1hi just three this time.
21 is the 04-05 thing that zaktan got his info from a plant? 32 if not is it the krana-kraeta? 43 what are botar's powers?
5thank you:

61) No 72) No -- I can tell you it is not a character he got his info from, it is a place. 83) Hasn't been revealed yet

1Enjoy: Again, 20 more Q&As: :lookhere:
21. Just a bit confused here: :wacko: Is the character that 'put Zaktan in the right direction' in Bl#4 (the one you hinted is a '04-05' villain) the same one that caused Zaktan to know EVERYTHING in Bl#1, during his bizzare encounter with Makuta's armour?
3A: A character points Zaktan in the right direction, but does not inform him of the information he now holds. He gets that for himself.
42. I haven't yet read Bl#1, so what were the Piraka doing in the Great Barrier prior to stumbling upon Makuta's armour? It was only after that they made the plan to get the MoLi and stuff...
5A: They heard rumors Makuta was dead and went to loot the corpse and his lair.
63. Is there any storyline significance between the resemblence in the names 'Inika' and 'Ignika'?
7A: Not really -- we were originally going to call the Toa Igniters, then dropped it because the "ign" sound is difficult for some non-English speakers to pronounce. So we wound up with Inika.
84. Brutaka believes that he was abandoned by Mata Nui, thus losing faith in him and turning evil. What stopped Axonn from thinking the same way? I don't see anything that influenced Axonn from thinking just like his best friend...
9A: Good question -- but if you take two people, both of whom have faith in a particular thing, it is not surprising if the strength of that faith varies between them. Brutaka and Axonn are both OOMN members, but they aren't from the same species and they don't have the same background, so it could be Axonn is just a being of stronger faith than Brutaka is.
105. Is there gonna be a storyline importance that Umbra is older that most, or did you just make him that way for fun?
11A: I had to make him that way, it was the only logical thing to do given his background.
126. Was the kratana the one who told Zaktan stuff?
13A: No
147. Does Zaktan know and understand why and who told him stuff?
15A: He does know from where he got the info, yes
168. Are there any guardians of the Ignika that we don't know of?
17A: The number of guardians varies depending on what the mask needs at the time
189. Will Krakua make an appearence this year or in the 3-year story arc?
19A: No plans for that at the moment.
2010. Are the Bohrok gonna appear in the 3-year story arc?
21A: I don't know yet
2211. Does Umbra actually need a mask? I mean some characters don't need masks to survive while some do... and Umbra seems to be on the line between the two types...
23A: No, he does not.
2412. Will the Toa Nuva be in 2007?
25A: I can't discuss 2007
2613. What's up with the VNOLG?
27A: Your guess is as good as mine, but we should have good web site news in a couple weeks.
2814. Will next year's guide be a Toa guide?
29A: No, next year's guide is the BIONICLE Atlas. My feeling is that info on the Toa we have sets for has already been shared in other books, and if we don't have sets for them, we can't really feature them in a guidebook.
3015. When will we know more about the Toa Olda's origins?
31A: No idea
3216. What are the current mysteries (01-05) that will revealed/partially revealed/hinted at (if any) by this year's end?
33A: I can't discuss future storyline
3417. Who teleported the Kanohi Nuva masks onto Mata Nui and how?
35A: None of the Matoran or Toa know, therefore you don't either.
3618. Does the BIONICLE planet have a moon(s)? Is it visible from the surface?
37A: I believe a moon was depicted in one of the online games, but the cosmology of the planet is not something we have discussed in detail since it really doesn't impact the story.
3819. Will Metru Nui be revisited at all during the 3-year story arc? It'd be nice to hang around there for a while...
39A: Possibly in the books, but only if I have room. Only doing four novels next year, and a lot of story to tell.
4020. Does anyone know who is destined to wear the Ignika? I mean, then, even if the Toa get it, how would they know what to do with it?
41A: As Dume told them, the hope is that the mask will somehow indicate to them what they are supposed to do once they have it. Beyond that, he had no info to give the Toa.
42I'm sure the place from where Zaktan got his info is Karzahni: It ain't a character and is a place:

1I'm sure the place from where Zaktan got his info is Karzahni: It ain't a character and is a place:

2I was thinking more of that chamber of history that we saw in Ignition 1.
3TMD woz 'ere
1was thinking more of that chamber of history that we saw in Ignition 1.

2Maybe it's something that we have yet to see? Though the Chamber of History does sound quite interesting.
1QUOTE 2Greg, 3I have to say BL# was amazing (as your writing always is). I love the Inika mask powers. I have a few questions about somethings in the book. Thanks in advance.
41.) Zaktan mentions that every 5000 years or so the MoLi is donned by a Toa, who is then incinerated from the energies released. Is this sacrifice needed to keep the universe from going crazy?
52.) If no, why is the sacrifice needed?
63.) Is that what the Toa of Magnetism's team was doing?
74.) Turaga Dume said that the Toa Nuva would hopefully be shown what to do after retrieving the mask. The mask dosen't seem to be particularly kind, what makes the Turaga think that it will tell them that?
85.) What exactly can a Toa of Magnetism do?
96.) I remember reading that Vezok could not absorb the lightning in the Inika's attacks, but in BL3 he did, so can he?
107.) Zaktan did not recieve his knowledge from the Archives did he?
118.) How long ago did he get this knowledge?
129.) What are the powers of the Dark Hunter stalking Takanuva? (Sorry, where I go for books didn't have the DH guide.)
1310.) Why does TSO want Takanuva dead?
14Once again, thanks. 15TL007

161) Yes, although Zaktan is also buying into legends. The Mask does not get worn anywhere near that often, but as with most things, exaggeration sets in. 173) Yes 184) If it their destiny to use it, then destiny will show them the way. 195) Think Magneto 206) Yes, he can -- that was just a mental hiccup on my part. Comes from writing the books like a year ago. 217) No. Zaktan received his knowledge before he ever went to Metru Nui 228) Quite a while 239) I only have one copy, and it's at the office, so can't answer this now
24(BTW, if anyone knows the answer to questions 9 or 10, can you please tell me. TL007)
25That's It 26TL007
1Some questions I asked to Greg, some bound to storyline 2and some for out side.
31: Why is Metru Nui a tactical location for the BoM and the DH. 42: Has the AE a phsysical form. 53: The Bahrag are a sleep, how dit Makuta wake them in 2002? 64: How many members have the BoM (if it is known).
7And I am confused about something I read somewhere. 8I read that Makuta could be a species name. 9But Makuta is the person from the movie and the set right? Makuta is 10an individual, not a species name right? 11And I was wondering, do you know Star Trek? So yes maybe you 12can answer this: Can the Borg assimelate the Bionicle? 13And if you had Star Wars and Bionicle combined, who is stronger? 14Master Yoda or Makuta?
15Answers: 161) Well, think about it -- the repopulating of Metru Nui is essential to waking up Mata Nui, so the city must be very important to the Great Spirit. 172) Yes 183) The Bahrag are not asleep. The Bohrok were asleep, and were awakened by a signal sent by Makuta. 194) Hasn't been revealed yet 205) We have never stated whether Makuta is an individual name or a species name, but hints have been dropped it is a title rather than an individual name. 216) I would tend to think not on the Borg question, because so much of the BIONICLE characters are mechanical already -- so you would just be adding more cyber on top of existing cyber, and I don't know what that would get you. 227) If you are talking physical strength, Makuta is. If you are talking the Force vs. Makuta's powers, it's hard to say, because the limits of what the Force can do have not really been defined.

23I find question 1 and 5 very interessting :D
1only two. 2was EP used to make krana? 3if so did makuta or the BoM use destiny control on the krana?
4thank you mr.greg sir:

5Makuta does not have any control over destiny, neither does the BM.

6it said in the encyclopedia
7and possessed all of the various rahkshi

8it's from page 62.and if you'd please look here and look under "powers" 9destiny control is there.
10thank you:

11No, no -- look again, that says "density" control, not "destiny" control.

12oh sorry about that. :(

1Do you by any chance know if the three titan combiner set includes an exclusive piece or not? I only ask because I really want to buy Brutaka, but I would hate to get it early instead of waiting for the combiner and finding out that it comes with a mask or something. Or is it like Voporak and just comes with exclusive instructions?

2Far as I am aware, it does not come with an exclusive piece


1Maybe it's something that we have yet to see? Though the Chamber of History does sound quite interesting.

2For all we know it could be Makuta's old lair in Po-Metru that gave Onewa info when he touched the walls. Although we do know it can't be the Chamber of History because the Piraka didn't know (or at least, perhaps in Zaktan's case, seen) about Voya Nui until they found Makuta's armor after the door crushed him. Besides, I don't think Voya Nui's history would reveal EVERYTHING to Zaktan, but this should probably be discussed elsewhere.
1Not sure if you got my last PM or not as you never replied, so here it goes again...
21) Is Vezon's Staff of Fusion the weapon that created Prototype?
3And some more I thought of...
42) Does the Three-Titan-Combo play an important role in BL#5?
53) Will Vezon's whole origin be revealed in BL#4, or will there still be things left unsaid?
64) You said to another member that Zaktan learned of everything going on from a place and not a character. Is this a place we have not gone to/Will go to in the future?

71) That is certainly the implication, but if so, it means the DH did not hold on to the weapon and/or the one they had was not the only one in existence.
82) Yes
93) Should all be revealed there
104) It is a place you will go to in Book 4 -- how he learned what he knows gets revealed there. It is not a place you have been before.

11Well there's part of the answer as to where Zaktan learned everything from. So no use in guessing when we haven't been there before.
1hey greg just a couple questions
21)i heard the Toa Nuva Die::::is this true.
32)will Tahu ever use The Vahi again.i really hope so
43)whos destined to wear the ignika.is it a toa Nuva or toa Inika.
54)will the Toa Nuva be out in stores again cause i really badly wan't Tahu Nuva.
65)will Brutaka be good again from axxon almost killing himself.

71) You heard wrong 82) No idea. I don't know when Tahu is playing a central role in the story again. 93) I cannot discuss future storyline 104) There are no plans to re-release them at this point. Your best bet is probably ebay or a trade on BZP. 115) No.
1:kaukau:Here is something new to digest...
2Message Forwarded From GregF
3:kaukau:Hey Greg:
4Just one question this time around...
5What mask will be released with http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?sho...4&#entry3562234 book set?

8No idea. Scholastic is occasionally able to purchase extra masks, etc., from LEGO to include with books, but I have no involvement with that.

1Some things concerning the Inika, and BL3 (Got it)
2Inika (set stuff only)
31. This is something I really hope you'll know, about the Inika's bodies. (No armor) 4They look weird and confusing from the pics we have of BIONICLE Heroes, and the Toyfair pics. 5Are the Inika's bodies,
6A- A Piraka body. 7B- A MODIFIED Piraka body. 8C- An assortment of peices never used on canister set bodies.
92. I have heard rumors that LEGO may change the Inika's masks to plastic, has this happened?
103.Are the heads rubber (hopefully) or foam? 11Hopefully rubber, because foam, would be to easy to rip. You'd have to worry about little sisters and what not.
12Story Inika stuff
131. In BL3, Jaller seems irritable. Is he frusterated with any of the Inika?
142. Can the Ignika speak through telepathy? 152B. If so, could it be considered a "second mind" on Vezon?
163. Which 2 Inika seem to have the closest friendship? Would I be right when I say Kongu and Nuparu?
17VEZON and Artakha stuff
181. Can you confirm that Vezon was a DH?
192. What was the reason TSO stripped his entry and burnt it from the DH guide?
203. Did fenrakk come to Voya-Nui with Vezon?
214.How do matoran get to Artakha? I mean, they go to Karzahni for a reason, to get fixed. But it doesn't seem like a reason to go to Artakha has been revealed.
225. How would Zaktan react to a protodax? Or any protodite for that matter? 23Would he consider them, "Rahi that should go BOOM" or, "His friends" ?
24Thanks you for your time, and have a great summer.

251) No way for me to answer, I don't have the sets. 262) My information is that the masks are the same material that make up the Piraka faces. The head pieces underneath are plastic.
271) Not particularly. But it is a crisis situation, I would think anyone would be irritable under those circumstances. 282) It can speak through telepathy, but it generally does not talk to Vezon other than to let him sense intruders are approaching. 293) I would say Jaller and Hahli do.
301) No, he was not, not officially, only unofficially. 312) Because he expected Vezon to hand over the MoLi when he got it, and that didn't happen. 323) No. 334) Yes, it has been. Matoran who were exceptionally good workers were sent to Karzahni for the opportunity to work in the light. It was sort of like a promotion. 345) I doubt he would recognize a protodax for what it is, because he has never seen a protodite under a microscope. And protodites are, as a rule, microscopic, so I doubt he would be paying that much attention to any that he ran across.

1I got something back. Edited for convenience.
21. Is antidermis an actual virus, or a substance like protodermis? 31) A virus is a substance. It's a living organism.
42. If antidermis is a virus, how is it in a massive liquid state? Is it in a solution? 52) Antidermis is actually a gaseous-liquid mix, and that just happens to be the form it takes.
63. Is Axonn's Kanohi called Rode or Roden? 73) It's called Roden on Shop At Home, so I am guessing that is correct. Do not have the name list with me.
84. Did any of the other Brotherhood of Makuta members help Makuta put Mata Nui to sleep? 94) Can't answer it.
105. Why was Metru Nui founded? 115) ? Why is any city founded?

12I guess the last one made me sound stupid. :P
1A few questions...
21. Will any of Lhikan's toa team, the rest of the Toa Hagah, any previously mentioned toa or dark hunters be released in sets in the future or far future, or be in the storyline after 2006.
32. Were Lhikan and Nidhiki from the same island and will the island or island be in Bionicle Legends #4.
43. What kind of mask would a matoran have as a toa if he wore a noble version of a mask compared to a matoran transformed with a great version (Toa Vhisola in the illusion) because of the shape difference between the noble vs. great masks.
54. How long is bionicle going to last.
65. Are there going to be alot of BoM andOoMN members. (If you could rougly how many)
76. Who put the Kanohi on Mata Nui, etc.

81) No set plans, no, and I can't discuss storyline post 2006. I can tell you that Lhikan's team appears in BIONICLE Legends #4 this year. 92) No, they were not from the same island, and no, their home islands do not appear in the book. 103) Would make no difference. If he was wearing a Noble version of the mask, it would shape itself into the Great version when he transformed. 114) As long as the sets sell well. 125) No idea 136) Well, the original Kanohi were placed there by the Toa Metru before they became Turaga.
zaktan master of piraka

14) Yes, it has been. Matoran who were exceptionally good workers were sent to Karzahni for the opportunity to work in the light. It was sort of like a promotion.

2That must have been a typo. He probably meant to say "good workers were sent to Artakha", not Karzahni.
1Hi Greg. There's actually been quite a few questions, I've been meaning to ask you lately and I just kept forgeting. So, before I forget again, here they are.
21) Is Axonn's Kanohi the Rode, or Roden?
32) Is there any storyline or set significane to the change of the Toa/Matoran heads, between 2003 and 2004?
43) How could the Bohrok-Kal bring the Krana Xa-Kal into physical contact with the Bahrag if they were encased in solid Protodermis?
54) You had said that you didn't put Voporak in the Dark Hunters guide because he was a loan from the BoM, but at the same time, you put that Ancient and Voporak were on a mission to find the Vahi currently, so how exactly do you explain that?
65) To what extent does the power go of a Rahkshi with the "limited invulnerability" power?
76) Where exactly did Makuta find the Manas that he used as his guardians in 2001?
87) Is Brutaka (or one of the Piraka who stole his powers) the cause of Krahka and Tahtorak coming back in BL5?
98)Why is it that Matoran learned to use staffs (nets?) for Kohlii during the 01-03 arc, but they had used them in the past in Metru Nui times?
10And now for some questions that weren't jumping in and out of my head:
119) Do you get free copies of the BIONICLE books once they're published?
1210) Do you enjoy reading your own writing?
1311) I'm not really into Exo-Force, but I'm interested in reading the books, I was just wondering, what exacltly is it (can you give me a quick summary since it's just beginning)?
1412) With the TV show LOST, who's story do you find the most interesting?
15Thanks for your time Greg.
16- Toa Lhikan Hordika

171) I would have to check at work, I don't have the mask names with me. But SAH lists it as Roden, which is most likely correct. 182) No 193) They were in a protodermis cage. Not inside a protodermis sphere. Stick it through the bars. 204) When in doubt, always go with what's in the book over my answer here. I wrote the book over a year ago and did not remember that section when I answered you. 215) I generally prefer not to quantify things. Limited invulnerability means some things will hurt him, most will not. 226) Well, we know there Manas along the underground river leading from Metru Nui to Mata Nui, so he probably got them from there. We know Makuta went down that river to find Ahkmou. 237) Follow the story and find out 248) I don't understand your question. Can you clarify it? 259) Sometimes. 2610) Generally, yes 2711) EXO-FORCE is a story about a small band of humans defending half of a mountain, and the human civilization beyond, from rebellious robots. Both sides fight using battle machines they ride in. It's very manga, and I would just advise you that the books are only a quarter of the size of the BIONICLE books and aimed at a younger age group. 2812) Not sure.

298) (Sorry for not making much sense with this one) Here's what I meant. In 2003, when LEGO came out with the MoL Matoran, they all had Kohlii staffs that were originally Ga-Koro fishing nets (how they were nets, I have no idea) according to the flash episodes. The Matoran decided to use those "nets" for Kohlii. As I remember, the reason they started using them was because Hewkii (Huki at the time) had used one to launch a rock at a Bohrok or something, which inspired this new style of Kohlii. Now in BIONICLE Adventures 1, which was obviously 1000 years before there was something that caught my eye
BIONICLE Adventures 1: Mystery of Metru Nui
30Kapura walked slowly along the outskirts of the district of Ta-Metru, his eyes scanning the ground. Most of the homes and factories in this part of the metru had been abandoned lately, with the residents moving closer to the herat of the district. It was Kapura's job to make sure nothing of importance had been left behind.
31He paused in front of a massive, blackened building that had once housed a forge. Here, construction tools and other equipment had been cast from molten protodermis before being sent on to Po-Metru for finishing. Now, in the interest of safety, that work had been transferred away from the outskirts by order of the city's elder, Turaga Dume. Kapura spotted a staff used in the sport of kolhii on the ground and bent down to pick it up, only to discover the handl was cracked.

32So, how exactly does this work? They were supposedly first used as Kolhii staffs in 03, yet they had them all the way back in 04 (that doesn't make much since does it, I think you know what I mean).
33I hope that was discriptive enough. Sorry about titling my last question in the original message as 10 instead of 12, I was really out of it. Thanks for your time and for being patient with me, I know it's a hard thing.
34- Toa Lhikan Hordika

35Ah, that's an easy one. The reason kolhii was mentioned in Book 1 was because the original plan was to make the Metru Nui sport another form of kolhii. Then, after the book had already gone to press, the heads of the story team decided to change the sport's name to akilini, making the mention of kolhii in Book 1 inaccurate, and stick with the original idea of kolhii being originally invented by Onewa on Mata Nui.

36I hope that this one helped clear up som confusing questions for those of you who read this post, becaue it sure cleared up some things for me.
37- :t::l::h:
1Acording to a certain discovery it appears the Inika have nicknames, such as the Piraka. Is there any truth to this? Can you tell us what the Nicknames are?

3Yes, they do - they relate to sports positions, I think. They are going to be on the packaging but won't be in the story. I am not even sure they will make that much sense to US kids, they struck me as very European-sounding.

5That's interesting, Nuparu: The Stopper,
1Heres some questions I asked GregF . I personnely find the answer to 1 interesting.
21 Does Voya-nui's current location , The Great EarthQuake and Mata-Nui's slumber have something in common ? If yes then what is it ?
32 Asumming the Toa Nuva do awaken Mata-nui and don't lose their powers ,would they be recanned in case of a repeat in history ?
43 Would it be correct to say that the mask of life allows user to control destiny ?
54 Why in BL1 didn't the Toa Nuva use all there masks at once ? After all even if you couldn't immediatly use everyone it would make sense to use all power needed ?
65 When Tahu fought Zaktan why didn't he send a huge wall of fire at Zaktan wiping out every single protodite?
76 If Mata-Nui's order wants awake him then why don't they help the Toa Nuva by sending a small swat team to take out Makuta's one at a time ?
87 Was Vezon's cape always torn ?
98 What type of craziness is Vezon (speaks to himself , Kills everything , split personality ,etc...) ?
10- Golden Exo-Onua

111) Yes. Mata Nui's slumber coincides with the great cataclysm, which is what ripped Voya Nui free of its continent. 122) Possibly, too far ahead for me to say for sure 133) No, destiny cannot be altered by the mask. 144) Good question. One, we don't know if they felt the need, since they can share the mask powers they have with Nuva masks, and they weren't separated that much during the battle. So if Tahu felt the need for speed, he could have just shared Pohatu's mask power. Another option that has not been explored if whether or not suva have a range -- the Toa were thousands of kios away from Metru Nui, can they still swap masks with their suva over that much distance? Don't know. 155) Toa don't kill unless it is absolutely necessary, same as Superman or Batman. Heroes don't sink to the level of the villains they fight. 166) Killing BOM members wouldn't do any good. The existence of the BOM is not what's keeping Mata Nui asleep, so killing their membership isn't going to change anything. 177) Yes 188) He's a paranoid schizophrenic

19Hi just wanted to add a few questions ,please answer. Thank You.
209 What I meant for question 6 is wouldn't destroying the Brotherhood of Makuta atleast negate most of their physical enemies making it easier to complete their mission ?
2110 Why don't the Piraka use there powers to drain the volcano ? Sure matoran labor is the lazy way ,But they apparently really want to get that mask and leave don't they ?
2211 According to your answer to number 3 does that mean Vezon is meant to guard the mask?
2312 Why is Vezon's cape torn ?
24Thank You - Golden Exo-Onua

25At this point, I would say no. The Piraka don't work for the BOM, neither do next year's villains. The BOM is not the only source of evil in this universe.
26Piraka see no reason to get their claws dirty, plus there are six of them and hundreds of Matoran -- will go a lot faster if Matoran do it.
27Yes, Vezon is a guardian of the mask now.
1Heehee.The Inika have sports positions as nicknames. 2Jaller: The Striker 3Hahli:The defender 4Nuparu:The midfielder 5Hewkii: The Goalkeeper 6Matoro: ??? ??????

16)Were Axonn and Brutaka friends before they joined the OOM or after?
27)Do you like the 2007 bad guy sets from what you have seen better than the piraka?
38) Do the Toa Inika have as big a role as this year in 2007 or is they in it as much as the nuva?
49)When the Toa Nuva reawaken mata nui I figure it will be an important year for them so is there a chance they will be remade as sets?
510) Will the bionicle atlas be from A characters point of view or will it be like the 2003 guide book?
611) How did the piraka get elemental powers?
712) What sort of war is the BOM-DH war? are the BOM sending huge armies at Dark hunters and is the DH sending assasins to kill powerful troops from the BOM?
813a) do you know the Piraka species name?
913b) if yes will it be revealed anytime soon?
1014) what sort of personality does Mata nui have?
1115) has makuta ever spoken directly to mata nui?
1216) Personally do you get angry when set images are leaked too soon?
1317) Are you happy with the results of BL#6?
1418) are there gonna be playsets next year?
1519) Who are your favorite characters to write about?
1620) Do you ever buy the books you write?
1721) Is there a new colectible next year?
1822a) Why havent you revealed the powers of the gray, silver and gold zamour yet?
1922b) will you ever?
2023) Are the toa close to awakening mata nui or are they ages away?
2124) Why wouldnt the Ignika like Vezon unfusing himself from Fernakk?
2225) is the Ignika like a second personality for Vezon?
2326) what do you imagine the ignika's telepathic voice like?
2427) would the bahrag be hostile to the toa nuva if they got free?
2528) What are Fenrakk's individual powers?
2629) Which of the piraka loathe Vezon the most?
2730) which of the piraka hate each other the most?
2831) why did the gate shatter when it droped on Takutanuva?
2932) why didnt Pohatu split the gate apart, I mean it was strone wasnt it?
3033) I dont know if you saw this question before but will sidorak be in BL#4?
3134) how does Zaktan sleep, I mean all his protodites cant sleep at the same time
3235) what is your favorite power you've used in bionicle?
3336) How would the toa Hagah had fitted into BL#4?
3437) Who is the guttural growling voice from Zaktan?
3538) what sort of personallity would you say the Ignika has?
3639) can the ignika sense good in a being, like Keetongu?
3740) why dont matoran like to think about what is under the matinence tunnels?
38thanks for now

396) Probably after 407) I wouldn't say "better than," but they are very differentiated sets. 418) I can't discuss 2007 plot 429) I would hope so, but it is not something we have really discussed much yet 4310) It will be written by the OOMN 4411) Hasn't been revealed yet 4512) Basically, yes. It's sort of like the American Revolution -- the BOM sends armies, the DH fight guerilla style 4613) No, I haven't bothered to come up with one because it's not relevant to the storyline at this point 4714) Can't answer it 4815) Doubtful 4916) I just think it's a shame. I mean, look at the reaction to the Toa Inika shots out now -- a lot of people who hated them before now like them. They get all worked up over bad images of prototypes, and then it always turns out they like the sets better than they thought they would. Wastes a lot of time and energy. 5017) I haven't read it over yet, so I don't have a feel yet for how it came out. 5118) No idea 5219) Kopaka, Karzahni, Makuta, Krahka, Takanuva 5320) Yes, I always do 5421) I can't discuss next year 5522) Haven't had the time 5623) That depends on what decisions they make in Denmark on the future of the line. 5724) Because Vezon is cursed, and that's part of his curse. 5825) No 5926) Hard to say 6027) I doubt they would go out of their way to harm the Toa Nuva, unless the Toa Nuva tried to stop them from doing their job again. 6128) Massive strength, acidic saliva, and he shares Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy 6229) Oh, that's easy, Vezok 6330) Probably Zaktan and Hakann 6431) Because it was heavy and slammed down with great force. 6532) My guess is Makuta did something to prevent Toa elemental powers from working on the door -- sort of a reverse of the Toa seal from B3, where only the Toa powers could shatter the protodermis. 6633) I don't think so, no 6734) Why not? 6835) That's hard. I'd have to think about it 6936) Would have had something to do with a Toa Hagah-Dark Hunter clash. 7037) Can't answer it 7138) Not sure you can say it has a personality, so much as basic drives and the power to satisfy them 7239) I would say it can probably sense intentions, yes 7340) Same reason we don't like to think about what lives in sewers

74Hello Greg, I have a few questions about characters powers:
751. In Web of Shadows Sidorak fires a beam of energy at Keetongu, you never said Sidorak had this power so what is it?
762. Sentrahk has the mind wipe power what does this do exactly?
773. why did Roodaka mutate the nui-kopen she rides on and how is it different?
784. how was there so much vegitation on metru nui in B3? does plant life grow that fast in the bionicle world?
795. What do the Rahkshi powers of power scream, adaption, stasis field and silence do and how do they work?
806. Why did makuta use infected masks if he has rahi control power?
817. Is the dark dimension opened by Kahgarak a dark version of the real world of is it something else?
828. Is the being who told Zaktan the place to go to get his info one we've met before?
839. Are they in any books this year?
8410. in BL#3 when zaktan is knocked unconcious, by Nuparu does he fall into a shapeless mass or does he retain his form?
8511. At the start of the tales about Zaktan in BL#4 is he a piraka in his tales at the start or is he protodites?
8612. which playset has the biggest role in the story?
8713. Do the piraka dislike the fact that they cant usse their elemental powers alone?
8814. if so which piraka dislike this the most?
8915. Is there a storyline reason for the tandem powers?
9016. What is the Piraka's specie's name?
9117. What is the relevance of having a picture of Mata Nui's form if he hasnt got much of a role in the story?
9218. Are you going to buy all the 2007 bad guys like you brought all the piraka?
9319. Do we ever see Zaktan using his elemental power on his own?
9420. Will Sidorak be in BL#4?

961) I never mentioned it because it wasn't in the story bible - it was added by the moviemakers. 972) Erases the memory 983) What it ended up looking like, I do not know -- the original script for B3 stated she flew on a mutated Nui-Kopen, it did not say what it would look like. That is why it is part of the story. 994) Well, remember, the plants are made of protodermis, not what our plants are made of -- and all the vegetation on Mata Nui grew between the time of the cataclysm in B2 and when the Toa Metru went there the first time. 1005) Power scream is pretty what is sounds like, a sonic attack ... stasis field creates a field of energy that basically throws the target into suspended animation ... adaptation allows the user to adapt to a different environment, in other words, throw it in the ocean and it grows gills; and silence deadens all sound around a target. 1016) Question of range. Infected masks can work at a much greater range than Rahi control can. 1027) It's a pocket dimension attached to the real world, it is not a parallel of the real world. 1038-9) Yes, and the being appears in Book 4 this year 10410) He retains his form. 10511) Zaktan starts out as a normal member of his species and gets turned into protodites during the book. 10612) I think they pretty much have equal roles, except for Race for the Mask of Life, which does not appear. 10713) I'm sure they do 10814) I doubt there is much difference in the levels of their dislike 10915) Yes. It was a way of forcing them to work together. 11016) Hasn't been revealed 11117) I am not sure what you are referring to. The only thing that has ever been shown of Mata Nui is the mask that symbolizes him. We have never shown a picture of what he looks like. 11218) Most likely, they are nice sets. 11319) He can't use his elemental power on his own, no Piraka can.

1I have some questions:
21. The Toa Inika can remove their masks, right? 32. Why are the Inika's heads blank? (purely green) 43. What material are the toy Inika's masks made of? Hard rubber or solid plastic? 54. What exactly do you mean when you say that the Inika's masks are organic? I know what the word "organic" means, but i don't see how this fits in. Does this mean that the masks are alive and they have minds of their own? 65. In 2001, did you already know about Metru Nui and Voya Nui? 76. If the Bohrok are only for Mata Nui, than why are there Bohrok nests under Metru Nui? And when Onua is telling Garan stories of Mata Nui, from Garan's point of view it seems like he knows what Bohrok were. Is this hinting that there are Bohrok on Voya Nui as well? 87. Voya Nui broke off of the Bionicle Mainland. But the Bionicle Mainland is underground, and Voya Nui is on the surface of the planet. Does this mean that Garan was being literal when he told Thok that the island "rocketed upward" during the Great Cataclysm? And does this mean that Voya Nui crashed through the Great Barrier, and got stuck in the hole that it created? 98. The underground regions have liquid protodermis, while the surface of the planet has plain old H2O water. Is this correct? 109. I heard that the geography, plantlife, and climates of Mata Nui were caused by a massive energized protodermis leak. Is this right? 1110. If so, does this mean that absolutely no species is native to Mata Nui? 1211. At the end of Voyage of Fear, Whenua looks at the seabirds around Mata Nui and wonders "how do they glide on the air like that?" What's the difference between birds on the surface of the planet and birds in the underground regions?

151) Yes. 162) They're not, they are green and white, and they are designed that way so that the eyes glow in the dark. 173) Same material the Piraka's faces are made of. 184) Yes, they are alive. 195) I didn't, but I was barely involved with BIONICLE in 2001. The original seven books of BIONICLE were already conceived by the head of the story team and his group back in 1999, and these were included. 206) He is aware what Bohrok are, for reasons I cannot go into. And there are Bohrok under Metru Nui because a -- there are a lot of Bohrok and b -- Metru Nui is right under Mata Nui, so they have easy access. 217) Yes, it did rocket skyward, no, it is not stuck in a hole in the Great Barrier. 228) What the water on the surface is made of is something we have not discussed. It may well be H20, it acts like it, but we have never said that. 239) The plantlife was, we have never said anything about the geography or climates being connected to that. 2410) Yes, it does. 2511) The birds he sees on the surface of the planet are not biomechanical. Birds in the underground regions are.

1Questions, answers, comments.
2Hello; I've recently begun work on a fan-fiction story of the Dark Hunter war and was hoping for some answers to a few questions.
31) We know that the Rahi Nui was used by Nidhiki and Krekka shortly before the Great Cataclysm. Was it in existance at the time of the war?
41) At the time of the war's start, no. It had been dissipated by the Toa Metru in BIONICLE Adventures #6, and did not return until BIONICLE Chronicles #4.
5Was actually talking about the war on Metru Nui; I got back to him later about it.
62) If yes to above, was it used in attacks against the Toa?
73) The war was mostly made up of invasive strikes by the Dark Hunters, correct?
83) Guerrilla strikes by DH and army attacks by the BOM against known Dark Hunter bases in different places.
9Same as above.
10And a few non-DH War questions:
114) At one point in BL #1, one of the Piraka speaks of Nidhiki as "the legendary Nidhiki." Was this because of his skill as a Dark Hunter/trainer, or because he was one of few Toa-turned-Dark Hunters?
124) Basically, because he was a well-known traitor
135) A lot people missed Lariska in the Dark Hunter guide (though we understand it was because there is no existing set of her). I was wondering if you could write a bio for her in the same style as the Dark Hunter guide, perhaps as a BZP exclusive?
145) Yes, that is a good idea.
15Just as a disclaimer, this was my idea. :P
16Hope your meetings go well in Denmark, and thank you for your time.
17-Chicken Little

18Thank you very much for your reply. :) 19However, I think you may have misunderstood questions #1-2. I was referring to the Dark Hunter war on Metru Nui, between the Toa and Dark Hunters; sorry, I wasn't very clear.
201-2) Far as I know, it is not something that was used in that war, because none of the Toa Metru were familiar with it. Had something that big been in their city in the past, they would have remembered it.
21Oh, I can find a way around that. :P

22-Chicken Little-
1Hi, Greg, I've been reading some very interesting things about the island of Mata Nui in the Official Greg Discussion, and some of my own questions have arisen.
21) Where did the energized protodermis come from that started the plant life on Mata Nui. 32) How in Mata Nui's name did plant life grow in such a short period of time (from Great Cataclysm to the Toa Metru's arival)? 43) My guess to the last question is that it had to do with the EP, does this mean the the island of Mata Nui is "alive" in a sense, if it was "mutated" like that? 54) Was Mata Nui a barren waste-land before the Cataclysm? If not, what was it? 65) Did the Great Cataclysm affect the whole BIONICLE world? 76) What caused the cataclysm? 87) Why were the Bohrok created to cleanse the island, when it was just a bare peace of land when they were created. 98) I know that the Bohrok weren't actually evil, but what was the point of "cleansing" Mata Nui? What good would it have done?
10Now for some other questions that don't involve the island.
119) I know that you can't tell me, but do you yourself know what the Bahrag used to create the Krana? 1210) Is there a connection to the Inika's Kanohi and the Krana, seeing as they are alive? If so, can you reveal what it is? 1311) Are the Inika's Kanohi sentinent, like can they speak to the Toa Inika? 1412) How do the Toa Inika feel about wearing "living" Kanohi?
15I think that's it for now. Thanks sooooo much for your time Greg.
16- Toa Lhikan Hordika

171) Hasn't been revealed yet, but we know Makuta had access to some, and one would assume this was some sort of a leak from somewhere. 182) Keep in mind -- this is protodermis plant life, not our kind. You can't judge how fast it would grow by Earth botany 193) I certainly think there is some connection to the EP, but we also know EP can mutate both organic and inorganic objects. 204) It was barren, yes. ' 215) Yes 226) Can't answer it, beyond saying that it coincided with Mata Nui going to sleep 237) Because it was foreseen that one day it might not be a bare piece of land. 248) Can't answer it. 259) Yup. 2610) No. Inika's Kanohi are the way they are because of lightning from the red star, and one would assume destiny dictating that there wasn't time for the Inika to muddle around trying to figure out their mask powers. 2711) No, they cannot speak. They communicate, when they need to, usually be causing pain, like Hahli'a headaches, but she is the only one who seems to be sensitive to them in that way. 2812) Kinda creeped out.

29- :t::l::h:
17. Voya Nui broke off of the Bionicle Mainland. But the Bionicle Mainland is underground, and Voya Nui is on the surface of the planet. Does this mean that Garan was being literal when he told Thok that the island "rocketed upward" during the Great Cataclysm? And does this mean that Voya Nui crashed through the Great Barrier, and got stuck in the hole that it created?

2For This I meant that Voya Nui had to have crashed through the the Great Barrier, thus creating a hole in it. So I was asking how Voya Nui stayed on the surface?
3Also, I have some more questions:
41. How is Vezon an "unofficial" member of the Dark Hunters? 52. Is there a reason for having biomechanical beings underground, and having purely organic beings on the surface of the planet? 63. What is the reason for having the lands on the planet to be separated by surface and underground? 74. How did Vezon get past the Zone of Nightmares? 85. How did Vezon get past the Protodax? 96. How did Vezon get past Brutaka? 107. How did Vezon get past Axonn? 118. How did Vezon get past Umbra? 129. How did Vezon get past the Lake of Lava? 1310. Did Vezon go through the secret tunnel entrance in the "Green Belt"? 1411. Did the Fenrakk that Vezon rides just appear out of nowhere? I mean, did the Ignika create it? Or was it teleported? 1512. How did the Ignika get fused to the back of Vezon's head? When he touched it, did it just teleport onto the back of his head? Or did he have to put it there manually? 1613. Are Fenrakk native to Voya Nui? 1714. If so, are they common? 1815. If so for 13, what region(s) of the island do they populate? 1916. Will the Piraka Fusion Contest Grand Prize winner be in BL5 Inferno? 2017. Will there be a contest next year? 2118. Could you please make bios for the three Piraka Combiners? 2219. Are there any official instructions for the following models?: 23A. Krahka 24B. The two combiners featured on the back of the 2003 Matoran boxes 25C. Protodax 26D. Turaga Nui 27E. The "Manga-Inspired" Rahkshi Combiner

30The Great Barrier was described as the wall of rock around Metru Nui -- not the ceiling above it, and we don't know if there is a similar barrier or not where Voya Nui came from. But obviously a lot of damage was done to Voya Nui, because a lot of Matoran and their Turaga died.
311) Follow the story and find out 322) Yes. There is a reason for just about everything we do. 333) Can't answer it 344-9) Simple. The mask wanted Vezon as its guardian, and needed him in a hurry because the Piraka were coming. So the guardians let him go by. 3510) Are you referring to the one the Toa go down at the end of Book 3? 3611) Ignika created it. 3712) Once he touched the mask, he was cursed, and that is how the curse manifested itself 3813) Yes 3914) I wouldn't call them common, no 4015) I haven't assigned them specific regions 4116) Yes 4217) Probably, of one kind or another. Too early to know what it will be, though it will most likely not be related to a guidebook. 4318) Really no point, as they won't appear in the storyline 4419) Krahka - there may have been, I don't remember if we did instructions someplace online for that. 2003 Matoran ยด-- I believe those were on the web at the time. Protodax - yes, instructions were in LEGO BrickMaster Magazine. Turaga Nui -- Not that I am aware of. Rahkshi -- If it wasn't in the Rahkshi sets, then no.

1instructions for krahka are in ba#3
Kanohi Ignika

1instructions for krahka are in ba#3

2Yeah, I know I have that book but I was just looking for more detailed and less fuzzy ones.
1oh sorry i didn't know that :(
1If you dig into the Sets Forum, you can find some more detailed Krahka instruction there.
11a. When are you going to decide or release what the last two locations will be in the Bionicle Atlas?
21b. If you don't know, what do you think they will be so far?
32. How long do you have the Bionicle story planned for? (What year?)
43. Did Voporak look the same before his transformation?
54. Do you have any clues to who/what the three titan combiner is?
65. Were the Toa Mata the only toa created with out having a transformation from matoran to toa besides possibly the first toa?
76. Are the Inika combiners going to be important?
87. Will we learn most of Lhikan's team besides the names in BL 4 or ever? (Appearance, elements/color, mask power)
98. What caused Makuta to lose his physical body?
109. Were the Piraka's powers natural?(Vision, Elemental, Other)
1110. Do you think there will ever be a Mata Nui set?
1211. If a Noble Hau were released, would it be a much different shape that Lhikan's?
1312. Do you get mad of replying to 2007 questions?

141) I may not release them, I may just let people find out when the book comes out. 152) Right now, we are starting preliminary discussions on 2009. We usually work about two years ahead. 163) Probably close to that. 174) Yes, I have already seen it. 185) Far as we know so far 196) There are no Inika combo models, beyond the ones we are doing for the magazine. There aren't any referred to in the sets. 207) No plans for that, no. 218) Time. 229) Some are, some probably aren't 2310) Maybe after he is awake 2411) No idea, I don't do set design 2512) No, I just find it a waste of time --most BZP members have been on the site for some time and should know by now I cannot discuss coming years this year.
1Nothing very much, but still...

2Hi there Greg, I just want to ask you, is the "BIONICE: The Quest" boardgame's Toa Inika descripitions correct?
3Thanks for your time.
4~ Bioran

5Pretty sure they are, yes, for the most part

6So there, if anyone is in doubt whether or not the board game's descripitions are correct or not, here's the answer. :)
7~ Bioran
1Questions to be answered, GregF...

21. I heard that all plantlife occured on Mata Nui after an EP leak. Was this leak caused by the Great Cataclysm?
32. Did the Turaga of Voya Nui die because of the Great Cataclysm (rocketing to the surface) or something else?
43. Many people wonder how exactly an island will rocket upwards. Pekel once had a theory that suggests a good possibility: Was the Bionicle Mainland in a dome like Metru Nui, then the top broke as the island broke, thus the rushing water caused the island to rocket toward the surface?
54. What Badge of Office or what Turaga Tool does Turaga Dume use?
65. What about Turaga Lhikan when he was alive? There is no need for Official names unless you have them and are willing to share them...

71) Yes 82) No, he died when the island shot to where it is now 92) The BIONICLE mainland is at the same depth as Metru Nui, that is correct, but I am not aware of rushing water having anything to do with this. 104) Well, he had a staff in B2, so I assume he carried something like that. No idea on badge of office. 115) Lhikan's tool was shown in B2, but I doubt he had time to have a badge of office. He was only a Turaga for maybe a few days before he died, and most of that was spent as a prisoner.
12This is what I got from Greg Farshtey...
13-The Servant-
11. Is it true that Umbra can trurn into a beam of light?
22. If he can, how long does the transformation last?

3GregF: Yes, and as long as he wants it to, providing he is not stunned or knocked unconscious

43. There has been a lot of dispute about the Elda. I would just like to get some confirmation about something that people have brought up. Can the elda detect stress points?

5GregF: No, and there isn't really any need for it to do so. Normally, in BIONICLE, you are looking for stress points in stone, and the Toa of Stone can sense those naturally. You don't need a mask to do that.
1Got something from GregF...not much though...
21) So since Hewkii is a Toa does that mean his "thing" with Macku is up?
32) Do you have ANY idea when BL3 will be out?
43) Where in the world did the Inika get their wepons? I know Velika made the Zamor launchers, but where did they get their swords and stuff?
54) Will Artahka(Don`t know if i spelled his name right)come up in the storyline?
6...that`s all...Thanks, and I think this whole new Bionicle world thing is AWSOME(Although I will miss the matoran being on the island of Mata-nui)and I loved how Tahu and his gang are in this(even if they don`t play a main roll it`s still cool). Also the Bionicle books and comics I read are pretty funny, and that`s what you need when the one keeping the universe in balance is dying. Comedy.

7A1: His "thing" with Macku was really not going to figure into the story again anyway. The whole romance thing was something done in the early days of the web, and there is no room for it in the comics or the books. Our primary target audience is 9 year old boys, most of whom do not want love stories in their BIONICLE.
8A2: It is out. It was reported to be out on BZP a week or two ago.
9A3: They rode in Toa canisters, ever think the weapons might have been in there?
10A4: In the Atlas, yes
1Hi Greg, I've got a couple of questions about Umbra (I'm sure you guessed that).
21) Can you reveal Umbra's Rhotuka Spinner's power? 32) Can you reveal his staffs power too? 43) If you can't answer any of these, can you tell me when you'll be able to answer them?
5This one doesn't concern Umbra?
64) I'm not asking you to reveal what their powers are (unless you're feeling extra generous cause yesterday was my 16th Birthday), but (I may be recalling incorrectly) didn't you say that you'll be fitting the Gold/Silver/Black Pearl Zamor's into next year's story?
7Thanks for your time Greg :).
8- Toa Lhikan Hordika

91) I haven't decided what it is yet. The version of the model I was working from when I wrote about him did not have a spinner. 102) Yes, it shoots lasers 114) Into 2007, no, I never said that. They aren't part of the 2007 assortment, so no reason to bring them into the story then.

12There you go :).
13- :t::l::h:
1What koro were the toa of plasma, gravity, sonics, and magnetism from before they became toa?

1What koro were the toa of plasma, gravity, sonics, and magnetism from before they became toa?

2CPS, you need to PM Greg your questions. His member name is GregF :) .
1:ziplip: Big sorry, rookie mistake, my bad.
1Here are some more questions thanks in advance:
21)Is a toa nui (made of the 6 elements fire, water, ice, stone, air and earth) able to shoot a beam like the one the toa metru used to capture Makuta at the end of the second movie?
32)Could prototype be unfused by the spear of fusion or is it permanent now?
43)You said that the masks the Inika wear (or at least Masks with their power) are not made on Metru nui does that mean that there are more basic powers then those we know of?
54a) Does every fusion go nuts if it stays fused to long?
64b) If yes to 4 would this drive Vezon even More nuts then he already is?

7Hi Lumi,
81) A Toa Nui has never existed in the universe -- it is a theoretical possibility, not a real thing at this point -- so no way to know what it could do. 92) Probably could be. 103) Yes, many more. 114) Nope, but it is an unsettling experience.

1QUOTE 2I few questions.
31. Will there be an exclusive Ignika in the three-titan combiner boxed set? 42. Can the flip-mask Ignika in the Vezon and Fenrakk set be put on the Toa Nuva's faces? (Can it be attached to a Toa set's face?) 53. Can the Inika's masks? 64. Can the Inika sets wear other masks? 75. If no for 3, how do the Inika's masks attach to their faces?

101) No, just the same piece that is in the Vezon and Fenrakk set 112) No, because as you say, it is a flip mask and half of it is Vezon's head, so it cannot be worn as a mask 123) The Inika masks slip over a curved plastic piece, they do not have the socket for an old Toa head 134) No 145) See answer to #3