past, or is it just flshbacks? Or is it like the Turaga telling stories around the fire? 6Can't answer it.
74. In the comic-con trailer, it shows Tahu Nuva against what looks like Gali's water blast with green, glowing eyes. Does Lerahk's poison make you a Zombie or something? 8No, but it can madden you.
95. In the latest comic, they don't show the green poison scar even when it shows Tahu's left "cheek" like you put in the story script. Why didn't they put it in? 10It was there, but I don't think the colorist caught it.
116. What is the new "Mask of Light.com Game" going to be about? Is there a plot? Can I be Takanuva? (That'd be tight:) 12No, it is not about Takanuva. It focuses on two new Matoran characters. It is not tied directly to the movie, because we could not give away movie plot on the site.
137. What will be in the next Proto-Squad Update, and when will it ship? 14A behind the movie CD, a movie poster, a Rahkshi CD, a Turahk kraata, and the Rahkshi t-shirt for those who sent in their survey.
158. Will the MoL clips be in the next PS Shipment, or will it be in the one after? 16The trailers will be in the next one, not sure what will be out in September.
179. Does the Avohkii and Kraahkan share it's properties with those around them? 18No.
1910. What is the next comic called or titled? 20At Last -- Takanuva
2111. Do the Toa ever use their masks in the Mask of Light movie? 22Yes.
2312. Do the Toa ever switch masks in the Mask of Light movie? 24Not that I recall.
2513. I'm just curious. Makuta doesn't exactly look the like the set in the screenshots we've seen so far, except for the Pohatu Nuva claws on the back of his feet. He looks more like a Toa: Why is that? 26That is just the form he happens to take for this adventure.
2714. In the "Search for the Seventh Toa" contest, is the answer where he is hiding in the movie too? 28It is where he makes his first appearance in the movie, yes.
2915. Will the comics ever feature Takua and Jaller? 30Yes, but only in minor roles, probably.
3116. Are there more masks that the Kanohi-Creators have created but haven't been shown in the storyline? 32Yes, possibly.
3317. How old are the Matoran? 34No idea.
3518. Why does the Toa of Light have armor if he was never transformed? 36You don't have to go Nuva to have armor. His destiny is to fight Makuta, he needs it:
3719. How does the Stasis Tubes work? And where did the Turaga learn to do that? 38You'll find out next year.
3920. Where did Rahi get the masks they are wearing? Were they "born" with them? \ 40Not sure.
1Q. When is the choose your path game resposed to come online?
2A. Not sure, but I will ask.
3Q. Is the new behind the movie disc that is being shiped to proto-squad members going to be a dvd, or a computer disc?
4A.I believe it is a CD-ROM, I think.
5Q. And is the disc going to have anything else besides a behind the movie feature and some trailers?
6A. No, not that I know of. I think it is the same content we were showing at Comic-Con.
1Asked him these a few months ago and kinda forgot to post them. Some of these are very interesting, especially about the lava. And he confirms that Takanuva was planned from the beginning.
2Hello: This time I've got more than just a few questions.:LOL:

  • 3Would it be a reasonable assumption that protodermis is involved in making lava surfboards withstand the lava's heat, and the same for the lava pipes outside the Onu-Wahi lightstone mine? 4Yes. Protodermis is involved in the construction of most things in BIONICLE.
  • 5Do the Matoran have computers (or something like them)? One of the things I pointed out in my topic "MNOLG Findings" was that there are tablets that at least 3 Onu-Kornans are holding in MNOLG that look a lot like computers. And the Book of Chronicles and the readout of the telescope also look like computers. Anyways, I wondered if you know. 6No -- the Matoran are not at that tech level.
  • 7Are we going to find out more about the Red Star anytime soon? 8Don't know.
  • 9Can you tell me anything about it now? 10No, I know very little about it, other than speculation.
  • 11How early were there plans for Takanuva to enter the storyline? 12I believe that the overall plot for all seven books was created in 2000.
  • 13How early were there plans for a 7th toa in general? 14Same answer.
  • 15Do you know if the Matoran, Turaga, and Toa need to eat? 16Yes, they do.
  • 17In the Comics, Tahu's Hau did not protect him from Nuhvok Kal's gravity. Was this because he was caught off-guard, or because the Hau cannot protect against that power? 18The Hau protects against a physical attack... increasing someone's gravity is not the same as throwing a rock at them. It's the same reason the Kal shield did not keep out the Toa's willpower.
  • 19If it's the second case, would it be resonable to assume the Hau was meant to protect against physical (containing matter) attacks, not forces (like electro magnetism, gravity, or even mind control)? 20Yup.
  • 21I ask this because I always thought part of the reason Tahu had a Hau was to help protect him from the heat of lava. The Toa's masks all seem to be chosen because they allow that Toa greater access to places where their element is; Kaukau lets Gali go deep underwater, Miru lets Lewa move through the air, Kakama helps Pohatu make up for his heaviness, Pakari helps Onua dig, and Akaku lets Kopaka see through those snowstorms. So am I right about the Hau? Because heat is part of the electromanetic force; it's not matter. 22No, if that were the case, Kopaka would need one to protect him from extreme cold. Tahu's resistance to heat is part of his elemental power (the same way the Human Torch can't be burned).
  • 23The bio on Jala says that Lhii is the leader of Jala's "clan." What does that mean? 24Wait and see.
  • 25And why doesn't the bio even mention that Jala is the Captain of the guard? It makes it sound like he's just another Ta-Kornan. 26The bio was probably written before that was established in the story.
  • 27How long in our time is the "moon" length mentioned in MNOG 2? 28I will have to ask.. I am not involved in the game.
  • 29What is the Amana Volo Sphere mentioned in the Lexicon on Bionicle.com? What's it look like? 30Again, will have to ask.
  • 31Where is it found?
  • 32Is there only one, or are there lots of them?
  • 33How exactly do the Ta-Kornans "farm" lava? 34Very carefully :)
  • 35What product do they get from this? I realize it could just mean they collect heat from it; if that's true, how do they store it? 36There are other reasons to farm lava... think about where the lava is coming from (underground), and what is usually found there (protodermis). Maybe the lava isn't lava as we know it?
  • 37And what do they use it for?
  • 38I saw in the Official Greg Discussion topic that someone asked you about the Makuta Fish, and you said something like, "what Makuta Fish?" It's in the lexicon; it says that Nokama's staff was "fashioned from the bones of the Makuta Fish." I also wondered what that could be; is it just a coincidence, or is there a reason this fish has the name "Makuta?" So do you know anything about it now? 39No, not yet. It was something that was created for the web a long time ago, so I need to talk to the web people.
  • 40And, I was wondering, about those shells and starfish on the beach in the comic where Onua and Pohatu tricked the Tahnok Kal and got its krana. They seem to be totally organic, and so do the Cowries in MNOG 2. Are they? 41I believe it is possible that there are things on Mata Nui that are totally organic... things that may or may not be native to the island.
  • 42I was looking at Ta-Koro in MNOLG. It look like it is an island in the lava flow, which is underground. The lava clearly flows in front of it, and it looks very much like it also flows behind it. Yet we know that a tunnel goes throught the back straight to Onu-Koro. So would I be correct to assume there is an arch reaching from the "back" of Ta-Koro, over the lava, to the far wall of the lava river, with the Onu-Koro tunnel goin through the arch? Or is it just that the lava does not flow behind Ta-Koro? Do you know? 43No, I don't.
  • 44What powers the Matoran's machinery? Protodermis? Or something else? 45I am sure some of it is basic lever and pulley systems, since they don't have electricity. And some probably is protodermis.
  • 46It seems that the Matoran eat fish, and the Takea shark also seems to eat meat, by how scared Matoran are of it, even though it isn't a Rahi. Are there any land predators? And if the Matoran eat fish, do they also eat other meat? 47I have been told that, yes, the Matoran do eat fish. I tend to doubt they eat much other meat, only because a lot of the fish in the surrounding ocean are probably organic, and very little of the animal life on Mata Nui is (it all seems to be biomechanical). Plus, as with many tropical island cultures, fish is a staple.
  • 48Or are they just afraid of the Takea because it could, maybe, ram them, knock them out, and they'd drown or something, and they use the fish for something else. I did notice that the fish in the Onu-Koro bazaar were still alive and jumping even though they'd been out of the water for at least a little while. 49I am sure the Takea could do that, but I think it is questionable whether it eats Matoran. For one thing, Matoran are biomechanical and therefore might not taste that good. For another, even Earth sharks are not designed to eat people -- it's not what nature intended them to do.
  • 50Are the Bohrok still awake? When the Kal neared the Bahrag, the Bohrok all went back to their nests. Did they fall asleep when they got there, or did they just sit there? And after the Kal failed, could a Matoran go to a nest and order the Bohrok to do some work for them? 51No, the Bohrok have gone back to sleep.
  • 52What does solid protodermis look like when mined from Onu-Wahi? 53That's a good question.. you should find out the answer next year.
  • 54Can any creature with a mask as part of its LEGO design be infected? Or are masks sometimes just used as part of the design, and not as actual masks? For example, the Hoi turtle mentioned in the bios. 55Given that Rahi wore infected masks and were controlled, I would say yes, any mask can be infected.
  • 56Speaking of Hoi, the bio describes it as a "flying swamp turtle." The picture shows it hovering just above the ground. Huh?:blink: How can a turtle, clearly with no wings, fly? That's not a Miru on its back; it's a Pakari. Is it filled with helium or something? 57Well, I could conjure up some long scientific explanation for you.. or I could just point out that this is a fantasy world, and not everything can be explained in terms of Earth biology or natural laws.
  • 58Was the Comet Ball salesman an actual Matoran, or was he Makuta in disguise or something like that? If he's a Matoran, where is he now? You'd think they'd want to find him:
    59He is definitely a Matoran.

60Thanks for your time.

1Hi: I hope that you're enjoying your time at Comic-Con: My questions are below...

21) I've heard that there are going to be six new Kanohi in 2004. Can you deny or confirm that?
3There will be some new Great Masks, yes.
42) I've noted that Lego S@H sells six individual Matoran, two from three different Koros (Ko-Koro, Ga-Koro and Po-Koro). I also understand that three Koros will be participating in a Kohlii tournament in Ta-Koro, presumably in Mask of Light. Can you tell us whether these six Matoran (Matoro, Kopeke, Macku, Hahli, Hewkii and Hafu) will be the six players in the game in MoL?
5The three teams in the movie are from Ga-Koro, Po-Koro, and Ta-Koro.
63) In comic #1, Kopaka is seen putting himself together. Does this mean that if a Bionicle character had a limb removed, they could put it back on without harm to themself?
7Good question. Yes, probably. The Upper Deck card game dealt with the characters being torn apart and having to be put back together again.
84) Do you know if McDonalds will ever have Bionicle toys again?
9Don't know. I don't think there is anything planned for the near future.
105) Any clue as to if any other individual Matoran will be available from S@H?
11There may be more Matoran available in the near future.
126) Was Makuta's Kraakan made by the same people who made the Toa/Turaga/Toa Nuva's Kanohi?
13Gotta wait and see -- even I am not sure of that answer.
147) I've noted that Takanuva's name sounds alot like Tahu Nuva's name, only blended into one word. Will we ever see Taka before he was a Toa Nuva?
15Takanuva is not a Toa Nuva. He was not exposed to liquid protodermis. That is why it is one word and not two.

16Thanks for your time:

17I underlined the cool ones: a little hint of what's in MoL, and that there will be new GREAT Masks. Perhaps more for the Toa, or for the before-time Guardians...
18NOTE: I think that this really needs to be pinned.
1here are some: the third one was pointless, back then lots of members were confused by this, not anymore though.
2here they are: 3QUOTE 4I am sorry for bothering you, may I ask for some Questions?
51. Since Takanuva will be sticking around with the toa, and Takanuva is so powerful is he going to do all the fighting and leave out the other toa? 6No. I don't see Takanuva as being more powerful than the other Toa.. he is destined to fight Makuta because his power is Light, which is ideally suited to defeat darkness. But Light is not so much greater than fire or water... I see him as being of equal power.
72. Are the Rahkshi to powerful for even six toa to gang up on one. Or is Takanuva's power of Light the only thing that can defeat them? 8No, Toa can defeat Rahkshi as well.. they don't the TOL to beat them. But the Toa do need to work together.

93. Since you said to another member that it will show exactly when Tahu got the vahi in the Scholastic book number three called Makuta's revenge, I am confused by how you said we can say goodbye to makuta except for flashbacks. Why is scholastic book three called "makuta's revenge."?
10Because Makuta unleashed the Bohrok, knowing they would do nothing more than delay the Toa.. but he also knew when the Toa defeated the Bohrok, the Kal would be unleashed who MIGHT defeat the Toa.
114. Why is it that Vakama keeps so many secrets and reveals them at the last moment, why is he holding back? 12You will get a better idea of the answer to that next year, and this December. Suffice it to say the Turaga have good reasons not to be quick to trust others.
13thanks in advance:
1Hi Greg, it's been a long time since I have sent you anu quest- 2ions so here are some. I hope you get around to answering 3them:
41) Here is a quote from comic 12: '...Thousands of Kraata trap- 5ped in space and time as they have been for years...', now 6that's not an exact quote but everything I need is there. 7But how may I ask do the Turaga trap the Kraata in 'space 8and time'?
9Stasis tubes, which you will see more of next year. They essentially (I believe) slow down the metabolism of the kraata to such an extent that they probably average around one heartbeat a year (assuming they have hearts).
102) Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you have seen the pr- 11oducts for early 2004. Are they posable at all, and would you 12see them as cool?
13They are very poseable, moreso than even the Rahkshi, and of course I think they are cool.
143) I was reading a BZPower article explaining that the Official 15Guide to Bionicle was and is still available on the Barnes and 16Noble shopping website, they were given information that it 17would include subtle hints about what the '04 storyline is 18about. Can you confirm this?
19Well, I wrote it, and there may be some subtle hints, but to be honest, I do not recall what I put it in as far as that goes.
204) It has come apparent that Protodermis is very important on 21Mata-Nui, but not everything is as it seems on Mata-Nui, is 22Protodermis still important though?
23Yes, it is.
245) The Krana alongside many other beings are very intriguing 25but we weren't given much information about their life-style, 26except that they are soft bodied, pilot the Bohrok and have 27powers. But do they have any organs and do they pulsate? 28And once you were asked how they were produced, and you 29said that we wouldn't want to know, I get the hint, but I wou- 30ld like to know how if you don't mind telling me?
31I haven't gotten an explanation for their creation approved yet, so I can't share it. They do seem to be primarily organic, but I don't know much more than that about their internal systems.
326) I know this has been asked many times before but I would 33like to develop the question further, will the Kraata colours 34that haven't been shown as Rahkshi be shown, and if so 35when? Next year? 36And also, do you have a power list of all those Kraata who 37have not been made as Rahkshi?
38I actually have just completed a power list and sent it off for approval. It is possible some of the other other Rahkshi will make a future appearance in the comics somewhere, but I cannot say if they will be product ever.
397) This is probably the best question of the batch and the one 40which has niggled at me the most. Were there every any 41other Turaga before the current Whenua, Vakama, Nokama, 42Matau, Nuju and Onewa? If so will they be revealed as part of 43next years storyline?
44Can't answer it, sorry.
458) When the surge of power was transmitted into the Bohrok- 46Kal via the Nuva symbols during the prevention of the awake- 47ning of the Bahrag, Lehvak-Kal said that he had enough pow- 48er to turn Mata-Nui into the way it was in the before time, was 49this an error in his programming? Or another part of it?
50No, the Kal knew full well what the Bohrok's mission was. What he was saying what that with all this extra power, they could fulfill the mission without reawakening the swarms.
519) I know you can't answer a question on who made the 52Bohrok, Bahrag, Bohrok-Va and Kal but could you answer if it 53was intelligent or like the Bohrok were only programmed?
54My guess would be it was an intelligent being, but it is just a guess.
55Thanks for in advance for answering these questions, and I 56would like to complement you on the latest comics, I like how 57you have conveyed the characters personalities (especially 58Kopaka's). Thanks again,
60P.S- Sorry the answers were so long:

1YES: He finally got back to me on my questions: (Wow... a LONG time...)
2Hello Greg,
3Just a few questions, this time:
41.Does the ash bear (can't... spell.. her name..) perchance have children?(Doubt you can answer it.) 5If she does, you never see it in the film.
62.Do the tips of the Rahkshi staffs have to be in staff mode for them to work, or can they use them as swords? 7I have only seen them used as staffs.
83.Could Vorahk take your power if you attacked him with swords, and he never touched you, or if you attacked him with an elemental blast? 9No. He has to be in physical contact, or at least have you in physical contact with his staff.
104.The Toa Nuva can take their protodermis armor off, right? 11Yes, if they choose to, I would assume they could.
125.In the movie, could you, perchance, tell me how the fighting is mostly like, say, elemental blasts and such flying, or will it be a lot of sword to staff fighting? 13Both.
146.If Takanuva can create (CAN he?) light, and control it, and Makuta (i'm assuming), can creat shadow, and control it, wouldn't each be unbeatable for eachother? 15You will have to wait and see, but they are pretty equally matched, yes.
167.The Kraata... if Makuta can only produce a few at a time, and the turga keep catching them.... wouldn't he run out?Or can he call them back to him at will? 17No, like anything else, he can create more once his energy level reaches a certain point.
188.What CAN Takanuva do with his powers? 19Bursts of light... balls of light that can do a lot of damage... light beams... someone asked if he could create lasers, which is not specifically stated in the story bible, but it would make sense that he could.
209.Are you planning more emotional powers, such as, say, Kurrahk's, and Turrahk's?(Rage, and fear... quite a few more... though some would be quite useless...(I mean, LOVE???)) 21Nottttt really... I did do a power list for the other kraata, and didn't really have much in the way of emotional powers on it.
2210.IF Makuta is so powerfull why doesn"t he wipe out the toa after he was beaten by them the FIRST time??? 23Because Makuta is incredibly arrogant... he has never really seriously believed the Toa were that much of a threat to him. He didn't really get worried until the MOL got found.

25See answers above.

27Hmm... I think that, after the Toa have beaten the Rahkshi, that they will need to attack Makuta along with the TOL... otherwise, he might be seriously beaten up. >>>>.<<<<<
1Dear Greg,
2Thank you for sparing time to answer our questions.Reading through the Official GregF Discussion is teaching me a lot of things I hadn't known before.So now, there's some questions I haven't seen publically (at least I don't think I have, I've read the answers with time gaps in between), and am just dying to ask.

3I.)You've said that your favorite Toa is Kopaka (which, might I add, is perfectly normal (see my username)).Is this why Comic #1 was about him for the most part and not Tahu, or another Toa?
4Actually, I had considered doing both Onua and Tahu before I decided on Kopaka. Tahu's arrival was already being dealt with in MNOLG, and Onua's in the promo films, so I had to use someone who hadn't already been done elsewhere.
5II.)About the Takutanuva promo:I think you've said before that it's coming in August, which is about the same time the other four sets are released in stores.(At least I think you did...If I'm wrong, when IS it coming out?)Is this going to be like a $50 pack with just Takanuva/Ussanui and Makuta packaged together with the movie Kraahkan thrown in, or is it going to be a regular set, like, $30 or something, including only the pieces needed to build Takutanuva alone?
6It does have both complete sets, so Ussanui pieces/instructions are included. I do not know the retail price, however.
7III.)I think I heard someone say that you hinted one Toa may die.If a Toa were to die in the story, how would you illustrate the event, as Bionicle has very minimal violence in it?
8No, I never said that. What I said in response to a question what that no Toa had died yet.. which is true, none has. Doesn't mean one will. Just means none has so far.
9IV.)It has been said that no Toa (not Kaita) alone can hope to defeat a Mana.But it is to your belief that Mana's get their power from heat.If this is so, couldn't Kopaka alone stand a chance against a Mana, seeing as his element can make heat absent?
10Yes, but Kopaka's power alone just might not be enough.
11V.)Is there any significance to the grey Hau mounted on the Ussaniu, or is it just there for looks?If it's grey, it looks pretty powerless to me.And, if it does have any significance in the movie, am I right in saying you can't answer what it does?(BTW, sorry if this has already been asked.)
12Basically, explaining why it is there would give away a plot point in the movie, but I can tell you it is not there to provide power -- it is there for symbolic reasons.
13VI.)You say telling us who Takanuva is, and whether or not he's a new character altogether, would ruin the end of the movie.Does this mean that Takanuva will be absent in the movie until the end, or is he in most of the movie and just doesn't reveal his identity until the end?Such as, hypothetically speaking, of course, if Takua were the ToL, he would be Takanuva for a good amount of time in the movie, and take off the Avohkii and turn back into Takua and we see it was him?Or is that just a wild, crazy (hey, this is sounding like me) idea?
14Takanuva does not appear until, um, about the last third of the film, I would say. After all, the plot of the movie is the search for him.
15VII.)You've confirmed that the glittery Avohkii was included with Takanuva to display him when he uses his full power, or something along those lines.Do you know if these are packed with ALL Takanuva sets, or just the earliest ones for those who ordered him over S&H?Because I usually have to just wait for the sets to come to regular retail stores before I can get them.>.<
16I believe it is in all of them.
17VIII.)Will there be another Vahi promo in the future? 18No idea.
19IX.)I'm still a bit unclear on the Shadow Kraata.If it gets to Protodermis, it would become a different Rahkshi (probably purple) from all the others, right?But what if, let's say, the Kraata in control of Panrahk was in its sixth stage and then evolved to stage seven.It would be purple, and would be a different Rahkshi when dipped in Protodermis than it would have in its sixth stage, right?But would it still be able to pilot Panrahk, or would it have to wait for a Rahkshi evolved from a Shadow Kraata to come along before it can control a Rahkshi again?
20I am not certain a shadow kraata creates a totally different Rahkshi, because it's basic Rahkshi power remains the same was it was in the other six stages.
21X.)Do you find Will Ferrel humorous?*obviously can't think of a good tenth question*
22Sometimes. I haven't watched SNL in a lot of years, though, or seen any of his movies. I don't really watch a lot of comedy... my favorite shows are Alias, Buffy, Smallville, Amazing Race, Survivor, CSI.

23Once again, thank you for using your time to answer our questions.

24Symbolic, eh? This is starting to edge me to "Jaller is Takanuva." Maybe they place the Hau there as a memorial. Or maybe they think he's gone, and place it there for his memory, but in reality, he was just being held in the Mangaia... I've gotta see this movie.
2I'm sorry to bother you, but I have some questions:
31. So far you have tell us that 6 new masks will be released in 2004. Do they take an important part in the storyline?
4In the long run, yes.
52. Is there any info you can give us about the Platinum Avohkii?
6:lookhere: Such as what? It is 100% solid platinum, with a retail value of about $7000, and it is only available through the SST contest on Cartoon Network. :lookhere:
73. Have you seen the Platinum Avohkii?
8Yes, actually I have.
94. How many new sets are gonna be planned for early 2004?
10Can't answer that one at this time.
115. In the future, the mystery of the mask of time will be discovered?
136. Is there any chance that the Rahkshi come back?
14There will be cameo appearances by the Rahkshi (the ones you know, and some of the ones who go with the "misprint" kraata) in future stories.
157. If the Rahkshi come back, could they have more powers? (because of the strange colorized Kraata).
178. Will the Toa Nuva evolve again?
18Nothing like that planned at this time.
199. Will the Turaga reconstruct themselves someday?
20No idea.
2110.Do you know anything about the second movie plot? (No I don't want a summary of it:LOL: just an idea).
22I do, but for obvious reasons I can't share any of that. It is highly confidential.
23Thank you very much: :D

25Well that's a li'l bit more info about... the platinum MoL.
1Hi Greg,
2Can you spare some time from your busy shedule to answer a few questions?
31) Do you know when the movie DVD will be available in Europe? 4Not sure, but I would assume it would be around September as well.
52) Do you know how Mata-Nui looks like? If so and if you are allowed could you tell me? 6Yes, I do, and no, I'm not allowed.
73)Gathered friends, listen again to our legend of the bionicle. In the time before the time the Great spirit descended from the heavens, carrying we the ones called the Matoran to this paradise. We were seperate and without purpose so the Great spirit illuminated us with the three virtues: Unity, Duty and Desteniny.
8I doubt you are allowed to answer this but I'll give it a shot anyway. I believe you said that in 2004 we were going to learn more of were the Matoran came from. Now a voice (I presume Vakama's) sais these words. He sais that The Matoran were carried to the island by Mata-Nui. So is there a chance we will see Mata-Nui or learn a bit more about him? 9(Yes I know I ask a lot about Mata-Nui) 10You will learn a lot next year, but you probably will not see Mata Nui. You may learn more about him though.
114) The Hau has apparently a great symbolic value. The Hau on the Ussanui and the Hau (Mata-Nui)in Makuta's lair. Are there any other masks who have a symbolic value (except the Mask of Victory)? 12Well, the MOL does, certainly.... that is the only one I know of, offhand.
14PS: Could you congratulate the makers of the movie because from the trailers and small scenes I have seen they did a wonderfull job. Two dumbs up.

15See answers above.

16Oh man Greg is so lucky he know's how Mata-Nui looks like. Mata-Nui is the guy that made me interested in the story in first place, since the moment I learned about him I'm trying to gather every piece of information about him so I could picture him next year is something to look out for.
1[COLOR=grayI pmed him asking if I could post a MOC of him and he said:[B
2lol, if you want to do that, it's all right with me. Cool model.

11. What type of Rahkshi would a Shadow kraata evolve into if it was exposed to protodermis? What power would it have? 2Probably whatever power the kraata had in its earlier stages.
32. What's the title of the next Bionicle comic? 4At Last - Takanuva:
53. About how many new masks will there be next year? 6Only six that I know of. Masks are not the collectable next year.
74. Does creating a Kraata take any energy out of Makuta? 8Yes.
95. How long did it take you to write the Official Guide to Bionicle? I just got it a few days ago, and I think you did a great job. 10About a month or five weeks.. it went through a few different drafts.
116. How many new Matoran will there be next year? 12Can't answer it.
1That was fast...got my first answers from Greg (Greg's answers are in BOLD ):
21. You said before that the Bohrok are meant to be released when a signal is sent and there is nobody living on the island. What will happen when the real signal is sent, since the Bahrag are imprisoned?
3Nothing, because without the Bahrag, the Bohrok do not function properly.
42. Are there any plans to give away those vacuum-metalized Krana-Kal in a promotion (like the Vahi promotion at Walgreens last year)?
5Not that I know of, no.
63. Do the Bohrok Kaita or Bohrok Va Kaita have names?
7I don't think we ever named them, because they never figured into the storyline.
84. Were the alternate models for the Boxor, Exo-Toa, and Bahrag ever given names?
9No. Again, they were alternate models but not in the storyline. Because of the time and expense involved in all the legal checks that have to be done for a BIONICLE name, we don't name things always if they don't figure in anyplace.
105. What is the process that things like the kraata power list go through before they are ready to be released?
11Basically, they have to get sent to the story team and approved to make sure they don't conflict with something planned in the future.
126. You said before that the Shadow Kraata will be included in marked Rahkshi canisters at Target later this year. Will the Shadow Kraata be included in addition to the Kraata you would normally get in the set, or will it replace that particular Rahkshi's Kraata?
13Good question. Don't know, will have to ask.
147. Can you tell me the catch phrase for the beginning of the 2004 Bionicle line (like the "six reasons to hide" catch phrase for the Bohrok-Kal)?
168. What does it mean in the movie ad where it says Jaller is the Herald of the Seventh Toa? What does the Herald of the Seventh Toa do?
17The Herald is the one who is supposedly destined to take the MOL and find the Seventh Toa.
18Greg is so helpful:
1How much of the storyline do you know about? 2Through 2004 into 2005.
3Will we ever see pictures of the Shadow Toa? 4Probably not.
5When does the MoL board game come out? 6This fall, I believe.
7Will the Rahkshii shoes come in bigger sizes? 8Don't know.
9What is Takanuva's personality like?
10Can't answer that one.
1LNK: In comic#12 we saw Lehvak-kal go flying when is power went wild. He would have eventually left the planet's atmosphere. Do you suppose he could have collided with the Tahnok that Nuhvok-kal sent into orbit?

2GregF: We know he went flying, that does not mean he would have reached escape velocity. Pohatu Nuva went flying earlier this year off Onua's earth ramp, but he came down to earth again. Odds are Lehvak-Kal's momentum would have run out eventually and he would have plunged back down.

1Just got these answers from GregF:
2Hello, GregF: Some more questions. Not as many this time::LOL:

  • 3Are the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran, etc. part biological, part mechanicle? 4I see them as biomechanical, yes.
  • 5Are the comics now mostly leading up to the movie, revealing actual movie plot, or filling in purposeful gaps in the movie? 6The July-November comics take place during the movie but do not (for the most part) depict movie plot.
  • 7I want to see if I understand the fight between the three Toa and Rahkshi in Comic :3. Tahu, Lewa, and Gali were surfing along on a wave across the island when Lehrak blasted a rock that Tahu was about to land on with his poison. Then he swiped at Tahu, but missed. Then Gurahk came along and broke open the ground underneath Gali, then almost got her with his staff, but Lewa swung down from a branch or vine and knocked Gurahk aside. But Gurahk desintegrated part of the vine, sending Lewa crashing into Tahu. Then Panrahk came up, and all three blasted the rocks onto the Toa. Do I understand this correctly?
    8Lewa was not on the wave, only Gali and Tahu. Lehrak did not blast the rock, Panrahk did. All the rest of your explanation is accurate.

9Well, thanks. BTW, that was a great comic: Keep 'em coming::)

10See answers above.

1QUOTE 2Hi GregF. I hope you're having a great summer. I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions for me.
31) I believe that in the GregF Discusion topic someone asked you if the secret of the Mask of Time will ever be revealed. What is the secret of the Mask of Time?
4Well, not sure what secret they were referring to, but you will learn much more about it next year, including how and why it was made.
52) Because Takanuva could create spheres of light and do other things with his powers, in what ways could Makuta damage the Toa and Takanuva with his shadow powers?
6Well, besides the emotional control Makuta has, he can create spheres of shadow and do other darkness related things. He and Takanuva are pretty evenly matched.
73) I've heard a member of BZP state that Takutanuva is the most powerful being to ever walk Mata Nui. Is this true? If not, how powerful is he?
8I would say he probably is, yes.
94) Could you say that there is like an Alpha male for Rahi just as there is for any other kind of animal?
10Hmmmm... in those species of Rahi that would normally have such a thing, like Muaka, there probably would be one. However, we have not seen a lot of herds or prides of Rahi, so not sure how much it comes into play.
115) Do the Rahi veary(spell?) in size? For example, could there be regular sized Manas like the ones that the Toa fought, and then have there be one Manas that is twice or three times the size of that Manas?
12I don't know if there are bigger ones, but there might be smaller ones, yes.
136) I'm still kind of shakey on how the Matoran and Rahi live, so I have to ask another question about the Manas: Does Makuta build the Manas or do they breed in his underground lair?
14Hmmmm... well, they don't breed. Makuta may have had a hand in creating them, but I cannot say that for sure. You should learn a lot more about how things come into being in BIONICLE next year.
157) Since the Manas are more powerful in hot enviroments, would you say that they absorb heat energy, or that they just become more powerful for some reason?
16They thrive on heat. They are sort of lizard-like in that respect.. they function better in heat, cold slows them down.
17Thank you for answering my questions. 18Sorry there were so many of them devoted to the Manas again, they are my favorite enemy.

20If you like the Manas, watch for the Tales of the Masks anthology coming out from Scholastic this September. It features the first reappearance of the Manas in a while.
21See other answers above.


23Just thought these were interesting.
1Here is my new batch of questions. I hope this is okay. GregF's answers are in Bold
21: In thePick a path game on MOL.com, what are the names of the Matoran you play as. 3They are never named.
42: If Kopaka, Onua and Lewa aren't going to be in MOL very much, Who would you say has a bigger role of those three. 5Hmmmm... Onua might have a little more screen time, but I think Kopaka plays a more significant role in the movie.
63: Will we ever see the Comet Ball Salesman again? 7Probably.
84: Will there be any new Turaga sets? 9Can't discuss future sets.
105: Will they renew the old Turaga sets? 11No plans to do that right now.
126: Did the Matoran build Kini-Nui? 13Can't answer it.
147: If not, then where did it come from?
158: When is the SST contest on Cartoon Network? 16Not until October, I think.
179: How many Bionicle movies are planned? 18Two more after this year's, I think.
1910: When and why were the Bohrok going to be awakened originally? 20Their job is to cleanse the island. They would have been awakened once no one was living on it anymore.
2111: How would they be awakened? 22There's a signal that is sent.
2312: Are we gonna see Kopaka fight all six Rahkshi in the Movie? 24No.. the comic stories are not from the movie, they are adventures that took place during the movie but were not shown there.
2513: How about in the Comic? 26Yes.
2714: Will we ever learn anything more about the Bohrok? 28Yes, I believe so.
2915: Will there ever be a Lego Koli Stadium Set? 30Don't know.

1Some more answers.
2Hi Greg,
3Could you answer a few more questions of mine?.
41) Makuta was jealous, so jealous he started a little fight with his brother. But was the fight something like Takanuva vs Makuta? Were Mata-Nui and Makuta equilly(sp) strong or was Mata-Nui weaker then Makuta?
5Well, that is a good question... I can't really give you an official answer except to say this. Keepin mind that the fight between Makuta and Mata Nui is Matoran legend.. their explanation of how Mata Nui went to sleep. It might be true... or it might be half true... like any other legend. I don't believe the Matoran were actually eyewitnesses to the conflict, though I could be wrong.
62) In comic 12 Makuta sais: So, again the prophecies of the Matoran oppose my will. 7Does this means he knows the prophecies. If that is the case why don't prevent it from happening.
8Another good question. That line is actually from the movie. Yes, I am sure Makuta does know the prophecies... but I am not sure he can stop them from happening. He will certainly try though.
93) This question is about the awakening process of Mata-Nui. The Toa Nuva need to know how to awake him before they can. Does this mean that when they know how they don't have to defeat Makuta and wake Mata-Nui up or is it nessecairy that Makuta is defeated before they can awake him?
10Makuta would have to be defeated first. He bars the way to where they need to go to awaken him, as you will see in the movie.

114) Makuta is not affraid of Mata-Nui. Why? Ok, Mata-Nui is asleep but if he wakes up doesn't Mata-Nui pose a threat to his rule over the island?
12Again, this is one where you really need to see the film. You will get a whole new perspective on exactly why Makuta wants Mata Nui kept asleep. It is fear, but it is not fear of Mata Nui.
135) Do you have any idea when we might get to see Mata-Nui?
14Hmmmm.. can't really answer that one without giving too much away. Sorry.
15(yes I know again lot's of questions about Mata-Nui)

16See answers above.

1my 2 widgets
21:why are there no new le-koronans? 32:what's up with the multi colored kraata in the kraata packs (red with blue, black with gold)? 4more to come as soon as I can remember them:

51) Because the Le-Matoran really do not figure into the movie. You never see any of them.
62) Those are other species of kraata. I have completed a list of all the combinations and all the powers that go with them and am currently waiting for approval from the story team on it.

8the ")" are Greg's and the ":" are mine. Wow, what a great guy :rolleyes: -Bilbo
1Here's my latest news from GregF:

2Hi, I have some questions involving the new movie preview (and more) 3----
41. In the beginning of the preview, Makuta said:
5I must release those who should never have seen the light of day...

6Was he that reluctant to relase the Rahkshi? 7Yes.
82. Why does the Kraahkan in the MoL movie look like neither the Makuta set mask OR the Takutanuva mask? 9It should look like the one in the TRU set. But the Makuta toy was designed before the design was finished on the movie, which is why those masks do not match.
103. Why was Tahu acting like a zombie? 11Gotta watch the movie and find out.
124. How hard is it to extract a Kraata? Since it looks like they're packed in pretty snugly. 13Well, first you have to get close enough to a Rahkshi to do that.... so it's very hard.
145. At the end of the preview, it showed Takanuva flinging a ball of light at Makuta, then Makuta throwing an energy ball back at Takanuva. Was he deflecting Takanuva's attack? Or was it his own attack? 15Again, gotta watch the movie.
166. Because it looks like Takutanuva has wings, can he/it fly? 17No.
187. Were the Manas always evil? Or are they infected like the other Rahi? 19My guess is they were infected, but they are also pretty rotten normally.
208. Do you ever get a day off? 21I get weekends off, and vacation like anybody else does. But I am usually writing BIONICLE in my free time, too, these days.
229. Is a mask ever knocked off in the movie so we know what the Toa's heads look like? 23Not that I recall.
2410. Is there a way to win the Kohlii match in the MNOLG2? Because it's impossible for me. I can't keep the ball in my stick for more than two seconds. 25---- 26No idea, didn't design the game.
27thanks for your time, Greg. :)

28See answers above.

29Now I have to scrub out my inbox...
11) Why do the Turaga have robes in in MoL? They actually look like stoles that Catholic priests wear. I think you said before that there was a reason behind it. Don't know.. it was a movie designer decision. My guess is it was to help differentiate them from the Matoran for kids watching the movie who don't know BIONICLE.

22)Have the color/power list and Krana Birth been accepted yet? 3No.

1QUOTE 2Hi GregF. I just have two questions for you.
31) In the third Bionicle Book, Vakama says that when you use the Vahi, you not only control time, but you also control all of reality and everything that exisits. I never thought that the Vahi was really that powerful. So does that mean that when Tahu stopped time, he was not only controling time, but also warping reality in some way, or does this mean that the Vahi has other powers that have not been exibited yet? 4Time is a fundamental part of reality, along with space. So yes, when you control time you are warping reality. That's why it's so dangerous.
52) Will we ever see an actual Kaita fight between two Kaitas? I was really looking foward to a fight like that. 6I don't know, it's possible.
7That's all. Thank You:

8See answers above.
9Hope you like the latest questions.
1Well, these are my most recent questions:
2Hi Greg, 3I've got a few questions for you, hope you don't mind.
41.) Could you tell us if there are other islands on the 'planet' (I presume that Mata-Nui is on a planet) that Mata-Nui is on? 5Can't, cause I don't know. That has never been established.
62.) If there are other islands, is there protodermis to be found on those islands? 7No idea.
83.)Did the Turaga lose some respect because of the fact that the Matoran grew larger? 9No. If you were taller than your Dad, would you no longer respect him?
104.) with what (besides the sticks) is Kolhii played, with those 'Pucks' that come in the Matoran set, or with the Koli balls, like rocks? 11Kolhii can be played in a lot of different ways.
125.)Did that Po-Koran that selled those 'Comet balls' work with Makuta, or was he in it pure for the widgets? 13He was allied with Makuta, and you have not seen the last of him.
146.) Next year, do there only come Le and Onu koran matoran, or will there come more of the other 4 koro's? 15There will be Matoran from other places available as well.
16I wanted to thank you for always kindly answering our questions, and for making the storyline for many people addicted to Bionicle: so... THANKS::
1Hi again Greg,
2I have a few questions I would like you to answer, if you feel 3like it:
41) Did the story team combine two dictionary definitions when 5thinking up Protodermis? (Like 'Proto- First' 'Dermis- Skin')
6I believe so, yes.
72) Is there a possibility that soon after the defeat of Makuta 8and the awakening of Mata-Nui that the villagers will go to a 9safer island? (Or even one they THINK is safer.)
10Hmmm... well, watch the movie... but I can tell you that if Makuta was defeated, that would make most places safer for the Matoran.
113) Is the 'paradise' that the legends speak of an actual island 12or is it just that the Matoran call it that because they dont 13remmember where it is or what it is like?
14The Matoran probably do not remember.. odds are the Turaga do, although their memories of it may be a bit clouded with time.
154) Is Mata-Nui actualy 'drifting in an endless ocean' or does it 16appear this way because other islands are just too far away 17to see?
18We have, at this point, no idea if there are any other land masses on this planet. It hasn't been established.
195) Have any Matoran actualy tried venturing beyond the 20visible horizon or don't they even wonder what is out of sight?
21No, they have enough problems at home. Plus, kind of hard to sail a long ways when Tarakava keep punching holes in your ship.
226) How early can we expect teasers for the 2004 storyline to 23come out?
24Well, the November comic certainly teases some, the end of the movie does too... not sure from a marketing perspective. I know the web site will not be doing '04 in any serious way until January.
257) Do the Bahrag have any other suprises in store for our 26heroes if or when they are released by whatever force?
27I suppose they could, assuming they ever get out.
288) Were the Matoran ever part of a greater civilisation in 29'Paradise' or wherever they were from?
30Wait and see :)
31Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, I hope 32you have a nice day,

34See answers above.

1QUOTE 2Hi GregF. I know I have PMed you recently, but I have some more questions that have popped up. This should be the last of them for a while.
31) Why would the Bahrag combine into the combiner on the back of their set box (I believe that you said they would if they got out of their proto cage)? What is that thing called anyway? 4I don't think it has a name.. and odds are they would combine because, being symbiotic, being joined into one being would make them even more powerful and make it impossible to physically separate, and thus weaken them. And no, I don't think I ever said for sure they would combine like that. Other people have suggested it.

52) Does it take a lot of time and energy to transform regular Bohrok into Borok Kal? 6Yes.

73) Do the krana turn into krana kal inside the Bohrok when they turn Kal, or do the Bahrag just produce them differently? 8I believe they mutate with the Bohrok bodies.
94) Why didn't the Toa form Kaita after they had shed their Exo armor? Couldn't they have formed protodermis if they were in Kaita form? 10Yes, but if you are up against two foes... why form yourself into two combatants, when you can come at them from six different sides?
115) Would a Rahkshi be able to break out of a protodermis cage? 12Possibly, but I don't think that was a certainty.
136) Why was Makuta so afraid to releash the Rahkshi out onto Mata Nui? He seemed very confident in the 13th comic book. 14Because Makuta's goal is not to kill the Matoran, and he knows that the Rahkshi are, by their nature, very destructive. In his eyes, they are a "doomsday weapon."
157) So, if you dipped a shadow kraata in protodermis, the Rahkshi that would come out would still be a Shadow Kraata Rahkshi, but would still have the regular power of that kraata that the shadow kraata had evolved from and would still need a shadow kraata to drive it. Does that sound right? 16Yes.
178) Do the Exo suits have a power source? If so, where is it on the Exo? 18Good question... can't reveal the answer.
199) I know that this is sort of a stupid question, but what exactly are the purposes of the Exo suits? I mean, Iknow that they were meant to help the Toa defeat the Bahrag, but they didn't. And they were also meant to protect the Nuva Cube from the Kal, but they didn't (well, I'll give them that one since the exos were out matched). So, what exactly are the purpose of the Exos? 20Well, they had those two purposes, but that may not be why they were originally built. Hopefully, we may learn more about that in the near future. The story team in general is not all that concerned about the exo suits, but I think they are cool and like to work them in places.
2110) If the Toa had been inside the exos, would the they have been able to defeat the Kal? 22They probably could have done it the same way, using their willpower. They could not have pierced the force field with the Exos, no.
2311) As the Toa Nuva use the Kanohi Nuva more and more, do they gain greater mastery over them, and therefore greater power? 24Yes.
2512) Can the Komau control a Rahi under Makuta's influence? How about a Bohrok with a krana or a manas? 26Possibly, providing the Komau's wearer had sufficient willpower.
2713) Would Takanuva or Makuta have greater control over the Vahi since they are more powerful beings? 28Takanuva is not necessarily more powerful than any other Toa. Makuta MIGHT have more control over a Vahi simply because he is longer-lived and has more experience with mask powers.
2914) Have the manas ever been out from the bowels of the underground (like above ground)? 30No, not as far as I know.
3115) Are there any other Rahi like the manas that are as strong and as vicious as them? 32I am sure there are.
3316) Why are the manas so mysterious? Aren't they just regular Rahi? 34Yes, but I kind of see them as being sort of like giant squid... I mean, those are just sea creatures, but they are very mysterious because we so rarely ever catch one and don't know much about them. Prior to the Toa, not a lot was directly known about the Manas because few had seen them and returned.
3517) Did Makuta have any other Rahi or anything else guarding his lair at any other time? 36Possibly.
3718) Why aren't the Toa able to use their elemental powers inside of the exo suits? 38It's a function of the suits. While they provide great mechanical power, they block the use of internal energies. That may have some connection to their original purpose, we will see.
3919) I know I've asked you about the power of centain beings on Mata Nui a million times and I know that you are probably anoyed with me doing that, but I was wondering why the comics stated that the Toa were more powerful than any being on Mata Nui has ever known when they put on the Exo suits when Makuta and other beings are more powerful than them? (I understand why they lost to the Bahrag so you don't have to explain that). 40Please don't be mad because I asked this. I was just wondering. 41Not mad But the only being we know for a fact is more powerful is Makuta, and even he has been defeated by the Toa in the past.
4220) Would the Toa Nuva be able to defeat the Rahkshi in the Exos? 43I doubt it very much.
44Thank you for answering this questions::
45Sorry about there being so many.

46See answers above.

47I hope you like this latest round of questions.
1I asked about the Shadow Kraata:
2Q: What will it do and when will it be released?
3A: The Shadow Kraata is able to infect masks at a distance and it will be released in December.
4I know its old news but I was just wondering. . .