1Wait a second..can anyone enlight me on this Alliance? When did we learn that?

3There's an "Alliance" that has done something that has made the island(?) of Xia the way it is today. It's not on Xia. That's everything we know about it so far.
1Who is Toa Jovan and will there be a set of him?
1lhikan1220, you need to PM GregF your questions, he doesn't read this topic.
2But to answer your question, Toa Jovan became the Turaga of Voya Nui, who died 1000 years ago.
1Also, he was a Toa of Magnetism with an inorganic mask of flight, and retrieved the Mask of Life about...1000 years ago(probably more, I'm not sure), along with his Toa team. Why they wanted it and what they used it for, we don't know.
2Also, he will be a combiner model made of Toa Inika in an upcoming magazine.
1More like 100,000 years ago.
2I don't get what Greg means about this Alliance making Xia "The way it is today". How IS it today, anyway?
1I have a few questions... Of course.
21. How do you feel about Vezon having a cape? 3NOTE: I'm not some little kid who would get sad by the fact you may not have the same opinion as me; you can open up ya know. 41) It's largely irrelevant to me. As long as it is a nice-looking set, and it sells, it doesn't affect what I am doing. 5Kinda what I expected his comment to be. At least it's better than "I don't really have an opinion".
62. Is Vezon's cape acknowledged in any way in the future books? 72) I don't think I make a big deal of it. 8Didn't think he would.
93. How do you feel when writing about Vezon? Since we all know he's a madman, we would guess he's a little different to write about than most other characters. 103) Not really. Yes, he speaks in a different voice, but all characters do. The only trick is to make sure he doesn't sound like other villains. 11Huh. Maybe I should try that.
124. Can Piraka's species wear masks? I know they cannot use mask powers, but in the storyline masks do not actually have the pegs in the back of them, so I'm assuming a Piraka would have the ability to wear one, only it's not like they'd need to. 134) I can't see members of their species having the mental discipline to use a Kanohi mask. 14I suppose that means no.
155. Do you know what the Piraka's species' name is? 165) Yes 17Why did I even ask this question, of course he does...
185a. If so, any hints? (what it ends or starts with, what it rhymes with...) 19Heh, would've been nice.
205b. If not, will we ever know? 215b. You will find out when the Atlas comes out next year 22Cool. I won't be able to get the Atlas though.
236. Do all Piraka's species of an element have the same face? 24I. E, A blue of the Piraka's race would have the same face shape as Vezok, but would have a different expression? 25Since this is somewhat storyline-ish stuff more so than sets, I assume you could at least guess. 266) I doubt it 27*huge sigh of relief* Good.
287. What do you imagine each Piraka sounding like? Again, I dont care if a opinion's different than mine. You don't have to answer, but it would be nice as to see how you hear the Piraka. Choice is yours, since there's no more movies planned. 29So far, I see it as,
30Thok: Sarcastic and in the higher toned zone. Like Tank in Mr. And Mrs. Smith, if you've ever seen it, but somewhat lower.
31Hakann: Low and aggresive sounding, a small amount of raspiness.
32Vezok: Very low pitched, lower than Hakann's, and very raspy and sounds like on the edge of explosion, breathing heavily. Kind of like Tomb in Chronicles of Riddick, if you've ever seen it.
33Reidak: Dunno why, and it's not just because he's the black piraka, but I do hear him sounding like a lower-pitched voiced african american, with a more 'Bioniclish' accent.
34Zaktan: That's easy. That circle-like machine with spikes and a face made of trillions of tiny machines in The Matrix: Revolutions, if you've ever seen it. If not, kind of low and sounds like millions of voices speaking at the same time.
35Avak: Don't have much of an idea. I see it as a bit in the higher tone, though. Not sure otherwise.
36Vezon: Hehe... A lower pitched version of Gollum's voice, without the voice impediment. 377) Not really something I have thought much about, and the ones I have, I am not sure my references would help -- I think in terms of '40s movies. 38Um... I guess he means cliches. I also would enjoy your comments on my voice choices.
398. Is there a Bionicle 'accent', or is the range of accents infinite? It's part of the storyline, I'm sure you can answer. 408) Really not something I have thought about 41The question was pretty relevant, believe it or not. Sure, in the movie they had different accents, but the movies arent as official as you'd think.

1We don't know how "It Is" today. ;)
1I'm wondering if by now you feel the book has gotten enough of a release for us to discuss spoilers in it or not....I can wait if need be, but somedays it really kills me to see people discussing stuff in the forums I -know- the answer to thanks to the book. Also, I'd love to get the Biosector01 Wiki up to date, but Bones says its up to you, and so here I am tongue.gif

2I am okay with spoilers being discussed at this point, as long as they are spoiler tagged.

3Rejoice people.
1Just some stuff I got from Greg

2Dear GregF:
3I have a few questions floting in the back of my mind so here they are
41)Does Zaktan like his protodite condition?
52)Is the resemblace between vezoks absorbtion of enemys powers conected to vezons absorbtion of kinetik energy?
63a)If vezon is punched does it hurt him or is he imune? 73b)If vezon is punched does the kinetik energy becom added to the force of the punch or does he shoot a bolt of energy?
84)Does Makuta have a non-physical form?
95)If the BoM's turn to the dark was reveild only on metru-nui then are there islands that beleive they are good.
106)Are all members of the BoM equil in status or do they have a leader?
117a)Was Makuta alone in his couquest for metru-nui? 127b)Was Makuta working alone whene he put Mata Nui to sleep?
138)Will we learn about Lhikans home in the atlas?
149a)Would you consider Karzahni a alternate universe or was the tunal to through the matoran off. 159b)Is Arkataka like Karzani in that sense.
1610)Is Metru-Nui unique in its advanced technology?
17Thanks fore your time, 18-Leviathen

191) No 202) No 213) He would absorb the kinetic energy and so be strong enough that it would not affect him 223b) I'm not sure if I understand your question -- are you asking about him being punched or him punching someone else? 234) Do you mean something that does not exist in the physical world? No. 245) It's certainly possible, yes 256) Can't answer it 267) No and no 278) No 289) Karzahni is not an alternate universe, no, it is part of the normal BIONICLE universe. 2910) No
1some random questions i decided to ask
2Hi greg just a few questions
31) If Vezon also rides the Kardas Dragon, does fenrakk somehow turn into the kardas dragon?
42) Why is TSO so worried about getting the piraka(withsentrahk and the team with kraata-kal both being sent after them)? Shouldn't he be more worried about the fact that the entire BOM is out to get him?
53) Were any of the new locations in the Atlas affected by the Great Cataclysm?
64) How big of a role will the returning hero have in BL#5?
75) Who would win in a fight, Brutaka or Keetongu?
8Thanks for your time

91) Can't answer it 102) Because the Piraka betrayed him, and if he lets them get away with it, other DHs will try it. It's a question of maintaining discipline, which is the same reason he went to war with the BOM -- you can't let clients think they can kill DH and not be punished for it 113) All of them were 124) Not too big 135) Brutaka.
1Just got these today.
2Hi Greg. Long time, no PM. Anyway:
31)Would you say the Kadin is an overall better mask than the Miru? Or would you want a Miru more in some situations?
41a)How about with the Olmak and Kualsi?
51b)How about with the Great Ruru and Akaku?
62)When you say this "Alliance" made Xia the way it is today, what do you mean? How IS Xia today?
73)How can you possible put the Ignika and Vahi on the same power level? Vahi can't think for itself, curse beings, or incinerate people when used: Shouldn't Ignika be a "level 10" mask?
84)The Matoran who made the canisters said in BL #2 said that wherever darkness had fallen, there'd be a seventh Toa. If this is the case, does this mean that there'd be more then 1 Avohkii, seeing as there could be more than 1 Toa of Light?
95)Will we see more Great Beings after BL #5?
106)Around when did Vezon come into being? During the BoM's turn to evil, the BoM/DH war, etc.?
117)The Ignika enlarged Vezon's Fenrakk, right? But what was the point of that, seeing as the Toa Inika ride normal-sized Fenrakk?
128)Do we learn about the Visorak's homeland in the atlas?
13Thanks for your time.

141) I would opt for a Kadin, myself 151b) Probably the Kualsi -- Olmak is dangerous 161c) I don't see that big of a difference here 172) Successful 183) Has nothing to do with whether the mask can think for itself or not -- has to do with what power the mask represents, and I put Life and Time on equal terms because one cannot exist with the other. 194) No 205) I can't discuss future storyline 216) See BL #4 or comic #4 227) Makes it stronger 238) No
242 is interesting. I personally thought Xia would be in ruins.
1Hey Greg: Just two today.
21.In which book is it revealed what creature held Matoro's hand?
32. Does Matoro's hand-holding have anything to do with his destiny beyond finding the Ignika?
43. Will we discover his destiny in 2006?

61) Book 5 72) Can't answer it 83) Probably not
9I find 2 interesting...

1I am okay with spoilers being discussed at this point, as long as they are spoiler tagged.
2Rejoice people.

3YES: Now I can post up my BL#3 questions I asked GregF long ago:
4Alright, here are the questions:

51. He told me that all the matoran who fell from the Lost Land are all actually still alive; underwater. And that the Ignika is the cause, is this true?
62. Brutaka saves a few matoran from a Doom Viper. I sense that he still wants to protect the matoran a little. But if not, why does he save them?
73. Vezok is missing his intellectual edge as he states in his quote that I recieved. And he knows who stole it. Is this true? 83b. Is it Vezon?
94. Why are there crude carvings of Vezon and Vezok in a certain room that the Inika are in?
105. The Antidermis Virus is alive. Can you confirm this? 115b. Is the Virus actually Makuta's essence? 125c. Was it from the virus that Zaktan knew all the things he does now? (01-06 and beyond)
136. Hakann and Thok steal Brutaka's power with the gold-colored Zamor spheres which contains a bit of Vezok's special power. Why do they steal it anyways?
147. I just have a little theory about the Antidremis being Makuta's essence and maybe him being the AE. When Zaktan found the armor first, Makuta slipped into his mind at first seeing as how he was the only one to find the shards at first. Then to the rest of the Piraka. And they've been using the Virus to enslave Matoran, close to what Makuta tried to do way back in the Toa Metru's time. And now he can do it again without revealing himself. But with the Ignika, the Master of Shadows could return again, to wreak havoc (you said that the AE has been released before, and Makuta has been out before as well) and destroy whoever attempts to take the Ignika away (who's to say that he isn't one of the people destined to have it even though he is afraid of it?).
15I could be totally wrong but do you think that my theory is plausible?

16Well that's it I hope you can answer them :begging: .

171) The Matoran believe that to be the case. 182) Force of habit and revulsion at doom vipers. After all, even if you no longer like someone, does not mean you would doom them to such a horrible death. 193) Yes and you will have to wait to find out until BL 4 204) Again, follow the story and find out 215) All viruses are living things, Tahurii -- basic science. And no, it is not the virus that gave Zaktan the knowledge he has which the other Piraka do not. How he got that knowledge is also revealed in Book 4. 226) Why not just read the book yourself? 237) Not going to discuss future storyline. What is really going on here will be revealed in future stories.

11. Is the Kanohi of Elemental Energy considered official canon in the storyline? The Aki? The Rua?
22. Would the Kanohi Aki and Rua be classified as Great Kanohi?

31) Yes, yes and yes 42) Yes

51. Is the Kanohi of Elemental Energy also a Great Kanohi?
6On an unrelated subject...
72. Can you confirm the Pit's existence? We have a quote with Botar mentioning it, and it says on the timeline you gave to Swert the Matoran leaders of the Metru Nui Civil War (A rather cool idea, by the way, and I hope more can be told about it in the future) were sent to the Pit, so there are a few things supporting its existence. I'd just like some confirmation, though.

81) Yes 92) Yes

10Just some things that were bothering me...
11Go Pit:
1Q Has Botar always been on Voya-Nui? 2A No. Botar is not based on Voya-Nui
3Q Does he know of Axonn or Brutaka? 4A Yes
5Q What does the OoMN think of the BoM, like for them turning evil? 6A What do you think they think? 7Not to sure on that one
8Q Do you know how many OoMN members there are? 9A Yes, but i am not revealing that
10Q Would an OoMN member be as strong as a BoM member? 11A Sure
12Q Are the OoMN doing anything to awaken the great spirit, or are they buisy with other matters? 13A No, it is not their destiny to do so. It is the Toa Nuva's destiny to awaken Mata-Nui.
14Q Who would be stronger-Botar or the Makuta? 15A Makuta 16But he was defeated by Toa, and they are weaker then Botar...well they should be
17Q Do you know if Makuta is alive or not? 18A Of course I do, I am on the story team 19Shoud of known that
20Q If the OoMN find out Gatherer is investigating them, will they kill him? Seeing as he is a matoran and he doesnt like the DH 21A Yes, they probably will
22Q Do they approve of Toa? 23A Yes--Toa are the public face of Mata-Nui's will. They do things the OOMN cant, because the OOMN is secret
24Q What do they intend to do about the Vahi being in Toa hands? 25A Nothing. The OOMN consider it to be safe where it is now. 26Hmmm...i thought they werent that content or something like that
27Q Is it possible there may be OOMN members on Metru-Nui? 28A Yes 29Now this is very interesting...
30Q Which does Roodaka Prefer-the BoM or DH? 31A She has no preferance. Her only side is her own.
32Q If you can answer, would the OoMN be great enough in numbers to wage war? 33A Its hard to say, but they wouldnt do it. You cant wage a war and stay secret, and a awar between the OOMN and BOM would probably destroy everything.
34Q Botar is a member of the OoMN...but he is not a guardian of the Ignika. So would I be correct in saying he was sent to bring it to a safe place(away from Voya-Nui) 35A No. Because the Inika have to have the mask of life to save Mata-Nui
36Q Do the OoMN know of the events on Voya-Nui? 37A They will by the end of the year
38Q Amphibax is off the coast of Voya-Nui. And there is a team sent to capture the Piraka. Why doesnt TSO get Amphibax to get them instead? 39A Why bother? The point is to wait until the Piraka have the mask, then take it away from them when they leave -- Not invade an island they occupy

40Well thats it. I find 12 interesting...
1Just a few more questions:

21. Will we ever find out the reason why the Toa Mata arrived 1,000 years after the Great Shadow?
31b.If so, will it be in any Legends books?
42. Similar to 1, will we find out why the Brotherhood of Makuta turned corrupt?

5That's it for now, can't think of anything else.

61) I can tell it to you right now -- their canisters malfunctioned 72) Possibly, it depends on how long BIONICLE lasts and how much time I have to tell story

8WOW: Their canisters malfuntioned: I wonder why though..
Tahurii Toa Of Oblivion

11) I can tell it to you right now -- their canisters malfunctioned 22) Possibly, it depends on how long BIONICLE lasts and how much time I have to tell story 3WOW: Their canisters malfuntioned: I wonder why though..

4Well, somebody messed up. It happens.

1Well, somebody messed up. It happens.

2Ah, but there enlies the mystery -- someone messed up their canisters, but who was it, and, more importantly, was it really an accident?
1Yes it was an accident he confirmed it (i think in one of my posts)
12. Can you confirm the Pit's existence? We have a quote with Botar mentioning it, and it says on the timeline you gave to Swert the Matoran leaders of the Metru Nui Civil War (A rather cool idea, by the way, and I hope more can be told about it in the future) were sent to the Pit, so there are a few things supporting its existence. I'd just like some confirmation, though

2What Metru Nui Civil War? 3What Matoran? 4What Pit? 5What Timeline? 6I'm Lost :???: :???:
1What timeline was given to Swert? Never heard of it. :???: Someone want to enlighten me?
2Edit: Thanks, Nuhrii the Metruan. :)
1For the timeline, go to the Bionicle Sector 01 Wiki and open the Metru Nui entry.
Electric Turahk

11) Yes, yes and yes 22) Yes 31. Is the Kanohi of Elemental Energy also a Great Kanohi?
4On an unrelated subject...
52. Can you confirm the Pit's existence? We have a quote with Botar mentioning it, and it says on the timeline you gave to Swert the Matoran leaders of the Metru Nui Civil War (A rather cool idea, by the way, and I hope more can be told about it in the future) were sent to the Pit, so there are a few things supporting its existence. I'd just like some confirmation, though.
61) Yes 72) Yes
8Just some things that were bothering me...
9Go Pit:

10I've been wondering, can anyone supply me with this Botar quote? I can't find it anywhere. Or, if you can't link to it, can you at least quote it? Thanks in advance.
11This is interesting...could the Pit be another Karzahni-like place?

1I've been wondering, can anyone supply me with this Botar quote? I can't find it anywhere. Or, if you can't link to it, can you at least quote it? Thanks in advance.
2This is interesting...could the Pit be another Karzahni-like place?

3Official Botar Topic. The quote is right there in the facelist.
4What Metru Nui Civil War? 5What Matoran? 6What Pit? 7What Timeline? 8I'm Lost

9Follow what Nuhrii the Metruan said.
10:) 11~U
1Got more Greg Q&A. #9 is the most interesting..

2Sorry to bother you again, but here are some more questions I have:
31. How strong is that connection between the Ignika and the AE? 41b. Could the AE be an ancient power that could be released by the Ignika if activated in some way? 51) There is no direct connection.

62. Do all the destined bearers of the mask who actually use it become consumed in it's power? 72) Yes 8Ouch, hopefully it won't be any great characters.
93. Could the AE be someone (or thing) that has been trapped inside the Ignika because of its monstrous power? 103) No

114. For what reasons did Toa Jovan's team use the mask for? 124b. Were the Toa that did not make it become consumed by the mask's power? 134c. Is there an official name for Jovan's team? 144) Can't answer it 154b) The Toa who used it died 164c) No 17Again, ouch.

185. Does the thing that holds Matoro's hand in the cave have any further signifigance? 195b. Is it tied into the fact that his destiny with the Ignika (perhaps he wears it) is unknown to him? 205c. When do we find out what held his hand and why? 215) Yes 225b) Can't answer it 235c) Book 5

246. Is the 2007 location the underwater part of Voya Nui that collapsed? 256) Can't discuss future storyline 26I still think it is

277. Has Nuparu decided what to do with the extra Exo-Toa pieces (or whatever pieces he brought) that he smuggled back to Metru Nui? 287) No, because as you say, they are in Metru Nui, and he is not.

298. Will Toa Jovan's adventure with the Ignika be revealed in the future? 308) No 31I was hoping that it would

329. If the Toa Inika find and use the Ignika to restore Mata Nui, what good would the Elda be to Hahli since they would have no further use for the mask any time soon? 339) You are assuming she will still have that mask at that time 34Something mysterious about what he said, did he imply that Hahli would bear the mask or get a new one?

3510. Do Krahka and Tahtorak have major roles or minor roles in BL5? 3610) Very minor

3711. You told me that Toa Mata canisters malfuntioned. Was this done by someone? 3811b. If so then was it intentional? 3911c. If it was not done by someone else, than was it something inside the canisters? 4011d. Do all Toa Canisters come ready with a weapon inside? 4111) No 4211b) No 4311c) Yes - it was a mechanical fault 4411d) Some do

4512. If Hahli was close enough to the Inika, would she be in extreme pain? 4612) Depends on if she was being a dunce and not noticing it was in front of her. 47Haha, found that kinda funny

4813. Do all Eden's have the sole ability to track down the Ignika? 4913) Yes, which is why there aren't many Great Mask versions 50How many could there be?

5114. Just to make sure, there were only 6 canisters in the Karzanhi realm right? Not seven? 5214) Yes

5315. What do the Toa Nuva intend to do, when they get their equipment back? 5415b. Do they get rescued in BL5? 5515) You will have to read BL5 for this answer

5616. Will Takanuva have any roles next year? 5716b. What is Takanuva's true destiny? To defeat the Makuta, or something more? 5816) I can't discuss 2007 storyline

5917. Did Vezon get to Voya Nui through a canister too? 6017b. If not, then how? 6117) Yes

6218. Is the Kardas dragon a mutation of Fenrakk? 6318b. Would you say that it is larger than the Kanohi dragon? 6418c. Does "kardas" mean anything in the matoran language? 6518) Can't answer it 6618b) No 6718c) I believe it does, would have to check 68I wonder what Kardas means, and if Fenrakk does mutate.

6919. Are there any plans for a Toa Inika chronicler? 7019) No. What the Inika are doing and where they have to go is way too dangerous for a Matoran to go with them. He/she would get slaughtered. 71Hey I'd go

7220. Is Makuta alive or not? 7320) If I wanted BZP to know this answer, I would have said so already 74I bet he still is

7521. Are there any connections towards any of the following 2007 areas: 76Daxia, Xia, Odina, Zakaz, Destal? 7721b. If so, which ones? 7821) Again, you are going to have to read the Atlas to find out. I cannot discuss 2007.

7922. If they could, would the Voyatoran migrate to Metru Nui if they had the proper means of transportation? 8022) Maybe. 81Ohh, maybe they'll go.. somehow. Airships perhaps?

8223. Does Mt. Valmai erupt in any Legends books? 8323) Why would I want to give away future storyline?

8424. What is the Temple of Life? 8524) There is no Temple of Life. 86Thought there was

8725. Have you seen a Kardas Dragon set prototype or anything at all? 8825b. If so, what did you think? 8925) Just packaging.

9026. I heard that some 2006 summer sets would come back somhow next year. Is this also storyline wise? 9126b. Are they in different forms? 9226c. Are they villians or heroes? 9326) It's virtually all storyline wise. 9426b-c) Can't discuss 2007

95That's all I guess. A lot of question huh? I sincerely hope you can answer these, but take your time. I can wait. Thankyou so much for taking the time to answer them. Bye bye.
Tahurii Toa Of Oblivion
116. Will Takanuva have any roles next year? 216b. What is Takanuva's true destiny? To defeat the Makuta, or something more? 316) I can't discuss 2007 storyline

4??? 5I wonder if that was a slip-up by Greg, or if Takanuva actually does have a part next year...I don't know if that's been confirmed before.
6Edit: Gah, never mind--didn't understand the question. 7JRRT
1No, Tahurii asked if Takanuva has a role in 2007. Greg can't discuss 2007.
11.You mentioned a new org. in the atlas topic which got me thinking. Since there has been a mainland mentioned several times, especially in BL#3, is there a kind of organized government on the continent(s)? Or perhaps several countries at war or at peace? those hundreds of toa had to come from somewhere.
22. I know it was mentioned in one of the books, either BL2 or the DH guide, that Roodaka was still alive. Will we see her in BL4?
33. Do the bionicle charachters have any names for the "above world" with Voya nui and Mata Nui, or the "below world" with many other islands? Is there an origin story as to how and/or why the world became that way?
44. In the atlas, will separate maps be given for the two levels of the world?
55. Does Vezon's staff have a special significance? Did Vezok and Vezon used to be the same person?(sorry for awkward wording)
66. Was Fenrakk the original guardian of the mask? Did Vezon make it all the way to the bottom of the steps, past Umbra and the gold one(forgot name) by himself and rebury the entrance?
77. This is probably a "cant answer", but will any of the piraka die this year?
88. Did Brutaka hide the toa nuva in the underwater city?
9BL3 was great, BTW. Looking forward to the backstory in 4.

101) Yes, I am sure there are various lands of Matoran, each with their own Turaga. Wars between Matoran are exceedingly rare -- as we saw on Mata Nui, creative ways are found to settle disputes. As for where the hundreds of Toa came from, it is a vast universe. 112) Yes 123) There is an origin story, but I cannot share it 134) Maps will be given of the individual islands, not an overall global map 145) Vezon's staff is the spear of fusion, and his origin will be in BL #4 and comic #4 156) No and no. 167) Can't answer it 178) No.
1Just to clear up some things:
2QUOTE 3Hi Greg, just four questions this time.
41) Why can't you tell us the origin of the "below world" in the bionicle world?
52)Is toa Jovan the past hero that appears in BL5?
63)I was just curious: are there more mata-metru nui matoran with great Raus, Rurus, Hunas, Mahikis, Matatus,Komaus? With noble or Great Kirils? With noble Haus?
74)If not, why?
8Thanks for your time,

101) Because I can't -- certain things are related to future storyline, and cannot be discussed . 112) No. 123) No idea. Which Matoran wears what mask is largely determined by the artists/animators, not by me. Since it really doesn't matter to the story, it's not something I dictate.

13I find the bolded part pretty interesting.
14Merovingian107 :tohu:
1I've got some Q and A's from Greg 2me:hola, greg 3i just have a few questions regarding recent info 41: is the antidermis the AE? 52: is the Kardas Dragon the Ae? 63: is Botar a mask of life guardian?

7Greg: 81) Antidermis is a virus 92) No 103) No

11me:Bonjour monseiur: 12I think i might have asked some of these q's before,i just can;t remember any more 131} will roodaka play a role in any forseeable future {within 4 years?} 142}the toainika have energy as well as elemental powers- can they combine the two? 153} in the voya-nui books, i can't remember which, the visorak are mentioned. How did they get there? 164} Will Makuta ever return? 175} the Bortherhopod of mata-nui {may-he-live-forever} member- will he be told about later? the one Karzhani-plant killed, that is.
18thx for ur time: 19~ Hybrid Demonata, Dextear

20Greg: 211) Roodaka is in BL #4 this year, beyond that nothing planned right now
222) They have no choice -- their elemental blasts are laced with lightning
233) Visorak traveled all over the universe. Remember, the island of Voya Nui was part of a continent before the great cataclysm (in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui). So that Visorak was probably part of a scouting party who got trapped there when the island was torn off the continent.
244) Can't answer it
255) Probably not, no. He's dead

1My Dumb Theory: I think the Bahrag are the AE. They wanted to make Mata-Nui as it was in the before-time, right? Well, if they knew what it was back then, they would be ancient, right? And they're totally evil, right? Ancient Evil. Plus I read in the OGD that the AE was released before as a set. Totally makes sense to me.

3Are the Bahrag the AE?

5No. The Bahrag are not evil any more than the Bohrok are evil. They serve the will of Mata Nui just as the Toa do. The Bohrok were simply unleashed too early, but the Bahrag did not do that or know it was the wrong time. (Plus, the Mask of Life has no connection to the imprisonment of the Bahrag -- the Toa can free the Bahrag whenever they feel like it, because they are the ones who imprisoned them.)

7That shoots down my theory. <_< :crying:
9No page claiming
1Plus I read in the OGD that the AE was released before as a set.

2When have we heard that? I don't remember reading it.
1A metru Civilian war?? 2Where did you heard of read that? 3Where can you find that?
44. For what reasons did Toa Jovan's team use the mask for? 54b. Were the Toa that did not make it become consumed by the mask's power? 64c. Is there an official name for Jovan's team? 74) Can't answer it 84b) The Toa who used it died 94c) No 10Again, ouch.

11Ow darn, still not known the reason. Wonder why, maybe they 12wanted to use it on Mata Nui too.
1The German club magazine says that Matoro is destined to guard the Ignika once the Toa have it. Is this true?

3I don't think "guard" is necessarily the right word - I would say "carry" is the better word

4Carry it in his hands/his pack or carry it by wearing?

5Not by wearing, no.

6That's for now.
1I've been wondering this for a while, and it just came to my attentions again. Voya Nui was underground as part of the Bionicle mainland, and when the Great Cataclysm occurred, the chunk that is today Voya Nui rocketed through the top of the dome. It then landed on the surface, and floats there to the current day. But if it broke through the top of the dome, wouldn't some or part of the great ocean that covers the planet flood into the dome?

2Yes, you are correct

3That's all my brain could think up for now.
1I'll just slap them under a spoiler tag to be safe.
21. After reading what Brutaka did to the Doom Viper and the fact that he knew where the MoLi was. Why din't he just go down there himself and use his mask to transport everyone that opposed him to other areas/dimensions? Would he have been able to use his mask on the other gaurdians? 31) Because Brutaka knows how dangerous it is to go down there and try to get the mask. He knows he and Axonn are only the first line of defense, and he knows the Ignika can create guardians as it needs to. Why take that risk, if the Piraka are willing to do it? Let them get the mask and then take it from them when they make it back.

42. Does the rest of 2006 take place beneanth Voya Nui? 52) Book 5 does, yes
6Thanks for your time, 7Vash


1Just a few questions about the Kardas Dragon:

21. You said there might be a matoran meaning to the word Kardas. Have you found it yet?
32. What is exactly the dragon's purpose?
43. Does Vezon use his staff to fuse multiple beings into Fenrakk, thus creating the dragon?
54. When do you think we can expect setwise pictures of the combo?
65. Could you at least hint to as how Vezon attaches himself with the Kardas Dragon? 75b. Does the Ignika mutate Fenrakk for a purpose?


91) Haven't had time to look. Extremely busy 102) Can't answer it 113) No 124) No idea, I don't control that 135) No 145b) The Ignika made Fenrakk larger so it could serve as a guardian with Vezon.

15Made a mistake in thinkin Fenrakk was the Kardas. My bad
1Tahurii, Greg was referring to the Fenrakk Vezon rides being larger than your average Fenrakk. Your question for 5B said nothing about the Kardas Dragon, and neither did Greg's answer. Fenrakk was mutated (I said how already), just not into the Kardas Dragon (That we know of; Your question doesn't prove it was, though).
Electric Turahk

1Tahurii, Greg was referring to the Fenrakk Vezon rides being larger than your average Fenrakk. Your question for 5B said nothing about the Kardas Dragon, and neither did Greg's answer. Fenrakk was mutated (I said how already), just not into the Kardas Dragon (That we know of; Your question doesn't prove it was, though).

2Hehe, yeah I just realized that. My mistake, I was too caught up in the moment I guess.
1Questions about Makuta Nui... 2What is Makuta Nui?
3Is it a Rahi?
4If so, then where does it live?

5Makuta Nui is just another form of Makuta - he's a shapeshifter

6So Makuta Nui's powers are basically the same as Makuta's?


8Answers from a long time ago...