1Check out these questions.
2Hi Greg, some more questions here.
31.Are there gonna be any more Ta, Le and Onu-Matorans? 4Yes.
51.b. If so, will it be Kongu-Tamaru etc. or new characters? 6New.
72.Are the names of the cities in Metru-Nui the same as on Mata-Nui? (Like Ta-Koro) 8Wait and see. And it is all one city.
93. What are the price catergories of the 2004 sets? 10Don't know.
114. Do you have the MoL for yourself? 12The movie, you mean?
135. Is the 2004/05 still exciting since we know that the Turaga were Toa before? 14Yes, I think it is. You would have known that in January anyway.
156. Will 2005 be flashback also, or more with whats going on then? 16Can't answer it.
177. Will 2004 be only flashback or will there be things happening to the Toa Nuva which require those stories to be told, 'cos most Bionicle fans know from their own expirience that the Turaga won't tell much unless they really, really have to? 18Can't answer it.
198.If Lewa Nuva came face to face with Lerahk, who would be stronger? 20Oh, I don't know. Don't forget it took all six Toa together to beat the Rahkshi.
219. I've heard you say that the "Toaraga" are accually called "Toa Metru". Can you confirm that? 22Yes.
2310.Will the "Toa Metru" be equally tall as the Toa or more like Matoran? 'Cos the pic of Toa Vakama doesn't show his size much... 24No, they are bigger than Matoran.
2511. Will the "Toa Metru" be sold in canisters, or something else? 26Don't know, haven't seen the packaging.
2712. Will the disk collectibles be made in the "molds" of the throwbot disks? 28No idea, I didn't work here when Throwbots was around. Dang, too bad that he doesn't know
2913. Do the "Toa Metru" have Throwbot arms? 30No.
3113.b. If not, how will the disks be used? 32Wait and see.
3314. Should we see the disks as collectible masks which the "Toa Metru" need to collect or as their main weapon? 34Neither.
3515. Have you guys made up some cool storyline for us die hards ? 36Hope so.
37Thanks in advance Greg, I really appriciate (can't spell it, and can't find my dictionary) you doing these questions for us:

1Here's another question I asked Greg. My question's in bold.
2Hey Greg. I have another question for you:
3In the new 2004 storyline will it finally be revealed how Vakama got the Vahi? Was it one of his masks when he was a Toa?
4Greg: The origin of the Vahi will play a role in next year's story, yes.
1QUOTE Is there a big "boss battle" at the end of the mask maker movie like there was in MoL against makuta.(but a different enemy obviously)

2Are the new matoran from Mata-Nui or metru-nui?

3Does anything besides rahkshi and the mask maker/minions live on metru nui? (You don`t have to say what exactly, just yes or no.)

4You will learn more about the new Matoran in a couple weeks when the new comic comes out. Unfortunately, I can't answer any of these now.

5This dosen`t help much, but I still felt like posting it to get these questions out.
1Alot of clearifying answers here IMO... 2Hia Greg, a few questions here, hope ya don't mind
31. Are there Matoran kids? 4No.
52. Why was Makuta really reluctant to release the Rahkshi if he could take them on without breaking a sweat?
6Because Makuta's aim is not to destroy the Matoran, and the Rahkshi tend to get a little .. overzealous.

73. Are the Toa Metru equally large to the Toa/Toa Nuva?
8In terms of size? Yes, I think so, but not certain. Haven't compared the sets.

94. Which set do the Toa Metru resemble in like knees, elbows (can't find the word)? (Toa, Rahkshi)
10Don't know, I haven't examined the sets that closely. But they do have more points of articulation than anything we have done before.

115. Is there gonna be another evil like Makuta next year?
12There are always foes for the Toa.
136. Is the new evil intelligent like the Kal or beasts like Rahi?
14Can't answer it.
157. Are there gonna be really expensive sets in 04 like the manas, or more like this years?
16More like this year's.
178. Are there gonna be any new Ko-Korans too this yearext year?
19Thanks in advance:
1I had a few questions.
21 ) you said that the new collectables(I can't remember how to spell them yet) have a "real world way of giving Bionicle info"(or sumat like that) 3would you be able to access the info with the internet(IE mask codes) 4or would the info be on the collectable?
5No, it is info you use the collectables to access, it is not on the collectables themselves.
62 ) are the Turaga Metru(not the Toa Metru, but their Turaga equivalents) the mask makers, or is a sigle being the mask maker?
7No to both questions.

83 ) do you read a lot?(what are your fave authors?)
9Yes, I am usually reading five or six books once plus I buy about a dozen comic books a month. My favorite fiction author is probably Jeffery Deaver right now, but most of what I read is non-fiction -- history, especially.
104 )(now this is a kinda complicated one) are the Bahrag Rahi? if so, can they be infected? I mean they don't have Kanohi, and they don't have Krana(that control them) so could they be controlled by Makuta?
11What a good question that is. I don't know if they would be considered Rahi, but they might be -- and my guess is they could be controlled by Makuta, yes.
125 ) does Metru Nui have a "kini Nui"(or it's equivilent)
13Yes, sort of.
146 ) any tips for aspirering writers?(other than learing how to spell )
15Well, I got started working for a weekly paper, and that is a good place to begin. You get a lot of experience at researching, writing on deadline, and writing fast, and it can help you get in the door of other writing jobs later.

167 )Dc or Marvel?(or Dark Horse, Image, dreamwave, etc) whats your fave?
17I read both DC and Marvel. Right now, the comics I am enjoying the most are Hulk, FF, Spider-Man, the new Superman-Batman book, JLA and JSA. I don't read any independent comics. I used to be a bigger fan of Marvel, but DC has come a long way in recent years in terms of quality of stories.
188 ) do the Toa Metru have elimental powers?(and do they corespond with their Nuva counterparts?)
19Can't answer it.
209 ) fave comic book character?
2210 ) if there was one thing in the Bionicle saga that you could go back and change, what would it be?(and what would you change it too?)
23Oh, geez, I don't know. I can't think of anything offhand.
24thanks Greg
1QUOTE 2Q. Do the Rahkshi hiss in the movie to breathe or something else?

3I believe they hiss for the same reason snakes hiss .. to communicate with each other, to intimidate, or to warn away intruders.
5Cool Hissssss.
1Check these out: 2Are the Krekka and the Kanoka the collectables of 2004? If so, is one good and the other evil?
3Krekka is not a collectable, he's a character.
4Will the collectables attach in any way to the upcoming sets?
5Not that I know of.
6Will there be any "new"(well actually old) turaga in 2004?
7Can't answer it.

8Will the 2004 matoran be ones that we've known about, but there hasn't been a set of? (ex. Lhii)
9No, they are all new characters.
10Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions:
1QUOTE 2When the Turaga turn Toa will the Toa turn Turaga?

3If yes will Takanuva I mean he just became a Toa give him some time?

4Don't worry, Mas, for two reasons. 1, the Turaga are not turning into Toa -- they were Yoa before they becama Turaga. A Turaga cannot become a Toa.
5And 2), a Toa cannot become a Turaga until he has fulfilled his destiny, and as far as I know, Takanuva has not done that yet. I can assure you that the current Toa will not become Turaga for at least the next few years (that is as far out as I know the story.)
7HUH :blink: :wacko:
1Here's a few questions I asked GregF. #2 might be of interest to you other BZPers. :) (BTW, Greg's answers are in bold )
2Hey Greg, I've got some questions for you today:

31.Are there going to be six new matoran in '04? (Just want to make sure.) 4Yes.
52.You said that there will be new Ta, Le, Onu and Ko-Matorans.Will there be any new Po or Ga-Matorans in '04? 6Yes. There is one Matoran from each area.
72a.If there's going to be new Po and Ga-Matorans in '04, and if there's going to be only six new Matoran, then that would mean one from each village, right? 8Yes.
92b, or not 2b, that is the question.(Just felt like saying it. :P)Anyway, if there's not going to be any new Po or Ga-Matorans in '04,then how many Ta, Le, Onu and Ko-Matorans are there going to be?I would think that there would be two of the Le-Matoran and Onu-Matoran, and one Ko-Matoran and one Ta-Matoran. 10Already answered.
113.How many Kanoka are there going to be? 12Don't know off the top of my head.

134.Will there be anything other than Kanoka in the Kanoka boxes? (Or whatever they come in...) 14Yes, I think so.
15Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. :)


17See answers above.

18I was hoping that there would be two Onu and Le-Matorans, but there's only going to be one of each. :(
19I hope Lego will make more in the future.
1This time I asked Greg about something that I have been wondering about for a while now, the similarities between The Aliens saga movies and Bionicle.
2Ever since the Bohrok saga started I have noticed some similarities between Bionicle and the Aliens saga movies. 3Did you guys at Lego get some of your idears for Bionicle from the Aliens saga movies? 4If you are interested I have posted some of the similarities inthis topic.
5Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this Greg. :) :)

7SS, I tend to doubt it, only because I have spent a lot of time with the product designers (who pretty much drive the bus) and they have never mentioned it. Alien got a lot of its inspiration from things that had gone before (like "It: The Terror From Beyond Space"), so we are all probably drawing from the same cultural myth pooll But I don't know of them drawing specifically from those movies.

9Thanks for answering my question Greg: :D
1Hey Greg, hope you're having a good day. I have some questions for you if you don't mind.
21) In one of your answers you said that Toa turn into Turaga when they fulfill their destiny, and that the Toa weren't going to change for at least another few years. Here's the quote.
3a Toa cannot become a Turaga until he has fulfilled his destiny, and as far as I know, Takanuva has not done that yet. I can assure you that the current Toa will not become Turaga for at least the next few years (that is as far out as I know the story.)

4Does this mean that the Toa won't awaken Mata Nui in Book 2?
5Mata Nui is not going to be awakened for a while, because when he is, the story may be over.
62) When I saw the "Invulnerable" Rahkshi, I immediatly wondered why Makuta didn't use a Level Six or Seven version of him. The only logical reason I could think of was that Makuta wouldn't be able to destroy him after his job was complete, and that he wouldn't want a destructive Rahkshi running around forever. Am I right?
7Makuta used the Rahkshi he felt best suited for the job. He wasn't looking to destroy villages or kill Matoran, he was looking to immobilize the Toa and get the Herald.
83) Will there ever be a good Bionicle card game? Like equal to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
9No idea.
104) In comic 14 Kopaka's fear is that the others will laugh at him for failing. Is Kopaka really that insecure?
11Yup. Sometimes what drives a person to be the best at what they do is a deep-seated fear of failure.
125) Not to harp, but did you ask about posting the Story cards on the web? I haven't read all of them and I'm curious as to how the Toa got some of their masks.
13Remind me what story cards you are talking about.
146) I heard that the Mana-ko will make an appearence sometime soon in a book. Is that still planned?
15No, Mana-ko is not appearing in any book I know of. The Manas are reappearing though.

167) Was the Mask of Shadows originally intended for evil?
17Don't know.
188) Is the name "Toa Metru" a term actually used in the storyline or is it just a way to differenciate them from the others?
19No, it is used in the storyline.
1Here's another question I aksed him:
2Back with another question.
3Can you tell us anything about who or what Vhisola & Orkahm are? Matoran? Rahi? New Villians? Thanx in advance:
4Wait a few weeks, you'll find out in November.
1Hi Greg,
2is it Turaga Dume? or is it Turaga dome?

4Why would you think it's Turaga dome?

6you said that some of the names were misspelled, and I thought it sounderd kinda like a playset, (kind of a kini nui where the Tao Metro become Turaga or soomthing.)

7Nope, not a playset, another character.

9K thanks,
10BTW, you mentioned that you like history(and i know you read comics.
11I suggest that you check out "Transformers/GIJoe" by Dreamwave comic. it is set in WWII, and has 2-3 issues out right now. it's cool to see G: transformers becoming Jap Zeros, and German Panzers etc.

12Thanks for the recommendation. I know one of my friends here reads that.
15I had this convo wit Greg today
1Hey Greg, back with some questions about the latest revealed set names. Can you tell us if these guys are new villians:
28614-Nuurakh 38615-Bordakh 48616-Vorzakh 58617-Zadakh 68618-Razzakh 78619-Keerakh
8And what about this Turaga Dume. If all Turaga are Toa first will his story be explored?
9Will this story about the past of Metru Nui go in to 2005 or will something new begin in time for the Bionicle movie that is coming to theaters?
10Thanx for the time to answer my questions, Greg:
11Sorry, can't answer any of these. LEGO did not authorize the release of the set names, so I cannot answer questions regarding them.

1Hey there Greg, just have a few questions...
21. You said Makuta has drained the... "power" out of the Matoran, bringing them to the Mctoran form of 2001, and then the 2003 upgrade restored some of their "power"... Are they at their original "power"?
3I would say yes.
42. Are any of the Rahkshi's color schemes not just a color and gray?
5Some of them are two colors and gray.
63. Can you tell me anything, ANYTHING at all about the Comet Ball Traitor? Like his history, his connection to Makuta, if he will ever be back from lunch, etc?Anything at all?
7Only that he will be reappearing in the storyline eventually.
84. You said that the Kraata can open their face to infect people, like in the movie, but what about a shadow kraata? Can the Rahkshi just look at people to infect them, or what?
9Actually, I don't remember saying that, though I may have. In general, shadow kraata are not used to run Rahkshi because they are so much more effective operating on their own.
105. How did you select those six Kraata out of all those Kraata? I mean, out of all of them, why did you guys pick those six?(Personally, I would have chosen like, Invunerablity, Shapeshifting, Weather Control... Did you have a big list and throw darts at it? Or did you just have the first six and decide, "Hey, lets make powers for the rest of the Kraata:"
11The first six kraata powers were conceived long before the other list of powers was created, and they were created for use in the movie. I did the other list much later to match up with the "wild kraata" being sold in the cans.

12And one last one...
136. Can you tell me what stages the Kraata were in the Rahkshi? Were they all Shadow Kraata? Stage 6?
14I don't know, it was never specified in the script.
15Thank you for your time, most honorable GregF.

1Here is something else I aksed GregF today:
2Do you know if there will be another Online Game for the 2004 story? Will we also be seeing another game for the PS2,Xbox, & GC?
3I don't believe there are plans for an online game in 2004, at least not of that scope, although I am not privy to everything the web team is putting in place. I can't comment on what the current software schedule is.
1I firstly want to thank Greg for all the answers he provides us: We couldn't have been sorta most informed community without that cool guy: (no filter: I really mean it: :P)
2I got some: I think some are interesting, especially the on eabout Matoran's accesories (5), Orkan (I believe that is the correct spelling) being Le-Matoran (1) is cool as well: 3But what I believe is most intersting is number 4... 4And having a giant island with less Matoran? (10) Hm... 57 also kicks my theory of having 2 new Turaga... Hm, some Rahi/steed/cool thingy???
6[QUOTE 7Hi, Greg:
8I don't PM you much foten, but always when I have some bugging Qs and I won't forget them... So here it goes:
91) I a correct spelling of Matoran Orkhan, in fact, Orkan? Kongu talks of him. So is it a Le-Matoran?
10It is a Le-Matoran, I believe, but that spelling is not correct for the 2004 product.
112) Makuta can pull Kraata out of himself, right? Question is, can he do that in any form? Eg : Makuta from movie, Matoran Makuta, Makuta Nui...
12I would think so, yes.
133) In addition to 2, can Takutanuva pull Kraata out of himself as well, since it has a Makuta part, which is what his body is mostly built of?
14Hmmmmm .. that is a good question. I am inclined to say no, since Takutanuva is not inherently an evil being and kraata are evil. But I will have to think about it.

154) Are Kanohi like Kraata? (Kanohi being drained from Mata 16Nui (the being))
17No. Kanohi are made, and are not living creatures.
185) Do the new Matoran come with a Kolhii stick?
19No, different accessory. Kolhii is played in a different way on Metru Nui.
206) Are Razzahk, Nuurahk etc. new baddies or good guys?
21Sorry, can't answer it.
227) The Turaga Dume and Nidawk actually means Nidawk that is also a Turaga or that is a non-Turaga being?
23No, he is not a second Turaga.
248) If Dume is a Turaga, does that mean that (s)he was a Toa as well?
25Can't answer, cause I don't know Dume's background story at this point.
269) Are there sorta tribes on Metru Nui? Like Ta-Kornan tribe, Ko-Koronan tribe etc.
27Wait and see.
2810)Are there more Matoran on Metru Nui than on Mata Nui?
29Ummmmmm ... I would say no.
3011) Does Matoro's Akaku have installed some zooming device, or is that zooming scene in MNOLG a mistake? If answer is installed device, did it last to his 2003 version as well?
31I really can't answer it, as I was not involved in the MNOLG design.
3212) You said that Kewa and Kahu are the same being. So is it like that? 33Kewa (chick) ->Kahu (2nd Stage???) -> Gukko (Fully grown)
34No, the change of name was for legal reasons.
3513) How many Gukkos are there? The fully grown ones, I mean. My guess is that there is 1, as that is the only logical explanation, storyline-wise, why none was at Le-Koro before the movie (didn't have enought time to actually grow up yet)
36All I can tell you is that the original line in the script referred to "kewa" and it was changed to "gukko," so they are obviously viewed as interchangeable names by the heads of the story team.

3714) If some Bionicle animal, Matoran, etc. dies, is a new one ,,born''? 'Cause then population could die in few centuries, or even years with Rahi attacking them:
38Nothing new has come into existence in the time the Matoran have been on Mata Nui, other than Makuta's kraata.
3915) Are the Matoran from Metru Nui called Matoran or Metruran or something totally different? 'Cause it sounds to me that Matoran was delivered from Mata-Nui...
40Technically, they should be called Tohunga, because that is what they were called before they renamed themselves Matoran. But since we are not allowed to use the term Tohunga anymore, we are going to go with Matoran so as not to confuse people.

41Whew, all Qs that really bug me.
42Thanks in advance, for any Q answered:

43See answers above.
1I recently PM'd GregF with some Q's. The questions are bold
2Me: Is Lhii the Surfer alive? If so, will he play an important role in the 2004 future storyline? 3Greg: Sorry, can't answer it.
4Me: Can you tell me if we will learn the origin of the bohrok swarms, the bahrag, and the exo-toa? 5Greg: Yes, eventually you will.
6I have recently asked him some other Q's and will edit my post.
7Kopaka 22 :akaku:
1I got this........
2Who now owns Pewku? Does she follow Takanuva on his adventures?
3My guess would be Pewku might pass on to either Hahli or Jaller.
4Are there any plans anywhere in the future, to bring back Rahi-LIKE creatures, not just six enemies that are all the basically the same?
5There are a lot of new Rahi in the upcoming Scholastic books, and there are some unique one-of-a-kind enemies in sets next year. No plans for new Rahi in sets this year, but possibly in the future.
6Why is Mata-Nui in pain if he awakes? 7We don't know that he is .. we only know that Makuta said he is.
8Will Takanuva be able to change back to Takua, if he takes the mask off or something? 9No.
10Will the Exo-Toa come back? I know it is destroyed but will it be rebuilt or made again? 11I hope so, I liked them a lot.
12How will we be told of the past? Will the toa travel in time, or will the year be the turaga telling us? 13You will have to wait and find out, but time travel will not be involved.
14Can you tell me anything about that thing on the Metru-Nui picture? 15No.
16Can you say anything about Metru-Nui? 17Not really much beyond what I have already said.
18Is the new big bad guy (if there is one) male or female?
19Some are male, some are "its." There will also be a new female villain next year, but only in one of the Scholastic books -- she won't be a set, although I think you could build her with existing BIONICLE sets. Not sure, we'll see.

1Hi Greg. Um, I sent you a PM about 2 weeks ago, and I realize now you were out of town, but I didn't at the time. I never got a reply, but don't worry about it, I'll try to re-ask here. I just wanted to say I'm not trying to burden you down with too many PM's on purpose. :D
21.) Can a Krana freeze to death?
3I think it's possible. But if you are referring to the Bohrok in the movie, myguess is they were essentially flash-frozen, so it is more like cryogenic suspension.
42.) Takanuza tells Hahli to get the Matorn, but she gets the Toa and Turaga, is there a reason?
5The Matoran came too. You just didn't see them, because it wasn't necessary to the story to show them all.
63.) You said the Ussanui is made up of ahkshi and Kal parts. I thought all the Kal parts were destroyed? And even if they weren't, why would they go all that way down to get them?
7If you will recall, after the Kal were defeated, the Toa said that the Turaga would take care of the remains. And why would you want to leave the parts lying around? What if they were capable of reconstituting themselves or something?
84.) Makuta didn't want to release the Rahkshi. But he had 3 ready. He set them loose, they got stuck, guess what? Another 3 were ready. Are there any more he had in reserve that we don't know about?
9Possibly, but he never got the chance to activate them because Takanuva showed up.
105.) We could sit here and argue all day about the 6 best Kraata powers, so I'll try not to be nit-picky. But there is one that says it can put a whole village asleep. Think about it; they want to find the herald , so put a villiage into a coma and search for him when you know he's not going anywhere. Do you know anything about this Rahkshi?
11Um, no, the power is sleep -- it says nothing about putting an entire village asleep. You would have to do it one Matoran at a time.
126.) Will any upcomming books have pictures? I love pictures. :P
13There will be a couple with pics next year, yes.
147.) In the 3rd book, Makuta makes it sound like the Kal were all his plan. The book is even called "Makuta's Revenge" (I think.) But I thought it was automatic if the Bahrag were trapped? Help:
15It was automatic -- hence it being part of his plan. He knew the Toa Nuva would eventually beat the Bahrag, and then have to deal with the Kal. So in unleashing the Bohrok, he knew the Kal would come into play eventually.
168.) Why is the comet ball trader coming back?
17Now, I ask because: He was only in the MNOLG. EVERYTHING else from the game has been ignored, (unfortunately.) Why choose to acknowlegde THIS?
18Cause we like him, and cause it fit with the story we want to do :)
199.) How does Lewa activate Tahu's magma sword in the movie to heal Tahu?
20That is a very good question which I have seen debated on BZP. I want to talk to the screenwriter and see what he had in mind before giving an answer on it.
2110.) What IS lava farming?
22My understanding is that they are farming the lava for use as a thermal energy source. There may be more to it than that, but that is what I have heard.
2311.) I doubt you can tell us, but... They always say Mata Nui came DOWN from the HEAVENS with the Matoran. Yet the Matoran cam from underground, Metru Nui. Can you explain?
24Nope. Can't answer that one.
2512.) I read something that made it sound like the books will carry a lot of the storyline in the future. Is that true? I hope not, I prefer to get the story from the comics and especially from the WEB, (gotta love those movie clips.)
26I wouldn't say "carry a lot of" .. the story will still be conveyed in the comics, as it always has been. But like the web, the books provide more depth for those who want that, since the comic has a page limitation. And since I am writing both comics and books, they don't contradict each other.
2713.) I know you're not involved in the website, but do you know if the news updates will be coming back since we're back to "normal storyline," (Aka, non-movie)?
28Actually, I know a lot of new things are planned for the site next year, I do not know if they have decided to keep going with the news updates idea or do something different.
2914.) In your opinion, the Turaga only had one mask each when the Toa arrived. (As you know I like to think they had all 6.) Anyway, if they couldn't even go out of their way enough to get the rest of the masks available to them, how did they manage to get their hands on the Vahi?
30That's simple. They brought the Vahi with them when they came to Mata Nui. All of that will be explained in the next couple years.

3115.) I understand that you can't give away too many details, but I ask you this:
32Ok, the Kanohi Nuva were pretty easy to collect because there weren't very many. The Kratta are very hard to collect because there is a truck load of them. How hard do you think it will be to collect all of the new collectables coming in 2004?
33Well, the thing with next year's collectables is that I don't think it's going to be so much a "gotta get them all" thing like it was with the masks .. I think there are a couple of different factors that will motivate collecting, but we will see how much of a role they play. I do think next year's collectables are a lot more fun, certainly than the kraata were.
3416.) When you say "new Matoran," you mean just as sets, right? They're normal villagers like Huki, Jala, etc., right?
36Thanks a lot, I know that was a lot of questions:

1I asked:
2How much of the bionicle storyline is in your hands? 3like does lego tell you: "we want another toa:" 4and you fit it in to the story line. 5or is it all up to you?
6He answered:
7The overall concept for a year's storyline is crafted between the heads of the story team and the LEGO product developers. The concept is then given to a writer who creates a story bible from it. During that process, I and the rest of the story team meet and discuss the nuts and bolts and how it will be executed in the comics, web, novels, etc. Then after the bible is done, we work from that -- that has character descriptions, high points of the story, etc. What I do with the comic (and now the Scholastic books) is figure out what happens between points A and B. Sometimes there is a lot that needs to be developed, sometimes not much, but it all has to be approved by the story team heads.
8So, for example, last week met in California to discuss the 2004 movie, some of the storyline around that and in that, and then we discussed what the plans were for 2005 and suggested changes or things we could go more in depth about. There is a lot to coordinate with BIONICLE, so we have to meet or at least talk a lot.
10and to summerize that, my first choice

1Oops, forgot you can't edit pinned topics :blush: . I have a few more Q's and A's 2Me: Does the Mask Maker live on Metru-Nui and is it a Great Being? 3Greg: Can't answer it.
4Me: At the end of the first Mata-Nui online game, Vakama says that Takua found his mask and staff. Did he do this for all the Turaga and will we find out the truth about this in 2004? 5Greg: I don't know if he did it for the other Turaga or not, but it will not be coming up in '04. All that happened on Mata-Nui and '04 is about Metru-Nui. 6That's all I have for now but I will have more soon.
7Kopaka 22 :akaku:
1I was looking through questions and one popped up in my head.
2i asked:
3i was reading through some of your Q&A's and 4you said that the Toa become turaga when their destiny is complete. so is there a goodguy evolution: 5Matoran-toa-turaga?
6he answered:
7Seems to be that way. However, it has never been established whether the current Toa were ever Matoran, or if they were perhaps created as Toa from the start. That is an interesting mystery to explore someday.
1Dear dear Greg, (Thanks for the super-fast reply last time:)

25.) We could sit here and argue all day about the 6 best Kraata powers, so I'll try not to be nit-picky. But there is one that says it can put a whole village asleep. Think about it; they want to find the herald , so put a villiage into a coma and search for him when you know he's not going anywhere. Do you know anything about this Rahkshi?
3Um, no, the power is sleep -- it says nothing about putting an entire village asleep. You would have to do it one Matoran at a time.

5Stage 6- Redish Gold/Sand Yellow Mettalic (Bottom Right)
6"Has the power to instantly put an entire village to deep sleep."


8If you will recall, after the Kal were defeated, the Toa said that the Turaga would take care of the remains [of the Kal.

9Hmm, no I don't recall. I don't doubt you or anything, but do you remember when they said that? I'll have to rererererererereread some comics today...
102.) Can you tell us if the current Turaga turned from Toa to Turaga before or after they came to Mata-Nui?
113.) Can you tell us, (whatever the masks may be,) did the Toa Metru have only one mask each or many masks like the Toa Nuva?
12Thanks Greg, you rock:

131) Okay, well, I came up with the powers of the kraata and "put an entire village deep asleep" was not what I wrote. I will have to have a talk with the web folks.
142) The line about the Turaga cleaning up the mess is probably from last May's issue.
153) No, I can't talk about when the Toa Metru transformed to Turaga.
164) Far as I know, each uses only one mask in the storyline.

1Hi Greg: Love the comics:
2Anyway, I have a few questions:
31) What's happening with the Ussanui? Will Takanuva re-construct it and bring it to Metru Nui?
4Probably, yes.
52) Was Jaller the only Matoran to die on Mata Nui? 6Far as I know, yes.
73) When Takua was introduced in the storyline, was the plan always for him to be the Seventh Toa?
8Takua was originally created for the GBA game to be a sort of "everyman" Matoran. I have no idea how soon after that a decision was made about his destiny.
94) The first thing Takutanuva says is 'Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui:'. Does this mean that Takanuva has made Makuta see sense or what?
115) In the movie, when Jaller dies, Takua kneels down by his side. Turahk was still functioning, so why didn't it just attack Takua then whlie he was vulnerable?
12I am sure the Toa had reached there by then and were blocking it off.
136) Does the Bionicle symbol (the Unity, Duty and Destiny one) have a particular name?
14Not that I know of.
157) Can you tell us how futuristic Metru Nui is? I mean, is it like a teeming metropolis with flying vehicles and stuff or is it like a larger version of a Mata Nui village?
16Wait and see.
178) In the 2004 storyline, is there only going to be one Turaga on Metru Nui (Turaga Dume)?
18Again, wait and see.
199) You say that Metru Nui is going to have some of the same Rahi as Mata Nui. Are there going to be Ussals and Gukkos on Metru Nui?
20Ussals, definitely, and Gukkos I would assume so, someplace.
2110) Do you know if the voice actors for Mask of Light are going to be the same for The Mask Maker?
22I don't know.
2311) Is Takanuva going to have any important roles in next years's storyline?
24He will be present, but he is not the focus.
2512) You say we'll see the Manas before the end of the year. Where are they at the moment? In Makuta's lair? On Metru Nui?
26The Manas are in the Scholastic anthology Tales of the Masks. They retreated even further underground folllowing their defeat by the Toa Kaita.


1Hi, Greg:
2I'm sorry to bug you again, but this really gets me - the Vhisola. It seems... empty to me. The back view, at least. But I noticed a size 3 peg in between the legs on back picture So my Questions are:
31) Does a back armor attach to it? Otherwise it doesn't look that great.
42) Will all Matoran masks have sorta these great colors, like painted?
53) Will those hip joints be movable? Ones that connect arms and legs to the body.
64) Who are the heroes that have to find the secret of the discs? Matoran or Toa? Because if it was Matoran, Ahkmou could be sorta a traitor:
7Thanks Greg: You're the best:

8Yes on #2 ..the rest I either can't answer or don't know the answers too. I have seen pics of the sets but have not seen the sets themselves.
1Hey Greg,
2Just a few questions about ... Vhisola, wasn't it? Hard name. ><

3We see him with a kind of gun, which I'm guessing is for the disc. Was this gun made for the Matoran so that they could still throw discs in their new form, or was/is it a part of technology that they found or find or created in Metru Nui? To simplify it, is it made on Mata Nui, or Metru Nui?
4What were the discs (the Mctoran discs) made for, and when? They have uses besides keeping mad Rahi at bay... (well, I'm guessing they do, because in MNOLG2, Halih uses a disc to dislodge a rock, and free a bridge)

71) It was made on Metru Nui. The 2004 storyline is set during the period when the Turaga were Toa, before they came to Mata Nui. Very little was produced on Mata Nui, because they did not have the facilities to do a lot of manufacture.
82) I can't answer that, you will have to wait until Jan.

10Hmm... interesting... :P
11. is that the final design for Vhisola?
2Yes, BZP took that shot this week when they visited LEGO.
32. will he be able to combind with the other 2004 matoran?
4Yes, she will.
53. why does the disk he have have the number 226 on it?
6All Kanoka disks have three-digit codes, the significance of which will be explained early in 2004.
9this means the VHISOLA IS A GIRL:::::::::::
1Sorry, I know this is old, but I didn't know this topic existed.
2I haven't received any Bionicle comics, so I don't have many clues I can count on for accuracy or information other than MNOG I and II and the mini movies that talk about the Bohrok conflict. 3What information can you give me about how Matorans, Toa, etc. came to be on Mata Nui? 4Born, built, showed up in a cannister, popped out of thin air... 5I assume that there have been hints in the comics, but not having seen them... 6How would one go about getting those comics? I seem to remember reading something about getting them for free or how to get them. 7One last question for today (it's still Thursday in Seattle). Is there a more official, accurate, or detailed map than the one available as a Wallpaper from Bionicle.com? I collect maps (and some aerial photos) when I can find them.

9The comics are available through the LEGO Club, which is free to join -- I believe you can sign up through LEGO.com. The first 15 issues will also be available in a graphic novel from DC in stores early next year, I believe.
10No information has been presented in the stories up to now on how Matoran come to be, other than the fact that they do not reproduce biologically and that no new Matoran have come into being since they arrived on Mata Nui. We will be getting more into this next year.
11As for a map, you could check the Official Guide to BIONICLE that is out in stores now, but not sure it is way more detailed than what you have already seen.

13Are the mini-movies at Bionicle.com to be taken as accurately as the comics for informational purposes, or should they be considered "based on the BIONICLE comics" in the same way that TV movies are based on actual events?
14As a matter of curiosity I was wondering how so many spelling errors crept into the first three comic books. Is the text hand-printed or is it put in place like pasting text onto an image with Word. I used to work in a print shop, so I won't get lost if you give me a semi-technical answer. (Unless you're talking about machine brands or computer programs that aren't commonly used. It has been awhile.)
15By the way, when I was looking for the page to subscribe to the BIONICLE comic I found the online editions. They did some pretty neat effects that I didn't quite expect. Since that was all I really needed I haven't bothered to subscribe, but I still might go for the Graphic Novels when they come out.
16Thank you for your help,

19We try to make the mini-movies as accurate as possible, but some artistic license has been taken in the past. Next year, however, we have managed to make everything much more consistent by having the movies done a lot earlier in the process.
20I believe the lettering is done on computer, and I am not aware of much in the way of spelling errors in the early issues. All of that is handled by DC, so I do not know that much about how it's done.
21Also, the only way to "subscribe" to the comic is to join the LEGO Club, which is free. If you are in the U.S., the comic comes with every issue of the magazine. If you are in Europe, it is more spotty as they do not carry every issue.

1Some info I got from greg: Toa Metru will not have the same weapons as 2004 matorans.
1I don't know if this answers much.
2What are these "Kanoka" people keep talking about?
4Is there any purpose for the metallic coloration on the Matoran Metru (I just like to call them that), and why that Ga-Matoran Metru's mask is grey at the top and colored at the base?
5I have some theories as to why it was done that way, but I need to talk to the campaign managers in Denmark to confirm them.
6In the picture of the back of the Ga-Matoran Metru, she had no back thing, did they just take it off to show you how she works?
7I have no idea, I wasn't there when the photos were taken.
8Now, is 2004 based on before the 2001 story? Or a follow-up on 2003's? And what happens after the Mask of Light? Will we ever know? Or will we just learn about before 2001's story?
9Yes, it is before 2001. And yes, you will eventually get the story on post-MOL. We are not done with those characters yet.
10Will there be creature sets?
11Most likely yes, eventually.
12If 2004's story is based before 2001's, then why and how did the Toa Metru become Turaga? And how did the Matoran Metru become Tohunga? And why can't they remember anything of the past (excluding the Turaga)?
13Well, I will answer your last one first. As you may recall from '01, there was a line about Makuta weakening the powers of the Matoran -- that both reduced them in stature and robbed them of their memories of Metru Nui. As for how the Toa became Turaga, that is part of next year's story so you will have to wait on that.
14Are there six villains and a macho one? Or just six villains and no macho one? Or no six villains and one macho one?
15Wait and see.
16WAIT: If this takes place before 2001, and it is on Metru Nui, will we see Mata Nui, the being? Or does he get put to sleep on Metru Nui before 2004's story?

17Can't answer it.

1Gregs answers in bold.

2Hello Greg, couple 'o questions for 'ya.
31- You said Ga-Metru... could you elaborate if you can? Is it like Ga-Koro in Metru-Nui?
4It's one district of the city.
52- How could there be new Matoran? I dont quite understand... If they are on Metru-Nui, and it is from the Turaga's past, then why didn't they bring her and\or the other Matoran with them to Mata-Nui? Or did they, and they changed names?
6All of the Matoran who live on Mata Nui came from Metru Nui ... including some of the ones we are releasing for '04, and others like Nuparu and Kongu who will appear in next year's storyline. But you will notice there are a lot more Matoran on Metru Nui than there ever were on Mata Nui -- and the why of that will be part of next year's story too.

73- Will the Rahi on Metru-Nui(If there are any) have sets?
8That's possible -- there are still discussions going on about end of the year sets.
94-Are the discs they used to keep Rahi away the same that they used on Metru-Nui? Or are they replicas built from memory?
10I do not believe they are the same ones as were used on Mata Nui. The Metru Nui disks are way more powerful.
115- The Toa Metru had/have new masks that we haven't seen yet, right? So what happend to them or made them change into the Noble Masks? Were they Great Masks before and then downgraded to Noble?
12You will have to wait to learn that answer.
13And finally...
146- It was said the Bahrag had psychic powers... What does this mean?
15Well, you know that the Bahrag were telepathic, since they were in touch with the Bohrok and Bohrok Va .. you also know they were able to mentally project illusions.
16Domo Arigato, Mister Greg.

17See answers above.

1Hi, I've gota few more questions.Please answer if you can.
21. In the MoL movie, it calls the rahkshi Makuta's sons.Would it be correct to call the toa, turaga or matoran Mata Nui's sons?
3In a figurative sense, yes.
42. Can another toa use a given toa's weapons/ power?Lewa seemed to use Tahu' sword to try to heal him.Was he just focusing Tahu's energy?And could an enemy do the same?
5That's a good question. I actually have an email out to the screenwriter about that. Thing to keep in mind, though, is that the power is not in the tool -- it's in the Toa.

63. What about enemies' weapons.I think you've said the toa could use the Bohrok's shields, but what about the Rahkshi's staffs?
7Same answer as above. The staffs don't contain the power, the Rahkshi do.

84. The toa, turaga, and matoran are biomechanical.Could their organic self live without their mechanical parts?
9Probably not for long. They would have no mobility for one thing.
105. In what part of them is the organic part?The toa built themselves when they first arrived, and the matoran rebuilt themselves larger.
11Well, one part of them that is organic is the lung tissue that is visible in the movie.
126. It seems from the movie and the toas' first arrival that their "self" is within their mask. (The toa didn't change color until they put on their masks, Jaller and Takanuva were regenerated from their masks, Makuta said "That mask needs life etc.)Is this right?
13The mask certainly has something to do with it, yes.
147. In the directors' commentary, Dave Molina and Terry Shakespeare said something about the organic lifeforms of Mata Nui are gradually becoming mechanical.Do you know anything about this?And Why?
15No. I take that commentary with a grain of salt. That is not something I have ever heard from anyone in the story team.
168. You've said the matoran play a new version of Kolhii on Metru Nui.Would the 6 new matoran be a player from each element, and is the new version played with only one player per element?
17I am sure the new Matoran have played it, yes, but it is not purely a one player to a side game anymore than current kolhii is.
189. Will the new matoran contain any masks or body pieces in colors they haven't been produced in before?
19No idea, haven't seen the sets, just pics of them.
2010. Will Onepu, Taipu, Kongu, and Tamaru ever be released as sets to finish up the 2003 Kolhii teams?And will we see any more matoran sets besides these next 6?
21No idea.
2211. Will there be another collectible in 2003 besides the Kanoka, perhaps the Krekka?
23No, Krekka is a character, not a collectable.
2412. Will the next storylines all be set in the past, or will we see some continuing storylines as well?
25Can't answer it.
2613. What is the light source of Metru Nui?Is it some sort of underground atmospheric phenomenon that glows, as in Journey to the Center of the Earth?Or is it Takanuva sitting on top of a platform with his Avohkii?
27No, there is a hole in the "sky" of Metru Nui that allows light to come in from outside.
28Thanks again for your answers, 29DM2050

11. Are the Kranoka the new collectibles? Some people swear by it, but I have my doubts. 2It's Kanoka, and yes.
32. Is the person on the '04 teaser Toa Vakama? Reason stated above. 4Yes.
53. How many of the sets shown will be in the '04 movie? 6Most of them.
74. How many Shadow Kraata are there in the Bionicle Universe? 8Not a ton. Shadow kraata are rare.
95. Are the "-rakh" sets the new enemies? 10---- 11They are among the new enemies. But not the only new enemies.

12latest Q&A from Greg.
13And the last question out to give us an idea on how many enemies there are... :rolleyes: Question 2 might also help a bit.
11.)The Shadow Kraata comes in 6 stages.Will there EVER be a new design for an actual 7th stage, or am I fooling myself by waiting until December? 2All shadow kraata are seventh stage. There is no new design, they are identified as shadow kraata by their coloring.
32.)Will the new Matoran be out in December (basing this assumption on what a preorder on Toywiz says)? 4I have heard rumors to that effect.
53.)Will we see the Toa Metru in one last shot as a teaser for the end of November, or will we have to wait until January? 6No, they don't appear in the November comic.
74.)When you say the Kanoka (I think that's what they are) have a "real world use," is that a similar concept to having the LEGO Hockey sets packaged in canisters that double as water bottles you can actually use? 8Um, sorta, but not quite. The Kanoka will be able to help you gain access to behind the scenes BIONICLE info.
95.)In the movie, what was with those double-edge, pop-out blades everyone had (I saw them with both Ta-Korans and Onu-Korans)?What happened to those cool pitchfork-like staves the Ta-Koro guard had?I remember in the update online concluding the Kal, the newly-built guards in Ta-Koro still had their staves. 10No idea. Wasn't that heavily involved in the movie.
116.)With Graalok, Jaller said something about finishing what he started, and he took out his knife mentioned above.Was he intending on cutting her down or killing her?I just can't see a Matoran willing to kill a wild Rahi. 12I believe he was planning to off her, yes, although that would never have been stated implicitly. But it makes logical sense, if he saw it as a threat.
137.)Is the Chronicler's staff part of the story now?(It was in MNOLG2.)If so, what part does it play?To carve things on the Wall of History? 14Basically, yes that is what it does.
158.)Setting Destiny and all aside, if Takua didn't have the Kohlii stick when he transformed, would he have been unarmed as Takanuva? 16Yes, he probably would have been.
179.)When Kopaka zoomed with his Akaku in the movie, along the edges were "PC TARAKAVA," "PC NUI RAMA," (I think) and "PC USSAL CRAB."Are these codes for something online? 18I think they are codes for the software game.
1910.)Any chance we'll ever get to see a Ga-Koran boat as a set? 20We are talking about doing vehicles in future, not sure which ones.
2111.)In the movie, Gali levetated when she meditated (no rhyme intended).Was she really using her Miru, but without showing it so less-informed viewers weren't left in the dark? 22Not sure.
2312.)At the end of the movie, did all of the Toa use their Haus at the same time, thus able to deflect the power of three Rahkshi in one blast? 24No, it's not necessary. They could all share in the power of Tahu's. Their willpower was sufficient to make it stronger.
2513.)Okay, so now would it be safe to say that Tahu's cooled down a deal, Gali isn't mad at him, and the Toa are pretty much united? 26Yes.
2714.)At the healing, how was Lewa able to use Tahu's sword to generate fire energy? 28That's a good question, which I am waitingf or an answer from the head of the story team on.

29Find it interesting that Jaller would have actually killed something. But now we know what the Chronicler's Staff is, and that there's a small chance we'll get an official boat.
1Oh: I have one:
2QUOTE 3Did Nuju still talk in "whistlespeak" when he was a Toa Metru? If so, who translated for him?

4No, he didn't. It wasn't until some time after he became a Toa that he began doing that. We should be explaining why in the next couple years.

6So this means that Nuju can speak, he just chooses not to: Hmm...
1I have more answers from GregF
2Hi greg i have some questions for you

31. Do you have any info about the Shadow Toa othe than that they are duplicates of the older versions of the Toa ?
4Well, they are dark and evil duplicates, does that help? They are also in one of the Scholastic novels from '03, I think the first one.
52. I´ve bought Kurahk today and since i got a level three 6which says, it can magnify mild grudges into furious feuds. Can you explain what it means ?
7Well, let's say someone bumps into you in the hall and it annoys you -- but not enough to make a big deal out of. That Rahkshi could make it so that you want to get into a fistfight with the guy.
83.What does the Chroniclers Staff really do ? 9It's what Takua uses to write on the Wall of History.
104.Can you tell me anything about what metru nui looks like ? 11It's a big city.
125. What power does Takutanuva actually have since i have no idea of what happens if Light and Darkness fuse together. 13He has both powers.
146th and final question: Who is your favorite Rahkshi ? 15Probably Lerahk.
1QUOTE 2Is there some significance to why Nuurakh and Nuhrii`s names are so similar?
3Does this mean that when they betray the island, they get new forms?
4Are the six matoran 2004 sets the same matoran as the ones with the same names in the MNOLG2?
5Will we learn how and why everyone except the turaga`s memories were erased?

61) No, no connection.
72) No.
83) Don't know, possibly.
94) I can answer that right now. In MNOLG1, it is stated that Makuta "weakened the powers of the Matoran" after they came to Mata Nui. That is how they wound up looking like the McDonald's toys. At the same time, he also gave them amnesia about Metru Nui, because he did not want them ever returning there.


24) I can answer that right now. In MNOLG1, it is stated that Makuta "weakened the powers of the Matoran" after they came to Mata Nui. That is how they wound up looking like the McDonald's toys. At the same time, he also gave them amnesia about Metru Nui, because he did not want them ever returning there.

4But, then why didn`t he erase the turaga`s memories?

5Will we learn why makuta did not want them to have these memories in 2004?
6Were makuta and mata nui once on the same side?
7If Metru nui was created first, how did it get beneath mata-nui?

81) The Turaga had been Toa and had mastered Great Masks in the past ... their will was too strong for Makuta to affect that way.
92) I can tell you now -- the Matoran had to get back to Metru Nui to wake up Mata Nui, and Makuta doesn't want them doing that.
103) Don't know.
114) Welllll .. look at it this way ... if you think of Metru Nui as a planet, and Mata Nui as outer space, since it is above it ... you colonize your planet before you go out into space, right?

12MATA NUI IS A SPACE COLONY::: :o :o :o :o :o :blink: :blink: :wired: :drool:
11. Is Ahkmou the Comet Ball Trader? The names are identical in MNOLG2, they both have the same mask, and Ahkmou before has devious intentions of revenge. So... is he?
2Can't answer it.
32. Is there some kind of power that the Kanoka discs have? I mean, in the description it says they are powerful discs for defense and sport, so exactly what kind of plan would these Matoran have in store for Metru Nui with a Kanoka Disc... I mean, they don't have special power, do they? (Crickets Start Chirping)
4All Kanoka disks have some level of power, but average disks are not the ones that pose a potential threat to the city.
53. As the Matoran go to Metru Nui, does their memory come back as they see places? Does the cities spur their memory?
6It might, but we won't be seeing them go back for a while.
74. What exactly have the Matoran on Metru NUi been doing while the Matoran of Mata Nui were up there battling evil?
8Can't answer it.
95. When is the Mask of Light.com going to recieve an update? I'm anxious to learn more about this "Artakha."
10Don't know, I don't work on that.
116. You probably can't answer this, but is Nuhrii the famed "Mask Maker" that is supposed to have a role in 2004's epic movie?
12No, he's not.
137. Will the 2004 movie be about the past and six Matoran's plans, or will it be about the actual Toa as they battle new evil?
14It's about the Toa.
158. Has Makuta arrived at the -beginning- of 2004 yet? Because It'd be sweet to see how Mata Nui and Makuta duke it out. Or does he never arrive on Metru Nui and only arrive after Mata Nui gets to, well, Mata Nui?
16Can't answer it.
179. Will we be able to see Mata Nui next year? Because, he has to bring the other Matoran to Mata Nui, right?
18Nope. You are taking things the Turaga say literally again...
1910. Do the villages, while the current Turaga are Toa, have other Turaga, like this Dume dude?
20There are no villages on Metru Nui, just districts. It's one big city. And there is only one Turaga, same way there is only one mayor in NYC.