1do you know what the meaning of the transparent avohkii with sparkles on it is? a pictue can be located here on the bottom right, could you please answer me this riddle?

2That is not something I have ever seen before, so I have no idea what it is or if it is being produced.

4ah, so we have absolutely no information on those transparent sparkle avohkiis that some people have gotten, so we still want to know why...
1Here are some more Q&A
21) You said Makuta sent a signal to awake the Bohrok. this signal was given to early, so does this means that there was some sort of device on the island to send that signal on the right time or could everyone have sent it if they knew how? 3No, there is something set to send the signal at the right time.

42) The void of Makuta, did it dissappear or not. In the MNOLG 1 you see it behind him. In the update were the Toa defeat the Kal you see Makuta's head appearing with the void behind him (he actually is the void there) but his complete form has no sign of it. 5I am sure it is still around someplace.. hard to make a void disappear :)

63) I know you can't give any clues or hint of what will happen in 2004 yet. But when can we expect some hints after the movie or in one of the last updates of the MNOLG 2? 7After the movie, I am sure

84) Makuta is a shapeshifter right? So when he changes himself does that takes energy or can he do it just like that? 9I am sure it takes some energy to do that

1I got a few more:

2Hello Greg::

3"5.) What's the deal with the Manas? When the Toa Kaita destroyed the generator things, (they were generators?) the Manas, what, died?? Were they entirly mechanical, like the Bohrok? 4No, the Manas are living creatures. They are no doubt still wandering the tunnels someplace..in fact, they may make an appearance before the end of this year."

51.) Okay, but what were those mechanical things the Toa Kaita destroyed? And why did the Manas de-activate when they were destroyed? 6The Manas were biomechanical like everything else (almost) on Mata Nui. And they weren't destroyed, because we don't destroy things in BIONICLE -- it is not LEGO values. They were defeated by intense cold.

71.) So... the tower things were Manas-Heaters? 8Could be :)
92.) Can you give us any details on the Infected-Comet Trader?? Like:
102a.) Was he willingly working for Makuta? 112b.) Was he himself infected? 122c.) Did the Kraata infect the Comets, or did the infection spread from the Infected mask that was in the chamber? 13He may or may not have been working for Makuta.. it's quite possible he was. He is not infected that I know of. And the infection came from kraata.
143.) I'm sure this has been answered, but I can't recall... If Makuta's mask has the power of fear and other bad stuff, what does the ToL's mask do? Does it make people all happy inside? :D :D 15It can help to dispel the darkness and bring understanding to enemies, among other things
164.) Since u said there are 252 individual Kraata, would you know how many breeds there are? 17Not until I get the colors list from Denmark
185.) A Rahkshi's powers are specific to the breed, right? So, if another Kraata breed went into protodermis, it would have another power? "The Power to Turn Stuff Into Custard" or something? 19Exactly
206.) Lately, you've been saying, "I've been writing the story non-stop." Well, could you go into detail with that? I mean, what is it that takes so long? What's your prosess? Because, if I sat down and wrote all the stuff I know about the 1st "chapter," I don't think it would take me that long. (Please note, I'm not calling you a liar or anything, I'm just curious:)
21Bj -- currently, I am writing the LEGO Magazine, the LEGO Shop At Home catalog, the BIONICLE comic, six promotional CD-ROM games for BIONICLE, a web game for BIONICLE (not MNOLG2), and other things as my "day job." At night and on weekends, I am writing a BIONICLE anthology for Scholastic, and then go on to a guidebook for next year. So I am writing pretty much all the time.
22Thanks so much: ~bjj6

23Gosh, I sure hope I didn't make him too upset with that last question. :( I don't know what I'd do If Greg hated me: :'(
1Hey, sorry if these have been asked before but here they are...
21) What are the limits of some Kanohi and Krana and elemental powers? For example, how much can Onua Nuva lift? How fast can Pohatu run? Is Kopaka able to see in other spectrums of vision besides X-Ray? And can Gahlok-Kal magnitize anything? How much strength does a Su have? 3We have not set definite limits on the powers. The BIONICLE story bibles generally do not go into that kind of detail, and I prefer not to limit other creators if I can help it by arbitrarily saying, "Well, he can bench press this much...." etc.
42) Will the end of 'book one' be the Mask of Light movie? 5Yes.
63) Since the Kanohi Kraahkan does not look the same as it does in the movie, TRU is making one that does look the same. Will both masks be tied into the storyline and do they have the same power? (P.S. I think this is the 'secret' mask everyone is asking you about.) 7The Kanohi in the regular toy and the Kanohi in the movie are the same mask -- it just looks different in the movie because the movie mask was designed at a different time than the toy was. But they are the same mask have the same powers.
84) Did Makuta make the Kraahkan? 9Not sure.. I doubt it.
105) Why does the Kraahkan have duel faces? 11Not sure.
126) Do you know anything about the 'Exclusive Bionicle Weapon' toy included with 'Bionicle: The Game'? If so what is it? 13No, first I have heard of it. And I am surprised it is called a weapon, since we don't use that word in BIONICLE.
14Thank you very much for taking the time to look over these.
15- Dan

1Here's the next batch
21. Q: If a Rahkshi loses it's staff, is it powerless? 3A: The Rahkshi uses the staff to focus its power, the same way the Toa use their tools.
42. Q: When Lehvak-Kal's power overloads, how come Bionicle.com and the comic have different views? (Lehvak-Kal flies upward in the comic, but on Bionicle.com, he gets pulled apart) 5A: Don't know, but in this case, mine is correct.
63. Q: Makuta says he unleashed the Bohrok swarms, but on the Online Game, Takua opens it. What's with that? 7A: Takua went into the nest, but he didn't unleash the swarms. Makuta sent the signal that woke them up.
84. Q: Why didn't they make Guurahk, or any of the Rahkshi, a female? 9A: Rahkshi have no gender.
105. Q: Aren't the Rahkshi spikes a bit too detailed? (they're really cool, but still) 11A: In the movie, the spikes are actually part of the kraata. Hence the need for detailing them.
126. Q: Will we see any cameos from past storylines in upcoming storylines? 13A: Yes, quite possibly
147. Q: Can the Turaga's staffs do anything? Like on the MNOLG, Onepu said that Whenua's drill could detect Kofo-jaga nests in rock? 15A: Yes, the Turaga tools have some abilities, but nowhere near what the Toa tools can do
168. Q: Is Takanuva going to be it for new Toa, or will there be more? 17A: Can't answer it
189. Q: On the MNOLG2, will there be anything on the game that might hint what comes next year? (On the MNOLG, there were messages and pictures that hinted the coming of the Bohrok) 19A: I doubt it.
2010. Q: Will most sets continue to come in groups of six colors (red, black, blue, green, brown, and white)? Or will that change? 21A: There are going to be some changes to the way the colors look.. we may get away from the bright primary colors for different shades
1Here are some:

21-How many different Kraata designs (as far as all of the weird combinations everyone's been finding? 3Don't know -- I am waiting on a list from Denmark.
42-When you say the Shadow Kraata can infect from a distance, how far of a distance do you mean? 5Oh, I would say no more than 100 yards.
63-Can you confirm that the Shadow Kraata will be released at Target? 7All I can say is that that is the last I heard.
84-Is there any hope for ever seeing Le-Koro and Onu-Koro Matoran as sets? 9Yes, but not this year.
10Thank you, 11Takua12091
1well i need to ask some qestion's if it's ok can you answer it 21. if a shadow kraata become's a rahkshi then another shadow kraata need's to drive it? 3Yes.
42.will all the toa's fight makuta or just takanuva? 5Just Takanuva
63. why are all the name's in bionicle so compliceted 7Because it is meant to be a language that you can speak, and people who don't know BIONICLE won't get what you're talking about
84.why cant you answer 2003 - 2004 storylie qestions? 9I can't answer questions about the movie until after it is released. Not sure on '04
105. tell me about 2005 (i only rote that couse i love it when you say "can answer that") 11It comes after 2004
126.can takanuva's power only affct makuta couse i dont see how light can harm anything except darkness 13No, he uses it on the Rahkshi too
147. what is makuta traying to stop the matoran from doing? 15Going underground and finding what's down there.. and waking up Mata Nui
168. why didnt takua got his name chenge couse he help't the most from all the matoran 17Because a lot of the other Matoran (and some of the Turaga) see him as reckless and irresponsible, despite the good things he has done. He is always wandering off instead of doing his duty to his village.
189.is the makuta\tol combiner good or evil? 19Wait and see.
2010.what is greelok's kanohi (like the nui rama's blue ruru)?
21The ash bear? I don't think she has one.. I didn't notice one on her, anyway, might just have missed it

1Heres some answers I recieved concerning the Kraata.
21. I have seen the topics that say there are 252 different Kraata. Is this the actual number of different types of Kraata (excluding the shadow Kraata I would assume since 252 divided by six equals 42 different color combos) or is it the number of color combinations and we hardcore collectors will need to find 1512 different Kraata?
3There are only 252 individual kraata, not 1512. I am waiting on a list from Denmark on the color combinations.

42. When looking at a Kraata and attempting to determine its coloring does the color's location matter? To clarify this is a Kraata with a red front and a blue rear the same as a blue front and a red rear or are they different?
5They would be a different species.

63. Are there any colors used to make the Kraata that weren't used to make the Krana or Krana Kal?
7Don't know -- I haven't received the color list yet.

1Me: The function of the main Boxor set was to strike sideways (to hit a bohrok's eyes and release the krana.) Is the other building option a defense against the rahkshi (to hit them on the head and release the kratta?)
2Greg: I will have to look at the set.. I never built a Boxor, so I am not familiar with the alt. models. I can tell you that (from a practical standpoint) its design had nothing to do with the Rahkshi -- they were not designed yet when the Boxor was designed.
3Rats :unsure: ...it was a good idea though. :LOL:
1Thank you for your reply. 2i think i have more question to ask u.. 31. why takanuva's vehicle need a kratta in it? is that vehicle controlled by kratta? or kratta has been captured? 4Kraata power it and also guide it to Makuta. 52. Will toa re-group if they have been cut a leg or head?(too violence?) 6Won't happen 73. What is/who creat Protodermis ? Why can't toa jump in to it once more time?(may be they can form toa nuva 2),Also, do mukuta know Protodermis? 8Yes, Makuta knows all about protodermis. And it is a natural resource. Jumping into it again probably wouldn't do much for the Toa, unless it was their destiny to evolve again. 94. Bohrak kal is mutated from Protodermis? 10Partly. 115. What about the can of toa? in the beach? 12What about it? 136. if kratta can be infected, will they against mukuta? how can they been infected? 14No, they spread infection. They are parts of Makuta, they can't be infected. 157. If a matoran wear mask of time, will he form toa of time?(because i think takanuva is takua) 16Nope. 178. Where are toas come from? mata nui? or other island?planet? Is mata nui create them(just likemukuta made kratta?) 18Gotta wait and see 199. why we cannot see rahi in the comic? 20Rahi were in the comic in 2001, and the Toa beat them. They aren't being used much by Makuta anymore, so no reason to put them in the comic 2110. Your comic is great: but it's seem to be so short. Do you use computer to draw comic?...and 22why tahu has eyes of yellow coloured? 23I don't do the art, but it is all pencil and ink. And the eyes are colored that way so they can be seen better in the panels. 2411. Is it real that bionicle will continue to 2007 at least? i think there will have too much update to toa...we have to forgone old toa and buy a new toa.... 25We are hoping that BIONICLE will go on much longer than that. 2612. Is mata nui create matoran ? mata nui is god? 27No Mata Nui did not create the Matoran.
2813. Will slizer has relationship with bionicle?(i mean the planet) 29No. 3014. Why mukuta didn't been locked in the nuva cube? Where is the nuva prison? 31Huh? Makuta has nothing to do with the nuva cube. And the Bahrag prison is way underground.
3215. Comparing with mukuta and bahrag, who is more powerful?

33Makuta, by far
11. What does this article mean? Is that in anyway related to the Bohrok-Toa relationship? 2No, it is just speculation. The notion that "everything came from krana" is untrue.
32. Are the Manas powered by electricity? Because in one episode, the Toa Kaiata hack wierd generators and the Manas go dead. 4In the more fleshed out version of the Kaita-Manas battle, they are felled with extreme cold. It is my belief that those generators provided heat, because the Manas thrive on heat.
53. I knoooooow you are really busy, but any headway on the Krana production thing? 6Nope. I was in NYC this week for 2004 meetings and I am in L.A. next week for movie-related meetings. Basically, I am caught up in '03-'04 work, so it is hard to find the time to clear up an '02 thing that wasn't a major plot point to begin with. But I will do my best.
74. Someone asked you about what you wrote, and one of the answers was "writing a script for a Bionicle game(not MNOLG)" Can you give me any hint on what this is? 8It's for a game that is supposed to go up on the BIONICLEmovie.com site, but it is still a ways from done.
95. If Tahu got the Vahi from Vakama, then where did Vakama get it from? 10You will find out next year.
1What would happen if a level 7 kraata were out in protodermis? 2It would become a Rahkshi.
3is the ussa-nui made from rahkshi? 4Yes, and Bohrok parts.
5how long do the rahkshi last in the story?
6Through the the end of the year, but they will also make cameo appearances next year, I think.

1I am confused on Kraata.
2How many Kraata colorations are there? 3Not sure -- I am waiting for a breakdown list from Denmark.
4How many different types of Shadow Kraata are there? 5Just one.
6Are these "non-rahkshi" kraata able to ride in a Rahkshi? 7All kraata can fit inside a Rahkshi.
8What are the purpous of the odd colored "non-rahkshi" kraata? 9Those kraata are capable of infecting masks or can turn into other types of Rahkshi when exposed to protodermis.
10Are the other Kraata (not of the main six) able to (theoretically) turn into rahkshi? 11Yes
12If so, can we see a list of the powers these unseen rahkshi would have, if they ever were made?
13Eventually you will, yes.

15That means there are not the 6 Shodow Kraata like it was assumed before.
1Here is my question to GregF:
2GregF, 3I was wondering, do Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Kopaka, Onua, Lewa, Onewa, Whenewa, Nokama, Matau, Vakama, Nuju, Huki, Hafu, Jala, Takua, Kupura, Kongu, Tamaru, Maku, Kotu, Hahli, Matoro, Kopeke, Onepu, Nuparu, Makuta, Mata Nui, or a Kraata change into Takanuva? Thanks for your time.

5And his reply:
6Sorry, Polo -- I am not allowed to reveal who is or is not Takanuva, or if he is or is not a whole new character, as it would ruin the end of the movie.

8Too bad...
1QUOTE 21. Since you're not going to say what planet Mata Nui is on, I'm going to throw a theory at you. Bionicle is simply an experiment, game, etc. run by scientists. Is this close at all? 3Nope. Not that I know of, anyway. And I can't say what planet it's on, because I don't know -- it is not in any of the story bibles.
42. Why 252 kraata? What is so special about 252? 5Have no idea. All I know is I was told by the production people that they made 252... do not know why that number was chosen.
63. Would you use any storyline suggestions from BZP like with the Vahi, or do you have every thing planned out already? 7A lot of the storyline is planned out. I was able to put the Vahi in without a problem because I basically wrote the Kal storyline... but most storylines are a product of the team. Still, when there is huge fan demand for something like that, I can go back to the team and ask for it. But major story events are already planned.
84. Did Mata-Nui create the Bahrag, Bohrok, etc? 9Mmmmmm.... no.
105. What was Mata-Nui like in the 'Before Time'? 11Pretty... barren.
126. Does Makuta think his morals, actions, and goals are good? 13Yes.
147. Would Makuta ever be killed, if possible, or would he be turned to the 'light'? 15I think if Makuta had a better understanding of some things, he might behave differently... but I don't see him ever becoming a "good guy."

16Makes me wonder who made the Bahrag and Co...

1Hi. I have a couple questions to ask.
21) I know you probably can't answer this but I thought I'd just ask. Is the being(s) that created the Bahrag more powerful than Makuta (because the Bahrag would be pretty powerful rahi)? Also, did those being(s) die or just go away on vacation? 3No, I would not say they are more powerful, and they are probably still around someplace.
42) It seems that the essence on Makuta can overpower just about anything. I mean he can infect krana, kanohi, and even the MoL: Am I correct in this accusation? 5Well, his shadow is pretty powerful, yes.
63) I not sure if you can answer this questio either, but... If the kanohi creators created the Mol, vahi and other kanohi, why would they create the Krahkkan(Makuta's mask)? Were there good kanohi creators and bad kanohi creators? 7It's possible. But, although the Mask of Shadows has some negative powers, you don't know why it was originally made or what its original purpose was before Makuta started using it.

84) Did the kanohi creators have great powers (I mean they did make a mask that could control time to a certain degree) or did they find these powers and infuse them into the made kanohi? 9No, the Kanohi were not created based on what powers the makers had. You will learn how they were made in 2004.
105) If Mata Nui was uninhabited before the Matoran came, how were the exos, underground tunnels and other special places made? 11Well, the surface of Mata Nui was uninhabited. I didn't say anything about the rest of it.
126) Why did Makuta believe that the Toa were not the real Toa? Did other "fake" Toa come before the real Toa? 13No, he just felt they were pretenders.. he wasn't simply going to accept they were the Toa of legend without testing them first.
14Sorry, I know that most of these questions are unanswerable, but I'm just jumping to learn the secrets of Mata Nui.
15Thank You::
16I not sure if these will help with the storyline but I thought they wer interesting.
1I PMed Greg asking
2Will the 2003 Matoran come out in sets or promo?

3He replied:
4THe 2003 Matoran will come out in sets

1I asked 10 questions...
2Hey greg: could you answer some of these? Thanks:
31)When will the 2nd "book" end? 4Not sure.
52)What did you do before you worked at lego? 6I worked as a journalist, a game designer, and a direct marketing copywriter.
73)Why? 8Why what?
94)How many languages can you speak? 10One.
115)Did you make the mnolg? 12I didn't have anything to do with MNOLG. Most of it was designed before I came to work at LEGO.
137)About how many Pm's do you answer a day? 1430
158)Now how many comics do you have made? 16I have currently written 14.
179)Have you ever eaten cereal in a cup? 18No.
1910)What happens in 2005? 20I can't tell you that.
2111)Can you respond to this question in the funniest way ever? 22?
23Thanks again

24Very interesting...
18)Will there be another chance soon to become a protosquad member? GF:Yes,possibly next year

2AH:::: *starts screaming like a li'l girl* Proto squad again:::: Great info Lenua Nuva:::
3*Starts preparing photo and a drawing*user posted image 4__________________________________________________________
5Repenant Toa:
6Now I see why Torhu called you ungrateful angry:/angry.gif' alt='angry.gif' 7He is a good comic writer, and if you don't like it, you don't have to say that, keep your oppinions for yourself.
8You have insulted a person who, yes, deserves extra respect, not only because he's the Bionicle Comic writer, but a person, who like his job, and does it very well . If you don't like it, then don't read the comics. Better, don't buy the comics.
9If I was an admin, yes I would suspend you or even banned you. But I am not so you are free. But please don't insult such a kind person like Greg, who has to answer the questions of the members that PM him.
10Put yourself in his shoes. He is a really patient person. He answers all questions, he doesn't goes crazy with all of them. He didn't deserved that. I will report you if you continue with this arguing, so please stop. You can think whatever you like. 11-rah angry:/angry.gif' alt='angry.gif'
1Hello, Greg: Here are a few more that've been bugging me:
21.) So, the Ussanui has the Rahkshi back pieces to put Kraata in so it'll go to Makuta. But why do the Pewku and Gukko have the Rahkshi back pieces? Just cuz it looks good? 3Well, the more places we can use in multiple sets, the less expensive they are to produce.
42.) (I'm 99% sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the answer. Forgive me:) Why does Pewku look different for the movie? Surly not all Ussal Crabs grow to be so darn big: O_o 5Well, how many Ussal crabs have you been around? :) Heck, my cat is 10 this year and he's huge ..:) 63.) About how many Muaka and Kane-Ra would you say inhabit the island? After all, the island isn't that big, and they are big creatures. 7Well, I am sure like with any eco-system, there are a limited number of large predators because there are only so many prey animals.
84.) I read that you said the animals of Mata Nui are made out of protodermis? In that case, are the Turaga and Toa, etc made from it as well? (Kinda hard to imagine being directly made out of something you can mine for. O_o) 9It wouldn't surprise me if they are. You will learn more next year.
105.) Why is it "Za" and "Xa" are pronounced the same? Couldn't that get confusing? "Pohatu, which Krana are you missing?" "I need a Xa." "Oh, here, I have an extra Za:" "That's not what I said:" 11Well, "xylophone" and "xerxes" are pronounced with a "z" sound as well.. that is what happens when you have x at the beginning of the word.
126.) Are the Bahrag male or female? (I assume female) 13I see them as being female, myself.
14Thanks so very very much:::~bjj6

15Thar' you go:
1Okay, my latest set of questions:
2Greg, would you please answer these questions?
3If a pack of Manas was pitted against a single Rahkshi, would the Manas be strong enough to survive, or even win? 4Probably depends on the Rahkshi. Lerahk could beat them...I doubt Kurahk could, since Manas already dislike each other and making them angry at each other won't do a lot of good.
5What kind of differences would there be if a shadow kraata piloted a Rahkshi? (i.e. could it still infect from a distance) 6I doubt it, since it is sealed in a protective hatch. I am still cataloging differences.
7Does the Ussanui somehow gain artificial life in the movie? Or is it just a plain machine? 8No, it's a machine, as far as I know.
9When the time IS right for the Bahrag to return Mata Nui to the before-time, will the signal be re-sent, and will they then do so? 10Yes.
11Will the Toa Nuva Kaita come into the storyline again? 12Possibly.
13Sorry if you've answered this before, but how exactly does the Ussanui fly? 14I don't know all the engineering details... I just know it looked like it was flying in the movie.
15Thank you very much.
16-Master of the Rahkshi

17I like the first one particularly.
18: Manas gather around Kurahk : 19Lead Manas: SMASHDOWN::::::::LOL:
20-Master of the Rahkshi
11. I have noticed that on the Ussanui are Kal hand-shields. You said that the Ussanui is made out of fallen Rahkshi and Bohrok parts, so does that mean there are Bohrok-Kal parts as well? I can't see how that is possible, since they are currently "defeated." 2Why would there being defeated matter? Remember, the Toa comment that the Turaga will know what to do with the "remains" of the Kal. Therefore, they could have salvaged parts from the ones who remained near the Bahrag prison.
32. Where are the beings that made the Bahrag right now? In Paradise? 4Can't answer it.
53. When you say the Toa and Bohrok are related, does that mean "genetically?"(If they have blood) or they were made by the same being? 6As far as I know, they do not have blood and since there is no biological reproduction on Mata Nui, genetically wouldn't make much sense. My guess is that there are some similarities in their construction.
74. Is whoever made the Kanohi still around? If so, why doesn't he make more more masks for the Toa? 8First answer is yes. Second answer is lack of the proper materials and lack of the proper equipment. The entire story of how Kanohi are made and who made them will be told in the coming year.
95. Did a single being create the Kanohi? Or did multiple beings create the Kanohi? 10I am not ABSOLUTELY positive on this answer, but I believe the answer is multiple beings had a hand in the process.
1I asked Greg a rather cool question, and he gave me a rather cool answer:
2Hi, I was just playing with my Brand New TAKANUVA set, and this idea popped into my mind. Can Takanuva create lasers? I mean, a laser is just a point of focused light.

3That is a good question. I would think that Takanuva would be able to use light beams, the same way Tahu uses fire.. so if he had sufficient control, my guess would be yes. Thart is just my opinion, though.

6Makuta: No one can defeat me: Hey, what's that--GAH: MY EYES::: I'M BLINDEDEDEDED:::
1I put this:QUOTE 2I have a couple of auestions for ya. I'm sorry to bother you but I have to know: lol.
31. Is mata-nui sleepin in the heavens or on the island or underground? 4Can't answer it.

52. If takanuva is suppose to beat makuta, what are the other 6's perpose? To rouse mata-nui? 6Yes.

73. If the other 6's toas job is to rouse mata-nui, how are they suppose to do it? 8Not even they know that yet.

94. Who made the bohrok, kal, va, and bahrag? 10Can't reveal it yet, but they were probably all made by the same people.

115. How many great beings are there? 12No idea.

136. How were the turaga made? 14A Turaga isn't really "made"... he sort of evolves into a Turaga if he is willing to pursue the path of wisdom.

157. Did the matoran come from a different island to mata-nui, or did mata-nui make them? Basically, I'm askin, where are they from? 16You will find out next year.

178. It has already been known that nobody transforms into takanuva, that hes just always been there unconsiuous, so, where is he in the underground? 18No, that has not been revealed -- the only thing I have ever said is that Takanuva is not Mata Nui or Gali. I have never said if he is a new character or an old one transformed.

199. What are the point of all these multi-colored kraata? 20Don't understand your question.

2110. Is the reason Makuta didn't permanently go away the first time he was defeated cause takanuva wasn't with the other toa? 22Yes.

2311. I read somewhere that Makuta isn't afraid of Mata-Nui wakin up, its something else. What's he scared of? 24You will get a better idea in the movie.


2612. I have relized the fact that if Makuta was beaten, he could simply come back to mata-nui::: So what I'm askin is, how do you get makuta's soul to go away? How does he vanish forever? 27Again, you should find out more in the movie.

28Thanks. :)
11 What would happen if you put a Shadow kraata into protodermis? 2It would evolve into Rahkshi armor. 3(yes, but what type of Rahkshi armor?)
42 Does the Ussanui need all 6 kraata (for each of it's Rahkshi backs) to opreate, or can it run on just one or two? 5I believe that there are slots for four or five Kraata on the model.
63 What is the purpose of the clear Avohkii in this BZP review?
7It's a variation of the Avohkii, meant to reflect how his mask glitters and glows when his full power is in play.
8(This was actually my theory on it:)
1Here is a further explaination of the clear mol:

2I was wondering what was up with this transparent mask of light. Does it have a place in the storyline?

3It's a variation of the Avohkii. When Takanuva's body is suffused with light, that is how his mask looks as it glows. It doesn't have any different powers.

1Here are my questions I asked Greg Farshtey
2Hello Mr. Farshtey, 3I would like to ask you some questions.
41. Are there any matoran that live other places besides    mata nui? 5Not that we know of.
62. After the bohrok kal were defeated why didn't the toa just destroy the bahrag so they did not have to worry about them coming back and unleashing the swarms agien. 7Because Toa do not kill.
83. Do you know any of the kraata spicies which wasnt one of the six that had a rahkshi's names? If so can you tell me that kraata's name and what power it's rahkshi would have? 9No, I am still waiting on a list of all the kraata from Denmark.
104. If makuta is mata nui's brother and makuta can make kraata can mata nui make any creatures? Did he make the matoran? 11Hmmmmm... well, I think you can probably say he had a hand in that, yes.
125. Do you have a favorite kraata? For example I got a kraata with a black front and a red back and it is my favorite kraata. If you havent seen any of the kraata from the pack is there a color you wish they made? 13I can't really say I have a favorite, no.
146. If the bahrag ever got free agien would they make a new set of kal? 15It's certainly possible.
167. In comic# 12 it said tahnok kal had just been caged by his electrical power, was he ever realy destroyed like the other kal or just stuck in an electrical cage next to the bahrag? 17No, essentially what happened is the electricity sort of fused his "circuits," paralyzing him.
18Thank you for your time. I realy apriciate how you help all of us at bzpower. :D

19So, it was mata nui who created the matoran I wonder how he did.
1Hi Greg, I have a few questions I would like you to answer.
21) In one topic you said the Rahkshi will make a cameo 3appearence in 04', how is that if they are to be defeated 4and broken up into peices for the Ussanui.
5You are going to have to wait and see.
62) You once said that any Kraata if exposed to Protodermis 7could me turned into a Rahkshi, there are also other colours 8that have not turned into Rahkshi, will these be 'explored' 9in the future?
10Again, there may be some cameo appearances of those Rahkshi.
113) Are the creators of the Bohrok and Bahrag still undergrou- 12nd somewhere, or are they gine forever?
13Can't answer it.
144) I saw the new Mask of Light trailer not long ago and there 15is a shot of Makuta with an infected Hau in the background, 16was that a ghosted image or a real feature in Makuta's lair? 17And How big is Makuta's lair?
18It's pretty good-sized. And I haven't seen the trailer you are speaking of, so I really can't answer. The only Hau I know of in the lair is a huge stone Hau meant to represent Mata Nui, and it is not infected.
195) Once you said that Makuta was trying to keep the Matoran 20out of the underground, and you also said he is trying to ke- 21ep Mata-Nui asleep, so is he trying to keep the Matoran from 22awakening Mata-Nui, does that suggest Mata-Nui is asleep 23underground? Or is there a greater, darker secret undergrou- 24nd?
25The means to awaken Mata Nui is underground. And yes, there are other secrets there as well.
266) If Takanuva's destiny is to defeat Makuta, and the other 27Toa's is to awaken Mata-Nui, does this mean something is 28going to happen to Takanuva, or he will go as he is not need- 29ed anymore?
30No, he is staying around with the other six Toa, as far as I know.
317) Are or were the Shadow Toa's Kanohi born from Makuta's 32essence or were they made like every other Kanohi?
33My own theory of the shadow Toa is that they were the dark sides of the Toa brought to life by Makuta. As such, they may have simply been wearing shadow, mirrored versions of the Toa's Kanohi, not new ones.
348) I now have a Takanuva set and there is a Dark Grey Hau 35and a Transparent sparkley Avohkii, what are there roles? 36The dark grey Hau goes on the Ussanui. The Avohkii is a variant version, meant to reflect what it looks like when Takanuva's light power courses through him.
379) Once you said that the Ussanui was silver because that 38as the colour of Rahkshi when dismantled, is this the same 39for Bohrok, Matoran, Turaga, Rahi, Bahrag, Bohrok-Va and 40Toa? 41Well, it isn't true for Bohrok all the time, because the Boxor is not all silver. And I have never seen any of the others dismantled.
4210) At the E3 Expo (A computer game Event revealing games 43to come) they had a video for the new Bionicle Consol/PC Ga- 44me comming this fall. It said there would be an exclusive 45Bionicle Tool, they said weapon bit they do mean tool, have 46you got any info on this? 47No.
4811) In past and current Bionicle storylines everything has an 49elemental power, how did each get them and how were they 50generated?) 51It is part of their fundamental nature.. they are essentially "born" with them. In the case of Toa, basically three things make a Toa -- physical form, elemental power, and the skill to use Great Masks.
5212) What is the Dark Grey Hau's function on the Ussanui? 53It's hard to explain.. if it is what I think it is (and it might not be, but my idea makes sense), there is no way to explain it without giving away movie plot.
54Thanks alot again,

56You should pay attention to the answers in bold.
1Please read the following post by GregF:
2I am heading out to Los Angeles on the 17th (tomorrow) to meet with the people who work on the BIONICLE movies. I won't be back until Friday, so please hold off on sending questions until then, as I will not have access to the web.

1Here's mine...

31) Will MoL take us to an entirely different storyline, or just broaden the end on comic #12? 4Mask of Light ushers in a whole new storyline for 2004.
52) Are the comics planned to be made until the end of Bionicle, or will the story be told somehow else? 6At this point, there are no plans to stop doing the comics.
73) Is it true that Miramax is producing 4 Bionicle films, one of which will be in theaters in 2004? 8No, that's a rumor. We are hoping the first movie does well and they will want to do more, but no number of sequels has been discussed and there will not be an in-theater movie in 2004. Those take a lot longer to make than videos do.
94) Will there be any more super collectables like the SSKK or WMKK? 10Yes, it's possible. I know that Cartoon Network will have a platinum Mask of Light as one of their Search for the Seventh Toa contest prizes.
115) Is the Makuta set truly Makuta, or just his spirit inhabited in a body? Meaning, if the Makuta machine was destroyed, would Makuta die? 12That is a very good question. We know Makuta can look like anything he wants to.. so if that body was destroyed somehow, would he really be gone?
136) Are there plans to make more Matoran/machine sets like the Boxor? 14Not sure, but we have talked about the possibility of other vehicle sets down the road.
157) Will the Bahrag be in the foreseeable storyline? 16Nothing planned for them right now, although a cameo is always possible.
178) Is there a 7th Turaga? 18No.

20Especially check out the ones in bold:
1Here is a further explaination of the clear mol:

2I was wondering what was up with this transparent mask of light. Does it have a place in the storyline?

3It's a variation of the Avohkii. When Takanuva's body is suffused with light, that is how his mask looks as it glows. It doesn't have any different powers.

5I knew I was right. Yes I was right:::: Yay:::
1I found some old answered questions that I thought were interesting. I might have to make two post though.
2QUOTE 3Hi, I have a couple (sure) of questions to ask.
41) How would you hot-wire a Bohrok? Don't they cease to function when the krana is removed? 5No, they wander aimlessly, for the most part. The krana is like the driver of a car... he doesn't provide the power for the car.
62) Will the ToL combine with the other Toa Nuva? 7Not in the movie, no.
83) How tall are the Rahkshi (in feet)? 9Well, they are bigger than the Toa, so I would 8 to 9 feet, maybe.
104) When a kraata touches protodermis does it just turn into Rahkshi armor? If so, wouldn't that make the Rahkshi armor biological armor since the kraata are living? 11It takes a long time, but yes, eventually it becomes Rahkshi armor. But it also becomes a non-living substance in the process of transmutation.
125) So, is it possible to create spare Rahkshi armor (realizes how powerful an army of Rahkshi would be )?
13If you had enough kraata and liquid protodermis, yes.
146) Could the ToL take on all six Rahkshi at once? 15Possibly.
167) Can the Rahkshi combine with Makuta? 17There is no official combo model for that, but I am sure you could do a MOC.
188) Why is it so hard for a kraata to grow to the seventh stage? 19It's sort of like... a genetic mutation, or a really rare process of random selection.. only so many have it in them to become golden.
209) How many stages can a kraata go through? 21Six, plus a seventh if it is very lucky.
2210) Would the Rahkshi have to do a special deed to recieve a stage sevenkraata? 23No. Stage seven kraata usually operate outside of Rahkshi, because their power would sort of be wasted in Rahkshi armor.
2411) I know this is a weird question but i like Star Wars so: Could all six Rahkshi take on about 10,000 stormtroopers? 25Probably.
2612) In the CD video that BZP got, where was the ToL walking? Was it underground Mata Nui? 27Yes, I believe so, but i don't think that scene of him fighting the Rahkshi actually happens in the movie.
28Thank You for answering my questions:

29Thank You:

30QUOTE 31Hello again.
321) Does Makuta get his protodermis from the same source the Toa were transformed in?
33No. There are other sources.
342) I know this happened a while ago, but it just seemed weird how the Toa stood in just the right place. Did whoever built the tubes of protodermis know exactly what was going to happen in the Toa's fight with the Bahrag?
35It was destined to happen, so probably yes.
363) How did Makuta give the Rahkshi their powers? Does Makuta have all of the powers of the Rahkshi?
37Good question... he certainly has some of them, but it may be he does not use all of them.
384) Do you know how far away the golden kraata can be from a mask to infect it?
39No, not yet, will soon.
405) If you placed a golden kraata in Rahkshi armor, would the Rahkshi have the same powers as with a level six kraata?
426) Will the golden kraata be the new promotion in mask packs? If so, could I have one?(momsmacks Bionicle#1 upside head ) I mean , just kidding
43Thanks, Bionicle#1

44It's going to be part of a retail promotion. It won't be randomly inserted in packs.
45Sorry, I know I have been PMing you alot lately, but since the new update, a few questions have sprung up.
461) Can Nuhvok Kal create a black hole since it looks like one swallowed him up in the update? (actually the whole planet would have been swallowed) 47He can when his power runs wild -- he can't normally -- and yes, I know under Earth physics, the planet would be swallowed -- but these are comic book physics, where mini black holes are created all the time without the planet being destroyed. You can't measure Mata Nui by Earth science.
482) If Nuhvok Kal could do this, how would the Rahkshi match that in power? 49Again, Nuhvok Kal was only able to do it because he lost control of his power -- it's not something he could choose to do, and it certainly didn't work out too well for him, did it?
503) How did the Turaga find all of the peices to updat e the Matoran? 51I believe the Matoran rebuild themselves with solid protodermis, which has been mined for ages in Onu-Koro.
524) Will the Exo's ever come back? 53I don't know... maybe. They are pretty trashed right now, though, so unless they have self-repair circuits...
54Then i have a few questions not related with the update.
555) Can you tell me if the kanohi were created underground while the rest of underground Mata Nui was being constructed? 56Nope, I can't.
576) Is all of underground Mata Nui conected by tunnels? 58Some is... but some of the tunnels are blocked or sealed off.
597) If the ToL's staff fire's balls of light, does Makuta's staff shoot null energy to cancel out ToL's energy? 60Makuta transforms light to shadow, just as the TOL transforms shadow to light.
618) Is the combo of Makuta and ToL good or bad? 62You'll have to wait and see -- I can't reveal movie plot.
639) Are there other lairs of evil beings underground Mata Nui? 64Don't know. It's possible.
6510) Will we ever see enemies more powerful than the Rahkshi? 66Well, we are doing a very radical new direction next year, and there will be a few different types of new enemies... I would say eventually, you will, yes, but not right away or exactly the same kind. We are trying to slow the story down a little next year to give an opportunity for more depth.

68P.S. Is there anything that i could do for you since you always answer my questions right away?
69Not that I can think of.
1Here's my second post.
2QUOTE 3Hi, I just have a couple questions.
41) Would the Bohrok Kal be able to control the power given to them by the Toa Nuva if they were in kaita form? 5No, because each kaita would be carrying three symbols.
62) How does lego come up with the kaita forms? Do they have a plan first? 7The figures are designed first, the alternate models are designed afterward.
83) Can you tell me what the Rahkshi kaita form is? 9There are two different kaita forms, and one has been pictured in one of the BZPower articles already.
104) If seperated from their staffs, can the Rahkshi still use their powers? 11Yes, but they would not be able to focus them.
125) If Vorahk would stink the power from a Toa Nuva, would it also stink up the kanohi's powers as well? 13No.. it is not sucking the elemental power so much as the vital energy.
146) Will the Rahkshi Kaita be appearing in comics? 15Probably not.
167) Do the Rahkshi Kaita have all the powers of their kraata combined (ex. more strength, speed, etc.)? Can the Rkaita use all thier powers at once? 17Yes.
188) Why is Gurahk combining with Vorahk and Pahrahk instead of Korahk and Lehrahk(spell?)? 19We decided to do something different.
209) What would happen to each individual Toa Nuva if their power went out of control? 21Probably something bad.
2210) What is your favorite rahkshi? 23Probably Lerahk, because his power is very visual.
2411) Why was comic 12 called Absolute power?(was it because of the Vahi?) 25No, it was because the Kal were defeated by absolute power -- their energies combined with the Toa's.
2612) Do the Rahkshi have a large amount of fighting skills? 27They do some hand-to-hand in the movie, but when you have their powers, you don't really need to be martial artists.
28Thank you for answering my questions:
29QUOTE 30Hey GregF, I have a couple of questions on the Rahkshi and was wondering if you could answer them.
311) In comic twelve, it showed the Rahkshi breaking out of something made of glass. Was Makuta keeping them in glass chambers while they were evolving from kraata? 32They are in special tubes.
332) Which Rahkshi is the most powerful? 34I don't know that any one is more powerful than the others -- they are all very powerful, in different ways.
353) In the comic, can the Rahkshi's backs be opened? 36It is possible to do that, yes, because that is how you get the kraata into the Ussanui.
374) Can you heal someone who has been infected with Lerahk's posion? 38Yes.
395) Can Lerahk's posion kill matoran or just plant life? 40Well, it can definitely turn plant life toxic.. but I don't know that it would kill a Matoran or just make him really sick.
416) Were the Rahkshi created in the lair of Makuta(where the Toa defeated him) or in another secret place? 42Nope, same lair.
437) On the Rahkshi canisters, does it tell you the exact power of the kraata? 44No -- the kraata don't have individual powers like krana do.
45This is just one question about underground Mata Nui.
468) Is the underground of Mata nui just around the island or throughout the entire planet? 47No, it does not run throughout the entire planet.
48Thanks Gregf for answering my questions.
1I only asked him one question and that was:LL "Is the planet that Mata Nui is on in this universe or in a different one?"
2GF:"I don`t know. The story bible said: "In a place that might be earth."
1The gray Hau has the same powers as a regular Hau does. When it is not being worn, a Kanohi mask turns gray.
2The clear Avohkii is a variant of the Avohkii. When Takanuva's body is suffused with light, his mask glows and sparkles. That is what that mask is meant to represent.[QUOTE

3Here are the powers of the Clear Avohkii and Gray Hau that I got from GregF.

1I got this one from Gregf a while ago

2There is a really bad (in my opinion) theory going around that the Comet ball salesman in the MNOLG was Makuta and I just want to know if this was true or not.

3No, he was not Makuta - he was a Matoran, through and through.


1Hey Greg, here's a few questions that intrigue me. And keep me awake. Sometimes Bionicle's too mysterious... Can I have some sleep, please? I was wondering mainly about the past.
21. Were the Kanohi made on Mata-Nui? 3Not on the island, no. You will find out how they were made next year.

42. When the Matoran came, did others choose to stay at their previous position? 5No
63. Were they forced to move by disaster and such, or choice? 7Again, the answer is part of the 2004 storyline.

84. Did they know where they were going? 9Yes

105. Are the Turaga older than the other Matoran? 11Not necessarily.. just wiser and more experienced

126. You said one person didn't make all Kanohi, but what about one people? 13Yes, I would say one people would be closer to the truth

147. Were there other Turaga in the past? 15Yes

168. Can anyone make a Kanohi? 17I would say.... no. Making a mask is a skill... like making a stained-glass window or a work of art, but more dangerous. So even if I gave some Matoran the right materials and the right tools, he might not be able to do it.

189. Did the person/people who made the Kanohi make the Bohrok/ Bahrag? 19I would guess no.

2010. Was what is now underground (Mangaia) always underground? 21Well, it has always been beneath the surface of Mata Nui, yes.

2211. Did the person/people who made the Toa make the Bahrag/ Bohrok? 23Don't know the answer to that one.

2412. How exactly were the Kal mutated? What energies? 25It was a combination of protodermis and energies unique to the Bahrag.

2613. Can Mata Nui awake on his own? 27No.

2814. Where was the Void created, or did it create? 29Don't know.

3015. What could Makuta protect the Matoran from? What does he do to protect them? 31He is not protecting the Matoran, really... although he sees it that way. For reasons you will learn in the future, he wants them to stay above-ground... so a lot of what has he has done has been designed to keep them up there.

3216. Why did Makuta reduce the Matoran's size and power? 33To discourage them from going underground.

3417. Did the Matoran come to the island in the Before Time? 35No, after the before time.

3618. Did the Matoran bring the Rahi and flora to Mata Nui? 37The Rahi appeared on Mata Nui at roughly the same time the Matoran did. The flora was already there
3819. Where is/are the person/people that made the masks, made the Bohrok/Bahrag, and/or made the Toa? What happened to them? Will they return? Is it a person or a people? 39Can't answer that, too tied in to future storyline.

4020. Do you know the wal of History's writings? Can you tell to us what you can of them? 41The Wall of History is where Takua chronicles the legends of the Toa. So you have basically been reading the stories that make up the Wall of History for the last few years.

42-All thanks, 43Imperial Gahlok-Kal

44That's what I got in a round of questions about a week ago.
1Here are yet some more questions from Greg...
2Here are some more questions that have been nagging me. 3----

41. Does the fact that Takutanuva looks like Makuta with longer arms and horns mean anything in the storyline? And that the designers aren't very creative? :rolleyes: 5Don't judge Takutanuva until you see the movie. For one thing, Takutanuva's mask in the movie is half Mask of Shadows, half Mask of Light. The movie was designed after the toys, which is why the toy looks different.
62. Do you ever engage in a normal conversation in BZPower? 7Such as?
83. How long will Graalok's role be? 9She has a cameo.
104. Why was the bottom of Takua's mask whacked off? So his neck could move? 11So his jaw could move.
125. The pic of the Kohlii team on the front page features shields? How dangerous IS this sport? 13Well, you have a kolhii ball flying around at high speeds, so it can get pretty dangerous.
146. Is the 'hockey puck' that comes in the Kohlii stick in the Matoran '03 sets the new Kohlii ball? 15Yes.
167. Can the Kohlii stick be used as a weapon? Because one end looks like a hammer. 17Any tool can be a weapon, if you hold it right.
188. When Takua was holding the Avohkii to his face in the MoL trailer, was he trying to read the script? Or was he trying to put it on? 19He was trying to read the inscription.
209. Earlier belief was that whomever donned the Kanohi Avohkii would be instantaneously transformed into the Toa of Light. Now, what would happen had someone other than Takanuva put the Avohkii on? 21Nothing. It only works for the one it is destined to work for. Like the sword in the stone.
2210. Is there anything that goes on someone's face that a Kraata CAN'T infect? 23Not that we have seen yet.
2411. Has any of the 'intelligent' minions ever thought of rebellion? Because the Kal could do quite a bit of damage on their own. They could probably just leave the Bahrag be and rule Mata Nui on their own, because they seem perfectly capable of thinking for themselves. 25No. As screwed up as it is sometimes, Mata Nui has a very orderly system. Everything has a purpose and a destiny.
2612. Will Takanuva stay in one specific village? Or will he become a traveler? 27I doubt he will be in one koro, but that will be his decision.
2813. How many Kraata is needed to power the Ussanui? 29I believe there are slots for five on the model.
3014. After the Ussanui is powered, does it fly towards Makuta on its own? Or is it controlled by a driver? 31It homes in on its own.
3215. If I was a Kraata, and I was booted out of my Rahkshi home, the first thing I would do would probably infect the first mask I see. And since you said that the Kraata were like fast snakes, would the Toa need quick reflexes to fight a Kraata? 33Yup.
3416. Do you ever go anywhere besides Storylines and Theories? 35Not all that often.
3617. What is the Makuta/Gukko/Pewku combiner on the back of the Makuta box at the Toy Fair? Because I could have sworn I saw a thing with gigantic claws on the back of the box, but I just can't seem to find it... 37I call it "Makuta Nui." It's just a more fearsome shape of Makuta.
3818. Which way is the Makuta set's head SUPPOSED to be? Vertical? Or horizontal? 39Not sure there is a "supposed" to be... this is LEGO, after all, you build it the way it works best for you.
4019. Will we learn who created the Kanohi next year? 41Yes.
4220. So far, the powers of the characters seem to be following a pattern. The Toa, it was the elements of nature. For the Kal, it was things to do with physics. For the Rahkshi, it has something to do with destruction. Is this planned? Or are the creators just throwing in random powers and getting lucky? 43No, we plan out the powers in the story meetings. There are some new powers and some old powers next year, and we chose the new ones from a long list and picked what made the most sense for what we wanted to do.
4421. Why was the '05 movie bumped again? I don't remember off the top of my head. 45We changed our plans a bit and decided we needed a stronger script for a full-screen movie. Also, it takes a longer time to make a movie for the big screen.
4622. Will Takanuva wake up with the necessary stuff already in his head? Or will it take time for him to remember? 47No, he prettymuch knows what he has to do. 48----
49Thanks for your time, Greg.

1Heres mine:

2Hello Mr. Farshtey. I have a couple of questions. If youre not too buisy.
31: If the BZPers had never wanted to see the vahi in the comics, would you still have put it in there? If not how were the toa going to defeat the bohrok-kal? 4GregF:Probably not. But the Vahi only slowed them down a little, it was the will of the Toa that really defeated them.
52: Is Takanuva male? Or female? 6GregF: He's male.
73:Will we ever get to see another Great Being?? 8GregF:No idea.
94: How did the toa build the Ussanui? 10GregF:I actually asked that question last week. It is built from Bohrok and Rahkshi parts.
115: Is Takanuva a new character or an old one? 12GregF:Can't answer it.
136: Will any of the toa ever die? 14GregF:No idea what may happen going forward.
157: Will there ever be more Turaga? 16GregF:Possibly, not sure.

17Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions Bio nuva.

18That was it:
19^_^ ^_^Bio nuva
1well i got some qestion's for the new set's 21. how does takanuva know how to build the ussanui? 3As far as I know, he simply has the knowledge. There is no scene in the film indicating anyone else told him.
42.you said that the ussanui is built from rahkshi and bohrok part's well it also has lewa nuva's sword's and pohatu nuva's clew's do they give takanuva their wepon's or is it like all the set's just so it could look better? 5No, the Toa do not give up their tools.
63.when the rahkshi will return in 2004 will they be diffrent kind's of rahkshi or the same one's? 7Can't answer that at this time.
84. i know that makuta is the big evil gay and evrything but when takanuva kill's his sons does he get sad? 9Takanuva does not kill the Rahkshi.. Rahkshi armor is not alive. And there is no killing in BIONICLE.
105. can makuta get stronger then his new form and if he can why doesnt he use it against takanuva? 11I have no idea if there is a limit to how strong Makuta can become. But I assume he challenges Takanuva at the level of power he deems appropriate.
126. will the tol\makuta fuison last long or only for a few minute's? 13Watch and see... can't answer movie plot questions.
147. if it will last long will takanuva and makuta ever split apart? 15See question 6.
168. ok i ask't you this before but i need to ask again can takanuva's power work on anybody except makuta and the rahkshi? 17Sure it can.
189. in 2004 will we see another six set's like the toa,bohrok,toa nuva, bohrok kal, rahkshi? and will they be new rahkshi? 19Can't answer 2004 questions, sorry.
2010. all the set's that were suppose to be releist(sp) in agust were releist erly so will the tru takutanuva be also releist erly? 21No idea.
2211. you always say that allot of new thing we wil lern about in 2004 so will the 2004 storyline be more for lerning the history or will it still have allot of action? 23well that's all i have to ask thank you very very much
24It will be both.