1Hello Greg,
2Ok, so I noramlly try just to write you once a noth, so not to bother you, but I've watched MOL again, and I have a few questions.
31)In the beginning we see the Ajama circle, and the rocks being expelled from the Mata-Nui rock.Is that just a movie representation, or is it actually how the Turaga show it?If so, how do they do that?
4Think that was just a movie representation.
52)How strong ARE the matoran, exactly?It show Takua pick up a rock that's about 1/3 as bigh as he is, and it barely seems to bother him.
6Well, they are pretty strong for such little guys, especially since the rebuild. We haven't quantified it, but I would guess a Matoran would be stronger than an average human.
73)Takua touches the Lava, just a little bit, but you clearly hear it sizzle.He doesn't seem affected.However, the next second, he picks up the MOL, and he juggles it, as it burns his hand.It wasn't in the lava very long, granted that the lava is hot, but still, it shouldn't be lava heat.. ermm.. anyways, to the question, was this just a mistake, or do the Ta-Koroans have a resistance to lava, but not to heat?(ok, so that soudns stupid. ><)
8They have a limited resistance to heat. And the mask doesn't need to be in the lava for long to be blazingly hot.
94)They just descend to the bottom level of a ramp... yet Takua says that no one has recorded that.Wouldn't it be easy for someone to just hop across the lava, and look at it?
10The area is forbidden. That's why Jaller was upset with Takua being there.
115)The Turaga have glowing stones on their staff/tools.Well, most of them, I don't see a glow on Onewa's, but is there any specific reason for those stones to be there?
12I would assume they are lightstones.
136)Is that BODY ARMOR they're wearing (They forwards) at the Koli match?If so, why doesn't Takua seem to have any on?
14Not that I know of.
157)The Koli match shows the Matoran are very argile (bouncing off walls).Would they have been able to do that in the old form?(I'm guessing not).
16Probably not as easily, no.

178)Wouldn't they notice that the mask shines whenever it touches Takua, or gets near him?
18No, who was there to notice? Takua made sure it shone on Jaller, and the two were always together. And Jaller did know that it was meant to be Takua's, but Takua wouldn't accept it.
199)When Nokama is translating the mask, it soudns like she says, "Makuta, Takutanuva (it woulds like that)"That's.. odd..Forshadowing?
2110)We see Jaller with a kind of knife...I thought TLC didn't like violence... but what else is a knife/sword for (ok, so you can cut cheese with a knife.. )?
22My guess would be for carving/shaping cooling protodermis .. also for cutting through plant life. Bladed tools can be used for all sorts of things besides violence.
2311)Any particular reason Pahnrahk drives his staff into the ground?Is that just to look cool, or does it provide him with power?
24I think he was just trying to look impressive.
2512)I don't know if you can answer this, but was the MOS "possessing" Makuta, or is he acting on his own free will?(He DOES say, "My duty is to the Mask of Shadows")
26As far as I am aware -- and I do have some background on Makuta you guys don't -- everything he has done has been of his own volition. He is not being controlled.
2713)Are suva's seen as temples?Becacuse that looked like a Suva that the rahkshi blew to pieces.
28They are shrines, yes.
2914)I'm guessing that the Kraata in the movie are level 6, am I right?
30For a mission this important, I would think so, yes.
3115)I just noticed, the Kraata's spines glow when they use their powers.Is the Kraata producing the power, and channling it through the staffs of the Rahkshi, or are the Kraata using a power that's in the armor already?
32The power comes from the kraata, but its union with the armor is what makes it possible for it to tap that power.
3316)Is that metal on the Gokku bird natural, or a "combat skin"?
34I believe it's natural.
3517)(Ok, so this isn't MOL related. ) It's pretty obvious destiny can be SOMEWHAT changed.So, now, what will happen with the Bohrok?Several of the Bohrok are obviously aroudn (flash frozen Korahk) ,but they aren't going to run aroudn any more.So, who's going to cleanse the island?
36Good question. Only way the Bohrok can clean the island is if the Bahrag are freed. If they are not freed, then the island ain't getting cleaned
3718)Why WERE the Bohrok supposed to cleanse the island?
38Can't reveal that yet.
3919)I'll have to wrap this up, due to my going to bed (lucky you. )but I was wondering, what kind of book is your favorite? (I.E. Sci Fi, Fantasy....)
40Um, I read a lot history, actually, and mysteries. I also have a huge comic book collection, about 28 long boxes worth.
4120)HAve you ever heard of the Wheel of Time series?If so, do you like it?It's my favorite book series.
42Don't think I have heard of it.
44P.S.They call him Onua the wise... shouldn't he be smart enough than to collapes Onu-Koro?

45Hey, heat of the moment
46See answers above.

47Hehehehe... :P
48CM, that was hardly as long as your other ones... :( (I'm always interested to read the questions you ask. :P )
1QUOTE 2No I mean why were a Po-matoran and a Ko-matoran in Le-wahi?

3Because those were the ones that the shadow kraata had infected and they were doing its bidding. They were creating a trap for the Toa. Since the encounter with the Bohrok, Le-Matoran are a little harder to ambush and infect, because they are much more watchful and stay high in the trees.
11)Is Ahkmou the Comet Ball Traitor?There is a character in the MNOLG 2 that is named Ahkmou and looks EXACTLY like the CBT.
2Can't answer it.
32)Is there any significance to the 2004 Matoran all having Noble Masks?
4Not that I know of.
53)Could the Matoran use mask abilities when they were still in Metru Nui?
74)Nuhrii is described as "A mask maker".Does this mean there are more than one? 4b)How many are there?
8Can't answer it, except to say he is NOT the one referred to by the movie title.
95)In the 2004 storyline, do the residents of Metru Nui have any knowledge at all of Mata Nui? (the character).
10The character? Oh, yes, of course.
116)Is Makuta the only character to use Rahkshi?
12Ummmmmmm ... can't answer it.

137)What kind of information can be found with the disk codes?
14You will have to wait and find out.
158)I heard you say that Kongu will be in the 2004 storyline.Will he have a miru, or had those not yet been made?
16No idea. He is in the storyline and he will be pictured in part of it, but I have no idea what mask he has at the time. Have not seen his depiction yet.
179)Do each of the Toa Metru have 6 masks?
18No. They have one apiece.
1910)Were the Toa Metru sent from Paradise like the Toa or were they once Matoran?
20Wait and see.
2111)Does Turaga Dume have a deep story behind him?
22He might, but I don't know it.
2312)About how long did the Metru Matoran live on Metru Nui before they moved to Mata Nui?
24Long time. Long, long, long time.
2513)I get the impression that the Metru Nuians fled from something.Is that something still on Metru Nui as of Makuta's defeat?
26That's a way down the line question, I can't answer it.
2714)You have said that the Toa are more united now.That kinda seems to destroy some of Kopaka's character.Will he still be going off on his own every once in a while?
28Yes, he will, but the 2003 Toa are not the focus of the 2004 story.
2915)Who is your favorite Toa Metru, character-wise?
30Strangely enough, considering my favorite Toa is Kopaka, my favorite Toa Metru is Onewa. He's got a lot of attitude and something of a chip on his shoulder, which makes him fun to write. He's not whiney at all -- he's just a very strong personality, not really what I would consider reckless but an adventurer at heart. He's fun.
3116)Are the personalities of the Toa Metru kinda like the personalities of the Toa?
32Ummmm .. you would expect them to be, but in some important ways they are not. The Toa came onto the island as heroes -- everyone revered them before they had even done anything. The Toa Metru don't have that luxury -- they have to learn to be heroes and win the acceptance of others. So, for example -- Nokama is wise like Gali, but not as gentle or diplomatic -- she talks when she should listen and can be really bossy at times.

33I'm liking this.
1Here's something I asked GregF:
2On the back of the latest comic it shows a large shadowed figure standing. Is that Toa Vakama? And he looks a little bigger then the original Toa's height. How tall is he?

3Yes, it is Vakama. I don't know what the comparison is to the original Toa sets, I don't have the '04 sets.
1Okay, new set of questions:
2Hi Greg. Okay, only a few quick questions this time:
3Several members have bought the "Tales of the Masks" book, but you said it would be out next month. You guys running ahead of schedule?
4If it's out, it's news to me. That's Scholastic's end of things, not LEGO's.
5Will we see any of the current Matoran (Kongu, Takua, Hafu, etc.) in the past on Metru Nui next year? 6Yes.
7You said there are Rahkshi on Metru Nui. Will we get to see the Toa Nuva and Takua...er, Takanuva...fighting and capturing them? 8No. The Toa Nuva don't get to Metru Nui next year. You will see the Toa Metru fighting them.
9You said you have background information on Makuta that we don't. Will we (as in the public) ever get to see this information for ourselves? 10Someday, yes.
11Thanks in advance, Greg: :)

12-Master of the Rahkshi

1Hi Greg, I've got a few questions, hope you don't mind.
21.Are the Toa Metru really so buff as they seem in the silhouet on comic 15? 3Gonna have to wait and see.
42. Are all of the Toa Metru built the same a bit, you know same torso different mask/colors? 5Pretty much, that is what we usually do.
63. Will there, after the big flashback, be 2003 matoran again? 7Eventually, we will get back to the story of the current Matoran returning to Metru Nui.
84. Do you know if the 2004 matorans have a back torso? or are they empty on the back? 9No idea, haven't seen the sets.
105. Will the new evil be intelligent (Kal) or beasts (Rahi)? 11Pretty much all the bad guys are intelligent.
126. Are the Toa Metru stronger then the Toa or Toa Nuva? 13No.
147. If turaga Dume is like the mayor of Metru Nui. What's the guy that he comes with? 15Can't answer it.
168.Can you share the name of Toa Vakama's Kanohi? (PLEEEEAAASE?) 17Nope.
189. Do you like the Matrix movies? 19Not really. I saw the first one, and while I thought the idea behind it was good, I thought it was really pretentious. So I didn't see the other two.
2010. Let me get this staight, the matoran lifeline. 1.2004 matoran 2.2003 Matoran 3. 1999 McToran 4. 2003 Matoran. Is this correct? 21No. It's 1. 2004 Matoran 2. McD Matoran 3. 2003 Matoran
2211. Do the Toa Metru have elbows and knees? 23I don't know.
2412. How tall are the Toa Metru? Are they like the Toa, the Rahkshi, Makuta? 25Again, haven't seen the sets, just pics.
2613. Do you have a 2004 set of yourself? 27Um, no.
28Thanks in advance Greg:
1Okay, he said we have to find out in January why the Toa Metru use Kanoka and disk lauchers as weapons. So my theory is correct, that crossbow thing is a disk launcher.
21: Do all the Matoran Metru wear Noble masks?
32: Can the Matoran Metru activate their masks? 4No idea.
53: Why did the Turaga get the masks that their people once wore? 6Can't answer it.
74: Are the Kanohi Metru great masks of Power? Or Metru masks of Power? 8No, it is still Great Masks, Noble Masks, etc.
95: Did the masks that the Toa Olda wear, were they ever worn by anyone on Metru Nui? I mean less powerful ones, or did everyone wear masks with powers? 10No, Matoran masks do not have powers. But yes, those mask shapes were worn by some characters in the BIONICLE universe before the Olda.
116: Is there any significance with the Half colored Half protodermic colorations of the Matoran Metru masks? 12Probably, but not one I am aware of.
137: Okay, did every Matoran make masks? Or did only those six powerful ones do it? 14Those six are not mask makers. And no, every Matoran does not make masks.
158: Did the Matoran just go around making Masks of Power and using them? 16Again, no.
179: Do you have a list on the Toa Metru mask powers? 18Yes, but I can't release it yet.
1910: Do the Toa Metru have elemental powers? 20Yes.
2111: What is the significance of the Metru Disk? I like them, but howcome even the Toa Metru use them? PS: Toa Vakama's disk laucher looks like the bomb: It is shaped like a crossbow with Fire at the ends:

22Again, you will find out in January.
23See answers above.

1Here's something I asked GregF:
2Can u give us any info on the Toa Metru's personalities? I read what u said about Nokama and Onewa, but what about the others?
3No, not really, I probably shouldn't go into depth on that yet.
11. Are the discs the Matoran used on Mata Nui for sport and defense also Kanoka Discs?
32. Um, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about Vakama, personalitywise, like maybe three things. He's my personal favorite Turaga, and I was wondering if he was bossy, funny(hard to think of a funny Toa as that old geezer now) or fun. Could you tell me without giving away too much?
4Well, I can talk a little about Vakama early on in the story next year (pre-movie). He is brave, and he does have the qualities of a leader (certainly Nokama believes that). But he is not entirely comfortable with a leader's role and all that responsibility, and sometimes he lets himself get pushed aside by more aggressive personalities like Onewa. But when he is angered, pretty much nothing can stop him ... he is also a very good strategist (he and Onewa are probably the best at that, with Matau a close second). Like the other characters, Vakama's personality will grow and change in the movie and as the story goes along.

53. Is Vakama, the red dude, acting commander of the Toa Metru like Tahu is to the Toa Nuva?
6Not a first, no, although he does take the lead in their first major adventure.
74. Do the Toa Metru come in canisters or come from Matoran? Or something else?
8Can't answer it right now.
95. So... I still don't get why the Turaga are so slow to trust the Toa. I mean, this just seems like somthing more. They've been Toa themselves, they should trust others. Are they jealous or something?
10No, it's not jealousy. It has to do with having had their trust betrayed in the past. The Turaga put a great deal of emphasis on the fact that just being able to trust means nothing -- it's trusting WISELY that counts, and they are not quick to do that.

116. Are there Kanoka makers like they're are mask-makers?
12Ummmmm .. I would say more Kanoka "shapers."
137. What characters will we see that have already been introduced into the storyline? I recall Kongu being one of them, but anyone else?
14Kongu will make a reappearance .. Nuparu will, in one of the Scholastic books .. I think Kopeke does ... and I am sure others will too, some in the movie, some in the books.
158. Do the people of Le-Metru speak in treespeak like the Le-Matoran of Mata Nui do?
179. Is Nidawk a Rahi? Or is he like the Turaga's adviser?
18Can't answer it.

1910. Okay... so if this Dume guy is like the Mayor of all of the cities, what color is he? Is he tie-dye, or just grey, or rainbow?
20Oh, I have no idea -- have not seen the set.

1# 4 and 6 on the toa questions are pretty interesting, if you want to take a look
2QUOTE 3Hi greg, I hope you can answer most of these since they're mostly about the rahi
41) Is a rahi combiner when two rahi actually combine, or is it like the crabs, when they just grow bigger, and if that's true, how come muaka and kane ra grow into the same thing?
5A combiner is just that -- it's two models combined. It doesn't necessarily mean that the two Rahi merged. It may simply be a different species.
62) When the toa kaita fought the manas, they destroyed 4 of them, that were controlled by the towers. Are there more of those towers, since I heard that the manas are coming back?
7The manas are back in Tales of the Masks.
83) Do you know how you guys did selling the manas? They were the coolest sets, but I haven't seen any more electronic bionicle sets.
9In general, the more expensive sets do not do as well as the $7.99 or $8.99 sets. So we are trying to only do sets up to about $30.00.
104) are the nui kopen like queens for the nui rama? And when a new one comes out does it go and build a new nest?
11No idea.
12Toa Questions
131) Is takanuva the new leader? If he is then what are tahu and kopaka going to fight about?
14No, Takanuva has no interest in being leader of the Toa.
152) How did the exo suits hinder the elemental powers? Did they use them to power themselves? Then if they did, how did they work without the toa?
16Basically, they blocked the use of them.
173) Do you know if the toa metru can fit into exo suits?
18No, I don't.
194) I'm kinda confused, is toa a race, like humans to chimpanzees, or are they just a title? It was hard to tell after the mask of light movie
20No, Toa are not a separate race. Toa are something a Matoran becomes if it is his destiny to do so. Toa are like .. great athletes, sort of.
215) Is takanuva's armor made of protodermis? and how hard would it be to cut into that stuff? They didn't have that much trouble ripping apart the rahkshi, and they were like pure protodermis.
22Everything on Mata Nui (well, almost everything) is made of protodermis. However, there are different strength levels of protodermis, depending on how it was forged.
236)Since the 2004 storyline is taking place in the before time, I guess it predates makuta, but not the bohrok. Will they finally come back?
24It doesn't necessarily predate Makuta either. And Bohrok will be seen in the storyline, but really won't play a big part.
257) How long would it take for someone with the kaukau nuva, sharing her powers with someone with the kakama nuva go get to metru nui?
26No idea. But considering how dangerous the ocean is, I am not sure you want to go swimming in it.
278) Where did the turaga get the copper masks? And did Tahu ever win one for lava boarding?
28Copper masks are for Matoran, not Toa. And they got them from the same place they got all the other masks -- Metru Nui.
299) Will the matoran bring all their possessions with them, or will they assume that since they're going home, they should just leave it all and let someone else fix/clean the island?

30I am sure they will bring their tools and the things they feel they will need, since they are not planning to go back again. And Pewku and some of the other tamed Rahi will come along too, I am sure,
31See answers above. 32Greg
11.)The Shadow Kraata comes in 6 stages.Will there EVER be a new design for an actual 7th stage, or am I fooling myself by waiting until December? 2All shadow kraata are seventh stage. There is no new design, they are identified as shadow kraata by their coloring.

3Does this mean that between a SK with a Stage 1 design and a SK with a Stage 6 design are both Level 7, and of equal power and ability?

4Yes. All SK are level 7.

5Looks like it won't be necessary for storyline completion to obsess over getting a Level 6 SK.
1OK, I just asked Greg this question. Here is the PM:
2Hey GregF, there has been a lot of speculation as to what Toa Vakama's weapon is. I was wondering if you could tell us anything, or is it confidential? It would be really cool to find out, even if I couldn't tell anyone else. 3-Compka

4Vakama has a disk launcher -- however, while disk launchers can fit on the other Toa Metru models and be used by them as well, the other Toa Metru come with different tools.

6Pretty cool, huh? So Toa Vakama does have a disk launcher, but the others have different weapons. I can't wait for 2004, because the new Toa must be really cool, according to what Greg said. B-) 7-Compka
1I have sokme new info: (I bet someone already posted this.)

2Zonarc: I was just wondering if we will ever see the Turaga Nui. I would also like to know if the Bohrok/Kal Kaita will ever be seen. Thanks:::

3Greg: The Bohrok Kal Kaita were in one of the comics. I doubt you will see Bohrok Kaita or Turaga Nui anytime soon, because the story is shifting to Metru Nui in the time before time.

5I knew one Kal Kaita was in it I was wondering about the other one.
1QUOTE 2Hey Greg, I was hoping you could please take some time and answer these questions.

31. Can you tell me anything about toa Nuju, personality-wise, and other details if you can?
4Nuju tends to be very focused on the future .. he is concerned with consequences of his actions. Like Kopaka, he tends not to be all that friendly, but he is extremely resourceful. He probably has the most difficulty getting along with Whenua.
52. Can you tell me any of the toa metru's mask powers?
6Not yet, no. The mask powers will be detailed early in the year, but they really don't come into play in the storyline until later on.
73. Are toa Onewa's weapons on a chain, stiff chain, or something else, because that is what it looks like in the pictures from the toyfare magazine?
8I see them as being on a chain, yes. They are like pitons on a chain.
94. Do the toa metru come with kanoka disks?
10Only Vakama does.
115. Can you tell me what the toa metru's weapons are?
12That will be released in Jan. too.
136. Will toa Nuju have a shield, like kopakauva?
157. How do the matoran versions of the toa metru (it said they were matoran in the toyfare mag) turn into the toa metru?
16That you will have to wait to find out.
178. Is the new/old version of kohlii played with kanoka disks? If not, what is it played with?
18Yes, it is.
199. Are there only 6 different types of stickers on the kanoka disks?
21Thanks for your time Greg:

22See answers above.

23I meant the stickers on the disk to show the different types, I will try to rephrase the question and I will post it later.
1Hey Greg
21.) I'm confused on the Shadow Kraata. Ok, I know a SK is purple. But I don't get the shape. Stage 1 Kraata have one shape. The change shape as the go to Stage 2. The change shape as they go to Stage 3 and so on. So when the go to Stage 7 they stay the same or revert back to a previous shape? Meesa don't get it.
3All SK are purple -- the different shapes are not really relevant. They were made in those shapes because LEGO used existing molds to make them.
42.)I realize that you can't stay on the same focus for the entire Bionicle story, HOWEVER:In the beginning, SO MUCH was centered around the masks, the Toa combining their mask powers to save the day and all that. But now, even though they have all of their Kanohi Nuva, the other masks they have are just kinda....there. Nothing special. Why isn't there more ficus on the masks that they have?
5Because if we put the same focus on the masks again, we would just be telling the 2001 story again. There was a lot of focus on the masks the first year because initially that was the product we had out -- Toa, Turaga and masks. The only bad guy sets were the Rahi, who came out late in the year. In 2003, the major sets were the Kal and the Rahkshi and the movie toys, so why focus the story on the search for the masks?
63.) Can you tell us when the huge flash-back will end (2004, pre MOL) and we'll come back to the here-and-now? (post MOL)
7I can't, because I don't know.
84.) Will the 2004 movie take place in the pre-MOL story/flash-back?
9Can't answer it.
105.) Is cleaning the island the only purpose of the Bohrok? I mean, the few that were released were doing good enough, and yet you say there were tons in reserve; they don't really seem needed.
11Yes, as far as we know that is their purpose.
126.) While on Mata Nui, do the Matoran refer to their disks (like the McToran came with) as Kanoka, or do they call them something else because they forgot?
13They never referred to them as anything but disks.
147.) Wouldn't a big hole in Mata Nui be really really visable? (I'm refering to the one that lights Metru Nui)
15There is a big hole in Mata Nui -- the opening of the volcano.
167b.) This isn't really a queston, but... Ok, you ever read the Centerpoint Crisis Trilogy from Star Wars? Inside Centerpoint Station, Hollowtown was lighted by the "Glowpoint," a point in the center or the shperical town that acted as a sun. Unless the hole that lets light into Metru Nui plays an important role, I think a sort of "Glowpoint" might have been more realistic, don't you?(I mean, not REALISTIC, but more believable than I giant hole in the roof/floor, at least in a sci-fi story thingy.) Then again, I don't know what I'm talking about, the hole is probably important somehow.
17No, I don't read Star Wars fiction.
188.) Do all Metru Matoran have a super fancy disk launcher like that?
209.) Let's pretend the word long" is a unit of time.If the Matoran were on Metru Nui first for a long long long long time, how would hat compair to their being on Mata Nui?
21They have not been on Mata Nui for as long as they were on Metru Nui.
22Thanks Greg:

23[SIZE=7][COLOR=blueHmm, I know Greg doesn't have the time to spend hours on each question, but I feel like the quality of his answers is slipping. (I'm not talking about the ones he's not allowed to answer either.)
1QUOTE 2Can you tell use the names of the Toa Metrus' weapons (ie Quake Breakers)? If yes what are they?

3No, that will all be revealed in Jan.
5Oh man. (jk)
1QUOTE 29. Are there only 6 different types of stickers on the kanoka disks?

4See answers above.[/QUOTE]

5I meant the different prints on the disk (they were stickers I think on the throw bot disks, but they may not be on the 04 matoran). Ex. there is the red, blue, the ice one that is white and light blue, with icicle like shapes on it, black green with vine-like shapes, and brown.
6Oh, I see what you mean. I don't think they are stickers, though. But yes, only six designs because they are made in the six metru of Metru Nui.
17.) Wouldn't a big hole in Mata Nui be really really visable? (I'm refering to the one that lights Metru Nui)
2There is a big hole in Mata Nui -- the opening of the volcano.

3Thats neat: I thought Takanuva lit it up: But I have one problem: In the second comic lava comes from the volcano: If its a big hole, how does lava come from it?
1Don't question the comics: :D
2Hello Greg,
3Geesh, the more I see about the 2004 stuff, the more I want to know, but I'll stick with questions I guess you MIGHT be able to answer.
41)Can you give us the mask powers for 2004?Or are they pretty much the same as the original Toa?
5No, they are not at all the same as the original Toa. But I'm not authorized to talk about them yet. I can tell you that, while the Toa will have them from day one, they really won't play a big part in the story until later in the year.
62)Those sets look awesome.If I'm right, they have elbows, AND knees, along with the normal articulation...Is that right?
7I do know that they have more articulation than anything we have done to date, but specifics I do not have.
83)Question about the comics, kinda, in 2004.Is Turaga Vakama just going to tell the Toa right where they are (the beach on Mata-Nui) about all of 2004, or will they reach the island, and have it told bit by bit, as theey discover things?
9Some of it will be shared on the island, and some will be shared as they make the sea voyage to Metru Nui.
104)When the Matoran became Toa, how did it happen?Was it protodermis, masks like Takua, or just waking up and finding you were a Toa?
11None of the above, but I can't share the secret of how at this point. They will be Toa at the beginning of '04, and you will get a pretty big clue in January as to how it happened, but you won't actually SEE it happen until the movie.

126)Life sounded great on Metru-Nui, but obviously SOMETHING drove them out, and so, now, they're headed back, but what if that something is still there?Are they hoping with 6 Toa Nuva, and 1 Toa evolved, that they can beat it?
13That is certainly their hope. Metru Nui will not be a fun place when the Toa Nuva get back to it, and there will probably be challenges there that even the Turaga are not prepared for.
147)In comparison to the Nuva, how strong were the Toa Metru?
15I would say they are as powerful as the original Toa. They did not have Nuva masks that could share powers, etc. Also keep in mind that the Toa pretty much knew how to use their powers the second they came to Mata Nui - the Toa Metru have to learn on the job.
168)What is this "plant plague"?Is it exactly that, a biological life form? Or is it mechanical?
17Actually, the Morbuzakh is the closest to purely biological as we have had in BIONICLE. But it's not just a plantIt's not even just nature gone amokIt's ... very ambitious, for one thing.
189)Can you tell us the Toa Metru's tools?Onewa (ermm.. think that's the right one) looked like he had gigantic hammers, or maybe maces, on his hands, and Matatua looked like he had Katana, like Lewa.And Vakama's looks like a disc launcher, or a crossbow.
19I can tell you that Vakama's is a disk launcher. I am holding off discussing the others for now.
2010)What is a "Great Kanoka disc"?Is it something akin to apowerful source of energy?
21Hmmmmm .. well .. it is something that a great deal of energy is invested in, yes. It is also extremely rare.
2211)I noticed that the 6 matoran on the pages in the comics all would like vengence, and they aren't the ones that turn into Toa...Are these just to boost sales, give us cool new sets, or will they actually have a purpose in the storyline?
23They play a very significant role in the storyline in the first half of the year. The first three issues of the comic and the first two Scholastic novels have a lot to do with them.
2412)Ok, been meaning to ask you this for a while, what parts of the Matoran/Turaga/Toa are biological?I see the muscles, but that's about it.This pretty much implies that they are far more mechanical than biological, right?
25Yes, I would say they are more mechanical than biological. But you might also take note that the Toa in the movie have lung tissue as well as musculature.

2613)Makuta seemed to choose the most surgical of the Rahkshi, but wouldn't there have been some other ones that would have been better?
27Well, those are the six the story team decided on when the Rahkshi were being plannedAll those other powers were conceived by me after the Rahkshi had been released.
2814)Is this a correct path of "evolution"?Matoran> Toa> Turaga and another path of Matoran> Turaga and another one of Matoran> Toa (who skip the Matoran stage)> Toa Nuva. 29Are these paths correct, or all of these paths correct, or just one? ><
30Matoran cannot go directly to being Turaga, no. An extremely small number of Matoran become Toa and then Turaga .. most Matoran just stay Matoran all their lives .. and we do not know for certain if it is possible for Toa to have NEVER been Matoran, though I hope that it is.
31That last one was from my brother... so that's why it's kinda, odd.


33See answers above. 34Greg

35Hmm... I thought some were quite interesting... especially 8. :)
1QUOTE 2Can you tell me a little about Whenua and Matau, as in how they act?
3Why were the matoran who became toa unpreapred? You`d think for somethign as important as that they would have trained their troops better...or, was there a specific reasont aht only these matoran could become toa?

41) Matau is probably the most similar to himself as a Turaga. He LOVES being a Toa -- he's looking forward to all the fame and all the tales that will be written about him. He does some remarkable feats because he wants to make sure he lives up the image of a "Toa-hero."
5Whenua was a researcher and an archivist. He is a lot more cautious than some of the other Toa, and he believes the answer to most things can be found in the past. He comes up with some pretty good plans, though, and he is not afraid to put himself in real danger to save the other Toa. That is one of the things I have noticed with these Toa Metru -- they may start out less skilled and less knowledgeable about how to be a Toa, but they are enormously brave. As I have been writing the novels, the characters have taken some incredible risks and in some cases been willing to sacrifice themselves so the others could survive.

1Hey Greg, I have a few questions for you:
2In the Toy Fare magazine it says this:
3Don't expect it to be all fun and games in Metru-Nui, though. In this prequel, and evil plant plague-the Morbuzakh-disrupts the paradise, forcing six unprepared Matoran to assume the roles of Toa heroes.
4Plants? Are plants really the new baddie?
5In the early part of the year, the Morbuzakh is one of the enemies they have to face. But it is not the movie storyline enemy.
6And it says "assume the roles". Does someone have the ability to grant them Toa powers? Possibly Turaga Dume if he was once a Toa?
7Yes, but Dume has nothing to do with it.
8Last one: How is Matau prononced?
9Mah-tow (pronounced like "cow")
10Thanx in advance:
1Here's something else I asked him about the new villian:
2How will Lego make plant sets? Have u seen them, do they look cool?

3The Morbuzakh is only one of multiple villains next year, and is not the movie villain. We aren't doing a set for it, but I am trying to see if we can get some building instructions done for it.
1I have new info:
2Zonarc: I was just wondering if there will be a Taka Metru in Metru-Nui. Or does Takanuva just wonder around for a while? I would also like to know if we will ever come back to our heros: Tahu, Gali, Lewa, etc.


4Takua lived on Metru Nui... Takanuva did not. He was never Takanuva until he turned into him in the movie.
5Greg: Yes, we will eventually get back to the Toa Nuva and the current storyline.

7Hope you can use it:
1QUOTE 2QUOTE 3QUOTE 41. We've seen pictures of three Toa Metru from the Toyfair magazine, and I'd like to know exactly how Onewa's (the set) tool works. It looks like a big hammer-mace, but can it actually swing, or does it have a stiff handle like most other Bionicle tools?
5I believe it's stiff.
62. There are theories the Toa Metru were once Matoran, will we ever get to see them as Matoran?
83. Were there other Turaga on Metru-Nui besides Dume?
9Not at the point in time this story takes place.
104. The Toyfair article said that a plague known as the Morbuzakh disrupts Metru-Nui. Are Razzakh and Co. extensions of this plague, or related to it somehow? (I'm wondering about the endings)
11No, they are not connected to the Morbuzakh.
125. Did all 6 of the 2OO4 Matoran come to Mata-Nui with the Turaga and everybody else?
13I do not know that answer.
146. How long will the Metru-Nui "story" last? I'm guessing 2OO4 to 2OO6.
15Can't answer it. A lot depends on the release date of the theatrical movie.
167. Will we see some form of Makuta, the Bahrag, or the Bohrok on Metru-Nui in 'O4 or 'O5?
17You will see Bohrok, but that's pretty much it .. see them .. they will not really play any role in the story, as far as I know.
188. Do you know if we'll get more Lego Designer and Inventor sets next year?
19I believe so, yes.
1QUOTE 2I know, I just PMed you a little while ago, but those questions were rushed. I just have a few more questions to ask.
31) I heard that Toa Vakama has a disk launcher as a weapon. Does he use the same disks as the matoran use?
52) I'm sort of confused. So, the Matoran in the comic 15 centerfold are the Matoran that turn into the Toa?
6No, they're not. The way it works is -- today's Turaga started out as Matoran and became Toa Metru Their first mission was to find six missing Matoran, and that is who the Matoran in November's comic are.
73) Since you said that the Toa are really matoran that evolved into Toa because of their destiny, are the Toa that came to Mata Nui really Matoran that came from Metru Nui?
8That I do not know. My own SUSPICION is that the Mata Nui Toa were never Matoran -- but that is NOT official at all, just my theory.

94) You said that the seas leading to Metru Nui were extremely dangerous. Is this becasue certain sea creatures had extremely long exposure to protodermis therefore makling them wildly strong, or is there another reason?
10No, just because there are a lot of really nasty creatures in the sea, just like there is in ours.

115) Are the new enemy(ies) that come into the 2004 storyline a good match for Makuta and the Rahkshi?
12That is something the fans will have to decide.
136) I'm not sure why, but I'm starting ot get a vibe from the new storyline that the Matoran, when on Metru Nui, are rather selfish and not as carring. Is this true?
14Not in general, no. But I think we are taking a more realistic approach to them. On Mata Nui, every Matoran had to work together for simple survival. It's the difference between living in Manhattan and being on "Survivor." EVERY Matoran is not sweet and helpful or selfish and uncaring, anymore than every human is one thing or another.
157) Did the Matoran and one lonely Turaga on Metru Nui ever know of Makuta's existence?
16Can't answer it.
178) Have the Matoran been any place else other than Metru Nui and Mata Nui?
18The only two places that I personally know of are Metru Nui and Mata Nui.
199) Would it be safe to say that the Vahi is the most powerful mask that will ever be made?
20"Will ever ..." I can't say that, I have no idea what is planned for the story beyond '05.

2110) Are the disks that threaten the city of Metru Nui things that you can posses and use to increase your own power?
22You can possess them, but they will not increase your individual power like masks do. They are enormously powerful though, which is part of the reason the Toa need to find them.
2311) How many times larger than Mata Nui do you think Metru nui is?
24Couldn't even begin to tell you.
2512) Would it ever be possible for Bohrok to travel to Metru nui?
26Ummmmm .. if they were awake, and if they could find a way down, yes. But the Bohrok who attacked Mata Nui have no programming relating to Metru Nui, so not much reason for them to go there.
2713) Since we have just learned about Metru Nui and a whole new slew of complicated information is waiting ot be learned, will we ever learn about the underground of Mata Nui?
28In terms of what? Metru Nui is the underground of Mata Nui. Basically, Makuta's lair is on roughly the same level as Metru Nui .. Bahrag lair is probably a bit higher up.
29Thank You 30*Buckonicle#1* 31GO BUCKS::

32See answers above.

33Just thought you'd like to know.

1Dear Mr. Farshtey,
2First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to help answer questions from members here on BZP.I think I can speak for all of the members when I say that your being here to explain what all we've been thinking wrong and telling us a bit about what's to come in Bionicle is really a nice thing to do.
3Second, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding 2004 myself.
4#1: In comic #15's teaser for the new Matoran, the paragraph at the top left says "Six Matoran hold the keys to it's defeat, but they have disappeared:" Are those six Matoran not the six shown below the paragraph, but theToa Metru/Turaga, and no one believes that the Toa Metru once were truly those Matoran?
5No, the six Matoran shown on that spread are the ones who are missing. TheToa Metru have to find them.

6#2: Are the Morbuzakh actually plants, and are they commanded by a central intelligence, or smart on their own? Do they wield Kanoka, or have some sort of rubbery collectibles inside their heads/backs?
7No, there is no collectible associated with the Morbuzakh. It is one of the villains for the early part of the year, but not the movie villain. And as you will see it is a very ambitious bit of greenery ...
8#3: Can you tell us anything about "Turaga Dume", such as what he/she looks like, what area of the city he/she resides in, etc.?
9No, not really. He becomes more a part of the story mid-year.
10#4: Do you have any new information on the Vahi being released in a set?
11No, although I have heard rumors about it, either as a set or as a promotional item. So I would think you will be seeing it again.
12Once again, thank you very much: 13Sincerely, 14Salus*

15See answers above.

16I find it interesting that the Morbuzakh has no collectible, and is one villain, not six. :) I guess we won't be seeing Dume for a while, too..
1Hey Greg,
2QUOTE 32.)I realize that you can't stay on the same focus for the entire Bionicle story, HOWEVER: In the beginning, SO MUCH was centered around the masks, the Toa combining their mask powers to save the day and all that. But now, even though they have all of their Kanohi Nuva, the other masks they have are just kinda....there. Nothing special. Why isn't there more ficus on the masks that they have?
4Because if we put the same focus on the masks again, we would just be telling the 2001 story again. There was a lot of focus on the masks the first year because initially that was the product we had out -- Toa, Turaga and masks. The only bad guy sets were the Rahi, who came out late in the year. In 2003, the major sets were the Kal and the Rahkshi and the movie toys, so why focus the story on the search for the masks?

51.) Not... Quite... What I meant... (Make sure you read this carefully.) What I meant was, I rememebr the sequences like "Wow: Kopaka used his Huna and Mahiki to defeat that Muaka:" "Onua used his Matatu to help beat Lewa:" Nowadays... I mean, we see a shield every so often, but I think things would be a lot more exciting it we saw some Kanohi Fighting rather than just a Hau here and there. Not that elemental powers are bad, they rock too, but still...
6Ah, I see what you mean. Well, there was not as much mask use in part because we had done that already -- and with the exception of being able to share the powers, the Nuva masks had the same powers as the old masks. But the masks were used for such things as escaping the Bahrag chamber. From my point of view, though, the elemental powers are just much more visual -- and with the exception of the masks of speed and strength, the mask powers were really much better for defense (at best) than they are for offense. As the Toa found out when they lost their powers, the masks aren't a ton of help in a fight.
7I got comic #15 and have some serious questions here. If you haven't read #15, SPOILER warning:
82.) When during the movie did the Rahkshi Kaita scene take place.
9I can't give you a specific moment in time.
103.)Exactly whose villigers were infected. They were in the jungle, but it looked like a Po and Ko Matoran. What's up?
11They were. The shadow kraata had infected those villagers. Why them, and not Le-Matoran? Because having had a whole village krana'd at one point, the Le-Matoran have learned to be a lot more wary and are harder to take by surprise.
124.) How did they disinfect all those Matoran? (Not with Lysol, I'm sure...)
13Same way all masks are disinfected. You have to use essentially the same ritual used to heal Tahu, except you need all six Toa to do it.
145.) Everybody is back on the surface of Mata Nui. How? How did they get passed the wall/gate? Now Takutanuva's sacrifice seems REALLY silly.
15Why does it seem silly? Takutanuva's sacrifice was not about opening the door -- it was about giving up part of his life force for Jaller. Had he not done so, the door would not have crashed down on him, and Jaller would still be dead. Anyway, there are other passages out of Metru Nui to Mata Nui, but all of them were blocked by Makuta and as long as he was active they were impossible to get through. With him gone, the Toa Nuva were able to tunnel out.

166.) Jaller and an infected Matoran are carrying Kohlii sticks. Are they now standard hardware for your every-day Matoran?
187.) Why does Gali never seem to have propellers on her hands??
19Propellers on her hands? Why would she? The toy doesn't have that.
208.) Ok, so the hole that lets light in on Metru Nui is the hole in the volcano... But wouldn't somebody have noticed?
21When's the last time you climbed down into a volcano crater? Especially an active volcano?
228b.) Even if they didn't notice, I assume the volcano is relatively high up. The sun would have to be almost right overhead for much light to get in. Are Metru Nui's days really short?
23Now? Quite possibly yes. But not in the old days, for reasons I cannot go into.
248c.) If that's the hole letting light in, where does the lave come from? (Refering to eruption in comic #3) Every diagram of a volcano I've ever seen has the lava coming straight up from way below...
25It's quite possible it still does. It wasn't an active volcano at the time the 2004 story was set.
269.) How come the area where the MOL was was forbidden?
27Most likely for the same reasons that Takua almost got French-fried. It was an extremely dangerous place to be.
28Thanks Greg
1Okay, more answers from Greg:
2In the new comic, on the Matoran bios page, there's a picture of a plant. Is it one of these Morbuzakh? 3Yup.

4Is Makuta even in this storyline? 5Can't answer it.
6Will we see Takua next year? 7I know he makes at least one brief appearance, not sure where else he will show up.
8Okay, let me phrase this last question in a way you can answer: 9Concerning Whenua's, Nokama's, and Nuju's weapons. Are they like "traditional" weaponry (like axes, swords, shields) or are they out-of-the-ordinary (like Onewa's pitons)? 10Oh, well, hmmmm ... I would say Whenua's is more traditional, Nuju's less so.

11-Master of the Rahkshi

1QUOTE 2Did the matoran/toa/truaga build Metru-nui?
3Will the 2004 story line answer any of the many questions behind the bohrok and/or the exo-toa and their construcion be anserwed?

4thank you again Greg:

51) The Matoran population of Metru Nui has certainly been involved in some building there, but I do not know if they originally built the entire city from scratch. And I know the Matoran/Toa didn't, because prior to becoming Toa they were just six more Matoran.
62) No, not really, although you might get some clues.

8we're squeezing more and more info out of him :) JOY:
1Here're mine:
2Me: Hi, Greg, I was wondering if the infected Hau Nuva will ever appear in the comics? 3Greg: No, comic 15 is based after the Mask Of Light so therefore the Contaminated Hau Nuva will not appear.
4I know this might be pointless but I thought it could be helpful for those who haven't seen spoilers or read the comic. :)
5(V) :infected:
11. Is the plant like thingies on the teaser page of comic 15 the Morzarkhub(spelled it wrong)?
2That is one Morbuzakh vine, out of many, many, many.
32. All the Matoran on the teaser page are missing in '04. Is the one that is the traitor missing, or is it just a act?
4No, all are missing, but you're right, five are more missing than one is
53. What is Toa Nuju's personality?
6There is a Toa Nuju bio topic in the storyline forum, it's there.
74. Some as above, but whats his tool?
8Can't answer it.
95.Is there a Kini-Nui for Metru Nui?
10Not as such.
116. If I am not mistaken, since the Turaga were once Toa, and they had the same elemantal powers as the current Toa, does that mean that there is a Toa Metru of light?
12No, there is no Toa Metru of Light that I know of. Remember, there is no Turaga of Light either.
137.Is the Ahkmou in the MNOLG2 and the Ahkmou in '04 the same guy?
14Can't answer it.
158. According to the history of Kolhii in the MNOLG2, Po-Matoran and Onu-Matoran invented Kolhii on Mata-Nui. If Kolhii was played on Metru-Nui, how could they have invented it on Mata-Nui?
16Easy. Kolhii on Mata Nui is played with sticks. Kolhii on Metru Nui is played a totally different way. Also remember that the Matoran remember NOTHING of their life on Metru Nui. So they didn't know the sport had even existed before.
179. Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Tahu and Takanuva all fire their abilites in the form of elemental blasts. How do Pohatu and Onua attack with thier element?
18Has to do with actually controlling existing earth and stone.
1910. Will we get a map of Metru-Nui?
20Yes, in January.
2111. How does the Morzarkbuh( Mispelled it again:) Attack people?
22Oh, let's see .. vines .. flying thorns .. seeds that wrap you up like a mummy .. all sorts of ways ...
2312. In '04, before the Turaga-Matoran have transformed into Toa, were their masks the noble masks they have as Turaga, or are they the sames masks they have as Toa?
24I would answer if I could, but I do not know. I have not seen them in their Matoran form.
2513. Toy wise, are the Toa Metru taller than normal Toa?
26Don't know, don't have the sets to compare them.
2714. Did all the Matoran on Metru-Nui move to Mata-Nui, or did some stay behind?
28Can't answer it.
2915. During all the time the Matoran were on Mata-Nui, what was happening to Metru-Nui?
30Not a lot.
1My questions are numbered, his answers aren't.

2Sorry about the length of this, but I had a lot of questions. Don't worry about responding quickly. I hope this doesn't back up your other answers. As always, thanks for being the most helpful member around:
31. Were the original Toa called Toa Mata? Because we have Toa Metru...
52. Could old Toa "summon" their tools like the Rahkshi and Toa Nuva can? I mean take them out of thin air.
6Yes, most likely.

73. When not being used the Toa Nuva's tools stay in the slots of their Suvas, correct?
8That I do not know.
94. How did the new Suva (the tops of the Toa Nuva canisters) appear? Do the Toa Nuva keep their masks on those new Suva, or on their old ones?
10My guess would be they were built to honor the Toa Nuva.
115. Can Kanohi Nuva share powers with Matoran, Rahi, Turaga, or anything? Or only other Toa Nuva?
12Yes, for example, a Hau Nuva can be used to shield Matoran who are nearby.
136. Is the void (from the original MNOLG) Makuta? Because we know that he is a shapeshifter, and when he changed in the episode his "extra pieces" returned to the void. So is it, in essence, his pieces? Could he not change into something that used more then that amount of pieces?
14Can't answer it. Makuta's true nature is not something the story team heads have discussed with me.

157. Can any amount or combination of beings merge? Could five Toa combine? Could a Turaga and Matoran combine? You once mentioned a Toa Nui, and it has forever been stuck in my mind.
16I do not know if a Turaga and Matoran can combine, since they are not like beings. But I would think it is possible for different numerical combinations to combine, though it does seem that units of three work best.

178. Where do Toa (Nuva) masks go when recalled? The Suva? If so, when they go to Metru Nui will the Suva stay on Mata Nui or somehow be brought to Metru Nui?
18They will have to create new suva on Metru Nui.
199. Do Matoran eat by actually ingesting food or by absorbing energy? We already know that they get some strength from energy (amana volo sphere).
20Can't answer it. There is a great deal of debate in the story team on whether Matoran eat or not. I personally believe they do, but I don't get to make the call on that.

2110. If Matoran need to breath, how can they survive being frozen? In the MNOLG Kopeke was frozen, and in the Mask of Light Tahu Nuva was frozen.
22Easy. They were flash frozen, the same way cryogenics works.
2311. Because they are not organic, do Bohrok and Rahkshi need to breath? Do krana and kraata?
24Krana and kraata most likely do. Rahkshi and Bohrok probably do not.
2512. Why did some Matoran get color changes when they went from McToran to their 2003 form?
26Don't know, that was a design decision in Denmark.
2713. Stage six silence kraata says it can "even deafen a Toa Nuva." Why would it be harder to deafen a Toa then a Matoran or Turaga?
28Because Toa have greater willpower.
2914. In comic #14, why did Tahu and Kopaka use their powers together to seal in the kraata? Wouldn't the ice eventually melt and free the kraata, especially since Tahu blasted the rocks next to it into magma?
30Tahu melted the rocks into magma and Kopaka then froze the magma.
3115. It is said that from their krana, each Bohrok receives a rank and a job. What are the ranks of krana? I always imagined it (from highest to lowest) Xa Za Ja Vu Yo Bo Ca Su
32Probably pretty close.
3316. Are Bionicle characters "warm blooded"? Do they generate body heat and water vapor? Because in MoL, Takua and Jaller didn't exhale steam.
34We do not know if BIONICLE characters even have blood. Odds are, being predominantly mechanical, they do not.
3517. What are the powers of the Golden and Silver Kanohi? I have heard many different answers. I know that the silver Kanohi are masks that are powerless or not being worn, but do they have any additional powers? And does a Golden Kanohi allow to use multiple powers (say, shielding and levitation) at the same time? Some people have said that a Golden Kanohi also has the power of Valor, but that is Aki.
36My belief is that the golden Kanohi has three powers and the silver has the other three.
3718. Do Golden Kanohi change shape when they are being used? In one episode it showed them changing, but in the comics the always retain the shape of the wearer's primary Kanohi. Which is correct?
38I do not believe golden Kanohi change shape. If they do, no one has ever told me about it.
3919. What are the powers of Aki and Rua? I know Valor and Wisdom, but anything else?
40Again, I think it was probably three powers each.
4120. Was the Maha to Mahi name change the same reason as the Kewa / Kahu to Gukko change?
42I have no doubt -- that is why most names are changed in BIONICLE.
4321. Stage six Quick Healing Rahkshi says "if captured, can be used to heal others." Does this mean that Rahkshi, like Bohrok, can be tamed? If not, then what?
44That's a good question. As you will see next year, Rahkshi who are not actively being given a mission by Makuta are sort of like velociraptors .. nasty, dangerous, and prone to fighting among themselves. Would it be impossible to get one tamed? Maybe not, but I don't know of any Matoran who would ever try.
4522. Do all kraata have names like Ye, Guu, and Cu? It seems fairly simple to make them. If so, will we ever see a complete list of these names and the colors of the Rahkshi that each kraata becomes?
46No, we have never given the kraata names. Every name we create needs to go through extensive and expensive legal checks, so we try to only do names when it is important to the story. You will see a color list, yes.

4723. Can you clear up the silver / gray debate? All of the pictures show un-worn Kanohi as silver, and the depleted Kanohi Nuva are always silver. We know that unworn Kanohi Nuva are silver, so why wouldn't other masks be too? Where did the "gray" idea come from?
48I have never thought of unworn Kanohi as silver .. because there already are silver Kanohi which are not inactive. I have always seen them as gray, myself.
4924. What happened to the krana trapped in Ga-Wahi? Will they somehow die, or remain trapped forever? In other words, do krana need nourishment? We know Matoran do.
50Which krana are you talking about?
5125. Will we ever see a map of Mata Nui? I would like a really detailed one with the Mojav desert, Tiro canyon, etc.
52I doubt you will see one anytime soon, since the story is shifting away from Mata Nui in '04.
5326. Must an infected mask somehow be cleansed, or does it recover when it is removed? If it does need to be cleansed, how?
54It does need to be cleansed. The process has to be done by all six Toa and is similar to the process used to heal Tahu in the movie.
5527. Could a kraata infect a silver mask, so when a Toa put it on they would be infected? Or does the mask have be worn to be infected?
56I do not think the mask has to be worn to be infected, no.
5728. Does the Akaku have a separate "zoom" mode in addition to x-ray vision? This was shown in the Mask of Light and the MNOLG.
5929. Besides that odd way in the movie is there anyway to heal poison, such as herbs or medicines? Because of poisonous Rahi (Kuna, Makika...) they would have had to had medicines before, right?
60We do not know the extent of medicine on Mata Nui -- we have never seen healers. I do know that such abilities existed on Metru Nui however.
6130. Does the infection of a mask make the wearer under Makuta's direct control or just make the wearer do his will? Or can Makuta go back and forth – directly control the wearer or put them on "autopilot"?
62I do not believe Makuta has to guide their every step. I believe they serve his overriding will.
6331. Were those tiny flies in Le-Wahi (in the Mask of Light) completely organic or just mechanical on a tiny level? Because they were too small to be seen, and they don't have pieces that small.
64Probably nanotech. The only completely organic creatures on Mata Nui are creatures who came from someplace other than Mata Nui.
6532. Could Toa Nuva take off their armor to go into the Exo-Toa? Because in the Exo-Toa instructions it shows an armorless Tahu Nuva inside it.
6733. In the third Bionicle book, Makuta's Revenge, Why is Jala still named Jala while Huki is Hewkii? Is that an error or were the naming ceremonies held at different times?
68As I recall, the new name for Jaller had not been decided upon when that book was written. The new name came about with the movie script, which was probably still undergoing revisions at that point.
6934. If a Matoran does a good deed, their name is lengthened. If they do a bad deed, is it shortened? I think you already said no, but just making sure...
7135. In the third book the Krana-Kal are always visible. How? Is that another error, or could they see it somehow (Akaku Nuva)?
72It was for simplicity of story.
7336. If Bionicle has no marriage or biological reproduction, why are the love relationships between Jaller / Hahli and Hewkii / Macku necessary?
74I wonder that too. Basically, all that started on the web and has just sort of snowballed. It's not something I bother with in the comics.
7537. In the Mask of Light, why was the Avohkii gold? Shouldn't it be silver? Or is the Avohkii special?
76I don't see it as gold, I see it as bronze.
7738. Can Rahkshi or Bohrok be poisoned? They are not living things, so would it be possible?
78Their krana or kraata could be, but I doubt they could be.
7939. Will we ever get an Official Guide to Bionicle geared more towards the older crowd? Dorling Kindersley does great work for very different topics (from Star Wars to Toy Story) and produces detailed, high quality work. Not that your book wasn't good, but it was a bit brief and unrevealing.
80Well, the book was written to Scholastic's specs. I do think that the next one we do will have more "meat" to it. But their feeling is that we are writing this for 10-12 year olds, and for people who may not know anything at all about BIONICLE. That's why it came across as so basic. But I know the current editor on the series wants something more substantial next go-around.
8240. Do you think that you could ask for Onu-Matoran and Le-Matoran?
83Onu-Matoran and Le-Matoran will be out in '04.
8441. What education does Lego look for especially? What degrees or classes do they want you to have taken or gotten? Especially with respect to working with Bionicle...
85It really depends on what kind of job you want to do. What aspect of BIONICLE would you want to work on?
8642. If you have time, could you please readtopic and tell me what you think of it? They would be perfect for when the storyline reverts back to the 2003 Matoran, in late 2004 or 2005. I KNOW that they would sell well.
87What topic? And we will not be back to the 2003 Matoran that quickly, most likely.
8843. Is this the most questions you have ever gotten at once?
90Thanks a lot:::

92See answers above.
1Here are my new anquestions and their answers ....
2Q- Are the new plant enemies smarter than Makuta ? 3A- No
4Q-Why were the Exo-Toa made the way they are ? 5A- Can not answer yet .
6Q-Can you tell us anything about the Late 2004 storyline ? 7A- No
8But GregF did say that the Late 2004 storyline is the storyline of the 2004 movie .
1Here are some more answers from greg.

2QUOTE 3Hey Greg, I was hoping you could answer some more of my questions.

4Can you tell me the name of Nuju's weapon, since we already know half of the weapons of the toa metru?
6Does Nuju's mask have that X shape to it like Nuju's turaga mask?
7Do the Toa Metru heads move around like the makuta toy does?
8Are the new heads (behind the mask) different from the ones we have now, because they do look like they have a different shape?
9Can't answer 2-4, I do not have the sets.
10Is that Po-Metru behind Onewa in the Toyfare pic, or somewhere else?
12Do the Toa Metru have the same elemental powers as the toa now?
13Can't answer it.
14Is Nuju mostly white, or mostly grey because Kopaka had a little bit of both, and Toa Vakama has no orange like Toa Tahu, and in the guide it said kopaka was silver, so sorry if this is confusing, but which color is Nuju? Grey or White?
15Again, I don't have the set, so I can't give you an authoritative answer.
16Will the Toa Metru ever get armor, like the Toa Nuva?
17There are no plans to upgrade the Toa Metru like we did the original Toa.
18Thanks Greg:

19See above. Sorry I could not be more help.
1Hey. A few of the new teasers from Metru Nui have me confused, so I'm just going to jump right in. 21. Why do the six matoran have new body shapes? and do all the matoran have these bodies, or the 2003 ones?
3Okay, first, you are aware that 2004 takes place in the past, right? These are the Matoran who lived on Metru Nui before they ever came to Mata Nui. After they came to Mata Nui, Makuta weakened the Matoran so that they ended up looking like the McDonald's toys. In 2003, they rebuilt themselves as best they could into the '03 shape.
42.If they do have these new bodies, why did they change to 2003 ones?
5See answer to #1.
65.when do you get to see the final desighns for the sets? I'm guessing whenever they appear in the comics so you can get an idea of what you need to have them doing.
7Yes and no. The final designs for the Toa and the Matoran I saw a month or two ago. But some of the bad guy sets, who I have already been writing about, I did not see until yesterday. Until they are on display in the showroom here, I usually don't see them.

86.Another thing that has been bothering me is that since the Toa Nuva all the "Elemental" figures (The six-color variations like Bohrok, Rahkshi, etc...) have been exactly identical besides color and weaponry. Will the Toa Metru have variation, like Onewa having the reverse body or are we doomed to another clone year?
9The reason for the bodies being similar is most likely that doing six totally unique figures each time would involve a lot more molds and probably drive the price of the figures up.
10And also:
11how many codes are there per type of disc, like there are 6 colors per mask, there are blank codes per Kanoka

12Ah, that information I do not have. All the code tracking is being handled by the web team.
1Yes, it is me again.
21: Okay, will they have sets of the Morkubakh or whatever they are called?
42: I know you probably can't answer this, but I bet Makuta is the the honcho boss in 2004, eh?
5No idea.
63: Does the 2004 storyline take place after Mata Nui has fallen to Makuta's darkness?
84: On Metru Nui, do they have vehicles besides animals?
9Yes, they do.
105: We know the Matoran were forced off of Metru Nui, but were some left behind, and in 2005 do we see them?
11Can't answer anything related to 2005 storyline.
126: How big is Metru Nui in comparison to Mata Nui (I mean in size of land).
13All I know is it is supposed to be bigger.
147: Were the Matoran Metru aware of Mata Nui the island?
168: Were the Turaga always wise while they were Matoran then to Toa?
189: Do the Turaga Metru (I know there is only one) look different then the Mata Nui Turaga?
19Well, yes, it is a different character.
2010: Are the Rahkshi really a threat to the Matoran Metru? And how many different races of Rahkshi reall are there?
21There are potentially limitless numbers of Rahkshi. And if one is loose in Metru Nui, it is a threat, which is why steps are taken to keep them from rampaging.

2211: Okay, if Rahkshi are on Metru Nui, then that only points to the fact that Makuta is starting to take over? Because Kraata are his sons and his essence.
23No, the Rahkshi that are in Metru Nui are not there on behalf of Makuta.
2412: Where exactly did the Toa Olda come from, who made them, or how were they made? The original thing was they were made during the creation of Mata Nui.
25Well, you should know I can't answer that.
2613: Was the island of Mata Nui created, or was always there?
27Everything was created, at some point in time.
2814: Is the story of BIONICLE supposed to take place on earth? I hope so:
29No idea -- no BIONICLE story bible has ever specified what world it takes place on.
3015: Now, BIONICLE in the past, or are we the past to them. And we are living in the before time? Please answer:

31Again, no idea. That is not something that the story team has defined, because at this point it is not relevant to the story.
1Here are my questions and answers:
2Since we know the whole matoran, toa, turaga evolution I have a few questions-
31. We all know metru nui had seven toa because turaga dume had to be a toa before a turaga. Will we ever learn about or see this seventh toa metru as a set or in the comics?
4Actually, we don't know that. We don't know anything about Turaga Dume's past, or if he was a Toa, how long ago that was or where it was.
52. Is metru nui the place that Takanuva protects like the toa each protect their koros?
6No, Takannuva has no special connection to Metru Nui.

73. Is turaga dume the turaga of light, and was he once the toa metru of light?
8No and no.
94. Is makuta the toa of darkness? Is their a toa of darkness or shadows if he isn't?
10No, and now that I know of. Makuta is way more powerful than a Toa.

115. Will the new enemies be one powerful enemy, a group of six enemies, or a group and a leader?
12There are multiple enemies next year.
136. Will there start to be sevens of the enemies when we get out of the past?
14Do not know what the product plans are at that point.

157. Is the 2004 movie in the before time or the present?
162004 movie focuses on the Turaga as Toa.
178. Will the toa nuva face any new foes before the end of 2004?
199. Is 2005 a flashback too, or is ti old enemies in the present?
20Can't discuss it.
2110. Will mata nui be awoken in 2004 or 2005?
22I doubt it.
2311. Is makuta really gone, or is the description of him being in the 2005 movie false?
24That description is a stock BIONICLE description -- it doesn't really apply to the script. And I don't know whether Makuta is alive or dead anymore than you do.

2512. Are there any other great spirits?
26Don't know.
2713. Will the toa ever transorm again?
28No plans for that.
2914. Will we ever have more enemies like the bohrok and then the bohrok-kal?
30Not sure what you're asking?
3115. I stheir a great spirit called metru nui, and if not how did it get its name?
32No, that is just the name of the city.
3316. Are the matoran called matoran if they are from mata nui and metoran if they are from metru nui?
34No, they are still Matoran. Technically, they should be called Tohunga, because that was their name in 2001 -- but we are not allowed to use that term, so we are going with Matoran again.
3517. Are the matoran named after mata nui?
3718. Are there any other civiliztions under or above mata nui?
38Can't answer it.
3919. Is their anything below metu nui?
40Can't answer it.
4120. is the story line just going to go deeper and deeper below the ground, or is their a world above mata nui like there is one above metr nui?
42I only know the storyline through '05.
4321. Where did the bohrok come from?
44Can't answer it.
4522. Are the krana an ancient race, were they part of an enemy like the kratta, or are they created by the bahrag?
46They are created by the Bahrag.

4723. Are the bahrag machines or partially organic?
48They are biomechanical, like most things on Mata Nui.
4924. What is the connection between the toa and the bohrok/bahrag?
50Can't answer it.
5125. Is the islnad of mata nui actually the spirit, and when it is cleaned , it becomes mata nui since it is shaped like his face?
52The island is not a spirit, no.
5326. Will the bohrok have a role in awakening mata nui, and if so will they be released as sets again?
54I doubt very much they will ever be re-released.
5527.Do you think bionicle will be discontinued before we see a mata nui set?
56Hope not It's only being discontinued if sales fall.
5728. What does the past have to do with the future of bionicle, and are the bohrok going to have cleansed mata nui when the toa return to the surface as a part of a step in wakening mata nui?
58The only way the Bohrok can cleanse Mata Nui is if the Bahrag get freed. As for the rest, you will have to wait and see.
5929. What will happen if he is awoken, and why do they want to wake him?
60They want to wake him because he is the Great Spirit.
6130. Will there be more toa in the very distant before time or in the future?
62No idea.
6331. Is there ever going to be a new type of good guy?
64Don't know.
6532. Will the bohrok toa relationship be revealed in 2004.
67Thank you very much greg, I am sorry for so many questions. i really appreciate the time your taking to read all of these. I thought it would be better to ask you every question I had at once instead of slowly askin them a few at a time. Thank you very much. It is very generous of you to answer questions. Thanks, alex w.
1Hi Greg, I hope you don't mind some questions...
21. You said in a question that you saw the 2004 villains, so how are they, cool, articulated?
3Yes, to both.
42. Is there any relevance in the same last letters in MorbuzaKH and RazaKH and the other ones?
63. Will there be any Le, Onu Matorans in 2003 form in 2004?
7No, no reason for there to be. There were no Matoran in '03 form on Metru Nui.
84. Did Kopeke exist in the before time?
105. Since the Matatu isn't Kopeke's real mask, does his fall of like Takua's?
11Don't know.
126. Is Vakama the only Toa with a disk launcher?
147. What does Toa Nuju's weapon(s) look like?
15Hard to describe .. but I will tell you that they are called crystal spikes.

168. Will the Toa Metru have the same powers (Ice, fire) as the Toa (Nuva), or will it be new neverbefore seen powers?
17Can't answer it.
189. Do you ever get to meet with Lego's big boss, and is it like that when your story is finished its sent to him to check, or does he have employees to do that?
19No, I have never met with the owner of the company. When my stuff needs to be approved, it goes to three people -- the head of Character and Story Development, the BIONICLE Franchise Manager, and the head of the web development team for BIONICLE.

2010. Will the original Toa ever play a role in the Bionicle storyline again?
2211. Do you know the final story of Bionicle already?
23No, I only know through '05.

2412. Will the "Morbuzakh" be like the Kal, a sort step for the Toa Metru to become stronger, get familiarised (dunno if thats a word ) with their powers or will they be like Makuta?
25Well, the Morbuzakh is the first challenge they face, but it is not like the minor leagues -- the Morbuzakh can easily wipe out the city.
2613. Are there other beings who can yank Kraata out of themselves?
27No idea.
2814. When you say that the Rahkshi act like Velociraptors(Yeah, big Jurassic Park fan here...) does that mean that they kinda use their staffs as balance to do some sort of drop kick on their enemies. Or are their staff powers their main powers?
29No, has nothing to with their style of combat. Has to do with their temperament.

3015. Have you seen the Toa Metru cans yet? Ifso, are they cool?
31No, I haven't.
3216. In Nuhrii's bios it says he wants to create the most powerfull Kanohi ever. Are they talking about the Vahi or the Avohkii?
3417. Do you have anymore news about the Vahi being in a set?
35Not at this point, no, only that it is being discussed as either a part of a set or a promotion.
3618. Do you still enjoy Bionicle (comics) like you did when you started writing?
37Oh, sure.
3819. Do you mind long question lists?
39No, I prefer to it 56 PMs in a week from the same person.
4020. Is your job relaxed or a bit stressed?
41Oh, it is usually not that stressful.
4221. Does Toa Nuju speak normal or Bling toing poink toinkie?
43He speaks Matoran like everyone else.
4422. Which of the Toa Metru is the most unsure about his/her power?
45I wouldn't say unsure of their power, but unsure about living up to being a Toa, probably Vakama.
4623. Is it me or are Toa Onewa and Toa Matau's masks a bit the same?
47Don't know.
4824. Do the Matoran 2004 have the color/proto colored kanohi like in the pics of the comic?
49I think so.
5025. Do you think that when Bionicle ends Lego will come out with something similar?
51No idea. It may not be ending for 10-12 years.
5226. Are there any vacant jobs at the Bionicle team ?
5427. Do you know when Bionicle.com will be updated on the Toa Metru, Metru-Nui etc. month would be okay?
55I know there are plans for early next year.
5628.Will the Toa Metru come with CD's again?
57No, something different
5829. Would you mind living in the Bionicle world?
59I am not sure anything purely organic would survive too well there.
6030. What did you mean with the Morbuzakh being "ambitious" or something like that?
61Welllll ... let's say it started out with a very basic goal, and that went so well that now it has a much bigger goal in mind.

62Thanks for always answering our questions with kindness:

63So, the Toa Olda will play a role in the story again some day:
1I'm sorry, but I've been dieing to know these things
2Is Makuta the only being that can expel kraata?
3He is the only one shown so far who can do it. Best answer I can give you.
4Do the mata-nui matoran call it the time before time because they can't remember it?
5Basically, yes.
6If Metru-Nui is underground, then how will the matoran get there if they are going there by boat?
7The boats have to be carried down through tunnels to the shore.
8Will the toa nuva turn into turaga because they mutated into toa nuva, which is a form no other toa have became.
9No idea.
10In all of history, would there only be about 22 toa?
11Not sure where you got that figure from, but I have no idea of the answer to this question.
12Was Makuta on Metru-Nui?
13Can't answer it.
14Thank tou for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions.

15See answers above.
1Yes, I know it's true... It is me again... but I only have 3 questions this time:
21: Okay, Is Toa Onewa's weapon like a chain with picks at the end, even in the toys, does it move like a chain, or is it one solid piece?
32: The latest Toy Fair magazine shows a Matoran who looks like Tehutti, but it says Toa Whenua. Is Toa Whenua really a Matoran Metru form, or does he have the design as a Toa Metru and Toy Fair just messed up?
43: Where would you want to live on Mata Nui, Would you want to be a Matora, Toa, Turaga? And what color would you be?

5Not sure whether my answers got through last time or not, so here goes again --
61) It's one piece. 72) ToyFare screwed up and put Whenua's name by a picture of Tehutti. 83) Probably a Toa, not sure where. Most likely not Onu-Koro.