1Hi Greg, I've seen many PMs in the Official Greg Discussion asking you, "How many guardians does the Kanohi Ignika have?" You always say, "It depends on what period of time." So here's my question.
21) During the 2006 Storyline, how many guardians does the Ignika have? 32) During 2006, I know of Axonn, Brutaka, Protodax, Umbra, Irnakk, Vezon & Fenrakk. Are there any that I'm missing? If so, can you point them out.
4That's it for now, and thanks for your time.
5- Toa Lhikan Hordika

6There is at least one other, plus other creations of the zone of fear you don't know about, plus traps left by the Great Beings.

7- :t::l::h:
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1Some info:

21. Were the Hordika Dragons all of the same species? If no: why do they all look alike? 32. What was the Element Savage controled as a Toa? And does he use he Rhotuka Spinners based on his Element? 43. Why did the colours of the Toa Metru and their Kanohi change when they became Turaga while Lhikan's colours remained the same? 54. Why doesn't Turaga Nuju's Noble Matatu feature this vision thing at the right eye (how is such a thing called? confused1a.gif )? I mean story wise. Was it damaged? 65. Why was Vakama able to use the hard-to-control Kanohi Vahi immediately after placing it on his face while he still couldn't even use his own mask?

71) Yes 82) If I wanted you to know, it would have been in the entry 93) Because the Toa Metru were designed three years after the Turaga were designed, and the original Turaga were meant to match the 2001 Toa colors -- the color demands on the designers in 2004 were different. There is no storyline reason for it, it's a design decision.QUOTE 104) Certainly could have been, or he may have simply decided he did not want that add-on anymore. 115) The question really is, how well did he use it? In the Encyclopedia, it states that his inability to control the Vahi placed him in mortal danger (the time effect is not supposed to encompass you too, just your opponent). And he was using the Mask of Concealment in that same battle, so obviously he had passed the point where he was able to trigger a mask power.


14From what I remember of the MNOG's and Flash movies, several of these answers seem misinformed.
15For #4, during the Comet Ball "disease" in Po-Koro (during the MNOG 1), several of the Matoran became "ill" and coughed frequently.
16For #8, I believe we saw Matoro getting very cold during the MNOG 1 cave scene in the drifts - he didn't seem to be shivering, although he was starting to go into a "hibernation" state and was getting sleepy.
17For #9, we HAVE seen Matoran blush - Huki and Maku blushed during the Bohrok-era flash movie in Ga-Koro, when they thought they were alone and then Jala spoke. Judging by the round red circles that appeared on their masks, blushing probably occurs by the same mechanism masks use to take on the color of their wearer.
18For #13, I don't think Matoran can produce tears - we have seen Maku crying, holding her head in her hands - there were'nt any tears.

19It's known that not all contents of MNOG and the Flash Movies are official storyline. Puku never worked as a taxi crab, the Manas were actually defeated in completely different way than in MNOG, so who says they can really blush or cough? ;)


21How do you PM Greg?

221. Click here to see his profile. 232. Click on the "Send a Personal Message" button. 243. Write your PM
25Quite easy. :)
11Will the '06 story end with a slight cliff hanger?
22Will the Toa Nuva be abducted to a new place or will they be freed?
33Is the symbol of Mata Nui the Hau because he is the 'Shield of his People'?
44How far are you with
75Have you decided the ending of '07?
86Will the new villains be very original, like the Piraka? (I don't think that would really reveal too much, would it?)
97Are forming any personal ideas for the void beyond beyond '09?
108You often use analogies- have you thought up any characters this way or do you like to use them simply in your answers?
119Can you confirm how much of an appearance (how many issues) the following will make in the comics:
14Fusion Contest winner
15And to confirm if these will appear, which I doubt:
17Three Titan Combiner
18Will be using all the playsets as settings in the comics and will the Race for the Mask of Life appear (since it isn't in the books)?

1910Is the Lava Hawk organic?
2011Can you tell me how many characters will carry over into next year?
2112Is anything included in the placeholder for City of the Lost refering yo the rest of the year?
2213I noticed that the Pit is mentioned in BL1-does this mean it is the location? 23Since you probably can't dig up the quote it's something along the the lines of: not the pure colours of a toa of fire, but the monstous hue of a creature from the Pit. 24(Been meaning to get that off my chest)
2514 What purpose does the protodermis vegetation?

261) More than slight. 272) Follow the story and find out. 283) Not something that has been discussed with me. 294) We are just beginning discussions on details of 2008, and until those are firmed up, we cannot plan 2009. 305) Yes 316) Yes 327) No, there's really no point to my doing that. Like I said, what the team decides it wants to do in 2008 will determine what direction we go in 2009 and beyond. 338) I tend to think of them afterward. Most of the characters in the story are sets and originated with the team. Only a small number are my own. 349) Vezon should be in three issues, I think. Umbra in one, fusion contest winner in one, three-titan combo in one, Botar will probably not appear in the comics, just the books. 3510) No. 3611) No, I can't 3712) Even if that were the case, I cannot discuss future storyline 3813) Actually, that book was written before 2007 was planned in detail or locations were named. 3914) I don't understand your question. There's no verb.

40soz about the last one
41that's all
42Berg :pirate:
21. Is the Dark Hunter that is hunting Takanuva going to be in this year's storyline? 32. Do you know if the Inika's masks are plastic or rubber? 43. Is the three-titan combo actually vezon, fenrakk, axonn, and brutaka merged together?

51) No, because Takanuva is not in the rest of this year's storyline 62) They are, I believe, the same material used for the Piraka faces and spines 73) No
1Can Vezon understand Fenrakk, BTW, I have Power Play so I know when Vezon was talking to Fenrakk and Fenrakk hissed and Vezon replied

2Vezon replied the same way people who own dogs will reply when the dog barks -- doesn't mean he understands what he's saying.

1I have some questions.
21.Where does Mount Valmai get its lava? 32.Where does the Mangai get its lava? Does the Mangai's magma vein go through the "Impenetrable Protodermic Layer"? 43.Is Fenrakk the Kardas dragon? 54.Has Vezon ever even been to the Piraka's home island? 65.Which Piraka are fused together by Vezon? 76.Does the Fusion have any dialogue? 87.Will we see any official professional photos of the Fusion (Like in the Lego Mag)? 98.Why aren't the Toa Nuva allowed in this year's comics? 109.What mask did Mavrah wear? 1110.Are the Great Beings in BL5 given names? 1211.Has Irnakk ever existed anywhere before he was created in the Zone of Nightmares? 1312.Do you know the real name of the Mask of Stealth? 1413.Have we heard the name of the character holding Matoro's hand in the "Light Consuming Tunnel"? 1514.Are there sets coming out this year that you have not yet revealed to us?

181) Can't answer it 192) Can't answer it 203) No, Fenrakk is a spider, not a dragon 214) No 225) You'll find out when we reach that point in the story 236) No 247) The photo was already shown, I believe, in Cool Creations. 258) Because we are no longer selling those sets, and the comic is funded by the market to promote sets we are selling. 269) Not something I bothered to come up with. 2710) No 2811) No 2912) It doesn't have a BIONICLE name at this moment 3013) Can't answer it 3114) I don't think so, I think at this point BZP has at least mentioned names of all of them

1Hey, I was thinking... we always knew Makuta was the bad guy, but the Matoran didn't. The population of Metru Nui found out because of the Great Cataclysm, but since then they really haven't been in any position to tell anyone else. So my question is: Is the Brotherhood's betrayal widely known by now, or does the world at large still think of them as protectors?
2That is a very good question, Drakhan.
3Certainly the Order of Mata Nui, the Toa, and the Dark Hunters know about it. In terms of Matoran, my guess is they would not be aware of it unless they had personal reason to be, as the Metru Nui Matoran did. The Matoran are peasants -- beings in power don't bother keeping them informed of things unless it is vital that they know. So, for example, if a Matoran island was overrun by Visorak and they spotted the BOM banner somewhere among the invaders, they would know something was going on. If not, they would just think lots of Rahi came to give them a bad time.
4Wait, when you say the Toa know of the Brotherhood's corruption, are you referring to the Nuva and Inika, or all Toa everywhere? Because if all Toa know that the Brotherhood is the enemy, I don't see them keeping it a secret from the Matoran they protect.
5And regarding the Visorak, how does the average Matoran view them? As the Brotherhood-controlled armies that we've always seen them as, or just as "lots of Rahi [that came to give them a bad time"?
61) Why tell the Matoran? What could they do about it? If they go up and try to attack a BOM fortress, they will get slaughtered. Toa and Turaga are notorious for not telling things to Matoran. 72) As I said, unless they have seen something that directly identifies the Visorak as being allied with the BOM, far as they know it is a Rahi barbarian horde.
8I still don't know about the Toa not telling the Matoran; I'd think that if they knew, they would at least warn the Matoran that the BOM are the bad guys and should be avoided. But then again, he didn't answer just which Toa know...
9Re: Mavrah's mask: I think Greg once said that he pictured Mavrah with a purple Pakari, like Onepu wears. It's probably buried somewhere in the early pages of this thread, but I don't really want to go looking for it right now...

13. Is the three-titan combo actually vezon, fenrakk, axonn, and brutaka merged together? 23) No

3What? That's odd, I always thought the 3-titan combiner was Axonn Brutaka Vezon and Fenrakk...
4EDIT: Never mind, I understood the question now. :)
1Interesting note - Berg's post confirms that Botar is not the three-titan combiner, since Greg said that the combiner would be included in one comic, whereas Botar probably won't be in any.

1Interesting note - Berg's post confirms that Botar is not the three-titan combiner.

2Well, we already knew he wasn't, since we have pics of him.
3And good-questions Drakhan: I think GregF meant ALL Toa know the BoM are evil, since the Toa are technically agents of Mata Nui.
1Hi, Greg: I have questions for you (Well, duh...what else would I have? Silly TB, you're wasting time by typing up pointless junk:)
21. Is Zaktan's protodite state in any way related to the Spear of Fusion? 3No.
42. Alright, when a matoran gets hit by an Antidermis Zamor Sphere, they are in mental control by the Piraka.
5a. If Jaller got an Antidermis Zamor Sphere and hit a Matoran with it for some reason, would the Matoran be controlled by Jaller? 6Yes
7b. If 'No' to previous question, who? 8N/A (No Answer :P)
9c. If 'Yes' to 'a', does the Matoran get controlled by whoever hits it? 10Yes
11d. If 'Yes' to 'c', what would happen if a pot of Antidermis accidentally fell onto a Matoran? 12He'd stand around waiting for orders
13e. If 'No' to c, then how does the Piraka shooting an Antidermis Zamor at a Matoran make a Matoran be under their control and no-one elses? 14N/A
15f. What would happen if a Matoran got hit by an Antidermis Zamor twice by the same person? 16Nothing
17g. What would happen if a Matoran got hit by an Antidermis Zamor twice by different people? 18I really don't think it would matter. If you already have a cold, you generally can't get a second one on top of it.
19h. What would happen if a Matoran shot him/herself with an Antidermis Zamor? 20Same answer as 2d
21i. If 'Yes' to 'c', then if a Matoran shot him/herself with an Antidermis Zamor, then wouldn't that make him/her invulnerable to Energized Protodermis because of the layered destiny thing? 22Yes, but since he has no control over his actions then, what good will that do him? He might have been immune to EP anyway, if he was destined to transform -- the problem is, you don't know until you jump in the EP. Would you set yourself up as a slave just to be immune to EP, which you might never encounter in your life?
233. Will the Voya Nui Resistance Team play any important storyline role any time soon? 24Yes
254. What is your favourite element? 26Not sure I have one
275. What is your favourite Kal element? 28Gravity
296. Have you ever tried MOCing? 30No -- I am not a visual person, I think in words, and in order to MOC you really have to have a good visual/spatial sense. MOCers are artists -- I am a writer.
31a. If 'yes', what were you making? 32N/A
33b. If 'yes', what was the outcome? 34N/A
35c. If 'no', have you ever planned on doing so? 36N/A

1Here's a few questions, but I think they have already been known.
21. Who's stronger Brutaka or Axonn? 32.Can Vezon speak hisses to Fenrahkk, but not understand them? 43. Is Vezon mentally or physically fused to Fenrahkk? Ignika? 5Thanks.

61) Brutaka has height and reach, Axonn may be a little stronger physically 72) No 83) Physically

1Hi Greg,just have some that are bugging me:
21)Does Vezon histerically laugh as a sign of madness?
32)If the Piraka(especially Vezok)loathe Vezon so much,why was he part of the Piraka group?
43)What is your favourite type of character to write about(Dumb type,Cunning type,Funny type,Evil type,Good type...)
54)As you know I do not speak English fluently,so I do not know some words.So could you tell me:Does"sentient" mean sensible?
65)Does Fenrakk understand Vezon?
76)Does Ancient know TSO's true name?
87)If Mata Nui came to get the Ignika,would Umbra let him pass?
98)Is Vezon still evil?
109)Is Taipu stronger than Hewkii(as matoran,obviously)?
1110)If you could have a dead character come to life again,who would you choose?
1211)Can Protodax fly like a regular Protodite?
1312)Is Dalu the strongest of the Voya-Nui Ressistance Team?
1413)Would you say that Botar is stronger than Axonn and Brutaka?
1514)Does Botar have any power?
1615)Did Botar ever used his teeth in combat?
1716)Umbra is quicker than a Kakama Nuva,right?
1817)Which of the Piraka is more scared of Irnakk?
1918)Which of them is less scared of Irnakk?
2019)Do the Toa Inika battle Protodax?
2120)Does Umbra's staff laser do anything speacial or are they like Zaktan's eye power?
22Thanks in advance:
23:) MN :)

241) No 252) Has to do with his origin 263) I don't really have a favorite type 274) It means capable of feeling 285) No, not in terms of his language 296) Probably not, nor does he care 307) Mata Nui wouldn't do that, so it doesn't matter. 318) Yes 329) I have never heard that he was 3310) Offhand, I can't think of one. 3411) No. 3512) Physically? No, just the best warrior 3613) No 3714) Yes 3815) No 3916) Yes 4017) I don't think any one is more scared than any other 4118) See answer to #17 4219) Yes 4320) They are just lasers

44:) MN :)
1Hi Greg. I have a few more questions to ask you.
21. Is the Kardas Dragon(s) the three-titan combo? 32. Can you tell me what was holding Matoro's hand in the tunnel in BL2? 42b. If you can't tell me, can you tell me when we will get this information? 53. Since Vezok can absorb powers, can he absorb the Zaktan's protodite ability? 63b. If not why? 74. Will the Mana- Ko be featured in this year's storyline? 84b. If it is can you tell me its role ?
9Thanks in advance

101) Can't answer it 112) Nope -- that gets revealed in Book 5, and that's when I want people to know 123) No, because that is not a power -- that is just what he is. 134) Yes -- it appears in BIONICLE Legends #4
1Aw man: I was hoping the Mana-Ko was going to be in Book 5 :( :
1Hi, Greg. I have a question:
2Is it possible that, on Voya-Nui, a swarm of protodites (or fireflyers) might come and do some damage? Like, for example, they came from the Green Belt and started to eat at some of the Matoran's homes/strongholds (or from Valmai and caused damage to the Matoran)?
3Also, do protodites only eat metallic protodermis, or just any inorganic protodermis?

41) Anything's possible, but you would need a lot of them over a long time to do any major damage. 52) I would have to check -- there is nothing on it either way in the Encyclopedia

6I mainly just asked for S&T 2, but it still fits in here. ^_^

1Hi greg, 2mercifully short 3just like to ask:
4What Bio stuff will be in the next few mags?
5What is the title of the next comic and the one after?
6What is the purpose of the proto trees?- Gali says that without water there could be no trees.

71) Mostly stuff on Toa and battle sets, as those are the summer products 82) #3's title is Lightning Strike, #4 is not written yet 93) What is the purpose of any tree?

10Not much but it's something.
11Berg :unsure:
1Hi Greg. I have a few more questions.
21. Can you give me a Matoro (as a Toa) quote ? 32. What is Comic #3 called? 43. Would you consider Umbra a titan? 54. would you consider Vezon and Fenrakk a titan? 65. How big is the population of Voya Nui? 76. Will Botar play an important role this year? 87. Can you tell me some of Botar's powers? 98. Can you tell Umbra's Rhotuka power?
10Thanks in advance.

111) Really have no time to go quote searching 122) Lightning Strike 133) No, not really 144) No 155) Several hundred 166) I think so 177) No need to do this yet 188) I have actually not written one up for him, because the model I worked from in writing about the character did not have a Rhotuka spinner. So he never uses it in the story.
1QUOTE 2Good Day Greg: Here a couple of more questions that's been bugging me:
31) The Dark Hunter codenamed "Dweller", informed TSO about Takanuva. What does TSO think of the Toa of Light? Is he afraid? Does he just think of him as nothing bad?
42)Why were the Toa Inika given nicknames like the Piraka? Just some more advertisment?
53) If someone with the same ability as Avak imprisoned him in a unbreakable cage, what do you think the cage will be and why?
64) How many Brotherhod of Makuta members do you think there are?
75) You said there were lots of elements a Toa could harness. Does the periodic chart count? Does Animals or living things count?
86) Will Karzahni (the ruler), be ever seen in a movie, or at least the picture of him as a set.
97) Artahka's ruler has the same name as his refuge, like Karzahni named the place with his name?

101) TSO thinks of him as an unknown quantity, and I am sure he respects his power, given that he is said to have beaten Makuta. 112) Yes. It's called "sub-branding." Basically, it gives a kid something else he can say to his parent when he asks for one -- he call ask for, say, Zaktan .. or the green Piraka ... or the Snake. Helps the parent find the one the kid wants. 123) Well, it would have to be a cage that would prevent him from using his mental power to create prisons ... perhaps it might be a cage that actually feeds on his power so he is actually creating a prison for himself. 134) Can't answer it 145) No and no. This is not our universe, therefore our periodic table may not exist there. And a living thing is not an element you can control -- how do you shoot a blast of Rahi bird at someone? 156) There will be an illustration of him in the BIONICLE Atlas next year. There are no plans for a set as he is a relatively minor character, and there are no more movies planned. 167) Yup
17Wow, TSO respects Takanuva: Thanks Greg: Yeah, and question 5 is a bit silly... :P
1Hello, GregF. I appreciate you taking your time to anwer these. Now without much further ado. . .
21. I read in the Official Brutaka and Axonn topic that Brutaka has an electrical cutter in his sword. I hadn't heard this anywhere before, so I was wondering if it was true.
31) An electrical cutter? I am not sure quite what that would be. It is not a term we ever used.
41b. Similar to above, except that I also read Brutaka has two knives hidden in (on?) his back. Is this true also?
51b) Yes
62. Alright, I have another Reidak question power. If Reidak, say, suddenly fell into a deep pool of molten lava for some reason, (and with his inteligence. . .) would his adaption ability save him?
72b. If Reidak was attacked with anything that is fatal on the first blow, would his adaption power save him?
82) Probably not. His power does not kick in until he's defeated. So he falls in .. is defeated ... starts to adapt .. but before he can do so, his body is destroyed by the lava. So I doubt it would help him.
93. I was wondering if you could clarify Hewkii's mask power. I know he can turn anything into a projectile, but would anything used travel at the same speed? For example, say he picks up a rock, activates his mask power, and throws it. Then, he plucks a leaf off of a tree, activates his mask power, and throws it. Would the rock and leaf travel at the same speed? Hit with the same force? Or would wind resistance prevent the leaf from going very far?
103) Depends on how fast he wants it to go and what he is trying to accomplish with it. He might throw the leaf at a slower speed just to distract someone, or throw it really fast so that it does damage. Depends on how hard he is throwing it.
114. This one is kind of random. What was Kualus's opinion of Keetongu's existance at the time and events of "Web of the Visorak?"
124) Like all the Rahaga, he maintained a healthy skepticism, but he also had great faith in Norik.
135. Say someone was infected with Visorak venom, they managed to break out of their cocoon, and they found Keetongu before they started mutating. Given the fact that Keetongu would agree to cure that being, could he (Keetongu) cure him even though the being hasn't mutated yet?
145) Yes. Curing someone requires removing the venom from their system or rendering it harmless. Mutating or not, the venom is still there.
156. I read that in BL5, you would explain what held Matoro's hand. At the point you were writing BL2, did you already plan to have this minor detail explained later on in the series?
166) I often throw minor story hooks into my stories as a challenge to myself to find a way to explain them later. More often than not, everything ends up tying up beautifully with what I decide to do, which is what happened in this instance.
177. This one is really random. Are there any type of eggs in the Bionicle universe?
187) Not that we know of at this moment. It is something that actually is being debated by the story team. I am opposed to it, because to have eggs you have to have biological reproduction, and we don't have that.
198. Is the Ignika organic?
208) No
219. I read something about a Dweller in the 2004 or 2005 story. I don't think the person was talking about the thing that was guarding the Ga Metru Great Disk, so could you explain who or what Dweller is? Or am I just mistaken and there is no Dweller?
229) Well, there was a sea creature called the Dweller in the Deep in the 2004 story -- one of the Great Disks was hidden in his jaws.
2310. Last question. Are all the guardians of the Mask of Life considered neutral?

2410) I would say no. I think of them like a guard at an army base. He might be a good guy and a hero, but his job is to guard. He doesn't care what your motivations are, or why you're there, his job is to keep you out.
25Thank you in advance for answering these questions.
26I find numbers 1(a,B-), 8, and 7.
271a/b. Interesting because I didn't know he had two hidden knives, and the electrical cutter thing is mentioned as true in the official topic.
288. Sentient but not organic. . .weird.
297. Debating over my breakfast? :P

1Dear Mr. GregF,
2I have a few more questions that I was wondering about and I was hoping you could answer them. Thanks in advance.
31) When Brutaka was still working for the OoMN, did he and Axonn have positions of equal importance? Or did one of them have a higher position than the other? 41) They both had the same position, guarding Voya Nui and the mask.
52) What is Botar's position in the OoMN? More or less important than Axonn's? 62) Can't answer it
73) What is Botar's hand-held tool (in the set) supposed to be? Is it a sort of boomerang? Or a double mini-axe? 84) Does that tool have any power? 95) Do Botar's wrist blades have any power? 103-5) I am not doing a description of Botar just yet
116) Does the OoMN have a leader? Or perhaps a group of leaders? 126) Can't answer it
137) If a Toa loses his/her Kanohi, he/she is weakened. Is this also the case with Axonn and Brutaka? 147) They would lose access to the mask power, but probably not be weakened the way a Toa is
158) In the DH Guide, in the entry of the Dark Hunter named Gatherer, TSO stated that ''Gatherer is on the trail of a mysterious third player in this game, someone besides the BoM and the DH, who claims power in this universe''. 16Is this ''third player'' the OoMN? 178) Yes, but what are the odds Gatherer will live to report back?

18That's it.
11. If one of the Piraka shot a Zamor sphere at a Toa Inika's Kanohi, would only the mask be controlled? 22. Do the Brotherhood of Makuta know of the Order of Mata Nui? 33. Is Reidak stronger than Makuta? 44. Is the three-titan combo evil? 55. When is BL4 coming out?
6Thanks in advance.

71) Wouldn't have any effect -- both the masks and the Toa are charged with the power of the lightning, which blocks the virus 82) They probably have suspicions, but don't know about it directly 93) No 104) Can't answer it 115) Your guess is as good as mine -- Scholastic rarely sticks to the announced publication schedule, they tend to put everything out early
11) Would the OoMN be able to defeat the Dark Hunters if the two organizations went to war? What about the Brotherhood of Makuta?
22) You've said you would never fully reveal the extent of Axonn/Brutaka's powers- do you know the extent?
33) Is it possible that the OoMN has spies within the Brotherhood of Makuta/ Dark Hunters?
44) What is the OoMN's opinion of Toa? What do they think of them?

51) It's hard to say. It really would depend on how much knowledge the DH or the BOM had when they went to war. If it's like it is today, where, say, the DH has no idea the OOMN exists, who they are, or where they are, then the OOMN could strike hard and quick and take out the most powerful DH before they knew what was happening, and the DH would have no way to retaliate. 62) Yes 73) Yes 84) They think of Toa as the public face of the will of Mata Nui, able to do things the OOMN cannot because the OOMN has to stay secret

1:onfire: 1. Recently you released information that Vezon rides the three-titan combo ( the Kardas Dragon). Does that mean Vezon gets unfused with Fenrakk? 21b. If Vezon does get unfused, how? 32. Is the Kardas Dragon the work of the Ignika? 43. Is there more than one Kardas Dragon? 54. How many Fenrakks are on Voya Nui? 65. Do you know how much the Kardas Dragon cost? 76. Can you tell me some of its powers ? 87. Can you confirm that there is more than one Makuta ? 98. Will the Kardas Dragon be in any comics? 109. What would Vezok do to Vezon if he sees him?
11Thanks in advance.

121-2) I don't want to discuss this yet, as it happens at the end of the story 133) No 144) A fair number 155) Nope 166) Nope 177) Nope 188) Yes, probably 199) Try to defeat him
1Here's a few questions, Greg.
21. Is Vezon still considered evil? Or is he more like Umbra now - not exactly a good guy, but just a protector of the Ignika?
32. In MNOLG I, in the final battle, we see all 6 Toa using their powers to defeat Makuta. How come protodermis didn't imprison Makuta right then?

41) No, he is still very much evil. He just isn't getting much of an opportunity to do evil acts, because he is stuck guarding the Ignika 52) Simple. It only works if you all use your powers at the exact same time. They obviously didn't in that case.

1Hi Greg. I just have a few questions. 21. When are you releasing information about the Kardas Dragon? 32. Is the Kardas Dragon the Ancient Evil? 43. Can you give me a Irnakk quote ? 54. Is there more than one Bahrag? 65. Are there any other Toa Nuva? 76. Is the Ancient Evil someone we know of? 87. Which Inika is your favorite to write about? 98. If the Ignika broke would it destroy life? 109. What did the Turaga of Voya Nui use the Ignika for?
11Thanks in advance.

121) When the set is actually coming out 132) No 143) I don't have time to go quote searching right now 154) Yes, there are two Bahrag -- we have always shown two, Cahdok and Gahdok 165) No 176) Can't answer it 187) Probably Nuparu or Kongu 198) Not necessarily -- what it might do is bring everything in the universe to life, rampant and unchecked 209) A similar thing to what the Toa Inika need it for
19. What did the Turaga of Voya Nui use the Ignika for? 29) A similar thing to what the Toa Inika need it for

3That is very interesting. Has the universe been in a predicament like this before?
1Set Wise
21. Will the Kardas Dragon be another Toys'R Us Exclusive, like Ultimate Dume and Voporak? 31A: Will it come with a speical assecory, such as like Makuta's Movie Addition and Helmet Kraahkans?
42. When will it be released in stores in th West Coast of America?
53. When you say biggest set ever, do you mean in legth or width (long or tall)?
6Storyline wise:
71. Was the Kardas Dragon created by the Ignika?
82. How can Vezon control/ride it if hes attached to Fenrahk?
93. Is the Kardas Dragon another form of Fenrahk?
104. Is the Kardas Dragon sentient?
115. Does it have wings?
126. Can it breathe fire?
137. Is it elemental in any way?
148. Is it a Rahi?
159. Can it speak matoran?
1610. Is the Kardas Dragon the Ancient Evil?
181. Will Botar have a fighting role in the book?
192. Judging by the DH Guide, is Vezok one of the more likely to survive a few more years?
203. Can Vezon diffuse himself from Ignika/Fenrahk via his Staff of Fusion?
213a. If no to 3., why not?
224. You once said that a Toa doesn't neccasarely need to look like ones we've seen before. I believe this was said around the debate of how Nidhiki was a Toa. When you said this, did you mean that a Tao could change and still be considered a Toa, or that another speices could be named Toa?

241) Don't know 251a) No 262) No idea 273) All I know is that it is over almost 700 pieces and is being marketed as the biggest BIONICLE set we have done -- in what way the marketers mean, I do not know, I don't have the set.
281-10) Can't answer it. I don't want to give away info on him this early, because he doesn't show up until the end of the storyline.
291) No 302) I can't discuss future storyline 313) No. He is fused to Fenrakk due to the curse levied on him by the Mask of Life. The Spear of Fusion is not more powerful than the Mask of Life, and therefore cannot undo what the mask has done. 324) What I meant was that not every Toa has to look just like the Toa Metru or the old Toa -- they could have different armor, different shaped masks, etc. I did not mean other species could become Toa. But to your other point, keep in mind that Matau could make himself look like a Vahki or Krekka, yet he was still a Toa -- just a shapeshifted one.

11. If someone wore the Ignika and Vezok was near it, could Vezok absorb the Ignika's powers? 22. What is Thok's worst fear besides Irnakk? 33. Do any Piraka get sucked into Irnakk's mind?
4Thanks in advance.

51) No. Vezok can absorb powers he sees used near him. He cannot absorb mask powers or powers that are not being used. 62-3) Follow the story and find out

1That is very interesting. Has the universe been in a predicament like this before?

2What do you mean before? Mata Nui has been dieing for the past 1000 years, it was inevitable that someone other than the Toa Nuva would figure this out and try to rescue him or something.

1What do you mean before? Mata Nui has been dieing for the past 1000 years, it was inevitable that someone other than the Toa Nuva would figure this out and try to rescue him or something.

2Yes, but that Turaga used it when he was a Toa. He died as a Turaga when Voya Nui broke off the mainland and shot up to the surface; the same day Mata Nui was put to sleep. So he was a Turaga for a while before Mata Nui was put to sleep by Makuta.
1The mask was used some 10-fold more years ago than the Great Cataclysm.
2It's actually mentioned in BL #5 that the mask has only been removed from its pedestal once in 100,000 years, and after it was used, it was returned hurriedly because the demonstration of its power had scared the blazes out of the ones who had removed it.

4So it's been used for something else before.
19. I read something about a Dweller in the 2004 or 2005 story. I don't think the person was talking about the thing that was guarding the Ga Metru Great Disk, so could you explain who or what Dweller is? Or am I just mistaken and there is no Dweller?
29) Well, there was a sea creature called the Dweller in the Deep in the 2004 story -- one of the Great Disks was hidden in his jaws.

3The "Dweller" that appears in SPIRIT's short story is actually a Dark Hunter revealed in the DH Guide. "Dweller" is his codename. More info about him here. 4Khote
1hi K.I. here with just one this time
2now that the set's are out can you tell me the leader of the inika? :begging: :begging:

3thank you :D

5Jaller is the leader in 2006

6jaller is the leader.
1Hi I made this questions to Greg so here they are :lookhere: ...............
2QUOTE 31.-Who and how discovered the cure for the Antidermis Virus?
42.-It`s Irnakk from the same species that the Piraka?
53.-If the swords of Toa Matau could cut energy shields, can the Kau-Kau staff do the same?
64.-Is it Vatuka from the same kind of creature that the rock monster that the Energized Protodermis Entity created in B.Adventures 6?
75.-Does Avak`s weapon have any energies in special?
86.-How many years before the Great Shadow did they invented the Vahki?
97.-Is it easier control the Miru that the Kadin?
108.-Is it the book of chronicles(MNOG)the same that Whenua used in Web of Shadows for count the Matoran, or is it another technology bringed from Metru-Nui?
119.-Is The Shadowed One`s registrator a Matoran?
1210.-What did Roodaka learn in her Dark Hunters training?
1311.-Could you please give us a clue about the familiar characters that will be sets in the next year?
1412.-What is Kardas Dragon?
1513.-What powers did the Brotherhood of Makuta`s false Bohrok have?
1614.-How can I catch Vezok`s energy in a Zamor?
1715.-Are the Olmak and the Rode unique?, or are there more of them?
1816.-It`s Metru-Nui the north pole of the Bionicle planet?
1917.-And some ideas; first about the Piraka`s nicknames, I like that those were they names as Dark Hunters.If you approve this you don`t change anything about the history and they give us more info about them; second , we hope that we will see Krakua again and the Matoran builder of the canisters too.
211) Velika
222) No. Irnakk is a legendary bogeyman
233) No.
244) Yes, says that in the Encyclopedia
255) No
266) Oh, thousands, easily
277) No
288) I doubt the film was making use of anything from MNOLG, because the script writer would not have been familiar with the game
299) No
3010) Hasn't been revealed, but think about what DH do for a living.
3111) No - discussing 2007 would be grounds for me getting fired.
3212) Can't answer it
3313) Simulations of the powers the real Bohrok had
3414) I doubt you can, not being a Piraka or a Toa
3515) There are most likely more of them
3616) No, but it is the furthest north the Matoran know about
3717) Actually, their nicknames were not their names as DH. The nicknames exist solely to give kids another way to remember the characters, they are not part of storyline

38that was all, have a nice day


1Jaller is the leader in 2006

2That's certainly interesting... note the ''in 2006''... we may have some leader-shifting in 2007 and 2008.
3LZ :)
Little Zivon

1That's certainly interesting... note the ''in 2006''... we may have some leader-shifting in 2007 and 2008.
2LZ :)

3Wait..where did you get this information? Did I miss it in an above post, or was it from a personal Q & A with GregF? If so, could you please post the question it was with?
Toa of Resumption

1Wait..where did you get this information? Did I miss it in an above post, or was it from a personal Q & A with GregF? If so, could you please post the question it was with?

2Well, the statement of Jaller being the leader in 2006 comes from Kanohi Ignika's post somewhere above this one.
3The thing about leader-shifting in 2007 and 2008 was purely speculation on my part, nothing official there.
4LZ :)