1Hello Greg,
2Hope you're doing well, and bundling up for the winter (... it's 40 degrees:I'M IN FLORDIA:What's going on??).
3Anyways, to the questions:
41) I'm guessing Morz will be one of the first enmies?Or will he/it be an enemy that runs through the entire year?
5No, there are several enemies next year, it's just the first.
62)Morz is sentient, right?
7Yes, and sapient.
82a) And power mad/hungry?

103)You said that Morz's king tentacle was roughly the size of the CHRYSLER building.How could that be hidden in a city?Are our new heroes going to go underground?
11No, they don't have to go underground to fight the Morbuzakh. Been there, done that. There are buildings in Metru Nui big enough to contain it.
124)I'm interested in the Toa Metru a lot, particually Vakama, as he has the oddest weapon choice.He's the first hero we've seen with a ranged weapon/tool (besides the Kodan Ball).You said that they chose the tool that.. attracted them, so, why did a disc thrower attract him?I always figured that Ta people would be more for all out attack...
13Well, here is my theory. Vakama, of all the new Toa, is probably the least comfortable with his new powers and initially feels he really doesn't deserve to be a Toa. So I think he chose something that was comfortable and familiar to him.

145)I THINK you said somwehre, that Morz could destroy Metru Nui quickly, if he wanted.Well, does he want control over the city?
15Yup. Wrecking parts of it is a step toward that. But that is not what the Morbuzakh was originally planning to do .. it sort of got carried away
166)How do the Kanoka discs work?I mean, do they activate some special thing that goes off when you launch 'em?
17The disks have powers in them that are triggered when they strike their target.
187)When the Matoran reach Metru Nui, will they immediatly start finding out what happened?Or will they already know, because the Turaga will tell them on the way over?
19Vakama will be telling tales the whole way over.
208)How DO you fight a root that's the size of the Chrysler building?
21It ain't easy
229)Will you be writing most the books for 2005?
232005? That I do not know. I am not sure what Scholastic is planning for '05. I am writing at least four books for '04.

2410)When you see a profile shot of Metru Nui, there's these three collums (though there may be four, one hidden behidn another collumn).Are these part of a major temple, or something, on Metru Nui?
25Can't really answer that one, without seeing the pic.
2611)You probably can't answer this, but was Mata Nui awake, when the Matoran were on Metru Nui?
27Initially, I believe he was, yes.
2812)What does Turaga Dume think of the new Toa?
29Wait and see.
3013)When the Matoran left Metru Nui, and came to Mata Nui, Makuta "downsized" them, and made them forget.You said that the Turaga had a stronger will than the matoran, and so remembered, but were they too downsized by the thing that Makuta did?
31Not as far as I know.
3214)How DID Makuta downsize the Matoran?
33Makuta has powers far beyond the ken of mortal men.
3415)Just a wondering, DOES Bionicle stand for BIOlogical ChroNICLE?
3615a) If so, how'd they come up with that?
37No idea, didn't work here then.
3816)How do you play Kohlii with Kanoka discs? (I seem to remember someone stating that you said that on Metru Nui, Kohlii was played with Kanoka discs)
39You launch them through hoops, although it is not quite as simple as that.

4017)Is Morz the only enemy that the Toa Metru will have to face, for the first year?
41No, not by a long, long shot.
4218)Seems to me that Morz is really nigh impossible to beat.Is THAT what drove them away from Metru Nui?
4419)Does the thing that drove them from Metru Nui still live there?
45Can't answer it.
4620)In your opinion, compared to the Rahkshi, how much cooler will the next emeies be? ( Set enemies, not just storyline enemies)
47Well, the Rahkshi were really cool ... but I think whatr makes some of the new enemies really creepy is that they are not considered bad guys by the Matoran. They are not these outsiders everyone bands together to fight. That is part of the reason the Turaga have a hard time trusting anyone.
4821)Will we ever learn more abou the MoL?
49Such as?
5022)Now that Takua is Takanuva, is there any way he could be turned back?
5223)What is your favorite project that you have ever worked on (comic wise, excluding Bionice)?
53BIONICLE is the only comic book I have ever written.
5424) Sorry if these questions seem inconsistent.I'm jsut asking them as they pop into my head.(Actually, this one is a question from my brother).If all kinds of Rahkshi, all at level 6, were put in an arena, which one would you think would come out on top?
55Oh, gee, that's a hard one. I would say one of the more destructive ones -- Lerahk or Panrahk, that type. I can't see what "making Rahkshi angry at each other" would achieve.
5625)Makuta is everyone's favoite villan in Bionicle.He'll be back, right?(In flashbacks or for real...)
57Can't answer it.
5826)How fast can you build a Toa Nuva set?(I think i can get Tahu done in less than a minute. )
59Don't know.

6027)Thinking about it... how does Morz communicate?Every villan in Bionicle has communicated, somehow.The Rahi and Rahkshi were all Makuta, and the bohrok "talked" via the Krana, and the Bohrok Kal, and Bahrag actually DID talk.
6228)Will we learn more about the Bohrok next year?
63Oh, a little bit.
6429)How did Makuta know how to wake the Bohrok up?
65Makuta knows a ton of things.
6630)Wow, lotsa questions, and a lot about old stuf...Anyways, does Metru Nui have an underground like Mata Nui (huge, and full of scary stuff)?
67Ummmmm ... yes, but it is less "wild" than Mata Nui's. It is an underground built by the Matoran, but things have gotten a little out of hand there.

68Well, Night.

70Wow, 30 questions... did we get any new ifno? I think so...
11. Frm what it sounds, there are warring factions inside of metru nui, and one is using the morbuzakh, while the other is usign the toa.Is this true?
31b.Also, it seems from what you said that the morbuzakh was an experiment that went out of control and developed a mind of its own. Is that true?

52. Or, did the same people who created the morbuzakh create the toa to destroy it specifically?
73.Will we learn more about makuta and Mata Nui next year?(just yes or no is fine)
8Can't answer it.
94. Is there ANY connection whatosoever between the morbuzakh and the "akh" enemies? I`m thinking, if the experiemnt angle is true, Morbuzakh was the prototype, and these are the final versions.
10No, no connection.
115. Were the metru forced to become toa against their will? If so, did they object?
12Well, they did not volunteer for it and had no idea it was going to happen.

136. Is dume the true political ruler of Metru Nui or is he jsut a figurehead for the real boss?
14No, he is the ruler.
157. Can the morbuzakh control people`s minds?
178. Out of all the matoran we know from mata nui, which one will be featured most prominently in the metru nui books, and which one is the most important story wise?
18So far, Nuparu has shown up in the books once, I think Kapura showed up once, and Kongu makes an appearance in the movie. None of them play crucial roles.

19Gah, my theories struck out. At least I don`t have to wonder if they`re true or not anymore. ^_^
3Anyways, some clarifications:
421) Will we ever learn more abou the MoL?
5Such as?
63) You said that Morz's king tentacle was roughly the size of the CHRYSLER building. How could that be hidden in a city? Are our new heroes going to go underground?
7No, they don't have to go underground to fight the Morbuzakh. Been there, done that. There are buildings in Metru Nui big enough to contain it.
8For 21, I was wondering, who made it, why'd they make it, and generally the backstory of it.
9For 3... wouldn't they notice a gigantic root that was planning to take over the city?

10Metru Nui seems like a paradise...(Well, supposedly, it was)
11How did things get out of hand?Did Makuta have a hand in this?

133) Not if it's indoors and has already driven Matoran away from that area.
1421) Not sure.
15As for how things got out of hand, you will have to wait and see. At this point, there is no reason to see a connection with Makuta, as we do not even know that he is in this story.

1What are the codes on the back of the Krana for? I know the first symbol of them in a certain order spells BIONICLE, but what else are they for?

2I don't know that they have any special meaning.

4I asked that in February... Found it.
1QUOTE 2Hi 3heres some questions for you
4how do the Toa metrus mask change?
5Change to what?

6Does the red matoran (forgot his name) make the mask in the image of the other matorans metru shown in the teaser of the comic and why if yes?
7I am not sure what you're referring to? Which mask?

8do all metru matoran have noble masks?
9They aren't noble masks. They are Matoran masks done in the shapes of noble masks, the same way Matoran on Mata Nui have masks that look like Great Masks.
10are the masks or disks more important in 04?
11The disks are.
12Do the new masks have the same powers as the noble masks?
13Can't answer it.
14Please tell me why Mol wasnt in movie theaters?
15It was never intended to be. It was produced as a direct to video and DVD movie, the same as next year's will be. It costs a lot less for a movie studio to produce a movie that way than to make one for theaters, so for a new property, it makes more sense to do it on video first.

16Whose your favorite toa Metu?
17Onewa, probably.

19See answers above.
20:s: 21:LOL:

11: you said something about a color list being put up on BZP..when and where? on the fourms?
2It's in the new section of BZP this week.
32: you told us the colors for the head/spine and foot/hand peaces. what about the other peices?(hip,sholder,knee)
4You're right, my mistake --- shoulder and knee would match spine color, hip would match hand and foot color. You might want to let people know about that.

53:why is invulnerabiliy called Limited invulnerability? 6is there a Full invulnerability? if so what color is it?
7No, there is no full invulnerability, it was always intended by me to be limited invulnerability. A fully invulnerable Rahkshi would be unstoppable.

84:you also added (inorganic) to the end of Molecular disruption..why? is there one that disrupts onganic things? whats the different between Molecular disruption and disentagration?
9Molecular disruption is like what the Vision does in the comics -- it doesn't involve killing something, just disrupting its substance. It can also be used for things besides shattering an object, like reaching inside of it to pull something out. And the reason it is listed as inorganic is because, when done to an organic, it is extremely painful so LEGO would frown on it.

105:the dodge Rahkshi when it dodges is it just seeing the attack and moving out of the way or is just a fact.This Rahkshi CAN'T BE HIT by any attack aimed at it .

11I used to work in roleplaying games, so in that respect, basically the Rahkshi is getting a plus to dodge. He can still be hit if the attacker does a really good job, but if the attack is not a superior effort, he will miss. The Rahkshi sort of has a sixth sense like Spider-Man about attacks.

12See answers above.
13sweet :D and i thank him alot for #2 now i can go make them :)
11) Do the "Wild Kraata" Rahkshi have names? (ex: Tuhrahk, Guurahk, etc.)
2No. Coming up with BIONICLE names takes a long time, because they have to go through so many legal checks. So unless something is going to play a role in the story of some significance, we don't name it.
32) Is Morbuzakh (the plant thing) in the '04 movie at all?
4Very briefly.
53) When in '04 is the movie planned on being released. The same time as MoL?
6Around the same time, yes.

74) How far back is the Toa Metru storyline from the current one?
8Oh, gee, thousands of years.
95) Did Morbuzakh or the "akh" enemies cause the Metru-ites to leave Metru Nui?
1Sorry, but more Bionicle questions have been haunting me through my horribly boring school days. I really want a job at Lego someday. :(
2You have said that there is no water on Metru Nui. So when Gali Nuva arrives, will she essentially be powerless?
3No, I wouldn't say so. Nokama wasn't powerless. She was able to manipulate liquid protodermis the same way Gali manipulates water, so Gali will simply have to learn that skill (which I am sure Nokama can teach her.)

4Clouds are formed from water vapor, and we have seen that Metru Nui has clouds. So are they "protodermis vapor," or something else?
6In Vhisola's picture, she is swimming through water. Is that actually protodermis, or a mistake?
7No, it just looks like water -- it's liquid protodermis. The protodermis that flows through the canals is purified, so it looks different.
8So we know that Ta-Metru is still fire, Ko-Metru is still ice. . . But what is Ga-Metru?
9It is still considered to be water. Why, you ask? Because to the Matoran of Metru Nui, liquid protodermis was their idea of water. They had never seen what we consider water.
10Elasticity kraata says that it can stretch to infect masks from a distance. So can the kraata stretch? Because a Rahkshi can't infect.
11Good question. The way I see it, the Rahkshi could stretch to get closer to the victim, and then the kraata would be able to make physical contact. I apologize for that entry, I didn't write it and it isn't very clear.

12Is there any particular reason that the colors of the Rahkshi don't match the colors of their kraata?
13Yes. One, I wanted in some cases for the Rahkshi colors to match their power, and also the same colors are repeated a lot in the kraata and I didn't want to repeat quite that much.

14When it is said that Note that for those Rahkshi who are multi-colored, the first color is that of their head and spine, and the second is that of their hands and feet, does that mean that the spines are not silver? Or does it mean the curved back peices? Also, then what color would the remaining colored parts (hips, shoulders, knees) be? Would the shoulders be the head color, and the hips and knees be the leg color?
15Yes, someone else asked me this. By "spines" I mean the curved back piece. And shoulders and knees are the spine color, hips are the hands and feet color.

16Just wondering - have you seen the Toa Metru compared to the Toa Nuva yet? Because they look taller...
17I have one Toa Metru, and yes, it is slightly taller.
18(I think) you said that the Toa Metru built the Exo-Toa. So are they able to fit inside?
19No, I never said that. And while I can't say yes or no on the Exo-Toa thing, I would be surprised if they fit -- since the Exo-Toa is a 2002 product, and these are 2004 product, I doubt if the designers were worrying about that when they made the figures.
20Do all of the Toa Metru tools have double purposes, like the Nuva tools? (We already know that Matau's do - is he the only one?)
21Yes, they pretty much all do.
22Thanks a lot: I sure hope there are Gukko birds on Metru Nui.
24P.S. - Thanks for the kraata/Rahkshi color list. It's great for building Rahkshi: (Even though I now have to rebuild all of the ones on my brickshelf.)

25Some stuff. I was curious about protodermis/water.
11. I think you may have said earlier tha ga-metru was special in some way. From looking at the map, it is very far away and seems searated from all the other metru, is there a reason for this?
2Well, Ga-Metru is very much the educational and spiritual center of Metru Nui.

32. Why is Ta-metru`s main dome so much larger than those of the other metru?
4I would have to check with the people doing the more detailed map, but that dome may be the Great Furnace, which is huge.

53. Is the central area called Kini-Metru?
6No, that's the Coliseum.

74.Is there soem special reason why the overall shape of metru nui closely resembles that of mata nui?

8Well, it is beneath Mata Nui, so it kind of makes sense that it would be roughly in the same shape.

1Sorry to DP, but here is a TON of new info

21. Are all kanohi made from Kanoka, or only the "real" ones that have powers like the toa wear, and the powerless ones the matoran wear are made from protodermis.
3All masks are made from Kanoka disks. The Matoran masks are simply power level 1 or 2 so they really can't do much of anything.
42. Why must a kanoka be crafted from protodermis before being made into a kanohi?
5Because it is in the process of being turned into Kanoka disks that the power level is determined. A lot depends on the skill of the mask-maker.
63. Why are some kept in disk form, and not all made into kanohi? Do the disks grow more powerful over time?
7No, not as far as we know. But except for having some on hand as extras, new masks only need to be produced as new Matoran come into being. There is no point in producing a zillion Great Masks unless you have someone to wear them. And the disks are used for other things besides just raw material for masks.

84.Is the morbuzakh related to the toa or turaga dume?
105. Is nidawk a rahi or a mechanical thing like the ussanui?

11Nivawk is a Rahi.

1Hey Greg,

2A quote from Raptordx1

31. Are all kanohi made from Kanoka, or only the "real" ones that have powers like the toa wear, and the powerless ones the matoran wear are made from protodermis.
4All masks are made from Kanoka disks. The Matoran masks are simply power level 1 or 2 so they really can't do much of anything.

5I read this and I thought "WOAH, HOLD ON A SEC:::"
61. I know you can't answer questions for Raptordx1, but he seems to have read about this before, and I scanned the GregF topic with no luck, do you know where he might have read of this (Kanoka become Kanohi) before?
7I have no idea where he got this from, it was not from me.
82. You are talking about power levels one and two, can you share more info about the Kanoka power levels and stuff now?
9As you will see when you get your Matoran, each disk has a three digit code. How powerful the disk is is determined by the final digit, which goes from 1-9.
103. It's obvious some aren't, but are most of the Matoran wearing the same masks now that they were on Metru Nui? You said the Matoran on Metru Nui were wearing level 1 and 2 Kanohi, but you said before the Matoran's masks had no powers what-so-ever. What's up?
11A 1 mask basically has next to no power, and a 2 is only somewhat better .. and what little power it does have you need to have the mental skill to tap into. Even the Toa Metru cannot use their masks right away until they learn how.
124. The Metru Matoran's masks have 1 and 2 power levels; you said they can't do much of anything, but can they do anything at all??
13Again, even if they could, the Matoran do not have the mental discipline to use the powers. It's precisely because they are so low power that those disks are made into Matoran masks.
145.) Can you tell us what makes Kanoka special? I mean, why not make Kanohi as just... Kanohi? Instead of making them from Kanoka? (I hope that's worded ok...)
15Because Kanohi is the Matoran word for mask, essentially -- and Kanoka is the Matoran word for disk. So "Kanohi mask" is actually redundant. And "Kanohi disk" would therefore make no sense to a Matoran. A Kanoka and a Kanohi are two different things.
166.) All the collectables start with "K." Kanohi, Krana, Krana Kal, Kraata, Kanoka..... is there a reason?
17If there is, I don't know what it is.
18Thanks Greg:

19That's NOT what I ment for #5... My fault for poor wording, I'll PM him again.
1QUOTE 2I have 1 question: What are all the alternate uses for the Toa Metrus weapons? Are they the same as the Toa Nuva? Thanks

3No, they are very different tools, so different uses. In some cases, as with Nuju and Onewa, they are adapted for use in their more urban environment to allow them to travel more easily.
4Greg 5Heres the awnser to my question. It isnt really definite but it is still neat
1Hi Greg I was wondering if you would answer some questions for me.
21. Will the Metru Matoran Katia play a part in the story?
3The Kaita? Or the combo models, which are Rahi? The combo models will, yes.
42. Does Nidwak resemble any Rahi we have seen before?
63. If you didn't know who the 2004 traitor was, who would you think it was?
7lol, nice try.
84. Will there be a special Kanoka or Mask for 2004?
105. Was the Matoran they have now like Jaller, Takua, and Hahli in Metru-Nui in the before time?
11Jaller, Takua and Hahli did live on Metru Nui, yes.
126. If you could create a Toa what would it be like?
13No idea.
147. Last but not least, Why do the '04 Matoran have silver stuff on their mask?
15That was a design decision, no one has told me the story reason for it yet.
1I've been keeping these in my inbox for some time, so some of these are already revealed or answered, so I have taken some out.
21. This quote is from a BZPower report on the new Matoran sets: "Six Matoran hold the keys to its defeat, but they have disappeared: Worse, one of them has been touched by darkness and plots against all of Metru Nui. Would that plotting Matoran, by any chance be related to the Po-koro saleman?
3Can't answer it. It's a mystery, can't give away the story.
42. Here's one that I'm sure may have been asked: If the Turaga were Toa way-back-when, does that mean sometime in the distant future the Toa we know may become Turaga?
5That is a possibility.
63. On Metru-Nui, will Vakama be the Toa of Fire, or something else? Will they all still be Toa of the six elements?
84. Does Metru-Nui have six elemental regions like Mata-Nui?
9Ummmmm .. not in exactly the same way. The differences in the look/feel of the regions has more to do with the work that is done there than with climate, for the most part.
105. How big is Metru-Nui in comparison to Mata-Nui?
11My understanding is that it is bigger.
126. What is that big mountain-like pinnacle at the center of Metru-Nui? A mountain? A Temple?
13Can't answer it yet.
147. Why are the Matoran's masks silver around the top?
15No idea. Haven't been told the story reason for that yet. Since Matoran masks are duplicates of other kinds of masks, they could be some sort of manufacturer's mark so people know the masks are not Noble or Great.
168. How does Nuhrii make masks? Through somekind of machine? Or does he handcarve them? And once he's done that, how do they get their powers?
17Going to have to wait to see.
189. Does being chief Ussal rider make Orkahm a person of high authority in the city?
19About as much as being the senior truck driver in a city would.
2010. How do you pronouce "Ehyre"?
21Sort of like this -- Air-yay
2211. On the Metru-Nui map on the back of the 2004 Matoran's box, which is Ko-Metru and which is Onu-Metru? The story on BZPower said they might be mixed up (Tehutti and Ehyre may be pointing to each other's metrus).
23I'm answering this from home, so I don't have the map with me to check.
2412. Will the story focus more on the Toa Metru or the Matoran?
25The Toa Metru are the heroes, so it always focuses more on them.
2613.. What kind of plant is the Morbuzakh? Is it like a sickness? A kind of moss that crawls across things? Or a violent plant that can attack? How big is it, or how big can it grow?
27Well, the king root is the size of the Chrysler Building, and its vines extend all over the city. And those vines can wrap around buildings and crush them to rubble.
2814.. Even though Metru-Nui is in a protodermis ocean, does it have water?
3015. You said Metru-Nui was bigger than Mata-Nui. But then how could the whole of Metru-Nui recieve all that sunlight (through, I assume, Mt. Ihu's crater) if it is bigger (since it stretches farther across than Mata-Nui)?
31Can't answer it
3216. Will we ever see the Vahi again after comics 11 and 12?
3417. Will the Bohrok ever have any part to play in the storylines to come?
35Mmmm, here and there.
3618. Why was Kopeke's mask and color changed for the toy?
37Not sure. Will have to ask.
3819. How come in comic 10, Tahu tells Gali, Pohatu and Onua to go down into the nest to find Cahdok and Gahdok, when in comic 11, they're still on the surface?
39They did all that between issues.
4020. On the Mata-Nui Online Game, will the Po-koro salesman's mystery be sloved? I mean, it was clear that he was serving Makuta, but I wish there'd be more info on the story.
41I don't think he is in MNOLG2, but I doubt he is gone for good, either.
4221. Lehvak-Kal's vacuum power: Got two questions about that. First, how come Lehvak-Kal didn't implode or anything like Nuhvok-Kal? Isn't that what a vacuum does? Why is it always the opposite when Lehvak-Kal is featured?
43Because the reaction to his power overload was to expel the vacuum, not have it press in around him. His power was the ability to draw in all the air and then let it out in a blast. So he let it out in a big blast.
4422. Does Lehvak-Kal fly on forever?
45Nope.. I am sure he stopped when he reached orbit :)
4623. What happed to Pahrak-Kal? Did he melt or fall through a hole?
47His sheer. intense heat melted a hole in the floor which he fell through. I am sure he was falling for a while, since he was probably melting his way as he went.
4824. On the update on Bionicle.com, the Turaga said that they would be given a gift from Mata-Nui. But if Mata-Nui was asleep, then how could he give it to them?
49This is like the dozenth time I have gotten this question this week. I think I am going to have to post the answer in a Storylines and Theories topic, so look for it there.
5025. If a Rahkshi loses it's staff, is it powerless?
51The Rahkshi uses the staff to focus its power, the same way the Toa use their tools.
5226. When Lehvak-Kal's power overloads, how come Bionicle.com and the comic have different views? (Lehvak-Kal flies upward in the comic, but on Bionicle.com, he gets pulled apart)
53Don't know, but in this case, mine is correct.
5427. Makuta says he unleashed the Bohrok swarms, but on the Online Game, Takua opens it. What's with that?
55Takua went into the nest, but he didn't unleash the swarms. Makuta sent the signal that woke them up.
5628. Why didn't they make Guurahk, or any of the Rahkshi, a female?
57Rahkshi have no gender.
5829. Aren't the Rahkshi spikes a bit too detailed? (they're really cool, but still)
59In the movie, the spikes are actually part of the kraata. Hence the need for detailing them.
6030. Will we see any cameos from past storylines in upcoming storylines?
61Yes, quite possibly
6231. Can the Turaga's staffs do anything? Like on the MNOLG, Onepu said that Whenua's drill could detect Kofo-jaga nests in rock?
63Yes, the Turaga tools have some abilities, but nowhere near what the Toa tools can do
1QUOTE 2I'm sorry about the enormity of this message, but I realized that if I didn't PM you with all of my questions, I would be pming you once a week. Here we go:
31) Is Pohatu really able to lift a mountain?
4Well, Pohatu is certainly strong. I have never seen him lift a mountain, though.
52) Why do we need measurements like the mio? Isn't that around 1,000 miles?
6Why would a different culture like the Matoran use an English system of measurement?
73) At the end of the movie, when Takanuva lights up the chamber with Metru Nui in it, it looks almost like they are standing on the sheer side of a cliff. Is this true?
8They are standing on a rocky "balcony" overlooking the silver sea.
94) Will the Toa Metru ever collect all of their Kanohi? Or does it not work like that?
10They have no need to. They only have the Kanohi they start out with.
115) I'm not sure if you can answer this, but how far back do oyu thinkthe story of Bionicle will go? Before Metru Nui?
12No idea.
136) In comic #15, Nokama says that once, Metru Nui was tthe most beautiful of Mata Nui's creations. Did Mata Nui really create Metru Nui, Mata Nui, and possibly other places?
14In the eyes of the Matoran, he created everything.
157) On Metru Nui, what is the Great Furnace?
16Pretty much just what it sounds like. Ta-Metru is loaded with furnaces, forges, and foundries.
178) When did we find out that you create kanohi by transforming kanoka disks?
18Raptordx asked me about that, and I don't know where he got his info from.
199) What would happen if you transformed those really powerful kanoka disks into Kanohi masks? Would you just get a really powerful Kanohi mask?
2110) How do you turn kanoka disks into kanohi? How do you determine the mask power?
22You will have to wait and see on that.
2311) Do the Matoran have factories to produce kanohi and kanoka, or are they hand made?
24No, Ta-Metru is full of factories.
2512) In the movie at the end, Vakama reffers to the THE Bionicle. Is this reffering to the chronicaleing of events of the entire Bionicle universe, or something else?
26Far as I know, it refers to the chronicle.
2713) I think that one time you said that what the Toa Metru went through made the Toa Mata's job look easy. Why then, would they be impressed with the Toa's accomplishments?
28Well, it would be pretty petty not to be impressed. The Toa did save the Matoran multiple times when the Turaga would no longer have been able to.
2914) This hard to word, but would you compare the Morbuzakh as to what drove the Matoran from Metru Nui, as the Rahi are to Makuta? *shudders*
30I really can't answer that one with any accuracy.
3115) Vakama said that they witnessed the true birth of darkness on Metru nui. Does this mean that someone that was more powerful than Makuta came to Metru Nui and HE'S the one who put Mata Nui to sleep? Then, would this mean that the Matoran blamed Makuta for this only he is trying to protect both Mata Nui and the Matoran? (I know that you can't answer a lot of this but I though I might ask)
32No, Makuta is definitely the one who put Mata Nui to sleep.
3316) You said before that Makuta thought that what he was doing was actually good in his mind. Does this mean that if he REALLY DID put Mata Nui to sleep, he was trying to protect him and the Matoran thought he was being malicous?
3517) Can you say when, chronologically, Mata Nui was put to sleep? Was it before the Morbuzakh attacked?
36No, after.
3718) If Mata Nui was still awake when the Morbuzakh attacked, why, if Mata Nui is extremely powerful, de he not stop it?
38Can't answer it.
3919) Is Mata Nui really real, a being?
40Can't answer it.
4120) How much more powerful was the Rahi Nui when Vakama as a Toa battled it?
42It was pretty darn powerful.
4321) How much more powerful is the thing that drove the Matoran from Metru Nui than the Morbuzakh?
44You basically already asked this one, and I can't answer it.
4522) Have the Toa Mata ever faced something like the Morbuzakh (in terms of power)?
46Hmmmm ... well, they faced Makuta, who is more powerful, so yes.
4723) In you eyes, is Maktua truly trying to be evil as the Matoran portray him?
48Is he trying to be evil? No. He is trying to accomplish what he wants to accomplish, without any regard to how it hurts anyone else. And he doesn't see that as being evil.
4924) When the Matoran were on Metru Nui, were they able to use their mask powers?
5125) It seems that we are leaving Mata Nui before even half of its secrets are revealed. For instance, the Bohrok. There are so many questions about who created them, how they got there, and where the creaters went. Same thing with the Exo Toa. Will these secrets eventually be revealed?
52Yes, and that is why we are leaving Mata Nui. Those answers can't be found there.
5326) Were the beings who created the Exos and Bohrok/Bahrag at odds?
54No, I don't believe so. That would be like saying the people who made the engine of the car and the people who made the brakes were at odds.
5527) Were the Exo Toa even ment to be used against the Bahrag?
56Yes. They were a fail-safe measure in the event that the Bohrok were released too soon.
5728) You said tha the mask Nuhrii wants or has created ("the ultimate Kanohi") is no the Vahi. Does htis mean that that mask is more powerful than the Vahi, MoL, or Kraahkan?
58No, just means what I said -- it's not the Vahi.
5929) You said once that Makuta is far more powerful than any Toa. Does this mean tah the only reason Takanuva defeated him was because he is the direct opposite of him?
60Takanuva defeated him because he ripped his mask off and then they were merged by protodermis, giving Makuta at least temporary enlightenment. Had Makuta not "seen the light" in that moment, then Takutanuva would never have accomplished anything.
6130) Is Takutauva more powerful than Mata Nui?
62I doubt that very much.
6331) Does Makuta believe that the Toa and Turaga are evil for trying to awake Mata Nui?
64Not sure "evil" is the right word. Misguided. Annoying.
6532) Before he found the Kraahkan, was Makuta as powerful as a Toa?
66No idea.
6733) Why is the Kraahkan so much more powerful than any other Great Kanohi? Does it have powers that we don't know about?
68It might, or it may simply have a level of power beyond the Great Kanohi.
6934) Does Makuta have all of the powers of the Rahkshi?
70It's possible, but that is not one I want to say yes or no to at this point.
7135) When the Bahrag spoke of the "Before Time", were they reffering to the time when the Matoran lived on Metru Nui?
72Yes, basically.
7336) If the Bahrag knew of Metru Nui, did they ever attempt to go there?
74They had no reason to.
7537) How powerful is the combiner form of the Bahrag?
76No idea, it has not been part of the storyline.
7738) If Mata Nui is supposed to be the most powerful being to the Matoran, how was he put to sleep so easily?
78Can't answer it.
7939) I've been wanting to ask this ever since I saw it in the MNOLG. What are the symbols that surrounded the Toa when they used the Hau olda?
80I am not sure which scene you are referring to?
8140) Did other beings exist on Mata Nui before the Matoran?
82Not that I know of, no.
8341) Have you ever seen a pictue of Mata NuI (the being)? If so, is he really big (tall)?
84No, I haven't.
8542) In an answer to a question, oyu said that biological things would probably not be able to survive on Mata Nui. Why not?
86Because a purely biological land animal, say, would not be as strong or as durable as a biomechanical one, and I can't see it surviving on a diet of protodermis.
8743) You said that the King Root of the Morbuzakh is the size of the Chrysler building. How large are the other roots and will the Toa have to battle anything bigger than this? *doubleshudder*
88No idea if they may face something bigger in future. But the other roots are fairly big too.
8944) Is the Morbuzakh fire resistent?
90Good catch The Morbuzakh feeds on fire.
9145) Did the kraata originally come from Makuta?
92No idea.
9346) If both Makuta and Mata Nui both have Kanohi, have far does the use of Kanohi go?
94I am sure it is very much a part of the universe.
9547) Why, in the movie, di you guys not want us to see Makuta's face?
96No idea, wasn't my decision.
9748) What did the ancient symbols on the MoL say?
98I don't have that information, sorry.
9949) To get this in perspective, how powerful would a Toa be if he got his/her hands on a Great Kanoka (the superpowerful kind)?
100Well, the disk itself does not "add" to a Toa's power. He can throw it and cause an effect when it hits, but it does not make him personally more powerful.
10150) Besides where Mata Nui sleeps, what do you think is the biggest/most important secret in Bionicle?
102No idea.
10351) Will we ever see the Mana Ko and how powerful it is?
104Maybe, yes. You might see him next year, if I can work him into one of the books.
10553) How tall do the buildings on Metru Nui get?
106Well, the Knowledge Towers are high enough that there is ice on the rooftops.
10754) Would it be possible to defeat the entire Bohrok swarms without taking the fight to the Bahrag?
108I doubt it.
10955) Are there other creatures in the Bohrok swarms that we have not seen (other than the Bohrok/Va/Bahrag)?
110Not that I know of.
11156) Why didn't the Bahrag get rid of the Exo Toa if they were right in front of their chamber
112Why should they? To use my analogy, the engined doesn't hate the brakes. As far as the Bahrag knew, they were doing what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it, so the Exo-Toa weren't a threat to them.
11357) If the Turaga as Toa could not defeat what drove the Matoran from Metru Nui, how do they expect the Toa Nuva to do it? I know they are more powerful, but not by that much.
114Who said they expect the Toa Nuva to do it?
11558) How strong can protodermis be?
116I don't want to set an arbitrary upper limit on it.
11759) Could a manas' claw rip through a thick wall of protodermis?
118A thick wall? A Manas' claw could probably put a crack in it, but I would not say he could shatter it.
11960) Who would win in a chamber filled with a fully powered Rahi Nui, a manas, a Mana Ko, and all 42 Rahkshi?
120Oh, I think the Rahkshi would win based on sheer variety of powers and numbers.
12161) Was the surface of Mata Nui purposely made to look like a face (when you turn the map upsidedown)?
122No idea.
12362) At the end of the Bionicle movie, Hahli, Jaller, and Takanuva stand on the unity, duty, and destiny symbol in Makuta's chamber. Is there something important under that symbol?
124No idea.
12563) Will we find out who made the MoL, Kraahkan, and Vahi?
126Someday, yes.
12764) Are the Matoran on Metru Nui, unsure of the new Toa because they are new, or because their trust has been betrayed so many times?
128They don't have any idea who these Toa are -- they just appear out of nowhere one day.
12965) Why were the Matoran on Mata Nui so confident of the Toa, when the ones on Metru Nui were not?
130Because the Matoran on Mata Nui had several thousand years to hear legends about wonderful Toa who would come save them.
13166) How do the Great Kanoka give the posseser power? Basically, what I mean is, how do you get such great power from a Kanoka disk?
132You don't. The power is in the disk and the use of the disk. It does not increase your own personal power.
13367) What is the place at the very begining of the movie where Vakama narrates and Mata Nui and Makuta land?
134No idea.
13568) Did Makuta know where the MoL is?
136Offhand, I doubt it.
13769) Was the kohli field destroyed in the battle with the Rahkshi?
138If it was in Ta-Koro it was, yes. Ta-Koro sank into lava.
13970) Where do the Turaga get all of their prophocies?
140Can't answer it.
14171) Are the symbols on the MoL in ancient Metru nuian text?
142It may have been an older dialect, yes.
14372) Was the Kini Nui already built when the Mataorn first came to Mata Nui?
144No idea.
14573) Were there words whispered after Makuta said "must I release the ones who should never see the light of day?" (in the movie)? Why was he even taking to Mata Nui if he is supposed to be asleep?
146Same reason people who have been away from home for a long time might start talking to the people they miss .. same reason people sit in cemetaries and have long conversations with tombstone. No one said he was expecting an answer.
14774) Was Mata nui really awakened at the end of the movie?
14975) How did Makuta construct such a heavy door?
150Who said he built it?
152Please Take Your Time
153Thank you again

155See answers above.
156Yeah, I know. I should have pmed him in parts but I thought he would rather just get it over with. Sorry.
157WoW. Those answers really surprised me. Now I have even more questions. :wacko: Metru Nui seems A LOT darker than Mata Nui. WoW.
11. Do you know where I can find out who the voice actors were in the MoL in other countries?
32. Does the morbuzakh have an origin that will be explained in 2004?
4It does have an origin, whether it is getting explained in '04 I do not know.
53. You said nokama was a teacher before she became a toa, what jobs did the other toa metru have when they were matoran?
6Vakama was a mask-maker; Onewa was a carver; Whenua was an archivist; Matau was an Ussal-rider; Nuju was a seer.
74. Are the "akh" enemeis only in the movie like the rahkshi were, or are they introduced before the movie?
8They are introduced before the movie.
95. Did makuta create the rahkshi on metru nui or did someone else?

10Can't answer it.
1I have seen people asking, "why hasn't Takanuva become a turaga?" And I to asked that question, Because a toa fulfills his detiny he becomes a turaga, and Takanuva defeated Makuta, which was his destiny. And when I pmed GregF the other day, he kindly answered that question,
2Q. You have said, that when a toa completes his or her destiny, he or she becomes a turaga, which is how the toa metru became turaga, but Takanuva's destiny was to defeat makuta, and he did so, in the end of the MOL movie (Note Takuta nuva being crushed by the door), so if Makuta was defeated, then why did takanuva not become a turaga?
3A. Good question ... but there have always been two parts to this equation. A Toa must complete his destiny and must choose the path of wisdom .. maybe Takanuva has not done the latter yet?
4Q. I have seen people saying, that kanohi are made from kanoka disks, is this true?
5A. Yes.
6Q. Do the Metru-nui matoran have a sport, like mata-nui's kohlii?
7A. Yes.
8Q .I have asked you this before how strong is protodermis, could you estimate, on the answer?
9A.It really varies. For example -- the foundries of Ta-Metru are made of protodermis, and so are the crystal Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru. But the towers are way more fragile than the foundries are.
10This is the information I was able to gather up from GregF, thsi also confirms why Takanuva did not become a turaga.
11Vahu toa of time
1Here's some of the questions I've asked GregF: 21. Will we get to see the Ultimate Kanohi mask Nuhrii is planning to make? 3Well, if he makes it, it will mean the Toa did not get the Ta-Metru Great Disk and the city is doomed ...
42. I couldn't make out very much of Toa Whenua on the cover of Mystery of Metru Nui, what are his weapon's and is it just me or does his mask resemble the Kraahkan? 5I can't speak to what his mask resembles. His tools are earthshock drills.
63. Where did Kopeke's new mask come from? Does someone make masks on Mata Nui, or is there a giant pile of them? 7No, it was simply an extra they had brought with them from Metru Nui. No masks are made on Mata Nui.
84. Is Matau still a prankster as a toa? 9He still has a very strong sense of humor, but so far the Toa have not had a lot of time for pranks.
105. What is used for light on Metru Nui? 11Lightstones.
126. What do Toa Nuju's weapons do? 13They are basically used for climbing -- he can swing them and dig them into the sides of the Knowledge Towers.
147. Do you have any Toa Metru? If so, which? 15Vakama.
168. How do their masks stay on? Like a normal Kanohi, with the little round stud, or an Avohkii, with the stud? 17Don't remember.
189. Can their necks move? 19Yes.
2010. How many disks does Vakama come with? 21One.
2211. Is Nokama's mask trans-blue or solid blue? 23I think it is solid blue.
2412. Which 2 Toa Metru will be sold in January's magazine? 25Don't remember offhand. I think it might be Vakama and Whenua.
2613. Which of the three sets of Toa do you like best? 27Hard to say. They all have their good points.
2I have been reading the Official Greg Discussion, and well... some questions came to my mind. I hope we're not smothering you with all this questions:LOL:
31. Will we get to see the Matoran Vakama & co. in the movie or in the comics?
4In the movie, you will.
52. Will we be able to build them (if there are no sets for them)?
6There has been some talk of doing them as sets, do not know if that will happen or not.
73. Is there are Metru Nuian Chronicler?
8Not that I know of.
94. From which sets will we be able to build the Morbuzakh? (I dunno if that is the correct name)
10I have no idea if you could -- it's a giant plant the size of the Chrysler Building with vines that extend the length of the city.
115. Is there going to be new Kanohi apart from the Matoran Kanohi and the Toa Metru Kanohi?
12The Turaga's Kanohi, yes.
136. What is the name for the next comic?
14Don't remember offhand.
157. We now know that the evolution chart (Matoran-Toa-Turaga). But does that means that the Toa olda were once Matoran and that Turaga Dume was a Toa and a Matoran before, or is there a posibility that you were born as a Turaga/Toa?
16I have no info on Dume's past, and I do not know if the current Toa were ever Matoran.
178. Were there any Toa before the Metru?
199. Does 'Metru' stands for Metro, which is an abreviation of Metropolis, that means Big city? (Makes sense to me)
20It's possible.
2110. Dume is the only Turaga in Metru Nui. But he can't 'rule' Metru Nui by himself/herself (is Dume a he?). Are there District Chiefs or something like that?
22Why can't he? The Mayor of NYC rules New York by himself.
2311. The Matoran got shortened when they went to Mata Nui because of Makuta, but the Turaga weren't. So does that means that Dume is the same as the Turaga we know?
24Don't know, have not seen the set.
2512. Dume is not in Mata Nui. I believe he either died or that he achieved another level.
26Believe what you like.
2713. Is there something like Anti-Protodermis?
28Not that I know of.
2914. Is everyone going to Metru Nui because Mata Nui is sleeping there, or because they think that Mata Nui is there?
30Metru Nui has to be repopulated if Mata Nui is ever to awaken.
3115. Does the Morbuzakh and the Razzakh & co. have no relation nor link at all?
32No, none.
3316. I know that the '04 storyline has been made. Are you planning the '05 or have you finished it?
34'05 is still being worked on.
3517. Why does the Toa Metru have only 1 mask per Toa?
36Because they don't need to search for masks, and we have already done the "go collect masks" thing twice. They wouldn't have time to do that, anyway.
3718. Are we going to see Mata Nui for the first time? (White stone doesn't counts:LOL: )Because you said that Mata Nui wsa awake when the Morbuzajkh was awake.
38Can't answer it.
3919. Are there social classes in Metru Nui?
40How do you mean?
4120. Are the Matoran going to remember what happened in Metru Nui when they go back, or the Turaga have to tell them everything?
42No, the Turaga will probably have to tell them.
4321. Did the Matoran had the same personality in Metru Nui? (Because I heard that metru Nui doesn't like trouble makers, and Takua...)
44Yes, probably they did.
45You must be drinking a cup of cofee by now:LOL: 46By the way, it's nice to meet another Batman fan. I have a whole room with action figures ^_^
47Guess what I just got? A movie poster from one of the 1940s Batman serials:
48Thank you very much Greg: :D
50OMG, he has the poster from the 40's Batman Movie O.o
1You have to PM Greg your questions, not post them here.
2Ok, more questions.
3{1} Turaga Onewa comes with a Komau, so would he be better using it? Would certain users be better with certain Kanohi?
4Possibly he might have more skill with it, yes.
5{2} Who do you think is the most powerful, the Toa Olda or the Toa Metru?
6Most likely, they are of equal power.
7{3} The Mata Nuian(MN) Kanohi had mostly defensive, evasive, or masks designed for use with certain enviroments. Do the Kanohi Metru have offencive powers?
8Have to wait and see. Some do, some don't.
9{4} Which has more raw power, the MN Kanohi or Metru?
10I doubt there is a difference.
11{5} Which MN Kanohi has the most power?
12Again, I doubt there is a difference. They have different powers, but one is not more powerful than the other. I would say the most powerful mask we have seen thus far is probably the Vahi.
13{6} You said the Rahkshi on Metru Nui have nothing to do with Makuta. If so, who made them?
14No, I didn't say that. Someone asked if Makuta made them and I said I couldn't answer it.
15{7} If Makuta is the master of the Void, is Mata Nui the master of Creation?
16No idea.
17{8} Do you have any idea who the Bahrag are working for, or are they working for themselves?
18They are basically working for themselves. They had a job to do on behalf of the island.
19{9} Do the Metru Nuian Rahkshi come from kraata?
20Yes, all Rahkshi come from kraata.
21{10} Does the question about eating in BIONICLE have a nailed down answer?
22There is a disagreement in the story team about it. I think they do eat, others think they don't.
23{11} You mentioned that the Akaku has a zoom function in addition to X-Ray vision. Does it have other functions as well?
24Not that we have seen.
25{12} Can the user of an Akaku control the use of the Akaku enough to see through one level at a time, such as looking through a sealed treasure chest and a cloth covering treasure, without seeing through the treasure?
26I would assume they have that sort of control, yes.
27{13} From what we have seen, Metru Nui seems very advanced. Do, or did, the residents of Metru Nui have the ability to space travel or space ships?
28No, the Matoran did not have spaceships. They would have smashed into the "sky" if they tried that.
29{14} You mentioned that Nuju's tools are crystal spikes, used to dig into the sides of the Knowledge Towers. Why would you want to do that? Does it give you answers telepathically or what?
30No, it lets you climb the Towers rather than fall to your death.
31{15} Can a Rahkshi be tamed?
32No one has ever done it.
33{16} The Morbuzakh is a plant. There is a Rahkshi that controls plants. If the Toa Metru can tame one of those Rahkshi, could they use it to control the Morbuzakh?
34I doubt it, only because the Morbuzakh is an intelligent plant with a will of its own.
35{17} What are Onewa's tools secondary use?
36Don't know.
37{18} Does Nidawk look like an animal on planet earth? If not, what does it look like?
38Can't answer it.
39{19} Is Makuta more powerful than Mata Nui?
40I doubt it.
41{20} Every Turaga that we have seen is the leader of a village or city. If Takanuva became a Turaga, would he lead a village?
42Well, if you had all seven Toa become Turaga, there would be no place for Takanuva to lead. There are only six metru in Metru Nui.
43{21} Does Metru Nui have a police force, or the equivelent?
45{22} Makuta erased the Matoran's memories. Can that be reversed?
46Don't know.
47{23} Ussal crabs always seemed to be from Ono-Koro. How come they are in Le-Metru only?
48Well, first we never said that they are ONLY there. They are based there. Le-Metru is the transport hub, so all means of transport originate from there.
49{24} Six of the sets coming out soon have rakh as a suffix. Are they six of a certain kind, like the six Rahkshi are?
50Wait and see.
51{25} It appears that Ko-Metru is the place of knowledge, Ta-Metru is the place of industry, what are the rest?
52Po-Metru is where all the carving and statuary is done; Ga-Metru is the spiritual and educational center; Le-Metru is the transport hub; Onu-Metru is the home of the Metru Nui Archives and the lightstone mines.
53{26} Do you have any idea of what color Turaga Dume is? For some reason I see him as tan.
54No, have not seen him.
55{27} Are Nedhiki and Krekka related?
56Not that I know of.
57{28} The Morbuzakh feeds off fire?: I thought it would feed off of soil and water (or proto in this case) like a normal plant. Was this one mutated?
58It's not a normal plant.
59{29} Do plants grow off proto instead of water on Metru Nui?
60There really aren't a whole lot of plants in Metru Nui, but yes, what's there would have take nourishment from protodermis.
61{30} When the Matoran arrived on Mata Nui, were they suprised when they found water?
62I am sure they were.
63{31} Sets 8614 through 8619, the rakh's, do they have the same colors as all the other enemies have had, white through black?
64Can't discuss them at this point.
65{32} I want to be able to say this when this comes up. There is no water on Metru Nui anywhere, even the atmosphere, right? A lot of people have questioned this, even though I have seen places you have answered this.
66As far as I know, there is no water as we know it, because they are in an enclosed sphere.
67{33} Is Nokama is the Toa of Protodermis?
68No, because to the Matoran, liquid protodermis is water.
69{34} It took the six Toa combining their powers to form protodermis, yet Nokama, and now Gali Nuva, control it. It doesn't seem fair:
70The six Toa combined to form solid protodermis, not liquid protodermis, and they were CREATING it. Not simply manipulating what was already there. It's not like Nokama can wave her tools and form a solid cage from it. She controls it the way Gali controlled water.
71{35} If the Toa Metru combine their powers, what will result?
72We'll find out.
73{36} You said the Matoran don't have the mental discipline to use a Kanohi. If they trained, would they be able to use it, in at least small amounts?
74I doubt it. Their will is just not strong enough. It's like an average person trying to use Green Lantern's ring effectively.
75{37} Do the Matoran have a form of Martial Arts?
76Not that I know of, no.
77{38} This is a very important question to me. How do Matoran come into existance?
78You'll find out, I can't answer that now.
79A huge list, but alot of important questions here. And thanks for your message about the petition, very interesting.

81See answers above.

82Awwww, I was hoping numbers #16 and #21 would be yes. I think #21 is cool. And #38 upset me:
1QUOTE 2You answered this question,what did you mean"Too soon"???

3QUOTE 427) Were the Exo Toa even ment to be used against the Bahrag?
5Yes. They were a fail-safe measure in the event that the Bohrok were released too soon.

6Simple. The Bohrok's job was to "clean off" the island. They were not supposed to be doing it when living things, like Matoran, were on the island. Makuta sent the signal that released them early to distract the Toa while he regained his strength. That is what I meant by their being released "too soon."

1QUOTE 2Hey well i got a few questions for you
31. Who and what is Turaga Dume?(if you can't reveal it can you give me something about him?)
4Turaga Dume is the elder of Metru Nui.
52.Will there be any masks this year we can collect in packs?(not counting the kanoka disks)
73. You said before the collectable for this year will have a real life purpose what is the purpose of the kanoka disks?
8You will have to wait to find out.
94.How many kanoka disks will there be to collect?(will they come in packs?)
10Two disks and a launcher in each pack. I have no idea how many different ones are being produced.
115. Is the toa metru's masks more powerful then the toa nuva's? Also why aren't the masks the toa metru wear worn in the present by toa or matoran?
12No, they aren't, and they ceased to exist when the Toa Metru became Turaga.
13Thanks alot Greg

14See answers above.

1Heres some more stuff
2Hi Greg, I jave a couple more questions.
31. Will there be conflict between Nuju and Vakama in 2004 as there was with Tahu and Kopaka?
4Not as much so. Onewa and Vakama tend to butt heads more, and Nuju tends to argue with Whenua.
52. In 2004 will there be any villans that infect things?
6No. Infection is all about serving the will of Makuta, after all.
73. Will the Octupus like creture from you book be in the story any more? Does it have a name? If it doesn't, what do you think it should be called?
8It does not have a name, and I have no idea if it will reappear again or not.

94. Can you tell us what the 04 sport with disc is going to be called?
115. Does the Morzubahka(Spelling?) have henchman people?
136. Was Mata-Nui around in the time of the Toa-Metru, or was he asleep already?
14I don't think he is asleep yet at the time the story starts, not sure.
1QUOTE 2I have some questions if you don't mind me asking them.

3In which Metru does turaga Dome reside in?
4He lives in the Coliseum, which is the heart of the city.
5What does the 2nd digit on the disk mean? The third?
6The power and the power level.
7What kind of technology (machines for instance) do they have on Metru Nui?
8Would take too long to explain, you will have to pick it up as we go along.
9It seems that the city of Metru Nui is very strict, from what you have told us. If this is true why is it and is Turaga Dume something like a dictator (this might be a little harsh of a term)?
10Well, work has to get done in Metru Nui -- and that means order has to be enforced.
11What color are Toa Nuju's eyes? I think they are very very light blue but Toa Onewa already has light blue eyes. Is there a different color of eyes, or do 2 of the toa have the same eyes? Also it looks like Toa Whenua's eyes are green like Toa Vakama, is this true?
12No idea, I don't have the set.
13Wouldn't Toa Vakama pretty much have to pick the crossbow, since it has flames on it? It doesn't seem like he would have that much of a choice.
14It has flames on it so it matches the toy. I have no idea if it has flames on it in the movie.
15You said that the Toa Metru had a whole slew of weapons to choose from. Does this mean only six weapons, or were there much more, like may toa olda and nuva weapons?
16No idea. The tool choosing scene is in the film, and I don't know if more than six were shown.
17Is it just coincidence that Toa Nuju's mask has those two holes in a diagonal line at the top, just like his turaga mask, only on one side?
18No idea. Design issue.
19I can't see Toa Whenua that well on the cover of the book, is his head lowered like his turaga form and Onua? Also what are his weapons I can't see them too well?
20He carries twin earthshock drills.
21Thanks Greg:

22See answers above.
1QUOTE 2Hi greg i just have a few quick Questions:
31. If there is no water on metru-mui then there can't be any ice is must just all be frozen protodermis?
4Liquid protodermis is perfectly capable of freezing.

52. If onumetru is underground what lies above the ground where onumetru would be if it was above ground?
6Who said Onu-Metru is underground? The Archives are on the surface, they just have levels that extend underground.

73.Can you tell me in a more detailed sentence exactly how kohlii on Metru-Nui is played?
8Not tonight, no.

94.What kind of animal does Nidawk represent( bird cat, dog, mouse, elephant, fish)?
10Have to wait and see.

115.Will we ever find out how, when makuta got his mask of shadows?

136.You said the morz feeds on fire, does this mean it is a Ta-koro based plant or does this just mean that it makes it stronger?
14It first appeared in Ta-Metru.

157.If the Morz is a fire based plant wouldnt it then be able to be defeated water/protdermis?Or can he feed on those also?
16No, it isn't fire based, it simply can feed on fire. It's not ON fire.

178. Does protodermis react to fire the same way water does or vise versa?
18I don't understand your question.

199.Apart from the jobs, teacher, maskmaker, scholar, archiver etc. What other jobs do matru nui matoran have like athlete, buetician , musician?
20Well, there are Matoran athletes, but not professional athletes. Carvers are considered to be artists. There are no musicians I am aware of.

2110. Do the mata nui matoran when we get back to them still try to go deeper than Metru Nui?
22No idea. I don't know what the post-return story is yet.

23Thanks in advance Shadow Master

24See answers above.
1Heya Greg: 2I've got a few more questions, hope it's not too much trouble
31) Exactly how organic is the Morbuzakh?You said it is the closest to 'pure-organic' that we have ever been, but how close is it?I mean, how can a plant be part mechanical?
4When you seeillos of it in Jan., you will see it does not look mechanical at all.
52) I haven't seen all the Metru-Matorans masks yet so I may be mistaken here, but from the picture of Vhisola, she has a silver bit on the top of her Komau. Is there a reason for this? And do you know if all the sets have this odd colourisation.I'm thinking if it is only Vhisola, it is because she is in consant contact with liquid protodermis, which they think is water, so the mask has altered it's colour 'instinctively'.
6I can confirm that about Vhisola's mask (I just built her), have not seen the other sets though.
7QB can confirm that all the Matoran's masks are half coloured
83) Do all the Matoran on Metru Nui wear replica Noble Masks?Or are there some Great Mask replicas in there but we just haven't seen enough?
9Not sure. I could say yes, but then the movie might prove me wrong.
104) Many members seem to be getting excited that the Vahi is being re-released.I know that you yourself are nudging ribs to get it, but these members seem to think that Toa Whenua and Toa Vakama is wearing a Vahi.He isn't is he?
11No, neither Toa comes with a Vahi. We are talking about rereleasing it, though, possibly late in the year. That is the last I heard.
125) How many chapters are there next year?I know of two (the Morbuzahk and the Mask Maker plot).Are there any more?
13Ummmm .. well .. there is the Morbuzakh .. there is the third Scholastic novel, which is a bridge between the Morbuzakh and the movie ... there is the movie story ... and then there are two more Scholastic books (and one comic) that serve as a bridge to 2005.
14Cheers man:
15QB 16(ever-vigilant)

17See answers above.
1If the Turaga remembered Metru Nui, why didn't they remind the Matoran of the city?

2Good question, Nuvonic, and I actually have a good answer for you. Even after the Toa arrived on Mata Nui, the Turaga could not be certain that Makuta would be defeated and Metru Nui rediscovered. Given that, why tell the Matoran, "Hey, you used to live in this really cool place with high tech where you were really happy .. but you can't ever go back there."

4See answer above.
1Hey Greg: There were hundreds of new questions added today to the gregF answer topic: I'm sure that wore you out, but they sparked more questions from me:
21.) What power level Kanoka would you say the Toa Olda's Kanohi were made of?
3I don't want to get into specific power levels at this point, but I can say they would be roughly the same level as the Kanohi Metru.
42.) QUOTE 56. What do Toa Nuju's weapons do? 6They are basically used for climbing -- he can swing them and dig them into the sides of the Knowledge Towers.

7Why would he want to climb up the knowledge towers?
8Well, for one thing, it's easier to keep an eye on the city from up above. And it's faster travel to swing from tower to tower like Spider-Man.

92b.) JUST the towers? Just one location? Kinda a limited power, isn't it?
10Sigh. No, of course not, but he is the guardian of Ko-Metru, so they are used most there.
112c.)QUOTE 12{14} You mentioned that Nuju's tools are crystal spikes, used to dig into the sides of the Knowledge Towers. Why would you want to do that? Does it give you answers telepathically or what?
13No, it lets you climb the Towers rather than fall to your death.

14Ok, so we need more info on the basic nature of the Towers, can you give that to us yet?
15Such as what?
163.) The Toa Matru Kaita... Do you know the combinations? Like, which Toa are in which Kaita?
17Actually, I have seen the combo models and they are not Kaita. So I do not believe there will be Toa Metru Kaita in the story line.
184.) QUOTE 198. Were there any Toa before the Metru?


21[C-3PO voice Goodness gracious me:: [/C-3PO voice Can you give us ANY info at all?? Why don't the Matoran Metru remember them?
22Who says they don't? Why would you think the Matoran in Metru Nui don't remember them?
235.) Does Dume's Kanohi have a power he can use, just like the Turaga Olda's?
24No idea. I have very little info on him.
256.) So, from what I gather, protodermis can be a lot like water. It can be solid, liquid, or gas (protodermis clouds about Matru Nui?) You said there was ice on top of the Knowledge Towers; protodermis ice, I asume... So how do they make Protodermis hard, like to make buildings? Are there different types of Protodermis?
26Well, there is solid protodermis, which is what is used for statues, buildings, etc. And then there is liquid protodermis, which is heated and molded and cooled to make tools, etc., the same way iron is used here.
277.) Ussals have alwats been thought of as Onu-Koronan, but now they seem to be Le-Metrunan. Why would they be in another region?
28Because Le-Metru is the transport hub, and everything related to transportation is based there.
298.) Have you EVER viewed the movie/animation clips from the MNOLG on Bionicle.com? It's quick and easy, after all.....
30Just a few.
319.) How are you in contact with the head story team? I know you have meetings and all that, but can you call them up if you have a question? Or is it a lot more formal tan that?
32Yes, or email them.
3310.) 34QUOTE 355.) Can you tell us what makes Kanoka special? I mean, why not make Kanohi as just... Kanohi? Instead of making them from Kanoka? (I hope that's worded ok...)
36Because Kanohi is the Matoran word for mask, essentially -- and Kanoka is the Matoran word for disk. So "Kanohi mask" is actually redundant. And "Kanohi disk" would therefore make no sense to a Matoran. A Kanoka and a Kanohi are two different things.

37Not quite what I meant, but it WAS worded weird... I guess we'll find out when we discover how Kanoka disks are made and how they are special. But I meant, why does a Kanohi have to be crafted from a Kanoka? Why can't you sit down and make a Kanohi first, instead?
38That's easy. Okay, let's say I give you some raw liquid protodermis and say, "Make a mask..." and you do. It's like buying a house sight unseen. You have no idea what power it has, or what level of power it has (if any), and you have just spent who knows how long making it. The power level is determined by the skill of the disk-maker, and the disks are then tested in competition to see which ones are the absolute best to be made into masks. Doing it straight from proto a) probably wouldn't work andif it did work, would waste a lot of time.
3911.) Do ALL Kraata come from Makuta? Or can they can into existance by other means?
40As far as we know right now, they come from Makuta.
4112.) You said the Toa's Kanohi on Mata Nui were "randomly scattered." Yet te MoL was carefully placed in a stone as a Warning Totem and placed in that one spot... Why?
42Can't answer it. I had nothing to do with writing the movie, and the people who did are the only ones who know the answer to that at this point.
4313.) Do ALL Matoran Olda Akakus have zoom features, or is that special to Matoro?
44As you will find out with Nuju's mask, it is not unusual to put vision enhancements into masks. So my guess would be they all do.
4514.) Bionicle means "BIOlogical chroNICLE." But nothing on Mata/Metru Nui is completely biological, they are biomechanical. So shouldn't it be "BIOmechanical chroNICLE" or something??
46Well, it's not
4715.) What roles will the Metru Matoran's combined Rahi models play?
48Actually, I just wrote their descriptions yesterday. They are probably going to show up a lot post-movie, pre-2005.
4916.) The 2nd digit on a Kanoka is the power. The 3rd is the power level. What's the 1st?
50Which metru it was created in. Metru are made all over Metru Nui, and their flight characteristics are determined by the metru in which they are made.
5117.) Did the Toa Metru choose their weapons in a group? Or were they in different places, and choose them by themselves?
52No, they were in a group.
53Thanks a lot:

54DEFFINATELY PMing him right back. :glare: :huh:

1Where is the main Morbuzakn root??
2You'll find out.
3You said that the Morbuzakn lived on fire(some thing like that),does that mean ice or water can kill it??
4It doesn't like ice much, but I doubt ice could kill it.
5What are the powers of the toa metru's masks??
6You will find out in January.
7If a Mata Nui being went to Metru Nui, and went into the water/protodurmis(misspelled??)would they change like the toa to toa nuva??
8No. Nokama swims in protodermis every day and it doesn't affect her like that.
9What happens in the middle of the island,the big building place,is it like a bazaar,or a battle arena??
10It's a sporting arena.
11Did some one from metru nui put the Bahrag on Mata Nui to clear it after every one left to go to Metru Nui,and the Exo-Toa were put there in case some thing happend like the Makuta made it happen early???
12I don't know who built the Bahrag and the Exo-Toa at this point.
13Why do the Matoran not remember Metru Nui, but the Turaga do??
14Because Makuta erased the Matorans' memories, but the Turaga had stronger wills and were not affected.
15Was the island of mata nui built above metru nui for the matoran etc. to flee to,or was mata nui already there??
16Mata Nui already existed.
17Is there anyone on metru nui now,before the Toa Nuva get there???
18Can't answer it.
19And last question: 20Is there a guardian guarding metru nui??
21Can't answer it.
22Thank you.

23See answers above.


1I'm sorry to bother you but I'd like to ask a few questions.
21. What kind of food do the Matoran eat? Rahi meat perhaps?
3If Matoran do eat, they probably eat fish and fruits.
42. What does protodermis taste like to Matoran?
5No idea.
63. Have there ever been crimes commited on Metru-Nui? If so, what?
7In its multi-thousand year history? Probably.

84. Did the Bahrag use to roam freely across the land?
9Um, no.
105. Are there Matoran children on Metru-Nui?
11No. There is no biological reproduction in BIONICLE.
126. What are scholars on Metru-Nui taught?
13How to purify protodermis. How to read ancient writings. The history of the city. Things like that.

14See answers above.
1Hi Mr.Farshtey, Here are some questions that I have. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer them.
21. Are the 2004 matoran combiners matoran kita or a completly differnt creature?
3No, they are Rahi.
42. Will there be a toa-metru kita? If so do you think that it looks good?
5As far as I know, no.
63. Can you tell us what turaga Dumes kanohi is called and its power?
7I have no info on that.
84. Do any of the metru-nuian matoran have the same shape mask as turaga Dume?
9Again, I have not seen the Dume set so could not tell you.
105. Do you know if makuta got his kanohi before or after the transformation of the current turaga/metru-nuian matoran to toa-metru?
11No, I don't know.
126. Did any metru-nuian matoran were any kanohi in the shape of the great masks, If not when did matoran like kongu and jaller change thier kanohi and why?
13No idea. Will depend on how they are animated in the movie.
147. If the metru-nuian matoran wore replicas of the noble masks does that mean that at the time someone/ somthing had working noble masks?
15Possibly, or possibly those shapes were used as models for Noble Masks.
168. How long does it take to make a low level kanoka? How long would it tak to make a level 9 kanoka?
17Takes longer to make a higher powered one.
189. Would it be possible to make a weaker version of a kanohi nuva? so that a matoran may wear it.
19Wouldn't make a difference. Matoran can't use mask powers.
2010. when should turaga Dume come out as a set?
21Early fall, probably.
2211. Will the matoran ever relearn how to make kanoka and kanohi?
2412. in 2004 will we learn the origin of the rahi?
25I doubt it.
2613. You said that some rahkshi will make apperances in the schoolastic books. Will those rahkshi be named or how will they be mentioned? If they will be named can you tell us what there names will be?
27They won't be named, no.
2814. will any great kanoka disks be avalable in the kanoka packs if so do they look differnt than the average kanoka?
29They will be available, but the main difference is in their code.

3015. Are all metru-nuian matoran one color and gray like the six that we have seen so far or will there be multiple color matoran like on mata nui? For example a black and red matoran with the gray arms and legs.
31No idea. Again, it comes down to what the animators do.
3216. Will any of the rahkshi have the same staff and the silver spine piece? for exampl it would make sence if the fire resistance rahkshi to have the same staff as tuahk because it resembles flames/ fire
33Most of the new Rahkshi are appearing in the novels, and their spines and staff shapes are not described.
3417. I have noticed that many bzpower members would like more 2003 matoran and the other types of rahkshi. Is there any plans to make more of them? One member even had an idea to make a master builder type set for the rahkshi. That would seem like a good idea because lego wouldn't even have to name all the rakshi if they did not want to.
35No, there are no plans for that. It's very hard to talk the company into making sets of characters who are not in that year's storyline, because those are hard to sell to retailers. And if we make more Rahkshi, we will get bashed by the same people who complained about the Kal.
3618. The six rahkshi that are sets have there personalities in there bio's on bionicle.com do you now what any of the other rahkshi's personalities are? if so can you tell us a couple of them. If not is it because that information is not important to the storyline at this point?
37I have no info on that. Also keep in mind that those six were fulfilling a specific role -- hunters for Makuta -- and these are wild.
3819. Are the new enemys for later on this year as cool as the rahkshi? cooler? Have you seen them yet?
39Have not seen the sets.
4020. If mata nui is still awake in the 2004 storyline were is he located? The same place as turaga Dume?
41Can't answer it.
4221. Can the other rahkshi combine or only the six we have seen sofar? If the can will they also have an extra abilty? If they do can you tell us what a few of them are?
43I am sure they can combine.
4422. Do you have an answer on how krana are created yet?
45I havebeen told that answer strikes too close to future storyline, so I am not releasing it.
4623. Will any more new matoran be introduced into the storyline in 2004 besides the six avalable in sets?
47Probably, yes.
4824. Are all the kanoka disk launchers in the kanoka packs the same?
49The launchers? I think so, although we have talked about doing five special ones down the line that the other Toa could use.
5025. What is your favorite rahkshi?

52Thank youJts21

53See answers above.

11: If Kopaka used the Akaku and looked at the ground, would it be possible for him to see Metru-Nui?
2No. Just as Superman can't see through lead, there are things the Akaku cannot see through.
32: Is there some "Great Mask Maker" That makes great Kanohi masks?
4There are a small number of mask makers in Metru Nui. There is no one that only does Great Masks, no.
53: I've noticed a few '04 Matoran appear in the MNOLG2: Ahkmou, Orkham, Nurhii (except it's spelled Nuri and he has a Kaukau) Any special reason for this?
6No idea, I don't work on the online games.
74: Is the traitor Matoran still alive?
8The only Matoran that we know has ever died is Jaller.
95: Does Nurhii know that his Mask could destroy the city?
10His mask wouldn't destroy it... using the Great Disk for a mask would. And I doubt he is thinking big picture.
116: Does Nurhii's mask have a name?
12You're assuming he made one.
137:How is a Kanoka made into a Kanohi?
14It's melted down, poured into a mold, and forged into a mask.
158: Is there a big evil force like Makuta behind the Morbuzakh, and the other '04 villians?
16Can't answer it.
179: Was Lhii a Toa?
18Can't answer it.
1910: We know Makuta made the Matoran go from their '03 forms to their Mcdonald forms, but what made them go for their '04 forms to '03?
20Huh? They went from '04 forms to McDonald's and then to '03 when they rebuilt themselves.
2111: How did the Turaga know about the Toa Mata? (Can't think of anything else to call them)
22Ancient prophecy.
2312: Who makes Kanoka?
24Kanoka are made in every metru in the city.
2513: From other members PMs it sound like Metru-Nui is a pretty strict place. What do the Matoran on Metru-Nui do to Troublemakers?
26Nothing. They have a police force (non-Matoran) to deal with them.
2714: How do the Turaga(Mata-Nuian) get their masks?
28Which masks are you talking about? And when? When they were Turaga, when they were Toa? When?

29Well, Now I've got the Matoran Evolution thing understood. Thanks Greg: :D

1It was said in the Official Greg topic that a Toa must choose the path of wisdom for them to become a Turaga. 2Just out of curiosity...what is the other choice? Can they choose to remain as they are?...Can they choose the path of Valor (a kaita joke)...I really want to know how they have a choice and what it is.

3I do not believe that every Toa automatically becomes a Turaga. It is a choice they make that involves a certain amount of sacrifice, because they are giving up some of their power. So yes, some Toa can remain Toa.
1are all the things the metruan could do that would endanger metru nui involve kanoka disks?

2They involve Great Disks in so much as the fact that the Toa Metru need all six disks to save the city. If one of the Matoran keeps one of the disks from them, the city is doomed.

11)Do the Toa metru come into conflict with Makuta because you said he does make the rahi nui which Vakama faces
2He did make it, but we never said when or why they fought it.
32)If he does is it involving Mata nui? Because Makuta seems curious about the Toa when they first came. I seemed to think he thought of them like a abstract idea and that is wierd if he saw the Toa metru.
4One of the things you will see next year is that knowing about Toa in general and how you react to specific Toa are two different things. The Matoran Metru have seen Toa before, but that doesn't mean they automatically trust the new Toa Metru.

53) Is the Morbuzahk just trying to grow but can't with the city on its land it needs to grow therefore wants to crush them or is it beyond that?
6No, it has a much darker purpose for being there.
74) Can the Morbuzahk plant seeds to start a evil species?
8It is capable of reproducing itself, yes.
95) Please tell me the new female villian isn't only female for reproductive reasons like the Bahrag.
10No, there are no reproductive reasons for her.
116) Is it true the female villian can be made from combinations of 04 sets?
137) Will any Metru nui rahi be seen besides Nidiwak and the matoran combiners.
14The Toa combiners are also Rahi. And there are plenty of new Rahi mentioned in the Scholastic books.
158)Will Mata nui be even mentioned in 04.
16I am sure he will.
179) Where is the Morbuzahk getting the fire it feeds on? What gets it the fire it needs to nurish itself? Ta-koro boilers?
18Wait and see.
1910) Will the reason the Kanoka have power be gotten into?
20Yes, I think so.

2111) Why did Makuta make kraata in Metru nui? And more importantly when? Was it in the past or nearer to the present.
22Who said he did? The Rahkshi in Metru Nui did not come from there, they came from someplaqce else.
1QUOTE 21. Why did Makuta still want the MoL even after Takanuva was in his lair?
3Because if he gets the MOL, the Takanuva would be too weak to oppose him.
42. Can a Kanoka be broken?
5Yes, I would assume it can be.
63. Can a Nuva Symbol be destroyed (sp)?
7Don't know.
84. What comic # are you up to (writen)?
9I am just starting 18.
105. What is comic #16's name?
11City of Legends, Part 1: Toa metru
126. When the Toa Metru were Matoran did they have the same names or are they like Takua and Takanuva?
13No, they had the same names.
14See answers above.
11. Is the police force on Metru Nui bohrok?
2Oh, no.
32. Why make a kanoka just to forge it into a kanohi? Couldn't you just make a kanohi using the raw materials the kanoka are made of?
4No. See, the skill used in making the disk is what determines its power level, and that in turn determines what kind of mask can be made with it. If you just used raw protodermis, you might spend days making a mask and wind up with something that does next to nothing.

53. You said that they might make kanoka launchers for the other toa metru, but wouldn't you have to give a pair of new tools to Vakama because the other toa would have their own tools and a launcher and Vakama would only have a launcher?
6No. Because "just" having a launcher is like having eight different tools, since there are eight different disk powers.
74. You said they might make the vehicles for the matoran. When do you think they would come out: 2004 or 2005?
8My guess is they would either be late, late this year or next year. I know there has been talk about it, anyway.
95. Would their be six different vehicles that are diferent, just one, or what?
10No, if they do it, it will be the one the Toa use in the movie.
11Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to answer my questions.

12See answers above.

1Are the great kanoka disks the toa metru need at the highest level possible?


11. What are the Toa Metru's weapons second use (ie Matau's {sp} wings)?

2I don't have that info yet.
4Thanks Greg
1QUOTE 2Sorry, but a couple questions popped into my head while reading the GregF answer thread:
31) If Gali and Toa Nokama now can manipulate protodermis since there is no water on Metru Nui, would Kopaka and Nuju start to manipulate frozen protodermis? Is frozen proto stronger than ice?
4Yes, and not stronger then.
52) Can liquid protodermis put out fire?
6That's a good question. I would assume it would have to be able to, but I will ask.
73) What power levels would the Vahi, MoL, and Kraahkan be at? To compare, what do you think the mask of valor would be (worn by the kaitas)?
8I can't speak for the Vahi or the Kraahkan at this point, but the MOL would be an 8.
94) If the Bahrag's mission was to flatten the landscape of Mata Nui only when there were no matoran on it, wouldn't the Bahrag have realized that they shouldn't be wipping out Mata Nui when someone is on the island and challenging them?
10No. The Bahrag were way underground and had no way of knowing anyone was up above. They saw the Toa as being in error, not themselves.
115) What would be the affect of a Great Kanoka disk (after being launched) hitting a BIG building on Metru Nui (pick any power)?
12Well, if it had the reconstitutes at random power (which is my FAVORITE), it would randomly shift the molecules of the building and it would end up looking way different - maybe better, maybe worse. Another fun thing to do is to launch more than one disk with different powers -- like, say, reconstitutes at random and weaken.
136) If there were Toa before the Toa Metru, did they exist on Metru Nui or Mata Nui, or someplace else?
14They did not exist on Mata Nui. No one was on Mata Nui before the Matoran arrived. They existed in Metru Nui.
157) Will we ever be told the relationship (Bahrag: you dare defy your brothers:?:?) between the Bohrok and Toa? Is it a strong one?
16There is some link, but not sure when it will be revealed. You will learn something new about the Bohrok next year, I think, fairly early on.
17Does it annoy you to get so many questions at once (taking about the 75 I sent you fri.) Sorry
21(just finished last years National Championship. Boy was that a dozy:) I laugh every time Coker cries about his loss. MUUUUAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA::

23See answers above.

24Number 5 is awesome if you ask me. :psychotwitch: