1Why does Kopaka Nuva have the Ga-Metru symbol on his shield? Or am I just mistaken?
2As far as I know, the Ga-Metru symbol did not exist as such when the Toa Nuva were designed, since the whole idea of Metru Nui had not been introduced to the story and design team at that point.

3I should have been more clear and said that I was referring to the Kopaka Nuva in the movie. Still, his answer makes sense, though it's a bit too much of a coincedence.
4- C-D -
1Not much...Just some irritating questions nagging at the back of my mind...

2QUOTE 3Hey Greg:I had heard rumors that you were back from comic con so I decided to send you my newest batch of questions...

41.Are all 3 titans immune to Visorak Venom?
52.If Keetongu absorbed Roodaka's Mutation spinner,would Keetongu be able to use that Power in HIS own spinner?
63.Has Roodaka,Sidorak or any Visorak seen Mata-Nui(As in the island)?
74.In BA#9,where does Vakama order the Visorak to go to?
85.Does Visorak Web turn to dust eventuially?
96.Not sure if you can answer it...but- When the matoran return to Metru-Nui,are there still webs and Coccoons?
107.During the reign of the Visorak,how many Kahgarak are in the city?

11Thanks in advance:
12N ~BK~

131) No 142) Yes 153) No 164) No place, just away 175) Probably, most things do 186) No 197) Only a few

1Use Spoilers in those questions and answers, since they reveal part of the movie :). 2Khote
1Coupla things that've been bugging me:
3...Will the Toa emerge victorious in the final battle for Metru Nui? Find out in Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows - packed with awesome new bonus features that reveal even more Bionicle secrets .

4This was mentioned in the DVDToons summary of Bionicle 3. Do you have any idea whether the bolded section is referring to supplementary background information, or a hint at next year's story?
52. Since you stated that Bionicle Legends #01 ended on several cliffhangers, does that mean that the 2006 storyline will flow together more smoothly like a continuous story, rather than being a series of jaggedly-connected short stories (as was the case with the Bionicle Adventures series)?
63. When the Story Team is making up the story bibles, do they make the storyline before the sets are designed, or after. Subsequently, do they conform the storyline around the sets?
7And, of course, the usual questions:
84. How far through the storyline has the Story Team gotten?
95. How far have you progressed in witing the books?
10That's all for now...:)

121) I seriously doubt it has anything to do with next year's storyline, as the storyline was not finalized at the time they were doing bonus content.
132) I don't really see them as "jagged" so much as self-contained, and the length is going to stay the same. But there should be a better flow, mainly because there is no movie I have to work around.
143) Originally, storyline came first, sets came second. Now it is the other way around.
154) It is outlined through 2008
165) I am halfway through BIONICLE Legends #2

17Interesting stuff. Question 2 relieved me of some stress.
1Here are some answers from GregF ...
2How do you spell the Toa Metru's names:
3Va-ka-ma. 4Ma-tau. 5No-ka-ma. 6Nu-ju. 7O-ne-wa. 8Whe-nu-a
9- - -
10Can you tell me it like the Rahaga:
11vah-KAH-mah 12mah-TOW 13noh-KAH-mah 14NOO-you 15ah-NEW-wah 16When-NOO-ah
17- - -
18We have seen the Vahki Animations and i was thinking in Vahki Zadahk's and Vahki Rorzahk's and Vahki Bordahk's Animations we see them chase and catch a/some Matoran but i was just asking what did they do when they find them they staff powers can only make Rorzahk able to find the Matoran what did it do when they find them do you understand can you tell me what the Vahki do whem they find they target.
19All Vahki have stun staffs. When they catch a lawbreaker, they use the stun staff on him and put him back to work.
20- - -
21Okay but what about other Vahki. 22Rorzahk: Make it able to see and hear by the Matoran does not do back to work. 23Vorzahk: Make a zombie not does back to work. 24Keerakh: Confusing not working. 25Bordahk: Loyal not working.
26Bordakh: Of course a loyal Matoran would go back to work -- it's his duty 27Keerakh: If he's confused, he can't very well be breaking laws, right? 28Vorzahk: A zombie-fied Matoran would go back to work, he would just work more slowly. 29Rorzahk: A Matoran who suffers from Rorzahk's power would unwittingly lead the Vahki to any conspirators he might be involved with. The Vahki could then arrest them all at once, which would be enough to scare them into going back to work because they would know they can't get away with anything.
30- - -
31But how do a Vahki arrest Matoran and did they ever put them into the Prison in some days just to scare them.
32You walk up and grab one, and he is under arrest. And no, they don't have prisons in Metru Nui -- the only one they had was the one built for Krekka and Nidhiki's use. The point is to keep Matoran working, not lock them up where they can't work.
33- - -
34But how can they grab a Matoran they don,t have hands.
35And if the prison is to Nidhiki adn Krekka how can it be that some Rorzahk is taking the Toa to the cell and the Zadahk guarding it. 36And.
37But how can a Vahki get the Matoran to do it they can,t understand the Vahki.
381) They don't have hands in the sets, but neither do the Toa. In the books, they have hands. 392) Because the false Dume ordered them to cooperate with Nidhiki and Krekka 403) They don't have to get him to do it. A Rorzahk's power lets him see through your eyes and hear through your ears -- so anyone you see or talk to, he knows about it, without you ever being aware he is spying through you.
41- - -
42We know that the Toa Nuva are able to use their mask powers on they fellow Toa the Turaga and Matoran but 431) Example: Pohatu use his Speed power on a Matoran and they both run and there is a stone wall in front of them and Pohatu tunr left and the Matoran turn rigth will the power disapear or will he have it untill he stop. 442) And is Pohatu able to run in the Air and up by an big object. 453) If Kopaka use his X-Ray power with a Matoran, Turaga or Toa they will be able to see througt objects but is the Telescope in the mask also used on them so they can zoom.
461) That depends. If the Matoran runs out of the radius of effect of the shared power, then he will lose the power. If he does not, then he will retain the power. 472) Yes 483) No, the telescope is an add-on to the mask, it is not part of the mask power.
49- - -
50If Makuta is serving Mata-Nui why do he so say he is his brother if he not is.
51Well, first off, you know that "brother" does not mean equal in power or blood relation -- it means "brother" the way the cop who fills out the booking sheets and the cop who walks the beat are brothers. So there is no contradiction in Makuta regarding Mata Nui as his brother even though the BOM worked for him.
52- - -
53Okay so he only say it because the BoM work for Mata-Nui but do Mata-Nui like that he call him brother and do Makuta know how Mata-Nui looks like.
541) No one has any idea whether Mata Nui would refer to him that way, because Mata Nui does not speak directly to others. 552) Most likely not.
56- - -
57In the new Trailer of B3 we see Rahaga Norik fly and holding Vakama Hordika, Norik has a helicopter propel on the back where do he got it from and i thougth they used ther Rhotuka to fly.
1S'more stuff. Nuttin big, though...
2I was gonna ask you these (pretty non-spoiler) questions last time 'round, but I forgot them, so...
31. Since "Mata Nui" essentially means "Great Spirit", and "Metru Nui" essentially means "Great City" (based on the assumption that "Nui" means "Great"), it seems that we haven't encountered the Matoran word for "Island". So, do any of the islands next year incorporate a Matoran translation for "island"?
42. Will the 2006 product line follow the same pattern as the past 3 years (i.e 12 canisters, 6 mini boxes, 3 titans, etc.)?
5Thanks for your help :)

71) There is only one island next year (and actually we can't really be sure that nui means great, because we don't know that Mata means spirit). 82) I believe the assortment, in terms of size and pricing, is pretty similar to past years. So far, I have seen six of the canister sets and two of the $19.99 sets, and they rock. I am buying everything next year for the first time in a while.

1The ThunderSteel: The Matoran, will they be released in the 2003 designs, but in Onu-Koro and Le-Koro?
2GregF: No plans for that right now. There will be black and green Matoran released next year, but they won't be in the 2003 design and they won't be characters from Mata Nui/Metru Nui.

1Good news for proto Squad:
2Well, first off, I agree with you -- I want the P-S back the way it was too, and I have been agitating for us to send out the emails like we said we would do. Why that is not happening, I don't kn0w -- the only explanation I have been given is that the vast majority of P-S members never supplied their email addresses.
3As for LAB Rats, that is a different animal, and more often than not it is not going to have anything to do with BIONICLE. We send out max 10-20 sets for reviews, not the over 100 we would have to send out for P-S. (We quite honestly did not have access to that many Visorak sets at the time we had to send them out to L-R -- we were lucky to get 20.)

1So, it seems like the IoDtoran will be in the six colors, since Greg stated that there will be black and green ones. But we know that the island isn't divided into regions... oh well. I'm so excited about the new sets next year... 2Khote
1This is gregFs response to my theory on why people in bionicle live so long:

2My theory is that people in bionicle live so long is because the protodermis that their machanical parts are made of is so strong that it doesn`t wearout and acts as a life support system for thair biological parts.This also explains why if their mask is removed they`ll slowly shut down,the mask is like batteries for the life support system.Is this close? 3Thanks:

4First off, I would say the whole "batteries" comparison is probably pretty apt -- we certainly saw the Toa become energized when they first put masks on in 2001.
5As for the rest of the theory, it is certainly plausible. Unlike humans, the BIONICLE beings are not wholly dependent (or even mostly dependent) on organic tissue, and it is entirely possible that the mechanical components of them make the performance of the organics more efficient. The organic parts we know about thus far are the lungs and the muscle tissue which connects the mechanical parts -- we also know it is possible for that muscle tissue to be detached and regrow, since that had to happen when the Toa assembled themselves in 2001 and the Matoran rebuilt themselves in 2003.

7Me in green gregF in blue.
1I just got a bunch of questions about BL2 from GregF. I'm in normal text, and Greg's in bold.
2Like most other members, I'm sure, I have a LOT of questions about Karzahni.
31. Where is Karzahni encountered? Do Jaller and some others encounter him and a supposedly new fortress on Metru Nui, or does Jaller come with the Toa Nuva?
41) Neither one.
5So I guess the Nuva meet him on the IoD?
62. Is Karzahni the ancient evil that's awakened by the 2006 villains?
72) Nope. Karzahni is only in the book, he is not part of main storyline.
93. Will he be a set? Or is he simply a character in the books? I personally think he's too major to not be a set.
103) He's not that major really, this is his first every appearance and he is only in Book 2. All the sets for 2006 have long been designed and done.
11Darn again.
12As for Karzahni's colour, well, since Makuta was Black/silver/red, I think Karzahni could be black, rusty, infected gold, and possibly green. I also think that the matoran around Karzahni are a really neat idea.
134. The matoran that surround him -do they say anything? If, say, Karzahni isn't there at the moment?
144) Nope
15I was hoping that the matoran talk like servants/slaves.
165. Possibly on his orders, do any of the spectre matoran fight? Possibly against Jaller?
175) They would, if they were told to
18I was imagining something like Matrix Reloaded, like the Merovingian's henchmen.
196. Even if they don't fight, do the matoran have ANY powers of sorts? As in, can they become incorporeal like the density Rahkshi? I think that would be awesome. Perhaps if Karzahni wants them to go somewhere quickly?
206) No, they don't have powers. In fact, most of them are damaged, so they are sort of like the Matoran equivalent of zombies, in a way
21Once again, I was thinking of Reloaded, what with the twins and all.
227. What kinds of matoran are they? Metruan, IoDtoran, or different?
237) They are Matoran who date back some 100,000 years before the Matoran you know
24Um...Yay: More matoran:
25I can't think of anymore questions about Karzahni, but I have two more:
268. In WoS, it says that it's dedicated to your wife. Did you two get married already? Or did you say that since by the time the book was supposed to be published, you would be married? I sorta got my book fairly early.
278) I dedicated it to her because my understanding was that the book would be out in August (they released in early), which is when I am getting married (four weeks from today, actually
28I was wondering about this.
299. Do the IoDtoran have the traditional matoran feet? Because I have my own style of matoran, but it requires bohrok arms and matoran feet.
309) Oh, don't know, have not seen the sets that closely
3210. Whether or not Jaller comes, does Hahli come too, being the new Chronicler?
3310) With the Toa Nuva? No. It is much too dangerous a mission even for a Chronicler to come along. This isn't just, "Oh, there's a new enemy, let's go fight it" -- this is "win or the universe dies." And while that SHOULD be chronicled, it's not a time to have to be worrying about protecting a Matoran.

2I am speechless. 2006 is gonna be awesome. Great questions and answers, especially the ones dealing with the Matoran (zombies: :D ) and the win or the universe dies:
1So, Jaller is going with the Nuva? Cool: 2Ok, i got some answers from Greg. Not much, really, but I needed to get it clear in number 2. Answers in bold :
31) Can the Shadow Kraata infect masks that are being worn?
41) Yes
52) Visorak webbing disappears after a time, as we see when the Toa and Matoran return to Metru nui, right? And since it has been said that some Rahi are condemned to eternal sleep inside web cocoons, I suppose that to keep those cocoons in the already conquered lands the hordes must leave some Visorak in each destroyed island, correct?
62) That's possible.
73) Which part on Krekka's set is not natural to his species?
83) I am not sure what you are referring to 9(I was referring to the model, with the launcher, eye, and all)
10I want to ask the people who posts Greg's replies, to do it as me and some others, placing the answers under the questions so we don't have to go up and down :). Thanks: 11Khote
1So, Jaller is going with the Nuva? Cool:

2Actually, GregF said in the last question that the journey was too dangerous for any matoran to come with them. But yeah, I had been hoping that Jaller would come.
1Here's something for you.
21) Is this picture of the BIONICLE Encyclopedia the official one?
31) Might be. If it's not the actual cover is something really similar to that.

4jetslandingboard :silver:
1Here's something for you.
21) Is this picture of the BIONICLE Encyclopedia the official one?
31) Might be. If it's not the actual cover is something really similar to that.

4jetslandingboard :silver:

6Not the best cover, but at least it's an improvement on the previous one. I suppose it'll have to do, though (at least there are going to be some promising things on the inside).
1Here are some questions that I recently asked Mr. Farshtey,
2Hi Mr. Farshtey, I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions that I had thought of.
31. Do you know if there will be another rahi building challenge?
42. Last year most of the sets used kanoka, this year they used rhotuka, could you tell me what the main thing will be next year?
53. When Vakama got all the visorak to leave did they leave as a group or into groups?
64. Did any visorak make it to Mata Nui?
75. Do you know when the first wave of the 2006 sets will come out?
86. Will next year be only about the new island or will there be any side stories about Takanuva?
97. Do you know when the turaga Dume web comics will come out?
108. Can you say how many new masks will come out next year?
119. Of all the books that you have written so far which is your favorite?
1210. Will any of the sets that come out next year be rahi?
1311. Is there any character that you feel hasn't been in the story as much as you would like them to be?
1412. In comic 25 there were bohrok but I thought that the bahrag controlled them not Makuta?
1513. Can you say anything new about the exo-toa? were they originally made for the toa haga? who built them?
1614. Did the rahaga ever heal themselves? They seemed as though they wanted to but at the end of web of shadows it never says if keetongu tried to heal them. 
1715. Do you know how many sets are planed for next year?
1816. What was your personal favorite of the winning rahi challenge entries?
1917. What is your favorite mask power?
2018. Can you say how bohrok and/or krana are created?
21Thank you for your time 22--Jts21 

231) Don't have any planned right now, since we just finished two BIONICLE building contests 242) No, I can't discuss 2006 sets 253) Most likely they split up 264) No. They had no idea anything was up there, so why go? 275) Most likely end of December, like usual 286) Takanuva's only appearances will be in the books to explain why he isn't at the new island. He really doesn't figure into the story much next year 297) That's up to the web producer 308) No -- see answer to #2 319) Probably #10 3210) See answer to #2 3311) Yes, the Exo-Toa 3412) That was actually explained already on BZP. They were not real Bohrok, they were fakes built by the Brotherhood of Makuta. They couldn't awaken the real Bohrok and use them for anything, so they tried to build their own. 3513) No, they were not made for the Toa Hagah. They were made to function independenty, the way they did against the Kal, on the orders of the BOM. 3614) They can't. Mutations caused by Roodaka's spinners are permanent. 3715) No 3816) I had a lot of favorites 3917) Hmmmmm ... stealth ... because I based it off of what my World of Warcraft character can do 4018) Oh, gee, thousands

1I think something happened to the answer to 11.
1I don't see anything wrong with the answer to question 11, seeing as how Mr. Farshtey has stated that he'd like to see the Exo-Toa in the storyline more...
2Anyway, here's a few more:
31) Which books have you written back covers for (BA #10, Encyclopedia, BL #1 even)? 42) Can you say if BL #2 is actually entitled Dark Destiny?
51) I have done cover copy up through #2 62) Yes

7There we go--official confirmation of BL #2's title:
8jetslandingboard :silver:
1And Dark Destiny is a great title, since Karzahni is in it and he shows people alternate futures (Like Takua dying in MoL).
1Hi~: It's me again. 21. Who actually made Visorak? Makuta? 32. Why we don't see Rahkshi defending BOM fotress in comic 25?(or yes,because I haven't got it) 43. Can Roodaka mutate herself in order to makeher stronger than before? It seems that she can mutate as her wills in the case of Rahaga. 54. How can Visorak mode their web? By their venom? 65. is visorak venom = Hordika venom? 76. what will be te effect to opponent if is mask is inflected by kraata but makuta is alseep? 87. Why BOM need to build his ortress and army? Are they serve the purpose of against toa and Mata Nui? 98. Do Bionicle still go strong from this year up to now? 10thank you~:

111) Can't answer it 122) Because they're not there. Rahkshi cost Makuta energy to make, and so weaken him. So why make them if you don't have to? 133) No 144) Same way real spiders make theirs 155) Yes 166) Well, the question becomes, if a shadow kraata is tied to Makuta's will, would it still be infecting things if he is out of the picture? 177) If you are going to oppose the will of the Great Spirit, you better have fortresses and armies. 188) Yes, it remains the top-selling line for LEGO
1Toa Kualus, how did you learn about these "spectre matoran"? I subscribed to this topic, and I haven't seen anything about them until now.
1SaT, "Karzahini" by GregF.
1Here Greg talked about Karzahni. And he plays WoW? I guess what his username is... 2Khote
1Hi Greg, I have some questions about Karzahni,
21. Will he be made a set?
32. When he sees futures about you do you see them as well?
43. Has he ever fought Makuta?
54. Does he have some conection to the evil six on the new island?
65. How strong is he?
7Other stuff.
81. Can you put these in a list on strongest to weakest: 9Pohatu nuva, Onua nuva, Makuta, Akamai nuva, Keetongu and Pakari 10nuva
112. What is the curent state Metru nui is in, in the Toa Nuva timeline?
123. What did Vakama mean by they paid a price in BA#7?
134. How long does it take the Toa nuva to reach Metru-nui?
145. Will the six evil enemies be sets?
156. If yes then will they be canisters?
167. Are the final models of the 2006 sets made?
178. Was Keetongu turned into a Toa sort of good guy in the end of BA#9?
189. I dont get what you mean by Krakua's wisdom must reach back to 19Vakama, Does he travel back in time or just comunticate with Vakama?
2010. Which is the most frequent questions you have gotten over time?
21Thanks Greg .

221) Doubtful 232) Yes 243) No - he doesn't even know Makuta exists 254) No 265) Haven't decided yet 271) Strongest how? Physically? 282) You will find out next year 293) Follow the story and find out 304) Days, maybe a week or so 315) Yes 326) Probably 337) Yup 348) No, Keetongu isn't changed into anything 359) You'll find out in Book 10 3610) Oh, hard to say

1I have a few questions about Bionicle.
21. A character's voice changes when he turns from Toa to Turaga. How did the Rahi Nui recognize Turaga Vakama's voice in Bionicle chronicles #4 if Vakama had been a Toa when they last fought?
32. How did the Rahi Nui pull itslef back together?
43. Why didn't the Rahi Nui have the powers of the disks when the Toa Nuva fought it?
54. In BA7, it says, "As they boareded their boat, christened Lhikan II, none of the Toa noticed a small, green chute growing out of one of the logs. It would be an oversight they would come to regret." How will they regret overseeing it?

61) Animals in general are much more perceptive about things like that. 72) Force of will over many centuries 83) Because having its atoms scattered for a thousand years weakened it 94)
10Because that means Karzahni is coming back.

1Yeah, the RN recognizes him the same way you recognize a man's voice when he gets old. Thanks for the last answer, Canama, I guess if he will appear in book 10... 2Khote
1Karzahni the plant will appear in BA #10--and if you really want to know, his namesake will also appear in BL #2, coming out in 2006:

2jetslandingboard :silver:
1In BA7, it says, "As they boareded their boat, christened Lhikan II, none of the Toa noticed a small, green chute growing out of one of the logs. It would be an oversight they would come to regret." How will they regret overseeing it?
2Because that means Karzahni is coming back.

3Firstly I think it is refer to the Toa mistakenly use the wrong part to hold the ship.
1Well, they needed floating things--otherwise, the Lhikan II would have sunk in the water instantly.
2jetslandingboard :silver:
1I understand why the Toa Metru used the Karzahni logs, but couldn't they find anything else that would float better? I mean, isn't that pretty risly, especially to bring it over to Metru Nui....
2:music: James :music:
1Well, no. Think about it (yes, I'm playing GregF now, but I don't think he'll mind that much): You just saw the Karzahni die, by the power of energized protodermis (which is very powerful indeed). It's safe to assume that Karzahni's all dead, so why not use pieces of him? It's just like taking wood--of course, you have to make sure that there's nothing alive in there. The Toa Metru couldn't exactly do that.
2jetslandingboard :silver:
11.) We're coming up to the three-year anniversary of when I wondered what Gahdok meant in comic 8 when she said the Toa dared to "betray their brothers."Can you drop any hints on that yet?And if not, could you tell us when we'll learn about it in the official storyline, or at the very least IF we will?I'm very eager to hear more of this.
2Oh, you will eventually, just don't know when.
32.) When do we learn the mystery of the "stars" over Metru Nui?Or have we already, and I just missed it?
4Again, don't know when we will reveal that -- but you will learn at least a little bit about them in Book 10
53.) Will the encyclopedia expand upon the Toa-Dark Hunter war?In any case, was it war in the sense of army battles, or was it more in the spirit of guerilla warfare?
6There will be more on it in the Encyclopedia -- think Stalingrad, it was street fighting.
74.) Is LEGO gonna do more System Bionicle sets for next year?
8Depends onhow this year's sell
95.) At what point did the Dark Hunters no longer ally themselves with the Brotherhood?(At least, I was under the impression that they did, considering Nidhiki's role in the latest comic.)Was there any major event that sparked it?
10Yes -- see Book 10
116.) Any chance we'll ever learn The Shadowed One's real name (in which case I might have to change my screenname)?Hope not...
137.) Any chance of Karzahni showing up in other books besides Legends #2?He sounds like a pretty awesome character.
14No idea.
158.) Speaking of which, have you decided on a color scheme yet?If you're still open to ideas, might I suggest something like a brown - dark red tone?I'd imagine the overall look to be almost gangrenous.
16Haven't decided yet
179.) Trailing off-topic, what present and/or recently-passed LEGO System lines have you done storyline for?Any?
18Alpha Team, primarily, and some ones for next year.
1910.) Didja see Batman Begins?What did you think of it?
20Loved it.

21#5 intrigues me, #6 relieves me, and #10 I half-saw coming.
The Shadowed One
15.) At what point did the Dark Hunters no longer ally themselves with the Brotherhood?  (At least, I was under the impression that they did, considering Nidhiki's role in the latest comic.)  Was there any major event that sparked it?
2Yes -- see Book 10

3About that...
4Just so ya know, we already know that Nidhiki and Krekka's deaths are related; Makuta wasn't supposed to kill them, obviously. Apparently, TSO is somehow gonna find about that it was Makuta. And he'd obviously at that point no longer consider Makuta or his Brotherhood friends... lol.

1Nidhiki and Krekka's death weren't completely Makuta's fault.... he probably didn't have the intention of dying :P
1No, but he indeed killed them at the moment he absorbed them. it was his fault, really. 2Khote
1Yes, bad for Makuta. But interestingly about TSO,
  • 2He doesn't know that Makuta killed Nidhiki and Krekka--all he knows right now is that he sent two Hunters to Metru Nui, and they never returned. Logic says: Toa killed them:
  • 3He (obviously) comes onto the scene in BA #10 not expecting to have to fight Makuta...

4jetslandingboard :silver:
1Actually, wasn't it partly Onewa's fault? He was the one who made Krekka "Get Nidhiki" and then make them fly off. Towards Makuta.
Toa Kinali
1Actually, wasn't it partly Onewa's fault? He was the one who made Krekka "Get Nidhiki" and then make them fly off. Towards Makuta.

2No it wasn't. He couldn't have known Makuta would absorb them as he did. 3And Makuta could have just left them alone after they where thrown of the transport.
1Yes, 3804 is right; Makuta not only grabbed them out of the air, but said "Join me". The implication is that he had the fullest intentions of using them to build up power.
2But this discussion really should continue in S&T if need be.