1I pmed him about the shadow Kraata and received this answer:
2I have one question that is bothering me: 3Is there a shadow Kraata in the movie? If so, is it the purple one we see coming out of Kurahk's head in the extended trailer trying to infect Takua's mask?

4Yes and no... yes, the kraata in the movie does look very much like a shadow kraata, so an argument could be made that it is one. But the idea of a shadow kraata had not even been thought of at the time the movie was written and animated (it was created for the Target promotion), so technically it isn't one.

1QUOTE 2Hi, I am really clad you have taken the time to answer everyones questions, it sure
3is alot though, I couldn't answer all the questions you have ansered so far in 10
4years: Well anyways, here are my questions.
5Could a kraata infect a krana? 6I tend to think not, because a krana is alive.

7Another member asked you if you knew what Mata-Nui looks like. Is He/it look simaler
8to Takanuva? 9I do know, but I can't share it.

10Is Mata-nui A big set like Kane-ra/Tarakava, a small set like a turaga, is it a
11mediem like the manas, a toa-like being? 12See answer above. I can't reveal anything about Mata Nui's nature.

13When Three toa combine into a kaita, does one mind control the right arm, another
14mind control the left arm, and the remaining mind control the legs, or do they all
15control them at once somehow? 16It becomes a group mind, not three separate minds.

17Can Takanuva Only use the MoL, or can he use other masks, if he even collects them. 18He doesn't have any other masks, as far as I know.

19If the answer to the above is no, could he use the mask of a fallen toa, like if
20lewa was defeated and lost his mask, could Takanuva switch to the Miru Nuva if he
21felt like it was neccecary? 22I suppose that technically he could do that.

23The ToL's Ussanui wears a grey hau. Basicly anything on Mata-Nui wearing a mask is
24alive, so would this mean that the ussanui is alive? 25No, the Ussanui is not alive. If it were, the Hau would have taken on a color. A gray mask is one that is not being worn. The mask is not there to provide power, it is there for symbolic reasons.

26One more question. Do you enjoy answering questions? I mean by the number you have answered so far you must: I would just crumble from all the stress if it where me: 27Yes, I generally enjoy it very much.
28Thanks in advance for answering these, Really, thanks.

1(1) In the movie and in the books Lewa is said to speak in Le-koronan slang, yet he didn't in the comics or the MNOLG. Why the change?
2Basically, because until the decision was made to have him speak that way in the movie, no one had said he had to talk that way. Once they decided that for the movie, we had to start doing it elsewhere for the sake of consistency.

3(2) Sorry if this has been asked before, but what was the reason for Kopeke's color and mask change?
4No idea -- it was a toy design decision made in Denmark, not a story decision as far as I know.
5(3) It has been said that the Vahi cannot travel let the wearer travel back in time, though it can unravel reality. If the wearer was skilled enough, could he/she unravel the present, dumping himself into the past?
6Could a wearer rip time to pieces? Probably.. could he control where he ended up, or when? Probably not. If he unravels the present, he might wind up in the past, or the future.. he might also age or regress.. or he might wind up existing outside of time, unable to touch or affect anything.
7(4) Why was Koli changed to Kolhii?
8Simple -- koli means something in another language, hence the change.
9(5) Since this isn't your department you might not know this, but in the new video game do we get to look for the Kanohi?
10Hmmmm.. really don't know offhand. Did see the game last weekend, in demo, looks awesome.
11(6) Lihii the surfer was mentioned by Jala in one of the MNOLG, but that's all we hear of him. What happened to him?
12I really know no more of him than you do, because he has not figured into previous storyline. Whether he will figure into future storyline remains to be seen.

11. Are the new masks next year going to be worn by the Toa Nuva? 2They will be Great Masks.
32. This year the storyline worked like this, for the first half of the year there was the Bohrok Kal saga and for the second half the Mask Of Light movie saga, is next year going to follow the same outline, like we learn about the Taraga and the Mask Makers for the first half of next year and then learn about the next movie for the second part of next year. Will it work that way? 4Yes and no. There is a first half of the year story and a second half of the year story, but they are more tied together than they were this year. Aspects of the early story will be in the movie as well.
53. Have you heard any rumors about the September next Proto-Squad pakage? 6No.

7So, does this mean that the Toa Nuva are going to where NEW masks. We shall see. :D
1sorry if i am annoying but there are some qestions i have to ask 21.will we see bows in the futere storyline couse i really love bow's
3Bows? You mean like bows and arrows?
42. do kraata move fast or slow couse you cant really know from the comics
5They move about as fast as your average rattlesnake.
63.how did makuta get the protodermis to make rahkshi did he make his own or found ssome?
7Makuta lives underground, where this a lot more protodermis to be accessed.

84.will there be mask collectble's in 2004 or some thing else?
9There will be some new masks, but they will not be the collectable next year. It will be something else.
10thank you very much for your time
1So, does this mean that the Toa Nuva are going to where NEW masks. We shall see. :D

2Note next year, no. It takes place in the past, when the toa didn't exist yet (At least I think they don't). 3-BF73
1Hello. Here are some more.
21. I've been thinking on the name of the Mati Nui Online Game 2, "The Final Chronicle". It can't be the final one for Bionicle, because there are no plans to end the story this soon, so mabye it's the final Chronicle for Takua. Does this mean thatthere would be a new Chronicler? Perhaps Hahli?
3You're smart. :) Watch the movie and see if you are right.
42. Did Makuta create the Kratta?
5Yes, he did. The kraata are actually a part of Makuta's substance.

1heres my newest set.its good.hope you like em.

21:Are Matoro and Kopeke actually in the movie? 3Cause there not in the Kolhii game.
4Possibly in a crowd scene, but they do not play a big role in the film.

52:If Takanuva is a transformed character,can 6he take off the Mol to return to his former self?
7IF he were -- and I am not saying he is -- the answer is no. Taking off a Great Mask does not cause you to revert to an earlier form.

83:When will we get a hint as to what the 2004 storyline is?(other than mol dvd)
9Not until after the movie is out.
104:Will a new matoran defense vehicle come out?
11There may be some vehicles in the assortment next year, or the year after.. not sure.
125:In 2004, will we learn why Makuta really wants Mata Nuiasleep?Because i think you said it was not in fear of him.
13Not sure if it will be 2004, or later.
146:What is the infected kanohi-krana power ratio? 15Is it like:4 Krana=1 Infected Kanohi in mind controlling abilities?
16I have no idea. Never thought about it.
177:In the mnolg2 , you can get a kolhii stick. 18Are kolhii sticks made in Ga-Koro?
19They are probably made in every koro.
208:Does what Makuta have alot more strengh then he's shown?
229:If yes,could he transport the toa to another island?
23No, as far as I know he does not have teleportation abilities. We also don't know for certain that there are any other islands.
2410:Is there anything with transforming properties other than protodermis?

25Not that I know of.
26See answers above.

1Hi there, I was hopeing you'd answer these questions for me.
21. Why is Pohatu's torso right-side up in the movie?
3No idea, didn't notice it.
42. Can you say if the 2004 sets are the can variety, the small-box variety, the large-box variety, or a combination of the three?
5A variety, like usual.
63. How is it possible for a set to be more posable then a Rahkshi?
7More points of articulation.
84. Is protodermis in the movie?
105. Why is Tahu vs. Kopaka more intense then any other Toa rivalry?
11Because they are both enormously stubborn and strong-willed. Think about it -- Gali and Onua are very laid-back, Pohatu is friendly to almost everyone, and Lewa sees being a Toa as fun. Kopaka and Tahu are the ones most likely to butt heads.
126. If there is land other than Mata-Nui that the Toa must get to, what method of transport would they use?
13I would assume boats, since they are on an island.
147. Are there minirals other than lightstones and heatstones on the island?
15Possibly, but I am not aware of them.
168. Why is Makuta "destruction" if he was reluctant to unleash the Rahkshi?
17There are a lot of different kinds of destruction -- there's physical destruction, like the Rahkshi do, and there is also destruction of faith, devotion, the will to resist, etc.
189. About how many topics in S&T are very close to the real thing? (percentile)
19I have no idea... I have never kept count. But I see very few that have predicted next year.
2010. Have you read the "Official GregF Topic" in General Discussion?
21Once in a blue moon.. it seems to be mostly people copying out the PMs they get from me.

1Hello: Got another batch of questions:
21: how will the rahkshi with the shadow kraata be labeled? Just a sticker? 3I would assume a sticker or label on the can.
42: In a few shots from the movie that I saw, Takanuva's staff looked like a sythe, is it always like that? 5No, don't think so.
63: can rahkshi focus their own power through another rahkshi's staff? 7Nope.
84: Since Lewa is going to be speaking in Le-koro slang from now on, are there going to be more slang words? 9Probably, yes.
105:Are krana genderless? 11Yes.
126: In the movie, do we see the rahkshi launching their kraata? 13No. The kraata who infect masks tend to be kraata who are not running a Rahkshi. A Rahkshi is too powerful a tool to waste just to infect one mask. If the Rahkshi tosses his kraata, he ceases to function and the Rahkshi is lost.
147: do they launch them out their mouths? 15See above.
168: Is it hard toi keep spoilers a secret (it is for me)? 17No, because if I let them out I could get in trouble with the rest of the story team.
189: In the online game that you're working on, can we see our charectar? 19Yes, I believe so.
2010: When will we get some more info on it?
2111: when will it come out? 22I am really not sure on the release schedule. It will be this fall, if it is not already up on bioniclemovie.com
2312: What happened to all those infected masks? 24Some were probably cleansed, others were hidden.
2513: How long does it take you to wright the averge comic? 26Two or three days.
2714: Could Makuta fly in his current form? 28In his current form? No. He would have to take on a different form.
2915: Does it take a lot of energy for him to transform. 30Some.
3116: Is there only one Vahi? 32Yes.
3317: One of the Avohkii's powers is turning peoples feelings to feelings of peace. Is that permanant? 34I doubt it
35Well, that's all for now, bye:: 36-BF73
1SA:Do you have any idea why no rahkshi kraata varieties (like vo, za, etc.) are in in the kraata packs?

2GregF:I am sure that some must be. By the way, the list of kraata colors and powers will be up on BIONICLE.com in the next few weeks.

1hi gerg. frist of all ingoner my stats bink did it to me becuase i saif evil tahu was better then HT long story make fun of as much you want. anyways to the qustions
21 i read somewere when the kraata want to feed the open up there face and tenacls come out to stanggle there pray.right well i was wander could this tenculs also infect mask?
3Mukuta, that whole "kraata feeding" thing is from a BZPer's version of the universe. It is not official and as far as I know not true. We don't even know if kraata are meat-eaters. Kraata infect masks by touching them.
42 how far can a shadow kraata infect a mask from? 5Oh, I would say about 100 yards or so.
63 are the rahkshi bron with a staff or dose mukuta give one to them? 7The staff develops when the armor develops.
84 when can you start to tease us about the 2004 sets and well the preview 04 preview also give has some info about the sets? 9Not before the movie is out this year. I have to get permission to share any story stuff.
105off topic qustiondo you play video games? 11Yes, and PC games. Right now I am playing MVP Baseball 2003 and Commandos 2.
12on topic again i hears some one say the rahkshi comniers are going to be in the novmber comic. well if thats true then 13is vorahk going to be mini vorahk or full sized i would a full sized but thats up to you.
14Um, he is going to be however he looks in the Kaita model.
15thanks for your time gerg.

1Well, these are a few of my questions.
2Hey Greg: Haven't heard from me in a while huh . 3Well I was playing with my Rahkshi the other day, and suddenly a few questions sprouted... Here they are
41#. Is there some sort of competition between lets say Vo Kraata to get into a Vorahk the quickest? 5No.
62#. Are there multiple Vorahk or is there just one of 'em? 7There certainly can be more than one, but there is only one in the movie.
83#. Is there any thought behind the corresponding Rahkshi/Toa Nuva colors or do all of the Rahkshi just pick any Toa and fight him/her? 9There is no correspondence.
103#. B Do the Rahkshi colors correspond with the village they attack? (for example: Panrahk attacks Po Koro) 11No. They attack the villages in groups, not individually.
124#.Will the Mask of Light ship to the Netherlands? 13(That tiny country next to Germany :P ) 14I would assume so.
155#. What's your favourite Rahkshi? 16Lehrak.
176#. Which of the Rahkshi is the most intelligent? 18Hmmmm... I would say Vorahk.
197#. Could Vorahk take the power of a Bohrok/Bohrok Kal? 20It could take the energy of the krana, but the Bohrok aren't living things, so I doubt it could drain their energy.
218.#. Will there be a goody in the MoL dvd package? 22Don't know.
239#. Could you share the name of comic number 14? 24At Last -- Takanuva:
25Good luck on comic 14 or whichever one you're working on:

11) Will the Finals in the MNOLG be able to be played before the MoL comes out? 2Don't know, I have no involvement with MNOLG2.
32) Will the Shadow Kraata play any role in the story 4In the comic it will, yes.
53) Will the other Rahkshi come out any time soon? 6Which other Rahkshi? All six are out at the end of the July's issue.
74) It seems to me that a lot can be done in the storyline with the Shadow Toa. Will we ever see them again? 8No plans for that. The Toa have already defeated them once, so I doubt Makuta would use them again.
95) Kolhii seems very important all of a sudden. Why? 10Just because
116) You said before that there will be six new masks in '04. Will they be six different shapes, or just different colors? 12Ummmmmm.... both. Six new shapes in different colors, but only six masks. Not 36.
1You answered to someone's question that there would be
2Six new shapes in different colors, but only six masks. Not 36.
3Does this mean that they will be included with new sets, but without a corresponding collectable mask pack set (Kanohi, Krana, Kraata, etc.)? If so, will half one of '04 have any collectable, or will they lay off and give serious collectors time to get all the Kraata?

4There will be a collectable next year, but a very different kind of one, because it will serve more than one purpose -- it won't just be something to collect, it will also help you learn more about the BIONICLE universe (there will be details on this in the January LEGO Magazine). But no, there will not be new mask packs.

6I'm sooooooooooooooo psyched about 2004:
1The Great Artakha......
2I've got questions about the Great Artakha.
3Where is the Great Artakha? 4No one knows. It is a legendary sanctuary where the Matoran would be safe from all harm... the whole point of the game is the Matoran searching for it. But it's a legend -- it may exist, or it may not.
5What is the Great Artakha? 6See answer above.
7Is it the place the Matoran came from? 8No, it's not.

1Is the name Artahka, the Refuge the name of the paradise island that the Matoran or Toa were said to have come from? or is it under mata nui. thanks for your time:
2It's neither. Artahka is a legend, like Atlantis is in our culture. It may exist.. it may not.. we will have to wait and see. But it is not where the Matoran came from.

2Hi Greg,
3Would you please answer these questions below, and I would 4understand completely if you cannot answer some:
51) Were the Bohrok intended to turn the island into the way it 6was in the 'Before time' after the Matoran go down to the new 7island? 8They were intended to do so when the island was uninhabited. It really made no difference to them why it was uninhabited.
92) How is it that this new island is bigger than Mata-Nui when 10it is actualy under Mata-Nui, and why is there a sky in the last 11picture of the new island in the Mask of Light novel? 12Well, the light comes from a hole in the "sky" .. and as for why it is bigger, I'd like to know the answer to that one too :)
133) Is the big lake of Protodermis surrounding the new island 14the scource of all the other proto? like the ones which transfo- 15rmed the Toa and Kraata. 16Wish I could answer, but I don't know.
174) Will the Boxors go to this new island or will they be left 18behind? 19I suppose the Matoran might bring them, if they can fit them on the boats.
205) Are there any trees or mountains on the new island? Since 21there are Rahi there. 22That you will have to wait and see.
23Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions.

25See answers above.

1HALT: Unless you dont mind spoilers, then go right on ahead:

2Hi, just got that never-stoping urge to find out something new about Bionicle.Don't mind my Spanish #'s
3Uno-Since Takanuva was transformed from Takua, a Ta-Koran, does that TECHNICALY make him a Ta-Koran (not in the sence that he would be like a second Defender of Ta-Koro, just those being his roots)? 4Yes.
5Dos-You have stated that the Matoran came from this new Island. Did they once live there forshort time and then have Mass-amnesia, or did they basicaly get "shiped off" to Mata-Nui Immedietly after their "creation"? 6They lived there for a quite a long time, but only the Turaga remember it.

7Trace-are the people who made the Exos the same people who created the Bohrok? 8I can't say for certain. The same people as a species? Yes. The sam exact individuals? That I don't know.
9Quatro-Will the Inventors of the Swarms and Exos be tied into the New discovery of the Matoran's real Origin? 10Mmmmmm... not directly, no.
11Scinco-Where the people who made the Exos and Bohrok Matoran at all? 12Again, I am not sure, but I tend to think not at least as far as the Bohrok go. I do not know on the Exos.
136(Don't know any more Spanish#'s)-would it of been possible for Takua to of have transformed into Takanuva before the actual time he did? Possibly even before the Toa first arived? 14No. It had to happen when it was destined to happen. For example... let's say he transformed right off the bat, before the six Toa were there. Makuta would have unleashed Rahi, Rahkshi, and maybe even Bohrok, all at once, and overwhelmed Mata Nui. Takanuva would have been so busy defending all six villages he never would have made it to Makuta's lair. The other Toa had to be there to defeat Makuta's early threats and hold the line until Takanuva was ready to challenge Makuta.
15Well, Thanks for your Time, Hope your ready for more questions in the future:

11: Is the ,,longer krata'' (Pic below) a misprint or truly as one said normal like others ? 22:Will the comic be availiabe in other countrys? 33:Will the old Kanohi masks play a role in the 2004 storyline?

4You cannot ask questions here. You can just post the answers given by GregF.

6I know i didin`t quite look at the first page and i can`t edit my post: I embaresed myself... :( 7Well Gukko at least we know someone who don`t like or likes but not to much the Movie and good, but why there is no reason for you to see the Movie? I nerly now all the plot and i want to see that Film. Just for Animation and Voices.
1I agree with Gukko that Bisc should have put a spoiler warning at the top of his post, like American Toa did. I've been trying really hard to avoid spoilers, and WHAM: all that effort has been wasted. :glare: I feel like maybe I should just avoid BZP altogether if people can't follow the rules.
2But Gukko, you SHOULD wait and see the movie before judging it. To me, it sounds awesome: Even though I now know some stuff I didn't want to know yet, I have a feeling there will still be some surprises for me. I can't wait to see what kind of Rahkshi-fighting action it'll have in it. ^_^ Those guys just sound like the ultimate destruction machines to me.
3Back on topic... here's a tidbit GregF told me about future books. I knew there would be one this winter, but guess what? He's got even more great stuff in the works: :D
4So, what can you tell us about the new book you're working on? What will it be about, and when can we look forward to seeing it?
5Oh, well, you know (I think) about the Tales of the Masks anythology that is out in December. I just finished Book 1 of the BIONICLE Adventures novel series for Scholastic, which is out (I think) in Feb. I am now working on Book 2. Unfortunately, I really can't share anything about the plots, because I am not allowed to talk about 2004 story yet.

6Yay: 7:kaukau:
1I asked Greg what it is that surrounds the new island, and he said-Spoiler below

2that it is probably a mixture of seawater and protodermis. He said that they are still working on that. I thought that was pretty interesting. 3-Compka
1hello Greg Farshtey. My name is Rayg. I am a big fan of your work, and hope to be able to created comics as good as yours someday. However, for now I merely need to ask a few questions. Hopefully you can answer. 21. I have been subscribed to the Lego magazine for awhile, until this last month. I never received this month's issue, so a few weeks ago I sent of for a resubscription. However, I am afraid that I will not receive issue 13 and it's corresponding magazine. Do have any way to confirm or deny this? and if I don't receive it, is there any other way I can get it? if you can't answer I understand. 32. I have been reading the answers you have given on the site, and have thought of some of my own. I am sorry if you have already answered these. Anyway, Who is stronger, a rahkshi or the bahrag? 43. When exactly is the contest for the platinum Avhokki going to be, and what are the requirements for it? 54. Will 2004's collectibles be mask type things(worn on the face) or something else. 65. Do you have any information on the other movies coming out? Have you seen anything on thme? 7Hope you can answer these, especially #1

81) You can contact LEGO Customer Service (I can send you the number when I am back in the office next week) and they will get you the issue you missed. 92) Hmmmm... that's a good question. If the two Bahrag were together, it would be pretty even. If they are apart, I give the edge to the Rahkshi. 103) I believe it is in October on the Cartoon Network, and it's the same requirements as the other Search for the Seventh Toa contests. Just have to enter through CN. 114) Something else... more functional. 125) I have seen some concept art and a script for 2004, but can't talk about it.
13Greg 14Enjoy.
1Sorry, you're probably in a flood of questions now that the movie's out, but I'm just dying to know a few things.
2- Is the person in this scan of the mini-catalog in the movie box wearing one of the new masks we'll see next year, or can you even answer yes or no? 3Yes, he is.
4- What is Mercury, exactly, a dark counterpart to Protodermis?I think it was mentioned once or twice in the commentary, and wasn't really spoken of in the movie itself. 5It occasionally gets used as a euphemism for protodermis. It's basically still protodermis.

6- I'm really unclear of how the Toa Nuva, the Turaga, Pewku, and ALL the Matoran get to the new island.When Takutanuva opened the door, only the Toa, Turaga, and two Matoran got through.And, judging by the strain Takutanuva went through, it looks like he was the only one who could lift that door, and now he's separated.How did the other Matoran get through? 7Someone else asked that this morning. My guess would be that, with Makuta out of the way, the Toa could either merge to form Kaita or a Toa Nui and open the door, or else they would simply carve out a new exit. They are going to have to return to the island to get tools and equipment and build boats to get to the island.
8- Where was Hahli hiding in the Ussanui?A rahkshi plate? 9Don't know.
10- The film commentary said that at the end, when the eyes in the stone Hau light up behind the door (with Hahli, Jaller, and the Mask and "Unity, Duty, and Destiny"), "Mata Nui awakens."Does this mean that Mata Nui is, indeed, awake?And will we see him next year?Or are these strictly top-secret tidbits? 11Mata Nui is not all the way awake yet. He is definitely in better shape than he was before.. but if he was awake, the story would be largely over with. They have to get back to Metru Nui and do things there before he can wake up.
12- When Makuta and Takanuva were one, did they have one mind, like Kaita, or did they both have a say in what they did?I mean, did they both agree that they would bring Jaller back?And did Makuta sacrifice himself and throw the Mask of Light under to save Takanuva? 13It was sort of a merged mind, like a Vulcan mind-meld. At that point, Makuta got some insight into how much harm he had done. As for whether Makuta sacrificed himself and is really dead, we will have to wait and see (because I don't know the answer either).
14- (Off the story) Is it just my DVD, or does the film commentary mode have the voices and sound effects of the movie part, not the makers, early and not in time with the motions?The movie part is perfect, though, so I was just wondering. 15Don't know, have not watched the DVD with commentary.
16- Now, at the end of the movie, have the Toa Nuva finally set aside their differences and learn to stick together, unlike last November and beyond? 17I would say yes, they have.
18- What happened to Ko-Koro?I never really understood, and wouldn't have known it was gone if Kopaka hadn't said it.And, in the Akaku view lens, what does "PC Tarakava," "PC Nui Rama," and "PC Ussalcrab" mean?Some sort of clue?I thought the Rahi were gone, and on the commentary, the directors said something about how it was Mata Nui text, and that they "probably shouldn't have said that." 19Well, the Rahi are not gone, they have simply been freed from Makuta's control. But there are still Rahi on the island, back in their wild state. The implication of the movie is that Ko-Koro was attacked by the Rahkshi, but I do not believe it was destroyed, because Takua had never been there. I think it was just damaged.
20- Where do the events of Comic 13 take place?It just doesn't seem like they fall in place with the movie events... 21Yes, they do. They take place after Tahu has been poisoned and after the attack on Ta-Koro, but before Tahu gets so bad off that he has to be cured.
22- How come Gali can hover when she meditates? 23She's talented
24- Does it turn out that Kopaka has a sense of humor?"Rahkshi washed and chilled:""Surprise:"(I kinda got a kick out of those.) 25Oh, sure he has a sense of humor. Remember, back in issue 3, when Kopaka is fighting a Muaka, Gali says, "Here is a gift for you Kopaka," and he says, "I hope you won't mind if I keep it chilled for later."
26- Is the little "hand-punch" the commonly-used sign of greeting used amongst the Toa, now? 27Yes, it is something they came up with for the movie and had me incorporate into the comic.
28- How did Fear kill Jaller?Just the sheer force of the power itself? 29Well, it is possible to die from sheer fright. Happens all the time. We know Matoran breathe, so they probably have some form of circulatory system, though it may be mechanical. Sheer terror could have given him the equivalent of a "heart attack."
30- How did Hahli survive the crash?A loophole, perhaps? 31No, I am assuming she was sufficiently protected by wherever she was hiding.
32- Did the Mercury ball become Protodermis when it hit Takanuva's staff, and back to Mercury when it hit Makuta's? 33As far as I am concerned, it was always protodermis.
34- How come Makuta's staff went from Kohlii-shaped to toy-shaped after he got throw back into rubble? 35Most likely because, just as he controls his shape, he controls its shape. When he was damaged, some of his control slipped.
36- "The city of the great spirit, my island home refound."Is the island, or most of it, one big city that will unite all the Matoran?You probably can't answer that, and I know for sure you can't explain "refound." 37Well, in a sense, I can. As Vakama says, it is their "island home" -- it is the place the Turaga and Matoran came from long ago. And it is a great city.
38- I realize that Takanuva lit up the chamber with the new island, but how can there be a sun AND clouds?It just doesn't make sense to me. 39The light comes down from a hole in the "sky" and there is a sea down there. So it is scientifically possible for clouds to form.
40Okay, I think I'm done now.And thank you for all of your answers that have helped us all at BZ learn more about Bionicle.

41Well, that was pretty helpful. Greg's really a great guy to do what he does for us.
1My latest Q&A from Greg.
21. How did the Toa extract Turahk's Kraata?
3They opened up the hatch and ripped it out.
42. When Makuta unleashed the Rahkshi, where did he pull it from?
5From inside him.
63. Will the Bohrok ever be active characters in the movies, like for a prequel movie?
7No idea. The script for the theatrical movie is not written yet.

84. When the '04 teaser said "Secrets of the disks," did it mean the disks the Matoran used to throw around in their old form, or something else?
9Different kind of disks.
105. Is the character in the '04 teaser a good guy or bad guy?
11Can't tell you.
126. On a scale of 1-10, how are the '04 sets, articulation-wise?
13My understanding is that they are the most articulated figures we have done for BIONICLE thus far.
147. Where are Onua's quake breakers in the movie?
15Don't know, didn't write the movie.
168. What is your favorite Kraahkan position?
17Don't have one.
189. How did the first three Rahkshi break out? Because the lake was frozen solid:
19Oh, come on, that would not hold Toa for long, why should it hold Rahkshi? Makuta knew they had been frozen before he sent the second three out, I am sure they freed them.

20apparentally, I shouldn't have asked that last one...
1--------------------------------------------------------- 21. I was listening to the Film Makers commentary today on my NEW MASK OF LIGHT DVD VIDEO:::: and I noticed something. At the end, when the door fell and the stone Hau gleamed, the film makers stated, "And there the being Mata Nui awaking." That's all they say. Is that true? Because it seems so... 3No, it's not true. Keep in mind that as good as the filmmakers were, I am sure they do not know every single piece of BIONICLE background lore. If Mata Nui were awake, the story would pretty much be over, because there would be nothing for the Toa to strive for.
42. Is Metru Nui where the Matoran came from? 5Yes.
63. What's that character on the front of the Metru Nui poster? Is he new, or someone transformed? 7I can't answer that. I can tell you he is not a Toa Nuva transformed.
84. You once said that before the Toa came to Mata Nui, they were more advanced. Is this where they came from, and because onlt the Turaga remember it, is that how they know all the tech stuff? (i.e. the Kraata stasis tubes:) 9No, I never said that. I have never said anything about what the Toa were like before Mata Nui. What I have said is that the MATORAN had a more advanced civilization prior to coming to Mata Nui.
105. Is the mask that one character was wearing one of the new masks? 11Yes. 12---------------------------------------------------------

13- CM
1Here are a few more:

2QUOTE 3Hi GregF, I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.
41. Did the Bahrag have any idea that there was another island called Metru Nui? 5Good question. I would say it is possible.
62. Is the guy from the pic inside of the new MoL dvd involved with the making of masks, or will he be a current part of the Bionicle Universe? 7Can't reveal info on that yet.
83) Can you say how powerful the new character mentioned above is? 9Same answer as 2.
104) Do you know what the large "peaks" coming out of the water are that are near Metru Nui? 11I think so, but I have not seen the latest designs, so I am reluctant to say anything. It may have changed since I saw things last.

125) Is the city of Metru Nui really big (like it encompasses much of the island)? 13Yes.
146) How much larger is Metru Nui than Mata Nui? 15It is larger, as I understand it, not sure by how much.
167) Was Metru Nui also named after a great being? 17Ummmm... don't know.
188) Did Mata Nui, Makuta, or any of the Great beings know about the Matoran before they came to Mata Nui? 19Oh, yes, definitely.
209) Why was the door leading to Metru Nui so hard to lift even for the most powerful being on Mata Nui? 21Because Makuta didn't want anyone going back there.
2210) Are there beings even more powerful than Takutanuva on Metru Nui? 23Don't know.
2411) Has Makuta ever traveled to Metru Nui? 25Don't know yet.
2612) Do you have any idea what will happen to Mata Nui while the Toa, matoran, Turaga are gone on Metru nui? 27Wellll... logically, if the Bahrag were free, probably the Bohrokwould clean it off. As long as the Bahrag are imprisoned, I assume it will just be abandoned.
2813) Can you give us any other information about the six new disks (storyline wise)? 29Not yet, no.
3014) Can you give us any insight on how high the tech level of the Matorans was before they came to Mata Nui? 31Again, not yet. Sorry to be tight-mouthed, butI keep seeing people on BZP complaining that they know everything so far ahead of time that it ruins all the surprises for them.
3215) I know that I getting to the nooks any crannies of things (mmmmmmmm... English Muffins. Now that's a breakfest of champions) and I pretty sure you don't know this, but since I'm not sure, here it is: Do you have any idea where the place was that Mata Nui appeared out of sand from. It looked kind of like an arena of some sorts. 33In the little film? That would probably have been one of the sand pits used to tell stories.
3416) Are you an OSU fan (football of course)? 35Sometimes, but I am a bigger baseball fan.
36Thanks for answering my questions.

38See answers above.

39Hope that helped.
1When all of the other inhabitants of Mata Nui go to Metru Nui, does the Comet Ball Traitor go with them, or does he stay behind?

2Now that is a very good question, to which I do not know the answer offhand. But here's another question for you to think about -- we know the Matoran originally came from Metru Nui, and we know the CBT wasn't a particularly nice Matoran. So how did he get to Mata Nui in the first place? (And he is not gone from the story for good, just so you know.)
3[COLOR=blue I can't wait to see what the CBT ends up doing in the story...
Kopaka, Bringer of Cold Justice
1When all of the other inhabitants of Mata Nui go to Metru Nui, does the Comet Ball Traitor go with them, or does he stay behind?

2Now that is a very good question, to which I do not know the answer offhand. But here's another question for you to think about -- we know the Matoran originally came from Metru Nui, and we know the CBT wasn't a particularly nice Matoran. So how did he get to Mata Nui in the first place? (And he is not gone from the story for good, just so you know.)
3[COLOR=blue I can't wait to see what the CBT ends up doing in the story...

4Maybe The Comet Ball Traitor wasn't a traitor back then.
5Who knows...
6... Oh yeah, Greg does:LOL:
1Some new ones from me. Warning, there are minor (and major) SPOILERS: here.
2Hello again Greg,
3Just a few this time, that I've been wondering.
41.There are probably going to be new enemies on this island, right? 5Yes.
62.Can you tell us ANYTHING of their powers? (I'm more interested in weither they're physical (like the toa's, bohrok, Pahnrahk..) or "mental" (Kurrahk, and Turrahk's), 7No.
83.Kurrahk and Turrahk both have the same type of attack (taps your emotions), was this on purpose? 9Yes.
104.Any news on the Kraata list?(hehehe, just wondering) 11Far as I know, it should be going up any day now. If it doesn't, I will just post it on BZP.
125.I got the MOL DVD today.It was AWESOME:It was cool, awesom, and you know, generally everything else good. Tell the people that they did a great job:However, the question:What was your favorite part? 13Probably the part where Tahu says, "We are done running."
146.I heard that the comentary (haven't gotten to that yet) says that Takua's mask doesn't fit well, because it isn't his.this makes a lot of questions such as: 15A.Where did it come from? 16B.WHY did he need it, couldn't he stay ToL? 17C.How was the ToL contained inside of Takua? 18D.How did he change?(This is what I'm most interested in.Was it like a massive proto blast?)
19I don't know where that comment came from. But he had not been Toa of Light, then made Takua, then back to TOL. He was always Takua, but it was his destiny to become a Toa. Putting on the Kanohi Avohkii unlocked that destiny.
207.You said that mercury is sometimes used instead of Protodermis.Does that mean that protodermis is mercury as we know it, or just that they use that word instead of PD sometimes? 21Far as I know, they just chose to use that as a euphemism. It hasn't been used anywhere else in BIONICLE.
228.And, of course, and interesting question.What would Makuta have done, if the Avhokii had accidently touched Takua's face, and made him into the ToL before he was ready?(Ok, so it was destiny to kill off Jaller, but serisouly, destiny asides)
23I do not believe that the mask would have made him the TOL until he was ready to accept the responsibility for it. But that's just my opinion.
249.What is with Makuta?Was the Kraakan controling him somehow?(He says that his duty is to the shadows)Does that mean that a higher power is out there?
25No, the mask was not controlling him. He is just a bad guy. I don't know of any higher power he is answering to.
2610.Those discs, I shouldn't ask you about, but here is something I've been thinking.In the WoT series, by Rob Jordan, the "Dark One" (The "satan" of that world) is kept at bay by 7 seals.Just wondering if there is a slight possiblitiy that they are connected with Mata-Nui sleeping.Probably can't answer this, I bet.
27No, as far as I know they are not.
2811.Can Takanuva turn back into Takua?If so, how?
29No, he can't.
3012.Can you describe Mertu-Nui at all?Is it like a war torn city, a "New York" kinda city, or a gleeming futuristic city?
31Depends on what time period you are asking about -- now, or when the Matoran first lived there.
3213.Is protodermis affected by the powers of the people entering it?(I have no clue how to word this question...)
33Not sure.
3414.Destiny plays a large fate in Bionicle.Is there an important reason for that? 35Well, it is one of the three virtues, so yes.
3615.Those Bohrok that we saw.Shouldn't they have been returning to the nest?(That had to melt somtime, I guess..) 37They were frozen solid in an Arctic region. I don't think they will be melted anytime soon.
3816.I always wondered, what would happen if, say, Tahu picked up Kopaka's sword?Would he be able to use it?(As Gambit, for X-men says once, "The power isn't in the cards.the power 's in ME:")
39That's a good question. My own theory is that the tools, over time, become attuned to the power that flows through them and will not work as well with other powers.

4017.Wrapping it up.We see Vakama trying to bop a Rahkshi (Lehrahk).Why would the Lehrahk be interested in him?He isn't ther herald or anything....
41He was in the way, plain and simple.
4218.How did Makuta know that Takua would turn into the ToL?(The Rahkshi in Onu-Koro.They followed Takua, rather than Jaller.)
43He didn't. But the Rahkshi are like bloodhounds, and so they can trace the herald.
4419.In your opinion, will we have more questions answered by 2004, or will we have more to ask than at the beginning by the year's end?
45Lots of old questions will be answered, hopefully some new ones will be asked.
46Annnnd 20.On the note of the MOL guiding them.Surely they would have noticed that it shone brighter when it faced Takua.But why did it take them all around the island?To gather the toa?
47No, remember that when it shines in the kolhii stadium, Takua tips it so it shines on Jaller. And my guess is it led them around the island so that Takua would learn what he had to learn before he could become Toa.

11. When the door crushed Takutanuva, did Makuta and Takanuva change into there regular forms, because when Takanuvas mask flew accross the floor it wasn't split anymore. This never made any sense to me.
2I had another question about this today. Remember that Takutanuva had given up part of his life force to Jaller just before the door came down. So at that point the merge could not hold, because there were no longer two full beings involved. And once that happened, the door became too heavy for Takutanuva to hold up and it came down as they reverted to separate beings.
32. Who owns Pewku now? Takanuva looks to heavy to ride her. 4My guess is that Takanuva would bestow Pewku on Jaller, and if he didn't want her, Hahli would take her.
53. Is the next comic going to show the events at the end of the movie, or is that going to be left out to get kids to buy the movie.
6No, comic 15 takes up after the end of the movie.
74. Why do Jaller and Hahli have to stand on the unity and duy symbols?
8For reasons that have not yet been revealed.
1QUOTE 2Hello, Greg:Well, the MOL is out and I have some questions for you:

31.The movie is out.CCan you give us a teasewr for 'o4?
52. Are the new "heroes" of '04 all the same like the rahkshi or diferent like the toa?
6Can't answer it.
73.So were the Swarms supposed to do their duty after the matoran, turaga, and toa leave for Metru Nui?
8That is one possibility, and probably a good one.
94.Is Metru Nui spelled with a hyphen?
115.Is the '04 movie about the entire storyline so far, our about the '04 storyline?
12It's the '04 storyline. A movie about the entire storyline so far would be 12 hours long.
136.Can you tell us the title of the '04 movie?
14Doesn't have an official title yet.
157.If Tahu and Kopaka were to switch kanohi and fall into protodermis(if it was their destiny), would they temperarily be fused?
16I doubt it. Protodermis does not react the same way to everyone. It is tied very much into the destiny of the characters.

178.I thought Protodermic changes were permanent? 18If not, if the Toa Nuva Kaita were to hold that door, and it fell upon them,wuld they change back to the 19Toa Kaita olda?
20The way I see that scene, Makuta's life force was given up to bring Jaller back, at which point Takutanuva was too weak to hold the door up. The door collapsed, crushing them both, and Takanuva's mask skittered out. He was then restored to life in much the same way Jaller was. My guess is the change began to be undone because one half of it was deprived of life force.
219.Will there be 7 enemies next year or just six?
2210.What is the kanohi worn by the "hero" in the preveiw book?
23Can't answer 9 or 10.
2411.Does Takanuva/Jaller/Hahli standing on the destiny/duty/unity sign have any significance to the storyline?
25Might be, but do not know all the background on that.
26I know you can't answer alot of the.Thank you:
27-Timekeeper 28Well that's my set of qustions.. Hey, doesn' the November Comic give us a teaser at the end?
1Minor spoilers follow:
2Okay, really sorry, but I've just got a lot of questions lately:I only have a few this time, though.
31.)After watching the movie eight times (seriously), I noticed something: when the Rahkshi are coming, Tahu said that none have breeched Ta-Koro's gates.From what I know, Tahnok, Kohrak, Pahrak, AND Tahnok-Kal have all gotten into Ta-Koro.That, and Tahu was there on both occasions.Why did he say that?
4You are correct about Tahnok-Kal, so I think we can say Tahu was exaggerating a bit.* As for the Bohrok, they never actually got inside as invaders, they were attacking the lava fields outside of the walls.
52.)When did the cave scene in the comics take place (with the Kraata)?Was it before or after Onu-Koro's invasion?
73.)Okay, something that isn't movie-related:Way back a year ago, when I got Comic 8 early at TRU, I thought about the question, "The End of the Toa?:".Did you intentionally make it so it would, at the same time, 8A. Inquire if the Toa will win this round or not 9and 10B. Foreshadow the transformation, as it certainly was "The End of the Toa," and the Toa Nuva were born?
11I primarily meant it as B.

12* Ha.. AHAha...: Proof that Tahu thinks more of what's his than they really are: Aha: Kopaka wins: I... I need a life. Lol.
21.) I know that marketing is not your area, but perhaps you can shed some light on this anyway. You said earlier, that Graalok wasn't to be made into a toy because her role in the movie wasn't that big. But the made a toy out of the Gukko... And I didn't use a stop watch, but didn't Graalok have 2 or 3 time the screen time the Gukko did? Do you know why Graalok wasn't produced and the Gukko was?
3No, but remember, the Gukko existed in BIONICLE long before, and Graalok did not.
42.) Takua says he's been a 2nd on a Gukko bird. But to my knowledge, he was a 2nd on a KAHU. Explanation?
5Simple. The BIONICLE lexicon on BIONICLE.com long before the movie came out listed the Goko-Kahu as another name for the Kewa bird. Goko was changed to Gukko for legal reasons, so a Gukko and a Kahu are the same creature.

63.) Did you ever find out why Pewku tripled in size? 7Do you mean in the story or for the movie? My assumption is Ussal grow as they age, just like most creatures. From a movie standpoint, she needed to be big enough to carry both Matoran.
84.) I just now read the 1st Bionicle mini-novel, and all I have to say is... Shame, shame, shame. Has anyone official (besides the designers of the game of course) EVER played the MNOLG? I realize that could be time consuming, but has ANYONE bothered to take 20 minutes and watch the little movies? That's all you really need. In the books, the way they got their Gold Kanohi and the Manas battle were COMPLETELY different than according to the card game and the MNOLG.One of the main reasons I like Bionicle, is because I thought there was no contrast. In Star Wars, when thee are dozens of writers for the books, of course there will be a little contrast. But with Bionicle? Makes me think.
9Bj, everything used in the books was based off the story bibles and the comics. So it was all official material. Some of the things produced in 2001 were produced using original story bibles which had material that eventually was changed in the official version. The books were approved by the BIONICLE story team, including the web producer who oversaw MNOLG, whereas the team did not exist as such back in '01. So I regard the novel versions as more valid, myself. And as of next year, I am writing the novels, so you should have less to worry about contradictions.

10And then...
11Dear Greg,
12QUOTE 132.) Takua says he's been a 2nd on a Gukko bird. But to my knowledge, he was a 2nd on a KAHU. Explanation?
14Simple. The BIONICLE lexicon on BIONICLE.com long before the movie came out listed the Goko-Kahu as another name for the Kewa bird. Goko was changed to Gukko for legal reasons, so a Gukko and a Kahu are the same creature.

151.) I completely understand a name change for legal reasons. HOWEVER. A shape change? I look at my model of the Kahu, (the combiner Nui Jaga model.) I see a huge hawk. I look at my Gukko model. I see a Godzilla-sized humming-bird. Did Hawk change to humming-bird? Or are they two different species called by the same name?
16Well, now you are getting into a totally different question. Shape changes were decided on by the animators working with the heads of the story team. That is not something I had any involvement with or know the reasons for.
17QUOTE 184.) I just now read the 1st Bionicle mini-novel, and all I have to say is... Shame, shame, shame. Has anyone official (besides the designers of the game of course) EVER played the MNOLG? I realize that could be time consuming, but has ANYONE bothered to take 20 minutes and watch the little movies? That's all you really need. In the books, the way they got their Gold Kanohi and the Manas battle were COMPLETELY different than according to the card game and the MNOLG.One of the main reasons I like Bionicle, is because I thought there was no contrast. In Star Wars, when thee are dozens of writers for the books, of course there will be a little contrast. But with Bionicle? Makes me think.
19Bj, everything used in the books was based off the story bibles and the comics. So it was all official material. Some of the things produced in 2001 were produced using original story bibles which had material that eventually was changed in the official version. The books were approved by the BIONICLE story team, including the web producer who oversaw MNOLG, whereas the team did not exist as such back in '01. So I regard the novel versions as more valid, myself. And as of next year, I am writing the novels, so you should have less to worry about contradictions.

202.) Yes, you writing the next ones is good news. But I have a question. I remember you saying in your BZPowercast interview about how Star Wars and other things like that were left open to a degree so fans could come up with their own story. (Or something like that.) Would I be wrong if I decided that I liked the Toa Kaita battling a swarm of Manas (MNOLG) better than only 2? Would I be wrong if I liked the Toa getting their Golden Kanohi and piece of stone (I forget the name) from their Suvas instead of some silly... wall?
21In other words, would it hurt my outlook on the story if I decide to believe the MNOLG and card game over the books? (Well, I guess I already like to believe the Toa collected Noble Masks for themselves, soo...)
22No one is required to slavishly follow every single thing we do. How you decide to roleplay BIONICLE in your own universe is up to you. That is why I shake my head a little when people get upset that we put out a product before releasing every single detail on its history -- part of the fun of this is coming up with your own story.
233.) Why did Takatanuva have to sacrafice himself? Couldn't they have tunneled into the Mata Nui chamber?
24Evidently not. My guess is that Makuta saw the entrance way as the way in -- that is why he was guarding it. It is also a lot more symbolic to go in that way.
253B.) How are the rest of the Matoran going to get past that door now?
26Well, we know there has to be some opening to the surface, because there is sunlight coming down to the new island. So my guess is that the Toa will have to find an alternative way in.
274.) I read that Takua's mask was always falling off because it didn't fit correctly, because his face was originally made for the Mask of Light, not a Pakari. Is this true?
28As I understand it, that came from the filmmaker commentary on the DVD. It is not something I have ever heard myself from anyone associated with BIONICLE, so I cannot verify it is true.

295.) Why were Bohrok in the movie?? Shouldn't they all be in the nests?
30Those Bohrok had obviously been frozen by Kopaka prior to when they would have gone back to the nests. In Ko-Wahi, things take forever to thaw.
316.) I think a while back, you said Makuta wasn't keeping Mata Nui asleep because he was afraid of him, it was for a different reason, and we would find out in the movie. Well, I'm still confused. Makuta says that when Mata Nui is awake, he is in pain. Is this true? 326B.) If he IS in pain when he is awake, why? 336C.) Um... basically, any info at all would be good...
34Okay, well, what you have seen is a portion of the answer. I can only comment a little on this, because it is going to be discussed more in future. Basically, Makuta believes Mata Nui to be ill, and that it is his job to keep him essentially comatose. But I can tell you that his reasons for doing so are NOT because he is a noble caregiver, and it is also an open question just who made him sick in the first place (three guesses).
357.) Personal opinion: I know that you have no controll over marketing, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a Graalok model. Would a large petition help? I know that the Star Wasr fan base (which I am a part of,) has petitioned for many figures, like Speeder Bike Scout Trooper, and Tessek (sp?) and others, and they got produced:: I was just hopeful for any chance at a Graalok... Or if not an actual SET, maybe somebody official sitting down and making instructions for the internet. Anything.
36Actually, I just talked to my boss about this this morning. I am going to email one of the product people in Denmark and mention this to them, but I cannot predict what the answer will be.

37QUOTE 383.) Did you ever find out why Pewku tripled in size? 39Do you mean in the story or for the movie? My assumption is Ussal grow as they age, just like most creatures. From a movie standpoint, she needed to be big enough to carry both Matoran.

408.) Okie Dokie... But in a Bionicle.com update, the one that takes place at the very beggining of the Kal Saga, Pewku is normal size. ANd it was my impression that onle a few "weeks" or "months" passed between the Kal and MOL. (I know that Mata Nui time is funky, but still.) Could a crab grow so fast?
41You wouldn't think soBut I would lean toward the movie version, again because I know the heads of the story team worked very closely on the film, so I tend to see it as more official. Obviously, some changes were made with Pewku for the movie as they had to be made with the Toa. When the update was done, none of us working on BIONICLE except the very top people had seen any of the character animation or anything (which was pretty closely guarded). So that is the reason for the discrepancy. Had the web team seen what Pewku looked like in the film, that is probably how she would have looked on the web.

42Sorry if the Quotes are weird, I'll edit later, out of time now.
1#1: I was wondering if you could bring this up with the Lego Company. Can they make the BIONICLE shoes in adult sizes? They would make more money, and it would make tons of people happy. I wear 2 shoe sizes larger than my parents, just to give you an example, so the shoes are too small.
2I will bring it up.
3#2: When Makuta takes out Kraata, isn't he depleting his substance? Like when he takes a Kraata out, doesn't he get smaller or something? Because he is removing part of himself.

4No, but he does deplete his energy temporarily.
5See answers above.

6I hope LEGO okays the shoe thing:
1QUOTE 2In Mol Takua says he has not seen this language before (in the MoL) but isn't that just matoran writing?

3It's an ancient dialect of Matoran writing, which is why Nokama needs the Mask of Translation to decipher it.
1::/excl.gif' alt='excl.gif':SPOILERS::::

21. What is the door that leads to the new island made of? How can it be so heavy?
3It's made of protodermis, like everything else, but really massive.
42. Were any matoran left behind when the others left Mata Nui? If so, how will they get to the new island?
5They haven't left yet. They have to go back to Mata Nui to build boats so everyone can travel to the new island(that sea is too big to swim.)
6Thank you again for your time Greg.
7- pw
1Heres mine answer from GregF

2Q. When will we find out where the toa came from ?
3A. We have not decided yet .
1Latest question to Greg:
2Hi Greg, it's me again. 3A member has come up with a theory that the Toa were called the names of their elements in the Old Language, like fire=Tahu, ice=Kopaka, so on. I was wondering if he was right. And, if there are other old words, like: 4Jaga=scorpion 5Nui=several beings who have combined into one form 6Kaita=several beings who have conbined into two forms 7Makuta=shadow 8Stuff like that. 9Do you know?
10-Master of the Rahkshi

11I have no idea if it is right or not. There is nothing in the original story bible about the origin of the names. If someone on the team knows their origin, they have not shared it as yet.

13-Master of the Rahkshi

1Hi Greg:Here's some of my newest questions:

21.What is comic 15 called? 3I think it is Secrets and Shadows.
42.Weren't the rahkshi kaita supposed to be in the comics? 5They are in the November comic.
63.Can you give a tentative release date for Bionicle:The Mask Maker? 7I have heard fall next year.
84.So when Makuta "gave his life force to Jaller.. Did that kill Makuta? 9No idea. If there are any future plans for Makuta beyond MOL, they have not been shared with me, so I basically know as much about this question as you do.
105.Did it have an effect on Jaller? 11Don't know.
126.Why didTakua have to become Takanuva?(Other than his destiny) 13What other reason does there need to be? His destiny was to become the TOL who would defeat Makuta, and he realized that destiny.
147.Are there any beings who have defied their destiny? 15No idea.
168.What are the ne, well cities, rather than villages, called? 17You mean on the new island? Can't reveal that yet.
189.How's the Kraata color/ Rahkshi power thing going? 19It's done, just waiting for BIONICLE.com to put it up.
2010.What is the tool coming with Bionicle The Game?Is it only for one system? 21No idea, and no, it is for multiple platforms.
2211.Do you have any idea what matoran are being released next year? 23Yes. But I can't release that info.
2412.Will the Vahi ever be publicly released?It's my favorite mask, and I don't even have it:
25Actually, we were just talking about that the other day. I don't know for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me to see it wind up in a set at some point.

27Well theres my answers.Pretty interesting, if I do say so myself.