1Hy Greg, I'm sorry that I have so many questions, but I think this lot will sum them up for a while. Thank you.
21. Will Takua continue to explore Mati Nui in the future story line? 3Future story will be focusing a bit more on the Turaga than the Matoran...
42. In comic 12 it said that the Toa Nuva had much to think about. What are they thinking about? 5The fact that they have been fighting and it made them vulnerable.
63. Does the Mask Of Light movie have ANY Matrix like action, you know, lets say where a Toa Nuva hits a Rahksi and the camera slows down and spins around the Rahksi in slow motion and then speeds up again. Or somthing like that. I ask because people have been wandering about this in a topic over at the movies section. 7Not that I know of, no... that really doesn't fit the way that things work on Mata Nui, and besides, it would so obviously be a rip-off of Matrix.
8Thank you for your time.
1I have an answer gregf gave me.
2Me- In the comic makuta says. 3go my sons my rahkshi and keep my brother asleep. 4why is he sending them to keep his brother asleep if thier mission is to stop the comming of the seventh toa.
5Greg- takanuva is heckbent on awakening mata-nui 6and he knows alot about the past possibly even where mata-nui is. but i cant tell you if he does that would spoil it.
1I have an answer gregf gave me.
2Me- In the comic makuta says. 3go my sons my rahkshi and keep my brother asleep. 4why is he sending them to keep his brother asleep if thier mission is to stop the comming of the seventh toa.
5Greg- takanuva is heckbent on awakening mata-nui 6and he knows alot about the past possibly even where mata-nui is. but i cant tell you if he does that would spoil it.

8What does heckbent mean? Cause I PMed him one time and asked him what all of the toas destinyies were and he out this:
9Tahu,Pohatu,Lewa,Onua,Kopaka, and Gali's destinies are to awaken mata-nui, while takanuva's is to defeat makuta.
11. What is the purpose of the grey Hau on the Ussanui? Personally, I think it represents the Stone Hau that signifies Mata Nui in Makuta's lair. Or is it just for decoration and it is grey because it is not being worn? 2Exactly what the purpose of it is, I do not know, although I have my suspicions (which I cannot share because they are related to the movie). But yes, it would be gray because it is not being worn.
32. I am just curious... when will you have the Kraata color list and the "Unknown Rahkshi Power list?" I understand you're a busy guy, but...
43. Now that I bring up busy, have you done anything with the Bahrag-Krana production thing yet? 5I have received the color list, I have to check with the web people to see if they want to put it up first. As for the rest of the stuff, I really can't give you a time estimate.. I am buried in 2004-2005 right now, so getting the story team to focus on a 2002 issue is not very easy.
64. What is the purpose of the Kodan Ball that Pohatu Nuva can form? Is it like a Kolhii ball deluxe or what? 7Don't know enough to answer.
85. Does the Gukko bird have 4 wings? Because it has two obvious wings and then these smaller little wings underneath. I mean, 4 wings? 9No, I believe that what you are seeing as a second set of wings are its legs.
106. How does a Toa control the Exo-Toa armor? Is it psychic links or something, because the arms don't move while the Exo-Arms do. 11Again, all I could do is speculate. My guess would be it would be a mental connection, but I cannot say offically. It may work more on the lines of an exo-skeleton, where slight muscle movement by the occupant produces much more extreme movement in the armor.
127. You said that there were other Turaga in the past. Are they still on Mata Nui? Did they become Matoran form again? Who were they? 13Can't answer it.
148. Will the wall of history be put online through Bionicle.com, or the MNOLG? 15Don't know, offhand. I have heard various possibilities.
169. I know you have been getting quite a few PMs, and stupid questions about such a petty thing... but where is the Kolhii Comet seller now? Is he in Po-Koro now, or is he hiding? Will we ever see him again? 17I can't answer that, because there may be plans for him down the road.
1810. In the movie, when Takanuva uses his light powers, does it go sparkly white on the Mask? 19Don't recall.
2011. How exactly do you cleanse an Infected Mask? 21As I have said, there is no official answer for this. But my belief is that it is similar to the healing done by the Toa Nuva in the movie... it requires a combination of powers.
2212. How did Nuparu "reprogram" the Bohrok? Was there like a keyboard in them that had functions and controls? 23This is one of those things we prefer fans speculate on, than getting definitive answers from us.
2413. If you were to insert a stage-seven Kraata into a Rahkshi, would it act with the powers of a sixth-stage Kraata? 25No, it would act with the powers of a stage seven kraata.
2614. Are there more uses with Protodermis than we've seen so far? If so, what are they? So far I have construction, "rebuild" Matoran, destiny transformation and Kraata-to-Rahkshi. 27I am sure there are dozens of uses for it.
2815. Who hid the Kanohi all over Mata-Nui? The creators? 29Can't answer it.
3016. When we will we start seeing images of the '05 movie? 31No idea.
3217. IS the Gukko Bird an aged Kewa? Or a completely redesigned Kewa and we'll never see normal one again? Because that is one radical change, the 4 wings and the tail and... well, everything. 33I have no idea if it is aged or a different subspecies. If that has been discussed by the story team, I am not aware of it, so I do not know what the movie designers had in mind.
1Here's some answers from GregF:
2QUOTE 3I hope you're not busy, just a couple questions.
41. Did the Bahrag create any more "mutated" Bohrok to save them, like the Kal? 5No, just the Kal.
62. Did Levahk Kal survive being blasted into orbit? If so, Will he show up again? 7You never know
83. Why didn't the Matoran reawaken the Bohrok, remove the Krana, and reprogram them, Since the Bahrag are still imprisoned? 9I don't think the Matoran want to take the chance of messing with the Bohrok. Once was enough.
104. Were the Krana-kal mutated or specially bred by the Bahrag? 11They were mutated.
125. Does Mnolg 2 begin before or after the Rahkshi are created? 13My guess is the Rahkshi were created, but not activated yet, at the start of the game.
146. Does Mnolg 2 begin before, after or during MOL? 15My understanding is it begins before, I believe, because Hahli spends part of it training for the kolhii match at the start of the film.
16(off topic) 177. Do you write the Orient Expedition comics, cause I really like them: 18Yes, I do.
19Thank You so much, I hope I'm not bothering you:

1Hey, Greg: I thunk up a few more questions, some inspired by all the new Summer sets I recently got:
21.) The Pewku/Gukko/Makuta combiner model is so cool::: Will it ever be in the story, or is it like the Bahrag-spider, never to be used? 3No plans for it to be in the new story, no.
42.) I got my new Matoran (Kopeke, Hewkii, etc.) in the mail, and I looked at the back of the box..... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA::::: Look at those ridiculous combiners:: What is that little thing, a giraffe?¿? Any way, do you have any story info on these? 5Nope.
63.) About the Turaga... In the old days, they were bigger than the Matoran. It kind of gave them a sense of power, letting you know that they're in charge. But now the Matoran are so big and bulky, it makes the Turaga seem dinky. 73a.) Will the Turaga build themselves up like the Matoran have? 83b.) Will this affect the story line at all? 9No, and no, as far as I know. But the Turaga are supposed to be walking the path of wisdom, not physical power, so it makes sense they would be smaller than the Matoran. The Matoran have to fight, the Turaga don't.
104.) I read that the ToL won't combine with the other Toa in the movie. But is it possible that he could? If so, in what way/form? 11I suppose it's possible, but since he doesn't in the story, I have no idea what form that would take.
125a.) Lately, I've heard a lot of talk about possible Rahkshi "cameo" appearances in the future. My definition of a cameo is something hard to spot, like famous people playing as Jedi in the background of Attack of the Clones. Is this what you mean? 135b.) Or do you mean actually be in the plot a little? 14Both.
156.) When a Kraata turns to stage 7, does it cease to be the breed of Kraata it was before? Like, if a Guurahk Kraata morphed to the 7th stage, would it be any different than a Panrahk 7th stage Kraata? 16Yes, I think it would have to be.
177.) At the end of the Kal saga, about how many Shadow Kraata would you say exist on the island? (Either caught be the Turaga or roaming free?) 18No idea.
198.) Does a Kraata have to be 6th stage to transform into Rahkshi armor? 20No, a kraata can transform into Rahkshi armor at any stage.
219.) If #8's answer is yes, then what would happen if a lesser stage Kraata interred Protodermus?
2210.) You've said that something can only be transformed by Protodermus if it's its destiny to me changed by it. But I thought any Kraata (at the right stage) could be turned in a Rahkshi. What's up?? 23That is the destiny of a kraata. That is why they exist.
2411.) Since Vohrak can stink the Toa's elemental energies, can it steal other energies as well? For example, can it drain the energy from a Matoran or other creature? 25Probably it could, yes.
2612.) Does a Toa Kaita have all 3 Toa's elemental powers? Because we've never seen them use any of them. 27Yes, it does.
2813.) You've said that Makuta created the Shadow Toa as kind of reflections of the Toa, only evil. So, did they ever really exist, of were they like ghost thingies? 29Well, they did exist, but they were parts of the Toa given substance.
3014.) Can you tell us: Is there some kind of relationship between Makuta's and Takanuva's staffs? (Because they're the same shape.) 31Nope, gotta wait for the movie.
3215.) I've asked before, but you never really answered me... Do all Usslas grow to the huge size Pewku is in the movie? I doubt it, because at the beginning of the Kal saga, she's her normal size. (In a Bionicle site update.) 33I could speculate on this, but I don't have an official answer from the story team, so I'd rather not guess.
3416.) Do Le and Onu Matoran participate in the Kohlii match? (I ask because there are no toys of them.) 35Not in the movie, no.
3617.) I know that in comic #11 there is a SEA of Tahnok behind Tahu. But in the Pahrak attack on Ga-Koro, I see like five Pahrak. Big deal, right? So, about how many individual Bohrok are in a swarm? 37In a full swarm? Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Maybe more.
3818.) Which would be stronger: Lewa wearing a Pakari, or Lewa taken over by a Krana Su? 39I would give the edge to the Pakari.
4019.) I think I've asked this before, but I wasn't satisfied with your answer. (No offense,) What is the purpose of the animals of Mata-Nui wearing masks? 4119a.) If the mask is removed, does the animal become weak, like a Matoran? 4219b.) You said that any animal CAN wear a mask... how would you outfit one with a mask?
43Sorry you weren't satisfied with the answer. Again, I don't have an official canon answer from the story team, and I hesitate to speculate because then it winds up all over as official. So I really can't give you an answer.
4420.) This isn't Bionicle related, but... Do you like/Have you heard of Brian Setzer??? (He's my favorite musician.) 45Nope.
4621.) What's your favorite beverage? 47Why?
48Thanks so very much:::~bjj6

49I like Diet Mt. Dew, myself..... :unsure:
1This is what I asked:

2QUOTE 3Hi GregF. I hope that you had a good time in L.A. Anyway, these are my questions:
41) Can you tell us where the manas came from? 5No, not really.
62) Are the manas' strength and amazing stamina natural? 7Yes, they are part of what they are.
83) Would the manas be able to defeat the Bohrok Kaita? 9Hmmmm... well, I don't know. The Manas have to fight hand-to-claw, they don't have any ranged powers, and the Bohrok do have ranged powers. So if the Bohrok stayed away from them, they probably could do a lot of damage.
104) When I asked you if the exo-toa would appear in the storyline any more, you said no, unless they had self-repair circuts. Do the exo-toa really have repair circuts? 11It might, who knows? I would love to see them come back. I have no doubt they will at least be seen in future storyline, but whether they will play an active role I do not know.
125) Are there any other special abilities of the exo-toa that we have not heard about? 13Possibly.
146) Is there any way possible to use your elemental powers in the exo-toa? 15No, not that I know of.
167) Is the combiner on the back of Makuta's box, the one you called Makuta Nui, more powerful than any Makuta we have seen, or just more ferocious? 17I don't know that it is more powerful, but it is a lot more frightening:
188) Since Makuta is a god, why doesn't he just squash the Toa? The Toa are powerful, but they certainly aren't gods. Is it because Makuta doesn't want to waste his powers because of a much worse threat? 19I don't see Makuta as a god.. he is just a really powerful being. And he has tried to crush them before, and failed. I think you also have to keep in mind what an ego Makuta has.. no matter how big of a threat the Toa might, he doesn't really believe they can stop him.
209) Does Mata Nui have his own mask (like Makuta)? 21Can't answer it.
2210) Will Takanuva need to collect the other twelve kanohi masks of power? 23No. All he uses is the Mask of Light.
2411) Are the six new kanohi that the Toa Nuva will collect more powerful than their current masks? 25The Toa Nuva masks are somewhat more powerful, and also their power can be shared with those around you.
2612) Just out of curosity, what is your favorite enemy in Bionicle? 27Favorite enemy? Well, Makuta is cool.. the Rahkshi are visually the best.. and I like the Kal too, because they talk.
28Thank You::
29P.S. Did you have a good time in L.A.?
30It was okay, but very tiring.

31Oh, yea. *sings* 1,000,000 containers of Bohrok on the wall, 1,000,000 containers of Bohrok. Take one down, pass it around, 999,999 containers of Bohrok on the wall. :D :rolleyes:

1Hi, I hope you had a good time in L.A. 2Well, I've got 3 questions, this is my first time to send any, so I hope I'm doing good
31.) Has a shadow Kraata a different shape, like the other stages? 4I have not seen the design yet, so I can't really answer.
52.) In the MoL movie, do you recognize the characters staight away? 6I hope so :)
73.) Which Rahkshi do you think is physically the strongest? 8Oh, that is a good one... my guess is they are of equal strength in hand-to-hand combat. I would give an edge to Vorahk in such a case, though, because he can drain your energy while you fight.. but in the movie, they are all physically quite powerful.

9Well, I hope that you get some answers outta this:LOL:
1How are Pohatu''s claws going to work in the MoL? Will he grab the claws, or use them as 2hands? 3I know he throws them, that is all I can tell you.
4Although evil, Makuta is really doesn''t appear to be very intelligent. For example, he could have 5sent out about fifty Rahkshi to keep the Toa from finding Takanuva, but he only used six. Is this 6because he is not very smart, or is it due to his great amount of pride? 7Makuta only produces six Rahkshi because a) he can only produce so many kraata at one time, 8and the Rahkshi kick the Toas' butt from one end of the island to the other. Six is plenty when you 9are that powerful.
10At the end of the MoL, is Makuta done with? I mean, you talked about the Toa not being able to 11wake Mata Nui after the MoL because they didn''t know how, but that must mean that Makuta is 12defeated forever: 13Can't answer it.
14Next year, when you are focusing on the history of the Matoran, are you going to make new sets, 15and re-release old ones? Like re-releasing the Turaga, and coming out with Matoran like Lhii the 16Surfer? 17It will be all new sets next year.
18Is Lhii going to be an actual character, and play a part in the storyline next year, or was he merely 19a thought that was in the conceptual story bible? 20I can't answer 2004 story questions at this point.
21If Lhii is going to be a character, will he still be alive, and be like a Ta-Matoran in the MNOLG2, 22or will he be dead, and be talked about when reviewing Matoran history? 23Same answer as above.
24How is a Kanohi made? 25You will find out next year.
26Personally, I want to congratulate LEGO on focusing on the Matoran and their history. I always 27thought that the villagers should get a storyline of their own. One question: what are you going 28to do about the whole Matoran/Tohunga bit? I mean, you can''t just ignore the fact that they were 29once called Tohunga, but you can''t call them that. Will it be like, Matoran used to be their name, 30and then when Makuta made them less powerful, they called themselves Tohunga, and then re- 31adopted the name Matoran? 32Unfortunately, we are just going to have to plow through the issue, because we cannot use the 33word Tohunga ever again. So we are probably just going to have to proceed as if Tohunga was 34never used.

35If Vorahk steals, say, Tahu's power, will 36a) Vorahk have the powers indefinitely, and 37will Tahu regain them naturally? 38Tahu will regain them naturally, and Vorahk only has the energy for a limited time.
391. It has been said that the Masks of Victory have no powers, but the card says they do. Could 40you clarify this? 41As far as I have been told, they do not. If they do, it is at extremely low levels.
422. Will the Masks of Victory ever be shown in the storyline? It would be cool if in the MoL 43movie, the winning Kolhii team got Masks of Victory. 44They might show up someday, but they are not in the movie.
453. When a Matoran gets a Mask of Victory, how often does he wear it? Does it replace his normal 46Kanohi? 47No, it doesn't replace his Kanohi as far as I know. It is like a trophy.
484. I just noticed that the only Toa/Turaga/Matoran we have seen are from Ga-Koro, Ta-Koro, 49and Po-Koro. Is this because those are the only villages in the Kolhii match? 50Yes.
515. In the pic recently shown on BZP of six Matoran lining up with Kolhii Staves and Shields, are 52these the only Matoran in the Kolhii match, 2 from each village? 53Yes.
546. Who is the farthest right Po-Matoran in the said picture? I can recognize Hahli, Macku, Jaller, 55Takua, and Hewkii, I just can't see who the other one is. 56I think it's Hafu, as I recall.
57On the LEGO shop website, it says Takanuva carries the Kolhii Staff of Light: What's up 58with that? Is that the name of his weapon? I thought Kolhii staves were those little silver 59fishing nets the Matoran used for Kolhii, not Takanuva's weapon:

62It will make sense when you see the movie.
11) Are the style of the Toa in MoL very similar to the style of the Toa Nuva in the Bionicle PC/PS2/GC game? 2No, I don't think so, but I have not played the game yet.
32) Who is your favorite Toa? 4Kopaka.
53) Can there be more than 6 Turaga at a time, or can a Matoran become a Turaga only if the Turaga from its koro is dead? 6Don't know.
74) Can Kraata infect a mask, or a person? Meaning, can someone get an infected mask from the touch of a Kraata, or does the Kraata have to stay on the person for that person to be infected? 8Kraata infect masks, not living beings.
95) Do the Turaga have all of their Noble Masks? 10Yes.
116) Will we ever learn more about the time period between when Mata Nui came and Makuta put him to sleep? 12Yes, eventually.
13Thanks a ton:::
1Hi Greg, I forgot to put up one more question, hope you don't mind.
2Will the other books focus on Mata Nui, or possibly other islands/heroes/inhabitants etc. I'd only need yes or no, pleeeaaaase ?
3Sorry, can't answer questions on future storyline at this point.. would blow the end of the movie.

5Well guys, you can't say I haven't tried. I could have edited my last post, but I found this quite the important question. So this proves a second time that on the end of the MoL movie, the 2004 story line is begun, and that that final part is rather exciting, seeing as it would blow the end of the movie, it must be more exciting then Takanuva VS. Makuta, right?


1Hello Greg: More questions here....

2In addition to the powers of anger, fear, and poison, it is able to transform itself into a living cyclone:

3(The quote's from Lego Shop@Home site, for the Rahkshi Za Kaita kit.) 41a.) Is this true? (The Cyclone power, that is.) 51b.) What can the other Kaita do?
6Yes, it is true. The other Kaita is able to take the energy that it absorbs and release it as a blast.
72.) In the upcoming Bionicle video game, Onua Nuva still has his Olda claws. (Yay:: ) Is this how it was always meant to be? (It just couldn't work on the toys or something?)
8No, the toys are designed the way they were meant to be designed. I assume they have it set up so that he has the claws when he is not wearing the quake-breakers, so he can pick stuff up.
93.) I know the Bahrag don't "lay" Bohrok eggs, so... is there a real reason why they look like Giant Mutant Death Chickens From Heck?? 10Just how they were designed, my friend.
11Thanks: ~bjj6

1OK, I have some questions well here you go
21)Does the "Takutanuva" set just a set where you buy both Makuta and Takanuva in a combo pack?Or just parts for just Takutanuva? 3It has both sets.
42)What is the difference between the regular and movie Kraakan? 5Just the shape.
63)If a "misprint" Kraata were put in Potodermis(sp?) it would turn into a Rahkshi with new powers?If so why did Makuta pick these Rahkshi? 7Yes. Because he felt these six Rahkshi were the best suited to get the job done.
84)Will there be any more sets with masks? 9Yes, eventually.
105)Does the Ussanui only need one kraata to run?Or one from each Rahkshi? 11I believe the model has five slots on it for kraata, although you only see one put in in the movie.
126)Does the Hau on the Ussanui use the sheilding power?If so why isn't it a Hau Nuva? 13No it doesn't. Mask powers can only be used if worn, and Ussanui is not a living being.
14Thank you for your time.
15-Robbie the Hunter
1Hey Greg, I was wondering, you said the Ussanui was made of Rahkshi parts. So did the Toa Nuva have to beat the Rahkshi before building the Ussanui?

2Kinda hard to get the parts any other way, right? :)

1O.K, I've got an answer to a question. I don't know if it will be any use, but here it is- 2Me: Hi. 3I've wondering about this question for ages, and I wondered if you could give me the answer. 4Are the Toa, Matoran, Turaga e.t.c actually supposed to be living? I mean, if they were, how could they rebuild themselves, like the Toa do when they first arrive on the island? 5However, are they supposed to look like robots? I don't really think that they could be robots, because why would they be surprised when they discover that the Bohrok are?
6Thanks for reading this,
7Toa of Armoured Light
8GregF: Well, I don't really want to go into the exact nature of what they are... but in the movie, they have both a mechanical and a biological component, and I have always seen them as being bio-mechanical myself.
10:smiletol: :angrypahrakkal: :smilepohatunu: :smilekakamanu:
11. Why did Kopeke's mask change from a Komau to a Ruru in the"upgrade?" 2I am waiting for an answer from Denmark on this.
32. Have you gotten the Kraata color list yet? I am very anxious to see it since I just got 10 tubs of Kraata. 4Yes, but I am waiting to find out if BIONICLE.com plans to post it. I also don't want to release it until I have a power list done.
53. Does the end of the movie introduce the storyline for 2004? You have hinted this several times. 6It certainly points in the general direction, yes.
74. What is the name of these two guys? One looks like a camel, and one looks like a four-armed Matoran Kiata. 8There are no names in existence for them at this time.

1These will be the last questions for a while. :P
2With "misprint Rahkshi" I mean Kraata from one of the oddball species dipped into protodermis.
31.) Are the cameo of "misprint" Rahkshi speculation by members, or a planned storytwist? 4I expect to see Rahkshi popping up in the future, that's all I can tell you.
52.) Can you share any info about what category (note: Elements, emotions etc.) of powers the "misprint Rahkshi have? 6No, power list isn't done yet.
73.)Is, in Mask of Light, Takanuva also taking on Rahkshi, or are the Toa in full charge of that? 8They both do.
94.) I'd like to know if the Matoran name changes were because of Maori language, or because of a storyline idea? 10They were for legal reasons, but not necessarily related to the Maori. We are trying to avoid terms used in any language as much as possible, unless they are really common names.
115.) Will the Matoran fight the Rahkshi? 12Only if they want to get beaten.
13Thanks alot in advance:

14Well, that are some quite interesting answers.
1I have some more questions I'd like you to answer.
21. Other then Gali and Lewa, whose masks are nesseccary to their elements, why did each Toa start out with the mask powers they did? Was it intended, or random?
3I really can't say why the Toa were assigned the masks they were assigned, I didn't work here at the time BIONICLE was first being designed.
42. Could Lehrahk control the strengh of its poison?
63. We know that the Makuta knows about the Bohrok and Bahrag, so do the Bahrag know/care about Makuta?
7No, most likely not.
84. Other than elevation, traction and temperature, is there any reason that only half the villages are represented in this Kolhii tournament?
9No -- and the three reasons you cited don't play a part either. Put simply, a tournament with six teams would have been really confusing to put on film. So it's quite likely that Ko-Koro, Le-Koro, and Onu-Koro were scheduled to play the next match after the one depicted in the film, or had already played.
105. Where do the Kaitas put their extra parts? Example: in the MNOLG1, when the Kaitas were separated, Pohatu had his arms, but they are not on the Kaita.
11My guess would be the retrieval would be part of the process of merging/splitting apart. I can't give you a hard science explanation for it.
126. Pics suggest that Pohatu loses his distinctive...err... shape in the game and movie. Why, why, why???
13What shape are you talking about?
147. How come, in the game, it looks like all the Toa have the same eye colour? Kopaka and Onua don't look good in yellow.
15My guess is it is a way to make the eyes stand out more on the screen.
168. You said new masks in '04. Do they have new powers, or just new shapes?
17Both, sort of.
19Can't answer it.
20Is that copyrighted?
21No, but it should be.
2210. Is it your decision on what to tell us, someone else's, or both combined?
23Nobody is leaning over my shoulder, but it is basically common sense. I know I am not allowed to divulge movie plot or what happens in the story after the movie, so I simply don't answer anything on those topics. The same rule applies to everyone associated with BIONICLE, the people on the truck tours, etc.

24For #6, I meant his upside-down body.
1On the Makuta set, the 2 Pohatu Nuva claws on the back of his legs are supposed to move up and down. Because on the front cover it shows arrows pointing up and down and shows them moving up and down. Do you know why they are supposed to do this?

2Nope, sorry, I don't.

4Are the Kanohi like the rings in the Lord of the Rings? Like only certain people can make them, and they choose who gets them. Is it an art, like the certain design will have that one power. If someone made a Hau design, no flaws or anything would it automatically get the Power of shielding? And is there a mask to rule them all?

5No, I don't believe they are like that. Creating masks certainly is an art, and not everyone can do it. But I do not believe the people who make them choose who gets them, and probably other people could learn the skill if need be. But you will learn all about how masks are made in 2004.

6Does Takanuva have all the Kanohi?

7No. He only uses the Mask of Light.

9Does a mask become like the users face? Can He/she take it off with ease, but when it is forced off it rips off?

10No, a mask is a mask. The face is underneath.

12But how does it stick to the face?

13BIONICLE faces are intended to be able to wear masks. I would assume it fits into slots on their faces.

15That sounds sick, do you know when the next update of the MNOLG 2 will be? I think it will be July 13, that is the next full moon. The Matoran keep saying Nokama will come back on the next full moon.

16No sicker than masks glued on their faces and then ripped off, right?
17I don't know the answer on MNOLG2, I don't work on that. My understanding is that the updates are supposed to be monthly, but I do now know if that is still the plan.

19Okay, thanks for all the help:
1Well here's my answers:

2I was wondering if, since the Rahkshi are merely armor, like the Bohrok, can they be taken apart and rebuilt into a defense vehicle like the Boxor once the kraata is removed?
3Non-Serious Question: 4What's your cat's name?
5Makuta Ultimata

6Well, good thought, MU .. because parts of the Rahkshi are used to build the Ussanui, so the answer is yes.
7My cat's name is Mr. Kitty.

2I'm a little bit emabarased to bother you (yet again), but there was a question I didn't ask you.
31 - Does the TRU Takutanuva Kit comes with...
4The 2 sets (Makuta & Takanuva) separate and the special mask?
6The pieces needed for Takutanuva (e.g No Ussanui)?
9PS: This is a question very important to me, and I'm sure it would help other members :) .

10It is both sets, plus special mask.

11YAY ::/excl.gif' alt='excl.gif' ::/excl.gif' alt='excl.gif' ::/excl.gif' alt='excl.gif'
1Hi Greg: It's a boring summer day.... Nobody to talk to... So I read and re-read all the Bionicle comics and watched most of the clips on the website. While doing this a few itsy-bitsy questions popped into my ol' noggin.
21.) In comic #1, Nuju speaks to Kopaka directly. I thought Matoro had to translate...? 3No, Nuju is perfectly capable of speech. He just doesn't choose to speak most of the time. In that particular case, matters were sufficiently urgent that he chose to speak.
42.) Is the Nui-Rama nest we see in the MNOLG1 the only nest on the island? (It IS a pretty big nest.) 5Oh, I doubt.. I am sure there are more.
63.) At the end of Comic #1, where exactly IS that where the Toa are gathered? 7I don't know, I didn't have a specific location in mind when I wrote it. It's just supposed to be a clearing.
84.) Why are they gathered there? Is this the Turaga's doing, or a chance meeting? 9Chance meeting.
105.) Does one type of Rahi wear only one type of mask? For example, do all Nui-Jaga wear Pakaris? Do all Kane-Ra wear Hunas? 11Well, in general, that is how they have been depicted. However, since they can't use the mask powers, they could theoretically wear any mask.
126.) Were the Copper Victory masks made by the people who made the Toa's masks, or the islanders? What about the Matoran's and Rahi's masks? 13All masks came from the same source, which you will discover next year.
147.) In the scene where Takua witnesses the Bohrak awake, he escapes by means of that funky buble thing. (That was MIGHTY convenient. ;)) Can you share any details on the purpose of this, etc? 15No, afraid not. I didn't have anything to do with writing that.
168.) I recall you saying that the "Tahu Krana-ed" scene happenes when they're all in the nest, like around Comic #7. But then... why are the Lehvak Va carring the Gold Hau in Comic #5? 17That is Lewa's Hau.
189.) In comic #5, Kopaka arrives in Ta-Koro and tells Tahu about "The Darkest Secret of ALL::"Uh... what secret was this, exactly? 19The fact that the Bohrok are not invaders from somewhere else, they come from within Mata Nui.
2010.) You said that a Bohrok swarm contains thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Bohrok. BUT, you've also said some Bohrok were kept in reserve. So my question is... How many bohrok were released on the island when Makuta set them free? (I ask because, well, I mean come ON, 4 or 5 Pahrak attacking Ga-Koro??) 21I don't have a specific number. But keep this in mind -- the Bohrok were not supposed to be freed when there were living things on the island. They weren't design to lay siege to active villages. Mountains and rivers don't fight back, so why would you need more than a squad to deal with any one given area?
2211.) When the Mysterious People built the Exo-Toa, did they KNOW it would hinder the Toa's elemental powers? 23I am sure they did.
2412.) Do the Bahrag's antennae serve the same porpose as normal insect's? 25Can't say for sure.
2613.) Is there anything you can tell us about the wall in comic #7 that is solid, but doen't exist? (Or is it not worth mentioning?) 27It's an illusion. It seems solid if you believe it is solid.. what else do you want to know?
2814.) Do you consider the Toa's Nuva transformation the end of chapter 2, or the beginning of chapter 3? 29Never thought about it.
3015.) The Toa lose their elemental power's when thier symbol's are taken out of their Koro, right? Well.... why do they regain their powers in comic 12, when thier symbols are still outside the Koros? 31They regain their powers because the symbols are back in their possession. They do not have to be physically in the koro to work.
3216.) On the on-line updates, Jala and Takua are with the Toa on their search for th Bohrok Kal. Where did they go, they're not there in comic #10: 33I generally do not go into Matoran a lot in the comic.. the comic is about the adventures of the Toa, the web focuses more on the Matoran.
3417.) In an on-line update, Vakama comsults the Sacred Fire (I think that's what it's called...) to find out about the Kal. Can you tell us more about how this Fire works, etc? 35Nope.
3618.) So the Bohrok are all asleep again, right? Well, what about all those Tahnok that Nuhvok Kal sent into orbit? Are they still there, or what? 37Yes.
3819.) In coimic #12, Kopaka makes an Ice Stair-case so the Toa can acend back to the surface. In comic #8, they ascend using their Kanohi. Wouldn't Kanohi be easier and faster than an ice-stair-case? 39But if you had lost your elemental powers, wouldn't you want to do something cool with them to test and make sure they are working right?
40Thanks so much:::::~bjj6

1Well, this isn't important but I pmed him and asked when the BFMN was coming out, he said November.
1I've got a good question, which he quickly responded too. THANKS GREG :)
3When it comes to the Avokhii, Kraakhan, and Vahi...are those Kanohi Nuva...or Kanohi of the original Toa?

5As far as I know, they are not Nuva masks -- Nuva masks are existing masks morphed by protodermis, and that has not happened in any of these cases. The Vahi I know for certain is not Nuva, and I strongly suspect that is also the case here. Also, there is no evidence in any of the uses of these masks I have seen that the power has ever been shared with anyone else, which is the primary feature of Nuva masks.

6So it looks like the Avohkii, Vahi, and Kraakhan are NOT Nuva Kanohi. As a Kanohi Nuva is defined by the ability to share powers, as well as being created by a regular Kanohi dipped in Protodermis.
1Some more answers from Greg
2Hello again Greg,
3I've got a few more questions and I would appreciate it if you could answer them.
41) The void was created by Makuta or has it always been on Mata-Nui? 5Don't know.
62) The void, shouldn't it be just empty, nothing I mean there dozens of parts flying around it shouldn't they dissapear in the void? 7Again, I don't know. Details on the void are something that the story team have not related to me yet. It is probably coming up later in the story.
83) About that stone hau in Makuta's lair that represents Mata-Nui (when you said that you really have set something in motion.) is it completely made out of stone cause in the trailer of MoL the eyes are glowing? 9Far as I know, it is stone.
104) Another question about that hau (if you can answer it). Why is it a hau representing Mata-Nui. 11No idea... that came from the head of the story team, in conjunction with the movie designers. But keepin mind that the mask used for advertising all along in BIONICLE has always been the Hau, so it must have some significance.
125) I know it isn't your field but since someone else already asked and you said you were going to ask. (correct me if I am wrong) When is the next update of the MNOLG2 going to come? 13Haven't received an answer yet.
146) Is there a chance that you'll ever come to Belgium :rolleyes:. 15No trips there planned that I know of:)
16Thanks for reading these questions.

11. Are widgets(the MNOLG2 currency) made from Protodermis? Because in the lexicon it says protodermis is used as currency but we haven't seen it used that way yet. 2Almost everything is made of protodermis.
32. How did the Protodermic Cage that is trapping the Bahrag come to be? I have heard that the combining of the Toa's elements did that, but wouldn't it have done that against Makuta too? 4No, because when they struck at Makuta, each Toa used his powers, but the powers were not cimbined into one beam. That was what formed the protodermis.
53. Relating to question 2, if it was a yes, why do elements clashing cause Protodermis? Is Protodermis made of Fire, Air, Water, Stone, etc? 6We haven't revealed what protodermis is made of, because the Matoran don't know either.
74. Was Protodermis the cause of the Bohrok-to-Kal transformation? Or was it something else? 8Partially, but not totally.
95. Are members allowed to give you ideas for the Kraata powers that you are working on? Or is it like epics, where you can't recieve fan-related ideas? Because I have a couple of good ideas on that subject. 10At this point, I prefer not to take outside ideas.
116. Any update on Kopeke's mask change from Denmark? 12No.
137. I'm just curious, what is the Mask of Light.com future game about? Are you like the Toa Nuva and have to battle the Rahkshi or something? 14No, it has to do with Matoran trying to find a place of safety for the rest of the villagers.
158. Do you have any idea what the next Flash Update on Bionicle.com will be about? 16No, I don't work on those.
1i ask him one it was this
2Hey sorry if i disturbed you but i have a question
3-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=What is the mask made out of wood, steel? I though they could of been made out of protodermis? is that true?

4thanks for you time

5I don't know of any masks made out of wood or steel -- steel does not even exist on Mata Nui, because iron does not exist either. All Kanohi masks are made out of protodermis.
1Here are the latest questions that I have asked GregF.
2Hi Mr. Farshtey, Thank you for answering the last pm I sent you.I have some more questions I would like to ask you.
31. do you know if Toys R Us's website will sell the takutanuva set or will they only have it in thier stores? 4Probably.
52. Could a matoran use a tool a bohrok va droped? For exaple if a tahnok va droped its fire staff could a matoran pick it up and use it? 6Probably not... he wouldn't know how to make it work.
73. Are the tahnok va's and vakama's fire staff the same? Or do they have differnt powers? If they have differnt powers what are they? 8I believe they are different. Vakama's fire staff is sort of more like a welder.
94. Have you recived the list of kraata types and powers from denmark yet, and has lego confirmed that you can or cannot post them here? If you can is there a certain date that you are putting them up? 10I have received the list of kraata types, I have not made the list of powers yet.
115. On that list dose it say what color the rahkshi thoose kraata change into? 12No.
136. Are there 252 difernt color combinations of kraata or are there 252 total kraata including the six levels? 14252 total kraata.
157. Since we will see some of the other types of rahkshi in cameo apearances will lego sell the rahkshi that apear? 16No plans to, no.
178. Are there any plans to eventualy introduce all of the rahkshi species in the comics or only a few? If there would only be a few how would they choose which ones, because I doubt it would happen but I think it would be neat if there was a vote on lego.com or here at bzpower. 18I doubt all of them will be introduced, and I am not sure how they will be chosen.
19Thank you in advance for you time. 20-------- Jts21

1heres my second answer&question set ever:

21.Greg,on Mask of Destiny, they have the comic 13 preveiw from the press.I noticed that on page one, Makuta says:
3"For years the Toa have 4thought me defeated..."

5Has it really been years since the Toa originally fought Makuta?

6Greg: Time on Mata Nui 7is kind of weird... they don't really 8measure time the waywe do. 9It might have been years,but more likely, 10it just seems like years to Makuta.

1i was thinking about the borhok and there powers and such when a few questions came to mind

21 since the borohk use elematal powers can the toa just reveres there powers and it like blow up the borohk instead or like redirect there attack?
3How would they reverse their powers? The Toa don't have that ability.

42 were did there borhoks power come from there michines so how did they get elmatla powers?
5They are built in to the Bohrok armor.
6a qeation about the rahkshi now
73how do the rahkshi fly i know its one of there powers but it seems to more like the power of the staff that makes them fly
8No, I believe that it is a Rahkshi power, not a staff power.
94and can the rahkshi breath underwater?
10Not as far as I know.
115 when a kraata is in the rahkshi aormor isthe kraata not shelf awaer and is part of the rahkshi like does it feel the blows to the rahkshi or does the kraata not feel a thing?.
12Wow, good question... my guess is it has to have some sensory awareness to be able to direct the Rahkshi, but we do not even know if kraata are able to feel pain. My guess would be they do not feel the pain of blows to the Rahkshi.. since kraata are weaker than Rahkshi armor, they would pass out too fast if they felt the blows.

13thanks for your time greg.

1Hi Greg: I was forced to go on a long car rides, so while my sister had the headphones, I read Bionicle comics:: (Again, and again, and again...) This made me think of more questions. (I bet when you see a PM from me, you say, "Oh no, not that bjj6 guy again:")

213.) Is there anything you can tell us about the wall in comic #7 that is solid, but doen't exist? (Or is it not worth mentioning?) 3It's an illusion. It seems solid if you believe it is solid.. what else do you want to know?

41.) Well, I was thinking... in comic #8, it says:

5...And out two strongest members-- Pohatu and Onua-- Fighting empty air-- The victems of Cahdok's illusions:

6Was the wall another of Cahdok's illusions? Or did this illusion come from somewhere else?
7The wall did come from Cahdok, but she is not the only being on Mata Nui capable of doing that.
81b.) Are powers of illusion specific to Cahdok, or does Gahdok have them as well?
9No, Gahdok can do it as well.
101c.) If only Cahdok can cause illusions, what can Gahdok do? 111d.)Which Bahrag is which, anyway?
12Sigh.. really don't feel like having to back through again and find the answer to this one :) I've answered it like 12 times for people already, so the answer must be someplace.
132.) Are Onua's and Pohatu's illusions like the wall? (Example, if they believe they're there, do they really exist? Or are they like mirages?)
14No, Onua's and Pohatu's were just mirages.

153.) Why do the Exo-Toa's missle-thingies have no effect on the Bahrag? (It looks like they have a shield, if they do, how?)
16The Bahrag are symbiotic -- the closer they get physically, the more powerful they get. In that case, they were able to project a force field that kept the missiles out (although the field was an enormous drain on them).
174.) How did the Toa re-find the Bahrag? (In the Kal saga.) Did they follow the Kal, or was Gali's, Pohatu's, and Onua's search successful?
18They went back to where they had first fought the Bahrag.

195.) How did the Toa know that combining their powers would make protodermis?
20They didn't know. They had no idea what it was going to do when they did it.
216.) Will we ever learn the exact location where the Toa found all of their masks? (I would really like this::) What I mean is:
22Kopaka: 1st mask: (Besides Akaku) Hau. Found on the mountain. 232nd mask....??
24Lewa: Kakama, found underwater
25Etc, etc, stuff like that, I'd be VERY interested in this.
26Not sure... we are so swamped in 2004-2005 stuff that I don't know if we will ever go back and do that. It's not impossible, but it would be a lot of work to make sure that what we put down wasn't contradicted someplace else.
27Thanks so much: ~bjj6


1me- someone said that the saffs are only used to fucus thier power through. 2so is lerahk able to poison anything that touches him cause on the mini cd it says when he strikes plants sicken and the very earth grows toxic. 3unless he poisons anything ihe touches i dont think making more than one thing poisoned is possible.
4Greg- Yes lerahk is able to poison anything he touches. remeber he can control his power and if a rahkshi touches him they will become poisoned. 5and the rahkshi's power drains everytime they use it and him having it on all the time would make him loose his power. 6but yes he can poison anything that touches his body. 7greg

8now i know that if hes fighting someone and they punch him or tackle him he can pop on his full body poisoning and that persons goin down. 9yes.
10me- in the rahshi movies lerahk is climbing on a pillar is he the only one able to do this.
11greg- no all rahkshi are capable of climbing on walls.
12me- who do you think is the most effective hunter
13greg- probably vorahk
1I've got a few Q/As. Don't have the quote anymore...but I've got the answers.
21) Are the Avohkii, Kraahkan, and Vahi Kanohi Nuva? 3Answer: No. Because at this time he doesn't think they can share their powers, and none of them have been dipped in Protodermis. That is what makes a Kanohi "Nuva."
1ive got somemore:

2sorry,greg,i have just thought of some more questions.... 31.Do the Turaga have elemental powers?Are the elemental powers like the Turaga's Toa's ,except weaker? 4No, they don't at this point.
52.Do Onua and Lewa appear in the movie, 6because you said to some one else,somthing like: 7no onu-koro associated or le-koro associated characters are seen in the movie.Does this include 8Onua and Lewa? 9No, what I said was that no Le-Matoran are in the movie. Lewa and Onua are both in the movie.
103.Say the Bohrok Swarms were re-awakened. 11If the Toa somehow awake Mata Nui , would the Swarms immeadiately stop,and return to the nest? 12No.

134.Will protodermis be used to change something 14in the next few years? 15Protodermis plays a big part in the story going forward, but I am not sure how much transformation will be involved.
165.In the game(PS2,GameCube,Xbox)Will you go through all of the story line?and will you be able to use elemental powers and mask powers?if not is there a way that you could somehow get the creators to do it?

17Well, the game is all designed already, so I can't make any changes. I do know that the Bohrok and the Rahkshi are in it, but I do not know exactly what powers are in the game. I haven't played it.

1You've said that the Ussanui has places where Kraata fit. I have two questions about that-
2How many are there? I have a pic that shows five kraata-holders, but six sounds more logical (the six breeds, probably all at their sixth stage). 3Are the places where the Kraata fit on the Ussanui actually the kraata-holders, or do they go on in a different manner? 4I have not seen the model, so I can't really answer those two.
5Are the kraata on the Ussanui active or in the stasis the Turaga put them in? It makes more sense to me for them to be active, because then they still have their connection with Makuta, but then they'd be extremely dangerous. 6They're active.
7Does the kraata -automatically- infect anything it touches, or does it sort of choose to? 8It is probably fairly automatic, but it is primarily designed to infect masks. There wouldn't be much point in infecting, say, a koli stick which isn't going to influence the mind of anyone.

11. What region does Graalok live in? Po-Wahi? Ta-Wahi? 2Graalok appears to live in Le-Wahi, though whether she is native only to that region I do not know.
32. Which is the species name? Graalok or Ash Bear? 4My guess is Graalok is the species name, just as Nui-Rama and Nui-Jaga are species names. Just a guess.
53. Why is Graalok called an Ash Bear? Does it live in Ta-Wahi? 6Don't know. May have been referred to as an ash bear in the script so that the animators would know what creature was being referred to.
74. Um... how did the Rahi get their Kanohi in the first place? Or were they "born" with them? 8Can't answer that one. Back story.
95. Did the Manas ever live outside of the Mangaia, perhaps aboveground? 10Not that I know of.. I think it is doubtful.
116. Can Manas be tamed like other Rahi can? 12I wouldn't want to be the one who tries that.
137. What region does the Kane-Ra inhabit? 14My information on that is Ko-Wahi, although obviously they are also found elsewhere.
158. I'm just curious, what kind of "new stuff" will be seeing in the Official Guide to Bionicle? I figured I'd ask you since you're writing it, and I'm interested in things like perhaps pronunciation and maybe more details on the areas of Mata-Nui. 16Well, there definitely is pronunciation in it.
179. Will the new enemies in 2004 work in swarms or groups like the Bohrok and Kal? Or apart like the Rahkshi can be? 18Can't answer it.
1910. What is stopping the Kanohi Creators from making more Kanohi at the moment? 20You will find out the answer in 2004. Can't answer it without revealing parts of '04 storyline.
2111. Why does the Ash-Bear Graalok have a name? I mean, it is a wild animal and the only Rahi I have seen with a name is Pewku the Ussal Crab, and that's because Takua owns it.. If Graalok is it's name(Question #2) then who named it? Is it a pet of somebody's? 22No, Graalok is most definitely not a pet. She is a mother bear protecting her territory.

23-Crystal Matrix
1Hello GregF, giver of bionicle wisdom:LOL: 1st of this Pm is a PM too present certain facts to back up my suspicion of Takua being Takanuva. These are the facts that I have compiled that supoport my theory.
21. In movies, you don't just shift main characters half of the way through. It wouldn't be good for the movie to shift focus from our matoran buddy to a completely NEW character like the Toa of Light 3/4ths of the ways through.
32. MNOLG2 is called "The Final Chronicle". Which tells me that Takua will be changed into the TOL and that Hahli will be the new Chronicler.
43. Also, they are played by the same person and the similarities of their names is uncanny...
54. On S@H it says Takanuva's staff is the "Kohlii Staff of Light", and this suggests that when Takua changes, his kohlii staff changes with him.
65. Takua has no notion of his past, which sets him up as a good chracter to be the ToL. He just doesn't remember it.
7With all this said, I ask ye: 8Takua is the ToL, is he not?
9Thanks for your time GregF: :)

11Come on, you know I can't answer that. As I have told the 157 other people who have asked, I can't give out movie plot. I would get booted off the story team. You are just going to have to wait and watch like everyone else.

13LOL: 157 people: 14:LOL:
11. do you know if Toys R Us's website will sell the takutanuva set or will they only have it in thier stores? 2Probably.

3Now THAT is useful:::: Thanks GregF:
111. Why does the Ash-Bear Graalok have a name? I mean, it is a wild animal and the only Rahi I have seen with a name is Pewku the Ussal Crab, and that's because Takua owns it.. If Graalok is it's name(Question #2) then who named it? Is it a pet of somebody's? 2No, Graalok is most definitely not a pet. She is a mother bear protecting her territory.

3Ok, that is interesting.... I'm gonna ask more about that to Greg.
1I'm just wondering, but is Matoro the only one who can understand Nuju's lauguage?, can the other Turaga understand it? 2Matoro is the only Matoran who can. My guess would the other Turaga have known Nuju so long that they can probably guess what he is saying, even if they don't catch every word.
3Can Matoran or Rahi eat Kraata? 4Well, that's a good question... I am not sure.. but given that they are "essence of Makuta," why would anyone want to?