21: You say the new collectable will have a real use, by this do you mean to expect someting like collectable bottle-openers, or by use do you mean as a toy, like the turaga's tools?
3It will have a toy functionality, but it will also be something that can be used to learn more about the BIONICLE universe.
42: Will the new island have a kini-nui, or at least something like it?
5Hmmmm...yes, I think so.

63: When will Comic 14 go online?
7Not sure. But I have heard that kraata power list may be up on BIONICLE.com as early as next week.
84: Are you yourself a good drawer?
9No, I really don't have much in the way of artistic ability.
105: Do you ever play with your Bionicle sets?
11I pretty much build them and display them.
126: If so, is it mostly part or helping you visualize what the Toa/Bad guys would/can do?
13No, it's for fun. I find building very relaxing.
14Ok, thanks for your help::

1Hey greg, how are you doing? I remembered that you said that the enemies next year will include guys that will be both long lasting, and ones that get swept away. I was wondering, since they are traveling to the island by sea, and the trip doesn't seem to take that long, does that mean we will have enemies from the sea?

4didn't expect that answer
1Hi, I had a few questions for you. Thanks for answering.
21.That guy on the cover of the Metru Nui page isn't a third Tahu, is he?
42.Is he a new enemy?
5Can't answer it.
63.Will we see any Matoran with misprint masks?
7No idea.

84.Why have the Toa gotten so many upgrades?
9"So many?" They have gotten one, from Toa to Nuva.
105.Will the enemies in 2004 be as good as the Rahkshi?
11In my opinion? Yes.

14See answers.
1Hi, heres what I asked him:
2Hi,hope im not bothering you by asking more questions.
31.will the vahi ever be publicly sold?(like in a set)
4I am hoping it will, yes.
52.If so how much will it cost?
6No idea -- it would depend on what set it was in.
73.In the commentary on the mask of light they said that hau in makutas lair repusented mata nui the spirit.At the end of the movie they said when it lit up mata nui woke up,is this true?
8No, Mata Nui is not awake yet. They have to return to Metru Nui for the next step in waking him up.
94.Is the script of bionicle:the mask maker in the process of being made,or is it already made?
10It's been done for some time. Voice recording is already finished.
115.Have you seen any parts of bionicle the game?If so how is it?
12No, I haven't.
136.Do you get annoyed that bzpers ask you so many questions?

1QUOTE 21. What is or was the comet ball trader's name?
3It's never been specified.
42. Will we ever find out what happened to him?
5Yes, probably.
63. Can you tell us the voices for the Mask Maker (the second movie)?
7No, I don't know any of them.
84. Are there any same voices in the two movies?
9See #3.
105. Is the Comet ball trader still in the 2001 form or is he like the others now?
11Good question. My guess is he would have spied on the Turaga teaching the Matoran the secret and used it himself.

12See answers above.

1I got some good stuff - here it is: My questions are in orange, Greg's are in red. He's a great guy:
2Hello, Greg: Before I ask these questions I need to thank you for all of the work you've done for us BZP members. The Official GregF Topic is my favorite forum. So, here are a bunch of questions I've had bugging me for a while. Some you may have answered, but I just want to clear them up.
3How are Rahi different from normal creatures? Is a Rahi a creature which has been made to serve Makuta? Or is a Rahi just a powerful creature on Mata Nui? So, would a Nui-Rama which had never been infected be considered a Rahi? Would an infected Hoi be considered a Rahi?
4The word "Rahi" in Matoran is basically like the words "animal, fish, insect and bird" in English. It is simply means a creature that is not a Matoran. All creatures are Rahi, they do not have to be infected by Makuta to have that name.
5In the Official Guide to Bionicle, it states that "For many, many generations, the evil Makuta has ruled the island of Mata Nui." What is a generation for a Matoran? Does that mean that they reproduce on a regular basis?
6No, just a figure of speech. Although I have used them in places, I try to avoid using "weeks, months, years" because we do not know what the Matoran system of time is.

7Are Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal handshields part of the Bohrok itself, or tools that they carry? Because I have seen many pictures of Bohrok with the wrong shields, and Bohrok shields are connected to the same pieces that are used as Toa Nuva, Rahkshi, and Matoran hands. So could a Toa take a shield from a defeated Bohrok?

9In its natural state, is protodermis a liquid or a solid? How do Matoran build with protodermis? If it really were impenetrable then how could they carve it? And how could they harden it if it were a liquid? If it were solid they could not melt it, otherwise Tahu's armor would melt whenever he used his powers.
10There are multiple types of protodermis. Some is solid, some is liquid -- we do not know of a gas yet. It can be melted by sufficient heat, but keep in mind that Tahu is the Toa of fire and has a resistance to fire. Thus his armor is built for that. How tough protodermis is depends largely on the skill of the crafter who made the object in question.

11Do you have a definitive answer on whether or not a Gukko is a mature Kewa or Kahu? Why couldn't LEGO just introduce the Gukko as a new species instead of pretending that Kahus had been Gukkos all along?
12As far as I know, based on the lexicon, a Gukko, a Kahu, and a Kewa are all the same species.

13When a Mata Nuian creature such as an Ussal grows, does it grow in stages (like go into a cocoon) or smoothly (like how humans grow)?
14Far as I know, it varies -- most likely some insectoid like creatures use cocoons, others grow "smoothly."

17Pretty cool, eh?
1[QUOTE[QUOTEMessage Forwarded From GregF
2[QUOTEHi, I had a few questions for you. Thanks for answering.
31.That guy on the cover of the Metru Nui page isn't a third Tahu, is he?
52.Is he a new enemy?
6Can't answer it.
73.Will we see any Matoran with misprint masks?
8No idea.

94.Why have the Toa gotten so many upgrades?
10"So many?" They have gotten one, from Toa to Nuva.
115.Will the enemies in 2004 be as good as the Rahkshi?
12In my opinion? Yes.

15See answers above.
16Um...on #4, I ment like all the help they've gotten. Like new masks, 7th Toa, etc. My apologies for not clearing this up. And on #5, Will the posability be as good as the Rahkshi? Or even more human like. Thanks.
18Well, the Seventh Toa was planned from the beginning -- it was his destiny to defeat Makuta. As for the new masks, well, if you are going to make new Toa why not make new masks? If we don't come out with new product, BIONICLE will stop selling.
19And the new figures should have even greater poseability than the Rahkshi did.
21See above.
1Here are some questions I asked GregF:
3Will the 2004 matoran be the same style as the 2003 ones? Or will they be new? Or will some be the same and others different?
4They will be 2003 style, with some minor modifications for added functionality.

5So what you're saying is, they'll be different, but not to the point where they look like a different type of matoran? (If you look at the McDonalds matoran and the 2003 matoran, you see a LOT of difference:) And does that also mean that there will be a few new pieces in the 2004 matoran sets? Also, how much more function will the new sets have than the 2003 matoran? Elbows? Knees? Neck movement?
6I really can't go into a lot of technical answers, because I have only seen pics of the models. But I know they have a different functionality than earlier versons.

7Ok, one more question, when will the new 2004 matoran be released?
8There is a possibility they may be out before the end of this year, but that is not definite yet.
10Well, there you have it: Modifications for the 2004 matoran: (But they may not actualy come out in 2004: They could come out in December 2003: Yay: :D)
1Dear Greg,
2Yeah, my noodle keeps generating questions, and if you could try and answer them, I would very much appreciate it.
31.)About the new masks for 04:Will they have the head connectors like most of the masks (the circle), or the plus-rod connector like the Avohkii and Kraahkan?
4Don't know, haven't seen them off the figures.
52.)Tying in with 1, were the Avohkii and Kraahkan mouth holders designed because they're more powerful and harder to get knocked off, or just to make holding them on the heads easier?
6Again, no idea. I am not involved in product design.
83.)The movie-comic connection is kind of confusing me, so I have to break this into sub-questions:
9a.)In the movie, Onua and Pohatu didn't know what the Rahkshi were until Onu-Koro.You said, though, that they came in and out of the Kraata cave before that.Surely, they at least heard Tahu mention the word Rahkshi during that time gap?
10Yes, a certain amount of artistic license had to be taken with the comics, because the alternative was that Onua and Pohatu could not be in the comics at all (since the first they learn of the Rahkshi in the movie is at Onu-Koro, after which they are then buried until the end of the film).
11b.)How come Pohatu and Onua greeted each other in the movie like they hadn't seen one-another for a long time, yet were together very recently?
12Because the movie script was written way before the comic script was, and as I said, license had to be taken if Onua and Pohatu were going to be in the comic at all.
13c.)How could Kopaka's fight with the Rahkshi fall before Onu-Koro?He froze the first three earlier, and Makuta didn't unleash the other three until shortly before Takua got to Onu-Koro.
14Again, artistic license. I had to get all six Rahkshi into the comic. The comics don't have the liberty that the movie did to have characters not be around for a long period -- all the current sets have to get into the comic.
15d.)In comic 14, why were the Toa struggling against the Rahkshi when Takanuva arrived?They had already suspended three in glass, and frozen two.Turahk was the only remaining one, so was this just to add diversity between the comic and movie?
16Yup. Also, I couldn't show how they defeated any of the Rahkshi without giving away movie plot, which I was not allowed to do. 17--------------------------------------------------
184.)How could there be a Rahkshi Kaita in the next comic if they've been disassembled AND crashed?Or is this a "wait and see" type-dealy?
19No, it's not. Vakama is telling a story to Takanuva and Jaller about an adventure that Kopaka, Tahu and Lewa had while the Rahkshi were still active. It's a flashback.
205.)In comic 14, did Onua and Pohatu get out of the cave themselves, or was the wall weakened by the magma?
21I believe they did it themselves.

226.)In Makuta's lair, what was stopping the Shadow Kraata from turning around and infecting Takanuva?Was it upset from being squeezed, or was Makuta's close proximity drawing it to him?
23I would assume that it chose discretion over value considering how it had been manhandled by Takanuva.
247.)Will we get the Kraata list this week or next?Or beyond?
25I was told it would be this week.
268.)Judging from the Kohlii game, how many Matoran would YOU estimate there were in each village?
27Well, originally, way back when, I was told there were 72 Matoran total. I have since found out that there is a reason behind the 72 number, but that actually there are hundreds of Matoran in each village. The full story of that will become clear next year.
289.)Why did the Kohlii game last all day?Wouldn't the players have been tired by then?
29Nope. You play until someone wins, same as baseball.
3010.)Do you have a specific time prediction of when we'll see the Comet salesman next year?And will it be in the comics, the movie, or the web?
31Nope, can't give that away.

3211.)Back to the movie, what happened to Takua on the lake?How did making a wedge in the ice with his foot catch him?
33I haven't seen the film recently enough to be able to comment on that specific scene.
3412.)With the Mask of Light: did the light shine in certain ways, acting as a compass, or did the Mask move around and make Jaller's hands move?
35No, I believe it is which direction the light shines brightest that matters.

3613.)Why did everyone call Jaller Jala, when even the subtitles said Jaller?
37Because Jaller is pronounced the same as Jala.
3814.)Any plans to make Kohlii shields, or am I stuck with the ones I made of bricks?
39Not that I know of, no.
4015.)The next movie is titled The Mask Maker.Does this mean one individual made all the masks?
41Can't answer it, for obvious reasons.

4216.)I'm still unsure of the movie's ending.This is what I've pieced together: 43- Makuta gave his energy to revive Jaller. 44- The door crushed Takutanuva. 45- The crushing resulted in separation. 46- Makuta took the dead MoL and threw it under the door. 47- Takanuva had died, but was resurected as Takua (for only a second, but he was in his Matoran form momentarily, right?), and then Takanuva. 48Is this right, or am I off?
49I never saw Takua's Matoran form again. I checked the script to see if I could get some insight, but the script I had had a completely different scene -- in it, the door crashes down, there is a huge cloud of dust, and then Takanuva walks out whole from the cloud. I like what they did in the movie better.
5017.)Will we finally learn what Cahdok's "You dared oppose your brothers:" meant in 04?
51Probably not.
5218.)Any plans to make Takutanuva's half-and-half movie mask?
53No, if we were going to do it, it would have been done long since.
5419.)Are the possibilities of including the Vahi in a set growing likely?Please?
55I am pushing for it, actually. We'll see.
5620.)Will the Shadow Kraata be a L. 1 design like the comics, or a brand new one of its own?
57Don't know, have not seen one in the flesh.
58Okay, that's it (even though I'll probably find more questions with the movie the 11th time I watch it ).Thanks in advance, and I can't thank you enough for all the questions you've answered for us at BZPower.I tip my hat to you:

59In the words of the Great Greg: 60See answers above.
1Hello again:: Tahnks for all the things you've done for us, by the way. Here are my questions: 21. So, Metru nui is the new island, right? Or is that part of it?
3It is the new island.
42. Are there 7 exo's, one for Takanuva?
5Not that I know of.
63. How come in the MNOLG Takua has no memory? He doesn't even know who he is...
7Obviously, something traumatic must have happened to him to cause him to lose his memory, or there must have been some other cause. We have not revealed what that was yet.

84. At the end of MNOLG, Vakama said Takua would stand as a hero next to the toa, was this just a random statement, or did he know Takua would turn into Takanuva?
9Not at the end of MNOLG, I don't think so, because plans for the movie had not even been made yet.
105. Will Nuparu be a set?
11No plans for that.
126. non bionicle related: You said you like Baseball, which team/teams?
13I'm a Yankee fan.
147. Do all Ussals talk? Because Pewku says "Hurry up" in the movie...
15Are you sure? I was not aware she had any lines. As far as I know, Ussal do not talk.
168. In the movie Onua and Tahu make lava, would it be easy for them to completely controll lava, or would it be to hard?
17Working together, they probably could control it, because it is part fire and part earth.
189. How do you pronounce Whenua?
19WHEN --oooo-- ah.
2010. Why did Takanuva try to take off Makuta's mask and put it on, or something?
21Because the two were so evenly matched in power. And what he wanted to do was get the Mask of Light on Makuta to try to enlighten him.

2211. Do you like other Lego umm... groups, like Bionicle, Harry Potter, Jhonny Thunder, etc.?
23Yes, I like most LEGO lines. I enjoy buiding the larger sets, like the Red Baron and the Sopwith Camel.

2412. If so, which ones?
25See above.
2613. Do you have any of the foam tools? 27No.
2814. Do you have a WMKK/SSKK? 29No.
30Thanks once again Greg: By the way, nice job on #14, it must be hard to make it spoiler-free. 31- :b: :f: :7: :3:
1Greg's answers are in bold. 21. How did the Avokhii get into the warning totem? 3Don't know.
42. Is Takanuva more powerful than the other toa? 5No, I don't think so.
63. In the movie, What was the signifigance of Kini-Nui becoming Takua's head when Takanuva blasted it?
7I would have to go back and check the movie -- I did not think that was Takua's mask that was revealed.
84. Would Takanuva's tool varie on what Takua was holding when he was transforming?
9Good question. I do believe, though, that that was the tool he was destined to use.
105. In the end of the movie, Hahli and Jaller's mask were glowing a goldish color lik the Mask of light. Why is this?

126. When will you be able to answer questions about 2004?
13Not for a little while. I would like, for a change, the shock ending of the comic to actually BE a shock. I don't have control over that completely, because people see things in retailer catalogs, etc., but as much as I can I am trying to preserve some surprises. I saw a lot of people this year saying BIONICLE was getting dull for them because they knew everything so far ahead of time.
147. Will bionicle take place on Metru-Nui from now on, or will the Matoran return eventually?
15I wouldn't say "from now on," but for the near future it will. I do not see the Matoran necessarily returning to Mata Nui, though, as there really is no reason for them to
1Hey greg, I just saw your list of Kratta and had some questions about their powers
2Oh, is the new power list up? Cool.
31. Since they all came from Makuta, does that mean he has these powers also?
4I would say he has the potential to have those powers, yes.
52. If he does, how come there aren't kratta in control of earth or water, because I remember a comic where Makuta shot sand out, and made the water try to drown a toa
6Possibly there could be, those kraata just have not been captured and catalogued yet.

73. In one of the comics, lewa got snagged by a weed, was that a kratta doing that or makuta?
8It was Makuta.
94. When does a kratta evolve? and how?
10They evolve through experience and over time.

115. Are the kratta alive? 12Yes.
136. Now that makuta's gone, what happens to all the level 6 kratta since they were connected to him? 14The kraata survived. Once they are pulled from him, they have an independent existence.
157. Since all the bohrok kal powers were there, then was it makuta who made the bohrok kal? or did he have anything to do with the bohrok besides waking them up? 16You never know
178. Did Makuta teach the turaga how to make the stasis things before he put his brother to sleep? 18No, not that I am aware of. As you will find out next year, the Matoran had that technology before they came to Mata Nui.
199. what's your favorite color? 20Blue.
21thanks Greg

1Just thought this question needed a final answer so here you go.
3Just wanted to say great job on the list again.
4Heres my question(s)
5In the past I thought it was said that the Kraata themselves only had the power to infect masks. They had to turn into Rahkshi to actually use their power such as Hunger, Poison, etc. Is this still the case or can each Kraata use its power while still a Kraata and its level is what determines how powerful it is?
6If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.
7Thanks, 8ccso35

9I have been getting this question a lot today, so here is a definitive answer (and you can post this if you like, or I will):
10The powers listed are the ones a Rahkshi formed from the kraata would have. For example, a Kurahk kraata has the power of anger, but it cannot put the power to use until it is within a Rahkshi. On their own, kraata only have the power to infect masks.

1Dang it, ccso35, you beat me to it: Lol. Well mine adds a tiny something extra, so I'll post mine anyway.

2I just read the Kraata powers on Bionicle.com. great job: But I'm a tad confused. It sound's like the powers are used by the Kraata with no asistance. 3"Able to squeeze through narrow cracks and cravices." "Able to anchor itself to a creature and rob it of speed." 4I thought they had to be in a Rahkshi to use their power. I mean, if they didn't have to use a Rahkshi armor, what was the point of making the Rahkshi anyway? Please explain.
5Also, what would make this list beyond super, would be telling us which color of Rahkshi a certain Kraata would turn into. Just a suggestion.
6Thanks so much:bjj6

7I may do the color thing .. I have done a few (for example, yellow Rahkshi have laser vision, orange Rahkshi control insects).
8Those kraata powers only come into play if they are Rahkshi. They can't just use them. Outside of a Rahkshi, a kraata's only power is infecting masks.


1well even though i have like a trilion qestions about 2004 i will just ask one 2since your so busy
3havnt you said that turaga are matoran that became turaga after giong thruogh the path of wisdom? so why are they toa's? did they turn into ones or were already them?

4I said Turaga were once Matoran, which they were. I never said they went directly from being Matoran to being Turaga. 5Greg

6sweet the turaga were matoran then toas then turagas
11. You said that there will be Kraata in thre new books of Matru-Nui. How did Kraata get on Metru Nui in the first place, anyway? I thought Makuta just worked on Mata Nui, so did Kraata like smuggle on the Matoran boats and start spawning on the new island or something?
2I don't know that there were kraata on Metru Nui, but there were Rahkshi on Metru Nui before the Matoran ever came to Mata Nui.

32. Will you be doing Kraata names for the other Kraata, like Ye, Za and Vo?
4No, probably not.
53. Are the existing Kraata now lone and wandering(sort of like the Bohrok, but with a purpose) now that the Makuta is gone for good?

74. I know and understand that you can't really do everything for all of the Rahkshi, but will you be doing any of the following to correspond with the new Kraata List: Name(Turahk, Veurahk, Zurahk), Colors(duh), Spines and Staffs(Unless you're a great artist, I doubt it).
8I am hoping to do colors.

95. You said somewhere, I believe, that you had finished a scene where two Rahkshi fight. Why would they fight each other? Is it like a territorial thing?
10Uh huh. Think the velociraptors from Jurassic Park.
116. If a Kraata were to infect a Matoran's mask now, what would the Matoran do? It has no master to get diriection from, so...
12Good question. I can't give you an official answer, but since the kraata carries Makuta's essence in it, it possible the Matoran might still serve Makuta's ends even if he is not around anymore.
137. What do wild Kraata and Rahkshi do now that they have no master? Do they just walk around, causing havoc around the island?
14Well, there are no Rahkshi wandering Mata Nui right now. And the kraata are pretty much doing what they always did, causing problems.
158. I'm curious about something. Do the Kraata powers as stated in the list apply to Rahkshi, Kraata or both? See the following cases and tell me which one is right, if any. Because there are different properties for the different stages of Kraata, I would assume it is either A or B.
  • 16The powers apply to the Kraata and they are capable of acting on their own.
  • 17The powers apply to the Rahkshi, and depending on which level the Kraata within the Rahkshi is it affect the stage properties of the Rahkshi's inner power.
  • 18The Rahkshi have all of the powers

19It's basically #3. The only power a kraata can use outside of a Rahkshi is its infection power. The other powers do not come into play until it has become a Rahkshi.

209. What Kraata and/or Rahkshi have been used in the books so far?
21The three Rahkshi I have used so far are laser vision, weather control, and insect control, and I may work in power scream, not sure.
2210. What is your favorite Kraata power?
23Oh, gee, that's hard. There are so many good ones. Weather control is kind of cool.

1Here some:
21.Does the mask of light in the UK have all the spoilers for 2004? 3I can't see why not.
42.In someones PM you said that the thing on the spoiler booklet thing may blow you away by who it is more than what it is.So I was wandering is that 5mata-nui?What he looked like in the past? 6No, it is not Mata Nui.
73.when the kraata lunge out of the rahkshi head are they trying to infect you without risking to leave 8the rahkshi? 9Yes.


1Hi, Greg: 2I get it that you have about 50 messages now, but I have a question - 3The guy on MoL Spoiler Booklet is our oldie Vakama, right?
4And one other question - 5You said that Turaga we know were originally Matoran, then Toa, now Turaga. Does that also work with Toa we have now?
6And a last one - 7Were Turaga both Toa and Toa Nuva or just Toa? If yes, is it why Turaga knew Toa Nuva would morph?

8Yes, it is Vakama.No, the Turaga were never Toa Nuva (remember, the Turaga knew there would be a change, but had no idea what the Toa were going to change into). And I do not know if the Toa we have now were ever Matoran ... my suspicion is they may not have been, but that is by no means official.

10So, it is Vakama: I think he looks great: But I ams ure Onewa looks better, for he is the best: (IMO)
1QUOTE 2hey ok we now kno that the turaga are gonna be toa and there will be 2 new rahkshi sets, but my question is, what are these other sets that have been named? 3-Tehutti 4-Ahkmou 5-Ehrye (im guessing this will be an eagle like creature) 6-Nuhrii 7-Krekka
8so can we be filled in on what these are? or even a hint? will these be creatures? any info u can give out wud be great
9thank you in advance, doin a great job

10Okay, well, what I can tell you is that there will be six new Matoran next year (which you will see in the November comic)... no new Rahkshi sets... and about 10 or so sets that were not on the list BIONICLE Rex posted. And at this point that is all I am free to say.

12ok first off, there will be NO NEW RAHKSHI SETS so it makes u think what are Nuurakh and Razzakh? and 6 new motoran hmm? dus that mean the 6 released this year become turaga since the current 1s become toa? and what will the 10 other sets be?
1Well, here they are, my latest questions to Greg. His answers are underlined.
2Hi, Greg. Sorry if I'm bugging you, but I got some questions here.
31. In Comic #14, why didn't the shadow kraata talk to Pohatu? Like, make death threats, shout in outrage, stuff like that? Or are they too controlled and emotionless for that? 4It couldn't be bothered, it was in the midst of combat.
52. What do shadow kraata sound like, by the way? When they talk. 6Don't know, haven't thought about it.
73A. There are some Rahkshi powers I just don't get. Like, Heat Vision, for example. Or Laser Vision. How are their staffs going to affect those powers? Ditto with Accuracy, Invulnerability, Heat Resistance and Ice Resistance, among others. 8My assumption would be their powers are enhanced when they are holding the staffs, as opposed to needing to be focused through them.
93B. And there are several powers described in that list that can only belong to kraata. "Leaves a trail of sticky, sickly slime that is unpleasant to touch." "Can wriggle free of all but the strongest grasps." "Leaves a trail of slippery, unpleasant weeds wherever it slithers." "Has the ability to slither through the smallest passages." So on. 10But you say that the Rahkshi can only focus power through their staffs and that the kraata have no powers of their own aside from infecting. :huh:I'm confused. Pleeeeeaaaaase explain? 11The ability to slither or leaving a slimy trail behind is not a power...it's a trait of that stage of kraata. It is not a trait of a Rahkshi.
124. Can the kraata tunnel or burrow? 13Not that I know of.
144. Do the new sets have cool Kaitas? Or Nuis? Or whatevers? 15Do not know, have not seen the combination models.
165. Which Rahkshi power is your favorite? 17I don't know, I have a lot of favorites.
186. What's the next comic called? 19"Secrets and Shadows" ...
20Thanks. May Mata Nui smile on your writing:
21-Master of the Rahkshi

22Secrets and Shadows...interesting. I'm looking forward to it:
23-Master of the Rahkshi
1Here are some questions that I asked GregF. My questions are all in bold:
2I have a few questions about the upcoming Bionicle Storyline:
31.Will the Turaga Toa have elemental powers like fire, ice, air, etc? Or will they have the powers of their Noble Masks?
4Both, eventually.
52.Will the Turaga tell the Toa Nuva the story about them being Toa in the past on Metru Nui or will something happen to the Toa Nuva and the Turaga become Toa? Or both?
6No, the Turaga were Toa before they become Turaga.

73.In Japanese Akuma means Demonic, is that just a coincidence or was that planned?
84.Will Akuma be the main baddie?
9The Akuma name is in error, I believe. There is no character next year with that name.

105.Can we expect the Turaga to remain Toa from now on in the Bionicle story?
12I know you may not be able to answer these, but thanks anyway.
1This should clear a lot up:
2QUOTE 3QUOTE 4QUOTE 5When they get to Metru Nui,do the turaga get transformed into the new toa? 6Or, are the new figures there because the majority of the story is told in a huge flashback to when the turaga were toa?

7The Turaga were Toa before they became Turaga.

9Will they change back into toa in 2004?
10Also, is Ahkmou the new bad guy?
11Will the current toa become turaga or matoran?

12No. 2004 is a look back at the past of the Turaga. There are no plans to transform the original Toa again. And Ahkmou is one of the six new Matoran.
11. What exactly is the storyline purpose of the Cheonicler's Staff as seen in the new game? It's in the game(you know, Takua holds it in the game... I think) and I was wondering where it came in, since weve never seen it before.
2No, I really know no more about it than you do. It was created to go with the game, which I had no involvement with.
32. Just to get things straight: Are the Turaga now really "Toa" as so many have called them? Based on that pic of Vakama we got, he doesn't look like your average Toa... so...
4They are Toa Metru .. or rather, they were before they became Turaga.
53. Are any of these:
68607 Nuhrii 78609 Tehutti 88610 Ahkmou 98612 Ehrye 108614 Nuurakh 118618 Razzakh 128623 Krekka
13the new Matoran? If so, which of them ISN'T a Matoran, since there are seven names and six new Matoran?
14Nuhrii, Tehutti and Ahkmou are Matoran. The other three are not. And there are about 10-12 sets not on that list that Rex posted.

154. Can you tell us any new names of the "ten or so more" sets that have not been revealed to us yet?
16No. Frankly, I wish that the names that came out hadn't, because it ruined the shock ending for November.
175. Based on some questions, I am wondering how next years storyline will go about. Will it be flashbacks(it would have to be something LIKE it, since the Turaga were Toa before) or will it be like the Turaga telling the past or something?
18It's basically both.

196. Will we be getting any new Rahi or those "Master Builder" sets next year?
20No, nothing planned like that that I know of.
217. Will we be learning anything more about the "Before-Time" next year, or the whole Mata Nui vs. Makuta thing?
22Yes, I think so.

238. Can you tell us, at least now, the simple name of the new collectibles?
259. Will any of the next comic be on Matru Nui? Or... all of it?
26The November comic? No, it is a bridge issue between 2003 and 2004.
2710. The Proto-Squad package. When does it come? And what is in it? Will there be anything cool, like maybe something Metrunuish in it?
28My understanding is that the next package is January.
2911. Why didn't the Turaga ever tell the Toa any of this? I mean, come on. They were TOA: I think the Toa Nuva ought to now that, and where everybody came from... I mean, come on...
30Well, if you read the Tales of the Masks anthology in December, and then follow the '04 storyline, I think you will get a good idea of why the Turaga have kept so much to themselves. They went through some stuff that makes what the Toa Nuva have gone through look like a stroll through Le-Wahi...

3112. Do you know when the PSquad WebPage will be updated?
32No, but I have reason to think it will be soon.
3313. Why did the Matoran ever move to Mata Nui? I mean, it looks like Metru Nui is a nice place. Will we ever learn more aboout why they had to move, like maybe next year?
34Yes, that is a big part of next year's storyline.
1Hi Greg,
2Before asking you some questions, I must say that I really appreciate what you do for us :D
31) Now that we know that the guy is Vakama...
4a) Does Turaga Vakama transforms into Toa Vakama
6b) Viceversa? (so the set is actually a flashback)
7As far as I know, Turaga cannot become Toa.

82) Will we ever see new Rahkshi sets? 9There are none planned at this point. As I posted elsewhere, if we come out with new Rahkshi we will get bashed again for repeating ourselves.
103) Does the Matoran transform into Toa, and then into Turaga? (if they chose the path of wisdom)
11Wait and see.
124)Are Nuhrii, Tehutti, Ahkmou, Ehrye, Nuurakh, Razzakh, Krekka new Rahi? 13No, none of those are Rahi.
145) Could you please tell me the colors of the Rahkshi you know? (eg power scream = silver) 15Silver is weather control ... purple is power scream (I think) .. yellow is heat vision... orange is insect control. I did complete a list of colors today, just want to make sure it is okay to post on BZP.
16Thank you, Greg: :D

18See answers above.

1Hey Greg, It's nice to be talking to you again. l saw your name in the MOL credits. well anyway, i have a few questions. 21: If the Turaga become Toa, that will make 13 Toa, and some of the "turaga toa" are the same colors as the other toa. will the Turaga sick around with the other toa from now on? 3Nope -- the Turaga were Toa before they became Toa. The story is about the Turaga's past, before they or the Matoran (or the current Toa) ever came to Mata Nui. 42: Is there a possibility of large Rahi sets Such as the Gukko bird next year? 5No, we do have some large sets planned but only one has a Rahi planned as part of it. 63: What is your oppinion on 2004's storyline? 7I think '04-'05 is the best stuff we have done so far, because there is so much room in it for side stories and new creatures, etc. 85:Have you ever seen the platinum Avohkii? 9Yes, once. 106: What's your favorite T.V show? 11Alias. 127: What job did you have before you went to work at Lego? 13I worked in journalism, game design, and copywriting before I came to the LEGO Company. 14Thanks again. 15-Jamahki 16See answers above. 17[QUOTE
1um will the new books with yellow silver and orange Rahkshi be in Mata nui or Metru nui and what time period? During the MOL saga?

2No, all of the 2004 novels take place during the 2004 storyline and are set on Metru Nui. The Mask of Light saga is over for now.
1Heres My Question: 21.)It may be a bit off,but,if the Turaga were once Toa and turned into Turaga,can the same happen for the present Toa?

3Heres Gregs answer: 4It's possible, but it's not inevitable by any means.

5Thanks Greg: :D
1ok i know your relly busy right now with the storyline and ansewring all these qestions so if you dont replay i will understand anyway i relly have a few importent qestions for me that i have to ask
21.are all the sets that bionicle rex said in the news only matoran and the new can sets(the toa\turagas)
42.did you already finished the 2004 storyline? 5Yes.
63.if the turaga were toa once will the to turn into turaga some day and replace the turaga till a new wave of toas come?
7That is certainly possible.
84. are there any kraata that if they will evolve to rahkshi have a diffrent color insted of the dark grey?
9Not sure I understand the question?
105.who is stronger the bohrok kal or rahkshi?
11I would say the Rahkshi, for one thing, there are more them.
12thank you very much i hope you wont get annoyd from the wave of qestions that the bzp members gave you lately
1QUOTE 2Q. 1. Greg how does Hahlii (sp) become the new Chronicler? 32. How did Takua become the old Chronicler?

4#2 I don't know the answer to, maybe it will be revealed someday. As for #1, the impression I got from the movie is that she basically volunteered for the job, and I am assuming the Turaga would have to approve her for it.

6I asked Greg this in response to my topic in S&T. So the Turaga have the final say hmmm.

1It's been awhile... hope you're doing well.
21) Do the new Toa have the six new masks, or do they still have their other (Turaga) masks?
3Well, their Turaga masks are Noble Masks, so those wouldn't help Toa much.
42) Will the Matoran still have the Kanohi Olda? 5The Matoran will look like they did in 2003.
63) Is the November comic set on Metru or Mata Nui? 7Mata Nui.
84) Is there a new main villain in the '04 storyline? 9Can't answer it.
105) Are "Krekka" an accesory or a person? 11Can't answer it.
126) When will the '04 movie come out? 13Next fall.
147) Does the Chronicler's Staff have a part in the storyline, or is it just a promotion? 15It may play some part in the video game, I don't know. It was created specifically for that.

18Of particular interest is #3 and #7. I also find it interesting that he couldn't answer #5...

1What happened to all of the kraata that were trapped on Mata Nui when Makuta was defeated? Because they are part of him in a way, did they die too (if Makuta even did die)? Could he possibly regenerate from them?
2No, and no.
3Can Bionicle characters be taken apart and survive? That happened in the Toa Nuva Reconstruct card game, and again when the Matoran were rebuilt. If they can, does it cause them pain? I can't imagine the movie characters coming apart... they seem too organic.
4Well, we do know that the Toa were in pieces when they came to the island originally, and had to build themselves. So under certain circumstances, it is obviously possible.
5How did the Matoran shrink in the first place? Makuta didn't physically take them apart, did he?
6No, he leeched power from them.
7Are all characters made out of protodermis? Or can protodermis "come alive" in a sense? Otherwise the new Matoran would be cyborgs:
8Far as I know, everything is made out of protodermis.
9Thanks again:

11That's strange... I don't think that the Matoran are made out of protodermis. On the kraata powers list on Bionicle.com is keeps saying thinks like "can rip a slab of protodermis in two" or "can burn straight through protodermis." It doesn't seem right: And also, if the Matoran were shrunk by Makuta when he took their powers away, why didn't they regrow when he was defeated? Why did the Turaga hide the secret of rebuilding from them for so long? And imagine the movie Toa Nuva and Matoran coming apart in peices. Eeuughh. I'm not sure that GregF is positive about everything he says, especially the kraata powers on Bionicle.com only working in Rahkshi. Rahkshi don't crawl and tunnel and slither. Here are some quotes from the kraata power list:
12Can wriggle free of all but the strongest grasps. - Who would grasp a Rahkshi? They are bigger than the Toa:
13Can take the form of a small object or creature at will. - It also says the Rahkshi cannot change mass. Rahkshi are big, not small.
14Leaves a trail of slippery, unpleasant weeds wherever it slithers. - Rahkshi slither? Funny, you'd think that they WALK...
15Tunnels slowly through solid rock or metal by disrupting molecules. - Imagine a Rahkshi tunnelling. That would be more like a cave.
16Creates pools of toxic corrosion wherever it slithers. - Again, the slithering. And releasing toxic fluid sound more like a slimy kraata that a protodermic Rahkshi, don't you think?
17Burrows by dissolving a path through metal, rock, or ground. - Burrows? Rahkshi burrow?
18Able to squeeze through narrow cracks and crevices. - Sound more like a kraata thing to me.
19I think I've made my point. Many, many powers on the list would only apply to kraata, or it is insinuated that they would apply to kraata. I think the powers are for kraata within Rahkshi armor or alone. And besides, who wants to collect 252 slugs that can only infect masks? Powers make more sense. No offense to Greg, I'm just confused.
1QUOTE 2Q. Did the Comet Ball Traitor make it to Metru-Nui with the others?

3No one has made it to Metru Nui yet. They have to build boats and make a long sea voyage.
5And here I thought they already left... :smilehafu:
1In the new news update it says that the new 2004 Toa sets are the turaga like Toa Nuju...I'm confused:?:

2How come?
3The Turaga did use to be Matoran. But you just saw (if you saw the movie) Takua, a Matoran, become a Toa.
4Greg 5:vahi:

1I have a bunch more questions... please bear with me:D

21) Why did Lewa begin to speak Treespeak?
3They made the decision to have him do it in the movie, probably to help set him apart. And they asked me to have him do it in the comic.
42) In various places, it says that "the Great Spirit" came to Mata Nui, and Makuta followed him. Does that mean that Mata Nui is not the "god" of Metru Nui?
5No, it doesn't.

63) Does the Comet Ball Trader go to Metru Nui?
7Don't know.
84) Could a Rahkshi bearing a Level 6 Shape-Shifting Kraata be able to take the form of a Toa?
9Yes, possibly.

105) How long does it take for a Kraata to transform into a Rahkshi?
11Long time.
126) Hahli is one of my favorite characters. Will she be as much a main character in the new storyline as Takua was in the old one?
13Well, she is the new Chronicler, but not sure how much of a role she will play next year.

147) In MoL, Takanuva seems surprised at what's under the Mask of Shadows. What is under it?
15Don't know, was too scared to look. :)
168) Does Makuta really think he's protecting Mata Nui, or is it just an excuse?
17I am sure, in his warped way, he does think that. Villains are very good at rationalizing their evil.
189) Will the Metru Nui Toa cost $9.99 retail? 19I don't think so, no. I would think less.
2010) About what is the average price of the '04 sets? 21Don't know.
2211) Will we have another Bionicle/McDonalds promotion? PLEASE: 23Not next year, I know that.
2412) There's a lot of people who want a '03 Le-Koran. Will we get one in '04? 25Yes.
2613) How much will the new collectible cost? $1.99? 27Don't know.
2814) Is there any reason that the MoL led Takua & Jaller around the entire island to get to Kini Nui? My theory is it was testing Takua to see if he was ready to become a Toa, but I was wondering if there was an "official" reason.
29I think it was very much what you said ... in that Takua needed time to learn to accept his responsibility before he was ready to take it on.

3015) In MoL, Onua brought down Onu-Koro. He could've easily opened a hole in the ground or something else, so why did he bring down the ceiling?
31Seemed like a good idea at the time .. :) Seriously, would have been easier for the Rahkshi to leap (or fly) over a crevice than it was for them to dodge rubble.

3216) What happens with male/female Matoran who like each other? Do they get married or something? In MoL, all the Matoran seemed like kids, so it seem kinda weird...
33No, there is no marriage or biological reproduction in BIONICLE.
3417) Will the Metru Nui Toa have the same Toa body, or a new piece?
35Have to wait and see.
3618) Will the Metru Nui Toa have disc-throwing arms?
3819) Will CLUB members get a special Bionicle '04 set offer in the Nov/Dec magazine, or do we have to wait for that until Jan/Feb?
39Not sure about Nov./Dec. off the top of my head.
4020) Will there ever be more Rahi sets?

42Sorry for the random order. 43Thanks:

45I made the ones large that I esp. liked :)
1Can you tell me anything about the 2004 collectible?
2Only that they will be good as something besides toys.
1Here are some questions about Metru Nui I sent to gregf.
21.I was wondering if Metru Nui has any wilderness? It isn't just one big city is it?
3Answer: It is pretty much one big city,although some parts are more densely populated than others.
42. I was also wondering what you think of Metru Nui, obviously you can't tell me what the details of the buildings are there,but could you atleast tell me what the city is like? I hope it isn't all industrial and ugly.
5Answer:No it isn't all industrial. Some parts of it a very beautiful and serene, with wonderful canals running through it..other parts are more wide open, far less built up. But we did not want to do wilderness because we have already done that for three years, so there wasn't much point in going to a new island that looked the same as the old one.
63. Could you tell me exactly how technologically advaced this city is? Does it have Electricity, or something like that? And what will the Matoran use for transportation? Will they still use Ussal crabs, or will they use car- like vehicles?
7Answer: Ussal crabs are still in use, but they are not the main transport. there will be some vehicles, most likely, but keep in mind that the Matoran do not have wheels. I don't believe they have Electricity, and I hesitate to quantify exactly how advanced they are, since things could change going forward.
84. I just have one more question: will there be a map of Metru Nui in one of the issues of Lego Magazine next year?
9Answer: Yes, the January issue of Lego Magazine will have a two-page map in it.

1Okay, I asked some questions about Kraata and Makuta.
2A transcript:
3Dear GregF

4I have a few questions about Kraata and Makuta
51: Is makuta alive or biomechanical?
62: If Makuta's alive, how come he shatters at the end of the MOL movie?
73: If he's biomechanical, how can he make the Kraata? (I don't know any robots with "essence")
84: When the Kraata are born, are they in Stage 1 or are they in random stages?
95: When a Kraata is born, is it already colored and with powers or does Makuta have to power them and color them?
10Thanks Greg
11Shadow Kal

121. Makuta is alive the same way the Toa are alive.
132. He doesn't? You see the doorway come down, you never see Makuta "shatter." LEGO would never have allowed something like that to be shown.
143. Biomechanical does not mean robot -- it means part of them is organic.
154. Random stages.
165. No, they already have colors and powers.
17I want to thank Greg Farshtey for taking the time to reply to my post. Thank you.

1Hi Greg, I hope you had fun in LA and made us some sweet storylines: 2Here are some questions, I hope you don't mind.
3My latest questions. I'm normal, Greg's bold.
41.Will the Toaraga have the same mask powers as the normal Turaga? 5Can't answer it.
62. Will Nuju's speech be explained in the near future? 7Probably, yes.
83. What would a Rahkshi do if he saw a Kraata being attacked? 9Depends on what the Rahkshi's mission was. Rahkshi can be very single-minded.
10Thanks in advance Greg.

11See Ya 12-NKO
1Will the six new masks be enhanced forms (i.e. Nuva) of the Noble masks, for instance, Huna Nuva, Mahiki Nuva, etc.? And were the Turaga originally toa?

2They are not Nuva masks, because the Toa in question are not Toa Nuva.
4Is toa Vakama's mask some form of a huna, though?

5Sorry, not supposed to answer 2004 storyline questions at this point.
7Will we ever see instructions for Graalok? I just want to say that it would probably be wise if Lego posted instructios for it, seeing as how there is a demand for them on BZP.
8As far as I know, there are no plans for it. I can't say for sure, but it is possible that some of the pieces needed to create it don't exist, at least not in the right color. Graalok was a creation of the movie makers, not the LEGO product designers.
1I have a few questions
21.Are the Nurrahk and Razzakh sets new Rahkshi? 3No.
42.Are the new matoran all new or are they Kongu Onepu etc.? 5They are new.
63.Will there be new Turaga in Metru-Nui?
7Have to wait and see.
8See answers above.